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Hotel Transylvania 2 is a 2015 American 3D computer animated fantasy-comedy film. The film is the sequel to the 2012 film Hotel Transylvania, with its director, Gennedy Tartakovsky, and writer, Robert Smigel, returning for the film. Produced by Sony Pictures Animation, the film is animated by Sony Pictures Imageworks, with an additional funding provided by LStar Capital. The film was released on September 25, 2015, by Columbia Pictures.

They're back to raise a little terror(taglines)

Drac Pack[edit]


  • [from trailer] But then I'll be all alone.
  • Woohoo! I'm gonna be a grandpa!
  • I don't say "bleh bleh bleh"!
  • Blobby, there's no room. Sorry, man!
  • Someone's overprotective.


  • [to Drac about Blobby] I told him he can come. He's never been outside the hotel.


  • Sandstorm? It's been awhile!


  • Okay, so, what you wanna do is lift the racket right on impact, so you get that nice top spin. Try and hit one.
  • We don't need to kill anymore. We have Pop-Tarts.
  • Oh, man. I'm too old for this.
  • I said I was rusty.
  • [fighting with Drac, who is trying to pull a Frisbee out of his mouth] No! It's my Frisbee! I fetched it!


  • How cute.


  • [to Drac about Vlad] You have a dad? That's funny.
  • [to Mavis] Alright, I'll go wake my backpack.
  • [shouting out the hotel to Drac] And I'm going to be a dad!
  • Check it out. Oh, yeah. This is how I rolled every summer!
  • [to Vlad] You wanna throw down, old man?! Certified yellow belt since 1997.


  • [from trailer] Dad, don't give me the pouty bat face.

Dennis / Denisovich[edit]

  • [his first words] Bleh, bleh-bleh.
  • You're lucky we don't call the authorities! [imitating Dracula] "Let's go, my hero!" [normal voice] Cebause I'm Batman! [imitating Drac] "Yes, to the Batmobile!"


  • [observing Johnny's costume, based on the 1992 film of Dracula] What's that thing on your head? Looks like my grandmother's boobies!
  • [freezing Bela from harming Johnny] Don't ever come near me or my family again. [shrinks Bela]


  • A monster always shares.
  • The scariest monster of all is diabetes!


  • You know why you don't know? "Cebause" you're just a weak, little BOY!


[at Mavis and Johnny's wedding]
Murray: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. [to Griffin] Yo, how hot is my date?
Griffin: So hot. How about how hot mine is?
Murray: You've... got a date?
Griffin: Yeah. She's invisible. That's why you can't see her.
Frankenstein's Monster: Oh, yeah. Is this the one from "Canada"?
Griffin: Shh… Wedding's starting.

Mavis: Johnny, come quick!
[Dracula and Johnny have just burst through the door after hearing Mavis calling them.]
Count Dracula: What's up, he's okay?
Mavis: Dennis said his first word!
Dracula: He did?
Mavis: [to Dennis] Come on, honey. Say it again!
Dennis: Bleh, bleh-bleh.
Drac: [frowns in annoyance] I don't say "bleh, bleh-bleh".
Mavis: We didn't say you did.
Drac: Then where did he get that?
Dennis: Bleh, bleh-bleh.
Mavis: Well, maybe sometimes you say it.
Drac: I only say it when I say I don't say it!
Dennis: Bleh, bleh-bleh.
Drac: Okay, kid, we get it. You can talk. [softening] Denisovich... [checks Dennis' mouth for fangs]
Mavis: Dad...
Drac: Just checking for cavities. [hastily leaves the room]
Mavis: Bleh, bleh-bleh.
Dennis/Denisovich: Bleh, bleh-bleh.
Drac: [pops back down from the ceiling] It was you!

[Mavis is singing a lullaby to help Dennis go to sleep.]
Mavis: [to Dennis; singing] Twinkle twinkle, little star.
How I wonder who you are.
Dennis: Mommy, I'm too old for lullabies.
Drac: [interrupts Mavis] What? That's not how that one goes.
Mavis: This is the way most people sing it.
Drac: an a Most people? What's wrong with "Suffer, suffer, scream in pain. Blood is spilling from your brain"?
Mavis: Daddy...
Drac: Come on. You know how I sang it to you.
Mavis and Drac: [singing] Zombies gnaw you like a plum.
Piercing cries and you succumb.
Drac: [singing softly] Suffer, suffer, scream in pain.
You will never breathe again.
[sees that his lullaby caused his grandson and daughter to fall asleep]
Still works.

Winnie: [tackling Dennis to the ground] Dennis, I love you! Zing!
Dennis: [gets to his feet] Hi, Winnie.
Winnie: [climbs onto his head] I just love your yummy strawberry locks! [glomps him] Zing-zing! [Dennis laughs as she licks him]
Wanda: [spraying water at her daughter] Winnie, give him his space! [to Mavis] I'm so sorry.
Mavis: It's okay, Aunt Wanda. They're just playing.

Drac: What's wrong with the classes here, like the kids' yoga?
Drac: This is Denisovich's home.
Mavis: I don't know, Dad.
Drac: What don't you know?
Mavis: Well, we've been talking about moving. Somewhere safer for Dennis. Maybe where Jonathan grew up in California. I'm sorry, but you can't just make somebody something they're not.

[Drac is in his room picking out pajamas and upset that his family might be leaving him.]
Drac: [mocking Mavis] "Dad, it's (a baby tooth,) not a fang! Dad, I don't know if it's the right place for Dennis! Right, Johnny?" [mocking Johnny] "Oh, hey, dude-man. It's not me, it's Mavy! Hey, dude-man! I'm afraid to say anything! Hey, dudeman! I'm a dude man!"
Frankenstein('s Monster): [at the door and peeks in] Uh, Drac, who-who are you talking to?
Shrunken Head: Do not disturb! The Count's wiggin' out in here!
[Drac starts brushing his fangs.]
Frank(enstein's Monster): What are you wiggin' out about, Drac?
Drac: The kids! Mavy-wavy saying she wants to leave! [gargles with blood red mouthwash as Frank talks]
Frankenstein: She wants to leave? W(ell, w)hat about Johnny? He doesn't want to go. He's making the hotel more human-y... for Dennis. You know, seeing that he isn't a monster.
Drac: [flossing his fangs with a spider's web and breaks his string upon hearing this statement] He is a monster! He's just a late fanger.
Shrunken Head: Mm-hmm, and I could be a hand model.
Drac: Shut up! It's all that human-y stuff that's confusing poor Denisovich. [waves and a bathroom opens up in the wall, goes inside and the wall seals back up]
Frank: So maybe you gotta get the kid around more monster-y... things. [leans on the wall and accidentally opens Drac's wardrobe closet] Ooh. Oh, I need a cape. (I'm sure Drac wouldn't mind for a moment.)
Drac: [from inside the bathroom] (I want to, but) I can't! She's always around checking up on me!
Frank: [goes in the closet and comes out wearing one of Drac's outfits, which fits him very tight] Man, if you could just get some alone time…
Drac: Wait a minute! That's what Johnny wants too - alone time with Mavis!
Frank: [chuckles at how he looks in Drac's outfit, but then all of a sudden starts suffocating from the tight clothes, panics and pulls out a spatula to wedge some space around his neck; straining] Ha-have they even had a vacation since before they were married?! [tries desperately to take off the outfit before Drac catches him wearing it and comes out of the bathroom as it seals up behind him, and at the same time, Frank just barely manages to get out of the outfit and put it back in the wardrobe before he sees]
Drac: They're going to now, and so are we! Frank, you're a genius! [notices that Frank is shirtless and looks at him with a blank look on his face. Frank just stands there with an awkward smile on his face. He looks around the room, holds his hands, then clears his throat waiting for the awkward moment to pass as Dracula looks at him. Finally, Dracula speaks his idea] (Anyways…) We'll take Denisovch to all our old haunts. Each of us will show him a our skills… teach him how to be a monster… [As he says it, he imagines himself and Dennis in the forest. He hunts and eats a white mouse while Dennis watches him in amazement and fangs suddenly sprout from his upper jaw.] ...And he'll be fanging it up in no time!
Shrunken head: Boy turns 5 next week! If he's not a vampire by his birthday, it ain't happening!
Drac: Oh, it ain't ain't happening, baby! All he needs is time with his vampa!
Frank: "Vampa"?
Drac: [exasperated] "Vampire grandpa." Come on, man! That's obvious!

Drac: [sees Blobby] What's he doing here?
Frank: I told him he can come. He's never been outside the hotel.
Drac: Blobby, there's no room. Sorry, man! [Blobby goes inside the van, squishing everyone]
Murray: Yeah, that ain't happening.
Drac: Fine. Put him on the rascal. Let's just get going!

[Dennis and the Drac Pack are driving in the car.]
Dennis: Where are we going, Papa Drac?
Drac: Oh, Denisovich! We're going to have an adventure. A monster-y adventure!
Dennis: Yay, monsters! We're gonna eat cake!
Wayne: [confused] What'd he say?
Drac: No! No cake on this monster trip!
Dennis: No cake because Kakie says too much cake makes tummy ache. Yay! A monster always shares.
[A short pause.]
Griffin: Wow.
Wayne: We may need more than a week.
Frank: Hey, you know who could fix the kid in a snap? Vlad.
Drac: [annoyed] What? We don't need to call Vlad. We got this. [in a warmer tone] Eh, you see, Denisovich. Monsters are nice, just like you… but when the moon comes out, the real monster fun begins, being scary! Right, guys? [On the radio, ‘’Worth It" by Fifth Harmony is playing and Frank, Wayne, Murray, and Griffin all dance along to it.] Guys? Guys! [shuts off the radio] What is wrong with you?
Frank: Come on. Everybody likes that song.
Drac: We're not everybody! We're scary monsters, remember? [puts a CD in the car's player.]
Griffin: Hey, what are you putting in?
Drac: Oh, it's an audio book - Bigfoot's Life Story. He reads it himself.
Woman on CD: Chapter 1. [Bigfoot growls slowly on radio]
[They listen to the growling, and it is revealed that Blobby is still happily listening to "Worth It" on his headphones in the adjoining rascal.]

Drac: Okay, Wayne. It's your turn. Go kill something. Denisovich, watch this.
Wayne: What?
Drac: [gets in Wayne's face] I told you, come on. If we don't inspire Denisovich, how's he going to find his inner monster?
Dennis: Who's in a monster?
Drac: Nobody, just… Here, have an avocado.
Dennis: Yay!
Drac: Your mommy says it's a good fat. Whatever the heaven that means.
Wayne: Listen, I'm not gonna set monsters back again just to make your grandkid like vampires. Anyway, there's nothing to kill here. It's all been…
[A deer appears out of sight]
Frank: Aw… What a cutie. [Drac stares sternly at him] But kill him.
Wayne: Oh, great. You know I haven't done this in years. We don't need to kill anymore. We have Pop-Tarts.
Drac: Denisovich, you're going to love this. Wayne's going to eat that whole deer, and the next one's yours. Wayne, go.
Wayne: [sulks and walks over to the deer] Oh, man. I'm too old for this.

[Wayne failed to kill a deer, as he was more attracted to a Frisbee, much to Drac's annoyance]
Drac: Some werewolf. Did you actually say the word, "growl"? You're a were-wussy!
Wayne: [with a Frisbee in his mouth] I said I was rusty.

Drac: "Chocolate cereal." Are you kidding me?
Frank: [eating] It's okay, Drac. It's because they love us.
Murray: Yeah! Monsters are "What's goin' on?".

[Drac just saved Dennis from falling from the condemned tower]
Dana: Oh, dear! Oh, my devil! We're gonna have to report this!
Drac: You mean to the papers? I guess it was pretty cool, but I'm not about getting press.
Dana: No, sir, I mean to the authorities. I can’t not report child endangerment.
Drac: Whoa, listen to me. That was fun! Your singing is child endangerment!
[Meanwhile, on top of the tower]
Wayne: Should we should go down and help him?
Frank: Nope. I told him this was nuts. He's on his own. [leans on the tower, causing it to fall over]
[Back to Drac and Dana]
Dana: We have to call the boy's mother.
Drac: No, that ain't happening! His mother's already nutsy cuckoo!
Dana: I have to follow protocol!
Drac: [stares into Dana's eyes, glowing red; hypnotic] You will not follow protocol.
Dana: [unphased] I'm a vampire. I can't be hypnotized.
Drac: [back to normal] Uh, right.
Dana: Now please, don't make me call the police!
Drac: No one is calling nobody!
[The tower finally collapses on the campfire, lighting it and Frank.]
Frank: Fire!
Murray: Stop, drop and roll! Stop, drop and roll!
Griffin: Screaming's not helping!
[The camp kids take out marshmallows on sticks, cheer and start coming to the fire to roast them; Dennis has a sad look]
Dennis: Are we bad guys, Papa Drac?
Drac: Bad? No! You're the best kid in the world! We didn't start the fire. It was the tower. [scolding to Dana] That's a very unsafe tower! You're lucky we don't call the authorities! [to Dennis as he puts him over his shoulders] Let's go, my hero!
Dennis: Because I'm Batman! To the Batmobile!
Drac: Yes, to the–

Drac: I'm sorry, Blobby. We really meant to call you sooner. [he, Frank, Wayne, Murray, Dennis and Griffin are riding on Blobby's motor scooter] Hit it! [The motor bike moves forward one inch per minute, due to the combined weight of the riders] (Are you kidding me?)

[After the Drac Pack returned to the hotel, Drac answers Mavis' video chat request]
Drac: So, hey! When are you going to get here already? We've been waiting… [looks up and sees Mavis standing a few feet away, looking angry at him, much to his shock] (Uh, oh. Um...)
Mavis: [sternly] Give me my son.
Drac: We just went out for some avocados!
Dennis: Mommy, I flew!
Mavis: I saw. [angrily holds up her smartphone and plays a YouTube clip titled "Dracula Remix" with over 2,000,000 hits. The clip intercuts Dennis falling from the tower with rapid edits of Dracula arguing with Dana to a rhythm track]
Drac: [on video] His mother's already nutsy cuckoo! Nutsy cuckoo! Ah-ooh! Eh-ah-ee-ee! Cuckoo! [As the music continues, he looks shocked, realizing he's busted. Blobby, oblivious, dances to the beat as the video continues.]
Dana: [on video] Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh-oh-oh my devil. I have to follow protocol.
Drac: [on video] That ain't happening! That ain't happening! His mother's already ah-kee-kee-a cuckoo! Ah-kee-ooh-ah-ee-ah cuckoo! [echoing]
[The video ends and Drac looks down in shame as Dennis and Mavis embrace.]
Mavis: [to her dad, Drac] I was worried Dennis wasn't safe around other monsters. Now I don't even feel like he's safe around you.
Drac: But I was just–
Mavis: What was it you said? "Human, monster, unicorn." That it didn't matter?
Drac: Well, I just know his life would–
Mavis: (You know what?) We'll have his birthday party here on Wednesday, then we're moving.
Drac: (W-what?) Please, Mavey, don't leave.
Mavis: [sadly] Maybe you've let humans into your hotel, Dad, but I don't think you've let them into your heart. [takes Dennis inside the hotel, still worried he would be hurt; Johnny looks down sadly and follows her, leaving Drac]

[Dennis, dressed as Batman… sort of, isn’t getting much attention. While the other kids play together, Dennis is playing Batman alone.]
Dennis: You're lucky we don't call the authorities! [imitating his grandpa, Drac] "Let's go, my hero!" [normal voice] Cebause I'm Batman! (To the Batmobile!) [imitating Drac again] "Yes, to the Batmobile!" [Suddenly, Winnie knocks him over and licks him as some cousins laugh, including Troy in a costume of Vrak, a freaky Power Rangers villain. Mavis looks at Dennis sympathetically.]
Troy: Got your butt kicked by a girl, Batman! [Winnie growls viciously at Troy who looks freaked out, but tries to remain cocky.] Whatever. I'm not about to cry. [walks off, crying]

Murray: [scared] Aah! Please don't kill me! [in a calmer voice] I mean, yo, V. What's up?
Vlad: Talking toilet paper. Well, that's a new one.

[After Dennis' 5th birthday party is ruined]
Vlad: [to his son, Dracula] Hey, what did you just do? A few more seconds and the kid's fangs would have popped right out.
Drac: I don't care! It's... it's not worth it!
Mavis: What's not worth it?
Drac: It was my last attempt to make the boy a vampire so you'd stay.
Mavis: By ruining his favorite thing? How could you (made Grandpa Vlad) do that?
Johnny: We were desperate!
Mavis: You were in on this( too)?
Johnny: Dennis won't be happy in my town.
Mavis: (But) Dennis hasn't been there( yet)!
Erik: [plays organ while singing] The husband and wife! Hear the strain and the strife–
Drac, Mavis and Johnny: [to Erik] SHUT UP!
Mavis: Johnny, Dennis is not a monster! [Vlad makes a shocked face] He likes avocado!
Johnny: 'Cause you don't let him eat anything fun!
Linda: I think Dennis just wants to be normal.
Mavis: Can we stop using the word, "normal"?
[Dennis walks away sadly, feeling not good enough to fit in]
Drac: Where we live now, he's normal!
Mavis: He is who he is and you can't change him, Dad.
[Dennis runs out of the room and Winnie follows him, feeling worried. Bella watches them from the window. Outside the castle... in the forest...]
Winnie: Dennis, where are you going?
Dennis: Away!
Winnie: But it's not safe out here by ourselves. I know a place where we can hide. Follow me! [they run to a tree house as their secret hiding place]
[Back at the party...]
Vlad: If you didn't stop me, my great-grandson wouldn't have to be a wimp his whole life, like schlumpy over here. [gestures to Johnny]
Johnny: "A wimp"!?
Drac: Johnny, be cool.
Johnny: [climbs on the stage, and walks to him] You wanna throw down, old man?! [does karate move at him] Certified yellow belt since 1997! [takes off his wig, blowing his cover]
Drac: No! (Oh, boy…)
Vlad: What's this now, you're not a vampire?
Johnny: (Huh? Oh…) [guilty] Uh, bleh?
Mike: Of course he's (a) human. He's our son. You think we're monsters? [he and Linda wipe off their make-up, revealing their true selves]
Vlad: [gasps; to Drac] You! You let your daughter marry a human and have a human kid? Why don't you just put a stake through my heart?!
Drac: We don't hate humans anymore and they don't hate us( either).
[the other humans reveal themselves as well]
Bela: (W-what?) [outraged of this charade] HUMANS!? [scratches the window, and growls]
Vlad: You're a fool!
Drac: Your great-grandson is the sweetest, kindest, most special boy I've ever met. And if you can't give him the love he deserves because he's half-human, then you're the fool.
Mavis: [hugs him lovingly] Oh, Daddy.
[Drac hugs her back]
Johnny: Hey, (speaking of which…) where is Dennis? Dennis!
Mavis: Dennis?

Winnie: Happy birthday, Dennis! I made you a treat.
Dennis: Dead pigeon?
Winnie: Enjoy it. 'Cause once I graduate business school and start running a company, you're not gonna get home-cooked meals like this anymore.
Dennis: I have to move away Winnie. To California. My mommy thinks I'm not happy here cebause I don't have hair on my face like you. I'm sorry I'm not a monster.
Winnie: No, you are perfect. You're the nicest boy I know, and I have 300 brothers!
Dennis: You're nice too, Winnie.

Bela: Stop squirming!
Dennis: Why are you doing this?
Bela: Because this is WRONG!! (I mean seriously!) Why doesn't anybody get that? Humans don't belong with monsters!
Winnie: You're wrong!
Bela: I am not! I am holding you hostage, and me and my crew are gonna tear that human-hugging hotel to shreds!
Dennis: You can't!
Bela: Really?! Why not?
Dennis: Cebause…
Bela: Cebause why?!
Dennis: Cebause it will make Papa Drac sad!
Bela: Ooh… Sad? And what are you gonna do about it?!
Dennis: I don't know.
Bela: You know why you don't know? Cebause you're just a weak, little BOY! [laughs]


  • Drac's pack is back
  • They're going to back to raise a little terror


Vlad's son / Johnny, Simon, William and Melly's vampire father-in-law / Mavis' dad / Mike and Linda's vampire brother-in-law / Dennis' vampire grandpa / Troy, Connor and Parker's vampire uncle
Mike and Linda's son / Vlad's human grandson-in-law / Dennis' human daddy / Melly, Simon and William's brother / Mavis' human husband / Troy, Connor and Parker's uncle / human son-in-law of Dracula
Johnny's vampire wife / Dennis' vampire mommy / Troy, Connor and Parker's vampire aunt / Vlad's granddaughter / Mike and Linda's vampire daughter-in-law / Simon, William and Melly's vampire sister-in-law / daughter of Drac and late Martha
  • Asher Blinkoff — Dennis "Denisovich" Dracula-Loughran
    • Sunny Sandler (baby)
Mavis and Johnny's son / Melly, Simon and William's nephew / Vlad's great grandson / Troy, Connor and Parker's cousin / grandson of Dracula, Mike, Linda and late Martha





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