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CSI: NY (September 2004February 2013) was an American police procedural television series set in New York City. It is a hit spinoff of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and CSI: Miami. The show lasted nine seasons and aired 197 original episodes.


Season 1[edit]

Blink [1.01][edit]

Jason: I never saw that house. I swear on my grandmother.
Don: Let me arrest him for swearing on his grandmother.

Stella: What time did you get in?
Mac: I never went home.
Stella: Can't sleep?
Mac: What's sleep?

[sitting with their comatose victim in the hospital]
Mac: I used to sit like this with my wife. Her name was Claire. She died, on 9/11. Nobody saw it coming. I was cleaning out the closet the other day and I found this beach ball. And I remembered it was my wife who blew it up. I never told anybody this, but I got rid of everything that reminded me of Claire; too painful. The one thing I couldn't throw away...was that beach ball. Her breath is still in there.

Danny: You hear about that body?
Stella: The one by the River Cafe? Yeah, I caught it on the police portable when I was in the shower.
Danny: Why doesn't that surprise me?
Stella: The job never stops, Danny.

Danny: No pictures, no personal effects, not a partial, nothing. What's this guy live in, gloves?
Aiden: [shining blacklight on a sheet with semen traces] I'm gettin' all kinds of love over here.
Danny: I think he got tipped off.
Aiden: I think he got off.

Creatures of the Night [1.02][edit]

Mac: [to Stella] Use your head, not your heart.

[Flack apprehends a suspect at a restaurant]
Suspect: Hey! I didn’t do nothing man.
Flack: Yeah? You got steak sauce all over my shoes.

Stella: She was in Central Park.
Mac: Looks like we've got ourselves an 800-acre crime scene.

Mac: Aiden's on rodent patrol, I'm waiting to do a rat-topsy.
Stella: Rape and rats. Worlds apart.

Aiden: NYPD. Crime Scene Investigators.
Shop-keeper: You people deal with rats?
Aiden: Only when they have eaten our evidence.

American Dreamers [1.03][edit]

Mac: If this is a joke, I'm not laughing. These bones are real.

[A skeleton has been found on a tour bus in Times Square]
Stella: How long is this tour? [Mac looks at her disbelievingly] That's funny.

[A piece of paper was retrieved from the dead teenager on which only three letters could be read]
Stella: Playing hangman?
Mac: Actually, yes. But I've run out of letters.

Mac: Reality rarely lives up to expectation. Especially if you're a teenager.

Stella: If this case taught us anything, it was to live life.

Grand Master [1.04][edit]

[They arrive at a Japanese restaurant known for serving food on half-naked women]
Stella: Now that can't be sanitary.
Danny: Who cares if it's sanitary? I wanna see the menu.

Stella: Are you going to be able to focus?
Danny: [watching a half-naked woman walking by] I'm all over it.

Flack: George Thomas. Assault in the first degree. Aggravated assault in the second degree. Criminal possession of a weapon. I can go on, but I already read War and Peace.

[They just arrested a young woman at the sushi bar]
Danny: Here we are looking for the murderer at the table...
Stella: And here, the murderer is the table.

Mac: You should hear Aiden talk about this hip-hop world. Close your eyes, she sounds like Queen Latifah.
Hawkes: What do you know about Queen Latifah?

A Man A Mile [1.05][edit]

Danny: [to Tom Zito] I guess that dent in your head only affects the things you want to forget.

Danny: I don't know how these guys work down here.
Mac: The same way we're going to. Rock by rock.

Mac: Are you bathophobic?
Danny: I'm not anything-phobic. There are just a few things that shake me up. 700 feet of granite between me and daylight is one of them.

Tom Zito: If it's deeper than a grave and it's in New York City, the sandhogs built it. Commuter tunnels, subway tunnels, water tunnels. Without us, there's no New York City.

Mac: [seeing the DA waiting for them at the elevators] Personal visit from the DA's office?
Danny: What happened? You got lost on your way to a press conference? Or are you just checking up on us?

Outside Man [1.06][edit]

Hawkes: Apart from the fact of it not being attached to a person, there's nothing wrong with this finger.

[Stella talks to wife of man obsessed with amputating his leg]
Stella: You'll have to make arrangements with the ME's office for his body.
Wife: He didn't want his body when he was alive. I certainly don't want it now that he's dead.

Danny: Criminals are like animals. They leave tracks, we follow them.

Danny: [after finding a key piece of evidence in the garbage] Next time I say a case is in the garbage, remind me of this moment?

Danny: [after matching up tear marks on a bag] This case is in the bag.

Rain [1.07][edit]

Stella: There's something gooey here.
Mac: Gooey? There's a good forensic word. Gooey. I'll have to use that more.

Mac: Some sort of 'gooey' residue on the top of the piece of paper.
Stella: [smirks] Great choice of words.

[Flack walks up to Willet with Aiden while introducing themselves as cops]
Luther Willett: Wow, cops round here just get prettier every day.
Flack: Watch it.
Luther Willet: Oh, hey, don't get upset. I just got out of prison. You both look good to me. [Willet smirks]

Mac: And you're sure this came from Hummel's gun?
Danny: Absolutely. He doesn't deny discharging his weapon.
Mac: But?
Danny: If Marvin's story is true about what happened, and he was shooting at the bad guys -- this bullet discharged from his gun and stopped midair and then turned left and then hit the pillar.

Flack: Gotta wear a mask to a bank robbery. It's a rule.

Three Generations Are Enough [1.08][edit]

Mac: A paranoid schizophrenic's worst nightmare.
Stella: He doesn't just think we're out to get him. We are.

Danny: With all this cash lying around, you'd think a guy could afford new rounds.
Mac: With all the evidence we've collected, you'd think we could find Charles Langdon.

[Paul Streyzewski is saying how he kissed the vic]
Flack: Now, how does that thought process work? 'There's the mother of my child on the ground dead. I should probably call 9-1-1 but let me get a little action first.'

[Hawkes and Stella are figuring out Trina's official cause of death]
Stella: So, we've got a murder.
[Hawkes nods]
Stella: Now all we have to do is find the crime scene that goes with it.

Mac: Somebody went to a lot of trouble to file those serial numbers off.
Aiden: And I went to a lot of trouble to acid etch them back on.

Officer Blue [1.09][edit]

Mac: You're a fine CSI, Stella. I can honestly say, I wouldn't do this job without you.
Stella: Yes, you would. You just wouldn't be as good.
Mac: [smiles] Maybe.

Flack: We sent the word out and got next to nothing. I spoke to a lot of eyewitnesses. I got everything under the sun. He was shot from a tree. He fell off his horse and shot himself. One lady said aliens came down. This city's full of nuts.

Flack: [to Willey Chancey] Your last call was 18 minutes long. What? Was she giving you phone sex?
Chancey: Yeah. You want the number?

Stella: We haven't had a fight like that in a long time. Reminds me of the old Mac Taylor.
Mac: What old Mac Taylor is that?
Stella: The one who let his heart out of his chest every once in a while.

Jerald Brown: Willie and I just picked any pig cop. An eye for an eye.
Mac: You shot a New York City police officer. He wasn't just a cop, he was somebody's son. He made somebody proud at home. When you shot him through the back, you shot those people through the heart. [Mac stands up] From where I stand... you're the one that should be put to death. No trial, no jury. Eye for an eye.

Night, Mother [1.10][edit]

[Aiden tries to pick the pocket of a training dummy without ringing the bell, but she can't]
Danny: You're such a girl.
Aiden: [smacking him in the head] Shut up.

Flack: I'm telling you, Mac, she killed Rachel Camden.
Mac: What's your rush to put this woman away?
Flack: You saw her. What's your rush not to?
Mac: In all my years of doing this, there's one thing I've learned. Sometimes the slam dunks are the most deceiving.

Stella: You know what they say about keeping condoms in your wallet?
Jason: They get holes.
Stella: Just like your story.

[Stella has confronted a suspect about a murdered woman]
Jason: I fell in love with her.
Stella: Trust me. You're gonna get plenty of love where you're going.

Stella: Uh-oh.
Mac: What?
Stella: You hear that?
Mac: Hear what?
Stella: It's your mind racing again.

Tri-Borough [1.11][edit]

Aiden: So, mass spec went crazy with this odor that we found from our head wound vic. I've got words here longer than DiMaggio's hit streak.

Flack: Deodorizers? That guy smelled like ass!

Mac: Slick was dead before he hit the subway tracks.
Stella: So, we're looking at an electrocution to cover up an electrocution.

Aiden: [figures out that a frozen chunk of human excrement had fallen from the sky and killed the victim] Holy crap!

Aiden: Anybody see anything?
Flack: When does anybody ever see anything?

Flack: You're telling me a crapsicle killed this guy?

Recycling [1.12][edit]

Stella: All right, Danny. How does the DNA from the fingernail scrapings on the knife not match Brett Stokes? I mean, she's got 'motive' tattooed on her forehead.
Danny: Hey, don't kill the messenger...see what I did there?
Stella: Cute.

[Stella has just won a bet that she and Mac made on the outcome of the dog show]
Mac: You're going to make me pay?
Stella: Yeah, I'm going to make you pay.
Mac: I thought you were kidding.
Stella: Some days you're the dog, some days you're the hydrant.

[Danny is looking through a ladies' magazine, looking for a sample of lotion found on a murder weapon]
Stella: You know, if you wanted beauty tips, all you had to do was ask.
Danny: Did you know that waterproof mascara dries out your eyelashes? That's amazing!

[Danny and Stella question a pedophile about a murder]
Danny: Usually when you stab somebody, you know the guy's name. It's just common courtesy.
Theodore Gates: Well, I didn't stab anyone. [to Stella] What on earth is he talking about?
Stella: Your DNA was found on the knife that was used to stab Michael Starling.
Theodore Gates: I see. Was it a Swiss Army Knife?
Danny: Nice job, you got it on the first try.
Theodore Gates: [to Stella] Is it necessary that he be here?
Danny: What? What's the matter, am I too old for you?

[the magazine vendor, Mark Stutz, just explained he stabbed the messenger because he was sick and tired of bikers acting like they own the area]
Stella: [disgusted] Pedestrian rage. Why do I even ask?
[at that moment, a bike messenger speeds by, giving little warning, almost running Stella over]
Stella: Son of a bitch!
Mark Stutz: Makes you want to murder 'em, don't it?
Stella: Get in the car.

Tanglewood [1.13][edit]

Mac: We've got the best forensics tool money can't buy. Snow.

[Stella sees a Derek Jeter bobblehead on the dashboard of an SUV she and Mac are processing]
Stella: Who is that on the dashboard? Mickey Mantle?
Mac: Looks kind of like Derek Jeter.
Stella: Derek Jeter from the Yankees, right?
Mac: Yeah.
Stella: Didn't they get beat by Boston or something?
Mac: We were up three to zero and then we got swept. But we're trying to forget that.
Stella: I'm not much into baseball, but A-Rod's kind of hot.

Danny: So this is where it all goes down.
Aiden: Or up. Make sure you keep your gloves on.
Danny: You know, I didn't think it would be this clean.
Aiden: Come on. Act like you've never been to a place like this before.
Danny: You kidding me? I've got girlfriends for that. Why would I pay?
Aiden: All right, you. You're paying one way or another, trust me.

Stella: Hey Mac, I got pearls.
Mac: Pearls? From who?
Stella: Not those kinds of pearls. I've got good news on our case.

[to Sonny Sassone, a member of the self-proclaimed "next generation" of the Mafia]
Mac: Let me tell you something about the Mob. Back in their heyday, these old timers, they dealt in death and violence because of one thing: business. Not sport. They were smart. You punks are idiots.

Blood, Sweat, and Tears [1.14][edit]

Mac: The stereotype is kids run away to join the circus. Where do kids already in the circus go?
Stella: Apparently the elephant enclosure.

[after finding a body in a box]
Mac: Pretty sure this isn't the buried treasure our swimmer had in mind.
Stella: Coney Island, February, water's 35 degrees. These people still find the need to take a dip, I don't get it.
Mac: That's why you're not a polar bear.

Flack: Both the super and the downstairs neighbor say they haven't seen her in over a week.
Danny: Yeah, well that don't mean anything. I've lived in my apartment over three years now. My neighbors don't recognize me.
Flack: Better hope you don't go missing, pal.

Jason Cartey: I am not a criminal.
Flack: Yes, you are. We're just trying to figure out what kind.

Stella: Until now I never really believed people were double-jointed.
Mac: They're not. There's no such thing as double-jointed. It's just people with very loose tendons and muscles.

Til Death Do We Part [1.15][edit]

Mac: It could happen to you, you know.
Danny: What, marriage?
Mac: Love.
Danny: Don't even joke about that, Mac. It's not funny.

Aiden: Did you find anything else?
Flack: I haven't gone in yet.
Aiden: What?? Flack, you little scaredy cat, you don't believe these stories about this place being haunted?
Flack: I was doing my job, Aiden: getting statements from witnesses.
Aiden: Stel, you smell that?
Stella: Yeah. Chicken. Well, I did hear the one about the monk who went crazy and killed the others is true.
Flack: The 1-2-2 gets calls about strange noises coming from this place all the time.
Aiden: Will you stop? That's just an old urban legend.
Stella: Aiden, I think you'd better hold Flack's hand.
Flack: Yeah, okay...cute.

Flack: Lot of high school kids hang out here. Initiations, gangs, satanic rituals...
Aiden: A good place to get high...or get laid.

Maka: [about Hannah Bloom] Gives a whole new meaning to the term 'cold feet'.
Danny: If I said something like that, you'd call me insensitive.
Maka: No, I'd ask if you wanted to get a drink later. I'm attracted to a man with a dark sense of humor.
Mac: Do you two want to be alone? I'll just drag the body outside.

Audrey: Walter dumped me and I was angry, but I got over it. Look, Walter introduced me to Hannah, I liked her we became friends, what motive do I possibly have to kill her?
Mac: Walter Lisco is worth over $50 million.
Audrey: Well I promised my mother I'd marry for love.
Mac: Who couldn't love $50 million?

Hush [1.16][edit]

[Stella and Mac stare at the flattened victim]
Stella: I'm going to call Hawkes.
Mac: Tell him to bring a spatula.

Danny: You hungry?
Aiden: Yeah
Danny: Grab a bite to eat?
[Aiden nods]
Danny: I'll drive. Put you on the hood?
Aiden: [she smacks his arm] Put you on the hood.
[Danny laughs]

Danny: You take the bottom. I'll take the top.
Aiden: I like being on top.
Danny: What? You getting freaky with me because we got the bondage case?

Danny: Get that to Jane Parsons in DNA.
Aiden: Okay
Danny: [cracks whip] NOW!

Det. Vicaro: [to Aiden and Danny who have just arrived at the crime scene] Hey, do you guys want to identify yourselves?
Danny: Excuse me?
Det. Vicaro: I'm not recognizing faces, do you want to identify yourselves?
Danny: Who are you the crime scene troll? You want us to identify ourselves, you see the kits, you know who we are.

The Fall [1.17][edit]

Danny: Most feared man in New York dies from fear of his own wife.
Aiden: And she was the only one that loved him.

Flack: I really wish I wasn't a part of this.
Stella: Well, Mac wants to make sure you are.
Flack: He obviously enjoys seeing me nail a friend.

[investigating the scene above the canopy]
Aiden: Well, too bad birds can't talk because there's a robin's nest like twelve feet away.
Danny: Bird's-eye view.
Aiden: [laughing] You had to say it, right?
Danny: What are ya gonna do?

Flack: Mac?
Mac: What?
Flack: If it was his son...
Mac: Flack, I need your head on straight.
Flack: It is.

Stella [about her training officer] I ran into mine a month ago. I swear, if I were Chief of Police, he'd still call me 'Toots'.

The Dove Comission [1.18][edit]

Aiden: [walking into a strip club] Holy boob-job, Batman.

Danny: How's it going with the gypsy cab driver? Did you bring him back to life so he can just tell us who killed him?
Hawkes: I haven't attended that seminar yet.

[Danny is questioning a Mr. Arnold, who just admitted to being at a strip club]
Danny: I'm sure you were just sharing stock tips with her, right? What's her name?
Mr Arnold: Savannah. But, you know, I don't think it was her real name.
Danny: Nah. You think?

Hawkes: You know what my favorite games was when I was a kid?
Mac: Jacks?
Sheldon: Operation.
[He holds up a pair of tweezers and then uses them to remove a bullet from the body of a gunshot victim]
Mac: His nose didn't buzz red. Well done!

Crimes & Misdemeanors [1.19][edit]

Mac: [to Stella] I love the smell of a cover-up in the afternoon, don't you?

Stella: What do you do when you can't sleep?
Mac: Work.
Stella: What do normal people do when they can't sleep? [Mac looks confused] They flip the pillows to the cooler side! [Mac realizes what she means and they flip the mattress to show a yellow discolored spot] Bleach heaven! I'm starting to get frustrated!
Mac: [uses his knife and cuts down to the springs showing blood] Don't get mad...Get even!

Tom Martin: Your tactics don't frighten me.
Mac: It's not my tactics you need to worry about. It's my results.

Mac So she came in with the sheets? Where'd they come from?
Flack: Hotels. Don't worry there's only about seventy thousand hotels in this town.
Stella: And about seventy thousand possible motives!
Mac: I'll take those odds!

Tom Martin: There are a lot of men in this country who look like me. Average.
Mac Don't sell yourself short. You're unique. Or at least your blood is.

Supply and Demand [1.20][edit]

Flack: There's nothing more depressing than looking at a rich kid's moneyline.

[Stella and Flack just leave a loud altercation with Jordan, her father, and their lawyer]
Flack: When I'm the cooler head, you know you blew it.
Stella: I blew it? What about Buffy the friend-slayer over there?

Hawkes: The fatal shot to the head was an act of mercy after the beating he took.

Mac: What did the witness see?
Flack: Nothing. She heard a ruckus through her wall, then the gunshot, discovered him here.
Mac: She ran towards the sound of a gunshot? Must not be a New Yorker.
Flack: [grinning] She's from South Carolina. The whole building's full of students.

Aiden: Give me your hands.
Shaun Deroy: What's the magic word?
Aiden: Hands!
Shaun Deroy: I wonder how much damage I could do in the two seconds it would take that guard to get in here.
Aiden: Palms up!
Shaun Deroy: I believe I asked you a question.
Aiden: And I'm tellin' you to step back!
Shaun Deroy: Why don't you make...
[Aiden tasers him]

On the Job [1.21][edit]

Stella: Any idea what they used to hit her?
Hawkes: There's granular particulate matter in her wound. At first I thought it was dirt, but then I took it under the autopsy scope: feldspar, quartz, and a pinch of mica.
Stella: Granite.
Hawkes: Yeah.
Stella: So, the murder weapon was a rock.
Hawkes: And judging from the head wound, I would be looking for a rock with a V-shaped edge.
Stella: [sarcastically] Oh, well that's good to know. Narrows down my search.

Mac: You are the man of many talents.
Hawkes: You know, there was this time I wanted to be a sculptor. [Mac looks suprised]

Flack: Don't hang yourself, Danny.
Danny: You want to know what this feels like? It feels like I'm already being hung.

The Closer [1.22][edit]

[Stella's pager goes off]
Stella: Dispatch, I have the feeling it's going to be a very busy day. Want to switch jobs?
Hawkes: Oh, yeah, sure. You'll be cutting off that guy's right arm and left leg.
Stella: I'm leaving now. Thank you.

Stella: Why haven't you taken your wedding ring off?
Mac: Because, uh, I don't know. I don't want to.

Aiden: How does a potential shortstop become a crime-scene investigator?
Danny: That's real easy. Get into a fight, break your wrist, and then graduate from the police academy, top of my class.
Aiden: Dangerous, Danny Messer.
Danny: Very dangerous.

Mac: When the Towers fell and Claire died, it was the clearest definition of what is unjust and unfair in this world, and I was powerless to do anything about it.

Mac: [examining the woman who was hit by a car] No clothes, no shoes, no handbag, just lace.
Stella: If this is the new look for spring, you can count me out.

What You See is What You See [1.23][edit]

Mac: [to Stella] That's what I like about you; you always get the details right.

Mac: Make any headway with the D.A. finding out who's handling our C.I.?
Flack: Textbook example of an departmental turf battle -- Steve Collins might as well be handled by E.T., as far as I can find out.

Mac: That's why we don't rely on eyewitness testimony. I saw what I saw, but the evidence knows what was really going on.

[Mac is out on his first "date" since his wife died]
Rose Whitley: I didn't think you'd come.
Mac: I'm here.

Mac: [to a captured counterfeiter] Once Steve came out of the bathroom, it all would have gone down as you planned it. Except something happened: I walked in. You may be an expert on the manipulation of bistable colorstaric crystals, but you wouldn't know a police officer if one walked right by you. Clark made me the second I walked in.

Season 2[edit]

Summer in the City [2.1][edit]

Sheldon Hawkes: [regarding the victim's brain] It's about 98 degrees out here, the pavement is very hot, any remaining pieces are more than likely fried.
Stella Bonasera: I knew this would be a no-brainer for you.
Hawkes: She didn't just say that.
Don Flack; Mac: She did.

Danny Messer: Do you know anyone who would want to kill Mr. Price for a diamond?
Model: I don't know anyone who wouldn't.

Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: You just told him his partner was murdered, and he didn't even ask what happened.
Detective Mac Taylor: Overwhelmed by the news, I guess. Or, maybe he already knows the answer.

Mac Taylor: [about mosquitoes] Only the female of the species bite.
Stella: Good for her!
Mac: Did you know that Hawkes is a walking encyclopedia of tidbit information?
Stella: That's good. You can go to him instead of Google.

Aiden: [Stella is examining a diamond] Wow. I've been processing dirt all day and you've been shopping at Tiffany's.

Danny Messer: It's hot a little bit, eh?
Stella: What the hell are you wearing that jacket for?
Danny: Ah, my mother still dresses me.

Stella: We all have that one case that haunts us.

Grand Murder at Central Station [2.2][edit]

Don Flack: We got some whackadoo running around throwing acid in people's faces?
Mac Taylor: Not acid...lye.
Flack: All right. Well, I'll start with the nuts in this city and work my way up.

Mac Taylor: Phenolphthalein also reacts with hydroxide.
Sheldon Hawkes: Good thing that wasn't on the exam.

Det. Mac Taylor: [about a little girl's teddy bear] So did Franklin tell you anything or did he lawyer up?

Danny: [Sees Scagnetti walk in with a pink bag] Oh, Detective Prada. That's a nice bag, matches your shoes perfectly.
Scagnetti: [sarcastically] You're a funny guy, Messer.

Mac: You on break?
Sheldon Hawkes: I'm just taking five minutes to eat. That's okay, isn't it?
Mac: Eating is frowned upon, Hawkes. [Hawkes moves to put everything away] Hey, I'm kidding. Relax.

Danny Messer: [looking at three trees lined up and noticing one is bent over] Which one of those trees needs Viagra?

Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: Did you know rumor has it that Jennifer Lopez's ass is insured for one billion dollars?
Det. Mac Taylor: Excuse me?
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: Five hundred million per cheek. They're her trade instruments, like a soccer player's legs or a supermodel's face...
Det. Mac Taylor: Or a surgeon's hands.

Detective Stella Bonasera: I didn't know Evelyn personally, but I give her credit for one thing. For not being able to see, she was able to see right through you.

Mac Taylor: We checked your record here, it's clean, but your partner's record has more flags than the UN building.

Mac: It never ceases to amaze me how men of higher education can commit such...stupid crimes.

[Mac has shown Aiden an unsealed evidence packet]

Det. Mac Taylor: There are three things that I'll protect at any cost: the honor of this country, the safety of this city, and the integrity of this lab. As scientists, we have a great deal of power, the ability to assign guilt or innocence. But when we analyze a crime scene, we collect pieces of evidence, we make a promise to the people of this city. A promise to handle that evidence with respect, integrity, and good faith. When you broke the seal, you broke that promise.
Detective Aiden Burn: I didn't do it. I didn't plant the evidence. I wanted to. Man, I wanted to, but I couldn't go through with it. I knew I couldn't live with that.
Det. Mac Taylor: Is it that you couldn't live with it, or you couldn't compromise the integrity of this office?
Detective Aiden Burn: You know how much this place means to me, Mac. But that son of a bitch raped Regina twice, and he's gonna get away with it twice?
Det. Mac Taylor: And if the credibility of our findings is suspect, how many more do you think will walk? Ten? Twenty? A hundred? Truth is, Aiden, I can't have someone like that working in this lab. You're fired.
Detective Aiden Burn: [handing over her badge] Truth is I can't do this anymore, Mac. I mean, I got to be honest with you. If somethin' like this ever happened again, I don't think I'd trust myself. And I'm sorry I let you down. Just do me a favor, huh? Catch this guy for Regina.
Det. Mac Taylor: I will. This folder... will be right here on my desk till we get him.

Zoo York [2.3][edit]

Flack: Achoo! (glares at his hand in disgust)
Mac: [to Flack] Hey (as he looks up) you're sneezing on my crime scene.
Flack: Sorry Mac, allergies. (Glares at the tiger) Cats, hate them.

Mac: [talking to Lindsay in the tiger's cage] I need you to hold the tiger's jaw so I can get the dental impression.
Danny: [whispering] Just take a deep breath. Don't let him know that you're afraid, 'cause he can sense when you're nervous.
Lindsay: (whispering) The tiger's been tranquilized. I think I can handle it.
Danny: I'm talking about Mac. And make sure you call him "sir." (Lindsay looks at Mac nervously)

Det. Lindsay Monroe: You know, petting a cat has been scientifically proven to lower your blood pressure.
Detective Mac Taylor: Maybe the vic heard the same thing.

Mac: [after Lindsay calls him 'Sir' various times] And don't call me "sir".

Stella: It's all about pain, Hawkes. How much you're willing to endure to look good.

Stella: Do you have a cause of death?
Marty: Nope, but I can tell you it wasn't alcohol poisoning, your debutante's BAC was zero.
Hawkes: Debutante?
Evan: I didn't find any lines on her fingers to indicate she was wearing engagement or wedding rings, plus age, the dress, time of year, equals debutante season.
Stella: Don't tell me. You were an escort?
Evan: I attended a debutante ball. [pause] I was waiting tables.

Det. Lindsay Monroe: [after repeatedly stabbing the pig for tests] Well, I'm done eating bacon for life.

Danny Messer: [at they enter the walk-in freezer] That's a lot of hamburger.
Det. Lindsay Monroe: Back home, people keep this much meat in their basements.

Det. Lindsay Monroe: [seeing the Venetti's] What do they want?
Detective Mac Taylor: To let us know the clock is ticking.

Mac: Excuse me, are you Ryan Knight?
Ryan Knight: No, I'm -- [swings duffle bag at Mac's head, then runs, only to be knocked down by Lindsay and cuffed by Mac]
Mac: What do they feed you up there in Montana?

Dr. Evan Zao: [walking into the lab] Whoa. What is that smell?
Det. Lindsay Monroe: Tiger dung. The zoo just made a fresh delivery. [looks around] Everyone else just happens to be conveniently busy.
Dr. Evan Zao: You know what they say: It's a dirty job but...
Det. Lindsay Monroe: The rookie's gotta do it.

Corporate Warriors [2.4][edit]

Detective Lindsay Monroe: [about their victim] His name is Jared Stanton. He lives at 73rd Street and Park Avenue.
Detective Mac Taylor: You can just say "73rd and Park." New Yorkers know what you mean.

Mac Taylor: Don't quote me on this, Lindsay, but sometimes -- [lifts the head of the vic off the body] -- not everything's connected.

Danny: So, we're looking for a combination of Spiderman and Minnesota Fats.

Stella: I think the Italians got it right. Live to eat, not eat to live.
Danny: That's what I'm talking about.

Flack: How do you leave a kid alone?
Hawkes: Mom had to work.
Flack: Kids don't even need to look for trouble to find it.

Dancing With the Fishes [2.5][edit]

Flack: Goodbye, suicide.
Stella: Hello, murder.

Danny Messer: This guy's foul. Smells worse than dead.
Hawkes: Fish.

Flack: [to Shayna] I've heard your sob-story. Now, I want to hear what the knife in your locker has to say.
Shayna: I've got rights. You can't just go through my locker.
Don Flack: Not yet. But in 20 minutes, when the warrant gets here, your world opens up.

Sheldon Hawkes: Death by swordfish. Man, I love being in the field.

Flack: Ticket was a winner.
Stella: Yeah, and her lucky numbers add up to 17 million dollars.
Mac: And 17 million motives.

Richard Daly: Wait, hold on a second. So then one of my swordfish, I paid full price for them, now they're worthless, tainted.
Danny: I'm sure Fred's sorry for the inconvenience his murder has caused your restaurant.

Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: You know I've never been fishing, never even thought about trying it. Seems kind of boring.
Detective Danny Messer: Until you hook something. I went fishing with my old man once on a pier near Battery Park. I caught the sweetest striped bass, must have weighed close to thirty pounds.
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: Did you eat it?
Detective Danny Messer: Threw it back! Would you eat anything that came out of the Hudson?
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: Good point.

Mac: I don't believe that for a second.
Vincent: Of course not, you're a cop.
Stella Bonasera: No. It's because people lie.

[Lindsay walks into Mac's office with a bottle of hydrogen sulfide on a tray]
Mac Taylor: Hydrogen sulfide?
Lindsay Monroe: I borrowed that from the trace lab. Stuff stinks. That rotten egg smell. It's absolutely awful.
Mac: Yes, I'm aware of that. Why is it in my office?
Lindsay: For the sake of science

Detective Lindsay Monroe: [to Vivian Claven] You know, bruises age in a very specific pattern. First they're red, the color of the blood under the skin. After a day or two, they turn a bluish-purple, that fades to green, and then as they heal they turn a yellowish-brown. Yours is just black. Too black. Wipe it off.

Youngblood (2.6)[edit]

Mac: Ah, the belt's undone.
Stella: Our woman in heels either knew him or was about to.

Don Flack: Guy has dinner, comes home, gets in his elevator, figures he's done for the day.
Mac Taylor: Instead he's done for good.

Sid Hammerback: Samples of both have gone to the lab, same with his personal effects.
Sheldon Hawkes: Watch?
Sid Hammerback: No, I kept that. [Hawkes looks at him] What? It was a nice watch.

[about id'ing their vic]
Hawkes: I'd say a homeless guy probably living where we found him, in the park.
Stella: Park Avenue, maybe. I've got a really nice pair of pants, a tailor-made shirt, fancy watch, traces of paint and lipstick on the shirt, I'd say he's a very wealthy guy.
Hawkes: Well, he must have found the clothes. The shoes never lie.
Stella: Yeah well, this little watch here is worth four or five grand, quite a find for a homeless guy.
Hawkes: Yeah.
Stella: Let me check missing persons. Someone notices when a guy with money doesn't come home.
Hawkes: By definition, homeless people are missing people.

[Wondering why their suspect entered an apartment building with a steering wheel lock, but left without it.]

Detective Danny Messer: A kitchen knife is a kitchen knife until you stab somebody with it.

[after hearing the suspect's statement]
Stella: Fitting in. You're going to be doing a lot of that Ben. Let's say for the next...15 years.

[Mac finds a homemade gun]
Don Flack: You've got no idea how it got like that, right?
Mike Adams: It's a mystery to me, man.
Flack: Join the club.

Manhattan Manhunt [2.7][edit]

Detective Don Flack: [about the students shot execution style] How did this happen? There were security guards at every one of the Endecott's Manhattan properties.
Lieutenant Horatio Caine: [about Darius] He's gotta be here somewhere.
Det. Stella Bonasera: Are we sure this is Darius?
Det. Mac Taylor: Take a good look at the position of these kids. Look familiar?
Det. Stella Bonasera: Yeah, those nurses in Midtown. He played in their blood.

Mac Taylor: Last thing Darius said down in Miami, he was coming to New York to make things right.
Stella Bonasera: [Looking at Alexa's body] Think he has?
Mac Taylor: Not even close.

Horatio: That's a stria match.
Stella: The bullets are lining up like the Rockettes at Christmas.

Danny: [knocking as he walks into the lab] What do you got, Montana?
Lindsay: [at the microscope, annoyed] Danny, stop calling me that. It's Lindsay. Lindsay Monroe.
Danny: All right, all right, I'm just joking.
Lindsay: Well, it's not funny. Am I supposed to be the new girl and the butt of your jokes?
Danny: You upset that Mac dismissed you?
Lindsay: I can handle it.
Danny: No, it's not about that. He was looking out for you. You saw that place. It was a slaughterhouse in there.
Lindsay: What, you think I haven't seen blood like that before?
Danny: I dunno, to tell you the truth. Have you?
Lindsay: Yes! (meaning her secret of her friends murder) And a lot worse than that.

Stella: And no girl ever leaves her house without her cell phone, at least not at that age.
Mac: GPS the phone number.
Stella: [satalite view of a department store] Got it. Tiffany's! Now you're talking my language.
Mac: You can tell from a map?
Stella: Are you kidding, I can tell from the moon. I love those little blue boxes.

[to Darius in holding cell]
Mac: Me? I don't pity you, Darius. There's a lot of people with worse stories than yours and they never hurt anyone. You killed twelve people in two states over the last seventy-two hours, and you want me to feel sorry for you because your daddy didn't kiss you when you were a baby? You asked for my help. I did help you. You're where you belong. [pauses] Rot in hell, you son of a bitch.

Bad Beat [2.8][edit]

Flack: You play poker?
Stella: Occasionally. You got a problem with that?
Flack: Yeah, you're physically incapable of keeping a straight face.
Stella: Really?
Flack: Now Mac, there's a man with a poker face, who knows what he's thinking?

[Lindsay is digging through a dumpster looking for evidence]
Lindsay: This new-girl stuff has got to stop.
Mac: It's better than sifting through tiger dung.
Lindsay: Funny.

Male tenant: No, I didn't hear anything unusual. What happened?
Flack: A guy was shot down the hall.
Male tenant: Oh..yeah..I heard that.
Flack: Did you call 9-1-1?
Male tenant: No. Why?

Female tenant: Are you serious? Do you know what time it is?
Flack: I'm sorry to disturb you, ma'am, but-
Female tenant: I asked you a question.
Flack: Do I know what time it is? Yes ma'am I do, it's 3 am.
Female tenant: You people are crazy, I ought to sue for harassment.
[Female tenant slams door shut]
Flack: You have a good night now.

Detective Don Flack: [knocks on a man's door. A man opens it, standing in his underwear, holding a beer and scratching his chest] Never mind. [reaches for door handle to pull door closed] Carry on, sir.

Lindsay: Ah, now, see? That's a shame.
Mac Taylor: What's a shame?
Lindsay: Somebody went and threw away a perfectly good shotgun.

Sheldon Hawkes: …Put time of death at least 8 hours ago.
Danny Messer: Actually… [looks at his watch] 10 hours and 13 minutes.
Hawkes: It's impossible to be that exact on ToD.
Danny: You think so, Einstein?
Hawkes: Danny, I'm a certified pathologist. I know so.
Danny: Her coat is damp, I got caught in the rain last night. 20-minute torrential downpour: 8:45. Only the makeup on the right side of her face is streaked which means she was lying dead here when the rain began.
Hawkes: Showoff.

[Flack starts breaking cigars in half]
Robert: Do you have any idea how much that costs?
Flack: Now? Nothing.
[Flack breaks another cigar]
Flack: Hey, Stell.
Stella: Yeah?
Flack: That smell Cuban to you?
[Stella sniffs the cigar]
Stella: Can't tell. Better break another one.

Danny Messer: Adam when you're done with that I got a pair of slacks that I need ironed.

Lindsay Monroe: [walks in to see some of team watching a porn-esque home movie] Footage from your 30th birthday, Messer?
Danny Messer: Walrus documentary, actually.
Sheldon Hawkes: It's Tara Stansfield, our victim from the park.
Lindsay Monroe: Who's the other walrus?

Kelly Lindgren: This is Joel?
Detective Don Flack: What, you don't recognize him with half his face blown off?

City of the Dolls [2.9][edit]

Maka: You never broke an arm off of your GI Joe?
Danny: Yeah, but I did it on purpose, casualty of war.

Detective Stella Bonasera: This is a to-do list dated for tomorrow. If you're going to kill yourself, why spend time planning to pay bills and do laundry?

Harry: So, it'll probably be a whole week or so before they could list the apartment on the market?
Flack: Yeah, we usually don't let the realtor show a place until we get the stink of death out of the carpeting. [Flack leaves to go back to her apartment]
Harry: Well, I thought I'd ask. And the attitude's unnecessary. [Flack turns and gives him a look]

Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: I am suspicious about everything and sure of nothing.

[Lindsay is taking off her shoes before heading into a suspect's home]
Danny Messer: What are you doing? You don't got to do that.
Lindsay Monroe: I was taught that, if you show a little respect, you might get more than you came for.
Danny: You play good cop, I'll be bad cop. I'm going to keep my shoes on.
Lindsay: Okay, guess you didn't grow up with hardwood floors.
Danny: No I didn't actually, Bronx Marble.
Lindsay: What's that?
Danny: It's linoleum.
[Lindsay puts her shoes back on after the talk with the suspect]
Danny: Thought you were going to play good cop.
Lindsay: There's something about that woman.

Danny: You make me nervous Mac, you got that look.
Mac: What look is that?
Danny: The one that says: "We're not quite finished, cancel your plans for the evening."

Danny: Looks like Miss Drake's been quite busy, more semen samples here than a fertility clinic.

Jamalot [2.10][edit]

Mac Taylor: It's a simple game. The jam is a two-minute period where each team tries to score points by having their jammer lap members of the opposing team.
Stella Bonasera: You cannot know this.
Mac: Someone took me to a game.
Stella: Nobody would ever take you to a roller derby game. Oh, unless you were on a date.
Mac: It was fun.
Stella: The game or the date?

Hawkes: Not a very creative body-dump.
Danny: Does the job, right? Who called it in?
Hawkes: Those two over there. [points to a Goth couple]
Danny: That's great, if the vic's missing any blood we'll know the Dracula twins did it.

Hallie on Wheels: [Hallie is one of the roller-derby girls]. [To a little girl in her daycare] Briana, we don't hit. You ask nicely, alright.
Detective Lindsay Monroe: I guess you're one of those, "Do as I say, not as I do," daycare providers.

Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: Apparently, he was some sort of...
Detective Danny Messer: Writer.
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: Yeah.
Detective Danny Messer: [indicating photographs of the body taken under an ALS light] It was everywhere.

Polly: First time as a murder suspect and I don't even get the cop of my choice to bust my chops.
Flack: I'll send Detective Taylor your regards.
Polly: I'd like to send him a lot more than my regards.

Mac: There's something rotten in the Kingdom of Jamalot.

Mac: You really need all these?
Lindsay: Oh, I thought you said collect everything.
Mac: No, I mean...women. Do you need all these...products?
Lindsay: You’re asking me? I work in a lab.

[about their victim]

Detective Stella Bonasera: Somebody trying to kill the whole starting team?
Detective Mac Taylor: It's one way to get more playing time.

Stella: You can take the girl out of high school, but you can't take the scars of high school out of the girl.

Trapped [2.11][edit]

[Lindsay and Mac are standing in front of a lube pit at a strip club]:
Mac Taylor: Might be something in there we can use to ID the customer our vic was wrestling.
Lindsay: Well, let me know if find anything. [Mac gives her a look and smiles] I'll get my boots. [Mac nods]

Danny: I just can't believe, two years have gone by, haven't heard one word and out of the blue Louie leaves me a message that says "I'm in the city, want to grab a beer?" Can only mean trouble.
Stella: Nah Danny, he's your brother, cut him some slack.
Danny: I don't know, you're right. If it's not trouble, he's probably looking for a handout.

Stella: That's it? No butler?
Flack: No.
Stella: Too bad. I thought we could wrap this one up quick.
Flack: What?
Stella: In a mansion like that, it's always the butler. Didn't you ever play Clue?
Flack: I was a Monopoly guy.

Lindsay Monroe: Funny how a little lube speeds up the processing.

[About the burn victim]
Hawkes: Tattoo on the inner thigh, means eyes only, means our vic had a lover.
Marty: You thinking lovers' spat? Things got a little heated?
Hawkes: Literally.

Stella: [repeating what the therapist just said] Hypnotherapy...
Flack: When you're rich enough, you try things.

Danny Messer: [on panic-room monitor] You're telling me that this spaceship doesn't open up again until tomorrow morning?

Danny Messer: [is trapped in a panic room until somebody can get him out] This is getting better and better, and I'm not spending a week in here with a crazy dead guy trying to figure the code, so do me a favour, call a locksmith.

Stella: Danny, we got it under control, help is on the way.
Danny: I'll be in here.

Angie: Buyer beware. Kandy was a gold digger. I just wanted her next lover to know all the facts. I gave her everything she wanted. And she burned me.
Mac: And someone did the same to her.

Detective Stella Bonasera: How does somebody get inside of a locked vault with only one door?
Danny Messer: If Houdini were alive, we'd have our killer.

Danny Messer: I think I've seen this on an episode of The Flintstones.
Stella Bonasera: Cute.

Danny Messer: Miss MacGyver... grab your camera! I've got a foreign print!

[Locksmith made a tiny hole on the wall]
Locksmith: Hello, can you see me?
Danny: Yeah, you look beautiful. Get me out of here.

Danny: Hey, crimestopper. Run to Ray's, grab me a slice, extra pepperoni, right? Bring it back. Just fold it up, slide it right through eh.
Flack: That's no way to treat good pizza, Messer.

Flack: What you got there?
Stella: Surfactant and hypochlorite.
Flack: And for those of us with just a high-school diploma?
Stella: Uh, soap and bleach.

Wasted [2.12][edit]

Sid Hammerback: She may have been beautiful on the outside, but it was armageddon on the inside.

Sid: You are as smart as you are beautiful.
Stella: Don't flirt with me, Hammerback.
Sid: Yes, Detective.
Stella: [walking away] Stay focused.

Danny Messer: So our first victim died from the paint and our second victim died for the paint.

Adam: Perfect timing, fellas. We are looking down from 22,300 miles from space.
Danny: We found our spores here on earth, Adam.
Adam: I am a scientist without a badge, Danny. Trust me.

Risk [2.13][edit]

Mac: 18-hour shift wasn't enough? Now you're catching bodies on the way home?
Danny: Nah, it's more like the bodies are catching me.

Mac: This kid was subway-surfing... and he never made it out of the tube.

[Lindsay walks into the crime scene dressed in formal wear. Mac is already there in formal wear, having been to the mayor's party]
Danny Messer: Well, hello, Miss Monroe. Wow, you clean up nice, you go the the mayor's party also?
Lindsay Monroe: I was at the opera.
Danny: I am hanging out with all the wrong people here, you know that?

[Stella's waiting in autopsy, and Sid wheels out the body]
Sid: Uh, sorry for the delay. QT and I were busy necking.
Stella: Come again?
Sid: Necking.
[Stella looks confused]
Sid: Looking at his neck.
Stella: Oh.
Sid: You don't think I'd kiss a corpse, do you?
Stella: No, no, of course not.
Sid: That's disgusting.
Stella: I agree.
Sid: As long as we've got that straight.
Stella: So, Sid,...cause of death?

Conductor: Subway surfing was much more popular late 80's, 90's, but we still get these doot-da-doots every once in a while.
Lindsay: Doot-da whats?
Conductor: Doot-da-doots. You know, idiot, moron, knucklehead. Where you from, Jersey?
[A few moments later]
Lindsay: Well do you remember anybody causing any trouble? Any doot-da-doots get your attention?
Conductor: That's very nice. She used it in a sentence and everything.

Flack: QT Jammer's dead.
Reiter: What'd he do? Jump out a window?
Stella: Now why would you say that?

Detective Don Flack: What's that bulge in your pocket? And don't get cute.

Bobby Martin: It's a tragedy to all of us, Mrs Chandler, but the market goes on, by sunrise we'll be open for business and I'd be honored to make you a killing.
Stella: And I'd be honored to bust you for a killing.

Stella: As C-Exchange demands that all its brokers get printed when they get their Series 7 license, your name just popped up like that.
Hawkes: What it didn't say was whether you take chloroform with your coffee or not.

[On his way home from work, Danny had found a body in the subway. They are now done with the case, and he is leaving to go home once again]

Danny Messer: [on the phone with Mac] I'm gonna go straight home, I'm not finding any bodies, trust me.

Stuck on You [2.14][edit]

Lindsay: [after identifying the glue-victim as the music promoter] It's not as glamorous as I would have imagined. Where's the limo and the girls with the tight shirts?
Danny: Yeah, trust me. It's not like that at all.
Lindsay: You know more about this than your average CSI?
Danny: [in light reference to his baseball years] Yeah, I played for a while, enough to get a taste of the world, and that was enough for me.

Mac Taylor: You guys on the music promoter?
Danny Messer: Like glue. [Mac walks away laughing]
Lindsay Monroe: He doesn't think that's funny. He's humoring you.
Danny: You don't know him like I do.

Flack: [entering the lab, listing off] I've slept with a lot of women. Some wild, some crazy, some both.
Stella: [confused] Excuse me?
Flack: Carlo's words. Not mine.
Stella: [understanding] Ah.
Flack: 'Shoulda swung by the hospital to meet this guy. He's a piece of work. He calls himself the new American playboy. Lives, drinks, and breathes women. Again his words. With that in mind, as far as jealous exes go, lot of 'em.
Stella: Looks like Carlo's emerged as our primary target.
Flack: Five minutes into the interview, I wanted to kill him.

[Lindsay watches Mac shoot an arrow]

Det. Lindsay Monroe: Another weapon you're an expert with. I don't know whether to be impressed or worried.

Mr. Runyon: You know what, can you give me the dead guy's address? I want to send his family some flowers just to say thanks, for ruining a day's business for me.

Danny Messer: [referring to a rock band] Wanna go see Rough Sects?

Danny: [seeing Mac playing bass in a club] Get outta here. You're kidding me? How did you know he played?
Lindsay: I figured it out. I could tell by the way he held the bass in the lab that he knew guitars and I knew he had a standing appointment on Wednesdays. Could have been a shrink or yoga. But I took the music option.
Danny: I'm impressed.
Lindsay: Maybe you didn't know him as well as you thought.

Fare Game [2.15][edit]

Stella Bonasera: When are these guys ever going to learn? You never leave a paper trail.

Adam Ross: The penal code is his personal to-do list. You pick a section and he's violated it.

Don Flack: You don't call, you don't write- I was starting to think you were seeing other detectives, William.

Cool Hunter [2.16][edit]

Mac Taylor: Sounds to me like you're starting to believe in that curse.
Lindsay: Mac, I believe in the science.

Detective Mac Taylor: Betrayal is the oldest motive for murder in the book.

Stella Bonasera: You know this guy Eliott?
Eliott: Nope.
Stella: Imagine him alive.

Lindsay Monroe: But I was taught instincts point you in a direction, science confirms the theory.

Danny Messer: (holding her in his arms for an experiment) Look you promised me drinks for this, but I think I'm going to need some dinner too.
Lindsay Monroe: I'm not going to give you anything if you don't get going. Make tracks, cowboy.

Joe Green: You know what? I doesn't matter that she used me. I loved her. I guess that makes me a chump, right?
Mac: No. [They shake hands]

Necrophilia Americana [2.17][edit]

Mac Taylor: (looking at Lindsay) Lindsay, put your affinity for bugs to work
Lindsay: (sheepishly) I don't actually have an affinity for bugs.
Mac: The beetles were the first on the scene, we need to know what they know. (points at Lindsay) And no eating.

Detective Danny Messer: A guy walks down to this place he's never been, dies of no apparent cause?
Detective Don Flack: At this point, yeah.

Lindsay Monroe: As soon as Hammerback's finished with you, I get to take the beetles back to the lab with me.
Danny Messer: Don't eat 'em. (he walks away)
Lindsay: You're a little late on that one.
Danny: (turns to look at Lindsay) Doesn't mean it's not funny.

Sid Hammerback: Care to take a guess at cause of death?
Danny: Perhaps he stopped breathing.

Sid Hammerback: As an optimist I prefer to see the body as half-full.

[Watching Mac reading to a little child in his office]
Lindsay: Under the heading, "Things I Never Thought I'd See."

Don Flack: Bad news, half the construction crew is backing George Clark, they all swear that when they left for the day Jim Morris was still alive.
Danny: Not surprised, I don't think this is anything to do with the construction. Seems to be about golf.
Don Flack: You thinking maybe we should get out for a round, talk the case out?

Live or Let Die [2.18][edit]

Detective Danny Messer: [Danny and Mac need to retrieve a piece of evidence from a sewer grate, and Tony, the Midtown Fisherman, has made a device he uses to "fish" things out of grates on the street] Mr. Fisherman, we're in a hurry. Do me a favor, let us borrow your gadget.
Tony the Midtown Fisherman: [glaring] No. Get your own.

[Mac pulls out his badge and shows it to Tony]

Detective Mac Taylor: Please.
Tony the Midtown Fisherman: [to Danny] You see that? A little politeness goes a long way.
(As Mac's 'fishing' for the bullet in the gutter)
Midtown Fisherman: That's it, take your time, relax. That's it, that's it. Visualize. Become one with the gum.

Angie Watson: You have very beautiful eyes, y'know that?
Detective Don Flack: Thank you, now why don't tell me about the night you got collared.
Angie Watson: You got a girlfriend?
Detective Don Flack: Who did you give your gun to, Angie?
Angie Watson: I've been here before. Some cop or D.A. gets me to tell 'em what they need to know, makes a lot of promises, and how they're gonna get me out, a week later I'm still here in the same kind of trouble I was in before I said anything.
Detective Don Flack: We'll work something out, would these eyes lie?

Lindsay Monroe: Have you ever gotten an anonymous phone call from a woman?
Danny Messer: Sure, it’s happened.
Lindsay: Does it turn you on?
Danny: Whoa, slow down there, Montana. What did you have in mind?

Lindsay: Because rape is about control not sex?

(Mac has arrested Dr. Beaumont and he won't stop talking)
Mac: Dr Beaumont, you have the right to remain silent. Use it.

Detective Mac Taylor: Now you had something Dr. Beaumont. Something that some of us who suddenly lost a loved one never had. Time. Time to make the most of what was left. That's what's precious.

Super Men [2.19][edit]

(After finding a dead body dressed as Superman)
Stella: Hey, it's a bird, it's a plane, it's-
Flack: Matthew Palmer.

Danny Messer: Don't tell me you know a little something about football, please.
Lindsay Monroe: Is that so hard to believe?
Danny: No, it's just dangerous. I might ask you to marry me.

Adam: What would make a man put on a superhero suit and risk it all?
Sheldon Hawkes: The naïve belief that one man could make a difference.

Hawkes: Now it's time for us to use our superpowers.

Stella Bonasera: When you were a little kid, did you ever tie a towel around your neck, pretend to be a superhero. A little Mac-man maybe?
Mac Taylor: Sergeant Rock. You couldn't get me out of fatigues when I was a kid.

Adam Ross: That glass that Dr. Hawkes pulled from our John Doe... it tested positive for Krypton.
Det. Mac Taylor: Krypton?
Adam Ross: Kryptonite was Superman's only weakness.
Det. Stella Bonasera: Well, that explains everything.

Carter England: Oh come on, Flack. I thought we were supposed to be like brothers man.
Don Flack: Yeah, well, sometimes, brothers fight.

Hawkes: Hey, guys! The stains on the money you found in Clark's drawer came back as phenylenediamine, naptha, Timemethylbenzene and a variety of colored dyes.
Mac: Consistent with shoe polish.
Stella: You are good!
Mac: Oh, me and Black-49 dye go way back. In the Marine Corps, your shoes had to shine as brightly as your brass.

Danny: Alright, we have Tyrell's trainer with possible motive.
Lindsay: And we have mystery woman number 1, Charlene, with no apparent motive, but a lot of attitude which automatically makes her a suspect in my book.

Run Silent, Run Deep [2.20][edit]

Stella Bonasera: La Perla underwear. These babies sell for 350 dollars.
Danny Messer: I get my BVDs in a three-pack for 10 bucks. Boom.

(Mac and Sid are examining Salvador Zabo's body)
Mac Taylor: His tattoo's been removed. Can you lift it?
Sid: I can lift the Titanic if you give me proper tools.

Danny: Mac, I do not need a boss right now, alright, I need, I need a friend alright?

Don Flack: (to Paul Sabatini) Hey, boxer shorts, cold shower's this way.

Stella: You do wear air-stocking spray, correct?
Melanie: Yeah. Makes my legs look sexy, see? I don't like fishnets, it gives me an itch. (runs her foot up Stella's leg)
Stella: Give it up, Melanie. I like men.

Mac: (To Danny) We did all we could forensically, but in the end, it was your brother who saved you.

Danny Messer: [looking at his brother Louie in a hospital bed after being beaten] I understand why you did what you did, and I just want to say thanks for that and I love you.

All Access [2.21][edit]

(backstage at the Kid Rock concert)
Security Guard: No passes, no access.
Lindsay: (holds up police badge) Will this do?
Security Guard: Hey, sorry. (Lets Lindsay and Mac pass)

Mac: You're not a CSI on this one, Stella. You're a victim.

(in the hospital, Stella talks about her ex-boyfriend, Frankie, trying to remember what happened the night she was attacked in her apartment)
Stella: He'd never even been to my place. That's one of my rules, 'no men in my place' just in case things goes bad. I always have a safe place to go home to.

Mac: (To Kid Rock) You know how many guilty people sing that same song?

Felicia Badman: (about a dead limousine driver) That jerk. He said he would give me a pass...
Lindsey: If you...
Felicia: Yeah, if I. And... I did.

(Stella pleads with her ex-boyfriend, who has her captive in her apartment)
Stella: I love you too Frankie. You caught me off guard, can you blame me? You're right we should talk, okay? I loved your statue it's so beautiful and I loved all the "I love you" messages, and I really meant to call you, I did.
Frankie: (quietly) Yeah, but you didn't, did you? (Stella's face shows her dismay) You ignored my calls, you ignored me. You don't love me.

Stealing Home [2.22][edit]

(all looking at the victim wearing a glitzy costume)

Stella: Mac, are you seeing this?
Mac: Yeah, a mermaid. Why not?
Lindsay: No throwing this one back.
Mac: This one's a keeper.

Danny Messer: Montana, see a view like this, huh? Beats the wheat fields, no?
Lindsay Monroe: Have you ever even seen a wheat field? (walks away)
Danny: (to himself) What's to see? It's just wheat.

Sid: The only thing I did find was unique scarring and callouses on both of her hands. They appear old, difficult to tell where she got them.
Lindsay: Rawhide braiding.
Sid Hammerback: I'm sorry.
Lindsay: Weaving together untanned hides to make reins for horses, lassos. to herd cattle (Shows Sid her hands with the same callouses) The friction and the pressure of the leather cuts you up pretty good, my dad taught me when I was ten. (Sees Sid's facial expression) Do you think Danny calls me Montana because I'm a 49ers fan?
Sid Hammerback: He calls you that because he's got a crush on you.

Dr. Sid Hammerback: [to Hawkes] You ever have a threesome? It's not as glorious as you might imagine. It's complicated in dealing with different personalities and hey, sometimes you're just not in the mood, if you know what I mean. It's hard enough explaining that to one woman, let alone two.
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: [interrupting] Sid.
Dr. Sid Hammerback: [continuing] And then there's...
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: Sid.

[Motions the body]

Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: Anything else?
Dr. Sid Hammerback: Oh. Just some trace on Don Juan's right fingers. I'll send a sample to the lab.
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: Okay.

[Goes to leave]

Dr. Sid Hammerback: There were these two vivacious young ladies - course I was much younger than I am now...
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: Sid, I gotta go. I gotta go.

Don Flack: While your little girl's blowing out candles, you're in the other room cheating on your wife?
Paul White: Not one of my better moments I agree.

(Mac and Hawkes enter the Jeffries' apartment.)
Mac Taylor: Welcome to the house of trinogamy.
Hawkes: Wow, I gotta admit this was not what I expected.
Mac: I'll bite. What were you expecting?
Hawkes: I dunno... lava lamps, weird tapestries, a robo-spanker, maybe a couple of big--
Mac: (cuts him off) All right, all right. I'm sorry I asked.

Heroes [2.23][edit]

Flack: Unfortunately, low-lifes know it's Fleet Week also. Servicemen are easy targets because they're easy to spot.
Mac: A uniform isn't a bullseye, it's a badge of honor.
Flack: Once a Marine, always a Marine.
Mac: And if you've attacked one of us, you've attacked us all.

Captain Flood: The Corps will train Marines to kick the crap out of anyone else in the world, but a platoon is only as strong as its weakest link.

Danny: (very upset,charging in) Mac, is this him, is this the scumbag that killed Aiden?!
Mac: Danny, get out of here.
Danny: Just let me talk to him. Aww. I will get him to crack, I promise you that.
Mac: How?! By tuning him up? Stella's got the case, she knows what to do!
Danny: This is Aiden! She's one of our own, Mac!
Mac: That's why we can't make any mistakes. We do this one by the book, understand?
Danny: (getting calm) All right, I just wanted to help.
Mac: I know. Me too.

(as they are processing a vehicle)

Lindsay: Danny talks about her a lot. Aiden. They were close. I wish I could have met her.
Stella: (smiling) You would have liked her.

[Giving a toast to Aiden Burn who was killed while working as a private investigator]
Messer: To Aiden.

Charge of this Post [2.24][edit]

[On their way to the crime scene.]
Lindsay Monroe: It's quite a shindig.
Don Flack: Sunday block parties. Springtime in New York City.
Lindsay: Right in the middle of the street, huh?
Flack: Where do they have them in Montana?
Lindsay: Wyoming.

Smith: How did you know what to do?
Mac Taylor: I've lived through this moment before.

Ellen Fielding: Laptops were stolen from an agency car two weeks ago. [Mac scoffs in disbelief] Maybe we could jam the phone somehow, close down the system?
Det. Mac Taylor: It's too late for that; we have a little under ninety minutes. By the time we close down every phone, every radio, every walkie-talkie...
Ellen Fielding: We can close down secure networks.
Det. Mac Taylor: It's not about the networks! Anyone can return a page! There are eight million New Yorkers, six million cell phones, any one of which could trigger the next bomb!

Mac: I'm glad you stayed.
Stella Bonasera: Mac, that's what we do; we take care of each other.

Season 3[edit]

People With Money [3.1][edit]

[Flack is flirting with some techs.]
Stella: Impressing your fans with your battle wounds?
Don Flack: They were concerned about my recovery, I was just putting them at ease.

Lindsay: So, Flack, how many numbers did you get?
Don Flack: I don't like where you're going with this, Monroe.
Lindsay: [suprise look] Really. How many?
Flack: Three.
Stella: Everybody loves a hero.

Danny Messer: Hey, what happened? I don't see Benton breathing down your neck. He take the training wheels off?
Det. Jennifer Angell: Come all the way up here to bust my balls or to work, Messer?
Sheldon Hawkes: Oooh, Angell got her wings, huh?

Detective Mac Taylor: So Sam's plan was to propose to someone else on the bridge, then pick up Erica Lancaster to "talk".
Detective Stella Bonasera: Translation: end their relationship.

Hammerback: Did you know that, when Egyptian Princesses died, they were not embalmed for several days to prevent necrophilia. The natural degradation of the human body made it unappealing even to the most deviant of men. Why someone would want to have sex with a lifeless body in the first place...
Hawkes: Sid?
Hammerback: I mean it's counterintuitive...
Hawkes: Sid? Sid! You're going to that creepy place again.

Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: All roads lead to Rome.

Detective Mac Taylor: Get dressed. Plunge is over.

Asad: I told her I couldn't have sex with her....personal reasons.
Danny Messer: So tell us how the rest of the night went,...player.

Not What It Looks Like [3.2][edit]

Stella Bonasera: They're all dressed like Holly Golightly.
Lindsay Monroe: Breakfast at Tiffany's. Except I don't get it. I don't remember Holly Golightly ever robbing a jewelry store.
Stella: You're right. It was a love story.
Lindsay: No love here.

[Lindsay holds a diamond necklace that was knocked out of the jewelry case during a robbery.]
Danny Messer: Don't even think about it, Montana.
Lindsay: This necklace is worth more than I make in a year. It's crazy.
Danny: I don't see the big deal of diamond it's just an allotrope of the element carbon.
Lindsay: Spoken like a true romantic.

Dr. Sid Hammerback: [Sid and Peyton are flipping a coin to see who gets to do the autopsy on Pauline Rayburn. Peyton wins] It's heads. She's yours. Can--can I at least watch? This is one of the most well-preserved mummies I've seen in my many years as a pathologist. The environmental conditions of--of temperature and humidity and ventilation must have been just, you know, optimum. You can only compare it to the best sex you've ever had, reaching climax at precisely that-that-that...
Dr. Peyton Driscoll: [Interrupting] All right, Sid, you can help. But I get to print her.
Dr. Sid Hammerback: Fair enough.

Detective Lindsay Monroe: Danny, you've been staring at that same piece of glass for five minutes. [Smirks] Can I bag it for you or are you waiting for it to turn back into sand?

Danny: (Hawkes is laughing at him because of the dog) What?!
Sheldon Hawkes: You know what they say about dogs and their owners. The resemblance is uncanny. (laughs)
Danny: That's funny, that's funny.
Hawkes: You know, Messer, I imagined you with something a little meatier.
Danny: He's a loner.
Hawkes: I'm sure he is.
Danny: I'll be in Reconstruction, you clown.

Danny Messer: [to Stella] Yeah, I know: I look like the dog.

Sal Bovado: I swear to you, I totally forgot about that gun. I wanna make it very clear that I am not a cop killer. It was sincerely intended for anyone else but you, Officer. [pause] That didn't come out right.
Detective Mac Taylor: [Shows a picture of Pauline Rayburn] Tell me about Pauline Rayburn.
Sal Bovado: Don't know her.
Detective Mac Taylor: [Shows a picture of a mummified Pauline Rayburn] Know her now?
Sal Bovado: [Disgusted] No, I don't. Yo, man, I'm sensitive to graphic material.

Detective Danny Messer: [goes over to her as she puts on a bulletproof-vest] What do you think you're doin'?
Detective Lindsay Monroe: Danny, I'll be fine.
Detective Danny Messer: We have undercovers who can do this, all right? It's not our job.
Detective Lindsay Monroe: Well, it is now. We're out of time. You heard what she said, if we don't get in there in four minutes, her friend dies.

Love Run Cold [3.3][edit]

Detective Lindsay Monroe: [Lindsay is looking up] She was stabbed with an icicle?
Danny Messer: That's cold.
Detective Mac Taylor: Not cold enough. Our evidence is about to turn into a big pool of water.

Stella Bonasera: What makes someone want to run 26.2 miles anyway?

Sid: (during the autopsy) Cause of death was not natural, he was in superb shape, lungs, heart, all the vital organs near perfect.
Mac: So you're saying... he's actually still alive?

Sid: Just my opinion, but cyanide seems a lot simpler way to kill someone.
Mac: Murder's never simple doctor.

[Stella and Hawkes walk into Mac's office]

Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: Autopsy results?
Detective Mac Taylor: This is a good one. A runner who somehow has frostbite on his face in 90 degree heat, who died of carbon monoxide poisoning in the middle of Central Park.

[Mac smirks, as Hawkes just looks dumbfounded]

Detective Stella Bonasera: That's just... [thinks for a brief moment] not possible.

Sid: Tonya Nettles was stone-cold sober.
Danny: Aren't most people when they're at work, Sid?
Sid: I'll ignore the implication of the question, detective.

Detective Danny Messer: Colin Flynn?
Colin Flynn: Yeah, that's me.
Detective Danny Messer: NYPD, we got a couple of questions for you, alright?
Colin Flynn: Do I have to answer?
Detective Don Flack: I'm a cop, not a lawyer... but yeah, you do.

Lindsay: (as they are walking) So what else do we got?
Danny: Wanna get some lunch?
Lindsay: Danny, Mac wants us to wrap this up.
Danny: Sure, but he doesn't want us to starve to death.

Danny: Lindsay Monroe! Can I talk to you for a second?
Lindsay: Yeah.
Danny: I have to know what's going on with you. OK, I mean, you and I have this thing, right? This chemistry, like we're into each other, but every time we were in the same room together today it's like... (Lindsay stares at the floor) Don't tell me you don't feel it also.
Lindsay: I can't do this, Danny.
Danny: Can't do what?
Lindsay: I can't be in a relationship with you.
Danny: I'm not I just- I just- I don't... I'm talking about spending some time together, dinner, a few drinks, some laughs.
Lindsay: Look, Danny. I like you... A lot, but right now I can't. It's not you, okay? It's - I just... I need to be by myself so I can.. Work some stuff out.. that I thought I had.. put behind me. I didn't mean for this to happen.
Danny: It's okay.
Lindsay: Maybe we should just do our jobs. (walks away)
Danny: If there's anything you need from me, just let me know, OK?

Hung Out to Dry [3.4][edit]

Stella Bonasera: College tuition: $40,000. Room and Board: $10,000. Puking and passing out on your parent's dime: Priceless.

Flack: Britney and Kevin came to do the nasty, instead they discovered the nasty. Decapitated, no sign of the head either.

[the team arrives to investigate a murder at a college fraternity party]

Detective Stella Bonasera: Witnesses? Sober ones anyway?
Det. Don Flack: Nah. I waited for you to get here before I started my interviews, looking forward to that too by the way. I swear to you, if one of them calls me "bro"...

[Don is questioning a fraternity member with alcohol bottles taped to his hands]

Frat Guy: It's called "Edward-40-Hands", you know, like "Edward Scissor Hands", except for, you know, with 40s.
Det. Don Flack: Get out of here.
Frat Guy: No serious, that's really what they call it.
Det. Don Flack: No, no, no, I mean get out of my face, I never want to see you again, go!
Frat Guy: Whatever, bro.

Danny Messer: (to Shane Casey) You're the only normal, sober guy at this party.
Shane Casey: Will do, detective. (Then he walks away and Danny sees he is wearing a grass skirt and nothing underneath.)

Sid: (to Sheldon and Mac about the victim) The rawness of the flesh indicates that she was alive during the beheading, but I, I bet she didn't feel a thing, she was probably unconscious. Her blood alcohol level was 0.26 blotto. The highest I've ever registered was 0.23, but that was in celebration of my first divorce, and I fell down a flight of stairs, didn't feel a thing.

Lindsay Monroe Prints were a bust. CODIS was about as helpful as FEMA.

John Hayes: [to Mac and Danny] Okay, so you two are the smart cops.
Danny: Yeah, somewhere along the way we learned to read.

John Hayes: Still browsing?
Danny: How much are they?
John Hayes: 29 a piece.
Danny (snorts) I think we'll stick to Barney's!

Stella: Did some research on Hydra.
Mac Taylor: Whoa, research - you're Greek, don't you know all that stuff?
Stella: Even we Greeks have to brush up on our mythology once in a while.

Oedipus Hex [3.5][edit]

[about playing basketball in Harlem]

Detective Don Flack: I've been the resident Larry Bird five years running.

Detective Danny Messer: [Finds a design on the victim's underwear] SG? What the hell does that stand for?
Adam Ross: I know what SG stands for. Yeah, I, uh, used to date one of them and uh, phew, yeah she kind of broke my heart. It was a long time ago.
Detective Danny Messer: Nevermind, nevermind. What's this mean?
Adam Ross: Oh, uh, she's a Suicide Girl.

Detective Mac Taylor: No. I don't feel you. If I find out you're lying, you're gonna be feeling me.

Detective Stella Bonasera: [Reading from a piece of paper the victim had in his sock] "In my darkest moment, when all seems lost, you are at my side."
Detective Mac Taylor: [Coming up from behind] I appreciate you too, Stella.

Moody: I'm all about business.
Stella: Oh, that's right, loan sharking, drugs, gambling, fencing stolen goods, how much was Chopper Tevis in to you for?
Moody: You know how interest mounts up.
Flack: The only things mounting up in your world, brother, are charges.

Danny: (to Albert/Y Monster about Omen's death) You thought Omen 'n' Al meant you and her. (almost laughing) But you never figured was, it was her and her.

Open and Shut [3.6][edit]

Sid: [with the impaled hotel concierge] When I was an intern, they brought in a guy who had fallen off a loading dock onto a container of steel reinforcement rods. Talk about a thousand points of light.

Mac Taylor: We'd like a reference sample of your DNA.
Tony DeLuca: What, so you can stick it on some government database? No way, I know my rights.
Flack: We have rights, too. They're called warrants.

Tony DeLuca: The only reason I was with that girl was because I was doing Mandi a favor.
Detective Don Flack: Having sex with the hotel concierge was a favor?

Stella Bonasera: [to Mac Taylor] This case is different. Hell, I'm different. I know what it's like to be trapped in your home. And I have a vivid memory of that horrible moment when you realize the only way out is a bullet. I have no choice but to be emotionally involved.

Detective Mac Taylor: You got anything on the railing?
Adam Ross: That's a joke, right?
Detective Mac Taylor: Call it wishful thinking.
Adam Ross: Huh, it's got more trace on it than a public restroom. Actually, I have no idea what I'm looking for here.
Detective Mac Taylor: Sometimes you don't know what you're looking for until you find it. [a tech hands him a folder] Thank you. [he opens it] Our photographer's prints didn't match the print we found on the vic. We got a hit on someone else. See if you can put her on the railing.
Adam Ross: [reads the folder] Mandi Foster? Oh, oh, I love Mandi Foster.
[Mac smiles and leaves]

Flack: [to Danny and Mac] Hey. So I went down to the deli to get a cinnamon twist and ran into a friend of ours. [shows them a "scandal" magazine with a picture of Mandy Foster on the front cover]
Danny: Paparazzi must have been hiding behind a potted plant.

Detective Stella Bonasera: [to Grace Thomason] Framing a man with known mental problems, it's very clever. But then, you're a therapist, you'd know who to pick.

Grace Thomason: Yeah, I read somewhere that you shot your boyfriend three times in the chest, point blank range, in your apartment. It was last year, wasn't it?
Stella Bonasera: That was self-defense.
Grace Thomason: Hmm
Stella Bonasera: I was a victim, and you're a cold-blooded murderer.

Murder Sings the Blues [3.7][edit]

[Flack is holding up the cake-topper bride's head in a evidence bag]
Don Flack: Do you, Stella Bonasera, take Veronica as a crazy with a motive?
Stella Bonasera: I do.

Stella: Hey Danny, tell me you got something to connect Veronica the maid to Jordan's death.
Danny Messer: No, but I do have a St. Bernard with fleas, and a poodle with a skin condition, I think.

Mac Taylor: Science is our integrity.

Consequences [3.8][edit]

Stella Bonasera: I think somebody's following me.
Mac Taylor: What makes you think that?
Detective Stella Bonasera: I'm hearing footsteps and seeing shadows and glimpses of something or someone and - [sighs] Look, I know this sounds crazy but I really feel like I'm being watched.
Detective Mac Taylor: This is at your place?
Detective Stella Bonasera: No. No, actually it's, uh, as I go into work, twice on the subway, while I was shopping today.
Detective Mac Taylor: When did this start?
Detective Stella Bonasera: Uh, about a week ago. I first felt it.. when I dropped off your birthday gift at your place.
Detective Mac Taylor: Well, I'll assign a patrol unit. We'll have some guys outside your place.
Detective Stella Bonasera: No, no that's not necessary.
Detective Mac Taylor: [Mac's phone rings] Taylor. Okay. [He hangs up] A homicide on Lafayette. Come on, I'll drop you off at home, it's on the way.
Detective Stella Bonasera: No, no, it's okay. I wanna enjoy every last minute of my day off. Just telling you makes me feel a lot better, okay?
Detective Mac Taylor: Okay, I'll call ya.

[He leaves]

[Looking at a Macy's Day Nutcracker Balloon]
Mac Taylor: They build these balloons in sections and divide them into compartments.
Sheldon Hawkes: Yup, well, that would explain the limp arm.
Mac: The bullet's somewhere inside all that polyurethane. Thought you might wanna do the autopsy. For old times' sake.
Hawkes: (smiling) This job is never boring.

Detective Mac Taylor: I'm just asking questions, Don.
Don Flack: No, you're not just asking questions, Mac. Come on, I know you. You wouldn't be here talking to me if you hadn't already tracked the chain of custody, checked with property, and called the DEA agents. And let me tell you something, cocaine from that raid wouldn't last six months on the street. So what is this? My interrogation?
Detective Mac Taylor: You're overreacting.
Detective Don Flack: Well maybe I am, but let me save you a little bit of time - none of my guys took a thing.
Detective Mac Taylor: You can't be sure of that. You weren't there. You just said you didn't remember.
Detective Don Flack: It didn't happen, Mac.
Detective Mac Taylor: You're listed on the DD5 as the recorder on the scene. You had to take everything down in your memo book - every detective who was there, who searched the room, who found the drugs.
Detective Don Flack: You askin' me for it?
Detective Mac Taylor: You can check your notes or you can let me do it.
Detective Don Flack: Is this official business?
Detective Mac Taylor: It's a request, from a friend.
Detective Don Flack: Then I'm gonna have to think about it.

[He walks away]

Adam Ross: Hey guys.
Detective Stella Bonasera: Adam.
Adam Ross: Hey Danny, you remember that rust stuff you found in the alley?
Detective Danny Messer: Rust stuff? Rust stuff? You respect the time it took me to collect that, at least call it "trace."
Adam Ross: Okay. Contained traces of molasses and non-human blood. Bear blood to be exact.
Detective Stella Bonasera: What?
Adam Ross: North American Grizzly Bear. But, but there's more. The blood on this rock is a match to Cyrus Menlo, but it's also a match to the blood found on these leaves.
Detective Stella Bonasera: Both human blood, right?
Adam Ross: Right. [Holds the two leaves up] But you put them together like this and shazam.
Detective Danny Messer: You got one leaf - with a hole in the middle of it.
Adam Ross: A hole probably made from a spike or something with a jagged edge. Right, huh, you see where I'm going here?
Detective Stella Bonasera: Bear blood, molasses, leaves with human blood on them, a spike and a jagged edge, you're talking bear traps.
Adam Ross: Yes, you win the washer and dryer.
Detective Danny Messer: Whoa, whoa, whoa, help me out here. You're telling me that Cyrus Menlo was caught in a bear trap?
Adam Ross: Yeah.
Detective Danny Messer: You're crazy.
Adam Ross: It's the only conclusion we can arrive at with this evidence.
Detective Danny Messer: So Tanaka sets the bear trap, leads Cyrus Menlo down the alley, Tanaka goes into the warehouse...
Adam Ross: - Bang bang, Tanaka gets shot. Cyrus walks out, steps in the trap while Tanaka bleeds to death inside the warehouse. Moral of the story, alright: stick with bowling. What up?

[He and Danny fist bump]

Adam Ross: Check this out. [He puts a slide under the microscope] Alright, look, look. It's a piece of the moon. A moon rock. Yeah, this rock is, is from the moon.
Detective Danny Messer: From the moon?
Adam Ross: Outer space.
Detective Danny Messer: Get outta here. Wow. How did a piece of the moon end up in the alley?
Adam Ross: I-I don't know. This stuff is illegal to have and somebody went through a lot of trouble to get it. I mean I've seen this stuff listed on eBay before, you know, and most of it isn't real, but if it is short of going to the moon they would have had to steal from NASA.

Don Flack: Get outta here. Ya gotta have a Master's degree in Chemistry just to run drugs these days.

Dennis: Trina was a geologist, unfortunately her work was a little more fascinating than I was. To tell you the truth, I would've felt better if she told me there was another man.

Stella: Verna Welke?
Trina: Yes?
Stella: I've come for the alien?

Detective Mac Taylor: Don.
Detective Don Flack: Hey.
Detective Mac Taylor: You know why I'm here.
Detective Don Flack: Do you care about the consequences?
Detective Mac Taylor: I know this isn't easy for you.
Detective Don Flack: I'm not talking about me, Mac. I'm talking about the hundreds of arrests this cop was involved in, the thugs who are going to be screaming for an appeal because his credibility's in question, and the ones who are going to go free despite the fact they're guilty and he did everything by the book. I'm talking about child molesters, rapists, murderers.
Detective Mac Taylor: Kym Tanaka's shooter stepped over his body and collected shell casings. He stuck his fingers into the victim's shoulder wound to retrieve a bullet all to save his own ass. He was there to sell drugs, poison, that destroys families, creates addicts out of babies in the womb, and accounts for twenty-three percent of the murders in this city. Don't make me subpena your memo book, Don. [Flack throws him the memo book. Mac walks away, stops, and turns back to Flack] The consequences I care about are the cops who never cross the line who now have to face criticism and suspicion because one of their own forgot the oath we took. Whichever one of these guys is found guilty I hope he goes away for a very long time because he disrespected the badge that you and I wear.

Reed: (To Stella) Are you Claire Conrad?
Stella Bonasera: No.
Mac: You mean Claire Conrad-Taylor?...She was my wife.

And Here’s to you, Mrs. Azrael [3.9][edit]

Dr. Sid Hammerback: Mac, been meaning to ask. I'd like you to consider coming to our house for Thanksgiving this year. My daughter's coming in, cousins from Philly. We do a really nice job. I use a Collins scalpel to carve the bird, it gets the meat paper-thin.
Mac Taylor: I appreciate the offer, Sid.
Dr. Sid Hammerback: Now you can't spend the holidays alone again. I'll drag you if I have to.
Detective Mac Taylor: You're gonna have to add some meat to that skinny frame of yours if you're gonna be making threats, and I was about to say I do have plans this year, thank you.
Dr. Sid Hammerback: [pause] Oh. I'm intrigued.

Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: What are you working on?
Adam Ross: Oh, just some trace that Sid found in the crease of our vic's mouth. Mac asked me to I.D. it.
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: Mind if I take a look?
Adam Ross: Oh, please, knock yourself out.
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: [Looks at the slide] Are you kidding me?
Adam Ross: It's krill. Pelagic, shrimp-like crustacean of the family Euphuasiid.
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: How did it get in our vic's mouth?
Adam Ross: I'm working on that. See, krill is one of the main ingredients used in salt water fish food.
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: There's an aquarium in the visitor's lounge at the hospital. Nice.

[He punches Adam in the chest]

Adam Ross: [Rubbing his chest] Ow.

Sheldon Hawkes: It took three high-risk surgeries exercising my profession to learn sometimes it's just your time, and there's nothing medicine can do about it. [Flashback]
Danny Messer: So you just walked away?
Hawkes: Yeah, learned the hard way that I didn't want to be the guy standing over somebody when they took their last breath. So, took a job at the ME's office, figured if God had the final say when someone died, I could at do something about it if they were taken too soon. At least that's what I keep telling myself.
Danny: Hey, you're still a doctor, Sheldon.

Don Flack: Didn't appreciate that, Matt. See, this here is a new pair of pants. And I don't get uniform allowance. So I suggest you make it up to me by makin' the rest of this very easy (Flack pats down Matt). Check out what Mr. Goodwrench had in his backpocket. Set of lockpick tools.
Matt: What can I say? I'm always losin' my apartment keys.
[Flack shoves his shoulder lightly]
Flack: Hey, what did I tell you 'bout makin' things easy?

Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: You never went home last night, huh?
Detective Mac Taylor: Looks like you didn't, either.
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: Hey, I've got two miles of bandages to go through. What's your excuse?

Mac: (about his father) He spent the last eight months of his life in bed on a feeding tube. After a while, the medication didn't do anything for the pain, so one day, he asked me... he begged me... to end it for him. I couldn't do it.
Hawkes: You made the right decision.
[Mac looks unsure]

Julie Rollins: You have to understand, my husband died last year, Heather was all I had left.
Mac: There's nothing about this that I understand.

Sweet 16 [3.10][edit]

Flack: They picked today for the stunt cos the conditions were perfect.
Danny: Yeah well there was a slight change in forecast, to cloudy, with a chance of birds.

Lindsay Monroe: Nothing says Happy Birthday like a $60,000 car. You know, when I turned 16, I got my mom's used Pinto. I loved that car.

Hawkes: This isn't about Sweet 16, this is about outdoing the Jones'.

Mac: What's the kid's name?
Howie: [Shrugs] Kid.

Stella: The Archersons didn't invite any criminals to their party.
Hawkes: The guest list was 90% kids, and unless they're robbing banks between classes they're not going to be in the system.

Mac: (upset with an abusive dad) Right now I'd give a year's pay for two minutes alone in this room with you, but since that won't happen, I promise you this. You're gonna go to a place where you won't be able to hurt Jesse again.

Mac: She opened a can of worms and found a snake.

Raising Shane [3.11][edit]

Captain Stanton Gerrard: (To Stella) Seems you and Taylor got a knack for hiring high-tech geeks with a penchant for committing felonies.
Danny Messer: Why don't we step outside, grandpa? I'll show you what kind of geek I am.
Stella Bonasera: Danny, get the hell outta here. Now.
Captain Stanton Gerrard: Someday I'm going to beat some sense into that kid.
Stella: (to the Captain) Let me tell you something. You threaten a member of my team again and I promise you I will make it my personal mission to have your badge. The crime scene is yours, Captain.

(After handing the case over to Captain Stanton Gerrard)
Stella: I hate the view from this side of the tape.
Lindsay Monroe: So now what do we do?
Danny: Scratch our asses while these guys decide Hawkes' fate.

(Looking at the back of a DVD in an 'adult entertainment' shop)
Danny: "Art of Whore. When a soldier's unit is taken by surprise..."
Stella: Danny...
Danny: What, you don't want me to ruin the ending for you?

Stella: Lemme guess. Tom?
Peeking Tom: The man, the myth.
Stella Detective Bonasera. The law, the order.

Peeking Tom: Freakin' junkies. I'm trying to run a reputable business here.
Danny: Reputable? You kiddin me?

(To Det. Angell, who is bent over a half-naked body)
Danny: We interrupting anything here, Detective?

Silent Night [3.12][edit]

Detective Mac Taylor: Your husband's a lawyer. Did he have any enemies, or recent problems at work?
Officer Marty Santucci: [translating for Gina] My husband didn't kill Allison.
Detective Mac Taylor: That wasn't my question.
Officer Marty Santucci: [translating] You speak with your eyes.

Stella: You can talk to me off the record, you know that, right?
Lindsay: What do you want me to say?
Stella: You left the crime scene Lindsay, I mean, I covered for you, but...
Lindsay: Yeah, thanks.
Stella: Look, if you have a problem you should tell someone, I'm just trying to help.
Lindsay: Well don't, OK? Just leave me alone.
Stella: Clearly I made the mistake about trying to be your friend here, so I'll be your boss: when you're requested at a crime scene you show up and you do your job. Speaking of your job, I expect to see you in autopsy this afternoon.

Seth: You think I'd marry her? She's deaf.
Mac: You're a real piece of work.
Flack: What Detective Taylor meant to say is you're a scumbag with an $80 haircut who killed his girlfriend because she decided to have his baby.

Hawkes: Mac, you want Gina to participate in the reconstruction? That means taking her home, back to the crime scene.
Mac: Gina heard every detail of that crime scene through her body, which makes her our best witness.

Lindsay: I know I owe you an explanation. I can't tell you what's going on, not because I don't want to. Because I'm not sure myself.
Stella: You said you were the only one?
Lindsay: I survived a crime... a very uh, a terrible crime. Friends of mine were killed... (very sad) I could use a friend here, Stell.
Stella: You got one, kiddo.

Gina Mitchum: [in sign language] You helped me. And I wish I could help you now.
Detective Mac Taylor: [normally] What... makes you think something's wrong?
Gina Mitchum: [in sign language] I speak with my hands. You speak with your eyes.

Mac: (To Peyton) Look into my eyes because I need you to hear me. I can't promise that I won't ever be hesitant or cautious, but I'm committed to making this work. Trust me Peyton I don't want to lose you.

Obsession [3.13][edit]

Sheldon Hawkes: I guess our vic's outta the race.
Danny Messer: And he finished dead last!

Detective Don Flack: Couple of kids came into the 35 claimed that their friend's football may have accidentally killed the man. [Stella and Mac both give him a look] I locked 'em up for fun.

(at the crime scene covered in snow)
Danny: Stop shivering like a girl, Adam. It's not even that cold out.
Adam: (teeth chattering) I'm from Phoenix, 85 degrees is considered freezing.
Danny: Cupcake.

(looking at a dead body in the lab)
Stella Bonasera: So we're possibly looking at New York City's best-dressed kidnapper.
Mac Taylor: And our kidnap victim is missing.

(after Dr. Sid Hammerback determines that the murder weapon is a foot)
Danny Messer: Right foot of a woman?
Dr. Sid Hammerback (surprised): Right... It is correct. And female would explain the traces of red nail polish I found in the wound.
Danny Messer: So our murderer is a one-legged barefoot woman, who's got serious kung-fu skills.

(talking to the secretary of a murdered suspect)
Mac Taylor: What was he doing during these four hours?
Secretary: I don't know. Once a month he tells me to block out four or five hours like that, I never ask. I figured he's seeing a shrink or something?
Mac Taylor (watching the secretary carefully): Did he need a shrink?
Secretary: Do I have to answer that? I mean, I really don't like talking badly about dead people.

The Lying Game [3.14][edit]

Detective Stella Bonasera: What's a woman doing in the men's bathroom?
Detective Don Flack: Oh, I can think of a few reasons. All with happier endings.

Detective Stella Bonasera: What do you think Sid, are we looking at a hate crime here?
Dr. Sid Hammerback: Transgendered showgirl drowned in a public toilet - sound like love to you?

[as Danny and Mac gather the skateboards]

Skateboard Shop Clerk: Some of those boards are crucial collector's items!
Detective Mac Taylor: And we're collecting them.

(about a skateboard being used as a weapon)
Danny Messer: My mom always said these things were dangerous.

Mac: (enters his office to see Stella and Lindsay waiting for him) Something wrong?
Stella: Lindsay's gonna take off for a little while.
Mac: When?
Lindsay Monroe: I leave tomorrow morning, for Montana. A couple of months ago I got a call from the Bozeman prosecutor's office. They apprehend a suspect who was wanted in a multiple homicide ten years ago. Four girls. They were uh... they were friends of mine. I was the only witness.
Mac: And the only survivor as I remember.
Stella: They want her to testify.
Lindsay: I still see their faces. My friends faces. The mothers' faces... I don't know which I'm more scared of. Standing in front of the monster who did this... or seeing those faces. (she gets up as Stella gives her a hug)
Stella: Hey, you take care of youself, kiddo.
Lindsay: Thanks.
Mac: (gives Lindsay a hug) You're tough, Lindsay. You'll pull through this.

Sheldon Hawkes: Hey. I thought you'd left. You okay?
Lindsay: Yeah. Just, uh, tying up some loose ends. Have you seen Danny?
Hawkes: Yeah, he's out in the field.
Lindsay: (holding up a card) Could you, uh, make sure that he sees this?
Hawkes: That's how you're going to tell him you're leaving? A card?
Lindsay: It's not a big deal, I'll be back.
Hawkes: At least call him. Give him a chance to say good-bye.

Some Buried Bones [3.15][edit]

Detective Stella Bonasera: So did our vic surprise a shoplifter?
Detective Danny Messer: Shoplifter surprised him with a bullet.

(viewing the store surveillance tape as a shimmer walks across the screen)

Stella: Is the camera malfunctioning?
Danny: That or 5th Avenue's haunted.

Adam Ross: Turns out our suspect is not as spooky as she wants us to believe. I mean, come on, if this was a real ectoplasm, what's it doing shopping? Unless it was, like, the spirit of Imelda Marcos, but I don't even think she's dead.

(examining a statue with blood on it)

Mac Taylor: I think we have a suspect.
Don Flack: I love this job.

Dr. Sid Hammerback: [Pulling something out from inside the victim's neck] A prize in every box.

Detective Mac Taylor: Absinthe spoon, a branding, a brutal beat down.
Dr. Sid Hammerback: I'll take Cult Rituals for two-hundred.
Detective Mac Taylor: I don't think so. Kid doesn't look the part. We have reason to believe he went to Chelsea University. [pause] What is a fraternity hazing gone bad?

Detective Mac Taylor: [Finding out a pen was filled with blood instead of ink] Who writes in blood?
Adam Ross: Lawyers, college loan administrators...

Adam Ross: [Watching survelliance of the suspect] I can tell she's got a bully in her life. Check that out. Look how she flinched when a customer raised his hand.
Detective Danny Messer: Could be too much coffee.
Detective Stella Bonasera: Or a sign of abuse, and withdrawal like that is a classic symptom of PTSD.
Detective Danny Messer: [to Adam] How'd you know that?
Adam Ross: Huh, uh, uh, my, uh, my dad was a bully.

Reed: (sadly) I'd like to know where my mom's buried.
Mac: She wasn't. Her body was never found. No trace at all. But they're . . . we're still looking.

Heart of Glass [3.16][edit]

(about their victim in the tub)
Danny: So she breaks in, pours some champagne and takes a bath.
Peyton: Just like the fairy tale.
Mac: Only this Goldilocks isn't sleeping. She's dead.

Don Flack: Thought you had the night off.
Mac: My dinner date dumped me for a dead body.

The Ride-In [3.17][edit]

(Victim is covered in money)
Danny Messer: I guess we can rule out robbery...

[a murder victim is found dressed in a cigarette costume]

Detective Stella Bonasera: Okay, let's just say it now to get it over with: smoking kills.
Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: Yeah, but who killed him?

Flack: Well, Noah was taking these people for a ride, but it wasn't on the Ark. His flock all tested negative for GSR, and they've asked me if they can get back on the good ship Looney Tunes before Sunday, because that's when the world's ending. I told them they could re-board once the crime scene's clear, but what I really want to do is throw them all in the shower and then a rubber room.
Mac: They're not crazy.

Melodee Constanza: He's dead?
Detective Danny Messer: Yeah, he's dead.
Melodee Constanza: You sure about that?
Detective Danny Messer: Very sure.
Melodee Constanza: You just made my whole day. No, my year.
Detective Danny Messer: Oh, well I'm glad to help.

Stella: [Walking into a room where various lab technicians are smoking cigarettes.] Hawkes, what are we playing, who gets cancer first?

Sleight Out of Hand [3.18][edit]

Stella: [about their cut up victim] She was alive when he cut her in half.
Mac: Something tells me this girl wasn't a volunteer from the audience.

Sid Hammerback: [looking at the body of their vic, who was sawn in half] Do I even need to state the cause of death?

[after Rupert has said that he loved the victim]
Detective Don Flack: Yeah, and nothing says "I love you back" like an order of protection.

Luke Blade: [to Mac and Danny] If that's it detectives, I'm gonna go light myself on fire.

Stella Bonasera: They say burning is the most painful of deaths.
Danny Messer: I love that. How do they know? What'd they take a poll? '64% of dead people surveyed ...'

Don Flack: Do you think Houdini knew the impact he would have on Mafia lingo?
Sheldon Hawkes: I'm sorry?
Don Flack: When they whack somebody they say, "We made him do a Houdini". Do you think that would make him proud?
Sheldon Hawkes: Are we actually having this conversation?
Don Flack: Oh, I'm sorry. Can you explain the difference between DNA and RNA? Is that better? 'Cause that's scintillating conversation right there.
Sheldon Hawkes: It would be if you knew the answer-
Rupert Flannigan: [interrupting them] This is what you're looking for, it has all three items you showed me in those photographs. You'd better return this though, it's a collector's item. I don't want to find out you two pulled a Houdini on me.
[Flack walks away smirking]

Mac Taylor: [hands Danny a lighter] You want to do the honors?
Danny Messer: Are you lighting your arm on fire in the name of science?
Mac Taylor: What other job allows you to set your boss on fire? Going once, going twice...
Danny Messer: [takes the lighter] Sold, but if you go up in flames, I get your office?

Luke Blade: [talking about his next "trick"] And most importantly, it has be performed by a highly pissed off professional!

Daze of Wine and Roaches [3.19][edit]

Luther Vandeross: I can certainly answer any of your questions or write them down and have Evie respond by e-mail.
Det. Don Flack: Nice, but that's not how this works. See, we're old school. We're all light bulbs and cold concrete rooms.

[in the wine vault]
Detective Danny Messer: So this is where you house the million-dollar grape juice, huh?

Lindsay Monroe: Flack, I think Danny's kind of wine is the house Chianti.
Danny Messer: See, that's where you're wrong. My favourite wine is beer.

Danny Messer: [explaining his theory about what happened] And then he gets screwed to death.
Don Flack: 6.5, Mess. Little shaky on the landing.

Detective Danny Messer: Get outta here, these are real stones?
Detective Lindsay Monroe: Uh huh, and I'm thinking that this chain was attached, which makes this roach jewelry, or a pet, or a jeweled pet.
Detective Danny Messer: Or roach-broach.
Detective Lindsay Monroe: Hey, could be the next big thing. I mean, isn't the cockroach kind of the unofficial mascot of New York?
Danny: Hey that's funny, take it easy there, Montana.

Danny: Since when do you know so much about wine, Montana?
Lindsay Monroe: We're more than beer and buffalo burgers, Messer.

Detective Danny Messer: [Shocked] You killed him because of a cockroach?
Detective Danny Messer: [after the bus-boy's impassioned speech about cockroaches] So you killed a guy over a cockroach?

Detective Stella Bonasera: It's not illegal to be a sociopath.

What Schemes May Come [3.20][edit]

Stella: Somebody kissed his ring. Lipstick kiss.
Flack: Maybe our Lancelot had a rendezvous with Guinevere in the park?

[describing the woman he saw]
J.J. Huntsville: She was mostly in the shadows. She had great legs though. And the outfit she had on could fit in a martini glass.

Peyton: (about the victim being alive) I'm the one who pronounced him dead.
Mac: Based on what?
Peyton: Based on eight years of training and another eight years on the job. I haven't forgotten how to tell if a vic is alive or dead, Mac!

Danny: We saw a rat with an ear on its back. I'm mean, I've got to be honest, I can handle dead bodies obviously, floaters, old ladies cut in little pieces, but mix and match with different species.
Mac: Now what's the expression? Progress is a great thing, it just went on for too long.

Detective Don Flack: I'm so glad that figuring this stuff out, is your job, not mine.

Stella Bonasera: Planning your fantasy death is the ultimate finale to life.
Don Flack: Yeah, but we're talking about an ice pick to the brain, Stella. I think you might be romanticizing.

Detective Mac Taylor: He took a genetics course from you, at university last year.
Quinn Brookman: I've had lots of students.
Detective Mac Taylor: But only one helped you steal a body.

Mac Taylor: You ready for the answer?
Stella: Whatever the outcome, I am bound and determined to live every day to the fullest.

Past Imperfect [3.21][edit]

Hawkes: I need all his clothes removed and bagged. What's his status?
Doctor Marc Bergstrom: His white blood cell count's off the charts, he's got internal bleeding in his GI track and his organs are showing signs of failure. Other than that he's fine.

[Stella and Don arrive at a key party to question people]
Detective Stella Bonasera: I thought lock and key parties went out in the seventies.
Detective Don Flack: Apparently they've had resurgence. Who knew?
Rene Vanderfeld: Don't be shy. Everybody's a bit nervous their first time out.
Detective Stella Bonasera: Actually we're not here to participate.
Rene Vanderfeld: [looking suggestively at Stella] That's our loss.
Detective Don Flack: We're NYPD.
Rene Vanderfeld: I'm so sorry! That's right, you called earlier. I was expecting big burly men with guns.
Detective Don Flack: If you'd focused your attention in my direction, you might see one.

Danny: I'm gonna head out to Brighton Beach, 'cause one of the guys who got busted with Scott Colson owns a Russian food joint, called Sokov's.
Lindsay: If the guy took his chances running with the Russian mob, maybe his past finally caught up with him.
Danny: Da! (as Lindsay laughs)

Yuri Sokov: I'm an American citizen.
Detective Danny Messer: Yeah? With a rap sheet as long as the Constitution.

Detective Stella Bonasera: You let a lady stumble home drunk? What a gentleman you are.

Mac Taylor: The way I feel has never affected the way I do my job.
Don Flack: My weakness, I guess. Every hood Truby ever collared is going to be angling for a get-out-of-jail-free pass. Clay Dobson was just the first in line.
Mac: You having a good time, saying I told you so?
Flack: No.

Mac: (looking around the work firm) Nice place, Dobson, looks like your father's doing quite well for himself.
Clay Dobson: Detective Taylor, I was just about to send you a fruit basket. You're the reason I'm out of jail, indirectly, of course. If you're looking for an architect, I think we might be a little out of your price range.

Cold Reveal [3.22][edit]

(about the fallen-angel victim)
Flack: Got no ID on the vic. Could be a Michael or Gabriel. They say it's tough to make it in Manhattan, Heaven must be brutal.
Mac: Yeah.
Flack: Still checking Missing Persons and Nostradamus.

Lindsay: What about this website? It's encouraging kids to hurt themselves. That can't be legal.
Mac: Contests aren't a crime. Neither is stupidity or bad judgement.

Detective Mac Taylor: I was just wondering. When you were making all those arrests, locking up bad guys, were you imagining a day when you'd be so busy kissing the Chief of Detective's ass you wouldn't remember what it was like to be a cop?
Insp. Stanton Gerrard: You son of a bitch. I don't deserve that. You know I'm here because...
Detective Mac Taylor: You don't have to explain it Inspector, I get it. You're just a puppet. I'll take my case to the badge that pulls the strings.

Don Flack: You know, Mac... the uh, the Department decides to go through with their internal investigation, I'm gonna have to answer questions. All I know is what you told me when I got up to the top.
Mac Taylor: Like I told the DA, I did not toss Clay Dobson off that roof. This investigation is nothing but a big political show.
Flack: Yeah, regardless, the media's soaking the story up, and by the time they're done with it, your word may not be good enough, Mac.

Comes Around [3.23][edit]

Clay Dobson: I cut off their eyelids. So they'd have to look at me while they died! Okay?
Det. Mac Taylor: Now you're going to look at me when you die.

[Mac storms out of his disciplinary hearing]

Det. Don Flack: What did you just walk out?
Det. Mac Taylor: Apparently I'm the kind of guy who does whatever he wants, why disappoint them?

Det. Mac Taylor: Remember your first collar?
Detective Stella Bonasera: Oh, yeah. [Stella snickers] A shoplifter on 43rd and Eighth Avenue. This guy took one of those "I Love New York" t-shirts from the souvenir shop. It was the proudest moment in my life. [Stella laughs] Two days later, I arrested him again in the same store.

Danny Messer: It's nice, ain't it though? Bein' cooperative?
John McEnroe: [shrugs] Not bad.

Danny Messer: Why do we do what we do, huh?
Don Flack: What do you mean?
Danny: Why do we wake up in the morning at three o'clock, stand at a crime scene in the freezing cold, living paycheck-to-paycheck, for what? To protect and serve? Serve who, the public? Sometimes it seems like they hate us, and then, here we got the brass ready to throw us to the lions.
Flack: (shrugs) We do it cause we're good at it. Maybe we'd be lousy at anything else. I don't know. Maybe we do it for the one or two times somebody actually thanks us for finding their son's murderer.

Peyton: No apparent cause of death and the tox report didn't indicate anything helpful, but I knew something was wrong so... [noticing Mac looking gloomy] so I decided just to cut the poor bastard's liver up and make a lovely pate and everybody in the lab just adored it.

[after getting dirt on his boss, which forces him to back off the investigation into Mac and how Clay Dobson ended up falling from a roof where he was with Mac]

Det. Mac Taylor: [smirks] You know, I think I'm getting the hang of this politics stuff.

Stella: Better watch yourself, all this publicity may backfire. Sinclair might just have to make you his Deputy Commissioner.
Mac: I'm very happy where I am, thank you.
Stella: Hm, that's good. Must've been satisfying seeing the look on Sinclair's face when he realized you had him.
Mac: [Seriously] I don't take pleasure in someone else's discomfort Stella. [Laughing] Yes, it was incredibly satisfying.

Snow Day [3.24][edit]

Flack: I'm not used to looking down the barrel of an AK-47, but I'll be all right.

Lindsay: I dreamt that I woke up and you were gone. You left a note.
Danny: Where would I go? This is my place.
Lindsay: (giggling) I was hoping for a better answer.
Danny: Just kidding. I'm glad this happened. (kisses her forehead)
Lindsay: Me, too. (kisses his chest)

(as she's inviting Mac to London with tickets ready)
Peyton: Mac, I was thinking with everything you've been going through and because you adore me, and you do adore me, it would be just great if you could take some of the seven weeks of vacation you've collected and, well, come with me to London.
Mac: You bought the ticket?
Peyton: (eagerly) I really want you to say yes.

[as they are playing pool]
Danny: There's no way you're gonna make this shot too, Montana.
Lindsay: A Benjamin says I do. [makes the shot] You owe me $100.00.
Danny: You know what? You're gonna have to wait 'til payday.
Lindsay: [voiceover as flashback of them kissing begins] No. You either pay me now, or come up with something better. flashback continues as they have sex]

(to the bad guy tied to the chair)
Mac: Very simple really. Should you manage to get out of that tape, or try to leave this room, or somebody tries to save you, these lasers which trigger the pipe bomb I connected to that canister of hydrogen gas. There's enough in there to kill you, and make the cleaning crew very unhappy.

Lindsay: I'm sorry.
Danny: What? What are you sorry about?
Lindsay: You're not supposed to be here. You took my shift.

Season 4[edit]

Can You Hear Me Now? [4.01][edit]

Adam Ross: (answering phone) Adam Ross.
Lindsay Monroe: Hi. I'm calling from the office of unemployment.
Adam Ross: Oh, Lindsay, hey.
Lindsay Monroe: Word is that Denny's is looking to hire some socially-awkward scientists.
Adam Ross: I'm...I'm halfway there already, okay?
Lindsay Monroe: It's a big case, Adam, it's the Statue of Liberty, it's all over the news. We've got lot of work to do. This is top priority and Mac's back in town. Get your little ass to work.

Adam: Kendall! Hey..uh..wake up..uh, we're late for work. We gotta, we gotta get up, we're late for work.
Kendall: (waking to see they are both in their underwear) Did we?...We didn't...?
Adam: Oh! No, no, no. I mean, I...uh..I wish it was yes, yes, yes but sadly, no.
Kendall: (rolling over) Okay. Hmmm, ten more minutes.
Adam: No, no, no. No more minutes. Okay, get up, get up, let's go. Up, up. Yes, let's go. Ooh. (pulling her from the couch) Must fight crime.

Sheldon Hawkes: What about the trace I collected from her arm?
Lindsay Monroe: Latex. More specifically, condom spray.
Danny Messer: (Amused) 'Scuse me? What? I didn't catch that.
Lindsay Monroe: Liquid rubber (Holds the spray can, smiling) German engineering at its finest.
Sheldon Hawkes: I'm not sure I understand.
Lindsay Monroe: Well, allow me to demonstrate (Grabs a big test-tube) Contrary to what you might have heard, science definitely does matter (Starts spraying the content of the can on the test-tube) Simply, apply like so. Allow a few moments for maximum drying time and... Boom! Instant condom. (Hands test tube to Danny)
Sheldon Hawkes: Are you serious? A spray-on condom?
Danny Messer: What... Where does the... The... (Points at the top of the test-tube) Now how... Never mind.

Nova Kent: I lost that music box about a year ago.
Danny: Are you kidding me? You can't come up with a better lie than that?
Nova Kent: I move a lot, four different places in the past year. I've given up junk, throw things away.
Stella: You specifically requested that the music box played Mozart's first minuet. It seems strange that something with that kind of sentimental value would be thrown away.
Nova Kent: Yeah well, I cried for three days when I realized it was gone.
Danny: You're killing me right now.

The Deep [4.02][edit]

Flack: Our vic's this way. Floater, popped up in the middle of a sailboat race between New York and New Jersey.
Danny: I read about that. Reenactment of a race that happened back in the 1600s.
Mac: Yeah. Legend has it the winner got possession of Staten Island.
Flack: Too late to give it back?
Danny: Yeah, very funny, Flack!

(on a dive boat, in the East River)
Danny: (as he gears up to go into the water) A graveyard for subways? What happened, they run out of landfill or what?
Mac: (laughs a little) Cheaper to sink 'em then scrap 'em.
Hawkes: And the subway reefs provide a marine life sanctuary.
Danny: Yeah, well screw the fish. Hope it provides us with a crime scene.
Mac: Holden surfaced right here in the harbor. We're here. Subway reef is right under us. And we're gonna focus on the old Redbird transit cars. They’re the ones that contain asbestos. It's dark down there. We got tidal currents, rocks and reefs to deal with.
Danny: Let's look on the bright side. We're not gonna worry about sharks.

Danny Messer: My mother was so pissed off, she didn't talk to me for a week... It was kind of a peaceful week.

(as Hawkes is getting treated for his injuries)
Danny: So is it true what they say?
Hawkes: What's that?
Danny: Did your life pass right before your eyes?
Hawkes: I could only think of one thing the whole time I was down there.
Danny: What? Was it your first kiss?
Hawkes: (holding his ribs) Don't make me laugh.
Danny: What?
Hawkes: Sid Hammerback. I was in his lab, lying on an autopsy table. Sid was standing over me, firing up the bone spreader.
Danny: That's morbid.

Flack: What happened down there? I got a call from Dispatch saying there was some kind of problem. I got here as fast as I could.
Danny: Some methane bubbles caused an explosion. Hawkes got trapped underneath the ship's mast.
Flack: Some guys would do anything for an early pension.

You Only Die Once [4.03][edit]

(A dent in a car bounces back)

Don Flack: What the hell kinda car are you?

Sinclair: (to Flack) You know, the NYPD has a strict policy against high-speed chases. Or did you forget that?
Flack: No, sir.
Sinclair: The next time you want to run up a $60 cab fare, you do that on your own time. You're lucky no one got hurt.

Danny Messer: (laughing) Oh, how's that new girlfriend?
Don Flack: Keep walking, Messer.
Danny Messer: No, seriously, where'd you meet her?
Don Flack: Met her at a charity event. Police/fire hockey game.
Danny Messer: So she's got teeth, or...?
Don Flack: Move!

Danny Messer: Speed Racer's Mach 5 does not come close to the Batmobile. End of story.
Lindsay Monroe: Are you kidding me? The Mach-5 had submersible capabilities and a robotic homing pigeon.
Danny Messer: Yeah, so did the Batmobile. Along with rocket boosters and armor plating.
Lindsay Monroe: Mach-5: Rotary saw.
Danny Messer: All right, Montana. Did Speed Racer's Mach-5 have a field forensics kit?
Lindsay Monroe: The Batmobile did not have a field forensics kit.
Danny Messer: In the Batmobile's trunk, it did.
Lindsay Monroe: That explains so much.

Danny Messer: Woah, Montana, hold up.
Lindsay Monroe: What's up?
Danny Messer: (on phone) Yeah, I got her. (to Lindsay) Overtime. Evidence is coming in on the James Stanton murder, and we have a date with it.
Lindsay Monroe: We got the car?
Danny Messer: You make the coffee. I'll go get the Batmobile.

Time's Up [4.04][edit]

Kevin Murray: Well, can you at least tell me what he said?
Mac: What who said?
Kevin Murray: The guy about me dying tomorrow!
Mac: Well, I’m sorry, that’s part of an ongoing investigation.
Kevin Murray: This morning you said he’d been to the future. Did he say how or where or when I'd be killed?
Mac: Again, unless you have some information to share that might shed some light on our victim, I don’t see what else we can do for you.
Kevin Murray: How about guaranteeing me I'm still alive in 24 hours.

[about a girl who was killed by fatal orgasm while eating a pickle]

Detective Danny Messer: Must've been a hell of a pickle.

Witness: Can I get your phone number?
Det. Jessica Angell: Why, are you in trouble?
Witness: No, but I'd like to be.
(scene shift to Danny and Stella listening to Angell)
Danny: So did you give him your number?

(about Stella receiving a parachute as a gift)
Mac: There are safer ways to beat the traffic.
Stella: Oh, traffic I can handle. Men are another story.
Mac: What is it?
Stella: [opening an envelope] Hmm. Gift certificate for a skydiving lesson. Met this guy in an antique store and then bumped into him again at a coffee stand. And suddenly he wants to hold hands at 10,000 feet. So he sent me a parachute.
Mac: Original and daring.
Stella: And a bit too aggressive for me. What?
Mac: You were smiling when you opened the box.
Stella: [chuckles a little] Mac, my last boyfriend tried to kill me and I shot him.
Mac: Well, maybe this guy's a little different. Why don't you just run him through NYSPIN?
Stella: Actually, I already did. There are three Drew Bedfords in the city. One is 96 and lives in a rest home. The other is in juvie for painting boobs on a billboard. And my original endearing friend is, uh, squeaky clean.
Mac: You and I are alike in a lot of ways. We both do everything we can to avoid this sort of thing. Sometimes you just gotta take the plunge.
Stella: So you're telling me to fall for all this?
Mac: Stella, Peyton pursued me. I never thought I'd enjoy another relationship either. Forget about all the risks of romance and enjoy the rewards.

Flack: I dunno. If I could go anywhere back in time, I'd probably go back to my folks' place in Queens for one of my mom's corn beef Wednesdays. Yeah, I would endure every one of my brothers' insults at the table for one more taste of that paradise.

Sheldon Hawkes: In theory, if you built a machine that could travel the speed of light away from here, then slowed down, turned around and flew home just as fast, when you got back, a trip that might have lasted seconds for you, could've been weeks for everybody else.
Don Flack: Kinda like your explanation.

Stella: [about the evidence] Turns out it's an experimental sexual enhancement drug, only available in clinical trials.
Danny: Don't look at me, I don't need it.
Stella: You're too old anyway. It's currently being tested on students at the Chelsea University health center.
Danny: Argh, it's like throwing gas on a raging hormonal fire.
Stella: [Laughs] Well, Detective Angell just got me a court order to pull all the patient files and talk to the students directly. I'm hoping that this will give us an I.D. on the perp.
Danny: Fantastic. We got horny college kids and horny mammals. You wanna trade?
Stella: Mammals?
Danny: Prehistoric, to be exact.

Down The Rabbit Hole [4.05][edit]

Lindsay: Only 61 days until Christmas, although it looks like you've already gotten some gifts.
Stella: Uh, yeah. It's getting embarrassing. This guy I met a couple of weeks ago. He's extremely persistent. Last week it was a parachute. This week it’s rock climbing gear.
Lindsay: [smiling] Sounds like Mr. Adventure wants to get physical.

Adam Ross: Double-click on that template. Now, male or female?
(Mac Taylor looks at him, eyebrows raised)
Adam Ross: This is fantasy, be all you can be!

Adam: (showing Mac how to use Second Life) Boss, if you go in-world looking like Joe Boring you're gonna get flagged as a newbie. Let me get in here real quick. Check this out. Hip do, a little custom skin. Cool coat. All right. Check it out. Now you're ready to roll in-world.

Mac Taylor: [Speaking for his female avatar] Hi. I like the name. [pause] I love waterfalls, don't you?
Stella Bonasera: [Laughing] Oh, my God.
Mac Taylor: What?
Stella Bonasera: You have no game whatsoever.
Mac Taylor: Look, I don't need a backseat avatar.
Stella: All right, then move over. Come on. Before your suspect bails. (takes the headset in his place on the game) Hey, Don. Sorry about that. I was, uh, distracted by a phone call. My name’s Taylor. What do you say we get outta here and go for a walk?

Adam Ross: [Fighting warriors in Second Life] Who's your daddy?

Boo [4.06][edit]

(while working the late-late shift in the cemetery)
Grave Digger #1: Smallpox, Yellow Fever, influenza. She had the Bubonic Plague.
Grave Digger #2: (digging) What are you talking about, Pops?
Grave Digger #1: Long ago when several coffins were excavated and scratches were found inside, our ancestors, they realized they’d been burying (snickering) folks before their time. No kiddin’. Back then, when the plagues hit, guys like you and me, we couldn't dig fast enough.
Grave Digger #2: (not believing) Come on!
Grave Digger #1: Saved by the bell doesn't mean what you think. Morticians would tie a string to the hand of the dead person and take the other end of the string and tie it to a bell, above ground. And immediately after the, uh, burial, a person from the mortuary would be assigned the task to sit by the new gravesite and listen for the bell to ring. (laughs) That was called the graveyard shift.

Sheriff Benson: (about the crime scene) No, this one's gonna be covered differently.
Danny: Why's that?
Sheriff Benson: Thirty-one years ago the former owner, Bill Willens shot himself in this house. Two days later, his daughter disappeared. Bill’s wife, Betty, claims her husband was hearing voices. He told people the house was possessed by evil spirits.
Lindsay: Just like The Amityville Horror.
Sheriff Benson: All I know is the folks inside this house were good people. For Gil Duncan to shoot his family, commit suicide... there’s gotta be an explanation other than ghosts made him do it.

Flack: So Stella told me your mysterious caller disappeared.
Mac: Haven't got a call at 3:33 a.m. in over a week.
Flack: Maybe your guy decided it was time to stop stalking you.
Mac: Maybe he's getting ready to take it to the next level.

Sheriff Benson: All I'm saying is people come to town and get caught up in the folklore.
Lindsay Monroe: Do we look like we're here buying postcards?

Dr. Sid Hammerback: Well, I didn't find any bite marks on him or human brains in his stomach contents, but he was dead before he was killed, which medically makes him a zombie. Happy Halloween.

Mac: I hate zombies.
Stella: I know, they spoil all the fun, don't they?

[Danny interrogates a man who accidentally shot his sister as a boy, and an entire family years later.]
Danny Messer: No, it was you Henry who killed that family, it's not the Devil.
Henry: You're wrong. The Devil did kill that family that night. He came to me the night my sister died in that house. I just didn't know enough not to let him in.

Commuted Sentences [4.07][edit]

Stella: Was he with anyone?
Larry: A smoking hot brunette in a red dress. She made the reservation, under Florence Nightingale. I'm thinking fake name.
Flack: Real sharp, Larry.

[while doing a reconstruction of the shooting with Danny behind her]
Lindsay: Definitely, could have gone right through the love handles. [smiles and pinches his stomach]
Danny: That's too low, wise-ass.

Don Flack: Four older brothers and a Detective-Sergeant for a father. Your old man dust you for prints when you got home from a date?
Jess Angell: If it was up to them, I wouldn't have knows boys existed until I was 21.
Don Flack: I'm sure the boys knew you existed.
Jess Angell: (pauses and smiles) Was that a line, Flack? Did you just bust out your game on me?
Don Flack: (looks away, grinning) What?
Jess Angell: It was, wasn't it? Look at you, you're blushing! [laughs]
Don Flack: My game. Game? I have no game. If I did, that's probably as good as it gets.
Jess Angell: I think it was pretty good.
Amber Stanton: [appearing by the car] Detectives. Oh. I’m not interrupting anything, am I? [suddenly getting in the backseet of the car] You two have been trailing me for the last couple of hours. Now, if you’re going to follow me, you may as well have a copy of my itinerary. We’ve got lunch at Stang’s in, oh, fifteen minutes. That might be a bit expensive on your boyfriend’s salary. The rest of the day is here. Saks, Bloomingdale's. I’ve got a meeting at four in the office. You get the idea and, um, I jotted down my cell phone in case you have trouble keeping up. Have a nice day. [gets out out of the car and walks away]

Danny: [holding an empty box] Where are the shoes that were in this box?
Amber Stanton: They're gone. I threw them away.
Lindsay: You threw away a pair of four-hundred dollars shoes?
Amber Stanton: Is that against the law? Why do you bother? Mitchell Bentley was a piece of garbage.
Lindsay: You just don’t get it, do you? It doesn’t matter who the victim is. It’s the killer we’re after.

Amber Stanton: [during her interrogation] Whenever I see a useless piece of human trash walk away without consequence, I feel violated again... Bentley was smiling... Kaplan was going about his life as if nothing had happened.
Mac: So you became a predator? A killer?
Amber Stanton: I think of myself as an arbiter of justice.

Buzzkill [4.08][edit]

Flack: (skeptical) Nick, I've had guys in here blame their criminal behavior on wives, bosses, even the devil. But I gotta tell ya, this is a new one. You're telling me you were driven to this by a shiny red light?

Hawkes: Crime of passion?
Mac: Yeah, that's one possibility. Or... she was the inside guy? They planned this robbery together, but before she got her cut... her partner double-crossed her.

Stella: You know, Lindsay, I don't think these lollipops are lollipops. (tests one) Heroin.
Lindsay: Well, that changes everything.

Angell: [Handing Mac an artist's representation of the killer] Here's our killer. It's all the information we were able to get from our witnesses.
Mac: So, we just need to find everybody with two eyes, a nose, and a mouth?

Patti Nelson: [about Jenna Donovan] I didn't kill her.
Flack: Patti, come on. These magic lollipops are like the hot new thing.
Patti Nelson: Look, I told you. I am sorry she's dead, but those lollipops aren't worth killing for.
Flack: Listen to me, I already got you on possession of heroin. Just a hop, skip and a jump to murder if I work this right, and for your information, I'm very good. Especially since Jenna's dead body shows us that she was in one hell of a fight right before that party.

Sid: [walking into the lab with Stella] Our vic's body couldn't help but remind me of my Great-Uncle Andy.
Stella: Oh, hearing that is enough to make any model break into tears.
Sid: [chuckling] Oh, no, there’s no physical resemblance, although he was in freakishly superior shape for an octogenarian. But no, what I mean is Uncle Andy would never finish telling a story. Every time you thought he was done, he'd find something more to say.

Danny: So these guys are mailing the money somewhere.
Hawkes: Smart move. Not keeping the cash on them or in the apartment.
Angell: If you can raise the ink from the pouch, maybe we can get an address.
Danny: Oh, what? You doing science now?

One Wedding and A Funeral [4.09][edit]

Flack: So the Hatfields and the McCoys couldn't keep it together long enough to merge the family fortunes.

Sid: [showing Hawkes and Danny the cell phone that was pulled from the vic] My very first dead ringer. [Danny laughs a bit]

Stella: The hell were you thinking, Drew?! I mean, this was not cute or funny or the least bit charming. I told you, I didn't want you to send me any more gifts, and I thought I made it perfectly clear that I was not interested. And then you put this box on my truck? I called the bomb squad, Drew.
Drew: It's not from me, Stella. Look, every gift I sent to your office was with a card. You know, there was a theme going on, in case you hadn't noticed. A puzzle doesn't exactly say 'take a risk'.

Detective Don Flack: So the neighbors were very helpful. They saw nothing, heard nothing and know nothing. Welcome to my life.

George Foodim: After hitting a few bars, I went back to Brett's apartment and that's when I found him. I started to call the cops, right? But it’s not like there was anything I could do. He was already dead. I had to get him to the park.
Flack: Uh, y-you're gonna have to help us out here, pal. Why did you have to get Brett to the park?
George Foodim: It was a bet. He was engaged twice before, couldn't go through with it. I bet our buddy Toby that Brett would definitely show up this time. There was no way I was gonna lose.
Mac: Whoa, whoa. You stuffed, dressed and moved your dead friend for a bet?
George Foodim: It was a hundred grand, man. I...I don't have it. And if I didn't pay up, Toby would have gone to my dad.
Det. Flack: It never occurred to you, what with your friend being dead and all, that just maybe the bet was off?
George Foodim: I told you.
Flack: Yeah. Fifteen shots of tequila, I heard you.
George Foodim: Yeah, well it made... made sense yesterday morning. I feel bad. If you knew Brett, Brett, (laughs a bit) Yeah, I mean, he, he would've laughed. He would've done the same thing, I'm telling you.

Adam: [walks into the room to see Danny smiling] What are you so happy about?
Danny: I figured out what killed my groom.
Adam: Was it the mother-in-law?
Danny: Hahaha, no! It was a missing wedding gift.

[Mac notices the missing pieces in the puzzles sent to Stella]

Detective Mac Taylor: That's the Riverton building. That was my first crime scene.
Adam Ross: No way.
Detective Mac Taylor: This way my first New York apartment. This to scale?
Adam Ross: Uh, y-yeah. As-as far as I can tell.
Detective Mac Taylor: This high-rise should be much taller in relation to the Chrysler Building.
Adam Ross: How could you know that?
Detective Mac Taylor: I got engaged on that roof. This puzzle's about my life.

The Thing About Heroes [4.10][edit]

Danny: [holding the iPod] So, this is what was used to hijack the train. He attached an MP3 player to the control panel, the sick bastard.
Stella: Ya, well that sick bastard is Mac's stalker.

Det. Renee Brennen: What made you think you'd find anything at all? You specifically asked to visit an unoccupied floor. You flashed your badge, said it was police business. Now, it doesn't sound to me like you were looking for office space.
Mac: I was sent here. I don't know why or by whom, and I don't know who the victim hanging from that ceiling is or how it connects to me.

Jimmie Davis: Mac Taylor. Heard your voice on the phone, I couldn't believe it. Now you're standing here. Look like your old man. Been a long time, Mac.
Mac: Since we were kids.
Jimmie Davis: Yeah. Last I heard you were in New York, married, working for the mayor's office or something.
Mac: I'm a crime-scene investigator.
Jimmie Davis: Phew. Must be something, huh? What's the statute of limitations for us sneaking into Wrigley? What brings you back, Mac?
Mac: Bobby Toole is dead.
Jimmie Davis: That's supposed to be funny? He's been dead for 30 years.
Mac: Yeah. But they found his body today, in the Tribune Building.
Jimmie Davis: We swore we were never gonna talk about this. I haven't told a soul.
Mac: Somebody put his body in the Tribune Building for me to find, the word coward on the wall. Did you do it, Jimmie?
Jimmie Davis: What? What, are you out of your mind, Mac? Huh? Is this some kind of sick joke to you?
Mac: Over a month ago I got a T-shirt stained with blood. I didn't know until today, that's your brother's shirt. Will's blood. The same shirt he was wearing when Bobby Toole beat him to death.
Jimmie Davis: You feeling guilty, Mac?
Mac: I don't regret the choice I made that day.
Jimmie Davis: No, I don't imagine that you do, because you didn't lose a brother. Your family didn't fall apart. You didn't watch your father cry for the first time in your life, watch him crumble to his knees. You didn't spend ten years trying to make it up to your mother and your little brother, lying to little Andy about how Will died. Not you.

Flack: Little out of your jurisdiction, aren't ya?
Mac: When you called me, I thought you were in New York.
Flack: Sneaky like that. Plus it made it easier to find you.
Mac: Sinclair?
Flack: Yeah. He doesn't like to be embarrassed, Mac. So I got the rundown from Detective Brennan. Don't you wanna tell me what this is really about?
Mac: Wanna take a ride?
Flack: Long as it's not on the subway.

[Mac comes to, tied to a chair with lasers and guns pointed at him]
Drew Bedford: Mac Taylor. The Mac Taylor. Phew. You know, it's funny, you don't look like a hero.
Mac: Andy. I don't know what you...
Drew Bedford: Shh, shh, shh. Whatever you do, don't move. You see that gun? The slightest movement puts a bullet right between your eyes. Of course, freezing is something that comes naturally to you, isn't it, Mac? Something the public doesn't know about its hero cop, but my dead brother knows all too well.
Mac: For God's sakes, Andy, I was just a kid.
Drew Bedford: Yeah, well, you were old enough. All you had to do was pull the trigger. You know, playing with your crack CSI team, it's been, it's been fun. I gotta tell you, man, that Stella, she's just... She's smart. She never quite trusted me. See how she’d be an asset to you. Be a shame to see her die. You see, whoever comes through that door is gonna take a bullet. And I'm sure Stella and company are working on finding out where you are, as we speak.

Flack: He holds Mac responsible for losing someone in his family.
Lindsay: So what? Now he wants Mac to lose someone in his family?
Stella: Yeah. One of us.

Child's Play [4.11][edit]

Rikki Sandoval: He's been up since 5:30.
Detective Danny Messer: (whispers) Yeah, I went to bed at 5:30.

Sid: [scratching at his arms and shoulders during the post] All right, then, ladies, unless there's something else?
Stella: There is one more thing, Sid. Mucuna pruriens. In India, they're also known as, uh, velvet-bean, cow-itch, but here in the United States, we usually call it itching powder. [hands him the evidence bag with a packet as Lindsay starts laughing]
Sid: Oh, no, oh, no...
Stella: It looks like he stuck it in his pocket, and after the blast, it wound up dispersed on his clothes.
Sid: [looking between the two women] Why aren't you...
Stella: A long-sleeved lab coat. Both stylish and functional.
Sid: Exploding cigars, insect ice-cubes, itching powder... what kind of a clown are we after?

[in the ME's office]
Danny: [about Ruben] I saw him. I saw him. He was fine. I saw him. He rode the bike right away from me. I shouldn't have stopped. I shouldn't have stopped. Why did I stop!? I should've made sure the kid got home safe.
Mac: Ruben was a block and a half from your apartment building. There was a man down bleeding. Justin Scott needed your help. You acted on instinct, Danny.
Danny: Oh, man, I wish I hadn't. I wish I hadn't. He just got his bicycle blessed this morning.

Lindsay: [finding out about Ruben, referring to Danny] I'm not very good at this kind of thing. What should I say to him?
Mac: Just tell him that you're not very good at this kind of thing.

[seeing the gag store]
Flack: Laughing Larry? You gotta be kidding me. Do you have any idea how much of my childhood was cruelly destroyed by this moron?
Lindsay: Trust me. I feel your pain.
Stella: You two wanna enlighten me here?
Flack: I was into comic books as a kid, right?
Stellla: Yep.
Flack: And this guy had a full-page ad in the back of each and every one of ‘em selling things like Dribble Glasses, Onion Gum, Hypno-Coins, Whoopee cushions.
Lindsay: Plastic vomit, rubber dog-doo.
Stellla: Hmm. Sounds great.
Flack: Oh, yeah. And it all looked great. And I'd do whatever it took. I would scrimp, I would save, I would mow every last lawn in the neighborhood to get my hands on Sneezing Salts or a hundred-piece Battle Fleet. And then, I go to the mailbox, and right there, before my innocent young eyes, would be disappointment in a cardboard box.
Lindsay: I once spent my entire summer allowance on this hovercraft that Laughing Larry said would take me and my friends riding on a carpet of thin air. Hovercrap!
Flack: How about the x-ray specs I bought in middle school to see through girl's clothes? The only thing I ever saw through those was a nun coming at me with a yardstick.

Flack: Stop, drop and roll! You son of a bitch!

Mac: Thought I told you to take some time off?
Danny: Oh, yeah, you did. I just don't wanna go home. 'Cause when I go walking down that hallway now, I'm... not gonna hear the kid laughing on the other side of the walls, you know. Crying when he doesn't wanna go to bed. I'm just afraid I'm gonna miss him.

Happily Never After [4.12][edit]

Mac: During the Black Plague, perfumed flowers were stuffed in the pockets of those who perished, to mask the smell of death.
Danny: So that would make this... pocketful of posies, ashes, ashes.
Mac: We all fall down.

Detective Danny Messer: Toy stores and schools are the last places I want to be looking for a killer right now.

[Adam is listening to music and dancing whilst doing a test, he turns around and sees Mac watching him.]
Adam: Oh, hey.
Mac: That was a nice move, what is this, Dancing with the Scientist?

Bryce Aldicott/Mad Hatter: This party is invitation only.
Danny Messer: [holding up his police badge] Left mine at home.
Mac: (looking at his face) Where'd you get that bruise?
Bryce Aldicott/Mad Hatter: [almost laughing] Oh, this. Few nights ago. Mad party. Mad.
Danny: Apparently the party's, uh, going on 24/7 in your head.
Bryce Aldicott/Mad Hatter: I... I can't explain myself, I'm afraid, sir, because I'm not myself, you see.
Mac Taylor: Yeah, well, whoever you are, you have the right to remain silent.

Bryce Aldicott/Mad Hatter: Look, it’s all kept under the radar. Invites are small. We each get a book with text numbers. Tell us when and where we're supposed to be. And the party begins. And Foxy, man, makes the game real. Turns Manhattan into Neverland.
Danny Messer: Except nobody dies in Neverland.

Mac Taylor: You tested positive.
Tyler: For what?
Mac Taylor: Murder.

All in the Family [4.13][edit]

Mac: Danny's shift started two hours ago. You heard from him?
Lindsay: He got hit with the flu. He took some cold medicine, knocked him out. He just woke up.
Mac: Seems kind of sudden.
Lindsay: He said he felt it coming on a few days ago.
Mac: Tell him to get better. Make sure you don't catch what he's got.

Flack: [at Danny's apartment, to the Super] All right, open it up.
Super: Don't I need a warrant or something?
Flack: Yeah, but you also need a fire extinguisher on every floor.
Super: Now that you put it that way.[unlocks the door]

Detective Stella Bonasera: Your divorce was finalized a week ago. The judge who presided over it was just found dead. What would you call that?
Larry Rose: A happy coincidence.
Angell: Is that supposed to be funny?
Larry Rose: Depends. You got a sense of humor?
Angell: Depends. You funny?

Flack: [outside the bail-bonds buidling] Nice place to play hooky. Personally, I would a gone with the batting cages.
Danny: It's closed for maintenance.
Flack: Ollie Barnes is not worth screwing up your career, Danny.
Danny: I give a crap about that cockroach.
Flack: Oh, yeah? Then why am I here?

Mac: Movie and a murder. Hell of a double-feature.

Rikki Sandoval: [about Ollie] If he hadn't robbed that store, Ruben would still be alive.
Danny: I know you think that but if I would a stayed with Ruben, and made sure he got home, he'd be alive. That’s all I had to do, was stay with him.

Detective Mac Taylor: [to the suspects] One crime, five victims; Emily Miller and Judge Riverton lost their lives, Madison lost her father, and you two lost your future.

Danny: You know what? You should mind your own business.
Flack: You're my friend, Danny. Makes it my business.

Playing with Matches [4.14][edit]

Angell: Fire department was en route to a structure fire on 49th when this thing...
Danny: Thing?
Angell: That's what they called it. Came flying at them like some flaming meteorite. Slammed right into the windshield.
Danny: Fire came to the firemen, it's gotta be a first.

Mac: Houston, we have a problem.

Sid: (about their burn victim) Face with no name is simply a face. And your victim's helmet preserved his quite well, but it hasn't helped me make an I.D. Yet.
Danny: To think I ever opposed the helmet law.
Sid: Well, not so fast. That skull bucket also contributed to what killed him.
Danny: You mean, it wasn't the fact that he was on fire with a high speed impact with a fire truck?
Sid: Imagine your victim catches fire. A helmet starts to fill up with toxic fumes. He panics, struggling to get it off, which only increases the rate of smoke inhalation. Result was direct toxicity to the cardiac muscle.
Mac: C.O.D. was smoke inhalation.
Sid: And death was near instantaneous.
Danny: What about the stab wounds?
Sid: Turned out to be minor injuries inflicted with a meat thermometer.
Danny: Whoa. Wha'? A meat thermometer? Who stabs somebody with a meat thermometer?
Sid: Cannibal? It's anyone's guess. Severity of charring was significantly greater above his ankles than below...And based on the degree of trauma to the bones, I'd say your human comet's rate of speed was at least 80 mph at the time of impact.
Danny: 80?! What was he doing to be moving that fast?
Sid: Now keep in mind I'm simply a pathologist, but the injuries to this victim, well frankly, they appear consistent....with him re-entering the Earth's atmosphere. Now until you come up with some evidence that says otherwise, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Flack: Put it this way: if a dishwasher and a porta-potty were to ever mix it up, this thing would be their offspring.

Sid: First victim I haven't had to wash in quite some time - clean as they come!

Mac Taylor: How do you kill a woman from a prison cell?

Danny: Why'd you run when I badged you?
Mercury: Street racing is illegal.
[Danny laughs]
Angell: Thanks for the tip. Turn around.

Sandra Polk: Demon and I had an interesting relationship. Rivals from afar, I guess you'd say. I heard what happened to him.
Lindsay: He was wearing a suit just like yours when he died. Do you have any idea where he got it?
Sandra Polk: Word got out he broke a 100 miles per hour. So I sent him a suit, along with some ceramic bearings.
Danny: It's awfully nice of you to send a gift to someone who just broke your speed record.
Sandra Polk: My record's official. His wasn't. But I was curious to see what he could do with some real gear. An even playing field.
Danny: Did you ride Graveyard night before last?
Lindsay: We walked that stretch of road. We found one of your wheels melted. It had accelerant all over it.
Danny: It's the same juice that sent Demon to hell.
Sandra Polk: All right. I went out there. My sponsors would kill me if they knew I was racing unofficially. But I just wanted to see if I could match Demon's speed on the same course... I got up to about 96. Then I flamed out.
Danny: Anyone out there to see the sparks fly?
Sandra Polk: No. I didn't want anyone to know I was there.
Lindsay: Why not?
Danny: 'Cause you were nervous that you'd lose your title, right? That prize money and endorsements on the line. You didn't want to get burned by the underdog. So you decided to burn him first and send him a spiked suit.
Sandra Polk: Look, I don't have a clue who killed Demon. But I can tell you one thing. It wasn't me. You guys think we’re just a bunch of street-happy skate punks. But this sport is my life. The last thing I’m gonna do is screw it up by taking someone else's.

Mr. Szabo: Come on, do you really think I'm going to kill someone over a city contract?
Flack: Worth close to five million dollars? Yeah, I do.
Mac: So will a jury.
Mr. Szabo: I've been a dedicated city employee for twelve years. You'd think when I try to branch out a little, start my own company, those years would count for something. You know what? It didn't count for squat. City went with low-bid, like they always do. Gave the contract to some foreign company in Switzerland. Is that fair?
Mac: A woman lost her life inside that bathroom because of your reckless abandon and your greed. You want to talk about fair? Go talk to her family.

DOA For A Day [4.15][edit]

Mac: Make no mistake. This woman will be armed and very dangerous. She's a shooter. Killing is nothing more than an instinct. During our last pursuit, I saw her cut down an unarmed civilian without blinkin' an eye, so she will not think twice about putting a bullet in you. Play it smart.

Sid: (after assessing the vic's cause of death) I'm guessing she was held captive for a long time, tortured and possibly drugged. Any theories?
Mac: This woman murdered people for a living. She was highly skilled. She probably trained to endure torture. Whatever her killer was after, she didn't give it up easily.
Sid: Or give it up at all.

Danny: Hey Linds! [walking up to her, with a tray of test vials]
Lindsay: Oh, Danny! They're beautiful! Nothing says you're special like centrifuge tubes filled with DNA samples.
Danny: I'm not gonna live this down, am I?
Lindsay: Forgetting my birthday? Probably not. Where did you get these?
Danny: Adam found more blood samples on the knife. There was a piece of shrapnel hidden inside the handle. You run the blood he found on the hilt?
Lindsay: [turning] Yup, came back non-human. Send it to serology for protein analysis.
Danny: Lindsay, come on. Guys, we're not wired for remembering dates, okay? We remember sports stats and then steak sides, that's our thing, all right?
Lindsay: [sighs and turns back around] Steak sides? You are so busted!

Angell: (strapping on a kevlar vest, sees Flack staring at her) ...What?
Flack: (gruffly) You look good in a vest.
Angell: (laughs)

Mac: [from behind a pillar, shouting to Suspect X] Who are you?
Suspect X: [reloading her gun] Anyone you want me to be, detective. Lover. Friend. Fantasy. Nightmare. Take your pick.
Mac: Based on the amount of blood leaving your body from that hole I put in your chest, I'll go with dead.
Suspect X: That's not on the list.
Mac: This is all just a game, isn't it? Tell me, what goes through your mind when you end a life.
Suspect X: Besides playing God?
Mac: You don't have much time. Give me something.
Suspect X: A confession? Pulling the trigger is like taking a deep breath of fresh air. Seeing that last little speck of life in their eyes, then when it fades, I don't know. I believe they're going to a better place. [closes her eyes as she dies]

Right Next Door [4.16][edit]

Flack: (about the vic's phone) Her cell's been ringing non-stop.
Mac: She's all dressed up. Someone is calling wondering where she is.
Flack: I don't have the heart to answer it and tell whoever it is the bad news that she's not gonna make it.

Rikki: Last night was just sex. Before my son died, you were just a guy that I smiled at in the hallway and joked with at the mailboxes. What are we doing?
Danny: [cupping her face in his hands]: Making each other feel better because Reuben's gone. There's nothing wrong with that. [kisses Rikki].
Rikki: Danny... One day you're gonna wake up and realize that Ruben's death wasn't your fault. Yes he was with you when he was shot but it was an accident. And me, can't you see, I'm just taking advantage of the guilt you feel so that I don't have to be alone.
Danny: I don't care. I don't care cause I just want this hurt to go away. Don't you?
[Rikki nods her head, Danny kisses her again]
Rikki: I really should go...
Danny: Ok, ok, but this is my shirt and I'm gonna need my shirt back, okay. Before you go...
[Danny starts to unbutton the shirt and kisses her again, Rikki gives in]

Adam: [holding a magnifying glass to some burnt paper] Is this real? You think someone’s in trouble?
Stella: I don't know, Adam. You know, I found these in my apartment after the fire. Now, the edges are singed and the paper's burned, so clearly they were in the apartment before the fire started.
Adam: And you don't recognize the writing?
Stella: No.
Adam: Maybe it's from a friend?
Stella: Oh, and this friend wrote me a note that said, "Help me"?
Adam: Uh, maybe you’re a bad cook.

Danny: I'm gonna get some coffee, you want some coffee?
Lindsay: No, thanks.
Danny: How long are you gonna stay mad at me, Linds?
Lindsay: Oh, is that what this is? Me mad at you?
Danny: Is it still about missing your birthday?... Look, I didn't want to go to lunch yesterday. Why do you have to make a big deal out of it?
Lindsay: (bitingly) Do me a favor, Danny, don't reduce me to some shallow clingy girlfriend that's starting to suffocate you, OK? That's not what this is about! Ever since Ruben Sandoval died... I feel like I've lost my best friend. And don't mistake this for jealousy ok, I know what it's like to lose someone you care about, to see them one day and not see them the next and to know you're never see them again. I would never expect you not to grieve, but clearly you've just decided to do it all on your own... OK, I get it [stands up to leave]. My mistake for thinking that you might need somebody to lean on. And you know, for the record, I'm not mad at you, I'm mad at myself because I've fallen in love with you and I have to figure out how to let that go. [leaves the room almost in tears]

Stella: So much of this case doesn't make any sense. How does the fire play into all of this and why does a six-year-old little girl even know how to use a lighter? [Mac is giving her a look] What?
Mac: For the last two days I've been trying to figure out how to gingerly tell you to sit this one out. Go deal with the loss of your home, take care of yourself. But I realize now what a total waste of my breath it would have been.

(After Stella leaves)
Danny: [looks at Lindsay Lindsay. [pauses as she looks at him] I'm sorry. We should... We should talk.

Like Water For Murder [4.17][edit]

Flack: I hear you have an inspector in-house.
Stella: Yeah, I think, at some point, she worked with Mac. They were both up for his job.
Flack: He doesn't mind her looking over his shoulder?
Stella: Actually, it's weird, he seems to be fine with it.
Flack: Is she pretty? This inspector? [she gives him a look as he smiles] Just sayin'.

Mac: [talks with Lindsay about leaving evidence unattended] You were in the lab with Danny. Inspector Shelby...
Lindsay: Oh, but Danny was right there. I mean, I'm sure that he put it away. [realizing she's caught] Oh, that's a bad excuse. Mac, I... I'm sorry. I know it's my responsibility. I know we're talking about evidence that could convict somebody of murder.
Mac: Lindsay, to tell you the truth, I'm more concerned about you.
Lindsay: I'm okay, Mac.
Mac: [sternly] You put up a good front, but whatever is or is not going on between you and Danny, you cannot let it affect your job.
Lindsay: I should never have gotten involved with somebody I work with. It was stupid, really stupid.

Quinn Shelby: I still have a thing for you. Why didn't you ever call me?
Mac: Quinn, I was married.
Quinn Shelby: It was just a kiss, Mac. I know... a moment of weakness.
Mac: It was a mistake. I loved my wife.
Quinn Shelby: Don't I know it? Every day I worked alongside you, you never let me forget that.
Mac: It wasn't my intention to make things difficult.
Quinn Shelby: You know, I've thought about this moment so many times, about what I would say to you when I finally got the chance. And here I am, and all I keep thinking is... does he ever wonder what if?

Admissions [4.18][edit]

Mac & Stella: [In unison] Who discovered the body?
Flack: You two've been working together way too long. A student came in looking for her keys and "boom".
Mac: Boom? You and Danny have been working together way too long.

Hawkes: [formulating on the board] Silicon Dioxide plus four molecules of hydrofluoric acid produces...
Danny: Oh me, me, me, pick me! [takes a marker and writes on the board].
Hawkes: That's cold, man.
Danny: [has written N(e)R(d)! on the board]

Student: [about a dead teacher] Mr. Gregs was an inspiring mentor, the kinda man I'd like to be in 20 years, only making 50 times more money. It's sad when such a young life is taken from us before... [cut off by Flack].
Flack: Stop. Just stop.

Mac: [about all the calls he’s been getting] Every five minutes it's someone else. Half the brass wants me working the cabdriver serial.
Flack: But you caught a murder at an elite prep school whose alumni contribute half the mayor's campaign funds.
Mac: Not to mention Deputy Inspector Gerrard's daughter is a student here. Until we catch this cabdriver, my phone's not gonna stop ringing.

Sid: [about the hydrofluoric acid that killed the teacher] You have any idea how often I've wondered what would happen if you swallowed this stuff? And there it is sitting on the shelf, perhaps the most corrosive acid known to man. You just get that urge to take a swig, you know what I'm talking about?
Mac: Absolutely. It's like when ever I pick up a scalpel, I wonder if I could perform a live autopsy on myself.
Sid: You do that too, 'cuz I thought I was... [turns to realize Mac is joking] Don't play with me like that.

Hawkes:: [upon seeing the indoor plants] Are you serious? This is peyote!
Danny: Marijuana seeds, shrooms.
Hawkes: Looks like someone was growing their own magic garden.
Danny: Right under the faculty's nose, man.
Hawkes: Sometimes too much education may be a dangerous thing.

Hank: Smart enough to maintain a 3.45 GPA in the city's best prep school. Hell, if I'd given a crap when I was actually in high school, I could have gone on to become the successful lawyer type.
Lindsey: Instead you went on to become the successful scumbag rapist type.
Hank: Tomato, tomato.

Personal Foul [4.19][edit]

Flack: Hell of a game, Mess.
Danny: Yeah. Glad you could make it.
Flack: Me too. You should piss Lindsay off more often.

Flack: [Danny and Flack are at the basketball game talking about the guy winning $1 million] Never gonna happen!
Danny: Why, you think you could do it?
Flack: You're kidding me? Boom, nothing but net, baby!
Danny: Oh.
Paula: [Drawing the name] Section 214, Row E, Seat 5.
Dougan: That's me. [runs down to court.]
Paula: Hey, what's your name?
Dougan: Dougan Scott.
Paula: You ready to take your shot for a million bucks, Dougan?
Dougan: Oh yeah!
Announcer: Alright New York fans, let's get ready to cheer on Dougan Scott for the $1 million shot.
Danny: Oh, I think he can do it!
Flack: No, he can't.
Danny: Wanna make a little wager?
Flack: 50 bucks.
Danny: I hate to take a colleague's money but for you, I'll be happy to make the exception! Come on!

Danny: [finding the victims seats] I'm surprised he didn't kick the bucket from altitude sickness with these seats.
Lindsay: That or the nachos.

Mac: Today I got a call from the widow of Ben Melvoy.
Stella: The attorney from Jersey.
Mac: They had a toddler and a newborn and were two weeks away from celebrating their tenth anniversary. Then he gets in the wrong cab.
Stella: My God.
Mac: But you know what hit me the hardest? She couldn't have been sweeter; held it together; didn't even cry. All she asked me to do was stop this killer from hurting someone else. In spite of all the heartache and bloodshed he's causing, the only thing I could really offer her was... an apology. Are we gonna get this guy?
Stella: We have to. We have to.

Mac: You made up a story implying I was the source.
Reed: Look, what do you want me to say? I am getting 20,000 hits a day. People like to read my blog.
Mac: Which is exactly why you should be more careful what you say.
Reed: We don't have time for careful, Mac. We have a serial killer to catch.
Mac: No, Reed. I have a serial killer to catch. You just want a headline. But I get it. So out of love and respect for your mother I'll give you an exclusive. You ready? Watch who you mess with.
Reed: Is that a threat from you or from the killer?
Mac: Both.

[Danny calls Lindsay on the phone as she strolls down the street]

Lindsay: Hey.
Danny: [in his apartment] Hey, where are you?
Lindsay: I'm taking a rain walk. It's a Montana thing. You wouldn't understand.
Danny: Yeah, maybe I would. Maybe there's a lot of things that I... that I understand now. How about that?
Lindsay: Yeah, like what?
Danny: How sorry I am for pushing you away.
Lindsay: Danny, I tried to give you your space, but I don't know how much longer I can feel alone. It's messing with my work. It's breaking my heart.
Danny: I know, no; I know, I do. I swear to God it won't happen again. 'Cause the truth is... truth is I miss you... I miss you more than I can say even if, uh, I don't know how to say it.
Lindsay: Do you have any idea how hard you are to love?
Danny: [smiling] Why don't you come over here and tell me in person? Please.
Lindsay: [stops walking for a moment] I gotta go...

Taxi [4.20][edit]

[after a dead New Jersey cop in dumped front of the NYPD precinct and Flack is almost run over]

Flack: Look, I know I sound like an idiot. It was a yellow cab. That's all I've got.

Mac: Who's your source, Reed? Who told you about the carvings on the neck?
Reed: I don't know his name.
Mac: How do you get in touch with him?
Reed: He contacts me.
Mac: What's he look like?
Reed: I can't tell you that.
Mac: You can and you will.
Reed: Look, when I wanted a story, you stayed true to the code of your office and now I'm staying true to mine.
Mac: This is not a game. An innocent man is dead.
Reed: What are you talking about?
Mac: Your blog! You accused a driver named Jimmy of being the Cabbie Killer.
Reed: I didn't accuse anybody. I reported the information that I was given.
Mac: Without confirming it! Jimmy, the cabdriver was also known as Police Officer James Chameides. He was moonlighting as a cabbie out of Five Brothers Garage.
Reed: No, wait a minute. I thought Chameides was the work of the Cabbie Killer. He was, was, he was dumped from a cab.
Mac: His own cab. After he was brutally beaten and murdered by three men, vigilante justice. Now, where do you think they got the idea that Jimmy was the Cabbie Killer?
Reed: You're not blaming me for this guy's death.
Mac: I'm blaming you for putting a target on his back.

Stella: How'd it go with Reed?
Mac: How do you think it went?
Stella: I think you pushed. And he got mad and refused to give up his source. And then one of you stormed off.
Mac: Well, if you told me that before, you could've saved me the trip.
Stella: Come on, Mac. He's 23 years old. It’s his first real job. He just wants to succeed and can't see beyond that. Is he really any different than you and I were at that age?
Mac: People are dying. I don’t have time for the understanding approach.
Stella: Okay. Well, Reed found out about those carvings. We need to find his source. Don't let your pride get in the way.

Cabbie Killer: The newly dead who have coins to pay for the ride must be taken across the river or they'll wander the banks for a hundred years.
Reed: [nervous] Okay. Do you want me to, do you want me to write that? Is that what you want me to say?
Cabbie Killer: No! Don't you see? They think I’m insane! They call me the Cabbie Killer! Use your words. Let them see me deliver the message, to the doomed. Make them understand.
Reed: You gonna kill me?
Cabbie Killer: Only those who have the golden branch can cross the river while still alive and return to this world. Type! Now!

Jordan: I'm not trying to give you a hard time here, Stella. Don't make me the villain. I'm on your side. I just wish you were on mine.
Stella: What's that supposed to mean?
Jordan: Why am I the last to know that Reed is practically Mac's son?
Stella: It wasn't my place to share that information.

Hostage [4.21][edit]

Flack: [sarcastically] Have I told you how much I love the media?

Mac: This could have been an accident.
Gunman Joe: No, it wasn't an accident. I'm not gonna let you pin this murder on me.
Mac: Calm down, Joe. No one's doing that.
Gunman Joe: You don't think I know what's going on out there? Your friends are out there trying to figure out a way to get in here without killing a lot of innocent people. They don't give a damn about me. 'Cause they think I'm a murderer. And you know what that means? That means they'll put a bullet in me the first chance they get. That's why I'm not leaving here until you prove that I didn't pull that trigger. And if I'm not leaving, nobody's leaving.

Season 5[edit]

Veritas [5.01][edit]

Lindsay: (about him getting shot and being okay) Divine intervention, maybe?
Mac: God's a scientist, Lindsay.

Adam: (regading his decision to go to Flack first) What I'm saying is, I made a choice that I would make again, but I did not mean to disrespect you in any way.

Mac: (to Joe) You're under arrest for the murder of Derek James, Lauren Salinas, kidnapping and attempted murder of a crime scene investigator, armed robbery, grand theft auto, assault and battery. But most of all, for pissing me off.

Page Turner [5.02][edit]

Kenneth Bamford: I paint a lot of girls. Maybe you're interested.
Stella: I'm only interested in finding out what happened to this one.(holding the picture) We didn't pick up significant radioactive trace on you or your studio. Did you make contact with her in any other way?
Kenneth Bamford: (smiling) I like the way you think, but no. She wasn't my type.

Flack: When did you start hiding behind Buddha?
Lhamo Vadhana: Oh, my transition occurred when I stopped hiding.
Flack: Great. Then you won't mind telling us what you know about these two people.
Lhamo Vadhana: I'm not familiar with these individuals.
Flack: No? 'Cause we're familiar with your tendency to go nuclear. And since these poor folks died of radiation poisoning, and one of them had your address in his pocket.

Flack: Listen up, Larry! I'm a little pissed off over having to wear this outfit! If you don't open this door I'm gonna huff and puff and nuke your little house down!

Turbulence [5.03][edit]

Mac: What about the waste tank? The weapon could have been flushed.
Adam: Uh... oh, you want me to process the toilets?
Mac: You asked for more field work, Adam. [Pats Adam on the shoulder] Get to it.
Adam: Uh... oh... I hate poop.

Sid: I also found traces of condom lubricant and spermicide on his hand. Your vic may have joined the mile-high club before ending up in my not so exclusive one. Of course, he could have had sex just prior to boarding, but that's not very exciting.

Flack: Homeland Security's talking to all the women passengers again. Let me ask you this, if one of them had sex with our vic, why kill a man afterwards?
Mac: Some black widow spiders are known for eating the male after they mate.
Flack: Well at least they go out with a smile on their face.

Flack: (sneezes as he and Danny enters a club) Either I'm allergic to half naked women, or there's a cat in here.
Danny:: [pointing out a different scantily clad lady walking through the club with a leopard on a leash] There's a cat in here.

Sex, Lies, and Silicone [5.04][edit]

Sinclair: For every NYPD salary we no longer pay, we can hire three new civilians. You do the math, detective. The phrase is: bottom line. Three people for one.
Mac: If lab security is vulnerable, every piece of evidence we process can be called into question. What's the bottom line on that?
Sinclair: I understand your frustration. I get orders from the top, just like you. I don't have to like them, I just have to make them happen.

(as Flack is pushing a life sized silicone doll on a package cart down the sidewalk)
Lindsay: Wow.
Flack: Thanks.
Lindsey: Okay. How weird was that? There's no way that one of these can replace a real woman!
Flack: Oh I don't know, Linds. They're not bad looking. Think of all the money your guy could save on dinner.
Lindsay: (suddenly upset) A doll?! I mean, I could understand if you dumped me for a real woman but a piece of plastic?! What does she have that I don't have, huh?
Flack: (to sidewalk-cafe customers) Forgive my wife. She's not well. (to Lindsay as the walk)Imma get you for that, Monroe. Big-time.

Danny: (childishly) Where's your girlfriend, Trev?
Trevor: What girlfriend?
Danny: The rubber one.
Flack: (feigning offense) Danny! Silicone.
Danny: Oh sorry, right. Silicone.

The Cost of Living [5.05][edit]

Stella: Looks like James Sutton fashioned himself a real Indiana Jones.
Mac: Until someone made this his last crusade.

Danny: You sure the package that that watch came in was untied and on the ground when you found that body?
Walford: I swear on my sister's eyes.
Stella: Your sister's blind, Walford.
Walford: My other sister, Chantelle.

Mac: So why is half the lab out in the hall watching you fly paper airplanes?
Adam: Um... uh... you know, that's a good point. And, um, I'm going to walk away and work and hopefully save my job.

Sutton: That was my life.
Mac: That wasn't your life, this is. And for the next twenty five years, that life is the property of the New York State Department of Corrections.

Enough [5.06][edit]

Danny: Pill-popping whack-job split with the murder weapon.
Angell: How do you know the person who has it pops pills?
Danny: How do you know he doesn't?
Angell: (holds up the bagged gun) Because he is a she and I am clean as a whistle. Who's got it on me? (hands the bag over)
Danny: Nobody.

Danny: So the night's not a total bust. But I still have to deal with this (looks over at numerous broken bottles and glasses on the floor). Perp's DNA and fingerprints could be right in front of us.
Angell: It's moments like this that I love that I'm not a lab rat.

Lindsay: I've had some bad sex, but nothing that would warrant killing the guy.

Jake Donovan: You'll have to excuse the mess, we just had the place fumigated. (sees a roach and puts his briefcase down right on top of it) Clearly, they did a bang-up job. But uh, I guess it's just as well, we come from the same species, right? What, you don't like lawyer jokes?
Mac: I don't like lawyers.

Danny: [Enters Mac's office] Yo, Boss.
Mac: Danny, what's up?
Danny: I put in for that vacation next month.
Mac: That's right, the, uh, trip to Costa Rica.
Danny: Yeah, Costa Rica. Well it fell through, so you can put me back on the schedule, alright?
Mac: Alright, I'll do that. Just let me know when you wanna take the time.
Danny: All right, thanks.

[Leaves the office]

Lindsay: [Enters Mac's office] Mac. Hey. Remember that wedding in Italy I told you about in March?
Mac: Girlfriend from college?
Lindsay: Very good. Well, they decided to postpone. So.
Mac: You want back on the schedule?
Lindsay: Yeah.
Mac: [Suspicious look] No problem.
Lindsay: Thanks.

[Leaves the office]

Hawkes: [Enters Mac's office] Hey, Mac.
Mac: Hold on. Don't tell me. Trip to San Francisco in January?
Hawkes: Yeah. Turns out San Francisco is closed in January. Strangest thing.
Mac: [Smiling] Get out of here. Go home.

[Hawkes leaves and Stella enters]

Mac: I should've known you'd orchestrate something like this.
Stella: It's only temporary. Everybody giving up a week of paid vacation for Adam buys him a little time.
Mac: Department doesn't just transfer vacation days. How'd you do it?
Stella: I've a friend at the Union who has a friend in the City Council who has a friend who has a friend.
Mac: Well you're a good friend, Stella Bonasera.
Stella: And don't you forget that.
Mac: So what about Buenos Aires?
Stella: Would have been a good trip.

Dead Inside [5.07][edit]

Ella: My dad worked with power tools his whole life. He nearly cuts his finger off slicing a bagel.

Ella: You always so confident and sure of everything?
Mac: 99.2% of the time.

Mac: So let me get this straight. People take the time to put down their darkest secrets and then they send them to someone they don't even know. Two questions: why and why?
Lindsay: They say confession is good for the soul.

My Name is Mac Taylor [5.08][edit]

Mac: (to Gillian Whitmore) Inspector, we're both very busy, so simply put, if you tracked me down to ask that I remove myself from the Mac Taylor murder investigation, I'm afraid you're going to endure this mediocre cup of coffee for nothing.

Mac: Look, I completely understand the frustration you're feeling.
Machiavelli Taylor: You're kidding me right? I mean, I get a call about an hour ago from somebody telling me that I need to report to this precinct because someone's trying to kill me. And you understand my frustration. [Mac looks away uncomfortably] Sorry, I didn't get your name. I'm sure we'd all like to know the name of the officer who understands our frustration.
Mac: It's Detective. Detective Mac Taylor.

Flack: Listen to me, somebody in your little entourage knows this guy, okay? We made a deal, you're a confidential informant and this little pow-wow that we're having is pay up time.
Terrence: I'm aware of the deal we made man, but y'all can't keep coming up with all the small change though, I'm beginning to smell like pork.

Stella: Hey.
Adam: Hey.
Stella: What are you still doing here?
Adam: Oh, uh, some friends of mine stood me up for pizza so just down on top of things, ya know.
Stella: Mind if I join you?
Adam: Oh, no, no, please.
Stella: Okay, so what do we got? That doesn't look like work.
Adam: It really isn't. I was just curious. You know there are three Sheldon Hawkes in New York state and there are ten Danny Messers.
Stella: Ten?
Adam: Yeah.
Stella: Don't tell Danny that.
Adam: There's also another six Adam Rosses and there's eighteen in New York state. I was just sitting here wondering about, you know, what do they look like or what kind of lives do they live, you know?
Stella: Alright, what about me?
Adam: Uh, Stella Bonasera. There's only one.
Stella: Trust me, that's enough. Let's try Sid. [Searches] It's a ninety-year-old woman.
Adam: [laughs] I think he was named after his mother.
Stella: Alright, Don Flack.
Adam: Don Flack.
Stella: Oh, six.
Adam: Wow, six Don Flacks.
Stella: Six.
Adam: I like that name.
Stella: Don Flack.
Adam: [Deep voice] Detective Don Flack.

The Box [5.09][edit]

Danny: Growing up all I wanted to do was play ball. That's all I could think about when I was a kid. One day starting in the majors. Crazy thing, I was actually making it happen. I was playing really well in the minors. Then one game everything changed. Whole day this pitcher is trying to shut me down throwing me inside, throwing me inside. And bottom of the eighth, he finally catches me, right in the head. So I figure I'm gonna put one in his head now. Before I could even get to the mound, the benches clear, I'm caught in a pile-up. Shattered my wrist. Baseball was over and I was having one of those, ya know, 'what now?' moments. But uhh, I guess back then, things were a little easier. All I had to do was change my career.

Hawkes: (on discovering a picture locket) Found a piece of jewellery in pretty good shape.
Sid: Based on age, I'd say they're probably the victim's parents.
Hawkes: The job never gets easier does it?
Sid: I can tell you I've been working here twenty-nine years. That's 4846 cases and names I will never forget. What gets me through are people like them. Folks who are going to be looking to me for answers.

Danny: (voice over after Lindsay told him she was pregnant) See, the truth is I can't really blame her for not saying anything. See, a while ago I messed up, alright? I was with another woman, but I didn't say anything. But she knew. I think she knew, you know. A couple of months later, we got back together, things haven't really been the same and now this.
Danny: (as she comes out of the bathroom) You okay?... You alright?
Lindsay: ... I'm pregnant.
Danny: (Sighs) You sure?
Lindsay: (she hands him a picture of the sonogram)
Danny: How long have you known?
Lindsay: A few weeks.

The Triangle [5.10][edit]

Danny: Thought I saw you runnin' for the exit.
Lindsay: (tearing into the doughnut) Starving. My OB says I should pay attention to my cravings, no matter how inconvenient they are.
Danny: Yeah. Let me ask you something. You have any hereditary disease in your family?
Lindsay: (almost laughing) No. Do you?
Danny: No, no. No. Mental illness?
Lindsay: No.
Danny: No. How about addictive tendencies? Extra fingers, extra toes?
Lindsay: No.
Danny: No. Natural delivery or, uh, drugs?
Lindsay: Uh, either.
Danny: Want a boy or a girl?
Lindsay: Healthy.
Danny: ... Will you marry me?
Lindsay: (looks thoughtfully at him) ... No.

Mac: We may be guilty of creating an urban legend, but there's no way this building is guilty of murder.
Danny: Alright. Well if the Empire State Building didn't do it, what did?

Flack:: Bernie Benton. Still hustlin' darts.
Bernie: Don Flack. Still hasselin' law abiding ex-cons. Was that the same suit you was wearing the day you locked me up?
Flack: Beats the orange one you wore in the joint, no?

Lindsay: [catching her] Stella! Aren't you the uh... the official safety officer at the lab?
Stella: Yes, that is my proud unpaid position. Why?
Lindsay: Well I've got this umm... friend, she works over in the forensics lab in New Jersey, and, uh... she's pregnant.
Stella: Oh, good for her.
Lindsay: Yeah, except she's nervous because you know all the chemicals and the processes that we do, you know that could really harm the development of a baby, right?
Stella: That's true. But there is also so many different safety protocals in place. Goggles, face shields, fume hoods. I mean, not to mention all the training and retraining we have to go through. I'm sure she'll be fine.
Lindsay: [nodding] Seem's like she's in a little over her head.
Stella: Well, she's not alone, right? I mean, the baby has a father?
Lindsay: Yeah, yeah and he's great. It's just... you know I don't really know how ready he was for any of this so... well it's complicated.
Stella: And beautiful. Listen Lindsay, umm... I'm sure if your friends' coworkers are anything like yours, they'll understand the situation and work with her, even be happy for her. It's gonna be okay.
Lindsay: Thanks.
Stella: You're welcome. Hey, umm... tell your friend congratulations.

Danny: So, you wanna - you wanna tell me why you won't marry me?
Lindsay: I didn't mean I won't. I just think it's the wrong time.
Danny: Wrong time. Wrong time or the wrong guy?
Lindsay: (sighs) Danny. I know I've thrown a lot at you, and we're both feeling really overwhelmed, but whatever we do next, I want it to be for the right reason. Wouldn't you rather walk down the aisle than be pushed?
Danny: Of course.
Lindsay: Okay, 'cause listen, I'm not going anywhere, and I know you're not going anywhere either, okay, but this isn't just about you and I anymore. So let's just take baby steps, okay?
Danny: Okay. So, look, before we go inside, I wanna just tell you one more thing, okay. (Holds Lindsay) I just want you to know, that I love you.
Lindsay: I love you too, Danny.

Forbidden Fruit [5.11][edit]

Mac: (seeing the table set with a variety of foods) Tell me this isn't one of your weird cravings.
Lindsay: Only for science.
Mac: You were looking for me?
Lindsay: I was hoping to offer you a little a snack.
Mac: Well let me guess. This is another one of your famous reconstructions.
Lindsay: Just put one of these berries in your mouth and swirl it around for a couple of seconds.
Mac: Lindsay I'm your boss, not a guinea pig.
Lindsay: Mac, I'm pregnant. Just humor me.

Stella: (about George Kolavos) The guy's taunting me, Mac. He sent me a dead rat as a message! Put yourself in my shoes.
Mac: Try stepping into mine. I'm in charge of this lab, responsible for everyone and everything that happens here. I admire your passion Stella, but what you did is reckless. And more importantly, it could compromise any future criminal prosecution.
Stella: What I'm doing is perfectly legal!
Mac: And contrary to the policies of this lab and this department!

Marina: Isabel Vaughn was a ungrateful little bitch. After all I did for her she thought she could just walk away? We had a contract and it was legally binding.
Mac: So is a murder conviction.

Help [5.12][edit]

Lindsay: So, how does a worm from Brazil end up in a bathtub in Brooklyn?
Mac: Worms are like humans. You wanna know exactly where they came from, you can sequence their DNA.
Lindsay: We're talking wormtopsy.

Hawkes: So what do you want me to do? Just ignore the fact that Colin's sweat is on a murder victim's clothes?
Mac: The reason we follow FBI DNA protocol is to ensure an unquestionable conviction.
Hawkes: So we sit in here waiting for that perfect scientific connection while Colin could be out there raping and killing another innocent victim? I don't know about you, Mac but I can't live with that.

Stella: Hawke should have followed proper protocol but he stepped over the line because somebody he loved got hurt by this guy.
Mac: Oh c'mon, you know I know that.
Stella: I know. Just, just... I want you to hold on for a second. You gotta realize that people can't just turn off their emotions when something horrible happens.

Rush to Judgement [5.13][edit]

[After finding an arm in wrapping paper]
Danny: That looks to be male Caucasian.
Hawkes: Same as the foot that Mac found. Wrapping paper's a match too.
Danny: I'm thinking Christmas with the in-laws.

Danny: [during an autopsy of a decapitated man] Mr. Potato Head! The live version.
Lindsay: More like the bloody, dead version!
Sid: I used to play Mr. Potato Head as a boy. I would time myself, see how long it took to assemble him. Some would say I was... obsessed!
Danny: You? Obsessed? Nooo!

Mac: Det. Angell's working this case until IA is finished with their enquiry.
Danny: Enquiry? Is that what they're calling it?
Stella: They can't possibly think that Flack's responsible for Todd Fleming's death. I mean, he is so by the book. He doesn't even swear.

Mrs. Nelson: Vince was a normal guy, ok? A normal, boring, regular guy. He watched football in his underwear. He never took out the garbage unless I told him to. He forgot our anniversary year after year and tried to make up for it two days later with a... with a bouquet of white roses. But I didn't care because he loved me.

Mr. Sheridan: (admitting to killing Vince Nelson, because of the email) So, what was I gonna do? Get 25 to life for killing that son of a bitch? I see these perverts everyday. They waltz into my court, they get a slap on the wrist and then they go off and reoffend. The only treatment for them is death.

She's Not There [5.14][edit]

Stella: (about Carolyn) She is not telling the truth.
Mac: She's terrified.
Detective Gillian Whitford: She should be. You know about an hour ago this place was probably filled with at least 30 young girls just like her from all over. Eastern Europe, Latin America, even the U.S. They all left home with big dreams and now they're living a very real nightmare: they're sex slaves. Being beaten, drugged... who knows what else.

Flack: Somebody brought a group of underage girls into your club, drugged them, forced them to have sex with I dunno how many men, I dunno how many times!
Willy Burton: It didn't happen in my establishment. I don't provide women for sexual services! And I definitely don't treat them that way! You're disrespecting me, and you're disrespecting my mother cause she taught me better than that.
Flack: My apologies to your mother.

The Party's Over [5.15][edit]

Hawkes: Honestly, I think what Danny's doing is selfish.
Lindsay: Really? Well, I see it as committed.
Hawkes: Seems to me he has a lot of other things to commit to right now, not to mention it's irresponsible to risk suspension when you are expecting a baby.
Lindsay: Hawkes! You transferred over from the ME's office, which means you are not a sworn NYPD. There was no decision for you to make. You can't say for sure what would you do.
Hawkes: Yes, I can. If I earned a distinction of being a detective, I'd be here whether or not the city could afford to pay me.

Mac: You know what they say: keep your friends close, enemies closer, and if that doesn't work, kill 'em.

Mac: Every single police officer in this city devotes their life to the protection of the people who live here.
Dunbrook: Really? Does that include the ones that are sitting on their asses right now?
Mac: I respect anyone who stands behind their convictions, what I can't stand is men who are motivated purely by greed and the destruction of others.

No Good Deed [5.16][edit]

Stella Bonasera: in Greek:Το βλαμμένο χάλασε τον καφέ μου!
Transliteration: To vlammeno halase ton kafe mou!
Translation: The stupid (bird) ruined my coffee!

Flack: Did you get a description of the bird?
Stella: [sarcastic] Yes Flack. It was black, had a beak, oh! And it flew with a limp.
Flack: I'm just trying to do my job.
Stella: I mean what are the odds. I was just standing there, and out of nowhere: plop!
Flack: I am gonna get a cup of coffee. You want one?
Stella: No, thank you.

Danny: (sifting through the vulture's nest) You having as much fun as I am, now, buddy?
Adam: Welcome to my world, Messer. The low man on the totem pole gets all the exciting stuff.
Danny: Yeah! And what does that make me?
Adam: Low-man-on-totem's-pole friend.

Green Piece [5.17][edit]

Sid: So, how does it feel? It's your last case, right? Then off to Montana.
Lindsay: Feels pretty good.
Sid: Oh, I bet it does. No bodies at 3 am. No double shifts with no sleep. A slice of pizza on the run.
Lindsay: Constipation, swelling in the feet. Help getting up from a chair. Constant urination. Wanna switch?
Sid: I already have all that. I just want the time off.

Sid: (about Allison Redman's death) I realize this is usually the part where I tell you that I found some strange, unusual, bizarre, aberrant, peculiar, idiosyncratic... that's it, I don't have any more synonyms for strange. Wait... weird, weird piece of evidence. But, alas, there's no Gila monster in her stomach. She simply succumbed to the bomb.

Stella: You know, I'm curious. What was going through your mind when that bomb went off?
Adam: Uh, you know how they say your entire life is supposed to flash before your eyes when you think you're gonna die?
Stella: Yeah, I'm familiar with that one. Yeah.
Adam: The only thing I could muster up is when Joey Allen beat me in the head during a dodge ball game in third grade.

[Danny is talking to Mac and gets distracted when Lindsay walks by.]

Mac: Lindsay will be back before you know it, Danny.
Danny: (about Lindsay) I asked her to marry me, Mac. Did you know that? She told me no. Said I was just asking her because she was pregnant.
Mac: Was she right?
Danny: No, I mean I... I dunno, Mac... I love her, I do. I know that, but I just know myself and and I don't wanna disappoint her... or the kid.
Mac: Those fears are normal, Danny. I know that because I felt the same way with Claire. All those doubts about who you are and what you're capable of. I wasn't in a hurry to have children with Claire. I always felt that in the end I might disappoint her or myself. Now she's gone and it's something I'll always regret for the rest of my life. Danny, God brought you and Lindsay together. I believe that. And you have been blessed with a gift. The greatest gift that life has to offer. You can choose to live in a place of fear or you can believe in the best version of yourself.

Lindsay: (as she and Danny arrive outside the City Clerk's office) ... Danny.
Danny: Look: I'm tired of being afraid, alright? You and me, we make sense, 'kay? You're everything I've always wanted. I want to be with you, and I can be the guy that you want me to be. I know I can, I am that guy.
Lindsay: (close to tears) I know you are.
Danny: Then let's walk through this door together. 'Cmon, let's do it. Let's take that leap. (looks at her hopefully)
Lindsay: (kisses Danny) ... You got a money order?
Danny: (kisses Lindsay and hugs her, smiling, before they enter the clerk's office)

Point of No Return [5.18][edit]

Sid: (standing over a decomposed body) The last 15 overdose cases Pino worked. I had them exhumed.
Mac: (taking a good look at the corpse) Well, you're the doctor, but isn't this one a few organs short?
Sid: Two kidneys, one bladder, and a liver to be exact.
Mac: All the organs where narcotics naturally accumulate.
Sid: And each of these bodies is missing the same ones.
Mac: It appears as if Marty Pino was able to produce heroin by cutting out and processing key organs from his assigned overdose cases. He used his training and this place as his own personal heroin pipeline. Only after he lost his job and access to dead junkies, he resorted to murder.
Sid: Mac, I'm sorry.
Mac: You have nothing to be sorry about, Sid. How could you have possibly known this was going on?
Sid: I.... when I hired Marty, he was one of the best and brightest I've ever seen and you couldn't help but like him. He and Annabel were over every Sunday for dinner. This man was my friend. Look what he did. (camera pans back to reveal the room is filled with bodies)

Communication Breakdown [5.19][edit]

Sid: Our victim was dying for several days before he finally expired from acute bacterial infection on that train.
Hawkes: Hang on, you're telling me that a bullet managed to hit the one man on a speeding train who was already dead?
Sid: I know. Worse odds than Atlantic City.

Hawkes: Listen, you got plenty of time on this name search. I mean, the kid's not even here yet. My mom and dad waited six weeks after I was born to name me.
Danny: Oh, they waited six weeks to name you Sheldon?
Hawkes: Yeah. What's wrong with that?
Danny: No, that's cool. That's a great name. I'll see you later, Sheldon.

Stella: Hey, I just got off the phone with the rep of the Museum of the American Indian in Battery Park. They are gonna take in all of Chief Delaware's collection.
Mac: So the Montiquan Nation lives on.
Stella: Yeah, it's funny, you know? We ride trains, share sidewalks, rub elbows with so many different kinds of people in this town from some many different places and sometimes we don't notice a culture until it's almost gone.
Mac: I guess to be a true New Yorker you gotta keep your eyes, heart, and mind open at all times.

Prey [5.20][edit]

Mac: What kind of killer photographs his crime and then e-mails it to the cops?
Flack: A showoff. Someone who thinks he's smarter than us.
Mac: We're about to prove him wrong.

Stella: (about her lecture) I keep trying to remember the faces, and I just can't. It's all such a blur.
Professor Papakota: Well, if it's any consolation, I have been doing this... for over 30 years. You never remember the faces. Well... maybe a few.
Stella: It's just so disturbing to think that someone would attend one of my lectures just to learn how to get away with murder.
Professor Papakota: What students take away from a class is up to them, Stella. You cannot blame yourself.

Mac: Dana Melton changed her name to Odessa and moved from Boston to Manhattan to start a new life. Baxter followed her here, started stalking her again, but this time, instead of turning to law enforcement for help, she took matters into her own hands. She killed him.
Stella: And I taught her how.

The Past, Present, and Murder [5.21][edit]

Dunbrook: I would like Taylor removed from the case.
Sinclair: Mr. Dunbrook, I guarantee you there's no vendetta here.
Dunbrook: Well, he's digging into my bank accounts, my personal investments. I mean, hell. I mean he's treating me like I'm a suspect.
Sinclair: If that were the case, we'd all be having this conversation downstairs in interrogation.

Mac: Walsh went out the window.
Sinclair: So he was just collateral damage. Just like the property clerk.
Mac: Dunbrook thought he could play us from the very beginning. He thought he could buy this town. Buy the support of the police department when he ended the Blue Flu. And his own brand of justice along with it. Now he's got us cornered. It's time to fight back.

Dunbrook: People believe what they read, Taylor. And after I'm done with you, you know what they're gonna know about you? They're gonna know what you really are. A lab rat with a little chip on his shoulder. Trust me, you are not equipped to win this war.
Mac: The Mayor can't save your son. Neither can your money. At least you got what you wanted. Tomorrow's headline.

Yahrzeit [5.22][edit]

Klein: Maybe it was the camp that changed things. When I came to this country I had no desire to be a religious man but my son makes up for both of us. He says, "Pop, we must remember." I say, "Sometimes it's better to forget."

Mr. Lesnick: (about the cache of Holocaust possessions) So, you say you found these items hidden in your murder victim's apartment?
Mac: Along with a lampshade that DNA confirms was made of human skin.
Mr. Lesnick: Comprised of various tattoos that were sewn together?
Mac: The commandant of Buchenwald, his wife... would order Jews to line up naked, and when she saw a tattoo she liked, she had the skin removed and tanned to be made into lamp shades for her home.
Mr. Lesnick: Two years ago, I heard about one that was traded on the black market for over $10,000.

(from video-mail Mac receives from Mr. Lesnick)

Holocaust Survivor: I was sleeping on the floor, I don't know for how many days. And when he woke me, I got scared. I thought he was one of the camp soldiers. The SS all knew the war was ending and they tried to eliminate as many Jews as they could. But there was something different about this man standing over me. I could see it in his eyes and his uniform. He was an American. So young. I could tell the sight of me was too much. I was bald, maybe 80 pounds. But this man, he was careful not to look as horrified as I'm sure he was. He wanted me to come with him, but my legs wouldn't move. I was too weak, so he carried me out of the barracks and he gave me his jacket, something to eat, a Hershey bar. I took one bite, and that was all my empty stomach could handle. But nothing has ever tasted better. His goodness put back a little of the faith I had lost. My grandchildren put back the rest.
Interviewer: And what was his name?
Holocaust Survivor: Taylor. Private Mackenna Boyd Taylor.

Greater Good [5.23][edit]

Lindsay: (after a contraction has passed) Do they really think that I'm just gonna walk this baby right out of me? Why can't I be one of those women who just sneezes and before you can say "God Bless You" she's had the baby?
Stella: Think of what you'd miss out on. Reminding your child of all those long, painful hours in labor that you endured to bring them into this world.
Lindsay: I guess I could get some mileage out of that. I'm kinda scared, Stella.
Stella: It's normal, Lindsay. Just remember you're healthy and strong. You and Danny went through all the courses...
Lindsay: No, I don't mean about having the baby. It's about being a mom. I mean what if I stink at it! And the worst part is I won't know till it's too late! She'll come home, she'll scream that she hates me and then in rebellion she has some part of her body pierced that's inappropriate. Then she'll get an infection, and she'll then wind up on antibiotics which we find out 12 years later they cause an eating disorder and pretty soon I'm in therapy trying to save my whole family! I mean... what if some people just aren't cut out to be parents?
Stella: Well, the fact that you already thought about all this tells me you're gonna do just fine, Linds!

Danny: What if she has twins, Adam? You hear stories about people being completely surprised. And you've seen Lindsay, right? I mean she's huge.
Adam: Whoa.
Danny: She knows it!
Adam: Relax, you got the ultrasound. It's not twins, all right? You gonna be okay?
Danny: No, no, I'm not. I might go into cardiac arrest once she's giving birth.

Grounds For Deception [5.24][edit]

Stella: Mac, I know I was wrong to keep investigating the case after you told me to step down. I'm sorry that I made it difficult for you and for the department.
Mac: This isn't about my job or the department. It was difficult because I care about you.

Pay Up [5.25][edit]

Mac: When one of our own is taken from us, we always get our man.

Terrence Davis: (after Flack tracks him down) You can't keep coming around here like this, Flack. You trying to get me killed?
Flack: You kidding me? Why would I want to make more work for myself?

Flack: I wish I knew what to say.
Cliff Angell: You can tell me she didn't die protecting that scumbag murderer.
Flack: No, I can't. But I can tell you that she did the job the best, she could no matter what the assignment and, uh... that's who she was.
Cliff Angell: She was too damn brave for her own good.
Flack: From what I hear, she took after her old man.

Season 6[edit]

Epilogue [6.01][edit]

Lindsay: 10 percent chance of walking? You told me it was 60.
Danny: I just didn't want to scare you.
Lindsay: You know what scares me, Danny? It's the fact that you think you need to lie to me.

Lindsay: Now don't get too comfortable in that chair.
Danny: Well, it's been a month and I haven't felt a thing. Nothing, no movement, no tingling. Nothing.
Lindsay: Danny, you gotta be patient.
Danny: We gotta start thinking that this might be the way it is, is what we gotta do.
Lindsay: Doctor said there's no permanent damage to your spine. Inflammation from the gunshot wound is causing temporary paralysis.
Danny: Yeah, but how do you forget the words like 'more than likely, best case scenario, 60% chance of recovery'? How do you do that?
Lindsay: Well, for one, I'm an optimist. For another if you don't recover, I'm going to kick your butt.

Jake Calaveras: It was all just talk, at first. Then Wilson came up with this idea. What if we made the city work for us? You know? He used the word ransom. I thought he was joking. But they kept talking about it. Doing something, again and again and again, and having the city pay us to stop.
Mac: Why, Jake? To what end?
Jake Calaveras: Dave said because we could. Just... because we could.
Mac: Because you could? Is that what I should tell the family of the bartender who died or all the people who were injured!? Is that what I should tell my detective who's sitting in a wheelchair!?

Mac: These guys aren't looking to kill, they're looking to scare.
Danny: Yeah, well, then why don't they use something other than guns?
Mac: No, think about it. All that gunfire, there's been one fatality. And at both the scene last night and the restaurant, most of the damage was to the awning and the top of the building. Their weapon of choice? Style SPP auto-machine pistol, small weapon, high-recoil, certainly not known for accuracy.
Stella: So these thugs are in the business of fear. They want the entire city to be at their mercy.

Blacklist (Grave Digger) [6.02][edit]

Lindsay: (rushing into the lab) Sorry I'm late. The sitter was stuck in traffic.
Hawkes: (looking at her t-shirt) Whitesnake, huh?
Lindsay: Baby throw up on everything else.

McCanna Boyd Taylor: New York City Police Department's the best in the country. You've had your war, son. Take the job.
Mac: Dad...
McCanna Boyd Taylor: Claire's from New York, huh? She has family there. You're gonna need their help when... babies start coming.
Mac: (almost laughing) Whoa, Dad. We just got married. And I was thinking that maybe I'd... if I do retire, maybe I'd move back to Chicago for a while.
McCanna Boyd Taylor: No, son. There's no need for you to be here. I've had a good life. You need to live yours.
Mac: Dad...
McCanna Boyd Taylor: You've served... your country, Mac. Pick up the phone. Make the call. Take the job. Promise me... you'll make the call.
Mac: I promise.

Lat 40° 47' N/Long 73° 58' W [6.03][edit]

Compass Killer: Do you know where I am? Do you even know which way to look?

Lindsay: (as she sees Danny doing pull ups) Danny! What are you doing?
Danny: Processing the vic's phone.
Lindsay: Oh, of course. What was I thinking?
Danny: Flack had the vic's phone pinged. We found it in a dumpster. Waiting on DNA results from the trace I found. I figured I'd get a little pump in.
Lindsay: Don't you have physical therapy today?
Danny: Yeah, yeah, so I'm getting ready for it. (as she just looks at him) What? You see Lucy lately, huh? She's standing up in her crib, cruising along the walls of the apartment. She's gonna walk soon, Lindsay.
Lindsay: Danny, please tell me you're not competing with our ten-month-old daughter.
Danny: No, I'm not competing with our daughter. All right? I'm just sick and tired of being in this chair. I want to run through Central Park with my daughter on my shoulders, okay? I want to chase down boys who try to hit on her. I want to dance with you and her at her wedding. So, if you don't mind... (preparing for another round)
Lindsay: (placing her hands at the sides of his neck, caressing it, and leaning in) I don't mind at all.

Mac: (to his team) We're going to work night and day to figure out exactly why this killer chose his victims, and were going to use that connection to catch him before the press gets wind of it and panics the whole damn city over some kind of compass killer. Or worse... before he adds another victim to the map.

Mac: Is he still here?
Sid: Who?
Mac: The husband, the man who I.D.'d her body.
Sid: He left. He was so upset. I hope he went home...
Mac: Where exactly was he standing?
Sid: That table right over there. Here (flips the lights on as Mac picks up the compass) Oh, no. The killer was here.
Mac: And I don't know where the hell he's going next.

Dead Reckoning [6.04][edit]

Flack: If you could go back to that moment, just you and him in that apartment, would you do it again? Would you stick the knife in his chest?
Deborah Carter: (reliving the stabbing & not caring) All 17 times. Regret's a waste of time, Detective.
Flack: Right. You can't change the past. Stand up, turn around. No matter how okay you think you are, when you close your eyes at night, it's gonna haunt you. (as he cuffs her)

Hawkes: (after seeing Danny conclude his therapy early) So what was that?
Danny: What?
Hawkes: Danny, you gotta try way harder if you're gonna get up out of this chair.
Danny: Doc, you know what? I got a policy, buddy. I don't take advice unless I ask for it.
Hawkes: I got a policy, too. I'm always up-front with my friends. And with an injury like yours, you should have been up out of that chair weeks ago. You're not pushing yourself.
Danny: Are you kidding me?! I'd like to give you five minutes of the pain I feel every time I take a step.
Hawkes: Danny, I treated hundreds of trauma patients that would trade places with you in a minute.

Danny: (trying to apologize to his rehab therapist) I'm done whining. I came here so you can help me get out of this wheelchair and I'm going to do whatever it takes to make that happen. I've got a few precious things I need to pay for.

Mac: Don. Everything okay with you?
Flack: Yeah, I'm fine.
Mac: I'm not convinced.
Flack: Why do you need to be? Did I do something wrong?
Mac: It's what you didn't do. It could have got you killed.
Flack: Am I being second-guessed for not killing someone? I thought that was a good thing.
Mac: It is, if it was a choice. People are concerned about you, Don.
Flack: Tell people I said thanks, but I can take care of myself.
Mac: I wish that was true. If it wasn't for Lindsay saving your ass today, we might be having this conversation in an emergency room, or maybe not at all.
Flack: Unless you want to make that official, I got nothing else to say.

Battle Scars [6.05][edit]

Stella: Jesse performed under the stage name 'Mechanicx'. This particular competition is known as 'Battle Step'.
Mac: I thought this type of dancing went out with Ms. Pac-Man and the Rubik's Cube.
Stella: Definitely went underground and advanced, only to resurface with a new name. It's now called street-dancing, and it's gone pro.

Mac: Something's off, though. Based on the complaint of the first robbery, Jesse stared right at the guy. Why'd the I.D. go south?
Stella: Well, you know how unreliable eyewitnesses can be, especially when they're staring down the barrel of a gun.

Brooke Hallworth: I just can't believe it was Nick under that mask. He was our friend. He came to visit me in the hospital.
Stella: He was going to go to the police to confess, but before he did, he wanted to see you to try to explain, to apologize as best he could. But when he walked into your hospital room,...
Brooke Hallworth: He realized I didn't remember anything.
Stella: He thought the whole thing would just go away.
Brooke Hallworth: (sighs) Jesse didn't need to do any of this. I loved him for who he was. God... he could make me smile.

Adam: (sees Danny slowly walking down the hallway with the a cane) Race you to the end of the hallway. Oh, hey! Just a little humor there.
Danny: Yeah, well, uh, where are we at on this hotel-room murder?
Adam: Well, behind door number one, we have a silver vase, champagne bottle and all the matching stemware. Behind door number two, we have a wool ski-mask, presumably worn by the killer. So, what's it going to be, Messer?
Danny: It's going to be door number one.
Adam: Ah. Feeling lucky about getting some prints, huh?
Danny: No, it's just a little closer.

Mac: Adam said he saw a quiz on facebook called "If you were the Compass Killer, where would you strike next?"

Mac Taylor: Do you know this man?
Dot-com: Yeah, that's Jesse Lewis. Why, did he do something wrong?
Don Flack: Yeah. He stepped in front of a gun while somebody else was pulling the trigger.

It Happened to Me [6.06][edit]

Adam: This guy was kinky with his food.
Stella: Care to elaborate on that?
Adam:I think he was sploshing. A sploshing party is an event where a group of people get together and they experience food in a, uh, sensual way. They, um, caress their bodies with foods of different textures and temperatures, and it, uh... it arouses and stimulates and... they say that it excites them and-and... well, I just, again, it's what I've… I've heard, I...
Flack: There are specific locations for these...?
Stella: Sploshing parties.
Adam: Oh, you can go to a Web site and get an invitation.

Mac: Have you talked to Sheldon?
Stella: I'm... I'm not sure what to say. Guess my expectations are too high.
Mac: What do you mean?
Stella: Hawkes is a brilliant former surgeon. And that being said, I know that he couldn't have saved Martin Stafford's life if he had tried. But what's bugging me is I don't understand why he didn't know more was wrong with him. Why he didn't see the symptoms, why he didn't tell us everything at the crime scene.
Mac: I've been asking myself those questions. When Hawkes told me what happened, I was angry, but I resisted giving him a lecture or threatening modified duty, because... it was Sheldon. All I kept thinking was, this isn't like him. It wasn't like him at all. I suppose we do expect a lot out of each other.
Stella: (sighing) Is that bad?
Mac: No.

John Simmons: That s.o.b. took my money! He invested the employees' pension, and he lost it all. We trusted him! I don't have anything. I don't have a damn thing left after all those years.
Mac: Look at me. This isn't the way to fix it.
John Simmons: What? You gonna tell me that you understand? You can't understand. You can't possibly understand.
Hawkes: I do! 'Cause a month ago, I lost everything, too. I trusted someone with my money just like you did. A money manager who turned out to be a scam artist. Now I'm living with friends. Spending my nights out, begging for overtime, but mostly, I just sit there wondering what the hell happened. And the worst about all this is that it changed me, and I don't like what I've become. The secrets I've kept, and the pride that forced me to lie to my friends and treat people unkind.

Hawkes: I'm sorry. I didn't tell anyone because I was embarrassed. I'm smart, educated, and I was duped. And it wasn't like John Simmons or even his boss, Martin Stafford. They just trusted in the economy, and it let them down. Me, I got greedy, tried to play with the big boys, and I got stung.
Stella: It wasn't greed, Sheldon. It's called optimism.

(Mac walks over as Stella and Sheldon arrive at the elevators. Mac tosses Sheldon a set of keys.)

Mac: I've got a spare room. (smiling) And it's not up for negotiation.

Hammer Down [6.07][edit]

(as they process the overturned truck)

Lindsay: What are you thinking?
Danny: (eyes a stained Hawaiian hula-doll on the dashboard) Besides the fact that you and I have never had a honeymoon, I'm thinking that might be blood.

Stella: What else do we know about these perps?
Ray Langsten: Targets are always young women between the ages of 19 and 25. They're highly-organized, they're well-financed. They lure these women into... prostitution, black-market surrogacy, use them as human-trafficking pawns, you name it.
Stella: And now harvesting bodies for organs.

Mac: Our informant is a cellmate of a suspect we convicted six months ago in connection with a human-trafficking ring here in New York City.
Ray Langston: A little cellmate chitchat, and a convict looking to make a deal... that's hard to trust.
Mac: True, but right now, we're standing here with nothing. And I kind of got the impression you weren't here to sightsee.

Ray Langston: It never gets easier, does it?
Mac: No. I've told parents about their dead or missing kids more times than I can count. Hell, the first time was one time too many. One day, a woman whispers thank you to me through her tears. And I realized that she just needed to know that there was somebody doing everything they could for her child. And that's what you're doing, Ray. And that's worth a phone call.

Ray Langston: (as they gear up at the junk yard) Did you know that the oldest projectile fired from a weapon was recorded in the fourteenth century in Japan? It was fired from a very crude handheld cannon that you lit with a wick. Its sole purpose was for taking life. Seems that after 1,700 years of evolution we haven't come very far, have we?

Cuckoo's Nest [6.08][edit]

Stella: (seeing Danny walk without help) Hey! On your own two feet and looking good, Messer.
Danny: Not bad, huh? First the wheelchair, now no more cane. Done.
Stella: Yeah. You know, that was one of the scariest moments and I'll never forget it when you said you couldn't move your legs.
Danny: When I saw the blood on my hands, I mean, I thought that was it.
Stella: Yeah, well, it wasn't your time.
Danny: Yeah, let's go with that.

Sid: (about their vic) There are 206 bones in the human body. Richard Caldrone broke 204 of them.
Stella: Well, jumping off a bridge has a tendency to do that.

Flack: Hey-o, Terrence! This has been fun and all, but you should probably get some new friends. Your boys are like walking parole violations. What's the matter, did I hurt your feelings? Did you get sensitive all of a sudd...? (Seeing Mac in the apartment)
Terrence: I ain't trying to have no cop convention up in here. But you two need some quality time, so I'm gonna give you all five minutes.

Mac: Hey, let's be clear. Part of me wants to take this badge off and settle this another way.
Flack: Get out of my face.
Mac: (runs him against the wall) Hey! We're in the middle of a murder investigation and you go AWOL?!?
Flack: I can handle myself.
Mac: Oh, yeah? Is that what you're doing here in this apartment? (pulls out Flack's gun) Is that why I had to get this from Terrence? Is that why I had to have Stella triangulate your phone and Danny check the ERs to see if you turned up dead? You can keep telling people that you're fine, but that won't work.

Manhattanhenge [6.09][edit]

Stella: (entering with a mug in her hands) I just finished my third cup of coffee. Figured you could probably use one.
Lindsay: Oh, thanks, Stella. Thought we weren't supposed to drink in the lab?
Stella: We aren't, but at some point, the human body either requires sleep or massive quantities of caffeine.
Lindsay: God bless you.

Mac: (about the picture of Eckhart and his wife) So what are we looking at?
Hawkes: Manhattanhenge.
Stella: Manhattan- what?
Hawkes: It's a biannual phenomenon in which the rising or setting sun aligns perfectly with the east-west grid of Manhattan's streets. Sort of a Stonehenge-meets-concrete-and-hot-dog-carts kind of thing.

Mac: Eckhart was supposed to meet his wife at Lincoln Center after work.
Stella: But when he was running late, he told her to go to the surveyor's office instead.
Mac: Figured if they were going to miss the show, they might as well be together.
Danny: So, he blamed himself as much as everyone else.
Lindsay: Maybe more.
Hawkes: Each man is the architect of his own fate.
Stella: And sometimes the fate of others.

Mac: (toasting during dinner) Here's to a great team and to getting Hollis Eckhart off the streets.
Stella: Yes. And to reminding us that life is fleeting and we should hold on to the people we love while we can.

Death House [6.10][edit]

Stella: (to Mac, after bending a vase that reveals a hidden room) I'll shoot you if you say ladies first.

Mac: Sam Harding was an inventor. This room, maybe this entire penthouse was his greatest creation.
Flack: Okay. Knowing that, how do we find Richard Lawson?
Mac: We play Sam Harding's game.
Stella: Things just got a lot more difficult.
Mac: (ominous) And a lot more dangerous.

Danny: Jones put up seed money for Harding's invention business. But it sounds like their deal eventually went sour 'cause Harding filed a suit in 1923 for patent infringement but it was dismissed. Jones comes up missing shortly after.
Mac: Sam Harding had motive to make that happen. Harding thought Jones stabbed him in the back and when he didn't win in court, he got revenge.
Danny: We just solved an 86-year-old murder. Not bad for a half a day's work.
Mac: Well, it gives us the rest of the day to tackle the remaining unanswered questions: who broke into the penthouse? And who made the 911 call?

Sid: Did you know that between 400 and 1400 A.D. there was a common belief that mummia was a potent medicine with curative powers? People used to grind up mummy parts and put them on their bodies to get well when they were sick.
Stella: (musing) Mmm, take two milligrams of mummy and call me in the morning.
Sid: (chuckles) Something like that.
Mac: Sid, I thought you had hobbies outside of work.
Sid: I take it my interest in the history of my profession and the fascinating world of the post-mortem does not strike you as an enjoyable pastime?
Mac: (to Stella) Let's take him to a Jets game this weekend

Sam Harding: (flashback, on the phonograph to Walter Jones) A sad, painful song. A song of lies and betrayal, heartbreaking. But a song can only make you feel so much. It's no substitute for real suffering. That's why I invited you to my home. Everything I worked for, you stole it and sold it to the highest bidder and kept the money. My money. Then you bought off the judge and made me look like a liar. So while you made millions, I invested my unrewarded ingenuity and hard work into making this place a lesson in pain, lies, and betrayal. You may be smart enough to steal my inventions, but let us see if you are smart enough to survive them. (Walter tries to run from the room, steps on a tile that gives way releasing the angel-wing knives, and knocking him to the floor, fatally wounded. Sam puts the broken phonograph pieces in Walters' pockets, walks out of the penthouse and locks the door as Sam dies inside)

Mac: (about Richard Lawson) If this guy's a successful real-estate agent, what's he doing breaking into Sam Harding's penthouse?
Stella: Well, before he died, Harding set up a trust to take care of his home, keep it empty after his death. Nobody was allowed to go inside, not even the building's super or maintenance man.
Mac: He wanted to hide the fact that he murdered Walter Jones and left him there to rot.
Stella: His secret and Jones' body would've remained undiscovered, except this week the rule against perpetuities went into effect.
Mac: That stops dead people from owning property forever.
Stella: Right, which means the penthouse was just about to be put up for auction by the state.
Mac: Maybe we should be looking for what we don't see! (realises Stella is looking confused) There's a big, giant chandelier in the middle of this tiny room with no lightswitch to turn it on! So how would you do it?
Stella: (shines her torch on the blind) Huh!? (Mac turns around as she says this) That's an odd size and place for the only window in the room!
Mac: (looks at it thoughtfully) I'll get Flack to get a ladder!
Stella: (stops him as he goes to walk away) Harding wouldn't have had a ladder!
Mac: (looks at the drawers Stella has half opened) So we use the stairs)
Stella: (smiles as he walks towards the drawers)
Mac: (climbs the "stairs" and pulls up the blind)
Stella: Nothing! (Mac looks at her) It's got to be all about the window! I mean the stairs lead right to it!
Mac: This skyscraper wasn't here in Harding's day. It's blocking the suns ray!
Stella: (chuckles) Well we can't move the building!
Mac: So we move the sun!
Stella: (opens the book aprehensivly) No title (flips a page) No author (flips several pages) Blank pages!
Mac: (sees the ribbon divider and opens to the page)
Stella: (reads out loud) If a red house is made of red bricks and a blue house is made of blue bricks...(stares at Mac) What is a green house made of?
Mac: (looks at Stella whos brow is furrowed in confusion) Glass!
Stella: (looks at the windows) Well the windows would be too obvious!
Mac: There are two vases. They're both glass so we have a 50/50 chance of being right!
Stella: (smiles at Mac) I can do better than that! (licks her finger and wipes it round the mouth of the vase) Crystal! Crystal sings. It's not glass
Mac: (looks sarcastic) Impressive!
Stella: (blushes) Thank you (goes to walk to the other vase)
Mac: Careful Stell!
Stella: (nods then licks her finger and again wipes the mouth of the vase) Ha! (Mac smiles in acceptance as she lifts the vase forward but hearing clicks of a lock makes her put the vase back down hurridely then the door opens) I'll shoot you if you say "ladies first"!
Stella: How did he get in here without playing musical furniture? I mean we had to re-arange the whole room before the door opened!
Mac: (smiles) Then there must be another way into the room! (walks through one of the doors and into another room)
Stella: (realising as they walk through a wardrobe) Flack and I was just in this room earlier!

Second Chances [6.11][edit]

Stella: (helping Mac carry a Christmas tree) So you had to pick the biggest one, huh?
Mac: It's a Taylor family tradition. Every Christmas we visit all the tree lots looking for that one. And then the day after New Year's, when everybody puts their trees out by the curb, my dad would drive us around the neighbourhood to see if we could find a bigger one than ours.
Stella: And?
Mac: 17 Taylor Christmases, never once did we find a tree that beat us.

Mac: That's the victim, but who's the other guy?
Stella: They're both James Manning. The moment I saw him, I knew there was something familiar about him. And then when I saw that scar on his hand... I ran him through CARS for past collars and came up with this booking photo.
Mac: It's hard to believe they're the same person.
Stella: Put some meat on his bones and a shave and he looks like a completely different guy.
Mac: It's never a good thing when you look better in the autopsy photo than you do when you're alive.

Flack: I have to ask. Two years nurturing someone back to health, getting to know them, watching them grow. How do you rationalize killing them?
Debbie Fallon: They're a cancer. Living in the street like dogs. Begging for change.
Grace Chandler: Leaving their feces and stench in boxes in doorways.
Debbie Fallon: How long do you think they would have lasted before you or some other cop found them dead? We took them off the street. We gave them two more good years.
Grace Chandler: Two years living in a Park Avenue apartment building. Wearing the best designer clothes and expensive jewelry. We gave them things, things they never could have imagined. Having a life they were never supposed to live. We gave them two more years. Two years they would have never had.
Flack: And the payment for that was their lives?

Stella: (as he looks on at the interigations) Sam, you were next.
Sam Baker: What?
Stella: Your life was insured for over $5 million dollars. In order to become a legitimate beneficiary, Debbie called herself your fiance in all of the paperwork.
Sam Baker: I can't believe this is happening. I was living on the streets. She helped me get a place.
Stella: This was all part of the plan. Debbie and Grace waited two years, enough time for the policies to mature and pay out at maximum benefits, no matter what the manner of death. Most likely, Sam, in a week, you'd have been dead.

Mac: You chose people who were vulnerable and broken. People you knew had nobody to question your motives. What's it like to live without a conscience?
Grace Chandler: It's like being rich. Something you probably know nothing about.
Mac: Putting people like you away for the rest of your life, doing good... that makes me rich. Something you probably know nothing about.

Flack: I'm thinking our vic's wallet and jewelry were on someone's Christmas list.
Mac: Along with his life.

Flack: Well, let's hope that Eli can spin a better story than Sam. 'Cause the one he's telling in there just isn't holding water.
Debbie Fallon: You're so wrong. He isn't capable of murder.
Flack: Anyone's capable of murder, Miss Fallon.

Grace Chandler: I know you think I had something to do with this.
Mac: Most of the people who sit in this chair... they lie. Each time that happens we get a little bit better at knowing who's telling the truth and who's not.
Grace Chandler: And how about me, Detective. Am I a liar?
Mac: I'll let you know.

Mac: I'm going to go get Grace Chandler. Stella, you go get Sam Baker, get him out of lockup, and bring him down to Interrogation. You two pick up Debbie Fallon, get her over to the precinct.
Stella: What's going on?
Mac: We got ourselves a triangle. Except it doesn't involve love. It involves murder.

Stella: When I was a little girl, there was a sign hanging above the desk where I did my homework. And it said that "Temptation will lean on the doorbell, but opportunity may knock only once."
Sam Baker: As ironic as it might seem, Debbie provided me with a second chance, and I plan to make the most of it.
Stella: Good.

Lisa Williams: Is this the part where I look at the bloody crime scene photo, break down in tears and confess to murder?
Flack: Only if you did it.

Stella: Hey, Danny, I'm waiting for your 'boom'.
Danny: Ah, no more 'booms'. Lindsay made me promise. She's afraid it's gonna be Lucy's first word.(keeps checking the car) Boom! This is our car.

Stella: I've been guilty of it myself. Put a couple of coins or a dollar in a cup and move on. Never looking at them in the eyes, never thinking you can do more to help.
Sam Baker: Those couple of coins in the cup, that's more than most.

Flack: Debbie, before you make a complete ass of yourself, do me a favor: take a look right here.

Stella: [to Sam Baker) So somebody broke into your apartment, took the key, borrowed your car, committed a homicide, dumped the car, and then put the key back. I mean, does that sound like anything a sane person would believe?

Stella: Manning fights his way back from the streets and seems to have a great life ahead of him.
Mac: So, how does he end up in that alley right back where she found him?

James Manning: You're wasting your time worrying about me, lady. I'm a lost cause.
Stella: There's no such thing. You just need to get off the street, get sober, and start taking care of yourself.
James Manning: No, this life beat the care out of me a long time ago.

Mac: That's the victim, but who's the other guy?
Stella: They're both James Manning. The moment I saw him, I knew there was something familiar about him. And then when I saw that scar on his hand... I ran him through CARS for past collars and came up with this booking photo.
Mac: It's hard to believe they're the same person.
Stella: Put some meat on his bones and a shave and he looks like a completely different guy.
Mac: It's never a good thing when you look better in the autopsy photo than you do when you're alive.

Joe Ross: I wasn't in no alley and I didn't torch nobody, man.
Danny: Your DNA was on a cigarette butt that ignited the fire.
Joe Ross: I ain't capable of that kind of violence.
Flack: Robbery. Burglary. Assault. You got a resume for that kind of violence.
Danny: This is a step up for you.

Criminal Justice [6.12][edit]

Judge: What you're telling me pertains to evidence that you and your investigators collected and analyzed.
Stella: I'm well aware of that.
Judge: And this could not have waited until after the defendant was remanded?
Stella: With all due respect, your honour... would you prefer to make rulings without prior knowledge of all the facts?
Judge: If what you just told me goes on record, Antonio Reyes could walk out onto the street, free to do more harm. Are you prepared to live with the potential consequences of that? Are you, detective?

Stella: I am truly sorry for having to do what I did today.
Mrs. Reynolds: And now Antonio Reyes is going to go right back out onto the street, where he can do more harm. Where he can murder somebody else's child.
Stella: I promise you, I will do everything in my power not to let that happen.
Mrs. Reynolds: Really? Like what?
Stella: There are things I can do, steps that I can take.
Mrs. Reynolds: Are any of those steps as good as having him back behind bars where he belongs?

Lindsay: (enters the locker room to see Danny with a back support under his shirts) What is that?
Danny: Nothing. Just precautionary. My back's been acting up. Probably just pulled something.
Lindsay: When?
Danny: A few weeks ago, when Flack and I were chasing Hollis Eckhart.
Lindsay: You know, Danny? Maybe you came back to work too soon.
Danny: And what are our other options, Linds? I take any more sick days, they'll force a medical leave on me.
Lindsay: Well, look on the bright side. You'd get to spend more time with Lucy. You are her favourite.
Danny: (swallows a pill) It'll be fine (leans forward and kisses the corner of her mouth) Don't worry about it.

Stella: What are some of the most common motives you've seen in your 15 years as D.A., Mr. Hansen?
D.A. Hansen: Motives for what?
Stella: Murder.
D.A. Hansen: I'm not sure I know where this is going.
Stella: Just answer the question.
D.A. Hansen: Money, drugs. Erm...
Stella: And jealousy. The kind of jealousy that builds into a rage that leads to murder.

Lindsay: (answering her phone) Lindsay Messer.
Danny: Hey babe, it's me.
Lindsay: Are you still at the acupuncture studio?
Danny: Yeah, no, I'm still here and, erm, I think somebody just lifted my wallet.
Lindsay: Are you sure you had it with you?
Danny: (getting anxious) No, no, I'm sure it was in here. They got everything... I mean, M-my-my-my wallet, my-my cards, my money, even my grandfather's dog tags. My badge.
Lindsay: Can you talk to the owner? Maybe he saw something.
Danny: They got my badge, Lindsay, what am I going to do?
Lindsay: All right, look, we'll find it, Danny, okay? Don't beat yourself up. Just come back here, we'll figure something out.

Stella: D.A or not, no one commits a perfect crime.

Flag on the Play [6.13][edit]

Danny: Last week, my dog tags were stolen, obviously. My wallet and my badge.
Flack: What? Where did this happen?
Danny: My back's been bothering me, so I go to this acupuncture joint. I come out of the treatment, go back to my locker. Everything's gone, except my clothes.
Flack: Did you report your shield stolen?
Danny: No. I mean, I don't want to make a big deal about it... yet.
Flack: It's a big deal.
Danny: I know.
Flack: Now some nut job's running around the city with your shield. Damn it!

Scott Coleman: (whistfully about Kristen Melvoy) After we moved here, she...started dieting, got hair extensions, fixed her teeth, wanted her breasts enlarged. When she got into that lingerie-football league, she thought that was her ticket to fame and fortune. Next thing you know, that girl from Seattle was ancient history. So was our engagement.

Flack: (looking around the store) This is certainly a step up from the place my Uncle Teddie used to pawn his cufflinks when he needed a drink.
Danny: (lauhgs a bit) Yeah. Bars and pawnshops recession-proof.
Flack: Guess so.

Sid: I'm thinking maybe I missed something.
Mac: Sid, Natalie was pronounced dead in Michigan. Why are you blaming yourself?
Sid: Because I dismissed her mother's suspicion as that of a grieving parent. Perhaps if I'd looked more closely, I might have been able to prevent the death of her teammate.

Sid: I'm thinking she had an allergic reaction to something. Question is: was it intentional or accidental?
Mac: Well, even if it was accidental, we're still dealing with someone who dumped her body into a hot tub rather than call 911.

Sanguine Love [6.14][edit]

Joseph Vance: I'm deeply disturbed... by Estelle's death.
Mac Taylor: You're deeply disturbed. I'll give you that.

Stella Bonasera: How's it going?
Danny Messer: Feeling old.
Stella Bonasera: I'd say it was the cold weather, but you're too young for aches and pains like that.
Danny Messer: Well, Mac asked Adam to develop our vic's roll of film. Kid had no idea what he was talking about. Digital generation.
Stella Bonasera: I hope you hit him.
Danny Messer: Oh, I did.

Dr. Sid Hammerback: I'll just say it straight: I think our vic may have been killed by... a vampire.

Don Flack: Billy James?
Billy James: I take it you guys don't want NYPD tattoed on your forearms.

[After finding out about the Vampire Theory]
Don Flack: That's a relief.
Danny Messer: What?
Don Flack: She's got a bed.
Danny Messer: What'd you think? She had a coffin? [Looking at photographs] She had a nice eye. Obviously put a lot of time into these photographs.
[Checking a bookcase]
Don Flack: Oh! She obviously put a lot of time into some interesting reading habits as well. [Found several books related to vampires] The awakening, Confessions of a Vampire.
Danny Messer: Are you serious? How does one get involved in this? I mean, when do you have that moment of deciding: I wanna suck someone elses blood off?
Don Flack: I don't know. Whatever happened to kids playing stickball and manhunt?
Danny Messer: Yeah, Yeah. Suddenly, its... eh... being pale, and skinny, and having sharp teeth and great hair. That's the way to go.

The Formula [6.15][edit]

[Adam Lindsay and Danny in the garage, putting together a burnt race car]
Lindsay: Somebody did a bad thing to a good fencooler.
Adam: You a racing fan?
Lindsay: Anything that rips it up 200 miles an hour, you gotta respect.
Danny: Haha...that's my girl. You grow up in Montana and you love race cars.
Linds: Maybe stop cars, but open wheel...that's a whole different thing.
Adam: I know what you mean. Paddle-shift versus stick, front rear wings and you have the whole LCD steering wheel that you basically need an engineering degree to operate.
Lindsay: You race?
Adam: Playstation.
[Lindsay laughs]
Adam: Those games are very realistic.
Danny: All right, Speed Racer, calm down.

[Danny, Lindsay, and Adam showing Mac their findings]
Lindsay: So is this thing a beauty or what?
Adam: Every single piece is accounted for following the specs and the burn pattern.
Mac: Great work.
Danny: We checked the area behind the cockpit right here, Mac and this is where we discovered our mystery generator was located.
Lindsay: We checked with the racing coalition, and it's called a V.I.C engine.
Mac: Velocity Injection Chamber. I've read about it. It's a nasty piece of work, but it's still experimental, not every team is using it.
Lindsay: That's why it wasn't in the specs. It isn't part of the formula yet.
Danny: Might be the future if hybrid engines though. It recycles wasted energy. (He explains how it works) Instant turbo-boost right at your fingertips. Press the button and...
Adam: Boom!
[Everyone looks at him]
Adam: (mumbles) Sorry, that was...that was your moment...I thought you were gonna...boom...nothing.

Lindsay: Turns out our vic was killed by a VIC engine.

Don Flack: Maybe it's me, but I don't get it. You get 80 laps jammed into that tiny car; 10 second pit stops... Where do you go to the bathroom?
Mac Taylor: You don't wanna know.

Uncertainty Rules [6.16][edit]

Mac: How you feeling?
James Roberts: Guilty. Like... this is all my fault. My best friends are all dead because of me.
Mac: That's not true, James. This is life. It throws things at you. Some good, some bad. No one could have predicted what happened, not even if you're Albert Einstein.

Gerald Gordon: Strangest thing. Came out of nowhere.
Stella: The lamppost? The lamppost came out of nowhere?
Gerald Gordon: Right.
Danny: They have a tendency to do that when you're driving up on the sidewalk.

[In interrogation the first time]

Flack: Clowns?! That's what you're going with...clowns? That's your official story?
James Roberts: They were trying to kill me.
Flack: Oh, so they're the "homicidal on the inside" kind of clowns. Well, hang on a second while I put out an APB for two guys with frizzy pink hair and big red noses!

Flack: Why'd you do it?
Calvin Moore: Why do you think?
Danny: For the money.
Calvin Moore: You bet your ass money.
Danny: How much money you get?
Calvin Moore: A grand.
Flack: A grand? You did this for a grand?
Calvin Moore: Yeah. It was the easiest money I ever made.

(Flack and Danny look between each other questionably)

Flack: What are you talking about?
Calvin Moore: What are you talking about?
Danny: We're talking about a quadruple homicide that apparently you committed last night.
Calvin Moore: That I committed?
Danny: Yeah. That's what it sounds like.

James Roberts: What's happening to me?
Mac: You took LSD.
James Roberts: No. No. No. No. I...
Mac: Listen to me, James. You're experiencing hallucinations, heightened anxiety, intense paranoia.
James Roberts: I wouldn't have done that. I... I... I...
Mac: Your friends took it, too. It was your 21st birthday. You were probably doing a lot of things you hadn't done before.

Flack: The hotel manager said that the girls did not check in with them.
Hawkes: So the guys either met them at some point that night and they all went back to the hotel to continue the party.
Danny: Right, or they were the party. Hired to, erm, blow out the birthday boy's candle

Pot of Gold [6.17][edit]

Danny [to Lindsay as she is looking into a microscope]: Whatcha gawking at?

Stella Bonasera: We've got an impact mark. [Checks with the scanner] Hey Mac. Take a look at this.
Mac Taylor: That's pure gold.
Danny Messer: I can top that. Just found this, in his shoe print.
Stella Bonasera: Four leaf clover?
Mac Taylor: Natural genetic mutation. There's only one for every ten thousand three leaf clover.
Don Flack: Hang on a second. Gold, four leaf clover, right before St. Patricks Day? Where the hell are we, at the end of the rainbow? [Stella chuckles]
Mac Taylor: I'll tell you this much, neither one of these guys had the luck of the irish.

Don Flack: We got Vandemann locked up tight in protective custody.
Mac Taylor: He tell you anything more to his story?
Don Flack: Not yet, but once he has a hot meal, and realizes we're not out to kill him, he'll come around.

Flack: [to suspect in the interrogation room] You know the old stereotype about "Irish temper"? It's not really a problem for me. But those bagpiping cops out in the bullpen? Having to file reports instead of knocking a few back at the Knights of Columbus? [mockingly] They're ready to pull you like cabbage.

Rest In Peace, Marina Garito [6.18][edit]

Adam Ross: I'd be more than happy to help you, you look a little lost.
Aubrey Hunter: Oh no, I was told to wait right by the elevator. The lost look is me just taking this all in. I've never seen a crime lab before.
Adam Ross: You know, I could give you a tour, show you some epithelials under a microscope.
Aubrey Hunter: I've seen plenty of epithelials, but thank you.
Adam Ross: Ah, Biologist?
Aubrey Hunter: Doctor.
Adam Ross: Dermatologist.
Aubrey Hunter: Emergency Room.
Adam Ross: Single?
Aubrey Hunter: Cute.
Adam Ross: Well...
Aubrey Hunter: [Looks beyond Adam] Mac.
Adam Ross: [flustered] Boss.
Mac Taylor: Hey Aubrey.
Aubrey Hunter: Hi
Adam Ross: Got some work to. [Leaves, fast]

Stella Bonasera: You think I'm trying too hard?
Don Flack: We all have a Marina Garito, Stella.

[Stella nods for him to tell him]

Don Flack: John Brennan calls the station house once a month. And anyone who answers the phone gets a story about how his wife was murdered, and the man responsible is still out there. And it breaks your heart. Because you don't have any answers for him. But what can you do? Tell me, on those Mondays, when you hung up the phone, what did you do? [Stella shakes her head a little] You can't do much. Because you are chasing bad guys, who are out there right now, and the evidence on those old cases gets cold, and the witnesses don't remember half of what they used to, and-
Stella Bonasera: You're right. But I just can't stop thinking that I should've done more to help her find her brother.
Don Flack: You took her calls every Monday. That's a lot.

Sheldon Hawkes: Hey Sid, We're not always right, but it's not always because we are wrong.

Redemptio [6.19][edit]

Hawkes: Reggie, what is it? What did you want me to know?
Reggie Tifford: ... I'm the man who killed your sister.

Mac: We're gonna need blueprints of that prison. Everything you can get your hands on. Electrical systems, service corridors, every single access point.
Stella: You really think we can do this?
Lindsay: What? What are you thinking?
Mac: We're gonna have to break Hawkes out of prison

Hawkes: (bitingly) You may save my life in here, but you killed my sister. And there's no redemption for that. Not in my book, no matter how hard you try.
Reggie: Don't you want to know what happened?
Hawkes: My sister never had it easy. She got mixed up with drugs, met people like you. I can fill in the blanks, all right? Trust me, I see it all the time.
Reggie: You're wrong, man. Maya was a good woman.
Hawkes: (cynically) Yeah. A good drug addict.
Reggie: No, man, she-she beat that. Maya was already clean when I met her. I wasn't, and she made the mistake of trying to help me.
Hawkes': (surprised) She got clean?
Reggie: Yeah. Listen, man... I was high at the time, right? And we got into a fight. You know I-I had no idea what was happening until it was over, man. I swear, I had no idea, and then I lied to the cops. I told them she got killed by some dealer she was trying to buy drugs from. After that, I was out of control. Took two more lives and ended up here. Man, not a day goes by I don't think about what I did.

Unusual Suspects [6.20][edit]

Flack [to Sam Harris]: It's going to be a while before your brother wakes up. So in the meantime, I'm going to need you to help me catch the man who did this to him. Think you can do that? [shows Sam a small size NYPD shirt to get changed into] Make a real cop out of you.

Aubrey: You know, all my time in Afghanistan, and I will never get used to a child being in one of those beds.
Stella: It's the worst part of our job.
Mac: The day we get used to it is the day we should walk out the door.

Danny [to Hawkes]: You find our smoking gun, Doc?
Hawkes: It's definitely been discharged. Won't know exactly when until I get it back to the lab.
Lindsay: Where did you find it?
Hawkes: Trash can. Over there, right on top.
Lindsay: Meaning whoever dumped it was in a hurry.
Danny: Or they were just plain stupid.

Sid: When something presses on an exit wound in a manner that restricts the expansion and tearing of the victim's skin, we call it a shored wound. Shored wounds appear smaller than usual and can be mistaken for an entrance wound.

Mac: Sam was there. Maybe he can point us in the right direction.
Flack: I don't think he's ready, Mac. You should've seen him in that room. That line-up took a lot out of him. He was looking directly at Cook, but he wouldn't identify him.
Mac: Then we'll have to find another way.
Sam Harris: I think I can do it. I think I can show you guys what happened.

Hawkes: The stria on the slug that was lodged in Nicky's backpack matches Castro's gun.
Stella: Well, if Castro shot Nicky, then how did Johnny Cook's DNA end up under his fingernails?

Aubrey: (signing some medical charts) I swear, sometimes it takes me half an hour just to get out the door.
Mac: I know that feeling.

Hawkes: Castro was due to strike First Federation.
Stella: We believe that he was casing the branch, he saw Nicky and Sam robbing the bank, so he followed them into the alley and robbed them.
Hawkes: The gun I found on top of the trash can belonged to those boys, Flack.
Flack: But you have zero forensic evidence to prove that. And please, one of you tell me where those kids got a gun.
Stella: You got to let go of your feelings for this kid, Flack. Sam Harris was lying to you.
Flack: Sam Harris does not have it in his DNA to lie like that.
Stella: Unless he had a very good reason.

Mac [to Sam Harris]: Troy Castro didn't rob that bank, Sam. You and your brother Nicky did.
Sam Harris: Nicky said that if I told anyone, we'd go to jail. (crying) I don't want to go to jail.
Mac: You're not going to jail. I promise. We know what went down, Sam. We just need to hear it in your words.

Mac: Nicky gave the bank teller a note asking for exactly $933.
Mrs. Harris: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Nine... $933?. That's our rent. Sam must have heard me on the phone saying I didn't have it.
Sam Harris: I told Nicky we were going to get kicked out of the apartment. He said we had to look after you now, 'cause Dad was gone.

Mac [to Sam Harris]: The man who took your brother's watch, it was this man, wasn't it? (shows Sam a picture of Johnny Cook)
Sam Harris: Yeah, that's him. He stole it three days ago.
Flack: That's why you created his face for the composite sketch, as opposed to the guy who really shot your brother, Troy Castro?
Sam Harris: I was scared that if I described the man who shot Nicky, you guys would find out we robbed the bank.

Flack: Can you imagine the burden that little guy was carrying around? 12 years old. He's protecting his older brother and his mother.
Stella: Still can't wrap my head around the fact that they thought robbing a bank was their only option.
Flack: Luckily the D.A. and the bank president agreed not to press charges. And money's been pouring in from the public. Should be enough to keep a roof over their head for at least a little while.

Flack: I'm sure this isn't the only cap with Derek Jeter's number on it floating around the city. Doesn't prove anything.
Stella: Well, it proves that Nicky was in the bank with a gun and a note.
Flack: Come on, Stella. Troy Castro robbed that bank and the only reason he hasn't confessed to it is 'cause he's dead.

Mrs. Harris: I know Sam's a witness and you need his help, but he just lost his father, and now his brother's here in the hospital, and... he's just a kid. He can't handle all these questions. I think he needs a break right now.

Flack: My gut as a cop? Sam wants to help us, but he's too young and too messed up to remember what happened.
Danny: My gut as a CSI is that the wound was a through and through, so where's the blood spatter? Where are the impact marks? Where's the bullet?

John Cook: You can run your little game on me all day long. All you got is what? Possession of stolen property and some kid who needs to wash his hands a little better.
Mac: You just better hope that little boy doesn't die.
Stella: Cocky bastard.
Flack: Well, he's been in that chair before. He knows the drill.

Mac: (to John Cook) You might be a badass on your neighborhood block, but when you get on the cell block, you'll be just another punk who shot a little kid in the back.

Tales from the Undercard [6.21][edit]

Point of View [6.22][edit]

Vacation Getaway [6.23][edit]

Don Flack: I'm facts, he's science.

Danny: (Reading from the newspaper) It all started when Casey's brother hung himself in prison, after being convicted of allegedly robbing a bar and killing the bartender... (drops the newspaper) Allegedly, no, no, he killed a guy.
Lindsay: (folding clothes in a hurry and places then in her suitcase) You want to know what tomorrow's headline is going to be? Woman allegedly kills her husband for not helping with the laundry. (throws a stack of neatly folded jeans at him) Come on we were supposed to leave an hour ago!
Danny: (leans foreward then talks to Lucy) You see how your mommy talks to me?
Lucy: (stares at her dad with her toy in her hand)
Danny: I'm pretty sure the beach isn't going anywhere! (reaches to touch Lucy's hand) Is it? (Talking to Lindsay)You think you can get away with that? (gets up and walks to his suitcase)
Lindsay: Killing you? (raches to get another t-shirt) Absolutely. (folds it and puts it in her suitcase)
Danny: You're that confident with your crime scene clean up skills? (turns around and puts his jeans in the suitcase)
Lindsay: (reaches for another t-shirt) Oh, who said I would clean up anything? (folds it and passes it to him through the open doorway)
Danny: (sarcastically walking back into the living room) Oh, of course, you wouldn't leave anything behind right?
Lindsay: (folding Danny's shirts) No, I would leave everything behind. Including me. I wouldn't flee!
Danny: (pointing at Lindsay) Self defence?! (to Lucy whilst pointing at Lindsay) So she's going with self defense.
Lucy: (chewing her lip whilst staring at her dad)
Lindsay: You were in here folding laundry. I came in with (points at their daughter) Lucy to tell you that I was leaving you.
Danny: (Talking to Lucy)(Sarcastically) Leaving me.
Lucy: (looks from her mom to her dad confused)
Lindsay: The love was gone. We stopped having sex (hugs one of Danny's shirts) when your impotence problem (Danny goes to cover his ears and then stares shocked when she mentions "impotence") and your temper became too much for me to handle. (Danny motions to Lucy as if to say "little ears")
Lucy: (puts her head on one side taking in the information)
Lindsay: So, I said good bye, I turned, and you grabbed me from behind (touches her hair) It was awful. (mock welling up) I mean he had gotten angry before, but never like that Officer. The rage in his eyes...he started choking me, and I was gasping for air. (makes the fake crying facial expression) I grabbed the vase and... hit him over the head with it. (Covers her mouth with her hand)
Danny: (motions to Lucy as if to say "not bad")
Lucy: (screws up her nose as if to say "I don't buy it)
Lindsay: (waves her hand as if she was swatting a fly) I would be out of the Precinct by Noon.
Danny: I'm genuinly frightened. I don't want to go on this vacation
[Lindsay starts to laugh and throws a pile of clothes at him]
Lindsay: Pack!

Lindsay: (grabbing her camera) Ok! (as Danny gets the picnic stuff from the trunk) Hold on! Let me just get a picture!
Danny: (shocked) In the car? (points) We're 100 yards from the ocean!
Lindsay: I told my Mom I'd take a lot of pictures. Besides, relax. We're not a shift. We're on vacation. (chuckles)
Danny: What?
Lindsay: I can just see you when you're 60. "Come on, we're only a hundred yards from the ocean."

Season 7[edit]

The 34th Floor [7.01][edit]

Jo Danville: (about finding the dead girl upon her arrival at the crime lab) My first thought was, "It's a practical joke. You know? Welcome to the New York Crime Lab."
Mac Taylor: We usually sabotage a pair of latex gloves or have a tech pose as a dead body in autopsy, then suddenly pop to life, but murder? Not our style.
Jo Danville: Good to know.

Danny Messer: (joining Lindsay on the roof) Thought I'd find you up here. Is this your new spot?
Lindsay Monroe: Did I have an old one?
Danny Messer: (hugging her) Yes, you did... right here.

Jo Danville: I'm not breaking any rules. I'm trying to create new ones.

Jo Danville: Hi. I'm Jo Danville. I'm your new crime scene investigator. And this young woman is dead.

Jo Danville: I thought the NY Crime Lab had a BYOB policy. [Danny and Sheldon look confused]. Bring your own body. [Boys laugh]

Jo Danville: (on the phone) Hey, what's up? No. No. Because I said so. No, no. Absolutely not. Because I (looking at Mac, a bit embarrassed) said so. I love you, too.
Mac: Was that your son?
Jo: No, my momma.

Adam: Hello Josephine
Jo: It's Jo
Adam: That's not what it says in your file

Unfriendly Chat [7.02][edit]

Adam Ross: Mac! You gotta come back to the lab.
Mac Taylor: What? Why?
Adam Ross: Because... because I think I just saw a woman get murdered.

Adam Ross: I feel like I've forgotten everything, like I-I can't remember any of the details.
Jo Danville: Well, that's not uncommon, when the brain experiences trauma. Sometimes it locks up. But not to worry, cause I always carry a spare set of keys.

Sass Dumonde (to Adam): Your eyes are kind. Are they telling the truth?
Adam Ross: I, uh... I hope so. Uh... I'm Adam. What's your name?
Sass Dumonde: (in a French accent) Nice to meet you, Adam.
Adam Ross: (imitating her accent) A... Adam?
Sass Dumonde: But if I told you my name, I'm afraid I'd have to kill you...(muffled screaming)
Adam Ross: What the hell? (witnesses Sass being killed)

Jo Danville: Are you absolutely sure, Adam, it was murder? While I was at the FBI, we saw hundreds of fake snuff films and Internet hoaxes every year. Staged suicides, bogus kidnappings... it can be very convincing.
Mac Taylor: You're certain what you saw was real?
Adam Ross: (sighs) I saw a man in black walk up behind a beautiful woman and choke the life right out of her. I've never seen anyone get murdered before. Until tonight.

Don Flack: We don't know who our killer is. We don't know who our victim is.
Jo Danville: And our crime scene could be anywhere in the world.

Jo Danville: Well, new memories are usually stored in the hippocampus, and then transferred to the brain's frontal lobes for long-term storage, but when a person's memory experiences traumatic collapse, sometimes you gotta dig from the other side, using memory triggers, potent emotions from the past, to unlock memories in the present.

Mac Taylor: Adam, you all right?
Adam Ross: I've been better.
Mac Taylor: You want to talk about it?
Adam Ross: What's there to say? He strangled her, she died... end of transmission. I'm gonna wait in the car.

Jo Danville [to Adam]: You're being ridiculous.
Adam Ross: What?
Jo Danville: You deal with death every day. This case is no different. Man up.
Adam Ross: Are you kidding me? Jo, I saw this girl alive. She's not just another dead body on the slab to me. Oh, no, did you just do that so I'd spill my guts? Oh, damn it!
Jo Danville: Sorry, Adam. You can't keep your feelings bottled up. Contents may explode under pressure.

Lindsay Monroe: He came in and out like he owned the place. There's no obvious signs of B & E.
Danny Messer: This is an old building. Lucy can pick that lock.

Lindsay Monroe: We did find Sass Dumonde's dead body.
Danny Messer: According to the university, she was in your class last semester.
Lindsay Monroe: We found her strangled to death with your fancy headphones.
Danny Messer: (whistles) That's pretty harsh. I mean, I failed Calculus, but my teacher didn't kill me.

Jo Danville [to Torrey Powell]: You swallow a lot. I mean a lot a lot. I don't mean to make you feel self-conscious. It's a common OCD anxiety disorder. And I would recommend exercise or some kind of organized sports to keep your mind focused on something else. But since those really aren't an option now, you're kinda screwed. Unless...
Torrey Powell: Unless what?
Jo Danville: Well, the sympathetic nervous system is responsible for your body's reaction to stress and right now, there's no question you're under a great deal of that. So you're gonna need to really figure out how to alleviate that somehow.
Don Flack: How about by telling us the truth, Torrey?
Jo Danville: It's a matter of your personal safety.
Torrey Powell: What the hell kinda mind games are you playing, lady?

Jo Danville [to Adam]: I got a courtesy call from an old friend of mine at the FBI. Turns out the Feds have been investigating Dragga Financial for all sorts of shenanigans. In fact, they were kind enough to share their files with me, pretty much all of it. But they weren't too keen on seeing an NYPD computer digging around in their sandbox.
Adam Ross: Okay, that's great. But I know why you're here. I've heard about your rep. So what, are you gonna blow the whistle on me now, too?
Jo Danville: You don't want to go there. Me leaving the Bureau to come here was about conviction and evidence and doing my job.
Adam Ross: Okay. I'm sorry. That w... that wasn't fair.

Lindsay Monroe: A few of these and a laptop, and she's able to write, record her own music, post it online for millions of people to hear, and then text and video-chat with God knows how many more.
Danny Messer: Well, that's great, but how long before more is too much?
Lindsay Monroe: (laughs) I don't know, but... you know, we already opened the 21st century, Danny. I think it's too late to send it back.
Danny Messer: Yeah, well, you're probably right about that, but just to be clear, though, Lucy is never going near a computer, okay? Just, ever.
Lindsay Monroe: Okay. But she does have, uh, a laptop lab at her preschool, and she can use my iPhone better than I can.
Danny Messer: Damn it.

Adam Ross: I shared the final moments of Sass Dumonde's life. I, I... I heard her music. I... I saw her joy. I-I... maybe even fell in love a little. And then, three minutes later, it was... it was just over.
Jo Danville: When you cross paths with people like that, it's hard not to stop in your tracks. But believe me when I tell you... none of what you're doing now will bring her back. It will only bring you down.
Adam Ross: What do I do now, though?
Jo Danville: Go home. Go to bed. Come back in the morning ready to do what's right.

Sheldon Hawkes: You got to be hurting a little bit today, huh, man?
Adam Ross: I got a, uh, you know, three-day suspension. It's pretty painful.
Danny Messer: Ah, come on. Hacking after Mac told you not to? You're lucky he didn't suspend you from the flagpole out front.
Sheldon Hawkes: Yeah, you go home, lick your wounds, uh, catch up on your soaps. You'll be fine.

Damned If You Do [7.03][edit]

Mac Taylor: Mrs. Travers, did someone in your family do this to you?
[Mrs. Travers moves her finger up and down, meaning "yes"]
Mac Taylor: [to an officer)] Give me that picture over there. Right there. Come on. Come on. Mrs. Travers, I need you to listen very carefully... [pointing to Billy Travers] Is this the person who did this to you?
[Mrs. Travers moves her finger up and down, meaning "yes"]
Mac Taylor: Is this your son? Did your son do this to you?
[Mrs. Travers moves her finger up and down, meaning "yes"]
Mac Taylor: We got to find this kid right away.

Danny Messer [to Lindsay]: Remember what I said about having a son?
Lindsay Monroe: Yeah.
Danny Messer: Never mind.

Lindsay Monroe: You want to take the front door or you want the bedroom?
Sheldon Hawkes: I'll leave the bedroom to you two.
[Danny giggles]
Lindsay Monroe: Thanks. Bed or floor?
Danny Messer: I'll take the floor.

Billy Travers [after his mother identifies him as the one who beat her and killed her husband]: I don't understand. Why would she do this to me?
Jo Danville: Do this to you? Maybe because you beat her within an inch of her life.
Billy Travers: I wasn't even at the house. I haven't been home in over a month.

Jules Roday: He didn't do it. He doesn't have it in him to do something like this.
Don Flack: Okay, Jules, I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Everyone has it in them to do something like this. Everyone.
Jules Roday: No. Not Billy.
Don Flack: How long have you been going out?
Jules Roday: Five months.
Don Flack: Five months? I usually like to wait at least six months before I can attest to somebody's lack of homicidal tendencies.
Jules Roday: You're kind of a bitch, you know that?
[Flack smiles]

Jo Danville: So from about 8:00 to 11:00, I'm just supposed to take your word for it that you were in your room? And the only person who can account for your whereabouts earlier that day is your girlfriend [starts writing down]
Billy Travers: What are you doing?
Jo Danville: Math. Because you're not man enough to admit what you did. Now I gotta do Math. I hate Math. Half hour by train to get to your parents' place. 25 minutes to stand outside and build the courage to kill them. Another 40 minutes inside to do the deed and change your clothes. 15 minutes to puke and then find a place to ditch the bloody clothes. Another half hour to travel to your room (she sums up) Five... ten... carry one... two hours and 20 minutes, give or take. Plenty of time for you to commit the murder and get back to your room.

Sid Hammerback: The human skull is composed of one of the most durable substances found in nature. It takes approximately one ton to reduce the diameter of the skull by one centimeter. Unfortunately for Walter Travers, when you get whacked in the head multiple times with a blunt-force object, that doesn't mean a whole lot.

Sid Hammerback [to Jo]: You came from D.C., right?
Jo Danville: Yeah.
Sid Hammerback: It's an interesting town. I've only been there once to testify before Congress.
Jo Danville: Oh, on behalf of the National Academy of Sciences?
Sid Hammerback: Oh, no, no. I was there to testify that they have no business restructuring the College Bowl system. I never got past the door. But the town is... is quite... lovely.
Jo Danville: Okay.

Jo Danville: Is the mother gonna make it?
Mac Taylor: She's not conscious yet but the doctors say she'll pull through. It's nothing short of a miracle. I've never seen anyone take a beating like that and survive.
Jo Danville: I wonder if I'd even want to. How do you go through life knowing your kid killed his father and tried his best to kill you?

Don Flack:[to Manny Ravarra] We're here about a homicide that was committed last night in Jamaica Estates. Couple was bludgeoned to :death.
Danny Messer: And we don't make you for it. In fact, we have an eyewitness who says it wasn't you.
Manny Ravarra: All right.
Danny Messer: But your cell mate, he says you did it. Said you were bragging about it.
Don Flack: But Owen Hicks is looking to get out from under a robbery charge that will most likely send him upstate for the next 15 years, so...
Danny Messer : Yeah, not the most reliable source. We figured we'd come here, lay our cards on the table, give you an opportunity to respond.
Manny Ravarra: Let me see if I got this right. My crackhead cell mate gives me up for a murder that an eyewitness says was committed by someone else, and you two drop by here to give me the opportunity to say that I didn't do nothing? I got that right?
Don Flack: What about it, Manny?
Manny Ravarra: What about it? Sometimes crackheads actually tell the truth.
Danny Messer: So what are you saying?
Manny Ravarra: I'm saying your eyewitness is wrong. I killed that couple.

Lindsay Monroe: (about Billy Travers) He was either extremely careful or we have to consider that he didn't do this.
Mac Taylor: At the scene, I thought that might be the only chance to talk to her. When they said there was no forced entry, that prompted me to show her a photo of her family.
Lindsay Monroe: And she was responsive, right?
Mac Taylor: She was. She looked me in the eye and understood me. But maybe I pushed too hard in the moment.

Don Flack: (sitting in the sidewalk) I can just picture Manny Ravarra, sitting the cafeteria with a stupid grin on his face, eating a bologna sandwich, gloating to the other inmates how two mope detectives are knee-deep in crap for absolutely no reason.
Danny Messer: (coming out of the sewer) Actually, I only see one mope detective down here. You want to join me?
Don Flack: I don't do sewers. It's like he said... he's doing life, he's got nothing to lose, so why not jerk us around?

Sheldon Hawkes: Looks like Manny Ravarra's playing you.
Danny Messer: Why would he want to go down for a murder he didn't commit?

Mac Taylor: Mrs. Travers, do you remember what happened last night?
Grace Travers: No. I just remember waking up in this room.
Mac Taylor: I realize this is hard, but can you tell me why your son would have done this?
Grace Travers: Billy?
Mac Taylor: Yes.
Grace Travers: You think Billy did this to me?
Mac Taylor: Last night, you identified your son. To me. I showed you a photograph and you indicated that he had done this.
Grace Travers: No... no, I did no such thing. No, Billy didn't do this. He would never do anything to hurt me or his father.
Mac Taylor: Mrs. Travers, I know you've been through a lot...
Grace Travers: Who are you?
Mac Taylor: My name is Mac Taylor.
Grace Travers: Why did you come here? To tell me that my son did this to me? To tell me these lies?
Mac Taylor: I don't want to upset you...
Grace Travers: No, you listen to me! You leave Billy alone, do you understand me? He would never do this! Now, go! Get out! Leave my family alone!

Sid Hammerback: Oftentimes, damage to the temporal lobe results in seizures and those seizures have a tendency to start in the hands.
Mac Taylor: So it's possible the movement of her finger up and down was involuntary. You think I made a mistake showing her the photograph?
Sid Hammerback: Well, like you said, she was responsive and obeying commands. I hate to play devil's advocate here, Mac, but a defense attorney would have a field day with that ID. Bottom line, we don't have a picture of what happened in her brain when she moved her finger. So there's just no way to know if her ID is reliable.
Mac Taylor: And now she's defending her son.

Danny Messer: Ravarra come through the 116 last night around 2:00 A.M. Same time and precinct as Billy Travers.
Jo Danville: So Flack's going at Billy in the interrogation room and Manny's sitting in the bullpen being processed? Rookie cops.

Adam Ross: (to Owen Hicks; impersonating a polygraph examiner)I understand there's a question to the veracity of certain statements that you may or may not have made and or heard during your confinement in the fine institution known as Rikers Island. Is that correct?
Owen Hicks: I have no idea what the hell you just said, man.
Adam Ross: Are you playing games with me, son?
Owen Hicks: No, I'm not playing games...!
Adam Ross: Because any heretofore games will not be tolerated. Okay?
[As Jo and Danny witness Adam trying to get a confession out of Owen Hicks]
Jo Danville: How long do you give him?
Danny Messer: Well, if Adam remembers to plug the damn thing in, I don't think he gets past the first question.
Jo Danville: First question? No way it gets that far.
[Back in the interrogation room]
Adam Ross: (to Owen Hicks as he gets him ready for the polygraph) This simply measures your blood pressure while the test is being administered. The information then relays to the pen thingy which will go haywire if you're full of... if you're being untruthful. And, based on the amount of sweat that's accumulated on your forehead... gross... is more than likely.

Mac Taylor: Judge let Billy Travers out on bail. As of now, the mother's I.D. is all we have and I'm not even sure we have that.
Jo Danville: Should we offer her some kind of protection?
Mac Taylor: She'll refuse. She's on her son's side now. So unless we come up with a forensic link, he'll be at her bedside by the end of the day.

Mac Taylor: If this is gonna work we got to trust each other. The DD-5 documenting Grace Travers recanting the I.D.... I saw you looking at it. Damaging to the case... you thought maybe I wouldn't file it?
Jo Danville: History has a tendency of repeating itself.
Mac Taylor: What happened in D.C. is not a part of my history.

Mac Taylor: Uncovering mistakes made by your lab and alerting defense counsel was part of your oath. Still is.
Jo Danville: Tell that to Senator Matthews. I still get letters from him blaming me for the outcome of his daughter's case. The mistake I uncovered was made by a guy named Frank Waters. Impeccable reputation. I worked with Frank Waters for 12 years, Mac. I went to his wedding, his kids' birthdays. So when I discovered he destroyed a document detailing a mistake he made interpreting DNA results, trust became just another word and Serena Matthews' rapist went free.
Mac Taylor: You had to make it public.
Jo Danville: It was a decision I don't regret making and I'd make it again.
Mac Taylor: Jo, my team does not sacrifice integrity for a desired result. Now that you're part of it, I promise you you'll never have to make that kind of decision again, okay?

Don Flack :[about Paul Benson] I don't get it. This guy was the senior class president, captain of the soccer team, Dean's list. This kid had everything going for him back in 2002. He was the guy you love to hate in every John Hughes film.
Danny Messer: He was even dating the prom queen, Sarah Dufresne.
Don Flack: Apparently dating her wasn't enough (reads from Benson's file) "I told him I wanted to wait, that if he loved me, he would respect that I wanted to wait. He grabbed my arms and pinned me down." One minute he's Harvard bound, next he's Rikers bound.

Steven Benson: (about testifying against his son, Paul in a rape case) Not a day goes by we don't second-guess our decision. Paul's our son.
Jo Danville: If you'd kept silent, you wouldn't have been able to live with yourselves.

Steven Benson: It took a few weeks and several fights, but we decided that telling the truth was the right thing to do.
Jo Danville: It was. No matter how much it may have hurt. So you had no contact with Paul after that?
Steven Benson: We tried, but Paul didn't want anything to do with us. He felt that we'd betrayed him so he just cut us off.
Nina Benson: We moved a couple years later. Tried to put it behind us.
Jo Danville: Paul was digging by the side of the house for the spare key. But the locks had been changed and he used a crowbar to get inside. He thought it was you in that bed. Paul went back to the house to kill you.

Mac Taylor: What were you thinking, Paul? You were getting even? That killing your parents was somehow gonna settle the score for them testifying against you?
Paul Benson: I was just a kid.
Mac Taylor: You were 18 years old. You were old enough to be held accountable for your actions.
Paul Benson: They betrayed me.
Mac Taylor: No, no. You betrayed them. You think it was easy for your parents to do what they did? Your girlfriend, Sarah... they were just supposed to let her go through life knowing you raped her and got away with it?

Paul Benson: The woman who went to the hospital... she survived? She's gonna be okay?
Mac Taylor: No. She lost her husband, her son lost his father and she's gonna have permanent brain damage. So, no, she's not gonna be okay. You had an opportunity to get out and make something of your life, Paul. Instead, you destroyed another family.

Mac Taylor: I'm sorry you had to go through that, Billy.
Billy Travers: Yeah. I get it. You were just doing your job, I guess.
Mac Taylor: You know, sometimes we lose sight of how hard it is to be called a suspect.

Grace Travers: Billy. Who's this?
Mac Taylor: My name is Mac Taylor.
Grace Travers: Have you met my son Billy?
Mac Taylor: I have. You have a good son, Mrs. Travers. You're a very lucky woman.

Jo Danville: (To Sid) Can you tell us anything about the nature of the blunt-force object?
Sid Hammerback: (Stares at her, doesn't say anything)
Sheldon Hawkes: Sid?
Sid Hammerback:: I'm sorry, I just wasn't prepared for you to be so...
Jo Danville: Female? (smiles)

Sangre por Sangre [7.04][edit]

Don Flack: (about Panthro Torres) Guy wakes up a big shot, ends up a shish kabob.
Mac Taylor: A lot can change in one day.

Don Flack: Torres was the leader of El Puño so this was likely a hit by a rival gang.
Mac Taylor: That means El Puño's gonna want blood.
Jo Danville: From what I've heard, these aren't two-bit, three-block dope dealers.
Mac Taylor: Far from it. They control East Harlem.
Don Flack: Drug trafficking, extortion, murder for hire, name it. El Puño's a one-stop shop for all bad things.
Jo Danville: Whoever killed Torres is gonna have a mark on their head.
Mac Taylor: Well, we got to find them before the streets do, or it's going to be war.

Sheldon Hawkes: Torres was a big time gangster, but I guess it's true what they say: you live by the gun...
Sid Hammerback: You get gunshot wounds.

Danny Messer: (about a lipstick mark in the mirror of the victim's hotel room) Somebody's got to kiss and tell.

Jo Danville: Torres' death leaves a void at the top of his crew, so I thought I'd look at his replacements might be able to avoid a street war if we can talk to them. So I'm gathering this as I go. Seems, Torres was the face of this crew, but Lisa Brigosa... she's the brains and Rick Devarro is the street muscle. Although, given his penchant for getting arrested, Rick's not too bright.
Mac Taylor: There's one other. Luther Devarro.
Jo Danville: Any relation to Rick?
Mac Taylor: His older brother. Founder of El Puño, but more of an advisor at this stage of his career. I helped put him away 15 years ago. He was released last week.
Jo Danville: Gasoline on the fire.
Mac Taylor: It's one thing to be a street guy, another to be smart. But it's dangerous when both those qualities are embodied in one person.

Adam Ross: I've seen everything in these bottles: worms, spiders, live scorpions... whose venom, by the way, okay, makes this drink an hallucinogenic. [Hawkes makes a face] Uh, well, I... I... I don't know anything about that.

Mac Taylor [to Lisa Brigosa]: Last I saw you, you were in Catholic school.
Lisa Brigosa: Back when I robbed nuns for fun.

Luther Devarro: (about Mac) Fernando. Take a look at this man. If you're ever stupid enough to get arrested, this is the guy you want to put the handcuffs on. He's a fair man.

Luther Devarro: Next generation. Teach them a little respect.
Mac Taylor: You've been away for a while. Things have changed.
Luther Devarro: Question is: for better or worse? In our time, it wasn't about guns. It was the knuckle game, remember? I had snap in my shoulder. I hit you, you were hurting.
Mac Taylor: What I remember is you beating a rival gang member to a pulp. That's what put you away.
Luther Devarro: Defending the neighborhood. This place has always welcomed me with open arms.
Mac Taylor: So did El Puño. What you started only got stronger when you went away.
Luther Devarro: Yeah, no thanks to you. Every couple of months, I'd find one of my men in the mess hall.
Mac Taylor: Didn't want you to get lonely.

Mac Taylor [to Luther Devarro]: I want to know if I'm gonna have a problem with your crew.
Luther Devarro: This your way of paying condolences? Last time I checked, it was one of my men who had holes burned into him.
Mac Taylor: And killing more people is going to make it right?
Luther Devarro: What's the alternative, turn it over to the NYPD? Cops like to see us as defendants or, better yet, deceased.
Mac Taylor: Doesn't have to be that way.
Luther Devarro: I didn't make the rules.

Mac Taylor [to Luther Devarro]: You want to teach the next generation? You tell them revenge lands them in prison or a grave. You're a man of intelligence. Reason with them.
Luther Devarro: Men can reason all they want. Machines got minds of their own.
Mac Taylor: I want your assurance that this is not the beginning of a war.
Luther Devarro: I hear your concern but I can't make that assurance.

Hazel Ortega [to Flack]: I didn't kill him.
Don Flack: You know, these talks would go a lot better if you weren't packing a 45, which is the same calibre used to kill Torres, by the way.

Don Flack: I'm good. I'm pissed. Hazel Ortega got shot in my custody.
Mac Taylor: And they would have killed her if you didn't get off some shots. There was nothing you could do. This was an organized hit and she was the target.

Adam Ross [to Hawkes]: Hey, what do you know about Fishzilla?
Sheldon Hawkes: Sounds like a bad name for a monster movie.
Adam Ross: Close... it's the nickname of that weird little thing I found at the bottom of the mezcal bottle. Yeah, its real name is snakehead fish, all right, and it's illegal in all 50 States.
Sheldon Hawkes: Then it couldn't have been that easy to get. How did it end up at our crime scene?
Adam Ross: Uh, I don't know, maybe it was left as a message. You know, these things are pretty vicious. They eat everything, even their own kind.
Sheldon Hawkes: The message could be in the name. Snakehead... reference to the Mambas?
Adam Ross: I'm trying to track down where you can buy these things and then maybe I can figure out who purchased it.
Sheldon Hawkes: How are you going to track it down if it's illegal and off the books?
Adam Ross: I... I know a guy that knows a guy that... knows a guy that knows another guy.

Hazel Ortega: Where I grew up, there's a saying: people who see but keep their mouths shut are the ones who live.

Fernando Flores: Why would I want to go anywhere else when I can learn from Mr. Devarro?
Luther Devarro: Learn from me? Learn from my mistakes. Fact is, you want to start out like me, you might end up like Panthro. Muerto.

Mac Taylor: (to Luther Devarro) A handshake used to mean something. An officer was shot today, and a civilian wounded. The ammo we found had your crew's signature on it. When a guy like you gets released from prison a week before people start getting shot, I don't believe it's coincidence.

Sheldon Hawkes: Two shootings. Same signature.
Don Flack: One gang, El Puño.
Jo Danville: So Torres' murder wasn't a rival hit by the Mambas; it was an inside job.
Sheldon Hawkes: So, just like a snakehead, someone in El Puño's eating their own.
Mac Taylor: I want to talk to each one of their power players. Lisa Brigosa, the Devarro brothers, Rick and Luther and Fernando Flores. Each one of them is either a potential suspect, or a potential victim.

Adam Ross: Our fish smuggler remembers a tough-looking Puerto Rican guy buying from him.
Sheldon Hawkes: He get a name?
Adam Ross: No, but he did specifically ask for three snakeheads.
Sheldon Hawkes: So our killer asked for three, and only two have been used. That's pretty simple math.
Adam Ross: Which leaves one more victim yet to be determined.

Rick Devarro [to Luther]: You killed Panthro? And Lisa?
Luther Devarro: There was a time when crimes against the people in the neighbourhood were not allowed.
Rick Devarro: You still preaching that neighbourhood garbage? You were gonna kill me for that? I'm your brother.

Mac Taylor: You're a man of reason, Luther. Come out, give yourself up.
Luther Devarro: It's too late for me, Detective. I never intended to create something violent. It was never about drugs and guns, money and power. When they put me away, all that changed. Torres, Lisa and my brother! Took what I created, just a group of guys trying to watch each other's back, taking care of their neighbourhood and they turned it into some criminal enterprise.

Luther Devarro: Sitting in my cell, hearing about how El Puño was the most feared and violent gang. Inmates coming up to me and paying respect. I wanted to tear it down!
Mac Taylor: Did you honestly think you could do that by killing the heads of the gang? They'll all be replaced by others.

Luther Devarro: I never intended to save the world but somebody had to be held accountable. Those that made the same promise I did. Promise to protect the neighbourhood, not to eat it alive. To defend it, not to become the worst threat it had ever known.
Mac Taylor: Now you've caused even more bloodshed. Killing people won't solve it. We're fighting the same fight. Why didn't you come to me? We could have taken them down together.
Luther Devarro: Because old habits die hard, and we're different kind of people. I gain closure here, Detective, in the spirit of what I created. I have no other choice. It all ends here. Tonight.

Luther Devarro: [prevents Mac from asking for medical help over the radio] Don't make... I started it. I end it. That includes me.

Luther Devarro: The rules of the street. This wasn't about taking over... [coughs so he won't choke on his blood] This was about making things right.

Out of the Sky [7.05][edit]

Don Flack: Recognize our robbery vic?
Mac Taylor: Roland Carson, defense attorney.
Don Flack: I prefer scumbag lawyer but, yeah, that's him. Body belongs to Melvin La Grange. He was a drug dealer whose hobbies include murder and extortion.
Mac Taylor: Let me guess, scumbag's client?

Mac Taylor: What were they after?
Don Flack: Cash, stock certificates and get this. $5 million in precious gems and jewellery. Carson was keeping them for a client in his private safe.
Mac Taylor: It's not so safe after all.

Lindsay Monroe: Our robbers are wearing the very latest in B & E chic. This season no heist is complete without these little beauties.
[Lindsay is wearing button size LEDs that make her head appear unidentifiable on the screen as it's covered by a bright light]
Lindsay Monroe: I'm walking... I'm walking... I'm walking. I'm busting the safe, I'm making my escape.
Jo Danville: A must-have for the fashion forward felon.

Danny Messer: If Jimmy would have just patted these guys down a little better, or if that gun just fell one inch in the other direction, his whole life is different right now.

Danny Messer: Six years on the job, Jimmy... how you end up working for this bastard Carson?
James Belson: Oh, come on, man, he doubled my salary. Wasn't like I had a lot of options. Hey, you know, if you're interested, now that you're a family man, maybe I could line something up for you.
Danny Messer: I don't plan on retiring any time soon.
James Belson: Well, neither was I, if you remember.

Sid Hammerback: This poor boy was beaten, cut and shot. Does it seem at all extreme for a simple street mugging?

Lindsay Monroe: $5 million worth of gems just fall in this guy's lap.
Jo Danville: And there he is, thinking it's the luckiest day of his life.
Mac Taylor: Turns out to be anything but.

Adam Ross: What would you do?
Danny Messer: What would I do what?
Adam Ross: You know, if you found millions of dollars of gems in the street?
Danny Messer: Give 'em back.
Adam Ross: Oh, come on, guy. You wouldn't keep some?
Danny Messer: Why, would you?
Adam Ross: No, no, no, I... I'd give 'em back. Mostly... I mean... maybe keep one or two.
Danny Messer: Know what happens to people that take things that don't belong to them, right?
Adam Ross: No.
Danny Messer: Other people are getting hurt. Doc! Come here, we got an ethical debate going on, and Adam is failing miserably. What do you do if you come across a fortune of precious gems that don't belong to you?
Sheldon Hawkes: I'd give them to the guy with the knife to my throat.

Don Flack: Got any bad habits, Arnold? For instance, I crack my knuckles. It used to drive my mom nuts (his knuckles crack) Some people pick their nose, chew with their mouths open, use a pen knife to clean their fingernails in public.
Arnold Vonley: So what? That's a crime now?
Don Flack: No, Arnold, that's not a crime. It's disgusting, but it's not a crime. Unless, of course, you use that same pen knife to mug someone.

Don Flack: What about the bag?
Arnold Vonley: Man, I'm a specialist. Strictly cash and jewelry only. I'm not risking my life for some sweaty gym socks.
Don Flack: How much did you get away with?
Arnold Vonley: 20 bucks. Plus the watch. Probably like 80 bucks, total.
Don Flack: I'm gonna be honest with you, Arnold. You're probably the dumbest mugger I've ever met.
Arnold Vonley: Why? What was in the bag?
Don Flack: Five million dollars. Those were some valuable gym socks.

Don Flack: No way Arnold did it. He's strictly small time. Muggings. Petty theft.
Sheldon Hawkes: So he robs our John Doe and leaves behind a bag worth five mil.
Don Flack: Yep, I guarantee you he will regret that decision for a very long time.

Jenny Harper: Wait, you don't blame him, right? 'Cause he wanted to keep it?
Don Flack: I think he was very lucky that he had a girlfriend who pointed him in the right direction.
Jenny Harper: Yeah, that direction got him killed.
Don Flack: The men who stole those gems placed a tracking device on them. So they were probably tracking Heath's movements. The fact that he was bringing them to us didn't save his life, but it might've saved yours.

Adam Ross: It's got all the auditory markers of an ass dial. You know, when your phone's in your back pocket and you make a call that you don't even know you're making. For instance, okay... my ass dialled my girlfriend once when I was out at a bar with some friends. Left, like, a 15-minute message, you know? I mean, it would've been really funny, except we were talking about her the whole time, and...
Mac Taylor: That's how she became your ex-girlfriend?
Adam Ross: Well... yeah.
Mac Taylor: Clear out the ambient sound, see if there's anything useful underneath, and call me when you got something. With your fingers, not your ass.

Lindsay Monroe: Ted and Paul Kendricks. They're brothers. They were arrested a few years ago for trying to rob an ATM cash warehouse and use a plane as a getaway car. They served two years.
Jo: Just two years? How's that happen?
Danny Messer: Well, their lawyer was Roland Carson.
Jo Danville: What a coincidence.

Mac Taylor [to Roland Carson]: You, uh... you recognize anyone?
Roland Carson: Should I?
Mac Taylor: They're the men who broke into your apartment last night. They're also former clients of yours. You care to explain that?
Roland Carson: I've defended a lot of criminals, Detective. It's my job.
Mac Taylor: That's not an answer.
Roland Carson: I don't know what else to tell you. Maybe you should ask one of them.
Mac Taylor: They're a little bit dead right now. Killed with a handgun registered to you.

Roland Carson [to Mac]: I have clients coming in and out of my apartment all hours of the day, as you know. Any one of them could have walked away with that gun.
Mac Taylor: Already preparing your defense theory? A little fanciful, even for you.
Roland Carson: You think I set up the robbery? Hired former clients to have my own apartment broken into, my bodyguard shot and millions stolen from another client, then murdered my former clients with a gun that's easily traced back to me? That's what I call fanciful.
Mac Taylor: I'm not hearing a denial.

Roland Carson [to Mac]: This must be the highlight of your career, Detective... going after me.
Mac Taylor: It's not even an honourable mention.

Roland Carson: So why would I risk my life for a few bucks? I charge more an hour than you make in a week.
Mac Taylor: As an errand boy for drug dealers and thieves.

Roland Carson [to Mac]: If you come after me, I will hit you and your department with a malicious prosecution suit that'll spin your head.
Mac Taylor: I'm still not hearing a denial.

Mac Taylor [about James Belson]: He must have checked himself out of the hospital right after Danny came to see him. Met up with the Kendricks brothers, killed them, then tracked Heath down.
Jo Danville: That's a lot of activity for someone who just had abdominal surgery. He's going to need medical attention soon.
Mac Taylor: Well, he's got five million reasons to play through the pain.

James Belson: Would you believe that this isn't what it looks like?
Danny Messer: Not in the mood for your jokes, buddy. Put it down.
James Belson: What are you gonna do, huh? Gonna shoot me in the back, Danny?
Danny Messer: And not think twice about it, buddy, if it comes to it.

James Belson: You ever think about that night, man, huh? You ever think about what it would've been like if you would've patted those guys down instead of me? If you would've been the guy with the flashlight in the backseat? And don't you even pretend that you would've seen that gun any better than me.
Danny Messer: Doesn't matter, Jimmy. Now, put the damn gun down or I will shoot you.

Roland Carson: Can I have the gems back now? My client would like to take possession.
Mac: They're evidence now. Sorry.
Roland Carson: What the hell am I supposed to tell my client?
Mac Taylor: Well, you're a persuasive guy. Persuade them not to kill you.

Roland Carson: Wait... where's the ring? Diamonds, emeralds. It's an heirloom. It's worth a million at least, Detective.
Mac Taylor: What you see is what we found in the trunk of Belson's car.
Roland Carson: Can't be. Maybe Belson kept it with him somehow.
Mac Taylor: Ah, they usually check prisoners for heirlooms at Rikers.
Roland Carson: It's the most important piece here.
Mac Taylor: Mr. Carson, these gems have been all over the city, in and out of many hands. The ring could've gotten lost anywhere.
Roland Carson: That's not good enough, Detective.
Mac Taylor: Sue me.

Do Not Pass Go [7.06][edit]

[When a body is found inside a car left on the roof of an abandoned building]
Jo Danville: It certainly is a unique spot for a body dump.
Mac Taylor: It's also a perfect place to commit murder.

Danny Messer: Rooftop is clean. If there was ever trace up here, Mother Nature did not want us to find it.
Lindsay Monroe: What about the stairwell?
Danny Messer: It's my next stop.
Lindsay Monroe: You want help?
Danny Messer: Uh, well, with 738 stairs, I think I'm good.

Lindsay Monroe: Can you imagine finding your kid like this?
Danny Messer: No, no, and I don't even want to think about it.

Jo Danville: What's with the car?
Don Flack: The original architect had a thing for big-boy toys and drag racing. Been up here 40 years.
Mac Taylor: I had daydreams of owning one well into my 20s.
Jo Danville: I'm assuming yours didn't come standard with a dead body.
Mac Taylor: That wasn't even an option.

[As Hawkes and Sid are about to remove a decomposing body from a car]
Sheldon Hawkes: This is gonna get ugly.
Sid Hammerback: Indeed. Do you prefer heads or tails?
Sheldon Hawkes: Does it really matter?
Sid Hammerback: In that case, you can have tails.

[When part of the skull of the body comes off as Sid and Hawkes trying to handle it slowly]
Sid Hammerback: Uh! Under the circumstances, I suggest we apply the tried-and-true Band-Aid method.
Sheldon Hawkes: Band-Aid method?
Sid Hammerback: One, two, three... pull!

Jo Danville: Honey, what are you doing here?
Ellie Danville: We have to leave New York. This whole move-to-the-Big-Apple thing is not gonna work.
Jo Danville: Oh, honey...
Mac Taylor: Take all the time you need.
Jo Danville: (mouths) Thank you.

Ellie Danville: I'll give this stupid school another shot.
Jo Danville: Thank you. I owe you one.
Ellie Danville: A new pair of soccer cleats and some shin guards?
Jo Danville: That's two (laughs) It's a deal.

Sid Hammerback: I enhanced the tattoo on the radial border of the Vic's upper arm and discovered this, what appears to be a wee little leprechaun holding a... basketball?
Jo Danville: Looks like a homemade rendition of, what? The Boston Celtics' mascot?
Sid Hammerback: Oh. Well, not a very good one.

Danny Messer: You're liking the voice mail caller for both Craig's murder and Jeremy's disappearance?
Mac Taylor: At this point, yes.
Sheldon Hawkes: That doesn't bode well for Jeremy.
Mac Taylor: Well, being kidnapped by a psychopath seldom does.

Mac Taylor: Poisoned and left to die. This was personal.

Mrs. Anderson: (to Flack about her son Craig) His first words were Bird and McHale.
Don Flack: Mine were cookie and cake.

Don Flack: Mrs. Anderson... we're going to find the guy who murdered your son.
Mrs. Anderson: That's not going to bring him back, is it? I'm sorry.
Don Flack: It's going to take time.
Mrs. Anderson: I don't know the right way to act around people, what to say to them.
Don Flack: No right way to act. Children aren't supposed to die.
Mrs. Anderson: I would like to see him, Detective.
Don Flack: All due respect, I don't think that's a good idea. That's not how you want to remember him.
Mrs. Anderson: Then, how do I say good-bye?
Don Flack: You don't. Not where it counts.

Jo Danville: What is this place?
Mac Taylor: Transportation Department warehouse.
Don Flack: This is where tired old street signs go to die.

Jo Danville: That's a service apron.
Mac Taylor: You know from experience?
Jo Danville: I worked in a burlesque club when I was an undergrad.
Mac Taylor: As a bartender?
Jo Danville: I never said that.

Mac Taylor: So how'd your negotiation go yesterday?
Jo Danville: Negotiation?
Mac Taylor: Your daughter seems rather determined to vacate New York City.
Jo Danville: She can be a stubborn mule like her mama. Seldom shy about what she likes and doesn't like.
Mac Taylor: Being thrown into the deep end is never easy. It helps to know there are people around that have your back.
Jo Danville: Well, Ellie's a tough kid. She's going to be fine.
Mac Taylor: I wasn't talking about Ellie.
Jo Danville: Thank you.

Adam Ross: The new voice mail was left using a second prepaid phone and just like numero uno, right, the SIM card was used once and then deactivated.
Lindsay Monroe: So Mrs. Harris' mystery caller is dumping phones as he goes.
Adam Ross: Sure looks that way. So, I compared the serial numbers on both the cards and guess what?
Mac Taylor: They were sequential?
Adam Ross: Yeah. Perp's not as smart as he thinks. He bought both the phones at the same store at the same time.
Mac Taylor: He alluded to a final message in the second voice mail.
Lindsay Monroe: So to leave it, he'd need a third phone which might still be active.

Mac Taylor: (right before sending them to a bar in search of a perp) I hope Jo and Flack are thirsty.

Don Flack: All right, I'll start beating the bushes.
Jo Danville: Hang on. I might have a less obtrusive way. We do have his telephone number (dials and hands her cell to Flack) It's for you. [The phone rings; Flack notices it belongs to the bartender]
Don Flack: Gotcha. [The bartender realizes what's going on and runs away] Less obtrusive?

Reuben Lewis [to Mac]: A friend asked me to make a call, read a set of instructions. I didn't ask why because I didn't really care.
Mac Taylor: Do you think you'll care about 25 to life?

Jo Danville: Smug little punk. He got off too easy.
Don Flack: I agree. You should have put him under the dumpster.

Reuben Lewis: I'm tired of this BS. If you guys had anything on me, I'd already be in jail.
Mac Taylor: Or just visiting (uses his flashlight to reveal a U.V. stamp from Rikers on Reuben's hand) You're a bartender, Reuben. You really should wash your hands more often.

Sheldon Hawkes: The reptile remains we found in the basement were consistent with Bungarus Fasciatus, also known as the Banded Krait.
Mac Taylor: Where did they come from?
Sheldon Hawkes: My guess: Chinatown, black market. 15 minutes on the Internet, anybody can learn how to extract the venom. It's neurotoxic and fast-acting, causing near-instant muscle paralysis in humans. The lucky ones die fast.
Danny Messer: And the unlucky ones?
Sheldon Hawkes: Slow and excruciating respiratory failure. As the diaphragm becomes paralyzed, the victim suffocates. Death can take days.
Danny Messer: So these guys were literally trapped inside their bodies. I mean, unable to move, unable to talk.
Mac Taylor: Allison Scott knew exactly what she was doing. She wanted them to suffer.

Allison Scott [to Jo]: Don't you dare talk to me about grief, because my fiancé died in my arms.
Jo Danville: You're absolutely right, Allison, that was a terrible tragedy. I can only imagine the anger you felt. God himself couldn't save someone who wanted to hurt my family. I would hunt them down. I would make them suffer like they had never suffered before. I would need them to feel the unrelenting pain that I felt. But what if I was wrong? What if I hurt the wrong person? I could never live with myself.

Don Flack: How the heck did he survive all that time?
Mac Taylor: If you're asking the scientist, I'd say his particular body chemistry metabolized the poison slow enough to keep him breathing. Drinking condensation kept him alive. But if you want my personal opinion, I'd say science didn't have anything to do with it.
Don Flack: It's too bad they all can't have a happy ending.

Mac Taylor [to Jo]: Looking for something?
Jo Danville: Oh, only the best hamburger in all five boroughs. Harvey's double-decker with the works.

Mac Taylor: I read in your file that, uh, you adopted Ellie.
Jo Danville: What?
Mac Taylor: I read files, too, you know.

Jo Danville: Ellie would've just ended up one of those innocent kids lost in a broken system.
Mac Taylor: Well, bringing her into your family was a noble thing to do.
Jo Danville: I didn't have any choice, Mac. She was love at first sight. She was so yummy. And if my son Tyler gave meaning to my life, Ellie just made it complete. It was the best decision I ever made in my life.

Jo Danville [to Mac]: Don't you want to join us? This burger is just heaven on a sesame seed bun.
Mac Taylor: Well, maybe next time. I've already had, uh, heaven on a bun for lunch.

Ellie Danville: Tyler is so lucky. He gets to do whatever he wants in college.
Jo Danville: You know, college is not that easy. Giant textbooks and really hard tests.
Ellie Danville: Tons of hot guys.
Jo Danville: What exactly do you know about hot guys? Don't you make me have to interrogate you.

Hide Sight [7.07][edit]

Mac Taylor: I received a memo from my superior officers just prior to calling this meeting. It reads as follows: 'There is no sniper.' Make no mistake about it. New York City has a sniper. And he's good.

Mac Taylor: Our hope is that this was an isolated incident and that the shooter will be in custody soon. I know that's what the brass wants the public to believe. What I don't know... what we can't know... is when or where the killer will strike again.

Sheldon Hawkes: I miss the no-vacancy sign out front?
Sid Hammerback: (laughs) Uh, standing room only. Three DUI vics in the corner, a robbery gone bad and a pair of unrelated suicides against the wall over there.
Sheldon Hawkes: Perfect timing for a sniper attack.

[After Sid has been injured while retrieving a bullet from a body]
Sheldon Hawkes: His vitals look good. He's a little dazed and confused but I think he's gonna be okay.
Jo Danville: If it weren't for these he would be blind right now.
Danny Messer: What the hell happened?
Sheldon Hawkes: Well, he was retrieving the slug from our second sniper vic and all of a sudden, her head just... exploded.
Danny Messer: Exploded?
Sheldon Hawkes: Yeah.

Jo Danville: Not bad enough this guy's killing people but he's shooting them with exploding bullets.

Chief Ted Carver [to Mac]: Heard about your antics this morning.
Mac Taylor: By antics, you mean telling the truth?
Chief Ted Carver: Look, your own people is one thing. I trust you're not going to be tearing up any directives from above in front of the press.
Mac Taylor: No, no. They were smart enough not to send me anything on paper this time.
Chief Ted Carver: All right, wait, wait, listen. Neither of us is to utter the word sniper, is that clear? That's a direct order from Chief Sinclair to me. Now it is a direct order from me to you. Is that going to be a problem?
Mac Taylor: They have a right to know.
Chief Ted Carver: The public has a right to know what we tell them.
Mac Taylor: I'm not going to lie for you or anyone else.
Chief Ted Carver: Who said anything about lying? Mac, look, I walked the beat just like you did, all right? I know where you're coming from but there is a difference between lying and withholding a truth.
Mac Taylor: I don't think there is.

Mac Taylor [to Chief Carver]: The sooner the people know, the faster they can take steps to protect themselves.
Chief Ted Carver: It's not your call, all right? And I'm not about to create a citywide panic.
Mac Taylor: Well, I don't think we can control that in this day and age, and why even have me up there at all?
Chief Ted Carver: You're the head of the crime lab. It's gonna look like I'm withholding something if you're conveniently absent.

Reporter: So what you're saying is both victims were shot from a distance, through a window, by an unseen gunman who was possibly perched on a rooftop? Sounds like a sniper to me, Detective.
Mac Taylor: Me, too.
[The reporters clamor]
Chief Ted Carver: Thank you. That's all for now (to Mac, as they walk away) What the hell was that?
Mac Taylor: Look, ask yourself one question. If you were a civilian, would you want to know?
Chief Ted Carver: You're a piece of work, Taylor, you know that? What the hell am I supposed to tell the commissioner and the mayor now?
Mac Taylor: You tell them I never uttered the word sniper.

Danny Messer: How's he doing?
Sheldon Hawkes: Well, doctor says he's fine. In fact, I hear he's already back at the office. They told him to take the rest of the week off, but you know Sid.
Danny Messer: Right, right. I mean, he's not happy unless he's looking at dead things.

Jo Danville: Blood on the beetle and mitochondrial DNA from the hair both got hits in CODIS Missing Persons.
Sheldon Hawkes: To the same person?
Jo Danville: A 9-year-old boy who went missing 15 years ago.
Mac Taylor: Michael Reynolds.
Lindsay Monroe: You know him?
Mac Taylor: I spent three years searching for him.

Mac Taylor: Michael had been missing for 72 hours when this case file came across my desk. He was on his way home from school when he was abducted.
Jo Danville: Did you catch the guy?
Mac Taylor: Took 3 years. Arthur Francis. Twice convicted sex offender. Whole time he was missing, we didn't know whether he was alive or dead. It was the first case I ever questioned which of those two options might be worse.
Jo Danville: I'm sure his own parents asked themselves the same thing.
Mac Taylor: At age 12, he finally managed to escape. Clawed his way through the floorboards to a crawl space.
Jo Danville: I can't imagine that moment for a 12-year-old kid. It's heartbreaking.
Mac Taylor: I went to see him a few times after he returned home. Made sure he was doing all right. He always wanted to wear my badge. He asked me if it was pure gold the first time he put it on. His brother Tom, too. I thought for sure one of those boys would become a cop. I tried to stay in touch with the family, but then another case came along, then another case and I lost touch. Now he's the primary suspect in a murder investigation.
Jo Danville: Mac... there's only so much this job allows us to do.

Sheldon Hawkes: There are no bank accounts under the name Michael Reynolds. No credit cards, either.
Jo Danville: In a lot of cases like Michael's, victims just want to fall off the face of the Earth, disappear, hide somewhere no one can find them.
Sheldon Hawkes: Consistent with the method of killing.

Mac Taylor [to Chief Carver]: You prepared to tell the public the truth now?
Chief Ted Carver: How sure are we it's the same guy?
Mac Taylor: Sure as I was before.
Chief Ted Carver: So, I hear you've got a primary suspect. Somebody you're familiar with?
Mac Taylor: Michael Reynolds, missing person 15 years ago. I handled the case.
Chief Ted Carver: Complete whack job?
Mac Taylor: Well, he was held against his will for three years, physically and emotionally abused the whole time. It affected him, if that's what you mean.
Chief Ted Carver: Your stunt at the press conference didn't stop him from killing this guy, did it?

Chief Ted Carver [to Mac]: Exactly what do you want from me?
Mac Taylor: I want you to go to the commissioner, tell him we're going public... with the whole thing; Everything we know. This whole city should be on high alert. Otherwise, I promise you, there will be a fourth victim.

Jo Danville: Michael Francis?
Lindsay Monroe: Another dead end.
Jo Danville: Francis... Francis, Francis. Stockholm Syndrome. In a lot of abduction cases, the victim will actually start to sympathize with his captors.
Lindsay Monroe: Right, especially when they're held a long time.
Jo Danville: And Arthur Francis was Michael's abductor. Michael Reynolds is Michael Francis. He took his kidnapper's last name.

Don Flack [about Michael]: Maybe he decided to do us all a favour and took himself out.
Danny Messer: It's hard to tell in this place but I am seeing indications of a struggle. And if he took himself out, where's the gun?
Don Flack: Could be under his body.
Danny Messer: (checks) No. No gun here.
Don Flack: Well, I'm no expert but I've seen enough guns in my time to know that they don't just grow legs and walk away.
Danny Messer: No, he didn't commit suicide. Michael Reynolds was murdered. What a life. He gets kidnapped, kept for three years, escapes... only to be murdered 12 years later.

Mac Taylor: Michael had a brother... Tom Reynolds.
Lindsay Monroe: Mitochondrial DNA from the hair was a match to Michael.
Mac Taylor: Mito's shared by all maternal relatives, including brothers, so it would also be a match to Tom.
Lindsay Monroe: So he's our shooter. Why?
Jo Danville: Off to one side, unnoticed. Everyone else around him is celebrating Michael's return. Tom is just standing there.
Mac Taylor: Emotionless, neglected.
Lindsay Monroe: So you're telling me he starts shooting people 'cause he didn't get enough hugs and kisses from mommy and daddy?

Jo Danville [about serial killers]: Neglect, it was the most common form of abuse in their childhood.
Lindsay Monroe: He murdered his brother, then he goes on a shooting rampage. Getting to that point cannot be that simple.
Jo Danville: No, it's not. It's usually a preexisting condition, a genetic anomaly of some sort that renders them susceptible.
Mac Taylor: Nature combined with nurture.

Tom Reynolds: Emptiness. Loneliness. Abandonment! How much can one person take? How much can one person do? 'Cause I've tried. God, how I've tried.

Tom Reynolds: You make my life a living hell! And for what? What did I do to deserve this? I'm tired of... of waiting for something to change, because nothing changes. Always just stays the same!

Jo Danville: I've seen this type of behavior before. They start off by killing a loved one.
Lindsay Monroe: The one that they think is responsible for their neglect?
Jo Danville: Yeah. And then things spiral out of control from there.

Tom Reynolds: I tried everything... to make you notice me. But you look past me. You cast me aside. Like I'm invisible. But I'm not invisible. I'm right here. Right here in front of you. You turned my life into a hole, empty of everything. One day... you'll pay.

Mac Taylor: It's over, Tom! Put down your weapon! I know what happened to your brother!
Tom Reynolds: You don't know anything!
Mac Taylor: I know what happened to him. I was there. I know what happened to you.

Mac Taylor [to Tom Reynolds]: Your family turned away from you. We all did. I know what that must have been like.
Tom Reynolds: You don't know anything. No one knows what that's like living in a hole! Abandoned. Ignored. No one knows what that's like!
Mac Taylor: Killing people won't change that!
Tom Reynolds: Look around you. What's going on. All of this is because of me! Because of what I'm doing!
Mac Taylor: There are other ways, Tom!
Tom Reynolds: I've tried all the other ways. Nothing changes. It's just the same! But now? Now it's different. People will know me. They'll know my name. They'll know my face.

Chief Ted Carver: Harry Smith does a segment on the Early Show about the psychology of a sniper and then introduces a new song by Katy Perry?

Scared Stiff [7.08][edit]

Jo Danville: No other prints to suggest she was being followed.
Don Flack: No... If this was a chase or a blitz attack there'd be signs of a struggle somewhere.
Jo Danville: I don't see it.
Don Flack: Nope. So what, or who was she running from?
Sheldon Hawkes: Ghosts.

[Flack and Jo look at him disbelievingly]

Jo Danville: [amused] Dr. Sheldon Hawkes, did I just hear you say ghosts?
Don Flack: You did. Wanna know why? 'Cause that's what he said: Ghosts.
Sheldon Hawkes: A lot of New Yorkers believe this part of the park is haunted. The lake just over there, for years rumor has it, two women have been seen skating figure eights, at night. Rosetta and Janice, sisters, died in the 1800s. Apparently they just glide above the ice, if you get too close they disappear.
Don Flack: [amusedly scared] Shut up.
Sheldon Hawkes: Yeah. Then there was that real estate guy that got gutted by the river just east of here. Oh, and Belvedere Castle, tons of people have heard disembodied voices, and dispatch gets calls all the time.
Don Flack: Teenagers. Doing the nasty.
Sheldon Hawkes: go ahead, poke fun, but this area where we are, right now, some of the volunteers from the emergency medical unit won't even ride in here, they send me. I gotta be honest, there have been times when I felt something.
Jo Danville: a prescence?
Sheldon Hawkes: I dont know.
Don Flack: Doc, come on. You can't tell me, that in your well educated mind, you don't have an explanation for paranormal activity.
Sheldon Hawkes: ok, one night, I heard a woman screaming. I get off my bike, I run towards the sound, the screaming is getting louder and louder, but when I get to where she should've been: nothing. Nobody.
Jo Danville: What do think it was?
Sheldon Hawkes:I don't know. I don't have a rational explanation for what happened that night. Now, it could have been my mind playing tricks on me, or maybe it was the sound bouncing of the trees; but I felt something weird here, and judging by the looks of these shoeprints, maybe our Jane Doe felt something too.

Don Flack: Ah... That better not be poison ivy.
Danny Messer: I'd laugh my ass off.

[They hear howling]

Danny Messer: Can you believe this? In the middle of the night, and now we have to deal with coyotes.
Don Flack: What is that all about? They've been attacking people in broad daylight too. Between them and the spiders...
Danny Messer: You afraid of spiders?
Don Flack: What? Northern Black Widow spiders, the female's poison, lay you out in two minutes.
Danny Messer: You scaredy cat.
Don Flack: That could be the cause of her death.
Danny Messer: you're a science guy now? Black widow bite would cause vomiting, chest pain, maybe some bad muscle cramps, but is not fatal. Besides, our girl died of suffocation. Not of a little itty bitty scary spider.
Don Flack: [slightly annoyed] Just bag the evidence.

[phone rings]

Don Flack: Flack.
Jo Danville: [in a cript creepers voice] We gotta go visit the dead.
Don Flack: Work related I hope.

Jo Danville: This place is so creepy. But I guess, funeral home, what else would it be.
Don Flack: How the hell does a funeral home go out of business?
Lindsay Monroe: The owners died four years ago, the left the family business to the only son, Gordon, he closed up shop apparently, but I understand he still lives here.
Sheldon Hawkes: no prints in the dust, no movement in the air.
Jo Danville: Definately doesn't look lived in.
Lindsay Monroe: or died in.

Don Flack: This doesn't make any sense. This kid closed down te funeral home, but stayed in the embalming business.
Jo Danville: He kept it open for personal use. [reviews crime scene] No signs of struggle. So Isabel was probably unconscious when he laid her out here. So what did he do from there.
Lindsay Monroe: [opens door to closet] He dressed her. [takes out a dress] Vintage. Looks like it's from the fifties.
Don Flack: Hey, if we come across a little old lady skeleton in a wig and rocking chair down here, it's every man for himself.

Lindsay Monroe: So this guy can only relate to dead bodies. That's really sad.
Don Flack: That's not the adjective I would use...

Justified [7.09][edit]

Mitch: ...clothes on her back, food in her mouth, and she runs away? Huh?! That's how she repays me?!
Don Flack: Settle down, Mother Theresa.

Shop Till You Drop [7.10][edit]

Danny Messer: Yo Mac.
Mac Taylor: Let me guess, she gave you a full confession, our job is done.
Don Flack: Wouldn't that be nice. No, she still won't say a word.
Danny Messer: But, something I found at the crime scene is speaking volumes. Piece of glass from one of those window lamps, actually had human flesh burnt into its surface. Had a hit in Codis to a Pascal Denton. Now, he is the StoneFields window display designer.
Don Flack: Turns out, before he was a designer, he was a regular at Rikers. Did six months for assaulting a police officer.
Mac Taylor: Any connection to the victim?
Danny Messer: Well we found his prints on a rode iron branch used as the murder weapon, and on top of that Groseman fired him a week ago.
Mac Taylor: gives him motive. Still doesn't explain how Elena fits in.
Don Flack: No, but this will. She and Pascal got engaged six months ago.
Mac Taylor: so all this time we thought she was there alone with Groseman, maybe her fiance was there too.

To What End? [7.11][edit]

[Mac gets to the crime scene as Flack finished interrogating a witness/suspect, which are a lot of people dressed as clowns. Mac is amused]
Don Flack: Don't say anything. It's just better of you don't say anything.
Mac Taylor: the victim's inside?
Don Flack: The owner. Gino Cressida, was his son's sixth birthday. Witness' just say a clown walked in a wasted him.
Mac Taylor: And when you showed up, the arresting officers had these guys contained? [nodding to suspects]
Don Flack: Yeah. Now, some of these costumes are way off, but they happen to match the description witnesses gave of the shooter they saw walk across the street and disappear down the alley.
Mac Taylor: So one of these clowns might actually be our killer.

Don Flack: [Interrogating Clown suspect] You squirt me with that thing, I will shoot you, right here in front of everybody, understand me?

Danny Messer: [After talking about evidence] ok... one more thing, do you wear sneakers inside clown shoes?
Mac Taylor: Are you seriously asking me that question?
Danny Messer: What, no good? What the hell do I know about clowns?
Mac Taylor: Look, I'm a bright man Danny, but I'm afraid I can help you with that one.

[Jo arrives]

Jo Danville: Hey.
Danny Messer: Jo, do you wear sneakers inside clown shoes?
Jo Danville: I don't know, I don't own any.
Danny Messer: Clown shoes?
Jo Danville: Sneakers.
Mac Taylor: Danny, get out of here.

[Danny laughs as he leaves]

Mac Taylor: Get me some answers.

Russ Josephson: Hey, Mac seems like a nice guy.
Jo Danville: He is.
Russ Josephson: Any reason I should be jealous?
Jo Danville: rolls eyes

Holding Cell [7.12][edit]

Danny Messer: Inhaling your alcohol... I think I saw this in an episode of The Jetsons.
Don Flack: I'm not a doctor, but that can't be good for you.
Danny Messer: The vapor or the girl?
Don Flack: Yeah...

Party Down [7.13][edit]

Mac Taylor: What happened here Don?
Don Flack: This was a truck party gone bad. It's the latest craze in afterhours entertainment. They convert tractor trailers into exclusive nightclubs. Times and locations are spread among the social networks.
Mac Taylor: I'm assming this one didn't start at the bottom of the Hudson?
Jo Danville: I thought the truck was not supposed to move once the party started.
Don Flack: It's not.
Mac Taylor: So who moved it?
Don Flack: Couple cabbies nearly got runover, but they didn't get a good look of the drivers face. They did say that he accelerated through the fence. The abscence of skid marks confirms that there was no breaking.
Mac Taylor: Driver could've drowned. Or still be among the survivors.
Jo Danville: we have divers in the water looking for more bodies and the others are being transported to the precint for questioning.
Don Flack: My guess; driver saw that river coming, jumped before splash down, then got the hell out of dodge.
Mac Taylor: Either way, looks like crashing this party wasn't an accident.

Don Flack: ( Sees half naked woman in the body painting studio.)Are you free for something tonight?
Jo Danville:( Pulls Flack out from the room.) Flack, go!

Smooth Criminal [7.14][edit]

Don Flack: Guess who walks out?

Jo Danville: Sounds like the punch line to a bad joke, professional killer, and ex-con walk into a bar.

Mac Taylor: Three dead bodies isn't the kind of buzz you want.

Lindsay Monroe: Wanna know the secret to bad medicine? Soap scum.

Don Flack: So, Camille Jordanson wasn't just stealing meds. She was also giving them fake meds in return. Pun intended: That's pretty sick.

Vigilante [7.15][edit]

Annie Cartland: I got what the system couldn't. Justice.
Mac Taylor: What you got was retribution.
Annie Cartland: Aren't they the same thing?
Mac Taylor: Not even close.

Lindsay Monroe: How do you follow the law and stay a human being?
Jo Danville: That's the hard part, because the piece of me- if that was my daughter- that wanted him dead I have to put in a box.

Kate Price: you know why I remember you, Lindsey? The day that we met at group, before you and me spoke. You kept checking your watch. You just couldn't wait to get out of there. I don't blame you. It wasn't like we wanted to be there either.

Danny Messer: I have to say, whoever these women are, I admire their determination.
Jo Danville: You think they did the right thing?
Danny Messer: Eh... I mean, no. But, I can't say I wouldn't do the same thing in their position.

Lindsay Monroe: Why, because I'm a woman I should cheer his death? I'm a cop first. As much as I despise what he did I don't advocate vigilante justice.

The Untouchable [7.16][edit]

Lindsay Monroe: This is possibly... a grease.
Danny Messer: Yeah, you better hope is that given where we found it.
Lindsay Monroe: You're gross.
Danny Messer: Huh, you wanted the coat.

Don Flack: How did she get here without getting caught?
Mac Taylor: Buildings on either side are abandoned. No one has been up here for years.
Don Flack: What the hell was she doing in here?
Mac Taylor: Looks like Tessa was living here.
Don Flack: Whoa...[They find a wall plastered with Newspaper clippings, polaroids of people, masks...] I don't think the elevator goes to the top floor, if you know what I mean.
Jo Danville: Its amazing.
Mac Taylor: Somewhere in here is the answer to what Tessa was trying to tell me.

[Flack and Mac investigate room at Gentleman's Club. They find traces of bodily fluid on a couch]
Don Flack: A lot of sex going on in this room. Apparently VIP room means something else.
Mac Taylor: Well, sex isnt a crime, murder is. We need to find blood.
[They spray the room for blood, find it on a wall]
Don Flack: Bingo.
Mac Taylor: The splatter suggests a gunshot wound. Tessa was right.

Jo Danville: Your little talk with detective Taylor was really a threat.
Keith DeJong: No! no, no. Look, I jus wanted him to know how-
Lindsay Monroe: How much of a pompous ass you and your club pals are? Do you think money can get you out of murder?
Keith DeJong: No! Look I don't know anything, I just do what I'm told.
Lindsay Monroe: oh, so you're a pompous lackey ass.

Do Or Die [7.17][edit]

Don Flack: Digital Grapevine is in full effect.

Mac Taylor: Significant blood loss. She couldn't have gone far. She was murdered right here in the school grounds.
Don Flack: Usually you tell your kids to be careful coming home from school, not through it.

Lindsay Monroe: Is that an ass print?
Danny Messer: Honey, what?
Lindsay Monroe: Look.
Danny Messer: Yeah, that does look like an ass print.

Lindsay Monroe: You were a cheerleader?
Jo: Oh, don't act like you weren't!

Danny Messer :[processing their crime scene] You have a hall pass, young lady?
[Jo casually flashes her badge]
Danny Messer: All right, that'll do.

Girl Student: [About being in the school library] [Nervous] Yeah, but I'm there every day.
Don Flack: Got a lot of work done then.
Girl Student: Yeah.
Don Flack: I didn't realize having sex was considered homework.

[Adam is walking trying to fidure out something, Jo walks up]

Jo Danville: Hey.
Adam Ross: Hey.
Jo Danville: Dog ate your homework, what's up?
Adam Ross: ok, check this out. I was processing Olivia Prescott's clothing, and I found this weird grey dirt on her blazer, so I ran it through GCMS, and I found a high concentration of sodium, potassium, magnesium, and chloride; which is... ah well... ah... eh- It has the same chemical consistency as ah... Martian soil.
Jo Danville: [amused] What?
Adam Ross: Soil found on Mars.
Jo Danville: Ok. So I should have Flack send out an APB on what? 5'2, big head, oval shaped piercing black eyes, last scene leaving Archford Academy on a flying saucer? [still amused]
Adam Ross: You know, I just got the results back and I-I don't wanna go to Mac yet cause I don't want him to think that I'm-I'm crazy!
Jo Danville: Adam, I can personally guarantee you, that Olivia has never been to Mars. Based on the tears of the fabrics of her blazer, the killer likely grabbed Olivia, so the "martian soil" had to be secondary transfer from the killers hand, but obviously the killer's never been to mars, so you have to figure out what martian soil has to do with Archford Academy.
Adam Ross: Ok. [Turns to leave, sees Mac] Oh God [Leaves in the opposite direction]

Mac Taylor: Since when were Stalin, Khrushchev, and Beria ingredients in water?
Lindsay Monroe: Never...
Sheldon Hawkes: I don't think there's 1947 calories in it either.
Jo Danville: Where did that water bottle come from?
Sheldon Hawkes: Vics' backpack.
Mac Taylor: [Looking at the water bottle closely] Heh, Multiple Choice. 1-T-D
Lindsay Monroe: 1947. TD. Truman Doctrine.
Mac Taylor: 2-M-P
Jo Danville: Marshall Plan.
Mac Taylor: 3-N-S-A
Lindsay Monroe: National Security Agency.
Mac Taylor: National Security Act, Agency wasn't formed until 1949. Everything on this bottle has been replaced with information pertaining to the Cold War.
Jo Danville: All the answers to the test. It's a cheat sheet.
Sheldon Hawkes: That's impressive.

[Mac looks at him wondering]

Sheldon Hawkes: I mean, it's not like I've cheated or anything...

[Jo smiles at him]

Lindsay Monroe: Olivia was the smartest girl at that school, she wasn't a cheater.

[Mac notices something that he had seen smudged on Olivia's finger before]

Mac Taylor: and this would explain the transfer of the F.Lindsay go to the Archford Academy website. I wanna know what exams are scheduled for today.
Lindsay Monroe: AP World History
Mac Taylor: Looks like Olivia Prescott might have caught a cheater.

Identity Crisis [7.18][edit]

Don Flack: Hey Mac. Bet you a cup of coffee this is the most interesting crime scene you'll go to all week.
Mac Taylor: You sound confident, obviously you know something I don't.
Don Flack: [To Sheldon] You wanna tell him?
Sheldon Hawkes: No, please.
Don Flack: Alright. [To Mac] You had to guess, how old do you say our victim is?
Mac Taylor: Late seventies, early eighties maybe.

[Sheldon and Flack smile and nod as if it was a good guess, Mac looks at them confused]

Don Flack: Doc.
Sheldon Hawkes: Mid thirties would be closer to the truth.
Mac Taylor: [Snorts] What?
Sheldon Hawkes: Yeah... and he's a woman. [Takes off mask from vic]
[Mac looks shocked]
Don Flack: [smirking] I like my coffee black, no sugar.

[Adam is doing something in the computer and starts laughing]
[Danny notices he is playing with the aging software using Lindsay's face]
Danny Messer: [Laughing] Hey, come on, that's not right, don't do that, stop.
Lindsay Monroe: What?
Danny Messer: He's just messing with the age progression software.

[Lindsay walks around the table to see]

Danny Messer: I wouldn't look.
Lindsay Monroe: Is that me?! That's not funny!
Danny Messer: I didn't do it.
Lindsay Monroe: Yeah, but you're laughing.
Danny Messer: No.
Lindsay Monroe: You're going to be married to her. [They all keep laughing] We are growing old together.
[Adam notices Mac walking over]
Adam Ross: [Seriously] Boss, One o'clock.
Mac Taylor: What is happening in here?
Adam Ross: We were... well, ah... while these guys were, eh... goofing around, I discovered a rust like substance from the vics sweater, more than likely transfered from the weapon. [Lindsay and Danny look at him incredulously]
Danny Messer: Rust, huh?
Adam Ross: Yeah, huh.
Danny Messer: I think you need a distinct chemical composition or you'll be staring at big fat dead end chief.
Lindsay Monroe: There was no hit in Codis from the blood on the platform. And Danny's print from the train, dead end. But I did manage to find a partial print from the adhesive tape on the cigar box, and I'm thinking since our vic was wearing a mask, she was probably up to something, and she might have a record.
Danny Messer: Right, which we won't find any time soon, cause our vic is still a Jane Doe, and I ran Sid's ten card and we didn't get an ID... So if that print you recovered is hers, it's not gonna get us a name.
Lindsay Monroe: I'm your wife, ok. You don't have to turn on me.
[The three of them start arguing lightly]
Mac Taylor: You three done?
Adam Ross: Sorry.
Mac Taylor: Alright, lets get an ID on our Jane Doe, lets hunt down a location where this mask was purchased might be a good place to start, the quality of the material suggests it was custom made, not something you find on a costume store shelf, and run this clothes, lets see if we can find a murder weapon. Danny that palm print run it for trace, maybe we can find something that'll tell us where the killer works, lives or hangs out.
[Victim's cell phone starts vibrating]

Jo Danville: [To Ellie] I adopted you because you needed me... and because I needed you

Jo Danville: Hey.
Mac Taylor: [Looks at his watch] What are you doing here?
Jo Danville: Forgot my homework. Left myself a post it so I wouldn't forget on my desk. Of course, I forgot.
Mac Taylor: On your desk?
Jo Danville: Ok, thank you, yes, it's a mess, you know.
Mac Taylor: Huh... How'd it go? [About Ellie]
Jo Danville: oh, it didn't. Ellie changed her mind.
Mac Taylor: Teenagers.
Jo Danville: Yep, that about sums it up. Mac you need to get married and have kids so I don't have to go through all these challenges alone.
Mac Taylor: Have you lost your mind?
Jo Danville: Yeah, don't get married, just adopt a child. [Mac laughs] Children are wonderful.
Mac Taylor: Misery really loves company, huh?
Jo Danville: You'd make a great father.
Mac Taylor: Jo, stop.
Jo Danville: didn't you ever think about being a grandfather?
Mac Taylor: Hey, if I buy you a burger and beer will you stop talking?
Jo Danville: Done. You know I have a weakness for food. Lets get a juicy, greasy hamburger, with a light beer.

[They chuckle a little]

Jo Danville: You would make a great father.
Mac Taylor: Jo...

Food For Thought [7.19][edit]

Adam Ross: Hey Mac, if a bird spits on you do you think it's the same good luck as whe-
Mac Taylor: Figure it out, Adam.

Danny Messer: What about that feast that we brought you in bed?
Lindsay Monroe That was Mother's Day...two years ago.
Danny Messer: Two? Really?...Whoa, I'll get you something tasty when we're done [Crime scene]
Lindsay Monroe: I want a bowl of grits, two eggs over medium, sausage and wheat toast with a lot of butter from that soul food place in Bleaker. And, I want a double cheese burger with large fries, and a cream super float from that place in Madison Square park.
Danny Messer: [Snorts, starts walking away] That's it... [Stops, looks back questioningly]
Lindsay Monroe: I'm not pregnant. I'm just hungry.

Camille Jordanson: I'm throwing a party and was wondering if you wanted to come by.
Sheldon Hawkes: Babe, didn't we almost just die?
Camille Jordanson: Why do you think I'm throwing a party?

Jo Danville: So all this time we've been looking at food trucks we should have been focusing on fine dining.
Mac Taylor: Let's go see if murder is on the menu.

Nothing for Something [7.20][edit]

[Talking about Flack taking Mac home]
Mac Taylor: Will you be giving me milk and cookies and singing a lullaby?
Don Flack: Lullaby thing's a bit weird...but milk and cookies can happen. [Grins]
[Mac grins back]
Don Flack: Let's go.

Life Sentence [7.21][edit]

Don Flack: What are you after?
Raymond Harris: Justice.

Mac Taylor: You want to kill me, Harris? Kill me. Here I am. Make a move.
Raymond Harris: Then there wouldn't be any surprises. Where's the fun in that?

Mac Taylor: You always walked the line, Bill, but I never thought you'd cross it.

Bill Hunt: Not a day went by that I didn't think of turning myself in.
Mac Taylor: But you didn't
Bill Hunt: It wouldn't have made a difference.
Mac Taylor: It would have to me.

Exit Strategy [7.22][edit]

Jo Danville: Danny, check your schedule. You'll receive a 'must appear' for Wednesday.
Sheldon Hawkes: I can cover your cases for you if you have any deadlines.
Danny Messer: Ah, thanks, Doc (To Lindsay) You weren't even gonna offer, were you?
Lindsay Monroe: Solve your own damn cases.
Adam Ross: I can't wait to get married.

Jo Danville: Okay, what's going on, Mac? I know you better than you think. Something's up. What suddenly compelled you to investigate a robbery at a bodega on Austin and 123rd?
Mac Taylor: I'm the head of the Crime Lab, Jo. I think that more or less entitles me to re-evaluate any case I want, whenever I want.
Jo Danville: Fine. I have no problem with that. But I'm your colleague and friend and I think that more or less entitles me to ask why.

Jo Danville: You know, you're going old school with that string. You'd be amazed at what computers can do nowadays.
Mac Taylor: It's an old case. Old habits.

Don Flack: What's up?
Mac Taylor: You just killed two people: owner and an employee behind the counter.
Don Flack: That sounds like me.

Mac Taylor: This case has been sitting on the edge of my desk for the last nine years.
Don Flack: You got a new lead?
Mac Taylor: No.
Don Flack: Is the chif asking about it?
Mac Taylor: Nope.
Don Flack: Then, whats up? Why you looking into it now?
Mac Taylor: No reason.

Danny Messer: Know what I'm thinking? I want you to go into the bathroom, take these two bricks of cocaine and I want you to strap them to your body. All right? Then I'm going to meet you downstairs, okay? I'm gonna get it home, I'm gonna cut it and I'm gonna package it. And I'm going to become... (Imitating Al Pacino) ...Danny Montana. I'm a political prisoner from Staten Island.
Lindsay Monroe: So you have no problem using me as a drug mule?
Danny Messer: No. If you want to be involved, you're going to have to take on some of the risk.
Lindsay Monroe: Well, it sounds like I'm taking on all of the risk. The only thing you risk is being mocked for doing a bad Pacino impression.

Danny Messer: So you're not a fan of being the wife of a very powerful and, and, and very handsome, of I do say so myself, drug lord. I anticipated that, because I know a little bit about you so I have a plan B for making some extra dough.
Lindsay Monroe: Well, does it involve you dressing in drag and turning tricks? Because that I'm totally okay with.

Danny Messer: How does Sergeant Danny Messer sound?
Lindsay Monroe: Are you serious? You're thinking about taking the sergeant's exam?
Danny Messer: Maybe.
Lindsay Monroe: I think that's a great idea.
Danny Messer: Good. 'Cause I took it a few months ago and I'm waiting for the results in a few days.
Lindsay Monroe: What? Why didn't you tell me?
Danny Messer: I mean, I haven't told anyone. I mean, I don't know if I want it. I mean, it's more money. It puts me on the path to possibly running this lab one day but it takes me away from here. It would take me away from the team. It would take me away from you.
Lindsay Monroe: Well, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. I love that you're thinking about our future like this.

Mac Taylor: We processed this thing when the crime occurred and we never got a second donor. Why would it be different now?
Sheldon Hawkes: Well, I used a different genetic analyzer. Every instrument varies in sensitivity. If I ran it through a third one might not pick it up but this one did. Machines. Sometimes there's no rational explanation for why they do what they do.

Wes Dillon: Relax, Kenny. She's just a kid.
Kenny Hexton: No, she's not a kid. She's a witness, man.

Natalie Dalton: I suppose you read the reports... the... the ones that the police made that night. I was a different person back then.
Mac Taylor: Ms. Dalton, I'm not here to judge you. Based on what I've read here, you're a mother who's never given up hope, and I admire that.

Mac Taylor: How did Olivia end up in that bodega alone?
Natalie Dalton: I was more interested in getting loaded than taking care of my baby girl.

Mac Taylor: The bodega was just around the corner. She [Olivia] went to get you some aspirin.
Natalie Dalton: And when I woke up a couple hours later, she was gone. I went through the entire building, knocked on every door, went through the streets screaming her name. I haven't had a drink since that night. That's what it took to open my eyes. But it was too late.
Mac Taylor: It's never too late.

Natalie Dalton: You've been looking for these men for nine years. What makes you think you're going to find them now?
Mac Taylor: Olivia.

Jo Danville: You're a very pretty woman. You seem like you have a good head on your shoulders. What happened?
Jackie Thompson: You can go now.
Jo Danville: If I had to guess, I bet you had a father who told you you would never amount to anything. And after you heard that about a hundred times you started to believe it.
Jackie Thompson: Get out.
Jo Danville: So you started dating guys who would smack you around.
Jackie Thompson: Get the hell out.

Mac Taylor: I want a last name for Wes.
Kenny Hexton: I couldn't tell you. We... we just met a couple weeks before the robbery. I barely knew that guy. After it all went south, we figured the less we knew about each other, the better.

Mac Taylor: (To Kenny Hexton) That can't be easy. Being on the run like that. All that picking up, moving. New town, new faces. None of that changes once you're on the inside. Not if I have anything to say about it, and I will.

Mac Taylor: I want the girl, Olivia. Tell me where she is.
Kenny Hexton: I don't know.
Mac Taylor: Well, then I don't know where you might end up. I'm thinking maybe, uh, New Mexico right now. How about that?

Kenny Hexton: (Giving Wes a gun) It's time to lighten the load.
Wes Dillon: (Knocks Kenny with the gun) You're sick, you know that? (He kicks Kenny repeatedly) Killing little kids is where we part ways.

Mac Taylor: This writing style is very unique. Look at the I's. Exaggerated slant. Alternating capital and lowercase letters between words. Someone may be able to recognize it.
Adam Ross: I'm not sure I follow.
Mac Taylor: We use it like a missing persons billboard. Instead of a face, we use this. 'If you recognize the handwriting, call the NYPD tips line.' That kind of thing. See? Out of the box thinking. Get it out to every media source you can think of. I want it on electronic billboards, too.
Adam Ross: All over the state?
Mac Taylor: The country.

Samantha Rogers: Why would Tony do that to me? Lie to me like that?
Don Flack: We believe his real name is Wes. He's a fugitive. Been on the run since 2002.
Samantha Rogers: For what?
Don Flack: Murder.
Samantha Rogers: He killed someone?
Don Flack: He's also wanted for kidnapping.
Samantha Rogers: Wait, you mean Madison?
Don Flack: Her real name is Olivia Dalton. She's not his daughter.
Samantha Rogers: That can't be. You should have seen them together, the way he treated her.

Wes Dillon: You're young. There's gonna be other boys.
Olivia Dalton: Not like him.
Wes Dillon: You're one of a kind, you know that? You're a real princess. Now, if this guy can't see that, you don't want to be with him anyway. I could have a chat with him. You know... little one-on-one. Little man-to-man? I can be pretty convincing.
Olivia Dalton: He's 12.
Wes Dillon: So, what are you saying? You saying I'm too old, I can't take him?
Olivia Dalton: Okay, yeah. Go beat him up for me. But leave me the last punch.
Wes Dillon: Deal. (He kisses her)

(After Wes has been shot by the cops)
Olivia Dalton: (Sobbing) You're gonna be okay. We'll get you to a doctor right now.
Wes Dillon: Don't be sad, okay, princess? You get to go home now.

Mac Taylor: Olivia Dalton. That's your name. You're from Queens, New York. Your mom's name is Natalie. Remember? I saw her just before I came here. She wanted you to know that she never forgot about you. She never stopped looking for you. She never stopped hoping that you were out here somewhere... alive. She loves you, Olivia.
Olivia Dalton: (About Wes) He loved me, too. My father loved me.

Natalie Dalton: Thank you. Both of you for all that you've done. (Jo motions for Natalie to go join Olivia) Is... is that her? (She peers inside the office) She's beautiful. Can I go...?
Mac Taylor: Of course you can. You're her mother.

Jo Danville: Why didn't you say something about what happened to you on that roof? You put it in the paperwork, but you didn't tell anyone. Why?
Mac Taylor: I'm still trying to wrap my head around a few things, Jo. I've eluded death on many occasions, but this time it was different. It was staring me right in the eyes.

Mac Taylor: What am I doing? How much longer can I do this?
Jo Danville: So that's why you went back to the bodega homicide, the last unsolved case. You wanted to see if you could find some closure.
Mac Taylor: I've done a lot of good.
Jo Danville: Yeah.
Mac Taylor: Maybe I've done my part.

Lindsay Monroe: Oh, did you get your results back?
Danny Messer: (Imitating Al Pacino) Say hello to Sergeant Messer. (They hug)
Lindsay Monroe: You passed?
Danny Messer: I passed! (They kiss)

Season 8[edit]

Indelible [8.01][edit]

Mac Taylor: I'm going to the opera tonight. Claire, would you hand me one of those things?
Claire Taylor: No, who are you going to the opera with?
Mac Taylor: John from the Robbery Squad.
Claire Taylor: John from the Robbery Squad? You're going to the opera with John from the Robbery Squad?
Mac Taylor: Yeah, that's right, he's an opera buff. Claire, would you hand me...?
Claire Taylor: I've been asking you to take me to the opera for I... I... I don't even know how long, and now you're telling me that... (She finds two opera tickets in the cotton swabs container) Nicely done.
Mac Taylor: John from the Robbery Squad is going to be very disappointed.

Claire Taylor: What would you do without me?

Reporter: (Over TV set) Good morning, everyone. 68 degrees at 7:30am on this partly cloudy Sunday. The date is September 11, 2011, marking the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Flags will fly at half-mast and a moment of silence will be observed at 8:46am as we pay tribute to the victims and the fallen heroes of that tragic day. We will never forget.

Adam Ross: I need your signature on this, boss.
Jo Danville: I told you not to call me that.
Adam Ross: Well, whose signature do I need at the bottom of this report?
Jo Danville: Mine.
Adam Ross: Then you're the boss.
Jo Danville: Interim boss.
Adam Ross: I'm not gonna call you interim boss.
Jo Danville: Well, that's what I am, at least until Sinclair fills Mac's position.

Adam Ross: (About Mac's belongings) I call dibs on the Reagan photo if he doesn't come pick up his stuff soon.

Don Flack: How often you keep the place open after 4:00 a.m.? [Witness hesitant to answer] Mr. Lannigan, I thought this might go without saying but I'm more interested in the body lying in front of your bar than what was going on inside.

Hannah McCray: You lost your wife on 9/11, right?
Mac Taylor: Yes, I did.
Hannah McCray: Did they...? Was she ever...?
Mac Taylor: No, no, she was never identified.
Hannah McCray: Was she the...?
Mac Taylor: Claire. Her name is Claire, and the victims are not just DNA profiles. They have names.

(Hannah grows silent)

Mac Taylor: I'm sorry, I... I didn't, I didn't mean... I know you don't think that.

Hannah McCray: Is that why you left the police department? To do DNA research that might help identify her?
Mac Taylor: No, I'm helping to develop new techniques in extracting DNA because 1,121 victims still remain unidentified. Those families don't have closure, and... I know what that feels like

Claire Taylor:This is crazy, Mac. There are still so many people inside.
Mac Taylor: Claire, look, I know you want to help. Listen to me. Just stay on the phone and get as far away as you can.

(Jet engine roaring)

Claire Taylor: Oh, my God.

(Loud crash)

TV Newswoman: Oh, my God! Another plane just hit the other tower. A second airplane just flew directly into the South Tower. This is obviously not an accident.
Mac Taylor: Claire? Claire! Claire!

Adam Ross: (Imitating Jo) Well, uh, I'm just... so sorry, sir, you're just not the man who replaces Mac Taylor at the head of this crime lab. Yeah, not with that pocket protector and those silly Pee Wee Herman-looking glasses.
Adam Ross: (Imitating the man) Uh, but, um, then why did Chief Sinclair want to interview me and have you show me around the lab?
Adam Ross: (Imitating Jo) Well, that's probably because he's just got to make believe that Mac Taylor's never coming back. He doesn't even know the difference between a GCMS and a scanning electron microscope. Well, I'll tell you what, sweet thing, okay? I'm gonna introduce you to a bunch of people that you're never gonna be supervising...
Lindsay Monroe: There's something seriously wrong with you.
Adam Ross: (Gasps) Awkward. How long were you there?
Lindsay Monroe: Pretty much the whole time

Adam Ross: When you're the man and you see that the interim boss is not happy with that answer, you dig a little deeper.
(Jo smiles amused)

(After arresting some perps by tracing a cell phone)

Danny Messer: Technology.
Don Flack: Got to love it.

Jo Danville: It never hurts to have a confession.
Don Flack: That shouldn't be too difficult. Those two aren't exactly brain surgeons. They'll give it up. Hardest part might be keeping their names straight. The white guy's name is Mike Black. They call him White Mike. The black guy's name is Mike White. His street name is Black Mike.
Jo Danville: I'll take Black Mike.
Don Flack: Great. I got Mike Black.
(Jo looks confused)
Don Flack: The white guy. Don't think about it. But trust me, it's right.

Don Flack: I can't imagine what that withdrawal thing feels like.
Mike Black: Kind of like a cop who can't get a donut.

Don Flack: (About Mike Black) He's either an amazing liar... or I'm not as good at this as I think I am.

Joe Vincent: When my son Jimmy got on the PD, he was assigned to this precinct. The two of us would meet here every Sunday morning for breakfast. For the past ten years, uh, every Sunday I go to Mass and... then come back here to this counter alone. I... try to remember his voice... the cop-fireman banter, the love, respect we had for one another. Every Sunday that goes by, memory fades a bit. But... this is how I want to remember him.
Mac Taylor: Well, that's why we're doing this project, right, Joe? Keep those memories alive. And, uh... while I hate to admit it... it's been a real honour working with you on this project. I feel like I've found a friend for life.

Mac Taylor: Here's to us. A grumpy old fireman with no personality and a... charismatic... charming cop who came together... to help to build something that will last forever.
Joe Vincent: Charismatic, my ass.

Mac Taylor: I'm just imagining how cluttered that desk of yours must be now, now that you're the boss.
Jo Danville: Oh! Interim boss. It's your desk. Although I wish you could've seen their faces when I moved a few things in there. It was like I had just taken over Joe DiMaggio's locker.

(Both chuckle)

Jo Danville: It was... but we both know I'm just keeping the seat warm for you until you come back.
Mac Taylor: I'm not coming back, Jo.

Mac Taylor: Hey, Jo.
Jo Danville: Yeah?
Mac Taylor: Measure twice, cut once.
Jo Danville: I know. I know. Look at everything again... every report, every crime scene photo. Answer's in there somewhere.

Jo Danville: That ring around the blood spot is called skeletonization.
Don Flack: Why don't they just call it a ring?
Jo Danville: Okay, that's it. Forget it. I give up.
Don Flack: Sorry, it would be much more interesting if you guys used smaller words.

(Soon after the Word Trade Center collapsed, Flack and Danny stumble upon each other)
Don Flack: Hey, buddy, you can't go down there.
Danny Messer: It's okay, I'm on the job.
Don Flack: What's your name?
Danny Messer: Messer. Danny Messer.
Don Flack: Listen to me, Messer. You don't need to go down...
Danny Messer: No, I got to get down there and help!
Don Flack: Listen to me, Messer. They're all gone!
Danny Messer: I want to go help these people!
Don Flack: They're all gone.

Joe Vincent: You lost your wife, I lost my son. It is what it is. There is no good way to let go of that.
Mac Taylor: We were both down there on that pile, Joe. Digging, searching, hoping. When we first met, I remember you telling me how moved you were at seeing some of the same faces, day in and day out, down there at the site. Everybody coming together to pitch in and help out. How inspired you were that so much evil and pain could be channeled into so much good. Celebrate that. Share that. You said you did it for the families. You're one of the families, too, Joe. Don't forget that.

Jo Danville: We've known each other for about a year now, Don. I have never told you this, but I think you're one hell of a detective.
Don Flack: Thanks, Jo.
Jo Danville: You're welcome.
Don Flack: Jury's still out on you, interim boss.

(Adam is trying to get the tie knot right)
Lindsay Monroe: Do you need a hand?
Adam Ross: No, I got it. Got it. Just got to...
Lindsay Monroe: By the time you're finished, it's gonna be the 20th anniversary.

Danny Messer: (About Lindsay) Where's... Adam and, erm... what's-her-name?

Adam Ross: Can I tell you something?
Lindsay Monroe: Sure. What's up?
Adam Ross: I slept through it.
Lindsay Monroe: Through what?
Adam Ross: 9/11. I've actually never told anybody that before. Just... too embarrassed, you know? And everyone always asks me, you know: "Where were you?" And... I would lie.

Adam Ross: (About 9/11) I was asleep. You know, I went out the night before with a couple of my buddies, and we had a few too many drinks, and I didn't wake up till after 2:00. And by then, the entire world had changed. The next morning, I got up at 5:00 a.m., and I went down there, and... I stood behind a barricade with these construction workers for, like, 12 hours, you know, until they opened it up and let us clean up the debris.
Lindsay Monroe: So you joined the bucket brigade?
Adam Ross: Yeah.
Lindsay Monroe: Me too.
Adam Ross: I thought you were in Montana.
Lindsay Monroe: I was when it happened. I watched the whole thing on TV, feeling totally useless, and like I wanted to help, but they weren't letting planes in, obviously. And then I heard that trucks from all over the country were going to New York. So, I jumped on a local fire truck, and I got here a few days after. We might have been on the same line, never even knew it.

Mac Taylor: For the last four months, it has been my honour and privilege to be a part of something so important and that I am truly proud of. To contribute a little bit to so many who lost so much. These 417 first responders, the portraits of their faces etched in granite and honored here on this Brooklyn Wall of Remembrance, will live in our hearts forever. Ten years have passed since that tragic day. Many of us here have been personally affected and share a loss. And so once more, we pause and we pray, and we will continue to do so as each anniversary passes. In helping to finish this memorial, I've met some truly remarkable people. And we've had the opportunity to meet with many of you who generously shared your thoughts and feelings on how best to remember these fallen heroes who demonstrated such unmitigated courage and selflessness. The effort to build this wall of remembrance has been a great blessing, as we attempt to heal our broken hearts. And here today we gather, a people united not only in our grief, but in our resolve to stand together as one family of Americans. God bless these brave souls who served so selflessly. They will never be forgotten.

Keep It Real [8.02][edit]

Mac: You want to act stupid? Break the law? Fine, go ahead, do it. Just do us all favor, leave the innocent people out of it.

Lindsay: Excuse me, Officer.
Danny: Sergeant.
Lindsay: Sorry, Sergeant. I'm looking for Danny Messer. He's my husband. At least I think he is. I haven't seen him in days.
Danny: You trying to break my heart?

Danny: (About Miranda Beck) She found the body. Claims that she and the vic left the club she was playing last night and came back to the apartment. Probably thought it was the luckiest night of his life.
Lindsay: Unfortunately, it was also his last.

Danny: Hey, stranger. So you're back.
Mac: It's official. I talked to Sinclair yesterday. Retirement papers have already been pulled.
Danny: Great. That's great news. Welcome back.

Lindsay: Oh, hey, Mac. We missed you (To Danny) See? I told you he'd be back.
Danny: You did? You didn't say that.
Lindsay: Yeah, I did. I said he'd be back.
Danny: I said that, but whatever.
Lindsay: (To Mac) Yeah, no, I said you'd be back.
Mac: All right, all right. Are you two done? We have a dead body here that needs to be processed.

Danny: Obvious signs of forced entry. Probably gonna want to phenol these shards of glass. There's, uh... no usable prints, and, uh...
Mac: Are you working the crime scene or me?
Danny: Nah, go ahead. Do your thing. I'll just go check on the canvass.
Mac: He misses all this.
Lindsay: Yeah.

Jo: Tyler, I'm your mama. I meddle. That's what I do.

Adam: (Handing over money) 20... 40... 60.
Hawkes: Yes. Whoo-hoo! Pleasure doing business with you.
Adam: Yeah. Anybody ever tell you that money cannot buy you happiness?
Hawkes: Ah, you want to bet?

Jo: What was that all about?
Adam: What?
Jo: Sheldon, money.
Adam: Oh. Hawkes had him pegged coming back November 30 or earlier.
Jo: Which means you must have had him coming back after November 30.
Adam: Uh, kind of, yeah.
Jo: What do you mean, kind of?
Adam: Uh, kind of, as in... (Clears throat) ... erm, never.
Jo: You mean you thought Mac Taylor was never coming back to this crime lab? How come you didn't let me in on this bet? I'd have cleaned up on all you fools.

Jo: Hey!
Mac: No Good to see you, Mac? Welcome back to the lab? Nothing?
Jo: (Chuckles) I never thought you were gone in the first place.

Sid: Mac Taylor. Now, there's a sight for sore eyes.
Mac: It's good to be back, Sid.
Sid: So, what's it like?
Mac: What is what like?
Sid: On the outside. You made it, man... you were free. What did that feel like?
Mac: It felt good. I'm very happy with what I accomplished.

Sid: A piece of skin. Found it attached to the victim's clothing.
Mac: Is that some kind of reptile or a fish?
Sid: Yes, you're correct. It's from a reptile.
Mac: It's good to be back.

Adam is simulating a break-in when Mac walks in)

Mac: (To himself) Now, this, I missed (Raises voice and calls out) Adam!
Adam: Hey, boss! Welcome back.

Jo: You forgot you broke into your boyfriend's apartment, where he was later murdered while you were conveniently asleep in his back bedroom, is that right?
Miranda Beck: I was in shock. I... I wasn't thinking straight
Jo: About the break-in or about the murder?

Miranda Beck: I didn't think you'd believe me. I've gotten in trouble before.
Jo: Shoplifting... fake ID... nothing that forecasts murder. But I could be wrong.

Flack: He does have just over 12 grand in a savings account.
Mac: Where does a college kid like him get money like that?
Flack: I could think of a few ways, none of which are legal.

Hawkes: Hey, Mac... results on the smudge Sid collected from the victim's face.
Mac: (Reading from the screen) Ink, glass cleaner, mineral oil... auto degreaser.
Hawkes: Yeah. I'm not sure what it means, either.

Mac: You get the name of the tattoo parlor this lotion came from?
Hawkes: Mac... you haven't been gone so long that we've forgotten how to do this.

Flack: (To a girl who is having a yin-yang tattoo done) That's a good choice: yin and yang. Thing is, right now you're thinking yin; when you're 50 years old, you'll probably be thinking yang.

Chad Hendricks: (About dolphins) You ever look inside the mouth of one? Insane teeth. Rows of them, razor-sharp. They could rip a person to shreds if they wanted to. Oh, and get this. They're the only animal other than humans to have sex for pleasure.
Flack: A dolphin? That's what he wanted on his back permanently?
Chad Hendricks: (Laughs) I hear you, man. I do my best to steer people's decisions so they won't regret it later, but this kid was determined.

Flack: What's a tattoo that size go for?
Chad Hendricks: Uh, that one ran a little over a grand.
Flack: A thousand bucks for Flipper?
Chad Hendricks: 200 bucks an hour. What could I say?

Flack: (About a man who got a dolphin tattoo) Listen, if he happens to come back in for a, uh... starfish tattoo, let's say, do me a favor and give me a buzz

Jo: Tyler, before I hear about the new roommate, what happened to the old one?
Tyler: I had to kill him. I asked him who his favorite player on the Knicks was, he said Woody Allen.
Jo: See, that's funny. I like him.

Tyler: You don't trust my judgment.
Jo: I trust you. It's just this Alex... Kirkland person. What's his major, anyway?
Tyler: (Chuckles) Art. I know. Scary, okay?

Jo: Adam, how many college roommates did you have?
Adam: Uh, whew... okay. Let's see, first, there was Todd, but that ended with the whole atomic cat eye incident.
Jo: Atomic cat eye incident?
Adam: Yeah, you know, when like, someone drinks too much, and they pass out, and you, like, sneak up and...
Jo: I don't really want to know. Just ballpark it for me.
Adam: Uh... 12, I guess.
Jo: 12 roommates?! Any of them ever get arrested?
Adam: Todd, and it was for public indecency (Chuckles).

Jo: Tyler's moving in with a new roommate.
Adam: Oh, man! You broke the Mom code and looked him up?
Jo: Well, I didn't get any specifics. The juvie record's sealed.
Adam: (Reading from Jo's computer screen) Trespassing and criminal mischief. Hmm. Looks like you guys got something in common (Smiles teasingly).

Jo: Snakeskin? No indication our vic or his roommate had snakes for pets.
Adam: Well, somewhere along the line, our vic had a run-in with a boa constrictor.

Adam: The whole Tyler roommate thing... it's gonna be fine. You know, usually people with priors never commit crimes within a five mile radius of where they live.
Jo: Oh, get out of here!

(Adam laughs)

Lindsay: Mac, what would you say if I told you I could quadruple your money?
Mac: You trying to talk me back into retirement?

(Lindsay laughs)

Mac: I'd say, it sounds too good be true, not to mention illegal.
Lindsay: Oh, it's definitely illegal. You got five bucks on you?
Mac: Five bucks? (Retrieving his wallet) This better be good.

Mac: The apartment search turn up anything?
Adam: Yep... auto greaser, ink jet printer, scanner, glass cleaner, hair dryer... everything you need for printing counterfeit money.
Mac: Well, the problem is, everything you just listed is also a regular household item, easily explained away.
Adam: Everything but the scanned image of the $20 bill.

(About artwork)

Hawkes: Let you in on a little secret?
Jo: Hmm.
Hawkes: I used to do this when I was younger.
Jo: Really?
Hawkes: Yeah.
Jo: You, Dr. Sheldon Hawkes?
Hawkes: Oh, it just feels like a lifetime ago, but, oh, yeah.

Danny: (About a perp who is spending counterfeit money) What's he buying?
Lindsay: You name it... cigars, booze, jewelry, clothing... a lot of Adidas track suits.
Danny: (Scoffs) Who is he, Run DMC?

Lindsay: Look, honey, I can't get out of here. Can lunch wait, like, an hour?
Danny: Scheduled break, babe. You know that. It's now or never, sweetheart.
Lindsay: Are you mad?
Danny: Yeah... I am mad, but not at you. At, uh… Run DMC over here.
Lindsay: Felony lunch-jacking. I'll make sure they add it to his list of charges.

Randy Davis: (After a customer has just tried a guitar) If I hear 'Sweet Home Alabama' one more time, I swear, I'm gonna sell this place.
Jo: You have a problem with Alabama?
Flack: She's from the South.

Flack: Is this the gun you used for the murder? You know what I'd call this? Proof.

Randy Davis: I didn't pull the trigger. It was an accident.
Flack: Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know? You may want to invest in some nail polish remover before you get where you're going.

Tyler: I would like you to meet Alex, my new roommate...
Alex: Nice to meet you.
Jo: Nice to meet you too.
Jo: (To Tyler) You didn't tell me she was a very attractive girl (To Alex) He didn't say you were unattractive... he just didn't say you were a girl.

Tyler: (About his new roommate) You found her picture on the Internet, didn't you?
Jo: No.
Tyler: Or one of your police databases.
Jo: It's not like I intentionally went and looked her up. I just happened to stumble across some stuff...

Mac: I'm trying to sympathize with you here, Josh. Really, I am... but what I can't get past is that you willingly dragged your best friend into this. You want to act stupid, break the law? Fine, go ahead, do it. Just do us all a favor... leave the innocent people out of it.

Cavallino Rampante [8.03][edit]

Jo: I always tell my kids that the only reason evil exists is so that good can triumph over it.
Mac: If it didn't, we'd be out of a job.

Officer Involved [8.04][edit]

Danny: Whenever you take a life, no matter how justified, it messes with you. You're gonna want to talk to someone about it. You want to talk to someone who's been there.

Danny: No more Sergeant Messer. Just a... plain old detective.
Lindsay: Does that mean I don't have to salute you in the morning anymore?
Danny: I still need you to do that.
Lindsay: You feel all right?
Danny: I mean, it wasn't easy giving up the stripes, you know.
Lindsay: It's the right move, Danny.
Danny: This is where I belong.

Danny: Wow. I can, uh... return to normal duty.
Mac: You're not relieved.
Danny: Of... I mean, of course I am. I am. But I can't stop thinking, Mac, how I treated these cops like they were my family, and they didn't think twice about throwing me to the wolves. I've been doing this job way too long (Sighs) I got to work with people I can trust.

Danny: Can't believe this, Mac. You know, I figured I could be a good boss, to guide these cops, help them avoid the mistakes I made.
Mac: The last time you dealt with Internal Affairs, I called you into my office. You remember?
Danny:(Sighs) Yeah, I remember. They decided not to investigate me on the shooting in the subway, thanks to you. You brought me into your office, you ripped me a new one for my recklessness... which I deserved.
Mac: You're not the same cop as then. You've grown. You're an excellent boss, Danny. If you were my sergeant, I'd follow you anywhere, and that's what I intend to tell Adler when he walks in here.

Lindsay: It's hard to pull a weapon on someone, right? Squeeze that trigger?
Lauren Cooper: I'm sorry. If you're a reporter, I got nothing to say.
Lindsay: You know what else is hard? Sharing a squad car with somebody every day and stabbing him in the back when he had yours.
Lauren Cooper: Who are you?
Lindsay: I'm Lindsay Messer.
Lauren Cooper: I can't talk to you.
Lindsay: No, it can't be easy actually facing me.
Lauren Cooper: No, I'm telling you that we can't speak.
Lindsay: I mean, you know what you're doing affects my family, but it's much easier when we're out of sight.
Lauren Cooper: I'm not supposed to have any interaction...
Lindsay: Like saying you're in a relationship with my husband.
Lauren Cooper: Hey, that's not true!
Lindsay: I know it's not true.
Lauren Cooper: I don't even know why they're suggesting that.
Lindsay: So you're only comfortable with some of the lies?
Lauren Cooper: I'm not lying.
Lindsay: So Danny told you to say that Pete Miller was holding the gun?
Lauren Cooper: Not in so many words.
Lindsay: How many words does it take?
Lauren Cooper: He suggested...It... it was how he put things.
Lindsay: What things?
Lauren Cooper: I don't have to explain myself to you.
Lindsay: No, you don't. You know why? I get this. This is self-preservation, plain and simple.
Lindsay: Think about this, Lauren. If the roles were reversed and Danny was in your shoes, you really think that he'd be looking out for number one?
Lauren Cooper: None of this was my choice. From the moment that I pulled that trigger, it was all out of my hands. I always wanted to tell the truth.
Lindsay: So look me in the eyes, Lauren. Right now. It's just the two of us. Tell me that Danny Messer told you to lie.

Lindsay: I just found out they're putting Danny on modified assignment.
Mac: It's part of procedure, Lindsay. It doesn't mean anything.
Lindsay: But there's going to be a hearing, and maybe even criminal charges. This is like a natural disaster, Mac. You see it coming, and you can't do anything to stop it.
Mac: Yeah, I know it feels like that now, but there's a long road to go before anything's decided here.
Lindsay: Danny's career is on the line, and I don't even know why. He didn't do anything wrong.
Mac: I know.

Ray James: Pete and I grew up together. He always had my back.
Flack: Blah, blah, blah. What were you doing at that bar?

Mac: You weren't shot this morning. You were shot two nights ago. After your involvement in a brawl outside Rattigans. A cop was shot at that night.
Flack: You can talk to us now, or we can have you transferred to the medical ward at Rikers. Where I guarantee you the nurses are not as cute.

Ray James: On my way to the subway this morning, out of nowhere, someone shoots me. Must have been a stray.
Mac: Didn't call 911?
Ray James: I only live a couple blocks away.
Flack: So what, you hopped here?

Mac: Pete Miller didn't fire the gun. He was standing next to the guy who did.
Lauren Cooper: It was an accident. I was aiming for the shooter. It was a good shoot.
Leo Banks: Don't say anything else.
IAB Lt. Mitchell Adler: If it was a good shoot, you wouldn't have lied about how it went down.
Lauren Cooper: I wanted to tell the truth.
Mac: Then why didn't you?
Lauren Cooper: I was told not to.
Mac: By who?
Lauren Cooper: It wasn't his fault. He was trying to protect me.
Mac:Who told you to lie?
Lauren Cooper: Sergeant Messer.

Jo: Maybe our suspect is still running around with the green fairy.
Mac: We're talking about a suspect who walked up to a random stranger and blew him away.
Jo: Well, guy's not playing with a full deck.
Mac: But he's got a loaded gun.

Lindsay: I got good news and bad news, Sheldon. Good news is, this fiber looks like something Adam pulled off Pete Miller's clothing.
Hawkes: What's the bad news?
Lindsay: It means I can't work this case anymore.

Lindsay: If you find the gun, it will clear Officer Cooper.
Hawkes: Clears them all.
Lindsay: Well, not necessarily. I mean, even if you close this case today, it's still an embarrassment for the department. They're still gonna want to point the finger at somebody.
Hawkes: For what?
Lindsay: You have any idea how many administrative regulations there are, Sheldon? I do, 'cause I stayed up all night reading about them.
Hawkes: Look, Lindsay, I know you're worried, okay? But we're scientists, and there's no empirical evidence to suggest Internal Affairs is on a witch hunt.
Lindsay: Well, I hope you're right.

Jo: Get the Geek, huh?
Flack: I bet he told his mother he was in show business.

Flack: Meet Thomas Hurtz. Star and proprietor of 'Get the Geek'. This guy insults you, you pay him five bucks, get a chance to shoot him with a paintball gun.
Jo: Well, clearly, the shooter didn't understand the rules of the game. He shot him with a real gun.

IAB Lt. Mitchell Adler: Why did Officer Cooper use your weapon?
Danny: I tell my guys to keep their off-duty pieces at home when they go to the bar.
IAB Lt. Mitchell Adler: But you were armed.
Danny: Yeah, I wasn't drinking. And thank God I had my gun. Otherwise, we might be investigating a cop murder.

IAB Lt. Mitchell Adler: (About Danny) What do you think about him?
Lauren Cooper: As a boss? He's excellent.

Danny: Officer Cooper, she's smart, she's got instincts. I think she'll be a good cop.
IAB Lt. Mitchell Adler: Well, she speaks highly of you, as well. Says you're a great boss.
IAB Lt. Mitchell Adler: Let's review your choices last night. You went out drinking with your patrolmen, you brought a loaded weapon into a crowded bar, got into an altercation with a patron. Ended up the night half-unconscious on the pavement as one of your officers shot the patron to death with your own weapon. You seem capable, Sergeant Messer. Things you did in that lab... way over my head. But as a boss, you're way over yours.

Mac: So, there were two guns. Pete Miller used one of them. Friends must have taken it when they fled.
Hawkes: Flack's trying to track 'em down, but all he has is the cops' descriptions to go by. No luck so far.
Mac: There's one thing I bet the friends didn't take when they ran.
Hawkes: Hmm?
Mac: The bullet Pete fired.

Adam: You ever dance with the green fairy?
Lindsay: I can't help you, Adam.
Adam: I'm talking about absinthe. It's the 19th century version of magic mushrooms.

(Adam asks Lindsay for advice on some unknown trace)

Lindsay: Adam, what do you get when you have a sergeant involved in a shooting, his wife who works in the crime lab and an IAB investigation? Conflict of interest.
Adam: Oh, oh. I'm... Oh, I'm sorry. I... Is he okay?
Lindsay: Oh, yeah, he's fine. He's got a couple stitches in his head. He's gonna give a statement to Internal Affairs.
Adam: All right, well, you tell him that we're all thinking about him.
Lindsay: I will. Thanks, Adam. Tell EDNA I said hello.

Mac: Shoot to stop.
Sid: Hmm?
Mac: What you're taught at the academy. Fire in bursts of twos and threes.
Sid: Yet here we have a single gunshot wound to the chest, almost perfectly placed. Bullet lodged in the heart.
Mac: Could mean Officer Cooper kept cool. Took an opportunity. Lucky shot in an unlucky situation.
Sid: Of course, he may not have had a gun at all, Mac. In which case, she fired by mistake and killed an unarmed man.

Lindsay: Let me take you to the hospital.
Danny: I'm fine, babe. I got to stay here for them.
Lindsay: There's nothing you can do for them now, honey, except maybe bleed all over them.
IAB Lt. Mitchell Adler: She's right, Sergeant Messer. Can't mess around with a head injury. I'm Lieutenant Adler, Internal Affairs. How you doing?
Danny: It's not… it's not a head injury.
IAB Lt. Mitchell Adler: Great. Then you won't mind answering a few questions.
Lindsay: Actually, he does mind. We're on our way to the E.R.
IAB Lt. Mitchell Adler: You're not going to make me pull rank here, are you? You know you got to talk to me.
Lindsay: Look, Lieutenant. According to regulations, he has 24 hours before he can be compelled to make a statement. So he can talk to you then.

Mac: Run me through it, Danny.
Danny: All right, so, uh, we... came here for a drink after shift, just to blow off some steam. The guy in the white shirt, he's a sloppy drunk.
Mac: This was the victim?
Danny: Yeah. He got aggressive with Cooper. She said, you know, she told him to back off. He was reluctant to leave. So I showed him the door.
Mac: You identify yourself as a policeman?
Danny: No, Mac, I mean, the guy was wasted... I show him my shield, it makes things worse. The guy was a jerk. And I didn't give it a second thought... till a few hours later. Next thing I know, I'm looking up into the sky, my off-duty piece is in Cooper's hand and this guy is dead.

Mac: Why did Officer Cooper have your weapon?
Danny: I was the only one carrying.
Mac: It was three men that jumped you?
Danny: That's right, three of them. Foley and Cates, they start fighting with them. Vic pulls out a nickel-plated revolver.
Mac: Well, you didn't see that, Danny... you were unconscious.
Danny: That's what my people are saying.

Danny: I see what this is. It's an officer-involved shooting, talking three-ring circus... those cops are the main attraction, right?
Mac: Not just them. You're their supervisor. You were in the bar. Somebody got shot. The gun is missing. Bosses will want someone to answer. You're the one with the stripes, Danny. Get ready.

Hawkes: GSR field test came back positive.
Adam: Means the victim had a gun.
Hawkes: Maybe. Officer Cooper told Danny that she checked the victim's vitals after shooting him.
Adam: Maybe the GSR transferred from her hands to his.

Hawkes:': There's no other evidence here that backs up those cops' story.

Jo: They all had their stories straight. Just like they rehearsed it.
Flack: Makes sense. They'll be under so much scrutiny, one little detail's off and they're all screwed.

Mac: So we got no witnesses, no gun. There's four off-duty cops and a dead civilian.

Air Apparent [8.05][edit]

Flack: [after getting Sam a job in the NYPD]: That's what siblings do, they look out. Good times and bad.
Flack: Sometimes nepotism is a good thing.

Get Me Out of Here! [8.06][edit]

Flack: We're canvassing the area.
Jo: Expecting the dead to speak?
Flack: For the murder weapon.

Crushed [8.07][edit]

Jo Danville: Flack, what are we looking at?
Don Flack: A parent's worst nightmare. Victim throws a party while mom and dad are out of town. Someone spills their drink on the new carpet.

Jo Danville: Flack, how does this happen?
Don Flack: Starts out as a group of high school juniors getting a buzz on. The party goes viral. Jumps to 700 in under two hours. Welcome to the end of the world as we know it.

Jo Danville: 50 kids jumping up and down. Whoever the morons were decided to add a table should have known that was a bad idea.

Crossroads [8.08][edit]

Flack: Criminal court judge assassinated in front of a sequestered jury, right under the nose of a half a dozen cops.
Mac Taylor: Brazen son of a bitch.

Mac: Triple murder in front of this bakery a year ago.
Danny: Markov... he's like the Sammy the Bull of Russian organized crime. That's why we got a dozen bodies on him.
Mac: Looks like it just went to a baker's dozen.

Danny: (Processing a bicycle) Hey, so what do you think of this fancy getaway vehicle?
Lindsay: Doesn't exactly seem like the expected mode of travel for a Russian hit man.

Reporter: Any comment on your number two, Jo Danville, dropping the ball on the original D.C. rape case?
Mac: The FBI lab tech who mishandled the evidence blew the case. As for Jo Danville, I'll take her courage and integrity over official misconduct every time.
Reporter: Has she been excluded from the New York case because of political pressure from Senator Matthews?
Mac: The decisions I make have nothing to do with political pressure from anyone. I do what's best for the case. And what's best in this case is Jo Danville sits this one out.

John Curtis: Did you come here to gloat?
Jo: I wish I could gloat. I wish I could take great pleasure in seeing you sit here in this cell. But that would be at the expense of Ali Rand and the horrible way you made her suffer. My pleasure will have to wait until I hear the guilty verdict read at your trial.
John Curtis: I wouldn't be so quick to convict me... just yet.

Jo: You were a free man. Makes me sick to my stomach to think that my integrity and my conviction gave you that second chance. I came here to make you a promise. You will not walk away this time.
John Curtis: I think you're gonna be disappointed, sweetheart.

Jo: The people I work with are very good at what they do. There'll be no mistakes this time.
John Curtis: I'll make a promise to you. You put that bitch on the stand, your case will fall apart faster than your career did in the FBI.

Hawkes: Nothing's ever easy.
Sid: I've seen you put a slug together with less.

Hawkes: Attempted poisoning with antifreeze is simple and is easily mixed in with a sweet drink, but it doesn't exactly scream Russian assassin.

Hawkes: I never heard of a Russian hit man doing a drive-by on a bicycle. I'm betting the poisoning and the shooting are related.

Senator Matthews: The assassination of a judge is no small thing. You've got a lot on your plate. Hope it's not too much.
Mac: Always have a lot on my plate. That's the nature of the business.

Senator Matthews: (About John Curtis) I've seen this animal walk away from what he's done once before. I will not tolerate any dragging of the feet on this.
Mac: No one in this lab knows how to drag their feet.

Senator Matthews: (About Jo) I don't want her anywhere near this thing.
Mac: I already made that call. But I want you to know it has nothing to do with Jo Danville's abilities. If my daughter were attacked, I'd want her investigating the case.

Flack: Hard to buy a professional thief moonlighting as a hit man.

Hawkes: Somebody left a doggie bag in the trash bin outside.
Flack: Whoa, whoa, whoa! If that's what I think that is, don't open that in here.
Hawkes: It's not that kind of doggie bag, Flack.

Lindsay: These aren't like cop cars anymore, they're like spaceships.

Serena Matthews: You know, for a while, I was angry at what you did. It took me some time to get past that and realize how difficult it must have been for you, as a woman, and as a mom, to watch that monster walk away from what he did to me.
Jo: Not about me, Serena. It is about you. It's not fair that your life was turned upside down because of it.

Serena Matthews: My father is an emotional guy. He had no right to force you out of the FBI.
Jo: You know, I'm not so sure I wouldn't have done exactly what your dad did on behalf of one of my own children. I don't regret my actions. I do regret that my actions set John Curtis free and what that did to you and your dad but... I don't, I don't sleep nights any more since he was let go.

Serena Matthews: (About her rapist) I know that it's stupid and irrational but I just have this fear that he's going to come after me again.

Serena Matthews: (About her rapist) I came because I need to see it. I need to be in that courtroom and see him in handcuffs being taken off to jail.

Mac: Your little visit to Mr. Curtis wasn't a very good idea. I hope you got whatever it was you had to say off your chest.
Jo: I did. Thanks for not making a big deal about it.

Pavel Danshov: (As he is about to be arrested by his car) What's going on? You boys want to go for a ride with me?

Danny: How you doing, Pavel?
Pavel Danshov: (As he is being pinned against his car and handcuffed) Not so good. Looks like I got another parking ticket.
Flack: I think that's gonna be the least of your problems.

Danny: Jo, I don't care what everybody says around here, you're good.

(After Danshov's car was hit by a biker on the run)
Flack: Did you get a good look at his face?
Pavel Danshov: I got a good look at my fender.
Flack: And you had nothing to do with those shots that were fired?
Pavel Danshov: A dead judge is bad for business. A crooked judge is much better.

Flack: So you were just out there following the judge, trying to dig up dirt on him so your boss could blackmail him?
Pavel Danshov: Blackmail him? Nyet. I prefer 'negotiate' with him.

Nicholas Albertson: Look, whatever you think I did, you got the wrong guy.
Flack: Wrong guys don't run.

Flack: Why did you want the judge dead?
Nicholas Albertson: Okay. I give up. It was that cheap cologne. That's what did it... I mean, I couldn't take it anymore. Every time, busing that guy's table with that same horrible stench.
Flack: You think this is a joke?
Nicholas Albertson: I think this whole thing is a joke.

Flack: So... you were out there last night. But you didn't do nothing. You didn't shoot nobody, you didn't see or hear anybody shoot anybody. That's your story? That's what you're going with, Nick?
Nicholas Albertson: That's what I'm going with.

Mac: Most of these camps are privately owned, for profit operations. The state pays a fee for every kid sent there.
Jo: Yes, a very generous fee. So for the two years after Nelson buys it, Judge Corsica sends twice as many kids to Forest Brook than any other Juvenile Court judge.
Mac: More kids, more money.

Danny: What do we got?
Jo: Bullet hole... bullet impact mark... burglary starter kit... gun...
Danny: Boom!
Jo: Boom!

James Nelson: You know who that little piece of garbage is, now. Come on, think.
Judge Corsica: How the hell would I know the busboy?
James Nelson: He helped you pay for that boat you have sitting at the marina.
Judge Corsica: Well, that narrows it down to a couple of thousand kids.

Judge Corsica: It cost us 1,500 bucks to get that ambulance chaser to go away.
James Nelson: That was money well spent. Made us much more careful who we do our business with.

Tommy Hill: You know what happens to good kids in a place like Forest Brook? They turn bad real fast, or they get eaten alive.

Tommy Hill: But that man stole my life away from me. I think it's only fair that I took his!
Jo: You don't get to make that choice. There's a system of justice.

Flack: (About Ali Rand) Think she's lying about the drugs?
Lindsay: It's not what I think, it's what the science says.
Flack: What are you going to do about the hearing tomorrow?
Lindsay: I'm gonna tell the truth. Based on what she just told us, the levels of GHB in her blood... they're not improbable. They're impossible.

(At John Curtis' trial)
Judge Winford: The defense request for a dismissal of all charges is denied. Unfortunately, some of the testimony we've heard here this morning is cause for concern, and raises grave questions as to the credibility of the victim.

Means to an End [8.09][edit]

Serena Matthews: That girl Lindsay who works with you... I thought she was on our side.
Jo: She had to tell the truth.
Serena Matthews: The truth is that Curtis raped that girl and they just let him go. Again.

Senator Matthews: I have seen John Curtis walk out of a courtroom, a free man, twice. Both times you were there.
Jo: I'm not involved in this case, Senator, as you know.
Senator Matthews: And yet, somehow it fell apart.
Serena Matthews: Dad, let's just go.
Senator Matthews: My daughter already paid her price. Nothing can change that. This is about all the other daughters that had to suffer since you let Curtis go the first time.

Senator Matthews: My daughter, erm... was attacked tonight. She came home beaten, half drugged.
Frank Waters: You take her to the hospital?
Senator Matthews: Of course not. There can't be any press, no news conferences. My daughter has got to be protected.

Mac: You know you can't be doing that. You shouldn't even be within ten feet of that evidence.
Jo: John Curtis is posting bail as we speak. I can't sit back and watch this case fall apart.
Mac: The case isn't yours, Jo. It's Lindsay's. She'll be the one to go back over the evidence and you should get some distance.
Jo: You know John Curtis is not just another bad guy to me. I can't pretend this is business as usual.
Mac: Yeah, I get that, it's personal. All the more reason why you should step away.

Mac: (To Jo) Whatever you find, find it fast. The only thing keeping this case alive is Ali's statement.

Ali Rand: You said I was gonna be safe. But that maniac is back out there. Who do you think he's pissed at right now, the crime lab?
Flack: Look, Ali, you just need to take a breath here.
Ali Rand: They're calling me a liar in the newspaper, a whore.
Flack: I told you not to read the papers.

Ali Rand: I'm not doing this anymore... I'm dropping the charges.
Flack: Let's be clear about something. There is no dropping these charges, okay? You can't unring this bell.
Ali Rand: You cannot force me to testify.
Flack: No. But the D.A. can, and he will. You're in this, Ali.

Serena Matthews: I'm sorry. It's just I'm so embarrassed.
Jo: There's no reason to be.
Serena Matthews: If I hadn't been drinking when this whole...
Jo: Serena, listen to me. This is not your fault.

Mac: Ali didn't just lie about the GHB, she lied about when she was beaten, too.
Lindsay: Mac, she's lying about everything.

Jo: I'm truly sorry for what happened to you, Frank.
Frank Waters: By what happened to me you mean when you fired me from the FBI?
Jo: Okay, is that why you asked me to breakfast? Because if you think I regret the decision I made, you're mistaken.

Jo: I'm not gonna sit here and let you blame me for what you did.
Frank Waters: I don't, Jo. Look, it took me a long time to figure it out but I messed up and I own it.
Jo: If that's really the way you feel, I'm glad for you.
Frank Waters: Yeah, but what I do blame you for is not letting it go.

Frank Waters: Why didn't you just ignore my mistake?
Jo: I had a responsibility, Frank. To Serena, to the other victims.
Frank Waters: If you'd just put your personal ethics to the side one time, none of this would be happening now.

Lindsay: Who called it in?
Adam: Couple from Iowa, in town to see Spider-Man on Broadway, after a walk in the park. Odds were pretty good they were going to see a dead body either way.

Lindsay: (About Ali Rand) She was putting on a pretty good show herself.

Adam: (Arriving at a crime scene in Central Park) Wow. This looks like a postcard... I mean, except for the dead body, of course.

Adam: It's probably not premeditated, right? I mean, it'd be strange if someone planned to kill her with a rock.
Flack: You never know. Perp might have been following her. Could have snuck up behind her and, bang, lights out.
Lindsay: The result of a heated argument.
Adam: Unsatisfied customer (Lindsay gives him a look) What? She's a call girl.
Lindsay: Don't make me sorry I brought you out here.

Flack: (About Ali Rand) If she really did fabricate the rape story, there's definitely one guy who would want to confront her.
Lindsay: And John Curtis just got released on bail.

Jo: (About John Curtis) Why would he agree to come in and then not be willing to talk?
Mac: He's willing to talk, just not to me. He specifically requested you.

Jo: The camera is here to record the...
John Curtis: To make sure I don't falsely claim something happened? I mean, I can understand that. I might leave here and go beat the hell out of myself and then come back and claim police brutality.

Jo: Where were you last night?
John Curtis: Where were you last night?
Jo: I don't find this amusing.
John Curtis: It's not meant to be. And I'll tell you why I ask: because I'd like to know what your alibi is for Ali's time of death. The way I see it, you have more motive to kill Ali than I do.

John Curtis: (To Jo) You were so close, you could taste it. You had a victim who suffered increased violence, who had GHB in her system and just enough memory to remember my name. You were so close to being able to lay your head down on your pillow and forget me forever but your star witness turned out to be a fraud.

Lindsay: Hey, Sid, have you ever seen someone punch herself in the face?
Sid: Uh, no. Are you going to punch yourself in the face?

Sid: I've pretty much seen it all, but no, I have not come across anyone who has successfully punched herself to death.

Danny: Our buddy Frankie... he never met a piece of paper he didn't like.
Hawkes: I guess they didn't teach organization at Quantico, huh?
Mac: This isn't just sloppiness. It's obsession.

Frank Waters: I made a mistake.
Jo: It's not just a mistake, Frank. You know I have to alert the defense.
Frank Waters: Oh, you do that, this whole case could blow up.
Jo: You've given me no choice.

Jo: (About Frank Waters) How is it possible to misjudge a person so? I trusted this man.
Sid: And now he's suspected of murder.

Ali Rand: What are you, a cop or something?
Frank Waters: Yeah, I used to be, sort of. I worked on the John Curtis case in DC.
Ali Rand: You did a hell of a job.
Frank Waters: Yeah, well, so did you. I was in court today. If you're gonna dose yourself with GHB, you better figure out the right levels.

Lindsay: It's pink ivory. It's one of the three rarest varieties on the planet. It's grown almost entirely in Southern Africa and it's the sovereign tree of the Zulu Nation.
Mac: Should I put a BOLO out on the Zulu royal family?

Lindsay: The traditional weapon from Southern Africa is called a knob kerrie. It's a cross between a club and a walking stick.
Mac: Similar to the Shillelagh in Ireland, considered a gentleman's weapon.

Mac: How much did you pay her?
Senator Matthews: I'm a United States Senator!
Mac: How much did you pay her to frame John Curtis for rape?
Senator Matthews: Yes, add that to my... my list of felonies. I'm going to ask you to leave now.
Mac: And I'll come back with a warrant.

Senator Matthews: What would you do, Detective? If your daughter was violated the way mine was. He was gonna rape again, unless someone took the initiative.
Mac: And so you hired Ali to trap him.
Senator Matthews: Oh, God, I should've just gunned him down myself.

John Curtis: Beg me not to kill you. Come on, I want to hear you say it.
Jo: Never! (Spits)
John Curtis: Attagirl. You never did know when to give up, did you?

John Curtis: (To Jo) You know how some experts say that sick people... people like me, you know, that ultimately, we want to be caught? That the mistakes we make are intentional. Or that we stray from some particular course of action because we like the risk? Those experts are morons. I have no intention of being caught.

(John Curtis has taken the magazine out of Jo's gun, removed the bullets, and then given it back to her)
Jo: You know how most gun accidents happen and people end up shooting themselves?
John Curtis: Bang. You got me. You finally got me.
Jo: They always forget the one in the chamber (She shoots him dead)

Clean Sweep [8.10][edit]

Flack: (At the crime scene of a burnt body) Hope you skipped breakfast.
Mac: That bad?
Flack: Worse. Our vic is Ryan Richards, 25 years old.
Mac: How do we know?
Flack: That's his melted driver's license right there.

Hawkes: What kept it burning for so long?
Sid: I'd offer the wick effect.
Hawkes: Right. Where clothing acts like the wick of a candle turned inside-out.
Sid: Feeding the flames a continuous supply of fuel in the form of melting human fat. It's particularly effective.
Hawkes: And particularly disgusting.

(About cage fighting)
Mac: I've seen a few matches. That's a brutal sport.
Flack: It's an excuse for two grown men to legally beat the bloody pulp out of each other.
Mac: So you're not a fan?
Flack: I didn't say that.

Flack: Kid definitely knew how to defend himself. Whoever did this risked a serious ass-whupping if things went south.

Flack: I'll start whacking the bushes, see if anyone was itching for a death match with our fighter outside of the cage.

Jennifer Walsh: Large French roast, black, paired with a blueberry scone. That is how you like your coffee, right?
Mac: I gave up coffee a year ago and I'm severely allergic to blueberries.
Jennifer Walsh: Of course you are. Seems your buddy Flack is quite the practical joker.

Jennifer Walsh: My name's Jennifer Walsh. I'm a freelancer with the Journal. I'm writing next month's cover story.
Mac: Uh, interview requests are made through the Public lnformation Office.
Jennifer Walsh: Truth is, I'm not a big fan of the rules. They seem to get in the way of what I want.
Mac: Did Flack tell you to tell me that, too? 'Cause I am a big fan of the rules.

Jennifer Walsh: All I'm asking is for five minutes of your time. You owe me that at least, considering I did try to poison you with blueberries.
Mac: Fair enough. What's your article about?
Jennifer Walsh: The NYPD's inability to police themselves. Specifically in matters of officer misconduct.
Mac: Ms. Walsh... (Chuckles) I have no official comment about that.

Jennifer Walsh: Some people say that your rigid adherence to department policy is more pliable than you let on. That you've been known to look the other way and be creative with those policies on more than one occasion.
Mac: They're entitled to their opinion.
Jennifer Walsh: And so are you. I came to hear your side of the story.
Mac: There is no story. I do my job to the best of my ability and I expect the same from all the officers under my command.

Mac: Ryan Richards was struck in the head, shot in the back, then lit on fire
Sid: That's what I call overkill.

Lisa Richards: I don't watch Ryan fight anymore. Seeing him get hit is worse than someone hitting me. Hard to watch someone you love in pain.

Lisa Richards: Every now and then, a fan would stop him on the street, challenge him to a fight.
Jo: How would Ryan handle that?
Lisa Richards: He'd give them an autograph instead.

Jo: Were there ever any physical attacks?
Danny: No. Everything but. I mean, he made death threats. He also broke into their house and left a cake frosted with dog feces on the kitchen counter.
Jo: Delightful.

Derek Petrov: Yeah, the VIP pass was mine. But I was too busy last night in the cage to be using it.
Mac: Then who'd you give that pass to?
Derek Petrov: I don't remember. All right. Fine. I sold it to some guy in the parking lot.
Jo: What did he look like?
Derek Petrov: Looked like he was eager enough to give me 300 bucks for it.

Marty Bosch: I think I killed somebody last night.
Flack: You're telling me you woke up doused in gasoline, covered in blood and you don't know how it happened?
Marty Bosch: I was drunk.
Flack: Yeah, Marty, I've had my fair share of rough nights, yet I think I'd remember taking a bath in somebody else's blood.

Marty Bosch: Yesterday was my 21st birthday. Some friends, they... they took me to Dutton's Tavern to celebrate.
Flack: Let me guess... part of this celebration included you doing 21 shots?
Marty Bosch: I did the first ten without a problem. After that, things get a little sketchy.

Flack: You recognize that guy?
Marty Bosch: Yeah, it's, uh... Ryan Richards. I've seen him fight. Why?
Flack: There were three murders in the city last night. Two of them have been solved.
Marty Bosch: And the third?
Flack: Ryan Richards.

Mac: How did you get up here?
Jennifer Walsh: I took your advice and called the Public lnformation Office. They were surprisingly accommodating when I dropped your name.
Mac: The flowers are beautiful but I can't accept them.
Jennifer Walsh: Well, I'm sure whoever sent them will be devastated.
Mac: You didn't send these?
Jennifer Walsh: (Chuckles) Flowers aren't my style. If I was gonna bribe you, I'd offer a tub of popcorn and court side Knicks tickets.

Jennifer Walsh: In case you're wondering, I am free for dinner later tonight.
Mac: I wasn't.

Lindsay: (About Jennifer Walsh) Who was that?
Mac: Nobody.
Lindsay: 'Nobody' is pretty cute.

Lindsay: Mac, are those flowers on your desk also from 'nobody'?
Mac: (Chuckles) Lindsay, go.

Jo: Mac, how do you eat your peanuts?
Mac: Peanuts? Uh... like everybody else, I suppose.
Jo: Well, down south, we like to eat ours boiled, 'cause it makes the shell soft, and we can open them with our teeth.

(About a perp who starts off as soon as he notices them)
Flack: Why do they always run?
Danny: I don't know. Must be brain damage.

Mac: Threats... intimidation, harassment... you're nothing but a coward.
Aaron Collins: You don't know anything about me.
Mac: I know you terrorized Ryan Richards and his wife for years. I also know you weren't man enough to take credit for it.

Mac: (Reading a caption) 'Savor the victory now 'cause you'll be dead by morning.' That's more than a picture, that's a death threat.
Aaron Collins: I just wanted him to lie awake at night, dreading the sunrise, the same way I have, every day, since I was 17 years old.

Mac: Where'd you go after the fight?
Aaron Collins: To the halfway house, to make curfew. You don't believe me? You can ask the gestapo pigs who run the place.

Jo: What's our motive here, Mac, if it wasn't for insurance money? And if he's really such a great guy, why would he walk away from all that fame and adoration?
Mac: When we find him, remind me to ask.

Jo: You know, the horrors that these young people endure while fighting for their country. Is it any wonder they're unable to cope with daily life?
Mac: We have an epidemic of homeless veterans on our nation's streets. Over 100,000 brave men and women just lost in the shuffle.
Jo: It's shameful.

Adam: Mac. Look, I know I've called you a genius before, but this time, I really mean it.

Mac: (Checking out a postcard) It's blank.
Adam: Well, that's why I swabbed the stamp adhesive for DNA.

Ryan Richards: Charlie died in my passenger seat. I pulled over. Sat there... for what seemed like hours. Deciding if I was capable of going through with the unthinkable.
Mac: Burning his body to make it look like your own.

Ryan Richards: I know what I did to his body is wrong, and I should be punished for that, but... I didn't kill Charlie.
Mac: Well, unfortunately, the science can't confirm that. The damage to the body was so severe that determining a definitive time and cause of death is impossible.
Ryan Richards: What... what does that mean?
Mac: Well, the D.A. will consider what we can prove, and then decide whether or not to charge you with murder.
Ryan Richards: Charlie was dead when I lit that fire. You have to believe me.
Mac: For what it's worth... I do believe you. But it's not up to me.

Mac: Full military honours for Private Hunt's funeral. He and his family will get the dignified closure they deserve.
Jo: While I don't condone Ryan Richards' choices, I do understand why he made them. Love just makes you do crazy things.
Mac: Well, sometimes I think that's just an excuse for bad behavior.
Jo: Oh, I don't know, Mac. When it comes to matters of the heart, I've had my share of temporary insanity.
Mac: Maybe I have, too.

Jo: (Referring to Jennifer Walsh) I hear you have a new friend.
Mac: Lindsay has an overactive imagination.

Jo: (Referring to the Jennifer Walsh) Flack said she was looking at you like she wanted something else.
Mac: Flack is dead. He's dead.
Jo: Get over it, Mac Taylor. Look at me. You're a charming, sexy single man. There's no hiding from the ladies.
Mac: I'm not hiding.
Jo: I think the word sexy makes you nervous. Speaking of crazy love, I got to go meet my kids for pizza.

Who's There? [8.11][edit]

(At the crime scene of Ron Ferguson)
Flack: Apparently, he and his partner, a guy named Phillip Roth, made a killing during the housing bubble.
Jo: Looks like the killing didn't stop there.

Mac: Wealthy neighborhood. Rows and rows of million-dollar homes. Why'd the attackers choose this one?

(About the 'Rocky Horror Picture Show')
Mac: They're still showing that thing?
Jo: Apparently so.
Mac: I never saw that.
Jo: You didn't? Aw, Mac, you should. I think you'd love it. It ranks right up there with that eight-hour Reagan documentary you're always watching.

Lindsay: You mean to tell me that while I've been trying to get a lead out of an empty cardboard box, you've been here doing magic tricks?
Danny: Uh, it creates a diversion, helps me think.

(After Danny performs a cards trick)
Lindsay: That's very impressive.
Danny: Thank you.
Lindsay: I think you should stick to your day job, though.

Danny: (To Lindsay, throwing a queen of spades card in her direction) My queen!

Flack: (To Lindsay) I believe... your exact words were: 'one more stop, then we get a bite to eat.'
Lindsay: Yes, and this office is the last stop.
Flack: No! no, no, no! You said it on the walk up to the last place. That's one more. This is two.
Lindsay: You are like Danny. You do not listen to what I actually say.
Flack: Oh, I listen. I think the problem is you're not saying what you think you're saying. He says that too, doesn't he?
Lindsay: Yeah. Word for word.
Flack: (Cuckles) Men and women.

Flack: You're going away for murder, Mark. The only question is how long. We're offering you a chance to do the right thing. Chance for a lighter sentence.

Eva Hutton: I'm sorry, who?
Jo: Ron Ferguson. The same Ron Ferguson you were having an affair with.
Eva Hutton: What? Can we take a step back here? Because I don't know any Ron Ferguson.

(Creating an internet profile page for Mac)
Jo: 'Dirty Harry'. Add that to his list of favorites.
Lindsay: (Chuckles) Really? 'Dirty Harry'? I'm not sure Mac would approve of his policing techniques.

Mac: (Looking at an internet profile that Jo and Lindsay have created for him) What is this?
Lindsay: It's your profile page, Mac. It's all part of the investigation.
Mac: (Confused) Okay.

(After creating an internet profile page for Mac)
Lindsay: There we go, hours of social networking at your fingertips!
Mac: Great. I don't want a profile page.
Jo: Oh, it doesn't matter, that's the point. Someone else can build it for you.

Mac: What kind of person makes a fake profile to have an online love affair with their own husband?
Lindsay: She must've been trying to catch Ron cheating.
Jo: More like entrapment.
Mac: We knew their marriage was in trouble. This takes it to a new level.

Elizabeth Ferguson: Do you have any idea what 20 years of marriage can do to a person?
Mac: Then get a divorce.

Elizabeth Ferguson: Our marriage was a war, our divorce a cold war.

Brooklyn 'Til I Die [8.12][edit]

Danny and Hawkes: Boom!
(Lindsay laughs)

Flack: (Walking through a filthy alley) Friend of mine jogs in her bare feet. She keeps asking me to join her. I don't think so.

Flack: I know times are tough, but it doesn't make sense for anyone in the game to rob our vics for fake cash.

Lindsay: Can you imagine what Mr. Seville must be going through? I don't know what I would do if anyone ever took Lucy. I would give my right arm to have her back.
Jo: As endearing as that sounds, please, let's just have one severed appendage at a time.

Hawkes: These what I think they are?
Danny: Yeah, serial killer trading cards. Who needs Mickey Mantle when you have Ted Bundy, right?

Kelly Rose: I opened this store for fans of the macabre.
Danny: Right. Selling locks of Charlie Manson's hair.

Hawkes: Your Web site says that you offer soil samples from Lambert Jones' backyard, where he supposedly buried his victims.
Kelly Rose: As a matter of fact, we do, and for an extra five bucks, I will gift wrap the Lambert dirt for you.
Hawkes: Lambert dirt.
Kelly Rose: Need I remind you, it is not illegal to sell dirt.
Danny: No, it's just immoral and kind of despicable, not for nothing.

Flack: Jacob Paul Williams. Priors for a little bit of everything. Armed robbery, assault with a deadly weapon... do you realize how screwed you are?

Flack: Honestly, pal, I don't even need a confession. I'm just doing this for my own amusement.

Flack: I gotta know, you're a career criminal, you know how this works so what on Earth possessed you to bring your kidnapping victim back to your mother's house?
Jake Williams: You saw my mother, she's scarier than we are.

George Williams: When we saw she was dead, we needed a way out of town.
Mac: So, you decided to add kidnapping to your list of smart decisions.

Flack: You and your brother are about as smart as bait. Makes your ransom drop plan a little inconsistent.
Jake Williams: Why do you say that?
Flack: Because it wasn't a stupid plan. You almost had us. So where'd you get the idea? Did you see it on TV or in a movie?

Preston Seville Jr: Do you know why I played the GoGame? To get away from this name, this identity as a Seville. I lost my finger and Michelle lost her life because I wanted so desperately to get away from my father. What have I done?
Lindsay: (Returning his family ring to him) It's not about what you've done. It's about what you do going forward.

Christine Whitney: I never saw you as the social-networking type.
Mac: Actually, it wasn't my decision to set that up. That was some colleagues of mine having a little fun.
Christine Whitney: That explains the blankest profile page in the history of the Internet.
Mac: How do you know that I wasn't trying to be mysterious?
Christine Whitney: Because you're one of the most transparent people I know.

Christine Whitney: (About Claire's death) I'm sorry.
Mac: There's no need to be sorry. I'm thankful for the time that we had together.

The Ripple Effect [8.13][edit]

Jo: [while walking down the 187th Street steps] I knew I shouldn't have done the StairMaster this morning.
Mac: It's a long way down.
Flack: It's even longer coming up, trust me. 130 steps. Finally counted after the third trip.

Christine: (answering the phone) Hello, Mac Taylor.
Mac: Christine, did I get you at a bad time?
Christine: No, perfect, actually. How do I murder a produce guy and get away with it?
Mac: Well, you could always hit him over the head with a coconut, but you'd be better off using that for a piña colada.
Christine: Yeah. Point very well taken. Besides, overpriced coconuts probably warrant something closer to a misdemeanour rather than a full-blown felony, right?

Flack: (To Scott Perdito after falling down a fire escape when accused of pushing Greg Barbera down some stairs) Karma's a bitch.

Scott Perfito: I should be in a hospital resting.
Mac: They already gave you a clean bill of health and released you into our custody, Mr. Perfito.
Scott Perfito: Well, my arm still hurts and my head hurts, too.
Flack: How about your pride?

Danny: Climbed a lot of trees back in Montana, didn't you?
Lindsay: Damn straight, city boy.
Danny: Was that before or after you started cow tipping?
Lindsay: (Fakes a laughter) Wow!
Danny: What?
Lindsay: (Pretending) Is that a snake?
Danny: (Jumping out of his skin) Where? What?

Jo: Ok, I hope y'all are taking notes. First of all I could not stop thinking about these two pieces of violet flavored gum, because I couldn't wrap my head about how the wound up in Jimmy Fillbrook's mouth, and on Greg Barbera's satchel. So I went back to the schedule from the courier service that Greg worked for, and it turns out that his first pick up of the day was across from a little dinner in Chelsea, right around the corner from the Cragston Hotel.
Mac: Who did he pick up from?
Jo: Jimmy Fillbrook. And guess what the dinner has in a little dish next to the cash register.
Lindsay: Violet gum.
Jo: Bingo. But there was something else that kept bugging me. Because Greg Barbera was a bike messenger, right? So why did he run from Scott Perfitto? Where on earth was his bike? So I went back and looked at the NYPD footage one more time. Look what I spotted at about 100 yards ahead of both of them.
Danny: Guy on a bike.
Jo: Yes, but not just any bike. It matches the exact description supplied to us by the courier service that Greg worked for. And look whats hanging from the handle bars.
Flack: A chain saw. Could've been used to cut down the fallen tree outside of Scott Perfitto's apartment, right?
Mac: Greg probably locked up his bike.
Lindsay: Greg's bike was stolen so he had to run from Perfitto on foot.
Hawkes: Which caused him to fall down the steps.
Jo: and due to Greg's untimely death he wasn't able to deliver this.
Mac: Doug Kramer. That's the name of the building and safety official who was supposed to accept the bribe from Jimmy Fillbrook.
Jo: For fifteen grand.
Flack: But since he didn't get it, he ruled to condemn the Cragston Hotel at the B&S meeting.
Jo: Yes, which we all know drove our supper, Toby Delafont, to our murderous rage.
Danny: He attacked Fillbrook in the park, leaving him for dead.
Lindsay: Right. And then Fillbrook wondered further into the woods, right into the path of Nicholas Bristow's arrow.
Flack: That's the craziest thing I've ever heard but it actually makes sense.
Mac: One crime leads to another.
Hawkes: And another.
Danny: And another.
Lindsay: And another.
Jo: And that, ladies and gentlemen, is known as the Ripple Effect.

Flash Pop [8.14][edit]

Mac: This is our investigative team on the Jessica Drake murder. All the evidence will be processed by the people in this room and only by the people in this room. We start over on everything. Chain of custody of evidence stays within this group. If something needs to go to DNA, one of us drops it off, oversees the analysis, and then retrieves the results. If the killer had access to trace evidence we collected from the scene, it could already be compromised. So pay attention and triple-check all your results.

Danny: I'm coming to the rescue, 'cause it looks like you have wrinkles all over your forehead...
Lindsay: It's not a wrinkle. It's a frown.

Christine Whitney: Oh, um, that anniversary party for my parents tomorrow night, uh, you agreed to endure...don't worry about it.
Mac: Whoa, you're dumping me?
Christine Whitney: No. I just don't want you to feel obligated with all that's going on. I mean, my whole family would love to see you, but, well, you know how they can be.
Mac: I'm sure I can handle it. I'll be here.
Christine Whitney: Okay. I gave you an out. You've been warned.
Mac: You make it sound dangerous (Both smile).

Jo: Mac Taylor, I adore you. I value our friendship more than words can express. And you don't need to feel any obligation to... (sighs) ...share any mushiness. Your smile is adequate enough. I just... I just needed to get that out. We just work so hard, day in and day out, and we never really turn to those around us and tell them how we feel.

Mac (to Jo): Who do you see in this picture?
Jo: You, me, Sheldon, Danny, Lindsay.
Mac: How many lab techs?
Jo: Three. They were assigned to the scene.
Mac: The only people taking crime scene photos were Danny and Hawkes. We're all in the picture, including the techs... so who took that picture?
Jo: You're thinking the killer, and this photo was a message.
Mac: Someone who could get access to our cell phones and send us that photo, someone who wouldn't look out of place at the crime scene, who could gain entry to the evidence, someone who's playing "catch me if you can." Not only was our victim part of the crime lab, I'm thinking so was our killer.

Adam: Are the other lab techs still being questioned? It just seems, you know, we've decided guilt by job description, and Harlan seems like our primary suspect.
Mac: You think he did it, Adam?
Adam: Uh, no.
Mac: Do you know who did?
Adam: No.
Mac: We have a responsibility to Jessica Drake. Someone in this lab thinks they have the advantage. If it's Harlan, we'll prove it; if it's not... then we continue to do our job. There's an unspoken rule of trust within these walls. That gets broken... it's inexcusable.

Jo: This is personal for Mac, Adam. He's not gonna treat anyone with kid gloves.
Adam: Well, it's personal for me, too. More than anybody in this room, I spend the most time with the lab techs. I-I started where they did. They don't want to be treated with kid gloves. They just want to be treated with respect. Look, Jessica, um... she's not just another girl in a white lab coat. Okay? She was a friend.

Adam: We could build a profile, you know... a woman, size seven shoe, six one.
Danny: We're off to a really bad start there, buddy. Not one of our suspects fits that profile. None are that tall.
Jo and Lindsay: (Looking at each other) High heels.

Kill Screen [8.15][edit]

Adam: (playing an Xbox video game) Hey, Mac. Listen, why don't you pull up a chair and challenge the champ, okay? Now, look. I just want to warn you, this is not like the old-school games. Grab this. See these little buttons here? Press those. It's not like in the olden days, with the black and white screen and the little ball, or Ms. Pac-Man...

Mac: When I was a kid, my dad used to take me to the carnival in the summer. I loved to do the milk bottle toss. But I never won. When I was older, my dad explained to me that it was rigged. That one of the bottles was weighted so it couldn't fall over. I was so mad. Then my dad told me that life wasn't fair.

Flack: I'm disappointed, Vera. I really thought we had something.
Vera Channing: Oh, well, we'll always have Paris.

Mac: You know, when I was a kid, I used to bring a bag full of quarters to the arcade and set up in front of the Asteroids machine for a whole Saturday.
Jo: Really? I would have never clocked you as a nerd.

Flack: The handles Vera gave Walt correspond to the list of names we found on his body. Of those gamers, three were knocked out in the first round, one was disqualified, and two said Walt gave them the option of resigning to save face.
Mac: Sounds like six good motives.

Mitch Johnson: (About the world of video games competitions) There's always younger and younger kids coming up. Born holding iPads and hopped up on ADD meds.

Steve Blanton: I know that life isn't fair, I get that, I get... My wife left me, and I only see my kid once a week. But video games are supposed to be fair. The best player wins.
Mac: If you're searching for fairness, you're focused on the wrong things, Steve. You have a son. Who's going to grow up without his father. How is that fair?

Jo: Walter was playing video games at least 35 hours a week. That's practically a full-time job.
Mac: For some people it is. The highest paid professional gamers make over $500,000 a year in tournament winnings and endorsements.

Jo: (to Mac) You should wear something that says, well I don't know what it should say, but that ain't it.

Sláinte [8.16][edit]

Christine Whitney: Mac Taylor, you're an idiot.
Mac: Why is that, exactly?
Christine Whitney: 'Cause I'm a catch, and you're gonna lose me.
Mac: I should have called, I know. Besides work and the fact that I'm not very good at this...
Christine Whitney: Hey, it's not about the phone call. If you're not... ready for something or, um... work's too busy or your life's complicated or you're scared, I get it (Laughs) I mean, I'm scared, too. Look, um, when your brother dies in the line of duty, the last guy you want to date is a cop. But I'm here and... we kissed, and I guess I just want to know if it felt right to you, too.
Mac: It did.
Christine Whitney: (Laughs) Good.
Mac: So, how about I make it up to you. We'll go out to dinner tonight. I know this amazing restaurant with this incredible chef.
Christine Whitney: Well, why don't you just come by the... (Laughs) Oh! Cute. You mean me.

Lindsay: I've always been curious. Why do they call this area Hell's Kitchen?
Mac: Well, the story goes, a veteran cop was watching a riot with his rookie partner who said: 'this place is Hell itself'. To which the veteran replied: 'Hell is a mild climate compared to this. This place is Hell's kitchen'.

Adam: If this is Hell's Kitchen in 1970, as it moves into 1975, '80, '85 and so on, you'll see the change. Anything that turns blue has been bought up, remodeled, torn down or rebuilt. Corporate America moves in.
Mac: And the older generations, like Byrne, who were born and raised there, are driven out because they can't afford the soaring costs.

Mac: So given what we know, we're looking for someone who used a heavy-duty power saw to dismember a body, but before they did that, they used it for something involving plaster, money and blood.
Jo: Sounds ridiculous, but it is Hell's Kitchen.
Mac: Maybe a few decades ago, but not anymore. Those four corners have been all but forgotten, it's not even called Hell's Kitchen anymore.
Jo: Clinton does have a nicer ring to it.
Mac: So why is the violence suddenly back?
Jo: Maybe it never really left.

Flack: According to his financials, he's lived at 48th and 9th his whole life.
Danny: That's Hell's Kitchen, I mean, yuppie central now, but back then, it couldn't have been too easy.
Flack: Irish kid growing up there in the '60s and '70s? You're looking at a 90% chance of ending up a priest, a cop or a gangster. Take a guess what most ended up as?
Danny: Well, of course, priests.
Flack: Not quite. But they did take cash, confessions, and have their own form of catechism.

Flack: Lindsay Messer, meet John Doe.
Lindsay: You know, most people spend their Monday catching up on their co-workers' weekend over a nice cup of coffee.
Flack: We're not most people. And as for my weekend, you're not missing much.

Lindsay: (reads a text from Danny) What has two arms, no legs, no body and no head? (her phone receives another text) My crime scene.

Kieran Reilly: You can think whatever you want about me or where I come from, but I got a sense of loyalty. I was raised with the understanding that you don't go against someone unless they go against you or one of your own.
Flack: So you killed a man based on some twisted sense of loyalty you had toward Byrne and your neighborhood.
Kieran Reilly: My world has laws and a code, just like yours. Break it, and you're done.

Flack: Face it, Kieran, you got played. And now you're stuck here with us while Declan lives the life of Riley down at his bar. You said you'd never go against one of your own unless they went against you. Now's your chance.

Flack: You know, guys like you are a dime a dozen. You're always preaching the same things about loyalty and brotherhood, but you're all brought down by the fact that you drop it in a heartbeat when you stand to gain.

Mac: You brutally murder Michael Byrne, a good man who did everything in his power to hold on to what was good about the past. What a way to keep the neighbourhood alive.

Unwrapped [8.17][edit]

Mac: What do you got for me, Sid?
Sid: If I had a nickel for every time I heard that question.

Mac: We know the science doesn't lie and people do.

Flack: (banging on the door) Police! Open up!
Willis Frazier: You got a warrant?
Flack: We can get one.
Willis Frazier: Or you could ask nice.
Flack: May we come in?

Clyde Duvall: There's two kind of people in this building. People like them...
Danny: Yeah, scumbags.
Clyde Duvall: And people like me and Alicia. We work hard, we mind our business, and we try not to get caught in the crossfire.

Elaine Moore: Look, I know you must think I'm a horrible person for cheating on my husband. I loved Kelvin. Just not the way everyone wanted me to.
Lindsay: I don't think you're a horrible person. I just think it's sad that you didn't realize that the greatest gift you had walking into that building yesterday was standing right next to you.

Sid: I'm afraid I've spoiled everyone around here over the years. The age-old tradition of the investigator being present at autopsy is to answer questions that might assist the medical examiner, moi, in determining the cause and mode of death, not the other way around.
Mac: Well, that's what the book says, but I don't think they knew about Sid Hammerback when they wrote it. You always have more answers than questions, that's why you're the best.
Sid: Flattery will get you everywhere.

Alicia Woods: I just can't believe that he's dead. You know, he was such a special man. Everybody loved him.
Flack: Not everybody.

Hawkes: The note paper I found on the vestibule floor is very promising. It took me a while to figure it out, but it's a New York State inmate I.D. number.
Jo: So what's your theory? That the killer jotted down his inmate number and left it behind at the scene of the murder?
Hawkes: Wow, it is a tough crowd today.

Lindsay: So what are the chances that Parole's gonna issue a warrant?
Hawkes: Pretty promising (hands her the warrant) Here is your ticket to the dance. Flack is your date.

Christine Whitney (to Mac): Hey, I'm having a crisis of conviction in the middle of a toy store.
Mac: Okay.
Christine Whitney: My head says pick the developmentally-stimulating blocks made from organic recycled wood, but my heart says princess doll.
Mac: Well, I'm sure whatever you pick, Lucy's gonna love.
Christine Whitney: Oh, you have obviously never disappointed a 3-year-old.
Mac: I always say, go with your gut.
Christine Whitney: Oh... or we could go with ponies!
Mac: Should I send a squad car to rescue you?
Christine Whitney: Well, what is everybody else bringing?
Mac: Wait a minute. This isn't about Lucy, is it?
Christine Whitney: Of course not. This is about meeting your friends for the first time and that's a lot of pressure.
Mac: If they see in you even a fraction of what I see... you'll be a hit.
Christine Whitney: You're a sweet man, Mac Taylor. Go solve crime.

Mac: (after Christine pulls him into a corner and kisses him at the lab) What was that for?
Christine Whitney: 'Cause I felt like it. 'Cause you made me feel like it. And letting me into your world the way you have has just changed my life. I can't stop smiling. I can't stop thinking about you.
Mac: For a long time, this place and those guys have been my whole world. They've helped me through some tough times. Now I have you.

Near Death [8.18][edit]

[After Mac cuffs a running suspect after stepping out of his car. Flack runs to them, panting]

Flack: (exhales) Oh, son of a bitch. (to suspect) You run track or something? You on the Olympic team?

(Mac chuckles)

Flack: (out of breath) This is fun...this is funny to you? You realize you were in an automobile, right? You were not running 60 miles an hour.
Mac: Yeah, you want to ride back to the precinct or you walking?
Flack: (panting) Ride please.
Mac: Get in. Come on.
Flack: (sighs) They're so fast.
Mac: Come on, old man.

Season 9[edit]

Reignited [9.01][edit]

(The NYPD are winning a hockey match against the NYFD)

Capt. Curtis Smith: Don't look so smug. It ain't over yet.
Mac: Ah, let's see, osso bucco in a nice red wine sauce, porcini mushrooms...
Capt. Curtis Smith: And you wonder why the public likes us better. You guys are so cocky.
Mac: Oh, come on, Curtis. Your boys have won the last five. I'm tired of buying you dinner.

Danny: Hey, get your head in the game, kid. You're better than that.
Adam: Are you kidding me? Who just got nailed in the corner over there, all right? Get the puck along the boards!
Danny: Just keep your skates up against the post. You learn that in peewee league.
Flack: Hey, hey, hey, shut up, the two of you. We are not losing this game. We got two minutes left. Danny, I need you strong on the forecheck. Adam, nothing gets past you. Focus, baby. Focus. Let's go, boys.

Hockey player: Hey, Flack, that last goal was for your mother. This next one's for your sister.
Flack: My sister died six months ago, jackass.
Hockey player: No. Bro, I didn't know.
Flack: She's not dead, you idiot. Mention my family again, I'll punch you in the mouth.

Capt. Curtis Smith: So, how you been? You feeling all right?
Mac: Yeah. Yeah, I'm good. The last six months have felt like five years, but it's good to be back. I appreciate you coming by the hospital every week. That meant a lot.
Capt. Curtis Smith: Ah. Least I could do. Well, how's Christine? Please tell me you haven't screwed that up.
Mac: No, no. It's great. She's great. Mary and the kids?
Capt. Curtis Smith: (Scoffs) I screwed that up years ago. But she loves me. What can I say?

Sid: Cinema quoi cinema, I'd have to say Manhattan.
Lindsay: No!
Sid: Yes.
Lindsay: No way, absolutely not. Annie Hall. Annie Hall over Manhattan any day of the week.
Sid: Well, Manhattan has a classic style and a Gershwin score.
Lindsay: Nah, it's black and white.
Sid: No, but it's just... you just prefer a more unconventional form of storytelling. I guess I'm just more of a conventional guy.
Lindsay: Nothing about you is conventional, Sid.

Man: Messer, you suck!
Lindsay: Hey, you want to come down here and say that?
Man: All right, all right, all right.

[Lindsay sighs after talking to a man]

Lindsay: (To Sid) Annie Hall for sure.

Mac: (To Capt. Curtis Smith while the NYFD and NYPD get into a fight after a hockey match) Well, I guess there's no truth to the rumor the departments hate each other.

Christine Whitney: Nice and slow. One step at a time. You okay? You need to take a break?
Mac: I can't remember what happened. The thing. I... I can't picture it in my head. At all.

Mac: You don't have to do this, you know. Come here every day.
Christine Whitney: (Holding his arm as he walks down the hospital hall) Nice and slow, one step at a time.
Mac: I hate you seeing me like this.
Christine Whitney: Well, you better get used to it 'cause I'm not going anywhere.

Leonard Brooks: The guy who died, the fireman, he was a friend of yours? I'm sorry. I'm sorry he died.
Mac: Yeah, you're so sorry you went back to the scene during his funeral. You couldn't even let us have that.
Leonard Brooks: You're right. That was poor timing on my part.

Mac: How'd you light the fires, Leonard? Some kind of time-delay device, huh? How'd you do it?

(Leonard gestures for Mac to un-cuff him. Mac hesitates)

Leonard Brooks: I'm not gonna conjure fire from thin air, Detective.

Leonard Brooks: Do you smoke?
Mac: No.
Leonard Brooks: Drink? I trust you've never experimented with heroin or crystal meth? Addiction. That's what it is, an addiction. Only there's no chemical in my bloodstream weaving its way through my body. The poison coursing through my veins is psychological. And the antidote can't be found in a bottle of pills.

Leonard Brooks: I don't want to do what I do, Detective. Every day, every hour, I battle with my mind. Don't do it. Don't do it. Don't do it. And I've won that battle for the last 15 years.
Mac: Yeah, I'm... I'm confused. You waiting for some kind of applause here? You want me to cry?

Leonard Brooks: I have just as much incentive to figure out who set that fire as you do. Someone clearly wants to frame me, someone who has waited a long time for me to get out, but would prefer that I stay caged up in that cell.
Mac: And you might know who that someone is?
Leonard Brooks: I'm offering my services. As a... arson investigator... if you will.

Mac: Arrogance: it's always the criminal's Achilles heel.

Leonard Brooks: This. It's the ignition point.
Flack: Yeah, great, genius. That was a tough one. Can I lock his ass up now, please?

Leonard Brooks: Did you find anything here? Either inside or next to the hole in the floor?
Mac: One of my investigators found some kind of melted metal.
Leonard Brooks: About the size of a dime?
Flack: What was it, Leonard?
Leonard Brooks: Have I not earned your respect enough to not treat me like one of your project thugs?
Flack: You don't have even one ounce of my respect.
Leonard Brooks: Which is precisely why I'm not gonna tell you what it was. You'll use it against me.

Mac: Leonard. I'm still overtaken with emotion over your 'I have just as much incentive to solve this as you do' speech, so come on.

Leonard Brooks: I employed the technique... once, and that's all I'm gonna give you on that.
Flack: That's it? We brought you out here for that?
Leonard Brooks: Yeah. This was very helpful. Perhaps not to you, but it was to me.

(As an aftermath to a shooting, Mac is having trouble remembering things)

Dr. Martin Stilga: You're suffering from what's called anomic aphasia. When you were shot, it appears that for a time, your brain was deprived of an adequate supply of oxygen. It's likely that this caused damage to a particular area of your brain. We'll have to do more tests to determine the extent of it.
Mac: I'd rather no one else know.
Dr. Martin Stilga: Of course.
Mac: How long do you think it'll last?
Dr. Martin Stilga: Some cases are temporary. It diminishes and even disappears with time and therapy. Many times, I'm afraid, the condition is permanent.

(Adam is falling asleep in front of the computer)

Jo: Adam, you've been at this how long?
Adam: Oh, I'd say about, uh, three, four years now (Chuckles)

Jo: Well, he has to be in the crowd. Arsonists are sick people. They disregard risk to thumb their nose at authority, and they love to watch their work.
Adam: Maybe he doesn't. I mean, look at Johnny Depp. He doesn't watch any of his movies.

Adam: You, uh, ever been fraudulently accosted, Jo? (Chuckles) I had this friend Pete who was fraudulently accosted, yeah. This girl picked him up at the, uh, Drunken Dog Tavern. Yeah, turned out she was a dude. What up?

Fireman: You see that fire right there? That's what happens when cops don't take care of business.
Mac: (Pins her against a car) Come here!
Fireman: What the hell are you doing?
Mac: I'm taking care of business. You're under arrest for assault and resisting arrest.

Mac: This valve is normally locked in the on position. Someone broke the lock and turned the system off. Then, after the fire started and before FDNY got here, someone turned it back on.
Flack: What, you think Leonard suddenly grew a conscience?
Mac: Maybe he had one all along.

Hawkes: No prints of value inside the glove. But all hope is not lost as you always have to use a gloveless hand to put on the first glove.

(Buzzer goes off)

Jo: I think your cake's done.
Danny: (As Hawkes examines a glove) It's looking like you got a few good prints there.
Hawkes: Let's hope it's the icing on the case.
Danny: (Scoffs) Really?
Lindsay: Oh, that's pathetic.
Jo: Eh, I kind of liked it.

Flack: (To Leonard Brooks) You better hope you're half as smart as you think you are because when you slip, I'm gonna be there to kick you the rest of the way down the stairs.

Jo: This was all that was left of your property, Leonard. I'm sorry.
Leonard Brooks: Guess when you don't have much, you don't have much to lose.

Leonard Brooks: My past will always follow me. As it should. I do still... I have the urges every day, and I don't want to go back to that place. But... as long as I can't be arrested for my thoughts, I won't.

Leonard Brooks: Thank you for treating me like a human being.
Mac: We don't know any other way.

Christine Whitney: Hey, I know it's been a rough couple of weeks and I don't want to sound selfish but I'm having withdrawals. For six months I'm with you practically 16 hours a day,and now, lately, it'd be easier to get an audience with the pope.
Mac: Yeah, but the pope isn't taking you to your favorite place for dinner.

(Mac gives Christine an arrangement of flowers)

Christine Whitney: What are these for?
Mac: I don't think I ever officially thanked you for taking care of me. There is no gift or words that could ever come close to saying how much it meant having you there by my side through those six months. Every single day your smile and your love just pushed me to work harder, and you... you lifted my spirits. So... two dozen roses: one for every week you took care of me.

Christine Whitney: All right, enough of the mushy stuff. Let's go and eat. I'm starving. You know I have favorite places all over the city. Which one are we going to?
Mac: (Struggling to remember the name of the restaurant) Well, you know, the one with the, uh, the dish that you like.
Christine Whitney: Oh, let's see, that narrows it down to about 50 places?
Mac: You know... th... the one with the, uh, stuff. The one with the chef who, uh, you always ask him what the recipe is and he always leaves out one ingredient.
Christine Whitney: Oh, Piccolo! The truffle rigatoni with vegetable and sausage!
Mac: Yes.
Christine Whitney: Wow, you made that difficult. Do I win a prize?
Mac: Well, I think it's hanging off your arm.

Where There's Smoke... [9.02][edit]

Telephone rings in Leonard Brook's apartment)

Mac: (Addressing a young officer) Answer it, just say hello.
Officer: Hello? (To Mac) It's for you, Detective.
Mac: (Grabbing the phone) Taylor.
Leonard Brooks: Sorry about the lack of hospitality Detective, I wasn't expecting guests.

(At a crime scene where a woman has been burnt alive inside an elevator)

Jo: Oh my God, Mac. Looks like those pipes were the source of the heat. Someone turned this elevator into a boiler.
Mac: Somebody turned this elevator into a torture chamber.

Flack: What's his endgame here, Mac?
Mac: Whatever it is, Leonard Brooks had 15 long years to plan it.

Flack: Turns out Brooks has no known friends or associates, which doesn't shock me, having met the man.
Mac: He's independent and self-reliant. Makes him even more unpredictable.

Leonard Brooks: Press is wrong about me, you know?
Mac: Don't like being called a monster?
Leonard Brooks: No, that part is accurate. I am a monster, but please tell those reporters my victim was anything but innocent.

Jo: For years, Leonard Brooks has suffered from sudden impulse control disorder, compelling him to start fires, but he did it to cause property damage, never to cause bodily harm or to take a life.
Mac: So, why does his M.O. suddenly change? And in such an extreme fashion?
Jo: Because, clearly, the relief that he got from starting fires no longer had any value.
Mac: So torture and murder is his new drug of choice.
Jo: And when his emotional need shifted, he needed to find another means to satisfy it.

Jo: (About Leonard Brooks) This is a guy who spent a large portion of his life in jail. And now that's he's out, those urges and sensations are magnified. They're just overwhelming. Control may not even be an option for him.

(After Jamie has stopped a big perp by herself)

Flack: Impressive.
Jamie Lovato: Growing up with three older brothers has its advantages.
Flack: Can I help you with something?
Jamie Lovato: Yeah, I need a desk (Flack hesitates, confused. She points to one) Looks a little something like that?

Mac: We need to identify her to make a connection. Circulate her... (Unable to remember the word) The, uh... circulate... (Sighs) Get her face across the wire.

Mac: Brooks stuck around to see his plan in motion.
Flack: Looks to me like the bastard enjoyed the show.

Mac: Subpoena his CPS records.
Jamie Lovato: Oh, they're on their way already. I motivated the file clerk with a couple meatball subs from Romeo's.
Flack: If nothing else, Lovato, you got damn good taste in Italian.

Mac: It won't be easy connecting the dots without knowing Rita Lowman's real name.
Jamie Lovato: That's why Flack's going to help me. And since I still don't have a desk, looks like we'll be using yours.
Mac: I like her.
Flack: Yeah.

Danny: Jo, uh, so Jane Fonda just called. She said she wants her workout tapes back.
Jo: They are not Jane's. They're Cher's.
Danny: Cher had a workout video?
Jo: Yes, she did.

Danny: What do you got here?
Jo: Video recordings of Leonard Brooks' prison therapy sessions. 14 years' worth.
Danny: Why don't you call his shrink and get the Cliff Notes?

Danny: (About Leonard Brooks) People like Brooks spend their entire lives blaming other people for all their problems. And I don't care how rough he had it, there's nothing on these tapes that are going to justify what he did to those people.
Jo: I'm just hoping there's something on these tapes that tells us why he did it.

Danny: You think Mac's okay?
Jo: How do you mean?
Danny: How do I mean? I don't know exactly. It's just, you know, he's... he seems off.
Jo: Well, a little off would be pretty damn good considering everything he's been through. I mean, think about it. He suffered a life-changing trauma, months of painful rehab.
Danny: Yeah.
Jo: Most people would have reexamined everything, quit their job and be sitting on a beach, but not Mac. Couldn't wait to pick up exactly where he left off. I think it's a miracle and a gift that the guy's the same old hard-ass boss he's always been.

Jo: (To Danny) You're just an old softie.

Flack: I am never going to bad-mouth computer files again. These CPS files are killing me. This sucks.
Jamie Lovato: Are you always this whiny?
Flack: Yes.

Hawkes: Where'd Brooks take her?
Danny: Now, more importantly, how long does she have to live?

Woman: Is that what you want, Leonard? To be invisible? Starting fires seems to be in opposition to that want.
Leonard Brooks: No. You never listen. Can't you see? I control fire. No one's looking at me. All eyes are on the flames.

Mac: You were expecting Jimmy to save you?
Leonard Brooks: He was just so big. He was like an adult. He looked like one of the guys in the comic books, like some kind of superhero.
Jo: But he wasn't a superhero. He beat you, too, didn't he, Leonard? Afraid that if he didn't, he'd suffer the same fate.
Leonard Brooks: When I think about it, though, Mother was smaller, yet it always hurt more coming from her.

Mac: (To Leonard Brooks) All those fires, and the one that got you caught, the one that put you away, is the one where you went back in to save an innocent woman.
Jo: You did the one thing no one would do for you: come to the rescue.

Leonard Brooks: You think I chose to be like this?
Mac: It's the events in our life that shape us, but it's our choices that define us, and you made the wrong choice, Leonard.

Flack: You should know, the guys got a pool going.
Jamie Lovato: (Sitting at her new desk) Yeah? Let me guess: what will last longer, me or the plant?

Leonard Brooks: It's like that moment when you're a kid and you first realize how powerful the ocean is. You step in, and the water's calm, and you hold it in your hand, but it just slips through your fingers. And you think: well, how strong could it actually be? Feeling bold, you wander out into the abyss. And by the time you turn around, everyone you left on shore seems too far away to help. That's when it hits, this wave, this massive current that pulls you in and pushes you down, holds you there, pinned beneath something so strong. It's like... something you can't control. All you can do is hold on and fight, but then the more you fight, the more weary you get and your lungs burn and your throat... throbs, so you... just let it overtake you. You feel this... force, seemingly benign, but it... can consume and destroy you. It's the thing inside me, strong in ways that nobody can see or comprehend. This dark undertow that I'm powerless to stop. I guess the fires were really controlling me.

2,918 Miles [9.03][edit]

[After being chased and slammed against a car in San Francisco]

Suspect: Uh, damn, take it easy cop. Why are you so agro?
Mac Taylor: Sorry. I'm not from around here.

Flack: Looks like he took a pretty stiff shot to the nose as well.
Hawkes: Yeah. Could've left him unconscious long enough for bleed out.
Flack: Well, from the look of things, I'm guessing that didn't take too long.

Flack: What the hell was this guy doing with pictures of a dead girl in his backpack?
Hawkes: Maybe his death has something to do with hers.
Mac: Either way, it looks like one homicide may have just become two.

Cade Conover: God, I thought we'd never get through dinner.
Jo: You didn't enjoy me rattling on about my work?
Cade Conover: Of course I did. I just couldn't stop thinking about dessert.

Ellie: (To Jordan, about Cade Conover) I'd introduce you to the surfer dude with the hairy chest but I have no idea who he is.

Sid: Are you familiar with the words of Heraclitus of Ephesus?
Mac: I'm not sure I got that memo.

Mac: Ethan would've likely had no need for contact lenses. And this one could actually belong to our killer. Good eye, Sid.

Mac: Mary didn't have a cell phone?
Mrs. Portico: She did. She lost it. I told her the next one was gonna be on her dime.
Mr. Portico: God, why didn't I just get her a new one?

Mac: Sadly, what was being handled as a runaway missing persons case is now being investigated as a homicide missing persons case.

Jo: There's no tougher job in the world.
Flack: Being a cop?
Jo: Being a parent.

Danny: What do you think about our daughter wearing body armor when she becomes a teenager?
Lindsay: After looking at these photos, I'm fine with that.

Danny: (To Lindsay) Messer family... 0 for two.

Danny: Thank you for coming up.
Sid: Oh, don't be silly. I spend all day in a refrigerated room with no cell reception. I live for these invitations.

Danny: This is our photo-topsy.

Sid: I once caught my own daughter faking a bloody nose with food coloring to get out of a spelling test. I know chicanery when I see it.

Danny: That's amazing... I mean, 15 years old and she's using.

Sid: Why is the glass face on her watch in this last photo fogged?
Lindsay: Because it's so close to her mouth. She's breathing.
Danny: Right, so she might have not been beaten to death after all.

Jo: We need to talk.
Ellie: I don't want to talk.
Jo: Why not?
Ellie: Because it's just going to be one of those talks where you do all the talking.

Jo: (About Cade) He's an FBI agent. He's visiting from California. He and I used to work together at the Bureau.
Ellie: Looks like you were doing a little bit more than that.

Jo: I am the adult, you're the child.
Ellie: I'm not a child.
Jo: Okay, you're a teenager. We still have rules in this family.
Ellie: Yeah, and yours are different than mine... I get it.
Jo: Good.

Jo: Ellie, was that your first kiss?
Ellie: Are you kidding me right now?
Jo: I can't believe you're not talking to me about these things.
Ellie: Because, Mom, I knew you'd do exactly what you're doing.
Jo: What, caring?
Ellie: No, prying.
Jo: Ellie, come on. I just want to know how you feel.
Ellie: Well, I don't know yet, okay?

Jo: (Looking at a perp's picture) Holy sideburns. Not even a mother could love that face.

Flack: Looks like you've got your hands full as well.
Jo: (Notices that Cade is entering the bullpen) Hmm... you could say that.

Jo: Agent Conover, thank you for coming.
Cade Conover: No problem. I just wish we could have had this meeting at my hotel because we have these margaritas... the best. I've ever had... at the bar.

Cade Conover: If she's dead she's your case, and if she's alive she's mine?
Jo: Well, this one's tricky.

Cade Conover: You love taking advantage of me, don't you?
Jo: You have no idea.

Danny: (After spending hours looking at evidence and trying to figure out details of a case) I feel like my eyes are going to pop out of my skull.
Lindsay: Come on, babe, stay with me.

Mac: (Thinking of San Francisco) Manhattan isn't the only city with a Fulton Street... and we're not the only one with a Flatiron Building.

Flack: The Yankees have been rightfully anointed the gods of baseball, whereas the Mets...
Jamie Lovato: The Mets are the heart. The heart and soul of New York City baseball.

Jamie Lovato: How are you such a pinstriper? Did you not say you were born and raised in Queens?

Flack: Proudly. But fortunately, my father had the good sense never to let me root for a sad-sack bunch of boo...

Boyd Hackman: (About Lovato) You keep that crazy bitch away from me.
Flack: Watch your tongue or I'll leave you alone with her.
Boyd Hackman: I think she hurt my neck.
Jamie Lovato: We think you killed Ethan Grohl.

Flack: You can't see much without your contacts, can you, Boyd? How many fingers?

(After assaulting and killing a young man)

Boyd Hackman: It was his fault!
Jamie Lovato: His fault?
Boyd Hackman: Yeah! What kind of kid doesn't carry a wallet?

Jamie Lovato: (After interrogating Epps) Real charmer that one
Flack: Probably a Mets fan.
Jamie Lovato: Do you want me to give you a head start like him before I kick your ass? Or would you like to take your chances?

Adam: You ever run away from home?
Hawkes: No. You?
Adam: Few times. Yeah. I even, uh... I even ran away to be with this girl once. Yeah. Uh, except she, um... she only lived across town, and, uh, these two other guys showed up. Yeah. Ugh. It was crowded.

Jo: Ellie spent the night with her friend Sammy again while we rushed off to San Francisco. So who knows what kind of trouble she's gotten herself into.
Cade Conover: Nothing you wouldn't have gotten into, for sure.
Jo: Yeah, that's exactly what worries me.

Adam: My home life might've sucked, but... it's the evil you know, you know?

Bartender: Welcome to the Daisy Chain.
Jo: Can you tell us if you've seen this young man?
Bartender: Hmmm... nah. You want a smoothie?

Mac: Tell me what you did to her!
Trent Garrett: Nothing she didn't ask for.

Cade Conover: You shot up a 15-year-old with heroin?
Trent Garrett: I had to give her something for the pain.
Mac: What the hell is wrong with you?

Mary Portico: I think I'm lost.
Jo: No, sweetie, you've been found.

(Lovato has turned Flack's desk into a Mets themed one)

Flack: You got to be kidding me.
Jamie Lovato: Welcome home, Yankee. I thought your desk could use some sprucing up.

Jo: The look on Mr. Portico's face when he walked into Mary's hospital room, that's going to stay with me for a long time.
Mac: Feels nice to be able to deliver good news every once in a while.

Mac: This one hit close to home, didn't it?
Jo: Well, I mean, Ellie's a teenager, just like Mary and Lord knows we don't always see eye to eye. But God, I would hate to think one argument could change so much.
Mac: Just got to keep the lines of communication open and give yourself a break every now and then while you're at it. You're a great mom, Jo. She's lucky to have you.
Jo: Thanks, Mac. Would you mind telling her that?

(Both laugh)

Jo: Just wait till you and Christine start plopping out cute little blonde babies into the world.
Mac: Slow down, Jo.
Jo: You don't fool me. I've seen you two.

Cade Conover: I wish you could have stayed, Jo.
Jo: Please. All those blue skies and sun tans? Why would I want to do a thing like that?

Ellie: You seriously think he's cute?
Jo: Jordan? Yeah. He's pretty good looking for a freshman. But you should pace yourself. They do get better with time.
Ellie: You mean like Cade?
Jo: Ah... you did notice.
Ellie: No, 'cause that would be gross.

Ellie: Do you like him?
Jo: Yeah, I think so. Complicated, though, you know? He lives there and we live here.
Ellie: We could move.
Jo: That's sweet, Ellie. You mean you'd do that for me?
Ellie: Sure, but you'd have to buy me all new clothes.
Jo: We'll talk about it later.
Ellie: Do we have to?
Jo: Nah.

Unspoken [9.04][edit]

Mac: Tell me how a gun registered in your name was used to fire shots at you this afternoon.
Grant Hamilton: That's not possible.
Mac: It happened.

Grant Hamilton: My gun was stolen.
Flack: And you didn't report it?
Grant Hamilton': I thought I had misplaced it.
Flack: What, it wasn't in your sock drawer, so you figured it was where? With your golf clubs?

Grant Hamilton: The priority here, gentlemen, is the fact that a man shot at me.
Flack: For you, maybe. For me, it's the fact that a little girl was shot and killed with your gun.

Grant Hamilton: (About the girl that was killed with his missing gun) I'd like to call her family.
Flack: Nice. Nice. Maybe you could take a couple photos with her grieving mother. A nice photo op for the campaign.

Adam: If he was able to get onto Hamilton's boat to steal it, why not just lie in wait and shoot him there? Why wait six months?
Mac: Nerve. You've got to talk yourself into it. Then there's the planning. You don't want to mess up. Or maybe the public event. The publicity is something he's after.

Adam: And then there's the elephant in the room.
Mac: The irony that a man could be shot with his own stolen gun.

Danny: Hey, Montana.
Lindsay: Hey. You haven't called me that in a long time.

Lindsay: You were standing by the window, holding vigil for your poor, injured wife. Who was Lucy with?
Danny: I think you might have been dreaming. Was I naked in that, uh, moment?

Danny: No one saw this guy's face.
Lindsay: I did. I looked right into his eyes. He looked right into mine.
Danny: This guy knows that you saw his face. What time did you say I was here last night?

Danny: (Fogging a window with his coffee) Are we seeing letters here? Does that say 'RR'?
Jo: I think so.

(Flack writes them down in his notepad)

Danny: Looks like an M...
Jo: R-R.. Y.
Danny: What do you got there, Don?
Flack: Well, buying a vowel, it looks to me like 'I'm sorry'.
Danny: I'll bet you he's sorry. He left a print.

Jo: For 24 hours, no one knew his name, where he lived or what he looked like, so he had plenty of time to get out of town.
Mac: But he didn't. Means he's got unfinished business.

Beverly McCord: We can talk about this.
Evan Westcott: Shut up! Just shut up. I tried talking to you, but frankly, you have a hard time understanding me.

Flack: (After chasing after Evan Westcott for the second time) This is the last time you're making me run.

Mac: I can't remember the simplest things.
Dr. Kevin Phillips: It can come and go, but my guess is it's getting worse. Otherwise, you wouldn't have called me.
Mac: No, I don't know. They... gave me those coloring book pictures and name games. They gave me a bunch of exercises that don't seem to be working. I just... I just want to fix this.
Dr. Kevin Phillips: Mac, it doesn't work that way. You're past the window of 'temporary aphasia'. So you're going to have to retrain your brain. It's like learning everything all over again. It takes time.

Mac: I'm in charge of people, Kevin. I've got a very demanding job. I should be able to name the color red.
Dr. Kevin Phillips: I can understand your frustration, but...
Mac: No, don't do that! I don't want your understanding! I... (Pauses) I'm sorry, Kevin. I... I just want this to go away. There's got to be something medically that we can do.
Dr. Kevin Phillips: No. And out of respect, I'm not gonna sugarcoat this for you. There is no quick fix, no pill, no surgery. There's just word games and exercises.

Dr. Kevin Phillips: You know, your greatest gift is Christine.
Mac: I haven't told her yet.
Dr. Kevin Phillips: Have you told anyone?
Mac: This is my problem. I just want a schedule and a plan that I can stick to. And I'll... I'll get better and it will all go away.
Dr. Kevin Phillips: I can appreciate your optimism, but, you know, you cannot do this alone.

Lonnie James: I didn't mean to hurt Aimee.
Flack: I know that.
Lonnie James: We were just playing around, you know? She was my best friend. Thanks for trying to save her.
Flack: Yeah, you're welcome, Lonnie.
Lonnie James: Am I going to jail for what I did?
Flack: No. We're all gonna make sure that doesn't happen.

Beverly McCord: Evan, you tend to show... a certain degree of uninhibited affection, and it's got to stop. It making me and others uncomfortable.
Evan Westcott: Others. You're having conversations about my behavior with others?
Beverly McCord: Touching the children in any way is dangerous.
Evan Westcott: Affection is dangerous?
Beverly McCord: Frankly, I don't understand why you don't get this.
Evan Westcott: Oh, I get it. I get that this is your problem, Beverly, not mine. Your sick imagination took an action that was so innocent, and you made it perverted. And you know what? That... that makes me uncomfortable.

Flack: You could have made a different choice, Evan. But instead, you brought a gun to a public place with the intention of murdering someone. And when you fired that weapon, you changed the lives of every person there. You violated their sense of security, but worse than that... you hurt a child, and you don't even know it.
Evan Westcott: What are you talking about?
Flack: You dropped that gun in that dumpster, and it was found... and it was fired. And this little girl was killed.

Misconceptions [9.05][edit]

[Flack and Sam are at their grandmother's for lunch.]
Flack: Ah, no gran, come on, I'm stuffed.
Grandmother: You look like one of those POWs.
Flack: It's called being in shape.
Grandmother: Skinny is not a shape.
[Flack bows his head, taking the verbal hit. He just can't win.]
Grandmother: [Asking Sam] Still going with that boy?
Flack: No, we broke up. He was too clingy. I wanted to see other people.
[Sam kicks Flack.]

Mac: (About the parents of a boy that went missing 20 years ago) They promised each other they'd never move. They believe his soul is still with them in the house.

(Keith the only suspect in the disappearance of Tommy Lewis, has been found dead in the neighborhood)

Mac: There were a lot of angry people around here. Death threats against Keith and his family. They were eventually forced to move away.
Lindsay: Looks like someone welcomed him back to the neighborhood.

Lindsay: Keith Milner, the only suspect in the disappearance of Tommy Lewis, is found dead in the park a block away from where the kid vanished exactly 20 years ago today. My guess is, this about payback, not a payday.

Jo: I'm sure there's still a lot of people in this neighborhood who'd love to see him dead.
Lindsay: Probably most of all Tommy's parents.
Jo: I'm curious to hear how they'd take the news of his murder.
Jamie Lovato: That's if it's news to them at all.

(Flack has prepared some elaborated breakfast for his dog)

Flack: Come and get it, sweetie. There you are, sleepyhead.

(After some boxing)

Flack: You hit me so hard with that right hand, I was gonna call your parole officer and have you violated.
Tony Davis: That's why I let up at the end.
Flack: Come on. You beat me up the whole fight, but I got you fair and square right there.
Tony Davis: Seriously, man, you've come a long way. Three months ago, that punch would've put you on your ass. You're learning to relax in the ring, keep your composure.
Flack: You're just saying nice things to keep me coming back, because you like getting paid to hit a cop.
Tony Davis: Hey, you know I love you, Flack.
Flack: I know you love hitting me.

Flack: (Picks up the phone, knowing he is talking to his grandma all along) Hey, baby. Last night was amazing... I can't stop thinking about you. You were incredible. Grandma? Oh, sorry. Yes, I knew it was you (He laughs) I'm sorry.

Danny: How is it possible that a guy who murdered an eight-year-old boy turns into this model citizen?
Mac: All right. Maybe Milner wasn't the guy that everyone thought he was.
Danny: What do you mean?
Mac: There were a lot of bosses and experienced detectives calling the shots on that case. No one was very interested in the... opinion of a young detective. It always bothered me that he was the only suspect from day one. He was the perfect guy for them.

Danny: You think Tommy's father might have actually killed Milner himself?
Jo: Milner shows up in the neighborhood at the 20th anniversary of his kid's death. Certainly has motive.

Jo: I'm not quite sure how to say this, and I might be overstepping my bounds.
Mac: But you're gonna say it anyway.
Jo: I am. You've been back to work for over a month. And I've been going through Leonard Brooks' arson case, prepping for court. There were 200 reports in that folder, and not one of them has been written by you. And every court date you've had, you've had someone else take your notes and testify. That's just not like you, Mac. What's going on?
Mac: You're right. You're overstepping your bounds.
Jo: Mac, if something's wrong...
Mac: Nothing's wrong. Just doing what I should have been doing all along. I'm delegating. That's what bosses do.

Jo: (To Mac) You know... I might be a bit quirky, I may not be as organized as I would like, but don't let that fool you. I'm incredibly perceptive.

Flack: Well... this... is a mystery. All your connections are tight, nothing's leaking. So... how do you think this water got in the bucket that you put under the sink because you supposedly had a leak?
Irene Flack: You're the detective. You figure it out.
Flack: Doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to figure this one out.

Irene Flack: I need you to open the pickles.
Flack: What?
Irene Flack: The pickles. I can't open them. I need you to loosen the top.
Flack: You're the only one who lives here, right? You opened the jar. How is it you can't close it... are you stronger than yourself?

Flack: You here for the mystery leak?
Samantha Flack: Yeah, and to open some jars.
Irene Flack: What are you doing here?
Samantha Flack: Don't you play senile with me. You called me. And you set the table for three.

Nathan Lewis: (Waking up on his son's grave) Did I kill the son of a bitch?

Flack: Oh, no, Gram, come on. I'm stuffed.
Irene Flack: You look like one of those POWs.
Flack: It's called being in shape.
Irene Flack: Skinny is not a shape.

Irene Flack: You can take that damn ugly urn, too.
Flack: I thought we agreed that Dad would want to be here with you.
Irene Flack: Dad is here with me, right here. That's all I need.

Samantha Flack: Whatever it is, if it belonged to Dad, it's all you.
Flack: You gonna pull that "he loved you more than me" crap again?
Samantha Flack: I'm sorry I can't pretend he was this wonderful guy.
Flack: I'm not asking you to pretend anything.
Samantha Flack: You know what, I can't do this again. You take the stuff. I'm good. I will see you at the next leak under the sink.
Irene Flack: Let her be. She'll learn how to forgive him someday.

Flack: I love you.
Irene Flack: You love my meatballs.

Nathan Lewis: Seven years after Tommy disappeared the state declared him legally dead. Do you know what it's like to bury an empty coffin?

Lindsay: We get it. You wanted to avenge the murder of your son.
Mac: But if you were man enough to kill him, be man enough to take responsibility for it.

Sid: When did you find out about the accusations against your husband?
Emma Milner: After we'd been dating for a few months. Keith wouldn't talk about it with me. He just wanted to put the whole thing behind him. And he said that if I thought for a second he was capable of such a thing, I should break it off right there. I didn't. We were married three years ago last week. And he's been nothing but kind, decent and honest.

Keith Milner: (Entry on his personal diary) As the child we're about to bring into this world grows inside the belly of my beautiful wife, anxiety over secrets of my past grow on my conscience. It tears at my heart to know my parents went to their graves believing I took the life of that boy. The lies and the manipulation, the stealing and the drugs. Maybe I didn't deserve their trust. I'm afraid that when I look into the eyes of my son for the very first time, the joy of that moment will be stolen from me by thoughts of Tommy Lewis and his mom and dad wondering where their own son has gone. If I'm going to raise my boy with integrity, if he can ever look up to me, he has to know the truth. I have to clear my conscience and my name. The world has already made up its mind about me. I have no choice but to face the wolf in sheep's clothing, compel him to step forward and confess to the crimes for which I was so wrongly accused.

Jo: I'm just a little concerned about Mac.
Christine Whitney: What do you mean?
Jo: I think he's struggling with some stuff.
Christine Whitney: What makes you say that?
Jo: Well, he's been avoiding certain situations at work, particularly things where he has to provide specific details.
Christine Whitney: Like what?
Jo: I've watched him a bunch of times struggle to name or identify an object, and he covers pretty well, but... Lord, I feel like I'm telling on him. I'm just worried about him. Have you noticed anything like that?
Christine Whitney: No. Not really. I mean, he doesn't know where he left his keys half the time but that's just a man thing, you know. They're a forgetful bunch.

Samantha Flack: You're not seriously thinking of doing this?
Flack: I am. But I need your help. That kid Zane that you used to make out with... he works there doing security. He can get us in.
Samantha Flack: I did not used to make out with him.
Flack: Oh, sorry. He used to make out with you.
Samantha Flack: You're such an ass.

Flack: (To Sam about one of her ex boyfriends) This guy would murder puppies if you asked him to.

Samantha Flack: You know, to be honest, it kind of pisses me off, Dad's still trying to tell me what to do from an urn on a shelf at Gram's place.
Flack: Come on! Would you ease up on him already? So maybe he was a little bit tougher on you. It's only because he knew you were twice as smart as I am.
Samantha Flack: That is not true.
Flack: It is true. I'm okay with that.
Samantha Flack: Would you just stop trying to make excuses for him? Yeah, I came to terms with this a long time ago. Maybe I was just hard to love. Maybe he had trouble relating to me. Whatever it is, I'm over it.

Flack: (About his father) I saw that guy cry once in my whole life. The night of your senior prom. You said you were sleeping at Heather's house. He checked up on you. You weren't there. So he and I drove around all night looking for you. He was a wreck. Thinking the worst, as only a New York City detective can. And when we didn't find you, he bawled like a baby.
Samantha Flack: He never said anything about that to me.
Flack: Maybe he was just trying to keep the peace. When you came home the next morning, he was just thankful you were safe. Sam... he loved you.

Christine Whitney: Do you trust me, Mac?
Mac: You even have to ask me that?
Christine Whitney: I think I do. Um, I had coffee with Jo earlier. She's worried about you, and I am, too.
Mac: Well, I'll tell you what I told her... I'm fine.
Christine Whitney: That's what I said, 'cause our relationship is based on trust, and if you had a problem, you would have come to me and we would have worked it out together, right?
Mac: That's right.

Christine Whitney: I just want you to look me in the eye and tell me nothing's wrong.
Mac: What the hell is this, Christine?
Christine Whitney: It's really simple. Just look me in the eye and tell me.
Mac: I don't appreciate my integrity being called into question.
Christine Whitney: I didn't come here to question your integrity. I came here because I care about you.

Mitch Ventri: I'm not a bad person.
Lindsay: No, you're the worst kind of person. You look like us, you walk and talk like us. But you know what, Mitch Ventri? You're nothing like us.

Mac: (To Jo) I'm only gonna tell you this once. Be careful where you stick your nose. Stay out of my personal business.

Samantha Flack: (To Flack) You know you owe me big-time. Zane? Beyond creepy.

The Lady in the Lake [9.06][edit]

Karma: [as Adam is recalling the story in a police station] Wait. Are you kidding me? I thought you said this story was about a princess, not some cops chasing some dude.
Adam: It is. I'm just setting it up. Okay? See? It's called backstory.
Karma: Well, how about getting to the front story?

Jo: [after the crew observes the crime scene] So, we've got a castle and a princess...
Mac Taylor: And an unhappy ending.

Flack: (To a perp he's had to run after) I pulled a hamstring scaling that truck over there. You don't want to mess with me right now.

Karma: Drain the pond? How long is this gonna take?
Adam: Uh, well, not nearly as long as a lineup takes. Your mom's gonna be... at least another hour, and I don't see anybody rushing over here to take my report, so I think we're stuck.

Dee: If you're a cop, why can't you report your stolen car to yourself?
Adam: Well, 'cause I'm not a cop. No, I mean, I work with cops. Yeah, I do cop stuff, but I'm a... I'm a Crime Scene Investigator.

Jo: Mac?
Mac: Another gun?
Jo: (Shows him the body of a young woman) Another murder.

Mac: She was killed with a rock.
Hawkes: Specifically, Manhattan schist. Which doesn't help us, 'cause the city's full of it.

Sid: Stomach contents revealed traces of arothron hispidus, also known as puffer fish.
Mac: Very expensive sushi.
Sid: And delicious. Her last meal was to die for.

Mac: (Over the phone) Christine, uh, when you get this, can you call me? I don't want to leave things... just call me, please.

Adam: I found particles combined of nickel, iron and olivine.
Mac: Space dust.
Adam: That's right, M.T. okay? This is not of this earth.

Dee: Nuh-uh.
Adam: Uh-huh.
Dee: Nuh-uh.
Adam: Uh-huh.

Mac: (To Adam) Fascinating. Now clear the rest of the guns, and don't ever call me M.T. Again (Smacks him at the back of his head)

Mac: Give me some good news.
Jo: My 14-year-old daughter broke up with her boyfriend.

Mac: A poor girl trying to look rich.
Jo: Cinderella story.

Mac: Last week, I was a bit short with you.
Jo: You made your point. Already forgotten.

Flack: Yo! NYPD.

(Joseph Skiver runs away)

Flack: Why does that never work?

Joseph Skiver: I'm not holding, man. Search me all you want.
Flack: Here's something you've never heard a cop say: I'm gonna take your word for it.

Flack: Assault, fraud, burglary, possession of meth, trafficking in meth, trafficking in proscribed wildlife.
Jo: Proscribed wildlife?
Joseph Skiver: I'm diversifying.
Jo: How about murder?
Joseph Skiver: Yeah, stick it all on me. I'm a pincushion, baby. Just for giggles, who'd I kill?

Flack: How'd you cut your hand?
Joseph Skiver: Are you kidding me? I would never...
Flack: That's not the answer I'm looking for, Skiver.
Joseph Skiver: Uh... it's a bite, feeding the toucan. Those things are nasty.
Jo: Thought you were going to come up with something lame.

Jo: She was going out?
Joseph Skiver: Yeah. With Richie Rich. The boyfriend.

Jo: A toucan? Really?
Flack: Had a cousin that worked with birds. They can be vicious.

Jo: Who catalogs every plant in Central Park?
Danny: I'm guessing single guy, no kids.

Jo: Boom. Let's see what we can find.
Danny: Did she just use my word?

Hawkes: Boom!

Danny: You ever see me rip up a check for 50 grand, do me a favor and shoot me.
Mac: Consider it done.

Danny: (About a case resembling Cinderella story) It does connect to Ashley Braden. I filled in the missing letters. Fits like a glass slipper, no?

Karma: So did the prince do it or not?
Dee: Even if he did the crime, he won't be doing the time.
Adam: Whoa, my story, my moral.

Lindsay: Do you believe in luck?
Mac: Well, uh, Seneca said: luck is the intersection of preparation and opportunity.
Lindsay: Well, then opportunity just knocked.

Mac: (To Lindsay, after one of her demonstrations) That's brains, not luck.

Dee: You heard aliens talking?
Adam: You know, who knows? I don't even know if they have mouths. All I know for sure is that it's some form of communication. Sounds waves from the middle of the spaceship. Which means I've discovered first contact. Boo-yah.

Karma: So the princess and the prince get killed?
Adam: No, he wasn't killed. He just was in no shape to talk

Adam: (About the piece of spaceship) Do you know what this could do?
Sid: Uh, protect a tabletop from a wet drink.
Adam: Launch an industry, okay? Graphic novels, tv series, movie, theme parks, restaurants. I already got a name for it. Area 52. The A and the R are capitalized, because...
Sid: Oh, Adam Ross.
Adam: What up?

Adam: Since this is a ground floor startup, I'm willing to give you, Sid, 49% for only $284,000, yeah.
Sid: Do... dollars? Uh, well, that sounds like a bargain.
Adam: You know, you'd be part of all major decisions. I'd love to hear your business advice but of course, at the end of the day, someone has to have the final say.
Sid: I understand. In fact, I already have some advice.
Adam: Great, shoot. What?
Sid: Don't pitch this to anyone who can fire you.

Jo: You find any spaceships?
Adam: That's very funny, Jo. That's real funny.

Adam: Jo, somebody stole the car. Somebody stole the Avalanche. Mac is gonna kill me!
Jo: Oh, Adam, you're brilliant. We got a name: DiBello. Taxi!
Adam: That's great. I can handle this. Yeah, you go. I'll handle this... and my funeral arrangements.

Jo: I have a son that's not much younger than you are, and I treasure his loyalty. But more important than that, I value his principles. If he were to encounter a wrong, I trust that he would come forward and do the right thing no matter who did it.

Jo: You may not be able to bring Ashley back, Matthew, but there is something you can do for her. She's still counting on you.

Krista DiBello: She didn't like high heels, she... she wasn't catholic, she didn't come from money. She was a drug addict and so was her boyfriend.
Matthew DiBello: I was her boyfriend.
Krista DiBello: She was wrong for you, Matthew. She didn't belong.
Matthew DiBello: So you killed her?
Krista DiBello: She was a virus!

Matthew DiBello: (To her mother about Ashley, whom she has killed) I thought if you saw her all dressed up you might give her a chance. She hated putting on a show, but she did it for you, to impress you.

Karma: Whoa, that prince's old lady is cold.
Dee: Is she gonna fry?
Adam: No, they don't fry people in New York, but she is gonna go away for a very, very long time.

Dee: What about the end of the spaceship story?
Adam: Well, that's all I got for right now. I tell you what? This story is just beginning.
Dee: Cool.

Dee: (About Adam) That dude, he's gonna be richer than Carmelo.

Cop: Heading home, detective?
Mac: No, no, I gotta get back to the... the, uh...
Cop: The lab?
Mac: (Chuckles) The lab, yeah. It's been a long day.

Mac: (Leaving a message on her cell phone) Christine, it's... it's me. We need to talk. I'm... there is something wrong (Deletes it)

Mac: They found the avalanche.
Adam: Oh, great. Where?
Mac: Impound. You parked in the red zone. Next time, put the placard in the window.

(About the space ship piece that Adam found)

Mac: Martian probe launched by the Russians in 1988. They lost track of it, but... looks like one piece of it found its way back home.
Adam: Yeah. Animal sounds, car horns, the word earth recorded in 37 different languages, 1988's top ten hits. This was Russia's interplanetary greeting card.

Jo: There had some good stuff in '88: Red red wine, Kokomo, Don't worry, be happy.

Clue: SI [9.07][edit]

Flack: Her classmate, Alexa Holdman, discovered her when she was practicing one of those twirly things.
Mac: A pirouette?
Flack: Like I said, a twirly thing.

Hawkes: Petechial hemorrhaging. C.O.D.'s most likely asphyxiation.
Flack: You needed an exam for that? She was hung up by a rope.
Jo: We're not sure the rope killed her.

Flack: All right, I may not be the owner of a wonderful white lab coat, but it sounds to me like you're saying somebody strangled her, then strung her up.
Mac: Why hang somebody who's already dead?

Mac: No one else was in the... (Unable to remember the word) ...the, uh...
Flack: Building? No.

Christine Whitney: I'm sorry I didn't... I didn't return your calls. I didn't know what to say.
Mac: I understand why you're angry with me, Christine.
Christine Whitney: I'm not angry. Um... hurt, uh, confused... a little embarrassed. I realized I'd been acting like a teenage girl, you know? Butterflies in my stomach 'cause I'm so excited to see you, fighting the urge to text message every minute... making a lot more of this than... than what it is, so I'm going to take a step back.
Mac: No, I don't want you to do that.

Christine Whitney: Why don't you tell me what's wrong? Why are you shutting me out of whatever it is that you're going through?
Mac: That's not what I'm doing. This isn't... about us.
Christine Whitney: Oh. Oh, okay. I get it. It's none of my business.
Mac: That's not what I'm saying.
Christine Whitney: Mac, the problem is that you are not saying anything.

Mac: You... you make me very happy. I'm just... struggling with...
Christine Whitney: You can tell me. You know, all those nights that I sat by your bedside in the hospital, it wasn't because I felt some obligation. I was where I wanted to be. I sat there day after day, praying... because I wanted... I needed you to recover. Mac, you can trust me.
Mac: I can't... I can't remember things.

Christine Whitney: Why didn't you share this with me, Mac? Never mind. I asked a question I already know the answer to. You know, one of the most endearing things about you is your pride. But it's also your weakness. And I... I have to decide if I can live with that.

Sid: A dancer, more than any other human being, dies two deaths. Martha Graham said that.

Hawkes: Hey, never get Lucy a cell phone.
Danny: She's only five, Doc.
Hawkes: I mean, never ever. I went through Ellen White's cell. There were 500 texts from this week alone.
Danny: Wow. Anything out of the ordinary?
Hawkes: No, just a lot of IMHOs and FTWs.

Adam: Messer, you got to do me a favor and tell your wife to back off, okay? 'Cause I didn't do it. Okay, and I don't like being accused of things I didn't do when I didn't do it because I didn't do it, okay?
Danny: That make any sense to you?
Hawkes: Yeah, he didn't do it.

Danny: Hey, babe, what'd you do to Adam?
Lindsay: (To Danny and Hawkes, revealing she's been pranked as she has blue ink ring around her eyes) Don't think that you two aren't suspects.

Lindsay: I think I'm a pretty nice person. Levelheaded, patient, as is evidenced by the man I've taken as my husband.
Hawkes: God knows how you do it.

Lindsay: (After being pranked) Somebody decided: hey, she's an easy target. Let's play lab prank on Lindsay because she's... what, weak? (Chuckles) Whoever did this is going down.

Mac: (To Lindsay, who has been pranked into getting blue ink rings around her eyes) That brings out the color in your eyes.
Lindsay: Thanks

Jamie Lovato: You like shooting young girls with old guns?
Sam Cross: I never shot anybody.
Flack: Of course not. You're a good guy. Let's see. Sam Cross, 25 years old. Highlights include: assault, armed robbery and burglary. So, tell me, what made you graduate to murder?

Sam Cross: I'm just a stickup guy. I never graduated to nothing.
Jamie Lovato: I can't imagine why.

Sam Cross: That's not even my gun... I found the damn thing.
Jamie Lovato: That's the lame-ass story you're gonna go with?

Sam Cross: It was just... lying there. Lying.
Jamie Lovato: That's an interesting word choice.
Sam Cross: Yeah, well, you know what? A free piece comes your way and you take it.

Jo: (To Lindsay) Remind me never to get on your bad side.

Christine Whitney: It meant a lot, you, um, opening up to me last night.
Mac: I wish it wasn't so hard for me.
Christine Whitney: Yeah, I know that. But I want you to always feel you can come to me, be honest with me, no matter how hard it is. I'm tougher than you think.
Mac: I know how tough you are.
Christine Whitney: I want to help you, Mac.

Adam: Tracked the seller of the antique revolver, and it wasn't easy because it was made back when the dinosaurs were roaming the earth.

Adam: After some masterful Internet sleuthing by moi, I was able to track down the gun to the seller.

Mac: Someone's playing a game with us. Mrs. White. Conservatory. With a rope.
Lindsay: Lisa Weston had red hair, and she was killed in Hell's Kitchen with a revolver.
Jo: Mrs. Scarlet in the kitchen with the revolver.
Lindsay: Holy crap.
Mac: It's Clue.

Mac: Six suspects. Nine rooms. Six murder weapons. 324 possibilities to deduce the killer.

Danny: Seriously, babe, how long you planning on wearing those sunglasses?
Lindsay: Till I don't look like I'm a member of the Blue Man Group.

Danny: (To Lindsay, discussing who might have pranked her) Probably could take Mac out of the equation because, you know, joke is not really a part of his vocabulary.

Danny: (To Lindsay, who's been pranked) Think I would pull that kind of prank on... on my own wife?

Danny: How does a whisker from a giant snow leopard in the Central Park Zoo end up on a dead body halfway across town?
Robby Hull: I'm the primary zookeeper for the snow leopards.
Danny: So, does anyone else interact with them?
Robby Hull: They can be temperamental animals. Anybody gets in that cage without proper training, that's when limbs start getting ripped off.

Flack: Mac Taylor in the lounge with the Glock.
Jamie Lovato: You just couldn't help yourself, could you?

Steve Davis: I need to see Dr. Emerson.
Flack: Oh, you will, in court behind a stand as she's testifying against you for murdering three of her patients and nearly killing her fiance.

Steve Davis: My mother loves her vacation home, and my father loves his French whores. They don't... they don't love me.

(Danny arrives to the lab with a bouquet of red roses)

Lindsay: You got some hot date I don't know about?
Danny: Yeah, taking my wife out to dinner tonight.
Lindsay: Oh, what's the occasion?
Danny: You don't need an occasion to take your wife out to dinner, do you?
Lindsay: It was you. I knew it. I said it was you.
Danny: Adam was supposed to be in Ballistics, not you.
Lindsay: Then why didn't you tell me.

Lindsay: So it was Messer in Ballistics.
Danny: With methylene blue. Do you forgive me?
Danny: It's almost gone.
Lindsay: This better be some dinner.

Mac: I have something I need to say to you, and I didn't want it to wait. I love you, Christine (She doesn't reply) Aren't you gonna...?

(They kiss)

Late Admissions [9.08][edit]

Danny: (Leaving a message on Lindsay's cell phone) Hey, it's me. I figured you might still be sleeping. Red-eye probably knocked you out, huh? I just wanted to hear your voice and see if you're doing all right. You don't want to get into it, I know. I just thought...

I don't know what I thought. I just want to know that you're okay. So call me back if you feel like talking, please. Say hey to your dad for me, all right? I love you.

Flack: (Opening Billy Wharton's locker) Damn, kid. Do a wash, my man. Cab drivers smell better than this.

Billy Wharton: Can... can you just tell me what you're looking for?
Mac: I think you know what we're looking for.
Billy Wharton: Actually, I don't, so can you please just tell me? Because I'm a little scared here. Obviously, this has something to do with Luke.
Flack: Harvard would be lucky to have someone as smart as you.

Flack: Kid's pretty smooth. He's got an answer for everything.
Mac: Too smooth.

Robert Monroe: Rooster tail, huh?
Lindsay: Worked when I was a kid. I'm guessing the trout haven't wised up any.
Robert Monroe: Any chance I can convince you to keep what you catch? You know, pan-seared with a little garlic...
Lindsay: No.

Robert Monroe': Just wondering what you think you can accomplish by being here.
Lindsay: What do you mean, accomplish?
Robert Monroe: The way you feel about him. The things you got going on inside of you. You're still going to feel those same things tomorrow.

Robert Monroe: (To Lindsay) I just want to protect you, is all. That's all any father wants. Boy, I tried but you can't protect your daughter from everything. Eventually, the day comes when you have to pick her up off the ground after she skins her knee and tell her everything's going to be all right. Or wipe away the tears after some boy breaks her heart. Find the words to tell her

her mother's gone. But that's life.

Robert Monroe: I couldn't teach you everything, and you wouldn't even let me. You have your own way of doing things, but...
Lindsay: I'm not that little girl anymore, dad. I haven't been for a long time. And I know you're proud of me, but I know that you wish I didn't do what I do. Or see the things I see. That innocence was gone a long time ago. And I don't regret the choices that I've made, and I don't regret seeing the things I've seen.
Robert Monroe: You're an impressive young woman, Lindsay. But you grew up so fast. What I'm trying to say is, haven't you seen enough?

(Danny is going through a yearbook)

Jo: Oh, let me guess. Life is not measured by the breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away.
Danny: That's close. It's actually: 'where my party, p-party, party, p-party people at?' It's Nelly.
Jo: That would have been my second guess.

Melanie Rogers: I've had better weeks. Luckily, I have this to keep my mind off of it.
Jo: Well, I'm going to need your mind to think about it just for a few more moments.

(About to pierce Kelly's ear) Now give me the rubbing alcohol.

Kelly: Rubbing alcohol, too?
Young Lindsay: I just have to get the rust off of it.
Kelly: Rust? What the hell?
Young Lindsay: Sush! I'm kidding.

Adam: (Reading texts on a cell phone) 'Fred goes to the video store on Broadway'. Fred, you are a moron. Online video, dude. 'He buys three videos for $25'. God, you're killing me. 'This was $15 more than twice what he paid for a box of Goobers'. I would go with Raisinets, but whatever. 'How much were the Goobers?' First of all, five bucks for chocolate covered peanuts? Second, isn't this kid in, like AP Calculus?

Adam: (Going through a teenager's cell phone) Everything is fairly innocuous. No sexting, nothing. It's pretty disappointing.

(Hawkes is putting together a mug that has been shattered to small pieces)

Danny: Bet you're not loving the fact that you're the one with the surgeon's hands around here, are you?
Hawkes: Don't get me started.

Mac: Judge Spencer owed you a favor? What are you doing, Frank? Listen to yourself.
Frank Stevenson: He killed Luke.
Mac: You're not only jeopardizing the investigation, you're risking your job. Now let us do what we do. If Billy did this, we'll catch him. The right way... no favors.

Caroline: I dreamed that we were all seniors and we all had our driver's licenses. Linds, you had a convertible Trans Am.
Young Lindsay: A Trans Am? Ford F250, please.

Adam: Jack goes to the driving range. Means the deal is going to go down at the driving range, most likely Chelsea Piers.
Jo: Okay.
Adam: Buys a bucket of 312 balls. I mean nobody buys a bucket of 312 balls. Your arm would fall off. So, the deal is going to go down at 3:12. If Jack hits 78 balls in an hour, how many hours will it take for him to hit all 312?
Jo: Okay, well, all right. So, the answer... don't tell me. The answer is 312 divided by 78. Four.
Adam: There you go. That means this person wants four pills.

Jo: Why are you taking it? Such a smart girl.
Melanie Rogers: Because it works. B-pluses don't cut it anymore. Not when you're trying to get into the top schools. Dextro makes you focus, study longer. It works.

Lucy: Do you think you'll ever leave here?
Young Lindsay: Montana? And go where?
Lucy: Yeah, I don't know. Anywhere.
Young Lindsay: No. I like it here.

Robert Monroe: You know where I stand on this, but... you're my daughter and I love you. If you want me to go with you... I'll go with you.
Lindsay: I love you, too, Dad. I gotta do this on my own.

Flack: (To Billy Wharton) So how are things going on with Dr. Kaplan. Or Dr. Overbrook. Or... Dr. Parkston. Or Dr. Gleeson. Selling dextroamphetamines is a felony, Billy and you're looking at I don't even know how many counts. But I'm guessing Harvard will not be impressed with your entrepreneurial skills.

Billy Wharton: (To Principal Hal Kinney) Half the school uses them. Your, your champion debate guys. The prized pupils at the front of the class. Ever wonder how all those B-pluses turn to A's?

Daniel Katums: The one who got away. A lot of nerve showing up here. I'm guessing you've got something to say, so why don't you have a seat, huh?
Lindsay: How much money did you get out of the cash register that day? How much? I want to know how much those lives were worth to you.

Daniel Katums: You were at the trial. You heard me then, hear me now. It wasn't me. You ID'd the wrong guy.
Lindsay: Right.

Lindsay: I feel sorry for you. I do.
Daniel Katums: Why did you come here? What is it that you want, huh? Absolution? You want this off your conscience? You came to the wrong place, little girl.

Prison Warden: Daniel Katums, do you have any last words?
Daniel Katums: I'm sorry for what I've done.

Blood Out [9.09][edit]

Flack: (Arriving at the crime scene where a man has been cut in half with a chainsaw) Now that's just wrong.

Flack: (At the crime scene where a man has been cut in half with a chainsaw) Some poor unit had the unique experience of finding this horror show.

Flack: Check out the prison ink. Our boy has gang ties. 41-6-12 stands for D.P.L.
Mac: Dios, Patria, Libertad. God, Fatherland, Liberty.
Jo: The Dominican National Motto.
Flack: Nobody loves a good dismemberment like the Latin street crews.

Mac: If this is gang-related, it may be more than murder. It could be a declaration of war.

Flack: I recognized your number on the vic's caller I.D. I know it was you on the other end of that line. The phone log shows you called the vic 17 times today, all within a few hours of the poor bastard being cut in half.
Jamie Lovato: Look, I didn't do anything wrong.
Flack: Convince me.

Flack: Benny the Bull. 33 years old. He's got priors for possession, distribution, assault, all kinds of weapons charges. This guy's been in and out of jail since he was 15 years old.
Jamie Lovato: He was one of the subjects on an undercover narco case I was on before I got transferred into homicide.
Mac: What was the assignment?
Jamie Lovato: Infiltrating a crew of local Trinitario gang members, gathering intel for a joint NYPD/DEA task force.

Mac: So, the question is, who did she report to after seeing you?
Flack: Let's pick her up and find out.
Jamie Lovato: We can't. I don't know her name.
Mac: But you do know where she was sitting on the bus.

Hawkes: (Removing evidence from a body) Sid, take a look at this.
Sid: Well, whatever it is, that's certainly a unique shade of green.
Jo: Not one of Mother Nature's own?

Sid: Oh, perfect timing, Jo. Uh, there's lots to tell you.
Jo: Well, start by telling me how our victim ended up in two pieces.

Jo: This man was cut in half by a chain saw.
Sid: Even more disturbing, the rawness of the surrounding flesh suggests that our victim was still alive when the sawing began.
Hawkes: Fortunately, the shock and massive blood loss wouldn't have kept him that way for very long.

(Adam gets a glimpse of the body severed in two)

Jo: Got something, Adam?
Adam: Well, yeah, besides nightmares for the next three weeks.

(After Carmen Vega falls off a roof escaping the police)

Robert Hicks: Heard you had a little falling out with Carmen Vega earlier today.
Mac: Young woman made a bad decision, paid for it with her life.
Robert Hicks: Gallows humor... occupational hazard, I guess.

Robert Hicks: I'm sorry about Carmen and Benny but if they weren't dead already, they'd be spending the rest of their miserable lives behind bars.
Mac: That doesn't change the fact that we have a murder to solve.

Flack: Hector Toasty Mendez. This guy should get a gold medal in the felony Olympics. He's got 17 arrests this year and two open drug warrants to boot.

Flack: I never would have pegged you as an undercover. I guess that's kind of the point though, isn't it?
Jamie Lovato: Yeah. Kinda.

(Both giggle)

Jamie Lovato: You know, the view inside wasn't what I expected. After a while, targets stop looking like targets and they started looking like... ordinary people.
Flack: Ordinary people who sell drugs to kids and solve their problems with a chain saw.

Jamie Lovato: Boys like that get recruited as young as nine. Now, that's not an excuse for what they grow up to become and things that they do. They join 'cause they want to feel loved, accepted, safe. Things they don't feel at home. Things I didn't feel at home.
Flack: You found a better way.
Jamie Lovato: I got lucky.

Jamie Lovato: Somebody breaks the law, they get locked up. End of story. But not all offenders are the same. People can surprise you sometimes.

Gang member: You want my money... you're gonna have to earn it the hard way.
Anita / Lovato: (Hits him on the crotch) Was that hard enough?

Benny Madera: Interested in being my friend, Anita?
Anita / Lovato: Friends I got. A job's what I need.

Hector (Toasty) Mendez: Cochina!
Flack: Hey! Moron, one more word out of you, and I'm gonna duct tape your mouth shut.

Mac: The beauty of a 1972 Buick is very few plastic parts. Means the fire spread nice and slow. Gave the FDNY plenty of time to put out the blaze before the car and its contents were completely burned.

Mac: So you're blaming Benny's murder on Carmen?
Hector (Toasty) Mendez: Just keeping it real, Detective. Call me Honest Abe. I cannot tell a lie.
Mac: That was George Washington.
Hector (Toasty) Mendez: Same difference.

Flack: L, want to talk about it?
Jamie Lovato: No.
Flack: Hey, come on, you're gonna have to come clean with me sooner or later.
Jamie Lovato: Is there something that you want to know? Go ahead. Ask me.
Flack: All right. Your relationship with Benny was more than professional, wasn't it?
Jamie Lovato: Go to hell, Flack!

Flack: From where I stand, it looks to me like you're taking Benny's death a little more personal than maybe you should.
Jamie Lovato: Damn right I'm gonna take Benny's murder personally.
Flack: Because you had feelings for him?
Jamie Lovato: Because I owe him my life.

Benny Madera: I know, Anita. I know what you really are. A cop.
Anita / Lovato: That's crazy. You know I would never front like that.
Benny Madera: Stop. I'm not mad. I understand you did what you had to do. It's the way this game is played. I just wish it had been anybody but you.

Anita / Lovato: You're better than all this, Benny. You have to know that.
Benny Madera: You have to walk away, chula. And never show your face around here again, 'cause if you do there's only one way out for either one of us... that's with blood.

Flack: How'd he make you as a cop?
Jamie Lovato: He never told me. He didn't tell anybody else either. Because if he would have, I would've been hanging in that warehouse right next to him.

Flack: So the whole time you were busy playing Benny, he was busy falling in love with you.
Jamie Lovato: That's why I was relieved to walk away. Different time, different place, something might have happened between us. But my job means more to me than just about anything. So if you think for one second I would do anything to jeopardize that, you're crazy.

Danny: This blade's covered in blood, tissue, bone fragments. I'll bet the farm, it comes back to Benny Madera.

Mac: Not your first time with a chain saw?
Lindsay: I'm from Montana, Mac... if I hadn't left, I'd probably be a lumberjack right now.

Jo: Science doesn't lie, Raymond, no matter how long you stare at it.

Jo: You're wrong, Raymond. Benny didn't sell you or anybody else out. You killed him because you thought he betrayed you and the Trinitarios, but the reality is, there was only one person doing that and that was you. Only you.

Robert Hicks: You got a set of brass balls, Taylor. What the hell is my informant doing in police custody?
Mac: At the moment, he's writing out a confession for the murder of Benny Madera.

Robert Hicks: Raymond can serve up the Trinitarios on a silver platter. Drugs, kidnapping, murders... all of it. We can take them down... if my star witness gets on the stand and spills his guts.
Mac: Doesn't it bother you that your star witness is a sadistic, cold-blooded killer?
Robert Hicks: I can live with that, considering what he means to the big picture.
Mac: The only picture I see is of a man fooling himself. You had a responsibility to uphold the letter of the law, not pick and choose the parts that make your job easier!

Jamie Lovato: Do you want to tell me why you're really here?
Flack: I was wrong to assume that you crossed a line with Benny. You're better than that. I was a total jerk. I'm sorry.
Jamie Lovato: What you really want to know is if I slept with him. To clear the air... no... I didn't. Relieved, aren't you?
Flack: What? Why?
Jamie Lovato: I think you're jealous.
Flack: I think you're delusional.
Jamie Lovato: (Walking up to him) Maybe. Maybe not.
Flack: It's getting late. I should probably go.

The Real McCoy [9.10][edit]

Christine Whitney: Hey, I never asked you. How did your doctor's appointment go yesterday?
Mac: He said I'm showing signs of improvement. Sailing through my tests and getting better all the time. Couldn't have done it without you.
Christine Whitney: This is nice. You, me, a quiet moment. I can see us here years from now sitting on our bench... wrinkly, gray. You'll be all crotchety, of course.
Mac: (Chuckles) What's the fun of getting older if you can't be crotchety?

(They kiss)

Flack: Ten grand was taken off of our vic.
Jo: So he was robbed.
Flack: Yeah, kinda.
Jo: How do you kinda rob someone?
Flack: You leave $5,328 behind.

Lindsay: Foot tread would indicate our vic was kicked in the chest.
Mac: Probably the force that sent him back onto the spike.
Lindsay: Yeah, it's just hard to tell if it was intentional or accidental. The blunt force trauma? Nothing accidental about that.

Flack: If a body falls in a fake forest, does it make a noise? Apparently not. Canvass of the area turned up zilch.

Flack: (About a super exclusive speakeasy) Personally, I don't get the appeal. 20 bucks for a specialty drink? Give me a beer and call it a day, thanks.

Michelle Rhodes: This isn't gonna work out.
Adam: What?
Michelle Rhodes: It's been a fun few months and you're cute and all and... mildly intellectually stimulating, but if you're gonna insist on being a morning person... then...
Adam: (Laughs) Oh, way to give a guy a heart attack.
Michelle Rhodes: (Both chuckle and kiss)
Adam: I would actually love to stimulate you with my mild intellect, but, uh... (They kiss) Uh... Oh, I can't believe I'm saying this right now. I-I gotta go. You have no idea how much I hate myself (They kiss) No idea.

Michelle Rhodes: Where are you going?
Adam: Um, Hyperion House. It's... it's a nursing home that I sometimes volunteer at.
Michelle Rhodes: Okay, now I'm overcome with regret. I knew you were one of the good ones.

Flack: Not many friendships survive going into business together.
Eli Walsh: We had our moments.

Adam: You know that kid?
Charles Ross: I thought maybe it was my son. I don't know why. He never visits. I wouldn't either, I guess. Place is disgusting. You're a good brother, Brian.
Adam: I'm...
Charles Ross: No one else visits me, just you.

(After arresting a fishmonger)

Danny: That's a catch of the day!

Flack: Petty theft, armed robbery, burglary.
Danny: You were pinched five years ago for third-degree robbery. You're out of prison for a week and you're already back at it?
Nathan Brody: I don't know what you guys are talking about.
Flack: I'll paint you a picture.

(After Danny and Flack tell him their reasons to arrest him as a suspect in a murder)

Nathan Brody: It's a pretty good theory.
Flack: A theory supported by the fact that we have your blood on our victim's watch.
Danny: Theory sound more like fact now?

Nathan Brody: What kind of place refuses business just 'cause I don't look the part?
Flack: It doesn't sound like your kind of joint.

Charles Ross: You're behind this, aren't you, Adam? I should have known! Always trying to ruin things for me!
Adam: You know who I am?
Charles Ross: Of course I do.
Adam: Look, I got a call from the cops saying they found you. I'm just gonna take you home.
Charles Ross: That's where I was trying to go before you had me hauled off. You did this!
Adam: I didn't do anything!

Charles Ross: (To Adam) You are such a disappointment! Always have been, always will be. A good-for-nothing! Trying to put me away, huh? Trying to hurt me. I haven't seen you for years, and this is when you show up? This is how you repay me?

Michelle Rhodes: What's going on? Is that guy okay?
Adam: Yeah. No. My dad has Alzheimer's.
Michelle Rhodes: What did you say?
Adam: He's my dad.

Hawkes: Hey, Jo. Turns out you were right.
Jo: Oh, I love those three words.

Jo: Cotton, indigo, foil, boric acid. Trace that Sid collected from the wound of our vic.
Hawkes: Okay. Uh, cotton and indigo... sounds like denim. Foil... but boric acid?
Jo: Okay, usually used as an antiseptic, insecticide, flame-retardant, lubricant.
Hawkes: Any number of things.
Jo: (Joking) Uh! I expected so much more from you.

Charles Ross: You know, you remind me of my boy? Sweet. But, uh... a little soft. I try to toughen him up. Yeah.
Adam: Who am I?
Charles Ross: What kind of question is that?
Adam: It's so frustrating, how I... I have you for five minutes, and then I lose you again. Who am I? Say my name.
Charles Ross: Brian.

Danny: (Faking an English accent) I'd like a martini, shaken, not stirred.
Lindsay: Yeah, and preferably one with ethanol.
Danny: Not that I don't like an excuse to come see you, babe, but what's up?

Danny: (To Lindsay, after she's proven that the bar serves methanol) I love it when you talk sciencey to me, baby.

Danny: So this is a modern-day bootlegging operation going on.
Lindsay: Yeah, only during Prohibition people were so desperate they were drinking pure ethyl alcohol. That's like swigging aftershave.

Lindsay: If it didn't kill him, it could be what got him killed.

Lindsay: Votova Vodka? You want to pass off fake vodka as legit, I'd come up with a better name.

Flack: Between us, the Feds, ICC and ATF, you're screwed, my man.

Jimmy Batts: I'm scamming no one. Running a business is expensive. Clearly, they're looking to cut corners.
Flack: And you were happy to oblige.
Jimmy Batts: That's usually what you do when you run a business.

Charles Ross: There was Dad. Oh, man, was he pissed. Remember that? He was some new shade of red I'd never seen before. And it wasn't the belt. Or the spoon. Not that time. Man, he was pissed.
Adam: He broke your arm?
Charles Ross: Yeah.

(After listening to his father tell how his father broke his arm one day)

Adam: Why did you let him hurt you?
Charles Ross: What were we, like 15? What choice did I have?
Adam: I mean... did... did he do it to you often?
Charles Ross: Oh, come on. You don't want to relive that stuff.
Adam: I relive it every day. I tried for so long to forget about everything you did to me. Don't you remember?
Charles Ross: No, I... that was Dad, that wasn't me.
Adam: You are my dad. You kicked the crap out of me. Look at me. You look at me. You tell me you remember.
Charles Ross: No, you must have me confused with someone else.

Flack: $10,000. Scary to think what some people would do for that kind of money.
Mac: In your case, you killed for it.
Nathan Brody: Look, I already told you what happened, all right?
Flack: Yeah, yeah, yeah. That was part one of a two-part tale.

Nathan Brody: I searched him... found the deposit bag, took my money back.
Mac: It wasn't yours to begin with.
Nathan Brody: Think what you want... but that money was my hope to start over. A hope to meet my kid. He was born four months after I went in.
Flack: Yo, you were gonna start over with stolen money?

(To Nathan Brody)

Flack: The sins of the father are the shackles worn by their children.
Mac: Let's hope your son is able to break free.

Adam: I only stood up to my dad once. I was 15. And he, he just got home from work. My mom was cooking dinner in the kitchen. He started hassling her... verbally. Then he pushed her hard against the wall and shattered this picture frame. My mom starts to cry. And I could, I could hear from the living room. Then he started to hit her. And I, I just... I couldn't listen to her cry anymore. So I got up and I grabbed a piece of broken glass off the floor and... I yelled at him to get off her. And I said: If you ever hurt me or her again I will kill you.

Mac: Why do you go visit him?
Adam: I'm his son. I feel obligated.

Adam: It's just not fair, you know? He doesn't remember anything... anything that he did to me. And I remember every curse, every smack, every bruise. Everything. I remember all of it.
Mac: You want an acknowledgement. Or an apology but with his fleeting memory you can't have that.
Adam: I look at him now, and he's old... and sick. And I feel nothing. And it scares me. I mean, what does that say about me as a person? You know, you're supposed... you're supposed to love your parents. So... I guess I go because I want to... I want to feel something.
Mac: It looks like you feel something now. Holding onto the anger isn't gonna help you.

Adam: It's so crazy, you know? I've learned more about him now since he's been sick than when he was normal. Turns out, he's just another case of history repeating itself, you know? He was a victim, too.
Mac: A little forgiveness... you can move on.
Adam: Maybe.
Mac: Not just for him, Adam, for you.

Adam: Ah, man, uh, I'm gonna regret saying this, but I totally understand if you want to walk away from this. No hard feelings.
Michelle Rhodes: I'm here, aren't I?
Adam: I know, I just... you have to deal with all this baggage.
Michelle Rhodes: We all have baggage. You just have to find someone who you want to help you carry it. I'm applying for the job.

Adam: This is the only thing I have of my dad's. The only thing I ever wanted. Favorite memory as a kid was going to the record store with him (He plays With A Girl Like You by The Troggs)
Michelle Rhodes: That'd be another point for you.

(They dance together)

Command+P [9.11][edit]

(At the crime scene of an attorney-at-law)

Hawkes: Ouch. That had to hurt.
Jamie Lovato: Not as bad as his bill for his time.

Mac: I'm not seeing any ballistic striae on its surface.
Jamie Lovato: So we're not talking about your average gat.
Mac: No. But whatever it was somebody clearly used it to blow the legal mind of Manny Hinde.

Mac: What kind of cases he was working?
Jamie Lovato: He was counsel to 17 plaintiffs. Six traffic accidents, eight worker comps, two slip-and-falls and a bad lip enhancement. Though I have yet to see a good one.

Danny: Mac's got me poring over Manny Hinde's case files. Which I actually like to call 50 Shades of Sleazebag.
Lindsay: It's better than running ballistics on a bullet with no ballistics.
Danny: How are you supposed to do that?
Lindsay: Exactly.

(About a mysterious donor who has given $1 million to ten random people)

Danny: (To Lindsay) Can I get a number on this guy? I want to give him our address.

Adam: What kind of person gives that type of coin away to someone they don't even know?
Jo: Somebody who wants to feel good, I would imagine.

Adam: You know, the most free money I ever got was $1.75 in extra change from that vending machine.
Jo: You should give it back.
Adam: Seriously?
Jo: Absolutely.

Jo: All right, let's go work, Adam. You can earn back that snack machine bonus.

Jo: Sometimes the biggest clue is the one that's missing.

Lindsay: So what would you do in that position?
Hawkes: If somebody gave me a million bucks? I'd probably use it to help underprivileged youth.
Lindsay: Aww.
Hawkes: Or buy a Tesla.

Jo: Looks like a busy day down here.
Sid: That's what I get for taking yesterday off.
Jo: Well, I hope you spent it at least relaxing.
Sid: I think I stopped relaxing during my first year of med school.

Adam: (Over the phone) I miss you more. I do. Well, it is possible. I'm bigger than you, okay? It means I'm physically capable of missing you in larger quantities. It's a scientific fact. It is. Yeah. Ooh. What? Wow. You like that, do you? You like that I'm a scientist? Do you? Yeah? I think it turns you on. Well, maybe I'll come over later and put on my lab coat and...

(Mac clears his throat)

Adam: Oh! Oh. Bye. Oh, God. Uh, you guys are probably wondering why I'm on my phone.
Mac: Yeah, that thought did cross our mind.

Adam: (About Michelle) She's just so beautiful.
Jo: I can see that.
Adam: I know, but have you ever met someone that just makes you completely forget about everything in your life before you met them?

Mac: Stay off your phone and on his. Go through Justin's contacts, calendar, text messages, call records, all of it.
Adam: Yes, sir.

Flack: All we have to go on is a surveillance video they gave us of the freak show outside. Tell you what, you would not catch me dead in a place like the Triborough.
Jamie Lovato: Let me guess. You prefer Irish pubs.
Flack: Why? Because you prefer salsa dancing?
Jamie Lovato: Touche.

Jamie Lovato: What are you into?
Flack: Why, so you can tease me?
Jamie Lovato: No. Come on, I'm curious. I won't bust on you, I promise.
Flack: Okay. But I'm trusting you with this, okay? Two words: ping-pong.

Flack: I will happily reintroduce you to the pleasures of ping-pong unless, of course, you're scared I'm gonna beat you.
Jamie Lovato: I think I can hold my own.
Flack: Oh, all right, then. So, what do you say we go tonight after work? First round's on me.
Jamie Lovato: All right. Yeah. I'm game.

Hawkes: Justin VanderHeyden printed a gun.
Jo: He what?
Hawkes: Yeah. It's called 3-D metal printing, and it works just like any ordinary printer, but instead of using ink to produce an image...
Mac: It uses powdered metals.
Hawkes: Yes. Mixed with steel epoxy resin to create multiple layers of a three-dimensional object.
Jo: Okay, I'm not sure I even want to try to wrap my brain around that.

(After Hawkes prints a working metal gun)

Jo: You've got to be kidding me.
Hawkes: I wish I was. It's your basic .38, printed whole, with all moving parts.

Mac: Guns are dangerous enough in the wrong hands. Now we have to worry about people being able to print them at home.
Hawkes: Without a permit.
Mac: This is one I almost wish you hadn't figured out.
Jo: Well, you know what they say? Every act of creation is an act of destruction.

(About Richard Kemp)

Danny: Oh, so that's the Guardian Angel.
Jo: So he says.
Danny: Yeah, ten million bucks is chump change for that guy.
Adam: Yeah, right? He probably spends that on hair gel.

Danny: B and E, burglary. Just finished a three-year stint for assault with a deadly weapon.
Lindsay: Well, looks like a deadly weapon just assaulted him back. I checked with the E.R. doctor. He has first degree burns on his fingers, multiple lacerations on his face.
Danny: Well, shouldn't be hard to spot once we find him.

Andy Lewis: I don't get out much.
Mac: I'm sure that's true, considering all the time you've spent in lockup.

Jo: Manny Hinde slept with your wife Molly while you were in prison.
Andy Lewis: How the hell do you know that?
Mac: Once we found out who you were, your parole officer was happy to tell us who your wife is. Turns out that Molly had heard one of Hinde's radio commercials, and so, she went to him for one of those quickie divorces right after you got locked up.
Jo: But it turned out to be much more than just a quickie, didn't it?

Jo: Your plan kind of... backfired on you, didn't it?
Andy Lewis: That stupid kid. Half-assed gun. That... cheating son of a bitch messing around with my wife. If you ask me... they both had it coming.
Mac: No, Mr. Lewis. But you certainly do.

Jo: What do we do with Justin's printer?
Mac: We'll have it sent over to the Brooklyn University of Science after Lewis is convicted.
Jo: And his software?
Mac: Good or bad, you can't stop ideas. Sooner or later, I'm sure that somebody else will figure out how to print a gun. But until they do, I think we should just keep that info to ourselves.

Jo: If you had a million dollars to spend, would you ever give your money to a total stranger?
Mac: Don't tell me you're caught up in this whole Guardian Angel story. Richard Kemp is about as see-through as the hot air coming out of his mouth.

Mac: You got a bead on the real Guardian Angel?
Jo: Maybe.
Mac: Well, you gonna tell me?
Jo: Nope.

(Playing ping-pong)

Jamie Lovato: What do you say we take it up a notch?
Flack: All right, what do you got in mind?
Jamie Lovato: Best two out of three.
Flack: I'm in. Hold on, hold on, hold on. What does the winner get?
Jamie Lovato: Whatever the winner wants.
Flack: Ooh, I can tell this is gonna get ugly.

Flack: Didn't I tell you that was a good time?
Jamie Lovato: You did. And I didn't believe you. But it was a really nice time.

(They kiss)

Flack: Just collecting my winnings.
Jamie Lovato: So... we done playing ping-pong?
Flack: Yeah, we're done playing ping-pong.

Jo: Should I call you the Guardian Angel?
Sid: I should've worn gloves, but I didn't exactly think I was committing a crime.
Jo: Well, you weren't. Still, I couldn't help trying to figure out why you would be giving $10 million of your hard earned patent money to complete and total strangers. Until I realized that all these people had lost someone they loved. Somebody whose autopsies were on your table.
Sid: What are you, a detective or something?

Sid: (About the people he's given the money to) These ten cases, they really stuck with me, Jo, I mean, because their losses only got worse. They... they got pink-slipped or hit with back taxes or had to drop out of school. I just wanted to try and repair some of the damage, you know? 'Cause, I mean, let's face it. That's something people in our business rarely get to do. So I decided to hand-deliver those checks because I wanted to personally hand someone hope. Some kind of joy. Of course, we all deserve that, but trust me, Jo, these folks deserved it so much more.

Sid: More than anything else, I wanted to reassure those people that somebody out there still understands there's always more than one victim in a crime.
Jo: Sid, I can't imagine how you've changed these people's lives.
Sid: Well...
Jo: But do you really want to give away all your money?
Sid: Well, it's like they always say, you can't take it with you.

Sid: I've been diagnosed with cancer. Yeah, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, to be exact.

Jo: What's the prognosis?
Sid: Oh, you know doctors. They've all got their opinion. But, you know, we've all got an expiration date, right? Whether it's tomorrow or ten years from now. It's what we do before then that matters. That's why I gave the money to those people, Jo. I mean, most of us aren't around to see what happens to the inheritance that we leave behind. I want to know what kind of difference I've made.

Jo: Are you in any pain?
Sid: Not really. But if there comes a time when I can't do my job, I won't hesitate to step aside. Just please, please let it be on my own terms.
Jo: I promise. Promise me you're not telling me goodbye.
Sid: No. Are you kidding me? I've got way too much work to do. No, this is only... good night.

Civilized Lies [9.12][edit]

Anthony Lombardo: There's no law that says I have to help you guys. So, you know what'd be nice? Just a little, maybe: hey, thank you for cooperating, Mr. Lombardo.
Flack: You wouldn't even be talking to us if the hospital hadn't called to report you coming in with a gunshot wound!

Adam: No one puts Lombardo at the scene.
Hawkes: But the science does.

Hawkes: Unless Lombardo had some sort of magical cloaking device, how did he end up in the crime scene, get shot, without anybody seeing him?

Jason Riley: Do you have any idea who did this?
Jo: Not yet, but we have a whole team of detectives working on it.
Lindsay: No one's going home till we do.
Jason Riley: So, what? You're... (Clears throat) ...here to process his body if...
Jo: No. No, we're here to collect evidence in his clothing once he pulls through surgery.

Jason Riley: He said: 'I love you and I'm proud of you'. That's pretty good, right? If it's the last thing your father ever says to you?
Jo: Don't think like that.
Lindsay: From what I know about your dad, he's a fighter.

Flack: (After playing a fake recording to trick a perp) Well played (She breaks a DVD disc in two pieces) What are you doing?
Jamie Lovato: That press conference is golden. It's two years old. We need an upgrade.
Flack: You have a point.

Mac: (To Anthony Lombardo) Come on, get up. Give me an excuse (Anthony calms down and stays put) I didn't think so. I'm done with this piece of garbage. Do whatever you want with him.

Jamie Lovato: (To Mac) Damn. I would not want to get on your bad side.

Anthony Lombardo: What, now you gonna play good cop?
Flack: (About Mac) Be honest with you, I don't know what to do. He's usually the good cop. He's also the boss. And the last guy in this building you want to piss off.

Jamie Lovato: (About Flack who is interrogating a perp) He's being too soft.
Mac: He's being patient. I can't think of anybody I'd rather have in that room.

Flack: You got hit with a bullet from Officer Riley's five-shot .38. That thing's a pea-shooter. It wouldn't barely break the skin from across the street. It definitely would not go clean through you shoulder from that distance. Impossible. I've been doing this for a long time. I've heard a lot of stories. This one's bad.

Flack: Being six feet away from a cop getting robbed does not make you guilty of anything. It just means that maybe you got a little too close to a bad situation. All of our witnesses say that three bald black guys did this. You got a full head of hair, and you look pretty white to me. What are you hiding?

Flack: Maybe you think no one will believe you because of your record? If that's it, you got to tell me, because the people out there are looking to put this on someone, and right now, that someone is you.

Flack: I want you to write down your statement.
Anthony Lombardo: Yeah, hey, but I'm no good with spelling.
Flack: Neither am I.

Jamie Lovato: Fish on, the hook is in, and we reeled him into the crime scene.

Flack: (After Mac has shown some aggressiveness while interrogating a perp) I nearly messed myself when you spun his chair around.

Danny: Lunch at Lawson's says my results come up first.
Jo: Dinner, Grimaldi's.
Danny: You're on.

Anthony Lombardo: Spelling's pretty bad, right?
Flack: It's terrible. There no such word as 'runned'. It's 'ran'.

Flack: (To Anthony Lombardo) Four. They say it's a great age. Gonna be honest with you. I don't remember it. She'll be going to kindergarten next year, won't she? That first day of school is always a big one. Let's figure this out. Attempted murder of a police officer, that's, like, ten years minimum. Robbery one, possession of a loaded firearm, criminal possession of stolen property, all the other little charges, add another seven or eight. My guess, you're looking at 15 minimum. Damn, you'll probably just miss the prom and high school graduation. But no big deal she probably won't even know you by then. And your girl will promise, and she might even mean it, but I'm telling you this right now: there is no way she's gonna schlep up to some maxi max prison on the US-Canadian border to come and see you.

Anthony Lombardo: You getting your rocks off? Messing with my heart. Disrespecting my family.
Flack: No more than you've been getting your rocks off disrespecting me, sitting in that chair, lying to my face for the last couple hours!

Anthony Lombardo: (Pointing to the window in the interrogation room) Is there people watching us?
Flack: (Lying) Well, there was. There was a whole crowd of people. It was standing room only. But there's nothing to watch anymore. It's a ghost town in there now. Everyone's out in front of the precinct right now at a press conference announcing your arrest. The case is cleared. They got their man. Yeah, they'll say something brave about going after the other two guys, but at the end of the day, the cop didn't die. They are happy putting all of this on you.

Flack: Those guys drove off and left you in the street, knowing you were shot. That's messed up.

(In the autopsy room)

Lindsay: Jason... is there any way I can talk you out of this?
Jason Riley: No. My father was invincible in my eyes. I need to know how it went down and how he died.

Jason Riley: So he was... he was executed. Lying helpless on the ground? What kind of human being does that?

Mac: I know some of you have worked through the night. If you start feeling tired, think of Mark Riley's family. Now get out there. Be safe.

Mac: You're here. We're here. You want to make a deal, now's the time to do it. When they come through that door, all bets are off.
Flack: Don't do it for us. Do it for her. What's it gonna be, Anthony?
Anthony Lombardo: I got nothing to tell you.
Mac: You're making a very bad decision. And I'm gonna do my best to make sure that you regret it for the rest of your life.

Anthony Lombardo: I snitch, I'm dead. My girl is dead, my daughter is dead. Do you understand that?
Flack: We can protect your family.
Anthony Lombardo: No, you can't.

Anthony Lombardo: Mookie's no snitch.
Flack: You don't think so? 'Cause they didn't bring the D.A. and the camera in to make a YouTube video.

Flack: (To Anthony Lombardo) Mookie's definitely a better speller.

Anthony Lombardo: What, you think I'm stupid? I know what you're doing. Yeah, you're trying to fool me.
Flack: You give me too much credit, Anthony.

Anthony Lombardo: We've been homeboys since we were 12, man. I can't believe that bitch turned on me like that.
Flack: Anthony, when you're in here, it's every man for himself.

Lindsay: (To Eric Blaylock as he is being arrested) See these cuffs? They belong to the man you murdered.

Danny: Smug son of a bitch. He's lucky he didn't catch a bullet.

Mac: We need a confession.
Jo: That's not likely. He just lawyered up.
Mac: Well, that just means we can't talk to him. But maybe somebody else can.

Flack: (After making a perp change his mind and confess) In the boat. Filleted, pan-fried, on the plate.

Mac: (After tricking a perp into confessing his crime) Thank God for civilized lies.

Jamie Lovato: (To Flack) I'm only gonna say this once. You did an amazing job in that room.

Lindsay: (Handing him his father's badge) I wanted to give you something. I made a few phone calls. It's yours. Course, you don't get to wear it till you graduate from the academy, but... every time you pin it on your uniform, you can think of your dad and what he represented. I'd say make him proud, but... he already was.
Jason Riley: Thank you for everything.

Nine Thirteen [9.13][edit]

Flack: Hey, Sid, how come they only ever call you out to the really strange ones?
Sid: They... didn't call me. Uh, this is one I was not going to miss.

Flack: Witnesses on the ground report that our vic fell from above. The heard a roar, looked up, saw him mid-plunge. This cabdriver parked here to get a cup of coffee. Luckily, he missed all the excitement.

Mac: Our vic was a pickpocket.
Adam: Loser.

Jo: I suppose any other woman my age would be flattered, assuming that she's got the attention of a very attractive younger man. But I'm a little bit smarter than that.

Grant Holliston: I'll tell you if we can go someplace quiet. But public. And you promise not to shoot me.
Jo: Deal.

Calvin George: What law is there that says a guy can't be a little peeved?
Danny: Did he just say 'peeved'?

Danny: You know what, Calvin? You've got to tune into a couple cop shows. These days, there's surveillance cameras all over the city.

Calvin George: I came to New York to have a good time. Okay? I leave tomorrow. I have no phone, my hotel stinks, and I didn't have any fun, if you know what I mean.

Grant Holliston: I didn't exactly know how to approach you. Just... trying to get up the nerve, I guess. And now I'm hoping I haven't made a big, giant selfish mistake.
Jo: You have my sister's heart. Whoa.

Adam: We gotta check every floor?
Danny: No, no. We're not gonna check every floor. If you'd do your homework and read the reports, Adam, Sid's autopsy suggests that our vic fell somewhere between the sixth and tenth floors.
Adam: You didn't read Sid's autopsy.
Danny: Nah, I didn't read it. But Mac filled me in.

Jo: You must have known before now.
Grant Holliston: I did. How do you walk up to someone and say to them that you have the heart of someone they lost, someone they loved?

Jo: When you woke up from the transplant surgery, what was the first thing that you remember?
Grant Holliston: A bright warm light. And then a woman's smiling face.
Jo: Your mama.
Grant Holliston: No. It was a face I didn't know, and now that I see you, I think it was your sister.
Jo: Wow.

Mac: (Over the phone, about Lindsay's pregnancy) Hey, you owe me ten bucks. I just saw Lindsay. No, she didn't say anything. I just know I'm right. I know I am. No, Christine, I'm not going to come right out and ask her. What kind of proof? All right. I'll get you proof.

Mac: You cooking something or should I say burning something in here, Sheldon?

Mac: We're gonna be here all day if I try guessing exactly where you're headed here.
Hawkes: It's our murder weapon.
Mac: Plastic, fatty acids, and gum? That doesn't sound too dangerous.

Mac: You attach the foil side to the battery's positive and negative charge at the same time, you get a spark that starts a fire.

Lindsay: Mac, I give up. I surrender. I have nowhere else to turn.
Mac: What did Danny do now?
Lindsay: No, this time it's work.

(Computer beeps)

Lindsay: I hate that sound. No match.

Lindsay: Wentworth was allergic to sun, so he rarely went out, right, and he always kept the drapes in his penthouse closed so he made this request that all his female visitors wear sequins to bring in the light.

Mac: Was it all worth going back to prison, Macy?
Macy Sullivan: I got him back for what he did to me. So, yeah, it was worth it.

Grant Holliston: Hey, I'm sorry I interrupted your plans for your day off.
Jo: Oh, it was an unexpected pleasure, Grant, really. Something my sister would have done. She was so spontaneous and unpredictable. And irresponsible, but very loving. I haven't know you very long, but if feels right that you have her heart.

Jo: Why was this so important to you?
Grant Holliston: Transplant patients aren't always as lucky as I was. Every breath that I take, I cherish. It's still hard knowing that someone had to die so I could live. And I wanted to say thank you... to somebody.
Jo: You're welcome.

Jo: I have the craziest request. Can I listen to your heart? Hear it beat?
Grant Holliston: Absolutely.
Jo: (Putting her ear to his chest) It's strong. Oh, it's beautiful. Thank you.

Lindsay: Danny, I'm pregnant.
Danny: What? Are you being serious with me right now?
Lindsay: Yes. I've thrown up twice today. I've taken four pregnancy tests, and they were all positive.
Danny: Really? Really?
Lindsay': Yeah.

Lindsay: Lucy's gonna be a big sister.
Danny: We're having a baby!

Jo: (About Lindsay) I'm gone one day and she's pregnant.

Lindsay: (About her pregnancy) Don't you think it's a little early to be telling everybody?
Mac: I think they already know.
Adam: Congratulations
Lindsay: Was there a bet?
Adam: Yeah.

White Gold [9.14][edit]

Jamie Lovato: (To a couple of animal rights activists who were vandalizing a wall) I don't care about murdered cows. I care about a murdered human.

Jamie Lovato: (To Noah about his girlfriend) She's cute. Just use your head.

Jamie Lovato: It's so amazing what a guy would do to impress a girl.
Flack: Well, some of you are harder to impress than others.
Jamie Lovato: You don't have to impress us. You just have to be honest with us.
Flack: Oh, be honest? That's it?
Jamie Lovato: Simple as that.

Jo: It's mornings like these that make me wish I was back in Alabama.
Mac: (Jokingly) It's whining about a little chill in the air that makes me wish you were in Alabama, too.

Jo: Any witnesses?
Jamie Lovato: Couple of animal rights activists... who have a beef with beef.

Sid: I found a trace of white powder in his nostrils. Just got the results back from the lab.
Mac: Cocaine?
Sid: Flour. Bleached and all-purpose.

Sid: He's missing his gallbladder.
Mac: Laparoscopic surgery. That's pretty rare for a guy this young.
Sid: Very rare. Probably no more than a couple of dozen patients in the last year in local hospitals.
Mac: Well, who needs fingerprints?

Adam: How's, uh, Lucy feel about her possible baby brother or sister?
Lindsay: She's excited.
Adam: That's... that's great. That's great, you know. You know, my brother hated me. Oh. Just, he was so... he was so pissed all the time that I was there. He was just, like: here's the little thing... oh, we totally worked it out. Uh, I mean, uh, eventually, it was totally, totally cool.

Adam: (To Lindsay) You gave me the "who" I gave you the "how" (They give each other the five)

Mac: Raphael Tortucci?
Ray Tortucci: That's what my mama calls me. Only when she's angry. It's Ray.

Danny: They shot him and took his BMW.
Ray Tortucci: Paulie never drove a car like that in his entire life. He drove a piece of crap van. Now, who would kill someone over that?

Mac: The kid has a clean record and his business was picking up. Carjacking at gunpoint feels like a stretch.

Flack: That a new jacket?
Jamie Lovato: Actually, it is. Well?
Flack: It's fine.
Jamie Lovato: Just fine?
Flack: Hey, I'm just being honest.

Jo: What do you have?
Adam: Now, what don't I?

Adam: Impressed yet?
Jo: I'm getting there. Go on.
Adam: Behold.

Adam: 500 pounds is a lot of speed.
Jo: A lot of reasons to kill somebody.

Jo: It looks like my son's apartment. He loves sports, gross-out comedies. Mom and Dad.

Flack: Jackpot.
Danny: Jack cheese, maybe.
Flack: What?
Danny: Think we just made the largest cheese bust in NYPD history, buddy.

Hawkes: Low-moisture, part-skim mozzarella. Same stuff they use on pizza.
Danny: If you had told me this morning we'd be investigating a cheese murder, you know what I would have said?
Hawkes: Please don't.
Danny: No whey.
Hawkes: Thought I said don't.

Danny: People don't kill each other over dairy product.

Hawkes: Does that part of the floor look cleaner than the rest?
Danny: Yeah, since when does someone clean a dump like this?
Hawkes: (Sprays it with luminol) When they've spilled a lot of blood.

Jo: Smuggling cheese?
Ray Tortucci: Low risk, high reward. White gold, they'd call it.

Ray Tortucci: For the last five months, the daily receipts aren't even synching with the final balances.
Jo: You think he was skimming from the till?
Ray Tortucci: He was adding to it.

Mac: Mind if we look around?
George: Without a warrant? Yeah, I do.
Mac: Well, if we come back with a warrant, we're gonna go through every single part in this place, and for every missing or unmatched VIN we find, you'll be doing another three months.
Jo: Looks like that could add up pretty fast.
George: Knock yourselves out.

Flack: (To Jamie Lovato as they are about to leave a bad rep bar) Don't say I never take you anywhere nice.

Flack: Cheese? You murdered two guys over some cheese? I'm thinking you better come up with a better story, because when you're doing consecutive life, you don't want anyone to know it was over a bunch of mozzarella.

Reno Martell: The only thing I'm guilty of is listening to a moron.
Flack: Well, you ran like you were guilty of a lot more than that.

Jamie Lovato: It sounds to me like maybe you were just having a bad day where everything goes wrong.
Reno Martell: Exactly.

Reno Martell: He was new to the States, he didn't know a lot of people.
Flack: Ah. You're, like, a... one-man Ellis Island?

Flack: Felipe was driving? You sure?
Reno Martell: There was a steering wheel in front of him. So yeah, I'm sure.

Flack: You know, I think I believe him. Oh, like you've never had one of those days? So his ended in murder... you gonna hold it against him?
Mac: We'll try and keep an open mind.

Reno Martell: (To Mac and Jo, after lying to Flack and Lovato) Who are you guys?
Jo: We're the guys you're gonna tell the truth to.

Mac: (To Reno Martell) You know... the good thing is you won't be having any more of those days for a long time.

Seth and Apep [9.15][edit]

Mac: Christine was so excited about going to Vegas. They took her before she made it out of New York.
D.B.Russell: Mac, we're gonna get her back.

Mac: Where is she? Where's Christine?
D.B.Russell: Hey! My friend asked you a question.
Zane Kalim: Your friend won't like the answer.
Mac: What'd you do to her?
Zane Kalim: You will never see her again.

Mac: Where is she being held?
Zane Kalim: She must be important to you. You only ask about her

Zane Kalim: Leave it to the Boyd brothers to kidnap a cop's girlfriend.
Mac: You took Christine and Shawn as collateral for the $100,000 he and his brother owed you.
Zane Kalim: Everyone needs insurance.

Mac: Did you do something to her? Is she alive?
Zane Kalim: I'm done talking.

(Mac makes pressure with his hand over Zane's bullet wound, making it bleed. Zane groans in pain)

Mac: You can end this. Just tell me what you did with her.
Zane Kalim: Go to hell.

Christine Whitney: If you kill us, then you'll lose the only leverage that you've got.
Omar: What kind of leverage could you possibly be?
Christine Whitney: My... my boyfriend's a cop.

Lindsay: I feel so helpless, knowing that Christine is out there alone.
Hawkes: I know. We just got to stay positive for Mac.

Flack: Mac. This was left for you at the front desk.
Mac: What is it?
Flack: I don't know. It just came in.

(Mac opens it to find a severed tongue inside)

D.B.Russell: This is a lot for anyone to handle. Even Mac.
Jo: He puts the burden of the case on his shoulders even when it's a stranger. Now that it's Christine, it makes me worry for the people he's after because he's not gonna stop till he finds them.

D.B.Russell: Mac's lucky to have you. All of you.

Danny: DNA came back on the tongue. Belongs to a male.
Jo: Oh, thank God.

Danny: What the hell's going on, Jo? Why make contact with us just to take us for a ride?

Mac: They had Christine call my cell phone. She gave me an address of a warehouse. Said to come alone. Told me if I didn't, they'd kill her.
D.B.Russell: Well, Mac, they just separated you from your team.
Mac: Look, I know what I'm doing, D.B. You of all people should understand that.
D.B.Russell: I do understand. That's why I'm here. I'm not trying to stop you, but I'm not gonna leave you alone either.

Jo: Mac feels he needs to go with this alone, we need to trust him. Our job is to follow the science, just like any other case.

Mac: I can't take any chances, Don. Not on this one.
Flack: So what? We just... spring the dude and walkhim out the front door as the federal marshals are walking in?
Mac: Yes.

D.B.Russell: It's my fault. Uh, when I was booking Kalim, I filled out the wrong... the wrong form. Those damn things look so different in Vegas, and I'm a little tired to tell you the truth.

Mac: We're gonna go get Christine together, or I'm gonna shoot you dead right now. Where is she? I'm tired of playing games. Let's play one of mine (Empties his gun but for one bullet)
Omar: Hey!
Mac: We'll see how far you're willing to go.

Christine Whitney: (Sobbing) Thank God, Mac.
Mac: Shh. It's okay, it's okay. Okay. It's okay, it's okay. You're safe now. You're safe.
Christine Whitney: I knew you'd come for me.
Mac: Always.
Christine Whitney: I love you, Mac.
Mac: I love you too.

Mac: What'd the marshals say?
Flack: They were pissed. But they'll get over it. Not much you can do. Clerical errors tend to happen from time to time.

Jo: Thank God we got Christine back. How is she?
Mac: Thankful it's over.

Mac: I'm sorry I kept you in the dark. If there was any other way...
Jo: I know.

Jo: The guy you arrested... Omar. He told this wild story about playing a game of Russian roulette. You wouldn't happen to know anything about that, would you?
Mac: Not much of a game when the gun's empty.

D.B.Russell: Just when you think you got a moment to yourself, somebody knocks on your door.
Mac: Well, I guess that's the job we signed up for.
D.B.Russell: There's got to be some perk to being the boss, right?
Mac: Yeah, the seminar in Hawaii comes to mind.

D.B.Russell: How's Christine doing?
Mac: She's coming along. I was just about to head back to the hospital.
D.B.Russell: I guess it's your turn to take care of her, huh?
Mac: Yeah, it is.

Mac: D.B., I can't thank you enough for coming back here with me.
D.B.Russell: Hey...
Mac: No, no. You stuck your neck way out on the line. Much more than I could have asked for. I want you to know how grateful I am. Thank you. Next time we come to Vegas, dinner's on me.
D.B.Russell: Damn right. I'm gonna bring my whole family, too.

Blood Actually [9.16][edit]

Danny: Whoa, Whoa, Whoa.
Lindsay: Hey.
Danny: Where's the fire at?
Lindsay: Ah.. I gotta go find Jo. Our case just got turn on it's head.
Danny: Are you serious? Does that mean we're not able to go to dinner tonight?
Lindsay: Will you shut up. I know that you hate Valentine's Day.
Danny: I don't hate Valentine's Day. I think its stupid to spend a fortune on some fancy meals just because everybody else does.
Lindsay: Well now, you don't have to. Okay, consider that my gift to you.
Danny: But I promise we'll celebrate tonight. Okay?
Lindsay: Okay. See you at home (pause) eventually.

Lindsay: Do you remember the last time we have five minutes to ourselves?
Danny: (rubbing Lindsay's feet) Um...Thursday in the A.V. Lab. Had a fantastic time then Adam came!
Lindsay: Seriously! I mean with Lucy and work I just feel like I don't see you anymore. And it's gonna get a lot harder!
Danny: It's also gonna get a lot better! (puts his hand on Lindsay's stomach) There's my little boy!
Lindsay: Well, Lucy's now asleep, work's finished so...(toys with her hair) You know...(raises her eyebrows suggestively)
Danny: I told you there'd be time to celebrate! (as he leans in to kiss her)
Lucy: (from her bedroom) Mommy! Mommy! Come quick! There's a vampire under my bed!
Lindsay: (bursts out laughing)
Danny: (sighs) I got her! (he gets up from the couch with Lindsay still laughing)

Today is Life [9.17][edit]

Kevin Hopkins: There's 200 people outside that would like to take a baseball bat to my head! A kid robs a jewelry store and it's my word that's in question?

Kevin Hopkins: Look, guys... detectives, I don't have to talk to you. I have 48 hours before I can be compelled to give a statement to IAB, but I know what that looks like. You both think that gives me 48 hours to perfect my lie. I am not lying. That kid took a shot at me.

Victoria Jimenez: What began as a peaceful demonstration escalated into a bloody confrontation this morning inside this Manhattan precinct. Dozens of police officers and civilians were injured. At least ten arrests were made, and it doesn't look like the tension has come even close to subsiding.

Jamie Lovato: You saw him take a shot at Hopkins?
Trey Jensen: No.
Jamie Lovato: You hear the shot?
Trey Jensen: No.
Jamie Lovato: So how do you know that Brown took a shot at Hopkins?
Trey Jensen: Because Kevin said so, and that's good enough for me.
Flack: Well, that's not good enough for me.

Jamie Lovato: What do you think?
Flack': It would've been so easy for him to cover for Hopkins and lie. All he would have to do is say that he heard two shots, and there would be nothing we could do to dispute it.
Jamie Lovato: So you think the vic really did take a shot at Hopkins?
Flack: I think he thinks the vic took a shot at Hopkins. But the truth is, no one knows what happened in that alley except for Hopkins and Timothy Brown. We need evidence.

Mac: It's all over the news, and now half the community is outside. There's maybe 1,500 people out there.

Mac: Respectfully, Sir, I think locking him up and letting the grand jury sort it out is a cop-out. I realize the political implications of this, but we deserve more time, and Hopkins deserves better than punting to the grand jury.

Victoria Jimenez: Officers and detectives are more or less barricaded inside, as demonstrators have virtually surrounded the precinct. Officials within the NYPD are not releasing the names of the officers involved in the shooting, but we have learned that they are officers Kevin Hopkins and Trey Jensen.
Mac: Might as well hang wanted posters outside.

Mac: The thing is, you didn't have to lie. You didn't need it. Here's what I think happened. You chased a guy who just robbed a jewelry store. You came around the corner, you identified yourself as a police officer, he disobeyed your command, he spun around with his hand up by his chest, and you fired. You did everything right. The truth would've been enough, the truth is enough. But you thought it wouldn't look good, so you had to say he fired at you. You're a good police officer, Kevin, but you got to stop lying to me.
Kevin Hopkins: Detective Taylor, I respect you, I got respect for you, but screw you. That kid, he pointed a gun and he shot at me and I will go to my grave swearing by that.

Kevin Hopkins: Take me out there. I will... I will walk you through it.
Mac: It's too dangerous to bring you out there. But we can bring the scene to you.

Adam: There's no way I'm chasing a guy who may or may not have a gun down this alley.
Hawkes: When's the last time you chased anyone at all?

Flack: This is gonna get ugly again. And I don't care how many reinforcements we call in, if they want to get in, they're getting in.

Jo: Finding them hanging out in the streets seems like a long shot.
Mac: You might be right, but right now, it's the only good lead we've got.

Victoria Jimenez: Tonight's top story continues to be the community unrest outside the 12th Street Precinct in Manhattan over the alleged shooting of an unarmed man by police. The mayor and police commissioner continue to call for calm, but protesters remain defiant. Some in the community are labeling the death of Timothy Brown a cold-blooded murder.
Trey Jensen: Any of those jackass reporters that talk to Kevin Hopkins for five minutes... they'd realize how ridiculous that statement is.

Adam: (To Mac) Boss, I don't want to tell you how to conduct your business, but you got to answer your phone. Okay? Your voicemail's all jacked up, Jo doesn't pick up her phone... I was literally left unsupervised for a really long time.

Mac: How the hell did you get past that mob outside?
Adam: Well, I parked my car, like, 20 blocks away and I walked. And I'm not gonna lie, I almost got jacked a couple times, but as long as I, you know, pumped my fist up in the air and yelled some crazy things and kicked over a garbage can, I was... I was good, I was totally good.

Lindsay: (After Jo shoots a perp) Everybody okay?
Danny: Yeah, everybody but him (He checks the victim for weapons) There's no gun. Did you see a gun?
Jo: No, but I saw him reaching for something in that mailbox.

(Lindsay finds a gun inside the mailbox)

Ray Griffin: (About a gun) It belonged to everybody. That gun always in that mailbox. It's like... going to the library or something. Taking out a book. You go in there, you take it, you need it, you use it, you put it back, that's it... it's the honor system.

Lindsay: So earlier today, you and Keith checked out a gun and then used it to hold up a jewelry store?
Ray Griffin: Look, I told you before, okay? We wasn't meaning to use it. We was gonna front on those people in case they got bold or something.
Danny: And then maybe shoot a few cops if they were bold enough to chase you?

Mac: (To Tori Bell) I want you to hear the truth. Before you read some version of it in the papers or hear it on the news.

Kevin Hopkins: If I could step in front of that bullet to save that man, I swear to God I would do it. That would feel better than this. I was scared, Detective. I was shaking all over. Like a coward. And maybe if I just... kept my cool, I would've hesitated. I would've seen he had no gun. That he was the wrong guy.
Flack: And what if it was the right guy? And he had a gun. Then maybe it's you lying in that alley. That's the nature of this job, Hopkins. There's no do-overs.

Flack: (To Kevin Hopkins) A coward doesn't run after an armed man who's trying to kill him. A coward runs away.

Kevin Hopkins: That kid is dead now. And he didn't do a damn thing wrong. And his family... and his girl... what do I say to them?
Flack: You can feel bad about that. If you didn't, I'd think you didn't have conscience. That kid's dead because two sons of bitches decided to rob a jewelry store. Simple as that.

Mac: (To Tori Bell) I'm not asking you to excuse what happened, I just want you to understand why.

Mac: I'm sorry there was no easy way to do this, but... I thought you should know. Tim had this in his pocket (He shows her a ring) He was planning to give it to you.
Tori Bell: Today is life. The only life you're sure of. Make the most of today. That's how Tim signed off all his letters to me when he was away at college. Seems kind of prophetic now.

(Mac wants her to take the ring that Timothy Brown wanted to give her)

Tori Bell: No. Please. Only would remind me of what could have been.

Tori Bell: Today is the worst day of my life. It's the worst day in the lives of Timothy's family and the people who loved him. But it's also the worst day in the life of Officer Hopkins.

(Crowd murmurs angrily)

Tori Bell: Hold on. Please. All of this has to stop. That officer didn't wake up this morning, go to work and set out to kill Tim. That happened because two men woke up this morning and decided that they were gonna come to this neighbourhood and steal what doesn't belong to them. They tried to take that policeman's life while he was protecting ours. And I hope... someday that maybe I can find a way to forgive Officer Hopkins. But I will never forgive those two men that came here with a gun. Because their actions took something from me a hundred times more valuable than all of the jewelry in that store. They stole the love of my life.

Mac: As police officers in this big, complicated city we see so much bad. So many souls filled with hatred and violence. And it's our job to look for them, chase after them and confront them. Over time, they can become all we see. As with all evil, some good will always come from it. It can bring us together with some of the most dedicated, honorable, kind-hearted people we could ever hope to meet. It can fill hearts with a love so strong that it will endure forever... and create unbreakable friendships that will last even in the face of life's most difficult challenges.
Mac: Sometimes, the good comes when we most need it and least expect it. If we are lucky enough to notice it, set our eyes upon it and appreciate it, it can almost make us forget all of the bad. Today is life. The only life you're sure of. Make the most of today. Words of wisdom. A slice of goodness passed on by an innocent soul whose life was cut short by an errant bullet. These are words that will always stay with me, words that are about to change the course of my life forever.

Mac: This is not how I imagined it would happen. I... I don't know if it's how you imagined it would happen, or... if you even imagined it happening at all, but...
Christine Whitney: I'm not sure what you're saying. Let's go in and have a glass of wine. I'll make a fire...
Mac: No. No, no, no, stay here. I don't want to wait another minute. I don't have a ring. Or a speech. I... I wasn't even able to stop and pick up a cheap bottle of champagne. I never thought I'd feel like this again. You're everything that's good in my life. We've been through so much together. I need you, Christine, I want you and I... I can't imagine my life without you. I don't want to... I just want to spend the rest of my life with you by my side (He gets down on one knee)
Christine Whitney: Oh.
Mac: Christine... will you marry me?
Christine Whitney: Yes. Of course I will.

(Both laugh, kiss and embrace)

Christine Whitney: Oh (Laughs) This is exactly how I imagined it.


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