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The following is a list of quotes from the sixth season of Regular Show.

Maxin' and Relaxin [6.01]

Mordecai: She can't meet my mom, dude.
Rigby: What's the big deal? Your mom's totally cool.
Mordecai: She's totally psycho.
Rigby: What?
Mordecai: She'd always go out of her way to embarrass me whenever I had a girl over.
Rigby: Yeah, but how many times did you have a girl over? Zero? [stops playing his video game] Was it zero times?
Mordecai: No! Remember Daphne Gonzales?
[Flashback; Teenager Mordecai and Daphne Gonzales are both in Mordecai's room as he plays a mix tape reading, "Studyin' & Buddyin' Vol 2" and sits next to Daphne on his bed]
Daphne: Music?
Mordecai: Uh, yea-ah.
Daphne: [covers one of her ears] It's loud.
Mordecai: [covering one of his ears while talking over the loud music] So, what did you get for question 12?
Hilary: [kicks the door open and enters with a plate of snacks] Hey, kids! Sorry I had to kick the door open. It was closed for some reason. [laughs] This music! What's going on, a dance party? [starts dancing and moves toward the bed as Mordecai covers his face in embarrassment] Come on, Mordy! Shake what your mama gave ya! Your butt, Mordy! I'm talking about your butt!
Mordecai: What do you want, Mom?!
Hilary: I made some snacky-wackies for my wittle study buddies. Pigs in a blanket and, uh, prunes. [whispers to Daphne] Prunes are for Mordy, hon. Keeps him regular.
Mordecai: Mom!
Hilary: What? It does.
Mordecai: Ugh! Okay, Mom, fine! Just leave now, alright?! Gosh!
Hilary: [sets the snack plate down on a table] Okay, okay, Mordy. I'll leave. It's just… [turns to Daphne] Daphne, thank you.
Daphne: For what?
Hilary: For being the first girl Mordecai's ever brought over! [picks up a video camera] It's going on the tape! So tell me. How do you like studying with my son? Tell me for the tape.
Daphne: [picks up her backpack] I gotta go! [quickly bolts out of the room]
[Mordecai collapses onto his bed in a fetal position, with his face completely red of embarrassment; End of flashback]
Rigby: So that's why Daphne wrote, "I hope you're still eating your prunes, ha-ha!" in your yearbook.
Mordecai: Molly Sherman, Bernice Chan, Sasha Diaz… none of them lasted a day with my mom.

[Mordecai calls his dad, William, in his home office a little later]
William: [drinking his coffee as his phone rings and answers] Well, if it isn't my favorite and only son.
Mordecai: Uh, hey, Dad. I'm thinking about coming by the house with my girlfriend so I can grab one of my old mix tapes.
William: Girlfriend, eh? I'm sure your mom will love that.
Mordecai: That's kind of the problem. She gets weird when I bring girls home. It's embarrassing.
William: Wait. You've brought girls home? How many times? Was it zero times? Anyway, I know Mom can go overboard sometimes, but I'm not sure what you want me to do about that.
Mordecai: Just… Is there a time I can come by when Mom won't be home?
William: Well, she does have Puncher-cise tomorrow night, but--
Mordecai: Look, I know it's messed up, but please don't tell her we're coming.
William: Uhp, uhp! I can't lie to that woman. Haven't in 25 years. Except if she asks if she could still pass as a college student. Then you lie. Otherwise, no lies!
Mordecai: Just don't tell her!
[The next day, Mordecai and C.J. arrive at Mordecai's family house]
Mordecai: Dad, I'm here!
William: [happily] Ah, there's my boy!
[They share a hug]
Mordecai: Hi, Dad.
William: And you must be C.J. I'm William.
C.J.: [shakes hands with him; honored] Nice to meet you, sir.
William: Please, call me Will. "Sir" is my boss's name. Unfortunately, Mordecai's mom isn't around at the moment.
Mordecai: Mom's not here?! Darn it! Life's so unfair! Oh, well. Next time or whatever. Anyway, I'm just gonna run up and grab that tape so we can--
Hilary: [kicks the front door open, startling Mordecai, and enters the house] Where's my little champion?
Mordecai: Mom! [as Hilary runs up and hugs him; strained] You're home!
Hilary: Of course I am. You don't think I'd miss my handsome gent coming home, do you? And when your dad told me you were bringing a new sweetie over, I decided to take the afternoon Punchercise class so I could run right home to see you two.
[Mordecai glares annoyingly at his father]
William: [shrugs] 25 years, no lies.
Hilary: [meeting C.J.] And you, wow! Gorgeous!
C.J.: Yep. I'm smart and funny, too.
Hilary: And modest. She's the whole package.

Hilary: Let me show you the dessert. [shows Mordecai a cream pie topped with berries spelling C.J.'s name and Mordecai gasps mortified] See the berries spell out-- [Mordecai quickly scarfs the pie with his bare hands] Hey! Stop! What are you doing?!
Mordecai: [with mouth full] Sorry. It just looks so good you know? I couldn't wait. You still got it, Mom!
Hilary: You're lucky I have… a backup! [shows Mordecai a gelatinous dessert of C.J.'s likeness] Think she'll like it? It was hard to get all her features. Gelatin is such an unforgiving medium. But luckily, I got a bunch of her photos off the internet.

[2 1/2 hours later; Mordecai, his parents, and C.J. are eating meatloaf for dinner at the dining table…]
William: He kept running and running.
Hilary: And he shoots the ball into the other team's basket!
[C.J. and Mordecai's parents all laugh while Mordecai pounds his fist on the table and groans in embarrassment]
Hilary: [laughs] Oh, memories. I've been collecting them, you know, C.J.
C.J.: Yeah. [playfully elbows Mordecai] I'm collecting a few interesting ones myself.
Hilary: No, I mean on tape. It's called "Mordy Moments."

Baby Mordecai: [covered in spaghetti] Pasketti everywhere!
Hilary: Pasketti on your tushy.

Hilary: You know, you two should stay for a bit longer. We could eat the special dessert I made for C.J., then we could watch the tape!
William: Now where did I put it?
Hilary: I think you put 'em in the basement.

Kid Mordecai: Dude, C.J. does think you're cool. But girls don't date guys who are jerks to their mom.
Mordecai: You're right, guys. Thanks. I needed that.

C.J.: This is way cooler than a mix tape.

New Bro on Campus [6.02]

Muscle Man: When I first met Hi Five Ghost, I couldn't stand him. [Flashback to South Tree High School] You see, back in high school, I was the most popular guy for miles.

Daddy Issues [6.03]

C.J.: [turning dark grey with anger] HOW DID I MISS THAT SHOT?! [angrily throws the putter out of the golf course, breaking someone's windshield] It was so easy!
Mordecai: Whoa, whoa, CJ. No need to get upset.
Rigby: It's just mini golf.
Eileen: Is something the matter?
C.J.: I can't help taking mini golf seriously. It kinda runs in the family. [sighs] My dad is Carl Putter.
Mordecai: Whoa, Carl Putter? The world champion mini-golf pro?
Eileen: That explains so much.
Rigby: Wait, so your last name is Putter?
C.J.: No, that's just his mini-golf name. Look, it's not something I really like to talk about. Growing up with a mini golf legend as your dad, well… it can be pretty tough.

Terror Tales of the Park IV [6.04-05]

Mordecai: You're dead, dude.
Benson: What?!
Rigby: Yeah, man. Don't you remember?
[In another flashback, Benson hangs Halloween decorations on a ladder at the top of the stairs. Mordecai, holding up the beast mask, and Rigby walk up]
Mordecai: Benson, look at this mask!
Benson: Aah!
[Benson falls down the stairs and dies. His ghost leaves his body]
Rigby (voice-over): You've been haunting the house for months.
[Benson's ghost scares Rigby while he's eating cereal. When Rigby screams, Benson flees as if he's also scared. The same happens with Mordecai while he's carrying a box up the stairs. Cut to Mordecai and Rigby in the hallway, with Rigby trying to open a bottle of soda]
Rigby: No, dude. It's "lefty locky, righty relaxy".
Mordecai: That doesn't even rhyme!
[Benson's ghost appears again. It sees Mordecai and Rigby and moans in fright as he leaves. The flashback ends]
Benson: Then what are you guys doing here? You've ruined my office!
Mordecai: We're not in your office. This is our office.
Rigby: We got promoted!
Mordecai: And this isn't our office. [screen zooms out from Mordecai's face] It's a cemetery. [points down as lightning strikes] And that's your grave!
[Cut to Benson's tombstone, which reads "R.I.P. BENSON. 'YOU'RE FIRED'". Benson falls to his knees next to his tombstone]
Benson: NOOOOOOOO!!!!

Eileen: And somehow this just got creepier.
[Mordecai, Rigby, CJ, and Eileen run toward the window, but Wyatt stops]
Eileen: Come on, Wyatt! What are you waiting for?!
Wyatt: [He looks at his reflection in a mirror] He might not be trying to kill us. And I really need a haircut...
Mordecai: What?! You look fine! Let's just go!
Wyatt: [He backs up into the hallway] No. He might be cool. I'm gonna chance it! [He runs toward the barber]
Eileen: Wyatt, no!
[Wyatt and the barber's shadows are cast on the wall]
Barber: What'll it be, sir?
Wyatt: Just a little off the top.
Barber: You got it! [laughing maniacally]
[Wyatt's severed head rolls into the morgue]
Wyatt: How does it look?
[Mordecai, Rigby, CJ, and Eileen scream]
Wyatt: Oh, come on. It's not that bad, is it?

Muscle Mom: You know who else likes scaring people? [takes off the mask, revealing her face] ME! [pushes herself through the window; the guys scream in horror at her appearance and run out of the trailer] Wait, Mitchy! You forgot your candy! [with mouthful of candy] Happy Halloween! [howls; unzips the costume, revealing the real her] Ha! This costume gets my boys every year!

The End of Muscle Man [6.06]

Mordecai: You havin' fun, buddy? Enjoying your wings?
Muscle Man: Honestly, bro, they taste bittersweet. But I just wanted to have them-[sadly]-one last time.
Rigby: [covering his eyes] I can't watch.
Benson: [places his hand on Rigby's shoulder] Don't look away, Rigby, look at him! Look at this…Muscle Man! This guy, from who we've all learned so much--from this guy, his joke telling, his loyalty…
Hi Five Ghost: [near-crying] I never wanted to be anyone's best friend, until I met you.
Muscle Man: You guys…
Benson: [stands up] No, let me finish! What we'll remember most about you more than anything else is- [holds in a vomit] Excuse me. Your passion, Muscle Man. Your passion! If you'll all join me.

[after Muscle Man proposed to Starla and start kissing]
Mordecai: Wait, so Muscle Man was fine this whole time?
Muscle Man: I'm as healthy as can be.
Rigby: Then what was all the stuff with Dr. Henry?
Muscle Man: I just had to make sure I was fit enough to keep up with this she-lion. Thanks a ton, you guys, for helping me finish my bucket list.
Benson: [enraged] "Thanks?!" I BLEW TWELVE GRAND ON YOU TODAY!
Hi-Five Ghost: Do you even know what you put us through?!
Mordecai: Yeah, Muscle Man! We all thought you were gonna die!
Muscle Man: What are you talking about, bro?
Rigby: You had an appointment with Death!
Benson: You had to get your papers in order?!
Muscle Man: My toilet papers. I had to fold 'em into little triangles so my place would look nice for the after-party.
Death: [enters] And I'm only here to deliver his aunt's ring from the underworld.
Mordecai: Not cool, Muscle Man.
Muscle Man: Oh, come on! This is textbook engagement story. You shed your bachelor self before you get married and be a husband. All that death stuff was a metaphor.
Muscle Man: Ohhh. Oh, I see what you're saying. Sorry about that.
Rigby: Next time you die, you're on your own!
[Everyone leaves disgusted, save for Benson]
Benson: [sternly] You owe me $12,000. [leaves]
Muscle Man: [at Hi-Five Ghost] You get it, don't you, bro?
Hi-Five Ghost: [beat, smiles] Best proposal ever!

Lift With Your Back [6.07]


Benson: We get it! (to Mordecai) It's a good thing you're here. I'm gonna need you to help Rigby change the lightbulbs.
Rigby: Oh, I can do that myself.
Benson: [sarcastically] Ha ha. Yeah, sure you can.
Rigby: Yeah, I can! I help all the time!
[Everyone including Catra and Scorpia laughs at Rigby]
Rigby: Why are you laughing?!
Catra: It sounds even stupider the second time! Seriously? Tung Lashor? Pfft! Who came up with that?
Scorpia: [chuckles] Right? It's like, what, did you lose a bet?
Muscle Man: Yeah, bro, without Mordecai, you'd be totally useless.
Rigby: Wha- Come on, Mordecai, tell him how useful I am!
Mordecai: Uhh...yeah, I mean, you're fun.
Rigby: What? No, tell him I'm useful!
Mordecai: Yeah, you're my friend.
Rigby: Why aren't you saying the word useful?!
Mordecai: Well, I mean there was the time with the chairs, the limousine, the pretzel. You're basically the opposite of useful pretty much anytime we do anything.
Rigby: But we did those things together!
Mordecai: Yeah, I mean, you were there.
Rigby: So the whole time I've been covering for you and CJ?
Mordecai: Well, I mean, it's the least you could do.
Rigby: The least...I could.....I quit.
Mordecai: What?
Rigby: I quit! I can get a paycheck anywhere!
[Everyone laughs at Rigby again]
Mordecai: Dude, you can't get a job without me. It's my references that got you this job in the first place.
Rigby: Reference this! I'm gonna go out and get a job, and I'm gonna make money at that job. and that money's gonna come in the form of a check! And that check's gonna be in an envelope, and the envelope's gonna be sealed, and I'm gonna rub that sealed envelope all up in your face, Mordecai! PEACE!
[Rigby makes a raspberry noise from the park all the way to the Local Temp Agency]

Eileen Flat Screen [6.08]

Announcer: Okay. Let me get a "honk-honk" in here 'cause you goosed (guessed) it!
[a guy honks his horn and goose flies away]
Announcer: It's time to announce the winner of the City College Modern Dance Competition. [pigeon flies by to give the man an envelope] Now, I don't want to "pigeon-hold" anyone, but first place today goes to Eileen Roberts with the dance "Chewed Gum"!
[Eileen screams excitedly and the audience cheers]
Announcer: To say you blew away the competition wouldn't be Ostrich (a stretch)! [Eileen squeals/screams again] Let's see how well you dance after a year of sitting in front of your very own flat screen TV!
Eileen: [joyous squeal] This is the best thing that's ever happened to me!
Mordecai, Rigby, and CJ: Flat-screen! Flat-screen!
Announcer: Thanks for coming everyone and for all of you losers today, don't Rooster (Brewster) on your laurels 'cuz there's always next year!

Joanne: [off-screen] I knew it!
Eileen: Joanne! I thought you were at the beach!
Joanne: I was at the beach, until I realized something like this might happen! How could I enjoy the surf and sun knowing you could be here, messing with my TV?
Eileen: I'm sorry! I didn't think it-- [gasps as Joanne smacks the remote of her hand]
Joanne: [to Eileen; threateningly] Next time, that remote will be your face. To clarify, next time I'll slap your face.
[End of flashback]
Rigby: I didn't even make that up, that's exactly what happened.
C.J.: Okay. [puts the snowglobe back in its place] So, I guess we shouldn't touch any of Joanne's stuff.
Rigby: Yeah, I think we'd just put the flat-screen on the wall over here, it'll be cool.
Mordecai: [looks closely at Joanne's TV] I can't believe she still has one of these junky old Hanatronics. This must be first generation it's so old.
Rigby: I told you, she's a beast. Her TV's probably too scared to die on her.

Joanne's Voice: I'll slap your face! [echoes]

Joanne: [off-screen] What are you doing?
Rigby: [turns around and faces her; frightened] AAHH! Joanne!
Joanne: Did you touch my TV?
Rigby: No.
Joanne: [walks towards him and jabs her finger into his chest] You better not, because the hand that touches my TV, is a hand you'll never get back. And by that… I mean I'm ripping it off your body, and keeping it.
Rigby: Look Joanne, I didn't-
Joanne: What's that?
Rigby: [covering the outlet] What's what?
Joanne: [walks forward] Move it, shrimp.
Rigby: No, wait!
Joanne: [shoves him aside, notices the moved plugs] I KNEW IT! You mess with my TV, I mess with yours. [jumps onto the flat screen on the wall, takes it down, and runs away with it]
Rigby: [worried] NO, NOT THE FLAT SCREEN!
Mordecai: Joanne, stop! We can talk this out! She's already half way up the street!

Rigby: [speaking through megaphone, to Joanne] We were wrong to touch your TV. Haven't you ever made a mistake?
Joanne: The only mistake I made was leaving my TV alone with that no-respect mooch-wad Eileen.

Grandpa Hanatronic: [gets out of the limo, angrily] Joanne, what have you done?!
Joanne: Grandpa Hanatronic, I can explain!
Mordecai: Wait, is your last name "Hanatronic?"
Joanne: Uh, yeah, hello? Joanne Hanatronic, heir to the Hanatronic Television Dynasty?
C.J.: [to Rigby] Did you know that was her name?
Rigby: [shrugs] I just thought it was a weird coincidence.

The Real Thomas: An Intern Special [6.09-10]

Benson: Guys, it finally happened! I met the perfect girl! Her name is Natalie, and she's a preschool teacher. I'll be showing her around the park today. So your only duties are to leave us alone. Just leave me and Natalie alone, people!
[Rigby raises his hand]
Benson: No, you can't use the bathroom, Rigby.
Rigby: That's not what I was gonna s—
Mordecai: Y'know, Rigby has a point. What about Audrey?
Benson: We broke up. Remember?
[Everyone can't remember]
Pops: I don't recall.
Benson: I was sad for months? I loafed around the house? [scoffs] Muscle Man and Pops, you took me to get ice cream! Skips, you made me train for that marathon! In fact, all you guys had a role in my lengthy healing process!
Skips: I don't remember any of this.
Benson: SECOND ORDER OF BUSINESS! [calmly] Today is Thomas' last day. Now keep this under wraps, guys, 'cause I want to surprise him. At the end of the day, I'm offering Thomas a full-time job!
[Everyone cheers except Rigby]

Benson: What're you guys doing here?! And what room is this? What's all this stuff?
Rigby: We don't know, but we're pretty sure Thomas has something to do with it. There was a guy in the cupboard, and we're pretty sure he did that too!
Mordecai: I think we stumbled on something really big.
Benson: What guy? What are you talking a—?
[Natalie enters the room, clapping slowly]
Natalie: [Russian accent] I know you Americans love the ironic slow clap.
Benson: Natalie? What's with the accent? What is all this?
Natalie: I am not Natalie! I am... (takes her clothes off) Natalia! And I am not lowly preschool teacher! I am Russian spy!
Mordecai & Rigby: Whoa!
Natalia: So clever, you Americans — only took two years to figure out things at park were not what they seem. And I am not only one right under your ignorant noses. One of your own has been conspiring against you.
Benson: What?! Who would do that?! Natalie, you're acting crazy!
Natalia: Oh, sweet Benson. Why don't you let him tell you yourself? Nikolai!
[Thomas enters the room; Benson, Mordecai and Rigby gasp]
Benson: Thomas, why'd you step out when she called for "Nikolai"?
Nikolai: [Russian accent] Because my name is not Thomas. It is Nikolai. And I am Russian spy.
[The guys react in shock in finding out that Thomas/Nikolai is actually a Russian spy; End of Part 1, beginning Part 2]
Mordecai: Dude, for real?!
Nikolai: [clearing throat] Yeah, I am Russian spy.
Rigby: Oh, snap! Now we're all boned! And guess who didn't believe me? You, and you, and you, and-! [Natalia punches him in the arm, silencing him]
Natalia: Silence, rat!

Mordecai: [heartbroken] Thomas, how could you do this to us?
Rigby: [betrayed] Yeah, man.
Nikolai: It's my job, guys.

The White Elephant Gift Exchange [6.11]

Mordecai: Man, which one should we give him?
Rigby: I don't which one's worse.
Benson: All of them. ALL OF THEM! Put all of them together, NOW!

Merry Christmas, Mordecai [6.12]

Mordecai: (imagining Margaret and CJ meeting each other at the Christmas party): CJ, this is Margaret. My girlfriend. (the ground gives way beneath him) I mean, my ex-girlfriend. (the hole gets deeper) I mean, a girl I kissed a bunch in the past who's my friend. (the hole gets even deeper) Should I stop talking now? (Screams as egg nog pours out of Margaret's and CJ's cups)
CJ: [disgusted] I never want to speak to you again, Mordecai!
Margaret: [also disgusted] Yeah, way to make things weird!
(Flashback ends)
Mordecai: (In reality) NO!!

Sad Sax [6.13]


Park Managers' Lunch [6.14]


Mordecai and Rigby Down Under [6.15]

[Benson in his office writing on a paper, then his phone rings and he answers it]
Benson: Hello, this is Benson.
Voice: Will you accept a collect call from... [Mordecai and Rigby are panicking on the phone for help]
Benson: [sighs] Accept.
Mordecai: Oh, my gosh, oh, my gosh, Oh, my gosh! We're in trouble, man. Benson, we're in Australia!
Benson: Haha, very funny, guys. Listen up, I missed you at work yesterday. If you don't come in Monday, don't bother coming in at all. [hangs up]
Rigby: What did he say?
Mordecai: If we don't come in to work on Monday, we're fired.
Rigby: Aw, man.
Mordecai: Dude, come on. We need to get to an airport.

Married and Broke [6.16]


I See Turtles [6.17]

CJ: Where do we turn off next, Eileen?
Eileen: (while looking in her bag) Hold on, let me check the directions! (finds some trail mix) Trail Mix? Oh no! This is my recreation bag! I left the directions in my school bag by mistake!
Rigby: (Takes the trail mix from Eileen) Wump-wump! (eats the trail mix)

Sea Turtle: Let's see if these pigs can fly.
Hank: Huh?
Sea Turtle: Do you see what I did there?

Format Wars II [6.18]


Happy Birthday Song Contest [6.19]


Benson's Suit [6.20]

Benson: [woefully burying his stained suit] Suit, you were the best thing that ever happened to me. You made me feel... [eats chicken wing] alive, full of... power, full of strong...ness! To you, suit—may we meet again in the next life.

Benson: This is either a miracle or I've gone insane. But who cares? I look good!
Suit: [spoke] "You sure do, Benson."
Benson: Thanks. Wha?! Who said that?
Suit: "It's me, Benson, the suit."
Benson: You... can talk?
Suit: "I can do many things."
Benson: Why didn't you say anything before now?
Suit: "I wanted to be certain that you were worthy. Incompetence aside, you showed me that you cared about me when you tried to clean that stain. I was created for a dark purpose, Benson. To be a status symbol for evil men—evil, mysterious, powerful, handsome, wealthy men. But after these last few days, I've realised that I would rather be worn by someone with absolutely none of those qualities. I want to live a simple life as the suit of a simple man. You are that man, Benson."
Benson: Cool.
Suit: "I'll never leave you, Benson. Also, if you're interested, I have a few ideas for keeping Mordecai and Rigby in line."
Benson: Let's go manage a park.

Gamers Never Say Die [6.21]


1000th Chopper Flight Party [6.22]

Mordecai: [gasps when he looks out and sees CJ on the ground, looking devastated] Uh, I can't be here, I-I gotta hang with CJ. [takes off his seat belt and stands up] CJ, hi! [the chopper jerks, making him lose balance and fall on Margaret's lap]
CJ: [angrily annoyed] Oh, come on! [turns grey] Did you think I wouldn't find out, that you could just make a fool of me forever?! [turns into a full on storm cloud and flies up towards the chopper] This is the LAST TIME!

Party Horse [6.23]


Men in Uniform [6.24]

Rigby: Hey, Benson, what's with the fancy spread?
Benson: Mr. Maellard said he needed to give an announcement this morning. You know, you all could learn a thing or two about boss appreciation… [Mr. Maellard's limo suddenly crashes through the sweets; sighs and facepalms as Mr. Maellard gets out of his limo] Mr. Maellard! How nice of you to visit us today.
Mr. Maellard: No time for bollocking Benson. Take a seat. As you all aware: Park attendance has been declining for years. With no visitors, I'm basically just paying you boys to babysit Pops at this point.
Pops: And they're doing a bang up job.
Mr. Maellard: With that in mind, I've decided to shut down the park.
[The guys all start complaining]
Mordecai: No visitors?! Well, what about, uh, that guy? [points to Huge Head and everyone looks at him]
Huge Head: Wait, not yet!
Mr. Maellard: One ugly guy, plotting revenge on my son for the last four years isn't enough to keep the park open. You guys all had a good run, but I'm afraid you're all fired. Now, if you'll excuse me, I gotta go rig a yacht race.

Benson: What's the secret?! Why does East Pines get visitors when we don't?! It's the uniforms, isn't it, Gene?!
Gene: [sighs] Yes, Benson. It's the uniforms.

Benson: Well, guys, this is it, our last day, so I don't know, rake some leaves or something.

Garage Door [6.25]

Benson: (whistling, sighs) How many times do I have to tell them? Close the garage door when you're finished painting it! (shuts the garage door) What the...? Didn't I just close that? (opens the garage door, then closes it then growls)
Pops: Coming through!
Benson: Pops, no!
(Pops' car crashes into the garage door)
Pops: Bad... show.

Rigby: Pops, are you okay?
Pops: (groans) Optical illusion.
Fireman: Don't worry, sir! Thanks to the jaws of life, you'll never get trapped in an enclosed space again.
Mordecai and Rigby: Whoa!
Rigby: Where'd you get that?
Fireman: It came with the truck.
Benson: What were you two thinking?!
Rigby: It was just a joke!
Mordecai: Yeah, we were going to paint over it after our break!
Benson: Well, how's this for a joke? Buy a new garage door by the end of the day or you're fired!

Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special [6.26-6.27]


Not Great Double Date [6.28]


Death Kwon Do-Livery [6.29]


Lunch Break [6.30]

Benson: (Laughing calmly then turned angrily)
Mordecai and Rigby: (Laughing)
Benson: This sandwich cost me $85!
Rigby: But you said we could order any sandwich we wanted!
Benson: I did. I said that. Now listen to ME as I say this. If you two don't eat this entire sandwich by the end of the day, YOU'RE FIRED!!

Dumped at the Altar [6.31]

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