America's Next Top Model (season 17)

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Nicki Minaj [17.1]


Angelea: [running to the house] Seven one six is back! [opens the door] Hello! Angelea is back! [in confessional] I know I'm an all-star. People know who I am. I was truly the star of Cycle 14. I'm still seven one six. I'm still ghetto. [sipping champagne] But I'm classy ghetto. [in confessional] I just want to be visible to the world and win this competition.

Bianca: [in confessional about Camille] Not today. Not tomorrow. Not any day.

Lisa: [in confessional] I always knew I was a star. I was like, you know, twinkle, twinkle. I'm a star!

Bianca: [in confessional about Lisa’s past] I see Lisa and the first thing I think of is she peed in a diaper. [flashback to Cycle 5 where Lisa is peeing in a diaper, Bre Scullark looks shocked and Nik Pace looks uninterested] Is this somebody that I want to be associated with?
Nicole Linkletter: [in a flashback scene directly to Lisa who is smiling about her actions] I feel disgusted!
Bianca: [in confessional about Lisa on All Stars] I hope she goes home first.

Bre: [to Bianca] My sister!
Bianca: [to Bre] Don't touch me!
Bre: [to Bianca] No!

Camille: [to everyone] Hi everybody!

Brittany: [in confessional after hugging Lisa] I am the party girl. My head is such in a different place right now!

Martin Lindstrom: [to Shannon] When we ask people what brand would describe you, it's kind of boring brands. Are you a boring brand?
Shannon: [to Martin Lindstrom] No. I don't think so.
Martin: [to Shannon] Why do people think you're boring?
Shannon: [to Martin] Probably because on season 1, I said three lines. That I'm a virgin, I don't drink, and I don't smoke.
Angelea: [in confessional] What do you expect? You're boring, bitch!

Brittany: [greeting the audience during the live judging panel] IT'S BRITTANY, BITCH!!

Brittany: [in confessional after getting eliminated first] There's nothing that I could have done differently. People remember you or they don't!

Ashlee Simpson [17.2]


Sheena: [about her makeover] My word is unexpected.

Bianca: I'm coming upstairs just to be myself, and who do I see but Camille and Dominique sitting on the bed talking about me. And as I'm being a friend to them...
Bre: What did they do?
Bianca: It doesn't really matter, it's all irrelevant. Gossip is gossip.
Isis: One elimination, and then their shit gets through.
Bre: And then, shit gets real!
Bianca: [sees Dominique and Alexandria entering her bedroom] What were y'all saying about me when I walked upstairs on y'all? [to Alexandria] Don't give me no deer in the headlights! Let's be honest!
Dominique: Wow! That was deer in the headlights, though.
Bianca: 'Cause she's a follower, it doesn't really matter! I don't appreciate...
Dominique: I'm a grown woman, I don't follow anything. But, I don't know what you're talking about. That's just #1.
Bianca: Put the caution around my bed, 'cause I'm about to go off!
Dominique: [in confessional] Bianca is for sure making an ass out of herself. I mean, come on now. Like, you look stupid!
[Later, Dominique and Camille come downstairs to the kitchen with Lisa and Sheena]
Lisa: What's going on?
Camille: She (Bianca) thinks we said something bad about her. So she's upstairs being candid, thinking that we were talking about her behind her back! Like, we're grown! No!
Lisa: So Bianca just changed into a different personality when she got this? [holds up Bianca's "candid" card; everyone starts laughing]
Camille: [in confessional] Bianca got a word, and so she has to be loud and find a problem with something so that it can create drama. Childish.
Dominique: I don't even know what she's talking about!

Isis: [in confessional imitating Alexandria] "Ugh! I love it!"

Dominique: [in confessional imitating Alexandria] "I'm so happy!" She's like, "Oh my God, you cut my hair! Thank you!" Are you serious?! This girl's a natural actress!

Lisa: [in confessional about her makeover] As I'm sitting there, my hair is up to here. That's when I was like, "Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! This is not okay!" [to Jay Manuel] Do you know how long it takes just to grow an inch?
Jay: Okay, yay. It takes four months to grow hair! For what?! You looked like a dowdy housewife!

Kristin Cavallari [17.3]


Anthony Zuiker [17.4]


La Toya Jackson [17.5]

Lisa: Shannon takes the initiative to be fair because obviously, we all wanna talk to our family. And Bianca gets #10, which means that she's the last one to use the phone.
Shannon: Angelea, I got you one, I got me six. Do you wanna call now, or do you wanna switch?
Bianca: [in confessional] Shannon thought up this brilliant system, but what she failed to do was calculate the time management correctly. So, I go to Shannon, and I'm like, "Hey, Shannon. Are you sure everyone gets twenty minutes?"
Shannon: We leave at 11:45, so we have another hour and a half.
Bianca: I don't think it's going to add up to twenty.
Shannon: You know what? If I have to give up my time for you, then you can take my time, okay? I really don't like to argue, and I've tried my best! Just take my time! I don't–I don't even need it, because I don't like getting yelled at!
Kayla: [in confessional] I think Shannon feels intimidated by Bianca, to begin with, so Shannon, like, had a meltdown.
Shannon: I have a sensitive spirit...
Bianca: [in confessional] So now, the crying Christian is going off, and I'm standing over there like this, "I didn't do it. It wasn't me. I didn't do anything to you, I didn't touch you, I didn't yell at you."
Shannon: I'm willing to give up my time, I don't need it. I don't like to argue, I don't like confrontation...
Bianca: [in confessional] But what I wanted to tell Shannon was, "You can't cry when I'm talking to you because I'm already the villain on television!" [in a flashback scene to Lisa Jackson in Cycle 9] Do you really think America's Next Top Model's gonna be an exotic dancer? Give up, go home!
Lisa Jackson: [in a flashback scene to Bianca in Cycle 9] Don't say that!
Lisa: [back to the present to Bianca] We all want the phone. That's very, very obvious.
Bianca: [in confessional] But before I could ask anything, the big-mouth Lisa, who feels like she's sheriff of Top Model Town, jumps in.
Lisa: [to Bianca] Just because you need to talk to your family more, that doesn't make you more important.
Bianca: [to Lisa] What are you–
Lisa: [to Bianca] What I'm saying is...
Bianca: [to Lisa] Lisa, what are you talking about?!
Lisa: [to Bianca] ...we all want the phone the exact same as everyone else!
Bianca: [to Lisa] There you go again! I just feel like you need to mind your business all the time!
Lisa: [to Bianca] I don't care what you say!
Bianca: [to Lisa] We were talking to each other!
Lisa: [to Bianca] I don't care! [in confessional] Bang, boom, pow! [to Bianca] We all want the same as you! [Laura gets up and leaves the bedroom while Allison looks at Bianca and Lisa from the hallway before walking away together with Laura]
Bianca: [to Lisa] You need to mind your business!
Lisa: [to Bianca] Bianca, I don't give a damn! [in confessional] Bianca tends to be a bully, but she is scared of everything.
Bianca: [to Lisa] You're about thirty years old, and you didn't know how to mind your business.
Lisa: [to Bianca] I don't give a damn about minding my own business! [in confessional] She's scared of water, I'm the deep end. She's scared of dogs, I'm a pitbull. So she better watch her back.
Bianca: [to Lisa] I don't have time for you! [in confessional] I just don't want the nation to see me as a bad person. [to Bre about Lisa] It wasn't even her fight. Celebrity Rehab 4, 5, and 6 is calling her name. I'm done!

Coco Rocha [17.6]


Kathy Griffin [17.7]


Game [17.8]


Nikos Papadopoulos [17.9]


Exploring Greece [17.10]


Highlights [17.11]


Tyra: [voiceover about the very first official elimination in Cycle 18 between Alexandria and Brittany] Alexandria was shaken up by real negative fan reactions but it was Brittany who was not as memorable as the other girls and she was sent home
Brittany: [in confessional after getting eliminated first] There's nothing that I could have done differently. People remember you or they don't!

Tyra: [voiceover about Alexandria in Cycle 16] On her first cycle of Top Model, Alexandria felt misunderstood by the other girls.
[flashback to Cycle 16 where Brittani is telling Molly, Kasia, Mikaela, Jaclyn and Hannah about Alexandria winning the Ford Warriors in Pink Challenge]
Brittani: [to Molly, Kasia, Mikaela, Jaclyn and Hannah about Alexandria] She's so fake!
Alexandria: [to Brittani] I can hear you!
Brittani: [to Alexandria] I don't care if you can hear me!
[to Alexandria]
Tyra: [voiceover about Alexandria in Cycle 17] But she had every hope that this Cycle would be different.
Alexandria: [in confessional] I have a total of thirteen best friends.

Alexandria: [to Bianca] You need to grow up!
Bianca: [to Alexandria] Call me when you become an All Star! [in confessional about Alexandria] Well I watched Alexandria's cycle and getting to know Alexandria I totally get why the girls treated her the way they did.

Tyra: [voiceover about Alexandria getting eliminated in Cycle 17] It was Alexandria's robotic performance that had her "Go! Go! Go!" home!

Tyson Beckford [17.12]


All-Star Finale [17.13]


Tyra: [to Nigel Barker, Andre and Jay Manuel] Well we're back in Los Angeles on the Top Model set and we're here for a special finale that's being conducted under unusual circumstances.
Nigel Barker: [to Tyra, Andre and Jay Manuel] It turns out, our production team and the network learned information from Angelea that disqualifies her from the competition.
Andre: [to Nigel Barker] So what does that mean?
Nigel Barker: [to Tyra, Andre and Jay Manuel] Well it means we're now going to do our final judging with the remaining two girls, and in the interest of fairness, the producers, and the network thought it best to evaluate Allison and Lisa on their own without the added competition of Angelea.