Murder, She Wrote (season 9)

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Murder, She Wrote (1984–1996) is an American television show, airing on CBS, about mystery writer and amateur detective Jessica Fletcher.

Murder in Milan [9.1][edit]

Family Secrets [9.2][edit]

The Mole [9.3][edit]

The Wind Around the Tower [9.4][edit]

The Dead File [9.5][edit]

Night of the Coyote [9.6][edit]

Sugar & Spice, Malice & Vice [9.7][edit]

The Classic Murder [9.8][edit]

George Foster: [after Jessica accuses him of committing the murders] You think you know everything, don't you? Yeah, I'd been stealing money for years. Winnowing it from every unit in the corporate structure. But old Buck found out about it right before B.J. did. I ran into him the other night at the steakhouse, just as he was leaving. He pulled me aside and said that he was going to hand me over to the investigation committee, try to save the company and prevent his employees from losing their jobs. When I got home that night and found out that Buck was there, something snapped. I went to his room. I shot him. I had no idea that woman was hiding in the bathroom, listening to the whole thing.
Jessica: But you had a good-paying job, you lived in a mansion and you were married to a billionaire's sister. Why did you need to steal the money?
George Foster: I needed to get away. From the job, from that house. Most of all, from my wife. I'm so sick of being Buck Wilson's brother-in-law! I wanted to fly to Rio and start a new life. In my own mansion.

A Christmas Secret [9.9][edit]

The Sound of Murder [9.10][edit]

Final Curtain [9.11][edit]

Double Jeopardy [9.12][edit]

Dead Eye [9.13][edit]

Killer Radio [9.14][edit]

The Petrified Florist [9.15][edit]

Threshold of Fear [9.16][edit]

The Big Kill [9.17][edit]

Dead to Rights [9.18][edit]

Lone Witness [9.19][edit]

Ship of Thieves [9.20][edit]

The Survivor [9.21][edit]

Love's Deadly Desire [9.22][edit]

Sibella Stone: [after Jessica exposes her as the murderer] My compliments, Jessica. I should have stuck to my specialty, gothic romance, and left the murder plotting to you.
Jessica: I think you were mistaken on a far more basic level, Sibella. You convinced yourself you could pull it off in real life.