America's Next Top Model (season 4)

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Originally aired March 1 – May 18, 2005.

The Girl Who is a Lady Kat... Reow! [4.1]


Tyra: [to Brandy] Brandy! [Brandy gasps and crys] Brandy. How do you feel Brandy?
Brandy: [to Tyra] I'm just thankful for being in this line right now!

Tyra: [to Kahlen in a singsong manner] Kahlen!

Tyra: [to Tatiana in a singsong manner whilst doing the Hula Dance] Tatiana! [Tatiana comes forward] Lluvy. [Lluvy gasps]

Tyra: Seven beautiful girls that came from all across the country. Seven beautiful girls that are beautiful on the inside as well as the outside but I only have one name left. The last name that I am going to call will complete this group over here and will be the fourteenth fianlist.

Brittany: [to Tiffany] Tiffany! Yes!

Mary: [to Tyra] My heart is broken, Tyra!

The Girls Who Hate Their Makeovers [4.2]


Lluvy: [in confessional whilst doing the alien photoshoot] I think I can work the alien look!

Brittany: [in confessional whilst doing the alien photoshoot] I was falling off!

Nigel: [to Brandy who is about to do the alien photoshoot] Because you had to wait so long?

Brandy: [in confessional after doing the alien photoshoot] On the scale from one to ten, I give myself eleven because I think I did really good!

Nigel: [to Sarah who is doing the alien photoshoot] Right there.

Nigel: [in confessional about Brita's alien photoshoot] Brita, she really needs to learn to relax.

Rebecca: [to Naima] Never blonde?
Naima: [to Rebecca] Now I have an excuse to be stupid!

Kahlen: [in confessional about her makeover] I'm getting my first weave.

Tatiana: [in confessional about her makeover] They made my hair darker. I really like it. I think I did a really good job in the photoshoot. I feel very confident.

Christina: [in confessional about her makeover] I definitely love the color and the richness.

Brita: [in confessional about her makeover] I'm actually really happy that they decided not to do a crazy makeover on me. I've had makeovers in the past. I always come back to this look and this is what works.
Keenyah: [in confessional about her makeover] I have had a sewn-in weave before.

Noelle: [in confessional about her makeover] My makeover is very funky.

Sarah: [in confessional about her makeover] I love it! Oh my gosh! This guy's a magician!
Lluvy: [to Sarah whilst getting her own makeover] You're the hottest Peter Pan I've ever seen!
Sarah: [in confessional about her makeover] I think I look fantastic! I love the cut! I love the color! I feel like a supermodel!

Naima: This is going to look so good! I love it! [in confessional about her makeover] I would have probably chosen a really really light color or a really really dark color but this spot in between is perfect. I love it!

Rebecca: [in confessional about her makeover] I looked exactly the same my entire life!

Michelle: Now that's blonde. [in confessional about her makeover] They put me through hell but... um... I'm loving it now. My hair is going to change me for the better because I'm feeling more confident. I think blondes do have more fun.

Lluvy: [in confessional about her makeover] I love my new makeover. My makeup is a lot different from what I am used to.

Brittany: [in confessional about her makeover] I just got a makeover and I'm hot! Hello! Major bang power! Love it!

Tiffany: [in confessional about her makeover] I'm so excited! I have a new totally different look that I never would have thought of. I am so happy. Miss. J decided to give my baby a makeover and this is a guy but it looks cute.
Brandy: I hope these eyebrows come out right [in confessional about her makeover] I had to get my makeup done before the photoshoot but the eyebrows are black and that's not going to match. [back to the present] How I am going to go back to my boyfriend?! [to Keenyah] He's not going to want me anymore! [looks in the mirror] Whoo! Whoa!
Brittany: [in confessional about Brandy's attitude] Brandy, your attitude is just ridiculous!
Brandy: I'm sorry! I don't care who don't like me no more but I can't see my eyebrows! [Jay Manuel is looking]
Jay Manuel: [in confessional about Brandy's attitude] Miss Brandy. Her attitude just pissed me off!

Jay Manuel: [to Brandy] I'm reaching a point where... Ciao! Here talk to J.
J Alexander: [to Brandy] What's the problem?
Brandy: [to Miss. J Alexander] No problem with me.

Keenyah: [in confessional about her makeover] I am in love with this hairstyle!

Tyra: [immediately after makeovers] I want everybody to come over here. [everyone except Brandy moves towards the front of the salon, where Tyra is] Part of being a top model is about accepting change, about being a blank palette. I have the top people in the industry here who have that have molded and shaped my career, and I want to commend twelve of you for being open, but there are two of you, and you know who you are [Keenyah and especially Brandy], that pissed me off. The next time that I see you guys will be at judging, and this will definitely affect that. So I'll see you guys at judging. [Brandy looks worried]

Keenyah: [reading the Tyra Mail to Tiffany, Sarah, Tatiana, Noelle, Rebecca, Michelle, Christina, Naima, Brittany, Kahlen, Brandy, Lluvy and Brita] Tomorrow you will meet with the judges. Only thirteen of you will continue on in hopes of becoming America's Next Top Model. One of you will be eliminated. Love, Tyra. [in confessional about the first elimination] I think it's going to come down to Brandy and I and they're going to make a cut out of us.
Brandy: [to Tiffany] I really need a miracle because I do not want to get eliminated!
Tiffany: [to Brandy] You need to change your attitude because you're attitude stinks!

Tyra: [to Keenyah] Keenyah. [Keenyah comes up for evaluation] Is that... [referring to Keenyah's makeover] Is that the hairstyle they did because I was not there at the end.
Keenyah: [to Tyra] No it wasn't. I had actually put some oil in it and it became really stringy.
Janice: [to Keenyah] What were you thinking?! I don't want to hear that!
Tyra: [to Keenyah] You were one of the girls that I was addressing. Feeling like you knew better than me and Jay and J.
Keenyah: [to Tyra] I regret that. I feel like that's the biggest mistake I've ever made in my life.
Janice: [to Keenyah] Ugh!
Tyra: [to Keenyah about the alien photoshoot] Here is your best shot.
Janice: [to Keenyah about the alien photoshoot] This is gorgeous!
Tyra: [to Keenyah about the hairstyle in alien photoshoot] The lesson that you need to learn is that if I said I wanted your makeover to be this you'd go "Oh my gosh it's fierce".

Tyra: [to Brandy] Last but not least is Brandy. [Brandy comes up for evaluation] Brandy so you are working this new look but I know it was a struggle getting there.

Janice: [to Brandy about talking back to Nigel during the alien photoshoot] You can't say that to a director or a photographer!

Tyra: [to Brandy] Where is that thankful person? All we've seen is Brandy beautiful on the outside.

Tyra: [to Janice, Nole and Nigel about Brittany] Brittany.
Janice: [to Tyra, Nole and Nigel about Brittany] She stays.
Tyra: [to Janice, Nole and Nigel about Brittany] Is it because she looks like you, Janice?

Tyra: [to Janice, Nole and Nigel about Keenyah] She was... beyond Miss. Diva!

Tyra: [to Tiffany] The first name that I am going to call is... [flips over Tiffany's photo] Tiffany. [Tiffany comes to collect her photo] Congratulations. You're still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model.
Tiffany: [to Tyra] Thank you.
Tyra: [flips over Naima's photo] Naima. [Naima comes to collect her photo, flips over Rebecca's photo] Rebecca. [Rebecca comes to collect her photo, flips over Kahlen's photo (who was actually called first however edited to be called fourth instead)] Kahlen. [Kahlen comes to collect her photo] Congratulations.
Kahlen: [to Tyra] Thank you.

Tyra: [to Brandy, Lluvy, Keenyah and Brita] There's four girls left but I only have three photos in my hands. [to Brandy looks worried] The next name that I am going to call is... [flips over Lluvy's photo] Lluvy. [Lluvy comes to collect her photo, flips over Keenyah's photo] Keenyah. [Keenyah comes to collect her photo] Somebody learned a big lesson this week, didn't they?
Keenyah: [to Tyra] Huge.
Tyra: [to Keenyah] Congratulations.
Keenyah: [to Tyra] Thank you.
Tyra: [to Brandy and Brita in the bottom two] Will Brita and Brandy please step forward?

Tyra: [to Brita in the bottom two with Brandy] But then they evaluated your photo and some of them don't want to see you anymore. [to Brandy in the bottom two with Brita] You're standing there high fashioned with all the potential in the world but your attitude isn't something these judges want to be around. A lot of these people behind me don't want to see you either. [flips over Brandy's photo] But some of them do. [Brandy is relieved and starts crying] Brandy, Congratulations.
Brandy: [to Tyra] Oh! Thank you so much! Thank you so much!
Tyra: [to Brandy] What are you going to try to work on?
Brandy: [to Tyra] My attitude! Thank you so much!
Tyra: [to Brandy] Congratulations. You're still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model. [to Brita] Thank you Brita.
Brita: [to Tyra and the judges] Thanks, guys. [in confessional after getting eliminated first] I'm just peeved off right now. I'm actually regretting this experience a little. First girl kicked off. Pictures were horrible. Gosh! This sucks! I was hoping this would be the next bigger, better thing for me and I blew it.

The Girl Who Suddenly Collapsed [4.3]


Noelle: [in confessional about Rebecca suddenly fainting during judging] When something like this happens, you can't believe it just happened. I mean, Becca, she just explained to me that she has a preexisting condition where she collapses. She's had tests done since she was three years old, but it's been six or seven years since her last collapse.

Tyra: [to Keenyah] The first name that I am going to call is... [flips over Keenyah's photo] Keenyah. [Keenyah comes to collect her photo] Congratulations.
Keenyah: [to Tyra] Thank you.
Tyra: [to Keenyah] You're still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model.

Tyra: [to Brittany] Brittany your sexuality is way too strong.

The Girl with the Worst Photo in History [4.4]


Noelle: [about tennis shoot photographer] I dont know whether he wasn't hugged enough as a child or what.

Nole: [referring to Lluvy's "Pisces" photograph] You look like a dead fish her however I have to see a close-up.
Lluvy: The fishnet and everything I felt blocked.
Janice: This is what you have to take on and wear when you decide to become a model and you failed miserably!

Janice: [referring to Rebecca's "Virgo" photograph] It's a pedestrian! It just doesn't register model!
Beverly Johnson: Even though you're the virgin, you're the virgin that everybody wants.
Nigel: Right.
Beverly Johnson: So you have to be very sensual.
Janice: Tyra, when you're strutting down the runway doing Victoria's Secret, wearing those bat wings, what are you thinking?
Tyra: I ain't thinking I'm no virgin.

Tyra: [referring to Lluvy's "Pisces" photograph] This photo... it's the worst photo in the history of America's Next Top Model.

Tyra: [to Brittany] The first name that I am going to call is... [flips over Brittany's photo] Brittany. [Brittany comes to collect her photo] Brittany, you went from triple X porn star queen to Queen of the Galaxy. Congratulations. You're still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model.

Tyra: [to Brandy and Lluvy standing in the bottom two] One of you had an attitude with a capital A. The judges aren't sure if that's something that can be healed in twelve weeks and one of you has only taken one good photo. Tonight about your Pisces photo I even said that it's the worst photo in the history of America's Next Top Model. One of you might have a little bit more potential than the other. [flips over Lluvy's photo] Congratulations, Lluvy. [Lluvy comes to collect her photo whilst Tiffany starts looking sad] You're still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model.
Lluvy: [to Tyra] Thank you.
Tyra: [to Brandy] Thank you Brandy.
Brandy: [to Tyra] Thank you. [leaves panel, Tatiana looks at the departure, Tiffany continues to look sad]

The Girl Who is Contagious [4.5]


Kahlen: I think the reason Mr. Jay dressed up was to show us that even though Michelle has scabies, she can still be beautiful.

Tyra: [to Rebecca] The first name that I am going to call is... [flips over Rebecca's photo] Rebecca. [Rebecca comes to collect her photo] Rebecca, the down home girl proved the with a little Italian contessa she could be edgy. Congratulations. You're still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model.

The Girl With the Deliciously Tacky Dance [4.6]


Tyra: Lluvy, you have all the potential in the world but from week to week your pictures say otherwise.

Lluvy: Being a model has been my dream since I was three.

The Girl Who Pushes Tyra Over The Edge [4.7]


Kahlen: [about the photoshoot] I didn't really ever have a boyfriend. I'm still like in the fifth-grade mode where I get really beet red and I'm a little freaked out.

Kahlen: Looks to the left! Oooh!

Tyra: [to Tiffany during the judging test] If you don't do this, you're going to go home.

Janice: Kahlen, where'd that man come from?

Tyra: [to Tiffany and Rebecca in the bottom two] Will Tiffany and Rebecca please step forward? [Tiffany and Rebecca step forward] The two of you stand before me for very different reasons— Rebecca, you stand before me, best high fashion body of the bunch, and you want this very badly; you try very hard, but we feel that your progress is just this [imitates a plateau], just safe. [to Tiffany] Tiffany, you stand before me because everyone wants this more for you than you do— your grandmother wants this so badly for you. Sometimes when our lives are so hard and so difficult and something that is so fantastic comes about, sometimes we feel like we're not worth it. And if you don't feel like you're worth it, then these judges behind me won't believe, and I won't believe. We think you might need some time to build some self-esteem and learn to love yourself. This is a very difficult decision, and you've put me in a very difficult place... [flips over the last photo, which is a blank sheet on both sides] Tonight, both of you must pack your bags. [the seven remaining girls look stunned, and Kahlen is the first one to start crying] Thank you both. [Tiffany and Rebecca go over to say their goodbyes, with Rebecca crying as she does so]
Tiffany: Cheer up, waterheads! What are y'all looking sad for? [to Michelle] Ow, stop— you're breaking my back. [while looking over, Tyra suddenly snarls, then Tiffany and Rebecca finish giving out hugs to exit]
Tyra: Can you guys stand in front of me? I just want to say one more thing to you. [Tiffany and Rebecca step back in front of her]
Rebecca: [to Tyra] Yeah.
Tyra: [to Tiffany] Rebecca, I admire your emotion right now. It shows to me that this is something that's very important to you.
Rebecca: [to Tyra] Yeah.
Tyra: [to Tiffany] Tiffany, I'm extremely disappointed in you. This is a joke to you. You've been through anger management, you've been through your grandmother getting her lights turned off to buy you a swimsuit for this competition, and you go over there and you joke, and you laugh? This is serious to these girls, and this should be serious to you.
Tiffany: [to Tyra] Looks can be deceiving. I'm hurt. I am, but...I can't change it, Tyra. I-I've been...
Janice: [to Tiffany] Yes you can.
Tyra: [to Tiffany] You can't change what?
Tiffany: [to Tyra] I'm sick of crying about stuff that I cannot change. I'm sick of being disappointed, I'm sick of all of it. I'm not...
Tyra: [to Tiffany] You're not sick of being disappointed, Tiffany.
Tiffany: [to Tyra] Yes. Obviously, I am.
Tyra: [to Tiffany] No, you're not. If you were sick of being disappointed, you would stand up, and you would take control of your destiny. Do you know that you had a possibility to win?! Do you know that all of America is rooting for you? Do you know that? And then you come in here, and you treat this like a joke? You come in here and look at that, and say, "I can't read that?" You read ten times better than half of those girls over there!
Nigel: [to Tiffany] You did.
Nole: [to Tiffany] You did.
Tyra: [to Tiffany] And you come in here with a defeatist attitude.
Tiffany: [to Tyra] I don't have a bad attitude! Maybe I am angry inside! I've been through stuff, so I'm angry!
Tyra: [to Tiffany] Yes, but this is not... This is not, it's...
Tiffany: [to Tyra] Everybody...
Tyra: [to Tiffany] Be quiet, Tiffany! Be quiet! What is wrong with you?
Tiffany: [to Tyra] That's what I'm trying to say but you...
Tyra: [to Tiffany] STOP IT!!!!!!!! [Tiffany looks at Rebecca] I have never in my life yelled at a girl like this! When my mother yells like this it's because she loves me! I was rooting for you, we were all rooting for you! How dare you?! Learn something from this! When you go to bed at night, you lay there and you take responsibility for yourself because nobody's going to take responsibility for you! You're rolling your eyes and you act like it's because you've heard it all before - you've heard it all before - you don't know where the hell I come from! You have no idea what I've been through. But I'm not a victim; I grow from it and I learn! Take responsibility for yourself! [both Tiffany and Rebecca leave the judging panel]
Rebecca: I've never seen Tyra that way ever, and I can't even imagine her being that way. But, she's angry because she thinks Tiffany hasn't changed, and that she takes this as a joke, and that everyone wants this so bad for her but she doesn't even want it for herself; I think Tyra might be really right about that.
Tiffany: [as she packs up her belongings] I'm not gonna break down for you or nobody else— you ain't done shit for me besides bring me here and put me through hell all these weeks.
Rebecca: [in confessional after being eliminated] I'm really disappointed right now, but not everyone can say they've done this, and I can put that check mark next to it. [her and Tiffany's portfolios are shown] I'm walking away here knowing a lot more about the business and especially about myself, and what my priorities are, family is number one. I'm going home to get married, and we'll take it from there.
Tiffany: Tyra... she was right. The only thing that was keeping me here was my grandma and my child; and I tried to hang in for my grandma, my grandma just wants the best for me. A part of me did give up, I was being very disrespectful, but I'm taking a lot home with me— [in confessional after being eliminated]— Tyra really did care about me, her yelling at me. I have the utmost respect for her, because she could've easily said "Okay, whatever" and, you know, "Bye". That showed me that she saw deeply into me and she cared about me, and that's cool knowing, you know, Tyra cares about you. I'm gonna go home and have a good life now and be the best Tiffany I can be. [Tiffany and Rebecca roll their suitcases out of the house and continue onto the sidewalk, and they both fade from the Cycle 4 made over group because they are now eliminated and only seven girls remain]

The Girl Who Gets Bad News [4.8]


Michelle: [to Naima, Kahlen, Keenyah, Brittany, Christina and Tatiana] Tiffany could have won, she could have been the top model.

Christina: Hi! I'm Christina here with Entertainment Tonight and we are actually here with America's Next Top Model, Tatiana. [to Tatiana] Hi, Tatiana. How are you?
Tatiana: [to Christina] I'm doing great. How about you?
Christina: [to Tatiana] Good. Actually I have a few questions for you. Um, actually has there been anyone who has inspired you?
Tatiana: [to Christina] Actually my cousin. He's actually pushed me and I push myself a lot actually.

Christina: [in confessional about the interview with Tatiana] It's a lot harder than you might think so I'm glad we had the experience actually.

Naima: [referring to a photoshoot at the bottom of a grave] Michelle's a little weird, so she's like "This is cool! This is cool!"—and I'm like, "This is freaky."

Tatiana: [in confessional about her photoshoot] Today my sin will be greed. I'm kind of finding this sin a little difficult to convert into because I'm not a greedy person.

Johann Wolf: [in confessional about Tatiana's photoshoot] On Tatiana's shoot there wasn't a lot of dimensions. I think she could have pushed it a little further.

Janice: [to Tatiana at judging] As a spokesperson, you were showing us a very boring side of you.

Tatiana: [in confessional after getting eliminated] This competition meant a lot to me. I just wish that I could have gone further. [portforlio is shown] I know that I take gorgeous pictures, I just can't really handle myself when I get nervous. I’m very disappointed in myself but I still can do this and probably better with the stuff that I have learned here. [puts on jacket, collects bags and leaves]

The Girls the Lionesses Are Hunting [4.9]

Nole: Girl, that's a drag queen after my own heart. A girl in high heels running.

Nigel: [about Brittany] She's an exaggeration. She's like a walking exclamation mark. And it's not pretty.

Jay: We're gonna do a photo shoot today, but you guys are going to be the animals. So, I've picked an animal that I think represents each and all of you. I'm gonna start with you, Kahlen. You are actually going to be a springbok. Christina, you're gonna be an ostrich.
Christina: Oh, wow!
Jay: Brittany, you're so tall and long. You're going to be...
Brittany: A giraffe!
Jay: A giraffe. Michelle, I'm making you a zebra.
Michelle: Ooh, there we go.
Jay: Naima, you're a silent predator. A cheetah!
Michelle: Oh no!
Naima: Aw, cheetah!
Jay: Keenyah, you get to be the elephant. I don't know how you end up with these. One week is gluttony, next week is an elephant! [he and the rest of the girls laugh]
Keenyah: Alright. [in confessional] Everybody else has these sexy little animals, and I get to be the big, fat elephant! Ugh! Why do I keep getting stuck with these fat, like, characters? What is going on?!

Gerda: [about Kahlen's picture] She really got this deer, and I know this animal well.
Janice: How well do you know it?
Gerda: It's my national animal.

Kahlen: [after feeding a bear a marshmallow from her mouth] I want to go home and brush my teeth for the next 5 days.

The Girl Who Flops in the Mud [4.10]


Keenyah: Naima has the least potential.

The Girl Who Is Special [4.11]


Brittany: [to Keenyah] You're very selfish. Very selfish. Like you didn't have the money. You didn't have rands but you ordered drinks. How were you going to pay for your drinks then? Explain that! How?! How?! How?!
Keenyah: [to Brittany] Brittany!
Brittany: [to Keenyah] How?! With what?! With our looks?!
Keenyah: [to Brittany] No! If you want to think I am selfish then you go ahead and think I am selfish! Are you listening?
Brittany: [to Keenyah] No. [in confessional about Keenyah, Nelson Mandela's jail cell experience and Naima] It just comes back to her selfish tendencies. Like in Nelson Mandela's jail cell, you just automatically think know, you're black, that you should be the one to open the cell. I know this experience means a lot to Naima as well. [to Keenyah about Naima and Nelson Mandela] You didn't like that she got the key. When he gave her the key, and you cried about it, you didn't even know if he was still alive or not!
Keenyah: [to Brittany] Whatever!
Brittany: [to Keenyah about Nelson Mandela] You were so emotional over someone that you didn't know was alive or dead!
Kahlen: [in confessional about Brittany and Keenyah] I hate listening to people yell and just scream at each other because there are other ways, you know, to deal with that stuff.
Keenyah: [to Brittany about Nelson Mandela's jail cell experience and Naima] After she opened the key, it was an emotional moment for me. You were not in my shoes, you don't know how I felt at that moment! So you can go ahead and say, "She felt annoying"!
Naima: [in confessional about Nelson Mandela's jail cell experience] I'm thinking in my head, "Wow. Thank God, Naima, you got to hold that key in your hands. Because obviously these girls don't hold that experience at such high esteem as you do."
Brittany: [to Keenyah about the experience in South Africa] You are just taking this because you're black. You've said a million times. "This whole experience means so much to me because I'm black."
Keenyah: [to Brittany about the experience in South Africa] It means more to me because it's about who I am and where I came from.
Brittany: [to Keenyah about the experience in South Africa imitating Keenyah] "Yeah. It's my land!"
Keenyah: [to Brittany about the experience in South Africa] Yeah! What do you think?! Yeah, it's because I'm black!
Brittany: [to Keenyah] OH! MY! GOD!
Keenyah: [to Brittany about the experience in South Africa] You don't know what the hell I'm thinking!
Brittany: [to Keenyah] SHUT UP!!!!!!!
Keenyah: [to Brittany about the experience in South Africa] You have no idea! [looks shocked]

Naima: [to Keenyah] I don't want to hear it, Keenyah!

Keenyah: [to Naima, Brittany and Kahlen] Tomorrow you will meet with the judges. Only three of you will continue on in hopes of becoming America's Next Top Model. One of you will be eliminated. Love, Tyra.

What the Girls Did That You've Never Seen Before [4.12]


Tyra: Now only three girls remain.

The Girl Who Walks on Water [4.13]


Keenyah: I think highly of myself.

Naima: I am speechless.