Franklin (season 5)

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Franklin Stays Up/Franklin's Bargain [5.01]

Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He liked campouts and getting to stay up late. And one night, Franklin was determined to stay up later than ever before.

Snail: Should we wait for them to wake up?
Bear: And let the pancakes get cold?
Snail: Nah!
Bear: No way!
Franklin: We made it.

Narrator: Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He liked helping his parents and being given extra responsibilities, but one day, Franklin learned that an important part of responsibility was keeping his end of a bargain.

Franklin: Bear hasn't had a chance to play with the Super Snooper Spy Kit, so I'll dig up the garden after lunch.
Franklin: Oh no!
Bear: What?
Franklin: Now there's weeds on the menu. Look! (notices Skunk picking weeds from her garden) Why are you picking those weeds, Skunk?
Skunk: Because they're growing in our flower bed. Why else would I pick them?
Bear: You mean we aren't going to be eating them at the picnic?
Skunk: EATING THEM? (giggles) Of course not!
Franklin: So what are you bringing to eat?
Skunk: Pizza! I'm going to make it with my dad this afternoon!
Bear: Pizza? Did you really say "pizza"?
Skunk: Yes. Pizza!
Franklin: (puts his hands on Skunk's shoulders) Oh, thank you, Skunk!
Skunk: (giggles) You're welcome!