America's Next Top Model (season 14)

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Originally aired March 10 – May 19, 2010.

Be My Friend, Tyra! [14.1]


Alasia: [notices her veggies were taken out of the fridge] Did these come out of the freezer section? It thawed out overnight.
Anslee: Honey, it'll spoil. That's the reason it says keep refrigerated.
Alasia: You ain't gotta say it like that, though.
Anslee: Well, I just explained it to you in a normal way, and you didn't understand me.
Alasia: I'm not a little girl, so...
Anslee: Well, then understand the first time and I won't talk to you like a little girl.
Alasia: I understand that. But you don't speak to people like that!
Anslee: [in confessional] Alasia, she doesn't know how to shut up. She is just a childish, ditzy girl. [to Alasia] Back up, sweetheart!
Alasia: Don't call me sweetheart.
Anslee: Does it say, "keep refrigerated"?!
[Angelea looks at both of them uncomfortably]
Alasia: What is that gonna do? What is that gonna do?
Anslee: Because you don't listen! That's why people talk to you like that!
Alasia: Who are you to listen to?! Do not you speak to me like you did! No, you ain't my mother! What kind of woman are you? How are you treatin' your daughter?!
Alasia: Okay! You don't know!
Anslee: Do not bring my daughter into this!!
Alasia: I just did!
Anslee: You bitch!
Alasia: Good!
Krista: My clothes are off for two seconds! [starts walking towards the kitchen]
[Angelea tries to break up Anslee and Alasia, who are still yelling at each other; Krista enters the kitchen]
Krista: Alasia, are you kidding me right now?! Calm down! I'm talkin' 'bout I'm sleepy as hell!
Alasia: I'm not gonna show nobody no respect who don't respect me!
Anslee: She's still walking down the damn hallway just running that mouth. [in confessional] When you come at me and start to tell me about how I'm not a good mother, you're gonna see an ugly side of me. Honey, you're eighteen years old. Don't tell me what it is to be a woman, 'cause you're just beginning to figure it out.

Angelea: [confronting Alasia about her attitude] Listen, you wasn't in the kitchen when we was in the kitchen. So how can you comment on what I'm doing when you're over there?
Alasia: Because everybody else is talkin' about it!
Angelea: You're young, so I know you're trying to fit in. But you wanna choose her side, and you didn't even know what happened. You just automatically took her side. You formed an opinion of me before you got to know me, based on what they was sayin'.
Alasia: I'm hangin' out with everybody. The only reason why I avoid you is because y'all are like getting in arguments with everybody.
Angelea: I don't know, I just feel like...just...
Krista: You're misunderstood.
Angelea: Exactly. Thank you so much.
Krista: You're welcome, boo!
Alasia: I don't have any animosity towards anybody in here, not even you.
Angelea: But it's like, you're in here being cliqued up with Brenda, and just having a...
Alasia: I am not cliqued up with anybody! I avoid y'all! Y'all are the only two people I do not speak to!
Krista: Well, I'm gonna tell you this: I don't like you 'cause you're fake!
Alasia: It's not makin' sense! You're talking in circles!
Krista: I'm not talking in circles! Let me tell you what fake is. Fake is the person I met at casting. We was sittin' in the room, and you were walkin' in here all extraordinary and doing all extremes. I don't like that! I don't like that because I don't feel like it's you. I have a way to express my opinion just like you do. [in confessional] I don't feel the fake people. I listen to me all day. But this is really me, "Ahhhhhh!" You know? I see that as fake. That's not who you are, be you.
Alasia: I don't give a damn about being fake! I was speaking to her, and you walked your chocolate ass up in here!
Jessica: [in confessional] It's pathetic, it's ridiculous! Are you in high school, dude?! It's not cool to fight, okay?
Krista: Go on, walk away! Do what you do best!
Alasia: I'm going to walk away! 'Cause you is not worth my time, little girl! [in confessional] They create problems, they create issues because they think somebody's got an issue but it's not that important! Stop talkin', stop...shut up! Shut up! Please shut up! Shut up!
Krista: [to Angelea] It's like a battle. We're two chocolate girls, and it's like a battle.
Alasia: Girl, she's lucky she ain't on the street. I'd beat her ass! She is lucky!

Drecktitude! [14.2]


Alexandra: [in confessional about falling before walking the pendulum runway] When I first fell, I was horrified. But the competitiveness was just rushing through me like, "Oh my God, you idiot! Get up, pull yourself together, suck it up." I think I should've just taken a breath and relaxed a little bit up there. Instead, I was like, "Oh my God, make it fierce. Make it fierce. Do something to distract them." So I think I did that on my face.
J Alexander: Mad. She's mad.
Alexandra: [gets hit by pendulum on her way back and walks off the runway] Ah!
Alasia: Oh Lord, baby girl! [in confessional about Alexandra] She fell twice! I was like, "Oh my gosh!" [after Alexandra gets up] She got hit. She got hit off the runway!
Raina: [to Alexandra as the medic attends to her knee] You okay?
Alexandra: [to Raina] Yeah!
Raina: [to Alexandra] You recovered, though. You got up and you rocked it!

Let's Dance [14.3]


Raina: [in confessional about Alasia] Alasia's very hypocritical. She's young, she's immature, and it's frustrating.
Alasia: [in confessional about Raina] I heard Raina's confessional, and she swears up and down on the Holy Bible that she don't talk about nobody. But she in there lying on me, making up all kinds of lies about me. Come on, that is fake!
Raina: [to Alasia] Oh, hello. How's it going, lady? [Alasia laughs] Why are you laughing?!
Alasia: [in confessional about Raina] We all see that, though! Do y'all see that, though?! She was just in here talking to me, she walked up and was like, "Hey, girl! How you doing?" No! Don't say nothing to me! That is fake, I don't care! Stop talking about anything involving me! You see how long she was in here talking. She just run her dang mouth! I don't care about y'all! Just...shut up! Shut up! That's how girls get beat up where I'm from, running their mouth! And that's exactly how girls get beat! I want them to come to my hood! Y'all fake, the end. We ain't gonna discuss it.

America's Next Top Vampire [14.4]


Smile and Pose [14.5]


New York Women [14.6]


Angelea: [to Nicole] How did you deal with all the drama in the house?
Nicole Fox: [to Angelea] I just stayed out of it. You just can't add to it.
Angelea: [in confessional about Nicole] Nicole, I liked her from Cycle 13. She was cool because she wasn't trying to be something she wasn't.
Nicole: [to Angelea] Even if the girls are driving you nuts, you just have to stay professional.
Angelea: [to Nicole] Say what you gotta say, but then just walk away.
Nicole: [to Angelea] Stay classy, you know? [Brenda overhears the conversation and walks out of the subway train]
Brenda: [to Jessica] I have the funniest, funniest story to tell you.
Jessica: [to Brenda] Really? What happened?
Brenda: [to Jessica] Angelea's like, "How do you deal with all the drama in the house? 'Cause we got some bitches up in here!" And Nicole was like, "Well, you just have to remember to stay true to yourself, but be classy."
Jessica: [in confessional] I thought that was really funny because there's, you know, some girls in the house who just aren't classy at all.

Jessica: Alasia, you know how people care about other people than themselves? [in confessional] Alasia causes us all to be late. She's really kind of inconsiderate. [to Alasia] When you're a mom and you have a baby, you care about other people.
Alasia: But you don't have to, though.
Jessica: Hey, quit talking while I'm talking. Let me talk. [Krista turns around to face Alasia and Jessica and looks surprised]
Alasia: Who the hell are you to tell me, "Don't talk when you're talking?!" Who the hell are you to say that?! [in confessional] Jessica, she was trying to treat me like I'm smaller than her or whatever. No! Like, you're not gonna disrespect me, then demand respect from me. [to Jessica] That's disrespect! So don't tell nobody to respect you when you can't respect nobody damn else! [Brenda covers her ears as Alasia yells at Jessica] 'Cause I don't know you, and you don't know me! [Angelea mocks Alasia with cat noises and Krista laughs] Don't say nothing else to me, little girl!
Jessica: Oh my God! GET ME OUT OF HERE!!
Alasia: [in confessional] Me and Jessica come from two totally different worlds. She's like Malibu Barbie, and I'm like...Marietta Barbie.

Angelea: These bitches run through all the racks.
Brenda: She is uneducated.
Angelea: [overhearing Brenda] I'm uneducated?
Brenda: I don't know, are you?
Angelea: Why am I uneducated?
Brenda: You know what? I really don't have time to waste...
Angelea: I went to college!
Brenda: ...talking to you.
Angelea: I went to a Top 150 school, bitch! Look it up!
Brenda: [sarcastically] Oh, that's good! That's nice! Good job!
Angelea: Yeah, look it up!
Brenda: My name is Brenda, not Bitch.
Angelea: [in confessional] It's really unfair that people assume that I'm uneducated because I talk this way. I don't have to be, [in British accent] "Oh my gosh, yes, hello. So, I went to Erie Community College in Buffalo, New York." I'm smart. People would not believe that about me because of the way I am. [to Brenda] You're uneducated, and you're ignorant! And you're rude!
Brenda: You're one to talk, okay? So shut the hell up!
Angelea: Stupid ass bitch.

Raina: I am gonna predict right now that Angelea or Alasia is gonna throw a punch or try and hit somebody because they're so angry, and they can't control their mouths.
Brenda: That would be awesome! She can hit me, 'cause then she'll be on the first train home and take it for the team.
Angelea: [walking into their bedroom] What're y'all talkin' about? I don't care. I'm in here now, so...
Brenda: [in confessional] Angelea, she comes into our room all the time. Just walks in like she owns the place.
Jessica: All the drama is just driving me crazy.
Angelea: When you're living with girls, especially females, [Raina laughs] you're gonna have that drama. Especially when people don't understand you. And especially when they...don't try to understand you.
Raina: I feel like that was directed at Brenda, Angelea!
Brenda: You know, if you're gonna be in here fighting, you can leave my room! 'Cause this is my territory, I don't go in your room. You don't need to be in mine.
Angelea: Brenda, why are you startin' with me?
Brenda: You came in my room, honey!
Angelea: I can be in here if I want to! You don't own nothing in this house! You don't own shit!
Brenda: [in confessional] Angelea is just trying to bring me down and pick fights with me. But I'm not gonna get my feathers ruffled over her. It's getting down to crunch time. Like, I don't have time for that.

Big Hair Day [14.7]


Raina: [in confessional] Alasia's young but that is no excuse for her being late all the time. I really think in this industry, if you're late, your job is on the line. [to the rest of the girls] Let's go! [goes with the rest of the girls into the elevator except for Alasia who is still doing her hair]
Angelea: [in confessional] Alasia was late. The elevator closed on her. I ain't holding the elevator for nobody because I ain't nobody's mama.
Alasia: Uh oh. [frantically pushes down the button for the elevator] Crap! Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap! [knocks on elevator door while still pushing button] Open the door, yo! [in confessional] I'm about to be in so much trouble! [to herself] The elevator's not working, so I don't understand how I'm supposed to get outside. Let me get my wallet, 'cause if I have to catch the bus or something... [in confessional] I don't wanna get in trouble, and then be like, "Oh my gosh, well, what if that causes me to get sent home or something." I don't wanna get sent home because I was late. [to herself] I've been sitting here pressing this damn button, and it's not working! It's not working, it's not working! It's not working, right? It's not working! [walks down the fire stairs in a hurry eventually] So, I'm just about to walk down these stairs. Watch me! I'm really sorry, but the elevator is stuck. Like, honestly, I don't even know where I'm going right now. I'm a little scared. Ain't nobody here tell me we were leaving. Ain't nobody say nothing to me! [opens emergency exit door and gets into the limo with the rest of the girls]
Raina: [to Alasia] What the...
Alasia: Really sorry that I kept y'all waiting.
Jessica: [to Alasia] You're an idiot!
Alasia: [in confessional] I was like, "Alright, I'll take that, and I'm gonna bite my tongue," because I'm learning. I'm not gonna let them get to me. That's not what I'm here for. I'm here to be a model!
Krista: [to Alasia] We might not wait the next time.

Angelea: [in confessional about her weave] Oh my God, that's a lot of hair. Wow. And it stink. The glue... That glue gun, y'all don't wanna smell it! Y'all don't wanna know what that glue smelled like! 'Cause that glue smelled like straight-up mmm-mmm!
Weavin Steven: This smells like ass!
Angelea: It stank!

Tyra: [to Krista after getting first call-out] Do you want to choose somebody to fly with you?
Krista: Hell yeah! [to Angelea] My boo!

Welcome to New Zealand [14.8]

Angelea: My hair is looking a mess! [in confessional] The designers, when they look at me, they may be like, "Oh! Girl, what's wrong with your hair?" But I'm gonna wow them with my personality so they see a beautiful Angelea.

Angelea: [in confessional] Sit down! Got it! Sixth go-see, booked! [to the taxicab driver] Off to the agency!

Jessica: [sees Angelea walking into the agency on time] How'd it go?
Angelea: [to Jessica] It went great, I had a blast!
Jessica: [to Angelea] How many did you go to?
Angelea: [to Jessica] All of them.
Jessica: [to Angelea] Oh my God!

Hobbits vs. Models [14.9]


Ugly Looking Model [14.10]


America's Next Top Model is... [14.11]


Chubby Bunny [14.12]