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America's Next Top Model (2003–18) is an American reality television show created and hosted by Tyra Banks in which several young women (regularly called "girls" on the show) compete to win a modeling contract. Each "cycle" of the show constitutes roughly half of a regular U.S. TV season (9–14 episodes).

Cycle 1[edit]

Originally aired May 20 – July 8, 2003.

The Girl Who Wants It So Bad [1.1][edit]

Janice: America's Next Top Model is not a plus-sized model!

Douglas Bizzaro: [about Shannon] I can tell she tans a lot, and I can tell her skin on her face is starting to get a little leathery.

Tyra Banks: What I'm looking for is a star. That's all I'm looking for.

Tessa Carlson: [on being eliminated first in the competition] I tried, and you can't do any better than that. And everything happens for a reason, right?

Robin Manning: [on the prospect of getting a Brazilian bikini wax] There's only two people that's been down there: myself and my gynecologist—and I give him crap.

Adrianne Curry: [about making the final ten contestants] I kinda feel like I'm gonna throw up!

Elyse: [in confessional] I really just want to get away from everybody right now. The other girls are this high volume, high energy all the time. I'm so tempted to just sit in here and be away from all the noise! [after hearing Robin, Ebony, and Shannon fighting during her confessional] Alright, I'm gonna stay in here with the door locked for just a couple more minutes!

Elyse: Robin, of course, qualifies every statement with, "I'm not saying that you're going to Hell, but you're going to Hell."

The Girl Who Is Here to Win, Not Make Friends [1.2][edit]

J. Alexander: My motto is, walk like it's for sale and the rent is due tonight.

Elyse: [about Ebony] Her jaw was clenched. She didn't say a word to anybody—for once.

Elyse: [in the confessional] I do not have the will to walk in the catwalk like I give a damn! ... But I don't want to be model. I don't. I can't. It is so—augh! It's so irrelevant. Eliminate me. Do it!

Elyse: If I don't win this contest, I'll start medical school in August.
J. Alexander: That's a lot of work.
Elyse: Oh, I know.

Elyse: I am a militant atheist, and Robin actually showed me this Bible verse. [reading from the Bible at the request of Robin] "Foolish is the man who says there is no God..." That was a really forward thing to do. I don't believe in God, and it was offensive.

Elyse: [in the confessional] Adrianne, stop interrupting me. Stop quoting Jay and Silent Bob right next to my ear. I've had enough of you. I don't want to hear the same stories over and over. Robin, how fucking dare you show me that "Foolish is the atheist" Bible verse this morning, and ask me "What do I think of it?" What the fuck am I supposed to think of it? And you know what I think of you? Foolish is the woman who believes that goddamn tripe! Giselle, you fucking worthless cunt. You're so wasteful, bitchy, stupid—you're worthless. Your parents must be ashamed of you. J, you offended me today. I know that medical school is hard work. How could I possibly not be aware of that?! And secondly, how dare you imply that I'm uppity because I want to be a life saver and you don't? It takes a fucking ass to cover every seat, you shit slice! What else? Katie, I don't believe a word that comes out of your mouth. You're the most insincere person I've ever met. Goddamn it. Let me fucking die. You bitches.

Elyse: [in the confessional] Robin sort of, calmed everyone down by...making us all say a prayer.
Robin: People are taking the word, "competitiveness", and are turning this definition around, Lord. And Lord, I ask that you remove any negative thing...that is...anything that is not like you, that is not of you. And Lord, only one person can win, and the awesome thing about it is that you already know who that is. Lord, give us a clean spirit, Lord. Pure and whole, Jesus. Clear our minds, Lord.
Elyse: [in the confessional] I was really emotional during the prayer because...I was so uncomfortable with the entire situation.
Robin: And don't let us...look to be vindictive and catty and...self-righteous, and all those other things that are of demonic presence. And Lord, you don't have to believe in order to know's just about being a good person, Lord. And I know that's not fashionable, being a good person. And bind Satan, Jesus. Amen.

Ebony: When it comes to prayer, I will always hold hands. But Robin, this is not a Bible study program. This is not a... sorority. I'm sorry, this is a model competition.

Giselle: Elyse, I love her, but her dream is to become a doctor. It's like, well, why are you here? That really, really pisses me off.

Katie: I love runway. It's like a whole different way to express yourself. Some girls don't have it naturally. I think that I've got a natural walk.

Adrianne: [about Robin's prayer] I hope nothing like this morning ever happens again. It pissed me off.
Elyse: You know what? That prayer was so inappropriate.

The Girl Who Gets Rushed to the Emergency Room [1.3][edit]

Jay Manuel: The make-up artist is your last front to the world, so you never want to piss them off, because they'll mess you up.

John Ward: [after photographing the contestants] I think if I was going to book a girl today based on where they are right now, I would probably pick Adrianne. She's very beautiful, she has a good time, I think she'd be fun to work with.

Jay: [trying to comfort Robin during her makeover] Don't look so sad. Models are canvases, and they're also chameleons.
Robin: I really don't have a choice.
Jay: [smiling] No, you don't.

Jay: [to Robin] You have real issues with your hair, and you said you feel like a clown. You got to understand that you're here to compete to become a Top Model. If not, you might as well go home and just be Miss Soymilk, or whatever. You know what I mean? It's not going to work!
Robin: [laughs] It's Miss Soybean.

Robin: [to Ebony] We know you black, I'm black, too. I'm not happy with my hair, you know? I look like an albino prostitute.
Elyse: I completely didn't understand Robin's assertion that her haircut made her look like a prostitute, but then again, I'm not really familiar with...prostitute trends.

Ebony: It is very upsetting to an African American woman to walk into a salon and have the person do her hair incorrectly! It is very inappropriate!

Adrianne: Robin was very scared to take her old weave out, because she wanted everybody to think it was natural, but it wasn't.

The Girl Who Drives Everyone Crazy [1.4][edit]

Adrianne Curry: [About when Giselle is going to confront Ebony] What is she going to tell her?
Elyse Sewell: I don't know but I hope I'm there for it.

Tyra Banks: [to Ebony] You are beautiful, your smile is breathtaking, but you have anger that makes you push yourself too hard, to the point where you lose focus and become difficult to work with.

Elyse: [about her commercial] It was embarrassing. Can't wait to see that and laugh at it.

Adrianne: They're so innocent. You know, a gay person, they're like, "Gay! That's wrong, wrong, wrong!" I'm like, "What are you gonna see in this industry?" Are you gonna sit there and preach to these people, and tell them they're gonna burn in the fiery pits of Hell because they have a gay lover?

Adrianne: [about Ka, Ebony's girlfriend] I have so many gay friends, I don't care. She was really, really cool and she really loves her girlfriend.

Robin Manning: Ebony is a lesbian, and I found this offensive. I cannot pass judgment on her, but I just know that some people who claim to love the Lord and are Christian are not always, you know, cut the right way.

Elyse: Ebony-esque freak out...

Shannon: I've never drank, never smoked, and I'm still a virgin.

Elyse: Everybody gets together and shakes their donk-donk for a prize. I don't think I'm going to participate in that.

The Girl Who Everyone Thinks is Killing Herself [1.5][edit]

Giselle: Britney Spears did Star Search and she lost, and look at where she's at now. I don't consider myself a loser.

Janice: [About Elyse] She looks like a gazelle from the American Ballet Theatre. I love this photograph.

Adrianne: I really missed my mom, and it kicks ass to have her here...a lot of ass!

Christine: [About Adrianne] I gave birth to such a beautiful human being.

Elyse: I'm not willing to alienate Giselle, because she's the only one with a straightening iron.

Adrianne: [About Elyse] She's killing herself. There's no other way to put it. This girl is killing herself.

Elyse: [about Robin's comments which suggest she has an eating disorder] Robin, you're an idiot, and frankly, you're starting to act like a bitch too.

Adrianne: Giselle found out that pretending to be so negative about yourself and so insecure is a great way to fish for compliments.

Giselle: I need to build some freakin' confidence. How do I do that?
Elyse: You get out of puberty.

Janice: [About Kesse's photo] This looks like she escaped from a mental institution. This is the worst photograph I've ever seen! You look deranged! Your arms look amputeed [sic], your legs look amputeed [sic], and it looks like you have a penis! I'm sorry.

Janice: You've got a killer smile.
Robin: Yes, ma'am.
Janice: You can loosen up, and not be so pagaentry standing in front of us.
Robin: Yes, ma'am.
Janice: I don't like when you call me, ma'am. I think it's condescending. Just say, "Okay," you know? You don't have to say "yes", or "no", or "Yes ma'am, no ma'am." 'Cause this is not a pageant.
Tyra: If she wins this contest is she gonna go, "Thank you! Thank you!" [pretends to cry while waving] You need to just pull back a little bit, alright?
Beau: Robin, one more thing.
Robin: Yes, sir?
Beau: You can call me ma'am any time. [Tyra laughs]

The Girl Who Deals With A Pervert [1.6][edit]

Adrianne: There was this man, who started brushing my leg like there was something on my knee, so I was thinking "Oh, there might be something on my knee." Then he proceeded to try to shove his hand up my skirt towards my crotch. I was very upset. I was right by the agency, but I just couldn't go in at all.

Tyra: [To Elyse] You were the one girl who took Paris by storm.

Photographer Michel Haddi: [About Elyse] She was a little fawn out of a Walt Disney movie.

Shannon: [About masturbating] I didn't know we could do it to ourselves.

Adrianne: [About Shannon] I think she's just so crazy, because she's never done anything. She's never touched herself, she's never watched a porn, she's never done anything.

Adrianne: This place is the most beautiful place in the world. New York was the most beautiful place in the world last week, but this week it's Paris.

Shannon: Please, Lord, send me somebody sometime.

Shannon: [when she finally meets Brad Pinkert] Oh, my word!

Adrianne: I told Shannon, she thought, "Oh, this guy likes the Bible. He's gonna be so nice!" Well, in his little spreadsheet in Cosmo Girl, it said that his favorite movie was Boogie Nights.

[The remaining girls debate over what they should do in Paris]
Shannon: Who wants to go shopping?
Adrianne: You guys wanna go shopping?! [in confessional] I really don't like to shop. It gets really old after an hour.
Shannon: Why don't you wanna go?
Adrianne: I don't have money to go shopping! I just wanna go see Jim Morrison's grave.
Robin: Who is Jim Morrison, Adrianne?
Adrianne: He's the lead singer of The Doors, one of the most influential bands that has ever existed on the face of the Earth.
Elyse: [in confessional] Adrianne wanted to go see Jim Morrison's grave, and she wanted to go up the top of the Eiffel Tower, and Robin and Shannon wanted to go shopping.
Shannon: If she's willing to go shopping with us, we should do something for her too.
Elyse: Well, we have to compromise so we can stay together, because I don't wanna split up into two groups.
Robin: I wanna go shopping.
Elyse: I think we can all compromise so we can stay together.
Shannon: [in confessional] Robin did not want to budge. She did not wanna go along with her.
Elyse: So, she's gonna have to compromise and go shopping with us, and we're gonna have to compromise and go to the grave with her.
Robin: And I said I wanted to go shopping.
Elyse: You're not willing to go to Jim Morrison's grave for Adrianne?
Robin: This conversation can go on all night.
Elyse: Because you won't compromise!
Robin: Respect me when I say that I don't wanna go see the grave! Just respect me for that, just like I respect you!
Adrianne: [in confessional] I didn't want to listen to what that bitch had to say. She's psychotic.
Robin: I said I wanna go shopping, Shannon said she wanna go shopping.
Elyse: It just sucks that I'm the only one that has to compromise, and you guys don't.
Robin: I don't go see graves. Just like you don't believe in God, I don't go see graves! I don't try and make you believe in God, do I?
Elyse: [in confessional] I got really upset when I saw this stubborn, bitchy side of Robin. I...sort of fled away from her.
[Later, Adrianne finds Elyse on the stairs crying]
Adrianne: What?
Elyse: She's such a bitch!
Adrianne: Who is a bitch?
Elyse: Robin.
Adrianne: I just...Dude, seriously?
Elyse: She's so mean to you! And she's so mean to me! [in confessional] I think I was crying mainly out of frustration because Robin wouldn't see things my way, and was being so intolerant. It really pissed me off.

The Girls Who Get Really Naked [1.7][edit]

Adrianne: [about Robin] She doesn't seem very Christ-like to me. In fact, I think she secretly worships the devil.

Tyra: Robin, I admire your faith. I admire your strength, and I admire the fact that you said, "I am me, and I have my standards, and I will not sacrifice that." But one thing that you have to remember is human is beautiful; perfect is boring.

Robin: My body is sacred, and it's mine. And my religion teaches me that my body is a temple.

Jay: [about Robin] She opened up the drape, and she was just in a panty, no bra, and was like, shaking her boobs at me. What she didn't know was Tyra was standing right next to me, around the corner.

Tyra: Robin, you were supposed to have a nude photo shoot. We don't have a photo for you this week. Why is that?
Robin: I didn't want to feel uncomfortable. Um... my body is mine. I just didn't think that was what I needed to do in order to get ahead.
Tyra: I don't understand how you can say no to something like that, but then, in the dressing room, when you think no one is looking...I saw you open the dressing room at the couture house, and you were nude, and you shook your chest at Jay...You're shaking your chest, jiggle, shimmy, I saw them go round and round and up and down...

Beau: [To Shannon] Do you have any idea what it's like backstage at a fashion show?... Because you've got 30 girls that have to just strip completely naked.

Tyra: [to Elyse] I think you look so sexy, and your booty looks kind of big and juicy. That's great!

Adrianne: [about Robin] One day, she's gonna go against somebody that does not care about how much money you have, or how much Mommy and Daddy have given you, and she's gonna get her fuckin' ass whooped. It's just how it is. The Lord says that if you were standing there, and somebody asks you for your coat, you're supposed to give it. You know? 'Cause you're "Christian." Christians are not selfish. If, you know, there really is this big, wonderful man in the sky, then he's gonna whoop her ass when she gets up there!

Adrianne: I do believe in God...I'm just not psychotic about it.

The Girl Who Becomes America's Next Top Model [1.9][edit]

Adrianne Curry: Tomorrow we fight to the death!

Janice Dickinson: [At the Baby Phat fashion show] Shannon was dope last night...

Beau: You can tell Adrianne's lived a little more. There's something cooking behind Adrianne's eyes.

Tyra: Hopefully it was fierce. Hopefully it was perfect. And if it wasn't, then the whole room, and the whole world, just saw you screw up.

Tyra: You should know your real measurements and your fake measurements.

Adrianne: [About Elyse] She hates everything we do, yet she's the best at it.

Adrianne: I don't know what to feel. I feel I love Janice Dickinson.
Janice: Well, I didn't vote for you.

Adrianne Curry: I'm gonna have a good life now. My family's gonna have a good life now. A lot is going to change, and it kicks so much ass.

Cycle 2[edit]

Originally aired January 13 – May 11, 2004.

The Girl Who Overslept [2.1][edit]

Jenascia: I don't know why they didn't wake me up this morning, but if this doesn't get me eliminated, it's on. It's so on!

Camille: Maybe I'm just a little more, um, educated than some of these girls.

J. Alexander: Okay girls, so that was your first fashion experience, and personally I think you all sucked.

Jenascia: I'm really not that nice of a person, I don't know what's come over me.

J. Alexander: Walk like it's for sale and the rent is due tonight!

Sara: I can tell that Camille is going to be somebody that causes a lot of problems. I think she just really believes that she's…the stuff.

Bethany: I have a lot more talent than the boobs.

Nigel Barker: [to Jenacia] You, young lady, were late to my shoot.
Janice Dickinson: [to Jenacia] What?!
Nigel Barker: [to Jenacia] You didn’t show up until two hours after.
Jenacia: [to Nigel Barker] It might have been three.
Eric Nicholson: [to Jenacia] You’re wasting other people’s money.
Janice Dickinson: [to Jenacia] 5’7 is a little short to be a model so we have to compensate like punctuality.
Tyra: [to Jenacia] Time is money.

Tyra: [to Nigel Barker, Eric Nicholson and Janice Dickinson about Anna] Just because she did not do the photoshoot, it does not mean she is automatically eliminated.

Tyra: [to Jenacia] America’s Next Top… “On Time”… Model! [to Anna] Thank you, Anna.
Anna: [to Tyra] Thank you, Tyra.

Anna: [in confessional after getting eliminated first] I do not regret any decisions that I made here, That I've got knocked out and knocked down it hurts for a few moments, But I'm stronger now and you know I can get back up and still keep going. I'm excited to go back and see my son and my husband.

The Girl Has a Temper [2.2][edit]

Bethany: I have more talent then most of these girls.

J. Alexander: [To Xiomara] Girl, you walk like you're on crack. Your eyes are so bugged out of your head like something just scared the hell out of you.

Carmen Marc Valvo: [To Yoanna] If you came in for a casting, and you looked the way that you look, I probably wouldn't even ask you to put on a dress. Usually ugly women put on a lot of makeup.

Camille: Don't play me. You have a better chance playing Lotto.

J. Alexander: [To Yoanna] Your walk was as useless as a flashlight with no batteries in the dark.

J. Alexander: [To Camille] Oh! Black girls always have to give that something extra. I ain't mad at chu though!

Yoanna: Camille is the most exhausting experience I've ever encountered.

Yoanna: [To Camille] so negative in this house, the energy is driving me crazy! It's like we have to open the windows and... Wait! Just... I'm not finished! Just wait! Because you know why it's just so built up!

The Girl Who Can Cry at the Drop of a Hat [2.3][edit]

Shandi: Everything's come together and I feel so pretty... right now.

Xiomara: [About Camille] Her butt is taking up the whole counter space!

Catie: This is a once in a lifetime thing, I am not gonna care what they do to my hair.

Sara: I see a lot of unattractive models and a lot of girls that they put magazines, and I'm just like, 'Why the hell do they put these girls in this magazine?' But it's because it draws people to them.

Tyra: [To Catie] You are a girl, you still have titties and a booty.

Heather: One man's trash is another man's treasure, I'm trash here and I'll guess I'll go be a treasure somewhere else.

The Girl Who Needs Six Months of Modeling School [2.4][edit]

Jenascia: This house is totally gonna suck without me, now I'm gonna go back to slinging chicken wings at Hooters and back to my friends and being the happy person that I am.

Photographer: April is that unique find that comes along every now and again.

Adrianne: That's what you deal with in the real world, these bitches don't care.

Simon Doonan: [To Catie] I think there's a little bit too much hooker style going on... Go down where the hookers hang out by the docks, see what they're wearing, and avoid it.

Jenascia: I'm short and I don't care. Look how short I am!

The Girl is a Visual Orgasm [2.5][edit]

Eric: [To Yoanna] Your picture looks a bit like an adult ultrasound.

Nolé Marin: [to Mercedes] You are a visual orgasm.

Pyschic Suzannah Galland: [To Camille] I don't care if you punch me, but I'm going to level with you. You put people off.

Camille: [Reading the list of what the other girls think of her] Superior, relentless, headstrong, defiant, outspoken, cunning, aggressive, opinionated, demanding and single-minded.

April: I haven't been connected with my Japanese heritage and I'm not going to pretend I have. I'm not going to market myself to just Asian girls.

Nolé Marin: April was like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. The Matrix... she was FABULOUS!

Nolé Marin: [About Shandi] She looked petrified... just like a drowning chicken.

Nolé Marin: [About Xiomara] Absolutely gorgeous girl, but underwater she looked like a walrus wearing chiffon. It was a disaster from start to finish.

Janice: I was offended that she called me a bitch. I am a member of the PTA.

The Girl Whose Lips Puffed Up [2.6][edit]

Tasha Smith-Arquese: [To Camille] Come on, you're sucking right now!

Eric: She's kinda the girl next door, but I think America's Next Top Model has to be like, the girl way over there.
Tyra: Down the street and around the corner!
Eric: EX-actly.

Jay Manuel: Talk tough superhero, not tough Bronx.
Mercedes:Well, I'm from Jersey!

Mercedes: [about Camille] Where the hell did the Cuban come from? I'm more Cuban than her, honey, and I'm not even Latin!

Tasha Smith-Arquese: [to Camille] I just feel like you're still on the surface. There's stuff inside your heart that you just refuse to let out... You just want to have this perfect mask on. God bless you in your career, but you're just boring.
Camille: [in confessional] I'm sitting up there with Yoanna...I'm coming into this new situation now, missed the first half of the acting exercise. My mouth is the size of a freakin' watermelon! I was just like...okay.

Mercedes: I hope I go first so that I don't have to taste any of you other hoes.

Yoanna: [about the kissing scene during the acting challange] What do you expect?! We've been stuck with twelve girls! It's time for some testosterone!

Mercedes: [about April] I love her but she's going to die of a heart attack before she hits 27 because she puts so much stress on the little things and doesn't listen to the positive things.

Janice: [about Catie] She looks like a child prostitute in this picture.

Janice: Convince me that you are funny, just once.

The Girl is Dripping with Hypocrisy [2.7][edit]

April: The competition is not just about winning... it's honestly something that my heart really desires.

Shandi: [About her boyfriend] Going to the movies, that's like our secret thing that we shared, and it really hurt when he said that.

Tony Michaels: [About Shandi] You don't look at her and think ‘top model' off the bat, but by the second glance you see, wow, she's got it.

Yoanna: I think it's sad being away from your own home and not having a cake, and plus, I wanted some cake too!

The Girl Goes to Milan [2.8][edit]

Camille: This is my signature walk and this is the walk that's gonna make me famous. Actually, I'm here because I got chosen out of six thousand girls, and twelve were chosen for America's Next Top Model.
Tyra: [after the judges watch Camille's clip at judging] I have to do a Janice. [buries her face in her arms]
Janice: Camille, what were you thinking?!
Nigel: Time and time again, we've talked to you about attitude.
Tyra: You know what it looked like to me when you ran off the whole America's Next Top Model? [imitating Camille] "Look, bitch, I was chosen over a million people, so I don't know what your problem is!"
Camille: When the go-see process was over, I won the award.
Tyra: Yeah, they said you presented yourself very well, but this was a test of your go-sees, and this was a test of a go-see from Hell.

Jay: We should do a word count of how many times Nole says fabulous in a day.

Shandi: [About Liliana Rolando, casting director] She's a meany and she is a bad woman and I don't like her!

Mercedes: My little Italian man, he did not speak that much English, but other than that, I'm having fun.

Mercedes: This is where I've wanted to go my whole life! As a model, getting this type of's probably better than sex, so...nah. No...yeah, well...I don't know!

Janice: [About April's photograph] She looks like the batteries died in her vibrator.

Jay: [about Shandi] She looks like she's in Italian Vogue. I don't know how she came from Walgreens to this.
Nole: That's where they all come from, Walgreens and Dairy Queen.

The Girl Who is Afraid of Snakes [2.9][edit]

Jay: [About Heather's photo] She looks like a porno star.
Janice: No, she does not!
Jay: Yes... she does.
Janice: So do you!
Jay: We're talking Silicone Valley on the other end of the table.

Xiomara: Of course I want to stay here, I don't want to go. I want to stay but if I'm not what someone wants, I'm cool with that. Like I'm not going to sit here and beat myself up because I'm not what someone wants.

Tyra: Your moms have that responsbility to keep you sane because this business is insane.

Janice: If a photographer offered you guaranteed fame if you slept with him for a cover of a magazine or a makeup campaign, what would you do?
April: Is he attractive?

Sara: [Betting Heather to run around the house naked] I dare you... I swear to God I'll give you $5 dollars if you do it.

Jenascia: You see how when I'm upset and can still be funny? You see how I do that? I'm fucking great!

J. Alexander: [To Jenascia] There's a boy somewhere inside of you, you gotta beat him outta you.

The Girl Who Cheated [2.10][edit]

Mercedes: Modeling is art, but I wasn't ready for this type of art. Especially with April!

April: [in confessional] These girls, myself included, have been like monkeys in a cage, and you drop big bananas inside, of course, they're going to tear the peels off.

April: [in confessional about Shandi] DING! Hold on a second Shandi, you've got a boyfriend!

Mercedes: [in confessional about Shandi] We're in the jacuzzi and I know Shandi has a boyfriend.

Yoanna: [in confessional about Shandi] Why is she going this far?

Shandi: [in confessional about confessing to her boyfriend, Eric that she cheated] This is probably the most overwhelming stressful thing.
Eric: [to Shandi on the phone] How're you doing?
Shandi: [to her boyfriend, Eric on the phone] Not so good.
Eric: [to Shandi on the phone] What's wrong?
Shandi: [to her boyfriend, Eric on the phone] Um...I don't know how to start this.
Eric: [to Shandi on the phone] What'd you do?
Shandi: [in confessional] I just want to let my boyfriend know what happened, but I'm so scared.
Eric: [to Shandi on the phone] Just please tell me what you did. Just tell me!
Shandi: [crying to her boyfriend, Eric on the phone] I just did maybe the worst possible thing I could do!
Eric: [to Shandi on the phone] YOU HAD SEX?!
Shandi: [to her boyfriend, Eric on the phone] Yeah.
Eric: [to Shandi on the phone] Oh my God, honey! Oh my God!
Shandi: [in confessional] I don't expect want to continue, like, to want to work it out. I don't think he's going willing.
Eric: [to Shandi on the phone] Why did you do that?!
Shandi: [to her boyfriend, Eric on the phone] I don't know!
Eric: [to Shandi on the phone] Were you that lonely? If that was last night... Wow, you've changed. You're... you're not Shandi. To cheat on someone you've known for four years, I never thought you could do that.
Shandi: [to her boyfriend, Eric on the phone] Please forgive me.
Eric: [to Shandi on the phone] I can't be with someone who cheated on me!
Shandi: [to her boyfriend, Eric on the phone] Oh, God!
Eric: [to Shandi on the phone] What do you want me to do?! W–What can I say to this?! How can I hug you?! This is so messed up. Don't you think back to everything we've been through? You think about how we wanted to be together forever and then you throw it away?! You stupid bitch! [starts sobbing with Shandi] WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?! I'm hanging up.
Shandi: [in confessional] I just wanna see Eric and look him in the eye and just let him know that I cared about him.

The Girl Who Is America's Next Top Model [2.11][edit]

Mercedes: Yoanna is a great person, I've shared a lot with her but if Yoanna wins, I'm gonna pull her hair out and yell, 'It wasn't meant to be!'

Shandi: I've grown into a person I like and appreciate more.

Janice: [To Mercedes] Never touch your face, girl, or I will come after you. You are beautiful!

DSquared: A girl who hangs up their own clothes is better loved. I hate those bitches that just throw them on the floor!

Mercedes: Oh Bitch, you ain't go gonna go nowhere! [pause] Sorry!

The Runway Ahead [2.12][edit]

April: I'm a mutt, loud and proud.

Jenascia: [To Hooters customers] Do you guys need anything? Good, because I didn't want to get it anyways!

Shandi: When I get home, I won't feel so lost. I won't feel so insecure.

Anna: Their coochie was showing...
Jermaine: Eww, baby you can't say that on television!

Catie: [During preliminaries] If they said, "Catie, to make it you're going to have to shave your head", my hair's gone!

April: I like the feeling I get when I'm creating art with my body.

Cycle 3[edit]

Originally aired September 22 – December 15, 2004.

The Girl With the Secret [3.1][edit]

Amanda: I'm legally blind. And I'm going to be about 30 when I go completely blind. It's a disease called retinitis pigmentosa, and I just wanted ya'll to know I will always see your face. Please don't cry, I've had 10 years to get used to this. I've seen my son smile and that's all I ever wanted.

Amanda: My child is so wonderful, he will blossom. It's like a rose growing through a concrete crack.

J. Alexander: [about Toccara's breasts] Baby when she released those puppies, they were full grown dogs.

Toccara: I love my skin and I'm workin' it. I'm hittin 200 in the butt, what?

Norelle: I'm the only one with braces. I'm the only one with bling-bling on my grill, ok?

Tiffany: [in confessional] Bitch poured beer on my weave so I'm thinking of... You know, everybody... I had the evil twin and the good one. So as we all know the evil one won!

Tiffany: That stank hoe poured beer on my weave! This is not even my hair!

Eva: I don't compare myself to other people. I'm Eva. I'm no comparison to anyone.

Cassie: I might look like the All-American girl, but I don't have the All-American job because I'm a stripper.
J. Alexander: That's the All-American job to me!

Tyra: And I have some nicknames for them. Jay Manuel is Mr. Jay and J. Alexander is Mrs. Jay.

Eva: Everyone has their bathing suit on. Why not get in the water instead of standing next to it, ya dumbasses!

The Girl Who is Co-Dependent [3.2][edit]

Janice: [to Toccara] Oh, I dunno. You might be giving these skinny little bitches a run for their money.

Tyra: [to Amanda] You continue to raise your eyebrow. You know, the Zoolander.
Janice: I used to be able to do it, but I have so much botox in my face I can't really do it anymore.

Janice: [about Kelle] The hand coming through your legs looks like something that is on a man.

Tyra: Nolé is a very prominent fashion editor and a stylist. And of course, we can't forget...
Nolé Marin: Empress Mini, the legendary girl herself.

Amanda: It's really easy for somebody to pass a judgement on something without knowing all the information.

Toccara: Ann, big deal, tough tittie!

Kelle: Tyra had arranged a huge SUV limo to pick us up which is you know, we're all big pimpin'.

Jay Manuel: OK, Norelle, that one feels a little like you're taking a dump.

J. Alexander: [To Kristi] It looks like you got gas baby, like you gotta fart.

Eva: Kelle, she's just so white-washed it's not even funny.

Magdalena: [in confessional after getting eliminated first] I just got eliminated. The first girl.
Ann: [hugging and saying goodbye to Magdalena] Bye. Take care.
Magdalena: [to the girls in Jamaica] Bye, guys! [in confessional after getting eliminated first] Just the fact that I did, like I’m proud of myself. I’m really proud of myself. I’m so going to do me and do whatever I have to do to make myself happy. [leaves the apartment]

The Girl Everyone Thinks is a Backstabber [3.3][edit]

Toccara: You can shave my head off bald and I'll still walk around here like I'm a goddess.

Amanda: The girls are starting to feel intimidated by me and its really making me feel good as hell.

Yaya: Julie cracks me up. It's nice to see someone proud of where they come from.

Tyra: You guys look like the pretty girls walking down the street. Maybe she can model but ehh...

Danilo: [To Amanda] How does it feel waking up with it? Does it feel possessed by the previous owner?

Amanda: What I did to Cassie was bring her secret out in the open. It wasn't my place to do it and now I'm the evil person, and everyone thinks I'm a backstabber.

Nicole: I'm excited actually for eliminations. I'm going, 'Let's get some of these bitches outta here!

Nolé Marin: Where'd you come from, baby?
Amanda: Your dreams.

The Girl Who Sets a Trap [3.4][edit]

Jay Manuel: Norelle was trying to show me how gorgeous her boobs were, which they are! She's got gorgeous boobs, but that doesn't mean she's gonna be America's Next Top Model.

Eva: Have you seen Ann's biceps? Ann will beat your ass, Jenn.

Kelle: Does anyone have a pair of sunglasses? [repeated line]

Toccara: Jennipher busts out, "I'm glad the bitch gonna be gone for a day." And so, Eva hears her, and Eva thinks that everyone's mad at her because she won the contest.
Eva: This whole thing is a freakin' competition. So find your niche, and do your thing, and don't hate on the next person when they win.
Jennipher: I just didn't like when you get up and you try to do whatever. You're like, "Fuck you, skinny bitches!"
Eva: I didn't say "skinny," I said "tall."
Jennipher: So you don't think anyone's gonna hate against that? Because I wouldn't do that.
Eva: That's you, though. My personality is still Eva. I'm not gonna change my personality so I can win something.
Jennipher: Well, then why do you change your personality when you go in front of the judges?
Eva: When did I change my personality?
Jennipher: You go up there, and you do this [imitates shaking her hips] Why don't you be the bitch diva?
Eva: Because I'm cute! I'm sorry, Jennipher, I am!
Kristi: Hey, guys? Hey, guys, can you just keep a little more quiet by the phone? Sorry.
Eva: Sorry, Kristi.
Kristi: It's just my boyfriend can hear everything you're saying.
Eva: I'm sorry, Kristi.
Kristi: It's okay.

Jennipher: [to Eva] You try to be like, "Oh, this is who I am," and then you go in front of other people, and you do this. Why don't you go around and ask every person, "Why am I such a bitch?"
Eva: Why don't you go around and ask every person?!
Ann: [to Jennipher] No, you don't! You change your personality all day.
Eva: You're two-faced! Extremely!
Jennipher: Oh, I was nice to you. And I liked both of you, and I go in the room and I talk about you right now.
Eva: You're Camille and you go back and forth.
Jennipher: Oh, and you're not?!
Eva: How am I Camille?!
Jennipher: You go and tell me, "Oh, Amanda's getting special treatment for her eyes." And then yesterday, you're like, "I didn't say that."
Amanda: I hope she's not gonna get special treatment.
Jennipher: That's great!
Amanda: That's what I heard you say!
Jennipher: Great!
Ann: I'm not even trying to be rude, but like, to us we see you...
Jennipher: To us!
Ann: ...go up to Jay, and...
Jennipher: It's us. Why don't you let her talk?
Ann: No, it's me! This is me! I'm Ann, and I'm gonna tell her what the hell I think, so you can shut your mouth. This is what I said! You know what, I don't...
Jennipher: Get out of the way.
Ann: Don't ever touch me again or else you will get knocked out.
Jennipher: Oh, I'd like to see it.

Amanda: What's a 10 dollar bill to catch a bitch, hmm?

Amanda: [Singing] I'm missing 100 dollars and my laundry's gone. Cuz of a certain bitch, uh, certain bitch, certain bitch.

Norelle: My biggest dream, Heatherette fashion show. My worst nightmare: falling. All in the same night!

Eva: Toccara actually disclosed to me that she thought she was gonna win because she got a lot of applause. You got applause because your titties are out, girl!

J. Alexander: Their show is usually the hottest ticket in town during New York Fashion week. It's so hot that I don't get a ticket.

J. Alexander: It's really funny because it's about to fall but you're not lettin' it happen.
Eva: It's not gonna fall.

Yoanna: So I know what you guys are going through, but it's worth it. It's such a short time, and you're so young and you'll sleep when you're dead, so...

Toccara: Ms J. comes down and she has her little apple, she's just fabulous.

J. Alexander: You walk like you're chewin' gum between your legs.

Eva: First of all, I didn't even know you were a bitch!

Kelle: I look like a platypus!

The Girl Who Cries When She Looks in the Mirror [3.5][edit]

Jay Manuel: Kelle just told me that you won the posing competition, which I still find hard to believe, but alright, work it out girl!

Norelle: I look like one of those dolls that's like, so pretty but if you look at it at night, you'd be running out of the room screaming. I loved it.

Simon Doonan: Jennipher, she's a little dull, slash very dull.

Simon Doonan: You've gotta look alluring, you've gotta look interesting, but you can't look cheap and slutty.

Kelle: The past 3 panels, I've had probably the worst photos in the group. I've had a penis, I've been a deer in the headlights in the middle of a cemetery, I've been a platypus that's just came from a dentist...!

Janice: [To Ann] Bring motion to those stringy thingies!

Toccara: I was sweatin' soo hard...I don't think I like yoga.

The Girl Who Mutilated the Precious Brownies [3.6][edit]

Jay Manuel: Ten people will say, 'Don't do this. Don't do this.' You know what you're going to end up with? Nothing.

Eva: [about Yaya's facial prize for winning the challenge] The person that needed the facial got the facial.

Ann: [in confessional] Cassie had made brownies. You know low carb brownies.

Eva: Cassie is the biggest punk I have ever met.

Yaya: [in confessional about Ann writing in Cassie's brownies] Someone had the audicity to mutilate her precious brownies.

Amanda: It's like living with eight other beautiful...pigs.

Kelle: Daddy, I don't have intensity in my eyes.

Toccara: [in confessional about Ann looking at Yaya] So, we get to the dinner and everything's fine and then, Ann looks over at Yaya and she says...
Ann: [to Yaya] What does your shirt mean?
Yaya: [to Ann] It's "respeito." In Portuguese, it means "respect." There's a big lack of it in the house, so I felt the need to wear it today. Cassie's brownies were fingered. I just think it's immature and disrespectful, and that's exact...
Ann: [to Yaya] Why is that immature?
Yaya: [to Ann] Why is it immature?
Cassie: [to Ann] Who writes in food? Like, who writes in someone's brownies?
Ann: [to Cassie] Well, I was gonna say something to you anyways. I did that today to be funny. It wasn't to be mean or anything. I didn't do it to hurt you or because I don't like you.
Cassie: [to Ann] But you shouldn't have touched it.
Ann: [to Cassie] Okay, that's fine, it was a joke! I'm sorry! I swear I was trying to be funny. I thought you would think it was funny.
Cassie: [to Ann] It's not funny.
Yaya: [to Ann] Do you have a relationship with Cassie where she would honestly think it was funny? Maybe if you did it to Eva, you'd be like, "Ha ha ha!"
Ann: [to Cassie] Okay, well...I guess I look at it as if one of you guys did it to me, I'd laugh.
Yaya: [in confessional] Some people think it's funny to kill people. That doesn't make it funny.
Ann: [to Cassie] Okay, well, I'm sorry that you're so mature. And that you have no sense of humor.
Cassie: [to Ann] I mean, we don't have to be hostile to each other, but don't touch my stuff, 'cause it's not funny to me.
Ann: [to Cassie] Okay, when you were making yourself throw up, and you didn't want anyone to talk about it, you said that, and we stopped talking about it.
Cassie: [to Ann] That's fine!
Ann: [to Cassie] So stop talking about me because I don't appreciate that.
Cassie: [to Ann] I'm gonna talk about it. I'll tell you that right now.
Ann: [to Cassie] Well, I'm gonna talk about how you're bullimic.
Cassie: [to Ann] That's fine. Go ahead.
Ann: [to Cassie] Great! I'll tell Tyra tomorrow.
Cassie: [to Ann] You know, she came up and we actually talked about it today.
Eva: [to everyone at the table] Everybody just needs to wash their own dishes!
Ann: [to Cassie] Clean your dishes. Don't be a pig, that's disgusting! Who wants to live with your dishes in the sink for a week?
Cassie: [to Ann] Who wants to live with you, Ann?! Don't touch my shit! I don't need you to tell me to wash my shit! And I don't need you to put a knife in my brownies, and write, "Clean your shit"! Don't ever touch my stuff!

The Girl Who Forgot Her Shoes [3.7][edit]

Nigel: Toccara, there's just something about her. She's interesting.
Janice: Yeah, a lot of flesh!

Janice: Eva's still short.
Nigel: Perhaps she'll grow by next week?

Toccara: I wanna know why all the girls were so nice lookin', and here I am looking like I work at Home Depot.

Cassie: [About Jay in drag] This woman walks out, I thought, this is a really ugly woman.

Cassie: I don't want to be here anymore, but I don't want to be known as the girl who quit.

Norelle: I may not be good enough now, but I'll be good enough someday.
Norelle's Mom: You're good enough now.

Toccara: I'm very happy for Yaya, and at the same time, I was getting nervous and scared because you don't see a lot of negroes in high fashion.

Marc Bouwer: [To Amanda] Alright, let's try to walk without tripping this time!

The Girl Who Is Panic Stricken [3.8][edit]

Yaya: Maybe there's a wall, you know, with nine blocks that spell out 'competition'.

Tyra: Toccara, I knew from day one that you wanted this and was f-a-b-o
Toccara: I am fabulous and I want this.

Toccara: I'm proud of myself. I'm the largest girl to get here and I made it this far. Someone has to start to break the barrier, so hopefully the next plus size girl that comes along, she makes it a little bit further. It's gonna take time, it doesn't happen over night. But I'm just grateful that maybe I made a path for someone else.

Tyra: Yaya, it was like you were on this pedestal and this hat smelt like dookie!

Tyra: [To Yaya] You want your outfit to be, 'Look at me' and this outfit is 'Look over there'.

Nolé Marin: [To Yaya] You're I feel... half African, half cowgirl. Looks like you're about to ride a giraffe.

Eva: I was petrified of this spider.
Janice: Try posing on a live crocodile honey.

Eva: You see this face? This is a confused face!

Sarah Pyper: Who's the most annoying girl in the group?
Eva: Everyone's equally annoying!

Eva: Everyone freakin' says to me that I'm a diva! So how do I not be a diva?

The Girls Meet Taye Diggs [3.9][edit]

Tyra: [To Yaya] Now we need you to eat the product because I've never heard of a girl having a commercial and not tasting the product.
Janice: Eat! Eat! Eat!

Norelle: The first thing we saw was a hospital bed. Prepare to die? I'm sorry, but I am not a good die-er.

Tyra: [To Yaya] I suggest you go to the nearest bakery in Japan and order up the biggest slice of humble pie.

Nolé Marin: [About Eva] In your commercial, she was an absolute Tokyo disaster.
Tyra: She was a typhoon!
Nolé Marin: She was a typhoon, a buffoon, she was a cocoa puff mess.

Amanda: I just look like a pair of ears on an onion.

Yaya: There's one person eliminated every single time. And that one person should not be me. And if it is, I need to have a talk with the judges.

Norelle: I can barely speak English, and you want me to speak Japanese?

Norelle: I don't know if they're called Japanese people if they are from Tokyo, or Tokyians?

Taye: Julia? Julia? That's a cruel trick. That's a cruel trick, Julia.

Taye: You died in your favourite shoes.

Nicole: The first thing I saw was not appropriate, so I had to just say I didn't see anything!

The Girl Who Goes Ballistic [3.10][edit]

Jessie, Yaya's sister: [On phone with Yaya Da Costa, who is crying] Regardless of what people think about you, continue to bless people with your compassion and your wisdom. They have the blessing of being with you.
Eva: And I have all that tension and animosity...
Yaya Da Costa: Sorry, Jessie, one second. I CAN'T HEAR, I'M ON THE PHONE!
Norelle: [after long pause] ... go on.

Norelle: [To Ann and Eva] Hopefully, one of us makes it to number one. And hopefully, it's us three!

Yaya Da Costa: Don't exoticize me!

Norelle: Holy crap, Toccara. Your boobs are as big as my head.

Toccara: [About Amanda] Her eyes are too blue, and her hair is's scary. I mean, I don't want to be around her at nighttime when she's walking down the hallway!

Ann: Taye Diggs wants me. [laughs]
Eva: Taye Diggs is so married.
Ann: He's married?
Eva: So married.
Ann: To who?
Eva: To his wife!

Tyra: Now 5 girls remain. Eva, the controversial diva. Ann, the All-American athlete. Yaya, the worldly Ivy League graduate. Amanda, the free-spirited mom who's going blind. And Norelle, the Orange County Cinderella. Don't miss out on the drama as we find out who will be America's Next Top Model!

The Girl The Lionesses Are Hunting [3.11][edit]

Norelle: Opening a sliding door in Japan seriously takes five minutes.

Amanda: With my blindness I appreciate every sunrise, butterfly, the dew drop on a petal.

Norelle: Eva had said that she hoped I did bad so I would go home and then Eva was like, "Oh yeah? Ann, well you think Norelle's ugly and fat!"
Tyra: Well, Norelle, you're one of the top 5. And you have to realize that's what makes beauty interesting, is when it's debatable. Do you know what I mean? There's so many people that say, 'Oh Tyra Banks is beautiful.' And there's so many people that say, 'Tyra Banks has a big ass forehead and I think shes ugly!' One thing you need to realize is everybody talks about everybody.

Eva: I think Ann knows I've been nothing but a friend to her. So for her to bring that situation on the table, without trying to understand me or try to clear it up, is like 'Woah. That' very whack right now homie. Like, you are so whack'.

Norelle: I was so confused. Pink Positive, what's going on? Are we getting a divorce?

Amanda: When the lionesses are hunting in a pack, when there's a flaw, you see it. And everybody goes for it.

Amanda: Yaya has won like, 5 times? More power to her, 'cause I'm sharing in the fruits of her labor.

Norelle: Oh my god! I don't understand Japanese food. I do not eat Japanese food. If I do, I eat like... Panda Express?

Norelle: [about a Japanese tea ceremony] Uhh! There is so much detail. You think have tea is going to your friend's house, have time for tea? Woo... It's not. It's so hard.

Amanda: I feel like a lot of people in the house don't necessarily want to be around Eva. The house has to have a target. That's just mob mentality and human nature and competition.

The Girl Who Didn't Hug Goodbye [3.12][edit]

Yaya: I did the girls a favor because my nonpresence there gave someone else a chance to win.

Ann: We're still Ann and Eva even though we've had some marriage problems.

Jay Manuel: [to Ann] You're lucky you're still in this competition. You barely got a photograph.

Amanda: It's good to have family around, even if it's not your own.

Ann: [about Japanese street fashion] When I first saw it, I was kinda like, Ok, where was your mirror this morning?

Amanda: When you're looking for something, vision's important!

Eva: My idea was find things that don't go together and look really stupid and you'll win. How dumb do I look?

Eva: Ahh! Lost my shoe! I'm flying, rolling down the street honey!

Ann: I can't cry.

The Girl Who Wins It All [3.13][edit]

Amanda: I want to inspire people that have disabilities, or you know, shortcomings to just like, work through it and to find joy and everything.

Janice: [To Amanda] Japanda!

Yaya: The skirt was kinda see through. I didn't want to be disrespectful, but if that idea had been done in the States, it could look very...hoochie.

Amanda: I was serving up a piping hot plate of smile!

Amanda: I was really trying to utilize my inner joy. You know, my really strong personality and my appreciation for bunny rabbits and France.

Yaya: If there were anything that Amanda and I could do to make Eva feel more included or comfortable, I don't think we would.

Tyra: Will it be Yaya, the Ivy League grad who's road to become a top model had more than a few bumps on it?

Eva: I'm 5'7, but I don't have to be tall to be great!

Eva: Watch out world, here comes Eva!

Cycle 4[edit]

Originally aired March 1 – May 18, 2005.

The Girl Who is a Lady Kat... Reow! [4.1][edit]

Tyra: [to Brandy] Brandy! [Brandy gasps and crys] Brandy. How do you feel Brandy?
Brandy: [to Tyra] I'm just thankful for being in this line right now!

Brittany: [to Tiffany] Tiffany! Yes!

Mary: [to Tyra] My heart is broken, Tyra!

The Girls Who Hate Their Makeovers [4.2][edit]

Nigel: [in confessional about Brita's alien photoshoot] Brita, she really needs to learn to relax.

Rebecca: [to Naima] Never blonde?
Naima: [to Rebecca] Now I have an excuse to be stupid!

Kahlen: [in confessional about her makeover] I'm getting my first weave.

Tatiana: [in confessional about her makeover] They made my hair darker. I really like it. I think I did really good job in the photoshoot. I feel very confident.

Christina: [in confessional about her makeover] I definietly love the color and the richness.

Brita: [in confessional about her makeover] I'm actually really happy that they decided not to do a crazy makeover on me. I've had makeovers in the past. I always come back to this look and this is what works.
Keenyah: [in confessional about her makeover] I have had a sewn in weave before.

Noelle: [in confessional about her makeover] My makeover is very funky.

Sarah: [in confessional about her makeover] I love it! Oh my gosh! This guy's a magician!
Lluvy: [to Sarah whilst getting her own makeover] You're the hottest Peter Pan I've ever seen!
Sarah: [in confessional about her makeover] I think I look fantastic! I love the cut! I love the color! I feel like a supermodel!

Naima: This is going to look so good! I love it! [in confessional about her makeover] I would have probably chosen a really really light color or a really really dark color but this spot in between is perfect. I love it!

Rebecca: [in confessional about her makeover] I looked exactly the same my entire life!

Michelle: Now that's blonde. [in confessional about her makeover] They put me through hell but... um... I'm loving it now. My hair is going to change me for the better because I'm feeling more confident. I think blondes do have more fun.

Lluvy: [in confessional about her makeover] I love my new makeover. My makeup is a lot diffeent from what I am used to.

Brittany: [in confessional about her makeover] I just got a makeover and I'm hot! Hello! Major bang power! Love it!

Tiffany: [in confessional about her makeover] I'm so excited! I have a new totally differny look that I never would have thought of. I am so happy. Miss. J decided to give my baby a makeover and this is a guy but it looks cute.
Brandy: I hope these eyebrows come out right [in confessional about her makeover] I had to get my makeup done before the photoshoot but the eyebrows are black and that's not going to match. [back to the present] How I am going to go back to my boyfriend?! [to Keenyah] He's not going to want me anymore! [looks in the mirror] Whoo! Whoa!
Brittany: [in confessional about Brandy's attitude] Brandy your attitude is just ridiculous!
Brandy: I'm sorry! I don't care who don't like me no more but I can't see my eyebrows! [Jay Manuel is looking]
Jay Manuel: [in confessional about Brandy's attitude] Miss. Brandy. Her attitude just peeved me off!

Jay Manuel: [to Brandy] I'm reaching a point where... Ciao! Here talk to J.
Miss. J Alexander: [to Brandy] What's the problem?
Keenyah: [to Miss. J Alexander] No problem with me.

Keenyah: [in confessional about her makeover] I am in love with this hairstyle!

Tyra: [to Brandy after makeovers] You peeved me off!

Tyra: [to Tiffany] The first name that I am going to call is... [flips over Tiffany's photo] Tiffany. [Tiffany comes to collect her photo] Congratulations. You're still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model.

Tyra: [to Brandy, Lluvy, Keenyah and Brita] There's four girls left but I only have three photos in my hands. The next name that I am going to call is... [flips over Lluvy's photo] Lluvy. [Lluvy comes to collect her photo, flips over Keenyah's photo] Keenyah. [Keenyah comes to collect her photo] Somebody learned a big lesson this week, didn't they?
Keenyah: [to Tyra] Huge.
Tyra: [to Keenyah] Congratulations.
Keenyah: [to Tyra] Thank you.
Tyra: [to Brandy and Brita in the bottom two] Will Brita and Brandy please step forward?

Tyra: [to Brandy in the bottom two with Brita] You're standing there high fashioned with all the potential in the world but your attitude isn't something these judges want to be around. A lot of these people behind me don't want to see you either. But some of them do. Brandy, congratulations.

Tyra: [to Brita] Thank you Brita.
Brita: [to Tyra and the judges] Thanks, guys. [in confessional after getting eliminated first] I'm just peeved off right now. I'm actually regretting this experience a little. First girl kicked off. Pictures were horrible. Gosh! This sucks! I was hoping this would be the next bigger, better thing for me and I blew it.

The Girl Who Suddenly Collapsed [4.3][edit]

Noelle: [in confessional about Rebecca suddenly fainting during judging] When something like this happens, you can't believe it just happened. I mean, Becca, she just explained to me that she has a preexisting condition where she collapses. She's had tests done since she was three years old, but it's been six or seven years since her last collapse.

Tyra: [to Keenyah] The first name that I am going to call is... [flips over Keenyah's photo] Keenyah. [Keenyah comes to collect her photo] Congratulations.
Keenyah: [to Tyra] Thank you.
Tyra: [to Keenyah] You're still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model.

Tyra: [to Brittany] Brittany your sexuality is way too strong.

The Girl with the Worst Photo in History [4.4][edit]

Noelle: [about tennis shoot photographer] I dont know whether he wasn't hugged enough as a child or what.

Nole: [referring to Lluvy's "Pisces" photograph] You look like a dead fish her however I have to see a close-up.
Lluvy: The fishnet and everything I felt blocked.
Janice: This is what you have to take on and wear when you decide to become a model and you failed miserably!

Janice: [referring to Rebecca's "Virgo" photograph] It's a pedestrian! It just doesn't register model!
Beverly Johnson: Even though you're the virgin, you're the virgin that everybody wants.
Nigel: Right.
Beverly Johnson: So you have to be very sensual.
Janice: Tyra, when you're strutting down the runway doing Victoria's Secret, wearing those bat wings, what are you thinking?
Tyra: I ain't thinking I'm no virgin.

Tyra: [referring to Lluvy's "Pisces" photograph] This photo... it's the worst photo in the history of America's Next Top Model.

Tyra: [to Brittany] The first name that I am going to call is... [flips over Brittany's photo] Brittany. [Brittany comes to collect her photo] Brittany, you went from triple X porn star queen to Queen of the Galaxy. Congratulations. You're still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model.

Tyra: [to Brandy and Lluvy standing in the bottom two] One of you had an attitude with a capital A. The judges aren't sure if that's something that can be healed in twelve weeks and one of you has only taken one good photo. Tonight about your Pisces photo I even said that it's the worst photo in the history of America's Next Top Model. One of you might have a little bit more potential than the other. [flips over Lluvy's photo] Congratulations, Lluvy. [Lluvy comes to collect her photo whilst Tiffany starts looking sad] You're still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model.
Lluvy: [to Tyra] Thank you.
Tyra: [to Brandy] Thank you Brandy.
Brandy: [to Tyra] Thank you. [leaves panel, Tatiana looks at the departure, Tiffany continues to look sad]

The Girl Who is Contagious [4.5][edit]

Kahlen: I think the reason Mr. Jay dressed up was to show us that even though Michelle has scabies, she can still be beautiful.

The Girl With the Deliciously Tacky Dance [4.6][edit]

Tyra: Lluvy, you have all the potential in the world but from week to week your pictures say otherwise.

Lluvy: Being a model has been my dream since I was three.

The Girl Who Pushes Tyra Over The Edge [4.7][edit]

Kahlen: [about the photoshoot] I didn't really ever have a boyfriend. I'm still like in the fifth-grade mode where I get really beet red and I'm a little freaked out.

Kahlen: Looks to the left! Oooh!

Tyra: [to Tiffany during the judging test] If you don't do this, you're going to go home.

Tyra: [after Tiffany and Rebecca from the bottom two are both asked to leave in the first-ever double elimination] Can you guys stand in front of me? I just want to say one more thing to you. Rebecca, I admire your emotion right now. It shows to me that this is something that's very important to you. Tiffany, I'm extremely disappointed in you. This is a joke to you. You've been through anger management, you've been through your grandmother getting her lights turned off to buy you a swimsuit for this competition, and you go over there and you joke, and you laugh? This is serious to these girls, and this should be serious to you.
Tiffany: Looks can be deceiving. I'm hurt. I am, but...I can't change it, Tyra. I-I've been...
Janice: Yes you can.
Tyra: You can't change what?
Tiffany: I'm sick of crying about stuff that I cannot change. I'm sick of being disappointed, I'm sick of all of it. I'm not...
Tyra: You're not sick of being disappointed, Tiffany.
Tiffany: Obviously, I am.
Tyra: No, you're not. If you were sick of being disappointed, you would stand up, and you would take control of your destiny. Do you know that you had a possibility to win? Do you know that all of America is rooting for you? Do you know that? And then you come in here, and you treat this like a joke? You come in here and look at that, and say, "I can't read that?" You read ten times better than half of those girls over there!
Nigel: You did.
Nole: You did.
Tyra: And you come in here with a defeatist attitude.
Tiffany: I don't have a bad attitude! Maybe I am angry inside! I've been through stuff, so I'm angry!
Tyra: Yes, but this is not... This is not, it's... Be quiet, Tiffany! Be quiet! What is wrong with you? STOP IT!!!!!!!! I have never in my life yelled at a girl like this! When my mother yells like this it's because she loves me! I was rooting for you, we were all rooting for you! How dare you?! Learn something from this! When you go to bed at night, you lay there and you take responsibility for yourself, because nobody's going to take responsibility for you! You're rolling your eyes and you act like it's because you've heard it all before - you've heard it all before - you don't know where the hell I come from! You have no idea what I've been through. But I'm not a victim; I grow from it and I learn! Take responsibility for yourself! [both Tiffany and Rebecca leave the judging panel]

Janice: Kahlen, where'd that man come from?

The Girl Who Gets Bad News [4.8][edit]

Michelle: [to Naima, Kahlen, Keenyah, Brittany, Christina and Tatiana] Tiffany could have won, she could have been the top model.

Christina: Hi! I'm Christina here with Entertainment Tonight and we are actually here with America's Next Top Model, Tatiana. Hi, Tatiana. How are you?
Tatiana: I'm doing great. How about you?
Christina: Good. Actually I have a few questions for you. Um, actually has there been anyone who has inspired you?
Tatiana: Actually my cousin. He's actually pushed me and I push myself a lot actually.

Christina: [in confessional] It's a lot harder than you might think so I'm glad we had the experience actually.

Naima: [referring to a photoshoot at the bottom of a grave] Michelle's a little weird, so she's like "This is cool! This is cool!"—and I'm like, "This is freaky."

Tatiana: [in confessional about her photoshoot] Today my sine will be greed. I'm kinda finding this sin a little difficult to convert into because I'm not a greedy person.

Johann Wolf: [in confessional about Tatiana's photoshoot] On Tatiana's shoot there wasn't a lot of dimensions. I think she could have pushed it a little further.

Janice: [to Tatiana at judging] As a spokesperson, you were showing us a very boring side of you.

Tatiana: [in confessional after getting eliminated] This competition meant a lot to me. I just wish I could have gone further. [portforlio is shown] I know that I take gorgeous pictures, I just can't really handle myself when I get nervous.

The Girls the Lionesses Are Hunting [4.9][edit]

Nole: Girl, that's a drag queen after my own heart. A girl in high heels running.

Nigel: [about Brittany] She's an exaggeration. She's like a walking exclamation mark. And it's not pretty.

Jay: We're gonna do a photo shoot today, but you guys are going to be the animals. So, I've picked an animal that I think represents each and all of you. I'm gonna start with you, Kahlen. You are actually going to be a springbok. Christina, you're gonna be an ostrich.
Christina: Oh, wow!
Jay: Brittany, you're so tall and long. You're going to be...
Brittany: A giraffe!
Jay: A giraffe. Michelle, I'm making you a zebra.
Michelle: Ooh, there we go.
Jay: Naima, you're a silent predator. A cheetah!
Michelle: Oh no!
Naima: Aw, cheetah!
Jay: Keenyah, you get to be the elephant. I don't know how you end up with these. One week is gluttony, next week is an elephant! [he and the rest of the girls laugh]
Keenyah: Alright. [in confessional] Everybody else has these sexy little animals, and I get to be the big, fat elephant! Ugh! Why do I keep getting stuck with these fat, like, characters? What is going on?!

Gerda: [about Kahlen's picture] She really got this deer, and I know this animal well.
Janice: How well do you know it?
Gerda: It's my national animal.

Kahlen: [after feeding a bear a marshmellow from her mouth] I want to go home and brush my teeth for the next 5 days.

The Girl Who Is Special [4.11][edit]

Brittany: [to Keenyah] You're very selfish. Very selfish. Like you didn't have the money. You didn't have rands but you ordered drinks. How were you going to pay for your drinks then? Explain that! How?! How?! How?!
Keenyah: [to Brittany] Brittany!
Brittany: [to Keenyah] How?! With what?! With our looks?!
Keenyah: [to Brittany] No! If you want to think I am selfish then you go ahead and think I am selfish! Are you listening?
Brittany: [to Keenyah] No. [in confessional] It just comes back to her selfish tendencies. Like in Nelson Mandela's jail cell, you just automatically think know, you're black, that you should be the one to open the cell. I know this experience means a lot to Naima as well. [to Keenyah] You didn't like that she got the key. When he gave her the key, and you cried about it, you didn't even know if he was still alive or not!
Keenyah: [to Brittany] Whatever!
Brittany: [to Keenyah] You were so emotional over someone that you didn't know was alive or dead!
Kahlen: [in confessional] I hate listening to people yell and just scream at each other because there are other ways, you know, to deal with that stuff.
Keenyah: [to Brittany] After she opened the key, it was an emotional moment for me. You were not in my shoes, you don't know how I felt at that moment! So you can go ahead and say, "She felt annoying"!
Naima: [in confessional] I'm thinking in my head, "Wow. Thank God, Naima, you got to hold that key in your hands. Because obviously these girls don't hold that experience at such high esteem as you do."
Brittany: [to Keenyah] You are just taking this because you're black. You've said a million times. "This whole experience means so much to me because I'm black."
Keenyah: [to Brittany] It means more to me because it's about who I am and where I came from.
Brittany: [to Keenyah imitating] "Yeah. It's my land!"
Keenyah: [to Brittany] What do you think?! Yeah, it's because I'm black!
Brittany: [to Keenyah] OH! MY! GOD!
Keenyah: [to Brittany] You don't know what the hell I'm thinking!
Brittany: [to Keenyah] SHUT UP!!!!!!!
[Keenyah looks shocked]

What the Girls Did That You've Never Seen Before [4.12][edit]

Tyra: Now only three girls remain.

The Girl Who Walks on Water [4.13][edit]

Naima:I am speechless.

Cycle 5[edit]

Originally aired September 21 – December 14, 2005.

The Girl with the Twisted Catch Phrase/The Girls Become Super Heroes [5.2][edit]

Ebony Taylor: Don't get it twisted.

J Alexander: So you're on the Jehovah's layaway plan.
Jayla: Yes, that's it.
J Alexander: Buy now, pray later.

The Girl Who Needs a Miracle [5.3][edit]

Cassandra: [crying] No. I don't want to watch!

Cassandra: [in confessional] If this doesn't work for me, then I'm definitely going to go back to pageants because I think that really helps you develop more as a woman, where modeling is just more of a career.

Tyra: [to Cassandra about her haircut at judging] I still... I'm not happy with it. I'll be honest because this is not the hairstyle that I told them to give you. I specifically said Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby.

Tyra: [to Cassandra] Miss. Cassandra. Haystack Honeys. [Cassandra comes to collect her photo] Congratulations. You're still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model.
Cassandra: [to Tyra] Thank you.
Tyra: [to Nicole] Nicole. Working the Pretty Peasants page. Congratulations, Nicole.
Nicole: [to Tyra] Thank you.
Tyra: [to Coryn] Coryn. Rocking the Rustic Ruffles. Congratulations, Coryn.
Coryn: [to Tyra] Thank you.
Tyra: [to Kim] Kim. Haunting Haberdasheries. You seem sad, Kim.
Kim: [to Tyra] I'm just really surprised.
Tyra: [to Lisa] Lisa. Farmhand Faytales. Congratulations. [to Nik] And closing out our story is Nik. Country Couture. Congratulations, Nik. You're still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model.
Nik: [to Tyra] Thank you.
Tyra: [to Nik] You're welcome. [to Ebony, Bre, Jayla, Diane, Sarah and Kyle who were not strong enough to outshine their teammates] So six ladies stand before me. The six weakest pictures are what you all represent right now which means one of you will go home. [referring to the strongest / best photo out of the unsafe group] The first name that I'm going to call is... [flips over Bre's photo] ...Bre. [Bre comes to collect her photo] Congratulations. [Bre is relieved to be safe, flips over Jayla's photo] Jayla. [Jayla comes to collect her photo] Congratulations. [flips over Sarah's photo] Sarah. [Sarah comes to collect her photo] Congratulations. [to Ebony, Diane and Kyle in the bottom three] The next name that I'm going to call is... [flips over Kyle's photo] ...Kyle. [Kre comes to collect her photo] Congratulations. You're still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model.
Kyle: [to Tyra] Thank you. [joins the other nine girls who are already safe]

The Girl Who Makes a Disclaimer [5.4][edit]

Nicole: [to Cassandra about the Mia Farrow haircut] If this is something you really want to do then just cut it.

Jay Manuel: [to Jayla and Cassandra] Jayla, Cassandra I need to talk to you girls real quick.
Jayla: [to Jay Manuel] Okay.
Jay Manuel: [to Jayla] So we're actually going to take out your extensions because we feel like they're not working for you.
Twiggy: [in a repeat scene to the judges about Jayla] She looked much better with the shorter hair, personally.
Jay Manuel: [to Jayla] We're going to leave it long and then scissor and comb up the back.
Jayla: [in confessional] You may not like it at first but you have to get into it. You have to try to see the good in it.
Jay Manuel: [to Cassandra] Initially what Tyra really wanted was like Rosemary's Baby's haircut and she wanted all of this to be a lot shorter.
Cassandra: [to Jay Manuel] See I'm not really comfortable cutting it again when I haven't got a chance to really work it yet.
Kim: [to the other nine girls about Cassandra talking to Jay Manuel] Something's going to happen.
Bre: [to the other nine girls about Cassandra talking to Jay Manuel] You think?
Jay Manuel: [to Cassandra] You know if you turned to a client and said "You know, I really don't want to cut my hair," they're going to be like "You know what? Thanks, Cassandra. Bye-bye." I can't do a shoot without you having your hair the way they want you to.
Cassandra: [to Jay Manuel] Right.
Jay Manuel: [to Cassandra] So have some breakfast, think about it and I'll ask you later.
Cassandra: [to Jay Manuel] Okay.

Rob Talty: [to Cassandra] I'm not going to screw you over. You know I have your back always.
Cassandra: [to Rob Talty] Yeah.
Rob Talty: [to Cassandra] I'm just going to round out the front a little bit. So you can go on a little bit.
Cassandra: [in confessional] It wasn't just cutting an extra inch and half for me. It was the last straw in them completely trying to change who I was.
Jay Manuel: [to Cassandra after all girls are finished with the photoshoot] Rob's ready to cut your hair. We're going to get started.
Cassandra: [to Jay Manuel] I'm not going to cut it, Jay.
Jay Manuel: [to Cassandra] You're not going to cut it?
Cassandra: [to Jay Manuel] I'm not going to cut it. [in confessional] I told him I wasn't going to cut my hair anymore. I didn't feel like I needed to in order to be successful at this.
Jay Manuel: [to Cassandra] So, you're ready to cut your hair?
Cassandra: [to Jay Manuel] No!
Jay Manuel: [to Cassandra] You know, I really don't have time for this today so... you just got to leave my set, okay? [in confessional] Cassandra did not want to cut an extra inch off of her hair. I've said to her: "Do you realize by not complying with this haircut where that put you?" and she said "Well, I guess I'm going to go home." [Cassandra leaves the set, Jayla looks stunned]
Cassandra: [in confessional] I have to be myself and I want to walk away from this knowing what I did right in the long run and that includes not letting people change who I am. [goes to the Limousine whilst Jay Manuel rings Tyra from this cell mobile telelphone]
Tyra: [on the phone to Jay Manuel] Hello?
Jay Manuel: [on the phone to Tyra] Hello Tyra.
Tyra: [on the phone to Jay Manuel] Yeah?
Jay Manuel: [on the phone to Tyra] It's Jay. [Limousine takes Cassandra home to collect belongings for departure]
Cassandra: [in confessional] I'm going home. I'm going to go back to Texas and I'm going to get some hair extensions and hopefully, you'll see me as a future Miss. U.S.A.. [gets into Chevrolet Express and leaves]

Bre: [in confessional about Cassandra quitting] She came into this knowing there was a great possibility they were going to cut her hair.

Tyra: [to the ten remaining girls at judging about Cassandra quitting] Being a model means being able to adapt to a whole variety of different situations. Cassandra was more interested in holding on to one inch of hair than in learning and adapting. So I'm saying to each and every one of you. Think long and think hard while you're here and either commit to wanting to be a top model or step forward right now and you can go back to the house and pack your bags. Does anyone want to go home? [to Lisa] I see you're thinking over there, Lisa.
Lisa: [to Tyra] Oh no! I'm not going nowhere.
Tyra: [to the ten remaining girls at judging about Cassandra quitting] Well then we can proceed with judging.

The Girl Who Gets a Boob Job [5.5][edit]

Diane: [to Tyra] Thank you for this opportunity.

The Girl Who Loves Bubbles and Talks to Plants [5.6][edit]

Lisa: [in confessional] That was my limit. I couldn't take it anymore. [to Coryn] You need to stop hating on people, especially me.
Coryn: [to Lisa] What? Are you serious? Oh my goodness! Okay, I'm done with you.
Lisa: [to Coryn] Okay.
Coryn: [to Lisa] You don't hate on me, but yet you go around to all these girls and tell them that they need to work on this and they need to do this.
Lisa: [to Coryn] Well, I think that I'm being a friend instead of blowing smoke up everybody's ass. I'm trying to help you!
Coryn: [to Lisa] You're not trying to be my friend! I ain't no friend of nobody!
Lisa: [to Coryn] You're the only one that seriously, like, dislikes me, and so-
Coryn: [to Lisa] I'm the only one that told you to your face that I do not like you.
Lisa: [to Coryn] Okay, well I'm not trying to hurt anybody. I'm really just trying to help everyone. Honestly!

Lisa: [to Coryn] Don't go over there and talk about it!
Coryn: [to Lisa] Will you shut up? Why are you still talking to me? Shut up!
Lisa: [to Coryn] Okay, well...
Coryn: [to Lisa] I do not like you. I've told you that a long time ago.
Lisa: [to Coryn] Then don't talk about me, don't talk to me, don't make snappy comments to me. Just pretend I don't exist.
Coryn: [to Lisa] Shut up and I can pretend like you don't exist.
Lisa: [to Coryn] That is so rude! Grow up, Coryn! You're basically presenting yourself like a moron! Okay?
Coryn: [to Lisa] And what are you doing, alcoholic bitch?

The Girl Whose Boyfriend Is Cheating on Her [5.9][edit]

Kim: The person who would most likely get along with the Wild Boyz is disgusting, crazy: Lisa.

Nik: I just kept seeing everyone laugh, and I knew they weren't laughing at me, cause whatever I was doing wasn't that funny.

Lisa: [to the Wild Boyz, upon entering in a diaper] I'm wearing you guy's underwear!
Steve-O: Why?
Lisa: Why not?
Nicole: [in confessional about Lisa] Then Lisa walks in with a diaper on and it's like, she has to outshine everyone!
Bre: Why is she wearing a diaper again?
Jayla: I don't know.
Bre: Oh, just thought I'd ask.
Lisa: Wait! We have to see if they work!
Bre: Lisa, please don't pee in it! [in confessional about Lisa] Then Lisa announces that she's going to pee in a diaper.
Steve-O: [about Lisa who is urinating in a diaper, Bre looks shocked, Nik looks uninterested, Nicole laughs] She’s doing it!
Bre: [in confessional about Lisa] No woman of class, especially a supermodel in the making, is going to do something as disgusting as pee on herself at her job!
Nicole: [directly to Lisa who is smiling about her actions] I feel disgusted!
Lisa: It’s dedicated to you man!
Bre: [in confessional about to Lisa] Lisa, she's a sick individual, and if she wins this competition I hope she uses that $100,000 and checks herself into a psych ward, A.S.A.P.!

Lisa: [in the confessional] The air in the house is just a little too intense, and so I started dressing up with these crazy costumes. I thought that everyone was going to loosen up. [to one of the girls] You guys see what this shirt says? That's the problem around here!
Kim: [in confessional about Lisa] To be honest, we're all a little scared of Lisa.
Lisa: [to Kim] Why don't you wanna talk to me?
Kim: [to Lisa] It kinda looks like you're crazy, dude!
Lisa: [in confessional] Everybody's looking at me like I'm crazy!
Bre: [to Lisa] Why would you pick the nappiest wig?
Lisa: [to Bre] Why not? [in confessional] Everybody's taking themselves way too serious.
Bre: [to Lisa] You're psycho.
Lisa: [to Bre] What?
Bre: [to Lisa] Psycho.
Lisa: [in confessional] Everybody just needs to calm down. Calm down! Take a break. [takes out a jar of cookies] Eat a cookie!
Bre: [in confessional about Lisa] We all agree that Lisa is crazy and has lost her damn mind.

Tyra: [to Jayla and Nicole in the bottom two, both for the first time ever] Will Jayla and Nicole, please step forward. You two are exquisite, beautiful girls. You take beautiful pictures, but when you open your mouths, they [referring to the judges] say, that there is no way that they can represent a product. You both are the top of the pack, but now you stand before me, at the bottom. With modeling, you guys have to be on point, you have to be fierce, you have to be ready. But the judges were so disappointed in you that tonight both of you must pack your bags... [long pause, flips over Union Jack] Because we're all going to London! Nobody's going home!

Kim: [in the confessional with Nicole] We're, like, the only sane ones. It's like we're sane, Nik is sane... [whispers] but a little boring! And then we got Lisa, the alcoholic.
Nicole: Alcoholic and insane, though.
Kim: Yeah, well, Lisa's insane anyway and Jayla, she's an ugly, annoying, bad joke deliverer...
Nicole: But...but a whee bit sane.
Kim: A whee bit sane. Almost too sane, but not.

The Girl Who Retaliates [5.11][edit]

Kim: [to Bre about taking away Nicole's drinks] You girls are going to replace her Redbulls, right?
Bre: [to Kim] Excuse me?
Kim: [to Bre] You'll replace them, right?
Bre: [in confessional about Kim] The first person that approaches me is Kim and she's like, "Tell me you're going to pay for Nicole's drinks."
Kim: [to Bre] She's been talking about it, and I was like, "Why..."
Bre: [to Kim] I don't want to talk about it.
Kim: [to Bre] Okay, well, why are you mad at me? I just don't want conflict.
Bre: [in confessional] I was like, "What? Hello, hi!" I think you should mind your business. [to Kim] I'm not gonna do it.
Kim: [to Bre] Alright. I'm know.
Bre: [to Kim] It sucks when people touch your stuff, right?
Kim: [to Bre] Yeah. I mean, I guess so.
Bre: [to Kim] Yeah. I think so, too.
Kim: [to Bre] That's why I'm saying, replace it so that we don't have to deal with it. You know what I mean?
Bre: [to Kim] No.
Kim: [to Bre] Okay, fine. Then don't.
Jayla: [in confessional about Kim trying to help Bre and Nicole whilst standing with Nik] Kim is trying to mediate but she got herself stuck in the middle of it. So she kind of drew herself into the problem that she was trying to fix.
Bre: [to Kim] Seriously, Kim, I feel like you're playing both sides of the fence.
Kim: [to Bre] I'm playing no sides of the fence! You don't trust people can trust me. [Bre is laughing and screaming in disbelief]
Bre: [to Kim] What?! I just need a corner.
Kim: [to Bre] Alright, take your corner.
Bre: [to Kim] Don't say another word to me. Please don't.
Kim: [in confessional about Bre] I just asked Bre a simple question, and she blew up. I was just trying to mediate, and just try not to have any more conflicts. Obviously, that was a mistake.

Nicole: [confronting Bre about being falsely accused of stealing Bre's food] Bre, I feel like we should talk about this.
Bre: [to Nicole] I don't feel like we should talk right now.
Nicole: [to Bre] If you did take it, I would appreciate you replacing it or paying for it.
Bre: [to Nicole] I'm not replacing it.
Nicole: [to Bre] If you think I took anything of yours, I didn't touch anything.
Bre: [to Nicole] I don't believe you.
Nicole: [in confessional about Bre] I have no idea who stole these granola bars she speaks of. [to Bre] I don't feel comfortable with you, like, stealing my things! I don't feel comfortable with that!
Bre: [to Nicole] Stealing is taking it, you don't know who took it, and you never see it again. I didn't steal it. You know where it is.
Nicole: [to Bre] You drank it, and you stole it. That's stealing, Bre! [in confessional about Bre's lies] Like, there's two empty cans in the bathroom. Are you kidding me?
Bre: [to Nicole] What do you want me to do now?
Nicole: [to Bre] I want you to pay for it!
Bre: [to Nicole] I'm, now what do we do?
Nicole: [to Bre] Why would you do that?! I don't get it! You're just kind of a mean person! I'm telling you right now, you're wrong! What you're doing is whack because I never touched any of your things!
Bre: [to Nicole] I'm not replacing it. I'm not.
Nicole: [to Bre] Okay, whatever. If that's the type of person you are at least I know that now! [in confessional about Bre] She's like the spawn of the devil or something. Freak!

Nigel: [to Kim at judging] I like especially the fact that you decided to wear the same jewelry tonight as you did in the picture. Very inspiring.
Tyra: Did you steal the jewels?
Kim: No, I bought them.
Tyra: Like, you paid for them?
Kim: Yeah, I really love them! I don't know, I love them.
Tyra: 'Cause models usually steal stuff.
Nigel: [while Twiggy and J Alexander laugh] As we've learned. Do you have any energy drinks back there?

[The judges are about to deliberate on who will be eliminated eighth and Nik, Nicole, Bre, Jayla and Kim go backstage]
Nicole: [in confessional about Bre] We leave panel and Bre pretty much goes completely out of control. She is so mad and so angry. So she starts to take it out on Kim.
Bre: [to Kim after being thrown under the bus at judging] You couldn't tell the truth to save your life!
Kim: [to Bre] Are you kidding me? But that was the truth!
Bre: [to Nik pointing to Kim] Did she not come up to me and say that?! [Nik stays quiet]
Kim: [to Bre] I asked her!
Bre: [to Kim] Shut up! [to Nik clapping hands] Did she not come up to me and say that? [Nik continues staying quiet]
Kim: [to Bre] Bre your anger is what's getting you in trouble! Stop it now! Your anger is what's getting you in trouble every time!
Bre: [to Kim] No! No! No! No! No! [to Nicole] Nicole, for real, straight up what I did was wrong. Straight up. Kim came to us before I even hit the room!
Kim: [to Bre] Because I didn't want conflict, and I asked you, "Did you take it?"
Nicole: [to Kim] Kim, it's okay. You don't need to say anything.
Kim: [to Bre] You know what? It's not even worth it, Bre, because your anger is gonna get you in trouble, and you're the one lying!
[commercial break]
Bre: [to everyone] I just want you to know that the possibility of me going home today is about 96%. [to Kim] You will not win this competition because you are an ugly person. You have an ugly personality.
Kim: [to Bre] Tell me why no one else sees this "ugly personality" but you. You're the only one who sees it.
Bre: [to Kim] You know what? You're a liar...
Kim: [to Bre] I never... Are you kidding?!
Nicole: [to Kim] Kim, don't say anything!
Kim: [to Bre] You know what, Bre! It's not worth it because you are the liar! It's not even worth it talking to you. You've proven that you're the liar in this situation!
Bre: [to everyone] Look at me. I did something that was very wrong and God don't like ugly. He don't like it.
Kim: [in confessional about Bre's betrayal] I definitely feel extremely betrayed by Bre. I mean, we were friends. I've always maintained a loyalty to her, I never talked about Bre behind her back. Bre is someone that I don't know anymore.
Nicole: [to Kim] I love your personality. I do.
Kim: [to Nicole] Thank you. I feel good about it.

Tyra: [to Bre] Bre do you want to go home?
Bre: [crying to Tyra] Not at all.
Tyra: [flips over Bre's photo] You're not. [Bre continues crying, Kim is pissed, Nicole is shocked and starts crying as Kim gives her a hug]

Kim: [in confessional after getting eliminated eighth] I started with nothing and I came out with great skills as a model.

The Girl Who Takes a Pill [5.12][edit]

Nicole: [in confessional] When Bre finds out she can't see herself, I'm like, "Whatever!"

The Girl Who Is On the Cover [5.13][edit]

Tyra: [to Nik and Nicole] We finally reach the end of this long journey. Both of you have done an amazing job but the judges feel that one of you truely has what it takes represent what America’s Next Top Model means and share that with not just America but with the world. I’m about to announce who America’s Next Top Model is. America’s Next Top Model is… Nicole!

The Cycle 5 Reunion [5.14][edit]

Tyra: [to Cassandra] I disagree with you on that. There's a "pagaent" way.

Tyra: [about Cassandra] Cassandra had a solution to her "hair problem" when she went back home. Let's take a look.

Cycle 6[edit]

Originally aired March 8 – May 17, 2006.

America's Next Top Model: Where the Girls Are [6.1][edit]

Leah: I'm awesome. I'm like the best go go dancer ever to be created.

Dani: I know what I feel, and I am not a racist.

Danielle: [when Dani makes racist comments about her] Don't ever, as long as you are alive, ever make another statement like that around me.

Dani: [in her audition tape] I am the most uber-conservative, Republican, hardcore Baptist you can ever imagine in your whole life. I don't like gay people, I don't like Muslims, I don't like abortions, I don't like anything liberal. But other than that, I really like to get along with people.

Jay: [about Jade] Humility she does not lack!

Wendy: [in confessional] It feels like I entered a dream! I'm going to resetablish my life and I'm going to start over new.

Andrea: [in confessional] I am so close to my family and... my home!

Furonda: [in confessional] I'm going to be in the house of America's Next Top Model and I'm bringing it! I'm coming to compete!

The Girl Who Learns How to Dance, The Girls Go Bald [6.2][edit]

Jade: [to the press] I am the undiscovered supermodel.
Janice: [to Jade] Why? What makes you so hot?
Jade: [to the press] I feel that I have the most potential. I'm versatile, I'm totally different...
Sara: [to Jade] We're all gonna have to take "No" to that.
Jade: [to the press] ...I'm... [to Sara] Shut...shut up, up there! Shut up!
Janice: [to Jade] No, "Zip it" is nicer than "Shut up". Zip it.
Jade: [in confessional] Being twenty-six, I should have already been a Top Model because I feel like I have so much damn potential!

Kathy: [in confessional] My look right now it's kind of freaky but I really like it but I do kind of feel like a penis with ears. [just about to do the photoshoot] Ugh!

Danielle: [in confessional] Jay is like "You look regal". I did know what regal meant so I didn’t say anything because I was like if it’s bad I don’t wanna be like "thank you"!

Tyra: [to the top thirteen selected girls of America's Next Top Model Cycle 6 at the very first official judging panel] One of you is weaker than the other twelve.

Tyra: [to Jade at the very first official judging panel] You don't think you're arrogant at all, Jade?
Jade: [to Tyra] No. I'm very humble, I'm very down to earth.
Nigel: [to Jade] Well, I was about to say, "humble."
Jade: [to Nigel] Yes, I am humble.
Nigel: [to Jade] A part of being humble is being quiet...
Jade: [to Nigel] Well, humble inside, I mean.
Nigel: [to Jade] ...and listening...
Jade: [to Nigel] Nigel, I mean humble inside.
Nigel: [to Jade] ...and not talking over the judges!
Jade: [to Nigel] I'm sorry.

J Alexander: Jade is a bit tranny to me, and that's why I love her.

[the top thirteen selected girls of America's Next Top Model Cycle 6 return to the panel to receive the verdict for the very first official elimination]
Tyra: Thirteen beautiful girls stand before me... [long pause] ...but I only have twelve photos in my hands and these photos represent the girls that are still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model. The first name that I am going to call is... [flips over Nnenna's photo] ...Nnenna [Nnenna gets startled and shock and then comes to collect her photo] Congratulations, Nnenna! You took a stunning photo and you won the challenge. Congratulations.
Nnenna: [to Tyra] Thank you very much.
Tyra: You're still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model.
Nnenna: [to Tyra] Thank you.
Tyra: The next name that I am going to call is... [flips over Sara's photo] ...Sara. [Sara comes to collect her photo] Sara, this picture is magical. Congratulations. You're still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model.
Sara: [to Tyra] Thank you.
Tyra: The next name that I am going to call is... [flips over Leslie's photo] ...Leslie. [Leslie comes to collect her photo, flips over Joanie's photo] Joanie. [Joanie comes to collect her photo, flips over Kari's photo] Kari. [Kari comes to collect her photo, flips over Danielle's photo] Danielle. [Danielle comes to collect her photo, congratulates Danielle] Congratulations.
Danielle: [to Tyra] Thank you.
Tyra: The next name that I am going to call is... [flips over Jade's photo] ...Jade. [Jade comes to collect her photo, flips over Mollie Sue's photo] Miss Mollie Sue. [Mollie Sue comes to collect her photo, flips over Brooke's photo] Brooke. [Brooke comes to collect her photo, flips over Gina's photo] Gina. [Gina comes to collect her photo runway walking] Work the runway girl! [other girls laugh]
Gina: Mmm! Hmmm! Mmm! Hmmm!
Tyra: [to Gina] Congratulations, Gina. You're still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model. [Gina joins the other nine girls while Wendy, Furonda and Kathy are left standing anxiously in the final three to await the last girl safe from the bottom two before receiving the verdict for the very first official elimination] The next name that I am going to call is... [flips over Wendy's photo] ...Wendy. [Wendy comes to collect her photo] Congratulations, Wendy.
Wendy: [to Tyra] Thank you.
Tyra: [to Kathy and Furonda in the bottom two] Will Furonda and Kathy please step forward? I only have one photo in my hands and this photo represents the girl that is still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model. I will only call one name and the girl that I do not call must immediately return to the house, pack her belongings and go home. Furonda, you thought that you did an amazing job in your photoshoot. You thought you rocked it. You thought you did better than all those other girls in this entire room. Some of the judges think you did the worst. Kathy, you did an okay job in your photoshoot. Some of the judges look at you and they see a girl in the hometown that's cute however in the real world of modeling it just doesn't measure up. So who goes home? The girl with the worst photo in the bunch or the girl whom some of the judges just don't see true potential. [flips over Furonda's photo] Furonda.
[Furonda hugs Kathy and goes to Tyra to collect her photo]
Tyra: [to Furonda] Congratulations. You're still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model. So now instead of thinking that you rocked it you need to know that right now you're at the bottom of this heap because what you think is right is so wrong but we think that you have the potential to grow as a model. Congratulations.
Furonda: [to Tyra] Thank you. [joins the eleven girls who were safe from the bottom two]
Tyra: [to Kathy] Thank you, Kathy.
Kathy: [to Tyra] Thank you. [goes to hug and say goodbye to everyone]
[Danielle hugs Kathy followed by Sara and Wendy]
Kathy: [to everyone] Thanks it was good.
Tyra: [to Kathy] Bye, Kathy. [Kathy leaves panel, Danielle looks a little sad]
Kathy: [in confessional after getting eliminated first] I'm very disappointed. I do not want to be the first to go home. I felt like this way maybe my chance to shine but I guess not. Oh well, I made it this far and this is pretty big. I just wanted to say this isn't the end. You'll be seeing and I'll be on the cover of something someday. Just wait. I'll be big!

The Girl Who is A True Miss Diva [6.3][edit]

[prior to makeovers, Tyra is telling each girl what they're going to get]
Tyra: Brooke, when we look at you, we think Victoria's Secret, we think high fashion, so you know who's hair you're gonna get?
J. Alexander: Mine. [everyone starts laughing]

Joanie: [about Jade in confessional] Jade just shut up!

Mollie Sue: [about Jade in confessional] Oh my gosh! Shut Up!

Wendy: [in confessional about her makeover] I like the hair and it's easier for me to keep up with. So it made me feel a lot better. [before and after (makeover) photos are shown]

Furonda: [in confessional about Jade] Jade didn't want to go short. She wanted extensions.

Jade: Long hair! Long hair, baby! [in confessional about Furonda] Furonda is really feeling this hair, now that is a true Miss Diva.

Furonda: Ladies! Hello!

Mollie Sue: [about Furonda in confessional] Furonda, you're a diva!

Sara: [laughing about Jade in confessional] I think the Peroxide's are starting to mess with Jade's head!

Joanie: [about Jade in confessional] She's not from this planet, so she says. And you know what? I think I believe it.

Wendy's Mother: [on the phone to Wendy] ...and we couldn't even get in the kitchen. [Jade knocks on the door]
Wendy: [looking up to Jade] Yes?
Jade: [to Wendy] Sorry, I need to use the phone. I have not used the phone, like, since I got my haircut. May I please use the phone?
Wendy: [to Jade] I'm almost done. I had to get up at three o'clock in the morning. When I get off, I will let you know.
Jade: [in confessional] I hadn't talked to my family since my makeover, so everything's building up inside me. [to Furonda] I haven't used the phone at all...but everybody else has used the phone. [in confessional] I don't know who I am right now. I'm lost, I need balance. [to Furonda] Yo, I'm tired of struggling. I feel like I am the undiscovered supermodel, you know what I'm saying? I live in New York City, the belly of the beast. I'm tired of this.
Mollie Sue: [in confessional about herself, Jade and Furonda] I'm in the corner laughing. Furonda's laughing, which is just, like, adding fuel to the fire.
Jade: This is ugly and this is what I said in the car, saying that this was gonna get ugly! This is a competition! This is not America's Next Top Best Friend! I wanna be America's Next Top Model because I have everything that it takes to be that. [in confessional] I know I'm a threat. I'm a strong-ass woman, I'm a soldier sister. Recognize.
Furonda: [in confessional] Maybe she's bipolar, or something? Because the behavior that she displayed was just totally erratic.
Jade: I am blonde, I am short! I'm—I'm unbalanced. You're wearing a crown on your head. You look ridiculous!
Furonda: Well, you're up here in your panties.
Jade: Of course I'm in my panties, and I look damn good! Broke-ass crown, they ain't even real diamonds.
Wendy: [to Jade when finished on the phone] You need to not take your attitude out on other people.
Jade: [to Wendy going in to use the phone] Goodbye, J-Lo! Goodbye, J-Lo! [Wendy walks into the bathroom with Joanie, Sara, and Furonda]
Joanie: Dammit, she (Jade) woke me up!
Wendy: You shouldn't have to bring someone else down to bring yourself high.

Jade: [to her Mother (Diana Cole) on the phone] These girls are horrible, Mom! They're trying to corrupt me, Mum!

Jade: [in confessional] I'm not worried about Furonda right now because she did really bad.

J. Alexander: Furonda really impressed me. She did much better than last time!

[girls return to the panel to receive the verdict for the second elimination]
Tyra: Twelve lovely girls stand before me but I only have eleven photos in my hands and these photos represent the girls that are still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model. The first name that I am going to call is... [flips over Brooke's photo] ...Brooke [Brooke comes to collect her photo] Congratulations. You're still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model.
Brooke: [to Tyra] Thank you.
Tyra: The next name that I am going to call is... [flips over Danielle's photo] ...Danielle. [Danielle comes to collect her photo, flips over Nnenna's photo] Nnenna. [Nnenna comes to collect her photo, flips over Kari's photo] Joanie. [Kari comes to collect her photo, flips over Furonda's photo] Furonda. [Furonda comes to collect her photo, tells Furonda how far she has come] You were at the bottom of the pack! You're photo last week was ugh! But this, look at how your eyes connect. That's a model. Congratulations. The next name that I am going to call is... [flips over Gina's photo] ...Gina. [Gina comes to collect her photo, flips over Mollie Sue's photo] Miss. Mollie Sue. [Mollie Sue comes to collect her photo, makes a name comparison] You know how I love saying your name like that. My name is Tyra Lyn. Congratulations. [flips over Leslie's photo] Leslie. [Leslie comes to collect her photo, flips over Sara's photo] Sara. [Sara comes to collect her photo] Sara you have the judges all confused and just... [Sara laughs] So you have a lot to prove. Congratulations. [Wendy, Joanie and Jade are left standing anxiously in the final three to await the last girl safe from the bottom two before receiving the verdict for the second elimination] The next name that I am going to call is... [flips over Joanie's photo] ...Joanie. [Joanie comes to collect her photo] Congratulations, Joanie. You're still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model. [to Wendy and Jade in the bottom two] Will Jade and Wendy please step forward? Two beautiful interesting women stand before me but I only have one photo in my hands and this photo represents the girl that is still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model. I will only call one name and the girl that I do not call must immediately return to the house, pack her belongings and go home. Wendy the judges see a model in person but for two weeks in a row, they have been less than impressed with your photos. So what the judges see right now is a lot of potential. They haven't seen that potential put into a photo. Jade, you are standing right in front of me because you have a lot of excuses, that you don't take responsibility for your actions. So who goes home? [long pause; Tyra flips over Jade's photo] Jade.
Jade: Thank you so much.
Tyra: We think the arrogance is actually insecurity but we feel that you have potential if you can show us the real Jade. You're still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model.
Jade: Thank you.
[Tyra sees Wendy hugging Mollie Sue and Joanie, Leslie looks like she is about to cry]
Wendy: [in confessional after getting eliminated] I think I was a little shocked when Tyra delivered the news that I would be going home. [opens the front door to the house] I don't think I was really expecting it. [packing bags] I think my family will be proud of me that I've made it this far. [portfolio is shown] I wouldn't look at it as this is the end of modeling for me and I would really like to have a future or something someday. [pulls suitcase and leaves]

The Girl Who Kissed the Roach [6.4][edit]

Jade: [to Gina with the Roach] Kiss it! Kiss it!
Gina: [to Jade] Jade! Stop!
Jade: [to Gina with the Roach] Come on! Kiss it!
Gina: [in confessional] I hate cockroaches with passion!

Stylist: [to Gina] Please don't grab my hand!

Joanie: [in confessional about Gina] The freakout award goes to Gina!

Jade: [in confessional after winning the challenge] Yes! I redeemed myself!

Nigel: [about Danielle spraining her ankle] Falling is definitely your expertise.

Jay: Right now you look like your clunking on a mat.
Furronda: Really? What does my face look like?
Jay: Like you're clunking on a mat.

The Girl Who Kissed A Male Model [6.5][edit]

Joanie: [After Nnenna kisses the male model] He totally pitched a tent while they were in Africa. And not one you camp in.

Janice: [to Gina] What's your name?
Gina: [to Janice] Gina.
Janice: [to Gina] Hi Gina!
Gina: [to Janice] I can't give a convincing photo.
Janice: [to Gina] You just said I can't give a convincing photograph. I don't want to hear the next thing out of your mouth but go ahead!

Janice: [to Gina] Stand up and jump up and down on one leg!

Jade: [in confessional about Gina] This girl has lost her damn mind!

Janice: [to Gina, Jade, Nnenna, Sara, Joanie, Danielle, Furonda, Mollie Sue, Leslie and Brooke] America's Next Top Model, baby! Holla! [Nnenna smiles] Give me a beat! [Leslie taps the table and claps] Bom! Uhh! Uhh! Bom!
Danielle: Give me a beat!
Janice: [to Gina] Come on Gina! Have fun! Uhh! Uhh! Uhh! Uhh! Laugh Gina! Laugh! Hahahahahahahah! America's Next Top Model, baby!
Jade: [in confessional about Janice] Janice is cool.
Janice: [to Gina, Jade, Nnenna, Sara, Joanie, Danielle, Furonda, Mollie Sue, Leslie and Brooke] What? What?
Jade: [in confessional about Janice] Me and her kind of click because we're on the same level.
Janice: [to Gina, Jade, Nnenna, Sara, Joanie, Danielle, Furonda, Mollie Sue, Leslie and Brooke] Now what's really going on at the house? [to Gina] Gina. Come over here, Gina. Come here, baby. Who's giving you some? Tell me and I'll go hit them!
Gina: [to Janice] Do I have to?
Janice: [to Gina] Yes. Tell me who's giving you. [Gina point to Jade] Yo! [Jade looks shocked]
Jade: [to Gina] What? Are you serious? Are you really serious?
Janice: She just pointed at you.
Jade: [to Gina] What did I do now, Gina? What did I do now? [in confessional about Gina] I was thinking in my head like "What?!"
Janice: [to Gina] First of all, you get over there!
Jade: [to Gina] What did I do now, Gina?
Janice: [to Gina] You can go! You can go away! Gina, no matter what...rule number one, we never rat out our bitches!
Gina: [to Janice] The thing is, you see I never...
Janice: [to Gina] Zip it!
Gina: [in confessional] I wanted to explain myself at that point because it's not fair. [to Janice] The thing is, though, I...
Janice: [to Gina] There is no thing! Zip it, bitch! Zip it! You're dead in my book.
Jade: [in confessional about Janice] That's Janice, you know. What you get is what you get...
Janice: [to Gina, Jade, Nnenna, Sara, Joanie, Danielle, Furonda, Mollie Sue, Leslie and Brooke] Holla!
Jade: [in confessional about Janice] ...and you got to be prepared no matter what.
Gina: [to Joanie, Sara, Danielle and Mollie Sue] Did you see Jade's face and what happened.
Joanie: [to Gina] I know.
Gina: [to Joanie, Sara, Danielle and Mollie Sue] So how did she deserve to be happy at that point and it's like I don't know if I can handle it.
Danielle: [in confessional about Gina and Jade] I think Jade pick on Gina because like from day one Gina's been sort of quiet.
Gina: [to Joanie, Sara, Danielle and Mollie Sue] I didn't want to rat her out but she asked me again. What am I suppose to do? [to Nnenna] I don't know.
Nnenna: [to Gina about Jade] What the heck are you scared of? What is Jade going to do? Is she going to spank you? From now on even if you don't know what you're doing just look confident so they don't see you as an easy target.
Gina: [in confessional about Jade] After we get back from the restaurant, I was taking a shower, I come out and I see Jade is on my bed. She's the last person I want to see right at that point!
[commercial break]
Jade: [to Gina] You have got it so twisted.
Gina: [to Jade] I don't have it twisted, Jade.
Jade: [to Gina] Sweetheart, you do.
Gina: [in confessional about Jade] After we get back from the restaurant, I was taking a shower, I come out and I see Jade is on my bed. I'm tired. I want to go to bed.
Jade: [to Gina] I really didn't appreciate dinner. I thought that was so uncomfortable.
Gina: [to Jade] Jade...
Jade: [to Gina] Well we're going to have to do this now.
Gina: [in confessional] At that point, I really felt like I needed to stand up for myself.

Gina: [to Jade] You say you feel sorry for me. I feel very sorry for you! You don't understand anything! You think you're getting under my skin. You think you're intimidating me. You're not intimidating me at all.
Jade: [to Gina] Then why are you so...
Gina: [to Jade] You can say whatever you want, Jade! I'm done with you.
Nnenna: [in confessional about Gina] I'm glad Gina decided to stand up for herself.
Gina: [in confessional] It was my battle and I think I did pretty well.

Jade: [in confessional about Gina] She looks so cheesy!

Danielle: [in confessional about Nnenna] Nnenna is a cool girl. If she wins the challenges fine. Just give me America's Next Top Model.

Danielle: [in confessional about Jade] It's just so random to hear Jade say she wants to be a kindergarten teacher. I would homeschool my child before they went to Jade's class.

Jade: [to Furonda] Everybody that meets me for the first time thinks I'm like a bitch. They think I'm...arrogant. Everybody that knows me knows I'm not like that. I'm, like, the most real individual.
Furonda: [to Jade] If you're a real person, and a nice person why would you do that?
Jade: [to Furonda] You keep on going off on this nicelessness. It's not about that.
Furonda: [to Jade] You're like, "I'm so positive, I'm so this, I'm so that." But that's...that's the facade you got going on, and I don't know what kind of issues you got...
Jade: [to Furonda] Facazz? What the hell is a facazz?
Furonda: [to Jade] A facade. And that's...
Jade: [to Furonda] Facazz?
Furonda: [to Jade] Facade.
Jade: [in confessional] Man, my life story...I need to write a book, and maybe one day I will and you should read it.

Tyra: [to Brooke who has survived the bottom two over Gina] With possibilities there's potential, Brooke. Congratulations. You're still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model.
Brooke: [to Tyra] Thank you.
Tyra: [to Gina] Thanks Gina.
Gina: [to Tyra] Thank you. [hugs Nnenna and Jade]
Leslie: Hahahah!
Gina: [in confessional after getting eliminated fourth] Modelling is definitely a lot hard than what people might think. I'm sad because I know I could have done so much better. I've learned that not everyone will like me no matter how friendly I am. There's always going to be obstacles in my life and it's up to me to figure it out on my own. [leaves house]

The Girl With Two Bad Takes [6.6][edit]

Tyra: Well, you guys are the Top 9. So, you've gotten this far. IS it hard to walking into the judging room, and... [sighs] I've been working so hard, I'm so tired, you guys. So...I'm so sorry, you guys. I don't mean to be all weak in front of you, but I'm just so light-headed.
Furonda: Somebody bring her some water.
Tyra: I'm alright. [she "faints" soon after getting up from the couch]
Nnenna: Oh gosh, Tyra!
Joanie: Oh no!
Furonda: Where's her pulse? Check her pulse!
Danielle: That was a good job!
Tyra: [notices Furonda crying and walks to her] Aw! Are you okay?
Furonda: [in confessional about Tyra] I think Tyra's too good of an actress, and that was a very mean trick she played on us!

Nick Cannon: The next game is called Questions.
Furonda: [in confessional] The questions game is where you would ask a question, and the person would ask a question back.
Nick: A TV and a remote.
Brooke: Why do you keep changing me all the time? [affirmative buzzer rings with a green checkmark, saying "question"]
Joanie: Why is your antennae all crooked? [affirmative buzzer rings with a green checkmark, saying "question"]
Nick: A job interview.
Jade: [to Furonda] I'm sorry you don't have the right qualifications. [a negative buzzer rings and a large red x appears on the screen saying "Not a Question"]
Nick: You gotta ask questions.
Jade: Oh, see, this is confusing. Man...
Nick: The game is called Questions!
Joanie: [in confessional about Jade] Jade, she just sucks at all of the stuff that we do.
Nick: Start it all off with who, what, when, where and why. If you start with one of those, you're gonna be good.
Jade: Alright, man.
Nick: I'ma give one where you can figure it out. A rich man and a poor man.
Jade: My is bigger than yours.[another negative buzzer rings and a large red x appears on the screen saying "Definitely Not a Question"]
Joanie: You totally just lost!
Jade: [in confessional] You know, even though it was fun, laughter and jokes, that wasn't humor to me. I was just like what? [affirmative buzzer rings with a green checkmark, saying "question"] What? [affirmative buzzer rings with a green checkmark, saying "question"] What? [affirmative buzzer rings with a green checkmark, saying "question"]

Danielle: [rapping to Nnenna] Roses are red, violets are blue, I'm a win the title and you look like boo-boo.
Nnenna: [rapping to Danielle] You are a model, I knew that. [laughs] But you could at least? Learn how to talk!

Mollie Sue: [rapping to Nnenna] Walk is good, might not fall, your head's as shiny as a big rubber ball.
Joanie: [rapping to everyone about her team] Yeah, my name is Joanie, you know what I mean, it's me and this white dude on this here black team, I got a volleyball diva, a hot Latina and two African, queens! [in confessional] Jade comes in to "rap".
Jade: [rapping to Furonda] My name is Jade. The ace of spades. Furonda, my dear, I know your skin is bumpy, but my skin is flawless and you look really lumpy.
Nick: Oh!
Joanie: [in confessional about Jade's rap] Nobody else took it there like nobody was like, "Yo Jade, you look like an 85-year-old woman."
Jade: [rapping to Sara] Yo, you’re blonde, you’re too tall for this industry, you know what, I’m in this real if you’re not because let me tell you they're gonna not blow up your body.
Joanie: [in confessional about Jade's attitude] I feel like Jade tries to make you feel low so that she can bring herself up.

Sara: [rapping about Jade to everyone] I think I'm gonna puke in the bottle if I hear one more thing about Jade, the undiscovered supermodel.
Jade: That doesn't rhyme. [silence voice]
Furonda: [rapping] I hate the bust on you, cause I know it's your world, hey man get rid of your "s" curl.

Jade: [nominates herself before Furonda even picks someone to share her prize PSA with] I volunteer.
Furonda: [in confessional] Jade and I are not friends. We're not friends. [back to the present] I'm going to pick Nnenna.

Jay: [in confessional about Jade's bad take for a CoverGirl commercial] She doesn't quite grasp the fact that she's got to improvise in this scene. It was thirty seconds of me listening to her heels clap on the concrete. [to Jade] This was you. [imitating Jade walking around and blowing kisses in the air and at the camera] What was that?! It was like...
Jade: I was making my entrance.
Jay: You were making your entrance, but you didn't improvise anything. Take two.
Jade: You guys look fabulous. What a party, oh my gosh! [in confessional] The second time, I just took my time, talking to people! Wonderful, fabulous.
Jay: [whispering to the camera crew and Mike Rosenthal] She's a drag queen!
Jade: [holding up product] Okay...this is...[laughs] Okay! [pause] Lightweight makeup...[bleep]
Jay: Cut! CoverGirls don't say that!

Mollie Sue: [in confessional about elimination] Jade should be the most nervous because she swore.

Mollie Sue: [in commercial] For late nights, I want something light and hassle-free. Sheer. Long-lasting. Dermatologist tested. Easy, breezy beautiful. Easy, breezy, beautiful Covergirl!

Jade: [after seeing her bad take that the judges chose] You guys used my worst one.
Nigel: You're saying that this was your worst one?
Jade: Because the other one I did the lines perfectly, and my improving wasn't good.
Mike Rosenthal: On the first take, there was very little interaction with the background, and also...there was really no speaking. All we heard was footsteps.
Nigel: You're only given one chance at casting to deliver your lines.
Tyra: Who doesn't think it was their best take? Be honest. [Sara and Brooke raise their hands] You have to know that you're not the only person thinking that right now.
Nigel: Yeah, it happens to all of us, in all walks of life.
Tyra: I have worked for Victoria's Secret for ten years, and I'm like, "Why the hell did they choose that shot?" You'll never be 100% happy as a model. It was just very unnatural, and pushing too hard. Like, "Hey girl! Mmm, ahh!", twisting and turning. And... that was very draggish. [later when deliberating with the other judges, she holds up Jade's photo] If this wasn't a drag queen walking through that party, I don't know what was!
Mike: Personally, I don't think either one of Jade's takes was any good.
Tyra: She don't think that!

J. Alexander: [about Brooke] She looks like a trout, but I love her.

Tyra: [to Jade in the bottom two with Mollie Sue] Jade you stand before me not because the commercial was very bad. You stand before me because you play the blame game. Do you know what Michael, your director, said during deliberations? Both of your takes were bad. Both of them...and the judges were turned off by your attitude. [flips over Jade's photo] Jade you don't know it all. [Jade hugs Mollie Sue, who starts crying, before going to collect her photo] You don't know it all and that's why you have entered this competition because you have tried to model for so long and it hasn't happened. So now, it's time to just listen and learn.
Jade: Thank you for believing in me once again!
Tyra: [to Mollie Sue] Thank you Mollie Sue.
Mollie Sue: [in confessional after getting eliminated] It's just that I'm so confused right now! For Jade to stay over me! It's just crazy!
Danielle: [to Mollie Sue] Good luck! Don't give up!
Mollie Sue: [in confessional after getting eliminated] It's not being voted off, it's being voted off for not having personality!

The Girl Who Has a Temper [6.7][edit]

Jade: [in confessional] I was in the bottom two again.
Tyra: [to Jade in the bottom two with Mollie Sue in a repeat scene] Jade you stand before because you play the blame game and the judges were turned off by your attitude.
Jade: [in confessional] I need to redeem myself.

Dani: [in confessional about Nnenna on the phone] You see the sun rise, you see it set, you see the Eiffel Tower, you see the crows caw...all that going on, and Nnenna's still on the phone.

Brooke: [about Nnenna to Leslie] Back there, whispering, laughing at me. What makes her so much better than me. She's from Africa?
Nnenna: [imitating Brooke to Jade] "You've been on the phone!"
Brooke: [about Nnenna to Leslie] Go back to Africa if it's so damn great.

Joanie: [with a basket on her head] I'm a basket case!

Jay: Please do the black girls proud.
Danielle: You know they call me a white girl back home but imma ...
Jay: So you can’t dance?
Danielle: Imma do, imma do what I do..
Jay: Wait, can you dance?
Danielle: I mean, imma do what I do.
Jay: Okay if you’re a white girl think Irene Cara.

Jay: [after Danielle danced well] Danielle you were lying to me. You were like ‘Uh uh I just got a little white girl thing in me’.

Leslie: [in confessional after getting eliminated sixth] Even though the competition is stressful you so want to continue because you get to experience things that a lot of other people even models don't get to experience right of the bat like that.

The Girl Who Has Surgery [6.8][edit]

Sutan: [Make-Up Artist] Every morning when I wake up, little Woodland animals come to greet me.

Brooke: [in confessional after getting eliminated seventh] I went into elimination saying that no matter what. If I get eliminated I’m not going to cry. By me crying it’s not going to change anything. I’m still getting eliminated. I’m still going home.

The Girl Who is a Model, Not a Masseuse [6.9][edit]

Jade: Sometimes I keep wondering why I am landing in the bottom two, but I'm coming back with a vengeance, I'm coming back strong.

Furonda: I don't really get to know this stuff, I am a model, not a masseuse.

Jade: [during her interview] I'm an exotic biracial butterfly.

Danielle: A couple of minutes ago I was depressed about the gap. I’m like, forgot the gap sucker, I’m going to Thailand!

Joanie: [about the products used by the makeup artists] I own that one! And the one for your face too!

Joanie: [during the mermaid photo shoot] My boobs are falling out. I would be extremely embarassed if the boobs fell out.

Danielle: [during an interview about the mermaid photo shoot] If a piranha start biting my neck, imma be a mad sister.

Danielle: [during the mermaid photo shoot] I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Danielle: Aww fish juice!
Jay Manuel: Fish juice? Work with it girl!

Danielle: I’m going through so much pain right now cause the harness was getting tighter so, my uterus is probably flat as a pancake right now.

Jay: When I put Danielle out there, I feel like a proud papa cause she knows what she’s doing.

Twiggy: Jade frightens me. Don't leave me in a room with Jade!

The Girl Who is Going to the Moon [6.10][edit]

Kathy: Ugh! I do kind of feel like a penis with ears. I had a condom on my head. A huge condom.

Tyra: Wendy you have had a long, long journey and you have gone through hell and back but you're here and what you represent is someone that's strong. Someone that perseveres.

Danielle: I'll give you a hundred dollars if you eat this.
Joanie: Get out of here!
Danielle: A hundred dollars.
Joanie: A hundred dollars, I'll have E. coli and be dead at 6 am!
Danielle: But you'll have a hundred dollars. Furonda! You want some money? [in confessional] These girls are filthy! They eat and leave things everywhere. [back to prensent] Look at this. Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!
Joanie: What else can we throw away?!

The Girl Who is Rushed To The Emergency Room [6.11][edit]

Joanie: [laughing in confessional about Furonda's dance] It wasn't anything Thai, it was hula, it was club, it was everywhere!

Jade: [in confessional] Shooting with an elephant, that reminds me of an ancient dinosaur. 'Cause they are in the dinosaur family.

Furonda: [in confessional] When I hear Jade and Joanie fighting I was like whonk whonk whonk whonk whonk whonk whonk, I was trying to tune them down.

Tyra: [to Furonda and Jade in the bottom two] Will Furonda and Jade please step forward? I only have one photo in my hands and this photo represents the girl that is still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model. I will only call one name and the girl that I do not call must immediately return to the hotel, pack her belongings and fly home. Jade, the judges joke about it when you're in front of them, and they're like, "Jade marches to her own drum. Jade is Jade!" But then, you leave the room, and they're like, "Jade is Jade." And they feel like you've come to your end... [pause] of adapting. Jade, you march to your own drum. But if you knew everything, Jade, you'd be a supermodel already and that hasn't happened yet, and Furonda, we don't know what you're marching to. So who goes home? [long pause, flips over Jade's photo] Congratulations, Jade. [Jade hugs Furonda]
Jade: Thank you for believing in me once again.
Tyra: It's not necessarily me believing in you, but it's about you taking direction, Jade. There's something about you that's just like, "I'll change a little, but I know best!" I know you have potential, Jade. Don't be your own worst enemy. Congratulations. You're still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model.
Jade: Thank you. [collects her photo and joins Danielle, Sara and Joanie]
Tyra: Thank you Furonda.
Furonda: Thank you. [goes to hug and say goodbye to Jade, Danielle, Sara and Joanie, runway walks her way out]
Tyra: Work it!
[Twiggy smiles, Tyra and Miss J. laugh, Danielle and Jade happily cheer Furonda on silently]

The Girls Go To Phuket [6.12][edit]

Jade: [in confessional] I was in the bottom two last week...
Tyra: [in a repeat scene of Jade and Furonda in the bottom two] Will Furonda and Jade please step forward?
Jade: [in confessional] ...and I'm like back in my old position again. [multiple repeat scenes of Jade surviving the bottom two are shown when Wendy, Mollie Sue and Brooke were getting eliminated] Bottom two. I don't belong there, man! What is going on?

Sara: [in confessional] Tuk-tuks are like miniature cabs but they're all open on the sides.

Jade: [in confessional] If it was up to me, I wouldn't have chose to ride in the toot-toot...hoop-hoop...pu-pu...tuk-tuk...hoopty! Okay? Because I would have had something with windows, something with doors.

Danielle: [in confessional] I'm not good with directions, I cannot read maps. Personally, I'm terrified because I have a feeling that I'm gonna look up and I'm gonna see a sign that says, "Welcome to Korea".

Pichita Rucksajit: [to Joanie and Sara] You're late so we're going to wait for another two girls. [looks at her watch]

Danielle: [in confessional about Jade, who still hasn't arrived back from the go-sees] Jade is an hour and ten minutes late. [Jade finally arrives] When Jade walked into the room, let me tell you, she had the glasses on trying to be incognito. Oh my God, it was hilarious!
Jade: [in confessional] All the girls were looking at me like... [stares off angrily] And I'm like, "Bitches, please! Okay? Relax yourself!"

Danielle: [in confessional about her go-see critique when being told her general appearance is not strong] All I got to say to that designer is, "You try traveling around in a tuk-tuk with no doors, humid outside and hot and see how your appearance look by the end of the day!"

Tyra: None of the girls won the go-see challenge. That's never happened with America's Next Top Model. Everybody failed because everybody was late...and Jade, you were the most late.

Tyra: The next name that I'm going to call... [flips over Jade's photo] ...Jade. [Jade comes to collect her photo]
Jade: [to Tyra and the judges after being called second] Thank you, everybody, for believing in me!
Tyra: [to Jade] Jade, you keep saying that every week. You say, "Thanks for believing in me, thanks for believing in me." It's not just believing in you, it's you producing. This picture is a huge improvement. So soft. It's beautiful. Congratulations.
Jade: [to Tyra] Thank you.
Tyra: [to Sara and Danielle in the bottom two] Will Danielle and Sara please step forward? I only have one photo in my hands and this photo represents the girl that is still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model. I will only call one name and the girl that I do not call must immediately return to the house, pack her belongings and go home. Sara, Danielle took beautiful photos from the beginning. So did Joanie and so did Jade but the reason why you are here is because you have progressed and that's what this competition is about. It's about starting somewhere and then progressing however the judges are wondering "Has she progressed enough?" There's only so much that an A for effort can give you. Danielle the judges still struggle with your speech. The winner of this competition needs to be articulate. She needs to speak eloquently. So who goes home? [flips over Danielle's photo] Danielle. [Danielle hugs Sara before collecting her photo from Tyra] Danielle accents are beautiful because they show the world where we come from but as a model, you've got to learn to turn it on and turn it off. Practice speaking. Every time you open your mouth, try to speak like a Covergirl. Congratulations.
Danielle: [to Tyra] Thank you.
[Sara hugs Danielle, Jade, Joanie and finally Tyra]
Sara: [to Tyra] Thank you.
Tyra: [to Sara] You should be proud. You started not knowing what the heck you were doing.
Sara: [to Tyra] I'm still trying to figure it out.
Tyra: [to Sara] You're getting there.

The Girl Who Walked Through The Ancient City [6.13][edit]

Jade: [excitedly gets up from the table and goes hyper] Oh my gosh!
Danielle: What?! What, Jade?! Stop doing that!
Jade: Yaaahhh! Oh my gosh! [sits back down at the table]
Joanie: [in confessional about Jade] Please send Jade home! Her personality smells like a dirty diaper!
Danielle: My nerves are bad! I'm shaking!

Jay: [to Jade, Danielle and Joanie who are all about to shoot for CoverGirl] How well do you guys know your scripts?
Jade: [to Jay] I mean, are you allowed to improvise?
Jay: [to Jade] No.

Jay: [to Jade who continuously forgets the lines while shooting the CoverGirl commercial] And, action!
Jade: [Actual Line: "Want a more casual mascara look?"] "Don't you ladies want to have a casual beautiful mascara that you can put on your eyelashes like mine? Well, I'm going to introduce to you, today..."
Jay: [to Jade who continuously forgets the lines while shooting the CoverGirl commercial] Cut! I don't know where you got that from, girl, but it was not what was written here.
Jade: [to Jay] I know.
Jay: [in confessional about Jade's performance in the commercial] Jade did not know her lines at all.
Jade: [Actual Line: "Wireless tapered bristle brush"] "An unbelievable brush."
Jay: [to Jade] Cut! [in confessional about Jade's performance in the commercial] She added her own words...
Jade: [Actual Line: "It's perfect for a daytime look"] "Nor as you see mine...are very beautiful."
Jay: [to Jade] Cut! I need a commercial out of you today, Jade!
Jade: [Actual Line: "New CoverGirl LashExact Mascara"] "Did you know...this little mascara..."
Jay: [to Jade] Cut! Yeah.
Jade: [to Jay] Sorry.
Jay: [to Jade helping her out] Alright, what we're going to do is we're going to pull out cue cards for you.
Jade: [in confessional] When the cue cards came out, I was like, "Phew!" [starting a new take; Actual Line: "New CoverGirl LashExact Mascara"] "Start with the new CoverGirl Exact Mascara!"
Jay: [to Jade helping her out] Cut! You didn't say what was on the cards.
Jade: [to Jay] I didn't?
Jay: [to Jade] No. If anything, know the product you're selling. LashExact Mascara.
Jade: [delivering a commercial] "The new, the latest CoverGirl...L-Lash...
Jay: [to Jade] Cut!
Jade: [delivering a commercial] "New CoverGirl Lash..."
Jay: [to Jade] Cut!
Jade: [delivering a commercial] "New CoverGirl Exact Mascara..."
Jay: [to Jade] Cut! Can you read the cue cards?! Can you see them?
Jade: [to Jay] Yeah. "Lash Ex..."
Jay: [to Jade] Cut!
Jade: [to Jay] "Lash Ex..."
Jay: [to Jade] Cut! Do not get defeated. Jade, come on, let's shake this off!
Jade: [in confessional] I'm not a failure, I don't give up. I'm a soul survivor.
[later, Jade finally returns to the agency, having finished her commercial after dozens of bad takes]
Danielle: [to Jade] Did you remember all your lines?
Jade: [to Danielle] Yep. It worked out perfectly.

Danielle: [interview about CoverGirl photoshoot] When I’m shooting today, I’m thinking about my Mum. Whenever I think about my Mom, you know, a smile comes across my face.

Tyra: [to Jade about her CoverGirl commercial at judging] So Jade there's a lot of this. Feel like I was in India for a moment, not Thailand.

Jade: [in confessional about getting eliminated] The regrets would probably be that I think that they made the wrong choice in who they're going to select to be America's Next Top Model. The judges overlooked my ability, and my confidence was definitely mistaken for arrogance. I have what it takes. It's just that my look is in a different realm. People don't know how to handle it. This face will definitely be hard to forget. Jade will be hard to forget...and I just want to leave with some words because that's just what I do.

Danielle: [in confessional] We are at the Grand Finale. The last runway show. This is gonna make me or it’s gonna break me.

Danielle: It's me in that picture. It's me! Oh my gosh! Thank you so much!

Joanie: [in confessional about Danielle winning the title of America's Next Top Model] I'm disappointed. I would have been so happy if it was me but I'm okay. The best girl won!

Danielle: [in confessional] I'm a Covergirl!

Cycle 7[edit]

Originally aired September 20 – December 6, 2006.

The Girl Who Marks Her Territory [7.1][edit]

Jaslene: [to Tyra Banks, Mr. Jay and J. Alexander] Hi! My name is Jaslene. I am nineteen years old.
J. Alexander: [to Jaslene] Did you learn all that in Catholic School?
Jaslene: [in audition home video] I should be America's Next Top Model because I devote myself. Every day is like a fashion opportunity. [to Tyra, Mr. Jay and J. Alexander] I can portray so many different looks.

Jaslene: [walking out after finishing the audition with Tyra Banks, Mr. Jay and J. Alexander] I walk like this every day, all day!

Amanda: [to Tyra Banks, Mr. Jay and J. Alexander] Were you guys looking for some twins?

Jay: [to Eugena] You don't like the last season of America's Next Top Model's girls.
Eugena: [to Tyra Banks, Mr. Jay and J. Alexander] They're boring! It just seems like they're really generic.

Tyra Banks: [to Eugena] Who's boring here?
Eugena: [to Tyra, Mr. Jay and J. Alexander] The twins are boring.

Megg: [to Megan, Amanda, Michelle, Brooke and CariDee] My name is Megan! I love to rock and roll!

Megg: [to Tyra, Mr. Jay and J. Alexander] I just feel on top of that world.

Brooke: [to Tyra, Mr. Jay and J. Alexander] Intelligent and classy! I got a cute, little booty. Not only brains. I got the beauty! Holla!

Christian: [to Tyra, Mr. Jay and J. Alexander] Oh my gosh! Good morning! How is everybody?

Monique: [to Tyra, Mr. Jay and J. Alexander] You have to pick me. I deserve it.

Melrose: [to Tyra, Mr. Jay and J. Alexander] Hello! How are you?
Tyra Banks: [to Melrose] Your name is Melissa Rose but you go by what?
Melrose: [to Tyra, Mr. Jay and J. Alexander] Melrose.
Tyra: [to Melrose] Why is that?
Melrose: [to Tyra, Mr. Jay and J. Alexander] I don't need the "issa".
Tyra: [to Melrose] No "issa"?
Melrose: [to Tyra, Mr. Jay and J. Alexander] It's too much. People don't remember Melissa Rose! They remember Melrose. [in confessional] I need to show America.

Jay: [to the Top 21 girls] Today you girls are going to be shooting nude! [the Top 21 girls scream]

Jaslene: [to Evita] Go Evita!

J. Alexander: I love one of the twins, I just can't remember which one it is.

Tyra Banks: [to Michelle] The next name that I am going to call is... Michelle. [Michelle hugs Amanda before joining Melrose and Jaeda] Michelle you seem shocked.
Michelle: [to Tyra Banks] Yeah.
Tyra: [to Michelle] Speechless.

Tyra Banks: [to Brooke] He name is Brooke!

Brooke: I'm on America's Next Top Model!

Tyra Banks: [to CariDee] CariDee come on over here. [CariDee joins the ten selected girls, later to Amanda] The next name that I am going to call is… Amanda! [to Michelle] I know why you had that weird look on your face Michelle.
Michelle: [to Tyra Banks] Yeah.
Tyra Banks: [to Michelle] You were like "What about the other one?" [to Amanda and Michelle] You both did a great job.

Jaslene: [to Tyra after missing out on the top thirteen] I’m not giving up.
Tyra Banks: [to Jaslene] You shouldn’t give up.
Jaslene: [to Tyra after missing out on the top thirteen] I’m coming back.

Megg: [in confessional] America's Next Top Model House! Yeah baby!

Brooke: [referring to Monique and Christian] If they come back up here to try to take my bed, I'm going to be like "No way!" [in confessional] There were only eleven beds. Monique and Christian were the unfortunate losers in the bed situation.
Monique: [referring to herself and Christian] That means these girls are going to have to sleep here. [in confessional] I am not sleeping on no bean bag. I will not do that! [walks to Eugena's bed and places her belongings on that bed trying to take it away hoping Eugena would be okay with it] Pff! That's what it is! [moves Eugena's belongings to the next bed] I politely moved her stuff and marked my territory. [pours water on top of the bed] I don't think they're going to want to sleep here now. [in confessional] I deserve a bed, so if I have to fight for my bed, I'm going to fight for it! [Eugena walks into the room]
Eugena: [to Monique] Get off my bed, Monique! Who sat on this bed?! [Jaeda walks into the room with Amanda and Christian]
Jaeda: [to Monique, Eugena, Amanda and Christian] Hey! That's my bed over there!
Monique: [to Eugena] Damn! You know what? I just decided to just pee on the bed today. [Eugena touches the wet portion of the bed]
Eugena: [to Monique] Did you do this?!
Monique: [to Eugena] Yeah, I did.
Eugena: [to Monique] The bathroom is down the hall, Monique!
Amanda: [to Monique] So that wasn't your bed?
Monique: [to Amanda] I don't know whose bed it was.
Eugena: [to Monique] It's my bed!
Monique: [to Eugena] It was someone else's when I came over here.
Eugena: [to Monique] No it wasn't. My stuff was over here.
Monique: [to Eugena, Amanda, Jaeda and Christian] I'm going to sleep right here underneath Tyra. I marked my territory.
Eugena: [in confessional about Monique] Monique she stole my bed. Bitch thinks that she owns everything. She's being a punk because she didn't tell me to my face that she was going try to take my bed. I wanted to fight her!
Monique: [in confessional about Eugena] Don't play with me. I'm going to have a bed, I don't care and you can call me a damn diva, vixen, whatever. I don't care! You guys can all bite me!

Christian: [in confessional about Melrose] Melrose tried to be the Mom of the house.

A.J.: [to Monique] There's other people living here!

Melrose: [to Jaeda, Amanda, Michelle, CariDee, Christian, Megg, Megan, Eugena, Anchal, Brooke and A.J. about Monique] This girl is so uncooperative!

Monique: [to Melrose, Jaeda, Amanda, Michelle, CariDee, Christian, Megg, Megan, Eugena, Anchal, Brooke and A.J.] I'm Monique! That's just what I do!

Amanda: [to Monique] You're telling us you won't change! [raises hands and rolls eyes]

Amanda: [in confessional about Monique] Monique doesn't want to compromise and I don't like that.

Anchal: [in confessional about Monique] Monique is cuckoo! There's something wrong with her!

Brooke: [to Tyra’s acting] Someone call the psych ward, dude!

Jay Manuel: [in confessional about Christian] She gave me the same pose! Shot after shot after shot!

Jay Manuel: [to Melrose] What's the issue?
Melrose: [to Jay Manuel] Oh, honey, I've been ready for like six hours but then I got my massage with my make up on and...
Jay Manuel: [to Melrose] Really? The attitude! Don't slow up the shoot!

Jay Manuel: [to Melrose] Is that horrified or is that bad acting?
Melrose: [to Jay Manuel] That’s bad acting.
Jay Manuel: [to Melrose] Yeah. Thank you. Can you give me horrified?
Melrose: [to Jay Manuel] Ugh!
Jay Manuel: [to Melrose] That’s bad acting.

Tyra Banks: [to Twiggy, Miss. J and Nigel about Melrose's attitude at the photoshoot during deliberation with the judges] I'm just so disappointed in her performance on the set. And to be talking back to Mr. Jay and flipping out and blaming this and blaming that. It's like, "Honey, this is the first week. You could be cut like that." If you're a bitch...hide it.

Tyra: [to Brooke, Christian and Melrose who are all left standing anxiously in the final three to await the last girl safe from the bottom two before receiving the verdict for the very first official elimination of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 7] The next name that I am going to call is… [flips over Brooke’s photo] Brooke.
Brooke: [relieved to be safe and walks up to Tyra to accept her photo] Hooh! I’m going to work really hard this week.
Tyra: [to Brooke] Congratulations. You’re still in the running towards becoming America’s Next Top Model.
Brooke: [to Tyra] Thank you. [collects her photo and joins the other ten girls who are already safe]
Tyra: [to Christian and Melrose in the bottom two] Will Melrose and Christian please step forward. [Christian and Melrose step forward and when Christian goes one step too far she stands in line next to Melrose] I only have one photo in my hands and I will only call one name. The girl that I do not call must immediately return to the house, pack her belongings and go home. Christian, you walked in here and didn’t look like a model. The judges also looked at your photo and said: “There’s something that’s just not popping through.” Two of the judges even said she’s boring. Melrose… [Melrose is crying] …you had one of the most notorious model stereotypes, and we look at that photo, and we're like, "She had all that to go on? And she delivered that?" And then on top of that, the attitude that you had on the set is just not acceptable. [Monique looks right at Melrose who is still crying]
Melrose: [still crying to Tyra] I'm so sorry.
Tyra: [to Melrose] It's a little too late for sorry, Melrose.
Melrose: [still crying to Tyra] Yes. [nodding]
Tyra: [to Melrose and Christian] I have one photo in my hands...[flips over Melrose’s photo] ...and if we catch you being a diva in your next photoshoot, you're going home. [Melrose is still crying and goes down to the floor when she sees her photo; Christian starts crying when she realizes she is the first girl eliminated]
Melrose: [still crying to Tyra] Oh my God! Oh my God! [touching the floor, Michelle and CariDee both look]
Tyra: [to Melrose] Are you okay?
Melrose: [walks up to Tyra to accept her photo and still crying] Oh my God! Thank you so much! [trying to hug Tyra]
Tyra: [to Melrose] It's okay. Just breathe. [hugs Melrose] What do you think you learned today? Tell me what you learned.
Melrose: [to Tyra] I learned that I can do this if I put my mind in the right spot.
Tyra: [to Melrose] And you're going to have to be waking up for a lot less than ten thousand dollars a day for a long time.
Melrose: [to Tyra] I'll wake for, like, a dollar! [A.J. and Megan both laugh] Thank you so much!
Tyra: [to Melrose] Congratulations.
Melrose: [to Tyra] Thank you.
Tyra: [to Christian] Come here, Christian. [Christian approaches Tyra for a hug] It’s okay. [hugs Christian who also hugs the top twelve girls and leaves the judging panel to go back to the house in Los Angeles]
Christian: [in confessional after getting eliminated first] I'm crushed. I’m not going to act like I didn’t want it because I did. I was just really hoping they would give me a second chance because I felt like I could have gone far in the competition.

The Girl Who Hates Her Hair [7.2][edit]

Melrose: [in confessional about surviving the bottom two over Christian] I've been thinking a lot about Christian.

Tyra Banks: [to Amanda] Amanda, we're making you fireengine!

Jaeda: [to Amanda and Brooke] I've never had my hair that short before.

Brooke: [to Jaeda] You know it's going to look good!

Monique: [to Eugena] I don't want to look the same! Cut my hair off!

Megg: [in confessional about her makeover] I could do more headbanging in this hair than I could with the other.

Anchal: [in confessional about her makeover] I feel great!

CariDee: [to A.J. and Eugena] I can't believe Melrose is all upset with being blonde.
A.J.: [to CariDee and Eugena] I know. Honestly if I were in her position I wouldn't want to be blonde either.
Sutan: [to Brooke] What happened to Megg Ryan? That looks so good!
Brooke: [to Sutan] Thank you!
Sutan: [to Brooke] It's sexy!
Brooke: [in confessional about her makeover] I've never had brown hair. I've always been a blondie but Frédéric Fekkai is the master and it turned out beautiful.
Michelle: [in confessional about her makeover] Honestly I don't know if I can, like, work with this new hair. I'm just really bad with hair in general. Pretty much anything girly I'm bad at.
Amanda: [in confessional about her makeover] Me and my sister were kind of disappointed about having different looks because now we can switch. We can't like trick people as easily.
Jaeda: [to Jay Manuel] Oh gosh!

Eugena: [in confessional about her makeover] I was pleased with my makeover.

Megan: [in confessional about her makeover] It was amazing having Frédéric Fekkai work on us. He cut my hair in like two minutes.

Jaeda: [to Eugena] I hate this boy hair!

Jaeda: [to Melrose] You look crazy! [laughs with Eugena]
Melrose: [to Eugena] This is my look!
Eugena: [to Melrose] Yes it looks crazy! [Melrose does her makeover photoshoot]
A.J.: [to Frédéric Fekkai] You have to make it darker!
Frédéric Fekkai: [to A.J.] Why don't we just change the other part?
A.J.: [to Frédéric Fekkai] No! I hate this color! Please! [in confessional about her makeover] When I first got my hairstyle I was in complete shock. It's still a little bit too light for my liking and I'm not a smooth girl. I like spikes. [does makeover photoshoot]
Jay Manuel: [to J Alexander about seeing Monique crying out loud] J.! Miss. Monique. Look! Look! Look! Look! Look!
Monique: [placing a towel over her head and crying out loud to the hair stylist] Oh my gosh!!!!!! Why?!!!!!!!
J Alexander: [to Jay Manuel about seeing Monique crying out loud] If she wants to cry, then let her cry.
Weavin' Steven: [to Jay Manuel about seeing Monique crying out loud] That's what she said. She said that nobody's ever seen her without her weave.
Jay Manuel: Oh, please! Look at that picture of Tyra on the wall! There's Tyra without her weave on! [later goes with J Alexander to check up on Monique, who is having a meltdown over her makeover in the bathroom] Girl, I am not in the mood for these girls.
J Alexander: [to Monique] Come here, girl.
Jay Manuel: [to Monique] What's the story?
Monique: [crying out loud to Jay Manuel and J Alexander] I'm just having a bad day! I can't even sleep 'cause it's like, the alarm's going off's nothing I can't see!
Jay Manuel: [rolling his eyes at Monique] Do you want this career? This is not hard. You are getting a fresh hair weave by a master stylist, and if the alarm's going off, put in earplugs! [takes Monique with J Alexander, later in confessional] To see these young girls who supposedly wanted to be here so badly, to just kind of throw it off, and say, "Ugh! I don't like it!" [Monique does her makeover photoshoot] It just disgusts me, and it makes me not want to be here. [to all the girls] Guys, when you walk into this business, you walk into this business as blank canvases. I wish that when I was 18 or 19, I had people come in and take me to the next level. So, you hate your hair and you're actually being insulting to a master who's been in this business. [to A.J.] No, you were. Just listen for one second!
A.J.: [to Jay Manuel] Right.
Jay Manuel: [referring to Monique] Miss Thing's crying up there because she got her tracks out and this, and that, and it's like...?! You're insulting our guests, you're insulting Tyra inevitably. I'm, like, over it! I'm just going to go home and sleep!

Jay Manuel: [to Megg, Monique, Melrose, Jaeda, Amanda, Michelle, CariDee, Megan, Eugena, Anchal, Brooke and A.J.] If you miss the elevator doors, you're instantly disqualified.

Monique: [in frustration over not getting into the elevator with Melrose, Jaeda, Amanda, Michelle, CariDee, Megan, Eugena, Anchal, Brooke and A.J. in time and getting disqualified from the CoverGirl make-up application, speed and presentation challenge on the fifteenth level] Freak! Stupid!
Melrose: [in confessional] When Monique doesn't make the elevator, everyone is like "Oh! We're all getting beating up tonight! For sure!".

Megg: [to Melrose, Jaeda, Amanda, Michelle, CariDee, Megan, Eugena, Anchal, Brooke and A.J. who are all returning from the CoverGirl make-up application, speed and presentation challenge that Eugena just won and chose Jaeda and CariDee to share the prize; Monique was also disqualified] You guys met Queen Latifah?!
Jaeda: [smiles and nods to Megg] I shook her hand and everything!
Michelle: [in confessional about Monique] Monique seemed pretty pissed. So I think I'm going to avoid her for like the rest of the day. [arrive home with Monique, Melrose, Jaeda, Amanda, Megg, CariDee, Megan, Eugena, Anchal, Brooke and A.J.]
Melrose: [to Monique who is going to use the phone inquiring about how long the phone will be used for] Monique, how long are you going to be on the phone? [Monique closes the door of the phone room and starts using the phone]
Monique: [to her mother on the phone] I'm so pissed off! Do you know they got to meet Queen Latifah?
Melrose: [in confessional] Tonight, I really need to get on the phone with my landlord. I need to talk to her about potentially getting my deposit back. [back to the scene, worried and stands beside Megan and Anchal] I'm gonna lose a thousand dollars... [tries to get Monique's attention by telling her to finish quickly by holding five fingers up; after forty-eight minutes have passed, Monique is still on the phone]
Brooke: Yeah, I need two.
Melrose: [about Monique] No response. I got nothing. [after one hour and twenty-three minutes have passed, Monique is still on the phone]
Michelle: [to Brooke and Amanda about Monique losing the CoverGirl make-up application, speed and presentation challenge which Eugena won] This is her way of getting back at us for her getting DQ'd.
Monique: [to her mother on the phone whilst Melrose is watching] These little, raggedy non-talented models ain't never even thought about being a model until they walked into the audition, and all of a sudden they want to come in here and act like they the stuff. What?! [still on the phone after one hour and fifty-eight minutes have passed]
Brooke: [to Monique] Monique! [Michelle tries to get Monique's attention by playing with kitchen utensils] Oooh!
Michelle: [in confessional about Monique] We were trying to get her attention, so everyone's thinking of funny ways, you know, to piss her off, like just joking around. [CariDee flashes at Monique]
Brooke: [to CariDee about getting Monique's attention] There's one way to do it! [CariDee flashes at Monique again]
Eugena: [about Monique] Oh, wait! Oh, wait! Oh, wait!
A.J.: [about Monique] Here she comes! [Michelle is eating Doritos chips and laughing; Monique notices that the other girls are trying to get attention whilst she was on the phone and opens the door to come out for a little bit]
Monique: [to all the other girls] I'm just enjoying this phone call! It's great!
Amanda: [in confessional, imitating Monique] "I'm really enjoying my phone conversation!" [smiles] Who does that?! Two-year-olds do that! [after two hours and twenty-six minutes have passed, Monique is still on the phone]
A.J.: [to Monique] It's not our fault you couldn't get in the damn elevator! Don't take it out on us!
Monique's Mother: [on phone to Monique about the other girls] When they mess with a child of God, they've got trouble on their hands. You tell them, "I am a 'Princess of the Throne.'" [Anchal makes her way to Monique, Melrose sips her water, Anchal opens the door to the phone room]
Anchal: [in confessional about Monique] She's a drama queen. She's just a stupid little bitch! [barges into the phone room after Monique talks on the phone for over two hours and twenty-six minutes] Hello?! [to Monique trying to end her phone call] Get off!
Monique: [to Anchal] Do not hang up my phone!
Anchal: [to Monique] Don't touch me! [Megg looks shocked and Michelle joins in to get Monique off of the phone]
Monique: [to Anchal] Do not hang up my phone!
Anchal: [to Monique] Do not touch me!
Monique: [to Anchal] Do not touch the phone!
Anchal: [to Monique] Do not touch me!
Monique: [to Anchal] You do not have the right to come in here!
Anchal: [to Monique] Bro! It's been an hour! It's an hour enough!
Monique: [to Anchal] You need to go talk to somebody else! Don't you ever come inside and touch!
Anchal: [to Monique] Don't touch me! [Michelle looks down at Monique angrily]
Monique: [to Anchal] You need to... [Melrose sees what's happening]
Anchal: [to Monique about Melrose] Bro! There's people that got to pay for their apartment!
Monique: [to Anchal] Okay... [Anchal presses the phone button to end Monique's call repeatedly and Michelle continues to stare down at Monique angrily] ...and you don't know what the hell I'm on the phone talking about, okay?! So, you get out of my face, and go in there! [Megg continues to look shocked and Amanda walks by] I'm not here to make friends with you guys! I could care less!
Anchal: [to Monique with CariDee standing beside her] Learn to respect other people! [flips Monique off]
Monique: [to Anchal] Hey, you know what?! [in confessional about being on the phone] This is my time. I'm not getting off the phone. [still on the phone after three hours and fourteen minutes have passed]
Phone Service Operator: If you would like to make a call, please hang up and try again. [beeps]
Monique: [in confessional] You guys can all kiss my grits as far as I care. [comes out of the phone room after the phone call is finally finished after a total time of three hours and thirty-one minutes and everyone else has left] Oh, I'm sorry I spent so long on the phone! Sorry, you guys needed the phone! Oh my God! Is that Tyra mail?! Let me run! [commercial break]
Melrose: [to everyone in the bedroom about Monique] Everyone needs to just stop responding to her.
Brooke: [to everyone in the bedroom about Monique] Eventually she'll be so fed up with being the most hated girl in this house. It'll be miserable for her to be here.
Monique: [in confessional] They keep disrespecting me.

Melrose: [to Jay Manuel] That's what I really got! [Jaeda does her crazy hair photoshoot]
Jay Manuel: [about Jaeda's photoshoot] Like a kid at Christmas!

Amanda: [reading the Tyra Mail after the girls arrive home from the photoshoot] Tomorrow you will meet with the judges and only eleven of you will continue on in the hopes of becoming America's Next Top Model. Love Tyra.
Anchal: [in confessional about Amanda and Melrose] Amanda was reading the Tyra mail and before I knew it Melrose just went crazy!
Melrose: [to Monique] Agh! Ugh! I'm going to vomit! [in confessional about Monique] Monique puts her hand up her wet towel and goes like that onto my face! [Jaeda and Eugena laugh]
Melrose: [about Monique] Smells like an egg! Seventeen-year-old spoiled pumpkin!
Brooke: [about Monique] Just unhygienic! [Monique follows Eugena]
Jaeda: [in confessional about Monique] None of us want to see anyone leave except Monique because she's crazy and we can't live with her. Like, she's impossible to live with.

Tyra Banks: [to Eugena] You need to rewind!

Tyra Banks: [to Jaeda] Maybe you should go home and count the days till your hair grows back.

Tyra Banks: [Melrose] Last week your picture was dreadful but this looks like a model that would only wake up for ten thousand dollars a day.

Tyra Banks: [to Jaeda and Megan] Jaeda and Megan you girls have short haircuts.

The Girl Who Goes to Texas [7.3][edit]

Melrose: [in confessional about Monique] Monique has lashed out at every person here in a different way!

Melrose: [to her mother on the phone] Hi, mama!
Melrose's Mother: [to Melrose] Hey, how's it going?
Melrose: [to her mother on the phone] Like... [she sees Monique walking nearby; in confessional about Monique] The door comes flying open! Monique's like, "I was there...!"
Monique: [to Melrose] I specifically called first for the phone.
Melrose: [to Monique] I'll be done in like twenty minutes, Monique!
Monique: [to Melrose] But if the person called for it, I shouldn't have to wait!
Melrose: [to her mother on the phone] This is the girl I'm talking about. [in confessional] I just wanted her to leave my space. You know, let me have my space!
Monique: [to Brooke and Anchal in the kitchen] What are y'all talking about?
Melrose's Mother: [to Melrose] Ignore her for the moment.
Monique: [to Melrose who slams the door on her] I'm going to be calm!
Melrose: [to her mother on the phone] It's like dealing with children. [to Monique, who is still in the way of the door] Can you move, please?
Monique: Did she just...
Brooke: [to Monique] Oh, guys. Please don't start it again! [in confessional about Monique] I don't know how you can be fighting all the time. The drama is sometimes a little bit overwhelming.
[Monique shoves past Melrose and Anchal on her way to the phone booth; Melrose laughs as she and Anchal exchange looks]

Eugena: [in confessional about Monique] Monique, she's very stressed out. She can't control her emotions. This might be too much for her.

Eugena: [after falling on the water catwalk] I'm freaking bleeding!

Monique: [whispering to Eugena about the prank she's about to pull on Melrose who has just gone to sleep] I'm gonna take my undies out and rub them all over the bed.
Eugena: [to Monique] You are so bad! [Monique laughs and runs over to Melrose's bed and rubs her panties right on top of the sheets, Jaeda sees what happens, Monique goes back to the bathroom where Eugena is and continues laughing]
Melrose: [about Monique after waking up to the discovery] She just wiped something on my bed.
Jaeda: [to the girls in the bedroom about Monique's actions to Melrose] It's so icky!
Monique: [to Eugena about Melrose] I rubbed it all over her sheets. [starts laughing out loud while Eugena just keeps quiet, stares in horror and walks away]
Jaeda: [to the girls in the bedroom about Monique's actions to Melrose] That's so gross! [in confessional about Monique] She's crazy! Like, we're afraid that maybe she'll, like...chop up all of our clothes.
CariDee: [in confessional about Monique] She's capable of anything and I hate that. I hate that she's in this house.
Anchal: [to the girls in the bedroom about Monique] I'm freaking out that she's gonna come in the middle of the night, and throw, like, lemonade on me.
Monique: [while curling her hair] What else can I do?

Anchal: [in confessional about Melrose and Monique] It's really immature. Both of them!

Anchal: [in confessional about Monique] I don't care if she's here. This is a competiton. I'm here to do my thing.

[during their deliberation about Monique, the judges break out into song]
J Alexander: She don't wanna be here, she don't. She don't wanna be here, she don't! She don't wanna be here...
Tyra: No, no, no!
J Alexander: ...she don't! She don't wanna be here, she don't!
Tyra: She don't wanna be here no more! She don't wanna be here!
J Alexander: Oh Lord!
Tyra: She don't wanna be here! She don't wanna be here!
Twiggy: She don't wanna be here!
Tyra: I don't know if she should go! I'm not sure if she should go! She might need us to reach down and lift her up!
J Alexander: WOO!!! OH LORD!

[eleven girls return to the panel to receive the verdict for the third elimination]
Tyra: Eleven girls stand before me but unfortunately only ten of you will still be in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model. The first name that I am going to call is... [flips over A.J.'s photo] ...A.J. [A.J. shakes her shoulders and then comes to collect her photo] Work it! [referring to the challenge A.J. won] Uhh, you won! [A.J. runway walks] There you go. Woah! Gave me chills. [A.J. laughs] Congratulations.
A.J.: [to Tyra] Thank you!
Tyra: [to A.J.] You're still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model.
A.J.: [to Tyra] Thanks Tyra.
Tyra: The next name that I am going to call is... [flips over Jaeda's photo] ...Jaeda. [Jaeda comes to collect her photo] We like the hair curly.
Jaeda: [to Tyra] Thank you.
Tyra: [to Brooke whilst flipping over Brooke's photo] Miss Wind in Her Hair, Brooke. [Brooke comes to collect her photo]
Brooke: [to Tyra] Right... [Anchal smiles]
Tyra: [to Anchal whilst flipping over Anchal's photo] Anchal. [Anchal comes to collect her photo]
Anchal: [to Tyra] Yes!
Tyra: [to Michelle whilst flipping over Michelle's photo] Michelle. [Michelle comes walking to collect her photo] Okay, try to walk with some poise. Get it together. [Amanda laughs] Get it together! [Anchal and Brooke laugh] It's a little three-year-old girl in her Momma's heels...
Michelle: [to Tyra] Thank you.
Tyra: [to Michelle] ... but you're getting there. Congratulations.
[Amanda, Monique, Eugena, Megg, Melrose and Caridee are left standing in the final six to receive the verdict for the third elimination]
Tyra: [to Melrose whilst flipping over Melrose's photo whilst imitating Melrose's facial expressions in the photoshoot] Melrose. [Melrose comes to collect her photo whilst runway walking, Monique takes notice] Oh yeah! Work it out!
Tyra: [to Megg whilst flipping Megg's photo] Megg. [Megg comes to collect her photo whilst runway walking] Everybody's just working it today, aren't they? [girls laugh] Congratulations, Megg!
[Amanda, Monique, Eugena and Caridee are left standing in the final four to receive the verdict for the third elimination]
Tyra: [to Amanda whilst flipping over Amanda's photo] Amanda. [Amanda comes to collect her photo whilst runway walking] Okay, still two left feet. What is up with you and your sister? [Michelle laughs] The next name that I am going to call is...
[Monique, Eugena and Caridee are left standing anxiously in the final three to await the last girl safe from the bottom two before receiving the verdict for the third elimination]
Tyra: [flips over CariDee's photo whilst imitating CariDee's facial expressions in the photoshoot] ...CariDee!
CariDee: [to Tyra whilst coming to collect her photo] Oh, jeez! [girls laugh especially Amanda] No, I can't even...! [CariDee laughs]
Tyra: Congratulations, CariDee. [CariDee smiles whilst the girls laugh] You're still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model.
CariDee: [to Tyra whilst feeling relieved] Thank you for believing in me.
Tyra: Oh gosh, Jade!
Jade Cole: [in a flashback scene where the second runner-up from America's Next Top Model Cycle 6 is shown repeatedly saying the same thing almost every time after escaping elimination] [when Gina Choe got eliminated] Thank you for believing in me. [when Nnenna Agba got eliminated in Bangkok, Thailand] Thank you for believing in me. [crying a little when surviving the bottoms two for the second time over Mollie Sue Steenis-Gondi who got eliminated in the first time she ever appeared in the bottom two] Thank you for believing in me once again.
Tyra: [back to the present where Monique and Eugena are standing in the bottom two, both for the first time ever] I only have one photo in my hands and I'm only going to call one name. The girl that I do not call must immediately return to the house, pack her belongings and go home. Now, this photo in my hands, it might be a photo of a girl on a very rocky runway or it might be a photo from last week. There is so much potential in both of you and it is so frustrating that you two can't capture this beauty in a photo. Monique, we look at you and we wonder does she want this enough? And then there's you Eugena the cocky girl. But you're nowhere near those girls in cycle six. Nowhere near them. So you all are neck and neck so which one of you goes home? [long pause, flips over Eugena's photo which is the last and only photo of the bunch anyway because Monique did not participate in the photoshoot] Eugena, we know that you have it. We know that you do but if it's stuck in your head we'll never see it. Congratulations. You're still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model.
Eugena: [to Tyra] Thank you.
[Monique leaves the judging panel without even saying goodbye to anyone, Melrose smiles indicating that she is happy to see Monique finally gone, Eugena joins the other nine girls who are safe and Michelle looks at Melrose's reactions to Monique's departure]
Monique: [after elimination in confessional] Melrose is going to have a freaking party. She'll probably bust out the celebration hats and horns and stuff like that and that's the part that really just sucks because I don't want to give her the satisfaction of me leaving. I just felt that this whole time here was honestly a waste. That's all I have to say. Farewell. [leaves the house pulling her suitcase and Monique fades from Cycle 7 made over group because she is now eliminated and only ten girls remain]

The Girl Who Joined the Circus [7.4][edit]

Brooke: [in confessional] Melrose always rubs girls the wrong way. She's a little Miss. Know-it-all!

Megg: [in confessional] Melrose, I didn't even know! She gets to that point in me where I'm just like... [A.J. moves her fingers and sticks her tongue out behind Melrose] ..."Ugh! Shut Up!"

A.J.: [nods at Melrose, then in confessional] Melrose, she just likes to talk. Talk. Talk. Talk. Talk. Talk and I don't anybody really likes to hear her voice. I think a lot of us would just like to have Melrose gone.

Megg: [to Tyra after getting eliminated] I just want to say thank you for this wonderful opportunity. I'm going to take this as one of those things to make me stronger.
Tyra: [to Megg] That's what I want to hear. Now you give me a hug. [hugs Megg]

The Girl Who Punk'd Ashton [7.5][edit]

Tyra: [voiceover] Previously on America's Next Top Model, Monique was gone but Melrose still wasn't making any friends.

CariDee: [in a "red carpet interview" challenge with Janice Dickenson] Why, why, why—Why are you so over-pungent?
Janice: Over-pungent!?

Jaeda: [same challenge] I don't know what to say?
Janice: Fine, gimme the mic! [grabs microphone out of her hand] Bye! Yeah, I got the mic...

Brooke: [same challenge] What makes you so bitchy?
Janice: [walks away without saying anything]

Janice: [to A.J., after red-carpet challenge] Yo, why are you still wearing that ugly pink thing on your head?
A.J.: [later, to camera] I don't care what she said, I love my hat

A.J.: [during photoshoot as Marc Anthony] God, what am I doing?

"Donald Trump": [actually played by Melrose, after photoshoot in confessional] Melrose will be America's Next Top Model!

Michelle: I might be—gay.

A.J.: [to Tyra] Thank you. [to CariDee, Brooke, Eugena, Jaeda, Amanda, Michelle, Anchal and Melrose] It's cool, guys. [to Melrose after hugging CariDee] Melrose you have it. You should be nice. Okay?
Melrose: [to A.J.] Thank you! [hugs A.J.]
A.J.: [in confessional after getting eliminated fifth] I think Tyra eliminated me for the right reasons. If I could give up my spot for another girl who is more deserving then I'm really glad I gave it up. I think I sabotaged myself subconsciously. You know, what could have been, could have been. Whatever. I'm not going to think about it because it's done.

The Girl Who Graduates [7.6][edit]

[the top eight return to the panel to receive the verdict for sixth elimination]
Tyra: Eight beautiful girls stand before me but I only have seven photos in my hands and these photos represent the girls that are still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model. The first name that I am going to call is... [flips over Amanda's photo] ...Amanda [Amanda comes to collect her photo] Miss. Most Improved. You've come and pushed through. Congratulations. You're still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model.
Amanda: [to Tyra] Thank you.
Tyra: The next name that I am going to call is... [flips over CariDee's photo] ...CariDee. [CariDee comes to collect her photo] Congratulations.
CariDee: [to Tyra] Thanks.

Tyra: Michelle. You're Miss. Excuses. I've never done that! I've never been cuddled! No more excuses Michelle. Congratulations. You're still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model.

Brooke: Freaking high school graduation!

Brooke: [in confessional after getting eliminated sixth] I gave everything up to come here and ironically enough this the night that I get chosen to go home.

The Girls Who Made It This Far [7.7][edit]

CariDee: [in audition home video singing whilst playing guitar] America's Next Top Model. Please pick me.

Sutan: [to Monique about boots] This is a disco ball walking down the street!
Monique: [to Sutan about her boots] Those are two hundred dollars!
Sutan: [to Monique about boots] These are for drag queesn and drag queens alone!
Eugena: [in confessional about Monique's boots] Monique's boots are fashion trash to me! [Monique's boots get thrown into the fashion trash can] They deserve to go in the trash! [Monique looks annoyed]

CariDee: [in confessional about the fashion trash can] Some people got like two hundred dollars worth of stuff were thrown away so I'm like this isn't funny

Tyra: [to Christian] They say go ahead and be a bad actress! Hoh! Hoh! Hoah! Hah! You know?! Like over the top? [voiceover] And she was the first to be sent home.
Melrose: [to Tyra after surviving her first appearance in the bottom two] Oh my god!
Christian: [hugs Tyra and later in confessional after getting eliminated] I really felt like I had more potential than Melrose. I really wish I could turn back time because I felt like I could have gone far in the competition.

Tyra: [voiceover] For the girls in the Top Model house, living with thirteen roommates can be challenging enough but living with Monique was turning into major drama!
Monique: [in confessional about the chips] The other day, one of the twins started eating my potato chips. So I'm opening up all the cabinets looking for my chips and the chips aren't there.
Jaeda: [to Amanda, Brooke, Megg, A.J. and CariDee about Monique's actions] You guys, we need to have a meeting. Monique just took all of our food and poured it all out because she's mad because somebody ate her stuff!
Brooke: [to Jaeda] What?!
Monique: [in confessional about the chips] So I take all the chips out and I start smashing them with my feet and poured them all into the trash can so nobody eats around here.
Jaeda: [to Amanda, Brooke, Megg, A.J. and CariDee about Monique's actions] We're, like, having no food!
Brooke: [to Jaeda] What?!
Jaeda: [to Amanda, Brooke, Megg, A.J. and CariDee about Monique's actions] She took everything out, stepped on it and threw it in the garbage can!
Brooke: [to Jaeda] What?!
Amanda: [in confessional about Monique's actions] She said people are eating her food! Even though previously everyone in the house pitched in the same amount of money for the same amount of food, and everyone’s supposed to eat all the food. There was no, like, anyone's food.
Jaeda: [to everyone about Monique's actions] I'm really scared that somebody's gonna get hurt! [runs with CariDee, A.J. and Megg to confront Monique]
Megg: [to CariDee, Michelle and Megan who is confronting Monique about her actions] They’re in the trash!
Megan: [to Monique about her actions with Michelle, Megg and CariDee watching] Monique, why did you throw away everybody’s chips?! Like I don’t understand!
Monique: [to Megan with Michelle, Megg and CariDee watching] Because when I went to look for my Doritos, they were not there.
Michelle: [to Monique] You know, it’s ridiculous, Monique! Really?! [in confessional about Monique’s actions] She knows what... exactly what she's doing and just doesn't care. That is freaking pathetic!
Monique: [to Michelle] If you cannot share, then there's no reason for us to all get food together!
Michelle: [to Monique] Wait! Wait, who's not sharing, bitch?!
Monique: [to Michelle] Where are my Doritos?! [in confessional] Nice Monique is gone out the freaking window! Bitch had came in!
Amanda: [to Monique] We were all willing to share!!!!!!
Monique: [to Amanda] I don't have a problem with sharing but whenever I cannot eat the food that I put money in for, it makes me mad! [Megg frowns at Monique, A.J. walks by]
Amanda: [to Monique whilst provocatively opening numerous cabinets right in front of Monique] There's food there! There's food there, there's food there, there's food there, there's food there, there's food there! There's food everywhere! There's food to eat, you are not going to go hungry!! [in confessional about Monique's actions] I don't understand her at all. I've never met anyone like her. I don't get her, I don't know why she does that. [CariDee, A.J. and Megg all frown at Monique, later to Melrose and Brooke in the bedroom about Monique's actions] Huh! Someone ate my chips! Someone drank my grape juice! I can confront them or I can throw away all their food!
Melrose: [to Amanda and Brooke about Monique] She’s a psycho! [Jaeda sorts herself out in the mirror]
Jaeda: [in confessional about Monique] None of us want to see anyone leave except Monique because she's crazy and we can't live with her. Like, she's impossible to live with.

Megg: [to Megan] I just want to play some bongos, man!
Megan: [to Megg] You're so cute! [hugs Megg]

Brooke: [to Megg] What are you doing?
Megg: [to Brooke] Making a bongon drum set.
Brooke: [to Megg] Do you play the drums?
Megg: [to Brooke] No but I am going to today. [smiling at Brooke]
Brooke: [to Megg] Pretty good for a boxbeat and flower pots.
A.J.: [in confessional about Megg] Megg made bongos.

A.J.: [singing about Megg] Megg is so cool!
Megg: Yeah!
A.J.: [singing about Megg] She bounces around! She's got her battle ass bongos and she don't frown!
Megg: [singing] Boy, oh! Boy, oh!

Megan: [after elmination] I didn't expect Jaeda to be standing there with me. I actually expected Monique to be standing there with me.

Melrose: [to Monique] Monique! Stop! Stop!
Monique: [to Melrose] This is my taco seasoning!
Melrose: [to Monique] What are you doing?! You're so weird! Please just stop! You're so weird! Oh my gosh! Get away from me!
Monique: [to Melrose] What is wrong with you?
Melrose: [to Monique] Seriously you have psycological issues.
Monique: [to Melrose] Seriously you have psycological issues.
Melrose: [to Monique] You do.
Monique: [to Melrose] Yeah. You do. Ugh!
Melrose: [to Monique] You're scary.
Monique: [to Melrose] You're scary.
Melrose: [to Monique] Can you please leave? You're scaring me?
Monique: [to Melrose] Can you please leave? You're scaring me?
Melrose: [to Monique] You know I need to cook dinner!
Monique: [to Melrose] You know I need to cook dinner! [Melrose laughs]
Eugena: [in confessional about Monique] Monique, she's very stressed out. She can't control her emotions. This might be too much for her.

Megg: [to Melrose] The way you come off towards me I get very frustrated. Very frustrated.

Anchal: [to Melrose] I tried to get to know you however you make quirky remarks and you piss people off.
Melrose: Maybe there's a part of me that you don't like.
A.J.: [to CariDee about Melrose] I'm so sick of Melrose. It's uncalled for.

Amanda: [in confessional about Melrose winning the challenge] Melrose's reaction is basically everying Melrose does. Overexaggerated and like "Oh my gosh!"

Brooke: [after elmination] I want this more than any of those girls!

The Girl Who Wrecks the Car [7.8][edit]

Melrose: [singing whilst CariDee is playing guitar about Brooke being eliminated] We love you Brooke and we're going to miss you like hell! You brought to this the feeling of I can't fail!

Michelle: [in confessional after winning the first challenge and then coming to know that the prize is actually a thirty-second shopping spree race challenge, where only one out of the four constants (including Michelle who had chosen CariDee, Amanda and Melrose to participate) who has the most number of items receives every item from the other three losing contestants] I didn't know that there was a challenge within my challenge prize. So I get nothing unless Melrose gives me something.

Eugena: [in confessional, referring to herself, Jaeda and Anchal who did not win the first challenge and were neither chosen to participate in the challenge prize] We were all in the back laughing because Melrose grabs everything because Melrose understood the rules but the other girls didn't.

Jay: [to Melrose] Melrose you always give us an amazing shot! Make the girls hate you even more!
Melrose: [to Jay] I don't know if it's possible!

CariDee: [in confessional about Melrose] Melrose is my biggest competition. She tries just as hard as I do.

Anchal: [in confessional before panel about Melrose] Melrose should go home. She's the most freaking annoying person I have ever met!

Nigel: [to Melrose] Box...
J Alexander: [to Melrose] Joyfully!

The Girl Who Breaks Down [7.9][edit]

Tyra: [to Melrose, Eugena, Amanda, CariDee, Jaeda and Michelle] You're all going to... Spain!

Amanda: [in confessional] Who know? You might even see the twins in the final two!

Eugena: [about Melrose] I think she might be bipolar or something.

Amanda: [in confessional] Spanish guys and American guys are very similar. They all have the same jokes and stuff. But Spanish guys smell better.

Eugena: [in confessional about Jaeda's bad experience with her male model partner, Nacho] Jaeda's partner, Nacho, tells Jaeda that he doesn't even like black girls. She's like... "Are you serious?"

CariDee: [in confessional about Jaeda's bad experience with her male model partner, Nacho and Amanda] No one should be treated that way. I would hate if I had that guy. I would rather make out with Amanda before I made out with him.

Tyra: [to Nigel in a British accent] Hola! Hola, Nigel!

Eugena: [to Melrose] You are very fake.

Michelle: [to Tyra] Thank you.. I mean Gracias! [Tyra laughs]
Tyra: [to CariDee and Jaeda] Will CariDee and Jaeda please step forward?

Tyra: [to CariDee in the bottom two with Jaeda] I think you can deliver a commercial, CariDee.
CariDee: [hugs Jaeda and goes to Tyra to collect her photo whiltst relieved] I've never been so happy.
Tyra: [to CariDee] I think you can do it.

The Girl Who Sticks Her Foot In Her Mouth [7.10][edit]

Michelle: [in confessional] I've never had this dream of always wanting to be a model. I want it, but I don't know if I have it.

Eugena: [in confessional about Melrose] I just don't want Melrose to win. She's really fake, she doesn't like us and she thinks she's better than everybody!

Eugena: Mr. Jay didn't look like a matador at all. He looked like... Mr. Jay in a matador costume.

CariDee: Taking our pictures! Yay! [in confessional] I'm very happy.

Melrose: [in confessional] I'm freaking out because Nigel is our photographer today. It's intimidating being shot by, you know, a judge.
CariDee: [to Nigel Barker referring to a large stick Nigel held as a joke] Did you just remove that from your ass from the last panel?
Melrose: [to CariDee] Ohhh! [in confessional about CariDee's comment to Nigel] I can't believe she said that!
Jay Manuel: [in confessional] CariDee messed up. That's not a good way to start because that's one key thing that Tyra's looking for. A girl who can work in this business and be respectful.

Jay Manuel: [to Eugena, Melrose, CariDee, Amanda and Michelle] CariDee made a statement about Nigel. That is not a comment you make.

CariDee: [to Eugena, Melrose, Amanda and Michelle] I was totally joking. Was that totally wrong to say? [in confessional] It wasn't anything to be mean. I was totally just... That's just my humor. Once it was brought to my attention it did make me worry so I'm like "I don't want to upset a judge". Like if I could take it back I would. [to Melrose] Nigel doesn't like me.

Nigel: [in confessional about Michelle's photoshoot] I was inspired by Michelle. She used the fear. She models.

Michelle: [in confessional] I never ever in my life envisioned myself being this close to becoming 'America's Next Top Model'. I want it, but don't know if I have it.
Amanda: Unacceptable!

Tyra: [during the evaluation at Eugena's bullfighting picture] Eugena this week is like model, slash, acrobat...
Miss J.: ...and slash Miss J.

Tyra: [during the deliberation at Michelle's and Amanda's bullfighting pictures] I wonder if Michelle does want this but she knows her sister wants it more. So she's going to sacrifice herself. I wonder that.

[Eugena, Melrose, CariDee, Amanda and Michelle return to the panel to receive the verdict for the ninth elimination]
Tyra: Five of you stand before me but I only have four photos in my hands and these photos represent the four of you that will still be in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model. The first name that I am going to call... [flips over Eugena's photo] ...Eugena. [Eugena comes to collect her photo] This lady's come a long way and as you said it's the journey and what you're experiencing is a true journey. Congratulations. You're still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model. [flips over Melrose's photo] Melrose [Melrose comes to collect her photo] One thing you have over all of these girls here is a knowledge of fashion. [Melrose smiles] This competition's getting stiff. It's not just about a pretty picture anymore. It's about so much more. [smiles at Melrose] Keep up the good work.
Melrose: [to Tyra after being called second] Thank you. [joins Eugena]
Tyra: [to CariDee, Amanda and Michelle who are left standing anxiously in the final three to await the last girl safe from the bottom two before receiving the verdict for the ninth elimination, shuffles] The next name that I am going to call is... [flips over CariDee's photo] ...CariDee. [Amanda gives CariDee a little push of encouragement to go and collect her photo, CariDee cries, Melrose is stunned] It's so not worth it, is it? To be quick mouthed and...
CariDee: [to Tyra after being called third] Uh, uh!
Tyra: [to CariDee] ...cheeky because you see what happens and in the real world of modelling there's no second chances. They're like "She insulted me. Cancel her from my fashion show. Send her out right now." [CariDee nods] So you learned a lesson...
CariDee: [to Tyra after being called third] Yes.
Tyra: [to CariDee referring to Nigel Barker] ...and you have a man behind me to thank for forgiving you. Congratulations.
CariDee: [to Tyra after being called third] Thanks. [joins Eugena and Melrose]
[Eugena sees Melrose hugging CariDee]
Tyra: [to Amanda and Michelle in the bottom two] Will Amanda and Michelle please step forward? I only have one photo in my hands. I will only call one name. The girl that I do not call must immediately return to the house, pack her belongings and go home. Back in casting, I thought the two of you would be a part of the final three but that's not the case and I think you know why you both stand before me. [referring to Michelle who is standing in the bottom two for the second time since surviving over Anchal two weeks ago] One of you has such a natural talent and it's so crazy that in the modeling world that person that is so gifted doesn't have a passion for it. It just is but the judges look at you and they say "Damn! She might not have a passion for this yet. Maybe she needs to stand on her own. Not with her sister and then there's you. [referring to Amanda who is standing in the bottom two for the very first time out of all five girls] The girl that has all the drive in the world but the talent we don't know. Just because you want something and just because it's a dream it doesn't necessarily mean that you're great at it. [Tyra flips over Amanda's photo] Amanda. In this competition, passion is way more important than beautiful pictures. [Amanda receives a hug from Michelle before coming to collect her photo] We want the winner of America's Next Top Model to want it, to feel it, to breath it, to love it and I know you that you do and you are your worst enemy second-guessing, wondering, am I good enough? Is this right? Is that right? Just go! Just let it go and know that you're good enough and you're talented and you're beautiful! Trust that. Okay? [Amanda nods] Congratulations. You're still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model.
Amanda: [to Tyra after being called fourth / last] Thank you. [joins Eugena, Melrose and CariDee, Michelle smiles]
Tyra: [to Michelle] Thanks, Michelle. [hugs Michelle]
[Michelle hugs the girls and leaves]
Michelle: [in confessional after getting eliminated ninth] I kind of shot myself in the foot today. [packing bags] I didn't want my sister to leave because this is one of her dreams too. Maybe I was a distraction. Now that I'm gone I hope it gives her more focus. [writing a letter] I don't want her to ever second guess herself. She is amazing. She is my sister. I love her. [portfolio is shown] I guess I was here to find myself and I found a little bit of something so that worked for me. I'm eighteen. I'm so young. There's so much more life to live. I need to start making good use of it instead of just hiding from it. [closes the apartment door and leaves]

The Girl Who Grates [7.11][edit]

Amanda: I kinda felt like she made a sacrifice for me. I'm happy to still be here but I'm sad to see her go, I'm not sure if I should have been the one to go.

Amanda: Now that Michelle has gone, I think the competition has changed for me because I've never really done anything by myself. I really want to be an individual.

Amanda: The idea of dancing just makes me nervous because I'm not a very strong dancer. I definitely did not know what I was doing.

Eugena: Amanda looks like Amanda trying to dance.... Amanda looks awkward as usual

Jay Manuel: Today was a typical Eugena shoot -- flat, boring, and it looked like she was drowning in the water.

CariDee: I don't respect Melrose... if Melrose becomes America's Next Top Model I'm going to puke... all over. I'll just puke.

CariDee: Melrose has three different personalities and she's really good at it, she's really convincing... it's creepy... maybe she should be medicated.

Tyra: [to Amanda and CariDee in the bottom two] Will CariDee and Amanda please step forward? I only have one photo in my hands. I will only call one name. The girl that I do not call must immediately return to the house, pack her belongings and go home. You stand before me with an edgy, high fashion look a look that excites the judges and the judges look at your pictures from week to week and say 'Wow, these are beautiful pictures but there's something a little awkward about them.' They also look at personality and the judges say 'She's sweet and she's engaging but there's something that might be a little bit too soft, a little bit too meek maybe.'

Amanda: It's always hard when something good ends and this was definitely something good for and it's over. I wanted to be in the final three just to experience it all and I wanted to win but it was great to make it to the final four. It was a lot of fun, something you won't ever forget, something that can never happen again.

The Girl Who Becomes America's Next Top Model [7.12][edit]

CariDee: I haven't had much conversation with Melrose because I'm going to kick her out!

Melrose: All I hear is kkhhuhhh! She steps on the dress and it rips! It's not like a little rip it's a hole! It's a hole. If you hold it up you can put your head through it. I was just so freaked out about the dress being ripped I just wanted to run! She ripped the dress! Cari. She ripped the dress!

Melrose: I’m pissed. I’ve put my heart and soul into this, and it wasn’t enough. And I got called a bitch the whole way through it and it sucks. And I feel really misunderstood and I’m sad.

CariDee: I'm America's Next Top Model, baby! Yeah!

Cycle 8[edit]

Originally aired February 28 – May 16, 2007.

The Girl Who Won't Stop Talking, Part 1 [8.1][edit]

Jaslene: [in confessional after arriving in Los Angeles Airport] My name is Jaslene. I was here last season. I'm so happy and excited to be back.

Jaslene: [to Tyra] I'm back!
Tyra Banks: [to Jaslene] You're so calm this season.
Jaslene: [to Tyra] I am. I'm actually very confident this season. [in confessional] I audtioned for Cycle 7. [flashback walking out after finishing the audition in Cycle 7] I walk like this every day, all day! [back to present in Cycle 8 in confessional] Unfortunately I did not make it into the house. [flashback to Tyra after missing out on the top thirteen in Cycle 7] I’m not giving up.
Tyra: [flashback to Jaslene in Cycle 7] You shouldn’t give up.
Jaslene: [flashback to Tyra after missing out on the top thirteen in Cycle 7] I’m coming back.
Tyra: [flashback to Jaslene in Cycle 7] You're coming back? [back to present in Cycle 8 to Jaslene during her audition] You seem almost too calm. There was some spice and some fire that I loved last time. Now you're almost becoming a little bit boring, Jaslene.
Jaslene: [to Tyra] Oh no, girl! Don't make me turn it up!
Tyra: [to Jaslene] Turn it up!
Jaslene: [to Tyra] I still have the Latina in me.
Tyra: [to Jaslene] Show me something different that I loved from last time but not that catelogue pose. [Jaslene runway walks] Work it girl!
Jaslene: [to Tyra] And yes, I still walk like this every day, all day!

Jay Manuel: [about Dionne] I love that she has diarrhea of the mouth because we don't have to hear in a photograph.

Natalie: I really like Audrey Hepburn. I love her in Dinner at Tiffany's.
Tyra: Dinner at Tiffany's?
Natalie: I'm sorry. Lunch at, brunch at Tiffany's. I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Tyra: [laughing] Lunch at Tiffany's?
Jay: Guess what honey? It was breakfast at Tiffany's!

Samantha: [about her hometown] I think the biggest thing that ever happened was the Butter Bean Festival.

Kathleen: My Grandma has no booty. My Mama has no booty. Then, therefore, I have no booty. Okay, I'm a black girl with no ass. But I have... That's what I have. I have... [flashes other girls]

Tyra: And I want you to be all you can be, not bitch all you can bitch.

Jael: It's just modeling. We're not curing cancer here.

Brittany: I get very loud. I talk probably almost at this level like when I'm sitting at home.
Tyra: Have you ever had your hearing tested? You think that has something to do with it?
Brittany: Pardon?

Kathleen: Aaaghhhh! Oh my God!!! Oh my God!!!!!!
Tyra: Why you screaming so loud?
Kathleen: Cause you're so pretty! Oh my God!!!
J. Alexander: What about me?

Natasha: [notices some of the girls burping] Oh, come on, girls. Don't do that.
Renee: I think that models should be themselves.
Cassandra: [in confessional about Kathleen] Kathleen was saying she likes to burp. She was like, [imitating Kathleen] "I don't care! If it's in me, imma burp! Right? Imma just be like, ugh!"
Kathleen: Who cares if we burp or fart?
Natasha: I was born in a different place than you girls!
Renee: I burped, and you tell me you think models shouldn't act like that?!
Cassandra: [in confessional about Natasha] Natasha said, [imitating Natasha] "Well you're supposed to be a lady! Models don't burp!"

The Girl Who Won't Stop Talking, Part 2 [8.2][edit]

Twiggy: You kinda want to take Kathleen home and look after her.
J. Alexander: I don't!

Kathleen: I believe that if the animal's alive you shouldn't kill it to make a coat of anything, but if it's already dead than you can take the skin off, and just make a coat.
Tyra: [to Kathleen] How would it already be dead? Like, uh . . .
Kathleen: [to Tyra] Let's say, 'cause animals fight each other in the jungle, right, in the woods?
Twiggy: [to Kathleen] Well, unfortunately, that's not how they get fur coats.
Kathleen: [to Twiggy] Animals die, like people die naturally sometimes, right?
Twiggy: [to Kathleen] But that's not the ones they use for fur coats, I'm afraid.

Kathleen: I think every model wants to date Nigel Barker, 'cause he's so tall.

Kathleen: My theme today is anti-fur like I hate fur. Actually, I really do like fur. I mean, it makes you look hot.

Kathleen: [at her photoshoot] Should I look at the fur like it's stank?

Nigel: [to Kathleen] That was the easiest one to fit into but I think you didn't completely understand the concept.
Kathleen: [to Nigel] I know right? I didn't!
Tyra: [to Kathleen] If you don't understand something, you have to ask.

Jay: [during a shoot about gay marriage] I like the smiling, why don't you guys have a happy moment? Lesbians aren't serious all the time.

Tyra: I have to tell you, I am probably the least satisfied that I've ever been for a photoshoot. As controversial as it was, the majority of you just stood there in your photo. As a model, it's important for you to be inspiring, to entertain as well.

Tyra: [flips over Jael's photo] Jael you won the challenge... [Jael hugs Kathleen before coming to collect her photo] ...and you won it because you did well and that's okay. You can still be liked and be successful.

Kathleen: [in confessional after getting eliminated first] I feel sad right now. I feel like I didn't get a chance to compete. You know if Tyra Banks sees I have potential. She chose me to be in this house. That means a lot to me. I'm going to go home and still try to pursue modeling. This is what I want to do so bad. I'm going to go home and I'm going to work hard

The Girls Who Go To Prom [8.3][edit]

Samantha: [about her photo shoot] Last week I was a lesbian and now I'm a ho. [laughs] So much fun.

Jay: [to Samantha] put your hands between your thighs, pretend that you're all alone and you're masturbating!

Jael: [about Sarah flashing the high school students] I thought it was very liberating for her and I'm so proud of it. She got to experience that next to me!

Tyra: [flips over Jaslene's photo] For the second week in a row, Jaslene. [Jaslene comes to collect her photo] Stunning. Amazing. Strongest shot of the bunch, again.
Jaslene: [to Tyra] Thank you.
Tyra: [to Jaslene] Congratulations
Jaslene: [to Tyra] Thanks.
Tyra: [flips over Felicia's photo] Felicia. [Felicia comes to collect her photo feeling relieved to be safe from elimination] Congratulations, Felicia.
Felicia: [to Tyra] Thank you.
Tyra: [flips over Diana's photo] Diana. [Diana comes to collect her photo smiling, flips over Renee's photo] Renee. [Renee comes to collect her photo]

The Girl Who Cries All Time [8.4][edit]

[Jael is in the phone booth when she receives a message about the death of her close friend back home]
Jael: [after learning her friend died] Oh my God! Oh God!
Renee: [to Jael] What happened? [Jael waves for Renee to leave as she dials the phone; in confessional about Jael] Jael checked her messages and found out that a close friend of hers had passed away.
Jael's Friend: [to Jael on the phone] Hello?
Jael: [to her friend on the phone] What's going on?!
Jael's Friend: [to Jael on the phone] Uh, she overdosed.
Jael: [to Jael on the phone] Oh no! [Brittany walks in] Okay, I'm–I'm gonna call you back 'cause I'm gonna go outside. I'm gonna freak out, okay? [Brittany holds her hand as she hangs up the phone] Oh God!
[Jael goes outside and starts sobbing while Natasha and Cassandra walk outside to the couch where Jael and Brittany are seated]
Natasha: [to Jael] What's going on?
Cassandra: [to Jael] What happened?
Jael: [sobbing] My whole life, because it's like this can't be real right now!
Natasha: [to Jael] What happened?
Jael: Oh God, no! This is the worst thing I can possibly hear in the entire universe! My friend died of an overdose.
Sarah: [hugs Jael] Oh my God.
Brittany: [to Jael] It's okay.
Jael: I don't understand this! [sobs] This doesn't make any sense.
Cassandra: [to Jael] Life doesn't make sense sometimes.
Jael: [in confessional] I'd rather not be dealing with...this situation that's going on in my life, but I think modeling's a good distraction for me right now.

Brittany: [to Jael about Renee] She keeps looking at us again.
Renee: [to Diana] I swear to God, I'm gonna knock Brittany on her ass one of these times.
Diana: [to Renee] I can't stand the bitch either.
Renee: [to Diana] Jael needs to go through what she needs to go through, and what she doesn't need is a bunch of fake bitches running around trying to be her friend. You know what I mean?
Diana: [to Renee] Seriously, dude, I could not handle Brittany, like, one more time.
Renee: [to Diana] Do you think Brittany's fake? Do you think that's all fake? Like an act?
Brittany: [in confessional] Some of the girls apparently seem to think that I'm "acting" all the time because I've been getting a little emotional lately.
Diana: [to Renee] I don't believe anything. I don't believe her, and I don't trust her.
Brittany: [in confessional] I don't like confronting people about things, but I felt like I should say something. [to Renee] The walls in a house full of women are paper thin. That's all I gotta say.
Renee: [to Brittany] Okay, listen. I'm just gonna say to you right now, I've been nothing but nice to you, nothing but genuine to you. [in confessional about Brittany] It's not like it's uncommon to have girls talk about girls, and to make people feel bad about gossiping or about having conversations about somebody else. For me, it's just so pious. She just needs to come down off her pedestal.
Brittany: [to Renee] I don't have anything to say to you.
Renee: [to Brittany] Right. You know what, Brittany? You being twenty-one years old, sure do act like you're still in high school.
Brittany: [to Renee while rolling her eyes] I'm still kicking your ass in this competition! [Renee flips her off]

Sarah: [to Renee while watching Natasha during her photoshoot] She looks like Kate Moss.
Renee: [to Sarah] No she doesn't. Do you even know who Kate Moss is?

Natasha: [to the judges about her photo during her evaluation] I love this picture anyway because it's so much better compared to other pictures I had.
Tyra: [to Natasha] You're the best sales person in the world.

Tyra: [to Jaslene] Do you know why you were called so late?
Jaslene: [to Tyra] Personality?
Tyra: [to Jaslene] Mmm. Hmmm.

The Girl Who Changes Her Attitude [8.5][edit]

Renee: I feel like a lot of the girls in the house don't understand me like they're just looking for ways to be offended by me. I don't know why; I feel like they just don't like me.

Jay: [after Brittany does a shoot on a wet, grimy bathroom floor] Someone get this girl a towel and a tetanus shot.

Jay: I already told them you were really good.
Renee: Oh! They already hate me enough as it is!
Jay: Oh, they do? Why? What happened?
Renee: I'm a bitch.

Felicia: [to Dionne after getting eliminated] Go get your picture.

Felicia: [in confessional after getting eliminated] I'm sad because I expected to go further than this but you just got to deal with it I guess.

The Girl Who Takes Credit [8.6][edit]

Jay: [as Natasha is doing very well in her photo shoot] There is a reason those Russian people compete and get gold!

Jay: Tell me again why you want to be America's Next Top Model.
Diana: Just...'cause.

Sarah: [about how Natasha can explain away any negative feedback] Natasha is the used car salesman of America's Next Top Model.

The Girl Who Gets Thrown in the Pool [8.7][edit]

Jael: Thank you for coming to our party.
50 Cent: This is actually my party, you know, Smart Water all over the place?
Jael: Well you know how us from Detroit have a smart ass mouth.

Jael: Listen, my mom is Black and my dad's a Jew, I'm Blewish you can't hang with that!
Whitney: [in confessional about Jael] Jael has a very "in-your-face" personality and I say this time after time, after time: you can hate it or you can love it.
50 Cent: I asked you to leave.
Jael: Be a man! [gets pushed into the swimming pool by 50 Cent ]
Dionne: [about Jael] He just threw her in the pool! [in confessional about Jael] Jael deserved it because she didn't leave that man alone.

Renee: I'm Nayien.
Benny Medina: Nice to meet you.
Renee: Nice to meet you, too.
Benny Medina: You 're supposed to have a name.
Renee: My name?
Benny Medina: No, what is the name?
Renee: Nayien.
Benny Medina: No, what is the "sell yourself" name?
Renee: Nayien.

Renee: Nicole Ritchie asked me who was the crazy one in the house. And I said, "Jael is the crazy one in the house."
Jael: She told me you said you hated me. So you can get out of my face, bitch.
Renee: I'm not in your face, bitch!
Jael: Exactly. Don't be jealous, Jesus! You're really beautiful, and it's such a fuckin' waste.
Whitney: [in confessional] Jael always prevails in any situation. She can cuss you out, up and down the street!
Jael: [sees Renee walking in] Get the hell away from me. Don't walk past me. There's a big space over there.
Renee: Jael, I'm not gonna walk around on eggshells. I am not a mean person!
Jael: Well, you've been disrespectful to every single girl in the house.
Renee: And people have been disrespectful to me!
Jael: With good reason! And I understand, and I back them all.
Renee: [to Jaslene and Whitney] Is that true? Y'all don't like me either? [in confessional] "Nobody in the house likes you. You're the outcast and blah-blah-blah." And I'm just like...[shrugs]
Jael: [to Renee] 'Cause I put others before myself, and you never will.

The Girl Who Impresses Pedro [8.8][edit]

Brittany: [during the skit with Tia Mowry and delivering her lines during the challenge] There's traffic... [gasps] ...up and down Fifth Avenue!

Efren Ramirez: [to Renee, who won the acting challenge] You get to pick a friend actually.
Renee: Oh, okay. Hmmm... Dionne.
Dionne: No way! [in confessional about Renee picking her to share the reward] And I'm like... "Me?!"
Renee: [to Dionne] You said that you weren't gonna give me another chance, so...
Dionne: [in confessional about Renee] I was like, "Damn, Renee don't like me for real!" But, then she's trying to make a change. So, okay, I'm gonna go with the flow.
Efren: You two get a prize. You're gonna love it! [hands a T-shirt to Dionne] This is for you...
Dionne: What the...?!
Efren: [hands a T-shirt to Renee] ...and this is for you. [Renee laughs]
Whitney: [in confessional] They got T-shirts. We are on America's Next Top Model, and these fools just got up there and got some darn T-shirts!
Dionne: [in confessional] A T-shirt?! A T-shirt?! Whatcha going to do with a T-shirt?! [looking at the shirt just received] This is so cute! [Whitney, Brittany, Jael, Natasha and Jaslene awkwardly smile and laugh]
Renee: Yay.

Dionne: [in confessional] I see my Mom, my sister, and my baby. And the first thing that came to my mind is...what is wrong with my baby's hair?

Dionne: [in confessional about doing a lesbian kissing in limousine photoshoot with Kim Stolz from America's Next Top Model Cycle 5 who kissed Sarah Rhodes in the limousine] Hold up. I'm no lesbo! I'll give you a hug but that kissing, I don't even kiss my own damn boyfriend!

The Girls Who Went Down Under [8.9][edit]

Renee: Avro!

Dionne: That's cool!

Jaslene: [in confessional about CariDee's photo] My girl, CariDee!

Natasha: [in confessional after settling into the Sydney apartment] I know that there are six of us but only one is going to be the winner. It's the break point of the competition where you have to get serious.

Natasha: [in confessional about doing Covergirl Commerical] I'm very nervous about this challenge because I have an accent and I have to put my Aussie accent on top of my Russian accent.

Natasha: [in confessional after doing Covergirl Commerical] I feel bloody good mate about my Covergirl commercial.

Jael: [in confessional] I don't want to go home. I'm not finished spreading the joy to the universe.

Renee: [during her Covergirl Commerical in a thick Australian accent] I wish I could capture the drama of the outback in my look.

Renee: [during her Covergirl Commerical in a thick Australian accent] Now that's easy, breezy, beautiful Covergirl!

Brittany: [crying to the judges about her performance in the Covergirl Commerical during her evaluation at judging in Sydney] I just had a really hard time with it because of my short term memory!

Miss. J Alexander: [to Brittany] Fashion has no sympathy or empathy.

Natasha: [to Tyra] I cannot believe it!

Jael: [to Brittany] Go get 'em".

Jael: [to Tyra] Thank you so much. Honestly, this experience has changed my life tremendously.

Jael: [to Brittany, Natasha, Renee, Jaslene and Dionne] I love all of you to death.

Jael: [in confessional after getting eliminated eight] I've been through so much here and it's been such a learning experience and I'm so thankful to have had it. I am so proud that I have gotten this far. I am going to miss each and every one of the thirteen girls who started off in the house equally and in different ways. I created bonds with each and every one of them and I might be the only person who's been here fortunate to do so.

Tyra: [voiceover about the next episode] Coming up on America's Next Top Model, when it's time to impress the designers down under...
Wayne Cooper: [to Renee] What's your name?
Renee: [to Wayne Cooper] NeNe!
Wayne Cooper: [to Renee] I'm Way Way!
Tyra: [voiceover about the next episode] ...Brittany leaves her manners behind!
Natasha: [to Brittany] It's okay.
Brittany: [shouting right at Natasha] It's not okay!
Natasha: [to Brittany] It is okay.
Brittany: [shouting right at Natasha about the taxi cab driver] It sucks because it's not my fault! It's his because I asked him to meet me over there! [Natasha shakes her head]

The Girl Who Blames the Taxi Driver [8.10][edit]

Renee: [in confessional about Brittany staying over Jael] Brittany used her short-term memory as a crutch in panel.
Brittany: [in a repeat scene crying to the judges about her performance in the Covergirl Commerical during her evaluation at judging in Sydney] I just had a really hard time with it because of my short-term memory!
Renee: [in confessional about Brittany staying over Jael] I feel like it was unfair that Jael goes home.

Brittany: [in confessional about surviving the bottom two for the first time ever staying over Jael who was eliminated in her third bottom two appearance after previously surviving over Kathleen in week one and Whitney in week seven] It sucks Jael went home but I seemed to be doing a lot better at the photoshoots then Jael.

Dionne: [in confessional about Brittany staying over Jael and about the skit with Tia Mowry] I really wanted Brittany to go home because when we did that skit with Tia Mowry, Brittany was all excited about acting. She knew every line word for word...
Brittany: [in a repeat scene during the skit with Tia Mowry and delivering her lines during the challenge] There's traffic... [gasps] ...up and down Fifth Avenue!
Dionne: [in confessional about Brittany's Covergirl Commercial] ...but when it came to this commercial...
Brittany: [in a repeat scene crying to the judges about her performance in the Covergirl Commerical during her evaluation at judging in Sydney] I just had a really hard time with it because of my short-term memory!
Dionne: [in confessional about Brittany's Covergirl Commercial and everything else] Short-term memory!? You are lying! She always makes up an excuse for every single thing!

Priscilla Leighton Clark: [to Brittany, Natasha, Renee, Dionne and Jaslene] Now you must be back here by 4:30. Anybody who comes here after 4:30 will be disqualified. We'll see you back here at the end of the day.

Jaslene: [in confessional] My strategy is to stay calm, cool and collected.

Tina Kalivas: [in confessional about Brittany's runway walk] Brittany needs a lot of work with her walk so I would not book Brittany for a show. [to Brittany] Hope the rest of your stay's pleasant. [Brittany leaves and goes back to her taxi cab]
Brittany: [in confessional] I guess I have a lot of pressure but I don't really feel it. If one designer doesn't like it's not the end of the world.

Dionne: [in confessional] Go-sees are fun.

Dionne: [to the Sydney clients during the go-see challenge when trying on clothes and accessories] Can I keep this?

Brittany: [leaving the designer's] Okay, my cab driver, obviously didn't come over here like I asked him too! [in confessional] I see that the taxi's not there I'm like "Oh"!
[commercial break]
Brittany: [in confessional] I asked my cab driver to meet me on Cooper Street and he obviously didn't listen. [to her taxi cab driver] I asked you to meet me on Cooper Street.
Brittany's Taxi Cab Driver: [to Brittany] You didn't say to meet you.
Brittany: [to her taxi cab driver in a repeat scene only saying where she is going and to saying to meet there] I'm going to go over to Cooper. [back to the present where her taxi cab driver is taking her back to Priscilla Leighton Clark's agency] Can't believe this!
Natasha: [in confessional] My strategy is to see as many designers as possible but it's really really important to be back on time.

Renee: [to Dionne] Here comes Jaslene. [as Jaslene runs into the room] One minute! One minute!
Jaslene: [in confessional] I make it back to Priscilla's agency a minute before and I'm like, "Where's Natasha? Where's Brittany?" We have two slackers. :[Natasha and Brittany are in their taxicabs]
Renee, Dionne and Jaslene: [counting down the last few seconds until 4:30pm in Sydney] Four, three, two, one! Ugh!
Jaslene: [in confessional]These girls are late, late, late for something that's very, very important. [sees Natasha arrive only seconds after the due time of 4:30pm and running out of the taxicab to the modeling agency unaware she is about to be disqualified and tells Dionne and Renee] Look at her! Running for nothing! [sarcastically to Natasha behind her back] Run girl!
Priscilla Leighton Clark: [comes to see Renee, Dionne and Jaslene] Hi, girls!
Renee, Dionne and Jaslene: [to Priscilla] Hi!
Priscilla Leighton Clark: [to Renee, Dionne and Jaslene] Well, congratulations to you. It's 4:30 and you've made it back on time.
Natasha: [walks into the room just after Pricilla arrives thinking she is on time] Yes!
Renee: [to Natasha] Don't "yes"! You missed it!
Natasha: [to Renee] No, I did not! [Jaslene points at Pricilla Leighton Clark]
Priscilla Leighton Clark: [to Natasha] It's so important to be on time. Even if you're a minute late, the designers don't want to see you and consequently, you're disqualified from the challenge. Could you please wait outside? Now.
Natasha: [to Priscilla Leighton Clark] Yeah, sure.
Priscilla Leighton Clark: [to Natasha going outside] Thanks.
Natasha: [in confessional] I know that if I wouldn't be disqualified, I would win the challenge because I definitely would book more jobs than any of those girls. [Brittany arrives and gets out of her taxicab]
Priscilla Leighton Clark: [to Renee, Dionne and Jaslene] Congratulations, you three. You've really shown that you're true professionals and you know the importance of being on time. [Brittany runs to the agency and meet with Natasha]
Natasha: [to Brittany whilst standing outside the door of modeling agency with her arms crossed, shaking her head and telling Brittany they are both disqualified from the go-see for being late] I was late for thirty seconds.
Brittany: [shouting right at Natasha about the taxi cab driver] I asked my cab driver to meet me on Cooper Street and he didn't show up! [Brittany throws her portfolio on the ground, inside, Renee looks stunned] I made it to five! I have a cab driver who didn't listen.
Natasha: [to Brittany] It's okay.
Brittany: [shouting right at Natasha] It's not okay!
Natasha: [to Brittany] It is okay.
Brittany: [shouting right at Natasha about the taxi cab driver] It sucks because it's not my fault! It's his because I asked him to meet me over there!
Priscilla Leighton Clark: [to Renee, Dionne and Jaslene] Um... [Brittany is crying]
Natasha: [to Brittany] I just want to tell you that some people have war in their countries.
Brittany: [to Natasha] I can be upset right now if I want to.
Dionne: [in confessional about Priscilla's reactions to Brittany cursing and shouting right at Natasha about the taxi cab driver before the go-sees challenge winner is announced] When Priscilla comes in to announce who won the challenge, Brittany is cursing and just going off and you can actually see the expression on Priscilla's face like "What the heck is that about?"
Brittany: [shouting right at Natasha about the taxi cab driver] It's not driving slow! I asked him to meet me there and it took me two minutes to run back and I would have made it!
Natasha: [to Brittany] Don't be... Please don't be...
Brittany: [shouting right at Natasha] STOP TELLING ME NOT TO BE UPSET! [Renee looks stunned when hearing this] I can be upset if I want to! I have a cab driver that doesn't listen and I get...! [walking away from Natasha who is in shock]
Priscilla Leighton Clark: [to Renee, Dionne and Jaslene about Brittany shouting right at Natasha] I assume that Brittany knows she's been disqualified as she hasn't come into the room but anyway girls I now have the results from designers.

Jaslene: [to everyone after winning the go-see challange] I won?! Oh my gosh! I won a challenge! Oh my gosh, guys! I have not won a challenge!

Priscilla Leighton Clark: [to Renee, Dionne and Jaslene] Congratulations. All of you have done a terrific job today!
Renee, Dionne and Jaslene: [to Priscilla] Thank you!
Priscilla Leighton Clark: [to Renee, Dionne and Jaslene] See you later. [Renee, Dionne and Jaslene meet with Natasha and Brittany outside]
Natasha: [to Renee, Dionne and Jaslene] Can I hug the winner? [Jaslene comes for a hug] The winner! Come here!
Brittany: [to Renee, Dionne and Jaslene about the taxi cab driver whislt holding an unlit cigarette] I asked my cab driver to meet me on Cooper Street!
Renee: [to Brittany] Uhh huh.
Brittany: [to Renee, Dionne and Jaslene] So because my guy didn't listen and said "Okay!" I got...!
Jaslene: [in confessional about Brittany] Brittany, why do you put up these excuses and make yourself look bad?! She just has some excuse all the time!
Brittany: [to Renee, Dionne and Jaslene] I missed it by a minute.
Renee: [to Brittany about Natasha] No, because she showed up at 4:31. [Natasha sees what's happening] She was just one minute late. [Brittany looks peeved]

Renee: [in confessional] I'm very excited to see Tyra. I'm excited to have her on set and see how we work.

Brittany: [in confessional] I don't think I'm going to be in the bottom two again because I think I did a damn good job.

Priscilla Leighton Clark: [to Brittany at judging] You really need to learn to contain yourself.

Tyra: [to Brittany at judging] I got a word back that none of those clients that you saw said they wanted to book you. Not one of them, which is strange to me because you take some of the strongest pictures.

Twiggy: [to Brittany at judging] I'm absolutely shocked.

Tyra: [to Brittany at judging] I think you're a very good example of it's not just about being pretty and having pretty pictures but there might have been an energy or personality thing that didn't click with the designers.

Twiggy: [to Brittany at judging] The camera loves you. That's why you've got to find this personality when you do your meetings.

Tyra: [to Natasha at judging] What was your issue?
Natasha: [to Tyra] I was late.
Priscilla Leighton Clark: [to Brittany at judging] I thought you handled it very well. You were a bit cross but you handled it well.
Natasha: [to Priscilla Leighton Clark] Thank you!

Tyra: [to Dionne and Brittany in the bottom two] Will Dionne and Brittany please step forward. I only have two photos in my hands and those two photos are of the same girl. I will only call one name and the girl that I do not call must immediately return to the hotel, pack her belongings and go home. Brittany, you've taken some of the strongest pictures but this week you went on go-sees and not one of those clients that you saw said that they would book you. All the pretty pictures, it's great but if you can't get hired you don't exist in the world of modeling. Dionne your pictures have been nice. By far not as strong as Brittany's and this week I happen to know why. You have to be coached so, so, so much as if this is week one of America's Next Top Model. So who goes home? The girl who needs no coaching but can't book a job or the girl what needs so much coaching but the clients here in Sydney like her. [flips over Dionne's photo] Dionne. [Dionne comes to collect her photo]

Brittany: [in confessional after getting eliminated ninth] When I get told that I didn't get booked for any of my Go-Sees, it makes me just sort of realize that I have a lot to work on. I've never been like the emotional person and I don't know what made it come out here but it shocked me and then I didn't know how to handle it. I'm going to miss the whole experience. I mean, I'm just happy that I got it. There's a lot of girls out there that wish they could have this experience and it's a great opportunity and it's been a lot of fun.

The Girl Who Does Not Want To Dance [8.11][edit]

Renee: [in confessional about Natasha on the phone] Natasha's crazy! She's psychopathic! She's making out with the phone with her husband on it. She's weird!

Natasha: [in confessional about Jaslene, Renee and Dionne] These girls are very, very into my behavior. Every move I do they watch me. The girls are a little bit intimidated by my look. I'm such strong competition that no matter what I would do, they would judge it.

Renee: [to Natasha] You're going to get like really sick Natasha.

Renee: [in confessional about Carissa Rosenberg] I saw Carissa sitting there and obviously it's important to impress her because she's from Seventeen magazine but I really was just more concerned about making sure that my story was heard.

Dionne: I don't wanna do no damn dance. First of all, how the hell do you think I can dance while telling a story? Tell what story, what story do you want to hear?! My boyfriend tries to get me to dance with him all the time, and I just do not do it! I do not want to dance! Period!

Natasha: [during her interpretive dance] When I used to be a child, I was very weak...and I remember having big dreams.
Dionne: [in confessional about Natasha's dance] I see her lips moving, but I don't hear a thing. It's just like...[imitates Natasha moving her lips] I'm like, "What the hell is she saying?!"

[Jaslene, Renee and Dionne go out on a night in Sydney alone and use the opportunity to talk about Natasha behind her back]
Jaslene [in confessional about Natasha] I think we were better off not having Natasha come with us. She was this funny, Russian girl but now she’s just annoying to me.
Renee : [to Jaslene and Dionne] You guys better really bring it at the photoshoot tomorrow. [to Dionne] Dionne, none of this no contact with the camera thing. [to Jaslene and Dionne] We need to send someone home and you guys all know who I’m talking about.
Jaslene: [to Renee and Dionne] To be honest, I don’t see her going home right now. She’s improving week by week, so...
Dionne: [in confessional] I want to see Natasha go home. Right now, I’m over her. [to Renee and Jaslene] Something is going on with her but I don’t know what it is. She got some lies floating around somewhere.
Jaslene: [to Renee and Dionne] I’m really curious with how she lives her life, like at home and her husband.
Renee: [in confessional] Natasha doesn’t have a wedding ring. I’ve never seen a picture of her husband. I’ve never seen pictures of her daughter. I don’t know. It’s just confusing for me.
Dionne: [to Renee and Jaslene] She doesn’t talk about her family, for real.
Renee: [to Dionne] Yeah.
Dionne [in confessional] We don’t know anything about her husband at all! I don’t even know his name!
Renee: [to Jaslene and Dionne] Her story has changed...
Jaslene: [to Renee] ... a million times.
Renee: [to Jaslene] Yes that’s the thing, it’s like if you’re going to lie at least be good at it!
Natasha: [in confessional about Jaslene, Renee and Dionne] Throughout the whole competition, I'm talked about. I'm in every conversation. They're nice to my face because they don't want me to know they're feeling jealous. I didn't let it touch me because it would distract me from the competition to let these girls get in my head.

Jay Manuel: [to Natasha] Natasha, this is do or die. We're down to four girls and we'd hate to see you throw a whole competition away because you couldn't push through this one shoot. So I need you to try a little harder because right now it just looks really, really weak.

Renee: [in confessional about her photoshoot] I feel like I got some killer shots.

Renee: [in confessional about Natasha being sick] I just hope Natasha doesn't use this as an excuse because the judges will eat her alive! There's been plenty of models that have been sick and gone to work and got good photos.

Dionne: [when asked by Tyra out of the four remaining girls who had the least amount of potential to be America’s Next Top Model] I think I’m going to have to say, Natasha. It’s just like something about Natasha, like her personality, I feel like something is missing. I just don’t believe it.

Jaslene: [when asked by Tyra out of the four remaining girls who had the least amount of potential to be America’s Next Top Model] I like Natasha but to be honest I feel the same way. I respect her and I care for her dearly bu she comes off real phony.

Renee: [when asked by Tyra out of the four remaining girls who had the least amount of potential to be America’s Next Top Model] I would have to agree and say, Natasha. I feel like she plays games. She’s a beautiful girl but there’s something lacking in the personality. I feel like a lot of its fake.

Natasha: I am thankful for the critique that girls just said. I still like them and they’re still my friends.
Twiggy: I must say, I’m completely shocked by the reaction of the other girls because seeing you every week you are one of the warmest girls, you make us laugh, you take critique. And so to hear what they were saying and then I suddenly thought ‘Well you are very very beautiful, so is this a truth coming out or is there a slight jealousy because they think you’re ahead of them?’. I don’t know, it’s very weird.
Natasha: If Gisele Bündchen would be standing behind me now right now, I’d say she has the least potential because she’d be the biggest competition for me.
Tyra: How does it feel hearing all the girls say such negative things about you?
Natasha: I feel like I’m always being talked about. Like I was always in the center of all the conversation but it’s better to be talked about than being not noticeable.

[Judges discussing it later]
Tyra: You guys don’t know this but I had to hold almost like an intervention with the girls because they were also against Renne at one point and now then week it's all about hating Natasha! What does that mean?
Twiggy: Is there a jealously element in this?

Twiggy: I think this is her weakest photograph but I think she dealt with the negativity today miraculously.
Tyra: Do you think what Natasha said was right? Like..., [imitating Natasha] "If Gisele Bündchen was behind me I would say she didn’t have potential too because I’d be threatened." Do you think the girls are threatened?
Carissa: They really were ganging up on her.
Twiggy: They were!
Tyra: Yeah that might be but you guys, her photoshoot was a disaster.

Tyra: [to Natasha and Dionne in the bottom two] Dionne, you started off rough and then you got better and better but the judges feel like your ascent is not like this... [smooth ascent demonstration] They feel it is like this... [rough ascent demonstration] ...and when I asked who has the most Top Model potential, you're the only one that did not say yourself and that worries the judges because if the path is rocky and you don't believe in yourself, who's going to believe in you? And then we have Natasha. The girl who started off awful. We saw this beautiful face and great personality but couldn't capture it on film but she continued to get better and better and better and then this week comes, you come down with a cold and your photo shoot was dreadful. It was worse than your first two photoshoorts and the judges go this "Sick Thing" is the oldest Top Model story and we're over it and on top of that, we asked every single girl here who had the least potential and they all said you. Is there something about Natasha she's hiding?There's got to be a reason why those girls have bounded against you. [flips over Natasha's photo] Natasha and the judges think maybe they're just jealous. [Jaslene looks stunned, Renee looks peeved, Natasha does not receive a hug back from Dionne, Natasha goes to collect her photo] This competition is not about doing one bad photoshoot and getting sent home. We looked at your body of work and looked at Dionne's body of work and we feel that your body of work is stronger than Dionne's and that's why you stand before me but I have to be hard with you and say "I don't care if you're sick. I don't care if you have a cold. I don't care if you have a flu." This final three and there's no more second chances when it comes to that.

Natasha: [to Tyra] I'm so shocked.

Dionne: [in confessional after getting eliminated tenth] All I can say is that I'm just very disappointed. I knew I could have did a better job but I did try. I really did try. Going back home, it's going to be a big change. I'm actually going to miss getting up early in the morning, getting beautified of course I'm going to miss that! I'm mad that I failed but I still got a good chance and still had an opportunity to do something people don't normally do. I am proud of myself.

The Girl The Girl Who Becomes America's Next Top Model [8.12][edit]

Renee: [in confessional about Natasha] I would hope that they don’t let Natasha do the final runway.

Jaslene: [in confessional about Natasha being a finalist] I'm surprised Natasha's here and Renee's not!

Jay: [to CariDee from behind the scenes] Have fun, CariDee! [CariDee opens the final runway show]
Tyra: [watching CariDee opening the final runway show] CariDee!

Cycle 9[edit]

Originally aired September 19 – December 12, 2007.

The Girls Go Cruisin’ [9.1][edit]

Heather: [in front of Tyra, Jay Manuel and J. Alexander] Hey pretty lady... and Tyra.
J. Alexander: [to Heather] Okay, wait a minute, girl! Which one is the pretty lady?
Tyra: [to Heather] This one or this one?
Heather: [to Tyra, Jay Manuel and J. Alexander] Oh, no! I wasn't trying to be insulting! You're all pretty.
Tyra: [to Heather] What were you diagnosed with at thirteen years old?
Heather: [to Tyra, Jay Manuel and J. Alexander] Actually it was Asperger's and A.D.H.D.. [in confessional] Asperger's Syndrome is described as a mild version of autism. It also includes the person being very awkward in social situations. The real problem I had as a child was the fact that I didn't have that many friends. They really had a hard time understanding me. I mean, I was wired differently.

Tyra: [to Bianca] So you say there's two kinds of bitches. What kinds of bitches are there?
Bianca: The fun bitch, like that...that's what I categorize myself as. And then there's like the bitchy bitch that I've seen here.
Jay: Uh-oh. Who's the bitchy bitch? That's what we wanna know.
Bianca: Ebony. She's like playing, like, real high and mighty. You know, real boujee. [to Tyra] You've seen it, right? She did say she had a $500 weave, and it was good.
Tyra: Do you have a weave?
Bianca: Yeah.
Tyra: How much did yours cost?
Bianca: Well, the hair cost me $25.

J. Alexander: [to Heather about her awkward walk] You look like you should be digging up clams and oysters the way you walk.

Victoria: [to Tyra, Jay Manuel and J. Alexander] I should win this competition.

Mila: [in confessional] I'm a really positive person.

Ebony: Let's play a game and see who has an eating disorder.
Marvita: [to Ebony] Why would someone say something like that? [Ebony tilts her head]
Ebony: [to Marvita] Because I wanted to.
Marvita: [to Ebony] When was your last damn meal? 'Cause you look anorexic.

Janet: [about her home town] We just got a Walmart.

Ebony: I'm not here to make friends. I have friends already at home. I'll start remembering names when I make it to the house.
Bianca: [to Ebony] So corny.
Ebony: [to Bianca] You talking to me?
Bianca: [to Ebony] Y'all was over there whispering about being competitive and this is a competition. But you don't got to be a bitch and be competitive. [in confessiona] I was like, "Okay, we have a phony one here." Ebony doesn't have any personality, and people can feel the diva-ness coming off of her.
Ebony: [to Bianca] I don't know if you're referring to me, or...
Bianca: [to Ebony] Who else was I talking about?!
Ebony: [to Bianca] I'm not here to make friends.
Bianca: [to Ebony] Okay, and that's you! And that means you're fearful of things.
Ebony: [to Bianca] Okay, honey.

The Models Go Green [9.2][edit]

Mila: [in confessional] It's so cool to be here with all these girls.

Janet: [in confessional] I'm here to compete and I'm here to learn the most I can about fashion.
Heather: [in confessional] I do have a disability. It's Asperger's Syndrome. A mild version of autism. It also includes the person being very awkward in social situations. My top priority is learning and having a good experience.

Jay Manuel: Top Model is going green!

Mila: [in confessional] I'm pretty supportive of the environmental kick. It really is important to be aware of what keeps our earth good.

Heather: [in confessional] I was not a normal child. I would be by myself a lot of the times and it was quite lonely and it brought up questions like "What was wrong with me? Why couldn't people understand me?" I hope I can get along with the girls.

Mike Rosenthal: [to the girls] Give us the best energy!

Mila: [laughing in confessional] I would call it sort of Bozo! [laughing whilst Mike Rosenthal is taking pictures]

Lisa: [to Bianca] Let me just say this. You walk around like you're this and you're that, and your head gets so...
Bianca: [to Lisa] You're real lame, Lisa! You're real lame!
Lisa: [to Bianca] Am I being disrespectful to you, Bianca?
Bianca: [to Lisa] You are, you are!
Heather: [in confessional about Bianca and Lisa arguing] I started getting a headache from all the stupid yelling. I'm like, "Ugh!"
Bianca: [to Lisa] Lisa, listen. This is a competition. I don't see you as my competition.
Lisa: [to Bianca] But you're...
Bianca: [to Lisa] I don't have to. Like I said, I don't need to. I'm not twenty stripping in some clubs! Do you really think America's Next Top Model's going to be an exotic dancer? [Lisa looks stunned] What a role model! Give up! Go home!
Lisa: [to Bianca] You want to bring it to that level?! You can bring it to that level, but I don't say that to you! Don't say that!
Victoria: [in confessional about Bianca and Lisa arguing] I hate when girls fight. I hate catfights. I hate that whole world. That is so high school to me.
Bianca: [to Lisa] Anything you want to call me out on?
Lisa: [to Bianca] I got nothing to say to you, girl. [in confessional] America isn't perfect and everybody goes through their ups and downs. And if you're so determined about making something out of yourself, you go through whatever you have to do.

Heather: [in confessional] I'm not going to let this autism bring me down. I.. This is going to be a thing that makes me stronger.

Ebony: [about Heather] Heather is like kind of weird. [Saleisha walks by] So I'm just like?
Lisa: [to Ebony just wondering what is said about Heather] Do you know why?
Kimberly: [to Lisa and Ebony directly about Heather] She has like all these different, like, disabilities and stuff but this is the competition. [Victoria sees the conversation about Heather]
Victoria: [in confessional about Ebony, Lisa and Kimberly talking about Heather] The other girls talk about Heather behind her back all the time and make fun of her just because she is a little bit more awkward and I don't do that kind of stuff.

Kimberly: [to Lisa and Ebony directly about Heather] I don't want her to like cling to me and be like I'm her go-to person. [in confessional about Heather] People like that they cling! As the competition goes on girls are honestly going to push her away and she is going to be by herself.

Bianca: [as the girls help Heather get into her outfit] What are y'all doing to her?! Now she's just a prostitute! [in confessional] Heather, I think her disability gives her a lot of leg-up. She gets a big pity call from everyone, and I don't know if she deserves it.

Tyra: [to Mila] You're such a beautiful girl but it's a pretty girl just sitting there. That's not what models get paid to do.

Twiggy: [to Victoria] You'd never know from that photo how shy and insecure you are.
Victoria: [to Twiggy] I'm not insecure.
Twiggy: [to Victoria] Look!
Victoria: [to Twiggy] I maybe soft spoken but I'm not insecure.

Tyra: This is a no smoking cycle.

Mila: [in confessional after getting eliminated first] I really didn't think I would be the one first to go home. Like I was pretty sure that I was going to win so yeah it's a huge surprise. I really would have liked to stay and I think it would have been really great to stay but I think that if you concentrate on the positive like just the negative things just go away.

The Girls Go Rock Climbing [9.3][edit]

Saleisha: [to Bianca] Yes, I have work, and I have done things, but these photographers and other people, they don't tell you anything. They just put you in front of a camera. So obviously...
Bianca: [to Saleisha] But you've worked, and you have that upper hand on a lot of the other girls.
Saleisha: [to Bianca] I'm gonna be real with myself! Honestly, it's a competition. I care who was taxing me! I'm here to win, and I... I probably will! It shouldn't even intimidate y'all. That should just make y'all work harder.
Kimberly: [in confessional about Bianca and Saleisha] Bianca was just asking questions and Saleisha started getting really heated about it. Like, you know, that we were attacking her, which we were just asking her questions.
Bianca: [to Saleisha] Honestly, I don't feel that you're my competition!
Saleisha: [to Bianca] And I don't feel that you're my competition!
Bianca: [to Saleisha] Your body type is not better than me. You're borderline plus-size!
Saleisha: [in confessional] I was like, "Okay, just stay calm." But once you're yelling at me, and you're pointing your fingers at my face, I'm gonna eventually go off. [to Bianca] Equally!
Bianca: [to Saleisha] My head is big, doll? For real, you look like a Bratz doll.
Saleisha: [to Bianca] Mama, look at you! Your mouth ain't going to get you anywhere! [Jenah, Ebony and Ambreal all watch]
Bianca: [to Saleisha] My mouth can get me anywhere! My mouth can get me anywhere!
Saleisha: [to Bianca] You think so?!
Bianca: [to Saleisha] My mouth can get me anywhere!
Saleisha: [to Bianca] You think so?!
Bianca: [to Saleisha] Please stand on your toes! [Ebony laughs while Ambreal keeps watching]
Saleisha: [to Bianca] I'm a grown-ass woman! [about Bianca] She's eighteen!
Bianca: [to Saleisha] I'm eighteen, but age don't got nothing to do with nothing! I definitely don't need makeup to look good, 'cause I look like this everyday! Check your thighs out in the mirror! And I'm done!

Bianca: [to Chantal about Saleisha] I'm talking to her and it got nothing to do with you!

Chantal: [in confessional about Bianca] Bianca is being totally ridiculous!

Bianca: [to Chantal] Excuse me! Chantal! Chantal! Chantal! Chantal! [Jenah grabs onto and pulls Chantal away]
Jenah: [in confessional about Bianca] I think Bianca just loves confronting people.
Bianca: [to Chantal who is dancing] I'm the only one you're arguing with that can look like this without makeup!

Twiggy: [to Victoria] You're very, very unusual.
Victoria: [to Twiggy] What is unusual about me?
Twiggy: [to Victoria] I can't put my finger upon it and I'm not sure you should know.

J Alexander: [about Victoria] She always comes for Twiggy every single time!
Tyra: [to J Alexander about Victoria] She does! [to Twiggy about Victoria] Last week you said something and she's like ba ra da ra da ra da da!
Twiggy: [to Tyra about Victoria] I know! [in a repeat scene from one week ago to Victoria] You'd never know from that photo how shy and insecure you are.
Victoria: [in a repeat scene from one week ago to Twiggy] I'm not insecure.
Twiggy: [in a repeat scene from one week ago to Victoria] Look!
Victoria: [in a repeat scene from one week ago to Twiggy] I may be soft-spoken but I'm not insecure.
Tyra: [back to the present, to Twiggy, J Alexander and Nigel Barker about Victoria] This week she said something... ba ra da ra da ra da da!
Twiggy: [in a repeat scene from the most recent judging to Victoria] You're very, very unusual.
Victoria: [in a repeat scene from the most recent judging to Twiggy] What is unusual about me?
Twiggy: [back to the present, to Tyra, J Alexander and Nigel Barker about Victoria] She's out to get me!

Tyra: [to J Alexander about Victoria] But now you do! You didn't and now you do!

Kimberly: [to Tyra] Thank you!
Tyra: [to Kimberly] You're welcome. You have all of this. Look at this! You have to study, study, study and figure out how to put that on a picture because it's so strong. [about Kimberly's ears] I love these. You should wear your hair like that every day!

Kimberly: [in confessional after getting eliminated second] I just wish my boyfriend was here.

The Girl Who Goes Bald [9.4][edit]

Janet: [about Ambreal] Damn she's a hot cricket boy. Man I got a little competition.

Victoria: [to Twiggy] I don't have a prickly disposistion.

The Girl Who is Afraid of Heights [9.5][edit]

Tyra: [to Ambreal] You can't let your fear of heights get in the way of your dreams of modelling.

The Girls Who Gets a Mango [9.6][edit]

Heather: [upon meeting Mary J. Blige] Excuse me while I breathe!

Tyra: [to Ambreal and Ebony in the bottom two] One of you has the potential to get better. [flips over Ebony's photo] And that's Ebony.
Ebony: [to Tyra] I don't know if I want to be here.
Tyra: [to Ebony] You don't want to be here. [Ebony shakes her head] Why not?
Ebony: [to Tyra] I just... [cries] Sorry!
Tyra: [to Ebony] It's okay. Tell me. Talk to me.
Ebony: [to Tyra] Modelling, I don't think is for me.
Tyra: [to Ebony] You know what I think is not for you? I don't think it's modelling. I think it's people telling you what to do. I think it's people telling you that you're not perfect. I think that's what you can't handle and the most unattractive thing in the world to me is a quitter. And for can go.
Ebony: [to Tyra] Thank you.
Tyra: [to Ebony] Good luck. [to Ambreal] So Ambreal, a free pass has been given!
Ambreal: [to Tyra] Oh my gosh!

The Girl Who is Afraid of Heights [9.5][edit]

Mila: [in confessional after getting eliminated first] Everyone will be like "You got eliminated first?"

The Girls Who Crawl [9.8][edit]

[The girls notice Heather looking very unwell and nearly passing out after their video shoot]
Sarah: [to Heather] Hey, are you fine? Do you need some water? Seriously, are you okay? [in confessional about Heather] She looks at me, and she looked so pale. Oh my God! I'm like, "Get up, we can go near the fan."
Gil: [to Heather] Let's get you outside. It's too hot in here. Are you able to walk?
Heather: [to Gil] Yeah.
Gil: [to Heather] You sure? You need fresh air, it's way too hot in here.
[Heather passes out as she's led out of the shoot by medics]
Lisa: [in confessional about Heather] It was kind of a scary sight because I didn't know, I...I thought maybe she was having a seizure. I had no idea.
Jenah: [about Heather] She did not look well. She looked dead. Like...dead. I mean, it was scary.
Saleisha: [about Heather] Why are they filming her? [in confessional about Heather] Her body just kind of gave out for a quick second. She just needed to, you know, sit down, and drink some water and get some nutrients back into her body, and just eat. It was just too much, it was very overwhelming for her. I don't think Heather, you know...parties til two o'clock in the morning on just high energy. So, I think that was just a lot for her.
Gil: [to Heather] Well, from now on, as thin as you are, and as hot as it, tomorrow you have to eat. It's like a car, you got to put gas in it.
Heather: [to Gil] I think I just pushed myself way past my limit.
Chantal: [to Heather] Did you get some food?
Heather: [to Chantal] Yeah.
Chantal: [to Heather] Any water?
Heather: [to Chantal] Yeah, they gave me Gatorade.
Chantal: [to Heather] And you feel better?
Heather: [to Chantal] Yeah.
Chantal: [to Heather] Don't ever scare us like that again. I mean it!
Heather: [in confessional] It just warmed my heart, the fact that all the girls were so concerned of how I was doing.

Saleisha: Wait, I'm not done! I still gotta check and make sure there's a supermodel in there.

The Girl Who Starts to Lose Her Cool [9.9][edit]

Heather: I'm not the ocean. In fact, I'm not even a water sign. I'm a fire sign.

Heather: [in confessional about Lisa and Saleisha] Lisa and Saleisha just go running to the shower and I'm thinking to myself, "No!" [back to the present in the bathroom] Dude, I called shower first!
Saleisha: [laughs with Bianca as Heather storms into the shower] You better move, Heather!
Heather: [in confessional about Lisa and Saleisha] They know that I did call shower first and they know very damn well that I'm having... well, not the best of days. [back to the present in the shower to Lisa and Saleisha] No! That is bull!
Saleisha: [to Heather] You're in the shower, so shut up! You're in here, so shut up!
Heather: [in confessional] They forget I have a breaking point, too.
Bianca: [knocking on shower door trying to get Heather's attention] Heather! Come pick up your underwear!
Heather: [in confessional] They feel like they need to pick at me whenever I'm not acting like my happy, cheery self.
Bianca: [to Saleisha] Saleisha stop, my stomach hurts!
Ambreal: [in confessional] She snaps and it's scary because... you can't do that!
Bianca: [to Lisa and Saleisha] Heather's gonna kill both of y'all. Y'all gotta stop laughing at her.
Saleisha: [in confessional] She looked like she wanted to do voodoo on me. I was like, "I am not messing with you, girl. Let me just shower, and get the heck up outta here!" Did you see how she looked at me? That was not very nice!

The Girl Who Starts to Lose Her Cool [9.9][edit]

Tyra: Not everyone is going to China.

The Girls Go to Shanghai [9.10][edit]

Tyra: [to Lisa, Chantal, Heather, Jenah, Bianca and Saleisha] This week girls collectively you all did really bad!

Lisa: [in confessional after getting eliminated eighth] Making it this far is still a leap over a lot of people. It's something that nobody would ever expect me to be able to do, period. I'm not going to walk away a loser. It's not over. So I'm not going to be a loser about it. This is definitely the biggest thing that ever happened to me but I do expect bigger things to happen in the future. Only one can be America's Next Top Model and unfortunately, it's not me

The Girls Go on Go-See Adventures [9.11][edit]

Chantal: [in confessional about Heather staying over Lisa] I don't think that Lisa should have gone home. At the Covergirl commercial, if I would have had my lines fed to me, I don't think that it would have been acceptable.

Heather: [in confessional] I do have a disability. It's Asperger's Syndrome. It affects the way I communicate.

Jenah: I don’t feel like this a modeling competition anymore, I feel like this (expletive) is a personality competition and that peeves me off.

Heather: [in confessional during go-see challenge] I know Tyra is going to be pissed. I know she's going to be pissed. [zero go-sees label is shown]

Flora Zeta: [to Jenah about her runway walk] I have to tell you, your walk was terrible!

Jenah: [in confessional about Heather walking around Shanghai] Heather... [laughs]

Heather: [in confessional after being forty minutes late from go-see challenge] I was really disappointed with myself because I didn't make it back in time. This was one of those challenges that really mattered. There was no excuse for why I didn't have enough time.

Jenah: [to Nigel] I feel like fainting Nigel, you're right in front of me! Oh my goodness!
Nigel: [to Jenah] Your sarcasm is rich!

Chantal: [to Bianca about Jenah] She was so unprofessional!

Jenah: [to Bianca and Chantal whilst watching Nigel direct Heather's photoshoot] Dude, I'm telling you, if I had that dress, I would be workin' it!
Bianca: [to Jenah] What would you do with it?
Jenah: [to Bianca and Chantal] This would be my first pose. [spreads arms out]
Nigel: [to Jenah, Bianca and Chantal while directing Heather] There's a little bit too much noise from the peanut gallery!

Nigel: [to Jenah at judging] You've had great pictures week after week after week. However... and this is the big however. Your sense of humor, you've got to be careful with it. You are kind of sarcastic.
Jenah: [in a repeat scene to Nigel] I feel like fainting Nigel, you're right in front of me! Oh my goodness!
Nigel: [in a repeat scene to Jenah] Your sarcasm is rich! [back to the present, to Jenah at judging] It comes off as arrogant.
Jenah: [in a repeat scene to Bianca and Chantal whilst watching Nigel direct Heather's photoshoot] If I had that dress, I would be workin' it!
Nigel: [to Jenah at judging] Be careful because you're stepping on a very fine line right now.

Nigel: [about Jenah] She's not a bad girl. She's a good girl. Her personality is getting in the way of herself.

Tyra: [to Heather and Jenah in the bottom two] Both of you girls take probably the strongest photos out of all of the five girls in this room right now. Both how you girls have something when it comes to communication. Not the strongest communicators. With you Heather. [Heather looks worried] If you're so fantastic to us judges and on photoshoots but you can't make it to a "go see it's nearly impossible for you to book a job. Where does Heather stand in this industry? As beautiful as you are standing in front of me, obviously that's not enough and then we have Jenah. Amazing photos but an attitude that turns off the judges. [Jenah nods] So who goes to Beijing? [flips over Jenah's photo] Jenah. [Jenah hugs Heather before coming to collect her photo]

Tyra: [to Heather] You came so far and you have to be so proud of yourself. Those clients that you saw don't know Heather but the people who have gotten to know and love you watching America's Next Top Model and being a part of your journey maybe there's some clients out there that see a little bit more something.

Heather: [in confessional after getting eliminated ninth] I really wanted to win. I wanted to prove that I could do this. I first came in here thinking my Asperger's would be way more of a problem than it really was. I thought I wouldn't be able to get along with any of the girls. I'd be too different and since I've been here, I've learned so much. I learned to be more confident and I plan to not always be so self-conscious. I think the experience is much more than a prize.

The Girls Go to the Great Wall [9.12][edit]

Tyra: [to Bianca] Hopefully an agency will sign you with those simple snapshots.

The Girl Who Becomes America's Next Top Model [9.13][edit]

Tyra: [to Chantal and Saleisha] America's Next Top Model is... Saleisha!

Cycle 10[edit]

Originally aired February 20 – May 14, 2008.

Welcome to Top Model Prep [10.1][edit]

Dominique: [to Tyra] I showed him that you can't put a price on all of this.
Tyra: [to Dominique] What is, "all of this?"
Dominique: [to Tyra] Pretty!

Allison: [to Tyra] Hi! I'm Allison and I am from the smallest hick town in Wisconsin and I've got to say no way I am going back!
Tyra: [to Allison] Not going back?
Allison: [to Tyra] No.
Tyra: [to Allison] And why aren't you going back?
Allison: [to Tyra] Because there are no opportinities there. There's not a lot of opportunies for modelling. [in confessional] The modelling industry is extremely competitive. Compared to the other girls I have much more experience in modelling.
Jay Manuel: [to Tyra about Allison] She's articulate.

Fatima: [in confessional] To me, most of the girls here are cool, but I don't think they understand how stupid they act sometimes. [to the casting girls] You girls are way too ghetto! Like...
Marvita: [to Fatima] What?
Shaya: [to Fatima] That's who I am.
Fatima: [to the casting girls] I'm just saying you can be black and smart and beautiful.
Shaya: [to Fatima] You know what that's who I am! I'm going be Shaya no matter what any girl up in this room says!
Marvita: [to Shaya] Alright! Alright!
Shaya: [to Fatima] Shaya going to be Shaya no matter what anyone says!
Marvita: [to Shaya] Alright!
Shaya: [in confessional about Fatima] The girl from Africa, she called me ghetto. But she didn't say ghetto, like, "Aww, Shaya you so ghetto." Like, she said it, "Ugh, you so ghetto".
Fatima: [to Shaya] I understand! To me, you look like the typical ghetto person. [in confessional] A lot of the girls here, I feel like most of them are actually intimidated by me. You know, they look at me, and they're like, "You're so exotic-looking. Like, you're so going to get this, you know?" [to the casting girls] I am a beautiful African person who has manners, education and class!
Shaya: [to Fatima] I've got manners! I'm from America! I'm not from...Africa! [Fatima just shrugs]
[commericial break]
Katarzyna: [to Tyra] Hi!
Tyra: [to Katarzyna] Hi!
Katarzyna: [to Tyra] My name is Katarzyna. I was actually born in Poland, in Lublin, Poland.

[After their fight, Fatima and Shaya hug it out after Fatima tells the other girls about her circumcision]
Shaya: [to Fatima] I love you, I'm sorry.
Fatima: [to Shaya] It's okay.
Shaya: [crying to Fatima] I could never imagine doing something like that!
Fatima: [to Shaya] Don't worry. It's okay.
Marvita: [to Fatima] So do you feel like less of a woman?
Whitney and Allison: [to Marvita] Shut up!
Marvita: [to Whitney and Allison] I'm asking her!
Kristen: [to Marvita] Seriously?! No one asked you!
Marvita: [to Allison] I'm not...
Allison: [to Marvita] You keep asking her!
Marvita: [to Allison] You know what? You need to shut up.
Allison: [to Marvita] No! I don't need to shut up! Don't put your hand on me!
Marvita: [to Allison] Bitch, if you touch me, you're gonna die.
Allison: [to Marvita] I'm not touching you! [in confessional] Marvita is abrasive because she yells at everybody!

Tyra: [to Shalynda] How many times did you audition?
Shalynda: [to Tyra] Eight times!

Shalynda: [to Fatima] Wait! Let me tell you something! Everybody's got ghetto-ness in them!
Fatima: [to Shalynda] Yeah, but what is ghetto to you?
Shalynda: [about Fatima in confessional] Fatima said that all black girls here are ghetto and I'm the wrong person to mess with. Especially when I know I'm in a competition, you do not want to get on my bad side. [to Fatima] I have accepted the fact that I'm a bitch. I've been called everything in the book. I've accepted that. I know who I am.
Fatima: [to Shalynda] So you are a bitch?
Shalynda: [to Fatima] You maybe don't...
Fatima: [to Shalynda] So you... You are a bitch?
Shalynda: [to Fatima] I am. I'm everything...
Fatima: [to Shalynda] Oh, okay. Can I call you bitch?
Shalynda: [to Fatima] I've been called... No! You cannot call me bitch...
Fatima: [to Shalynda] But you just said that...
Shalynda: [to Fatima] ...because that is not my name!
Fatima: [to Shalynda] You just said...
Shalynda: [to Fatima] That is not my government name! [Shaya grabs Shalynda and pulls her away from Fatima] So you would not call me bitch to my face because you don't know me! [about Fatima in confessional] I can't believe that that even came out of her mouth! Like, it was honestly just like a switch just went off in my head! [to Fatima whilst Shaya keeps pulling her to the corner] Yes! Yes! Let me tell you something, hoe! Shut up, bitch! You're dead in my book!
Lauren: [in confessional] If you have an opinion fine but screaming just does not get the point across.

Tyra:: [to the remaining eight casting girls of top twenty] I have one name left and this will be our thirteenth girl. The last name is... ...Anya. [other girls scream and cheer on Anya]
Anya: [to Tyra] Thank you so much!
Tyra: [to Anya] You're shaking like a leaf.
Anya: [to Tyra] Hooh! Hoo! Hoo! Hoo! Thank you so much!
Tyra: [to Anya] Take your diploma. Join the other girls. [to everyone] There was so much talent this cycle and this was really difficult to choose you thirteen because you girls are also very strong and you girls were so strong that at the last minute I said: "You know what?"
Everyone: [to Tyra] What?
Tyra: [to Anya] Thirteen's an unlucky number. [everyone gasps]
Kristen: [to Tyra] Oh my gosh!
Jennifer: [to Tyra] Oh my gosh! Tyra, thank you.
Tyra:: [to the remaining seven casting girls of top twenty] So the last person I decided she'd be a part of this group is...
Kristen: [quietly to Tyra] Please, Tyra!
Tyra: [to Dominique] ...Dominique. You're the last one we opened it up for you. Are you ready to join the girls?
Dominique: [in confessional] I'm just so blessed and so thankful and so humble right now but I'm ready to rock this too, okay?
Tyra: [to eliminated casting girls] All you girls can model. All of you can. This competition should not stop you. It should make you say "Tyra, I am going to prove you wrong! I'm going to show you that you made a mistake." Okay?
Jennifer: [in confessional after getting eliminated] It breaks your heart. You just feel like you deserve it but these things happen.
Kristen: [to Tyra] I'll be back. [in confessional after getting eliminated] I wanted it really bad and I think I wanted it a lot more than girls that got in.
Tyra: [to Allison, Fatima, Katarzyna, Kim, Stacy-Ann, Amis, Aimee, Claire, Whitney, Marvita, Lauren, Atalya, Anya and Dominique] You fourteen are going to New York City!
Allison, Fatima, Katarzyna, Kim, Stacy-Ann, Amis, Aimee, Claire, Whitney, Marvita, Lauren, Atalya, Anya and Dominique: [to Tyra] Whoo!
Tyra: [to Allison, Fatima, Katarzyna, Kim, Stacy-Ann, Amis, Aimee, Claire, Whitney, Marvita, Lauren, Atalya, Anya and Dominique] Are we ready?!
Anya: [in confessional] I'm just going to strive my hardest and most willingness to be America's Next Top Model because I know I have what it takes.
Tyra: [to Allison, Fatima, Katarzyna, Kim, Stacy-Ann, Amis, Aimee, Claire, Whitney, Marvita, Lauren, Atalya, Anya and Dominique] Four! Harder! Harder! Work it!
Whitney: [in confessional] I'm going to win it! Duh!
Tyra: [to Allison, Fatima, Katarzyna, Kim, Stacy-Ann, Amis, Aimee, Claire, Whitney, Marvita, Lauren, Atalya, Anya and Dominique] One! Two! Three!
Allison, Fatima, Katarzyna, Kim, Stacy-Ann, Amis, Aimee, Claire, Whitney, Marvita, Lauren, Atalya, Anya and Dominique: [to Tyra] Top model prep! Whoo!

New York City, Here we Come [10.2][edit]

Tyra: [to Kimberly at judging] Last but not least is Kimberly.
Kimberly: Hi.
Tyra: [to Kimberly] Ooh! This outfit girl.
Kimberly: Uh. Huh.
Tyra: [to Kimberly] Take the headband off at least. We can do that. Okay. That's a little better.
J Alexander: [to Kimberly] I must say, I'm glad to see you smile because the other day, you looked like this. A scrunched-up, snotty, old, snot-nosed rag. She looked bored to death, she looked like she didn't want to be here.
Tyra: [to Kimberly] Do you want to be here?
Kimberly: To be completely honest, like, the whole fashion thing...I'm doesn't interest me at all.
J Alexander and Paulina: Ooh!
Tyra: [to Kimberly] So why did you come here? Why did you come here?
Kimberly: To learn how to, like, express in pictures. But the know, like, designer thing, like, I don't know about designers's just, you know...
Tyra: [to Kimberly] Let's go back to casting because it just happened... [in repeat scene of Casting Week where the top twenty girls are standing to wait for the final cut] ...and there were twenty girls standing in that room when I was handing out your diplomas... [in repeat scene of Casting Week where Kimberly happily receives her diploma and Allison, Fatima and Katarzyna are feeling happy for her, later eliminated casting girls Jennifer and Kristen are shown crying] and I had to leave six girls there... [back to present] crying. And here you are, in this place, saying that this is not something that you're passionate about.
Kimberly: I'm just being honest. Like, I don't believe in the whole, you know, I need to wear designer outfits, and, like...
Tyra: [to Kimberly] But you don't need to wear designer outfits as a model.
Kimberly: Well, I know that. I'm just saying, like, that's why I wasn''s just...I don't find it interesting.
J Alexander: [gasps quietly at Kimberly] Hoh!
Tyra: [to Kimberly] Do you want to just go home?
Kimberly: Yeah.
Tyra: [to Kimberly] Alright. Go home.
Kimberly: Thank you. [leaves judging panel]
Claire: [to Kimberly] Kim?!
Allison: [gasps quietly at Kimberly's exit] Wow!
Tyra: [to the remaining thirteen girls after Kimberly leaves] And the sad thing is her photo was beautiful. Do you guys want to see it at least?
Everyone: Yeah!
Tyra: Alright, let's see her photo. [Kimberly's homeless shot pops up in full] Stunning.
Nigel: Yeah, it is actually one of the best so far.
Tyra: It is. [Kimberly's homeless shot is zoomed up close to the face]
Kimberly: [in confessional as she leaves] I always, like, thought I'd love to be a model and now that I'm actually doing it... Like... I don't think it's for me. Like, I did like it. Like, it was a great experience but, like, yeah my heart is just not in it.
Paulina: [back to judging as J Alexander rips Kimberly's photo in half] Ouch!
Tyra: [to the remaining thirteen girls] Now even though Kim is gone, there is still going to be an elimination. [Aimee covers her mouth with both hands] When I call you back, I am going to announce which one of you will be eliminated. [Atalya, Amis and Marvita look worried, Kimberly fades from Cycle 10 group because she has now left and only thirteen girls remain with an elimination coming up]

Top Model Makeovers [10.3][edit]

Allison: [in confessional] Oh my gosh! I am getting so annoyed with all these girls. But the truth of the matter is compared to the other girls I have much more experience in modeling. I have traveled overseas to Asia, Bangkok, Thailand and Taipei, Taiwan so I am confident in this competition

Allison: [to Whitney] I have a couple dolls. Do you want to play with them?
Whitney: Allison, you're so bigger than mine even though like...
Allison: Wait. I need some Kleenex to stuff her ass.
Fatima: [in confessional about Whitney and especially Allison] If you wanna play with dolls, play with dolls. I don't care. But...she had a black doll and a white doll...
Allison: [to Whitney] This is Fatima with her butt because there's stuffed paper in it. [Fatima notices and Whitney laughs a little] Oh my gosh! Your fat ass! [knocks black doll off with the white doll and Whitney laughs out loud]
Fatima: [in confessional about Allison] Me, I deal with my problems, and I feel like Allison just needs to grow up, and really needs to take responsibility for her own anorexic issues.
Whitney: [to Allison] Honestly...whatever.
Allison: [imitating Fatima] I only take...'cause I'm black.
Whitney: [to Allison] You're a nasty person!
Fatima: [to Allison] Wait, I like to take it from the back because I'm black?! Are you kidding me?! That's just over the freaking top!
Whitney: [to Fatima] It's not offensive!
Allison: [to Fatima] Yeah, you say offensive things to me.
Fatima: [to Allison] No! But you don't just say ignorant things like that! You don't!
Allison: [in confessional about Fatima] Fatima got really, really mad at me but before that, she said something about, you know, my body image and whatnot. So, we'll see how tough she is.
Fatima: [to Allison in the living room] If you're gonna offend a black woman, I'm gonna stand up for that no matter what!
Allison: [to Fatima] Look, you've said a lot of things that pissed other people off, too. Like that whole "Your ass is so big" comment.
Fatima: [to Allison] It's not my problem that you have an eating disorder!
Marvita: [to Fatima] Alright!
Fatima: [in confessional about Allison] After what she had said to, I don't wanna deal with her anymore at all. Like, I don't.

Allison: [in confessional] Fatima with her... really annoying self she was complaining and... yeah!

Elle Macpherson: [to Allison] I see you've been practicing.
Allison: [to Elle Macpherson] I have!
Elle Macpherson: [to Allison] Simple as. Not too intense.
Allison: [in confessional] I've been practicing my facial expressions in the mirror and my previous experience compared to the other girls is obviously an automatic advantage. Oh, it sucks to be them because they're going to suck at the photoshoot and I'm not! [laughs]
George Holtz: [to Allison] Too aware. Too aware.
Jay Manuel: [to Allison] Have you been practicing downstairs because right now you're giving me this. You're giving me this. You're giving me this. It feels so studied. Well, now you're posing again! You went like this and then you went... [imitates Allison's pose]
George Holtz: [to Allison] You cold?
Jay Manuel: [to George Holtz about Allison] No. She's posing, unfortunately.
Allison: [in confessional] We'll see at panel. You never know for sure what they're going to say but in my mind, I think I nailed it.

Dominique: [in confessional] I'm sorry, I'm not commercial. There's nothing about me that's commercial. I'm high fashion so for Mr. Jay to say that really peeved me off.

Whitney: [to Allison] How did your shoot go?
Allison: [to Whitney] Me? Actually pretty good.
Katarzyna: [to Allison] Mmm hmmm.
Allison: [to Whitney and Katarzyna] Very good.
Allison: [in confessional] I kicked butt at my photoshoot. I'm not going home.

Tyra: [to Dominique at judging about her photoshoot] Your film to me looked like the newspaper models. Like you know, the sale is coming on Sunday. You have a cockiness that you need to pull into your photos because right now I don't see all that swagger.

Anya: [to Tyra] Thank you. I really like it. It's really like sophisticated but like playful at the same time.
Tyra: [to Anya at judging] Your accent is even stranger now.

Tyra: [to Allison at judging] Up next is Allison. I almost didn't know who you were girl. You look so soft and pretty!
Allison: [to Tyra] I know! [Amis laughs]
Nigel: [to Allison at judging] Thank you is also an appropriate answer.
Tyra: [to Nigel about Allison] Yeah I was waiting for the thank you. [to Allison] Is it coming? Still not coming.
Paulina: [to J. Alexander, George Holtz, Tyra and Nigel about Allison] Taken as the princess who deserves it right?
Nigel: [to J. Alexander, George Holtz, Tyra and Paulina about Allison] Didn't quite register there. Did it?
Paulina: [to Allison about her photoshoot] Beautiful legs.
Tyra: [to Allison about her photoshoot] Your eyes just looke a little far away.
Tyra: [to Allison about her photoshoot] You're just standing there.
George Holtz: [to Allison about her photoshoot] The lights were on but no one's home in this picture.

Paulina: [to J. Alexander, George Holtz, Tyra and Nigel about Anya] I like Anya's modelling but she has a weird accent.
Tyra: [imitating Anya] Oh my gosh!
Anya: [in a repeat scene to Tyra] I really like it. It's really like sophisticated.

Tyra: [about Allison's photoshoot during deliberation] Allison.
J. Alexander: [about Allison's photoshoot] She poses too much.
Nigel: [about Allison during her evaluation] I think Allison is actually conceited.
J. Alexander: [about Allison during her evaluation] Yes.
Nigel: [about Allison during her evaluation] No idea when to say thank you.
George Holtz: [about Allison's photoshoot] She was tough to shoot.
Tyra: [about Allison's photoshoot] It's interesting because she has the most experience out of all the girls but it's not popping.

Tyra: [flips over Lauren's photo] Lauren. [Lauren comes down to collect her photo] Shocked that you were called first? That's the judges' favorite picture this week. You should be proud of yourself.

Tyra: [to Dominique and Allison in the bottom two] Will Dominique and Allison please step forward? Dominique the girl who loves to speak in the third person all the time. Dominique is this. Dominique is that. Look at all this. How can any of this go wrong? This is perfect but as you've seen two weeks in a row. It's not perfect and then we have Allison. Allison the girl that came into this competition so cocky because she had more experience than the other girls and one of our judges said that you don't know two words. Thank you. So who stays in this competition? [flips over Dominique's photo] Dominique. [Dominique hugs Allison who is crying before coming to collect her photo]
Dominique: [to Tyra] Thank you so much.
Tyra: [to Dominique] You're going to remain in the competition for at least another week and you're going to have the hair color that I told them that you should have. Congratulations. You're still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model.
Dominique: [to Tyra] Thank you so much.
Tyra: [to Allison] Come here, Allison. You can't let this break you. You've had modeling experience. You've felt rejection...
Allison: [crying to Tyra] Yeah!
Tyra: [to Allison] ... but it doesn't mean that you're not good enough. It doesn't mean that you're not beautiful. It doesn't mean that you're not going to be a model. [hugs Allison who later receives a group hug before leaving]
Allison: [in confessional after getting eliminated second and retuning to the loft] It's like the worst feeling right now and I barely ever cry! [packing her bags] I've never wanted anything more than this. Ever. I blew it. It's over. [portfolio is shown] I am just going to put those pictures in my portfolio, shop for agencies and suck it up and keep going. [leaves the loft pulling her suitcase and fades from Cycle 10 made over group and only eleven girls remain]

Where's The Beef [10.4][edit]

Fatima: [in confessional about Amis] I feel like Amis is just a joke. I truly want to win this so bad. I cherish every day. It makes me wonder if this is really what she wants to do.

Jaslene: Lauren...Do you wanna be here?
Lauren: [in confessional about Jaslene's comments] I felt a little insulted.

[Katazyna is putting on makeup, Lauren is putting in her contact lenses, Amis is sleeping]
Anya: [to Amis] Amis, it's 7:40. You have twenty minutes.
Marvita: [to Amis] You! Up! Ain't nobody sleeping. Wrap it up!
Fatima: [in confessional about Amis] We're all getting ready to go to panel and Amis is still sleeping. It's like are you kidding me? I would die for this competition. I want to win so bad.

Stacy-Ann: [in confessional about Amis's outfit] Amis went to panel in her seater and headband. We all knew that she was just trying to show her personality but we also knew that Tyra might say that's not the right outfit to wear to panel. Amis should know that.

Tyra: [to Amis at judging about her outfit] This is Cycle 10 of America's Next Top Model, so you know not to put on that headband and that jacket. You know better.

Tyra: [imitating Amis, during deliberation about Amis's headband] What do you think of her headband this week?
Paulina: [during deliberation about Amis's outfit] It's like a little child. They want to stand out and they don't quite know how to except for with a really dorky headband.

Tyra: [to Amis who just got eliminated third] If modeling is something you really want to do Amis, then stick with it but take it seriously.

Amis: [to everyone whilst leaving] I got to get out of here. I'm going to get sad. [in confessional after getting eliminated third] Walking away from this competition, I feel no bitterness, only huge amounts of gratitude. This has been the best thing to ever happen to me. I've gained so much from the whole experience good, bad, whatever I wanted to absorb. I was part of something bigger than myself and who could ever want anything more in life. [leaves the loft pulling her suitcase and fades from Cycle 10 made over group and only ten girls remain]

Top Model Takes It to the Streets [10.5][edit]

Claire: [in confessional] I think there's a model inside Marvita, but she has a lot of exterior layers that hides it.

Whitney: I'm plus-sized. Say what you want about me. I don't care. I'm Whitney. "I have curves because I don't look like a little boy! I love that about myself. Last week I was called second at panel and that was great. It really boosted my confidence.

Whitney: [in confessional about Dominique] Dominique! Ugh! Talk! Talk! Talk! [talking in profile] Blah! Blah Blah! This girl is mind-boggling! [whispering] Mind-boggling!

Claire: [on the phone] Is the baby awake right now? Where are you?
Fatima: [on the phone] So I'm just learning how to pose now.
Whitney: [in confessional] We always do a phone list and it's your job. You look at the time. When it's you know 8:45 you go in there and say "Hey, it's my time." That way it's your responsibility. If you miss it, it's your fault. [on the phone] Fabulous for me! Okay, I have to go. I'm getting yelled at. [in confessional] And Dominique misses her phone call I guess.
Dominique: [in confessional] Nobody came to me to say anything to me. I would think that it would be common courtesy that they would be like "Okay, Dominique you can use the phone." because it's not just me checking in with my parents, I have a child. [to Whitney at the table with Claire, Lauren, Aimee and Stacy-Ann] All I'm saying is that there's some kind of miscommunication between me and Miss. Whitney because I never got the message from that you had to be there in by a certain time.
Whitney: [in confessional] And Dominique says something about the phone list that I created and how she didn't get to talk to her child and she essentially blames it on me.
Dominique: [to Whitney, Claire, Lauren, Aimee and Stacy-Ann] The point is...
Claire: [to Dominique] Quit yelling at Whitney because it was not really her responsibility to tell people either. That's, like unfair to put it on her.
Dominique: [to Claire] Well then whose responsibility is it for people to know?
Lauree: [to Dominique] Everybody.
Claire: [to Dominique] Yourself.
Whitney: [in confessional] Dominique doesn't listen to anything that anyone says. I mean, it's so ridiculous to me. [to Dominique twitching her head] You.. missed.. your time!
Dominique: [to Whitney] You know what? Don't twitch your head at me like that.
Whitney: [to Dominique twitching her head] I can twitch my head however I want. You said something ridiculous! I went in and told every single person.
Dominique: [to Whitney] All I'm saying... All I'm saying is that now we get the point so you don't need to talk to me like I'm stupid because you look silly. [Anya watches] Now I got the point.
Whitney: [to Dominique] You look silly because you don't understand what happens.
Dominique: [to Whitney] I think when you talk to people and the way you look at them, it's very disrespectful.
Whitney: [to Dominique] I have no reason to respect you.
Dominique: [in confessional about Whitney] I understand that Whitney is very ignorant towards some things so when you make comments like "I have no respect for anyone and that's why I roll my eyes at everyone." Sorry! It sounds like you just don't like people. [to Whitney whilst standing behind kitchen counter next to Anya] You're so pretty on the outside, but your attitude sucks.
Whitney: Dominique, you have no education! You're absolutely ridiculous.
Dominique: [to Whitney] I have more education than you...
Whitney: [to Dominique] You speak all the time out of your ass. You are ridiculous.
Dominique: [to Whitney] How much education do you think I have?
Whitney: [to Dominique] How much education?
Dominique: [to Whitney] I don't speak like that.
Whitney: [to Dominique] It's obvious.
Dominique: [to Whitney] Excuse me, honey.
Lauren: Where does this conversation end? There's no significance in it at all.
Dominique: [to Lauren] There is no significance when you're talking to a big brick wall who's, like, racist towards everyone and anyone.
Whitney: [to Dominique] Excuse me?! I'm racist? [in confessional] Call me a bitch? Yeah, probably. But...don't call me racist. Like, I'm from the South, you don't joke about being racist. :[Katarzyna lies down and Marvita shakes her head in disapproval] It isn't funny, it's not a joke! [to Dominique] Are you kidding me?! Are you kidding me? My best friend is black!
[commercial break]
Dominique: [to Lauren] There is no significance when you're talking to a big brick wall who's, like, racist towards everyone and anyone.
Whitney: [to Dominique] Excuse me?! I'm racist?
Dominique: [in confessional about Whitney] She could be racist to a Jewish, white girl with blue eyes and blonde hair. She could be racist towards a Catholic girl with red and like green eyes.
Whitney: [to Dominique] Are you kidding me?! My best friend is black!
Dominique: [to Whitney] You think it's cool...
Whitney: [to Dominique] I'M NOT...!
Dominique: [to Whitney] ...that just because you have a black friend, that you can make derogatory comments to black people?
Whitney: This has nothing to do with being black! [in confessional] Dominique definitely crossed the line when she called me a racist. Like, before I was sarcastic. "Dominique's dumb, whatever." But now, I'm like offended. [to Dominique] You don't know who I am! No! No! Call me anything else, but don't you ever call me that! Don't call me racist! Don't! [in confessional] I was angry, and I probably said some things that were super, super out of line. But, it's just, you have to use different tactics when you argue with different people, and arguing with Dominique is like yelling at a wall.
Dominique: [to Whitney] And you look like all of thirty, and act like you're twelve. [leaves the room]
Whitney: [way beyond angry] WHERE'S THE SARAN WRAP?!

Fatima: [in confessional about Marvita] Marvita, she's a child. She talks ghetto. She acts ghetto. Everything she does is just ghetto. She's just so thug. There are a lot of girls that are not in the house to become models, and that's Marvita.

Tyra: [to Marvita and Whitney in the bottom two] What you may be feeling inside both of you, is 'I want this. I want this so bad' but it's not just about what you feel inside, it's what you evoke.

Marvita: [to everyone whilst leaving] Bye! [in confessional after getting eliminated fourth] I see myself in a different light now. I just don't want to go back to the hood and all that. I want a better life for myself. I overcame just my fear of doing what I love most just my fear of believing in myself, my fear of thinking I was pretty, my fear of everything. This has been one of the biggest experiences of my life. I'm happy to have gotten this opportunity for the second time. Thank you, Jesus. I'm just going to keep knocking on doors until somebody answers.

House of Pain [10.6][edit]

Claire: [to Dominique] Get up! Get up! Your alarm clock's been going off! Get up! [in confessional] From the beginning, Dominique has set her alarm way earlier than we need to get up. [to Dominique] It's 7 o'clock!

Claire: [in confessional] Dominique causes a lot of negative controversy in the house. Like, she just doesn't really care about anyone else. [sarcastically] Oh, I'm so pissed. [yelling at Dominique] I'm so sick of your alarm!
Dominique: I'm not cursing at you.
Claire: You're a shady bitch. You're obviously a shady bitch!
Dominique: If you can't talk to me with respect, then don't open your mouth to me. Period.
Anya: [trying to be diplomatic and calm the situation down] Dominique, just take responsibility.
Dominique: I set my alarm clock at 6:45 every time.
Anya: [quietly to Dominique] No, it went off at 6:04. [in confessional] Sometimes it's frustrating to have Dominique in the house. It just seems like she drains everything out of you and it's like, she just has to learn to communicate better.
Dominique: I don't care about what your opinion is right now.
Claire: You going to let me speak?
Dominique: I'm not going to let you speak because I got your point. So, you can shut up now.

Aimee: [in confessional] I'm neutral. People see me as just this young girl who is not very mature but I definitely feel like I'm more mature than even the girls that are older than me in the house. [Some of the other girls also confront Dominique about her not controlling her alarm clock]
Dominique: [to Claire] Before you exploded today I had no problem with you looking at my alarm!
Claire: [to Dominique] Yes you did because you never let me!
Dominique: [to Claire] Because you called me a bitch!
Aimee: [in confessional about Dominique and Claire] Dominique and Claire start yelling again. They got in such a bad argument, it was so bad!
Dominique: [to Claire] I didn't do anything to hurt you! Did I break a limb?!
Claire: [to Dominique] I only called you a bitch after you started bitching at me.
Dominique: [to Claire] But that doesn't give you a right to call somebody a bitch. Do you call your husband a bitch when you guys get in an argument?
Claire: [to Dominique] Why are you bringing up my home life?
Dominique: [to Claire] Because that's obviously how you communicate!
Claire: [to Dominique] At least I have a husband, okay! You wanna get dirty and low? Why are you going there? [in confessional] I gave Dominique ample opportunity to fix her alarm, and she didn't, and it's not until I called her a bitch and yelled at her that she actually responded. [to Dominique] This is, like, the seventh time your alarm has given me problems. I'm sorry if I called you a bitch, but that's really messed up.
Dominique: [to Claire] You still called me bitch! You still crossed boundaries with me! That's what I'm saying.
Fatima: [to Dominique about Claire] But she... She just apologized...
Claire: [to Dominique] Just time your alarm properly! Oh my God!
Lauren: [to Dominique] You're having a communication problem.
Dominique: [to Lauren] I'm not even talking to you, so stay in your place.
Lauren: [to Dominique] Stay in my place?! Who are you to put me in my place?! [in confessional] I don't like having conflicts, but when you tell me to get in my place, I will rip you apart.
Dominique: [to Claire and Whitney about Lauren] I only told her to stay in her place because I'm not talking to her.
Whitney: [to Dominique] Well, you've thrown everyone in their place! Get outside! Get in the trash where you belong! That's where your place is! Don't you dare speak to Lauren like that! You have no idea who she is!
Dominique: [to Whitney] Who are you talking to? I'm not looking at you! [in confessional about Claire, Whitney and Lauren] Claire, Whitney and Lauren, they all ganged up on me and they ran with it. I was like, "Yeah!" It's like Christmas for them, okay? Let's see if we can get her going, and really put her down, and make her feel really bad.
Lauren: [to Dominique] You are not listening to what other people have to say, and the problem is you can't run your mouth the way you do! It's like, "I gotta do this, I gotta get to my point!" We are in a house with nine other girls! YOU ARE CRAZY! [in a confessional about Dominique] She's nuts. Every word that she says has no meaning. It's just verbal diarrhea.
Dominique: [to Claire, Whitney and Lauren] You know what? My energy does not need to go all three of these people, so I'm gonna stop talking.
Lauren: [to Dominique] Please do that!

Dominique: [in confessional about Claire, Whitney and Lauren and winning America's Next Top Model Cycle 10] I'm not out to get Lauren, I'm not out to get Whitney, I'm not out to get Claire. I don't feel that I need to be out to get somebody to be successful in this competition. I just need to be myself and do the best at every challenge and photoshoot and that's how I'm going to win this competition.

Lauren: [to Claire and Whitney whilst laughing] I was like "What happened to her?!"

Dominique: [in confessional about Claire, Whitney and Lauren] Look at the monkey's dancing. We got monkey one, Lauren. Monkey two, Whitney. Monkey three, Claire! The monkeys are dancing and boy are they having a great time being their nasty selves. [to Claire, Whitney and Lauren] You can take all your nastiness and attitude somewhere else.
Claire: [to Dominique] But I'm sitting and talking right now!
Dominique: [to Claire] Well why don't you go to the pit and talk!
Claire: [to Dominique] Maybe, no!
Dominique: [to Claire] Maybe, yeah!
Claire: [to Dominique] No!

Aimee: [in confessional] I'm a little nervous about the next panel coming up. I haven't been in the bottom two yet, but I've been close to it and that was hard enough for me so I don't even want to be in the bottom two.

[The models have just done a music-themed photo shoot. Upon evaluating Katarzyna's "emo" photo]:
Miss J: See I'm confused, this looks grunge to me.
Tyra: well, this is emo.
Miss J: [squinting at the photo] this is white music?
Paulina: [almost deadpan] yeah, this is white music. Welcome to our world Jay.
[the models all burst into laughter]
Tyra: I have to say I think this is your best shot to date.
Katarzyna: Yeah?
Tyra: It made me feel like, "Oh my gosh! Did we give her the wrong makeover? Should we have cut her hair?"

Tyra: [after evaluating Katarzyna's "emo" photo] Yes! I'm clipperty clopping if she survives this week.

Aimee: [in confessional after getting eliminated fifth] I thought I was going to go pretty far. I made it farther than a lot of other girls in this competition but I thought I was going to go farther. In my school, R&B was probably one of the most popular styles of music so I feel pretty stupid that I couldn't make the connection. [portfolio is shown] I wish the judges knew that I was more mature than they think I am. They seem to see me as just a very naive, young girl. I think they really got that image of me and didn't think that I was maybe ready for this competition.

If You Can't Make It Here, You Can't Make It Anywhere [10.7][edit]

Fatima: [asking the girls] Did anyone pour my coffee out? Because I just made coffee.
Anya: [to Fatima] No, I didn't touch it.
Lauren: [to Fatima whilst continuting to make a fresh coffee] It just had grinds in it.
Fatima: [in confessional] I made coffee for myself, I went back to the room to grab a jacket and I come back, coffee is gone.
Lauren: [to Fatima] If you had made your cup, there was only like this much left of water.
Fatima: [blaming Lauren] Just admit that you poured my coffee out, that's all.
Lauren: [to Fatima] I'm not admitting to anything! [in confessional] I'm not going to let another girl bother me! I'm not going to take her crap!
Fatima: [still blaming Lauren] All you had to say was, "I'm sorry, it was an accident. Accidents happen," and I will back away.
Lauren: [making a coffee for both herself and Fatima] Here's your cup of coffee, you big baby!
Fatima: [to Lauren] You are not even worth it, sweetheart.
Lauren: [getting angry] Choke on it!
Fatima: [in confessional about Lauren] Lauren has a bad temper and people don't realize that by just looking at her.
Lauren: [confronting Fatima] You think I threw your thing out?!
Fatima: [to Lauren] Lauren, it's not something to get so upset over. [in confessional about Lauren] She acts in front of the judges like a little baby.
Tyra: [in a repeat scene of Lauren getting the top call-out when Dominique had brown hair and Allison was going to be eliminated] Shocked that you were called first?!
Fatima: [in confessional about Lauren] And then she comes home and this like... monster comes out!

Tyra: [to Katarzyna] A haircut works wonders!

Top Model 10 Confidential [10.8][edit]

Allison: [in confessional after getting eliminated second] It's just not fair. [fades from Cycle 10 made over group and only eleven girls remain]

Amis: [singing in confessional] Little bunny Foo Foo, Hopping through the forest, Scooping up the field mice, Boppin' 'em on the head!

Amis: [in confessional after getting eliminated third] What's next for Amis? Who knows? [fades from Cycle 10 made over group and only ten girls remain]

For Those About to Walk, We Salute You [10.9][edit]

Tyra: [to Anya, Lauren, Dominique, Katarzyna, Whitney and Stacy Ann who are about to be judged] Hi ladies. Please make your way on to this stage. That's right. There's going to be an elimination right now. [notices Fatima's absence however is unaware of Fatima needing to go and get her travel documents during the photoshoot] First of all, there's one of you missing. Where's Fatima?
Fatima: [in confessional] I missed the photo shoot. What's going to happen?
[commericial break]
Tyra: [to Anya, Lauren, Dominique, Katarzyna, Whitney and Stacy Ann who are about to be judged, notices Fatima's absence, however, is unaware of Fatima needing to go and get her travel documents during the photoshoot] First of all, there's one of you missing. Where's Fatima?
Anya: [to Tyra] We don't know. [Fatima runs into the panel late, having arrived moments after the photo shoot wrapped up]
Tyra: [to Fatima] Fatima, the girls are all gorgeous and dolled up...but you're not. And you were late. Where were you?
Fatima: [to Tyra] Today, actually, I had an appointment at 9 o'clock at the consulate office to get my travel documents.
Tyra: [to Fatima] So you didn't participate in the photoshoot at all?
Fatima: [to Tyra] No, I did not participate. I'm really sorry. I really apologize!
Tyra: [to Fatima] You have to do the photoshoots and sometimes if a girl is sick or something, we'll evaluate her body of work, but her missing that a big deal. And in the history of America's Next Top Model, those girls generally go home.

Tyra: [to Fatima and Stacy-Ann in the bottom two] Will Fatima and Stacy-Ann please step forward? Two of you stand before me and I have...something in my hands. It could be a photo of you, Stacy-Ann...or it could be a blank photo of you Fatima because you did not participate in the photoshoot. This was an interesting judging because we had to judge both of your bodies of work. And we looked at your body of work, Stacy-Ann, and we said, "Beautiful girl, beautiful Paulina jawline, absolutely beautiful eyes." But some of the judges feel like you have plateaued. Like your pictures have gotten as good as they are going to get. And then there's Fatima. The judges look at you, and they're disappointed. They're disappointed that you did not have a visa...or a passport. How can you expect to go overseas without that? And you did not participate in the photoshoot this week... [flips over a blank photo] ...but even without that... [Fatima starts crying in relief and walks to collect the blank photo] your body of work is much stronger than Stacy-Ann's. But this a lesson, Fatima, in responsibility!
Fatima: [to Tyra] Thank you so much!
Tyra: [to Fatima] I'll see you overseas.
Fatima: [to Tyra] Thank you! [walks back to hug Stacy-Ann] I love you. You're my favorite, you know that.
Tyra: [to Stacy-Ann] So we've got to learn our angles. We've got to know that this is so gorgeous. Okay? [hugs Stacy-Ann] You got really far. You should be proud of yourself.
Stacy-Ann: [to Tyra] I am. Thank you. [to Fatima, Anya, Lauren, Dominique, Katarzyna and Whitney] Bye, girls! [in confessional after getting eliminated seventh] I am so sad right now that I'm not going overseas. It was something I really wanted to do and I was not expecting to go home. [portfolio is shown] I have so much energy and personality, sometimes it came-off as maybe too fake but just being here and learning from every photo shoot, from all the judges, I know that God has great things for me. I'm just going to keep trying. [leave the area]

Tyra: [to Anya, Lauren, Dominique, Katarzyna, Whitney and Fatima] See you in Rome ladies!

Viva Italia! [10.10][edit]

Anya: [in confessional] Oh great! My first step in Rome and I eat it on the ground! It was horrible!
Katarzyna: [to Anya] You okay?

Tyra: [to Fatima after seeing her CoverGirl commercial at judging] I felt like you were selling some sexual chocolate or something!

Tyra: [to Lauren in the bottom two with Whitney both for the second time round] You wouldn't know how to cover up her real self if somebody paid her a million dollars. There's also something about you that takes absolutely beautiful pictures, probably some of the strongest of the bunch but what we saw in that commercial today was dreadful and we felt like you just kind of gave up. So who stays? [flips over Whitney's photo] Better get real Whitney. [Whitney comes to collect her photo] Remember we said before we're not looking for pageants. In fact Miss. America doesn't want fake types anymore. They want real girls and we want to see the real you. You're still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model. [Whitney hugs Lauren] So Miss. Lady you gave up.
Lauren: [to Tyra] I don't feel like I did great.
Tyra: [to Lauren] Maybe you're that model that's just the silent movie actress.
Lauren: [to Tyra] Yeah.
Tyra: [to Lauren] America's Next Top Model has to talk. Okay? [Lauren hugs Anya, Katazyna, Dominique, Fatima and Whitney]
Miss J.: [removing Lauren's name off of his vest] Ciao!
Lauren: [in confessional after getting eliminated] I know I did a crappy job and it sucks to see yourself do so bad. You're embarrassed but the whole point of me coming to America's Next Top Model was to challenge myself. It was scary at first but then I grew to like it. Now I see two sides of Lauren punk Lauren and then the dolled-up Lauren. before I never even wanted to model and now my mind's completely changed. I really think I have a chance to have a future in it.

We Are Spartans! [10.11][edit]

Tyra: [in confessional about Katarzyna's photoshoot] Katarzyna brought me back to '80s. I thought I was watching the 'Walk like an Egyptian' music video. If we were in Egypt, she'd be perfect.

Katarzyna: [in confessional before judging] I'm nervous about panel. In the past especially in the beginning, I was able to pinpoint the people that were going to go home. Right now, I don't think that anyone is really safe at this point.

Tyra: [to Dominique about her outfit at judging] Dominique, this outfit! We are in Italy and I feel like we are in a mall in the middle of America!

Paulina: [during deliberation about Katarzyna's photo] Katarzyna doesn't work with her eyes.
Miss J.: You know why she doesn't work with her eyes? Because she's always thinking and working with her brain.

Tyra: [to Katarzyna in the bottom two with Whitney] Katarzyna is coasting along. Really nice pictures but not fantastic pictures. Really nice personality but not something that really sticks out.

Katarzyna: [in confessional after getting eliminated ninth] Of course, it's disappointing because obviously I wanted to make it to the top. I've had a hell of a ride. It's been an amazing experience. I have learned so much and I'm proud of myself. Coming in here I set out to really be the best model that I can and I think that with the judges especially, they definitely didn't get to know me. Unfortunately for me, that's what sent me home but it's not going to stop me from doing great things in the future.

Ready For My Close-Up! [10.12][edit]

Whitney: [in confessional about surviving the bottom two over Lauren and Katarzyna for the second and third time round respectively since the first time was over Marvita back in New York City] Being in the bottom two twice in a row is really bad and so far in this competition every girl that that's happened to has gone home the second time.
Tyra: [in a repeat scene of Whitney surviving the bottom two over Katarzyna the week before] The judges have faith in you Whitney.
Whitney: [in confessional about surviving the bottom two over Lauren and Katarzyna for the second and third time round respectively since the first time was over Marvita back in New York City] I was completely shocked the judges called my name. I could have been cut last week.

Fatima: [to Anya and Whitney about Dominique being in the top four of America's Next Top Model Cycle 10] I am so surprised Dominique made it this far.

Dominique: [in confessional] I really don't care whether the girls accept me or like me. I'm not here for them. I'm here to be America's Next Top Model. I know this is a competition and chances are they're not going to like me. I definitely would consider myself the most improved.

Whitney: [to Anya and Fatima about Dominique's eating habits] She eats worse than I do.
Anya: [to Whitney and Fatima about Dominique's eating habits] She eats candy constantly.
Whitney: [to Anya and Fatima about Dominique's eating habits] All the time and she's always taking other people's food. She always takes my food. Get your own damn food! [in confessional] I literally wake up in the middle of the night and hear Dominique eating. Two o'clock in the morning, she's, like, stuffing her face with M&M's out of her bag!

Dominique: [in confessional] I believe in myself more than I think these other girls do. That's what's going to get me to that runway, despite any of these chicks who think they have an advantage over me. They don't.

Dominique: [to Whitney, Anya and Fatima] It's like your superwoman now.
Anya: [in confessional about Dominique] Living with Dominique for this long is so frustrating. She just drains out all my energy and I feel myself melting! I'm melting! Oh my gosh! I can't take it!

Tyra: [to Dominique and Fatima in the bottom two] Fatima, you stand before more me because you won the challenge. You were given fifty extra frames because you did the best with Paulina which means that your shot should have been amazing! Also, the judges feel you over-talk them and do not listen and then we have Dominique. Pictures in the beginning, eh! Oh! Is she supposed to be here? And then she proved us wrong! And your pictures started to become so stunning and so amazing and so beautiful. The woman that we see before us has a strong face but the woman in her photo this week, eh.

Tyra: [to Dominique who just got eliminated tenth] Well you've come a long way? Haven't you. [hugs Dominique]
Dominique: [to Tyra] Yes.
Tyra: [to Dominique who just got eliminated tenth] A very long way and you've got to master this face. That's your challenge.

Dominique: [in confessional after getting eliminated tenth] I know that my story isn't over. My story goes on. I go on. Making it this far and learning everything I learned is amazing. There's so much that's next for me. I have this amazing willpower to do so much that it's going to be a surprise what's next for Dominique. I feel like I'm on top of the world right now even though I didn't win.

And... the Winner is! [10.13][edit]

Fatima: [in confessional after getting eliminated eleventh] I feel like I'm like born again.

Cycle 11[edit]

Originally aired September 3 – November 19, 2008.

The Notorious Fierce Fourteen [11.1][edit]

[ShaRaun screams in excitement upon meeting Tyra and the Jays; Tyra looks at her in bewilderment while Jay Manuel laughs]
Tyra: [to ShaRaun] Are you convinced you've already won?
ShaRaun: [to Tyra] I know it, Tyra.
Tyra: [to ShaRaun] Ooh! Tell me why!
ShaRaun: [to Tyra] Because I am America's Next Top Model. You guys just don't know it yet! [J Alexander shakes his head]
Jay: [to ShaRaun] Who's your favorite fashion designer? I'm just curious.
ShaRaun: [to Jay] I would not know because that's something that's not accessible to me.
Tyra: [to ShaRaun] I think it's a shame that you can't name five fashion designers.
ShaRaun: [to Tyra] That's why I need to be on America's Next Top Model!
Tyra: [to ShaRaun] No! We're not here to educate you about the fashion industry. We're here to teach you what a fashion magazine can't teach you.

J Alexander: [to Analeigh] Tell me a little bit about your...Saudi Arabian price tag.
Analeigh: A woman approached me, and said that she was representing an agency, and that if I ever considered modeling, she'd like me to work for her, and it was opening soon.
Tyra: And did you get signed to an "agency", or...?
Analeigh: Well, I was never signed to the agency because they never started it. They always said, "Oh, it'll be starting soon! Just come meet all!" So, one night, I went out to dinner with them, and here's...a prince. And all of a sudden, I was his dinner date. And I was really uncomfortable with this, and then I started getting phone calls and messages being like, "Well, you need to come to Saudi Arabia with us. He wants to make you his wife."
Tyra: So were you sold?
Analeigh: Yeah, what happens is, they have recruits in America, and so these men go to the recruits, a certain amount of money for a girl.
Tyra: I'm glad that you go out of it, and that you're safe.
Analeigh: Yes!
Tyra: Okay, thank you!
Analeigh: Thank you so much!

Tyra: [to everyone] The first girl to enter Cycle 11 is... ...Sheena! [Sheena gasps and screams] Uh huh! Congratulations!
Sheena: [to Tyra] Thank you.

Tyra: [to everyone] The next name I am going to call is... Hey! Nikeysha! Hey!
Nikeysha: [to Tyra] Just give me a minute. Hooh! Hey!

Top Model Inauguartion [11.2][edit]

Brittany: How do you hide?! You had a swimsuit on!
Isis: The magic of tape.
ShaRaun: [in confessional] Isis is over the top. America's Next Top Model is not gonna be a drag queen. I'm sorry, it's not!

ShaRaun: [to Paulina] Hi, Paulina. Let me start by introducing myself. My name is ShaRaun. I am America's Next Top Model!
Paulina: Oh, really?
ShaRaun: [to J Alexander] My name is ShaRaun, and I am America's Next Top Model!
J Alexander: Okay, so I can just skip this because you have it in the bag!
ShaRaun: Yes! [in confessional] I'm very confident with myself, but I don't want anyone to read it as being, like, cocky or arrogant. [to Nigel] My name is ShaRaun. I am America's Next Top Model!
Nigel: Wow! So what do you think is the big difference between a beauty queen and becoming America's Next Top Model?
ShaRaun: A beauty queen wants to save the world and wants world peace.
Nigel: Okay, I love the way you said, "world peace" as if that was horrible. [in confessional] I only met her for a couple of minutes, but she left me wondering who she was, where she'd come from, and...perhaps where she's going.

Brittany: Damn, Isis, you need to shave. She needs some heat to burn off all that hair!
Isis: [notices the other girls snickering while doing her photoshoot] I would not do that! Don't do that!

Nikeysha: [after surviving the bottom two, gives a silent "Hey!" and goes to comfort ShaRaun who is crying that she is eliminated] I'm so sorry! [waves and calls over the top twelve girls to help comfort ShaRaun] Come here!
ShaRaun: [crying to everyone] Hah! I wanted this so bad!
Tyra: [to Nikeysha] So when you get a critique, you're going to listen and take it in right?
Nikeysha: [to Tyra] I know I talk too much. Sorry.
Tyra: [to Nikeysha] You're still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model.
Nikeysha: [to Tyra] Thank you.
Tyra: [to ShaRaun] I know you wanted this. Really, really badly but it's not just about wanting it. You have to be real so that's something you're going to have to work on. You give me a hug. [hugs ShaRaun]

The Ladder of Model Success [11.3][edit]

Nikeysha: [in confessional] I want to win this challenge. No. I don't just want to. I really do need to win this challenge. Plus I really do need to have that bag. The bag is really cute. Haha.

You're Beautiful, Now Change [11.4][edit]

Tyra: [to Brittany] It's there we see it. It's just not being reflected.

Fierce Eyes [11.5][edit]

Elina : I’ve let so much out and I’ve learned so much about myself. That to me is worth it and that it me is the most important thing.

Natural Beauty [11.6][edit]

Fiercee Awards [11.7][edit]

Top Model 11 Confidential [11.8][edit]

Now You See Me, Now You Don't [11.9][edit]

Tyra : [to Analeigh upon seeing the CoverGirl commercial] Girl, that is the best CoverGirl commercial I have seen in the history of America’s Next Top Model! [later when deliberating with the other judges about Analeigh] I was blown away. So blown away that I fell on Nigel's sexy shoulder! I got a little feel!

[Marjorie and Analeigh hear Elina and Samantha do mocking impersonations of Sheena as she makes teriyaki sauce in the kitchen]
Analeigh: [to Samantha] That could possibly be offensive.
Samantha: [to Analeigh] What could possibly be offensive?
Analeigh: [to Samantha] Some of the accents you do, you gotta a little careful.
Samantha: [to Analeigh] I don't think I'm offending anybody.
Sheena: [to Samantha] I'm Asian and I'm not even offended. It's for fun!
Samantha: [to Marjorie, who is staring hard at her] What's that look for?
Elina: Who, Marjorie?
Samantha: Yeah!
Sheena: [in confessional] That, for me, was the last straw. You got anything to say, we're right here! [to Elina] Throughout these past days, you guys have been a certain way with us, and since that conversation happened on the bus, things changed here.
Elina: [to Sheena] Yeah, since you insulted us.
Sheena: [to Elina] Bottom line is we all come from some sort of background, whether we have been repressed, whether we have been racially criticized! Stop putting it on being European! Grow out of it, come out the shell!
Elina: [to Sheena] I prefer being criticized for my performance than because of my way.
Sheena: [to Elina] I'm not here to criticize. I get asked questions. Like, for instance, you won the challenge. Congratulations. But at the same time, this is a holiday spread, and it's a story. You don't believe in holidays! You're feeling conflicted with this, like...
Elina: [to Sheena] No.
Sheena: [to Elina] It's a Christmas story. Just saying one thing and then you're gonna do another...
Marjorie: [to Elina] She's calling you a hypocrite.
Sheena: [to Elina] I'm asking you, "What are your beliefs on that?"
Elina: [to Sheena] Okay, you know what? Honestly, this is the silliest thing I've ever heard in my life.
Sheena: [to Elina] How is it silly?
Elina: [to Sheena] Because it's my personal...
Sheena: [to Elina] No, it's because you don't know how to answer it!
Elina: [to Sheena] Are you kidding me?!
Marjorie: [in confessional with Elina] They're obviously bitter about not winning, and they're trying to pinpoint Elina as...kind of a beneficiary of something she doesn't deserve.
Elina: [to Sheena] Are you five?
Sheena: [to Elina] Are you finished?!
Elina: [to Sheena] Are you finished?

Planes, Trains and Slow Automobiles [11.10][edit]

Jay : This is when you go hallelujah! Literally! Analeigh finally brought the skater to set and used it to her advantage. You go supermodel!

Sheena : There’s never gonna be another Sheena ... I’m not gonna be forgotten.

The Final Five [11.11][edit]

Analeigh : [trying to navigate through Amsterdam during the go-see challenge] I was completely confused and I’m like trying to read the signs and it’s like habbersticktingstein and then I would look and there was laubersricktingstein, no habbersticktingstein!

Analeigh : [during the go-see challenge] God I just want this so badly because if I win this challenge it means that international designers see something in me and that I can get hired.

Hans Ubbink : [about Analeigh] This is great. She was really there and presenting herself right from the start, which I think is a good thing.

Analeigh : If the other girls don’t see me as competition, I’m just gonna use it as inspiration. I’ve got to prove them wrong. Prove that I am America’s Next Top Model.

Good Times & Windmills [11.12][edit]

Analeigh : If you were drunk off your ass, wouldn’t you want someone to look after you?

Jay : See? You give a girl a rake and she becomes a model.

Ann Shipley : [about Analeigh’s photo] Analeigh’s taking flight in this photo. She’s a girl to be reckoned with I think.

America's Next Top Model Is ... [11.13][edit]

Analeigh: [in confessional after getting eliminated twelfth] I’m very upset. But I’m coming out of this a lot stronger, a lot wiser and no regrets. I think regrets are mistakes that you don’t learn from. And everything that I faltered on here I learned from. Therefore I don’t look back in shame of anything, no. I think I did my best and I gave my heart, that’s all I can give.

Cycle 12[edit]

Originally aired March 4 – May 13, 2009.

What Happens in Vegas [12.1][edit]

Sandra: [in confessional] Angelea was over there close to me jumping me up and down, poking me with her long nails.

Tyra: [to Allison] There's one thing that you say is beautiful, and it's unfair that you've never had one. What is that?
Allison: Nosebleeds.
Tyra: What does that mean?
Allison: I have a really big fascination with blood. And I just think it looks really pretty.
Tyra: I used to get them all the time as a child.
Allison: Jealous!

Celia: [about Sandra's walk] She gets up on that runway, and I'm like, "Girl, what are you doing?" Have you not been practicing this since you were in the fetus? No? Really? I have!

Sandra: [in confessional] Crazy Angelea was trying to pick fights with me.

Sandra: [to Angelea who is standing next to Aminat and starts rolling her eyes with Celia in the background] Who are you rolling your eyes at? Do you have an eye problem?
Angelea: [to Sandra] Why are you smiling?
Sandra: [to Angelea] Me too! Because I can!
Angelea: [to Sandra] Why are you smiling?
Sandra: [to Angelea] Because I can! [laughs]
Angelea: [in confessional] Sandra looked at me and she's like, "Now you want to roll your eyes?" Like, you know, like... don't get me started!
Sandra: [to Angelea whilst the other casting girls including Teyona and London take notice of the fight] Long nails!
Angelea: [to Sandra] So what?! So what?!
Sandra: [to Angelea] You don't have any class whatsoever.
Angelea: [to Sandra] I got class! [Jessica appears]
Sandra: [to Angelea] So, therefore, I have no time for you! [walks away]
Angelea: [to Sandra walking behind her in disgust] Ugh!
Sandra: [to Angelea whilst the camera lady takes notice] Whatever! Whatever! [pointing] Oh, yeah! Look at them long, ugly toes.
Angelea: [to Sandra, pointing] Bitch, you got ugly ass corns!
Sandra: [to Angelea] Yeah, that's why I'm beautiful!
Angelea: [about Sandra to Fo and Teyona] Bitch needs a perm! That's what she needs!
Sandra: [to Angelea] I don't care! I do not care! [in confessional] I will not let anyone in this competition intimidate me. If she comes at me wrong, I'm going to stand up for myself. I'm not going to try and be your friend.
Jay: [to Sandra and Angelea] Why are you fighting?
Angelea: This bitch is trying to try me!
Sandra: I don't care about you. I'm not here for you.
Jay: You couldn't just turn a blind eye? Really?! Regardless of what she did, and I don't even know what she did, let's just get you up and do your photoshoot.
Angelea: Goddess of love. I'm Venus.

Tyra: [to Sandra] Sandra!
Sandra: [to Tyra] Thank you so much! [intentionally bumps into Angelea]

Angelea: [in confessional after getting eliminated] Sandra don't belong in that house. No! I can't go back to Buffalo.

Fun and Games [12.2][edit]

London: [in confessional] Holy cow, out of thousands and thousands of girls who auditioned for this I ended up being part of the thirteen. I still have no words. There should be a word for "Holy cow, this is really happening."

Isabella (Kelly Marie): [in confessional] I've been living in a small town my entire life. I am so excited to be in New York City, in the fashion capital of the world. I can actually say to myself "I'm a model."

Sandra: [in confessional] I have personality and I look like a model.

Sandra: [in confessional stating the reason she is in this competition] I'm here to be America's Next Top Model.

Sandra: [walks into the bedroom and then walks back out] Celia! [in confessional] I am so pissed off.
London: [to Isabella, Allison and Celia in the kitchen] Strawberries!
Sandra: [to Celia] There's a problem. I think there are only twelve beds!
Celia: [to Isabella, Allison and London in the kitchen] Girls, there's only twelve beds!
London: [to Sandra, Isabella, Allison and Celia in the kitchen] No way!
Sandra: [to Isabella, Allison, Celia and London in the kitchen] Yeah. There's only twelve beds! I'm just going to keep the bed I picked first. I'm sorry! [hugs Celia and Kortnie appears from behind]
Celia: [to Sandra in the kitchen] No girl! Wait, but I get dibs on beds!
Sandra: [to Celia in the kitchen] I know. I know. But, there's only twelve beds! So...
Celia: [to Sandra in the kitchen] That's my bed!

Aminat: [in confessional about Sandra] Sandra why are you acting like this?! I'm trying to understand you but right now you're turning me off!

London: [in confessional about giving up her bed for Sandra] I just stepped in as the pacifist. Honestly, I really know that I'll have a bed eventually.

Miss. J: [to the girls] Girls, your modeling education starts now.

Sandra: [in confessional describing runway walk] Right now I would rank my runway walk to be an 8... 9. Like it's not there yet but it's better than the other girls.

Aminat: [in confessional about Sandra's runway walk especially only going halfway] Sandra her walk in the fashion show was really bad. You got to show the garment off and she didn't

Celia: [to Isabella, Kortnie and Allison about Sandra downstairs in the living room around the runway] I understand her point of view; it's 10:30 but if you're going to say something you should have said it earlier.
Isabella (Kelly Marie): [to Celia, Kortnie and Allison about Sandra downstairs in the living room around the runway ] Say it nicely.
Celia: [to Isabella, Kortnie and Allison about Sandra downstairs in the living room around the runway ] What did she say like, "I don't mean to be mean but it's time for your stupid conversations to...
Isabella (Kelly Marie): [to Celia, Kortnie and Allison about Sandra downstairs in the living room around the runway] Yeah! It's like if you don't mean to be mean then don't be mean! [in confessional about Sandra] Sandra is a conflicting force in this house and I really hope she tones down whatever she's got going on.
Sandra: [in confessional about the other twelve girls] It's not about friendship. This is a competition and I'm here to win it. I will knock the girls down. One by one without even touching them because I'm Sandra!

Sandra: [in confessional about Aminat] Aminat she may be tall but she's just a regular girl.

Tyra: Once there lived a supermodel who wanted to guide a future girl, so she broke out the rules to own your inner fierceness.

Sandra: [to the judges about only walking halfway on the runway at the fashion show] I thought I stopped at the right place but apparently I did not.

Nigel: [about Sandra] We're looking for America's Next Top Model, so you've got to step out and you've got to step out now.

Tyra: [to Sandra and Isabella in the bottom two] Will Sandra and Isabella please step forward. Two lovely ladies stand before me but I only have one photo in my hands. Isabella, you're that beautiful girl next door with that beautiful spirit, but when got on that set and I don't know what you're doing. You were lost and then we have Sandra. On that runway, you were the biggest disappointment for Miss J. and then we go "Okay, maybe first fashion show." Then we get your photo and that was disappointing as well. So who says in this competition? [flips over Sandra's photo twelfth and last] Sandra, you need to find yourself. [Sandra comes to collect her photo, Kortnie is in shock]
Sandra: [to Tyra] Thank you. [referring to her performances in the fashion show and photoshoot] I'm so sorry about that.

Isabella (Kelly Marie): [in confessional after getting eliminated first] So, first elimination tonight. Didn't see it coming but I'm a model and you get some jobs and you don't get some jobs. I didn't book this job, so I'm going to go and get signed by an agency and get my career going. [photo from panel is shown] So goodbye for now. You'll be seeing me around. [outside the front door of the Upper East New York townhouse, going down the stairs with her suitcase and Isabella fades from Cycle 12 group because she is now eliminated and only twelve girls remain]

Do You Light the Way I Look? [12.3][edit]

Aminat: [in confessional about Sandra staying over Isabella (Kelly Marie)] I'm mad Isabella went home. Sandra should have gone home.
Tyra Banks: [in a repeat scene of Sandra staying over Isabella (Kelly Marie), Sandra receives the last photo] Sandra you need to find yourself. [Sandra collects photo and joins the other girls and Aminat gives a slight look of disapproval]
Aminat: [back to the present in confessional about Sandra staying over Isabella (Kelly Marie)] If she was the one sent home, she wouldn't have gotten a hug from anyone. Not anyone of us. It would have just been like, "Bye, bitch!" [to Sandra] Do you think you come off bitchy?
Sandra: [to Aminat] I stand up for myself. You may think that it's me being a bitch.
Aminat: [to Sandra] No! I feel like every single person in this house was sad that she (Isabella) went home. The better person went home today.
Sandra: [looking stunned at what Aminat just said] If you feel like she (Isabella) went and she was better than me, it's whatever. That was the choice they made. [in confessional about Aminat wanting Isabella (Kelly Marie) to stay] "The better person went home?" Okay. We'll see. I don't care what they think. At the end of the day, it's all about me. [Sandra goes to her room] Bitch.

Sandra: [in confessional about her makeover] At first I was like "wow". I didn't really know that I could look this good. The other girls, you know, they need to step up their game.

Sandra: [in confessional about Fo crying about her makeover] Are you serious? Like I basically have close to no hair and she was crying like a little girl. If you can't take having your hair cut you shouldn't be a model, you know.

Fo: [in confessional crying over her makeover] When I was little, I would hide who I really was and that was...a girl with no money with her mom living off of food stamps but it never felt as ugly til today. I have to hide my hair to feel pretty and this is what's gonna break me in this competition!

Aminat: [in confessional about Sandra being her teammate] When I find out who my teammates are, I was like "Ugh! It's Sandra!" But, I'm not going to let her slow me down we have to win this challenge.

Aminat: [in confessional about winning the team Covergirl makeup challenge with Sandra and Celia] Yes, baby! I was just stoked!

Allison: [in confessional about Aminat drinking alcohol] Aminat is twenty-one. She just wanted to have a drink and then all of a sudden...
Sandra: [to the girls who are drinking alcohol] You guys, don't get drunk! [Teyona and Fo give a look of slight disaproval] Just saying to anyone drinking!
Aminat: [to Sandra] Don't put your two cents in when no one asked for your opinion. [in confessional about Sandra] Sandra got on my nerves. Keep it cute, or put it on mute. [directly to Sandra] There's a difference between silliness and dumbassness!
Sandra: [in confessional about Aminat] You know you want to be America's Next Top Model, but you act so trashy!

Kortnie: [to the other eleven girls] Tyra Mail! Tomorrow you will meet with the judges. Only eleven of you will continue on in hopes of becoming America's Next Top Model. Love, Tyra! Somebody's getting the chop! Chop! Chop!
Fo: [to Aminat] How did your photoshoot go?

Tyra Banks: When beauty is reflected, beauty is perfected.

Tyra Banks: [to Fo during her evaluation] Honestly that makes me question whether or not you should be a model.

Tyra Banks: [to Teyona during her evaluation] A girl gets a really, really strong critique and then she goes, wah, wah, wah!

Paulina: [about Jessica's photo] Disaster! Disaster! Disaster! Ugh!

Tyra Banks: [to Fo after surviving the bottom two] You have to know that that short hair means that Fo's face is fabulous. Congratulations. You're still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model. [to Jessica who is just eliminated] Hey, Jessica! [hugs Jessica]
Jessica: [to Tyra Banks] Thank you very much!

Tyra Banks: [to Jessica who is just eliminated] As a model it is your job to look better in your pictures than you do in person.

New York’s Finest [12.4][edit]

Natalie: [in confessional] I like to take risks.

Jill Stuart: I will personally choose pieces from my collection for the winner.
Ann Shoket: And the winner is... Natalie. Despite the twirl!

Natalie: [in confessional] I screwed up and still, my walk proved to be better than theirs. That kinda might be a little intimidating you know?

Fo: Talk to the fool! Talk to him!

Aminat: Ugh! Why are these numbers wrong?!

Celia: [to Sandra] We got to work this!
Sandra: [to Celia] Yeah. We will. We will!
Celia: [to Sandra] We got to do this! [in confessional while Sandra is laughin] Sandra is my partner and we've been chosen to be nannies. I'm a little apprehensive. I don't know how to hold babies or hold them by the foot. I have no clue.

Jay Manuel: [to Sandra] I love the little hand thing Sandra!

Mike Rosenthal: [to London] Give her just a snotty glance over your shoulder. Good! Good!

Tyra: Sometimes getting lost is the only way to be discovered.

Tyra: [to Aminat] Aminat this is your best shoot to date.

Tyra: [to Sandra] Sandra, for me you steal this picture. You're in almost complete profile with the attitude in your face. You make this whole picture come alive.

Jill Stuart: [to Sandra] Sandra looks fabulous!

Tyra: [to Sandra, Celia, Aminat, Fo, London, Allison, Kortnie, Nijah, Teyona, Tahlia and Natalie] So you all posed as groups but only one of you is going home this week and when I call you back I am going to announce which one of you missed the bus! [Sandra, Celia, Aminat, Fo, London, Allison, Kortnie, Nijah, Teyona, Tahlia and Natalie all turn around and leave panel]
[commercial break]
Tyra: [to Nigel Barker, Jill Stuart, Miss. J Alexander and Paulina] So we have these group shots of these girls and we're going to evaluate them individually and then we're going to decide who is getting on that Greyhound bus and not coming back!

[eleven girls return to the panel to receive the verdict for the third elimination]
Tyra: [to Sandra, Celia, Aminat, Fo, London, Allison, Kortnie, Nijah, Teyona, Tahlia and Natalie] Eleven beautiful girls stand before me but I only have ten photos in my hands and these photos represent the ten of you will still be in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model. So I will be calling one girl at a time based on how she performed individually in her photo. The girl that performed best will be displayed as digital art and her partner in the picture will be cropped out! [flips over Sandra's photo first] Sandra! [Sandra happily comes down to collect her photo making her way in between Nijah and Teyona] Congratulations. You're still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model.
Sandra: [to Tyra] Thank you!
Tyra: [flips over Aminat's photo second] Aminat. [Nijah smiles whilst Aminat comes down to collect her photo] Congratulations.
Aminat: [to Tyra] Thank you very much.
Tyra: [flips over Tahlia's photo third] Tahlia. [Tahlia comes down to collect her photo]
Tahlia: [to Tyra] Thanks.
Tyra: [flips over Fo's photo fourth] Fo! [Fo comes down to collect her photo] Congratulations, Fo.
Fo: [to Tyra] Thank you.
Tyra: [flips over Celia's photo fifth] Celia! [Celia comes down to collect her photo]
Celia: [to Tyra] Thank you so much.
Tyra: [flips over Kortnie's photo sixth] Kortnie. [Kortnie comes down to collect her photo] The artist. Congratulations. You're still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model.
Kortnie: [to Tyra] Thank you.
Tyra: [flips over London's photo seventh] London. [London comes down to collect her photo] Congratulations, London.
London: [to Tyra] Thank you.
Tyra: [flips over Teyona's photo eighth] Teyona. [Teyona comes down to collect her photo]
Teyona: [feeling relived] Hooh!
Tyra: [to Teyona] Hooh! Your hair looks so much better. Congratulations, Teyona.
Teyona: [to Tyra] Thank you.
Tyra: [to Allison, Nijah and Natalie] The next name I am going to call is... [flips over Natalie's photo ninth] Natalie. [Natalie comes down to collect her photo] Congratulations, Natalie. You're still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model.
Natalie: [to Tyra] Thank you.
Tyra: [to Nijah and Allison in the bottom two] Will Allison and Nijah please step forward. So you two stand before me for very different reasons. Allison, when you walk into a room people, go "Whoa. That's different, that's interesting, I've never seen that before." So the judges go "Hmm that's something special there." But what we didn't see in your photo was something special there. Is it a fluke that happens in pictures sometimes? Because what they saw today was quite depressing for them and then we have Nijah. What they see in your pictures is a beautiful girl but they're trying to get back to that girl in the first week. That photo was so beautiful, so sparkly, such shine in those eyes, such tension in your body and they wanna see that girl. So who stays? [flips over Allison's photo tenth and last] Allison. [Allison hugs Nijah before coming to collect her photo] I don't think it's a fluke. You just need to find your light and not rely on those pretty big eyes. Congratulations. You're still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model.
Allison: [to Tyra] Thank you.
Tyra: [to Nijah] So you have some hard competition. That's why you're going home.

Nijah: [in confessional after getting eliminated third] I'm disappointed in myself. It hurts, to say goodbye I'm going to miss the girls a lot. This competition has opened my eyes to a lot of things. This is gonna open a lot of doors for me.

Put Your Best Face Forward [12.5][edit]

Sandra: [in confessional] Kortnie, she's just always joking around and everything and I don't think she takes the competition as seriously as some of us. I feel like if you're here to model, be here to model. This is not a comedy show.

Sandra: [in confessional about Celia's prize win] Celia knows that she can talk Allison into doing whatever she like so that's why she picked Allison. She wants to be greedy and have both dresses for herself.

Tahlia: [to Allison] I want to go home.

Sandra: [in confessional about the next panel] I'm a little nervous about panel. I feel that my photoshoot, you know, it could have been better but I don't think I will be eliminated. I think Tahlia will be eliminated.

Natalie: [in confessional about Tahlia] Tahlia! When she's doing poorly, she doesn't want to be here. She hates it. But the minute she does well, she's like, "Okay, I want to be here!" and that's what annoys me.
Celia: [to Natalie, Kortnie, London and Allison about Tahlia and Sandra is watching and listening in the bedroom] It's not fair for someone to be here who doesn't want to be here.

Tyra: As a Top Model, you’ll have to travel to many foreign places.

Nigel: [to Natalie whilst evalutating her photoshoot] You look like Keira Knightley.
Paulina: [to Nigel] Oh, yeah.
Tyra: [to the judges in an English accent] Ooh! Doesn't she look like Keira? [to Natalie in an English accent] I think you look absolutely stunning.
Natalie: [to Tyra] Thank you.

Tyra: [to Kortnie and Sandra in the bottom two] Will Kortnie and Sandra please step forward? I only have one photo in my hands. It's interesting that you two stand before me because you guys are both really pretty, pretty girls. With you Kortnie the girl we see in this judging room with such an alertness that even now as I speak you are like this but we look at you're pictures and it's this. And then we look at Sandra. Another pretty girl but the judges are disappointed because they feel that you are just resting on what the Lord and your Momma and Daddy gave you and Benny Ninja reported that your performance was disappointing. So who stays in this competition? [flips over Sandra's photo] Sandra. [Sandra looks stunned, Celia looks furious and Allison looks worried]
Sandra: [to Tyra whilst feeling relieved as she goes to collect her photo] Thank you so much.
Tyra: [to Sandra] You've got to focus. You've got to push. You can't rest on just being beautiful. Congratulations.
Sandra: [to Tyra] Thank you so much.
Tyra: [to Sandra] You're still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model. [Sandra collects her photo and hugs Kortnie before joining the other surviving girls]
Celia: [steps next to Kortnie right after Sandra hugs Kortnie] Tyra, with all due respect, I think there's something you should know about what was said this week by Tahlia. Before you send Kortnie home, I think you should know that Tahlia did express that she did not want to be in this competition anymore and that she did not feel that this was a wise career move on her part. [London and Aminat look at Tahlia] It's quite unfair for someone who doesn't even want to here, to remain in the competition.
Tyra: [to Celia] Do you know what I think is unfair? That you're saying this, and not Tahlia. Tahlia did not say that to me, she did not say that to the judges. So what is truly you saying that to me.
Celia: [to Tyra] I apologize.
Tyra: [to Celia] So, the judges have made their decision. Take your place, Celia. [Celia joins the other surviving girls]

Kortnie: [in confessional after getting eliminated] It's depressing. I'm sad to go. I feel like maybe I had potential but maybe I didn't catch up as fast as the other girls. I love all the other girls. They're amazing but Tahlia said she doesn't want to be here. She thinks the competition is a joke but Celia didn't have to do that. I applaud her for standing up for what she believes in but in Tahlia's defense, she didn't get to say anything so I don't know what's going to happen with that. Hopefully, the house won't get too crazy when I leave. [leaves the Upper East New York townhouse with her suitcase and Kortnie fades from Cycle 10 made over group because she is now eliminated and only nine girls remain]

Here’s Your Test [12.6][edit]

Tahlia: [in confessional about Celia throwing her under the bus at the last judging panel immediately when Kortnie got eliminated and Sandra survived the bottom two for the second time] I'm so angry and I'm so hurt because what happened at panel today was so, like backstabbing.

Celia: [in confessional what she did at the last judging panel immediately when Kortnie got eliminated and Sandra survived the bottom two for the second time] I didn't feel that it was fair that Kortnie was getting eliminated wanting this so bad while Tahlia didn't even want to be there. I do not regret what I did. Absolutely not and if I'm to be sent home then so be it.

Sandra: [to Teyona and Tahlia about Celia, Kortnie, Natalie, Allison and London talking about Tahlia before Kortnie got eliminated and Sandra survived the bottom two for the second time at the last judging panel] So earlier today I just heard them talking about Tahlia and everything. They were like yeah she said she wants to go home. I didn't think they were going to do anything.

Sandra: [in confessional about Celia throwing Tahlia under the bus at the last judging panel immediately when Kortnie got eliminated and Sandra survived the bottom two for the second time] Celia really should not have done what she did because it was none of her business. If I were Celia I really would be worried about going home.

Teyona: [goes down to the kitchen with Aminat and Tahlia to confront Celia after she threw Tahlia under the bus at the last judging panel immediately when Kortnie got eliminated and Sandra survived the bottom two for the second time] Can I ask you all like a serious question? Like, serious talk! Don't you really feel like a fool right now? Like, what were your motives for doing that? If you felt that stuff was wrong, you should have said something to her because that makes all of you and me feel like, all you all are fake as hell because you all were plotting with her.
Allison: [to Teyona] Nobody was plotting!
Aminat: [to Celia and Allison] Don't sit there and look like you're confused and you're sad and you don't know what the hell is going on. For you to even conspire with her about that, that really hurts my feelings because I thought you were a better person than that.
Allison: [in confessional] Aminat and Teyona come downstairs and they're just verbally attacking us and reminding me of why I hated high school.
Aminat: [to Celia] For you to fess up because your girl got sent home?! Like, truly, you disgust me! [to Allison] You disgust me even more, like...
Teyona: [to Celia, Allison and Natalie] Fake as hell! Fake as hell! Fake as hell!
Aminat: [to Allison] ...because I felt, like, I was close to you. Like...
Allison: Aminat, I haven't done anything!
Celia: [in confessional] Me and Tahlia are literally standing next to each other on the stairs, not even talking to each other when this is our issue and we're just like, kind of watching the fight like, "Uh, shouldn't you all, like, be us right now?" [quietly to Allison telling her to keep quiet] It's just not worth it.
Teyona: Hey! Look! That's your mommy! She's telling you, "Don't talk. Don't talk." Be her mother. Yeah, I'm down here!
Aminat: Go on and talk to her.
Tahlia: [to everyone] I have no problem telling Tyra that home to me right now is the best place in the world because I had to question my motives of being here!
Allison: [in confessional] Tahlia makes this speech from the staircase... and it's a bit too, like, "chicken soup for the teenage soul" for me.
Tahlia: [to everyone referring to her getting the first call out for best photo now at last judging panel which is displayed in the Upper East New York apartment as digital art until the next elimination] Now that I'm actually here and I get to look and finally see my picture, I'm excited and now I know that I actually do belong here!
Natalie: [clapping sarcastically at Tahlia and Sandra and Allison turn their heads] Oh!
Tahlia: [to everyone] I tried very hard.
Natalie: [clapping sarcastically at Tahlia] Bravo!
Tahlia: [to everyone] Very hard...
Natalie: [clapping sarcastically at Tahlia] Bravo!
Tahlia: [to everyone] ... to, like, every single one of you guys.
Natalie: [to Tahlia] That's beautiful. That's beautiful. [in confessional] So when she's doing poorly, she doesn't want to be here. She hates it. But the minute she does well, she's like, "Okay, I want to be here!" and that's what annoys me. [to Tahlia] This is a competition! If you don't want to be here, we're going to try and send you home!
Aminat: [to Natalie with London looking] You consider yourself part of the "we" now because that's what just came out of your mouth. You just said, "we", so you knew what the hell was going on. [in confessional] Oh, so you're part of this, too? Alright, you can be in the line of fire, too. [to Natalie] I don't freaking like you and you know what? If I could and if I knew I was going to get sent home, I swear to God I will wipe your place on the floor!
Natalie: [to Aminat] Oh, please! Please do that!
Aminat: [to Natalie] I know you want me to go home!
Natalie: [to Aminat] Yeah!
Aminat: [to Natalie] But you know what?! You know something! You're looking stupid!
Natalie: [to Aminat] Okay, Aminat!
Aminat: [to Natalie] Stupid! Stupid! You're stupid! [coming downstairs]
Natalie: [to Aminat] Please continue what you just said.
Aminat: [to Natalie] [comes to the counter] Let me spell it out for you! [gets in Natalie's face] S-T-U-P-I-D! Stupid! Yeah, keep talking, stupid!
Natalie: [to Aminat] Go on, please.
Aminat: [to Natalie] You're stupid! Stupid! Stupid! You're worth nothing. You'll never be worth anything. You're phony!
Natalie: [to Aminat] Go on, I'm loving it! [in confessional about Aminat] Getting in my face is just proving that you're so immature. Like, I've never had anybody disrespect me like that. [to Aminat] I love this! You keep making yourself look like such an idiot!
Tahlia: [to everyone as she goes upstairs] You all are putting a new meaning to bitches and backstabbing! That is so real! [Natalie has her hands on her hips and just leaves]

Jay Manuel: [to Natalie after her photoshoot] You needed the extra frames. Not going to lie.

Sandra: [to Tyra's photo in the house] You better give me a picture! [in confessional before panel] I just hope I do not get eliminated. I feel like I have done good in the past few photoshoots and I am confident in myself because I worked really hard to be here.

Tyra: You need to paint on your game face, and show the industry your true colors.

Tyra: [to Sandra and Celia in the bottom two] Will Sandra and Celia please step forward. I'll start with you, Sandra. Lovely girl, beautiful pictures, but every single week they're to the side. So this week one of the judges insisted that you have a shot that was straight on, but that was not your strength. So the question is, can you get your head around a straight shot, not a profile... or are you just a one look model. And then we have Celia. Gorgeous pictures from week to week to week, and some of the strongest personal style in this competition. But what the judges saw last week was one of the most non-beautiful things that they have ever seen in the history of America's Next Top Model. Girls have quit, but it was at their own will, and you threw somebody under the bus. So who stays? Celia, hopefully, you learned your lesson.

Sandra: [in confessional after getting eliminated fifth] I'm peeved off. I'm mad. I'm... ugh! I do not deserve to go home. I'm the best out of all the other girls so they're crazy to send me home because I have so much potential. [Sandra's portfolio is shown] I have personality and I look like a model and I'm not going to stop. I'm not going to stop modeling. It's something that will always be with me forever. [outside the front door of the Upper East New York townhouse, going down the stairs with her suitcase and Sandra fades from Cycle 12 made over group because she is now eliminated and only eight girls remain]

Acting Like a Model [12.7][edit]

Tahlia: [in confessional after elimination] It's a big deal doing something like this

Cycle 12 Rewind [12.8][edit]

Tyra: [voiceover about Sandra during the top 21 photoshoot at casting week in Las Vegas, Nevada] But Sandra was willing to push past whatever stood in her way.
Nijah: [to Sandra with Angelea next to her] How long have you been in front of the mirror for?
Sandra: [to Nijah] Forever, until I'm done!
Nijah: [to Sandra] Exactly!
Sandra: [to Nijah] You have to wait! I'm in front of you. Back there, stay there!
Nijah: [to Sandra] You know what?! What is your problem?! What is your problem?!
Sandra: [to Nijah] You're back there! Be quiet!
Nijah: [in confessional about Sandra] Sandra she had been in the front of the make-up counter like the whole time. [to Sandra] Don't worry about what I got going on.
Sandra: [to Nijah] Shut your mouth!
Nijah: [to Sandra] Yeah, we'll see.
Sandra: [to Nijah] Thank you!
Nijah: [in confessional about Sandra] She had the nerve to tell me to shut up. I was like, "Oh no! Let's not go there!"
Other America's Next Top Model Cycle 12 Top 21 Casting Girls: Oh my goodness! Whatever!
Sandra: [in confessional about Nijah] I'm not really bothered about Nijah! Of course, she's jealous of me so I gave her a piece of my mind!

[during a group discussion when the top thirteen girls are getting to know one another in New York]
Tyra: [voiceover about Sandra and Nijah] With their argument from casting week still fresh, Sandra could not resist provoking Nijah again.
Jessica: [to everyone] Who here is not in college.
Nijah: [raises hand to everyone] I'm not.
Celia: [to everyone] I'm not in college.
Sandra: [to Nijah] College drop out?
Nijah: [to Sandra] No I never went.
Sandra: [to Nijah] Oh.
Jessica: [in confessional] We were all sitting around the runway and we were all talking to each other like saying where we're from and whether we go to college and blah blah blah.
Sandra: [to Nijah] Aren't you plus-size?
[Celia and Jessica turn their heads and look at Sandra]
Nijah: [to Sandra] No I am not.
Sandra: [to Nijah] You're not?
Nijah: [to Sandra] No.
Sandra: [to Nijah] Are you in the middle or...?
Nijah: [to Sandra] I'm not plus-size.
Sandra: [to Nijah] Oh.
Kortnie: [in confessional about Sandra] Here's the mystery with Sandra. We're trying to figure out if she knows that she's doing and she just kind of is like evil or maybe she's like "Oh my God! Maybe I didn't know that I was doing that!"
Jessica: [to Nijah] You're not plus-size at all.
Nijah: [to Jessica] Yeah.
Jessica: [to Nijah] You just got a booty!
Nijah: [to Jessica] Thank you! Thank you! [in confessional] I have had a little confrontation with Sandra already, stuff that happened back in Vegas. [in a repeat scene of the casting girls doing their makeup when talking to Sandra] So don't worry about what I got going on. Yeah, alright!
Sandra: [to Nijah in the same repeat scene of the casting girls doing their makeup] Shut your mouth!
Nijah: [to Sandra in the same repeat scene of the casting girls doing their makeup] Yeah, we'll see.
Sandra: [to Nijah in the same repeat scene of the casting girls doing their makeup] Thank you!
Nijah: [back to the present in confessional about Sandra] And she's been getting into it with not only me but with a lot of the other girls. [to Sandra] Anything else you wanted to know why I'm not in school right now, right?
Sandra: [to Nijah] Oh, no. No, I'm good.
Nijah: [to everyone] I am not a college drop out. I graduated high school and I'm class of 08.
[girls applaud and cheer on Nijah, Sandra gives a straight face and then smiles]
Sandra: [in confessional about Nijah] My first goal is to get Nijah out of here because I really can't stand her.
[view of New York city]
Tyra: [voiceover about Nijah confronting Sandra] Later, Nijah confronts Sandra giving her the opportunity to explain herself. [Sandra and Isabella are unpacking and sorting out their belongings in the bedroom]
Jessica: [to Sandra] If you care about being the bitch of the house of whatever you can go...
Sandra: [to Jessica] I don't want to be.
Jessica: [to Sandra] You can straighten it out with her.
Sandra: [to Jessica with Teyona standing opposite and acknowledging] I don't want to be. I don't think it's a good look.
Jessica: [to Sandra about Nijah] Nijah, she felt bad when she asked you.
Sandra: [to Nijah] Like I really felt bad. [smiling] Like I hope you don't feel like oh she's...
Nijah: [to Sandra] I understand that you might want to get to know me but there are certain ways you can go about asking me. You know what I'm saying?
Sandra: [to Nijah] I mean if you feel like I offend you in any way just come tell me. You don't... You don't need to feel bad or anything. I'm
Nijah: [in confessional] Sandra feels that she needs to make everybody feel intimidated by her but no Sandra does not intimidate me at all.
Sandra: [to Nijah] So if you have a problem just...
Nijah: [to Sandra] And the same goes for you and if you have any other questions.
Sandra: [to Nijah] I will! I will!
London: [to Sandra and Nijah] Um, I have a problem.
Sandra: [to Nijah] Bye!
Nijah: [to London] What's your problem?
London: [to Nijah] Nothing! [walks away]

Sandra: [in confessional about Aminat] Aminat she just doesn't act like a lady. Sorry, America! I just picked my nose on TV!

Tyra: [voiceover about Sandra shouting at Celia and then at Allison] But what you never saw was how Sandra reacted to Celia's actions.
Sandra: [to Celia about what she said to Tyra regarding Tahlia not wanting to be in the competition anymore after Kortnie got eliminated with Allison, Natalie and London sitting in the same room] You know how I feel about this whole thing? It's none of your business.
Celia: [to Sandra about Tahlia] It is my business if she's taking a spot in this house when her heart's not in it, and other people's are.
Sandra: [to Celia] It's just none of your business. [Natalie laughs out loud in the background] The only person that should have said something was Kortnie.
Allison: [to Sandra] You're contradicting yourself right now because you're saying that it's nobody else's business but Tahlia's, but then you're saying if anyone should have said something it was Kortnie.
Sandra: [to Allison] Yeah, not Celia!
Allison: [to Sandra] You don't have to raise your voice.
Sandra: [to Allison] I said not Celia! I do have to raise my voice because it's not getting through your head!
Allison: [in confessional about Sandra] I don't understand Sandra sometimes. She just wants to come off like she's dumb. Maybe it's just the language issue? [to Sandra] You're just restating something you already said that I quoted.
Sandra: [to Allison] I am not restating something! Do not go there with me! Do not go there with me!
Allison: [to Sandra] I don't know where I'm going. [Natalie laughs out loud in the background]
Sandra: [to Allison] Do not go there, because I'm not the one that you play with! Do not go there with me, okay?! [points at Allison] Don't you go there with me! [points and comes closer to Allison]
Celia: [in confessional about Sandra] We don't understand Sandra because the second you start rushing your words or using bigger language, she goes crazy. Like, she starts, like malfunctioning.
Sandra: [to Celia] You are twenty-five years old. Twenty-five!
Celia: [to Sandra] How old?
Sandra: [to Celia] You're twenty-five years old! [Natalie laughs out loud in the background] You act so, so immature. Grow up! [leaves the room]
Celia: [in confessional imitating Sandra] You're twenty-five! You're twenty-five! I can't fight with her. I can't even argue with her. I'm just, like, dumbfounded.
Tyra: [voiceover about Sandra] Sandra's shouting left the others confused and amused.
[Sandra goes to the upstairs room]
Allison: [to London, Natalie and Celia whilst all cooking in the kitchen downstairs about Sandra] I've been so nice to Sandra and it's, like... [placing hand in face imitating Sandra] Right in my face, "You don't want to go there!" and I was, like "Where am I going?!"
Sandra: [in a repeat scene of Sandra shouting and pointing at Allison] Don't you go there with me! [points and comes closer to Allison] I'm not the one to play with! [Natalie laughs out loud in the background]
Allison: [in confessional about Sandra] Sandra, it's hard for me to talk to her on a human level because she just doesn't seem to grasp any situation really.
Celia: [imitating Sandra to Allison, London and Natalie] You're twenty-five... You're twenty-five! [Allison laughs]
Sandra: [to London, Natalie, Allison and Celia from the staircase] Are you still talking?
Celia: [to Sandra] No we were saying...
Allison: [to Sandra] No, we were talking about what you wanted and we're like "You're twenty-five! You're twenty-five!"
Celia: [to Sandra] You're twenty-five! You're twenty-five!
Sandra: [to Celia] Yeah, because I feel like you're immature for your age. [walks away]
Allison: [in confessional about Sandra] Sandra makes me lose hope when I talk to her.
Celia: That's okay. [laughs]

Tyra: [voiceover about Sandra] Though often misunderstood by the other girls Sandra never waivered from her mantra regarding the competition.
Sandra: [to Natalie] I feel like you shouldn't worry about what other people say to you.
Natalie: [to Sandra] Yeah.
Sandra: [to Natalie] Why am I here? I'm here to be America's Next Top Model.
'[rewinds and a caption in yellow font appears on the screen saying "Just in case you didn't catch that...", rewinds again and a caption in yellow font appears on the screen saying "Once again, here's why Sandra is here"]
Sandra: [in confessional wearing multiple outfits at different times] I'm here for one thing. I'm here to be America's Next Top Model. I cannot forget why I'm here. [outfit changes] I'm here for one, one goal. I'm here to be America's Next Top Model. [outfit changes] I'm here to be America's Next Top Model. [outfit changes] I'm here to be America's Next Top Model. [nine different outfits are shown] I'm here to win America's Next Top Model. [outfit changes] That's how hungry I am to be America's Next Top Model.
Sandra: [to Natalie] You have friends, that's good, you know.
Natalie: [to Sandra] That's great.
Sandra: [to Natalie] But you shouldn't forget why you're here. That's my like opinion about it. [in confessional about the other girls] I will knock the girls down. One by one because I'm Sandra! [applaud and cheers sound] Thanks!

Toccara: [to everyone] Hey!
Tyra: [voiceover] Toccara's visit touched the cast of Cycle 12 but none more than Sandra who finally opened up and showed some real emotions.
Celia: [to Toccara] Do you already have first impressions about us?
Natalie: [to Toccara] First impressions?
Toccara: [to Sandra] You! You seem closed to me. You're not letting it out. You're not expressing yourself.
Sandra: [to Toccara with Natalie and Teyona looking] I just feel like I'm misunderstood because like in middle school I was like picked on a lot and I just like... It was really hard because... [starts crying and Aminat is in shock whilst Toccara comes over] Like I was picked on a lot and I feel like I need to stand up for myself!
Aminat: [in confessional, about Sandra] "I was picked on when I was younger!" We were all picked on! Like, give me a break! [Sandra is still crying] For you to say that you were picked on when you were younger, In my opinion, I felt as though she was a bully in the house and it's just like "Yo, relax."
Everyone: [to Toccara] Goodnight.
Sandra: [in confessional] I was just trying to protect myself. [getting ready to sleep] Being that, you know I went through a lot in middle school. I'm open to making friends but I'm here to win America's Next Top Model. [night shot of Upper East New York house, later full moon are shown]

Tyra: [voiceover about Sandra's white powder photo] When it came time for elimination the panel was pleased to see Sandra had finally delivered a front-forward shot. [to the panel] It's a straight-on shot, Nigel.
Keith Major: [to Tyra about Sandra's white powder photo] Yeah...
Tyra: [voiceover about Sandra's previous profile photos] Unfortunately there was a reason she'd stuck to her profile in the past. [Sandra's childhood games and nanny photos are shown]
Nigel: [to Sandra about her white powder photo whilst it is displayed on screen] It's just not fashion. It's not beauty. It's just sort or there like, "Hey! It's a picture of me!"
Tyra: [voiceover] So Sandra was sent home. [hugs Sandra]
Sandra: [packing her bags in confessional after getting eliminated] I am disappointed. I'm going to miss being around the girls even though I never talked to a lot of them. [Sandra's portfolio is shown] I feel like I was more, like caught up with the whole competition thing and less caught up about getting to make friends. I guess I should have been, you know, the other way around. [Sandra fades from Cycle 12 made over group because she is now eliminated and only eight girls remain]

Celia: [referring to Isabella in the washroom] That's Isabella's orange.

Take Me to the Photo Shoot [12.9][edit]

Tyra: Music always helps a model find her own rhythm.

The Amazing Model Race [12.10][edit]

Fo: [in confessional about choosing Teyona to lose half her frames for the next photoshoot] I'm glad I totally picked Teyona for this because I know how she can be. Teyona, now you know what it feels like. It's a taste of your own medicine.

Tyra: Once you plant seeds of success, your tree will bear fierce fruit.

Tyra: [to Natalie in shock] For fifty frames?! Did Jay want you to do the same exact thing for fifty frames?!
Natalie: [to Tyra] He did!

Teyona: [in confessional about Celia and Aminat] Watching Celia and Aminat do the Capoeira, it's funny to me because they had like a little bit of drama going between them.
Aminat: [in a repeat scene of the fight that happened after Kortnie's elimination] Like, truly, you disgust me!
Teyona: [in confessional about Celia and Aminat] For them to get paired up, it was funny!
[During the Capoeira re-enactment between Celia and Aminat, Celia accidentally kicks Aminat in the face]
Celia: [gasps] Ah! Did I hurt you?!
Fo: [in confessional about Celia] Celia accidentally does like a roundhouse kick to Aminat's face.
Aminat: [to Celia] Yo, you kicked me dead in the eye!
Celia: [in confessional about kicking Aminat] It was completely on accident, but...tee-hee! That's for calling me disgusting! [to Aminat] Girl, are you seriously okay?
Aminat: [to Celia] Yeah, I'm fine.

Let’s Go See the City [12.11][edit]

Tyra: Work hard, perfect your poses, and life will seem like a day at the beach.

Vanessa Da Silveira: [to Aminat, Allison, Celia, Fo and Teyona] Hi girls! Mr. Borges will not be able to be here, but he asked me to bring you all back to São Paulo Fashion Week headquarters so please follow me, girls.

Vanessa Da Silveira: [to Aminat, Allison, Celia, Fo and Teyona on top of the building] Sorry girls! Celia and Fo! Both of you were late so you're disqualified from this task! There's a cab waiting for you down stairs!

Take Me to the Jungle [12.12][edit]

Celia: [in confessional] I love modelling. I think it's so much fun.

America's Next Top Model Is... [12.13][edit]

Tyra: [to Aminat, Allison and Teyona at the second last judging panel] And then there were three. This is the most gut wrenching point of America's Next Top Model beacuse at the end of tonight there will only be two finalists.

Tyra: [to Allison and Teyona at the last judging panel] The judges see a little bit something more in one of you. America's Next Top Model is... [Teyona's photo pops up] Teyona!

Cycle 13[edit]

Originally aired September 9 – November 18, 2009.

How Short Can You Go [13.1][edit]

Amber: My catwalk. Meow!

Tyra Banks: You look like you're kind of a chill girl. Are you a chill girl?
Nicole: I have really bad nerves. Trying to channel that, though.
J Alexander: You seem like you took five downers before you came up the steps.
Nicole: [in confessional] My last year in high school was miserable. I sat by myself all the time and was never very popular. Just even from a very young age...I felt very different.

Nicole: [in confessional] I can't connect with these girls. I don't have anything to talk with them about. [to the other girls] This necklace here, it's my lucky necklace. It has an eyeball. I like eyeballs because I was born with a bloody eyeball. [points at right eye] I believe it was this one. But, yeah. So, my nickname when I was little was Bloody Eyeball. [in confessional] I don't know. I was just want to model and skip socializing.

Tyra: There’s only four more girls’ names left and that next girl is... Nicole. [Nicole stands still for a moment before walking up to Tyra; some of the girls laugh]
Nicole: Uhh huh.
Tyra: [laughs nervously] Come here! Are you okay? Are you breathing?
Nicole: I'm just surprised to hear my name!
Tyra: Three names left. The next name that I am going to call is... Amber!
Amber: Thank you!

Tyra: [to Amber, Rae, Nicole, Jennifer, Ashley, Courtney, Erin, Lulu, Rachel, Laura, Kara, Brittany, Bianca and Sundai] This is going to be intense and it's harder for you girls. You have to be better! You have to be better than a tall girl. You can't be just as good. I will see you later and you're still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model.

Jennifer: I'm going to be America's Next Top Model!

Courtney: This is going to be the best season!

The Early Bird Gets a Makeover [13.2][edit]

Jay Manuel: [to Rae, Nicole, Jennifer, Ashley, Courtney, Erin, Lulu, Rachel, Laura, Kara, Brittany, Bianca and Sundai] It's probably obvious to you guys right now that we're missing someone.
Everyone: [to Jay Manuel] Yeah.
Jay Manuel: [to Rae, Nicole, Jennifer, Ashley, Courtney, Erin, Lulu, Rachel, Laura, Kara, Brittany, Bianca and Sundai] Unfortunately due to personal issues, Amber will not be continuing on in the competition. However during casting week, we saw someone with amazing potential who just missed out on being one of the final 14 girls. She is going to be joining us. [Rae, Nicole, Jennifer, Ashley, Courtney, Erin, Lulu, Rachel, Laura, Kara, Brittany, Bianca and Sundai cheer when replacement finalist Lisa appears] Obviously you girls remember Lisa?!
Lisa: [in confessional] It feels great to be back in the competition. I just feel like I'm going to work extra hard. Just because I was not meant to be here doesn't mean I won't get far.

Kara: [in confessional about Nicole] I'm not a big fan of Nicole. I don't know if she's being sarcastic. I don't know if she's being humorous, or if she's being serious. She makes me nervous when she speaks. She's, like, very strange.

Nicole: [in confessional] My last year in high school was miserable. I sat by myself all the time and was never very popular. Just even from a very young age...I felt very different.

Jay Manuel: [to Nicole] Are you awake?

J Alexander: [laughing at Laura's outfit during the judging] Girl, you look like you're wearing your bloomers.
Laura: My grandma made it.
J Alexander: I love it! Grandma!
Laura: She makes all my clothes!
J Alexander: I love it. What's your grandma's name?
Laura: Wanda Sue.
J Alexander: Oooh!
Tyra: Wanda Sue!
J Alexander: Oh, Lord, I love it! Oh, that is major!
Tyra: It's actually not really bad, Laura. I just don't think it's appropriate for judging.
J Alexander: I can't wait to meet Grandma Wanda Sue.

Tyra: [to Lisa who is standing in the bottom two with Bianca] I hate that Lisa's standing before me in the final two. That first girl that was on my mind when it didn't work for one of our girls, and I said, 'Call Lisa, I think she's got some potential.' But then we look at your photo and the judges are not impressed. When a photo is not very strong, they go to personality: Is she memorable?"

Lisa: [in confessional after getting eliminated first] Obviously I'm upset that I was eliminated and upset that I came back and was the first to leave. I do feel like it's a lost opportunity, but I also feel like I was very fortunate to have been able to come here. I definitely will continue to try to model.

Fortress of Fierceness [13.3][edit]

Bianca: [to Nicole] Why don't you talk a lot?
Nicole: [to Bianca] I don't know. Like, I get in my head a lot, and I'm...
Bianca: [to Nicole] What do you mean you get in your head?
Nicole: [to Bianca] I just, like...I stop, like, noticing what's going on around me, and I'm just thinking about stuff. I don't know.
Bianca: [in confessional about Nicole] Nicole, the girl takes good pictures. She's competition, I do admit that. But she's just weird, and she's quiet, and still waters run deep. [to Nicole] I think something's wrong with you.

Sean Patterson: [to Rae, Nicole, Jennifer, Ashley, Courtney, Erin, Lulu, Rachel, Laura, Kara, Brittany, Bianca and Sundai] One of you doesn't have what it take to be a Wilhelmina Model.
Nigel Barker: [to Rae, Nicole, Jennifer, Ashley, Courtney, Erin, Lulu, Rachel, Laura, Kara, Brittany, Bianca and Sundai] That lady's going to have to leave the competition right now.
Sean Patterson: [to Rae, Nicole, Jennifer, Ashley, Courtney, Erin, Lulu, Rachel, Laura, Kara, Brittany, Bianca and Sundai] The one of you that will be going home... is Rachel.

Rachel: [in confessional after getting eliminated second at Wilhelmina Models] I was expecting somebody to pop out and say, 'Just kidding!' But it never came. I have to go home. Opportunities like this don't really come for girls like me. I just wanted to show a lot more and I feel like I didn't get the chance to

Make Me Tall [13.4][edit]

Lulu: [in confessional after getting eliminated fourth] It sucks being eliminated. I'm going to go home and I'm going to work on the things Tyra told me to work on because this is not the end of the road for me. Top Model just opened a lot of doors for me and I'm going to enter those doors.

Take My Photo, Tyra! [13.5][edit]

Tyra: [to Jennifer] Runner up for best photo is... [flips over Jennifer's photo and screams] Aaaggghhh! [Jennifer laughs] Jennifer!

Tyra: [to Ashley in the bottom two with Bianca] If I would have told you how difficult it was, you might not have been able to continue. You were the most difficult girl for me to shoot out of all of the 10 girls here.

Dance With Me [13.6][edit]

Nigel: [in a repeat scene to Nicole at the last judging panel] You tend to talk in a bit of a monotone and it's all stoned it seems.
Nicole: [in confessional] That's just the inflection of my voice.

Kara: [to Jennifer about Erin and especially Nicole] Let's say Nicole or Erin ended up winning and I'm always going to be associated with them. People will be like "You were on America's Next Top Model. You were on Nicole's season.” [in confessional about Nicole] I'm not a big fan of Nicole. I try to avoid her as much as possible. She definitely really is just awkward and slow and she'll just make a fool of herself with every five words that come out of her mouth.
Jennifer: [back to the present to Kara] Nicole might make it far!

Nicole: [in confessional about the dance challenge] I do not dance. In high school, I avoided dances like the plague. I was never asked to prom. I–I don't know... what were they thinking?

Nicole: [in confessional about Benny Ninja asking to convey anger for the dance] He asked me for angry, and I think my dance ended up being way more bipolar. My mind was just blacking out in horror.

Ashley: [in confessional after being on the same team as Erin and Nicole] Erin and Nicole? NOOOOOOOOO! I feel like they are the two least coordinated girls in this house!

Tyra: Best photo this week is going to be a little bit different. It’s going to be the best group and that group photo will be displayed as digital art. Best group photo is…. Brittany, Rae and Jennifer.

Tyra: Now each girl will be called individually. Laura. Congratulations.

Tyra: [to Kara in the bottom two with Ashley] Kara, you were one of our favorite girls in terms of what you brought to this competition naturally but as we've said before, it's not just about being a model the noun but you have to model, the verb and right now, you're just resting on the noun.

Ashley: [in confessional after getting eliminated sixth] I do feel cut short. I feel like I have so much more to give, so much more to show. I think it's more I wanted to do a lot more. I wanted to keep on proving that I could do a lot more. I came into this telling myself, 'You can be a model. You've never done it before but it's something you can do.' So it hurts to be going home right now. It just sucks. It's a bad feeling.

Petite Ninja Warriors [13.7][edit]

Kara: [to Sundai, Rae and Erin about Nicole] She has the social graces of a fetus. [in confessional about Nicole] Nicole always sounds so robotic and monotone. She's excelling so much more than me when I just don't understand it.
Sundai: A fetus? I'm sorry, that's hilarious!!

Nicole: [in confessional] We arrive back at Wilhelmina and we're kind of concerned because I know the judges are being really tough on us short girls.
Sean Patterson: [to Nicole, Laura, Erin, Jennifer, Sundai, Brittany, Rae and Kara] Ladies welcome back to Wilhelmina.

Sean Patterson: [to Nicole, Laura, Erin, Jennifer, Sundai, Brittany, Rae and Kara] Here are the teams, Erin and Jennifer, Brittany and Kara, Sundai and Rae and Nicole and Laura.

Sean Patterson: [to Nicole, Laura, Erin, Jennifer, Sundai, Brittany, Rae and Kara] You may go to all five go-sees in any order however you have to be back by 4:30 because as anyone will tell you the number one thing that I cannot stand is a late model. Are you ready? Pick up your portfolios, pick up your maps, grab the car keys and I'll see you back here.

Brittany: [in confessional about travelling to the go-sees with Kara] I have five places to go to and four hours to do it.
Kara: [in confessional about traveling to the go-sees with Brittany] I know that Brittany’s really competitive so I was excited to be partners with her.

Laura: [in confessional about traveling to the go-sees with Nicole] I was scared to drive in L.A. traffic. Plus if I had my own car, it’s okay if I put a few dents and scratches in it, but I have this nice car.

Nicole: [to Laura whilst trying to find parking during the go-see challenge] I've never parked before. Haven't you parked before?
Laura: [to Nicole] I've never used a parking meter. I don't… I've never put money in a meter!
Nicole: [to Laura] You just stick it in! Here, you just, like, jam it in there.

Nicole: [to Brittany and Kara who just finished at Trina Turk] Is it this way?
Brittany: [to Nicole] I don't know.
Nicole: [to Brittany and Kara who just ran away] Hey!
Kara: [in confessional about Nicole, Laura and Brittany] They asked us which direction Trina Turk was in and then Brittany was like, "Just find it!" Brittany’s definitely a fierce competitor when it comes to stuff like that. I just don’t do that.

Nicole: [to Laura about Brittany and Kara] I think they're tricking us. [in confessional about Brittany and Kara] It is a little rude and honestly I’m irritated but I have to focus on finding Trina Turk.

Sean Patterson: [to Sundai and Rae who both arrived late] Are you even aware of how much damage this can do to a model's career? Are you even aware of how much money is lost when you show up to a booking for example late? I don't have time to deal with you two. I don't even want you in the room. I want you to go and wait in the lobby.
Sundai: [in confessional about Sean Patterson] Sean! He was so mad. I wasn't even expecting that to come out of that nice man's mouth. I've never been embarrassed like that in my life.

Nicole: [in confessional about winning the go-sees challenge] It feels amazing to win and it's coming after a week when I got a terrible critique on my photoshoot. I really needed to prove to myself that I could still do this and I definitely did.

Nicole: [in confessional about winning the go-sees challenge and Laura being a good partner] Laura is really sweet. The other girls underestimated us but we kicked butt!

Erin: [to Nicole] Maybe they just wanted you to win.
Nicole: [to Erin] No. I earned it.

Kara: [in confessional expressing her anger at Nicole winning the go-see challenge] I'm going to channel this anger into the next photoshoot and kick her out and at panel, when they're like, "This picture's awesome. What was your inspiration?" I'm going to be like, "Oh, Nicole." Yeah. I hate her.

Jay Manuel: [to Nicole] Hey Nicole! You look great. You get to choose your weapon. Each of these weapons have different levels of difficulty.
Nicole: [to Jay Manuel] I think I’ll go with just the sword.
Deborah Chen: [to Nicole] One!
Nicole: [in confessional about the classic sword chosen for the photoshoot] I chose the classic sword because it would give more variety of poses if I had one hand free.

Nicole: [in confessional] The harness it was terrible my skin was like oozing out!

Nicole: [to Kara with Sundai] When you have a smoking eye it looks like it's burnt. Like someone took a flame and burnt the edges. Are you making fun of me?
Kara: [in confessional about Nicole] Nicole just won the Go-See challenge.

Kara: [in confessional] I don’t really care for weapons at all. I don’t want to like pose with the sword.
Patricia Von Ah: [to Kara during the photoshoot] Change your face a little.

Kara: [in confessional] I was up in the air on this harness spinning around. Whatever I did just wasn't going to look good. You just want to give up but you know you can't.

Nicole: [to Tyra] Rozae Nichols.
Tyra: [to Nicole] From the Go-Sees.
Nicole: [to Tyra] Yes.
Tyra: [to Nicole] Pays to win a Go-See.

Tyra: [to Nicole] What do you think?
Nicole: [to Tyra] I just wish there was more variety in my facial expressions.
Nigel Barker: [to Nicole] It’s interesting that you say you wish there was more variety but even when you speak you kind of talk in a monotone and your face doesn’t change.
Tyra: [to Nicole] And it’s not about learning to talk how Tyra talks. Yeah, girl! It’s becoming a stronger version of yourself.

Tyra: [to Brittany] Brittany. Goodness that top is low! Oh my gosh! I think if I had that on it would be like pornography! Congratulations!

Tyra: [to Kara and Sundai in the bottom two] Kara when you came into the competition, Mr. and Ms. J. and I said, 'Whoa, face.' And in your first photoshoot, you showed us just how special that face was but from week to week to week, we see someone less invested in this competition. We see someone struggling that seems lost and does not know how to be found and then we have Sundai, the judges see you as an underdog. The shortest girl in this competition. In the pictures, the judges feel you are stuck in a three-quarter face. As a model, it is important to be versatile. So who stays? [flips over Sundai's photo] Congratulations Sundai.

Tyra: [to Kara] When you entered this competition I thought you were going to be one of the top three.

Kara: [in confessional after getting eliminated seventh] I just fell really disappointed in myself. I hope that I'm still able to do modeling but right now it obviously doesn't feel like such a viable option. I feel like what was even the point of coming into this competition if I was just going to go home in the middle of it? If I wasn’t going to win? I left Costa Rica and bought plane tickets for this. [cries] If I didn’t want I wouldn’t have came!

Interview 101 [13.8][edit]

Jessica Lowndes: [to Nicole during the Insider interview] Because of the pressure she's under, she turns to drugs and then, after she goes to rehab, she finds out she's pregnant.
Nicole: [in confessional about the Insider interview] I remember you have to make connections with what they say and keep rolling with it. And so, I think pregnancy and I say... [back to the present to Jessica Lowndes during the Insider interview] And have you ever had kids yourself?
Jessica Lowndes: [to Nicole the Insider interview] No! I'm twenty years old, so no. I haven't had kids.

Ann Shoket: [to Nicole] You let your nerves get the best of you! You asked a couple of really inappropriate questions!
Nicole: [in a repeat scene to Jessica Lowndes the Insider interview] And have you ever had kids yourself?
Ann Shoket: [to Nicole] Not the type of question you want us to answer!

Nicole: [in confessional about Erin] Erin was inconsiderate.

Rae: [in confessional after getting eliminated eighth] So it's the end of the Top Model journey for me, I really haven't allowed myself to think about it but I cannot wait to see my daughter. I miss her so much. Now that I have this taste for what modeling can really be all about, I have even more of a passion for it and I'm ready to go out there and work to achieve this dream.

Let's Go Surfing [13.9][edit]

Erin: [in confessional] My commercial sucked. I just got really stressed. I got really frustrated. I'm only eighteen but I have to get better at shutting off the fact that I'm disappointed and just keep working.

Brittany: [in confessional about Erin] Erin is the most annoying person in the house. Sometimes I just don't want to be there.

Erin: [in confessional about Brittany] Brittany better watch her attitude. She's still up and down with how well she performs.

Jennifer: [in confessional about Erin] She has spoiled brat syndrome.

Brittany: [in confessional about Erin] It's just not the right attitude to have in this competition.

Brittany: [in confessional after getting eliminated ninth] It's definitely hard to say goodbye but I'm so proud because I get critiqued like, 'Oh, you look like a catalog model.' What little math nerd doesn't want to hear that? That's a great compliment to me. So it's really frustrating to think that it's over with but it is difficult being a petite model, and this competition is the first time petite models are really going to be shown to the world, so I don't feel like this is the end. I just feel like this is the jump-off point.

Dive Deeper [13.10][edit]

Erin: [in confessional] I was so sure that I was going home. Panel wants to see me succeed, so I don't want to let them down. It's just a lot of pressure. I'm 18. This is the biggest thing I've ever done with my life. I definitely need to prove myself at the next photoshoot.

Tyra: [to Erin and Sundai in the bottom two] Sundai you had twice the amount of photos that Erin had and probably 10-times the amount of excuses. You said that you have asthma, but many divers have asthma, and also athletes and models. We don't want our photos to be the product of our excuses and then we have Erin, a girl who was at the top of this pack when this competition started but from week to week, it's getting weaker and weaker and weaker and Erin you had half the amount of photos and it showed.

Sundai: [in confessional after getting eliminated tenth] I definitely underestimated myself coming into this competition so that's one thing that I've gained here is confidence. I got a lot from this, so I'm glad I had the chance to be here. Life does go on and it's going to have to go on. I'm going to have to keep doing well as I go through the rest of my life. I can't just give up here.

Hawaiian Hip Hop [13.11][edit]

Jennifer: [in confessional] I am scared out of my pants. In a way, I feel like Nicole already has a seat in the Top 2 because she's never done poorly and Laura's never been in the bottom two and I've never been in the bottom two. Yeah, maybe Erin's done poorly, but the judges love her. I honestly don't know how tomorrow's going to go.

Erin: [in confessional after getting eliminated with Jennifer] Right now, it's kind of just like a punch in the face. It sucks to make it this far and not get it. I could have put a lot more vigor into the last few things but I can't change it now. This was a really great experience for me but I don't want it to be over and it is over.
Jennifer: [in confessional after getting eliminated with Erin] It feels amazing to have made it as far as I have and it hurts to be so close to it. It's like ripping my heart out. It sucks.

America's Next Top Model is... [13.12][edit]

Tyra: [to Nicole and Laura] This show is called America's Next Top Model. No America's Next Top Models and America's Next Top Model is... Nicole!

Cycle 13: Revealed [13.13][edit]

Nicole: [in confessional] I'm not that great at remembering names and so I made up something a little more original that fit the girls a little better. Lisa is "Smush," I guess because of her lips. Laura is "Kentucky," Rae is "Athletic Blonde Mother." Very descriptive, I know. Brittany is "Creepy Mermaid Girl." Immediately she just creeped me out, I love it. Rachel is... "Nerdy Girl."
Sundai: [in confessional] Nicole is a weirdo. I'm gonna have to watch you!
Nicole: [in confessional] I don't even know sometimes why I think the things that I do. It's just... instinctive.

Cycle 14[edit]

Originally aired March 10 – May 19, 2010.

Be My Friend, Tyra! [14.1][edit]

Alasia: [notices her veggies were taken out of the fridge] Did these come out of the freezer section? It thawed out overnight.
Anslee: Honey, it'll spoil. That's the reason it says keep refrigerated.
Alasia: You ain't gotta say it like that, though.
Anslee: Well, I just explained it to you in a normal way, and you didn't understand me.
Alasia: I'm not a little girl, so...
Anslee: Well, then understand the first time and I won't talk to you're like a little girl.
Alasia: I understand that. But you don't speak to people like that!
Anslee: [in confessional] Alasia, she doesn't know how to shut up. She is just a childish, ditzy girl. [to Alasia] Back up, sweetheart!
Alasia: Don't call me sweetheart.
Anslee: Does it say, "keep refrigerated"?!
[Angelea looks at both of them uncomfortably]
Alasia: What is that gonna do? What is that gonna do?
Anslee: Because you don't listen! That's why people talk to you like that!
Alasia: Who are you to listen to?! Do not you speak to me like you did! No, you ain't my mother! What kind of woman are you? How are you treatin' your daughter?!
Alasia: Okay! You don't know!
Anslee: Do not bring my daughter into this!!
Alasia: I just did!
Anslee: You bitch!
Alasia: Good!
Krista: My clothes are off for two seconds! [starts walking towards the kitchen]
[Angelea tries to break up Anslee and Alasia, who are still yelling at each other; Krista enters the kitchen]
Krista: Alasia, are you kidding me right now?! Calm down! I'm talkin' 'bout I'm sleepy as hell!
Alasia: I'm not gonna show nobody no respect who don't respect me!
Anslee: She's still walking down the damn hallway just running that mouth. [in confessional] When you come at me and start to tell me about how I'm not a good mother, you're gonna see an ugly side of me. Honey, you're eighteen years old. Don't tell me what it is to be a woman, 'cause you're just beginning to figure it out.

Angelea: [confronting Alasia about her attitude] Listen, you wasn't in the kitchen when we was in the kitchen. So how can you comment on what I'm doing when you're over there?
Alasia: Because everybody else is talkin' about it!
Angelea: You're young, so I know you're trying to fit in. But you wanna choose her side, and you didn't even know what happened. You just automatically took her side. You formed an opinion of me before you got to know me, based on what they was sayin'.
Alasia: I'm hangin' out with everybody. The only reason why I avoid you is because y'all are like getting in arguments with everybody.
Angelea: I don't know, I just feel like...just...
Krista: You're misunderstood.
Angelea: Exactly. Thank you so much.
Krista: You're welcome, boo!
Alasia: I don't have any animosity towards anybody in here, not even you.
Angelea: But it's like, you're in here being cliqued up with Brenda, and just having a...
Alasia: I am not cliqued up with anybody! I avoid y'all! Y'all are the only two people I do not speak to!
Krista: Well, I'm gonna tell you this: I don't like you 'cause you're fake!
Alasia: It's not makin' sense! You're talking in circles!
Krista: I'm not talking in circles! Let me tell you what fake is. Fake is the person I met at casting. We was sittin' in the room, and you were walkin' in here all extraordinary and doing all extremes. I don't like that! I don't like that because I don't feel like it's you. I have a way to express my opinion just like you do. [in confessional] I don't feel the fake people. I listen to me all day. But this is really me, "Ahhhhhh!" You know? I see that as fake. That's not who you are, be you.
Alasia: I don't give a damn about being fake! I was speaking to her, and you walked your chocolate ass up in here!
Jessica: [in confessional] It's pathetic, it's ridiculous! Are you in high school, dude?! It's not cool to fight, okay?
Krista: Go on, walk away! Do what you do best!
Alasia: I'm going to walk away! 'Cause you is not worth my time, little girl! [in confessional] They create problems, they create issues because they think somebody's got an issue but it's not that important! Stop talkin', stop...shut up! Shut up! Please shut up! Shut up!
Krista: [to Angelea] It's like a battle. We're two chocolate girls, and it's like a battle.
Alasia: Girl, she's lucky she ain't on the street. I'd beat her ass! She is lucky!

Drecktitude! [14.2][edit]

Alexandra: [in confessional about falling before walking the pendulum runway] When I first fell, I was horrified. But the competitiveness was just rushing through me like, "Oh my God, you idiot! Get up, pull yourself together, suck it up." I think I should've just taken a breath and relaxed a little bit up there. Instead, I was like, "Oh my God, make it fierce. Make it fierce. Do something to distract them." So I think I did that on my face.
J Alexander: Mad. She's mad.
Alexandra: [gets hit by pendulum on her way back and walks off the runway] Ah!
Alasia: Oh Lord, baby girl! [in confessional about Alexandra] She fell twice! I was like, "Oh my gosh!" [after Alexandra gets up] She got hit. She got hit off the runway!
Raina: [to Alexandra as the medic attends to her knee] You okay?
Alexandra: [to Raina] Yeah!
Raina: [to Alexandra] You recovered, though. You got up and you rocked it!

Let's Dance [14.3][edit]

Raina: [in confessional about Alasia] Alasia's very hypocritical. She's young, she's immature, and it's frustrating.
Alasia: [in confessional about Raina] I heard Raina's confessional, and she swears up and down on the Holy Bible that she don't talk about nobody. But she in there lying on me, making up all kinds of lies about me. Come on, that is fake!
Raina: [to Alasia] Oh, hello. How's it going, lady? [Alasia laughs] Why are you laughing?!
Alasia: [in confessional about Raina] We all see that, though! Do y'all see that, though?! She was just in here talking to me, she walked up and was like, "Hey, girl! How you doing?" No! Don't say nothing to me! That is fake, I don't care! Stop talking about anything involving me! You see how long she was in here talking. She just run her dang mouth! I don't care about y'all! Just...shut up! Shut up! That's how girls get beat up where I'm from, running their mouth! And that's exactly how girls get beat! I want them to come to my hood! Y'all fake, the end. We ain't gonna discuss it.

America's Next Top Vampire [14.4][edit]

Smile and Pose [14.5][edit]

New York Women [14.6][edit]

Angelea: [to Nicole] How did you deal with all the drama in the house?
Nicole Fox: [to Angelea] I just stayed out of it. You just can't add to it.
Angelea: [in confessional about Nicole] Nicole, I liked her from Cycle 13. She was cool because she wasn't trying to be something she wasn't.
Nicole: [to Angelea] Even if the girls are driving you nuts, you just have to stay professional.
Angelea: [to Nicole] Say what you gotta say, but then just walk away.
Nicole: [to Angelea] Stay classy, you know? [Brenda overhears the conversation and walks out of the subway train]
Brenda: [to Jessica] I have the funniest, funniest story to tell you.
Jessica: [to Brenda] Really? What happened?
Brenda: [to Jessica] Angelea's like, "How do you deal with all the drama in the house? 'Cause we got some bitches up in here!" And Nicole was like, "Well, you just have to remember to stay true to yourself, but be classy."
Jessica: [in confessional] I thought that was really funny because there's, you know, some girls in the house who just aren't classy at all.

Jessica: Alasia, you know how people care about other people than themselves? [in confessional] Alasia causes us all to be late. She's really kind of inconsiderate. [to Alasia] When you're a mom and you have a baby, you care about other people.
Alasia: But you don't have to, though.
Jessica: Hey, quit talking while I'm talking. Let me talk. [Krista turns around to face Alasia and Jessica and looks surprised]
Alasia: Who the hell are you to tell me, "Don't talk when you're talking?!" Who the hell are you to say that?! [in confessional] Jessica, she was trying to treat me like I'm smaller than her or whatever. No! Like, you're not gonna disrespect me, then demand respect from me. [to Jessica] That's disrespect! So don't tell nobody to respect you when you can't respect nobody damn else! [Brenda covers her ears as Alasia yells at Jessica] 'Cause I don't know you, and you don't know me! [Angelea mocks Alasia with cat noises and Krista laughs] Don't say nothing else to me, little girl!
Jessica: Oh my God! GET ME OUT OF HERE!!
Alasia: [in confessional] Me and Jessica come from two totally different worlds. She's like Malibu Barbie, and I'm like...Marietta Barbie.

Angelea: These bitches run through all the racks.
Brenda: She is uneducated.
Angelea: [overhearing Brenda] I'm uneducated?
Brenda: I don't know, are you?
Angelea: Why am I uneducated?
Brenda: You know what? I really don't have time to waste...
Angelea: I went to college!
Brenda: ...talking to you.
Angelea: I went to a Top 150 school, bitch! Look it up!
Brenda: [sarcastically] Oh, that's good! That's nice! Good job!
Angelea: Yeah, look it up!
Brenda: My name is Brenda, not Bitch.
Angelea: [in confessional] It's really unfair that people assume that I'm uneducated because I talk this way. I don't have to be, [in British accent] "Oh my gosh, yes, hello. So, I went to Erie Community College in Buffalo, New York." I'm smart. People would not believe that about me because of the way I am. [to Brenda] You're uneducated, and you're ignorant! And you're rude!
Brenda: You're one to talk, okay? So shut the hell up!
Angelea: Stupid ass bitch.

Raina: I am gonna predict right now that Angelea or Alasia is gonna throw a punch or try and hit somebody because they're so angry, and they can't control their mouths.
Brenda: That would be awesome! She can hit me, 'cause then she'll be on the first train home and take it for the team.
Angelea: [walking into their bedroom] What're y'all talkin' about? I don't care. I'm in here now, so...
Brenda: [in confessional] Angelea, she comes into our room all the time. Just walks in like she owns the place.
Jessica: All the drama is just driving me crazy.
Angelea: When you're living with girls, especially females, [Raina laughs] you're gonna have that drama. Especially when people don't understand you. And especially when they...don't try to understand you.
Raina: I feel like that was directed at Brenda, Angelea!
Brenda: You know, if you're gonna be in here fighting, you can leave my room! 'Cause this is my territory, I don't go in your room. You don't need to be in mine.
Angelea: Brenda, why are you startin' with me?
Brenda: You came in my room, honey!
Angelea: I can be in here if I want to! You don't own nothing in this house! You don't own shit!
Brenda: [in confessional] Angelea is just trying to bring me down and pick fights with me. But I'm not gonna get my feathers ruffled over her. It's getting down to crunch time. Like, I don't have time for that.

Big Hair Day [14.7][edit]

Raina: [in confessional] Alasia's young but that is no excuse for her being late all the time. I really think in this industry, if you're late, your job is on the line. [to the rest of the girls] Let's go! [goes with the rest of the girls into the elevator except for Alasia who is still doing her hair]
Angelea: [in confessional] Alasia was late. The elevator closed on her. I ain't holding the elevator for nobody because I ain't nobody's mama.
Alasia: Uh oh. [frantically pushes down the button for the elevator] Crap! Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap! [knocks on elevator door while still pushing button] Open the door, yo! [in confessional] I'm about to be in so much trouble! The elevator's not working, so I don't understand how I'm supposed to get outside. [to herself] Let me get my wallet, 'cause if I have to catch the bus or something... [in confessional] I don't wanna get in trouble, and then be like, "Oh my gosh, well, what if that causes me to get sent home or something." I don't wanna get sent home because I was late. [to herself] I've been sitting here pressing this damn button, and it's not working! It's not working, it's not working! It's not working, right? It's not working! [walks down the fire stairs in a hurry eventually] So, I'm just about to walk down these stairs. Watch me! I'm really sorry, but the elevator is stuck. Like, honestly, I don't even know where I'm going right now. I'm a little scared. Ain't nobody here tell me we were leaving. Ain't nobody say nothing to me! [opens emergency exit door and gets into the limo with the rest of the girls]
Raina: [to Alasia] What the...
Alasia: Really sorry that I kept y'all waiting.
Jessica: [to Alasia] You're an idiot!
Alasia: [in confessional] I was like, "Alright, I'll take that, and I'm gonna bite my tongue," because I'm learning. I'm not gonna let them get to me. That's not what I'm here for. I'm here to be a model!
Krista: [to Alasia] We might not wait the next time.

Angelea: [in confessional about her weave] Oh my God, that's a lot of hair. Wow. And it stinks. The glue... That glue gun, y'all don't wanna smell it! Y'all don't wanna know what that glue smelled like! 'Cause that glue smelled like straight-up mmm-mmm!
Weaven Steven: This smells like ass!
Angelea: It stank!

Tyra: [to Krista after getting first call-out] Do you want to choose somebody to fly with you?
Krista: Hell yeah! [to Angelea] My boo!

Welcome to New Zealand [14.8][edit]

Angelea: My hair is looking a mess! [in confessional] The designers, when they look at me, they may be like, "Oh! Girl, what's wrong with your hair?" But I'm gonna wow them with my personality so they see a beautiful Angelea.

Angelea: Sit down! Got it! Sixth go-see, booked!

Jessica: [sees Angelea walking into the agency on time] How'd it go?
Angelea: It went great, I had a blast!
Jessica: How many did you go to?
Angelea: All of them.
Jessica: Oh my God!

Hobbits vs. Models [14.9][edit]

Ugly Looking Model [14.10][edit]

America's Next Top Model is... [14.11][edit]

Chubby Bunny [14.12][edit]

Cycle 15[edit]

Originally aired September 8 – December 1, 2010.

Welcome to High Fashion [15.1][edit]

Tyra Banks: I think Kayla is killing Jane in this picture.
J. Alexander: And she's not trying.
Tyra: She's not doing a damn thing.

Jay Manuel: [about contestant Esther Petrack's "30 G" bust] Having that bust size is gonna be a problem... We're not talking D, we're talking G.
Tyra: She holds her Gs better than my Ds!

Tyra: And I understand that you're pure.
Kendal Brown: [coyly] Yes.
Tyra: Tell me why being, um, intimate with a guy grosses you out, or freaks you out.
Kendal: Like—I don't like semen. I don't like semen on my hand. I don't like—I'm like, kinda... grossed out about it.
Tyra: So you've seen it before?
Kendal: Yeah I seen—[catches self and laughs] Yes, I've seen it before. Yes.

Kendal: I just like to cuddle. Something wrong with cuddling?

Chris White: Lemme lift the weave. [lifts a strand of hair above her ear] Lemme hear it.

Chris: [showing Tyra how she poses] Tick, tick, tick, tick, flash!

Diane von Furstenberg [15.2][edit]

Chris White: After this, we're gonna find you a man. [Ann chuckles] You're laughing, but I'm for real! What's your type?
Ann Ward: Uh, hobos are kinda hot.
Chris: Big beard, yellow ring around their mouth. Yeah, that turns me off. [in confessional] Ann's different. Me being nice, I'm just trying to hold a conversation. [to Ann] What's the oldest you'll go to?
Ann: Sixty. [laughs]
Chris: What kind of man do you want?!
Ann: He has to be a warlock, and he has to spit fire, and he has to know how to make sushi.
Chris: You're gonna be single.

Ann: [in confessional] Yeah, I'm a weirdo.

Tyra Banks: [at first judging, referring to contestants] André, do you see any dreckitude right now?
André Leon Talley: Mmm, let's discuss.
Tyra: [to contestants] That means "yes".

Patricia Field [15.3][edit]

Terra White: [when asked why she was becoming emotional during her makeover] Like somebody cut all your hair off, you wouldn't be sad?
J. Alexander: Girl, they didn't cut my hair because my shit was fallin' out—from stress.

Jay: When you guys walked in this morning, you were like, "Oh, we're gonna do makeovers!" But there was something you guys didn't really know, because we have a little bit of bad news.
J. Alexander: And the bad news is that one of you will be going home tonight.
Lexie: [in confessional] When they said that someone was going home, instantly my stomach just drops, because I knew I didn't do well.
Jay: So there were a few issues that we had with some people today. Liz, if you were in a fitting with Karl Lagerfeld, and he put a dress on you, and you say, "Well, I wouldn't wear it quite like this. I've got my own plans for it" don't belong. Sara, on set you felt and looked a little uncomfortable. Lexie, I felt that you embraced your makeover before you went on set, but that confidence...
J. Alexander: She left it in the chair. Right in front of the mirror.
Jay: And then, Terra, you were like, "How is this gonna work? Why is everyone else getting the long hair? What's going on with this hair?" Those are the things that the client sees, that the designers see. And you guys always have to evaluate yourselves against each other out there. Because again, there's only one that can be left behind.
J. Alexander: So, the girl who will be going home tonight...and will pack her bags...will be Terra.
Jay: [to Terra] You are so exquisite, and you're this stunning girl. [Lexie comforts Chris as Terra is eliminated] The issue that we're struggling with, is that we don't believe that you believe that you belong.
Terra: I want more time just to show you guys that it can happen.
Jay: Well, go out there and show us. Go out there and show us.
Terra: Okay. [hugs Jay; in confessional crying] I just don't think it's right. I'd much rather they send me home before they cut my hair than after. I don't feel like it was a good decision at all. To my sister, I love you. Keep your head up. She's my second chance. [to Chris] You look so good! You do good, okay?
Chris: [crying] I'll do it for us.
[Liz, Ann, and Lexie give Chris a group hug after the Jays dismiss them]
Lexie: [in confessional] I feel like I got lucky. It just makes me thankful for still being here, and it's kind of a wake-up call for everybody.

Lexie: [in confessional] So myself, Rhianna, and Ann, we put every girl's name in alphabetical order and we wrote what their "makeover" was going to be.
Liz: [finds paper on the floor] Somebody's trash. Uh-oh, I'm about to read it. Hair agenda? [running to the other girls] Dude, look what I found on the floor! Tyra could've came in and dropped it here.
Lexie: [gasps and pretends to be excited] Is that the makeover?!
Liz: Lexie, sewn-in afro, strawberry blonde. Oh my God, don't cry!
Ann: It's okay.
Lexie: [pretends to be upset] I'm so pissed!
Liz: [runs back down the hallway] Look what we found. Where are you, Kacey? Four-inch fade.
[Kacey laughs in disbelief]
Ann: [in confessional] The list was originally supposed to be a prank, but people started getting really freaked out by it.
Liz: Kacey is getting her head shaved. [pointing at Terra] And she's getting apricot perm extensions.
Ann: [in confessional] ...Oops.

Tyra: Before we start the judging, I have to say that everybody looks absolutely lovely with their makeovers. But, I heard a little bird tell me that there was a fake list of makeovers that somebody in your group made.
Nigel: [chuckles] Brilliant!
Tyra: So who made up that list?
[Lexie, Rhianna, and Ann raise their hands]
Liz: Ann?!
Lexie: It was Ann's idea!
Tyra: Alright.
Liz: Damn!

Matthew Rolston [15.4][edit]

Tyra Banks: [after spending "tea time" with 3 contestants] There's no more carrot cake—so that means it's time to go. [laughs]

Karolina Kurkova [15.5][edit]

Liz: [in confessional about her tripping on the conveyor belt runway] I've never felt more embarrassed at one time in my life. I'd rather have natural labor again than do this.

[The contestants often try to predict upcoming challenges based on hints given in "Tyra Mail" messages]
Several contestants simultaneously: Tyra Mail!
Kayla Ferrel: [reading Tyra's words] "Don't let the competition throw you."
All: [reading] "Love, Tyra!"
Chris White: Somebody's gonna throw us.
Liz Williams: Guess what? We're about to get thrown out of a helicopter. I'm gonna be acting like, [poses with hand behind her head, smiling] "Aaagh!" [sinking to the floor] all the way down.

Nigel Barker: [critiquing contestant Ann Ward's photo] Look at your eyes!
André Leon Talley: And the mouth!
Nigel: And the eyes!
André: And the mouth!
Nigel: The eyes!

Patrick Demarchelier [15.6][edit]

Ann Ward: [to camera and in voice-over] My confidence is just really high right now—being able to go from not being sure about myself to getting top photo four times in a row. So, you know, I actually do feel like, uh, I'm a model, and I'm not just the gangly girl that sits in the back of class. So, I really do feel pretty now. So, I'm really happy here.

Patrick Demarchelier: [looking at a picture he just took of Tyra on a monitor] Who's this girl? I think she's going to win this. She's going to win the Next Top Model.
Tyra Banks: Thank you! [points to photo] I hear she's the bitch in the house. [laughs]

Kayla Ferrel: [to camera, describing photo shoot with Demarchelier] Patrick—I think he's speaking English to me, but I'm not really sure.
Patrick: [to Tyra, during photo shoot] Sometimes they look at me like I speaks [sic] Chinese, eh?

Tyra: [critiquing a good photo of Ann] Ann, walking down the street in person: perhaps one of the most awkward photo shoots, in person, I've ever seen in my life. And then I look at the film, and it's shot after shot like this. I don't get it.

Tyra: [at elimination] Best cumulative photos this week—Ann. [facetiously] Ann, you're making this so not interesting!
Ann: [quietly] I'm sorry.
Tyra: Do apologize for being amazing!

Francesco Carrozzini [15.7][edit]

Liz Williams: [on losing best picture the previous week] I was so upset that I didn't win it, 'cause I was so friggin' close. It just brought me down. And then I said, "Hmm—alcohol!"

Tyra Banks: [to Nigel Barker and other panelists before judging] I never told you this, but the first time I met you in person, and I was like, [mouth agape] "I'm gonna shoot with this fine-ass man?" And I was like, "I'm gonna be naked?" Augh! And he was like, [adopts British accent] "All right, Tyra, stand right there." And I was like, [cradles breasts] "OK, baby!" [laughs] And now he's like, Nigel, my friend.

Zac Posen [15.8][edit]

Liz: [in confessional] I got best photo, and she (Ann) got five in a row. I'm the only other girl to get best photo! You know how good that feels? I don't wanna get conceited and big-headed, but...I got best photo! [to Ann] God, Ann, I know how you feel!

[The girls must shoot a TV commercial for the fictional product H2T water, the opening line of which is: "Looking good on the outside starts with feeling good on the inside." The commercial includes a list of ingredients including acai berry, guarana, and chromium.]

Kayla Ferrel: Looking good on the inside starts with feelingggg— [long pause] great on the outside? Hold on. [thinks] Ok, can I start over?

Kayla: [in her "best take" shown at judging] Looking good on the inside starts with feeling good on the outside. With seven ingredients including asabi [phonetic transcription] berry, gorona [phon.], and chron—and— [shrugs] grabana [phon.]. And when you feel beautiful on the outside, you always feel beautiful on the inside. H2T: feel beautiful inside and out.

Nigel Barker: [mocking Kayla's performance] This water has an iguana in it, and Corona in it, and it has some Asahi berries.

Margherita Missoni [15.9][edit]

Liz Williams: [to camera] When I hear "Milan", I think Mulan—like, the movie? So, I'm thinkin' Japan, dragons—you know, I don't even know where my mind was at. But, of course, I always looked at Chelsea, 'cause if Chelsea's freakin' out, it must be something big.

Tyra Banks: I like this picture of you, Chris, in the wide. It has a—a sexuality that borders on a slight hoochie, but you didn't get off on the hoochie stop. You've stayed on the train.

Franca Sozzani [15.11][edit]

[An acting coach is helping the contestants to present themselves in a strong, friendly manner]

Barbara Terrinoni: [to Ann] You.
Ann Ward: [barely audible] Hello, I'm Ann.
Barbara: [inhales sharply] Are you sure you're alive?

Barbara: Smile. [Ann smiles] Not like Frankenstein. Smile!

André Leon Talley: [describing Ann] There's some super power pushing her. There's a force of nature that's propelling her.

Roberto Cavalli [15.13][edit]

Ann Ward: [on how people used to treat her] All these comments about being too tall, or just being not normal—
Nigel Barker: Guess what? You're not normal. You're America's Next Top Model.

Cycle 16[edit]

Originally aired February 23 – May 18, 2011.

Erin Wasson [16.1][edit]

Tyra Banks: [spoofing stereotypical contestant] I'm nineteen years old and my favorite designer is Hello Kitty. I would do anything, anything, anything to become America's Next Top Model... except cut my hair.

Tyra Banks: [spoofing stereotypical contestant] I want this. My name is [pointing to letters tattoed on arm] Angora Nylandra Tafatia Michaels. I'm not here to make friends.

Jay Manuel: [referring to "sexiness" of contestant Monique Weingart] You might be bringin' the wrong crowd to the table.
J. Alexander: Or the right crowd, if you ask me. Go on, baby!

Jay: [after Dominique falls during the plastic bubble runway challenge] Girl down!
Dominique: [in confessional] I'm like, "You know what? We're about to end this bitch with a bang!" So, I was like, "Voila!" Like, "I'm out this bitch!"

Tyra Banks: [pretending that this cycle's contestants have all been eliminated] So, unfortunately, you guys have to go home now. But you don't have to go far. [pushes button to reveal this season's "model house"] Because you're home! You guys are the fourteen!

Jaclyn Poole: Oh my gosh! They tricked us! I see my picture over there and all the other girls' pictures and I'm one of those fourteen girls and I couldn't believe it!

Mikaela: I'm obsessed with Jaclyn!

Angelia: I am ready to work it! I am America’s Next Top Model! Recognize my face and get used to it!

Dominique: Today we were inside of this big-ass bubble, looking like a gerbil.

André Leon Talley: [to Tyra, referring to contestant Molly O'Connell's choice of wardrobe for the first judging] Would you go to your first go-see with your midriff showing like that?
Tyra: I wouldn't go to my last go-see with my midriff— [trails off amidst laughter]

Nigel Barker: Nicole isn't truly present in this shot—and the mouth, you know, it's too tight. [unintelligible] sort of cat's bottom. [purses his lips to illustrate]

Jaclyn Poole: [to Alexandria as she critiques her walk] I feel like you're my mother.

Angelia: I feel like I didn’t get a chance to show that I know how to work it.

Alek Wek [16.2][edit]

Jaclyn Poole: These aren't like killer bees are they? They're trained, right?

[after contestant Ondrei Edwards has voluntarily quit the competition during the judging session, the judges have just finished deliberating over who will be formally eliminated, her or another contestant]
Tyra Banks: We've reached a decision.
André Leon Talley: We've reached a decision.
Nigel Barker: No, we haven't!
André Leon Talley: Yes, we have!
Nigel Barker: No, we have not!
Tyra Banks: Yes, we have!
Nigel Barker: No, we haven't!

Tyra Banks: [alluding to the uncertainty over whether anyone will actually be eliminated this week] Twelve beautiful girls stand before me and who knows how many photos I have in my hands.

Alexandria: [notices her bowl of raw chicken] What's this? This was supposed to be in the fridge. Was this in the fridge?
Monique: Yeah, but for, like, days.
Dalya: If you're not gonna eat it right away, it needs to go in a freezer bag, and...
Alexandria: Um, I'm sorry. Please don't talk to me like that.
Dalya: We're just saying that...
Alexandria: I know that! I don't need a lesson about chicken!
Dalya: 'Cause raw chicken does not belong in a bowl that we eat cereal in. It needs to go in a plastic baggy.
Alexandria: I know about chicken. I cook...Dalya! [in confessional] Being 21, I know how to do things and I'm like, "No, I don't need you, missy to be pointing at my face and telling me how to wrap a damn chicken." I completely know and understand that you're supposed to wrap chicken before you put it in the fridge. No reason to get in front of me like that! [sees Dalya walking upstairs] Okay, walk away.
Dalya: That shit right there is annoying.
Alexandria: Don't talk to me like that!
Dalya: I did not talk to you, Alex!
Alexandria: You did!
Dalya: How you talk to me is annoying! [in confessional] Alexandria is crazy loud. I don't like confronting, 'cause I've confronted my mother all my life, and it...doesn't vibe well with me.
Monique: We were just showing you that it was in there.
Alexandria: I know. But the way she came out, she's like, "Okay, ladies. Um, the thing with raw chicken is, um, you have to wrap it!" I know that! I cook!
Jaclyn: [in confessional] I am scared to get into a conflict with Alexandria because she could whoop my butt. I'm just gonna stay back, and I-I'd rather just shut my mouth because I'm a watcher. I don't like to fight.
Dalya: Are you like some kind of mother or something? Like, you're not the mom! You're not the elder, you're not someone...who's superior.

Lori Goldstein [16.3][edit]

[the contestants address the camera after learning what styles will be given in the coming "makeovers" but not who will get which each style]
Monique Weingart: [whining] I just really like my hair, and I don't want to cut it.
Jaclyn Poole: I don't want blonde. Please don't give me blonde hair!
Brittani Kline: I really, really, really, really, really, really want the red hair!

Sara Longoria: [on feeling less attractive than the other contestants after getting made over with "manly short brown spikes"] I feel like dirty Sméagol in the corner, like, trying not to be jealous.

Jaclyn Poole: Alexandria, the way she handled herself and treated the people in the salon made me just want to go... "Yell at her for it!" because she just thinks she runs everything.

Jaclyn Poole: [after getting her hair curled] I expected straight hair, just because I have curly hair, but this is fine with me.
J. Alexander: Now, you realize that once you leave this chair, there's a razor back there. Did you know that? [Jaclyn shakes her head] How do you feel about that?
Jaclyn Poole: [looking scared] ...Okay.
J. Alexander: Psyche! [he and Jaclyn laugh]

Molly: [expressing her anger over her "Diana Ross" weave] My hair is disgusting! My whole head hurts, my ass hurts! I sat in the chair for six hours!

[Note: "panel" is the judging session after which someone is eliminated]
Sara: [to camera] I am always nervous about panel. I shake like a little housebroken Chihuahua.

Tyra Banks: [on the need to upstage the other girl in a two-model shot] So many models that when they get to a certain level, they're like, "I don't do doubles. I don't do doubles." I never said no to a double; I just said, "Back up, bitch."

André Leon Talley: [praising the swan-like neck extension of the models in a photo] And both Kasia and Molly have taken us to the level of swandom!

Francesco Carrozzini [16.4][edit]

Jaclyn Poole: I was trying to shake my fake booty! They gave me a fake booty!
André Leon Talley: They what?
Tyra Banks: They put a booty in your booty?!
Jaclyn Poole: [to Tyra Banks] Oh yes they did!
Tyra Banks: Show me how you shook it. Turn around right now and work it! Work it! Yes! Oooh! You just dropped your pencil. Yeah, girl! Whoo! There you go!

Tyra Banks: The next name that I am going to call... [flips over Jacyln Poole's photo and shakes her hips as Jaclyn Poole comes down to collect her photo] Work it! Work! Yes! Work the booty! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Oooh! Oops! Oops! Oops! Oops! [everyone else laughs] Yes! Yeah and you're still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Booty Shaker!
Jaclyn Poole: [to Tyra Banks] Thank you so much!
Tyra Banks: [to Jacyln Poole] You're welcome!

Tyra Banks: The next name that I am going to call... [flips over Brittani's photo] Brittani. [Brittani comes down to collect her photo] So you take some amazing photos but in this commercial, you shrunk.

Brittani: [in confessional] I was getting my makeup touched up, and of course, Alexandria had to come over.
Jay: Oh, that's sweet. 'Cause you're like very motherly. She's coming to check on her, I'm like, "Oh, she can take my job! I can go home 'cause I got a headache anyway!" [in confessional] Alexandria, she was busy doing Francesco's job, she was doing my job. Then, she's like checking the lighting. I swear, the gaffers were almost nervous that Alexandria was checking out the lights!

Rachel Zoe [16.5][edit]

Alexandria: Oh my gosh! Where’s my towel? There was a towel right here! Who picked it up?!
Molly: [in confessional about Alexandria] Alexandria, she’s such a psycho! She snaps at absolutely nothing!
Alexandria: I’m sorry that if I'm yelling but I really don't give a damn! I haven't said more than two words to anyone since we've gone home!
Hannah: Are you kidding me? You just said, like, a whole...monologue!
Alexandria: Great vocabulary!
Hannah: Well, thank you!
Alexandria: You're welcome!
Mikaela: Wasn't there an entire conversation at panel tonight? Like, "Stop being a diva, stop acting like you own everything." And then, she comes home and starts fighting. [laughs]
Monique: [in confessional about how everyone else feels about Alexandria] I guarantee everyone goes in the confessional room and bitches about Alexandria because she's getting on everyone's nerves.
Brittani: [in confessional about Alexandria] She's like obnoxious, controlling...
Hannah: [in confessional about Alexandria] I feel like maybe she's bipolar.
Kasia: [in confessional about Alexandria] Severe psychological issues...
Jaclyn: [in confessional about Alexandria] I'm kind of scared of her.
Monique: [in confessional about Alexandria] Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Monique: [deciding to read Alexandria's diary while Alexandria is on the phone] I wonder how she feels about all of us, honestly. Should we look at her diary right now?
Brittani: What? No.
Hannah: No, that's dirty!
Brittani: If you're gonna do it, you better hurry your ass up. [girls laugh as Monique runs into Alexandria's room]
Monique: We have to know if she likes us or not. [opens Alexandria's diary] Oh my God! It's bad, it's bad!
Hannah: We're all sitting in the living room area, minus Alexandria, and Monique is reading Lex's diary.
Monique: She said this! "I don't even know how to feel right now." Sad smiley.
Kasia: This is terrible!
Monique: She doesn't know how she comes off to us...
Molly: That's, like, worse.
Monique: ...and she's like, "Why am I a loner?" It's like, why are you such a raging bitch?
Molly: It's so confusing to me.

Jaclyn: [in confessional about Monique, Alexandria and Molly] Monique, Alexandria and Molly, they are fighting like dogs and cats! I mean I'm so glad I was not on that team!

[Monique, Alexandria and Molly are getting frustrated with one another during a team challenge]
Monique: [to Alexandria and Molly] Should we all hug or something? Do a three-way kiss? Like, what's gonna make you feel happier?
Molly: Or an orgy?

Sonia Dara [16.6][edit]

Monique: [in confessional] We're meeting these people and I just wanted to be like "Can you go now because I don't want to talk you anymore."

Monique: [in confessional] I saw Kasia the whole time. We were both in the conversations! So I don't understand how she even... why she won?!
Kasia: [to Monique, Mikaela, Molly, Alexandria and Hannah whilst leaving with Jaclyn and Brittani] Love you!
Monique: [to Mikaela, Molly, Alexandria and Hannah] Kiss my! This is joke! Okay?!
Mikaela: Let's just do it. This will be over soon if we hussle.
Hannah: [in confessional] Monique, she was just scuffing her heels! [Monique curses] Just had the worst attitude about it!
Monique: [to Mikaela, Molly, Alexandria and Hannah] I'm sick of my life!
Hannah: [to Monique] Life is so hard right now, Monique!
Monique: [to Mikaela, Molly, Alexandria and Hannah] You know what?! Kiss my!

Jaclyn Poole: Get me dirty!

Tyra Banks: [to Mikaela] You put your energy in your mouth instead of in your eyes. But, you did a lot of fantastic eyes in your film, but what happens when you don't do it all the time, if you get a shot when you're not doing it because the other girls look good, so we have to find something where everybody looks good. That's a lesson.

Tyra Banks: [to Monique] I loved every minute of you being in this competition because your body reminds me of me back in the day. I represented that. You have that body and you have a stunning, stunning face, and it's up to you to not sail in the middle though. You have to stand out.

Monique: [in confessional after getting eliminated] I'm just really shocked right now like I didn't really see it coming. I've been feeling myself skating along in the middle and it's really been peeving me off. I've been really trying to fully go after it but I don't know. There's something inside me that's just holding back a little bit. I don't know exactly what that was but I don't want to go home yet. It really sucks.

Eric Daman [16.7][edit]

Molly: [in confessional about Alexandria] Drives me nuts with every single thing. I'm so sick and tired of her. I'm ready for her to go home and then we'll be okay.

Brittani: [to Nigel Barker] I don’t think, I just do.

Nigel Barker: [to Jaclyn Poole] What are you thinking about right now?
Jaclyn Poole: [to Nigel Barker] Beating the crap out of breast cancer!

Brittani: [to Molly, Kasia, Mikaela, Jaclyn and Hannah about Alexandria winning the Ford Warriors in Pink Challenge] You picked the ugliest person here as far as their soul, and that they're embodying something that means so much. She's so fake! It's wrong and it upsets me!
Molly: Dumbest decision I've ever seen in my life.
Brittani: I just want someone who deserves it. Someone that's a good person.
Kasia: [to Brittani] Any other person.
Brittani: Any other person. I would have been so happy for.
Alexandria: [to Brittani] I can hear you!
Brittani: [to Alexandria] I don't care if you can hear me!
Alexandria: [to Brittani] That's really rude!
Brittani: [to Alexandria] It should have came out like ten weeks ago! You should have went home last night instead of Monique!
Molly: [to Alexandria in approval to Brittani's comments] Yep. We all agree.
Alexandria: [to Brittani] Then don't be fake when you're asking me how I'm doing.
Brittani: [to Alexandria] I'm not being fake when I ask you that! I'm being nice...
Alexandria: [to Brittani] No, you're not. You want me to go home!
Brittani: [to Alexandria] ...because this whole time I did not want to be mean to you and say, "Hey Alexandria! You're fake!"
Alexandria: [to Brittani] No, I'm not. You are.
Brittani: [to Alexandria] I'm fake because I'm nice?
Alexandria: [to Brittani] You're not nice. That's not nice. The way you're talking to me is not nice either.
Brittani: [to Alexandria] And so then every one of these girls here is fake too because they're nice to you because we don't want to single you out? We all gave you a chance!
Alexandria: [to Brittani] I don't care.
Brittani: [to Alexandria] If you don't care, I want you to stop talking.
Alexandria: [to Brittani] That's fine.

Nigel Barker: [to Alexandria] Something interesting happened that I wanted to bring up. There was this sort of extraordinary performance between you and Brittani. What was that about?
Brittani: We all kind of think far as a role model goes, you really chose the wrong spokesperson because...we see the true Alexandria.
Nigel Barker: Well, as far as being a role model is concerned, to be that outspoken at a photoshoot, in front of the photographer, in front of the clients by the way, Ford were there, was extremely unprofessional. There is a reason why we don't know all of Alexandria's business. It's because what you do at what you do at home. So, it's worth bearing that in mind. 'Cause now, know, I have a different idea about you.
Brittani: That's fine.
Tyra Banks: Brittani, why in front of the client?
Brittani: I didn't confront her! I wasn't like, "Oh, you didn't deserve to win!" I didn't say that about her!
Alexandria: Yes, you did.
Brittani: I was talking with them, and she overheard and I...
Tyra: But the client heard. So...
Brittani: And I apologize if I didn't hear. We were talking quietly, and Alexandria said, like, "I'm right here, I can hear you." I understand it was the—[starts sobbing] the wrong time, and I just feel horrible...that I made myself look like a bad person, because of how I felt about her, and I'm mad at myself for letting her do this to me!
Tyra: Brittani, we're talking about role models, right?
Brittani: [to Tyra] Yeah.
Tyra: In terms of sportsmanship, what you have done is...probably one of the weakest things that a role model could do, no matter what you feel inside. If you think somebody else is getting something that they don't deserve, you shut your lips, especially in front of a client. This is a business. You have to respect the client, you have to respect your co-workers, and you have to respect yourself.

Tyra: A lot of young girls think that the opposite of fake is rudeness and just as ugly as fake is so is saying whatever is on your mind because it's the truth.
Andre Leon Talley: Will Brittani learn?

Andre Leon Talley: I think everyone should be given a second chance. I vote for Brittani to stay.
Eric Daman: I vote for Brittani to stay.
Nigel Barker: I vote for Brittani to stay.
Tyra: I don't agree with you guys.

Tyra: People think on America's Next Top Model, I am the only person that makes the decision.

Lana Marks [16.8][edit]

Jaclyn Poole: [in confessional about the Go Sees rules] The only other map that I have ever read was in world geography and Lord help me because I always got in trouble for talking in that class.

Kasia: [in confessional about Alexandria] She does make it on time, like a champ. Just on time.

Kyle Hagler: Hannah, the designers say your walk needs a lot of work and Brittani and Jaclyn only made it to two which just doesn't cut it.

Lana Marks: [to Jaclyn Poole] Jaclyn, you cannot afford to miss a go-see. There's no excuse for missing that. I'm sorry. This is an opportunity of a lifetime

Tyra Banks: [to Molly and Jaclyn in the bottom two] Molly and Jaclyn come on down. Two beautiful girls stand before me but I only have one photo in my hands and this photo represents the girl that is still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model and more importantly is going to Morocco. Jaclyn, you only made it to two go-sees. Only two but what could possibly save you is that you booked 100% percent of the ones that you went to and they loved your personality but it was only two and then we have Molly. Molly, you made it to four out of five. Highly commendable but once you got there, the clients said, 'Eh, I might put her in a picture. I might but I don't like that personality.' So who stays? [flips over Molly's photo] Molly. [Molly hugs Jaclyn before coming to collect her photo]

Tyra: [to Jaclyn Poole] Miss lady. Miss. Sweetness. Are we going to go home and try to learn to read a map? It's not so much about what the map represents. Do you understand?
Jaclyn Poole: [to Tyra] Yes. I do. It doesn't stop here.
Tyra: [to Jaclyn Poole] Okay.
Jaclyn Poole: [in confessional after getting eliminated] It is really sad that I don't get to participate in going abroad to Morocco but I feel so blessed that I got this opportunity. I didn't know anything coming into this competition and I've gotten so much out of it. So, this is the beginning of a career for me and if anyone's looking out for a tall brunette with a loud, squeaky, fun voice and a big personality, then that's your girl right here. [leaves panel]

Highlights and Catfights [16.9][edit]

Molly: [cradling her old weave] I birthed a little child today. I'm gonna send this home, and have them make a sweater out of it, maybe.

Franca Sozzani [16.10][edit]

Molly: We figured we were going to another go-see, and we're all just like, "Please let us go sleep, dammit!"

Daniella Issa Helayel [16.11][edit]

Ivan Bart [16.12][edit]

Season Finale [16.13][edit]

Cycle 17: All Stars[edit]

Nicki Minaj [17.1][edit]

Angelea: [running to the house] Seven one six is back! [opens the door] Hello! Angelea is back! [in confessional] I know I'm an all-star. People know who I am. I was truly the star of Cycle 14. I'm still seven one six. I'm still ghetto. [sipping her champagne] But I'm classy ghetto. [in confessional] I just want to be visible to the world and win this competition.

Lisa: [in confessional] I always knew I was a star. I was like, you know, twinkle, twinkle. I'm a star!

Bianca: [in confessional about Lisa’s past] I see Lisa and the first thing I think of is she peed in a diaper. [flashback to Cycle 5 where Lisa is peeing in a diaper, Bre looks shocked, Nik looks uninterested] Is this somebody I want to be associated with?
Nicole Linkletter: [in a flashback scene directly to Lisa who is smiling about her actions] I feel disgusted!
Bianca: [in confessional about Lisa on All Stars] I hope she goes home first.

Bre: My sister!
Bianca: Don't touch me!
Bre: No!

Brittany: [in confessional after hugging Lisa] I am the party girl. My head is such in different place right now!

Martin Lindstrom: [to Shannon] When we ask people what brand would describe you, it's kind of boring brands. Are you a boring brand?
Shannon: [to Martin Lindstrom] No. I don't think so.
Martin: [to Shannon] Why do people think you're boring?
Shannon: [to Martin] Probably because on season 1, I said three lines. That I'm a virgin, I don't drink, and I don't smoke.
Angelea: [in confessional] What do you expect? You're boring, bitch!

Brittany: [greeting the audience during the live judging panel] IT'S BRITTANY, BITCH!!

Brittany: [in confessional after getting eliminated first] There's nothing that I could have done differently. People remember you or they don't!

Ashlee Simpson [17.2][edit]

Sheena: [about her makeover] My word is unexpected.

Bianca: I'm coming upstairs just to be myself, and who do I see but Camille and Dominique sitting on the bed talking about me. And as I'm being a friend to them...
Bre: What did they do?
Bianca: It doesn't really matter, it's all irrelevant. Gossip is gossip.
Isis: One elimination, and then their shit gets through.
Bre: And then, shit gets real!
Bianca: [sees Dominique and Alexandria entering her bedroom] What were y'all saying about me when I walked upstairs on y'all? [to Alexandria] Don't give me no deer in the headlights! Let's be honest!
Dominique: Wow! That was deer in the headlights, though.
Bianca: 'Cause she's a follower, it doesn't really matter! I don't appreciate...
Dominique: I'm a grown woman, I don't follow anything. But, I don't know what you're talking about. That's just #1.
Bianca: Put the caution around my bed, 'cause I'm about to go off!
Dominique: [in confessional] Bianca is for sure making an ass out of herself. I mean, come on now. Like, you look stupid!
[Later, Dominique and Camille come downstairs to the kitchen with Lisa and Sheena]
Lisa: What's going on?
Camille: She (Bianca) thinks we said something bad about her. So she's upstairs being candid, thinking that we were talking about her behind her back! Like, we're grown! No!
Lisa: So Bianca just changed into a different personality when she got this? [holds up Bianca's "candid" card; everyone starts laughing]
Camille: [in confessional] Bianca got a word, and so she has to be loud and find a problem with something so that it can create drama. Childish.
Dominique: I don't even know what she's talking about!

Isis: [in confessional imitating Alexandria] "Ugh! I love it!"

Dominique: [in confessional imitating Alexandria] "I'm so happy!" She's like, "Oh my God, you cut my hair! Thank you!" Are you serious?! This girl's a natural actress!

Lisa: [in confessional about her makeover] As I'm sitting there, my hair is up to here. That's when I was like, "Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! This is not okay!" [to Jay Manuel] Do you know how long it takes just to grow an inch?
Jay: Okay, yay. It takes four months to grow hair! For what?! You looked like a dowdy housewife!

Kristin Cavallari [17.3][edit]

Anthony Zuiker [17.4][edit]

La Toya Jackson [17.5][edit]

Lisa: Shannon takes the initiative to be fair because obviously, we all wanna talk to our family. And Bianca gets #10, which means that she's the last one to use the phone.
Shannon: Angelea, I got you one, I got me six. Do you wanna call now, or do you wanna switch?
Bianca: [in confessional] Shannon thought up this brilliant system, but what she failed to do was calculate the time management correctly. So, I go to Shannon, and I'm like, "Hey, Shannon. Are you sure everyone gets twenty minutes?"
Shannon: We leave at 11:45, so we have another hour and a half.
Bianca: I don't think it's going to add up to twenty.
Shannon: You know what? If I have to give up my time for you, then you can take my time, okay? I really don't like to argue, and I've tried my best! Just take my time! I don't–I don't even need it, because I don't like getting yelled at!
Kayla: [in confessional] I think Shannon feels intimidated by Bianca, to begin with, so Shannon, like, had a meltdown.
Shannon: I have a sensitive spirit...
Bianca: [in confessional] So now, the crying Christian is going off, and I'm standing over there like this, "I didn't do it. It wasn't me. I didn't do anything to you, I didn't touch you, I didn't yell at you."
Shannon: I'm willing to give up my time, I don't need it. I don't like to argue, I don't like confrontation...
Bianca: [in confessional] But what I wanted to tell Shannon was, "You can't cry when I'm talking to you because I'm already the villain on television!" [in a flashback scene to Lisa Jackson in Cycle 9] Do you really think America's Next Top Model's gonna be an exotic dancer? Give up, go home!
Lisa Jackson: [in a flashback scene to Bianca in Cycle 9] Don't say that!
Lisa: [back to the present to Bianca] We all want the phone. That's very, very obvious.
Bianca: [in confessional] But before I could ask anything, the big-mouth Lisa, who feels like she's sheriff of Top Model Town, jumps in.
Lisa: [to Bianca] Just because you need to talk to your family more, that doesn't make you more important.
Bianca: [to Lisa] What are you–
Lisa: [to Bianca] What I'm saying is...
Bianca: [to Lisa] Lisa, what are you talking about?!
Lisa: [to Bianca] ...we all want the phone the exact same as everyone else!
Bianca: [to Lisa] There you go again! I just feel like you need to mind your business all the time!
Lisa: [to Bianca] I don't care what you say!
Bianca: [to Lisa] We were talking to each other!
Lisa: [to Bianca] I don't care! [in confessional] Bang, boom, pow! [to Bianca] We all want the same as you! [Laura gets up and leaves the bedroom while Allison looks at Bianca and Lisa from the hallway before walking away together with Laura]
Bianca: [to Lisa] You need to mind your business!
Lisa: [to Bianca] Bianca, I don't give a damn! [in confessional] Bianca tends to be a bully, but she is scared of everything.
Bianca: [to Lisa] You're about thirty years old, and you didn't know how to mind your business.
Lisa: [to Bianca] I don't give a damn about minding my own business! [in confessional] She's scared of water, I'm the deep end. She's scared of dogs, I'm a pitbull. So she better watch her back.
Bianca: [to Lisa] I don't have time for you! [in confessional] I just don't want the nation to see me as a bad person. [to Bre about Lisa] It wasn't even her fight. Celebrity Rehab 4, 5, and 6 is calling her name. I'm done!

Coco Rocha [17.6][edit]

Kathy Griffin [17.7][edit]

Game [17.8][edit]

Nikos Papadopoulos [17.9][edit]

Exploring Greece [17.10][edit]

Highlights [17.11][edit]

Tyra: [voiceover about the very first official elimination in Cycle 18 between Alexandria and Brittany] Alexandria was shaken up by real negative fan reactions but it was Brittany who was not as memorable as the other girls and she was sent home
Brittany: [in confessional after getting eliminated first] There's nothing that I could have done differently. People remember you or they don't!

Tyra: [voiceover about Alexandria in Cycle 16] On her first cycle of Top Model, Alexandria felt misunderstood by the other girls.
[flashback to Cycle 16 where Brittani is telling Molly, Kasia, Mikaela, Jaclyn and Hannah about Alexandria winning the Ford Warriors in Pink Challenge]
Brittani: [to Molly, Kasia, Mikaela, Jaclyn and Hannah about Alexandria] She's so fake!
Alexandria: [to Brittani] I can hear you!
Brittani: [to Alexandria] I don't care if you can hear me!
[to Alexandria]
Tyra: [voiceover about Alexandria in Cycle 17] But she had every hope that this Cycle would be different.
Alexandria: [in confessional] I have a total of thirteen best friends.

Alexandria: [to Bianca] You need to grow up!
Bianca: [to Alexandria] Call me when you become an All Star! [in confessional about Alexandria] Well I watched Alexandria's cycle and getting to know Alexandria I totally get why the girls treated her the way they did.

Tyra: [voiceover about Alexandria getting eliminated in Cycle 17] It was Alexandria's robotic performance that had her "Go! Go! Go!" home!

Tyson Beckford [17.12][edit]

All-Star Finale [17.13][edit]

Cycle 18: British Invasion[edit]

Kelly Osbourne [18.1][edit]

Ashley: I'm so getting subtitled.

Kris Jenner [18.2][edit]

Seymone: Candace, you're making fun of me and I'm over here sick and I just did this for you! Like, really? I'm saying that it's not funny! I feel sick! I feel like throwing up!

Ashley: I hope I'm good becuase I'm definitely going home if I'm bad this time.

Cat Deeley [18.3][edit]

Louise: I need to get my stuff and I need to go home!

[Some of the British models prank Seymone by throwing paper at her while she sleeps]
Seymone: [wakes up] I really don't like this, and I'm starting to get really pissed off. I'm trying to go to sleep!
Sophie: [in confessional] Seymone, she was like this. RAAAAA!!
Seymone: [to Sophie, Alisha, Louise, Catherine and Ashley] STOP! I'm not like every other female in this house! I don't do that stuff!
Sophie: [in confessional] Seymone is really up and down. She went from being right at the top, and then she went right to the bottom. And I don't think you can afford to do that.
Seymone: [to Sophie, Alisha, Louise, Catherine and Ashley] I'm trying to sleep! [in confessional] I'm not used to being around females. Don't cross me because I do slightly have a temper problem. [to Alisha] You're twenty-five! Act it!
Alisha: Actually I'm twenty! Get it right!
Seymone: [to Alisha] You're twenty! You need to act like it!
Alisha: Go to your bed!
Seymone: I'M TRYING TO!
Alisha: [in confessional] I'm thinking, "What the hell was going on?" This started off as a joke! [to Seymone] What are you really going to do?
Louise: [to Seymone] No! [bleep] off!
Seymone: [to Alisha and Louise] I'm trying to go to bed!
Alisha: [to Seymone] Go to your bed then! That's what we've been telling you!
Seymone: [to Alisha] Well, I will to go to bed, if you steer your ass out of my room!
Ashley: [to Seymone] Stop pushing!
Seymone: [to Ashley] I'm not pushing!
Alisha: [in confessional] I don't think it even was the fact that we were throwing paper. I think it was the stress of this competition, and she's worried, and she took all her frustrations out on us.
Seymone: I'm trying to go upstairs!
Alisha: [in confessional] If you can't take the heat in the kitchen, pack your bags and go home.

J. Alexander [18.4][edit]

Beverly Johnson [18.5][edit]

Catherine: Runway is my thing. I was not happy.

Jessica Sutta & Nadine Coyle [18.6][edit]

Annaliese: Sincerly a stunner Alisha!

Estelle [18.7][edit]

Georgina Chapman [18.8][edit]

Barney Cheng [18.9][edit]

Tyra: The Queen is going home.

Nicholas Tse [18.10][edit]

Alisha: [starts crying after Tyra flips her photo] I can't stay.
Tyra: [to Alisha] You can't stay?
Alisha: [to Tyra] I can't be selfish when I know I need to do things for myself! I can't do it! I'm not going to take that away from them when I can't take it for myself. I would rather walk away...[sobs] to get my spirit back and to just...feel like Alisha again! I'm not being ungrateful...
Tyra: [to Alisha] I don't see you as ungrateful. There is nothing wrong for you to walk away, so you can leave. But Ebony is leaving with you.

Jez Smith [18.11][edit]

Highlights [18.12][edit]

Season Finale [18.13][edit]

Cycle 21: Guys & Girls[edit]

The Guy Who Starts a Fight [21.5][edit]

Tyra Banks: [on deciding her score for Lenox’s commercial] It is so bad. I want to give you a zero but that’s not possible. So I give you a one.

[Adam notices Romeo, who is very drunk, as he brushes his teeth]
Adam: [in confessional] I'm like, "Yo, Romeo, you're gonna pass out. You're gonna be hung over tomorrow." [to Romeo] We gotta push you back, we gotta push you back.
Romeo: [to Adam] Hold on! Hold on, hold on. [tries to break free from Adam's hold on him]
Adam: [laughs] I'm not gonna kiss you, bro.
Romeo: [to Adam] That's what I'm saying. Don't...don't touch me. Don't touch me!
Adam: [to Romeo] I'm not gonna touch you. [in confessional] He...just, like, snaps.
Romeo: [to Adam] Don't touch me!
Adam: [to Romeo] Okay.
Romeo: [to Adam] Don't [bleep] touch me.
Adam: [to Romeo] Yeah, alright. [laughs] You don't wanna do this. You're the one that's...
Romeo: [to Adam] That's what I'm saying!
Adam: [to Romeo] You're the one who's drunk.
Romeo: [to Adam] That's what I'm saying!
Adam: [to Romeo] I'm not gonna punch you. That's an automatic disqualification from the competition. And you're not gonna punch me.
Romeo: [to Adam] You're not a model. And we already know that.
Adam: [to Romeo] Who knows that?
Romeo: [to Adam] You're not a model!
Adam: [laughs] If we were not in this house, and we were at a bar, you'd be on the floor on the way to the hospital.
Romeo: [to Adam] I don't give a [bleep]!
Adam: [to Romeo] Yeah, go [bleep] yourself.
Romeo: [to Adam] You think this is a game? You're going home!
[Will, Keith, Denzel, and Mirjana walk out to the balcony where Adam and Romeo are still arguing]
Will: [in confessional] Romeo freaks out and starts yelling at Adam. All of us are really scared about what's about to happen.
Romeo: [to Adam] You don't look like a model! You look like a personal trainel.
Keith: [laughs] This is good!
Adam: [to Romeo] Trainel?
Romeo: [to Adam] Trainer.
Adam: [to Romeo] I don't understand the aggression. There's zero percent chance I'd punch you right now. So I don't know if it's like...
Romeo: [to Adam] So punch me! So punch me!
Mirjana: Romeo, chill out!
Romeo: [to Adam] So punch me!
Adam: [to Romeo] I'm not gonna punch you 'cause it's an automatic...
Romeo: [headbutts Adam] So punch me!
[Adam throws his hands up]
Denzel: [in confessional] Whoa! Romeo's provoking Adam to be physical and send him home, which is a cowardly tactic.
[Mirjana pulls Adam away from Romeo, who is pulled away by Will]
Adam: [to Romeo] Hit me, please!
Romeo: [to Adam] Punch me!
Adam: [to Romeo] Please do!
Romeo: [to Romeo] I would love it!

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