America's Next Top Model (season 11)

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Originally aired September 3 – November 19, 2008.

The Notorious Fierce Fourteen [11.1]


[ShaRaun screams in excitement upon meeting the judges; Tyra looks at her in bewilderment while Jay Manuel laughs]
Tyra: [to ShaRaun] Are you convinced you've already won?
ShaRaun: [to Tyra] I know it, Tyra.
Tyra: [to ShaRaun] Ooh! Tell me why!
ShaRaun: [to Tyra] Because I am America's Next Top Model. You guys just don't know it yet! [J Alexander shakes his head]
Jay: [to ShaRaun] Who's your favorite fashion designer? I'm just curious.
ShaRaun: [to Jay] I would not know because that's something that's not accessible to me.
Tyra: [to ShaRaun] I think it's a shame that you can't name five fashion designers.
ShaRaun: [to Tyra] That's why I need to be on America's Next Top Model!
Tyra: [to ShaRaun] No! We're not here to educate you about the fashion industry. We're here to teach you what a fashion magazine can't teach you.

J Alexander: [to Analeigh] Tell me a little bit about your...Saudi Arabian price tag.
Analeigh: A woman approached me, and said that she was representing an agency, and that if I ever considered modeling, she'd like me to work for her, and it was opening soon.
Tyra: And did you get signed to an "agency", or...?
Analeigh: Well, I was never signed to the agency because they never started it. They always said, "Oh, it'll be starting soon! Just come meet all!" So, one night, I went out to dinner with them, and here's...a prince. And all of a sudden, I was his dinner date. And I was really uncomfortable with this, and then I started getting phone calls and messages being like, "Well, you need to come to Saudi Arabia with us. He wants to make you his wife."
Tyra: So were you sold?
Analeigh: Yeah, what happens is, they have recruits in America, and so these men go to the recruits, a certain amount of money for a girl.
Tyra: I'm glad that you go out of it, and that you're safe.
Analeigh: Yes!
Tyra: Okay, thank you!
Analeigh: Thank you so much!

Tyra: [to everyone] The first girl to enter Cycle 11 is... ...Sheena! [Sheena gasps and screams] Uh huh! Congratulations!
Sheena: [to Tyra] Thank you.

Tyra: [to everyone] The next name I am going to call is... Hey! Nikeysha! Hey!
Nikeysha: [to Tyra] Just give me a minute. Hooh! Hey!

Top Model Inauguartion [11.2]


Nikeysha: [to ShaRaun] You've been disconnected!

Brittany: [to Isis] How do you hide?! You had a swimsuit on!
Isis: [to Brittany] The magic of tape.
ShaRaun: [in confessional about Isis] Isis is over the top. America's Next Top Model is not gonna be a drag queen. I'm sorry, it's not!

ShaRaun: [to Paulina] Hi, Paulina. Let me start by introducing myself. My name is ShaRaun. I am America's Next Top Model!
Paulina: [to ShaRaun] Oh, really?
ShaRaun: [to J Alexander] My name is ShaRaun, and I am America's Next Top Model!
J Alexander: [to ShaRaun] Okay, so I can just skip this because you have it in the bag!
ShaRaun: [to J Alexander] Yes! [in confessional] I'm very confident with myself, but I don't want anyone to read it as being, like, cocky or arrogant. [to Nigel] My name is ShaRaun. I am America's Next Top Model!
Nigel: [to ShaRaun] Wow! So what do you think is the big difference between a beauty queen and becoming America's Next Top Model?
ShaRaun: [to Nigel] A beauty queen wants to save the world and wants world peace.
Nigel: [to ShaRaun] Okay, I love the way you said, "world peace" as if that was horrible. [in confessional about ShaRaun] I only met her for a couple of minutes, but she left me wondering who she was, where she'd come from, and...perhaps where she's going.

Brittany: [to Isis] Damn, Isis, you need to shave. She needs some heat to burn off all that hair!
Isis: [notices the other girls snickering while doing her photoshoot] I would not do that! Don't do that!

Nikeysha: [after surviving the first bottom two, gives a silent "Hey!" to Tyra and the judges before going to comfort ShaRaun who is crying about getting eliminated] I'm so sorry! [waves and calls over the top twelve girls who survived elimination to help comfort ShaRaun] Come here!
ShaRaun: [crying to everyone] Hah! I wanted this so bad!
Tyra: [to Nikeysha] So when you get a critique, you're going to listen and take it in right?
Nikeysha: [to Tyra] I know I talk too much. Sorry.
Tyra: [to Nikeysha] You're still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model.
Nikeysha: [to Tyra] Thank you.
Tyra: [to ShaRaun] I know you wanted this. Really, really badly but it's not just about wanting it. You have to be real so that's something you're going to have to work on. You give me a hug. [hugs ShaRaun]

The Ladder of Model Success [11.3]


Nikeysha: [in confessional] I want to win this challenge. No. I don't just want to. I really do need to win this challenge. Plus I really do need to have that bag. The bag is really cute. Haha.

Nikeysha: [to Isis] Isis you know I love you girl! And every time it's always something bigger and I'm completely understand, I guess I'm gonna be an anesthesiologist.

Tyra: [to Nikeysha] This is Isis' moment.

You're Beautiful, Now Change [11.4]


Tyra: [to Brittany] It's there we see it. It's just not being reflected.

Fierce Eyes [11.5]


Elina: I’ve let so much out and I’ve learned so much about myself. That to me is worth it and that it me is the most important thing.

Jay Manuel: She finally stepped up her game! Sometimes it pays off to be in the bottom two because you wake right up!

Analeigh: I finally was a model!

Jeremy Scott: It's not your show! You're not a rockstar!

Tyra: The designer was so insulted by what you did on that runway! He was disgusted and being a model is all about being hired by a fashion desginer and not insulting them.

Natural Beauty [11.6]


Tyra: [about Clark] She gives a great picture and then she gives a bad picture which makes it in the middle!

Fiercee Awards [11.7]


Lauren Brie: [to everyone] Bye, girls! Good luck!

Top Model 11 Confidential [11.8]


Now You See Me, Now You Don't [11.9]


[Marjorie and Analeigh hear Elina and Samantha do mocking impersonations of Sheena as she makes teriyaki sauce in the kitchen]
Analeigh: [to Samantha] That could possibly be offensive.
Samantha: [to Analeigh] What could possibly be offensive?
Analeigh: [to Samantha] Some of the accents you do, you gotta a little careful.
Samantha: [to Analeigh] I don't think I'm offending anybody.
Sheena: [to Samantha] I'm Asian and I'm not even offended. It's for fun!
Samantha: [to Marjorie, who is staring hard at her] What's that look for?
Elina: Who, Marjorie?
Samantha: Yeah!
Sheena: [in confessional] That, for me, was the last straw. You got anything to say, we're right here! [to Elina] Throughout these past days, you guys have been a certain way with us, and since that conversation happened on the bus, things changed here.
Elina: [to Sheena] Yeah, since you insulted us.
Sheena: [to Elina] Bottom line is we all come from some sort of background, whether we have been repressed, whether we have been racially criticized! Stop putting it on being European! Grow out of it, come out the shell!
Elina: [to Sheena] I prefer being criticized for my performance than because of my way.
Sheena: [to Elina] I'm not here to criticize. I get asked questions. Like, for instance, you won the challenge. Congratulations. But at the same time, this is a holiday spread, and it's a story. You don't believe in holidays! You're feeling conflicted with this, like...
Elina: [to Sheena] No.
Sheena: [to Elina] It's a Christmas story. Just saying one thing and then you're gonna do another...
Marjorie: [to Elina] She's calling you a hypocrite.
Sheena: [to Elina] I'm asking you, "What are your beliefs on that?"
Elina: [to Sheena] Okay, you know what? Honestly, this is the silliest thing I've ever heard in my life.
Sheena: [to Elina] How is it silly?
Elina: [to Sheena] Because it's my personal...
Sheena: [to Elina] No, it's because you don't know how to answer it!
Elina: [to Sheena] Are you kidding me?!
Marjorie: [in confessional with Elina] They're obviously bitter about not winning, and they're trying to pinpoint Elina as...kind of a beneficiary of something she doesn't deserve.
Elina: [to Sheena] Are you five?
Sheena: [to Elina] Are you finished?!
Elina: [to Sheena] Are you finished?!

Elina: [in confessional] I am here to win!

Tyra : [to Analeigh upon seeing the CoverGirl commercial] Girl, that is the best CoverGirl commercial I have seen in the history of America’s Next Top Model!

Tyra : [to the other judges when deliberating about Analeigh] I was blown away. So blown away that I fell on Nigel's sexy shoulder! I got a little feel!

Tyra: [to Marjorie] The petite French girls is going to Holland!

Tyra: [to Joslyn] For someone to be so sick and still to perform, that's a survivor...
Sheena: [quietly to Joslyn] Come on, Joslyn. Come on.
Tyra: [to Joslyn whilst flipping over Elina's photo] ... and Joslyn, you'll be able to survive this. [to Elina] Elina! [Elina gasps]
Elina: [to Tyra] Oh my gosh!

Planes, Trains and Slow Automobiles [11.10]


Jay : This is when you go hallelujah! Literally! Analeigh finally brought the skater to set and used it to her advantage. You go supermodel!

Tyra: [to Elina and Sheena] So who stays in this competition? [flips over Elina's photo] Elina. [Elina turns around and hugs Sheena]
Sheena: [to Elina] Good job!
Elina: [to Tyra] Oh my gosh.

Sheena: There’s never gonna be another Sheena. I’m not gonna be forgotten.

The Final Five [11.11]


Analeigh: [in confessional about trying to navigate through Amsterdam during the go-see challenge] I was completely confused and I’m like trying to read the signs and it’s like habbersticktingstein and then I would look and there was laubersricktingstein, no habbersticktingstein!

Analeigh: [during the go-see challenge] God I just want this so badly because if I win this challenge it means that international designers see something in me and that I can get hired.

Hans Ubbink: [about Analeigh] This is great. She was really there and presenting herself right from the start, which I think is a good thing.

Analeigh: [in confessional about McKey, Elina, Samantha and Marjorie] If the other girls don’t see me as competition, I’m just gonna use it as inspiration. I’ve got to prove them wrong. Prove that I am America’s Next Top Model.

McKey: [to Analeigh, Elina, Samantha and Marjorie] Hey! [in confessional] It's extreme hit on my confidence that I am the girl who is never late and I was late even though I promised myself I would not be late.

Analeigh: [in confessional] I'm not just the pretty girl. I can go out there and book high fashioned jobs.

McKey: [in confessional] I'm not here to win prizes I'm here to be America's Next Top Model.

Good Times & Windmills [11.12]


Analeigh : If you were drunk off your ass, wouldn’t you want someone to look after you?

Jay : See? You give a girl a rake and she becomes a model.

Ann Shipley : [about Analeigh’s photo] Analeigh’s taking flight in this photo. She’s a girl to be reckoned with I think.

America's Next Top Model Is ... [11.13]


Analeigh: [in confessional after getting eliminated twelfth] I’m very upset. But I’m coming out of this a lot stronger, a lot wiser and no regrets. I think regrets are mistakes that you don’t learn from. And everything that I faltered on here I learned from. Therefore I don’t look back in shame of anything, no. I think I did my best and I gave my heart, that’s all I can give.