America's Next Top Model (season 9)

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Originally aired September 19 – December 12, 2007.

The Girls Go Cruisin’ [9.1]


Heather: [in front of Tyra, Jay Manuel and J. Alexander] Hey pretty lady... and Tyra.
J. Alexander: [to Heather] Okay, wait a minute, girl! Which one is the pretty lady?
Tyra: [to Heather] This one or this one?
Heather: [to Tyra, Jay Manuel and J. Alexander] Oh, no! I wasn't trying to be insulting! You're all pretty!
Tyra: [to Heather] Tell me at thirteen years old you were diagnosed with something. What were you diagnosed with?
Heather: [to Tyra, Jay Manuel and J. Alexander] Actually it was Asperger's and A.D.H.D.. [in confessional] Asperger's Syndrome is described as a mild version of autism. It also includes the person being very awkward in social situations. The real problem I had as a child was the fact that I didn't have that many friends. They really had a hard time understanding me. I mean, I was wired differently.

Tyra: [to Bianca] So you say there's two kinds of bitches. What kinds of bitches are there?
Bianca: The fun bitch, like that...that's what I categorize myself as. And then there's like the bitchy bitch that I've seen here.
Jay: Uh-oh. Who's the bitchy bitch? That's what we wanna know.
Bianca: Ebony. She's like playing, like, real high and mighty. You know, real boujee. [to Tyra] You've seen it, right? She did say she had a $500 weave, and it was good.
Tyra: Do you have a weave?
Bianca: Yeah.
Tyra: How much did yours cost?
Bianca: Well, the hair cost me $25.

J. Alexander: [to Heather about her awkward walk] You look like you should be digging up clams and oysters the way you walk.

Victoria: [to Tyra, Jay Manuel and J. Alexander] I should win this competition.

Mila: [in confessional] I'm a really positive person.

Ebony: Let's play a game and see who has an eating disorder.
Marvita: [to Ebony] Why would someone say something like that? [Ebony tilts her head]
Ebony: [to Marvita] Because I wanted to.
Marvita: [to Ebony] When was your last damn meal? 'Cause you look anorexic.

Janet: [about her home town] We just got a Walmart.

Ebony: I'm not here to make friends. I have friends already at home. I'll start remembering names when I make it to the house.
Bianca: [to Ebony] So corny.
Ebony: [to Bianca] You talking to me?
Bianca: [to Ebony] Y'all was over there whispering about being competitive and this is a competition. But you don't got to be a bitch and be competitive. [in confessional about Ebony] I was like, "Okay, we have a phony one here." Ebony doesn't have any personality, and people can feel the diva-ness coming off of her.
Ebony: [to Bianca] I don't know if you're referring to me, or...
Bianca: [to Ebony] Who else was I talking about?!
Ebony: [to Bianca] I'm not here to make friends.
Bianca: [to Ebony] Okay, and that's you! And that means you're fearful of things.
Ebony: [to Bianca] Okay, honey.

Tyra: The first girl that I am going to call is... [to Mila] Mila! [Mila comes down] Watch your step. [Mila walks past Tyra] Congratulations!
Mila: [to Tyra] Thank you very much.
Tyra: The next name... [to Bianca] Bianca. [Bianca smiles, comes down and hugs Mila, to Jenah] Jenah. The next name I am going to call [to Chantal] Chantal! [Chantal comes down and hugs Jenah, Bianca and Mila, to Ambreal] Ambreal. [Ambreal comes down]
Ambreal: [to Tyra] Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!

The Models Go Green [9.2]


Mila: [in confessional] It's so cool to be here with all these girls.

Janet: [in confessional] I'm here to compete and I'm here to learn the most I can about fashion.
Heather: [in confessional] I do have a disability. It's Asperger's Syndrome. A mild version of autism. It also includes the person being very awkward in social situations. My top priority is learning and having a good experience.

Jay Manuel: Top Model is going green!

Mila: [in confessional] I'm pretty supportive of the environmental kick. It really is important to be aware of what keeps our earth good.

Heather: [in confessional] I was not a normal child. I would be by myself a lot of the times and it was quite lonely and it brought up questions like "What was wrong with me? Why couldn't people understand me?" I hope I can get along with the girls.

Mike Rosenthal: [to the girls] Give us the best energy!

Jay Manuel: [to Ambreal whilst Mike Rosenthal is taking pictures] That is disgusting!

Jay Manuel: [to Mila] Hello! Are you ready?
Mila: [to Jay Manuel] Yes.

Mila: [laughing in confessional] I would call it sort of Bozo! [laughing whilst Mike Rosenthal is taking pictures]

Lisa: [to Bianca] Let me just say this. You walk around like you're this and you're that, and your head gets so...
Bianca: [to Lisa] You're real lame, Lisa! You're real lame!
Lisa: [to Bianca] Am I being disrespectful to you, Bianca?
Bianca: [to Lisa] You are, you are!
Heather: [in confessional about Bianca and Lisa arguing] I started getting a headache from all the stupid yelling. I'm like, "Ugh!"
Bianca: [to Lisa] Lisa, listen. This is a competition. I don't see you as my competition.
Lisa: [to Bianca] But you're...
Bianca: [to Lisa] I don't have to. Like I said, I don't need to. I'm not twenty stripping in some clubs! Do you really think America's Next Top Model's going to be an exotic dancer? [Lisa looks stunned] What a role model! Give up! Go home!
Lisa: [to Bianca] You want to bring it to that level?! You can bring it to that level, but I don't say that to you! Don't say that!
Victoria: [in confessional about Bianca and Lisa arguing] I hate when girls fight. I hate catfights. I hate that whole world. That is so high school to me.
Bianca: [to Lisa] Anything you want to call me out on?
Lisa: [to Bianca] I got nothing to say to you, girl. [in confessional] America isn't perfect and everybody goes through their ups and downs. And if you're so determined about making something out of yourself, you go through whatever you have to do.

Heather: [in confessional] I'm not going to let this autism bring me down. I... This is going to be I... The thing that makes me stronger.

Lisa: [reading the Tyra Mail out loud to Mila, Bianca, Jenah, Chantal, Ambreal, Saleisha, Sarah, Kimberly, Ebony, Heather, Victoria and Janet] Tomorrow you will meet with the judges. Only thirteen of you will continue on in hopes of becoming America's Next Top Model. One of you will be eliminated. Love, Tyra.

Ebony: [about Heather] Heather is like kind of weird. [Saleisha walks by] So I'm just like?
Lisa: [to Ebony just wondering what is saying about Heather] Do you know why?
Kimberly: [to Lisa and Ebony directly about Heather] She has like all these different, like, disabilities and stuff but this is the competition. [Victoria sees the conversation about Heather]
Victoria: [in confessional about Ebony, Lisa and Kimberly talking about Heather when Saleisha walked by] The other girls talk about Heather behind her back all the time and make fun of her just because she is a little bit more awkward and I don't do that kind of stuff.

Kimberly: [to Lisa and Ebony directly about Heather after Saleisha walked by] I don't want her to like cling to me and be like I'm her go-to person. [in confessional about Heather] People like that they cling! As the competition goes on girls are honestly going to push her away and she is going to be by herself.

Bianca: [as the girls help Heather get into her outfit] What are y'all doing to her?! Now she's just a prostitute! [in confessional] Heather, I think her disability gives her a lot of leg-up. She gets a big pity call from everyone, and I don't know if she deserves it.

Tyra: [to Mila] You're such a beautiful girl but it's a pretty girl just sitting there. That's not what models get paid to do.

Twiggy: [to Victoria] You'd never know from that photo how shy and insecure you are.
Victoria: [to Twiggy] I'm not insecure.
Twiggy: [to Victoria] Look!
Victoria: [to Twiggy] I maybe soft spoken but I'm not insecure.

Tyra: This is a no smoking cycle.

Mila: [in confessional after getting eliminated first] I really didn't think I would be the one first to go home. Like I was pretty sure that I was going to win so yeah it's a huge surprise. I really would have liked to stay and I think it would have been really great to stay but I think that if you concentrate on the positive like just the negative things just go away.

The Girls Go Rock Climbing [9.3]


Saleisha: [to Bianca] Yes, I have work, and I have done things, but these photographers and other people, they don't tell you anything. They just put you in front of a camera. So obviously...
Bianca: [to Saleisha] But you've worked, and you have that upper hand on a lot of the other girls.
Saleisha: [to Bianca] I'm gonna be real with myself! Honestly, it's a competition. I care who was taxing me! I'm here to win, and I... I probably will! It shouldn't even intimidate y'all. That should just make y'all work harder.
Kimberly: [in confessional about Bianca and Saleisha] Bianca was just asking questions and Saleisha started getting really heated about it. Like, you know, that we were attacking her, which we were just asking her questions.
Bianca: [to Saleisha] Honestly, I don't feel that you're my competition!
Saleisha: [to Bianca] And I don't feel that you're my competition!
Bianca: [to Saleisha] Your body type is not better than me. You're borderline plus-size!
Saleisha: [in confessional] I was like, "Okay, just stay calm." But once you're yelling at me, and you're pointing your fingers at my face, I'm gonna eventually go off. [to Bianca] Equally!
Bianca: [to Saleisha] My head is big, though? For real, you look like a Bratz doll.
Saleisha: [to Bianca] Mama, look at you! Your mouth ain't going to get you in the modeling world! [Jenah, Ebony and Ambreal all watch]
Bianca: [to Saleisha] My mouth can get me anywhere! My mouth can get me anywhere!
Saleisha: [to Bianca] You think so?!
Bianca: [to Saleisha] My mouth can get me anywhere!
Saleisha: [to Bianca] You think so?!
Bianca: [to Saleisha] Please stand on your toes! [Ebony laughs while Ambreal keeps watching]
Saleisha: [to Bianca] I'm a grown-ass woman! [about Bianca] She's eighteen!
Bianca: [to Saleisha] I'm eighteen, but age don't got nothing to do with nothing! I definitely don't need makeup to look good, 'cause I look like this everyday! Check your thighs out in the mirror! And I'm done!

Bianca: [to Chantal about Saleisha] I'm talking to her and it got nothing to do with you!

Chantal: [in confessional about Bianca] I guess why I felt the need to stand up for Saleisha and say something to Bianca, was because Bianca is just being totally ridiculous to Saleisha, and I don't want Bianca to think that she can just walk all over all of us.

Bianca: [to Chantal] Excuse me! Chantal! Chantal! Chantal! Chantal! [Jenah grabs onto and pulls Chantal away]
Jenah: [in confessional about Bianca] I think Bianca just loves confronting people.
Bianca: [to Chantal who is dancing] I'm the only bitch you're arguing with that can look like this without makeup!

Twiggy: [to Victoria] You're very, very unusual.
Victoria: [to Twiggy] What is unusual about me?
Twiggy: [to Victoria] I can't put my finger upon it and I'm not sure you should know.

J Alexander: [about Victoria] She always comes for Twiggy every single time!
Tyra: [to J Alexander about Victoria] She does! [to Twiggy about Victoria] Last week you said something and she's like ba ra da ra da ra da da!
Twiggy: [to Tyra about Victoria] I know! [in a repeat scene from one week ago to Victoria] You'd never know from that photo how shy and insecure you are.
Victoria: [in a repeat scene from one week ago to Twiggy] I'm not insecure.
Twiggy: [in a repeat scene from one week ago to Victoria] Look!
Victoria: [in a repeat scene from one week ago to Twiggy] I may be soft-spoken but I'm not insecure.
Tyra: [back to the present, to Twiggy, J Alexander and Nigel Barker about Victoria] This week she said something... ba ra da ra da ra da da!
Twiggy: [in a repeat scene from the most recent judging to Victoria] You're very, very unusual.
Victoria: [in a repeat scene from the most recent judging to Twiggy] What is unusual about me?
Twiggy: [back to the present, to Tyra, J Alexander and Nigel Barker about Victoria] She's out to get me!

Tyra: [to J Alexander about Victoria] But now you do! You didn't and now you do!

Kimberly: [to Tyra] Thank you!
Tyra: [to Kimberly] You're welcome. You have all of this. Look at this! You have to study, study, study and figure out how to put that on a picture because it's so strong. [about Kimberly's ears] I love these. You should wear your hair like that every day!

Kimberly: [in confessional after getting eliminated second] I just wish my boyfriend was here.

The Girl Who Goes Bald [9.4]


Janet: [about Ambreal] Damn she's a hot cricket boy. Man I got a little competition.

Victoria: [to Twiggy] I don't have a prickly disposistion.

The Girl Who is Afraid of Heights [9.5]


Tyra: [to Ambreal] You can't let your fear of heights get in the way of your dreams of modeling.

The Girls Who Gets a Mango [9.6]


Heather: [upon meeting Mary J. Blige] Excuse me while I breathe!

Tyra: [to Ambreal and Ebony in the bottom two] One of you has the potential to get better. [flips over Ebony's photo] And that's Ebony.
Ebony: [to Tyra] I don't know if I want to be here.
Tyra: [to Ebony] You don't want to be here. [Ebony shakes her head] Why not?
Ebony: [to Tyra] I just... [cries] Sorry!
Tyra: [to Ebony] It's okay. Tell me. Talk to me.
Ebony: [to Tyra] Modelling, I don't think is for me.
Tyra: [to Ebony] You know what I think is not for you? I don't think it's modelling. I think it's people telling you what to do. I think it's people telling you that you're not perfect. I think that's what you can't handle and the most unattractive thing in the world to me is a quitter. And for can go.
Ebony: [to Tyra] Thank you.
Tyra: [to Ebony] Good luck. [to Ambreal] So Ambreal, a free pass has been given!
Ambreal: [to Tyra] Oh my gosh!

The Girl Who Runs Into the Glass Door [9.7]


Mila: [in confessional after getting eliminated first] My friends are just gonna be like "Really? really? You got eliminated first?" It's definitely been a good experience I think it was very cool that I met allot of people that I would've just never met of the rest, I wish them all the best And I hope they have a blast.

The Girls Who Crawl [9.8]


[The girls notice Heather looking very unwell and nearly passing out after their video shoot]
Sarah: [to Heather] Hey, are you fine? Do you need some water? Seriously, are you okay? [in confessional about Heather] She looks at me, and she looked so pale. Oh my God! I'm like, "Get up, we can go near the fan."
Gil: [to Heather] Let's get you outside. It's too hot in here. Are you able to walk?
Heather: [to Gil] Yeah.
Gil: [to Heather] You sure? You need fresh air, it's way too hot in here.
[Heather passes out as she's led out of the shoot by medics]
Lisa: [in confessional about Heather] It was kind of a scary sight because I didn't know, I...I thought maybe she was having a seizure. I had no idea.
Jenah: [in confessional about Heather] She did not look well. She looked dead. Like...dead. I mean, it was scary.
Saleisha: [about Heather] Why are they filming her? [in confessional about Heather] Her body just kind of gave out for a quick second. She just needed to, you know, sit down, and drink some water and get some nutrients back into her body, and just eat. It was just too much, it was very overwhelming for her. I don't think Heather, you know...parties til two o'clock in the morning on just high energy. So, I think that was just a lot for her.
Gil: [to Heather] Well, from now on, as thin as you are, and as hot as it, tomorrow you have to eat. It's like a car, you got to put gas in it.
Heather: [to Gil] I think I just pushed myself way past my limit.
Chantal: [to Heather] Did you get some food?
Heather: [to Chantal] Yeah.
Chantal: [to Heather] Any water?
Heather: [to Chantal] Yeah, they gave me Gatorade.
Chantal: [to Heather] And you feel better?
Heather: [to Chantal] Yeah.
Chantal: [to Heather] Don't ever scare us like that again. I mean it!
Heather: [in confessional] It just warmed my heart, the fact that all the girls were so concerned of how I was doing.

Saleisha: Wait, I'm not done! I still gotta check and make sure there's a supermodel in there.

The Girl Who Starts to Lose Her Cool [9.9]


Heather: I'm not the ocean. In fact, I'm not even a water sign. I'm a fire sign.

Heather: [in confessional about Lisa and Saleisha] Lisa and Saleisha just go running to the shower and I'm thinking to myself, "No!" [back to the present in the bathroom] Dude, I called shower first!
Saleisha: [laughs with Bianca as Heather storms into the shower] You better move, Heather!
Heather: [in confessional about Lisa and Saleisha] They know that I did call shower first and they know very damn well that I'm having... well, not the best of days. [back to the present in the shower to Lisa and Saleisha] No! That is bull!
Saleisha: [to Heather] You're in the shower, so shut up! You're in here, so shut up!
Heather: [in confessional] They forget I have a breaking point, too.
Bianca: [knocking on shower door trying to get Heather's attention] Heather! Come pick up your underwear!
Heather: [in confessional] They feel like they need to pick at me whenever I'm not acting like my happy, cheery self.
Bianca: [to Saleisha] Saleisha stop, my stomach hurts!
Ambreal: [in confessional] She snaps and it's scary because... you can't do that!
Bianca: [to Lisa and Saleisha] Heather's gonna kill both of y'all. Y'all gotta stop laughing at her.
Saleisha: [in confessional] She looked like she wanted to do voodoo on me. I was like, "I am not messing with you, girl. Let me just shower, and get the heck up outta here!" Did you see how she looked at me? That was not very nice!

Tyra: Not everyone is going to China.

The Girls Go to Shanghai [9.10]


Tyra: [to Lisa, Chantal, Heather, Jenah, Bianca and Saleisha] This week girls collectively you all did really bad!

Lisa: [in confessional after getting eliminated eighth] Making it this far is still a leap over a lot of people. It's something that nobody would ever expect me to be able to do, period. I'm not going to walk away a loser. It's not over. So I'm not going to be a loser about it. This is definitely the biggest thing that ever happened to me but I do expect bigger things to happen in the future. Only one can be America's Next Top Model and unfortunately, it's not me

The Girls Go on Go-See Adventures [9.11]

Chantal: [in confessional about Heather staying over Lisa] I don't think that Lisa should have gone home. At the Covergirl commercial, if I would have had my lines fed to me, I don't think that it would have been acceptable.

Heather: [in confessional] I do have a disability. It's Asperger's Syndrome. It affects the way I communicate.

Jenah: I don’t feel like this a modeling competition anymore, I feel like this (expletive) is a personality competition and that peeves me off.

Heather: [in confessional during go-see challenge] I know Tyra is going to be pissed. I know she's going to be pissed. [zero go-sees label is shown]

Flora Zeta: [to Jenah about her runway walk] I have to tell you, your walk was terrible!

Jenah: [in confessional about Heather walking around Shanghai] Heather... [laughs]

Heather: [in confessional after being forty minutes late from go-see challenge] I was really disappointed with myself because I didn't make it back in time. This was one of those challenges that really mattered. There was no excuse for why I didn't have enough time.

Jenah: [to Nigel] I feel like fainting Nigel, you're right in front of me! Oh my goodness!
Nigel: [to Jenah] Your sarcasm is rich!

Chantal: [to Bianca about Jenah] She was so unprofessional!

Jenah: [to Bianca and Chantal whilst watching Nigel direct Heather's photoshoot] Dude, I'm telling you, if I had that dress, I would be workin' it!
Bianca: [to Jenah] What would you do with it?
Jenah: [to Bianca and Chantal] This would be my first pose. [spreads arms out]
Nigel: [to Jenah, Bianca and Chantal while directing Heather] There's a little bit too much noise from the peanut gallery!

Nigel: [to Jenah at judging] You've had great pictures week after week after week. However... and this is the big however. Your sense of humor, you've got to be careful with it. You are kind of sarcastic.
Jenah: [in a repeat scene to Nigel] I feel like fainting Nigel, you're right in front of me! Oh my goodness!
Nigel: [in a repeat scene to Jenah] Your sarcasm is rich! [back to the present, to Jenah at judging] It comes off as arrogant.
Jenah: [in a repeat scene to Bianca and Chantal whilst watching Nigel direct Heather's photoshoot] If I had that dress, I would be workin' it!
Nigel: [to Jenah at judging] Be careful because you're stepping on a very fine line right now.

Nigel: [about Jenah] She's not a bad girl. She's a good girl. Her personality is getting in the way of herself.

Tyra: [to Heather and Jenah in the bottom two] Both of you girls take probably the strongest photos out of all of the five girls in this room right now. Both how you girls have something when it comes to communication. Not the strongest communicators. With you Heather. [Heather looks worried] If you're so fantastic to us judges and on photoshoots but you can't make it to a "go see it's nearly impossible for you to book a job. Where does Heather stand in this industry? As beautiful as you are standing in front of me, obviously that's not enough and then we have Jenah. Amazing photos but an attitude that turns off the judges. [Jenah nods] So who goes to Beijing? [flips over Jenah's photo] Jenah. [Jenah hugs Heather before coming to collect her photo]

Tyra: [to Heather] You came so far and you have to be so proud of yourself. Those clients that you saw don't know Heather but the people who have gotten to know and love you watching America's Next Top Model and being a part of your journey maybe there's some clients out there that see a little bit more something.

Heather: [in confessional after getting eliminated ninth] I really wanted to win. I wanted to prove that I could do this. I first came in here thinking my Asperger's would be way more of a problem than it really was. I thought I wouldn't be able to get along with any of the girls. I'd be too different and since I've been here, I've learned so much. I learned to be more confident and I plan to not always be so self-conscious. I think the experience is much more than a prize.

The Girls Go to the Great Wall [9.12]


Jenah: [in confessional about surviving the bottom two over Heather sarcastically] Being in the bottom two is actually one of the best feelings in the world. You should try it.

Tyra: [to Bianca] Hopefully an agency will sign you with those simple snapshots.

The Girl Who Becomes America's Next Top Model [9.13]

Twiggy: Jenah, you've always been such a strong contender. And I could see when you got the criticism, it was really hurting you, which I understand.
Jenah: I just hate being misunderstood by my friends.
J Alexander: Girl, it's always gonna happen.
Tyra: What do you think they're misunderstanding?
Jenah: I just hate that, like, just because I'm not running around like smiling all the time that makes me mean, or makes me think I'm better than people. I don't have to just spew rainbows incessantly just for girls to want to be like me! Or just...just the fact that people want their little sisters looking up to me. That bothers me.
Tyra: Why do have such an armor? There's something protecting you, so why do you think you have that?
Jenah: I'm used to being really strong and having to be really strong.
Tyra: Why are used to having to do that?
Jenah: Because I had to be a mom!
Tyra: You had to raise your family.
Jenah: My little sisters, yeah.
J Alexander: So, then you have some of that resentment towards Momma?
Jenah: [starts crying] I hate this! I...[sobs] I don't like crying in front of you guys because I don't want you to think that I'm weak.
Tyra: I'd rather see a girl crying in front of me because she's hurt, because she might have missed a lot of her childhood and being a normal girl, then saying "Duh-duh-duh-duh-duh!" Which one is more of a human being that's more likable and vulnerable? This one probably feels a lot more uncomfortable, but it's a lot more real. The other one is just, like, protection. Remember when we did that photo shoot, and you wanted to find yourself and you wanted to climb to the other side of the wall to find who Jenah is?
Jenah: Yeah.
[flashback to the Great Wall photo shoot from the previous episode]
Tyra: So the real Jenah who she really is is on the other side of that wall!
[back to the present]
Tyra: You just did.

Tyra: [to Chantal and Saleisha] America's Next Top Model is... Saleisha!