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Benjamin Creme (5 December 1922 - 24 October 2016) was a Scottish artist, author, and esotericist who asserted that the second coming would arrive in the form of Maitreya. Other names for him, according to Creme, are the Christ, the Imam Mahdi, Krishna, and the Messiah. Creme claimed Maitreya is the "Avatar for the Aquarian Age", is omniscient and omnipresent, and lived in London from 19 July 1977.

We are moving into a period of climax, leading to events which will fundamentally alter life as we know it...To some people, this portends the Second Coming of the Christ. To others it is the realisation that only through a profound inner change and readiness for a new direction in our political, economic and social life can humanity survive.
Much of what I have to say is already known, or if not known, easily available. Beginning in 1875, some of this information has already been published in books translated into many languages, and is available to anyone who takes the trouble to read them.
We now have no option but to end war forever because with the nuclear bombs and armament today, we can destroy all life...
See also: The World Teacher for All Humanity (2007)



The State of the World 2010, public lecture in New York City, USA, (July 2010)


Excerpts from lecture

  • This time can be seen as a time when we are experiencing the birth pains of new civilization... It's not me. It's the power of the inner truth of the story...
  • He comes for all people, religious and non-religious alike. He wishes only to be called "the Teacher' because that's what He is.
  • He says 'I have not come to found a new religion. People should continue to evolve within the framework of their own tradition, whatever that happens to be. 'I have come' He said 'to teach humanity the art of self-realization... when you share, you recognize God in your brother... all of us are spiritual beings, souls in incarnation... the soul is aiming to work out it's divine purpose through each of us as individuals.
  • It is competition between nations which has brought us to the very, very harmful condition of our present existence. Throughout the world... and of course more painful in the developing world than even than in the developed world... this is something we can take hold of we can change our minds... our way of thinking. We don't have to be absolutely at the mercy of these piscean ideas of division, of separation.
  • We can think in other terms. The energy of Aquarius is the energy of synthesis. So the energies of Pisces have left us divided... it has given us tremendous qualities... for example of individuality.
  • Two thousand years ago, only a relatively small number of people had what we call... individuality. Others had a kind of herd concept, herd mentation and they were therefore at the mercy always of those who had individuality and they were the leaders, the kings, the chief men, the warriors... who competed and warred and spread around the world their concepts, how to keep what you had and to deny it to others.
  • The fundamental... the basic law of life is the law of cause and effect... the law of Karma as they call it in the east. It was put out by Jesus very simply in His time in a way that would be understood by the farmers... as you sow, so shall you reap... it's the basic law of life.
  • As we think. Moment to moment, as we act... we set into motion causes. Effects stemming from these causes make our lives for good or for ill... individually and socially and globally. So whatever we think has to be harmless.
  • We now have no option but to end war forever because with the nuclear bombs and armament today, we can destroy all life... it's up to us. We have to do it. We have to make the decision.
  • It's obvious that the number one thing we have to do is to get rid of war.
  • Maitreya says 'To get rid of war is not so difficult. It's really very simple. You just have to have a change of heart. That's all. You just have to change your heart.' Send it out to be cleaned... dry cleaned heart... you have to look at life differently. You have to look at your self differently to understand what we're here, what we're here for, why we're in incarnation at all....
  • What's the meaning of life?... what's the purpose? ...Is God cruel and hurts some families by killing babies... allowing other nasty families to grow old...?
  • Many people think there's someone called 'God' who's arranging it all. God doesn't do that. We do the arranging... and we do it through the law of cause and effect. As we think, so we are. As we think... we create the conditions of what we see around us. We all do it. The pain and the suffering of the world is made by us, not by God.
  • God's a completely different idea from most people's vision... Everybody... is God... Creative, rich in ideas, full of love. All of that is there in every single individual... at their very best, but most people are not at their best. Most people are at work... working all day... to get just enough food for their families... to pay the rent... the schooling... and everyone's involved in working for money to live. Are we born for that? Is that what life is about? I suggest that it isn't. It's become that because we have come to wrong conclusions and we have disobeyed the laws of life...
  • The fundamental law of life is the law of cause and effect and therefore we have to be harmless, because if we are destructive, we're destroying the equilibrium of everybody.
  • Most of us think we have to be destructive because our governments are destructive... It's destructive men in governments in the Pentagon.. the White House... the House of Commons and in the various governments who make the laws... and these laws involve war but we cannot afford another war. Another war would destroy all life on earth. So what can we do?.... We only have one option and that is to end war forever.
  • So how to we get at stopping war? We have to create trust. We have to get rid of injustice.
  • America, Russia and China and the states of Europe can be as greedy and selfish and rich and powerful as they are, all of them, and there could be millions of people starving to death, as there are... and you could call it justice... a different kind of justice... to me there's only one kind of justice and that's social justice, it's what happens... between nations of people... there are millions of people starving to death in a world of plenty.... there's a huge surplus of food per capita.
Without sharing there will never be justice. Without justice there will never be peace. Without peace there is no future for us.
Another war would destroy all life on earth. So what can we do?.... We only have one option and that is to end war forever. So how to we get at stopping war? We have to create trust. We have to get rid of injustice.
[We should]... look after the environment... Our energies [should] be spent in making it healthy again.
  • Sharing is just distributing it more sanely, more humanly. Nations... have fantastic... qualities of life but don't seem to think that other people have the same rights to... that quality of life. Why not? Because they are members of small countries who are not rich? But the world is rich! There is a huge quality of abundance in the world.... tremendous quality, if the food were distributed... not one child in the world would need to suffer starvation... people die in the millions, for want of the food that is rotting away in the storehouses of the developed world.'s insane, but it's true... the world is divided by those who think they have the right to everything and those who have no rights to anything.... there will never be peace if there isn't justice.
There will come a time when humanity will look back on this time as the 'barbarian age'. So far from the possible ideal is the present dying civilization that future men will wonder how, and for so long, were we able to sustain it.
We are entering a new era, a new cosmic cycle... the Age of Aquarius... Countless millions throughout the world will awaken to the true purpose of their lives. A deeper, more soundly-based attitude to life will develop and people will... come to understand the purpose of their incarnation, and, more and more, they will take a conscious part in their own evolution, creating modes of freedom and justice which this world has never before seen.
Anything which is towards the betterment of humanity is fundamentally spiritual; it is not only a religious thing...
There is no reason to believe that man is alone in the universe. There is, on the contrary, every reason to believe that there exists, behind all outer appearances, an immense Consciousness to which we give the name of God.
For most people, creativeness is a dream, something that died in childhood, before they even had a chance to be creative... People who have the opportunity, the education, and the background, financial or otherwise, to be creative are the relatively few; they are the lucky ones.
One-third of the world... usurp and greedily waste three-quarters of the world’s food, and some 83 per cent of all other resources [...] the result of greed, lack of compassion, and complacency. It is unfair and extraordinarily dangerous for the security of the world.
To be spiritual really means to take in the world as a whole, to think in global terms. This is needed above all at the present time.
The tensions existing in this discrepancy of living standards have within them the seeds of a third world war. That war would be nuclear and would destroy all life on the planet.
The Emperor Justinius... forced the Church Fathers to get rid of... [the teachings about reincarnation & rebirth]. In the 6th century it was taken out of the Bible
The political and economic transformation which will be initiated as a result of Maitreya’s and the Masters’ presence will free humanity from age-old inhibitions and limitations, and galvanize it into a great leap forward in consciousness. Conscious, meaningful living will replace the present confusion, doubt and fear. A confident, courageous willingness to explore both inner and outer worlds will supplant the present weakening cynicism and make possible the evolutionary advance...the emergence of a new and better civilization and of a new and better humanity.

A new civilization dawns. The emergence of the World Teacher and the role of UFOs (8 May 2010)


Lecture in Tokyo, Japan. Full video (84 mins, 36 seconds)

There is an interplanetary parliament...All the planets have their representatives in the interplanetary parliament... Maitreya [has]focused for the other planets, the aims and the problems of Earth. It was concluded that an extraordinary movement of succor of help for the Earth had to be mounted by as many of the planets as wished to.
  • Now there are 14 masters plus Maitreya... That is one group of helpers which come to help humanity get through this difficult period between the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius... The other group, another major group are the Masters who come from some of the  other planets of our own system.... This system  like all systems is a cohesive unit. All the planets are related and all carry on their work in relation to the Plans of our own sun. Our sun is the center of this solar system and there is an interplanetary force, interplanetary being relationship at the center of this system as a whole, and the spiritual masters of this planet are in the closest contact with the spiritual identities in each of the planets of our system. There is an interplanetary parliament of which our Spiritual Hierarchy and Maitreya is the expression of this planet. All the planets have their representatives in the interplanetary parliament. At that parliament, Maitreya focused for the other planets,  the aims and the problems of Earth. It was concluded that an extraordinary movement of succor of help for the Earth had to be mounted by as many of the planets as wished to.  It is not without reason the first evidence of what came to be called flying saucers, UFOs... happened soon after the end of the war. (43:36)
  • In 1945-46... & so on... ordinary airline pilots, crew & passengers would see  would see outside their planes... these extraordinary dome shaped... ships... and no one knew where they came from... no one knew what they were. In the beginning most the... governments thought... the Russians thought they were made by the Americans. The Americans thought they were made by the Russians... no one knew precisely how they came to be there, what they were doing and how they had this extraordinary freedom of the air, this ability to appear and disappear and to go at fantastic speeds way out of sight of the planes that they had stood beside for a few minutes... For a few years it was an unexplainable phenomenon. We made jokes about it. Flying saucers... no one knew... 
  • In 1953 a book was published by... Desmond Leslie called "Flying Saucers Have Landed"...  traced the history... of flying saucers, UFOs...  down through the centuries... for hundreds and hundreds... thousands of years.. He had done tremendous amount of research and  found that the phenomenon of flying saucers was pretty well universal and had existed on and off for thousands of years...  then an American man called George Adamski came on the scene...  it was arranged that they (space brothers & Adamski) met in the desert in eastern California... he made the story known. Desmond Leslie heard about it, they met & they published this book together, "Flying Saucers Have Landed" the last chapter which is about a meeting in the desert of GA with a man who... claimed to have come from the planet venus.   Meanwhile there was  group of Americans set back half a mile or so away who watched the whole scene through binoculars and could bear testimony to the event... Adamski became very well known... travelled the world & gave lectures....the idea of people coming from other planets was extraordinary... (50:33)
The... United Nations Assembly... is slowly but surely bringing the nations together. We see the limitations... but the United Nations' agencies are doing tremendous work all over the world... One should not underestimate that contribution to world need which the nations, jointly, are making.
This planet is a conscious part of a solar system which acts together, which has a parliament for all the planets... The beings coming in the... UFOs are  100% friendly... on a powerful deep spiritual mission to help humanity... avoid self destruction thru nuclear war and... to aid  & guide in every way possible those who can respond to them and who are not afraid of them...
  • The governments of the world who are responsible for the covering up for over 60 years of the truth about UFOs, flying saucers... kept from the public the vital information that this planet is a conscious part of a solar system which acts together, which has a parliament for all the planets... The beings coming in the... UFOs are  100% friendly, 100% on a powerful deep spiritual mission to help humanity A) to avoid self destruction thru nuclear war and B) to aid  & guide in every way possible those who can respond to them and who are not afraid of them.. and are aware that they are friendly  55:17, that they have never harmed a soul on planet earth... And yet have constructed against them mainly by the American government and its agencies, not necessarily by the American government, but by the agencies of the American administration a series of lies, of innuendos, of blinds which have made even the strongest awareness of and contact with UFOs such a nonsense to the majority that most people are too afraid or too embarrassed, too shy to do anything about it. And yet it is one of the great happenings  in our life today that we are being helped in a great spiritual mission... (56:37)   

The Awakening of Humanity (2008)

Full text online
  • The Awakening of Humanity is intended as a companion volume to The World Teacher for All Humanity published in 2007. That book focused on the nature of Maitreya, the World Teacher: His extraordinary capacity to express the qualities of wisdom and love as a great Spiritual Avatar, as well as a friend and brother of us all. The Awakening of Humanity focuses on the day when Maitreya declares Himself openly as World Teacher for the age of Aquarius.
  • The achievements of the age, the aspirations of the millions, the readiness to share, the aid agencies, organizations like the United Nations and the various international groupings which, behind the scenes, unite people with people and give a sense of internationalism and co-operation, will be maintained and will grow; they can only flourish in the new situation. But those which stand in the way, those narrow, nationalistic structures based on competition, market forces and greed, will find it impossible to stand against the “onslaught of the new”, the ideas of the new time.
The world stock market crash... will reorient the governments of all countries... After the crash, the first duty of governments will be to feed people with the right food. Their second duty will be to ensure adequate housing. Health and education will be the next priorities. Investment along these lines in other parts of the world will follow, and lastly, defense. In short, the crash will lead to a reordering of priorities.
  • First to go will be the world’s stock markets. They are, as Maitreya has said, about to crash. They will come down because they stand in the way of right relationship. They really bear no relation to the needs even of trade between countries. They are an anachronism, what Maitreya calls, very accurately, “gambling casinos” which have no part to play in the future time, at least in their present form.
  • When the world stock markets collapse — as soon as it is obvious that they are on their final plunge — Maitreya will emerge. He will take up an invitation to appear on a major television network in the United States. The invitation has already been issued, but Maitreya will determine the timing... After the initial interview, all the networks will want to interview Him. However, He will not be introduced as Maitreya or the Christ, but simply as a man of extraordinary wisdom and love.
  • Since the time is short indeed till mankind sees the Christ, it would be wise to consider, somewhat, the likely repercussions of that momentous event. Firstly, men will awaken to a new situation, one altogether unfamiliar and strange: nothing similar will have been the experience of anyone alive; no one, anywhere, will have heard before the thoughts broadcast on that day of days. Never, before, will men have heard the call to their divinity, the challenge to their presence here on Earth. Each, singly, and solemnly alone, will know for that time the purpose and meaning of their lives, will experience anew the grace of childhood, the purity of aspiration cleansed of self. For these precious minutes, men will know afresh the joy of full participation in the realities of Life, will feel connected one to another, like the memory of a distant past. Suddenly, men will realize that their life till now was a shallow thing, lacking, for the majority, all that makes life dear: brotherhood and justice, creativeness and love.
  • Many will know for the first time that they count, that they matter in the scheme of things. An unfamiliar sense of self-esteem will replace their present hopelessness; drugs of all kinds will cease their hold on men. Quietly, men’s tears will flow in humble gratitude and longing for the good.
  • A new spirit of sanctity will prevail upon the Earth; men will walk on tiptoe for a time. Soon, however, men will realize that the changes needed in the world are vast, manifold, requiring patience and dedication, imagination and trust. Before long, men everywhere will engage themselves in the work of reconstruction, the rehabilitation of the world.
  • Succour for the poor and hungry will take pride of place, and so will end for ever a blasphemy in men’s midst: millions will know for the first time the quiet happiness of satisfied need – no more will the dying forms of the starving disgrace the screens of the affluent; no longer will men watch their brothers dying before their eyes. So will end a dark chapter in the history of the race.
  • Maitreya does not come as a religious teacher, but as a spiritual teacher. We have to broaden our idea of what ‘spiritual’ is. We have to spiritualize every aspect of our lives.
  • The problem is the commercialization of all aspects of life. We say it in two words — market forces. Market forces are the excuse for everything that we do. Maitreya says commercialization is more dangerous to the world than an atomic bomb.
  • Maitreya will present to the world a choice: to continue as we are, in the old, greedy, selfish, very human ways, and destroy ourselves, or to demonstrate at last the divine potential in every person by grasping the realities of life: the fact of the oneness of the soul; of the oneness, therefore, of humanity as a group of souls in incarnation. This will be a revelation for most of humanity.
  • He will talk about the needs of the world: the fact of the starving millions, “a blasphemy in men’s midst”, as the Master calls it. He will show that problem to be the first priority awaiting a renewed and regenerated humanity. He will show that without addressing the problem of hunger and starvation in the midst of plenty we will never take one step forward in the demonstration of the divinity of which He is giving people a sense, perhaps for the first time.
  • When a Master (of Wisdom) says “All will be well”, He means that and says it to remove fear. Fear prevents action and if you have the conviction that all will be well you can work free from the fear which inhibits your action. It does not mean that you don’t have to act at all, on the contrary. The more you have trust and are free from fear, the more useful and large in scope can be your action. Trust and complacency are miles apart. If you have trust, you cannot be complacent. If you are complacent, then you do not have trust.

The Art of Living: Living within the Laws of Life (2006)

  • Like painting and music or any other art... living requires the understanding of and adherence to the laws and rules under which the art can flourish. This essentially new concept of living relates it to the great Law of Cause and Effect (the Law of Karma in the East) and the connected Law of Rebirth, the basic laws of our planetary existence. The correct understanding and following of these two laws are prerequisites for the creation of harmlessness in every sphere of our lives and thus also for the creation of right human relations, itself the prerequisite for human happiness. Preface
  • Historically, the evolution of humanity would seem to be one of almost constant warfare, aggression and hatred. With the discovery of the atomic bomb we have perfected our ability to destroy each other in large numbers and at great distances. Is this destructiveness, then, the true, essential nature of man? And if not, why has he behaved so consistently as if it were? The answer lies in man’s unique position in the evolution of the kingdoms on Earth, the meeting point of spirit and matter. Man, in essence, is an immortal soul, divinely perfect, immersed in matter. For long ages in the incarnational process, the inertia of the matter aspect precludes any significant expression of the soul’s perfection. Eventually, the innate aspiration of man draws him upwards and onwards until the two poles of his nature gradually come together and are resolved in total union. Preface
  • Before long, a great change will take place in our approach to life. Out of the chaos of the present time will emerge a new understanding of the meaning underlying our existence and every effort will be made to express our awareness of that meaning in our daily lives... This will bring about a complete transformation of society: a new livingness will characterize our relationships and institutions; a new freedom and sense of joy will replace the present fear. Above all else, mankind will come to realize that living is an art, based on certain laws, requiring the function of the intuition for correct expression. p. 12
  • Since time immemorial, men have known of, and expected the coming of, a great teacher, an outstanding man of wisdom and revealed truth. Cyclically, age after age, have these Great Ones come forth. Today is no exception to this cosmic law. As the new era dawns, men stand expectant as never before for a sight of the Great Teacher Who, though they know it not, is already in men’s midst. p. 24
  • Throughout the planet, old and young, poor and rich, make ready for His Announcement, His Declaration of Mission and Purpose, His tryst with mankind. As the old century and era wind to their close, men’s minds are quickening to the new energies which will fashion the forms of the new civilization and impose their qualities on the consciousness of men. These qualities – of synthesis and fusion, tolerance and goodwill, harmlessness and brotherly love – will, in time, bring the race of men to the manifestation of its destined glory. Thus shall it be, and thus shall men enter again into their age-old Covenant with the Divine. p.24
  • Men will learn and understand the subtle laws which govern their lives: the basic law of life, the Law of Karma, of Cause and Effect, which controls the destiny of all; the related Law of Rebirth, which makes possible the journey of the Soul in matter; the Law of Harmlessness, which governs right relationship, and the great Law of Sacrifice by which all evolution proceeds. Through an understanding of these laws, men will come to resemble their Mentors, their Elder Brothers, and to demonstrate the Divinity shared by all. They will hearken to the teaching of the Wise Ones and, step by step, inherit their Birthright. Men are born to become Gods and nought can change that destiny; the timing, only, lies in men’s hands. Soon the world will know that the One for Whom men wait is now among us. p. 25
  • Co-operation is harmless. Lack of co-operation, which is competition, is in its very nature harmful. Yet every young American is brought up to believe that competition is the wellspring of life itself. It is not. It is harmful and degrading to the human spirit. It is corrupting and divisive, and the opposite, therefore, of harmless, incurring thereby the Law of Karma. p. 45
  • The art of living will provide the greatest freedom for the greatest number of people, the greatest opportunities for the greatest number of people, the greatest degree of justice for the greatest number of people. That is the art of living. When, in everything that we do – whether as ordinary individuals or in charge of great enterprises – we create conditions in which the greatest number of people find good, the Common Good is exalted, maintained and strengthened. That is what the art of living is about. p. 59
  • The Sword of Cleavage, curiously enough, is the reality, but maybe not the one you expect. The Sword of Cleavage is really the energy of love. The energy of love is the sword which creates cleavage in the world. Cleavage is difference, separation, and yet, when we understand it, that energy is released to the world by Maitreya Who is the Avatar of Love. He releases that love in the world and it stimulates everybody without exception, the good, the bad, the altruistic, the selfish, the greedy, the unselfish, and so on. Everybody is stimulated. The energy itself is purely impersonal, it is neither good nor bad. It is an energy which stimulates, it brings together all peoples, and even the particles of matter which hold the world together. The particles of matter in our body are held together by that same energy. It is God the Son, the Christ aspect, the Consciousness aspect. That energy of love holds and binds together the particles of matter without which there would be no world, and when it is released in a mass way, as it has been for many years, it creates the Sword of Cleavage. p.101
  • It stimulates the good, and people look at the good and see the good, but it also stimulates the bad, and people look at the bad, and see the bad... But at the same time, if they would look with educated eyes they would see a new world, they would see differences: more tolerance, new ideas, people like Nelson Mandela released after 27 years in prison, the end of apartheid, the reunification of Germany, the division into autonomous states in the Soviet Union where ‘unity’ was imposed by an elite on the people of Russia. The world has dramatically changed.... All of this is the action of the Law of Love. This creates the Sword of Cleavage so that humanity will see clearly what the choice is: do we share and recreate the world, make it possible for all people to live together in peace and plenty, “where no man lacks; where no two days are alike; where the Joy of Brotherhood manifests through all men”, as Maitreya said.. Or do we continue with the corruption and misery and eventually see the annihilation of our world? p. 102
  • Maitreya will emphasize this and people will see clearly. But people can see clearly even today. As far as Maitreya is concerned they are already seeing the choice which we have to make: between sharing and justice for everyone or a growing distance between peoples and a war which would destroy all life. That is the Sword of Cleavage.
  • The pairs of opposites have never been clearer: gross materialism, stock exchanges reeling because of overwhelming greed, and at the same time people dying in millions from starvation.
  • Maitreya’s Sword of Cleavage forces humanity to make a choice: to share or die. He states it clearly: “Men must share or die. There is no other course.” When it dawns on us that we share or we die, of course we will accept to share and that will create the conditions in which all can live in peace.
  • Without spiritual tension we would not have the spiritual insight. The spiritual insight which we have we probably think comes from books or from hearing people speak. This we call our spiritual ideas and ideals. We live our life in relation to these, but pay not too much heed to the idea of spiritual tension. How do we know that these spiritual ideas and ideals are not themselves simply illusion? We can only recognize illusion from the spiritual insight which comes as a result of building up a spiritual tension. Spiritual tension is not continuous in most people throughout their lives. It is not something we are given and once we have it, we have it. It is like a clock which constantly needs winding up... The spiritual batteries have likewise to be wound up and this is the value of meditation...
  • Spiritual tension is the outcome of spiritual aspiration and service – meditation, or work connected with the emergence of Maitreya and the Masters, work which has a spiritual ideal as the generating energy for the work. The spiritual tension reaches a point which can then be seen in some creativity, when creativity is the result, when you have built up the spiritual tension to a point when the pressure forces you into spiritual action. And it is action. It is not going around with a lovely sense of yourself as a ‘spiritual person’. It is nothing to do with that; that is mainly glamour. This sense that one is a spiritual person, always looking slightly upwards, rolling the eyes and always talking quietly, never laughing out loud, only in a genteel manner, never saying anything strong or rude, or conflicting with other people, being ‘spiritual’ – that is glamour. Even the idea of ‘being spiritual’ is a glamour. If you are spiritual you do not think about it. p. 189
  • The spiritual batteries are charged by spiritual thoughts and spiritual thoughts are creativity. It is not thinking nice thoughts; it is being creative in whatever manner one is creative. That builds up spiritual tension. Meditation builds up spiritual tension, especially Transmission Meditation. It is action of a spiritual nature, and I do not mean that as what is normally called ‘good’ action – of course it will be good if it is spiritual action. But it does not have to be self-consciously good or ‘spiritual’. It is action for the good of the world. Whatever transforms the world into a better state; every such action is spiritual whether it is on the physical, emotional, mental, or soul plane. Whatever brings the person or humanity as a whole to a higher level is fundamentally spiritual. p. 191

Maitreya's Teachings - The Laws of Life (2005)

  • We do not have even fragments of the teachings of former World Teachers given prior to certain knowledge of Their existence. We do not have the teachings of a Christ, or a Buddha, or a Krishna, except seen through the eyes of later followers. For the first time we are given the flavor of the thoughts and insights of a Being of immeasurable stature to enable us to understand the path of evolution stretching ahead of us which He has come to outline for us. The impression left in the mind by the Teacher is that the breadth and depth of His knowledge and awareness have no limits; that He is tolerant and wise beyond conception, and of amazing humility.
  • Few could read from these pages without being changed. To some the extraordinary insights into world events will be of major interest, while to others the laying bare of the secrets of self-realization, the simple description of experienced truth, will be a revelation. To anyone seeking to understand the Laws of Life, these subtle and pregnant insights will take them quickly to the core of Life itself, and provide them with a simple path stretching to the mountain-top. The essential unity of all life is underscored in a clear and meaningful way. Never, it would appear, have the laws by which we live seemed so natural and so unconstraining.
  • The new energy affects everyone — Everyone is being affected by the new energy pouring into the world. Those who believed in political, religious and philosophical systems have become disillusioned because they have failed to bring peace, prosperity and happiness. You can only solve the problems of the world with a sense of realism that is not clouded by ideology or market forces.
  • The Middle East — Although the people are being made aware by the new energy, it is being blocked by political attitudes that cling to the past. This blockage is being flushed out in a wave of destruction.Political and religious leaders are confounded by events. But out of this confusion will come an awareness that will strike the people and create in them an aura of expectancy. People will begin looking for direction, guidance and understanding.
  • Awareness and children — Awareness will be respected in the home and in the school as a sacred, God given gift. Awareness is the mother of creation. Awareness can never be divided, nor imposed. Textbooks cannot describe it, because there is no beginning nor end to it. Awareness can only be experienced. To inspire a very young child to look for God is undivine, because in this way you create isms. Awareness is a seed in all creation and in every individual. If you allow the child to have his natural growth, you will allow his awareness to grow; the child will enjoy normal life and will not be dogmatic. In awareness you do not possess children, yet they come closer to you. Even now, children as young as nine or 10 are raising funds to feed the hungry. Imagine what they will be like when they are tomorrow’s citizens. Children can do it. Politicians cannot do it.
  • Life after death — Life in the universe is absolute; in creation it is always relative. That is why people should not cry at death; it is not something horrible or ghastly. Their friends and loved ones have simply returned to their homeland. The books and writings received by writers through channelled sources are a sign that this message about life on the other side of death is beginning to get through to humanity.
  • The human race is now being inspired to experience a feeling of awareness. People will not be able to explain it. They just know that they feel different about life.
  • Third World debt — The debt will be written off. There is no possibility of doing anything else. There is no way in which this debt can be recovered. It is not through an increased burden on taxpayers in creditor nations that the solution will be found to this dilemma. Instead, money which has hitherto been spent on defense will be found to meet this situation. Defense will no longer be the first priority as tensions begin to decrease around the world.
  • You and I are One — Whoever, whatever, wherever you are, tread the divine water of cleanliness which is detachment. I have not come to teach you anything new. Be honest to yourself, sincere to yourself, and be detached. This method is so simple, so sweet, it is free from religions, ideologies, politics. It makes one experience who one is. Fulfill your role, yet be free.

The Art of Co-operation (2002)



  • Part One... discusses at length the opposing ways of approaching and dealing with life: co-operating or competing. It traces the competitive spirit back to the animal kingdom and shows its gradual replacement by co-operation as humanity advances. Many of the problems of the modern world are seen in this context and co-operation is shown as the way, in line with our soul’s intent, to solve them.
  • Part Two, ‘The Problem of Glamour’, tackles the ever present problem of illusion — glamour is illusion on the astral/emotional plane. It is shown as the fog that hides the truth of reality from most of humanity and causes the pain and suffering of the world. Under the impact of new and powerful energies these glamours are now focused as never before, leading eventually to a great leap forward in human evolution as we free ourselves from their age-old grip.
  • Part Three, ‘Unity’, presents the idea of unity from an entirely new standpoint: as the fundamental state which all of us, knowingly or not, are seeking, since it reflects the identity and inter-relation of all atoms in cosmos. Co-operation is seen as an aspect of unity, and essential for its creation. Co-operation and unity are shown as soul qualities, more and more in evidence as humanity grasps the reality of life; and as prerequisites for solving the many problems facing us today. With the teaching and example of Maitreya and His group of Masters to inspire us, we are left in no doubt that we shall overcome these problems and continue joyfully on our journey of evolution.

Part One, The Art of Co-operation

  • More and more, men are beginning to understand the severity of the problems which face them today. On all fronts — political, economic and social — these problems multiply and cause much heartache and sad shaking of heads. Add to these the environmental problems which man’s cavalier attitude to nature and its resources has engendered, and the future for mankind looks bleaker still. The realization is dawning that mankind’s life is in crisis and that something radical must be done before it is too late.
  • Men must release themselves from the poison of competition, must realize it for the glamour which it is, and, seeing the Oneness of all men, embrace co-operation for the General Good. Only co-operation and justice will save men from a disaster of their own making; co-operation and justice alone will guarantee their future.

  • The era of competition is fast coming to an end. With its demise, violence and war, starvation amid plenty, greed and separation, will likewise fade from the memory.
  • The world is divided into two groups: those who are holding on to the old greedy and selfish nationalistic systems and who thus represent the reactionary forces of the world, and those who are opening to the new incoming energies of Aquarius, and who are looking for a way of brotherhood and co-operation, a realization of the interdependence that results from the fact that we are one humanity.
  • If we look back at our history, we can think of competition as it relates to the animal kingdom. It is natural for animals to compete for food in the struggle for survival... But we are not just animals. Although we owe our bodies and certain of our instincts to the animal kingdom, we are souls in incarnation. As souls, something other than competition comes into play in the relationships between men and men, between groups, between nations... With the advent of agrarian civilizations, the necessity for competition diminished. Competition in terms of warfare still took place very often, but the very fact of turning to settled agrarian culture led man away from the necessity of chasing each other, or animals, for the pot. A different aspect evolved: co-operation. Tribes grew in size, little market towns grew up, trading took place... You cannot build a town or a trading station without co-operation. You cannot enlarge the range of human activities and become creative without cooperation. If some are digging the soil, it allows others to build the houses. If some are building the houses, it allows others to play the flute or the harp. These differentiations and specializations enrich human society, civilization and culture. Without the spirit of co-operation none of that richness can be fostered. It needs the sense of oneself as part of a group, a community, brothers and sisters sharing the resources of a particular place, and enjoying, therefore, the fruits of this cooperative interaction.
  • We have arrived at a point today where, in practical, material terms, the world is probably richer than it has ever been. There are more products per capita in the world than at any time in human history. Never has there been felt the need for so many things. Never have there been so many storehouses bulging full with products. We have reached a point of massive overproduction, which takes co-operation to produce but has led to a sustained attack on each other in the competition to sell each other these goods
  • What makes karma a major problem for people is their inability to deal with it, to recognize their own responsibility for it, and to do something about it. Most people blame their problems on other people or on circumstances: it was their upbringing, the fact that their parents did not love them, or got divorced, or left them wanting, or that their husband left them, or did not leave them. All these experiences are shed onto someone else, but of course it is all to do with karma, our own responsibility.
  • We have to learn to deal with karma equably and say: “That’s life; it is, simply, life. C’est la vie.”...What holds us back in evolution is the karma which is always sitting on our shoulders and is not burnt away in the fire of service. Burn up the karma in the fire of service and you will go...
  • Our maturity is evidenced by our beginning to take responsibility for our planet on a global scale, albeit in a very tentative, barely discernible way. We are beginning to realize what we are doing to our environment... We are beginning to see that we cannot go on despoiling the planet, polluting the air, rivers and oceans.

Part Two, The Problem of Glamour

  • Essentially, glamour originates in man’s sensuous, feeling apparatus — the emotional or astral body — and in man’s identification with its action. Through wrong identification with his feelings and emotions — his desire nature — he has surrounded himself with, and lost himself in, thick fogs of illusion and unreality. This constitutes the glamour in which most people live out their lives. Glamour is illusion on the plane of the emotions and provides the greatest obstacle to progress, for the individual and for the race.
  • To come to grips with glamour, humanity must recognize its mechanism, by which means the central heresy — that we are separate — is created and maintained. All that tends to reinforce the sense of separateness is the result of the action of glamour, and all that seeks to undermine that heresy works for its destruction. Glamour resides in the notion that man’s desires are real, that they have their own intrinsic validity and purpose, whereas, in truth, they are the cause of all unhappiness; no more real, no less transient, than the mirage of the desert.
  • What can be done to free humanity from this ancient thraldom, in part innate in the nature of substance itself? How can man free himself from wrong identification and the tyranny of his self-created thoughtforms? The answer lies in a shift of focus, from the self to the group; in a truer identification with the soul and its relation to all souls.
  • The light of the soul, through the agency of mind, is the great dissipator of glamour, and long ago the Buddha taught the conquering of desire: the Noble Middle Path between the pairs of opposites. In the light of the soul the essential unity is seen, the astral waves subside and the aspirant finds himself at initiation’s gate.
  • For some people the wait for Maitreya to emerge has been too long. They become angry, impatient, disillusioned, discouraged, alienated, cynical, frustrated, bitter, disaffected. In a word, they have lost faith, which in their case is rooted in their emotional aspiration rather than their soul intuition.
  • We are really talking about evolution when we talk about glamour. Glamour is the biggest obstacle to evolution. Evolution is mainly the building-in of good character traits... The disciple must, above all, have courage, steadfastness, patience, the ability to ‘stay there’ and not run away from difficulties which have been placed before us to bring out the best in us... The disciple also needs humility and simplicity. We need the ability, probably above all, to renounce the lower for the higher, which is the Law of Sacrifice. This leads naturally to right detachment.
  • We have to become aware of what glamour is and what it is not. Glamour is anything that hides the truth from our experience. Are we seeing reality? If so, there is no glamour involved. Or are we seeing reality through a fog of illusion? Most people... are seeing reality to some degree through glamour. Once the step beyond 1.5 to 1.6 is taken, the polarization shifts from astral (the seat of consciousness of the vast majority of people) to mental polarization. Over 90 per cent of all people are astrally polarized... Once you take the first initiation, you begin to awaken to the glamours. You will go on having them. You will go on being as blind as you ever were in finding your way through the labyrinth. But gradually you will see that it is a labyrinth, that there are doors leading nowhere. Gradually a light will start to descend as you progress and make more and more contact with your own soul — through service and meditation...

Part Three, Unity

Unity follows every true manifestation of love and graces each achievement of the spirit. Take unity as your banner and walk the way of power. Unity makes all things possible.
  • Unity must be sought for with all diligence. In unity there is not only strength but beauty. Cultivate unity as a wise gardener cultivates his garden, tending carefully each new bud and shoot. Unity follows every true manifestation of love and graces each achievement of the spirit. Take unity as your banner and walk the way of power. Unity makes all things possible. Without unity nothing is certain; the finest possibilities come to dust. Achievement lies in the right use of the given capacities; lacking unity, the highest potential may be wasted.
  • Through sharing alone will justice be confirmed. Sharing alone will bring the peace desired by all the nations. When men share and destroy the walls of separation they will know at last the truth of their existence and flood the world with brotherhood and love.
  • Take sharing as your guide into the future. Release your brothers from the grip of poverty and pain. Open yourselves to the impulses of the soul and establish in your midst the Will of God.
  • Through unity alone will men conquer. The strength of unity will open all gates. Hold fast to the ideal of brotherhood and cease to mock your brother's efforts. Know that he, too, faces the storm and struggles in the dark.
  • Whenever men meet together in large groups they adopt a different view of themselves and look at each other in a new way. They are emboldened, strengthened in their desire and gravitate to those who support their viewpoint. This may seem natural but why should it be so? Essentially, all men inwardly seek unity and find its reflection in conformity of thought and ideas. This instinct is behind the formation of political parties and other groups. The ideological consensus acts as a magnet and strengthens the potency of the whole.
  • Groups and parties flounder when the inner unity is disturbed. Unity is a soul quality and essential for the cohesion of the group. Too great an emphasis on individuals and personality differences thus tends to weaken the unifying ties which hold the group together.
  • The Masters do not look for perfection. If They did there would be nothing done because there is no perfection anywhere. They even accept some of the most glamoured individuals I have ever come upon as being useful in their way; information stemming from sources that to me are 100 per cent from the fifth astral plane. They accept that as useful in that it brings the idea of the Masters to the world.
  • People are so immersed in themselves that they believe everything that they experience, including their astral dreams when they are awake. They believe it and think it is real, just as you think for a few seconds that your dream is real. You come out of the dream and say: “Ah, it was only a dream, what a shame,” or: “Thank God, it was only a dream.” Most times you are too busy looking and thinking and doing to pay attention to these astral imaginings.
  • In some people these are so much with them that they get all sorts of intimations and they say: “I have a feeling; I feel that this is so.” If you are a disciple and you know something, you do not feel it, you know it. You know it or you do not know it, you never feel it. Astrally-focused people always feel it. “I have a feeling that this is happening or this is going to happen.” You can be sure that it is not, because it is just a feeling like any other dream.
  • The sixth astral plane is where you get higher aspirational teaching. For example, A Course in Miracles was given by the Master Jesus to a disciple who works on the sixth astral plane. That disciple gave it to a medium (although she did not know she was a medium) who took it down. It is pretty pure. That is an example of a very high level of teaching coming from one of the Masters, which eventually reached the physical plane but from the sixth astral plane. This is a way in which quite high spiritual teaching can be given on the astral planes. Normally, the Masters eschew the astral planes. They never work on the fifth astral plane Themselves, but They do give work, or experiences, from time to time, on the sixth astral, the plane which is more to do with the heart than the solar plexus.

On Unity, San Francisco (2001)


(Video 22:15)

  • Everybody in the world has the responsibility for maintaining the peace in the world... Everybody in the world, whoever they are have the responsibility for world peace... practically, those so called democracies who have some sort of say even if it is only by putting their votes down on a card in a system which may or may not work, is more or less imperfect have the responsibility of using it and bringing a result in that way. They have perhaps more responsibility than have the starving millions of the world... with no connection with any political structure and so have no means of making their needs felt. ...Needless to say, they are those with the greatest needs of all, but they have no voice and it is precisely that voice which Maitreya will give to them. He will give voice to the needs of the poor and the hungry and the displaced and the sitting in jail people of the world. Hundreds of thousands of people are in jail simply for the crime of having a different point of view from that of their present government and these people have no voice. It's taken for granted that they'll be incarcerated and languish in prison. Very often tortured to boot. Maitreya will speak for them and all who need and have no voice, but those who have today a voice, who have education, the voting system, who have a degree of democracy, have a special responsibility...
  • There are very powerful forces in the world who see things in different ways. It always has been like that and that habit of seeing things in a particular way has become institutionalized and the habit, the conditioning is so strong, the glamour goes so deep, that humanity as a whole... is going to take a long time and with much heart searching to find a consensus.
    So you should not look for dramatic changes in the immediate future. The changes will take place bit by bit with the minimum of upset, the minimum destruction or conflict in the societies of the world, so that it is acceptable. Whatever is acceptable will be implemented. What is not acceptable... will be held over until it is acceptable and it will only be acceptable when trust is created. That trust will be created by the economic change, the number one change, the answer to all our problems really, the starting part of the answer to all our problems is in the change in the economic redistribution of the world's resources, which... the masters [have] written over and over again is the key to all further changes because it creates trust and when you create trust, all things become possible.Then you get changes in the political field, changes in the political field make changes in the economic field easier and these make easier changes in the purely practical field of looking after the planet.
  • Then, not only America, but the Europeans, Japan, and some of the more powerful industrialized nations will have to look very seriously at their plans for implementing an agreement like the Kyoto agreement but further agreements which will be brought forward and signed by large numbers of groups. In this situation, the United Nations will become the key factor. Then it will come into its own... The world owes the United Nations a tremendous debt. It is one of the great educators of the world. It is one of the great medical sources for millions and millions of people. Health care for groups who have no other means of healthcare... Without the United Nations, which is a triumph of modern society, millions and millions of people would go wanting, even more than they do (now).

The Great Approach (2001)

  • The Great Approach: New Light and Life for Humanity is about the coming into the world of the Masters of Wisdom, with Their leader Maitreya, the Christ, as World Teacher; and about the implications for humanity, as well as for the Masters Themselves, of this great event. The book is divided into three independent but related parts. It includes articles from my Master, my own edited talks, and a very wide range of questions and answers arising from these talks.
  • Part One, ‘Life Ahead for Humanity’, provides an overview of the background and history of the Masters and Their return to the everyday world. In particular, it focuses on the events leading to the gradual emergence of Maitreya and to the Day of His Declaration. This will be an extraordinary ‘Pentecostal’ experience for humanity, and the start of the gradual transformation of all our structures and institutions... Preface, p. ix
  • Part with that most extraordinary event, the externalization of the work of the Spiritual Hierarchy onto the physical plane for the first time in 98,000 years in Their role as teachers. This is a climactic event for the Masters Themselves, as well as for humanity: They return to physical-plane activity, only now in group formation, in order to re-enact Their own life expression in preparation for the Way of the Higher Evolution. This is part of the long-term plan of the coming together of the Masters and humanity, and the evolution of Hierarchy Itself as a centre on this planet...
  • Part Three begins with my commentary on an article by my Master, ‘Let there be Light’, which was previously published in Share International magazine (December 1983). It deals with Light from the esoteric point of view, including the Light of Knowledge, the Christ Principle, Cosmic Electricity and the new Science of Light, which will transform our future.
  • This information is about the total transformation of every aspect of our lives: political, economic, religious, social, scientific, cultural, educational and personal. If what I say is true, the current ways of thinking, living, relating and expressing our inner selves will be fundamentally altered in the time ahead. If this is your first acquaintance with this information, you may find it difficult to accept and believe, especially if you are approaching it from an orthodox religious or philosophical background. If you find it impossible to believe, please be assured that I shall not be the slightest bit offended or even disappointed. Preface, p. x
  • For myself, I am totally convinced that these are the true happenings of our time; that, even as I write, these events are unfolding. As they further unfold, I believe they will prove to your fullest satisfaction that this is the true condition of our present time in history. p. 1
  • My conviction is the result of my study, over many years, of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings. This body of teachings was given to the world by the Masters of Wisdom, in particular, that phase of them which was released to the world by the Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul, through an English disciple, Alice A. Bailey, between 1919 and 1949... a body of teachings which follows sequentially on those given through Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society, between 1875 and 1889. The Theosophical teachings were the preparatory phase of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings... The Tibetan Master... predicted a further, revelatory, phase which He said would emerge worldwide... some time after 1975... revelations coming from the Masters, and above all from the Master of all the Masters, the Lord Maitreya, Who embodies the Christ Principle and is, therefore, the Christ on our planet. p. 2
  • My conviction is based on my own personal experiences and contacts. But having said that, I would like to assure you that what I say I present to you for your consideration only... If it appears to you to be right, logical, if it has the ring of truth... then by all means accept it, but otherwise not. I shall be perfectly content if people approach this information with an open mind. That is all I ask... I know that it is almost an impossibility.
  • The Masters of our Spiritual Hierarchy, Who ought to know the age of humanity, put it at 18½ million years... None of us remembers it, but our unwritten history is there. One day the history of humanity going back to those times will be written and known, and even shown on television.
  • Over the ages, if we had had a more open attitude to knowledge, to change of consciousness, to change of perception of the possibilities of life and the nature of the reality in which we live, people like Galileo or Copernicus would have had altogether easier lives.
  • The world is divided, therefore, into two groups — the conservative, reactionary groups holding on, fighting a last ditch stand against change, and the newer, younger, progressive groups responding more to the quality and energy of Aquarius. That confrontation can be seen in political, economic, religious and social spheres in every country of the world. p. 6
  • The evolutionary path, humanity will come to understand, is a scientific one. It does not take place haphazardly. It is open to everyone, and we are all evolving at somewhat different rates. That is why some become Masters ahead of others. Our last few incarnations are marked off by certain great expansions of consciousness, five in number. These constitute the five major planetary initiations. Each one gives to the initiate a deeper insight into the plan of evolution, into the mind of the great cosmic Being, the Planetary Logos, Who ensouls this planet. p. 8
  • This planet itself is a living, breathing, incarnating entity. It does not incarnate in exactly the same way as we do, but does so in relation to the Plan of our Solar Logos. p. 9
  • The first group of Masters, the vanguard, came in 1975 — one into New York, one into London...Darjeeling...Tokyo...followed by one in Moscow and another in Rome. The one in Rome is probably the best known of all the Masters, the Master Jesus. The disciple Jesus, as He was in Palestine, was overshadowed by Maitreya, the Master of all the Masters.
  • Maitreya embodies what we call the Christ Principle, the energy of love. He is the Lord of Love, as His brother the Buddha was the Lord of Wisdom. Six hundred years before Jesus, the Buddha overshadowed and worked through His disciple the Prince Gautama, and the Prince Gautama became Gautama Buddha. The Buddha showed the Wisdom of God in its perfection in a man for the first time. Six hundred years later, Maitreya, the Lord of Love, overshadowed His disciple, Jesus, who was not yet a Master but very near it, and showed the Love of God in its perfection in a man for the first time. In so doing, He inaugurated the Age of Pisces, which is now coming to an end. P. 9
  • At this very moment, we are dashing headlong towards the edge of a precipice which would mean the end of all life on this planet. I personally believe that will not happen. But unless we change direction, we would, through the Law of Cause and Effect, destroy all life, human and sub-human, on Earth.
  • Very shortly we will be faced by Maitreya with a choice. We are already faced with it, but the vast majority of people do not even consider it something to take seriously. p. 10
  • The energies of Pisces have divided humanity because we have over-emphasized the individuality that the Piscean experience has given us. Our idealism has been very narrow and self-directed, so we have become fanatical believers in our own ideal — whether democracy, fascism or communism... These beliefs create the divisions and separations... We have to live and interact with other people, and we can do it through cooperation or through competition. p.12
  • Until now, the vast majority of humanity has decided that competition is the only way forward. That belief is driving us to a totally untenable position. Today the major expression of that tension is in the political and economic fields. Humanity is going through a great spiritual crisis which is focused through these areas of activity and must be resolved in them. If it is not so resolved, we will destroy all life on the planet.
  • One-fifth of the world’s population, around 1,200 million people in the developing world, are living in official, absolute poverty...on less than $1 a day. They live miserable, stunted lives, deprived of all we take for granted. More than 30 million of them are actually dying of starvation in a world in which there is no shortage of food... We are so complacent that we do not even take it seriously. We think it is normal... Maitreya says: “How can you watch these people die before your eyes and call yourselves men?” p. 15
  • There is a special need all the time. This is a day-to-day problem, not something that can be solved now and again with a few dollars of aid. p. 19
  • What we call the “Space Brothers”, the people who use the vehicles we call UFOs, who come mainly from Mars and Venus but also from Jupiter, Mercury and a few other planets, have put around our planet a ring of light which keeps it on its axis... this ring allows it, within karmic limits, to be held so that the poles do not flip, which is predicted by many ‘prophets of doom’... Nothing can shift that ring of light which is put in place by our Space Brothers. Without their help this planet would probably be in chaos.One of the major activities of the Space Brothers is to neutralize the pollution with which we are destroying our planet — caused in the main by nuclear radiation which is pouring out from the nuclear powerhouses all over the world. p. 134
  • The political and economic transformation which will be initiated as a result of Maitreya’s and the Masters’ presence will free humanity from age-old inhibitions and limitations, and galvanize it into a great leap forward in consciousness. Conscious, meaningful living will replace the present confusion, doubt and fear. p. 304

Comments about September 11, 2001

  • All right-thinking people are deeply shocked by the assault on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. We are appalled by the event and the unbelievable death toll, and send our deepest sympathy to the American people. One positive thing to come out of it is that Maitreya has decided to come forward even sooner than planned to try to prevent precipitate action of revenge. One other positive thing that may come out of it is that the mass of ordinary Americans might have a more realistic view of the world than their media has allowed them in the past, feeding them 'soft' instead of 'hard' news. It is a change but in the long run it might be a change for the better, and prepare them for Maitreya's ideas.

The Ageless Wisdom Teaching (1996)

Full text online
  • God, in the esoteric meaning, is the sum total of all the Laws and all the energies governed by these Laws in the manifested and unmanifested universe. So God is impersonal. Nevertheless, that transcendent God is manifest in every aspect of creation, including ourselves. We are not separate from that creation – from God. Every human being has the potential of the knowledge, the awareness, of all in creation that we can think of as meaning God. The Masters are God-realized, which is a very specific state, in that They have brought Their consciousness, in terms of the divine spark, the Absolute, the Self, into complete at-onement with Themselves as men on the physical plane – the personality and the divine aspect are totally integrated. God is also the great Cosmic Being Who ensouls this planet. For all its solidity, its cities and aeroplanes and television studios and the like, this planet is really the body of expression of a Cosmic Being Who gives the planet its life, and Who has a plan of evolution for all the kingdoms in nature, including the human kingdom.
  • We, at our different levels, from the mineral kingdom up to the Kingdom of God itself, are carrying out an evolutionary process, which, in its summation, will make this planet a perfect expression of the thoughtform in the mind of the creating Logos... There is the God Who ensouls the solar system. Our planetary Logos is only a part, a centre in the body of the solar Logos, Who in turn is a centre in the body of the galactic Logos. And on and on, galaxy after galaxy. There is no end to God; it is transcendent and also immanent in every part of creation. Every aspect of God, including ourselves, has the potential one day to know all and be all of that, and to work with the energies which create the universe. God is everything that exists, and all space between that which exists, between you and me, and around us, around everything. All of that is God. God manifests through its creation, which is made of energies at particular vibrational rates. The form depends on the particular frequency of the nucleus and the electrons of these forms. p. 11
At the centre of every atom is a nucleus with electrons around it, vibrating at a specific rate... every atom in the universe is made in the same way. There is nothing but energy in all of the manifested universe.
  • Modern science has been able to break down cellular structures and show that at the centre of every atom is a nucleus with electrons around it, vibrating at a specific rate, and that every atom in the universe is made in the same way. There is nothing but energy in all of the manifested universe. The difference between that totally scientific view and that which an esotericist would hold is that the esotericist goes further and says, indeed, all is energy, but energy follows thought, is acted upon by thought. Thought is the agency by which creation takes place. The Great Pyramid at Giza was created by thought. The blocks of stone were actually moved by thought. It is very simple when you understand how to do it. You create a formula, like E=mc2, the great formula of Einstein which has transformed our whole concept of both energy and matter: energy equals mass times the speed of light squared, the speed of light being 186,000 miles a second. That formula has transformed our physics, and so we see matter and energy as interchangeable.
  • The only difference between the Christ and ourselves, the Buddha or Krishna and ourselves, is that They have manifested Their divinity. They know that They are Sons of God, and They demonstrate it.
  • Two thousand years ago He [the Christ] overshadowed His disciple Jesus for three years, and Jesus became Jesus the Messiah, or, translated into the Greek, Jesus the Christ. The Christ Himself is Maitreya. His consciousness, from the baptism to the crucifixion, manifested through Jesus and inaugurated the Piscean age which is now coming to an end. Maitreya has come back into the world now to carry on what He began through Jesus, and will complete in the age of Aquarius which is now beginning... Jesus taught through Mohammed. As Maitreya had taught through Him, so He taught through Mohammed. The Buddha taught through the Prince Gautama and Mithra, and Maitreya also taught through Krishna and Shankaracharya at previous times. p.29
  • The Master Jesus... in Palestine was a very advanced disciple, a fourth-degree initiate, just short of a Master. He took the fourth initiation, the Crucifixion, openly, on the outer plane. Normally you are not expected to die on a cross when you take the fourth initiation. He did that to symbolize for us, dramatically, that great experience of renunciation. He is now a Master, becoming a Master in His immediate next life as Appolonius of Tyana, who opened an ashram in north India, where He is buried. From that fact has come the legend that somehow Jesus did not die on the cross, that He was secreted out of Palestine and went to India and is buried there. It was the Being who was Jesus, but in His next incarnation as Appolonius. Jesus is now a very advanced Master. In the seventh to eighth century He went to America and taught the Indian populations, then went out into the Pacific and taught the Polynesians. They all have the legend of a white man who came and taught, and the names are all related to the word `Jesus'.
  • Gradually, through the process of incarnation and reincarnation, we do, indeed, create a body through which the spirit aspect can, to a very full degree, manifest. When that happens we become perfected Masters.
  • You might say that esotericism is the philosophy, or the science, of the evolutionary process, as it pertains to the human and the subhuman kingdoms. But it is about the evolution of consciousness, not of the physical form. If you want to know about the evolution of the physical form, turn to Darwin — he has pretty well summed up the nature of evolution as regards the form of the animal and the human kingdoms. But in terms of the evolution of consciousness, you have to turn to the esoteric — esoteric only so far; for that which is esoteric gradually becomes exoteric.
  • Evolutionary progress is based on the process of rebirth; reincarnation is the method of our evolution of consciousness...The effects from our previous deeds, good and bad, create the conditions of our life today, and the results of our deeds today create the conditions of the next period of life, either now or when we return in our next body.
  • The word spiritual means the active betterment of life for all people, for the most people. Spiritual is anything which brings a man or woman to a higher state of life, whether that is on the physical, the emotional-astral, the mental, or on the spiritual or soul plane. Anything which is towards the betterment of humanity is fundamentally spiritual; it is not only a religious thing. The religious path is only one path. So we have to create structures — political, economic, and social — which are fundamentally spiritual...
  • It is a new age that we are entering, the age of Aquarius, and of course this is an astronomical, not an astrological event. It is to do with the relationship now being formed in cosmos between our solar system and the constellation of Aquarius. For the next 2,500 or so years we will be absorbing the cosmic energy of Aquarius, which will transform all life on the planet. It is a synthesizing energy: it draws together, fuses and blends, while the energy of Pisces, the age now ending, has separated and divided the world. This process will go forward for 2,500 years and, gradually, humanity will understand the reality of its spiritual nature. This has enabled the Masters to begin to come into the world...
  • There is a tremendous misunderstanding about the anti-Christ, certainly among Christian groups... The anti-Christ is not a man, as Christians believe, who will come out before the Christ, and could even be mistaken for the Christ. The idea comes from the Revelation of St. John: the beast, 666, is unchained for a time, and then chained down for a time and half a time. This refers to the release of the energy we call the anti-Christ. It is not a man but an energy, a destructive force which is deliberately released to break down the old order, the old civilization. It was released in John's own day, through the Emperor Nero, to bring about the end of the Roman dispensation, to prepare the way for Christendom. It was released again in our time through Hitler, a group of equally evil men around him in Nazi Germany, together with a group of militarists in Japan and a further group around Mussolini in Italy. These three groups, the Axis powers in the war from 1939 to 1945, embodied the energy we call the anti-Christ. That destructive force was released to prepare the way for the return of the Christ to the world now...
  • The anti-Christ is behind us; it has been, it has done its destructive work, it has gone. Now it has to be "chained down for a time and half a time". This means sealed off to its own domain for the age of Aquarius — that is "the time" — and half the following age, the age of Capricorn, when it will be released again. In the middle of the age of Capricorn the `beast' will be released once more, there will be another great war, this time fought out on the mental planes. That will be the third phase of the manifestation of the anti-Christ. It was the war between the forces of light and the forces of evil, as we call them (the forces of materiality as they are called by the Masters), which destroyed the ancient Atlantean civilization some 100,000 years ago.
  • For the last 100,000 years that war has been waged on the astral planes. It was precipitated onto the physical plane in 1939 by Hitler and his group, along with the Italians and the Japanese groups, thus manifesting, for this time, the anti-Christ. Now it has to be sealed off to its own domain. The forces of materiality have a role to play: the upholding of the matter aspect of the planet. If they would do only that, there would be no evil involved. But they do not restrict their activity to the involutionary arc, which is their natural sphere of activity. Their work overflows onto the evolutionary arc, where we are, and is inimical to our spiritual progress; it has, therefore, to be countered. The anti Christ forces are sealed off to their own domain by lifting humanity above the level where they can be used, contacted, influenced, by these materialistic forces. That is the work of the Christ and the Masters in the age of Aquarius which is now beginning.
  • There is not an individual who is the devil. You could say the opposite of good is the devil, and that is in every one of us. It is just the selfish, greedy personality expression of individuals.

Maitreya's Mission Vol. III (1997)


*The events that I submit are now under way will transform our lives, our world, in the most fundamental, radical fashion, within a relatively short number of years. We are at the end of a civilization, and therefore at the beginning of a new one: if we would have it so, this can be the most brilliant in our long history. p. 1

  • We are about to enter an era in which the innate spiritual nature of humanity will begin to express itself in a mass form. Countless millions throughout the world will awaken to the true purpose of their lives. A deeper, more soundly-based attitude to life will develop and people will... come to understand the purpose of their incarnation, and, more and more, they will take a conscious part in their own evolution, creating modes of freedom and justice which this world has never before seen. Freedom and justice, and therefore peace, will allow the divine, spiritual aspect of humanity to come to the fore and be given expression, not only as a religious experience, but in every department of life. In politics, economics and education, in art and science
When man's erstwhile temples, the stock markets of the world, crumble and crash, that key will turn and reveal a new beauty waiting to be born.
The problem is the commercialization of all aspects of life... Maitreya says commercialization is more dangerous to the world than an atomic bomb... running life as if it were a business, whether in education or health care, for example — will bring this present civilization to the verge of disaster.
  • The US stock market, the Dow Jones Index, is at an all-time high. Historically, the major collapses of the US stock market (or any stock market, for that matter) occur when it is at its highest-ever point. The stock markets of the US and Britain are poised, now, for a major collapse, which will become world-wide, and will bring to an end this divisive economic system based on market forces and their corollary, commercialization. p. 6
  • Maitreya calls market forces “the forces of evil”. They have inequality built in them, and benefit the few at the expense of the many. Market forces are based on a great deception: that every nation is trading on a ‘level playing field’, that all the nations are starting from the same point. Obviously, they are not. We cannot compare America, the European states, or Japan, with Tanzania, Zaire or any of the Third-World countries. And yet, through the pre-eminence of market forces, Third-World countries are forced to compete in the world’s markets with countries like Japan, America, Germany and France. Maitreya calls commercialization, which is the tool, the agency, of market forces, more dangerous to the world than an atomic bomb... Commercialization — running life as if it were a business, whether in education or health care, for example — will bring this present civilization to the verge of disaster.
  • The developed world usurps and wastes three-quarters of the world’s food, and 83 per cent of all other resources. Therefore, the so-called Third World, with three-quarters of the world’s population, must make do with one-quarter of the world’s food, and only 17 per cent of other resources. As a result, those in the Third World live in utter poverty and degradation, and die in their millions.
    The developed world sees this as their right to decide who will eat and live, and who will starve and therefore die. I say “they”, but that is us. We are the developed world. We are the ones who are playing God, and deciding who will live and who will die. It is our greed, our selfishness, our complacency that makes possible a situation where millions of people starve to death in a world overflowing with food, a huge surplus per capita. p. 7
  • At the same time in the developed world, because of its worship at the altar of market forces, commercialization is reaching a point where more and more people are being made unemployed. Competition forces companies to cut their expenditure on everything, beginning with people. In every developed country of the world there is growing unemployment, growing crime, and a declining standard of living — less housing, more and more homeless people, and more poverty in the midst of plenty.
  • Why do we create such pain and suffering for ourselves and for our brothers and sisters in other countries? Maitreya would say because of complacency, which He says is the root of all evil. When we are complacent, we say: “I am all right, thank you very much. The rest of the world can look after itself.” This comes from the false idea that we are separate. This is the great illusion, the great heresy. Each one of us, whether we know it or not, is a soul in incarnation, a perfect, divine, spiritual Being in incarnation. p. 8
  • Without recognizing it as such, humanity is undergoing a great spiritual crisis that is focused through the political and economic field. That spiritual crisis can only be resolved by the resolution of our political and economic problems, which are based on the false sense of separation. If we would evolve, develop as a race, we must realize our oneness, realize that we are brothers and sisters of one family, under the one Divine Source, and identical with that Source. What happens in a normal family? They share whatever they have. A mother will not feed one child better than another, give one child 17 per cent and another 83 per cent of the food. We have to realize that we are one family, and therefore must share the resources of the world more equitably around the world.
When we create an economic system based on co-operation and sharing rather than on competition and market forces, we will create a more moral economic structure. When the stock exchanges collapse, humanity will be brought face to face with its illusions about the nature of reality.
  • Maitreya puts it like this: “Sharing is divine. When you share, you recognize God in your brother.” He also says: “The problems of humanity are real but solvable. The solution lies within your grasp. Take your brother’s need as the measure for your action, and solve the problems of the world. There is no other course.” These sound like political or economic solutions. They are actually spiritual solutions, because the problem is a spiritual one.
  • We do not know our true identity as souls, as brothers and sisters of the Kingdom of Souls. Maitreya has come, with His group of Masters, to teach us how to live correctly, as brothers and sisters of one humanity, creating therefore freedom for all, justice for all, and peace for everyone. If there is no sharing, there will never be justice in the world; if there is no justice, there will never be peace in the world; if there is no peace, there will be no world, because now we can destroy all life, human and subhuman alike.
  • Those who await Maitreya as a religious teacher will probably not recognize Him. He has said: “I have not come to found a new religion; people should continue to evolve within their own tradition, whatever it is.”
  • Maitreya has not come to create followers. In fact, He says: “If you follow Me,” in the sense of running after Him, claiming Him, trying to put Him in your pocket, “then you will lose Me.”
  • Spirituality is the essential nature of our being, simply needing demonstration in outer forms. Whatever we can conceive of as human activity can be, in fact must be, spiritual. True morality is not to do with a code of values which humanity evolves to suit a certain society or a certain religious belief, but something which is intrinsic in our spirituality. p. 136
  • Many people await the return of the Christ with trepidation and fear. They sense that His appearance will promote great changes in all departments of life. His values, they rightly assume, will necessarily alter their ways of thinking and living and they blanch at such a prospect. Besides, so mystical has been the view of the Christ presented down the centuries by the churches that many fear His judgement and omnipotent power; they await Him as God come to punish the wicked and reward the faithful.
  • It is sadly to be regretted that such a distorted vision of the Christ should so have permeated human consciousness. No such being exists. In order to understand the true nature of the Christ it is necessary to see Him as one among equal Sons of God, each endowed with full divine potential, differing only in the degree of manifestation of that divinity. p. 30 Full text of this article
  • When we create an economic system based on co-operation and sharing rather than on competition and market forces, we will create a more moral economic structure. When the stock exchanges collapse, humanity will be brought face to face with its illusions about the nature of reality. p. 136
  • “The pool of knowledge accessible to all”... will be largely, but not exclusively, scientific and technological. Throughout the world, scientists and technicians... will publish their work in a way accessible to all. Gone for ever will be the scientist selling his discoveries to the highest bidder. Gone for ever will be the time when great corporations can buy up technological masterpieces and put them on a shelf so that their existing products can go on and on. We have lived through a period of a tragic waste of the world’s resources. That has to stop...
    All knowledge will go into the computer system... the Internet... where the wisdom, the accumulated thoughts and knowledge of thousands of years of inspired writings will be available. The up-to-date inventions, the scientific knowledge which will speed up the invention process, will go on to this... which anyone, anywhere in the world, can access... When we share this body of knowledge, when everyone who has any use for it has access to it, the whole process of discovery, science, technology, will speed up amazingly. Because it will not be conditioned by commercialization, market forces, it cannot be cornered by those who make a particular brand of computer, where you have to buy the programme to make it work for you. It will do away with commercial competition. p. 181-183
  • The stress which exists in the world today is a result of competition and fear, the fear of failure, disease, death, war, calamity, and economic disruption... inevitably results in psychosomatic diseases... When we establish equilibrium in our lives through a restructuring of our political, economic and social institutions, we will find that the health of humanity will improve dramatically... Illness prevention will become the norm. p. 229
It is essential that women play their full part with equal status in the life of humanity... A great change has to take place... the women’s liberation movement was inspired by the Masters.
  • Today, most education, for what it is worth, is education for jobs. People are simply fitted to make their living in the outer commercial world under the whip of competition. p. 252
  • The Masters are the stimulus behind the women’s liberation movement . They see it as essential that women take their full place in total equality with men in this new age, the age, as it will come to be known, of Tara, the Mother. The Age of Maitreya is the age in which the Mother aspect manifests. The female is the Mother, the nourishing aspect; it nourishes the child, the family, the civilization... it is essential that women play their full part with equal status in the life of humanity. In the West this is becoming very largely a fact, but in large areas in the East this is sadly very far from being the case. Women are often seen as little more than chattels. A great change has to take place. That is why the women’s liberation movement was inspired by the Masters. p. 379
  • Time itself is an illusion, but timing is very important. Timing is sensing the window of opportunity. This is not conditioned by time but by the cyclic movement of life itself. That creates the condition in which a window of opportunity opens for that individual, a karmic opportunity, an opportunity in which his astrological relationships will provide him with a field of energies, a sudden influx of energies, which, if acted upon, will carry him forward — and if not acted upon will be lost. p. 553
  • Shakespeare said: “There comes a tide in the affairs of men which, if taken at the flood, moves on to fortune.” Shakespeare was initiate. He knew all about this, and throughout his works are the answers. The aim is to recognize the window of opportunity, to be so skilled and so in the rhythm of your work, that when it opens, you are there. If there is no rhythm, you could be asleep. If you set a rhythm and never sleep — I do not mean never go to sleep in bed — but if you are not mentally asleep, and do not turn off your consciousness, if you keep your consciousness alive and aware all the time, then when the window of opportunity comes you recognize it because you are in that rhythm. If you are not in the rhythm, you could miss it. This is the importance of rhythm, which of course has nothing to do with time. It is to do with awareness, a rhythmic awareness of setting, not goals, but a pattern of action, so you are always ready, “brush in hand”. p. 554
  • If you love work, then understand it as a substitute for time... Work and time are two opposites in human consciousness. When you are working with full concentrated attention, with all your faculties focused on it and not with one eye on the clock, you do not go through these pressures of time, this tremendous wear and tear on the nervous system. p. 556
    Most people think of life as temporary, because they are conscious only of being a physical-plane personality... p.559
  • Evolution is not an illusion. Time is the illusion. Evolution does not proceed in time, because time does not exist. But evolution does proceed... Evolution necessarily takes place, because it is part of the great outbreathing of the Creator, which creates all that exists. It is the Becoming of the Creator. Under the Law of Cause and Effect, and in relation to the Law of Rebirth, evolution proceeds, not in relation to time as we imagine time but in relation to time in the sense of cyclic unfoldment — cyclic activity followed by cyclic inactivity, followed by cyclic activity; this repeated infinitely, for ever and ever. p. 583
  • We have had the vision for centuries: the brotherhood of man, freedom, fraternity, equality. The French Revolution was built on that. The Russian Revolution was based on freedom for man. It is like the American.... If you read the Russian Constitution and the American Constitution, you will find that they are almost the same....we keep this vision of the brotherhood of man, peace, equality, justice, all the wonderful divine things, but never put it into practice. Why? Why do we wait for Maitreya to show us how to do it? We could do it tomorrow. p. 591
  • Krishnamurti says: “My memory is my enemy.” Exactly so. Do you know what your memory is? Your memory is yesterday, the past. While you are thinking about the past you are not living in the Now. If you have studied Krishnamurti, almost the whole of his effort was to show his readers, his listeners, that there is only this moment; there is no time. p. 605
  • Your memory is your enemy because you identify with your memory... If you identify with the past, you cannot be identifying with the Now. That is the point. You cannot do both at the same time. There is only the Now. As soon as you identify with your memory, you cut out the experience of the Now. Get rid of your memory... and you experience the Now as you have never done before.
  • How do we overcome our grief, pain, and our fears of our memory of abuse that traps us in time?... The way to do it is to give it up; do not identify with it. Ask yourself: “Am I this memory?” Obviously you are not. While you identify with your memory and pain, your grief, with the abuse that is trapping you.
  • in time, whatever you identify with, holds you. That is what you are. You are pain, grief, abuse, unhappiness, all of these things. The way not to experience that pain, grief, unhappiness, is not to identify with it. Identify, rather, with who and what you are. Ask yourself: “Who am I?” But without saying: “I should not feel this pain. I should not feel this grief, this unhappiness and abuse — all the things that pain me.” Because as you say it, you are doing it. As long as you are trying to rid yourself of it, or indulging it, experiencing it, going over and over it in your mind and relating to it, you are identifying with it.
  • Whatever you identify with is what you are. If you identify with the physical body, then to all intents and purposes you are the physical body. That traps the Self in the physical plane and causes all the illness — stomach aches, ulcers, and all the rest, of the physical body. p. 606
The history of humanity really can be seen as the history of man's response to certain great ideas which are put into the mind-belt, into the mind of humanity... So it has been down through all the ages

Maitreya's Mission Vol. II (1993)

  • We are standing at the beginning of an extraordinary period in the history of the world ---- a crossroads at which humanity is undergoing a great shift in consciousness. This reflects itself in new relationships ---- political, economic, religious, social, scientific, and cultural ---- which in their manifestation will create a completely different type of civilization, one in which the true, spiritual nature of humanity, consciously recognized and demonstrated, will become manifest for the first time. p. 3
  • These changes are the result of new energies and forces entering our world. A new age is dawning. This is not a concept created by ‘new age’ groups, nor is it simply an astrological prognostication, but a scientific fact which can be verified at any astronomical observatory. It is the result of the precession of the equinoxes or, in layman’s terms, of the movement of our solar system around the heavens in relation to the 12 constellations of our zodiac.
  • Approximately every 2,150 years, our sun comes into an alignment, a particular energetic relationship, with each of the constellations in turn. When we are in that alignment, we say we are in the age of that particular constellation, and are the recipient of powerful cosmic energies streaming from it. For approximately 2,000 years, our sun has stood in that relationship to the constellation Pisces. We have been in the age of Pisces.
  • Our present civilization ---- now coming to an end ---- has been created by our response to the energies of Pisces. These energies have given us certain great qualities ---- above all, that of individuality. Humanity has emerged from the herd over the last 2,000 years and increasingly become individual. Each of us is more able to demonstrate our individuality as unique, conscious souls in incarnation. This is a great step forward in the evolution of the race.
  • We do not make the journey alone. Throughout the history of humanity (which according to the esoteric teachings is 18 & 1/2 million years), we have never been alone. We have been led and guided, taught, stimulated and protected ---- sometimes openly, but often from behind the scenes ---- by a group of, from our point of view, perfected men.
  • This group of perfected men is known by many names: the Masters of Wisdom and the Lords of Compassion, the Great White Brotherhood, the Society of Illumined Minds, the Spiritual or Esoteric Hierarchy, the Guides and Elder Brothers of Humanity.... They have beneficently overseen the evolution of humanity for countless millennia.
  • Much of the work of the Masters is carried out by Their disciples, men and women in the world ---- people such as Da Vinci, Mozart, Lincoln, Einstein, and Madame Curie. By a gradual stimulus of our conscious awareness, the Masters have brought humanity forward to the point where we now find ourselves today. Under such stimulus and guidance, our civilizations have risen, flowered, crystallized, died and been renewed again age after age.
  • At the beginning or end of each age, the Hierarchy of Masters send one of Their Great Ones into the world to act as a teacher for the coming time. We know some of these great teachers historically as Hercules, Hermes, Rama, Mithra, Confucius, Zoroaster, Vyasa, Krishna, Buddha, the Christ, and Mohammed.
  • Two thousand six hundred years ago, Gautama Buddha made a prediction that at this time would come another great teacher who would inspire humanity to create a new and brilliant golden civilization based on righteousness and truth. His name would be Maitreya, a Buddha like Himself.
  • Two thousand years ago in Palestine, the Lord Maitreya’s consciousness entered into that of His disciple, Jesus, at the Baptism. For three years, Jesus demonstrated the consciousness of the Christ ---- the Lord Maitreya ---- and became Jesus, the Christ, or Messiah. Five hundred years earlier, the Buddha worked through His disciple, the Prince Gautama, and Gautama became Gautama Buddha. p. 6
On 26 February 1987 Maitreya gave an interview to the major American television company, Cable News Network (CNN). He was interviewed under His ordinary, everyday name, and did not call Himself the Christ...The CNN interview was made available for possible showing in 26 [...] countries...but was not broadcast in the United States. The CNN office in Atlanta explained that they could not see a framework in which to present the interview.
  • On 26 February 1987 Maitreya gave an interview to the major American television company, Cable News Network (CNN). He was interviewed under His ordinary, everyday name, and did not call Himself the Christ. He did say, however, that, among other names, He was known as Maitreya [...] The CNN interview was made available for possible showing in 26 [...] countries in Europe, Scandinavia, North Africa and the Middle East, but was not broadcast in the United States. The CNN office in Atlanta explained that they could not see a framework in which to present the interview.
  • Sharing on a world basis is possible if you have the concept and the will. It is simply a recognition of the need and finding a way to fulfill it. The Masters have a very simple plan which has been worked out, not by Them but with Their help, by a group of initiates, economists and financiers of international standing, but who are also members of the Spiritual Hierarchy: Each nation will be asked to make an inventory of what it has and what it needs. In this way the world’s ‘cake’ will be known. Each nation will be asked to make over into a common trust that which it has in excess of its needs in any given commodity... a very sophisticated form of barter will replace the present economic system. p 143
  • The increased use of robots in manufacturing processes will inevitably create even more unemployment. This is already happening world-wide, especially in industrially developed countries. However, the use of robots creates more wealth, and with a rational world economy based on co-operation and sharing of resources and technology, the ability to supply human needs and also to increase leisure becomes practically possible. The coming Technology of Light, in particular, will free humanity from much of its self-imposed limitations today.
  • The new politics will no longer be molded by the ‘isms’ of capitalism or socialism, but created from self-respect in individuals and nations...Capitalism, in its pure form, is at an end in Europe. It has no future whatsoever. Instead, countries will model their governments on a form of democratic socialism.
  • Capitalism without socialism is like a great shark in the waters that will eat up everything in sight, and has no group sense or social responsibility. We need to take the best of both systems and bring them together....a fusion of the best aspects of both. Both are necessary.

  • The sense of justice, brotherhood and social caring... is necessary for the West, but the sense of freedom of the individual in movement, expression and thought is necessary in the East. That is something which will... gradually become the norm in Europe and eventually throughout the world.... not capitalism or communism, but social democracy or democratic socialism with full participation of all peoples in their own government.
  • All thoughts which lead you to selfishness lead you away from awareness.
  • Hope is different from belief. Belief is a function of the mind. It is something which, on the mental level, appears to you to be true, valuable, magnetic, attractive – a set of ideas which together make an ideology in which you can believe. It seems to answer the problems of life, to provide answers to various questions which arise about the meaning, the purpose, of life, and so on. That is a very different thing from hope.
  • Hope, I would say, is of two kinds: there is the hope which is a wish-fulfilling fantasy... It can go a long way in sustaining the person in difficult circumstances. It is the kind of hope of Mr Micawber, a famous Charles Dickens character. He was always in dire straits, impecunious, but always living in hope, waiting “for something to turn up”. That kind of hope is astral desire, and will take you, as it took him, through a whole book, but will not of itself do other than sustain your ability to live life from day to day.
  • Hope, in the more occult sense... is the realization of the inner connectedness of all things; of your life and your daily activity with the cosmic scheme of things. The awareness of who you are, that you are the Self – that gives you faith or hope. Faith and hope stem from the same inner, intuitive realization of who you are, that you are here for a purpose and that nothing on Earth can shake that.... To have hope is to have complete faith in life. It does not mean to say that everything is going to go smoothly. It does not mean that on the outer, physical plane you will have a life of ease... and when you are telephoning people they will always be there and you will never have to try again. Many people think that if everything works easily and smoothly they are somehow on the right track. Following the line of least resistance is not necessarily the right way to live one’s life...
  • The Mystery Schools are the schools in which the training and disciplines for initiation are received... The Mystery Schools themselves will be of two categories: preparatory and advanced... There will be a preparatory school in Japan, an advanced one in China; a preparatory one in Scotland, an advanced one in Ireland; a preparatory one in the American Midwest, an advanced one in California; a preparatory one in New Zealand, and advanced one in Australia; a preparatory one in Greece, an advanced one in Egypt; a preparatory one in Sweden, an advanced one in Russia; a preparatory one in France, an advanced one in Italy. Thus, the world as a whole will be covered to give precise teaching to those disciples who are ready for preparation for initiation. p. 181

After the stock markets collapse

  • After the stock-markets crash the number one priority will be the provision of adequate food for all the people; two, the provision of adequate housing for all the people; thirdly, the provision of adequate healthcare and education for all the people. These are the basic human rights needed everywhere by all people, yet there is no country in the world in which all of these pertain as a universal right. When the economic collapse occurs, humanity will begin to recognize its oneness, and the need to co-operate and share the world’s resources.
  • Maitreya will present the nations with an alternative way of living, of conducting economic and political affairs... The new government which will emerge after the stock market crash will reflect the will of the people and stand for the people. Chapter 4, Economic Change
  • The stock market crash which Maitreya says is inevitable will obviously lead to changes. These have been predicted to take the form of a reorientation of priorities by governments around the world. Adequate food, housing, health care and education, as universal rights, will become the aim. This can hardly be called ‘‘hardship.’’ To achieve this for all, of course, will require a fairer distribution of the world’s resources and therefore some sacrifice on the part of the presently richer nations
  • After the preliminary shock, the nations will meet together to discuss the means of coping with the future in ordered fashion. Those who have stood most emphatically behind the rule of market forces will find themselves outvoted in the dispensation which will pertain, and those advocating co-operation will gain the ascendancy. This will not happen overnight. The process will be gradual, but will not be long delayed. p.137
  • The coming stock market crash will inevitably cause much unemployment. This will lead to a complete change of government priorities: the supplying of adequate food, shelter, health-care and education will become paramount responsibilities of all forward looking nations. The waste of resources as today, in armaments and competitive practices, will cease. A rational and sustainable economic structure based on sufficiency will become the norm. Leisure will be the natural by-product of such a structure. p.156
    • Maitreya's Mission Vol. II (1993)
Maitreya does not come as a religious teacher, but as a spiritual teacher. We have to broaden our idea of what ‘spiritual’ is. We have to spiritualize every aspect of our lives. (Image: Creme, at NYC lecture 2008)

Maitreya's Mission Vol. I (1986)

He comes as the head of that group of enlightened men known as the Spiritual Hierarchy of Masters. The existence of such a group was first made public in the writings of H. P. Blavatsky and later Alice A. Bailey, whose book, The Reappearance of the Christ'' describes the events which are now unfolding.
  • Maitreya, the Christ, has been in London since July 1977. He lives as an ordinary man concerned with modern problems ---- political, economic and social. Since March 1978, He has been emerging as a spokesman for the Pakistani-Indian community there. He is not a religious leader but an educator in the broadest sense, pointing the way out of the present world crisis.
  • He comes as the head of that group of enlightened men known as the Spiritual Hierarchy of Masters. The existence of such a group was first made public in the writings of H. P. Blavatsky and later Alice A. Bailey, whose book, The Reappearance of the Christ describes the events which are now unfolding.
  • In every age great teachers have emerged from the Spiritual Hierarchy to guide humanity through its next evolutionary step. We know Them historically as (among others) Sankaracharya, Krishna, the Buddha, the Christ and, later, Mohammed. (p.13)
  • All the great religions posit the idea of a further revelation to be given by a future Teacher. Christians hope for the return of the Christ, the Buddhists look for the coming of another Buddha (the Lord Maitreya), while Moslems await the appearance of the Imam Mahdi, the Hindus a reincarnation of Krishna, and the Jews the Messiah. Students of the esoteric tradition know these as different names for one and the same individual, the World Teacher, the head of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Masters, and they look for His imminent return now.
  • According to esoteric teaching, the Christ manifested Himself 2,000 years ago in Palestine by ‘overshadowing’ His disciple Jesus, now the Master Jesus. This time Maitreya (the personal name of the Christ) comes Himself, as World Teacher for the Aquarian Age. From an astronomical viewpoint, we are now in the transitional phase between the Age of Pisces and that of Aquarius. To guide us safely through this difficult period, Maitreya has taken the extraordinary step of entering the modern world. (p.13/14)
  • The media in London have informed the authorities and certain representatives of religious and governmental bodies, with a view to ascertaining their reactions to an announcement of Maitreya’s presence. In each case the response has been rather negative, and in some cases hostile. In this way, an atmosphere not conducive to bold action has been generated and a policy of ‘wait and see’ has developed. How long this can be maintained is difficult to say. It depends very much on which faction within the media involved has its way. (p. 20)
  • Maitreya appears now, actually ahead of schedule, as the Agent of Divine Intervention, to mitigate the effects of earthquakes which have been mounting in frequency and intensity throughout the world over the past 150 years. If He were to come before the world, uninvited, He would infringe, to some degree, human free will. This He is reluctant to do (and would do only as a last resort) because it would limit, to some extent, His ability to act as the Agent of Divine Intervention. The result would be greater human suffering from earthquake activities.
  • The energy He may use on our behalf is related to the invocative appeal we make to Him...The more energy used by humanity to invoke Him, the more energy He may use on our behalf. (p.21)
  • Humanity has invoked Maitreya into the world in a broad sense; His decision to reappear was made between 1936 and 1945. But He still has to be invoked into the general arena of the world. The fact that the media, who represent the people, are not really responding to the hypothesis of His presence means that humanity is not either. This is governing His emergence. He must see the non-response of the media as a sign of the non-responsiveness of humanity to His presence.
    Whether this means that humanity is not ready for the transformations when He does come before them is another matter. I would think humanity is ready. Obviously in my work I have tended to create the most hopeful picture which could galvanize human response and hope and expectancy. It may well be that His problems are greater than I envisage, but I do not think any delay in His declaration to the world will affect the speed of our response. Maitreya Himself said: ‘‘All else failing I shall emerge into a world ready, but unprepared, a world which knows not yet that I am among you. Far better would it be for Me to come before you as the expected one.’’ So Maitreya knows that humanity is ready. (p.22/23)
  • The... earthquakes, hurricanes, floods...are the result of the wrong thoughts and actions of humanity... All atoms in creation are interconnected. There is no separation anywhere. If, as today, we create conditions in which two-thirds of the world’s population must make do with one-fourth of the world’s food, and therefore starve and die in the millions, then catastrophe is inevitable.
  • Commercialization, an economy based entirely on market forces and competition, has become the new world creed. It is today the greatest threat to this planet and will bring this civilization, He says, to the very verge of destruction.
  • Until now, every Teacher who has come to the world has given His teaching to a small group. It has then taken centuries for the Teaching to be disseminated----and in the process distortions and discolourations of the original teaching have crept in. For the first time in our history the Teacher can speak directly to all through the linked media networks...
On 11 June 1988, Maitreya appeared miraculously out of nowhere to a crowd of 6,000 people at a healing meeting, in Nairobi, Kenya. Photographs and reports of the event were carried by CNN, the BBC and other international media.
  • Many people have a rather naive view of events like the appearance of an Avatar or World Teacher, believing----through prophecies often centuries old----that they are scheduled for some exact day in some particular year and in some particular manner. (Some people believe the date of the Christ’s reappearance is to be found in the mathematics of the Great Pyramid, for example.) This is not so. Chapter One
  • There is a general time period, cosmically determined, but the exact timing of such events depends on humanity’s readiness and ability to respond.
  • I do not know how many prophecies there are in the Old Testament concerning the coming of the Christ in Palestine, but even had there been 3,333 the facts are that the timing of His appearance through Jesus was not involved in them ---- nor did the people of the time respond to Him; only the few recognized Him. The others, interpreting the prophecies through their religious and nationalistic hopes, fears and prejudices, rejected Him. Chapter One
  • There is not only one ‘false Christ.’ There are several wellknown teachers who believe themselves, or are believed by their followers, to be the Christ, and from my personal experience alone I know scores of deluded people who are convinced that they are the Christ. Discrimination and Spiritual Recognition are the key. I suggest that on the Day of Declaration, by the overshadowing and telepathic rapport which He will establish with all humanity simultaneously, you will have no doubts about His true status.
  • A tree is known by its fruit and it is by His love, wisdom, spiritual potency and work for humanity that you will recognize Maitreya and know Him for what He is.
  • Any hostility I have encountered has come from two sources: the Christian fundamentalist groups and certain esoteric groups----and for the same reason: they are both defending territory. They are, both of them, the prisoners of their own dogmas. It is not a hostile environment, however, which has delayed Maitreya’s emergence but the non-response of humanity---- through its representatives, the media, to the information that He has awaited discovery in London since May 1982. As for His safety, that is assured. He is invulnerable. Chapter One
  • He will be concerned with inspiring humanity to create the conditions in which world peace can be guaranteed. He will show that this requires, above all, the acceptance of the principle of sharing. This will insure a harmonizing of the imbalance caused today by the tremendous discrepancies in the living standards of the developed and the developing nations. His immediate proposal will be to launch a crash programme of aid to save the starving millions in the Third World. Then, over the next few years, the restructuring of society along more just lines will gradually form the basis for a new civilization. He will inspire humanity to create the new world. His initial task is really one of reconstruction. Chapter Two
  • One of the great tragedies of our present outlook on existence is our attitude to that recurring event which we call death. We approach it, for the most part, with fear and loathing, seeking by every means to resist its call, prolonging, often beyond its usefulness, the activity of the physical body as a guarantee of ‘‘life.’’ Our dread of death is the dread of the unknown, of complete and utter dissolution, of being ‘‘no more.’’ Despite the vast amount of evidence gathered over the years by the many Spiritualist groups that life of some kind continues after death; despite the intellectual acceptance by many that death is but an awakening into new and freer life; in spite of the growing belief in reincarnation, and notwithstanding the testimony of the wisest Teachers down the ages, we continue to approach that great transition with fear and trepidation.
    What makes this attitude so tragic is that it is so far from the reality, the source of so much unnecessary suffering. Our fear of death is our fear that our identity will be obliterated. It is this which terrifies. Did we but realize and experience our identity as an immortal Being which cannot die or be obliterated, our fear of death would vanish.(p. 250)
  • It seems obvious that a true realization of the implications of reincarnation (and not simply an intellectual acceptance) will transform the whole Western approach to reality. The idea that life is not short, brutish and arbitrary; that there is purpose and plan; that we are undergoing a process of gradual perfectionment; above all that the great Law of Cause and Effect governs our existence, must change our viewpoint. The need for right human relationships, for harmlessness, will become abundantly clear. (p. 271)
  • (Annie) Besant is correct. To be exact, my Master says it is 4,700 years. The Buddhist figure of 200,000 years refers back to the major decline of spirituality in late Atlantean times which led to the destruction of the Atlantean land-mass and civilization nearly 100,000 years ago. This can be seen as the beginning of a ‘dark age'. [Text is Creme's reply to Q: Besant says that Kali Yuga was the last 5000 years. Buddhism had always said 200,000 years. Which is correct?] (p. 300)
  • To my mind, the Agni Yoga teachings constitute one of the major attempts of Hierarchy to prepare humanity for the new age. They are entirely relevant to the present----and future time. The first book of the series, The Call, was given by Maitreya Himself, and was intended to alert disciples to the fact of His imminent return. The Master Morya, as I have said elsewhere, is one of the first group of Masters to be seen by humanity, and is the stimulus behind the occult groups of all kinds. His immediate task is to regenerate and purify the teaching of these groups... [The Agni Yoga Teachings were given] by mental telepathy through Helena Roerich (a disciple of the Master Morya) in Russian... My information is that The Call is His [Maitreya's] sole personal contribution to the Agni Yoga series.. The Call is also titled: Leaves of Morya’s Garden, I. (p. 300/1)
  • My information (from my own Master) is that the broad general outline and scope of The Secret Doctrine was conveyed verbally to H.P.B. (Helena Petrovna Blavatsky) by the Masters K.H. and Morya, while the bulk, the esoteric lore, was given to her telepathically by D.K.. She herself gave the correspondences between the esoteric science and the exoteric science of her day. It was in fact a group work. (p. 301/2)
  • Historical perspective... 1986 Maitreya contacts media representatives at the highest level in Britain who agree to make an announcement that a man claiming to be the Christ is indeed living in the Asian community government officials. Under pressure from high religious and government officials, however, this statement was withheld.

A Master Speaks (1985)

  • Today, large numbers of people live deeply unfulfilled lives, dedicated only to "earning a living"... Through no fault of their own they remain passive on-lookers of a life which passes them by... On all sides today can be seen bafflement, confusion and anger... Freed by machines from the burden of unnecessary work, millions will find within themselves a creativity absent up till now, and will contribute their share to the glowing tapestry of joyful living which will become the hallmark of the new age.
    • A new approach to social living, (March 1982)
  • The solution to the problem of hunger and starvation in the midst of plenty will be His primary concern. To focus world opinion on the need to end this blasphemy will be His aim, giving voice therefore to the aspirations of millions for a better, more just world. Thereafter, His plans concern the stabilization of the world's political imbalances; the restructuring of the economic order along more rational lines... When the alternatives before the race for peace through sharing; or war and self-destruction are clearly understood, millions will align themselves with the advocacy of the Christ, and call for an end to injustice, misery and war.
    • The return of the Christ, (April 1982)
  • The outstanding attitude of the new time will be the attempt to create right relationships, to express goodwill. A massive shift in emphasis from the individual to the group will re-orientate humanity... Stage by stage, century following century, man will build a civilization which will demonstrate his growing manifestation of divinity...
  • Until now, man's attention has been focused on the dense physical plane while the causes of disease are to be found in the misappropriation of the energies flowing through the subtler bodies. Man is on the verge of a great discovery: that disease is the result of imbalance; that correct balance is maintained by correct thought and action and that such correct thought and action involves his brothers and sisters everywhere.
  • Present day political structures are of three main types... Each of these forms today is characterized by a spirit of intense rivalry and exclusiveness. The followers of each are convinced that they alone have the answers to man's need for structure and organization and are ready, if need be, to plunge the world into catastrophic war to uphold their particular system... A true Democracy in which all men participate will take the place of the present sham.
    • Political forms in the New Age, (December 1982)
  • Many people await the return of the Christ with trepidation and fear. They sense that His appearance will promote great changes in all departments of life. His values, they rightly assume, will necessarily alter their ways of thinking and living and they blanch at such a prospect. Besides, so mystical has been the view of the Christ presented down the centuries by the churches that many fear His judgement and omnipotent power; they await Him as God come to punish the wicked and reward the faithful. It is sadly to be regretted that such a distorted vision of the Christ should so have permeated human consciousness.
It is by Cooperation alone that mankind will survive; by Cooperation alone that the new civilization will be built... Competition has led man to the precipice; Cooperation alone will help him find the path.
  • Little by little, a new consciousness is awakening humanity to its inner needs. The old, competitive spirit dies hard, but nevertheless a new spirit of Cooperation is likewise to be seen. This augurs well for the future, for it is by Cooperation alone that mankind will survive; by Cooperation alone that the new civilization will be built; by Cooperation only that men can know and demonstrate the inner truth of their divinity... Competition has led man to the precipice; Cooperation alone will help him find the path.
  • An understanding of the continuity of all life, incarnate or not, will replace the present fear; the old phobia of death as the end of everything will vanish in the new light which will illumine the minds of men. Into the darkest corners of superstition and ignorance this new light will shine, awakening men to an awareness of their divinity as immortal souls... The true understanding of the maxim of the Christ, that what we sow we reap, will transform human existence in all its aspects. Tolerance and harmlessness not known before will replace the present separation, as men recognize the justice and the logic of the Law.
    • The Law of Rebirth, (January 1985)
  • All outer events notwithstanding, the forces of Light are in the ascendant and steadily inculcate a new and higher rhythm and purpose in men's lives. This being so, naught can disturb the plan for the rehabilitation of the world. The outer signs of turmoil and violence, of hatred and fear, are but the death-throes of a dying civilization under the impact of the new. When the smoke of battle has cleared humanity will find itself entering into a dispensation unlike aught known before, into, as Maitreya has said, "a simpler life where no man lacks, where no two days are alike, where the Joy of Brotherhood manifests through all men".
    • Maitreya's call, (July 1985)
  • Throughout the world today there is a growing sense that great changes are necessary if humanity is to survive. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the political and economic fields... The divisions between the nations yawn wide, yet somehow, men know, they must be bridged. The tensions of the present can be supported for little longer.
    • A question of priorities, (December 1986)
  • Within humanity today a growing number of people are achieving continuity of consciousness and are thus retaining the experiences of the sleep state. This makes for faster evolution as no time is lost in waiting for the filtering down of information to the brain to take place. It also ensures the reception of more accurate information leading to more correct action and results.
    • Continuity of consciousness, (November 1987)
  • Without doubt, the greatest hindrance to change is the present state of mass consciousness. The masses of humanity are deeply fearful of changes the outcome of which they cannot foresee... Nowhere is this more obvious than in the political field. Millions today live in conditions of abject misery and abuse, exploited by tyrants masquerading as their leaders. Yet the people, for the most part, suffer in silence, fearful that resistance will make the unbearable even worse.
    • Fear of change, (December 1987)
  • In today's sense, education is a feeble thing indeed, ensuring only the minimum requirements for an understanding and control of man's environment... Few there are who learn more than the rudiments of life's meaning and purpose, caught up, as most people are, in the daily struggle for existence... Education for jobs has replaced education for life while, more and more, the stresses and strains of such imbalance erupt in violence of all kinds.
  • The growing strength of the people's voice and the growing determination to make that voice be heard... is the most important political event of our time. Throughout the world, the peoples of the nations are taking control of their destiny and demanding their rights. The inner call for freedom, intrinsic to their divinity, unites people of all races and creeds, and, in growing crescendo, will echo and re-echo until the last bastions of tyranny crumble and men can inherit their birthright.
    • The people's voice, (July 1992)
  • The question arises: why, in a world so well endowed, does hunger exist to such degree? Why, with food enough and more for all, do millions still sadly starve and bring disgrace on man's divinity? By what law do men assume the right to mark those who shall live and those who must die? From what complacent depths are such judgements made? ...Man, of his own free will, must choose the path to future glory: the path of brotherhood and love, justice and sharing... The signs are there for all to see: the signs of the new time, when hunger will be no more.
    • The end of hunger, (March 1993)
  • The sickness at the heart of the present dispensation is selfishness, complacency and fear. Where these three reign, separation and exploitation, handmaidens to ruthless greed, inevitably flourish. Only a rethinking of the meaning and purpose of life will suffice to steer men from the edge of disaster... When man's erstwhile temples, the stock markets of the world, crumble and crash, that key will turn and reveal a new beauty waiting to be born.
    • The Teachers are ready, (April 1993)
  • There will come a time when humanity will look back on this time as the 'barbarian age'. So far from the possible ideal is the present dying civilization that future men will wonder how, and for so long, were we able to sustain it.
    • The end of the 'barbarian age', (April 1999)
  • Since mankind has, for the most part, rejected the rule of Law, it has experienced a series of disasters which it has interpreted as 'acts of God'. These 'acts of men' bear little resemblance to the planned evolution of this Earth. When men realize this, they will make a concerted effort to readjust their thinking and actions, and thus set to rights the 'Rule of Law'. Gradually, the rhythm of the Law will impose itself on life and a new harmony and greater equilibrium will result.

Transmission: A Meditation for the New Age (1983)

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In a Transmission group, you simply let yourself be an instrument, while the energy is put through your chakras by the Masters. You act as a positive, poised, mental channel through which the energy is sent in a highly scientific manner. It is directed by Them, by Their thought, to where it is most useful and most needed.
To take part in Transmission Meditation, you only have to hold your attention at the ajna centre. In practice you will find that the attention will not stay there. It will keep dropping to its usual level somewhere around the solar plexus... As soon as you think OM, you find that your attention automatically comes back to the ajna centre.
  • Transmission Meditation is a form of meditation which is also a transmission of energy. We would not be human beings if we did not knowingly or unknowingly act as transmitters of energy. If the human kingdom were for some reason or other removed from this planet, all the lower kingdoms – animal, vegetable and even mineral – would eventually die. They would no longer receive their quota of energy from the sun at a potency which they could absorb. This is because the human kingdom (as do all kingdoms) transmits energy, albeit in a unique fashion. Whether we know it or not (and in the future we shall know it and act consciously as such), we are transmitters, a clearinghouse for energies received from the kingdoms above us. These energies are transformed by passing through us to the lower kingdoms.
  • Towards the end phase of our evolutionary journey our soul brings us into meditation. In the first life in which this occurs, it may be fleeting, but some contact with meditation is made. In the next life much more is made, until after several lifetimes, meditation becomes a natural activity of the individual in incarnation. This eventually makes the journey inward to the soul automatic.
  • The purpose of our evolutionary existence, then, is to manifest the soul’s qualities on the physical plane, and so to spiritualize matter. Meditation provides a more-or-less scientific means, depending on the meditation, of contacting the soul and gradually becoming at one with the soul, so that it can manifest clearly and potently on the physical plane. When we see such individuals, we perceive them as radiating meaning and purpose – for example, exceptionally creative artists, scientists, politicians or educators. Such persons are quite obviously governed by a force altogether different from the norm. It is the energy of the soul which is pouring through them, making them the creative beings who enrich our culture and civilization.
  • Transmission Meditation is the simplest method I know to accomplish this soul contact. Many meditations require that the individual master a powerful concentrated mental activity, which is more than most people can do. What people call meditation is often not meditation but simply concentration or even just reverie. There are five stages of meditation, each one leading gradually into the next: concentration, meditation, contemplation, illumination, and inspiration. Transmission Meditation can enhance all of these. Since the declaration by the Christ in 1945 that He would reappear at the earliest possible moment, there is as never before an enormous potency of energy at the disposal of the Masters. When He made that decision, He became the channel for colossal cosmic and extra-systemic spiritual forces. These need to be ‘stepped down’, or they simply bounce off the bulk of humanity. By the work of Transmission Meditation groups, however, these forces become transformed and readily available and accessible.
  • In a Transmission group, you simply let yourself be an instrument, while the energy is put through your chakras by the Masters. You act as a positive, poised, mental channel through which the energy is sent in a highly scientific manner. It is directed by Them, by Their thought, to where it is most useful and most needed.
  • To form a Transmission Meditation group, all you need is the intention and desire to serve, and two other people who agree to transmit with you. Of course, the more people the better, but three in itself is a group. The meditation used is simple, but it is the most dynamic I know. It requires no extraordinary expertise. It is a simple aligning meditation – the alignment of the physical brain and the soul by the act of holding the attention at the ajna centre (chakra) between the eyebrows.
  • Humanity has been given an extraordinarily potent tool whereby the energy of the Masters can be invoked at will. It is called the Great Invocation. The Christ Himself used it for the first time in June 1945, when He announced to His Brothers, the Masters of Wisdom, that He was ready to return to the world at the earliest possible moment, as soon as humanity took the first steps towards sharing and co-operation for the general good. It was translated by the Masters and released to the world by the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul through His amanuensis Alice A. Bailey. The Great Invocation is a very potent prayer. By its use, any group of transmitters can invoke the energies of the Christ and the Masters, and, acting as instruments, allow these energies to pass through their chakras in a simple, pleasant and scientific manner.
  • The important thing is regularity. What is required is for the group to meet regularly, at least once a week, always at the same time. In this way the Masters can depend on a group of individuals being physically present at that time. By the use of the Great Invocation, the group aligns itself with Hierarchy, and the Masters transmit the energies through the group to the world.
  • Transmission Meditation is really a combination of two yogas: Karma Yoga, the yoga of service, and Laya Yoga, the yoga of the chakras, the energies. This is the true yoga of the coming age. By taking part in Transmission Meditation, your evolution is propelled forward at an extraordinary rate, because of the potency of the spiritual energies sent through the chakras. The energies galvanize and activate the chakras as they pass through them. The Masters register the point in evolution of any individual by looking at the state of the chakras.
  • To take part in Transmission Meditation, you only have to hold your attention at the ajna centre. In practice you will find that the attention will not stay there. It will keep dropping to its usual level somewhere around the solar plexus. As soon as the attention drops and you become aware of that, you have to bring it back to the ajna centre. This is done by thinking, inwardly, the mantram OM. As soon as you think OM, you find that your attention automatically comes back to the ajna centre. While your attention is held at the ajna centre, a connection, or alignment, is formed between the physical brain and the soul. The energies do not come from your soul. They come from the Masters, from the Kingdom of Souls. But they proceed from the soul level. While the alignment between the physical brain and the soul is kept, you are in the Transmission. As soon as your attention drops from the ajna centre, you are no longer taking part. As you think OM, the attention rises again, you are aligned. The process is one of being aligned, for a moment not aligned, and then, once again, aligned, back and forth.
  • The easiest way to do Transmission Meditation is to join an existing group. If there is no group in your area within a reasonable distance, you can form your own group by joining with two other people. More people are more useful, but a basic group of three is a practical working group.
  • Many people practice some form of kundalini yoga and deliberately arouse the kundalini energy at the base of the spine. This is extremely dangerous unless done under the supervision of an advanced initiate teacher. The fact that the fire of kundalini can be so roused does not constitute either initiation or enlightenment. It could lead to madness if the chakras are not prepared in advance to receive it. p. 97
  • The Master DK wrote (through Alice A. Bailey) about a specialized form of Laya Yoga which will be the yoga of the New Age. Laya Yoga is the yoga of energies, of the centres. This specialized form of Laya Yoga is indeed already known. It is called Transmission Meditation... a fusion of two yogas: Laya Yoga, the yoga of energies, and Karma Yoga, the yoga of Service. It combines precisely the two most potent forms of evolution. Nothing moves a man or woman so quickly along the path of evolution than being engaged powerfully, potently, in some form of service. That is Karma Yoga. It is the lever of the evolutionary process. The other equally important leverage is meditation. p. 177
Many await My Coming with reverence and also with some fear. This is inevitable. My Coming will mean the end of the old order of things. All that is useless, no longer serving the purposes of man, can now be discarded. (Maitreya's Message No. 4)

Messages from Maitreya the Christ (1981)


Maitreya's Messages

He will talk about honesty of mind, sincerity of spirit, and detachment. These are the three. He gives them as three very potent forces of evolution. They are potent because they are the essentials. They are the essentials because only in growing detachment can you advance to the point... of being Self-realized.
  • When the world is ready to receive Me, I shall speak to men everywhere as the One Who is awaited, the One they have called, the One Who comes to lead them into the New Age... When I make Myself known, I shall express the hope of all mankind for a new life, a new start, a readiness to change direction; to see the construction of a New World in which men can live in peace; can live free from fear of themselves or their brothers; free to create from the joy in their hearts; free to be themselves, in simple honesty.
    • Message No. 8
I am the Stranger at the Gate. I am the One Who knocks. I am the One Who will not go away. I am your Friend. I am your Hope. I am your Shield. I am your Love. ~ The World Teacher
  • I am the Stranger at the Gate. I am the One Who knocks. I am the One Who will not go away. I am your Friend. I am your Hope. I am your Shield. I am your Love. I am All in All.
    • Message No. 10
  • The Messages are relayed by me to the audience. No trance or mediumship is involved, and the voice is mine, strengthened in power and altered in pitch by the overshadowing energy of Maitreya. They are transmitted simultaneously on all the astral and mental planes, while I supply the basic etheric-physical vibration for this to take place. From these subtle levels, the Messages impress the minds and hearts of countless people who are gradually made aware of the thoughts and the Presence of the Christ. He releases in this way fragments of his Teaching, to prepare the climate of hope and expectancy which will ensure his being accepted and followed, quickly and gladly. (Foreward)
  • It is an enormous, and embarrassing, claim to have to make ― that the Christ is giving messages through oneself. But if people can rid their minds of the idea of the Christ as some sort of spirit, sitting in "heaven" at God's right hand; if they can begin to see Him as indeed He is, as a real and living man (albeit a divine man) who has never left the world; who descended, not from "heaven," but from His ancient retreat in the Himalayas, to complete the task he began in Palestine; as a great Master; an Adept and Yogi; as the chief actor in a Gospel Story which is essentially true, but much simpler than hitherto presented; if people can accept that possibility, then the claim to receive telepathic communications from such a closer and more knowable Being is also, perhaps, more acceptable. In any case, I leave it to a study of the quality of the messages themselves to convince or otherwise. For many people, the energies, which flow during the overshadowing, convince. Many who come to these meetings are clairvoyant in various degrees, and their visions of the overshadowing as it takes place is for them the most convincing evidence of all. (Foreward by Benjamin Creme)
  • In this coming time, I shall show you beauties and wonders beyond your imaginings, but which are your birthright as sons of God. My children, My friends, I have come more quickly, perhaps, than you expected. But there is much to do, much that needs changing in the world. Many hunger and die, many suffer needlessly. I come to change all that; to show you the way forward ---- into a simpler, saner, happier life ---- together. No longer man against man, nation against nation, but together, as brothers, shall we go forth
  • My Brothers, the Masters of Wisdom, are scheduled to make Their group return to the everyday world. As Their Leader, I, as one of Them, do likewise. Many there are throughout the world who call Me, beg for My return. I answer their pleas. Many more are hungry and perish needlessly, for want of the food which lies rotting in the storehouses of the world. Many need My help in other ways: as Teacher, Protector; as Friend and Guide. It is as all of these I come.
    • Message No. 2
  • I come to take you with Me into the New Country -- the Country of Love, the Country of Trust, of Beauty and Freedom. I shall take you there if you can follow Me, accept Me, let Me lead and guide. And, if this be so, together we shall build a New World: a world in which men can live without fear, without mistrust, without division; sharing together the Earth's bounty, knowing together the Bliss of Union with our Source... Allow Me to help you. Allow Me to show you the way -- forward, into a simpler life where no man lacks; where no two days are alike; where the Joy of Brotherhood manifests through all men.
    • Message No. 3
  • Many await My Coming with reverence and also with some fear. This is inevitable. My Coming will mean the end of the old order of things. All that is useless, no longer serving the purposes of man, can now be discarded. This will cause many to grieve but so it must be. My friends, My children, I am here to show you that there exists for man a most marvelous future.
    • Message No. 4
  • My plan is to release into the world a certain Teaching, which will show men that there exists a new approach to living, a new way forward into the future time.
    • Message No. 5
  • My plan is to show you that the way out of your problems is to listen again to the true voice of God within your hearts, to share the produce of this most bountiful of worlds among your brothers and sisters everywhere.
    • Message No. 11
  • Man's problem today, as always, is of his own making... By the misuse of his divine freewill, man has placed his future, and that of all the kingdoms, in jeopardy. Many today are beginning to realise this and are taking such steps as they can to avert catastrophe. This is good. But not all men see the danger which faces mankind in increasing potency. Time is short indeed for the reconstruction of our world along lines more befitting man's true role and purpose.
    • Message No. 12
  • Mankind has lost its way, has strayed far from the path prepared for it by God. Many there are now in the world who know this, who search and pray, and work towards the light; but many more are blind and would rush towards disaster. My plan is to halt this headlong plunge and to turn the tide. My Presence, already, is effecting changes in men's thinking, in men's hearts, and causing them to wonder.
    • Message No. 13
  • Will you be among those who pave the way? Will you take part now in this Great Work and fulfil the world’s need? There is no higher call than that to serve the world. There is no greater commitment than to serve your brother.
    • Message No.14
  • Many will see Me soon and at first may be surprised at My appearance, for I am not the Preacher of Old, but have come simply to point the way, to show the path which must be trodden, back to the Source and into Harmony, Beauty, and Justice. My task is a simple one: to show you the way. You, my friends, have the difficult task of building a New World, a New Country, a new Truth; but together we shall triumph.
    • Message No. 15
Mankind will soon see that there is no alternative to sharing the produce of the world. Every other method has been tried and failed, and has led inevitably to war, suffering, degradation and misery.
It is absolutely necessary that humanity realizes that the male and female are in polarity. Energetically, both are necessary on the planet - not the domination of one by the other.

The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom (1980)

  • The subject of a coming Avatar or World Teacher or Christ is one that has enthralled men of all backgrounds and teachings for centuries. Even the most sceptical will often express the wish that such a desirable event were possible, however unlikely. To these, this paper is presented as an interesting hypothesis.
  • We are moving into a period of climax, leading to events which will fundamentally alter life as we know it... To some people, this portends the Second Coming of the Christ. To others it is the realisation that only through a profound inner change and readiness for a new direction in our political, economic and social life can humanity survive. Is it not possible that both of these approaches are correct?
  • Mankind will soon see that there is no alternative to sharing the produce of the world. Every other method has been tried and failed, and has led inevitably to war, suffering, degradation and misery.
  • Women's liberation... It is absolutely necessary that humanity realizes that the male and female are in polarity. Energetically, both are necessary on the planet - not the domination of one by the other.
  • We must show our ability to become One with All, the whole of this planetary life: with our fellow beings... We must stop exploiting the planet and misusing its resources; stop exploiting the lower kingdoms and misusing their life; show that this is One World, One Humanity, One Life. This is the destiny of mankind.
  • In the esoteric tradition, the Christ is not the name of an individual but of an Office in the [esoteric spiritual] Hierarchy. The present holder of that Office, the Lord Maitreya, has held it for 2,600 years, and manifested in Palestine through His disciple, Jesus, by the occult method of overshadowing, the most frequent form used for the manifestation of Avatars.
  • He has never left the world, but for 2,000 years has waited and planned for this immediate future time, training His disciples, and preparing Himself for the awesome task which awaits Him...
  • The Masters of the Hierarchy are now ready to return, for the first time in countless thousands of years, to the everyday world... Under Their great leader, the Master of all the Masters, the World Teacher, the One known in the West as the Christ, the esoteric Hierarchy will walk openly among us and lead us into the Aquarian experience. They stand now, waiting for us to take, of our own free will, the needed first steps in the direction of unity, cooperation and fusion. Then They will emerge with the Christ at Their Head, and Their Presence in the world will be an established fact.
  • He [the World Teacher] will show humanity the steps which it should take to regenerate itself, and to create a civilisation based on sharing, cooperation and goodwill, leading inevitably to world brotherhood.
  • The Churches have gone very far away from the religion which the Christ inaugurated; which is to do with sharing, with love, with brotherhood and right relationship.
  • The history of humanity really can be seen as the history of man's response to certain great ideas which are put into the mind-belt, into the mind of humanity... So it has been down through all the ages [...]
  • It is not primarily as a religious leader that He is coming. You may look for Him rather as an educationalist in the widest sense of the word, advocating changes in our political, economic and social life.
  • The major area of concern in the immediate future will be the problem of leisure: how mankind will utilize the leisure which he will have. A great many people today, because of the world labour situation, have endless leisure. They do not want it, they do not want to be unemployed, but they have leisure. However, they have not been educated, for the most part, to use that leisure correctly. In this coming time, gradually (I am not talking about something that is going to happen overnight, but eventually) mankind will create machines which will do the work which today is done by the bulk of humanity. Mankind will be released into a state of leisure which will give him the opportunity to explore his own inner nature, to know what he really is, the great divine Being he really is, and allow him to manifest that quality.
  • Today, freedom from enforced activity; freedom from want; freedom from hunger; freedom to explore the nature of one's own Being; the freedom to create, is known to a relatively small number of people. It is the privileged few who have this kind of freedom. Most people work to earn enough money to keep themselves and their families, and the vast majority of the people in the world work at deadly, mechanical work which bears no relation to man's true nature, his creativeness... Some people, of course, enjoy their work immensely, and get a great emotional, mental and spiritual return in terms of energy from that work... It engages their creativity. But for the vast majority of mankind this is not so.
  • In the future... The nature of work will change. We shall have to learn to live much more simply, not geared to this great mechanical civilization we have built around ourselves, especially in the industrialized West. The Christ and the Masters will show that we can live perfectly happily, even more happily, in a much simpler way, with fewer things. But those things will be beautiful. They will be made because they are needed, and they will be made with the creativeness of man behind them, whether they are man-made or machine-made.
  • A completely new attitude will take place in relation to work.
  • Through the power of sound, man will build and create the artefacts of his civilization and control his environment, relating it to his real needs.
  • When he comes into correct relationship to his brother and his Source, he will inherit that Divine Science, which is his birthright, but is known today only by the Masters of Wisdom.
  • Whatever of significance happens in any country at all happens under the inspiration of Hierarchy. There is an entire department in the Hierarchy, the Department of the Manu, which deals with the politics of the world: the great movements of the races; the building of races; the forming of nations; the destiny of nations; the working out of the political, governmental and racial divisions of humanity.
  • Great experiments are going on in China and Russia, America and Great Britain.
  • One of the most interesting today is what is happening in China... It is watched with extreme interest by Hierarchy, and could still go in many directions, well, or not so well. The changes which have taken place have had traumatic, chaotic effects in China, for example, the great Cultural Revolution. The kind of changes that I am envisaging, which will take place in the five centres at first, will take place without these traumatic effects; in the normal democratic way, by logical legislation and general agreement. All sections of society will take part, which will ensure the adoption of the various changes, whereas in China, and Russia, many of them were imposed. In America and Britain, today, many social changes are opposed by finance rather than by decree, but the result is the same.
  • We do not have democracy today, true democracy. There is no true democracy in the world - not in China, Russia or Britain.
  • We are all moving towards a more perfect expression of the governmental and political systems that we live under. In the future, the not too distant future, we will come to see that all political systems are divine expressions.
  • There is more in common between true democracy and true communism than there would seem to be today. What is called communism today, as it exists in Russia, China and the communist world, is in no sense true communism, but it is an evolving structure, moving towards a more perfect expression of the thoughtform as it exists in the Divine Mind; likewise with democracy.
  • Very soon we shall become aware that all political systems, without exception, are in a state of transition, more or less. All of them are changing, all of them are coming to a purer expression of the Hierarchical energy and the Divine intention which is behind them... All of them will shortly be seen to be in this state of transition, and therefore not so mutually exclusive as they now appear to be and a much greater world harmony will result from this. You will see very shortly the healing of the wounds between the nations. Over this coming year you will see things taking place which you would not have thought possible. There will be greater detente, greater synthesis.
  • There is standing behind the Christ a great Avatar... It works only through groups; through the United Nations Assembly, through Hierarchy, through humanity as a group, ... through the New Group of World Servers; and it is bringing humanity together, making humanity One on the physical plane, which it already is on the inner plane.
  • Another great entity standing behind the Christ is the Spirit of Peace or Equilibrium. He is overshadowing the Christ, in a very similar way to the way the Christ overshadowed and worked through the disciple Jesus in Palestine. He works very closely with the law of Action and Reaction, and His function is to transform the prevalent discord, confusion, chaos, turmoil in the world into its opposite, so that we shall enter an era of tranquility and peace - in exact proportion to the present discord.
  • The violence and hatred of today will be transmuted into goodwill, and again, in exact proportion to the intensity of the hatred and violence. This is the great Law of Action and Reaction functioning. The law stated is that action and reaction are equal and opposite, and this great Cosmic Entity, the Spirit of Equilibrium, is working now through the Christ, producing the transformation of the world.
  • Russia has, fundamentally, the good of humanity at heart; has, at the basis of its approach to life, the idea that men are brothers. This is true despite the harsh and cruel imposition of a system where there is a lack of free speech, movement and belief. Despite that, fundamental to the Soviet people, is this belief that men are One, that humanity is One. And, basically, in the Chinese revolution is the same idea.
  • Very soon, the nations of the world will realize that all political systems have much in common. There is a similarity of intention in America, Russia and Britain for instance (Britain representing the Commonwealth of Nations; Britain in Europe represents a larger body of thinking along the same lines). They are not identical but there is a wide common ground and that common ground will find its expression in the transition of each of their political systems into something which will not be identical - there is no reason at all why each nation should have exactly the same political system - but they will grow into a kind of relationship which makes coexistence not only possible but natural and inevitable. The acceptance of the principle of sharing will make this inevitable. p. 175
  • There are two kinds of thoughtforms: those which are mental and those which are the result of man's fears - these are unreal. But they become real, because every thought is real. Even if it is an astral thoughtform, it is still a potent force although it has no essential reality.
  • What is happening at present is that the forces of evil are fighting a last-ditch stand, because they know that with the Christ and the Hierarchy in the world they are doomed. They are going to be sealed off to their own domain for 3,000 years, and they will not be able to affect mankind in the same way. Hence their present desperate fight to foment, as potently as they can, this fear reflex in mankind. They work through fear. They work mostly on the physical and astral planes, but also on the lower mental planes. They create fear, anxiety and chaos. They are doing this by focusing their attention on and stimulating these thoughtforms of destruction and catastrophe, so that they should become a reality. If mankind surrounds himself with a thoughtform potently enough, sooner or later he creates a situation in which that thoughtform works out. That is how our actions work out. p. 177
No wars can now be won, and spending vast amounts of money on international arms programmes is a complete waste.
  • The Aquarian Age will be the age of right relationship, the age of reason, the age of brotherhood and love. This right relationship, of which reason, brotherhood and love are the expression, will be right relationship between all the kingdoms: between Man and his Source, which is Reality or God, however you envisage God; between man and man; and between man and the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms.
  • All the kingdoms will come into a very active, dynamic relationship as humanity comes, more and more, into a conscious relationship with the next kingdom, above the human - the Spiritual Kingdom or the Kingdom of Souls, which is made up of the Masters and initiates in the Hierarchy. Through the teaching of the Masters and through the grounding in the human consciousness of the Plan which issues from Shamballa, mankind will come to realize his true destiny, which is to act as a great clearing house for energies flowing through him to the lower kingdoms. So he will see that he has a great responsibility, on the planet, to the other kingdoms in Nature, and a change in his relationship to the animal kingdom will take place. p. 193
  • Inevitably, out of this change will come, generally, a vegetarian diet for mankind. This will be the norm. That is not to say that the eating of meat today by large masses of mankind is wrong. There is no single group diet today - one diet for all men. There are groups in the world today where the eating of meat is not only normal and right but essential... In time, when the true relationship between man and the lower kingdoms is seen, a more sane and balanced approach to diet will come about... Vegetarianism becomes the norm, becomes essential (but I do not mean to make that "essential" an imperative) for the man who seeks to take initiation; who is making a conscious effort to advance along the evolutionary path; who is taking a hand in his own evolution. At some point along that evolutionary path vegetarianism does become necessary. Not simply because it is 'wrong' to kill animals, but because the vibrational rate of the animal body, in particular the blood of the animal, is inimical to the higher vibrational rate which he is seeking to establish...
  • Common sense is the great thing in all this. You eat what you find through a minimum requirement keeps your body healthy. Each individual and each group finds for itself the diet which suits its purposes, climate, tradition and background.
  • An essential fact to bear in mind in relation to UFOs is that they are etheric in nature. They are etheric-physical, not dense-physical. What we see is the result of their ability to lower the vibrational rate of themselves, or their vehicles, temporarily, to a level where we can see them and know them. The phenomenon of their disappearing is the shift of their vibrational rate up again. This is something which the Masters, too, can do. Those who have control over matter can do this.
  • They protect us within karmic law. They can go so far and no further, of course. But for the work of the initiates and the disciples in the world, giving them the karmic right to 'interfere', they could do little. With the Christ and the Senior members of our Hierarchy working outwardly in the world, however, a much closer and more open liaison with the Space Brothers becomes possible.
  • The planets are of two kinds. Those which are sacred planets, and those which are non-sacred. The Earth is not one of the sacred planets... Sacred planets have no evil.
  • Mars is a planet which has three levels or zones - zones A, B and C. Zone A is very advanced, has beings who are very advanced indeed. Zone B has beings who are really quite advanced. Zone C has beings whom you would not want to meet on a dark night! Notwithstanding, the kind of evil there is not of the same kind as we get on this planet, because the planet Mars as a whole is within the mainstream of the Will of God, so to speak. Mars is also in the middle round, its fourth round, is not a sacred planet, and so it has evil.
  • Contact is possible throughout cosmos through the common denominator of mind, if the consciousness is high enough. But of course, it is only the very highest Beings Who have this cosmic consciousness (Telepathy is a fact, an inborn fact in nature, a natural part of man's being.) Evil on other planets exists, but it is contained in a way that evil on this planet is not so easily contained... we are protected; it is all under law.
This planet, and humanity on this planet, are part of a brotherhood which embraces the whole of the solar system, and each is closely interrelated
  • The reality is that this planet, and humanity on this planet, are part of a brotherhood which embraces the whole of the solar system, and each is closely interrelated. The energy from this planet streams into every other planet, and the energy from every other planet streams into all planets, including this one. It is a close energetic co-relationship. We have to realize this, and that our thoughts and actions create an effect on the aura of this planet which in turn affects every other planet in this system. If we are responding in a certain way, so that the light and energy emitted from this planet is at a relatively low vibration, we are holding up the advancement of the solar system as a whole.
  • I love space exploration; I think it is a great thing. What space exploration has done for mankind is to begin the process of realization that we are only one tiny centre in a huge solar system which itself is a tiny centre in a great galaxy, a fantastic Entity, which we call 'space'.
  • Mankind is beginning to realize that it is not alone in the universe, not alone in the solar system.
  • The space people are our brothers. We are part of a family which embraces the whole of the solar system, not necessarily on the same plane of manifestation as we are. In fact, the matter aspect of the different planets varies... if you went to Venus you would see nothing. Venus is inhabited, but our highest etheric energy is their lowest.
  • In fact the advance of the space programmes, in both Russia and America, has only been possible by the direct impression of the minds of the scientists by Hierarchy; not only our Hierarchy, but by the Hierarchy of some higher planets as well. So, you see, it is exactly along the line of Hierarchical planning that this takes place. p. 211
  • Egypt was a late colony of the Atlantean civilization which covered a large part of the world. The Great Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt is far older than we imagine - the civilization of Egypt is far older - in fact, below the area around the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx is a city, a colonial Atlantean city, which one day will be excavated and revealed.
  • The Sphinx, and of course the Pyramid, were connected with the Ancient Mysteries, the Mysteries of initiation, for initiation and the Mystery Schools go back to Atlantean times. The process of initiation was instituted in mid-Atlantean times, and the remains in Egypt, South America - Mexico and Peru - and also in Chaldea and Babylon, relate to these ancient civilizations. They are degenerated forms of it, for the Atlantean civilization was a tremendous, scientific civilization, such as the world has not seen since.
I found myself precipitated into a sense of identity with the whole phenomenal world: the earth, the sky, the houses and people; the trees and birds and clouds, I saw to be my self. I disappeared as a separate being, yet retained full consciousness, a consciousness expanded to include everything.
  • The religion of ancient Egypt is, fundamentally, Spiritualism; the religion of China, for the last 4,000 years, is a kind of Spiritualism. We call it ancestor worship, but of course it has nothing to do with ancestor worship. It is the worship of the fact of the sacredness of life continuing after death - that continuity of life - so that the ancestors coexist with the men and women of today; the recognition and acceptance of that fact.
  • This is the core of the ancient Atlantean and Egyptian religions; hence the apparent over-emphasis on death, the almost morbid interest, even today, in South America, in the trappings of death. But the South American peasants see a lot of death. They are very familiar with it. They are poor. Most of the coffins are very small - for children, who die in large numbers. These people live closely with death through no fault of their own. It is largely because of non-distribution of the food and modern medical knowledge that their children die.
  • Egypt was the home of magic - Atlantean magic... Black magic was tremendously rampant in Atlantean times, and ...there was a great war, between the forces of Light and Darkness, which brought that civilization to an end. As a result of that war the Hierarchy of Light became occult. They removed Themselves from the everyday world to Their mountain and desert retreats, leaving mankind to fend for itself, and to learn through trial and error. They return now among us, one by one.
  • Man is divine. He is also human and he has free will. And he is given the chance to exert that free will.
  • Humanity must evolve out of its sense of what is right for it; has to bring its will into line with the divine will, which issues from Shamballa, where the Will of God is known.
  • When the will of man and the Will of God coincide, you have right living - the Plan goes forward... When you have a divergence of man's will from God's Will for long enough, disaster comes.
  • In the better civilizations you are thinking of, the Atlantean, men grew selfish, exerted their little self-will, and the eventual result was disaster. This time, man is far more evolved, is much more an adult, mental unit, and can make decisions as to his future in the light of the evidence which will be highlighted for him by the Christ. He will see that there is no alternative today to sharing and co-operation, and on that basis will go into the future. p. 224
  • I read, among many others... Sri Ramana Maharshi..., whose Path of Self-knowledge I sought to follow. Through his meditation on "Who am I?", I found myself precipitated into a sense of identity with the whole phenomenal world: the earth, the sky, the houses and people; the trees and birds and clouds, I saw to be myself. I disappeared as a separate being, yet retained full consciousness, a consciousness expanded to include everything. I saw that this was the true Reality, that one's normal waking consciousness simply covers this, keeps it hidden, through wrong identification with oneself as this body. I also saw this phenomenal world as a kind of ritual, a ritualised shadow-play, acting out a dream or desire of That which alone existed, alone was Real, which was also myself.

Share International Magazine


So many nations today possess the nuclear bomb, the most destructive weapon ever conceived and built, that a future major war would be the ultimate horror: the complete destruction of life on planet Earth. For many millions of years Earth would be a dead planet, a toxic waste. Men, themselves, would have to incarnate on some dark, far-off world, and begin again the long, long journey into the light. The blasphemy of war, (June 2016)
"... We think... we can go on in the old ways... more competition, more greed... It is not so any longer; it does not work. If two-thirds of the world's population are living in poverty then the economic system does not work. If we think that they will go on without asking that it work for them, then we are sorely out of step with reality. Maitreya will make that clear...
  • Environment and energy will be the top priorities of the new era. Last will be defense, because there will be nothing to defend. When light is at your command you do not need guns and bullets.
  • Maitreya is sending a clear message to the world's political leaders: no wars can now be won, and spending vast amounts of money on international arms programmes is a complete waste.
  • Our prime task now is to look after the environment. This will become the responsibility of every individual, politician, guru, saint and scientist. Our energies will be spent in making it healthy again. When that happens there will be less suffering, disease and poverty.
  • The time is fast coming when there will be no need for prisons, as individuals can be controlled from space. Terrorism will disappear because there will be no place for terrorists to hide.
  • The Technology of Light will meet all our energy needs in the 21st century. It will need no huge budgets to maintain because it will be devised and controlled by intellectuals who do not look for billions of pounds of profits to satisfy them... Once built, the technology will last for 2,500 years, 'until the next cycle of evolution.'
  • The ambition of the politicians is now moving into space, from where all movement on earth can be controlled. But Maitreya warns that if the politicians play with this science of light and abuse it, it will destroy them. Humanity has naively believed that they are the only ones in space. But there are others there, far advanced, who have always watched over us, He says, teaching us not to kill, to respect others, and to learn to be happy and free. They have always protected humanity, and they will not allow it to destroy itself by the exploitation of science in space.
    • Science, medicine and technology in the Age of Light, Share International], (July 1990)
  • The world stock market crash... will reorient the governments of all countries towards a more equitable redistribution of food, housing, health care and education, which as universal rights will become the priorities of all governments. After the crash, the first duty of governments will be to feed people with the right food. Their second duty will be to ensure adequate housing. Health and education will be the next priorities. Investment along these lines in other parts of the world will follow, and lastly, defense. In short, the crash will lead to a reordering of priorities.
  • We think, and our leaders think, that we can go on in the old ways, exactly as we have done — more competition, more greed, more of the same, and it will just go on, we will win. It is not so any longer; it does not work. If two-thirds of the world's population are living in poverty then the economic system does not work. If we think that they will go on without asking that it work for them, then we are sorely out of step with reality. Maitreya will make that clear.
    • Share International magazine, (January/February 2005)
  • An immediate collapse of the economic structures, a stock-exchange crash in Europe and America, would bring Maitreya forward right away. That would bring us into reality. That is one of the factors that He is waiting for, that sense of reality which it would bring about. We would see that it does not work. We thought it was working, it seemed to work for some of us, but through our complacency we did not even think of those for whom it does not work. One of Maitreya's major tasks is to throw cold water on this complacency, make it very uncomfortable to be complacent. I can remember people coming to a meeting of mine and saying: “I thought this was going to be a message of hope, but I feel awful. I feel so unhappy. I feel so guilty and horrible.” I said: “Jolly good. That is what we call love.” You have to cut through that complacency. If people only want to be, “Ah, lovely”, it is not going to change the world. It is important that they know that the Christ is in the world and not alone, and that the world is ready for change and will change. But if they only want to be made to feel good, it is not going to help the world because they are not the people who are actually working in the world.
    • Share International magazine, (January/February 2005)
  • My information is that... [Maitreya] is emerging very, very soon – even by our standards. I have been told for 30-odd years that He is emerging ‘soon’, but that is by the Masters’ standards of time. They work in 2,000-year cycles, so a few years to the Masters is just like a Sunday afternoon. Maitreya’s emergence is based on certain laws, above all the laws governing our free will. At any time in the last 26 years He could have been invoked by humanity, by humanity performing just a few actions which would have allowed Him to come forward.
    At a press conference in May 1982 I talked to almost a hundred journalists from all the major networks... and revealed Maitreya’s exact whereabouts... I invited them to come to London and to...[look] for Maitreya. They did not have to find Him...But if one or two or three journalists... with clout, would come to London and simply go through the motions of looking for Him, Maitreya would come forward to them. And nobody did anything... The timing of His emergence is up to humanity. If we do not act, Maitreya cannot act. There are laws governing an Avatar of such a stature as Maitreya. He cannot simply come in when you or I would like, or even when He would like.
    • Quoted in Questions & Answers, Share International, (October 2008)
  • There is certainly a very large decision to be made by humanity when we are faced with it, and there are many reactionary forces in the world resistant to change. War and the production of armaments is a very lucrative business for some people who will resist change to the last. The present world economic collapse (presented as a 'downturn' or 'recession') is in fact the signs of the end of the old order, and is already bringing about a change in attitude among many people, young and old. When these same people hear Maitreya speak of the need to simplify and share resources to attain peace through justice, they will respond willingly to His call. His teaching and advocacy will inspire a huge response of desire for sharing, justice and thus peace. It is up to ourselves, we have to want peace enough to relinquish the past and work for the one humanity. I am sure we shall do so.
    • Quoted in Questions & Answers, Share International',' (March 2009)
Maitreya sees the stock exchanges of the world as the gambling casinos of the world – which they are... Humanity’s main illness, it is a major disease, is this need to make more money out of the money they already have and then go on making more and more.
  • He (Maitreya, the World Teacher) comes to help humanity see life realistically – not through rose-coloured spectacles of [money-making] schemes of gambling on the stock-markets and fantasy working which they all are. All that we have been witnessing – the financial world – is the result of fantasy. Maitreya sees the stock exchanges of the world as the gambling casinos of the world – which they are. They are nothing to do with the real world and the real economy. They are about gambling, mainly with price or value of currencies. And that is what has to go. Humanity’s main illness, it is a major disease, is this need to make more money out of the money they already have and then go on making more and more.
  • Millions of humanity believe, ignorantly, that speculation and competition are the best things in life. They bring out the best in a person. From Maitreya’s point of view they bring out the worst in anyone. They bring out all the separation, the malice, the greed, the need to win. They separate humanity because they put brakes on the aspiration of humanity for a better life, and lead us into a super-commercialization which is destroying all life today.
    Commercialization reduces people to being pawns on a chessboard: they are useless unless they can bring more profits to the company that employs them.

**Quoted in Questions & Answers, Share International, (October 2018)

  • Maitreya will call for the creation of trust. There is no trust between the nations. No one trusts anyone. So no one can do anything. Banks don’t lend as they did before. He will talk about the need for trust, and without it how nothing can happen for the good. And competition of course destroys trust. It is the opposite. Co-operation is necessary for humanity. We are all hooked on greed and competition – and you see the result, we are living it. Every time you turn on your television you hear about firms going out of business, the banks don’t lend and so on. That is the result of competition and greed, and it is folly. Sharing is the only solution.
    • Quoted in Questions & Answers, Share International, (October 2018)

Quotes about Benjamin Creme

He is particularly remembered as chief populariser of the esoteric Maitreya narrative.... A staunch flagbearer of Theosophical thought specifically indebted to Alice Ann Bailey (1880–1949)...Creme... was one of the major protagonists of the New Age.
Creme states that Mars is bustling with nine billion people...spiritually on a par with Earth but technologically tremendously superior because they did not make the many “mistakes” humankind did...
Creme divides Martians into three categories of spiritual evolution: those who are like gods to us; those of lesser but still remarkable spiritual progress; and those of very low spiritual quality.
  • [In 1959]...he experienced his own epiphany, claiming to have had his first telepathic communication with one of the same Hierarchy of Masters who had been in contact with Blavatsky and Bailey. This Master, Creme maintained, instructed him to pave the way for the coming of Maitreya. Creme gathered a small group around him and began to hold public lectures to spread his message... it was not uncommon for some to report having witnessed Creme suffused in a golden glow, or to have seen the face of Maitreya super-imposed on his. Creme was a genial and cultivated man with a compendious knowledge of art, philosophy and classical music, and a love of cricket... He lived modestly in a semi-detached house in Tufnell Park, North London, receiving no money for his talks, and claiming that it was actually “embarrassing” to have been “chosen” as the emissary of the new Christ... Over the years, Creme became accustomed to ridicule and mockery, which he treated with equanimity. “Scepticism is fine,” he once said. “But I don’t like cynicism. I say, keep an open mind.”

Brill Handbooks on Contemporary Religion, Volume: 20, Chapter 12, Maitreya, Crop Circles, and the Age of Light: Benjamin Creme’s UFO Thought, by Lukas Pokorny, (22 Feb 2021)


full text

  • He is particularly remembered as chief populariser of the esoteric Maitreya narrative. The related millenarian programme as advocated by Creme... highlights the vitally important role played by humankind’s "Space Brothers." This chapter focuses on them and the wider ufological context in Creme’s teachings.
  • A staunch flagbearer of Theosophical thought specifically indebted to Alice Ann Bailey (1880–1949), Benjamin “Ben” Creme (1922–2016) was one of the major protagonists of the New Age.
  • In the 1950s, Creme developed a keen interest for the incipient UFO phenomenon when he came across George Adamski... and Desmond Leslie’s... jointly authored Flying Saucers Have Landed (1953), as well as its sequel, Adamski’s Inside the Space Ships (1955).. Driven by a surging fascination, he would become member of George King’s... London-based Aetherius Society from 1957 to 1958, the involvement in which was to exert a lasting influence upon Creme’s ufological system. Moreover, it enabled him “to transmit the cosmic spiritual energies from the Space People”... vesting Creme with the power to heal. When he parted with King he intensified his telepathic collaboration with the Space Brothers, commencing, albeit unknowingly, his work towards the emergence of Maitreya and the externalisation of the Hierarchy.
    At the time, Creme, allegedly, alongside George Adamski was, for a short while, part of a group of contactees, who gathered regularly in out-of-the-body meetings deliberating on their missions received by the Space Brothers.
  • In 1959, eventually, Creme was telepathically approached by an individual, himself member of the Hierarchy, who was later to become his Master. He was informed first-hand of the Cosmic Plan, the expectation of the Christ’s imminent descent, and that once it had transpired he would be called to publicly promulgate His coming.
  • In fact, next to Creme, supposedly four other “disciples,” residing in New York, Geneva, Darjeeling, and Tōkyō, were requested by the Hierarchy to engage in this task, but only Creme was to accept.
  • Creme states that Mars is bustling with nine billion people; typical Martians would look like smaller-sized humans. Overall, Mars is spiritually on a par with Earth but technologically tremendously superior because they did not make the many “mistakes” humankind did... Creme divides Martians into three categories of spiritual evolution: those who are like gods to us; those of lesser but still remarkable spiritual progress; and those of very low spiritual quality.
  • Creme explains that etheric matter is tantamount to dark matter, which had already been discovered by Wilhelm Reich. He called it the “orgone.” In this regard, Creme recommends scientists to turn to the esoteric literature such as Blavatsky’s The Secret Doctrine in lieu of, for example, building cyclotrons worth many billions of pounds...
  • Creme unveiled that the universe would follow the Big Bounce scenario... so the current scientific mainstream theory of Big Rip/Heat Death would be wrong. According to Creme, spiritual progress generally expresses itself in rarefying matter density be it in people or entire planets; hence, upon completing its seventh evolutionary round Vulcan shifted to the most subtle etheric matter.. In this regard, Creme, for example, confirms Adamski’s famous account in which he reported to have attended a meeting of the Parliament in late March 1962 on Saturn.
  • Born... into a Jewish-Catholic family as the second, and only boy, of three children in Glasgow, Creme — by his own account—early on attracted the attention of the “Hierarchy” and, in particular, his later unnamed Master... The existing scholarship on Creme is scarce. Scattered encyclopaedic or otherwise relatively terse mentions aside (see, e.g., Hammer 2015: 356; Kranenborg 1994; Melton 2001: 352), I am only aware of two very recent papers thoroughly addressing Creme’s teachings (cf. Poller 2019; Pokorny 2021).

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