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The following is a list of quotes from the seventh season of Regular Show.

Dumptown U.S.A. [7.01][edit]

The Parkie Awards [7.02][edit]

The Lunch Club [7.03][edit]

Mr. MAELLARD: Hold on now, Benson. You share as much to blame as he does. You are his manager.
RIGBY: It's true Benson. I told you I needed a nap!
Benson: You were tired because you were up all night PLAYING VIDEO GAMES!!!
Mr. MAELLARD: Enough! Rigby's a screw up but discipline starts at the top. So here's what's gonna happen. (opens the drawer and gets some paper and a pen out) One of you is gonna write a letter of resignation by 5 o'clock. No one leaves this office until it's done. And if you can't work it out, you're both fired! (slams door)

Local News Legend [7.04][edit]

The Dome Experiment [7.05-7.06][edit]

Benson: And Mordecai and Rigby, let's have you pick up trash by the snack bar.
Rigby: Ugh! Again?
Benson: Don't worry, this is the last time you'll be on trash duty for a while.
Mordecai: Awesome! Wait, we're not getting another intern, are we? Because I don't think I can handle another spy situation.
Benson: No, I've actually got some very big news about your dome-estic situation! (everybody stares at him) Hopefully it won't cause any pan-dome-onium! (everybody continues to stare) Dome you have any ideas about what's going to happen? (everybody is still staring) No one, huh? Well, since I have to spell it out for you, Maellard's decided to seal off the park in a dome to create a contained ego-system! A group of scientists from the government are going to study it for a whole month!
Muscle Man: Bro, have would we ever have guessed that?
Mordecai: A whole month? Where are we supposed to go?
Benson: You'll have to move out, the dome's dropping tomorrow! Isn't that exciting?
Pops: Why aren't you more upset about the inconvenience?
Benson: Because I don't live at the park.
Skips: So we can stay at your place?
Benson: Heh, well, my place, while officially a one bedroom, (the wind starts blowing strong) feels more like a studio. So there isn't really any room! (he looks up and sees a dome coming down onto the park)
Hi Five Ghost: It's not tomorrow! It's today! They're sealing the park today!

Birthday Gift [7.07][edit]

Cat Videos [7.08][edit]

Mordecai: Did you stay up all night watching Cat Videos?
Benson: Sure did. [laughs] Did you know there are internet cat celebrities? There's Fat Cat, Rat attack Cat, And Murray the Japanese Cat that likes boxes.

Struck by Lightning [7.09][edit]

Dr. Matthews: Mm. Looks like everything's normal.
Muscle Man: I just have one question for you, doc. Who's this guy? [points to Hi Five Ghost, laying next to him, cheerfully smiling]
[The Park workers gasp in horrified shock that Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost don't know each other]
Hi Five Ghost: Hi. I'm Hi Five Ghost. I actually work at the Park, too. I'm surprised we never ran into each other.
Mordecai: Whoa! You guys really don't remember each other?!
Muscle Man: What are you talking about, Mordecai? Why should we?
Hi Five Ghost: Yeah, I mean, how can I remember someone I just met?
Benson: How bad is it, doctor?
Dr. Matthews: They're suffering from a very specific form of amnesia--one that only targets the memories of their friendship.
Muscle Man: We're friends?
Skips: Is it treatable?

Muscle Man: [on video tape] Fives, I put on too much tanning oil, and now I can’t get up!
Hi Five Ghost: [on video tape] Don’t worry! I’ll help! [tries to pull Muscle Man back up on his feet and he falls on his front]
Pops: Wow! What wonderful memories! [chuckles nervously]
Hi Five Ghost: I, uh…I think I'm gonna call it a night, if that's okay. Thanks. [floats to the front door and leaves]

Hi Five Ghost: ♪ Animal olives were packed in a jar… ♪
Low Five Ghost: [knocking on the door and opens] Hey, bro. Cool song. Muscle Man's at the door.
Hi Five Ghost: [sighs and floats to the front door, where Muscle Man is standing, soaking wet] Yes?
Muscle Man: Bro, I know I don't seem very cool. But there's gotta be a reason we were such good friends, and I don't want to lose that.

Terror Tales of the Park V [7.10-7.11][edit]

Benson: Hey, didn't I tell you to mow the lawn? Why are you watching TV?
Mordecai: I don't know. Just feeling "blah" today, you know?
Rigby: Yeah, kind of got a case of the afternoon sleeps.
Benson: (groans) I don't wanna hear it. Get back to work, OR YOU'RE FIRED.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Return of Party Horse [7.12][edit]

Mordecai: We did it dude! We mowed the entire lawn with out taking a single break! You wanna go get some lunch?
Rigby: Aw yea-uh, I do! Nothing on Earth's gonna stop us from getting some lunch! Huh?

(They see a spacecraft falling out of the sky and lands on the lawn, creating a big hole)

Mordecai and Rigby: Party Horse! (They walk towards it as they chant) Party, party, party, party, party, par... (the spacecraft opens) Huh?
Party Horse 42699: (sniffles) Oh, Chrissy! (cries; Scene cuts to the house where he is lying on the couch and Mordecai and Rigby standing there) UUUUUUGGGHHH!
Mordecai: Dude, what happened to you?
Party Horse 42699: Chrissy happened, man, she dumped me, and she'll probably never talk to me again.
Rigby: That's rough, man. What went wrong?
Party Horse 42699: Augh! It's all her dad's fault. He always telling her my partying is "compulsive" and that i'm a "danger to myself and others." I tried to talk to my bros on Party Horse Planet for advice, but they just duct tape me to a flagpole and put my underwear down. After that, I came to Earth hoping you dudes can help me.
Mordecai and Rigby: Wooooaaaaahhhh...
Mordecai: Uh, don't worry, dude, we'll help you get your girlfriend back.
Party Horse 42699: You will?
Mordecai: It's easy, you just gotta get something nice to show her you care about her.
Rigby: Yeah, man, the mall has like 20 stores that only sells stuff for guys who need to apologize to their girlfriends. With our help, you'll be back in the saddle in no time.
Party Horse 42699: Dude, saddle jokes, not cool.

Sleep Cycle [7.13][edit]

Benson: What are you doing?!
Both: Huh?!
Mordecai: What time is it?!
Benson: 6:00! The sun's already down, and you've raked NO LEAVES!
Mordecai: Oh, but--
Benson: No "buts," "ands," or "ifs"! I don't want to hear it.
Mordecai: Uh, I think it's "ifs," "ands," or "buts."
Benson: Well, if you talk back to me again And don't get back to work, your butts are gonna be FIRED!
Mordecai: Dude, this is serious. We got to get a good night's sleep.

Just Friends [7.14][edit]

Eileen: Your dad? Tell him I said hi!
Rigby: Oh, by the way, my girlfriend, Eileen, she wanted me to let you know, she said hi.
Sherm: Hi, Eileen!
Barbera: Hi, Eileen!
Rigby's family and Don: Hi, Eileen!

Benson's Pig [7.15][edit]

The Eileen Plan [7.16][edit]

Hello China [7.17][edit]

Crazy Fake Plan [7.18][edit]

Win That Prize [7.19][edit]

Snow Tubing [7.20][edit]

Rigby: [calling out] Eileen, what are you doing?!
Eileen: I told you-- I’m getting my scarf!
Rigby: Stop lying. Just tell me what’s wrong.
Eileen: I’ll tell you what’s wrong, the thrills, the chills, the spills-- snow tubing is not for me!
Rigby: How do you know? You never tried it.
Eileen: I did try it. When I was little, I went snow tubing with my dad. [Flashback to her and her dad] We tried to hit a jump... but the inertia worked against us. The cold air felt like death on my face. And then... [gasps] that’s when I got THIS! [pulls down her sleeve, revealing a scar on her elbow arm]
Rigby: What am I looking at exactly?
Eileen: A scar-- a bad one!
Rigby: Oh.
Eileen: Yeah. Ever since then, I’ve been afraid of snow tubing, I was just too embarrassed to tell you. I didn’t wanna ruin the trip. I knew how much it meant to you.
Rigby: You shouldn’t be embarrassed. I freak out over small spaces all the time. I’m not ashamed of my mucastaphobia.
Eileen: [giggles] Claustraphobia. And you’re right.

Chili Cook Off [7.21][edit]

Donut Factory Holiday [7.22][edit]

Gymblonski [7.23][edit]

Guys Night 2 [7.24][edit]

Gary's Synthesizer [7.25][edit]

California King [7.26][edit]

Cube Bros [7.27][edit]

Maellard's Package [7.28][edit]

[Mordecai calls Benson after having missed their delivered package]
Benson: YOU MISSED IT?!?! ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS SIT THERE!! You do that all day anyhow, so why can't you do it when I tell you to?!!
Mordecai: We're sorry, Benson! We—
Benson: Just reschedule the delivery and fix this, OR YOU'RE FIRED!!!!! [phone cuts off]
Rigby: I'd say that was only about a five out of ten on the chewed-out scale. Not bad.

Rigby Goes to the Prom [7.29][edit]

[Rigby and Eileen are both eating their sandwiches at the cafe]
Rigby: Hey, do you want to go with me to prom?
Eileen: I guess it's a chaperone?
Rigby: Na, it's my date.
Eileen: Totally, I never got to go since no one ever asked me.
Rigby: Nice.

Rigby: Hey Skips. Can I borrow your car for prom?
Skips: It's a van and no.
Benson: Hmmm... let me think. No!
Muscle Man: No.
Mordecai: Rigby, you know I don't have a car.

Rigby's Mom: Rigby, you know this is a walk-in closet now.
Rigby: I know.

Rigby's Mom: Sherm, I can't help but hear some metaphors in your insane ranting.
Sherm: Barb, you're killin' me with this psycho babble.

The Button [7.30][edit]

Benson: What the? Nobody’s guarding it? MORDECAI AND RIGBY!

Favorite Shirt [7.31][edit]

Marvolo the Wizard [7.32][edit]

Pops: I'm not Marvolo.

Pops' Favorite Planet [7.33][edit]

Pam I Am [7.34][edit]

Lame Lockdown [7.35][edit]

VIP Members Only [7.36][edit]

Deez Keys [7.37][edit]

Rigby's Graduation Day Special [7.38-7.39][edit]

Rigby: [at West Anderson High School] Come on, Principal Dean! You can't fail me!
Principal Dean: Who said anything about failing you?
Rigby: On the phone! You said it was "deadly serious"!
Principal Dean: Okay, I can see how that could sound ominous, but this is good news. Are you familiar with the television program "Inspire America"?
Rigby: You mean that cheesy show with inspirational stories that everybody cries then everybody dances at the end?
Principal Dean: That's the one! See, Rigby, apparently you're an inspiration to this country. Most kids who drop out don't come back, but you did. So you, Rigby, are gonna give this year's graduation speech on TV.
Rigby: But graduation's tomorrow!
Principal Dean: Better get movin'. Oh, and Rigby, if you screw this up for me, I'm gonna eat your diploma.
[Rigby sweats frozen still]
Principal Dean: Ha! I'm just pullin' your chain! Actually, no, yeah. I will eat it.

[Rigby calls Mordecai fixing Skips' van in the desert]
Mordecai: What?
Rigby: Mordecai! What's going on?! How're you still not here?!
Mordecai: [sighs] Rigby, I just... have stuff to do, okay?
Rigby: You already said you had stuff to do! Aren't you done doing your stuff?
Mordecai: No! [gets in van with six Coffini cans] I'm not done!
Rigby: Well, could you be doing that's more important than this?!
Mordecai: Come on, dude. [drives off] You gotta do this for yourself. I can't do everything for you.
Rigby: What buh—?! I've been doing stuff for myself all spring! I haven't needed your help all spring! Now that one time I do and you're not doing anything for me at all!
Mordecai: Yeah, that's right. I'm not doing anything for you. [hangs up, throws the cans onto the road]

Dr. Langer: [puts his hand on Mr. Maellard's shoulder] Don't worry. He'll be safe.

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