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The following is a list of quotes from the third season of Regular Show.

Stick Hockey [3.1a]

Pops: It seems the honorable thing to do is apologize. Oh look! [holds up a joker card with Benson on it] This one is you! [giggles]
Benson: [sighs] Alright.
Skips: Hmph. [tosses a walkie talkie to Benson]
Benson: Mordecai, Rigby, are you there? Pick up!
Skips: [reaches for walkie talkie] Let me try. Mordecai, Rigby. Are you there?
Rigby: (over walkie talkie) Hey Skips.
Benson: Tell them I want to talk to them! Tell them!
Skips: Where are you? [skips away] Where are you guys?

Benson: This wouldn't have happened if you guys had done your job!
Rigby: No, no, no! You can't get mad this time! You messed up, not us!
Benson: Argh! Just LISTEN to me!
Mordecai: You know what, Benson? Forget it. [shoves Benson out of the cart and takes the wheel] Thanks for all your help, but we can get the stick hockey table without you. [he and Rigby drive off]
Benson: What the heck?! How am I supposed to get back to the park?!

Bet to Be Blonde [3.1b]

Blonde: [laughs] I'm just yanking your chain, man. It's cool.
Rigby: Huh?
Mordecai: [laughs] OOOOOOOOHHHHH!
Black Blonde: [puts hand on Mordecai's shoulder] Uh, he's had enough.
Rigby: Hm.

Skips Strikes [3.2a]

Benson: Man, Skips is on fire tonight! Another perfect game!
Mordecai: We're going to the championship, baby!
Man: You guys wouldn't be so great if it wasn't for Skips.
Mordecai: Well, we can't help that he's just plain awesome, right, Skips?
Skips: Hey, that's just how I roll.
Mordecai, Rigby and Benson: OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH!
Benson: There she is, guys. Isn't she a beaut?
Rigby: I want that beaut.
Benson: So who are we up against?
Mordecai: Some team called the Magical Elements.
Rigby: The Magical Elements. Hm, hm, more like the Magical Loserments.
Death: What did you say about us?

Terror Tales of the Park [3.2b]

[Mordecai drives to the Halloween Wizard's house; walks to the door; bangs handle against the door]
Mordecai: Hello? Look, I don't know what you're doing to my friend, but please, just stop! He's sorry for egging your house, okay? So, are we cool? [Mordecai walks to the window; peeks into it; a cat pops up, scaring Mordecai, Mordecai pants]
Skips: [on the walkie talkie] Mordecai. [Mordecai gasps] Mordecai, come in.
Mordecai: Yeah, yeah, what's up, Skips?
Skips: [on the walkie talkie] You gotta get back to the house, quick!
Mordecai: Sure, be right there.
[Mordecai runs to the cart; The Halloween Wizard grabs his cat out of his window]

Halloween Wizard: [on phone] How do you like the new body? Don't think this is all over, because I'm just getting started. You're gonna pay.
Benson: [picks up the phone] Hello? Listen, I don't know who this is, but you better change Rigby back right now, or I--
Halloween Wizard: [emerges his arms from the phone] NO ONE TELLS ME WHAT TO DO! [starts strangling Benson by the throat]

Halloween Wizard: [teasing Muscle Man] What's the matter, Mitch? Don't have any clever jokes about your mommy?
Muscle Man: Don't talk about my mom!

Mordecai: Did you guys see that?!
Skips: This is not good.
Benson: What are we gonna do then?!
Rigby: Guys...?
Mordecai: What, what is it?
[A loud knock is heard at the door, someone quietly opens it and a skinless Muscle Man is shown to be the knocker]
Muscle Man: I told you I was ripped... [falls forward and dies]
Skips/Mordecai/Hi Five Ghost: AHHH! [telephone rings] AHHH!
[Hi Five Ghost runs to answer it]
Skips: [last words] No, Fives, WAIT!
Hi Five Ghost: [answers phone] Hello?
Halloween Wizard: Goodbye! [sucks Hi Five Ghost into the phone and squirts him out as a liquid all over Skips and Mordecai, as Benson vomits his gumballs]
Hi Five Ghost: [last words] Worst phone call ever.
[Mordecai and Skips are covered in liquid and Mordecai is pushed against the bookshelf by the Halloween Wizard and is knock unconscious. Benson and Pops scream in terror and hide in rooms while Skips tries punching the Halloween Wizard but the Halloween Wizard trips him]
Halloween Wizard: If you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen!
[Halloween Wizard throws Skips into the chimney, and fire goes up the chimney and burns Skips as fire goes to the top of the house and Rigby screams, Halloween Wizard runs into the bathroom, opens the shower curtain, and sees Benson]
Halloween Wizard: What's up, gumball?
[Benson screams. Him and his nun chucks are flushed down the toilet, causing his gumballs to rise]
Pops: [in bedroom] Show yourself... Bad show, very bad show! [door opens] AHHH!
[Pops fires sling-shot, but it hits the wall, Pops gets thrown into a closet and disappears]
Rigby: What's happening? Hello, is anybody there? Can anyone hear me?
Mordecai: [wakes up] Rigby?
Rigby: Mordecai!
Mordecai: Don't worry, Rigby, I'm here. I won't anything happen to you.
[An invisible force comes and chops Mordecai's head off and his head falls to the ground]
Mordecai: [last words] Huh, so this is what it feels like to be as tall as Rigby.
[Mordecai gags and dies]
Rigby: Mordecai? Mordecai? I'm sorry, okay?! I shouldn't have egged your house; do you hear me?! I'm sorry!
[The Halloween Wizard goes to Rigby and laughs]
Halloween Wizard: I told you you'd pay.
Rigby: Well then, what are you waiting for?! Do it! Do it already!
[The wizard uncovers a case and laughs maniacally while Rigby screams and eggs are thrown at him]
Rigby: Huh, what?!
Halloween Wizard: How do you like it?
Rigby: What?! You turned me into a house and killed all of my friends just to throw eggs at me?! THAT'S IT?!
Halloween Wizard: Yep, that's it.
[Points up; zooms out to reveal a big egg coming down on Rigby, then Rigby screams as the egg collapses and he melts]

Camping Can Be Cool [3.3a]

Margaret: Hey, guys. Do you need any more-?
Rigby: SSHHHHH! This is it.
TV: Your weekend weather forecast. Hope you have your sunglasses ready.

Rigby: You probably shouldn't go, Margaret. I bet your boyfriend won't like you going out on a camping trip with you dudes.
Margaret: Ugh, what boyfriend? Not see anyone right now. Guys are jerks.
Mordecai: Gah, I know, right? Guys are the worst.

Camping Can Be Cool; Slam Dunk Part 2 [3.3b]

Muscle Man: Yeah, baby. Go ahead. You can't make it from there. Oh! Oh! Brick!
Mordecai: Ugh!
Muscle Man: Oh, snap. Hey, Mordecai, you're looking a little confused. Did you know that we only need one more point to win?

Cool Bikes [3.4a]

Benson: When are you guys going to get it through your heads? Nothing you say or do will ever make me admit you're cool!
Mordecai: You know what, Benson? I just realized something. We don't care what you think.

Gary: Benson, having known the defendants longer than any other witness, you're in a special position to judge the coolness of my clients, are you not?

Benson: Yeah? I guess?

Rigby: I hope this works.

Mordecai: Dude, he'll never admit it. We're home free!

Gary: Benson, are Mordecai and Rigby cool?

Benson: [laughs] Are those guys cool? [ He laughs again]

Judge Broseph Chillaxton: Benson, this is no joke dude. The fate of the universe hangs in the balance. Answer the question and remember, lying under oath is not cool.

Benson:(Now deafeningly) Mordecai and Rigby are the coolest guys I know.

Mordecai: If we can get you to admit that we're cool, then you have to give us the cart back.
Benson: Sounds good to me 'cause it'll never happen.
Rigby: You're wrong! You're all like "that'll never happen", and then we'll get all cool and you'll be all like "whoa" and then we'll be all like "in your face!"
Benson: Ha, then I'll be all like "GET BACK TO WORK!!!"

Cool Bikes; House Rules Part 2 [3.4b]

Mordecai and Rigby: Hey, Margaret.
Mordecai: Hey, is it true? Did you really move out of the house?
Rigby: Yeah, we did! 'cause Benson got all rulesy!
Mordecai: We had no choice. It was either leave or live with some other dude with rules.
Margaret: Wow, Mordecai! I didn't know you were such a rebel.
Mordecai: Yep. You know me. Total rebel. [they both laugh]
Margeret: Well, good night. [almost closes door, but Mordecai stops the action with his foot]
Mordecai: Actually, we don't have anywhere to sleep, so we were hoping you would let us camp out here tonight.
Mordecai: I wish I could, but, my manager has a rule about that kind of thing. [pans over to guy in white shirt. He sticks a paper to the window that reads, "get lost campers"] Sorry, guys.
Mordecai: It's cool. I'm sure we can find some place to crash that isn't so big on rules. Later!

[M&R walk off, beginning a montage that starts off at Awesome Dynamite. The guy carrying a clipboard lets two couples in, but when M&R walk up, he stops them in their path, then turns his clipboard around to show "No losers." Next up is Al's Convienience Market. M&R roll their sleeping bags on the floor before Al walks up and points to a sign reading, "No hanging out." They pick up their sleeping bags and walk off. Finally, they stop at a bench and try to sleep before a shirtless man comes up to point at a tattoo reading "Günther," then he points to the bench, which is revealed to also read "Günther," then, he sticks up a baseball bat, also reading "Günther." Günther chases M&R before he stops at an alley, twirls his bat and walks off. M&R then pop their heads out from behind the garbage]

Mordecai: Dude, this is getting intense... [Mordecai is disappointing]
Rigby: [moans] No! More! RUUUUULES! [zoom out before an earthquake, followed by a gust, occurs, followed by a mysterious laugh]

Benson: Hey, guys. Listen, when you've got a minute, I need you to take a look at these.
Mordecai: Sure, Benson. [hands over "Benson's House Rules" book] Oh, the house rules? Thanks, but we already have these.
Benson: Uh, no, you don't. Cos I've added a few new ones in there and I'm gonna need you to sign off on them, okay? [leaves]
Rigby: Aw, man, more rules?! He's gotta be joking!
Mordecai: Alright, let's see. "Rule #114: No feet on the table." [Mordecai and Rigby's feet are on the table, then they take them off, moaning] "Rule #115: No food on the table." [food is seen on the table, so they knock it all off]
Rigby: Fine!
Mordecai: "Rule #116: No food on the floor."
Rigby: WHAT?! That's going WAY too far!! [growls while straining himself to lift the table] Come on, man! Help me flip the table!
Mordecai: No, dude, just chill out. There's only one more new rule left.
Rigby: What is it?
[Mordecai flips the page that says "Rule #117: No video games.", then, a shocked look comes to his face as the camera zooms in. Cut into Benson's office]
Mordecai: No video games!?!
Rigby: Are you nuts?!
Benson: "Rule #47: No yelling!"
Rigby: You can't take video games away from us, man! What're we supposed to do?!
Benson: Work. You're supposed to work.
Mordecai: You know what? We're sick of all your rules! "No prank calls, no rock-paper-scissors, no punchies — no unicorns"? What does that even mean?!
Rigby: These rules are all totally random, Benson, and they're all aimed at us!
Benson: That's not true. "Number 68: no harpsichord playing after 10 pm."
Rigby: [to Mordecai] I actually kinda like that one.
Mordecai: Yeah, but that's the only good one in there. The rest of them are terrible!
Benson: Look, I'm doing you a favor. Life without rules is chaos.
Mordecai: Fine, but we're only signing off on the rules we like.
Rigby: Yeah, like the harpsichord one!
Benson: It doesn't work that way! If you can't agree to live by all the house rules, THEN YOU CAN'T LIVE IN THIS HOUSE!!!
Mordecai: Well then, we won't live in this house!
Rigby: Yeah, cos your rules are wack!
Mordecai: We'll show you. We're not gonna live with any rules at all.

Benson: Well, well, well. Wasn't so easy living without rules, was it? [opens book] Wait a minute. One of these rules is missing.
Rigby: Oh, no. Which one?
Benson: I don't know, there's over a hundred of these things!
Mordecai: Well, then, how do you know it's missing?

Mordecai: That's crazy. I wonder which one it is. [cut to the No Rules World. The No Rules Man is playing Karate Choppers, all by himself]

No Rules Man: Hmph. Hmph. I don't need those guys, I can play video games by myself. [The ripped page falls onto his lap. It is Rule #117: No Video Games] NOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Benson Be Gone; Rap It Up Part 1 [3.5a]

Big Trouble: Nah, I got y'all fools this time, hit it! (V-Tron turns on the radio) (Rapping) You all better watch out, cause Big Trouble's on the mic now, i'll knock all o' your lights out, with my verse, y'all be cursed , blowing up like fireworks. powwwwwwwww!
Alpha-Dog:...that's it? Blitz Comet, show this fool how we do.
Blitz Comet: (Rapping) Blitz Comet on the scene. You step to me and you gonna get creamed-corn! All up in your teeth, you reek, you're the opposite of chic, ya freak! Your rhymes are all antiques. Nobody wants em, they throw em all away. Right from the get go like your brain is on delay. Matter of fact, yo, you better get a check up. Go ask your doctor, why you be so ugly from the neck UP?

Cruisin’ [3.5b]

Margaret & Eileen: [unimpressed after the movie ends] What?
Rigby: [amazed] Whoa! That was awesome!
Margaret: I can't believe you guys think that's cool.
Eileen: Yeah. That movie was chauvinistic and also inaccurate.
Mordecai: I don't know. I heard that movie was based on a true story.
Rigby: If this movie has taught us anything, and it definitely has, you only need one thing to get a girl's number… A sweet ride.
Eileen: I mean, not necessarily. You could just, you know, ask a girl for it, Rigby.
Rigby: Eileen, don't be so naive, that would never work.
Mordecai: Rigby's right. It's a known fact that wheels make you more attractive.
Rigby: A known fact! I don't know how many times I've almost gotten a girl's number, then some guy in a muscle car would swing in and totally ruin my game.
[The girls laugh]
Margaret: Oh, guys. You're kidding, right?
Mordecai: Are you saying you wouldn't give us your number if we pulled up in some cool wheels?
Margaret: You dorks would never be able to get a girl's number cruising.
Mordecai: Oh, yeah?
Margaret: Yeah.
Rigby: [hops onto the table] Let's bet on it!

Under the Hood [3.6a]

Benson: Alright, I need you guys to paint over the graffiti on the bathroom. Just make sure you cover all of it.
Rigby: Cover all of it?
Benson: What'd I just say? Yes! All of it! Get back to work [Benson walks away]
Mordecai: I wouldn't mind going back to sleep.

[later, Mordecai and Rigby are painting over the graffiti]

Rigby: I'd like to find whoever did this and just...GRAAAAH!
Mordecai: I know, man! They're probably sitting around somewhere, just laughing at us.
Muscle Man: [laughs] Do you know who else likes to clean up other people's messes? My mom!
Rigby: Did you paint this graffiti, Muscle Man?
Muscle Man: Pfft! Me? I may be an artist when it comes to pranks, but I am no graffiti artist.
[Muscle Man holds up his hands to reveal they're covered in something orange]
Mordecai: What is that?
Muscle Man: What is what?
Mordecai: The orange paint on your hands!
Muscle Man: It isn't paint, fool! It's from the buffalo wings we just had for lunch!
Rigby: Yeah, right! It's all over you!
Muscle Man: Haven't you ever been to Wing Kingdom? They always hook up with the sauce!
Rigby: I think you did this!
Muscle Man: You'd better watch who you're accusing, bro.
Mordecai: Show us your receipt, then!
Muscle Man: What? [Muscle Man feels around his left pocket for a receipt. He doesn't find one.] Show us your receipt!
Mordecai: That's it!
Mordecai and Rigby: Benson!
Mordecai: We know who did the graffiti!
Benson: What? Who?
[scene cuts to Muscle Man, High Five Ghost, Mordecai, Rigby, and Benson outside the bathroom]
Muscle Man: It's buffalo sauce, smell it!
Benson: I'm not going to smell your fingers, Muscle Man. Just tell me the truth and I'll take your word for it.
Muscle Man: I am telling you the truth! Benson, I can't believe you're even listening to these clow- [a can of spray-paint falls out of Muscle Man's pocket)
Rigby: Look, it's spray-paint!
Benson: Chicken wings, huh?
Muscle Man:'s not mine!
Mordecai: Yeah, right! It was in your pocket!
Muscle Man: Uh... okay, all right! I was spray-painting, okay? But-but-
Benson: But what?
Muscle Man: But I didn't do the graffiti! I was painting Hi Five Ghost's ride orange!
Hi Five Ghost: Really?
Benson: Then why did you lie about the paint?
Muscle Man: Because it was supposed to be a surprise. Til you guys ruined it.
Rigby: He's lying!
Muscle Man: No, I'm not!
Benson: I'm sorry, Muscle Man, but I'm going to have to ask you to turn in your keys.
Muscle Man: What?
Benson: You heard me.
Muscle Man: Are you firing me, bro?!
Benson: Give me your keys.
Hi Five Ghost: If he goes, I go, too!
Benson: Okay, see ya.
Hi Five Ghost: Aww...
Muscle Man: That was really cool, bro. You want my keys, Benson? Fine! [He throws his keys on the ground at Benson's feet] But we were gonna quit this job anyways to follow our real dreams! And we're not coming back, no matter how much you beg! Come on, Fives! [they walk away]
Benson: I just want you guys to know that you did a good thing today. You narced a guy out, and got him fired. Good job. [Benson walks away, while Mordecai and Rigby stay where they are, stunned]
Mordecai: Whoa...I didn't think he was gonna fire him.
Rigby: Neither did I.

Weekend at Benson's [3.6b]

Rigby: Dude, Benson! What's the rush? It's not like you have somewhere to be.
Benson: Yeah, actually, I do! I do have a life outside of work, you know.
Rigby: Yeah, right. Where are you gonna go, Benson?
Mordecai: Yeah, where are you gonna go, dude?
Rigby: Come on, man! Spill it. Where are you going to go?
[Mordecai and Rigby let go of the ladder]
Mordecai: Dude, Rigby! Leave him alone! Can't you tell you're annoying him?

Benson: [gets up] That's it... I've had it with you two. I can't even knock out without you ruining my social life and getting me into stupid food challenges.
Rigby: But Benson, we won! [grumble] ...Didn't we?
Benson: Won? I would've never gotten into this mess if you two weren't just messing around. You two are fired! No more chances, just get outta here.
Mordecai: [gasps] Benson, look!
Benson: What? [he pulls off paper attached to him, reading "CALL ME, 555-0155. ♥ AUDREY"]
Mordecai: What does it say?
Rigby: Yeah man, what does it say?
Benson: Ah... Get back to work.
Benson: I'm glad you could all join me for brunch today.
Pops: What's the occasion?
Benson: Do you even have to ask, Pops? It's to celebrate my amazing streak of good luck.
Pops: Good luck?
Benson: Yeah, don't you remember last night?
(A flasback is shown of Benson beating Rigby at cards)
Rigby: Augh! You only beat me last night because of my bad luck.
Benson: No Rigby, I only beat you because of my good luck, and it's that luck that makes me trust that we're all going to love this restaurant that none of us have never even been to.
Everyone: Yeah!

Mordecai: Skips, have you seen Benson?
Skips: He's playing cards in my garage. He's convinced he can turn his luck around.
Mordecai: No, he can't. It's not even his luck! We have to stop him. [Benson enters] Benson, I got to tell you something.
Benson: Not right now, Mordecai. I'm right in the middle of a hand.
Mordecai: No, Benson! Listen, you shouldn't be playing cards right now!
Benson: Okay, so I've had a bad stretch lately. So my wallet and credit cards got stolen. So accounting lost my paycheck. So I can't afford to pay my rent or feed myself. But cards are where I'm luckiest! Cards are my girl! She's never let me down before and she won't do it this time.
Skips: Well, you gotta stop playing now because you got nothing left to wager with!
Benson: ..Actually, Skips, there is one more thing.
[Benson walks back into Skips' garage, then walks back into the room again]
Benson: I just lost the park to the guy in the fanny pack.

Fortune Cookie; Think Positive Part 2 [3.7b]


[Pops is laughing and chasing a butterfly]

[The butterfly then lands on a bush. Pops is about to catch the butterfly, when...]
Benson: Come on, you know that's not the way you're supposed to do it!

[The butterfly that pops nearly caught flies away, due to Benson's yelling. On screen, we see Mordecai and Rigby near a shrub, holding a chainsaw.]

Mordecai: Well, this way is totally faster.
Rigby: Yeah, cuts the time in half.
Benson: Well, you're actually CUTTING IT IN HALF, you idiots! ( The chainsaw fails to start off screen) Oh, and great, you manage to break the saw in the process! Now, we're gonna have to buy a new one!
[ We cut to Pops in the rose garden, he is drawing a rose on his notebook. He is on the stem, until he gets interrupted for the second time]
Benson: What are you guys doing?! Soda?! You can't use soda!
Mordecai: Yeah, but the hose--
Benson: Oh, what, it's too hard to get the hose off the shed?! UNBELIEVABLE!
Rigby: Well, at least it's diet. Nobody drinks that.
Benson: I drink diet. Not only did you guys ruin the hose...
Pops: [angrily scribbles his drawing, grunts, and storms away in anger and frustration]

[ We now cut to Pops office, and he is playing with his army men.]

Pops: Okay, men, this is the hour of prominence. On my signal, charge! Woooooaahhhh--- [He is interrupted by Benson Yet again]
Benson: [Offscreen, and Outraged] YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! [Pops lays back, irritated - Outside, Mordecai is holding something looking like wood] Give me that! What is this, SANDPAPER?! [Looks at the golf cart. It is all scratched up.] You're scratching up the whole thing!
Pops: Benson, would you come see me for a moment, please?
Mordecai and Rigby: Oooooh, somebody's busted!
Benson: Oh, grow up.
Mordecai and Rigby: [Now rapping with taunt) B-b-busted! Benson's b-b-busted!
Benson: [Sighs] What is it, Pops? I'm in the middle of something.
Pops: Have a seat. [Benson sits down, sighs once more] Do you know why I called you in here?
Benson: Did you lose the colonel again? Try under your hat.
[Pops lifts his hat with the colonel inside, then puts his toy army men in the drawer]
Pops: It's a problem concerning Mordecai and Rigby.
Benson: What else is new? Don't worry, Pops, I'll take care of it.
Pops: Then we understand each other?
Benson: Absolutely. I've already warned them - one more screw-up and they're both fired.
Pops: But... Benson, I was referring to you.
Benson: What?
Pops: I'd like you to stop yelling at Mordecai and Rigby.
Benson: [scoffs] You're kidding.
Pops: Quite the opposite. It's too negative and bad for morale.
Benson: What morale? Those slackers never do anything unless you yell at them.
Pops: There's never a reason to yell at anyone.
Benson: They give me a million reasons everyday! Ptft, you just want me to be nice to them?
Pops: You don't have to be nice. Just don't yell.
Benson: [groans] Listen, Pops, I appreciate the concern, but I know how to do my job.
Pops: Benson, I think it's clear that my dad puts me in charge of running the park when he's not around, right?
Benson: Yes, but—
Pops: And that means you must do what I say?
Benson: Technically, but I—
Pops: And I am ordering you to stop yelling at Mordecai and Rigby.
Benson: Pops --
Pops: Understood?
Benson: [beat] Understood.

[ We cut to outside]
Rigby: So, what did Pops want?
Benson: Noth-- [quick zoom out] You guys are STILL NOT--?! [ Benson realizes he's angrily yelling, so he talks through his furious teeth]—guys are still not done?

[ It's clear that the duo have not even started washing the golf cart]

Mordecai: What? You told us to take it nice and easy.
Rigby: Yeah, I get it now. It takes time to do things right.
Mordecai: You rush, you make mistakes.
Benson: [angrily facepalms] That's not the point I was trying to make.
Mordecai: And then we started thinking-why clean something anyways? Dirt is a natural thing. It's like part of life, you know? [Benson turns red and furiously sizzles]
Rigby: Yeah, and like, what is a hose? Hose...
Mordecai: Hose...
Rigby: Hose?...
Mordecai: Hose... [Benson growls angrily , still red]
Rigby: Yeah, exactly. But when you turn it on... [accidentally sprays water on Benson which Ticks him off] ...Sorry.
Benson: (yells angrily, kicks Mordecai and Rigby out of his sight) GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!!! (Mordecai and Rigby run away. Pops then appears behind Benson )
Pops: Benson, what did we just discuss?
Benson: Yeah, but, come on, Pops. They were totally--
Pops: Benson, I'm serious about this issue. Now if you yell at them again, I'm going to have to write you up.
Benson: [Rubs face and frustratingly growls] Okay, okay. I'll try to get it under control.

(Clock transition to computer room. Benson is on the computer searching "Free anger management tips")
Benson: Recite a personal mantra. Omm? What does that even mean? Next. (searches again)
Fitch: Oh, hello, friend! I'm Fitch Munderson. (A dog runs up to him) And this is Kimmy.
Benson: Okay, where's this going? (fast-forwards the video)
Fitch: We have a sure-fire way to help you control your anger, for only $60.
Benson: Nope. (searches again while the screen is loading, then clicks several times while the screen is still loading) Ugh, come on! Close! (angrily growls) Omm...omm...omm...omm...omm...omm...(sighs) Huh. I guess it works.
(Cut to downstairs. The whole place has been torn apart. Mordecai and Rigby are seen searching for something)
Mordecai: Hey, Benson. Have you seen the keys to the cart?
Benson: Omm...omm...omm...omm...omm...omm...omm...
Rigby: We can't find them anywhere. (Breaks vase) Uh-oh.
(From the window, two people are seen driving the cart)
Mordecai: Never mind. I think I know where they are.
Benson: (growling, Now red with tears in his eyes) RRRRRAAAAAAUUUGGGGHHH!!!!!!
Mordecai and Rigby: AAH! ( The duo then run away)

[Pops suddenly appears with a clipboard]

Pops: Benson! I warned you! (Writes on clipboard angrily)
Benson: Pops, you're writing me up?
Pops: You know what happens next, don't you? ( He angrily hands Benson the paper)
Benson: Of course. Verbal warning, write up, fired. But you wouldn't fire me, Pops.
Pops: I'll do what I must.
Benson: What?! Pops, you can't take this job away from me! It's all I have!
Pops: I'm sorry, Benson. If you yell at Mordecai and Rigby again, I'll be forced to fire you.
(Pops leaves. Benson furiously turns red and angrily begins to jump several times while grunting)
Skips: Jeez, Benson, try counting to 10. (Benson furiously turns around and angrily grunts) Better make it 100. (leaves)
Benson: 1, 2... (Cuts to outside) ...7, 8, 9... (Cuts to near the shed) ...75, 76, 77... (Benson suddenly stops and sees Mordecai and Rigby covered in pink paint, laughing)
Mordecai: Oh, hey, Benson! What's up? We're finally painting the shed! (Rigby throws himself on the wall, followed by Mordecai, who ends up going through the wall)
Benson: (furiously turns red and angrily growls. He then puts his hands on his face) 78, 79, 80, 81...
Rigby: Dude, what's he doing?
Benson: (continues counting) 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87...
Mordecai: I dunno. But what do you think he'll do when he gets to a hundred?
Mordecai, Rigby, and Benson: ...88, 89, 90, 91... (Benson stops and angrily growls, put his hands on his face again and then furiously storms off while panting, still red)
Mordecai and Rigby: ...92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99...

( We cut to Benson walking into Corners bookstore. Benson angrily puts the Fitch & Kimmy book on the table, leaving a hot and fiery handprint. T he cashier checks and scans the book, then, Benson storms out as the scene cuts to Benson walking to his apartment, room 1635. He then slams the door. Benson inserts the tape into a Walkman and rests on his armchair)
Fitch: (Over the Walkman) The key to managing your anger is control. For example, One should never yell, even if it's to pass the salt.
( The camera Zooms into Benson's eyes. He has a flashback to when he was a child, and his family was all talking loudly and arguing at the dinner table)
Young Benson: Pass the salt, please.
Benson's Father: Quiet, Benson has something he wants to say.
Young Benson: (embarrassed and blushing) Ahem, Um, pass--
Benson's Father: Look here, son! You're never going to get anything in this life if you don't yell for it!
Young Benson: Pass.... ‍'‍PASS THE SALT!‍'‍
Benson's Dad: Atta boy!
(Benson's dad passes the saltshaker to Benson. Suddenly, an earthquake occurs, showing a giant angry Pops ripping off the roof)
Pops: Benson, You're fired! (Points at Young Benson)
Young Benson: NO-O-O-O! (Ripple transition back into Benson in his apartment. Now enraged,he furiously steps on and angrily throws the Walkman, breaking a portrait. He then violently jumps and ragefully kicks the TV. We cut to outside, still hearing Benson lividly grunting. He then throws his armchair , which breaks a window and ends up destroyed. Benson looks at himself in the mirror. He's red again, panting.)
Benson: Keep it together, Benson. (Looks at the mirror. His eyes are very stressed and menacing) You still got a whole day of work left.

( Another clock transition changes the scene back to the park where Benson is angrily walking and leaving fiery footprints in the ground)
Guy: Hey, buddy, are you okay?
Benson: (Furiously knocks him out of the way quite violently) I'm fine, I'm fine! (Benson is still red and is heating up)
(Mordecai and Rigby drive fast past Benson in the golf cart. Mordecai is also driving blindfolded)
Rigby: Almost the record, almost the record! (They crash into a tree and fall to the grass) Not quite the record.
(Mordecai and Rigby come up to Benson, who is still red, and already heated with rage.)
Mordecai: Benson, uh look, we're sorry, man--
Benson: No...
Rigby: (Worried) Aw, man, here it comes...
Benson: I'm not gonna yell.
Mordecai: Aw, yeah-yuh!
Rigby: Sweet!
Benson: I'm not... gonna... yell...
(Zoom into Benson's glass. His gumballs turn a bright orange, then, four gumballs go up in the air, catching on fire, then the rest catch on fire, and the four gumballs spin in a circle. Sparks then appear on Benson's body as he gets more and more enraged but tries not to yell)
Mordecai: Whoa. Benson, are you o -- (Benson suddenly turns into a Fireball, burning all ground around him and sucking in loose objects. He then hovers into the air) What the?
(The ground below crumbles, as Mordecai and Rigby back away. The golf cart flies toward Benson and is destroyed. Skips and Pops come in another golf cart)
Skips: What happened?!
Mordecai: I don't know! Benson saw us crash the cart, and instead of laying into us, he said he wasn't gonna yell!
Rigby: And then he turned into that!
Skips: He's holding all of his anger in.
Mordecai: Why would he do that?!
Pops: Because of me!
Mordecai, Rigby, and Skips: What?!
Pops: I told him that if he didn't stop yelling at you two, I would fire him.
Skips: Pops, you can't do that.
Pops: But I am technically his boss.
Skips: Pops, you can't make him bottle up his anger like that. ( He Turns to Mordecai and Rigby) You gotta get him to yell at you guys.
Mordecai: Not a problem. (They go over to Benson and the fireball) Hey, Benson! you're a sorry excuse for a manager!
Rigby: Yeah, you nasal-voiced, loser-loner!
Mordecai: Go back to night school and learn how to have a personality!
Rigby: And guess what?! We're the ones who keep sending pizzas to your apartment!
Mordecai: And we're the ones who switched the detergent with coffee! ( The Fireball of anger gets bigger) Dude! It's just making it worse! Pops, you have to tell Benson it's okay to yell at us!
Pops: I can't! There's never a reason to yell at people!
Mordecai: Pops! Look around! The park is disintegrating, and Benson's gonna explode!! (Muscle Man flies by in his trailer, screaming and squealing ) Pops! Do something!
Pops: Benson, I need you to yell at Mordecai and Rigby!
Benson: (angry) But if I yell, you'll fire me.
Pops: Forget what I said, Benson! If you don't yell at Mordecai and Rigby right now, you're fired!
(He explodes tremendously as a white flash fills up the screen. After a short beat,it fades away and we pan down to the damage done. Pops and Skips get up. Benson gets up as well, limping while doing so.)
Pops: Benson! Benson, are you alright?
Benson: Yeah, I'm fine. (Feels remorse) Sorry things got so out of control, Pops.
Pops: It was my mistake. From now on, I'll leave the park managing to the park manager. (He shakes hands with Benson) Though, I do wish you wouldn't yell at Mordecai and Rigby so much.
Benson: (Happy again) Let me give it a shot. (The three look down at the duo) Hey, Mordecai and Rigby. (Mordecai coughs) Clean this mess up, or you're fired. (He, Pops and Skips all laugh. A high-pitched noise is heard, and the laughter is drowned out, due to Mordecai and Rigby being deafened by Benson's yelling)
Mordecai: What? (turns head to Rigby) What are they laughing at?
Rigby: What?!
(They both watch each other confusingly as we end from there.)

Skips vs. Technology [3.8a]

[Skips shuts off the computer, turns it on to find more malware in the computer; the printer explodes with all its paper shooting up the ceiling. Mordecai and Rigby enter]
Mordecai: Skips! What are you doing?!
Skips: I was just trying to fix your Error 219!
Rigby: [gets to computer] Eugh... But it's not a 219 anymore!
Mordecai: Yeah, while you were gone, we messed it up and now it's an Error 220!
Rigby: Ah, dude, it's even worse now!
Mordecai: Look, Skips, it's fine. We called someone to come fix it.
Skips: You what?! Look, guys, I can do this. I just need more time. When is this guy supposed to get here?
Mordecai: In an hour.
Skips: Okay, look, I can take care of this. If he gets here before me, stall him.
Mordecai: Why?
Skips: JUST DO IT!!
Rigby: Jeez!!
Mordecai: Okay, okay! [Skips leaves]
Rigby: Man, what's Skips's problem?
Mordecai: I don't know. I think he needs to realize that there's some things he just can't fix.

[Montage of Skips driving around computer help places. Cut to "Computer Help Zone". Skips enters and see the two employees chilling.]

Skips: I need to know how to fix an error 220.

Employee 1: Guh, we don't know.

Employee 2: Yeah, look it up on the internet.

Skips: I don't know how to use the internet.

[The guys shocked expressions look at Skips. It then cuts to Skips putting $5 into a slot]

Employee 1: Okay, first, open the internet.

Skips: Uh, which one's the internet?

Employee 1: Guh, open the internet! [points at screen] Just use the mouse and click the internet button.

Skips: Uh......... [moves mouse aimlessly]

Employee 1: [points at screen again] Look, see those? They're called programs! [bangs on the screen] Now click the internet to open the internet!

Skips: Uh......... [clicks aimlessly]

[Computer sounds and programs open]

Employee 1: No, what are you doing!? You can't just open a ton of programs at once, it just makes the computer go really slow.

Employee 2: Yeah, don't you know?

Employee 1: Guh! You're worse than my parents asking me computer questions over the phone! I'm taking a break.

Employee 2: Yeah, me too.

[Both employees walk away]

Butt Dial [3.8b]

Mordecai: Man, last night was the best. The best.
Rigby: (while tapping on the keys of Mordecai's phone) Yeah, it was pretty fun.
Mordecai: I mean, Margaret and Eileen over for "Game Night," and nothing went wrong. No space portals, no video demons, nobody got hurt.
Rigby: Except for Eileen and I whipping your butts.
Mordecai: Whatever, I had fun. Dude come on help out. Benson's not going to let us have people over anymore if we leave this place a mess. And put down my new phone before you break it.
Rigby: Ok, just a sec. I am making you a new custom wallpaper.

(The wallpaper shows Mordecai getting flushed down a toilet and says "Captain Toilet", "Loser", while Rigby laughs. Mordecai is displeased, and groans. A clock transition then changes the scene with Mordecai and Rigby outside the house, putting all the trash bags to the cart.)

Mordecai: All right, I'm going to take this stuff to dump.

Rigby: Heh. You mean you're going take that trash to your face.

(Mordecai does a fake sounding laugh)

'Mordecai': ... and gimme my phone.

(He snatches the phone from Rigby's hands)

Mordecai: You're lucky I'm in a good mood from last night.

(Mordecai sets the phone next to him on the seat of the cart, and then drives off.)

Rigby: Hmm hmm. Hmm!

(Another clock transition changes the scene to to Mordecai driving to the dump. All of the sudden, a song about Margaret pops into his brain)

Mordecai: Doo doo doo! A-hanging with Margaret just-a feels so good like I knew it would. Laughing together and-a having a blast. And I hope it lasts forever. I can't believe how hot she is. Makes my insides feel like knotted twists. Her pretty face and those long, long legs, and I hope someday we are more than just friends! (long pause). Oh, Margaret. Oh Margaret! I love it when you stand or sit right next to me. Can't you see? Your future with me is brighter than the ocean... What? "Brighter than the ocean?" (Suddenly,a voice on the phone says something)

Operator: If you are satisfied with your message, press 1.

Mordecai: Huh?

Operator: To delete or re-record your message, press 2.

(Mordecai slams the breaks on the cart so hard, it causes the back end of the cart to go right up in the air)

Mordecai: No! No! No! Delete! delete! Delete!

Operator: Message sent. Goodbye.

Mordecai: Oh my...

Margaret: Uh, yes? Who is this?
Answering Machine: We intercepted two frauds trying to access your voicemail without your permission.
Spool of Thread: The one who claims to have a complicated relationship with you.
Mordecai: Don't listen to them, Margaret!
Rigby: Yeah, these guys are crazy!
Margaret: Mordecai? Rigby? [annoyed] Wait, you guys tried to hack into my phone?
Mordecai: It was an accident! We didn't know it was your phone!
Margaret: Yeah, right.
Mordecai: Well, we didn't know, but...
Margaret: But what? I can't believe you would do something like that! I totally misjudged you!
Rigby: Dude, just come clean already.
Mordecai: (grunts) Okay, look. So I sat on my phone, and accidentally...
Rigby: He called you with his butt!
Mordecai: Yeah. So I accidentally left you a voicemail with me singing this dumb song. (Mordecai scratching his neck) It's really embarrassing. So we tried to erase it before you heard it.
Margaret: You what? I want to hear the message!
Mordecai: Wait! Margaret, please!
Margaret: No, I want to hear it.
Answering Machine: Play the message!

Eggscellent [3.9a]

Waiter: Have you decided?
Mordecai: Uhh, I'll take the Eggs Benedict, a-and uh... orange juice.
Rigby: And I'll have the Eggscellent Challenge.
Waiter: Oh... I wouldn't recommend the Eggscellent Challenge, it's more of a promotional item.
Rigby: Yeah, and it's the only reason we're here, so...
Waiter: Sir, i-it's really just—
Rigby: Okay, hold on, hold on. I'm confused. I'm the customer, right?
Waiter: Well, yes.
Rigby: What does that sign say over there?
Waiter: Uhh... "The customer is always right."
Rigby: And what am I?
Waiter: The customer.
Rigby: And the sign?
Waiter: Sir, please!
Rigby: SAY IT!!
Waiter: "The customer is always right."
Rigby: Hm-hm. Hm!
Waiter: What would you like, sir?
Rigby: Bring me the omelette.

Benson: Well, I hope you've learned something from all this.
Mordecai: What?
Benson: Maybe if you'd been working like you were supposed to, none of this would've happened. [Mordecai angrily punches him for that and Pops and Hi-Five Ghost hold him away from Mordecai while Skips and Muscle Man do the same with Mordecai] Mordecai, what are you doing?!
Benson: And look where it got him! [angrily points at Rigby] Your friend over there is only gonna get you into trouble!
Mordecai: Huh! Yeah, right! Take advice from Benson about friends since you've got so many of 'em.
Benson: I have friends.
Mordecai: No, you don't. Everyone only hangs out with you because you're our boss! Rigby only wanted to try and win a hat. He doesn't deserve to be in a coma because of it. [angrily storms off]
Benson: Where are you going?
Mordecai: Back to the restaurant.
Benson: Why?!
Mordecai: Because I made a promise to Rigby and I'm gonna keep it. That's what friends do for each other.
[he furiously exits and angrily slams the ward door behind him. The group stays silent for a beat]
Muscle Man: Awkward...

Gut Model [3.9b]

Muscle Man: Good, you're all here. As you probably already know, today marks 5 years I've worked at the park. So in honor of me, we're eating at Fry it Up at 8:00!
Mordecai: Oh, no can do, Muscle Man.
Muscle Man: What? Why not?
Rigby: We already made plans with Margaret and Eileen.
Muscle Man: Pssh, your loss, bros. While you're striking out with some chicks, we'll be scoring some wings! And some chicks! Am I right, Skips?
Skips: Sorry, I can't either. I'm bowling with Pops and Benson.
Pops: Lawn bowling!
Muscle Man: Ugh! Well, it looks like it's just me and you tonight, Fives.
Hi Five Ghost: Oh.
Muscle Man: What?
Hi Five Ghost: Low-Five is graduating from the police academy tonight! He's my brother, I have to go!

Brain Eraser; Video Game Wizard; But I Have a Receipt; Best Burger in the World Part 1 [3.10a]

Mordecai: Hey, Rigby! I've got good news! [Rigby gasps] I put you down as an alternate.
Rigby: What? Why?
Mordecai: Come on, dude. I'm just trying to win the Glove.
Rigby: Then why did you pick Skips?! He's not even good at video games!
Mordecai: Dude, cool it!
Rigby: Why would you pick Skips over me?! He's HORRIBLE at video games!!
Mordecai: No he's NOT! [shoves Rigby down the floor; a crowd of people whoop]
Crowd: Cooooooooooool! [Rigby gets up, looks at Mordecai panting angrily]
Mordecai: Rigby, I picked Skips because you're horrible at video games. [closeup on Rigby, shocked and becomes enraged at what Mordecai says to him]
Rigby: [Enraged] Fine! Forget you, then! I hope you have as much fun winning the Glove as you did losing your best friend. [he angrily storms off]
Mordecai: Rigby!! [see Rigby leaving with people blocking the exit]
Skips: I know what you're doing, Mordecai, and I have to say I'm pretty disappointed in you.
Mordecai: [sighs] Look, Skips, I wanna win the Maximum Glove for me and Rigby to share, but I just can't play with him. He's not good enough at video games to win.
Skips: Mordecai, I know you wanna make Rigby happy by winning that Glove, but are you sure you're going about this the right way?
Mordecai: Don't worry about it. He'll get over it when we win the Glove. Let's go.

Big Winner [3.10b]

Mordecai: (the scene cuts to the Lottery Plaza) Muscle Man, wait!
Muscle Man: What is it?
Mordecai: There's something we need to tell you. The lottery ticket... it's fake. We wanted to get back for pranking us.
Rigby: It just got out of hand! We're sorry.
Muscle Man: It's okay, I'm not mad.
Rigby: Really?
Muscle Man: Nope. ( He suddenly becomes enraged) I’M FURIOUS!!! (Mordecai and Rigby gasp, then Muscle Man furiously shoves Mordecai and Rigby into the ticket checker and then catapults it over a wall)

:'Benson': Now go tell him it's a fake or you're both fired!

The Best Burger in the World [3.11a]

Muscle Man: I already got mine. I could die right now with no regrets. You guys are going to have to take this to your graves. Just wishing you got to taste this Himalayan ketchup. [eats his burger]
Pops: Oh, my! I can taste the Himalayas! [Laughs as Mordecai and Rigby moan]

(Benson drives up)

Benson: Did I tell you two you could stop working? Get in the cart. (cut to Skips' garage. Benson kicks M&R out of the golf cart and onto the ground)

Benson: You still need to clean Skips' garage. There's a bunch of Pops' weird stuff in there that needs to go into storage. When you're done, you can have burgers, deal?

Rigby: Really? (Mordecai opens the garage door. The garage is piled to the ceiling with clutter)

Benson: Yep, have fun you two. ( He then laughs and drives away)

Mordecai: I don't believe this. (Clock transition to sometime later. M&R are almost done with the boxes. Mordecai pants hard, and Rigby throws a box into the pile) Dude, what are you doing? Do you want an Ulti-Meatum or not? (grabs sheet) Come on, help me move this. (M&R remove the curtain to see a machine called a "Hologram 9000". Dramatic music plays as it is shown)

Mordecai and Rigby: Whoa!

Mordecai: What is this thing?

Rigby: It's says, "Hologram 9000".

Mordecai: Cool.

Rigby: Dude, holograms! What if we use it to make holograms of ourselves and put them in here so that Benson thinks we're working?

Mordecai: What? Why would we do that? We're almost done. Plus, it says it can kill you. (Sure enough,there is a sticker on the machine that shows so. Off in the distance, Ajay makes an announcement on his megaphone)

Ajay: Last call for burgers. I repeat, last call for burgers.

Mordecai: Dude, you're going first. (Rigby pushes the red button on the machine, and the door slides open. He enters as the door closes. Mordecai then sets the switch to "extremely realistic", then, red lasers scan Rigby.

Rigby: Eeeeyaaghhyrrerrohdough! (Rigby screams in pain before the lasers move off)

Mordecai: Come on, dude, you gotta stay still. It's not gonna work if you move.

Rigby: But it hurts!

Mordecai: Yeah, well, you know what else is gonna hurt? Not getting that burger. (Rigby stands up) Come on, best burger in the world.

Rigby: Best burger in the world. Best burger in the world. Anyone who doesn't eat one... (Crosses arms across chest then hold them up like Ajay) a chump! (the lasers scan him) NYAAAAAH! (Rigby's graphic on the machine turns into a wireframe. Seconds later, Rigby's hologram comes out. It looks very simular to him)

Mordecai: Dude, it looks exactly like you. (seconds later, Mordecai is in the machine.)

Mordecai: RRRNNGHH!!! (Mordecai grunts as the hologram of him is created. Mordecai kicks a box as he and Rigby place it next to the Rigby hologram, now holding a box, and place a box under the Mordecai hologram) Nice. Let's go hide over there and see if it works on Benson. (M&R run into a bush as Benson drives up) Here he comes. (Benson brakes)

Benson: Boy, somebody must not want burgers for lunch. (drives off)

Rigby: Dude, he bought it.

Mordecai: Yeah, but we gotta hurry. Those things aren't gonna hold them off forever. (M&R run to the Grill'em Up truck)

Mordecai and Rigby: Two Ulti-Meatums!

Ajay: Is that it?

Mordecai and Rigby: Yes!

Ajay: Can I get your names?

Rigby: Mordecai and Rigby!

(Back at Skips' house, Benson drives up again and looks at the Holograms of the two)

Benson: Why are you guys just standing around? Get back to work! (Benson drives off. Cut to the truck. Ajay places a patty onto the grill and fries one side of it as they watch. Back at Skips' house, Benson drives up for a third time) You didn't answer my question. Why are you just standing around? (Steps out. At the truck, the small cheeseburger is already placed on the giant patty. It is flipped over as M&R drool in hunger. Back at Skips' house, Benson walks up to the holograms) What did I tell you about answering me when I speak to you? (pause) Why are you just looking at me like that? (looks at Rigby hologram) Rigby, you put that box down now. (Runs up to grab the box off the hologram, but knocks it over onto the ground) What the? (taps Mordecai hologram, which falls over. Benson realizes what's going on, panting and turns red) If Mordecai and Rigby think they can just skip out on work to go eat burgers,well, they've got another thing coming. (drives off. Just then, the holograms come to life and look at each other. The two burgers are then dipped in grease, and Ajay adds the Himalayan ketchup, then Mordecai and Rigby turn around in horror as they see Benson driving up in the cart) (slow-mo) GGGRRRAAAAAHHHHHHH!

Mordecai: (slow-mo) Oh, no! (turns to Ajay) Hurry! (Ajay wraps the two Ulti-Meatums in white bags then rings a bell)

Ajay: You guys are lucky. You just got the last two Ulti-Meatums for the next 100 years. (Mordecai and Rigby grab the burgers, but then the holograms slap them away and grab them)

Rigby: Aw, what?

Mordecai: Give us back our burgers!

Holo-Mordecai: No way. These are the best burgers in the world.

Holo-Rigby: Yeah, get lost so we can eat 'em...(crosses arms across chest then holds them up like Ajay) chumps. (begins to take a bite)


Benson: AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! (They begin to fight Holo-Mordecai and Holo-Rigby.) Nobody's going to eat anything until you finish cleaning the-

(They fight but Holo-Mordecai and Holo-Rigby just spin through them)

Ajay and the chef: Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight.(They continue through out the fight.)

Holo-Rigby: I'm gonna enjoy this.

Rigby: (Slow motion voice) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

(Slowly looks at a nearby rock, and The Flower Duet by Lakme start)

(Mordecai and Rigby start throwing rocks at Hologram Mordecai and Rigby )

(Rigby picks up the thing keeping the truck in place, causing the truck to roll away, and throws it at Hologram Rigby, destroying him in the process)

Hologram Rigby: (slow motion voice) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!! (gets shattered into pieces)

Hologram Mordecai: (slow motion voice) NOOOOO!! WE JUST WANTED A BURGER! (Mordecai does the same as Rigby) AHHHHHHHH!

(Now at a normal speed, Mordecai and Rigby cross their arms and high-five each other.)

Mordecai and Rigby: Yeah!

Rigby: (excited) Dude, I'm so hungry.

Mordecai: Me too. I can't wait to--

(Unfortunately,Benson has ate the two burgers)

Benson: You know, you guys were right all along. These burgers are outstanding. (Eats the rest of the last burger) Oh, wait, you guys didn't get to have one. That's too bad, apparently they only make these once every 100 years. Which is about how long it will take you to finish cleaning out Skips' garage.

(He then drives away)

Mordecai: Dude, he's gone, let's see if we can get them to make two more of those burgers.

(They turn around and see that the truck is gone)

Rigby: Uh, where'd the truck go?

(The truck is seen rolling towards the crash pit)

Ajay and the chef: Fight, fight, fight, fight, fight, fight.... (It rolls down the pit and is then destroyed, as an explosion happens, ending the episode.)

Replaced [3.11b]

Benson: ALRIGHT! That's enough!
Mordecai: (Grunts)
Rigby: Hm hm hm hm hm!

(Purple monster throws 2 people into the lake.)

Benson: This party's over! That's right, beat it. I don't want any of your faces here ever again! Hey, not you 2. MORDECAI AND RIGBY YOU CAN GET OUT BECAUSE YOU'RE FIRED!
(He angrily camera-flashes in front of both's faces)
Rigby: But you were gonna give our jobs away!
Mordecai: We had to do something to stop them from finishing the boats!
Benson: Yeah, and a lot good THAT did you, Now get lost, you're fired, remember?!
Rigby: But Benso— (He camera-flashes them again)
Benson: LEAVE, NOW!
Rigby: But— (POASH)
(Benson sighs heavily and recedes down to his normal color hue for a beat)
Benson: Hey, Chad and Jeremy! Looks like positions opened up, so whaddaya say? How would you like a job at the park.
Jeremy: (scoffs) Yeah right. We didn't get degrees at the Institute of Technical Technology to work at some at some crazy job like this.
Chad: Good luck finding two suckers dumb enough to take this job!
(Both activate rocket-installed phones and fly away)
Benson: Chad! Jeremy! Wait.... ... But... I...
Mordecai: So.. Benson... Not sure if you're looking, but we know a couple of dumb suckers who are real good at cleaning up pizza parties.
Rigby: REAL good. (He camera-flashes Benson)

Temp Check; Trash Boat; Jinx; Fists of Justice Part 1 [3.12a]

The Urge: Trash Boat. We meet at last.

Benson: Hey Trash Boat, pick that up! Name-tags are mandatory on work-time.
Trash Boat (Rigby): What!? But that's only for new employees!
Benson: Exactly. New name, new man. Now put it back on or you're fired!
[Trash Boat grunts, put back on name-tag. Close-up on tag]
Benson: [chuckles] Never gets old.

Trash Boat (Rigby): Mordecai, I can't take this anymore! I wanna change my name back! Could you please just be a pal and lend me 50 bucks?
Mordecai: 50 bucks? I dunno.. What do you think, Muscle Man?
Muscle Man: I don't think you should do it. I like Trash Boat WAY better than Rigby anyways. It's way easier to make fun of. [gaping his wolf tattoo belly] Isn't that right, Trash Boat?

The Urge: So I came back in time to keep you from changing your name to Trash Boat. BAH KILLING YOU~!!

Fists of Justice [3.12b]

Benson: Hey, what are you guys doing? I thought that was Skips' job.
Mordecai: But we're just...
Benson: You know what? I don't care. Just get it out of here. It's the fire hazard.

Fists of Justice; Yes Dude Yes Part 1 [3.13a]

Margaret: YES DUDE YES!

Busted Cart [3.13b]

Benson: [Enraged to see that Mordecai and Rigby destroyed the cart] MORDECAI, RIGBY! What have I told you about messing with the cart? If you think— [Mr. Maellard touches his shoulder]
Mr. Maellard: My office, now.
[the scene cuts to Pops' house]
Mr. Maellard: D'you have any idea how much those carts cost?!? I'm not paying park money to fix your mistakes!
Benson: But, sir...
Mr. Maellard: BUT NOTHING! [Mordecai and Rigby hears behind the door, off-screen] I could find a new park manager right now if I wanted to.
Benson: Don't worry, sir. The warranty will take care of everything. [Maellard takes his cue card, then angrily slams it on his table]
Mr. Maellard: This expires tomorrow afternoon!
Benson: But the dealership's too far away. I'll have to drive all day and night.
Mr. Maellard: Sounds like a personal problem. Get that cart fixed or you're FIRED!
[The scene cuts to Mr. Maellard angrily slamming the door at Benson]

[a short while after being pulled over]
Mordecai: Benson, we're sorry.
Rigby: Yeah, the bag wouldn't open and the napkins!--
Benson: [Irritated] No, no more! Here's what you guys are gonna do for the rest of the trip — nothing! Absolutely nothing! (in red) Don't say anything, don't do anything. Just stop messing things up!
Rigby: Benson, why d’you hate us so much?
Benson: [sighs] I don't hate you guys. I just hate some of things you do. Okay, I really hate some of things you do. I know you don't mean them, but I'm your boss and it's my job to push you to do better.
Mordecai: Is that why Maellard yells at you?
Benson: [laughs] You guys dunno how easy you have it! Let's just say his yelling is way worse than mine.
Rigby: But is it worse than his face? [all laugh]
Mordecai: [squeaks] His face.

Benson: (Yawns) Huh? [angry] What?! (He walks into Joyspot Arcade finding Mordecai & Rigby, angrily getting them out of Joyspot Arcade, they both groan)
Rigby: Turn it off!
Mordecai: Ugh. How long were we in there?
Benson: (turning red) HOURS! You were in there for HOURS! Now, we're never gonna make it to the dealership in time! It closes in 30 minutes!
Mordecai: We're sorry! We didn't know it was daytime. There aren't only windows in the arcade!
Benson: Excuses, excuses! How am I supposed to trust you when all you give me are EXCUSES?!!? When are you two gonna learn that your actions have CONSEQUENCES??!!?! Consequences that AFFECT other people! (Voice breaking) Like me. Don't you two understand? I'm about to lose my job! You may not care about keeping your jobs, but I care about keeping mine. 'Cause if I lose my job, I have nothing! Do you hear me? I have nothing! (breaks down in tears, crying) Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to take my last bathroom break as an employed man.
Mordecai: Dude, we really messed up. (The Scene Shows The Bathroom, Where The Toilet flushes, then Benson exits the bathroom, Cleaning His Hands)
Benson: (Shocked) What...? (He notices the cart is gone, Then turns red and starts wailing, screaming in rage, then panting) Hey, You! (the scene shows a hillbilly on a motorcycle, then Benson runs to the biker) There were two guys with a truck that were just here. D’you know where they went?
Biker: Oh, yeah! They're taking a shortcut out to Highway 13 to the car dealership!
Benson: (furiously) WHAT?!?!
Biker: Most dangerous highway in the country!
Benson: How much do you want for that bike? (he is seen driving the motorcycle to catch Mordecai and Rigby, who are driving Benson's truck)

Busted Cart; Dead at Eight Part 1 [3.14a]

Mordecai: Okay, little dude, time to go to sleep.
Thomas: No. I refuse!
Mordecai: What the!?
Rigby: Wait, you can talk?
Thomas: Of course I can, I am over 300 years old.
Mordecai: Wait — do your parents know?
Thomas: NO, and let's keep it that way! I want to ride this baby thing out for a while longer, and before I slumber, I demand that we PLAY.
Rigby: Well, okay... but you better go to sleep after that.

[reading thru The Hungry Hungry Soul-Sucking Deathworm]
Mordecai: "..And once all the souls were eaten, he took a nice long nap. The end." It's such a pretty good book.
Thomas: No, wait — you forgot to pull the last tab.
Mordecai: Uhh...
Mordecai: What's the point? The book's over, dude.
Thomas: If you DON'T, I won't go to bed!

Access Denied [3.14b]

Ladonna: What is going on here?
Mordecai: [groans] This is why clubs suck! You think you are better than everybody else? There'a a dumb list that no one can get on? That weird baby water? This annoying music?!
Rigby: Actually, I like the music.
Mordecai: And now you're kicking my friend out because he's not wearing the right clothes?! Well, I'm not wearing the right clothes! [He takes off trash bag] I got this stuff out at the trash. Are you gonna kick me out, too? [all gasp] Rigby is not an embarrassment, this Stuck-Up club is an embarrassment.
Ladonna: Well, I am the owner of the Stuck-Up club, and I want you two gone.
Mordecai: What?!
Ladonna: Harvey, Lafayette!

[Harvey and Lafayette grabs Mordecai and Rigby]

Mordecai: W--What? Wait.
Ladonna: Throw these losers out.
Mordecai: No, please! Margaret's waiting for me! I promised I'd dance with her!
Harvey: Not tonight, kid.
Rigby: Let go of me!
Mordecai: No!

[Mordecai sees Margaret dancing]

Mordecai: [gasps] Margaret! [he stomps on Harvey's feet, and he's running after Margaret]
Ladonna: GET THEM!

Muscle Mentor [3.15a]

Mordecai: Dude, Benson can't stand it when you leave jobs before they're even finished.
Rigby: Oh please, what's he gonna do? [Benson looks behind him, who overhears the conversation]
Mordecai: Dude, stop.
Rigby: Fire me?
Mordecai: [teething angrily] IT’S BENSON!
Rigby: Yeah, I know it's Benson, that's how it works around here. I don't do my work, and he doesn't do a thing about it. It's a win-win.
Benson: Actually, it's a lose-lose CAUSE YOU’RE FIRED!!
Rigby: Whoa, Benson!! I was just messing around! Sorry about that. I'm just gonna go back to work now, okay?
Benson: No, you're not. You're actually fired. I want you outta here.
Rigby: I'm sorry, Benson, it won't happen again!
Mordecai: Can't you give him another chance?!
Pops: [stops by] What's going on here?
Mordecai: Benson just fired Rigby.
Pops: Why? What's the matter, Benson?
Benson: Well, for one, he never finishes his work.
Rigby: That's not true! I always finish my work!
[cut to Rigby playing video games with the vacuum cleaner running past him; whooping on the duck spring rider with his garbage bag and stick laid down; and himself sleeping with the hose still running]
Rigby: Okay, so... maybe I don't always finish my work, but... you never told me how to! How am I suppose to do something I don't even know how to do?!
Benson: I don't know! If you haven't figured it out already, you're not gonna figure it out anytime soon. I want you outta here!!

Muscle Man: Rigbaby, repeat lessons one and two.
Rigby: Lesson one... is stay calm. Lesson two... is be cool.
Muscle Man: Stay cool.
Rigby: Yeah, stay cool.
Muscle Man: Alright. Forget those two lessons!
Rigby: WHAT!!?
Muscle Man: Lesson three is the only lesson that matters. Lesson three... is never quit. You say it.
Rigby: Never quit.
Muscle Man: What?
Rigby: Never quit!
Muscle Man: I'm sorry, did you say something, Rigbaby?
Rigby: I said never quit!!
[Muscle Man starts on the mower at high volume]
Muscle Man: I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!
Rigby: NEVER QUIT!!!
Rigby: NEVER QUIT!!!!!

Trucker Hall of Fame [3.15b]

Muscle Man: We're here today because my dad put a cactus under a cop in a bear costume, who turned out to be an actual bear. [starts freaking out, wreaks havoc]
Mordecai: Muscle Man! [runs with Rigby to comfort him] It's okay, it's okay!
Muscle Man: You're right! You're right! I'm sorry! I'm sorry, I'm okay. My dad might not have been the best pranker in the world... but he was the best trucker in the world. And that hat was his crown. That's why this urn is filled with the ashes of his hat. As the ultimate Father's Day tribute, I'm gonna help my dad fulfil his final wish by spreading the ashes of his hat at the Trucker Hall of Fame.
Benson: Guys, I'd like you to go with Muscle Man to help him spread those hat ashes.
Mordecai: What? Why can't Hi-Five Ghost go with him?
Benson: Hi-Five Ghost doesn't deal well with this sort of thing. [cuts to Fives outside the window crying]
Mordecai: Okay, we'll go with him.
Benson: Thanks. Just make sure to watch after him. If Muscle Man can't spread those hat ashes and get some closure, he may never be the same again.
Muscle Man: [twirling suit, chugs soda on the couch] WOO-HOO!! WOO!! [chucks soda at the wall, runs off] WOOO!!!

Muscle Man: [reads] "Son, if you're reading this, you punched my face and freaked out in the field by the rest stop where I faked that picture. I'm sorry for pranking you all these years..."
Muscle Dad: [writing on his forklift] "...especially about being a trucker. The world is a harsh place, and I only did it to toughen you up for when I'm gone. Now you know the truth — you aren't a Muscle Boy anymore."
Trucker: Muscle Dad! We need those loads now!
Muscle Dad: Yes, sir! Right away!
Trucker: And take off that hat! You ain't worthy of it. [they leave, Muscle Dad takes off his hat and continues writing]
Muscle Dad: "So please, drive to the highest point of the Trucker Hall of Fame, and spread my hat ashes over those stuck-up jerks. It's my final prank from beyond the grave. But if you hate me too much to do it, I understand."

Out of Commission [3.16a]

Cart: Seriously, you dudes are gonna love this.
Mordecai: Family Restaurant?
Rigby: Why is everything in quotes?

[The three enter the restaurant. Mordecai and Rigby look around in shock]

Hooligan 1: Hey! I asked for the dressing separate! Separate!
Owner: Take it up with the complaints department! Right here!
Puppies Man: Puppies!
Kittens Man: Kittens!
Puppies Man: Puppies!
Kittens Man: Kittens!

[Kittens Man punches Puppies Man]

Owner: Hey! You gonna order something?
Cart: Engine oil. Black.
Mordecai: Ooh, I get it! Oil's on me.

[The owner pours the cart a glass of engine oil]

Mordecai: You should have just us you wanted to find an oil change!
Hooligan 2: Hey! Don't you know that grade of oil causes unnecessary wear and tear on your engine?
Cart: Well maybe I've got a deathwish, pal!
Hooligan 2: Jokers like you should be taken to the dump.

[Hooligan 2 takes a drink]

Hooligan 2: You make me wanna puke!

[He walks off.]

Cart: Pfft. Jerk.
Mordecai: Okay, haha, you've had your last drink!
Rigby: Let's hurry to the dump, it's getting late!
Cart: Oh, this? This isn't the last thing.
Rigby: Huh? Then what is it?
Cart: Watch this.

[Cart drives off and runs over the hooligan]

Cart: I've always wanted to get into a fight!

[The Hooligan goes to punch the cart, but the cart dodges, causing the Hooligan to punch a random man]

Hooligan 3: Hence fighting words!

[The Hooligans start fighting, and Mordecai and Rigby get grabbed by some hooligans]

Hooligan 4: Hate this music!

[He punches two more hooligans next to him. Everybody fights]

Cart: Who wants some?

[Everybody attempts to attack the Cart, but he beats everybody easily. Mordecai punches a hooligan to free Rigby]

Rigby: Cart!

[Hooligan 2 throws a box onto Cart's roof and laughs]

Cart: Hey!

[Mordecai and Rigby punch the Hooligan. The owner comes along and tackles them as Cart drives off. Mordecai and Rigby get thrown out the restaurant]

Owner: And stay out! This is a decent "Family Establishment"! Don't need you "low lives" messing things up!

[The owner heads back into the restaurant as Mordecai and Rigby groan]

Mordecai: Wait a minute, where's the Cart? I knew it! He ditched us! We should've taken him to the dump when we had the chance! We're so fired, dude! [Mordecai feels disappointed]
Rigby: Mordecai, look! An oil trail!

[Mordecai and Rigby follow the oil trail to the edge of a cliff]

Mordecai: There he is! Cart...what are you doing up here?
Cart: I - I'm so sorry, you guys. I - I just didn't want you to have to see me like this.

[The Cart feels disappointed and partially damaged]

Mordecai: It's alright, dude. Can we please just go to the dump now?
Cart: If I have to go, I'm gonna do it my way. I wanna be sent off this cliff, into the ocean, filled with fireworks from a third world country, to go out in a blaze of glory. That's my final - final wish.
Mordecai: That's - the coolest thing I've ever heard.

[Cut to later, the Cart is now filled with fireworks]

Mordecai: Alright. That's the last of them.
Cart: Thanks, you guys.
Mordecai: Do you have any regrets?
Cart: Well I never did write that novel. But I've seen things other carts wouldn't believe. I've started an all-out brawl at a family restaurant. I've watched sunbeams shimmer over the city from the highest parking ramp. My only regret is that I couldn't hold more fireworks.
Mordecai: Yeah, but it's still a lot.
Cart: Yeayuh, it is!
Mordecai, Rigby & Cart: OOHHHH!!!
Cart: Let's get this show on the road.

[The Cart revs its engine, while Mordecai prepares to light off the fireworks]

Mordecai: Good luck, old friend.

[The Cart drives off the cliff as fireworks go off. The cart lands in the water, creating a huge splash]

Mordecai: Coolest decommissioning ever.
Rigby: Totally cool.

Fancy Restaurant [3.16b]

Muscle Man: Oh, no, bro!

Gene: Whoa whoa whoa.
Katherine: We're unarmed.

Diary [3.17a]


The Best VHS in the World [3.17b]

MSH Guy: Look, you guys need to return the tape and pay the late fee.
Rigby: But we can't afford a late fee!
Mordecai: Yeah, and what if we can't find it?
MSH Guy: [grunts, grabs a pair of scissors] Then you leave me no choice. [about to snip their membership card]
Mordecai & Rigby: STOP
MSH Guy: Why should I?
Rigby: All we have is a VCR and you're the only place in town that still rents tapes!
MSH Guy: Oh, yeah — all those other places UPGRADED to D-V-D!!
Mordecai: Dude, we'll find it! I think I remember where it is suddenly!
MSH Guy: Hmmph...
MSH Guy: [groans] Fine, but it's only because you dudes appreciate superior video formats. Get it back here A.S.A.P. and I won't cancel your membership. I'll even wave the fee.
Rigby: You won't regret this!
MSH Guy: I'd better not! Or you'll never rent a tape here EVER AGAIN!!

MSH Guy: Dude, the game has changed. I need that tape back by 9. My manager's doing inventory after we close, and he'll call the collections agency if he finds out it's missing.
Mordecai: What would it cost to just replace the tape?
MSH Guy: You're not going to like it.
Mordecai: Dude, just tell me!
MSH Guy: One.. thousand.. dollars.
MSH Guy: It's a RARE out-of-print VHS! A piece of film history!
Mordecai: It's a piece alright.
MSH Guy: Just find it by tonight. I hear those guys break thumbs.

Prankless [3.18a]

[Muscle Man laughs as he straps Mordecai's bed to the ceiling]
Muscle Man: I can't wait to see the look on Mordecai's face when he finds his bed on the ceiling. He'll be like, "Oh, no! Where am I gonna sleep tonight?"! [he and Hi-5 Ghost laugh] Best prank ever! [high five each other]
[Pops runs in playing with a red balloon, laughing]
Pops: I've got you this time, balloon!

[bonks the balloon which hits the bed. The tape weakens and the bed falls on Pops, crushing him]

Pops: [crying]
Muscle Man: Oh, no, bro! [Pops sobs loudly. Benson and the others come]
Benson: Pops! [Skips removes the bed from a severely injured Pops] Call the ambulance, now! It's gonna be okay, Pops. [Mordecai goes to call the hospital while the others try to comfort Pops as he continues sobbing in pain. Muscle Man looks upset and guilty]

[they ambulance people carry a groaning Pops on a ]
Ambulance guy: He should be fine in a few days. But he's defiantly lucky to be alive. That bed could've killed him. [his line "killed him" echos 3 times in Muscle Man's mind]
Muscle Man: Pops, Pops! Pops, I'm so sorry, bro! It was an accident!
Pops: Oh, no worries. I'll be quite alright.
Muscle Man: No, Pops, I almost killed you all because of my stupid prank!

Muscle Man: It's not over till I say it's over!

Benson: [Enters Muscle Man's Trailer] Muscle Man, the rival park is pranking us again. We need you!
Muscle Man: You got the wrong man, I don't do that anymore.
Benson: But we're getting destroyed!
Muscle Man: Maybe I didn't make myself clear. I don't prank anymore.
Benson: I can't believe this! You're just gonna let them destroy the park?!
Muscle Man: [Stands up and points at Benson] Whoa! Back up, bro! I almost killed a man. A park, that's just land. You can replace that any day of the week, but a man's life, that's forever.
Benson: But the park i--
Muscle Man: It's over, Benson. I'm done.
Benson: [Sighs] Thanks for nothing.

Death Bear [3.18b]


Fuzzy Dice [3.19a]

Benson: As you guys may or may not know, it's Pops' birthday tomorrow. I was planning on getting him something nice from the arts and crafts fair last Saturday, but... nothing really stood out. Has anybody gotten him anything yet?
Muscle Man: [beat] No.
Benson: Why am I not surprised? [pulls cap off of marker] Ideas? Anybody?
Muscle Man: How about one of them Jeff Forgeman grills?
Benson: That's actually not a bad idea, but Pops has been watching his cholesterol. Doctor's orders. What else?
Skips: How about we get him some new gardening tools?
Benson: Well, maybe. It's just, he gets new gardening tools all the time.
Mordecai: What about some horseback riding lessons?
Benson: Please tell me you're joking.
Mordecai: Well, no. Isn't he into that?
Benson: Don't you remember? That's the exact same gift we got him last year.
Rigby: Pshh!
Mordecai: Don't "pshh" me! I don't hear you coming up with anything.
Rigby: Yeah, but at least I didn't say the same thing that we got him last year!

[The Park gang stop the Capicola Gang at their tracks]
Mordecai: Give us back our dice! We won 'em fair and square!
Bear Leader: There's no way you're getting these dice. Now get outta the way before somebody gets hurt!
Benson: What could you possibly want with fuzzy dice?
Louie: Well, 10 years ago, we knocked over at big city jewelers, and we made off with millions worth of uncut diamonds. [points to the dice] And those diamonds are in those dice.
Bear Leader: [thwacks Louie in the face] Shut up, Louie!
Benson: I remember reading about that! That was you?
Bear Leader: Yeah, that's right. We've been laying low for 10 long years waiting for the statute of limitations on grand theft larceny to run out. And it was supposed to end tonight at midnight.
Duck: Mm-hmm. Until you clowns came along and ruined everything.
Rigby: Can't we just have the dice without the diamonds?
Bear Leader: It's too late. And you know too much.
Duck: Mm-hmm.

Duck: [firing her gun at the FBI] Eat lead, sucker!

Ace Balthazar Returns; Sugar Rush Part 1 [3.19b]

Benson: If you pass them out before the meeting, you're fired, got it?
Mordecai: Yeah, no problem.
Benson: Good. Now what do I just tell you?
Rigby: Get the donuts and don't pass them out, or else we're fired.
Benson: And?
Mordecai: Oh, and you want a whole wheat donut.
Benson: Good. Maybe you are ready for more responsibility. Now go get the donuts.
Mordecai and Rigby: (Gets out of chairs and start rapping) D-d-d-d-donuts! D-d-d-d-donuts, donuts! D-d-d-d-donuts! D-d-d-d--
Benson: [annoyingly yelling] JUST BUY THE DONUTS OR YOU'RE FIRED!

Rigby: Yeah, yeah. Alright, let's go back to normal.

Mordecai: (Stops Rigby) Wait, dude.

Muscle Man: (Slowly) Oh, no, bro! I Gotta go to the meeting!

Rigby: Uh, what did he say?

Pops: Oh, it sounded like a gown of meat!

Skips: No, he's going to the meeting! It's about to start! To the house, quick!

(Muscle Man is running to the house, but then the four knock him down, seen as a streak of red light in the normal world. Various other park people are knocked down because of the fast red streak the guys are in.)

Benson: (Slowly opens door) Meeting time!

Rigby: We're gonna make it!

Mordecai: Rigby! Put the donuts down!

(Rigby does just that, running up the stairs and putting the donuts down at Benson's feet, but he opens it to find that its is empty.)

Rigby: Ahh! There aren't any donuts left!

Mordecai: Benson's not gonna like that.

Skips: No, he's not. We have to go back to the donut shop.

(The four guys rush back to Candy's donuts, buy them, and start to rush back.)

(Benson notices the box of donuts and smiles, starts to crouch down and pick up the box.)

( An epic running scene happens, where he gang goes through traffic lights, train tracks and bridges.)

(They arrive just in time to throw the donuts in the box that Benson is holding.)

Rigby: They're in!

Skips: Everyone eat the rest of the whole wheat donut!

(The four of them eat the donut, and get transported back to the normal world.)

Benson: (Slowly) I've (normal voice) got donuts! Because that's what cool bosses do. Dig in!

Skips, Pops, Mordecai, Rigby: Uughhhhh....

Pops: head.

Mordecai: No more sugar.....

Muscle Man: No sugar? You're loss, grandmas. Woooooh! More for me, bro! (Stuffs glazed donuts in his mouth) You know who else likes to stuff themselves with their boss's free donuts? (Muscle Man gets sugar high, and drops the donuts.) (Jumps around, floats in the air) My mom! My mom! My mom! My mom, my mom! My mommy, mommy, mom! My mommy, mommy, mommy, mom EEYEEEOOOWWWWWW...!!! ( He completely disappears.)

Benson: [looks in the box] Hey, where's my whole wheat donut?!

(The episode then ends.)

Bad Kiss [3.20a]

Margaret: (Mordecai walk to Margaret's car, and looks around for his personal item which turns out to be his wallet, Margaret has followed him to the car to check up on him) What's up?
Mordecai: I can't find my wallet.
Margaret: Oh, let's see... (She also joins Mordecai in the car, helping him look for his wallet, then she leans over the seat) Did you check the glove compartment?
Mordecai: Yeah, I checked there... (They realize that they are close to one another once again) alrerady...
Margaret: Oh, ha...
Mordecai: Ha. (They stare at each other, Mordecai glups, an leans in with Margaret joining in, and they kiss. Then Margaret opens her eyes and looks disgusted, and pushes Mordecai away) Oh, sorry, I shouldn't--
Margaret: No, it's fine. It's just--
Mordecai: What?
Margaret: Your breath is really bad...
Mordecai: Ahh! Oh, my God. (Reaches for the door handle to get out of the car)
Margaret: Wait, no! It's--
Mordecai: I'm sorry! (He exits out of the car to run back into the house) I'm sorry!
Margaret: Mordecai!
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