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The following is a list of quotes from the sixth season of Franklin.

Franklin's Favorite Card [6.01][edit]

Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He liked to collect stamps, and he liked to collect rocks too. But one of the things he was most proud of was his soccer card collection.

Franklin's Bike-A-Thon/Franklin's Candy Caper [6.02][edit]

Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He enjoyed going to the library to hear story readings. And he liked to borrow book. But one day there was a special meeting held at the library.

Franklin: Can you take a picture of all the bike-a-thoners, Mr. Coyote?
Mr. Coyote: Yes Franklin. And we can't forget Mrs. Goose.
All: Right here, Mrs. Goose!/Over here!/Yeah, Mrs. Goose!
Mrs. Goose: Oh my! Say "Cheese!"
All: Cheese!

Franklin: What Bear means is, when all the candies came out by accident, Bear didn't think about them belonging to you, Mr. Mole. And neither did I.
Beaver: Uh-huh.
Franklin: We came back to put our pennies in the empty machine, but that bent penny was still stuck in the slot.
Mr. Mole: And you were trying to get it out.
Franklin: I know. Who would believe a story like that? Nobody.
Mr. Mole: [laughing] I believe you.
Bear: What? I hardly believed that story myself, and I was in it.
Mr. Mole: I admit it may have sounded a little far-fetched coming from someone else, but quite believable coming from Franklin.
Beaver: How come?
Mr. Mole: Because he's made a habit of being honest, so I've made a habit of believing him.
Franklin: Thanks, Mr. Mole!