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The following is a list of quotes from the first season of Franklin.

Franklin Plays the Game / Franklin Wants a Pet [1.1]

Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He could button buttons and zip zippers. But he couldn't kick a soccer ball straight and that was a problem because Franklin wanted to be the best player on his team.

Franklin: [using the words of the Narrator] I can count by twos and tie my shoes. I can zip zippers and .... um! Oops.

Beaver: Foul!
Goose: Are you calling me a "fowl," Beaver?
Beaver: No, not fowl like a bird, and not foul like stinky. The play is foul!
Franklin: It means it's against the rules.
Beaver: Yeah, silly. You can only touch the ball with your feet unless you're the goalkeeper. I thought everybody knew that.
Goose: I knew that. But I keep forgetting.
Beaver: That's okay, Goose. Just remember the most important thing.
Goose: Yes, Beaver?
Beaver: Always... give the ball to me.

Snail: Go Franklin, go Bear. This way, my favorite team can't lose.

Franklin: If only I had kicked straighter, I would have scored for sure.
Beaver: As if.

Snail: Bear's team, 10. Franklin's team, 0. Game over.

Beaver: Oh, sure. Great saves, great headers, now that the game's over!

Snail: Franklin's team scores. Go Franklin, go Bear! Go teams! Yaay! [sighs in exhaustion]

Beaver, Goose and Rabbit: Yaay, team!
Snail: [exhausted] Please, no more cheering. At least not until the next game.

Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He could button buttons and zip zippers. He even had a best friend named Bear, but Franklin wanted something else.

Franklin: I always wanted a real pet. I guess I thought maybe I got my wish.

Franklin: I guess if talking's better than thinking, then seeing is better than talking.

Franklin: Meet my new pet... Goldie.

Hurry Up Franklin / Franklin's Bad Day [1.2]

Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He could button buttons and zip zippers. But no matter what he did, Franklin was never in a hurry.

Mrs. Turtle: Remember now, straight to Bear's house. And don't be late.
Franklin: I won't.

Fox: Franklin should know by now that no one outfoxes me.
Franklin: 1 2 3 on Fox.

Otter: Bear's house is only over the bridge and across the berry patch. We can be there in no time. The water's great!

Rabbit: How did you...
Franklin: Slow as a turtle, but twice as tricky!

Franklin: [sees Snail on the path] Hey, Snail, want to play?
Snail: No time, Franklin, I'm on my way to Bear's surprise party.
Franklin: [gasping] Bear's (surprise) party! I hope I'm not to late.
Snail: [sadly] I hope you all have fun. [crying]
Franklin: [stops walking and sees Snail crying] Snail? (Are you okay?)
Snail: [crying] Whenever I get somewhere, the fun's always over. I left yesterday!
Franklin: Yesterday?
Snail: [off-screen] Uh-huh, [on-screen] so I wouldn't be late and now, I am going to be late! Again.
[Snail continues to cry as tears rolls down Franklin's cheeks who is also crying]
Franklin: There, there Snail, [takes out a piece of tissue out of his shell] please don't cry.
[Snail stops crying]
Franklin: [off-screen] That's better. Now blow.
[Snail blows on the tissue. Franklin also blows on the tissue]
Franklin: This really means a lot to you doesn't it?
Snail: [sniffing; sadly] Yes.
Franklin: Don't worry, Snail, I'll get you there.
Snail: [happy] You will?
Franklin: I may be slow, even for a turtle, but I'll try my best.

Narrator: Franklin and Otter loved the winter. They liked making angels in the snow. They liked to catch snowflakes on their tongues. Then they liked to make snowbears. But today was different. Today, Franklin was having a bad day.

Mrs. Turtle: Here you go, sunshine. Berry juice in your favorite cup.
Franklin: There are too many crickets in my cereal.
Mrs. Turtle: A minute ago, you told me there weren't enough crickets in your cereal.
Franklin: Well, now there are too many.
Mr. Turtle: Here, I'll trade you for my muffin. How would that be?
Franklin: You already ate the top part. I don't want it now. [his favorite cup crashes to the floor and he gasps] My favorite cup!
Mrs. Turtle: Oh, Franklin.
Franklin: It's not my fault.
Mr. Turtle: It was that bad-tempered elbow of yours, right? Huh, I wonder what's gotten into him this morning?
Mrs. Turtle: I don't know, but it wasn't his berry juice.
Franklin: It's got to go in here somewhere! There's too much sky in this puzzle. Huh?
Bear: Hi, Franklin!
Franklin: Hi, Bear.
Bear: What?
Franklin: I SAID HI!
Bear: It's packing snow. You wanna come out and make something?
Franklin: I'm... doing a puzzle.
Bear: What?
Bear: Come over to my place when you're done, okay?
Franklin: OKAY!
Bear: See you later.
Franklin: This is gonna take all day!

Mrs. Turtle: Franklin?
Franklin: Huh?
Mrs. Turtle: Franklin? What was all the yelling about?
Franklin: I wasn't yelling, I was talking to Bear.
Mrs. Turtle: Bear?
Franklin: He was outside.
Mrs. Turtle: Hmm, some fresh air. What a good idea.
Franklin: Mom, I don't want to go outside. Okay, but I'm not going to play.
Mrs. Turtle: That's alright, just do it quietly.

Bear: Hi, Beaver.
Beaver: Hey, guys. Gee, now everyone's here, except for Otter. They moved yesterday, you know.
Franklin: I already know that.
Beaver: Sorry.

Bear: We almost made it, eh, Franklin? Franklin?
Franklin: Get off!
Bear: Want to go again, Franklin? You can sit in the back this time.
Franklin: NO!!! This is the "worstest" day in the world.
Beaver: There's no such word as "worstest."
Franklin: THERE IS FOR ME!
Bear: Franklin, do you wanna go skating on the pond?
Franklin: NO, I WANNA GO HOME!
Goose: He's mad.
Beaver: It's not my fault.
Bear: What? I didn't do anything. I mean, I didn't mean to do anything. I mean...
Mrs. Turtle: What's wrong, now?
Franklin: Everything!
Mrs. Turtle: I can tell you're having a bad day, but it doesn't mean you can throw your wet things all over the floor. Now pick them up and put them where they belong.
Franklin: No!
Mrs. Turtle: All right, then. You need some quiet time in your bedroom. We can talk when you come out.
Franklin: I'm never coming out! No!
Mr. Turtle: Franklin? What's going on in here? Franklin, what's the matter?
Franklin: My castle, it's all wrecked.
Mr. Turtle: Hmm. Well, you can always build another one.
Franklin: It won't be like that one. We built it together, Otter and me.
Mr. Turtle: Oh, I think I understand now. You're sad about your friend Otter moving away.
Franklin: Mm-hmm.
Mr. Turtle: And you miss her. That's why you've been angry today.
Franklin: Yes. She was one of my best friends.
Mr. Turtle: Otter may not live around the corner anymore, but you can still be friends.
Franklin: We can?
Mr. Turtle: Sure! You can call each other on the phone...
Franklin: Or send things in the mail?
Mr. Turtle: That too.
Franklin: I'm going to send Otter a special surprise!
Mr. Turtle: Excellent. Franklin, couldn't you just fold your painting?
Franklin: No, Dad. I'm making a puzzle for Otter. I'll mail her the pieces and then she can put them together.
Mr. Turtle: I bet she'll like that.
Franklin: Oh, yes. Otter loves puzzles.

Bear: Maybe it's not the "worstest" day after all, eh Franklin?
Franklin: Bear, there's no such word as "worstest."
Bear: There is for me.
Franklin: Oh, Bear.

Franklin Goes to School / Franklin Is Lost [1.3]

Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He could sharpen his pencil and draw a straight line with his ruler. And this was good because today Franklin was going to school for the first time.

Mrs. Turtle: Did you have something to eat? Polished your shell? What about your lunch?
Mr. Turtle: It's only ten after 6.

Mrs. Turtle: You're a real keener, aren't you?
Franklin: What's a keener?
Mrs. Turtle: It means you're enthusiastic. You're eager to get to school and start learning.

Snail: The teacher might want me to count to a kazillion and 46, or ask me to spell chrysanthe... chrysanthe...
Franklin: Chrysanthemum?

Mr. Turtle: How long before he notices?
Franklin: [from inside the turtle household] Fly pie? Thanks, Mom!
Mrs. Turtle: Oh, about that long.

Narrator: Franklin could slide down a riverbank. He could zip zippers and button buttons. He could even walk to Bear's house all by himself. But even so, Franklin was not allowed to go in the woods alone.

Beaver: What took you guys so long?
Franklin: Hey, I'm a turtle, you know.

Franklin: 1, 2, 3 on Beaver.
Beaver: Okay, okay. And I thought that lily pad trick would work for sure.

Franklin: 1, 2, 3 on Otter.
Otter: Good one, Franklin. You found me! But have you found Fox yet?

Mrs. Turtle: It's just not like Franklin to be this late.

Fox: Do you really think someone will find us?
Franklin: Yes, but we've got to help them help us. [yelling] DAAAAADDDDD!!!
Fox: Franklin!
Franklin: If they're looking for us, Fox, we have to let them know where we are. [yelling] MOOMMMMMM!
Fox: I'm going to be in big trouble, Franklin. My parents must have told me a million times to stay out of the woods!
Franklin: We're already in big trouble, Fox!

Franklin Has a Sleepover / Franklin's Halloween [1.4]

Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He could zip zippers and button buttons. So Franklin though he was big enough for his first sleepover.

Franklin: ♪ I'm gonna have a sleepover. ♪
♪ My very first sleepover. ♪

Mr. Bear: Sounds like a great idea.
Bear: Yes!
Mr. Bear: Although something tells me there won't be very much sleeping going on.

Mrs. Bear: Remember your please and thank yous.
Bear: I will.

Bear: Blueberries? Well, maybe I've got a little more room.

Bear: My Mom and Dad really aren't so far away.
Franklin: How does your tummy feel now, bear?
Bear: Starting to get hungry again.

Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He knew the days of the week, the months of the year and the holidays in the every season. Franklin knew today was October 31st. It was Halloween.

Beaver: The best part of Halloween is all the scary stuff. [mimics a ghost moaning] Woooo.

Mrs. Turtle: Hi, Franklin.
Franklin: How'd you know it was me?
Mrs. Turtle: Special Mother powers.

Mr. Turtle: Who are you?
Franklin: It's me, Franklinstein.

Fox: You're acting you've seen a ghost.
Franklin: Maybe I did at the party. Bear is homesick and if that ghost wasn't Bear.
Goose: It must have been a real ghost.
Beaver: I keep telling you, there's no such thing... is there?

Beaver: When it comes to Bear, getting candy's all the fun.

Franklin Rides a Bike / Franklin Is Messy [1.5]

Narrator: Franklin could swim underwater and pump himself up high on a swing. Franklin also knew how to ride a bike... with training wheels, of course.

Franklin: I won! I won! I won!
Beaver: Yeah? Well, first is the worst and second is the best.

Franklin: Yesterday, it was one ball out of 20. Today, you're hitting twice as many.

Franklin: Mom! Mom! Mom!
Mrs. Turtle: Franklin! Franklin! Franklin! What's the hurry?

Franklin: I'll never be able to ride without training wheels.
Mrs. Turtle: Sure you will, Franklin.
Franklin: Never!

Beaver: He must be riding without trainers by now.
Franklin: [sighs] I'll never be able to ride without them.

Narrator: Franklin could count forwards and backwards. He could count by twos and tie his shoes. But Franklin was so messy that he could hardly ever find his things... even special things.

Franklin: Mom, where's my leg armor?
Mrs. Turtle: I don't know. Wherever you put it last, I guess.

Goose: We already found the enchanted cookies.
Franklin: You did?
Beaver: Yeah. Tell Franklin all about it, Sir Greedy.
Bear: There are still a few enchanted crumbs left.

Beaver and Goose: ♪ We're the queens of the castle and you're the dirty rascals. ♪

Beaver: No sticks, Franklin.
Franklin: Why?
Beaver: You know what our Moms always say.
All: "You'll poke someone's eye out."

Beaver: [laughing] It's Sir Franklin of Carrot.

Goose: You have to find my other puzzle piece first.
Franklin: Why?
Goose: Because it's mine and you've lost it.

Franklin: Why do I have to be dragon bait?
Beaver: Because we have the swords.
Goose: And you have the carrot.
Franklin: That's it! I'm going to find my sword once and for all.

Franklin: [after he finishes tidying up his bedroom] Done!
Mrs. Turtle: Now that's how you tidy up a room.

Franklin: I want my room to look like this all the time.

Franklin Fibs / Franklin's Blanket [1.6]

Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He could zip zippers and button buttons. But there were certain things Franklin could not do.

Beaver: What can you do, Franklin?
Franklin: I can count by twos and tie my shoes.
Rabbit: We can all count by twos.
Bear: And you don't even wear shoes, Franklin.

Franklin: All turtles eat flies.
Beaver: But eating flies is gross.

Franklin: I can eat 76 flies in the blink of an eye.

Beaver: I just wanted you to know that you don't have to find 76 flies.
Franklin: Thanks.
Beaver: I got them for you.

Franklin: I could tell my friends I fibbed.
Mr. Turtle: Yes, you certainly could do that.

Bear: That's pretty special.
Beaver: Sure is better than eating flies.

Narrator: Franklin could slide down a riverbank all by himself. He could even sleep alone as long as he had a good-night story, a good-night hug and his blue blanket. But one day...

Franklin: Yuck. It's stinky little cabbages for supper.

Franklin: We're going to have lots of fun at Aunt Turtle's. She's been on adventures, traveling everywhere.

Franklin: Dad's blanket is nice, but it's just not... [sighs]

Beaver: Everybody needs comfy stuff to take on sleepovers.

Fox: What's the big deal? It's only a blanket. My Dad says I don't need a silly old blanket to help me get to sleep.

Franklin Is Bossy / Franklin's Fort [1.7]

Narrator: Franklin could slide down a riverbank all by himself. He could count forwards and backwards. He also had lots of friends, but one hot day, something awful happened.

Franklin: I never said "Franklin says," so...
Goose, Beaver, Fox and Snail: You're out!

Snail: Hey, how come I have to...
Franklin: Everyone in your positions!

Beaver: Oh no, I almost forgot, I have to... Water mom's geraniums. [walks away]
Snail: I've, um, got my school project to finish. [crawls away]
Goose: Which reminds me, I've got to, uh, go, and, uh...! I just gotta go. [rolls down a small hill]
Rabbit: And, I have to help her. [flees away]
Fox: [off-screen] Piano practice!
[Fox runs into the bushes and Bear is the only one left who didn't leave just yet]
Franklin: Oh, well, guess it's just you and me now, Bear.
Bear: [to Franklin] Sorry Franklin, nature calls. [walks away]
Franklin: Well, then, guess I'll go home. [heads home]

[In Franklin's home, the turtle household; Mr. Turtle and Mr. Mole are playing a game of cards in the kitchen]
Mr. Mole: [puts a card down] Snap! [laughing]
Mr. Turtle: Another game, Mr. Mole?
Mr. Mole: [as he prepares for another round] Well... [accidentally drops the cards] whoops! Looks like we're playing 52 pick-up.
Mr. Turtle: [sees Franklin who is home after hanging out with his friends] Aw, Franklin, you're just in time. Want to help us play?
Franklin: Sure, Dad.
[Franklin picks up a few cards that Mr. Mole have dropped and puts them on the kitchen table]
Mr. Mole: [off-screen] Oh, [on-screen] thank you, young Franklin. I'd best be getting home, anyway.
Mr. Turtle: Stay for lunch, Mr. Mole?
Mr. Mole: [heads to the front door] Love to, but, things to do, you know.
Franklin: Going swimming, Mr. Mole?
Mr. Mole: Me, swimming? [laughing] Why goodness, no, not me. Bye for now, [continues his way to the front door] and thanks again for the great game of cards.
Mr. Turtle: [off-screen] Anytime. [opens the door] See you soon.
Mr. Mole: [off-screen] Swimming. [chuckling]
[Mr. Turtle close the door off-screen as Franklin picks up the cards]

Fox: Yeah, you're way too bossy.
Goose: Beaver's kind of right, you know.
Snail: It would be neat to choose stuff, just once.
Franklin: You don't think I'm too bossy, do you, Bear?
Bear: Um, I'm afraid you are, Franklin. Playing with you just isn't fun anymore.
Franklin: FINE! SEE IF I CARE!
Bear: Aww, Franklin, come back!
Franklin: Too bossy, huh? That's what they think! You don't think I'm too bossy, do you, Sam? I'll take that as a no.

Franklin: Uh, hi, guys. What you doing?
Beaver: Nothing!
Franklin: I just wanted to apologize because sometimes I'm too bossy.
Beaver: SOMETIMES?!?
Franklin: Well, I'm sorry and I'll try to not be bossy anymore.
Bear: Aww, that's okay, Franklin. We're really glad you're back to play. Right, Beaver?
Beaver: Maybe...
Snail: Bossy or not, it's more fun when you're around.

Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. But more than anything, Franklin wanted a place he and his friends could call their very own.

Beaver: You know my Dad. He likes to keep everyone busy.

Mrs. Turtle: That's a very ambitious fort. I hope you're not going to do it in the backyard.

Beaver: Let's do it at my house.
Bear: No way. Your Dad always gives us jobs to do.

Franklin: I don't think this is such a good idea.
Beaver: You keep saying it's not such a good idea, Mr. Grumpyfuss, but you don't say why.

Franklin: This is my last chance. I've got to do it now.

Finder's Keepers for Franklin / Franklin's New Friend [1.8]

Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He was also good at seeing things that others missed. And one day, Franklin found something special.

Beaver: It's Beaver into her stretch. She checks the runners and... oops.

Beaver: It's yours. You found it. Finders keepers.

Bear: Hi, Franklin. Just snacking on a few berries.
Franklin: A few? A few hundred is more like it.

Mrs. Turtle: Sam will be fine. If your father doesn't find him, I'm sure someone else will.
Franklin: That's what I'm afraid of. Finders keepers.

Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He had the same friends ever since he could remember. Franklin never thought about making new friends, until a new family moved in.

Mr. Owl: Franklin, I'd like you to be Moose's class buddy. Help him to get to know everyone.
Franklin: But, but...

Bear: Goose!
Goose: Duck!
Beaver: Chicken.
Franklin: "Foul!"

Franklin: You don't look nearly as big when you're sitting down.
Moose: Really? Thanks.

Franklin: Purple is my favorite color.

Moose: I think Bear wants to buy the whole bake sale.
Franklin: [laughs] That's Bear.

Franklin: And someone even bought my fly cookies.
Mr. Mole: Mmm... raisins. I love 'em.

Franklin's School Play / Franklin and the Secret Club [1.9]

Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He could remember his phone number, his address and the names of six different shapes. But now, Franklin had a lot more to remember.

Mr. Turtle: The school play.
Mrs. Turtle: And you're the prince.
Franklin: That's me.

Mrs. Turtle: Do you have a lot of lines?
Franklin: 16 and a half lines! I counted.

Franklin: Take that and that and [yawns] that. [falls asleep]

Franklin: You know all the words?
Badger: I have to, Franklin. In case anyone forgets what they're supposed to say.

Mr. Owl: Franklin?
Franklin: I do better in here, where it's quiet.

Badger: See, Franklin? You can do it.

Narrator: Franklin could slide down a riverbank all by himself. He could count forwards and backwards. He had lots of friends and every day, they'd play together. But one day, Franklin felt left out.

Porcupine: You can play, but I make the rules.

Franklin: Nothing gets past Franklin. Does anything get past you, Snail?
Snail: Not a thing, Franklin.

Mrs. Turtle: Hi, Franklin. You're home early today.
Franklin: Whatever.

Bear: Your club has too many rules.
Beaver: Yeah, and rules that don't let other people join are mean.

Porcupine: Would you like to join my secret club?
Franklin: Really?
Porcupine: Yup. And there's only one rule: No playing with snails.
Franklin: WHAT?!
Bear: But, Porcupine, you never told us about that rule.
Beaver: Yeah!
Porcupine: I just made it up. It's my club. I make the rules. No snails! Well? Yes or no?!
Franklin: But, but... No, I don't think so.
Porcupine: WHAT DID YOU SAY?!
Franklin: I don't want to join your club.
Porcupine: THEN FINE FOR YOU!!

Franklin and the Red Scooter / Franklin in the Dark [1.10]

Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He could ride a bicycle and the could ride a scooter too, if he had one.

Bear: Do you think your parents will buy you one?
Franklin: Sure, why not?
Mrs. Turtle: [in the next scene] We said no, Franklin.

Franklin: I've got lots of money... jackpot!

Mrs. Turtle: If you want to have a yard sale, you can't sell other people's things.

Bear: You know what my dad always says, "There were nine cubs in my family. If I wanted something special, I had to go out and work for it."

Bear: That worked pretty well.
Franklin: I can't buy a scooter with apples, Bear.

Franklin: Making money is hard work.
Bear: Working is hard work.

Narrator: Franklin could zip zippers and button buttons. He could count by twos and tie his shoes. But Franklin was afraid of small, dark places, like the inside of his shell.

Franklin: I can count by twos and tie my shoes. I can zip zippers and button buttons. But I'm still afraid of small, dark places.

Duck: ♪ Three little ducks that I once knew ♪
♪ Wiggle wobble, wiggle wobble they went too ♪
♪ And the one little duck with a feather on it's back ♪
♪ He led the others with a quack, quack... quack? ♪

Duck: You see, I'm afraid of very deep water, so when nobody's watching, I wear my water wings.

Little Turtle: What has no eyes, no nose, but lots of fur and a very, very big tail?

Lion: I'm afraid of great, loud noises.
Little Turtle: You, afraid?
Lion: Oh, yes. So sometimes when nobody is looking, [gets his earmuffs] I wear my earmuffs.

Sparrow: If I fly too high, I get all dizzy and... [shows Franklin] So, sometimes, when nobody is looking, [flies to a tree and puts on his helmet, goggles and parachute] I pull on my parachute.

Polar Bear: Sometimes, when nobody is looking I wear my snowsuit to bed.

Mrs. Turtle: When no one was looking, he turned on his night light.
Franklin: Night light?
Mr. Turtle: Fireflies. See how brightly they glow?

Mrs. Turtle: [exiting Franklin's room] Night night, Little Turtle.

Franklin and the Tooth Fairy / Franklin Takes the Blame [1.11]

Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He also had lots of friends and his best friend Bear was just like him. But one day, Franklin found out that he and Bear were very different.

Bear: Baby teeth are supposed to fall out, to make room for grown up ones.

Franklin: Who's the tooth fairy?
[Franklin's friends laugh]
Beaver: Good one, Franklin.

Franklin: [to himself] No teeth, no tooth fairy, no presents.

Mr. Owl: Losing a baby tooth is a sign you're growing up.

Mrs. Turtle: You can tell you're growing up because you can count by twos and tie your shoes.
Franklin: It's not the same.

Mrs. Turtle: Ready for some shoo-fly stew?
Franklin: You bet. If Dad didn't eat it all.

Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes, but he had never had a job of his very own.

Mr. Mole: I'm going on a holiday tomorrow.
Mr. Turtle: Lucky you.

Franklin: So that's three things to remember. Collect the mail, fill the birdbath and water the petunias.
Mr. Mole: And that's every day. No forgetting your duties now.

Franklin: Beaver, watch out.
Beaver: Okay, who put this bush here?!
Bear: Nice hat, Beaver.

Franklin: I wanted to water Mr. Mole's petunias this morning. But it looks like the rain clouds are gonna do it for me.

Bear: What happened, Franklin?
Franklin: I don't know. I just kind of forgot.

Beaver: It looks like a bunch of paper flowers stuck in a great big mud pie.

Mr. Mole: Thanks to your help, Franklin, the garden looks even better than before.
Franklin: Well, I do have two green thumbs.

Franklin's Christmas Gift / Franklin's Granny [1.12]

Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He could name all of Santa's reindeer and play Silent Night on his recorder. But Franklin couldn't decide what to give to the Christmas toy drive.

Mr. Turtle: Somebody seems to be in a hurry this morning.
Franklin: Snowballs, Dad. I've got to get mine piled up before Bear does.

Bear: Maybe I should add a hockey net to my list. Think it's too much?
Badger: What else did you ask for, Bear?
Franklin: Everything but the hockey rink.

Coach: We'll be collecting toys for children who might not get any. They can be new or gently used.
Bear: That means "not busted."

Franklin: How about you, Ellie? No, I couldn't give you away. I've had you almost as long as I've had Sam.

Mrs. Turtle: By the way, did you choose something for the toy drive?
Franklin: I was thinking of giving my blue truck.
Mrs. Turtle: Not that old one with the missing wheel.

Beaver: What are you giving?
Franklin: A truck!
Goose: Not that old one with the broken wheel.
Franklin: Well... yeah. But I'm fixing it up. It's gonna look great.

Franklin: [as King Tot] Getting a really neat gift is great. [as Queen Mot] But giving one is even better.

Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He loved to read books and he loved to draw pictures. But most of all, Franklin loved to play with his friends.

Franklin: Nice shot, huh?
Beaver: Lucky shot, you mean. Bet you can't do it again, Franklin!

Franklin: But, Mom, I can't go to Granny's tomorrow! I promised my friends!
Mrs. Turtle: And I promised Granny!
Mr. Turtle: You can play with your friends anytime, Franklin. Granny loves it when you visit.
Franklin: I don't want to sit and talk! I want to have fun with my friends!
Mr. Turtle: Granny likes to do fun things. Why don't you ask her?
Franklin: Does she like throwing water balloons? I don't think so, Dad!
Mr. Turtle: She might. You never know.
Granny: Are you sure you haven't gotten taller? You look taller to me!
Mr. Turtle: Mom, I haven't gotten taller! Maybe you've gotten shorter!
Granny: Oh, fiddlesticks! Here, now, get out of that!
Mr. Turtle: Mmmm!
Granny: Franklin, does your father carry on like this at home?
Franklin: Sometimes.
Granny: Would you like to lick the spoon? You've had some already. This is for Franklin.
Franklin: Dad can have it.
Granny: Then would you like to help me frost these cupcakes?
Franklin: Nah, you can do it, Granny.
Granny: Are you not feeling well?
Franklin: No, I'm just bored.
Mr. Turtle: Franklin.
Granny: It's okay, son. We'll be fine. Here, now, why don't you run along? Franklin and I have all sorts of things to talk about. There. Now, off with you.
Mr. Turtle: Bye, Mom. Bye, Franklin.
Franklin: Bye.

Granny: It's a little spooky up there. It'll be nice having a brave little helper.

Granny: I'd like to do what you'd like to do.
Franklin: What I'd like to do has already happened without me.
Granny: You'd like to play with your friends, wouldn't you? Instead of here.

Franklin: You should always wear a bike helmet.
Granny: They didn't have such a thing in those days.

Mr. Turtle: I hope Franklin didn't tire you out, Mom.
Granny: Oh my. I couldn't keep up. Lands sakes! Where's my cane? [voice gets shakier, as she gets more into the "helpless old Granny" act] Somebody find my cane.

Beaver: You missed out on a lot of fun yesterday.
Franklin: That's what you think. I was at Granny's.

Franklin and the Baby / Franklin Goes to Day Camp [1.13]

Narrator: Franklin could slide down a riverbank all by himself. He knew how to fly a kite and he knew how to build a castle out of blocks. But Franklin didn't know what it was like to be a big brother until one day...

Franklin: When you're a big brother, you've got someone to play with all the time.

Bear: I'm a big brother and I don't care about dragons, even fire-breathing ones.

Mrs. Turtle: I'd want someone to wake me up if I had a new baby sister.
Franklin and Bear: [not at all asleep] Baby sister?!

Bear: You know, Franklin, of all the days I've ever had, this is my favorite one.

Bear: [to Franklin] You're like a best friend brother to her.

Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He had a a friend named Beaver and a friend named Goose. He also had a friend named Bear, who thought Franklin was very, very funny.

Bear: You're funny, Franklin.
Franklin: [in a robotic voice] Foolish Earthling. There is no Franklin. I am Franklinon of the robot planet.

Bear: How can you always think of these funny things?
Franklin: You say funny stuff, too.

Possum: You're really funny.
Bear: Do you think so? Wait until Franklin makes you laugh.

Possum: Come on, Bear, what are you waiting for?
Bear: Franklin.

Franklin: I am the hayfield creature.
Bear: [laughs] You mean the "hay fever" creature.

Franklin: You sure played with Possum a lot.
Bear: I thought it was your idea.