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Murder, She Wrote (1984–1996) is an American television show, airing on CBS, about mystery writer and amateur detective Jessica Fletcher.

Appointment in Athens [6.1][edit]

Seal of the Confessional [6.2][edit]

The Grand Old Lady [6.3][edit]

The Error of Her Ways [6.4][edit]

Pauline Byrne: [after Jessica exposes her of committing Clark Randall's murder] Considering Clark's track record, I knew he'd leave me for someone else. If I called a doctor, it would mean the police, questions about the money. So I didn't phone a doctor. I may have been broke most of my life, but I was never stupid. There was a pillow nearby. I picked it up. He didn't have the strength to fight me off. Meanwhile, there was Marian on the floor, having passed out thinking she'd shot and killed her husband. I made up my mind not to do or say anything to discourage that opinion.
Jessica: So you took the cash and left?
Pauline Byrne: You bet.
Jessica: But you didn't take his watch or the money from his wallet.
Pauline Byrne: No, what for?
Lt. J. T. Hanna: Wait a second. If you didn't take them, Miss Byrne, who did?
Jessica: Marian Randall.
Lt. J. T. Hanna: What?
Jessica: Think about it, Lieutenant. Marian wakes up. She finds Clark dead. She knows she shot him, assumes she's killed him. She's in a panic. How can she explain it? What story can she concoct?
Lt. J. T. Hanna: A break-in.
Jessica: Exactly. She takes the watch. She leaves the watch where someone would find it, the kind of person who'd pawn it.
Lt. J. T. Hanna: Then she made a big show about hiring a detective to find the stolen watch and prove she was innocent.
Jessica: But you couldn't let that happen, could you, Miss Byrne? Because you'd overlooked something. The briefcase. When the embezzlement came out, Marian might add things up. She might remember the briefcase. Missing money. Who took it? You had to silence her. And why not? If she committed suicide, it would only make her seem more guilty. And once she was dead, the case would be closed.
Pauline Byrne: I visited Marian on the pretext of knowing something about Clark and the money. I put the Nardane capsules in her drink to make her drowsy. Pills hit her hard. She was practically out on her feet before I got her into her car. When I left her in that car, I thought I was home free. Funny how things work out. I never did have much luck. Men, money, it's all the same. Always has been.

Jack & Bill [6.5][edit]

Dead Letter [6.6][edit]

Night of the Tarantula [6.7][edit]

Olivia Waverly: [after Jessica picks the lock to Harry's room] Where on earth did you learn that?
Jessica: I think it was The Thin Man Returns. Or maybe it was Charlie Chan in Hong Kong?

When the Fat Lady Sings [6.8][edit]

Test of Wills [6.9][edit]

Class Act [6.10][edit]

Town Father [6.11][edit]

Goodbye Charlie [6.12][edit]

If the Shoe Fits [6.13][edit]

How to Make a Killing Without Really Trying [6.14][edit]

The Fixer-Upper [6.15][edit]

The Big Show of 1965 [6.16][edit]

Murder According to Maggie [6.17][edit]

O'Malley's Luck [6.18][edit]

Always a Thief [6.19][edit]

Jessica: In case you couldn't guess, my old friend Dennis Stanton hates writing letters. On the other hand, loves the sound of his own voice. Actually, this seems like a marvelous way to keep in touch. Many of you will remember Dennis from the first time I met him. His occupation was a little different then. Jewel thief, second-story man, con artist. I'm happy to say events conspired to turn him into a very respectable member of the community. His work habits haven't changed much, but at least now he's working on the right side of the law. What's the old bromide? Set a thief to catch a thief. Dennis doesn't have to bilk the insurance companies anymore. In fact, they pay him handsomely to outwit other thieves. In fact, is such a dashing and unorthodox figure, I'm half tempted to base one of my stories on him. I confess that's actually not my idea, but then, modesty was never one of Dennis' attributes.

Shear Madness [6.20][edit]

The Szechuan Dragon [6.21][edit]

The Sicilian Encounter [6.22][edit]