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Today is Monday, September 20, 2021; it is now 05:33 (UTC)

October 1
Jimmy Carter at a press conference in 1978.jpg  
US Seal Coat of Arms.png

We live in a time of transition, an uneasy era which is likely to endure for the rest of this century. During the period we may be tempted to abandon some of the time-honored principles and commitments which have been proven during the difficult times of past generations. We must never yield to this temptation. Our American values are not luxuries, but necessities — not the salt in our bread, but the bread itself.

~ Jimmy Carter ~

Great Seal of the United States (reverse).svg


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October 2
Mohandas K. Gandhi, portrait.jpg  
Lotus aum.svg Ahimsa.svg Lotus aum.svg

I know that I have still before me a difficult path to traverse. I must reduce myself to zero. So long as a man does not of his own free will put himself last among his fellow creatures, there is no salvation for him. Ahimsa is the farthest limit of humility.

~ Mahatma Gandhi ~

Gandhi spinning.jpg

  Gandhi smiling 1942.jpg

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October 3
Fox News Channel newsroom.jpg
FOX News Channel Stand.jpg
Fox News World Providers Map.svg
John Perry Barlow (5).jpg
2013.01.26.110649 CNN Center Atlanta Georgia.jpgTV highquality.jpg2008-03-14 CNN Center tornado damage.jpg

TV in America created the most coherent reality distortion field that I’ve ever seen. Therein is the problem: People who vote watch TV, and they are hallucinating like a sonofabitch. Basically, what we have in this country is government by hallucinating mob.

~ John Perry Barlow ~

Fox news channel logo.png CNN.svg MSNBC logo (2000-2006).png

  MSNBC N.J. HQ 1.jpg
CNN News bureaus world.PNG

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October 4
Steamboat Bill, Jr (1928) 1.jpg

Buster survives tornados, waterfalls, avalanches of boulders, and falls from great heights, and never pauses to take a bow: He has his eye on his goal. And his movies, seen as a group, are like a sustained act of optimism in the face of adversity; surprising, how without asking, he earns our admiration and tenderness.
Because he was funny, because he wore a porkpie hat, Keaton's physical skills are often undervalued … no silent star did more dangerous stunts than Buster Keaton. Instead of using doubles, he himself doubled for his actors, doing their stunts as well as his own.

~ Roger Ebert ~

The High Sign (1921) - Ad 1.jpg

  Buster Keaton in costume.jpg
Talmadge and Keaton.jpg

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October 5
Havla 1989.jpg

The real test of a man is not how well he plays the role he has invented for himself, but how well he plays the role that destiny assigned to him.

~ Václav Havel ~

Bratislava Slovakia 213.JPG

  New statue of Goddess of Democracy at York University.jpg
29.9.14 Hong Kong protest near Tamar.jpg

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October 6
Alien spaceship breaking through the clouds over a desert highway.jpg  

Change is the principal feature of our age and literature should explore how people deal with it. The best science fiction does that, head-on.

~ David Brin ~


  Amateur-made Na'vi.jpg
010712 STS104 Atlantis launch glow.jpg

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October 7
Hans Memling 068.jpg  
Coat of Arms of Niels Bohr.svg

I feel very much like Dirac: the idea of a personal God is foreign to me. But we ought to remember that religion uses language in quite a different way from science. The language of religion is more closely related to the language of poetry than to the language of science. True, we are inclined to think that science deals with information about objective facts, and poetry with subjective feelings. Hence we conclude that if religion does indeed deal with objective truths, it ought to adopt the same criteria of truth as science. But I myself find the division of the world into an objective and a subjective side much too arbitrary. The fact that religions through the ages have spoken in images, parables, and paradoxes means simply that there are no other ways of grasping the reality to which they refer. But that does not mean that it is not a genuine reality. And splitting this reality into an objective and a subjective side won't get us very far.

~ Niels Bohr ~

Darwin Fish 01.svg Yyjpg.svg Ichthys.svg
Horizontal ray.svg

  Hoag's object.jpg
Star collapse to black hole.png

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October 8
Klearchos Kapoutsis - Total Eclipse of the Moon 2011 (by).jpg
A Young Pulsar Shows its Hand.jpg
Eclipse from moon.jpg
Total eclipse of the moon 2007-03-03.jpg

Not the wretchedest man or woman but has a deep secretive mythology with which to wrestle with the material world and to overcome it and pass beyond it. Not the wretchedest human being but has his share in the creative energy that builds the world. We are all creators. We all create a mythological world of our own out of certain shapeless materials.

~ John Cowper Powys ~

Esrl4 072009.jpg

Zodiac pan1.jpg
360-degree Panorama of the Southern Sky.jpg

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October 9
Joseph Noel Paton Sir Galahad JKAM.jpg
Strawberry Fields Memorial.jpg
Dove window St Peters Basilica (8504106313).jpg

We all been playing those mind games forever
Some kinda druid dudes lifting the veil.
Doing the mind guerrilla,
Some call it magic — the search for the grail.
Love is the answer and you know that for sure.
Love is a flower, you got to let it — you got to let it grow.

~ John Lennon ~

John Lennon en zijn echtgenote Yoko Ono op huwelijksreis in Amsterdam hielden pe, Bestanddeelnr 922-2301.jpg

Sun dog at Stonehenge.jpg

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October 10
Allied prisoners of war after the liberation of Changi Prison, Singapore - c. 1945.jpg

To think bad thoughts is really the easiest thing in the world. If you leave your mind to itself it will spiral down into ever-increasing unhappiness. To think good thoughts, however, requires effort. This is one of the things that disciplinetraining — is about.

~ James Clavell ~

Atomic bombing of Japan.jpg
Flag of the Japanese Emperor.svgWar flag of the Imperial Japanese Army.svg

  File:Origami (2).jpg
File:Laika ac Children's Peace Monument (8630587062).jpg

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October 11
Flag of WHO.svg
Emblem of the United Nations.svg

You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, "I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along." ... You must do the thing you think you cannot do.

~ Eleanor Roosevelt ~

Eleanor Roosevelt and Human Rights Declaration.jpg
Into the Jaws of Death 23-0455M edit.jpg

  Uno unpalogo.svg
United Nations Building 3.jpg

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October 12
Home in Relation to Everything.png
Tutankhamun Falcon1 (retouched).jpg
Amphitheatrum sapientiae aeternae - The cosmic rose.png

The cause of human sectarianism is not lack of sympathy in thought, but in speech; and this it is our not unambitious design to remedy.

~ Aleister Crowley ~

Rose Cross Lamen.svg
Sun god Ra.svgDjed.svgSun god Ra2.svg
Ichthys.svgSeloAA.jpgDarwin Fish 01.svg

  Tree of Life 2009 large.png
Tamme-Lauri tamm suvepäeval.jpg

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October 13
Hoag's object.jpg
Darkness Over Eden 2709.jpg
20100720 Fukuoka Kushida 3614 M.jpg
Ashoka Chakra.svg
Zodiaco Chino.png

Far above the golden clouds, the darkness vibrates.
The earth is blue.
And everything about it is a love song.
Everything about it.

~ Paul Simon ~

Blue Earth In Child's Hands.jpg

  JUL Soul Iris.png
"My Heart in Book Form".jpg

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October 14
Editor at large 1206.svg
Quaker star-T.svg

Love is indeed Heaven upon Earth; since Heaven above would not be Heaven without it: For where there is not Love, there is Fear: But perfect Love casts out Fear.

~ William Penn ~

Edward Hicks - Peaceable Kingdom.jpg

  Friedrich Kreuz im Wald.jpg

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October 15

Omnia vincit Amor et nos cedamus Amori.
Love conquers all and we must yield to Love.

~ Virgil ~

Love heart.jpg

  Amore e Psiche (7856522628).jpg

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October 16
Mountain and Skyscape, Caux.jpg  
Sunrise isle Wight.jpg

Supposing I was to tell you that it's just Beauty that's calling me, the beauty of the far off and unknown, the mystery and spell of the East which lures me in the books I've read, the need of the freedom of great wide spaces, the joy of wandering on and on — in quest of the secret which is hidden over there, beyond the horizon?

~ Eugene O'Neill ~

Nature 6.jpg


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October 17
Olde Woolen Mill Tower 2.jpg  
Collage Auge im Himmel byLöser.jpg

The philosopher places himself at the summit of thought; from there he views what the world has been and what it must become. He is not just an observer, he is an actor; he is an actor of the highest kind in a moral world because it is his opinion of what the world must become that regulates society.

~ Henri de Saint-Simon ~

Brocken Spectre at Peak Korzhenevskaya.jpg

  Dublin needle 2 (158171636).jpg

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October 18
Moby Dick final chase.jpg
Sandefjord Hvalfangstmonumentet.jpg
Ahab rex.png
Trigram vuur.svg Trigram water.svg Alchemy fire symbol.svgAlchemy water symbol.svgAlchemy fire symbol.svg Trigram water.svg Trigram vuur.svg

Is Ahab, Ahab? Is it I, God, or who, that lifts this arm? But if the great sun move not of himself; but is as an errand-boy in heaven; nor one single star can revolve, but by some invisible power; how then can this one small heart beat; this one small brain think thoughts; unless God does that beating, does that thinking, does that living, and not I.

~ Herman Melville ~
~ Moby-Dick ~

Robot Arm Over Earth with Sunburst - GPN-2000-001097.jpg

  Shiva dreaming.jpg

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October 19
Sunrise Akumal.png
Lady Dorothy Browne (née Mileham); Sir Thomas Browne by Joan Carlile.jpg
Mercury on island of Källskär, view from back.JPG

The severe Schools shall never laugh me out of the Philosophy of Hermes, that this visible world is but a picture of the invisible.

~ Thomas Browne ~

A Rose Made of Galaxies Highlights Hubble's 21st Anniversary jpg.jpg

  The open window (6028681236).jpg
Renommée du Roi Mercure Pégase Coysevox Louvre MR1822 noir.jpg

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October 20
Bahá'í staircase.jpg
Israel - Haifa - Bahai Gardens 004.jpg
Bahai star.svg

The revelation of the Divine Reality hath everlastingly been identical with its concealment and its concealment identical with its revelation. That which is intended by "Revelation of God" is the Tree of divine Truth that betokeneth none but Him, and it is this divine Tree that hath raised and will raise up Messengers, and hath revealed and will ever reveal Scriptures. From eternity unto eternity this Tree of divine Truth hath served and will ever serve as the throne of the revelation and concealment of God among His creatures, and in every age is made manifest through whomsoever He pleaseth.

~ The Báb ~


  Shrine Bab North West.jpg
Bahá'í Shrine of the Bab in Haifa, Israel.jpg

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October 21
Blake jacobsladder.jpg  
Caduceus color.svg
Islam Peace.svgSecularHumanismLogo3DPrideRainbowColors.pngPeace of 3.png

If a man is not rising upwards to be an angel, depend upon it, he is sinking downwards to be a devil. He cannot stop at the beast. The most savage of men are not beasts; they are worse, a great deal worse.

~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge ~

Flag of the National Fascist Party (PNF).svg
Flag of Minas Morgul.svgFlag of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant2.svg

  William Bouguereau - Dante and Virgile - Google Art Project 2.jpg

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October 22
Diwali candal national fastival.jpg
Light is the life of beauty..JPG

Diwali is celebrated on the darkest night of the year when the necessity and the beauty of lights can be truly appreciated. Light is a symbol in the world's religions for God, truth and wisdom.
Given the antiquity of India, the diversity of its religious traditions and the interaction among these, it should not surprise us to know that many religious communities celebrate Diwali. Each one offers a distinctive reason for the celebration that enriches its meaning. For every community, however, Diwali celebrates and affirms hope, and the triumph of goodness and justice over evil and injustice. These values define the meaning of Diwali.

~ Anantanand Rambachan ~

Diwali fireworks and lighting celebrations India 2012.jpg

  ദീപാവലി ആഘോഷം.JPG
Lights and Reflections Diwali India November 2013.jpg

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October 23
Francis Danby - Scene from the Apocalypse - WGA5899.jpg
Magic ball wood (3165228842).jpg
New York City at night HDR.jpg
Battista Dossi - Allegory of Dawn - WGA06608.jpg

It is always darkest before the dawn.

~ Anonymous ~

Light painting Gnangarra (17 of 71).jpg

  Morning Sky 7.jpg
IllumiNations Earth Globe.jpg

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October 24
Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot - Orphée.jpg

Perhaps he will not return.
                                            But what we have lived
comes back to us.
                        We see more.
                                                We feel, as our rings increase,
something that lifts our branches, that stretches our furthest

~ Denise Levertov ~

Trees and sunshine.JPG

  Looking up MG 2117.jpg

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October 25
Horatius Cocles.jpg  
Constantin Hölscher Im Tempel der Vesta.jpg

Then out spake brave Horatius,
The Captain of the Gate:
"To every man upon this earth
Death cometh soon or late.
And how can man die better
Than facing fearful odds,
For the ashes of his fathers,
And the temples of his gods,
And for the tender mother
Who dandled him to rest,
And for the wife who nurses
His baby at her breast,
And for the holy maidens
Who feed the eternal flame,
To save them from false Sextus
That wrought the deed of shame?"

~ Thomas Babington Macaulay ~

Le Brun, Charles - Horatius Cocles defending the Bridge - Google Art Project.jpg


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October 26
Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.jpg  
Natalie merchant2.jpg

these days you might feel a shaft of light
make its way across your face
and when you do
you'll know how it was meant to be
see the signs and know their meaning

~ Natalie Merchant ~


  Tribute in Light (air force 1).JPG

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October 27
Tribute in Light (2849523066).jpg  
Valge valguse spekter.jpg

Light breaks where no sun shines;
Where no sea runs, the waters of the heart
Push in their tides;
And, broken ghosts with glow-worms in their heads,
The things of light
File through the flesh where no flesh decks the bones.

~ Dylan Thomas ~


  Dylan Thomas, Maritime Quarter, Swansea.JPG

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October 28
Spiral CT.jpg
L'origine de l'évolution.jpg

I do what I feel impelled to do, as an artist would. Scientists function in the same way. I see all these as creative activities, as all part of the process of discovery. Perhaps that's one of the characteristics of what I call the evolvers, any subset of the population who keep things moving in a positive, creative, constructive way, revealing the truth and beauty that exists in life and in nature.

~ Jonas Salk ~
  Golden Boy MB Legislature.jpg

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October 29
MyCn18 "Etched Hourglass".jpg
La Tierra y la Luna.Voyager 1.jpg

I saw a Divine Being. I'm afraid I'm going to have to revise all my various books and opinions.

~ Alfred Jules Ayer ~

M87 jet.jpg
Alphaomega.png  AtheismLogo.svg Blue Pacific.svg AtheismLogo.svg   Alphaomega.png

S78 27139.2.jpg
Pozzo di San Patrizio Oriveto.JPG

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October 30
Thomas Cole - Architect’s Dream - Google Art Project.jpg
Comparison standard deviations.svg

There is no such thing as a normal period of history. Normality is a fiction of economic textbooks.

~ Joan Robinson ~

Lambda-Cold Dark Matter, Accelerated Expansion of the Universe, Big Bang-Inflation.jpg


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October 31
Jack-o-lanterns 2012.JPG
Holtorf Pumpkin Carving Association - Vienna VA (4062156291).jpg

On Halloween night, the Great Pumpkin rises out of the pumpkin patch, then flies through the air to bring toys to all the good little children everywhere. Wouldn't you like to sit with me in the pumpkin patch on Halloween night and wait for the Great Pumpkin?

~ Charles M. Schulz ~
~ It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown ~

Jack O Lantern 5 2013-10-31.jpg

  Friendly pumpkin.jpg

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