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The following is a list of quotes from the second season of Franklin.

Franklin's Visitor / Franklin's Not-So-Broken Bone [2.1]

Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He had a pet goldfish named Goldie and a best friend named Bear. One day, Franklin wondered if Goldie wanted a friend, too.

Franklin: Fish don't like to play with the same things we do.

Bear: It's just a friendly rock.
Franklin: [laughs] Friendly and boring.

Mole: So, Franklin, what do you want to do?
Franklin: Play soccer.
Mole: Maybe later on. You've got a neat looking train I want to see. Come on!

Franklin: What am I going to do? Will I ever get to play with my friends?

Mole: Captain, the sea is getting rough! Batten down the hatches. There's a storm ahead.

Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He could ride his bike and play baseball with his friends. But one day, Franklin couldn't do all his favorite things.

Fox: Wow, it's as hard as a rock.
Mr. Owl: Indeed it is, Fox. It helps to hold the bones in just the right place while they heal.

Beaver: Can you still ride your bike?
Franklin: Well, we tried that and it's not such a good idea.

Franklin: Watch this, guys!
Beaver: Bye!
Franklin: Guys?!

Franklin: If I leave it on, I won't have to take a bath tonight.

Franklin's Gift / Franklin Growing Up Fast [2.2]

Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He could draw a picture of mountains and make castles out of blocks. He liked making special things for special people. One day, Franklin wondered if a gift he made all by himself was special enough.

Franklin: I think it's the best gift I ever made.

Rabbit: I can hardly wait to give it to her. It's useful and it's fun, too.

Franklin: Gifts from a store always look so... so... special, I guess.

Bear: Happy Mother's Day, Franklin.
Franklin: Happy Mother's Day, Bear.

Bear: Moms always like ribbons and stuff.

Mrs. Turtle: I love you, Franklin.
Franklin: And I love you, too, Mom.
NOTE: This episode is similarly, like Franklin and Bear traded their presents on Mother's Day, so did Timothy and Charles with their valentine cards for Yoko and Lilly on Valentine's Day.

Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He liked riding his bike and playing games with his friends. But how long would that last? Franklin wanted to grow up fast.

Mr. Turtle: Good as new. We might have to start calling you Mr. Fix-it.

Bear: Are we going to play at the treehouse?
Franklin: I think I'm too busy.
Bear: Busy? Doing what?

Franklin: Hello, Mr. Mole.
Mr. Mole: Franklin? It is you under there.

Bear: Mom always telling me you'll never grow big and strong if you don't eat your vegetables.

Franklin: I'm not ready to grow up so fast. I'm not finished being a kid.

Franklin the Spy / Franklin's Library Book [2.3]

Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He could ride a bike and slide down a riverbank. He liked playing pretend with his best friend, Bear. But one day, Franklin's pretending got carried away.

Mrs. Turtle: I thought I told you boys to play your spy game outside.

Mr. Turtle: You should have let them keep the bills.

Bear: This sounds like a dangerous mission, Agent Hardshell. I like it.

Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He took good care of his goldfish, his bicycle and all of his toys. But was he ready to look after something that wasn't his own?

Franklin: [regarding about the public library] What a great place! I can't wait to join!
Bear: Me neither. Let's go find Mrs. Goose.

Mrs. Goose: Remember, boys, library books belong to everyone. So take good care of them. Treat them as if they were your own.

Franklin: What am I going to do,Bear? They keep telling me how responsible I am.
Bear: Don't worry, Franklin. They'll never say it again.

Mr. Turtle: When you realize you can't fix a mistake by yourself, you can come to us.

Mrs. Goose: Library cards are for responsible borrowers... and you've proven yourself to be just that.

Franklin's Kite / Franklin and the Babysitter [2.4]

Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He liked riding his bike and flying his kite. But when a kite gets broken, you can't fly it again... or at least that's what Franklin thought.

Franklin: This thing will never fly again.

Fox: I asked my Dad and he helped me fix it.
Franklin: I wish I'd thought of that.

Franklin: [annoyed] If I had known it could be fixed, I wouldn't have thrown it away.

Bear: Your big mistake was trying to fly your kite in the woods.
Franklin: No fair, Bear! I wasn't in the woods.

Franklin: If this junk is his treasure, Mr. Fox is very rich.

Mr. Fox: I wouldn't call it junk. It just needs some elbow grease.
Bear: [to Franklin] Good. Maybe your Dad has some.

Fox: Hey, Franklin, nice kite.
Franklin: Thanks. Nice truck.

Bear: Guess what I spent all my money on.
Franklin: Uh... chocolate cake?
Bear: Yeah! How'd you know?!

Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He could blow bubbles in his bath and read storybooks too. When Franklin's Mom and Dad go away, he likes Granny to come and play. But one day, a different babysitter came to stay.

Franklin: My fort is fixed. I'm all ready for Granny. What's the matter, Mom?
Mrs. Turtle: Granny has come down with a cold, Franklin. She can't come to babysit.
Franklin: Aww, poor Granny. So, I guess you can't go on your trip now.
Mr. Turtle: No, we're still going. Mrs. Muskrat is coming to stay with you.
Franklin: MRS. MUSKRAT?!? But she's never babysat me before!
Mrs. Turtle: [about Mrs. Muskrat] Well, no, she hasn't. But she is our friend and she's very nice.
Franklin: I don't care. She's not Granny.
Mr. Turtle: There's no one like Granny. I know. But Granny can't come. Besides, Mrs. Muskrat loves children.
Mrs. Turtle: Yes. She's a grandmother, too, and she talks about her grandchildren all the time. She's so good with them.
Franklin: She won't know the things I like to eat.
Mrs. Turtle: I'll make a list for her.
Franklin: But what about bedtime? She won't know the storybooks I like.
Mrs. Turtle: We can get them out for her right away.
Mr. Turtle: I'll get the rest of the things loaded.

Mrs. Muskrat: Now then, where is that little turtle with the twinkle in his eye?
Mr. Turtle: Why, he was here just a second ago. Franklin?
Mrs. Muskrat: [opens the sink curtain where Franklin is hiding] Hello, Franklin. I like your room. Did your mom make the curtains?
Mr. Turtle: Aren't you going to say hello, Franklin?
Franklin: [weakly] Hello.

Mrs. Muskrat: Goodness me. Isn't this a fine spot for a babysitter to be in? Hello, can you hear me?
Franklin: I'm in here.
Mrs. Muskrat: Franklin?

Franklin: I didn't want Mom and Dad to go. But they did anyway.

Franklin: Mom, Dad! You're back already?
Mrs. Turtle: Yes. Time flies when you're having fun, doesn't it?

Franklin and the Broken Globe / Franklin's Valentines [2.5]

Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He knew about Africa, Japan and the Rocky Mountains. He knew he should tell the teacher when he did something wrong, but one day Franklin waited too long.

Franklin: Yuck. Number dust doesn't taste very good.
Bear: I know. It tastes like alphabet dust.

Bear: I can go faster than a jet.
Franklin: I can go faster than a spaceship.

Bear: I'll get some tape.
Franklin: Yeah, that'll hold it together.

Bear: Are we going to tell Mr. Owl now?
Franklin: In front of everybody? ... Let's wait until after school.
Bear: Then my tummy's going to feel funny all day.

Goose: I'm just so clumsy.
Franklin: Do you wanna fly a kite?
Goose: No, I'll just get it caught in a tree or something.

Bear: Hi, Franklin. I just remembered something I've got to do.
Franklin: Goose isn't with me, Bear.

Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He could name off the months and their special days too. Franklin liked February for Valentine's Day, when he made cards for all of his friends. But what if his cards couldn't be delivered on that special day?

Snail: My Valentines look so good, I'm giving one to me.

Mr. Turtle: If there is one thing I cannot bear to see, 'tis a broken heart on Valentine's Day.

Mrs. Turtle: X O X O X O X O...
Franklin: Those are hugs and kisses.

Mr. Owl: I think it's time to drop anchor and go fishing.

Franklin: [to Beaver] You've got a giant mailbox.
Snail: Yeah. It's even bigger than my house.
Beaver: I just love Valentine's Day. Don't you?
Bear: Hey, Beaver, which one's yours?
Beaver: [annoyed] This one!
Bear: Oh yeah.

Franklin: Gee, you guys are being really nice.
Bear: Sure we are. We're your friends.

Franklin: They are my friends. And tomorrow is a great day to give them cards.

Mr. Owl: Let's make it official. I hereby declare that today shall be called Friendship Day.

Franklin: Friendship Day can be any day you want it to be. You guys made me feel better yesterday when I was sad, so I wanted to show you I'm glad to have friends like you.

Franklin's Family Treasure / Franklin's Music Lessons [2.6]

Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He could take care of his bike and his favorite toys, too. But one day, Franklin didn't take care of something that was special to his whole family.

Mr. Turtle: This is from the first car I owned.
Franklin: I think you saved the wrong part, Dad. You should have kept the car.

Franklin: My jam's ready. I'll hear about it later, Dad.
Mr. Turtle: Hmm. That was a very brief father-and-son moment.

Granny: Do you know who has that penny whistle now?
Franklin: Who?
Granny: Rabbit.
Franklin: [gasps] You mean this one in the picture... and the one I traded...

Granny: When Franklin was a baby, his father played that whistle to make him stop crying.
Franklin: He did?

Franklin: Dad, will you play the Meadowlark song for me?
Mrs. Turtle: There's a song I haven't heard in a long while.
Mr. Turtle: Yes. How does it start?
Franklin: It starts with me crying.
[Mr. and Mrs. Turtle chuckle]
Mr. Turtle: That's right. Now I remember. [plays song beautifully]

Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He could blow on his whistle and sing a song, too. But Franklin wanted to play songs on a real musical instrument and that took a lot more practice than he thought.

Beaver: When Miss Panda comes back, she'll pick me to play a song.

Granny: Who's coming first?
Beaver and Franklin: Me!
Granny: That's what I like in my music students - enthusiasm.

Beaver: Hey, Franklin. I had another extra-long practice today because you didn't show up.

Franklin: I don't need to practice boring stuff anymore. I know a song!

Franklin Takes a Trip / Franklin's Bicycle Helmet [2.7]

Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He could ride his bike to Granny's house and ride a bus to school. But Franklin had never been on a trip far away from home.

Mr. Turtle: We use to go on vacation.
Mrs. Turtle: Yes, but then we had a baby turtle.
Franklin: A baby turtle? Oh yeah, me.

Mr. Turtle: Mom, are we going to be there soon? We've been driving for so long!
Franklin: Dad!
Mrs. Turtle: Isn't that Franklin's job?

Franklin: It doesn't look like anything fun has been invented here.

Franklin: Wow! Neat!
Mr. Turtle: I have to milk a cow?

Franklin: [enthusiastically] Hi, Mom! Did you have a nice walk?
Mrs. Turtle: [sarcastically] Yes. Nice and long.

Franklin: You know, I like this place, even if it doesn't have any rides.
Miss Lynx: Who says it doesn't have any rides?

Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He could zip zippers and buckle things up. But Franklin was growing and his helmet wouldn't buckle up anymore. Could he choose a new one that was just right?

Mrs. Turtle: It's just, I don't know, a bit flashy.
Franklin: That's what I like about it!

Beaver: I could ride a bike without training wheels before I was 4.

Fox: It'd be like having a lighthouse on your head. A lighthouse. That's funny.

Rabbit: When I ride fast, it sounds like a motorcycle.
Fox: Or a piece of cardboard stuck in your wheel.

Franklin: It's mine. [to Fox and Beaver] And I like it!
Constable Raccoon: And I like it, too. This flashing light is an excellent idea.

Franklin's Birthday Party / Franklin's Nickname [2.8]

Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He could make up games and organize teams. But Franklin had never planned his own party and his birthday was coming up soon.

Franklin: I want to do something that my friends will think is really neat.

Snail: That was like a ride at Tamarack Point.

Mrs. Turtle: Tamarack Point?
Mr. Turtle: How many friends are we talking about, Franklin?
Franklin: Well, just my good friends. You know, the ones I play with all the time.
Mr. Turtle: Yes...
Mrs. Turtle: How many?
Franklin: Ten?
Mr. Turtle: Ten?
Franklin: But it's really more like nine, because you know how small Snail is.
Mrs. Turtle: I'm sorry, dear, but I don't think we can manage that.
Franklin: But we've gotta go. I've already invited everybody.
Mrs. Turtle: Now, Franklin, you know we'd love to take all your friends to Tamarack Point, but it's a long way and we can't possibly fit everyone into our car.
Mr. Turtle: Not to mention how much it would cost! Tickets for ten kids, ten meals, ooh!
Mrs. Turtle: We'll have a nice party here instead.
Mr. Turtle: Don't worry, Franklin, your friends will have fun. Tell them we're going to run through the sprinkler. They'll love that.

Franklin: The thing I don't like about Tamarack Point is it gets too busy on Saturday.

Mr. Turtle: We'll make our own Tamarack Point.

Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He could zip zippers and button buttons. He could think up funny nicknames for his friends, but sometimes nicknames aren't so funny.

Franklin: We should call you Springer.

Beaver: Cannonball? I like Splash. [splashes Bear with her tail]

Franklin: Hey Splash, Diver! Bring your snacks over here! [to Bear] Not you, Snacks. These snacks.
[Franklin, Badger and Rabbit laugh]
Franklin: [eating his raisins] Hmm, these raisin boxes keep getting smaller.
Rabbit: And carrots keep getting shorter.
Badger: Try putting peanut butter on a cracker this small. What kind do you have, Snacks?
[Bear is about to eat a large cookie with pink icing on it. Looks a bit like Tubby Toast with Tubby Custard on it, if you ask me]
Badger: Woah!
Rabbit: Now that's what I call a snack, Snacks!
[Rabbit, Franklin and Badger laugh]
Bear: [sighs] I guess it is sort of big, isn't it?
Beaver: Move over, Snacks! You and your cookie are hogging all the shade!
[Rabbit, Franklin and Badger laugh again]
Franklin: Hey, Ringer, do you have any more crackers?
Badger: Umm, no. Maybe Snacks will give you a giant cookie crumb.
[Rabbit and Franklin laugh]
Franklin: Hey, Sna-- [sees that Bear has gone] Hey, where'd he go?
Beaver: I don't know. He just got up and left.

Beaver: You may be called Speedy at the pond, but you're pokey at the playground.
[Beaver, Rabbit, Badger and Goose laugh]
Rabbit: Pokey! That's a good name! Are you going to be it again, Pokey?
Beaver: Or is Snacks going to be it this time? [laughs]
Franklin: I don't like being called "Pokey"!
Bear: And I don't like the name "Snacks" either!
Beaver: [chuckles] Come on, Bear! It's just for fun!
Bear: It's fun for you, but it hurts my feelings! You wouldn't like it if I called you "Chomper"!
Franklin: You do chew your pencils a lot.
Beaver: [gasps] I can't help it if I chew on my pencils! Everyone in my family does!
Rabbit: [laughs] Chomper!
Beaver: What are you laughing at, Long-ears!?
Bear: I have an idea. Why don't we pick our OWN nicknames? Then we won't have names we don't like.
Franklin: I like that idea, Bear.
Rabbit: Good thinking.
Badger: Yeah!
Goose: Good idea, Bear!
Bear: Thanks.

Franklin and Otter's Visit / Franklin's Collection [2.9]

Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He had lots of friends and they played lots of games. One day, a friend who had moved away came back to play.

Mrs. Turtle: Hi, Franklin! You're all muddy!
Franklin: [despondent] I know.
Mr. Turtle: What's the matter, son?
Franklin: Bear got a home run.
Mrs. Turtle: You're unhappy about that?
Franklin: I'm unhappy because he hit my ball right into the pond! I tried to find it, but I couldn't.
Mrs. Turtle: Oh dear, the fish have another ball to play with.
Franklin: Yeah, and this one was like new.
Mr. Turtle: Well, son, I have some news that might cheer you up.
Franklin: What?
Mr. Turtle: Someone is coming here for a visit!
Mrs. Turtle: A friend you haven't seen for a long time.
Franklin: Who?
Mrs. Turtle: Otter!
Franklin: [perking up] Otter? Coming here?
Mrs. Turtle: That's right! Tomorrow morning!
Franklin: YAY! YIPPEE! Otter's coming! Otter's coming! I've gotta find all the games we used to play! Wait, I should go and tell Bear! No, I'd better clean my room first!
Mr. Turtle: [chuckles] That certainly cheered him up.
Mrs. Turtle: Yes, I've never seen him hurry up to clean his room with a smile on his face.
[Mr. and Mrs. Turtle both laugh]

Bear: And there's Otter again, making us laugh.
Franklin: She was always making us laugh.

Franklin: What are you doing?
Otter: The Elm Wood Avenue handshake.

Otter: [sighs] Didn't this used to be more fun?
Franklin: That's what I was thinking.

Mrs. Heron: Hello, Franklin. Hello, Bear.
Franklin: Hi, Mrs. Heron.
Bear: Hello.
Otter: Hello, Mrs. Heron. Remember me?
Mrs. Heron: [pushes her glasses] Well, of course I do. Hello, Weasel. Nice to see you too.
Otter: Weasel? She doesn't remember who I am.
Bear: Maybe her glasses are just dirty.

Otter: A lot of things have changed around here, but having good friends like you guys hasn't changed at all.

Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He had lots of toys and lots of games. But Franklin wanted a collection of special things. What would that collection be?

Bear: [who can't hear because he's wearing an astronaut helmet] What's so funny?
Franklin: Mr. Owl said today is "Haturday."

Mr. Owl: I pledge to fly straight and true and live by the rules of the forest.

Mr. Turtle: Why don't you start by telling the class you're a philatelist.
Franklin: [confused] I'm a turtle, Dad.

Mrs. Turtle: You have to find your own collection, Franklin.
Franklin: What if it takes me all weekend?
Mrs. Turtle: Then you'll have lots to talk about on Monday.

Bear: I've run out of ideas, Franklin.
Franklin: Yeah, me, too. I guess I don't have anything for show-and-tell.

Franklin: No, they're right. This isn't really a collection.
Mr. Owl: Sure it is.
Franklin: But they're just rocks.

Mr. Owl: I see some feldspar, sandstone and quartz.

Franklin: Gee, there's a lot to know about these rocks.

Franklin Says Sorry / Franklin and the Fire [2.10]

Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He could play games with his friends and fix broken toys, too. But one day Franklin had to fix a broken friend and he didn't know what to do.

Bear: A sea monster! Run for your lives.
Beaver: What are you talking about? I'm the mermaid who guards the sunken treasure.
Bear: Oooh. Boring.

Franklin: Come on Bear, what is it?
Bear: It's a secret, okay?

Bear: I made it for our ship.
Franklin: A FLAG!
Bear: Shhh.

Franklin: [off-screen] Fox, [on-screen; rushes to the tree fort] what are you doing?!
Fox: [stammers] I... I... I was just gonna put it back!
[Franklin grabs the flag from Fox.]
Franklin: [glares at Fox] I told you not to tell anyone (about Bear's secret)!
Bear: [glares at Franklin] And I told you not to tell anyone, Franklin!
Franklin: But I... I-- I didn't mean--
Bear: Give me my flag back!
[Franklin and Bear have a tug-of-war over the flag.]
Franklin: Fox really wanted me to show it to him. And I just showed it to him for a second.
Bear: Let go, Franklin!
Franklin: Come on, Bear. Let's just tie the flag to the highest branch.
Bear: [coldly] No.
Franklin: Please?
Bear: Let go, Franklin!
[Soon, Franklin and Bear's fighting causes the flag to rip in half. Franklin gasps, then Bear gasps, then Fox, Beaver, and Snail all gasp. Bear is soon overcome with sadness and anger over the flag getting ripped, as well as Franklin spoiling the surprise; he throws his torn half of the flag on the ground as he leaves.]
Bear: That's the last time I tell you a secret, Franklin!

Bear: [sees his flag that completely fixed by Franklin] Hey!
[The camera pans on Bear's flag who is taped back together]
Bear: They can't fly that flag, it belongs to me.

Bear: No one's gonna fly my flag unless I say.

Bear: [regarding the tree fort's name] I thought of this great name we could call it.
Fox: Tell us what it is.
Bear: The "Friendship." Get it? The friend-ship.
Beaver: The Friendship. That's a good one.
Snail: The good ship Friendship.

Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He would look both ways before crossing the street and he always wore a helmet when he rode his bike. He knew a lot about safety but Franklin was about to learn something new.

Franklin: Tomorrow there won't be any firetrucks to see.

Beaver: That's what it means to have your place burned down. You lose everything.

Franklin: A fire drill? You mean, like the kind we have at school?
Mrs. Turtle: Yes, much the same as that.

Franklin: I won't go back in the house for anything.
Mr. Turtle: That's what I want to hear.

Mr. Mole: This time I'm going to be ready if there's a fire. It won't catch me off-guard.
Franklin: My mom and dad are ready too, Mr. Mole. Aren't you?
Mr. Turtle: Yes we are, Franklin.
Mrs. Turtle: And thanks to our fire drill, now you are too.

Franklin's Garden / Franklin Runs Away [2.11]

Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes, he could zip zippers and button buttons. He could make his own snacks and tidy his room. He could even help his dad in the garden. But one summer, Dad gave Franklin his very own garden to plant.

Franklin: I should show this to Bear.
Mr. Turtle: Just remember to gentle with it.
Franklin: I will!

Bear: Can we eat these?
Mr. Mole: Go ahead. That's what cherries are for.
Bear: Thanks!

Mr. Mole: I dare say caterpillars can climb wherever they want.

Franklin: I should have made the roof out of something else.
Bear: Yeah. Not salad.

Franklin: Look what this caterpillar did to my garden.
Mr. Turtle: It didn't do it on purpose, Franklin. That's what caterpillars do.

Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He had a Mom and a Dad who loved him and he had some best friends, too. And special feelings like that never change. But one day, Franklin wasn't so sure about that.

Mr. Owl: [reading the story; Goldilocks and the Three Bears] "And then Mother Bear said "Someone's been eating my porridge!""
[The students laugh]
Mr. Owl: "And then Baby Bear saw that his bowl was empty and he began to cry."
Franklin: I'd be glad if someone ate my bowl of porridge.
Snail: And I'd be glad if someone ate my symbol of porridge.
[Franklin and Snail both laugh]
Mr. Owl: Franklin, Snail, it's not talking time, it's listening time.

Fox: You guys have to play fair, or you can't play at all.
Franklin: Fine, we won't play at all then.

Snail: This is a really bad day.
Franklin: Is it ever? It's like we can't do anything right.
Snail: I know! It just isn't fair! Are we getting close to where we're going?
Franklin: I don't know. Where are we going?
Snail: There's the tree fort path!
Franklin: Yeah, let's go there!

Mrs. Turtle: Your father and I would miss you if you (and Snail) went to live in the tree fort.
Franklin: [gives her a hug] Yeah, I'd miss you too. And your cookies!
Mrs. Turtle: Heh heh heh heh. [hands him the cookie jar] How can I say no after a nice hug like that?
Franklin: Thanks, Mom.

Franklin's Gloomy Day / Franklin Tells Time [2.12]

Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He liked making games and playing with his friends. But one gloomy day, Franklin had no one to play with, so he had to learn to play on his own.

Franklin: There's never anything to do on rainy days, is there, Goldie?

Mrs. Turtle: The instructions don't make sense.

Franklin: Bear will be glad to see more. He's probably even more bored than I am.

Mrs. Turtle: Franklin, I can't keep thinking of things for you to do. You should have some ideas of your own.

Franklin: There's nothing to do, no one will play with me and I'm really, really bored. [Mr. Turtle and Mrs. Turtle stare at him] Well, I am.
Mr. Turtle: Have a seat here, Franklin.
Franklin: We're not sitting down to play dominoes, are we?
Mr. Turtle: No, we're not. We're going to have a little talk. Franklin, everyone has to learn how to play alone some of the time.
Mrs. Turtle: That's right. Your friends can't be around to entertain you all the time, and neither can we.
Mr. Turtle: If you'd invited one of your friends over to play, you wouldn't have any trouble finding something fun to do, right?
Franklin: Yeah, there's always great stuff when you've got someone to play with.

Mr. Turtle: With your great imagination, I'm sure you and yourself will have lots of fun.

Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He knew the days of the week and the months of the year. But Franklin wanted to know about the hours and minutes, too, so he could be on time for the things he liked to do.

Mr. Owl: Are there any questions?
[Franklin begins to raise his hand]
Beaver: No, it's easy.

Beaver: If I were you, Franklin, I'd buy a watch.
Franklin: [sighs, to himself] What good is a watch if you can't tell time?

Franklin: Why am I the only one who can't figure this out?

Mrs. Goose: Let's Tell Time. Oooh, these are delightful books. Have you read Let's Tie Shoes?

Bear: Hey, Franklin, what are you doing? The library closes at 4:30 on Saturdays.
Franklin: Not today! Mrs. Goose told me it closes at half past four!
Bear: "4:30" and "half past four" mean the same thing, Franklin.

Franklin: Do you think Mr. Owl will mind?
Bear: I don't think so. That's what he's there for.

Franklin's Test / Franklin and the Duckling [2.13]

Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He had won a blue ribbon for swimming and a trophy for playing soccer. But one day, Franklin won something that maybe he shouldn't have.

Bear: [decides to lift the board and checks the word; "Daisy"] Let me just check.
Beaver: [catches Bear from trying to see one of the words from the board even though she thinks Bear is cheating] Hey, Bear, you can't peek like that. That's cheating!

Mr. Turtle: The important thing is, you're learning to spell.
Franklin: No, Dad. The important thing is spelling every word right.

Bear: [sees the word, "Pencil" on the sticky note] "Pencil"?
Franklin: I just had it in my hat for good luck.
Bear: But did you look at it during the (spelling) test?
[Franklin pauses for a second]
Franklin: I peeked at one letter, that's all.
Bear: But that's not fair, Franklin. That's cheating. [storms off]

Franklin: What should I do?
Mr. Turtle: That's something you should decide. But I think you know inside what would make you feel better.

Mr. Owl: Sometimes we think too much about rewards and not enough about what it takes to earn them.

Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He could care for his toy dog, Sam and his goldfish, Goldie. But one day, Franklin had something to care for that took a lot more of his time than he had planned.

Franklin: I wonder what it wants.
Bear: Maybe it thinks you're its Mom.

Franklin: Duckling is going to love the meals I make. You don't get Corn Crunchies down at the pond.

Mr. Turtle: It was just, I mean, uh, care for a Corn Crunchie, dear?

Franklin: Gee, for such a small guy, you sure make a lot of noise. And a lot of mess.

Franklin: I thought taking care of a little duckling was going to be a lot of fun, but it turned out to be a lot of work.

Mr. Turtle: Another happy ending.
Mrs. Turtle: Yes, everyone is back where they belong.