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Murder, She Wrote (1984–1996) is an American television show, airing on CBS, about mystery writer and amateur detective Jessica Fletcher.

Nailed [12.1][edit]

A Quaking in Aspen [12.2][edit]

The Secret of Gila Junction [12.3][edit]

Big Easy Murder [12.4][edit]

Home Care [12.5][edit]

Justin Haynes: [after Jessica exposes him as the murderer] All right, all right, all right. I ... It was too late to cover up what I'd done. I had to kill her. My mother's suspicions about my grandfather's death gave me the idea. Now, Doctor, please, I beg of you, I, I can't, I can't keep my eyes open. I'm fading here.
Dr. Seth Hazlitt: Nonsense. You're suffering from nothing more than your own guilt. I filled the hypodermic myself with distilled water.

Nan's Ghost: Part 1 [12.6][edit]

Nan's Ghost: Part 2 [12.7][edit]

Jessica: [after exposing the murderer] Vincent Nader's plans for a hotel would have put a stop to your digging. John Sullivan was getting too close to the secret. But Nan? Was it worth that much to you to wipe out the life of such a beautiful, clever young woman?
Superintendent Arthur Joyce: Indeed it was. She was destroying a dream. Here was a chance for me to get out of this grind, to leave Ballynook for good, for us both to get rich beyond our wildest dreams. Nan, she had this ridiculous notion that the treasure should go to Ireland. I couldn't have that!

Shooting in Rome [12.8][edit]

Lucy Hendrix: [after Jessica exposes her as the murderer] My father was a wonderful man. So full of life and laughter. Everyone loved him. Webb was his protégé. Dad taught him everything.
Jessica: They were together on the movie when your dad died?
Lucy Hendrix: Four years ago. Everyone said it was an accident. But then one night last week, Webb got drunk. So drunk he could hardly recognize me. He started babbling things. And I realized Webb killed my father so he could take over his job as stunt coordinator.
Jessica: And you decided there would be another "accident."
Lucy Hendrix: I went to the motor pool that night and switched the gears.
Jessica: Then you were prepared to let Gary be killed?
Lucy Hendrix: No, I wouldn't have let that happen. I was panicked when I found out Gary was driving. But things changed. I was with Webb when Boyce offered him a bonus for talking Gary out of the stunt. So it went the way I planned. Webb was rotten. If I had to do it again, I would. It was perfect. Almost.

Deadly Bidding [12.9][edit]

Frozen Stiff [12.10][edit]

Unwilling Witness [12.11][edit]

Annette Rayburn: [after Jessica exposes her as the murderer] I just wanted him to admit it. I just wanted him to admit what he did to my father. But he didn't. He denied it. He, he, he laughed. I saw the letter opener on the desk and suddenly I ... I just, I just wanted him to feel a little bit of what I've been feeling all those years.

Kendo Killing [12.12][edit]

Death Goes Double Platinum [12.13][edit]

Murder in Tempo [12.14][edit]

The Dark Side of the Door [12.15][edit]

Murder Among Friends [12.16][edit]

Something Foul in Flappieville [12.17][edit]

Track of a Soldier [12.18][edit]

Evidence of Malice [12.19][edit]

Southern Double-Cross [12.20][edit]

Race to Death [12.21][edit]

What You Don't Know Can Kill You [12.22][edit]

Mrs. Parker's Revenge [12.23][edit]

Death by Demographics [12.24][edit]