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CSI: NY (September 2004February 2013) is an American police procedural television series set in New York City. It is a spinoff of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and CSI: Miami.

Reignited [9.01][edit]

(The NYPD are winning a hockey match against the NYFD)

Capt. Curtis Smith: Don't look so smug. It ain't over yet.
Mac: Ah, let's see, osso bucco in a nice red wine sauce, porcini mushrooms...
Capt. Curtis Smith: And you wonder why the public likes us better. You guys are so cocky.
Mac: Oh, come on, Curtis. Your boys have won the last five. I'm tired of buying you dinner.

Danny: Hey, get your head in the game, kid. You're better than that.
Adam: Are you kidding me? Who just got nailed in the corner over there, all right? Get the puck along the boards!
Danny: Just keep your skates up against the post. You learn that in peewee league.
Flack: Hey, hey, hey, shut up, the two of you. We are not losing this game. We got two minutes left. Danny, I need you strong on the forecheck. Adam, nothing gets past you. Focus, baby. Focus. Let's go, boys.

Hockey player: Hey, Flack, that last goal was for your mother. This next one's for your sister.
Flack: My sister died six months ago, jackass.
Hockey player: No. Bro, I didn't know.
Flack: She's not dead, you idiot. Mention my family again, I'll punch you in the mouth.

Capt. Curtis Smith: So, how you been? You feeling all right?
Mac: Yeah. Yeah, I'm good. The last six months have felt like five years, but it's good to be back. I appreciate you coming by the hospital every week. That meant a lot.
Capt. Curtis Smith: Ah. Least I could do. Well, how's Christine? Please tell me you haven't screwed that up.
Mac: No, no. It's great. She's great. Mary and the kids?
Capt. Curtis Smith: (Scoffs) I screwed that up years ago. But she loves me. What can I say?

Sid: Cinema quoi cinema, I'd have to say Manhattan.
Lindsay: No!
Sid: Yes.
Lindsay: No way, absolutely not. Annie Hall. Annie Hall over Manhattan any day of the week.
Sid: Well, Manhattan has a classic style and a Gershwin score.
Lindsay: Nah, it's black and white.
Sid: No, but it's just... you just prefer a more unconventional form of storytelling. I guess I'm just more of a conventional guy.
Lindsay: Nothing about you is conventional, Sid.

Man: Messer, you suck!
Lindsay: Hey, you want to come down here and say that?
Man: All right, all right, all right.

[Lindsay sighs after talking to a man]

Lindsay: (To Sid) Annie Hall for sure.

Mac: (To Capt. Curtis Smith while the NYFD and NYPD get into a fight after a hockey match) Well, I guess there's no truth to the rumor the departments hate each other.

Christine Whitney: Nice and slow. One step at a time. You okay? You need to take a break?
Mac: I can't remember what happened. The thing. I... I can't picture it in my head. At all.

Mac: You don't have to do this, you know. Come here every day.
Christine Whitney: (Holding his arm as he walks down the hospital hall) Nice and slow, one step at a time.
Mac: I hate you seeing me like this.
Christine Whitney: Well, you better get used to it 'cause I'm not going anywhere.

Leonard Brooks: The guy who died, the fireman, he was a friend of yours? I'm sorry. I'm sorry he died.
Mac: Yeah, you're so sorry you went back to the scene during his funeral. You couldn't even let us have that.
Leonard Brooks: You're right. That was poor timing on my part.

Mac: How'd you light the fires, Leonard? Some kind of time-delay device, huh? How'd you do it?

(Leonard gestures for Mac to un-cuff him. Mac hesitates)

Leonard Brooks: I'm not gonna conjure fire from thin air, Detective.

Leonard Brooks: Do you smoke?
Mac: No.
Leonard Brooks: Drink? I trust you've never experimented with heroin or crystal meth? Addiction. That's what it is, an addiction. Only there's no chemical in my bloodstream weaving its way through my body. The poison coursing through my veins is psychological. And the antidote can't be found in a bottle of pills.

Leonard Brooks: I don't want to do what I do, Detective. Every day, every hour, I battle with my mind. Don't do it. Don't do it. Don't do it. And I've won that battle for the last 15 years.
Mac: Yeah, I'm... I'm confused. You waiting for some kind of applause here? You want me to cry?

Leonard Brooks: I have just as much incentive to figure out who set that fire as you do. Someone clearly wants to frame me, someone who has waited a long time for me to get out, but would prefer that I stay caged up in that cell.
Mac: And you might know who that someone is?
Leonard Brooks: I'm offering my services. As a... arson investigator... if you will.

Mac: Arrogance: it's always the criminal's Achilles heel.

Leonard Brooks: This. It's the ignition point.
Flack: Yeah, great, genius. That was a tough one. Can I lock his ass up now, please?

Leonard Brooks: Did you find anything here? Either inside or next to the hole in the floor?
Mac: One of my investigators found some kind of melted metal.
Leonard Brooks: About the size of a dime?
Flack: What was it, Leonard?
Leonard Brooks: Have I not earned your respect enough to not treat me like one of your project thugs?
Flack: You don't have even one ounce of my respect.
Leonard Brooks: Which is precisely why I'm not gonna tell you what it was. You'll use it against me.

Mac: Leonard. I'm still overtaken with emotion over your 'I have just as much incentive to solve this as you do' speech, so come on.

Leonard Brooks: I employed the technique... once, and that's all I'm gonna give you on that.
Flack: That's it? We brought you out here for that?
Leonard Brooks: Yeah. This was very helpful. Perhaps not to you, but it was to me.

(As an aftermath to a shooting, Mac is having trouble remembering things)

Dr. Martin Stilga: You're suffering from what's called anomic aphasia. When you were shot, it appears that for a time, your brain was deprived of an adequate supply of oxygen. It's likely that this caused damage to a particular area of your brain. We'll have to do more tests to determine the extent of it.
Mac: I'd rather no one else know.
Dr. Martin Stilga: Of course.
Mac: How long do you think it'll last?
Dr. Martin Stilga: Some cases are temporary. It diminishes and even disappears with time and therapy. Many times, I'm afraid, the condition is permanent.

(Adam is falling asleep in front of the computer)

Jo: Adam, you've been at this how long?
Adam: Oh, I'd say about, uh, three, four years now (Chuckles)

Jo: Well, he has to be in the crowd. Arsonists are sick people. They disregard risk to thumb their nose at authority, and they love to watch their work.
Adam: Maybe he doesn't. I mean, look at Johnny Depp. He doesn't watch any of his movies.

Adam: You, uh, ever been fraudulently accosted, Jo? (Chuckles) I had this friend Pete who was fraudulently accosted, yeah. This girl picked him up at the, uh, Drunken Dog Tavern. Yeah, turned out she was a dude. What up?

Fireman: You see that fire right there? That's what happens when cops don't take care of business.
Mac: (Pins her against a car) Come here!
Fireman: What the hell are you doing?
Mac: I'm taking care of business. You're under arrest for assault and resisting arrest.

Mac: This valve is normally locked in the on position. Someone broke the lock and turned the system off. Then, after the fire started and before FDNY got here, someone turned it back on.
Flack: What, you think Leonard suddenly grew a conscience?
Mac: Maybe he had one all along.

Hawkes: No prints of value inside the glove. But all hope is not lost as you always have to use a gloveless hand to put on the first glove.

(Buzzer goes off)

Jo: I think your cake's done.
Danny: (As Hawkes examines a glove) It's looking like you got a few good prints there.
Hawkes: Let's hope it's the icing on the case.
Danny: (Scoffs) Really?
Lindsay: Oh, that's pathetic.
Jo: Eh, I kind of liked it.

Flack: (To Leonard Brooks) You better hope you're half as smart as you think you are because when you slip, I'm gonna be there to kick you the rest of the way down the stairs.

Jo: This was all that was left of your property, Leonard. I'm sorry.
Leonard Brooks: Guess when you don't have much, you don't have much to lose.

Leonard Brooks: My past will always follow me. As it should. I do still... I have the urges every day, and I don't want to go back to that place. But... as long as I can't be arrested for my thoughts, I won't.

Leonard Brooks: Thank you for treating me like a human being.
Mac: We don't know any other way.

Christine Whitney: Hey, I know it's been a rough couple of weeks and I don't want to sound selfish but I'm having withdrawals. For six months I'm with you practically 16 hours a day,and now, lately, it'd be easier to get an audience with the pope.
Mac: Yeah, but the pope isn't taking you to your favorite place for dinner.

(Mac gives Christine an arrangement of flowers)

Christine Whitney: What are these for?
Mac: I don't think I ever officially thanked you for taking care of me. There is no gift or words that could ever come close to saying how much it meant having you there by my side through those six months. Every single day your smile and your love just pushed me to work harder, and you... you lifted my spirits. So... two dozen roses: one for every week you took care of me.

Christine Whitney: All right, enough of the mushy stuff. Let's go and eat. I'm starving. You know I have favorite places all over the city. Which one are we going to?
Mac: (Struggling to remember the name of the restaurant) Well, you know, the one with the, uh, the dish that you like.
Christine Whitney: Oh, let's see, that narrows it down to about 50 places?
Mac: You know... th... the one with the, uh, stuff. The one with the chef who, uh, you always ask him what the recipe is and he always leaves out one ingredient.
Christine Whitney: Oh, Piccolo! The truffle rigatoni with vegetable and sausage!
Mac: Yes.
Christine Whitney: Wow, you made that difficult. Do I win a prize?
Mac: Well, I think it's hanging off your arm.

Where There's Smoke... [9.02][edit]

Telephone rings in Leonard Brook's apartment)

Mac: (Addressing a young officer) Answer it, just say hello.
Officer: Hello? (To Mac) It's for you, Detective.
Mac: (Grabbing the phone) Taylor.
Leonard Brooks: Sorry about the lack of hospitality Detective, I wasn't expecting guests.

(At a crime scene where a woman has been burnt alive inside an elevator)

Jo: Oh my God, Mac. Looks like those pipes were the source of the heat. Someone turned this elevator into a boiler.
Mac: Somebody turned this elevator into a torture chamber.

Flack: What's his endgame here, Mac?
Mac: Whatever it is, Leonard Brooks had 15 long years to plan it.

Flack: Turns out Brooks has no known friends or associates, which doesn't shock me, having met the man.
Mac: He's independent and self-reliant. Makes him even more unpredictable.

Leonard Brooks: Press is wrong about me, you know?
Mac: Don't like being called a monster?
Leonard Brooks: No, that part is accurate. I am a monster, but please tell those reporters my victim was anything but innocent.

Jo: For years, Leonard Brooks has suffered from sudden impulse control disorder, compelling him to start fires, but he did it to cause property damage, never to cause bodily harm or to take a life.
Mac: So, why does his M.O. suddenly change? And in such an extreme fashion?
Jo: Because, clearly, the relief that he got from starting fires no longer had any value.
Mac: So torture and murder is his new drug of choice.
Jo: And when his emotional need shifted, he needed to find another means to satisfy it.

Jo: (About Leonard Brooks) This is a guy who spent a large portion of his life in jail. And now that's he's out, those urges and sensations are magnified. They're just overwhelming. Control may not even be an option for him.

(After Jamie has stopped a big perp by herself)

Flack: Impressive.
Jamie Lovato: Growing up with three older brothers has its advantages.
Flack: Can I help you with something?
Jamie Lovato: Yeah, I need a desk (Flack hesitates, confused. She points to one) Looks a little something like that?

Mac: We need to identify her to make a connection. Circulate her... (Unable to remember the word) The, uh... circulate... (Sighs) Get her face across the wire.

Mac: Brooks stuck around to see his plan in motion.
Flack: Looks to me like the bastard enjoyed the show.

Mac: Subpoena his CPS records.
Jamie Lovato: Oh, they're on their way already. I motivated the file clerk with a couple meatball subs from Romeo's.
Flack: If nothing else, Lovato, you got damn good taste in Italian.

Mac: It won't be easy connecting the dots without knowing Rita Lowman's real name.
Jamie Lovato: That's why Flack's going to help me. And since I still don't have a desk, looks like we'll be using yours.
Mac: I like her.
Flack: Yeah.

Danny: Jo, uh, so Jane Fonda just called. She said she wants her workout tapes back.
Jo: They are not Jane's. They're Cher's.
Danny: Cher had a workout video?
Jo: Yes, she did.

Danny: What do you got here?
Jo: Video recordings of Leonard Brooks' prison therapy sessions. 14 years' worth.
Danny: Why don't you call his shrink and get the Cliff Notes?

Danny: (About Leonard Brooks) People like Brooks spend their entire lives blaming other people for all their problems. And I don't care how rough he had it, there's nothing on these tapes that are going to justify what he did to those people.
Jo: I'm just hoping there's something on these tapes that tells us why he did it.

Danny: You think Mac's okay?
Jo: How do you mean?
Danny: How do I mean? I don't know exactly. It's just, you know, he's... he seems off.
Jo: Well, a little off would be pretty damn good considering everything he's been through. I mean, think about it. He suffered a life-changing trauma, months of painful rehab.
Danny: Yeah.
Jo: Most people would have reexamined everything, quit their job and be sitting on a beach, but not Mac. Couldn't wait to pick up exactly where he left off. I think it's a miracle and a gift that the guy's the same old hard-ass boss he's always been.

Jo: (To Danny) You're just an old softie.

Flack: I am never going to bad-mouth computer files again. These CPS files are killing me. This sucks.
Jamie Lovato: Are you always this whiny?
Flack: Yes.

Hawkes: Where'd Brooks take her?
Danny: Now, more importantly, how long does she have to live?

Woman: Is that what you want, Leonard? To be invisible? Starting fires seems to be in opposition to that want.
Leonard Brooks: No. You never listen. Can't you see? I control fire. No one's looking at me. All eyes are on the flames.

Mac: You were expecting Jimmy to save you?
Leonard Brooks: He was just so big. He was like an adult. He looked like one of the guys in the comic books, like some kind of superhero.
Jo: But he wasn't a superhero. He beat you, too, didn't he, Leonard? Afraid that if he didn't, he'd suffer the same fate.
Leonard Brooks: When I think about it, though, Mother was smaller, yet it always hurt more coming from her.

Mac: (To Leonard Brooks) All those fires, and the one that got you caught, the one that put you away, is the one where you went back in to save an innocent woman.
Jo: You did the one thing no one would do for you: come to the rescue.

Leonard Brooks: You think I chose to be like this?
Mac: It's the events in our life that shape us, but it's our choices that define us, and you made the wrong choice, Leonard.

Flack: You should know, the guys got a pool going.
Jamie Lovato: (Sitting at her new desk) Yeah? Let me guess: what will last longer, me or the plant?

Leonard Brooks: It's like that moment when you're a kid and you first realize how powerful the ocean is. You step in, and the water's calm, and you hold it in your hand, but it just slips through your fingers. And you think: well, how strong could it actually be? Feeling bold, you wander out into the abyss. And by the time you turn around, everyone you left on shore seems too far away to help. That's when it hits, this wave, this massive current that pulls you in and pushes you down, holds you there, pinned beneath something so strong. It's like... something you can't control. All you can do is hold on and fight, but then the more you fight, the more weary you get and your lungs burn and your throat... throbs, so you... just let it overtake you. You feel this... force, seemingly benign, but it... can consume and destroy you. It's the thing inside me, strong in ways that nobody can see or comprehend. This dark undertow that I'm powerless to stop. I guess the fires were really controlling me.

2,918 Miles [9.03][edit]

[After being chased and slammed against a car in San Francisco]

Suspect: Uh, damn, take it easy cop. Why are you so agro?
Mac Taylor: Sorry. I'm not from around here.

Flack: Looks like he took a pretty stiff shot to the nose as well.
Hawkes: Yeah. Could've left him unconscious long enough for bleed out.
Flack: Well, from the look of things, I'm guessing that didn't take too long.

Flack: What the hell was this guy doing with pictures of a dead girl in his backpack?
Hawkes: Maybe his death has something to do with hers.
Mac: Either way, it looks like one homicide may have just become two.

Cade Conover: God, I thought we'd never get through dinner.
Jo: You didn't enjoy me rattling on about my work?
Cade Conover: Of course I did. I just couldn't stop thinking about dessert.

Ellie: (To Jordan, about Cade Conover) I'd introduce you to the surfer dude with the hairy chest but I have no idea who he is.

Sid: Are you familiar with the words of Heraclitus of Ephesus?
Mac: I'm not sure I got that memo.

Mac: Ethan would've likely had no need for contact lenses. And this one could actually belong to our killer. Good eye, Sid.

Mac: Mary didn't have a cell phone?
Mrs. Portico: She did. She lost it. I told her the next one was gonna be on her dime.
Mr. Portico: God, why didn't I just get her a new one?

Mac: Sadly, what was being handled as a runaway missing persons case is now being investigated as a homicide missing persons case.

Jo: There's no tougher job in the world.
Flack: Being a cop?
Jo: Being a parent.

Danny: What do you think about our daughter wearing body armor when she becomes a teenager?
Lindsay: After looking at these photos, I'm fine with that.

Danny: (To Lindsay) Messer family... 0 for two.

Danny: Thank you for coming up.
Sid: Oh, don't be silly. I spend all day in a refrigerated room with no cell reception. I live for these invitations.

Danny: This is our photo-topsy.

Sid: I once caught my own daughter faking a bloody nose with food coloring to get out of a spelling test. I know chicanery when I see it.

Danny: That's amazing... I mean, 15 years old and she's using.

Sid: Why is the glass face on her watch in this last photo fogged?
Lindsay: Because it's so close to her mouth. She's breathing.
Danny: Right, so she might have not been beaten to death after all.

Jo: We need to talk.
Ellie: I don't want to talk.
Jo: Why not?
Ellie: Because it's just going to be one of those talks where you do all the talking.

Jo: (About Cade) He's an FBI agent. He's visiting from California. He and I used to work together at the Bureau.
Ellie: Looks like you were doing a little bit more than that.

Jo: I am the adult, you're the child.
Ellie: I'm not a child.
Jo: Okay, you're a teenager. We still have rules in this family.
Ellie: Yeah, and yours are different than mine... I get it.
Jo: Good.

Jo: Ellie, was that your first kiss?
Ellie: Are you kidding me right now?
Jo: I can't believe you're not talking to me about these things.
Ellie: Because, Mom, I knew you'd do exactly what you're doing.
Jo: What, caring?
Ellie: No, prying.
Jo: Ellie, come on. I just want to know how you feel.
Ellie: Well, I don't know yet, okay?

Jo: (Looking at a perp's picture) Holy sideburns. Not even a mother could love that face.

Flack: Looks like you've got your hands full as well.
Jo: (Notices that Cade is entering the bullpen) Hmm... you could say that.

Jo: Agent Conover, thank you for coming.
Cade Conover: No problem. I just wish we could have had this meeting at my hotel because we have these margaritas... the best. I've ever had... at the bar.

Cade Conover: If she's dead she's your case, and if she's alive she's mine?
Jo: Well, this one's tricky.

Cade Conover: You love taking advantage of me, don't you?
Jo: You have no idea.

Danny: (After spending hours looking at evidence and trying to figure out details of a case) I feel like my eyes are going to pop out of my skull.
Lindsay: Come on, babe, stay with me.

Mac: (Thinking of San Francisco) Manhattan isn't the only city with a Fulton Street... and we're not the only one with a Flatiron Building.

Flack: The Yankees have been rightfully anointed the gods of baseball, whereas the Mets...
Jamie Lovato: The Mets are the heart. The heart and soul of New York City baseball.

Jamie Lovato: How are you such a pinstriper? Did you not say you were born and raised in Queens?

Flack: Proudly. But fortunately, my father had the good sense never to let me root for a sad-sack bunch of boo...

Boyd Hackman: (About Lovato) You keep that crazy bitch away from me.
Flack: Watch your tongue or I'll leave you alone with her.
Boyd Hackman: I think she hurt my neck.
Jamie Lovato: We think you killed Ethan Grohl.

Flack: You can't see much without your contacts, can you, Boyd? How many fingers?

(After assaulting and killing a young man)

Boyd Hackman: It was his fault!
Jamie Lovato: His fault?
Boyd Hackman: Yeah! What kind of kid doesn't carry a wallet?

Jamie Lovato: (After interrogating Epps) Real charmer that one
Flack: Probably a Mets fan.
Jamie Lovato: Do you want me to give you a head start like him before I kick your ass? Or would you like to take your chances?

Adam: You ever run away from home?
Hawkes: No. You?
Adam: Few times. Yeah. I even, uh... I even ran away to be with this girl once. Yeah. Uh, except she, um... she only lived across town, and, uh, these two other guys showed up. Yeah. Ugh. It was crowded.

Jo: Ellie spent the night with her friend Sammy again while we rushed off to San Francisco. So who knows what kind of trouble she's gotten herself into.
Cade Conover: Nothing you wouldn't have gotten into, for sure.
Jo: Yeah, that's exactly what worries me.

Adam: My home life might've sucked, but... it's the evil you know, you know?

Bartender: Welcome to the Daisy Chain.
Jo: Can you tell us if you've seen this young man?
Bartender: Hmmm... nah. You want a smoothie?

Mac: Tell me what you did to her!
Trent Garrett: Nothing she didn't ask for.

Cade Conover: You shot up a 15-year-old with heroin?
Trent Garrett: I had to give her something for the pain.
Mac: What the hell is wrong with you?

Mary Portico: I think I'm lost.
Jo: No, sweetie, you've been found.

(Lovato has turned Flack's desk into a Mets themed one)

Flack: You got to be kidding me.
Jamie Lovato: Welcome home, Yankee. I thought your desk could use some sprucing up.

Jo: The look on Mr. Portico's face when he walked into Mary's hospital room, that's going to stay with me for a long time.
Mac: Feels nice to be able to deliver good news every once in a while.

Mac: This one hit close to home, didn't it?
Jo: Well, I mean, Ellie's a teenager, just like Mary and Lord knows we don't always see eye to eye. But God, I would hate to think one argument could change so much.
Mac: Just got to keep the lines of communication open and give yourself a break every now and then while you're at it. You're a great mom, Jo. She's lucky to have you.
Jo: Thanks, Mac. Would you mind telling her that?

(Both laugh)

Jo: Just wait till you and Christine start plopping out cute little blonde babies into the world.
Mac: Slow down, Jo.
Jo: You don't fool me. I've seen you two.

Cade Conover: I wish you could have stayed, Jo.
Jo: Please. All those blue skies and sun tans? Why would I want to do a thing like that?

Ellie: You seriously think he's cute?
Jo: Jordan? Yeah. He's pretty good looking for a freshman. But you should pace yourself. They do get better with time.
Ellie: You mean like Cade?
Jo: Ah... you did notice.
Ellie: No, 'cause that would be gross.

Ellie: Do you like him?
Jo: Yeah, I think so. Complicated, though, you know? He lives there and we live here.
Ellie: We could move.
Jo: That's sweet, Ellie. You mean you'd do that for me?
Ellie: Sure, but you'd have to buy me all new clothes.
Jo: We'll talk about it later.
Ellie: Do we have to?
Jo: Nah.

Unspoken [9.04][edit]

Mac: Tell me how a gun registered in your name was used to fire shots at you this afternoon.
Grant Hamilton: That's not possible.
Mac: It happened.

Grant Hamilton: My gun was stolen.
Flack: And you didn't report it?
Grant Hamilton: I thought I had misplaced it.
Flack: What, it wasn't in your sock drawer, so you figured it was where? With your golf clubs?

Grant Hamilton: The priority here, gentlemen, is the fact that a man shot at me.
Flack: For you, maybe. For me, it's the fact that a little girl was shot and killed with your gun.

Grant Hamilton: (About the girl that was killed with his missing gun) I'd like to call her family.
Flack: Nice. Nice. Maybe you could take a couple photos with her grieving mother. A nice photo op for the campaign.

Adam: If he was able to get onto Hamilton's boat to steal it, why not just lie in wait and shoot him there? Why wait six months?
Mac: Nerve. You've got to talk yourself into it. Then there's the planning. You don't want to mess up. Or maybe the public event. The publicity is something he's after.

Adam: And then there's the elephant in the room.
Mac: The irony that a man could be shot with his own stolen gun.

Danny: Hey, Montana.
Lindsay: Hey. You haven't called me that in a long time.

Lindsay: You were standing by the window, holding vigil for your poor, injured wife. Who was Lucy with?
Danny: I think you might have been dreaming. Was I naked in that, uh, moment?

Danny: No one saw this guy's face.
Lindsay: I did. I looked right into his eyes. He looked right into mine.
Danny: This guy knows that you saw his face. What time did you say I was here last night?

Danny: (Fogging a window with his coffee) Are we seeing letters here? Does that say 'RR'?
Jo: I think so.

(Flack writes them down in his notepad)

Danny: Looks like an M...
Jo: R-R.. Y.
Danny: What do you got there, Don?
Flack: Well, buying a vowel, it looks to me like 'I'm sorry'.
Danny: I'll bet you he's sorry. He left a print.

Jo: For 24 hours, no one knew his name, where he lived or what he looked like, so he had plenty of time to get out of town.
Mac: But he didn't. Means he's got unfinished business.

Beverly McCord: We can talk about this.
Evan Westcott: Shut up! Just shut up. I tried talking to you, but frankly, you have a hard time understanding me.

Flack: (After chasing after Evan Westcott for the second time) This is the last time you're making me run.

Mac: I can't remember the simplest things.
Dr. Kevin Phillips: It can come and go, but my guess is it's getting worse. Otherwise, you wouldn't have called me.
Mac: No, I don't know. They... gave me those coloring book pictures and name games. They gave me a bunch of exercises that don't seem to be working. I just... I just want to fix this.
Dr. Kevin Phillips: Mac, it doesn't work that way. You're past the window of 'temporary aphasia'. So you're going to have to retrain your brain. It's like learning everything all over again. It takes time.

Mac: I'm in charge of people, Kevin. I've got a very demanding job. I should be able to name the color red.
Dr. Kevin Phillips: I can understand your frustration, but...
Mac: No, don't do that! I don't want your understanding! I... (Pauses) I'm sorry, Kevin. I... I just want this to go away. There's got to be something medically that we can do.
Dr. Kevin Phillips: No. And out of respect, I'm not gonna sugarcoat this for you. There is no quick fix, no pill, no surgery. There's just word games and exercises.

Dr. Kevin Phillips: You know, your greatest gift is Christine.
Mac: I haven't told her yet.
Dr. Kevin Phillips: Have you told anyone?
Mac: This is my problem. I just want a schedule and a plan that I can stick to. And I'll... I'll get better and it will all go away.
Dr. Kevin Phillips: I can appreciate your optimism, but, you know, you cannot do this alone.

Lonnie James: I didn't mean to hurt Aimee.
Flack: I know that.
Lonnie James: We were just playing around, you know? She was my best friend. Thanks for trying to save her.
Flack: Yeah, you're welcome, Lonnie.
Lonnie James: Am I going to jail for what I did?
Flack: No. We're all gonna make sure that doesn't happen.

Beverly McCord: Evan, you tend to show... a certain degree of uninhibited affection, and it's got to stop. It making me and others uncomfortable.
Evan Westcott: Others. You're having conversations about my behavior with others?
Beverly McCord: Touching the children in any way is dangerous.
Evan Westcott: Affection is dangerous?
Beverly McCord: Frankly, I don't understand why you don't get this.
Evan Westcott: Oh, I get it. I get that this is your problem, Beverly, not mine. Your sick imagination took an action that was so innocent, and you made it perverted. And you know what? That... that makes me uncomfortable.

Flack: You could have made a different choice, Evan. But instead, you brought a gun to a public place with the intention of murdering someone. And when you fired that weapon, you changed the lives of every person there. You violated their sense of security, but worse than that... you hurt a child, and you don't even know it.
Evan Westcott: What are you talking about?
Flack: You dropped that gun in that dumpster, and it was found... and it was fired. And this little girl was killed.

Misconceptions [9.05][edit]

[Flack and Sam are at their grandmother's for lunch.]
Flack: Ah, no gran, come on, I'm stuffed.
Grandmother: You look like one of those POWs.
Flack: It's called being in shape.
Grandmother: Skinny is not a shape.
[Flack bows his head, taking the verbal hit. He just can't win.]
Grandmother: [Asking Sam] Still going with that boy?
Flack: No, we broke up. He was too clingy. I wanted to see other people.
[Sam kicks Flack.]

Mac: (About the parents of a boy that went missing 20 years ago) They promised each other they'd never move. They believe his soul is still with them in the house.

(Keith the only suspect in the disappearance of Tommy Lewis, has been found dead in the neighborhood)

Mac: There were a lot of angry people around here. Death threats against Keith and his family. They were eventually forced to move away.
Lindsay: Looks like someone welcomed him back to the neighborhood.

Lindsay: Keith Milner, the only suspect in the disappearance of Tommy Lewis, is found dead in the park a block away from where the kid vanished exactly 20 years ago today. My guess is, this about payback, not a payday.

Jo: I'm sure there's still a lot of people in this neighborhood who'd love to see him dead.
Lindsay: Probably most of all Tommy's parents.
Jo: I'm curious to hear how they'd take the news of his murder.
Jamie Lovato: That's if it's news to them at all.

(Flack has prepared some elaborated breakfast for his dog)

Flack: Come and get it, sweetie. There you are, sleepyhead.

(After some boxing)

Flack: You hit me so hard with that right hand, I was gonna call your parole officer and have you violated.
Tony Davis: That's why I let up at the end.
Flack: Come on. You beat me up the whole fight, but I got you fair and square right there.
Tony Davis: Seriously, man, you've come a long way. Three months ago, that punch would've put you on your ass. You're learning to relax in the ring, keep your composure.
Flack: You're just saying nice things to keep me coming back, because you like getting paid to hit a cop.
Tony Davis: Hey, you know I love you, Flack.
Flack: I know you love hitting me.

Flack: (Picks up the phone, knowing he is talking to his grandma all along) Hey, baby. Last night was amazing... I can't stop thinking about you. You were incredible. Grandma? Oh, sorry. Yes, I knew it was you (He laughs) I'm sorry.

Danny: How is it possible that a guy who murdered an eight-year-old boy turns into this model citizen?
Mac: All right. Maybe Milner wasn't the guy that everyone thought he was.
Danny: What do you mean?
Mac: There were a lot of bosses and experienced detectives calling the shots on that case. No one was very interested in the... opinion of a young detective. It always bothered me that he was the only suspect from day one. He was the perfect guy for them.

Danny: You think Tommy's father might have actually killed Milner himself?
Jo: Milner shows up in the neighborhood at the 20th anniversary of his kid's death. Certainly has motive.

Jo: I'm not quite sure how to say this, and I might be overstepping my bounds.
Mac: But you're gonna say it anyway.
Jo: I am. You've been back to work for over a month. And I've been going through Leonard Brooks' arson case, prepping for court. There were 200 reports in that folder, and not one of them has been written by you. And every court date you've had, you've had someone else take your notes and testify. That's just not like you, Mac. What's going on?
Mac: You're right. You're overstepping your bounds.
Jo: Mac, if something's wrong...
Mac: Nothing's wrong. Just doing what I should have been doing all along. I'm delegating. That's what bosses do.

Jo: (To Mac) You know... I might be a bit quirky, I may not be as organized as I would like, but don't let that fool you. I'm incredibly perceptive.

Flack: Well... this... is a mystery. All your connections are tight, nothing's leaking. So... how do you think this water got in the bucket that you put under the sink because you supposedly had a leak?
Irene Flack: You're the detective. You figure it out.
Flack: Doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to figure this one out.

Irene Flack: I need you to open the pickles.
Flack: What?
Irene Flack: The pickles. I can't open them. I need you to loosen the top.
Flack: You're the only one who lives here, right? You opened the jar. How is it you can't close it... are you stronger than yourself?

Flack: You here for the mystery leak?
Samantha Flack: Yeah, and to open some jars.
Irene Flack: What are you doing here?
Samantha Flack: Don't you play senile with me. You called me. And you set the table for three.

Nathan Lewis: (Waking up on his son's grave) Did I kill the son of a bitch?

Flack: Oh, no, Gram, come on. I'm stuffed.
Irene Flack: You look like one of those POWs.
Flack: It's called being in shape.
Irene Flack: Skinny is not a shape.

Irene Flack: You can take that damn ugly urn, too.
Flack: I thought we agreed that Dad would want to be here with you.
Irene Flack: Dad is here with me, right here. That's all I need.

Samantha Flack: Whatever it is, if it belonged to Dad, it's all you.
Flack: You gonna pull that "he loved you more than me" crap again?
Samantha Flack: I'm sorry I can't pretend he was this wonderful guy.
Flack: I'm not asking you to pretend anything.
Samantha Flack: You know what, I can't do this again. You take the stuff. I'm good. I will see you at the next leak under the sink.
Irene Flack: Let her be. She'll learn how to forgive him someday.

Flack: I love you.
Irene Flack: You love my meatballs.

Nathan Lewis: Seven years after Tommy disappeared the state declared him legally dead. Do you know what it's like to bury an empty coffin?

Lindsay: We get it. You wanted to avenge the murder of your son.
Mac: But if you were man enough to kill him, be man enough to take responsibility for it.

Sid: When did you find out about the accusations against your husband?
Emma Milner: After we'd been dating for a few months. Keith wouldn't talk about it with me. He just wanted to put the whole thing behind him. And he said that if I thought for a second he was capable of such a thing, I should break it off right there. I didn't. We were married three years ago last week. And he's been nothing but kind, decent and honest.

Keith Milner: (Entry on his personal diary) As the child we're about to bring into this world grows inside the belly of my beautiful wife, anxiety over secrets of my past grow on my conscience. It tears at my heart to know my parents went to their graves believing I took the life of that boy. The lies and the manipulation, the stealing and the drugs. Maybe I didn't deserve their trust. I'm afraid that when I look into the eyes of my son for the very first time, the joy of that moment will be stolen from me by thoughts of Tommy Lewis and his mom and dad wondering where their own son has gone. If I'm going to raise my boy with integrity, if he can ever look up to me, he has to know the truth. I have to clear my conscience and my name. The world has already made up its mind about me. I have no choice but to face the wolf in sheep's clothing, compel him to step forward and confess to the crimes for which I was so wrongly accused.

Jo: I'm just a little concerned about Mac.
Christine Whitney: What do you mean?
Jo: I think he's struggling with some stuff.
Christine Whitney: What makes you say that?
Jo: Well, he's been avoiding certain situations at work, particularly things where he has to provide specific details.
Christine Whitney: Like what?
Jo: I've watched him a bunch of times struggle to name or identify an object, and he covers pretty well, but... Lord, I feel like I'm telling on him. I'm just worried about him. Have you noticed anything like that?
Christine Whitney: No. Not really. I mean, he doesn't know where he left his keys half the time but that's just a man thing, you know. They're a forgetful bunch.

Samantha Flack: You're not seriously thinking of doing this?
Flack: I am. But I need your help. That kid Zane that you used to make out with... he works there doing security. He can get us in.
Samantha Flack: I did not used to make out with him.
Flack: Oh, sorry. He used to make out with you.
Samantha Flack: You're such an ass.

Flack: (To Sam about one of her ex boyfriends) This guy would murder puppies if you asked him to.

Samantha Flack: You know, to be honest, it kind of pisses me off, Dad's still trying to tell me what to do from an urn on a shelf at Gram's place.
Flack: Come on! Would you ease up on him already? So maybe he was a little bit tougher on you. It's only because he knew you were twice as smart as I am.
Samantha Flack: That is not true.
Flack: It is true. I'm okay with that.
Samantha Flack: Would you just stop trying to make excuses for him? Yeah, I came to terms with this a long time ago. Maybe I was just hard to love. Maybe he had trouble relating to me. Whatever it is, I'm over it.

Flack: (About his father) I saw that guy cry once in my whole life. The night of your senior prom. You said you were sleeping at Heather's house. He checked up on you. You weren't there. So he and I drove around all night looking for you. He was a wreck. Thinking the worst, as only a New York City detective can. And when we didn't find you, he bawled like a baby.
Samantha Flack: He never said anything about that to me.
Flack: Maybe he was just trying to keep the peace. When you came home the next morning, he was just thankful you were safe. Sam... he loved you.

Christine Whitney: Do you trust me, Mac?
Mac: You even have to ask me that?
Christine Whitney: I think I do. Um, I had coffee with Jo earlier. She's worried about you, and I am, too.
Mac: Well, I'll tell you what I told her... I'm fine.
Christine Whitney: That's what I said, 'cause our relationship is based on trust, and if you had a problem, you would have come to me and we would have worked it out together, right?
Mac: That's right.

Christine Whitney: I just want you to look me in the eye and tell me nothing's wrong.
Mac: What the hell is this, Christine?
Christine Whitney: It's really simple. Just look me in the eye and tell me.
Mac: I don't appreciate my integrity being called into question.
Christine Whitney: I didn't come here to question your integrity. I came here because I care about you.

Mitch Ventri: I'm not a bad person.
Lindsay: No, you're the worst kind of person. You look like us, you walk and talk like us. But you know what, Mitch Ventri? You're nothing like us.

Mac: (To Jo) I'm only gonna tell you this once. Be careful where you stick your nose. Stay out of my personal business.

Samantha Flack: (To Flack) You know you owe me big-time. Zane? Beyond creepy.

The Lady in the Lake [9.06][edit]

Karma: [as Adam is recalling the story in a police station] Wait. Are you kidding me? I thought you said this story was about a princess, not some cops chasing some dude.
Adam: It is. I'm just setting it up. Okay? See? It's called backstory.
Karma: Well, how about getting to the front story?

Jo: [after the crew observes the crime scene] So, we've got a castle and a princess...
Mac Taylor: And an unhappy ending.

Flack: (To a perp he's had to run after) I pulled a hamstring scaling that truck over there. You don't want to mess with me right now.

Karma: Drain the pond? How long is this gonna take?
Adam: Uh, well, not nearly as long as a lineup takes. Your mom's gonna be... at least another hour, and I don't see anybody rushing over here to take my report, so I think we're stuck.

Dee: If you're a cop, why can't you report your stolen car to yourself?
Adam: Well, 'cause I'm not a cop. No, I mean, I work with cops. Yeah, I do cop stuff, but I'm a... I'm a Crime Scene Investigator.

Jo: Mac?
Mac: Another gun?
Jo: (Shows him the body of a young woman) Another murder.

Mac: She was killed with a rock.
Hawkes: Specifically, Manhattan schist. Which doesn't help us, 'cause the city's full of it.

Sid: Stomach contents revealed traces of arothron hispidus, also known as puffer fish.
Mac: Very expensive sushi.
Sid: And delicious. Her last meal was to die for.

Mac: (Over the phone) Christine, uh, when you get this, can you call me? I don't want to leave things... just call me, please.

Adam: I found particles combined of nickel, iron and olivine.
Mac: Space dust.
Adam: That's right, M.T. okay? This is not of this earth.

Dee: Nuh-uh.
Adam: Uh-huh.
Dee: Nuh-uh.
Adam: Uh-huh.

Mac: (To Adam) Fascinating. Now clear the rest of the guns, and don't ever call me M.T. Again (Smacks him at the back of his head)

Mac: Give me some good news.
Jo: My 14-year-old daughter broke up with her boyfriend.

Mac: A poor girl trying to look rich.
Jo: Cinderella story.

Mac: Last week, I was a bit short with you.
Jo: You made your point. Already forgotten.

Flack: Yo! NYPD.

(Joseph Skiver runs away)

Flack: Why does that never work?

Joseph Skiver: I'm not holding, man. Search me all you want.
Flack: Here's something you've never heard a cop say: I'm gonna take your word for it.

Flack: Assault, fraud, burglary, possession of meth, trafficking in meth, trafficking in proscribed wildlife.
Jo: Proscribed wildlife?
Joseph Skiver: I'm diversifying.
Jo: How about murder?
Joseph Skiver: Yeah, stick it all on me. I'm a pincushion, baby. Just for giggles, who'd I kill?

Flack: How'd you cut your hand?
Joseph Skiver: Are you kidding me? I would never...
Flack: That's not the answer I'm looking for, Skiver.
Joseph Skiver: Uh... it's a bite, feeding the toucan. Those things are nasty.
Jo: Thought you were going to come up with something lame.

Jo: She was going out?
Joseph Skiver: Yeah. With Richie Rich. The boyfriend.

Jo: A toucan? Really?
Flack: Had a cousin that worked with birds. They can be vicious.

Jo: Who catalogs every plant in Central Park?
Danny: I'm guessing single guy, no kids.

Jo: Boom. Let's see what we can find.
Danny: Did she just use my word?

Hawkes: Boom!

Danny: You ever see me rip up a check for 50 grand, do me a favor and shoot me.
Mac: Consider it done.

Danny: (About a case resembling Cinderella story) It does connect to Ashley Braden. I filled in the missing letters. Fits like a glass slipper, no?

Karma: So did the prince do it or not?
Dee: Even if he did the crime, he won't be doing the time.
Adam: Whoa, my story, my moral.

Lindsay: Do you believe in luck?
Mac: Well, uh, Seneca said: luck is the intersection of preparation and opportunity.
Lindsay: Well, then opportunity just knocked.

Mac: (To Lindsay, after one of her demonstrations) That's brains, not luck.

Dee: You heard aliens talking?
Adam: You know, who knows? I don't even know if they have mouths. All I know for sure is that it's some form of communication. Sounds waves from the middle of the spaceship. Which means I've discovered first contact. Boo-yah.

Karma: So the princess and the prince get killed?
Adam: No, he wasn't killed. He just was in no shape to talk

Adam: (About the piece of spaceship) Do you know what this could do?
Sid: Uh, protect a tabletop from a wet drink.
Adam: Launch an industry, okay? Graphic novels, tv series, movie, theme parks, restaurants. I already got a name for it. Area 52. The A and the R are capitalized, because...
Sid: Oh, Adam Ross.
Adam: What up?

Adam: Since this is a ground floor startup, I'm willing to give you, Sid, 49% for only $284,000, yeah.
Sid: Do... dollars? Uh, well, that sounds like a bargain.
Adam: You know, you'd be part of all major decisions. I'd love to hear your business advice but of course, at the end of the day, someone has to have the final say.
Sid: I understand. In fact, I already have some advice.
Adam: Great, shoot. What?
Sid: Don't pitch this to anyone who can fire you.

Jo: You find any spaceships?
Adam: That's very funny, Jo. That's real funny.

Adam: Jo, somebody stole the car. Somebody stole the Avalanche. Mac is gonna kill me!
Jo: Oh, Adam, you're brilliant. We got a name: DiBello. Taxi!
Adam: That's great. I can handle this. Yeah, you go. I'll handle this... and my funeral arrangements.

Jo: I have a son that's not much younger than you are, and I treasure his loyalty. But more important than that, I value his principles. If he were to encounter a wrong, I trust that he would come forward and do the right thing no matter who did it.

Jo: You may not be able to bring Ashley back, Matthew, but there is something you can do for her. She's still counting on you.

Krista DiBello: She didn't like high heels, she... she wasn't catholic, she didn't come from money. She was a drug addict and so was her boyfriend.
Matthew DiBello: I was her boyfriend.
Krista DiBello: She was wrong for you, Matthew. She didn't belong.
Matthew DiBello: So you killed her?
Krista DiBello: She was a virus!

Matthew DiBello: (To her mother about Ashley, whom she has killed) I thought if you saw her all dressed up you might give her a chance. She hated putting on a show, but she did it for you, to impress you.

Karma: Whoa, that prince's old lady is cold.
Dee: Is she gonna fry?
Adam: No, they don't fry people in New York, but she is gonna go away for a very, very long time.

Dee: What about the end of the spaceship story?
Adam: Well, that's all I got for right now. I tell you what? This story is just beginning.
Dee: Cool.

Dee: (About Adam) That dude, he's gonna be richer than Carmelo.

Cop: Heading home, detective?
Mac: No, no, I gotta get back to the... the, uh...
Cop: The lab?
Mac: (Chuckles) The lab, yeah. It's been a long day.

Mac: (Leaving a message on her cell phone) Christine, it's... it's me. We need to talk. I'm... there is something wrong (Deletes it)

Mac: They found the avalanche.
Adam: Oh, great. Where?
Mac: Impound. You parked in the red zone. Next time, put the placard in the window.

(About the space ship piece that Adam found)

Mac: Martian probe launched by the Russians in 1988. They lost track of it, but... looks like one piece of it found its way back home.
Adam: Yeah. Animal sounds, car horns, the word earth recorded in 37 different languages, 1988's top ten hits. This was Russia's interplanetary greeting card.

Jo: There had some good stuff in '88: Red red wine, Kokomo, Don't worry, be happy.

Clue: SI [9.07][edit]

Flack: Her classmate, Alexa Holdman, discovered her when she was practicing one of those twirly things.
Mac: A pirouette?
Flack: Like I said, a twirly thing.

Hawkes: Petechial hemorrhaging. C.O.D.'s most likely asphyxiation.
Flack: You needed an exam for that? She was hung up by a rope.
Jo: We're not sure the rope killed her.

Flack: All right, I may not be the owner of a wonderful white lab coat, but it sounds to me like you're saying somebody strangled her, then strung her up.
Mac: Why hang somebody who's already dead?

Mac: No one else was in the... (Unable to remember the word) ...the, uh...
Flack: Building? No.

Christine Whitney: I'm sorry I didn't... I didn't return your calls. I didn't know what to say.
Mac: I understand why you're angry with me, Christine.
Christine Whitney: I'm not angry. Um... hurt, uh, confused... a little embarrassed. I realized I'd been acting like a teenage girl, you know? Butterflies in my stomach 'cause I'm so excited to see you, fighting the urge to text message every minute... making a lot more of this than... than what it is, so I'm going to take a step back.
Mac: No, I don't want you to do that.

Christine Whitney: Why don't you tell me what's wrong? Why are you shutting me out of whatever it is that you're going through?
Mac: That's not what I'm doing. This isn't... about us.
Christine Whitney: Oh. Oh, okay. I get it. It's none of my business.
Mac: That's not what I'm saying.
Christine Whitney: Mac, the problem is that you are not saying anything.

Mac: You... you make me very happy. I'm just... struggling with...
Christine Whitney: You can tell me. You know, all those nights that I sat by your bedside in the hospital, it wasn't because I felt some obligation. I was where I wanted to be. I sat there day after day, praying... because I wanted... I needed you to recover. Mac, you can trust me.
Mac: I can't... I can't remember things.

Christine Whitney: Why didn't you share this with me, Mac? Never mind. I asked a question I already know the answer to. You know, one of the most endearing things about you is your pride. But it's also your weakness. And I... I have to decide if I can live with that.

Sid: A dancer, more than any other human being, dies two deaths. Martha Graham said that.

Hawkes: Hey, never get Lucy a cell phone.
Danny: She's only five, Doc.
Hawkes: I mean, never ever. I went through Ellen White's cell. There were 500 texts from this week alone.
Danny: Wow. Anything out of the ordinary?
Hawkes: No, just a lot of IMHOs and FTWs.

Adam: Messer, you got to do me a favor and tell your wife to back off, okay? 'Cause I didn't do it. Okay, and I don't like being accused of things I didn't do when I didn't do it because I didn't do it, okay?
Danny: That make any sense to you?
Hawkes: Yeah, he didn't do it.

Danny: Hey, babe, what'd you do to Adam?
Lindsay: (To Danny and Hawkes, revealing she's been pranked as she has blue ink ring around her eyes) Don't think that you two aren't suspects.

Lindsay: I think I'm a pretty nice person. Levelheaded, patient, as is evidenced by the man I've taken as my husband.
Hawkes: God knows how you do it.

Lindsay: (After being pranked) Somebody decided: hey, she's an easy target. Let's play lab prank on Lindsay because she's... what, weak? (Chuckles) Whoever did this is going down.

Mac: (To Lindsay, who has been pranked into getting blue ink rings around her eyes) That brings out the color in your eyes.
Lindsay: Thanks

Jamie Lovato: You like shooting young girls with old guns?
Sam Cross: I never shot anybody.
Flack: Of course not. You're a good guy. Let's see. Sam Cross, 25 years old. Highlights include: assault, armed robbery and burglary. So, tell me, what made you graduate to murder?

Sam Cross: I'm just a stickup guy. I never graduated to nothing.
Jamie Lovato: I can't imagine why.

Sam Cross: That's not even my gun... I found the damn thing.
Jamie Lovato: That's the lame-ass story you're gonna go with?

Sam Cross: It was just... lying there. Lying.
Jamie Lovato: That's an interesting word choice.
Sam Cross: Yeah, well, you know what? A free piece comes your way and you take it.

Jo: (To Lindsay) Remind me never to get on your bad side.

Christine Whitney: It meant a lot, you, um, opening up to me last night.
Mac: I wish it wasn't so hard for me.
Christine Whitney: Yeah, I know that. But I want you to always feel you can come to me, be honest with me, no matter how hard it is. I'm tougher than you think.
Mac: I know how tough you are.
Christine Whitney: I want to help you, Mac.

Adam: Tracked the seller of the antique revolver, and it wasn't easy because it was made back when the dinosaurs were roaming the earth.

Adam: After some masterful Internet sleuthing by moi, I was able to track down the gun to the seller.

Mac: Someone's playing a game with us. Mrs. White. Conservatory. With a rope.
Lindsay: Lisa Weston had red hair, and she was killed in Hell's Kitchen with a revolver.
Jo: Mrs. Scarlet in the kitchen with the revolver.
Lindsay: Holy crap.
Mac: It's Clue.

Mac: Six suspects. Nine rooms. Six murder weapons. 324 possibilities to deduce the killer.

Danny: Seriously, babe, how long you planning on wearing those sunglasses?
Lindsay: Till I don't look like I'm a member of the Blue Man Group.

Danny: (To Lindsay, discussing who might have pranked her) Probably could take Mac out of the equation because, you know, joke is not really a part of his vocabulary.

Danny: (To Lindsay, who's been pranked) Think I would pull that kind of prank on... on my own wife?

Danny: How does a whisker from a giant snow leopard in the Central Park Zoo end up on a dead body halfway across town?
Robby Hull: I'm the primary zookeeper for the snow leopards.
Danny: So, does anyone else interact with them?
Robby Hull: They can be temperamental animals. Anybody gets in that cage without proper training, that's when limbs start getting ripped off.

Flack: Mac Taylor in the lounge with the Glock.
Jamie Lovato: You just couldn't help yourself, could you?

Steve Davis: I need to see Dr. Emerson.
Flack: Oh, you will, in court behind a stand as she's testifying against you for murdering three of her patients and nearly killing her fiance.

Steve Davis: My mother loves her vacation home, and my father loves his French whores. They don't... they don't love me.

(Danny arrives to the lab with a bouquet of red roses)

Lindsay: You got some hot date I don't know about?
Danny: Yeah, taking my wife out to dinner tonight.
Lindsay: Oh, what's the occasion?
Danny: You don't need an occasion to take your wife out to dinner, do you?
Lindsay: It was you. I knew it. I said it was you.
Danny: Adam was supposed to be in Ballistics, not you.
Lindsay: Then why didn't you tell me.

Lindsay: So it was Messer in Ballistics.
Danny: With methylene blue. Do you forgive me?
Danny: It's almost gone.
Lindsay: This better be some dinner.

Mac: I have something I need to say to you, and I didn't want it to wait. I love you, Christine (She doesn't reply) Aren't you gonna...?

(They kiss)

Late Admissions [9.08][edit]

Danny: (Leaving a message on Lindsay's cell phone) Hey, it's me. I figured you might still be sleeping. Red-eye probably knocked you out, huh? I just wanted to hear your voice and see if you're doing all right. You don't want to get into it, I know. I just thought... I don't know what I thought. I just want to know that you're okay. So call me back if you feel like talking, please. Say hey to your dad for me, all right? I love you.

Flack: (Opening Billy Wharton's locker) Damn, kid. Do a wash, my man. Cab drivers smell better than this.

Billy Wharton: Can... can you just tell me what you're looking for?
Mac: I think you know what we're looking for.
Billy Wharton: Actually, I don't, so can you please just tell me? Because I'm a little scared here. Obviously, this has something to do with Luke.
Flack: Harvard would be lucky to have someone as smart as you.

Flack: Kid's pretty smooth. He's got an answer for everything.
Mac: Too smooth.

Robert Monroe: Rooster tail, huh?
Lindsay: Worked when I was a kid. I'm guessing the trout haven't wised up any.
Robert Monroe: Any chance I can convince you to keep what you catch? You know, pan-seared with a little garlic...
Lindsay: No.

Robert Monroe': Just wondering what you think you can accomplish by being here.
Lindsay: What do you mean, accomplish?
Robert Monroe: The way you feel about him. The things you got going on inside of you. You're still going to feel those same things tomorrow.

Robert Monroe: (To Lindsay) I just want to protect you, is all. That's all any father wants. Boy, I tried but you can't protect your daughter from everything. Eventually, the day comes when you have to pick her up off the ground after she skins her knee and tell her everything's going to be all right. Or wipe away the tears after some boy breaks her heart. Find the words to tell her her mother's gone. But that's life.

Robert Monroe: I couldn't teach you everything, and you wouldn't even let me. You have your own way of doing things, but...
Lindsay: I'm not that little girl anymore, dad. I haven't been for a long time. And I know you're proud of me, but I know that you wish I didn't do what I do. Or see the things I see. That innocence was gone a long time ago. And I don't regret the choices that I've made, and I don't regret seeing the things I've seen.
Robert Monroe: You're an impressive young woman, Lindsay. But you grew up so fast. What I'm trying to say is, haven't you seen enough?

(Danny is going through a yearbook)

Jo: Oh, let me guess. Life is not measured by the breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away.
Danny: That's close. It's actually: 'where my party, p-party, party, p-party people at?' It's Nelly.
Jo: That would have been my second guess.

Melanie Rogers: I've had better weeks. Luckily, I have this to keep my mind off of it.
Jo: Well, I'm going to need your mind to think about it just for a few more moments.

(About to pierce Kelly's ear) Now give me the rubbing alcohol.

Kelly: Rubbing alcohol, too?
Young Lindsay: I just have to get the rust off of it.
Kelly: Rust? What the hell?
Young Lindsay: Sush! I'm kidding.

Adam: (Reading texts on a cell phone) 'Fred goes to the video store on Broadway'. Fred, you are a moron. Online video, dude. 'He buys three videos for $25'. God, you're killing me. 'This was $15 more than twice what he paid for a box of Goobers'. I would go with Raisinets, but whatever. 'How much were the Goobers?' First of all, five bucks for chocolate covered peanuts? Second, isn't this kid in, like AP Calculus?

Adam: (Going through a teenager's cell phone) Everything is fairly innocuous. No sexting, nothing. It's pretty disappointing.

(Hawkes is putting together a mug that has been shattered to small pieces)

Danny: Bet you're not loving the fact that you're the one with the surgeon's hands around here, are you?
Hawkes: Don't get me started.

Mac: Judge Spencer owed you a favor? What are you doing, Frank? Listen to yourself.
Frank Stevenson: He killed Luke.
Mac: You're not only jeopardizing the investigation, you're risking your job. Now let us do what we do. If Billy did this, we'll catch him. The right way... no favors.

Caroline: I dreamed that we were all seniors and we all had our driver's licenses. Linds, you had a convertible Trans Am.
Young Lindsay: A Trans Am? Ford F250, please.

Adam: Jack goes to the driving range. Means the deal is going to go down at the driving range, most likely Chelsea Piers.
Jo: Okay.
Adam: Buys a bucket of 312 balls. I mean nobody buys a bucket of 312 balls. Your arm would fall off. So, the deal is going to go down at 3:12. If Jack hits 78 balls in an hour, how many hours will it take for him to hit all 312?
Jo: Okay, well, all right. So, the answer... don't tell me. The answer is 312 divided by 78. Four.
Adam: There you go. That means this person wants four pills.

Jo: Why are you taking it? Such a smart girl.
Melanie Rogers: Because it works. B-pluses don't cut it anymore. Not when you're trying to get into the top schools. Dextro makes you focus, study longer. It works.

Lucy: Do you think you'll ever leave here?
Young Lindsay: Montana? And go where?
Lucy: Yeah, I don't know. Anywhere.
Young Lindsay: No. I like it here.

Robert Monroe: You know where I stand on this, but... you're my daughter and I love you. If you want me to go with you... I'll go with you.
Lindsay: I love you, too, Dad. I gotta do this on my own.

Flack: (To Billy Wharton) So how are things going on with Dr. Kaplan. Or Dr. Overbrook. Or... Dr. Parkston. Or Dr. Gleeson. Selling dextroamphetamines is a felony, Billy and you're looking at I don't even know how many counts. But I'm guessing Harvard will not be impressed with your entrepreneurial skills.

Billy Wharton: (To Principal Hal Kinney) Half the school uses them. Your, your champion debate guys. The prized pupils at the front of the class. Ever wonder how all those B-pluses turn to A's?

Daniel Katums: The one who got away. A lot of nerve showing up here. I'm guessing you've got something to say, so why don't you have a seat, huh?
Lindsay: How much money did you get out of the cash register that day? How much? I want to know how much those lives were worth to you.

Daniel Katums: You were at the trial. You heard me then, hear me now. It wasn't me. You ID'd the wrong guy.
Lindsay: Right.

Lindsay: I feel sorry for you. I do.
Daniel Katums: Why did you come here? What is it that you want, huh? Absolution? You want this off your conscience? You came to the wrong place, little girl.

Prison Warden: Daniel Katums, do you have any last words?
Daniel Katums: I'm sorry for what I've done.

Blood Out [9.09][edit]

Flack: (Arriving at the crime scene where a man has been cut in half with a chainsaw) Now that's just wrong.

Flack: (At the crime scene where a man has been cut in half with a chainsaw) Some poor unit had the unique experience of finding this horror show.

Flack: Check out the prison ink. Our boy has gang ties. 41-6-12 stands for D.P.L.
Mac: Dios, Patria, Libertad. God, Fatherland, Liberty.
Jo: The Dominican National Motto.
Flack: Nobody loves a good dismemberment like the Latin street crews.

Mac: If this is gang-related, it may be more than murder. It could be a declaration of war.

Flack: I recognized your number on the vic's caller I.D. I know it was you on the other end of that line. The phone log shows you called the vic 17 times today, all within a few hours of the poor bastard being cut in half.
Jamie Lovato: Look, I didn't do anything wrong.
Flack: Convince me.

Flack: Benny the Bull. 33 years old. He's got priors for possession, distribution, assault, all kinds of weapons charges. This guy's been in and out of jail since he was 15 years old.
Jamie Lovato: He was one of the subjects on an undercover narco case I was on before I got transferred into homicide.
Mac: What was the assignment?
Jamie Lovato: Infiltrating a crew of local Trinitario gang members, gathering intel for a joint NYPD/DEA task force.

Mac: So, the question is, who did she report to after seeing you?
Flack: Let's pick her up and find out.
Jamie Lovato: We can't. I don't know her name.
Mac: But you do know where she was sitting on the bus.

Hawkes: (Removing evidence from a body) Sid, take a look at this.
Sid: Well, whatever it is, that's certainly a unique shade of green.
Jo: Not one of Mother Nature's own?

Sid: Oh, perfect timing, Jo. Uh, there's lots to tell you.
Jo: Well, start by telling me how our victim ended up in two pieces.

Jo: This man was cut in half by a chain saw.
Sid: Even more disturbing, the rawness of the surrounding flesh suggests that our victim was still alive when the sawing began.
Hawkes: Fortunately, the shock and massive blood loss wouldn't have kept him that way for very long.

(Adam gets a glimpse of the body severed in two)

Jo: Got something, Adam?
Adam: Well, yeah, besides nightmares for the next three weeks.

(After Carmen Vega falls off a roof escaping the police)

Robert Hicks: Heard you had a little falling out with Carmen Vega earlier today.
Mac: Young woman made a bad decision, paid for it with her life.
Robert Hicks: Gallows humor... occupational hazard, I guess.

Robert Hicks: I'm sorry about Carmen and Benny but if they weren't dead already, they'd be spending the rest of their miserable lives behind bars.
Mac: That doesn't change the fact that we have a murder to solve.

Flack: Hector Toasty Mendez. This guy should get a gold medal in the felony Olympics. He's got 17 arrests this year and two open drug warrants to boot.

Flack: I never would have pegged you as an undercover. I guess that's kind of the point though, isn't it?
Jamie Lovato: Yeah. Kinda.

(Both giggle)

Jamie Lovato: You know, the view inside wasn't what I expected. After a while, targets stop looking like targets and they started looking like... ordinary people.
Flack: Ordinary people who sell drugs to kids and solve their problems with a chain saw.

Jamie Lovato: Boys like that get recruited as young as nine. Now, that's not an excuse for what they grow up to become and things that they do. They join 'cause they want to feel loved, accepted, safe. Things they don't feel at home. Things I didn't feel at home.
Flack: You found a better way.
Jamie Lovato: I got lucky.

Jamie Lovato: Somebody breaks the law, they get locked up. End of story. But not all offenders are the same. People can surprise you sometimes.

Gang member: You want my money... you're gonna have to earn it the hard way.
Anita / Lovato: (Hits him on the crotch) Was that hard enough?

Benny Madera: Interested in being my friend, Anita?
Anita / Lovato: Friends I got. A job's what I need.

Hector (Toasty) Mendez: Cochina!
Flack: Hey! Moron, one more word out of you, and I'm gonna duct tape your mouth shut.

Mac: The beauty of a 1972 Buick is very few plastic parts. Means the fire spread nice and slow. Gave the FDNY plenty of time to put out the blaze before the car and its contents were completely burned.

Mac: So you're blaming Benny's murder on Carmen?
Hector (Toasty) Mendez: Just keeping it real, Detective. Call me Honest Abe. I cannot tell a lie.
Mac: That was George Washington.
Hector (Toasty) Mendez: Same difference.

Flack: L, want to talk about it?
Jamie Lovato: No.
Flack: Hey, come on, you're gonna have to come clean with me sooner or later.
Jamie Lovato: Is there something that you want to know? Go ahead. Ask me.
Flack: All right. Your relationship with Benny was more than professional, wasn't it?
Jamie Lovato: Go to hell, Flack!

Flack: From where I stand, it looks to me like you're taking Benny's death a little more personal than maybe you should.
Jamie Lovato: Damn right I'm gonna take Benny's murder personally.
Flack: Because you had feelings for him?
Jamie Lovato: Because I owe him my life.

Benny Madera: I know, Anita. I know what you really are. A cop.
Anita / Lovato: That's crazy. You know I would never front like that.
Benny Madera: Stop. I'm not mad. I understand you did what you had to do. It's the way this game is played. I just wish it had been anybody but you.

Anita / Lovato: You're better than all this, Benny. You have to know that.
Benny Madera: You have to walk away, chula. And never show your face around here again, 'cause if you do there's only one way out for either one of us... that's with blood.

Flack: How'd he make you as a cop?
Jamie Lovato: He never told me. He didn't tell anybody else either. Because if he would have, I would've been hanging in that warehouse right next to him.

Flack: So the whole time you were busy playing Benny, he was busy falling in love with you.
Jamie Lovato: That's why I was relieved to walk away. Different time, different place, something might have happened between us. But my job means more to me than just about anything. So if you think for one second I would do anything to jeopardize that, you're crazy.

Danny: This blade's covered in blood, tissue, bone fragments. I'll bet the farm, it comes back to Benny Madera.

Mac: Not your first time with a chain saw?
Lindsay: I'm from Montana, Mac... if I hadn't left, I'd probably be a lumberjack right now.

Jo: Science doesn't lie, Raymond, no matter how long you stare at it.

Jo: You're wrong, Raymond. Benny didn't sell you or anybody else out. You killed him because you thought he betrayed you and the Trinitarios, but the reality is, there was only one person doing that and that was you. Only you.

Robert Hicks: You got a set of brass balls, Taylor. What the hell is my informant doing in police custody?
Mac: At the moment, he's writing out a confession for the murder of Benny Madera.

Robert Hicks: Raymond can serve up the Trinitarios on a silver platter. Drugs, kidnapping, murders... all of it. We can take them down... if my star witness gets on the stand and spills his guts.
Mac: Doesn't it bother you that your star witness is a sadistic, cold-blooded killer?
Robert Hicks: I can live with that, considering what he means to the big picture.
Mac: The only picture I see is of a man fooling himself. You had a responsibility to uphold the letter of the law, not pick and choose the parts that make your job easier!

Jamie Lovato: Do you want to tell me why you're really here?
Flack: I was wrong to assume that you crossed a line with Benny. You're better than that. I was a total jerk. I'm sorry.
Jamie Lovato: What you really want to know is if I slept with him. To clear the air... no... I didn't. Relieved, aren't you?
Flack: What? Why?
Jamie Lovato: I think you're jealous.
Flack: I think you're delusional.
Jamie Lovato: (Walking up to him) Maybe. Maybe not.
Flack: It's getting late. I should probably go.

The Real McCoy [9.10][edit]

Christine Whitney: Hey, I never asked you. How did your doctor's appointment go yesterday?
Mac: He said I'm showing signs of improvement. Sailing through my tests and getting better all the time. Couldn't have done it without you.
Christine Whitney: This is nice. You, me, a quiet moment. I can see us here years from now sitting on our bench... wrinkly, gray. You'll be all crotchety, of course.
Mac: (Chuckles) What's the fun of getting older if you can't be crotchety?

(They kiss)

Flack: Ten grand was taken off of our vic.
Jo: So he was robbed.
Flack: Yeah, kinda.
Jo: How do you kinda rob someone?
Flack: You leave $5,328 behind.

Lindsay: Foot tread would indicate our vic was kicked in the chest.
Mac: Probably the force that sent him back onto the spike.
Lindsay: Yeah, it's just hard to tell if it was intentional or accidental. The blunt force trauma? Nothing accidental about that.

Flack: If a body falls in a fake forest, does it make a noise? Apparently not. Canvass of the area turned up zilch.

Flack: (About a super exclusive speakeasy) Personally, I don't get the appeal. 20 bucks for a specialty drink? Give me a beer and call it a day, thanks.

Michelle Rhodes: This isn't gonna work out.
Adam: What?
Michelle Rhodes: It's been a fun few months and you're cute and all and... mildly intellectually stimulating, but if you're gonna insist on being a morning person... then...
Adam: (Laughs) Oh, way to give a guy a heart attack.
Michelle Rhodes: (Both chuckle and kiss)
Adam: I would actually love to stimulate you with my mild intellect, but, uh... (They kiss) Uh... Oh, I can't believe I'm saying this right now. I-I gotta go. You have no idea how much I hate myself (They kiss) No idea.

Michelle Rhodes: Where are you going?
Adam: Um, Hyperion House. It's... it's a nursing home that I sometimes volunteer at.
Michelle Rhodes: Okay, now I'm overcome with regret. I knew you were one of the good ones.

Flack: Not many friendships survive going into business together.
Eli Walsh: We had our moments.

Adam: You know that kid?
Charles Ross: I thought maybe it was my son. I don't know why. He never visits. I wouldn't either, I guess. Place is disgusting. You're a good brother, Brian.
Adam: I'm...
Charles Ross: No one else visits me, just you.

(After arresting a fishmonger)

Danny: That's a catch of the day!

Flack: Petty theft, armed robbery, burglary.
Danny: You were pinched five years ago for third-degree robbery. You're out of prison for a week and you're already back at it?
Nathan Brody: I don't know what you guys are talking about.
Flack: I'll paint you a picture.

(After Danny and Flack tell him their reasons to arrest him as a suspect in a murder)

Nathan Brody: It's a pretty good theory.
Flack: A theory supported by the fact that we have your blood on our victim's watch.
Danny: Theory sound more like fact now?

Nathan Brody: What kind of place refuses business just 'cause I don't look the part?
Flack: It doesn't sound like your kind of joint.

Charles Ross: You're behind this, aren't you, Adam? I should have known! Always trying to ruin things for me!
Adam: You know who I am?
Charles Ross: Of course I do.
Adam: Look, I got a call from the cops saying they found you. I'm just gonna take you home.
Charles Ross: That's where I was trying to go before you had me hauled off. You did this!
Adam: I didn't do anything!

Charles Ross: (To Adam) You are such a disappointment! Always have been, always will be. A good-for-nothing! Trying to put me away, huh? Trying to hurt me. I haven't seen you for years, and this is when you show up? This is how you repay me?

Michelle Rhodes: What's going on? Is that guy okay?
Adam: Yeah. No. My dad has Alzheimer's.
Michelle Rhodes: What did you say?
Adam: He's my dad.

Hawkes: Hey, Jo. Turns out you were right.
Jo: Oh, I love those three words.

Jo: Cotton, indigo, foil, boric acid. Trace that Sid collected from the wound of our vic.
Hawkes: Okay. Uh, cotton and indigo... sounds like denim. Foil... but boric acid?
Jo: Okay, usually used as an antiseptic, insecticide, flame-retardant, lubricant.
Hawkes: Any number of things.
Jo: (Joking) Uh! I expected so much more from you.

Charles Ross: You know, you remind me of my boy? Sweet. But, uh... a little soft. I try to toughen him up. Yeah.
Adam: Who am I?
Charles Ross: What kind of question is that?
Adam: It's so frustrating, how I... I have you for five minutes, and then I lose you again. Who am I? Say my name.
Charles Ross: Brian.

Danny: (Faking an English accent) I'd like a martini, shaken, not stirred.
Lindsay: Yeah, and preferably one with ethanol.
Danny: Not that I don't like an excuse to come see you, babe, but what's up?

Danny: (To Lindsay, after she's proven that the bar serves methanol) I love it when you talk sciencey to me, baby.

Danny: So this is a modern-day bootlegging operation going on.
Lindsay: Yeah, only during Prohibition people were so desperate they were drinking pure ethyl alcohol. That's like swigging aftershave.

Lindsay: If it didn't kill him, it could be what got him killed.

Lindsay: Votova Vodka? You want to pass off fake vodka as legit, I'd come up with a better name.

Flack: Between us, the Feds, ICC and ATF, you're screwed, my man.

Jimmy Batts: I'm scamming no one. Running a business is expensive. Clearly, they're looking to cut corners.
Flack: And you were happy to oblige.
Jimmy Batts: That's usually what you do when you run a business.

Charles Ross: There was Dad. Oh, man, was he pissed. Remember that? He was some new shade of red I'd never seen before. And it wasn't the belt. Or the spoon. Not that time. Man, he was pissed.
Adam: He broke your arm?
Charles Ross: Yeah.

(After listening to his father tell how his father broke his arm one day)

Adam: Why did you let him hurt you?
Charles Ross: What were we, like 15? What choice did I have?
Adam: I mean... did... did he do it to you often?
Charles Ross: Oh, come on. You don't want to relive that stuff.
Adam: I relive it every day. I tried for so long to forget about everything you did to me. Don't you remember?
Charles Ross: No, I... that was Dad, that wasn't me.
Adam: You are my dad. You kicked the crap out of me. Look at me. You look at me. You tell me you remember.
Charles Ross: No, you must have me confused with someone else.

Flack: $10,000. Scary to think what some people would do for that kind of money.
Mac: In your case, you killed for it.
Nathan Brody: Look, I already told you what happened, all right?
Flack: Yeah, yeah, yeah. That was part one of a two-part tale.

Nathan Brody: I searched him... found the deposit bag, took my money back.
Mac: It wasn't yours to begin with.
Nathan Brody: Think what you want... but that money was my hope to start over. A hope to meet my kid. He was born four months after I went in.
Flack: Yo, you were gonna start over with stolen money?

(To Nathan Brody)

Flack: The sins of the father are the shackles worn by their children.
Mac: Let's hope your son is able to break free.

Adam: I only stood up to my dad once. I was 15. And he, he just got home from work. My mom was cooking dinner in the kitchen. He started hassling her... verbally. Then he pushed her hard against the wall and shattered this picture frame. My mom starts to cry. And I could, I could hear from the living room. Then he started to hit her. And I, I just... I couldn't listen to her cry anymore. So I got up and I grabbed a piece of broken glass off the floor and... I yelled at him to get off her. And I said: If you ever hurt me or her again I will kill you.

Mac: Why do you go visit him?
Adam: I'm his son. I feel obligated.

Adam: It's just not fair, you know? He doesn't remember anything... anything that he did to me. And I remember every curse, every smack, every bruise. Everything. I remember all of it.
Mac: You want an acknowledgement. Or an apology but with his fleeting memory you can't have that.
Adam: I look at him now, and he's old... and sick. And I feel nothing. And it scares me. I mean, what does that say about me as a person? You know, you're supposed... you're supposed to love your parents. So... I guess I go because I want to... I want to feel something.
Mac: It looks like you feel something now. Holding onto the anger isn't gonna help you.

Adam: It's so crazy, you know? I've learned more about him now since he's been sick than when he was normal. Turns out, he's just another case of history repeating itself, you know? He was a victim, too.
Mac: A little forgiveness... you can move on.
Adam: Maybe.
Mac: Not just for him, Adam, for you.

Adam: Ah, man, uh, I'm gonna regret saying this, but I totally understand if you want to walk away from this. No hard feelings.
Michelle Rhodes: I'm here, aren't I?
Adam: I know, I just... you have to deal with all this baggage.
Michelle Rhodes: We all have baggage. You just have to find someone who you want to help you carry it. I'm applying for the job.

Adam: This is the only thing I have of my dad's. The only thing I ever wanted. Favorite memory as a kid was going to the record store with him (He plays With A Girl Like You by The Troggs)
Michelle Rhodes: That'd be another point for you.

(They dance together)

Command+P [9.11][edit]

(At the crime scene of an attorney-at-law)

Hawkes: Ouch. That had to hurt.
Jamie Lovato: Not as bad as his bill for his time.

Mac: I'm not seeing any ballistic striae on its surface.
Jamie Lovato: So we're not talking about your average gat.
Mac: No. But whatever it was somebody clearly used it to blow the legal mind of Manny Hinde.

Mac: What kind of cases he was working?
Jamie Lovato: He was counsel to 17 plaintiffs. Six traffic accidents, eight worker comps, two slip-and-falls and a bad lip enhancement. Though I have yet to see a good one.

Danny: Mac's got me poring over Manny Hinde's case files. Which I actually like to call 50 Shades of Sleazebag.
Lindsay: It's better than running ballistics on a bullet with no ballistics.
Danny: How are you supposed to do that?
Lindsay: Exactly.

(About a mysterious donor who has given $1 million to ten random people)

Danny: (To Lindsay) Can I get a number on this guy? I want to give him our address.

Adam: What kind of person gives that type of coin away to someone they don't even know?
Jo: Somebody who wants to feel good, I would imagine.

Adam: You know, the most free money I ever got was $1.75 in extra change from that vending machine.
Jo: You should give it back.
Adam: Seriously?
Jo: Absolutely.

Jo: All right, let's go work, Adam. You can earn back that snack machine bonus.

Jo: Sometimes the biggest clue is the one that's missing.

Lindsay: So what would you do in that position?
Hawkes: If somebody gave me a million bucks? I'd probably use it to help underprivileged youth.
Lindsay: Aww.
Hawkes: Or buy a Tesla.

Jo: Looks like a busy day down here.
Sid: That's what I get for taking yesterday off.
Jo: Well, I hope you spent it at least relaxing.
Sid: I think I stopped relaxing during my first year of med school.

Adam: (Over the phone) I miss you more. I do. Well, it is possible. I'm bigger than you, okay? It means I'm physically capable of missing you in larger quantities. It's a scientific fact. It is. Yeah. Ooh. What? Wow. You like that, do you? You like that I'm a scientist? Do you? Yeah? I think it turns you on. Well, maybe I'll come over later and put on my lab coat and...

(Mac clears his throat)

Adam: Oh! Oh. Bye. Oh, God. Uh, you guys are probably wondering why I'm on my phone.
Mac: Yeah, that thought did cross our mind.

Adam: (About Michelle) She's just so beautiful.
Jo: I can see that.
Adam: I know, but have you ever met someone that just makes you completely forget about everything in your life before you met them?

Mac: Stay off your phone and on his. Go through Justin's contacts, calendar, text messages, call records, all of it.
Adam: Yes, sir.

Flack: All we have to go on is a surveillance video they gave us of the freak show outside. Tell you what, you would not catch me dead in a place like the Triborough.
Jamie Lovato: Let me guess. You prefer Irish pubs.
Flack: Why? Because you prefer salsa dancing?
Jamie Lovato: Touche.

Jamie Lovato: What are you into?
Flack: Why, so you can tease me?
Jamie Lovato: No. Come on, I'm curious. I won't bust on you, I promise.
Flack: Okay. But I'm trusting you with this, okay? Two words: ping-pong.

Flack: I will happily reintroduce you to the pleasures of ping-pong unless, of course, you're scared I'm gonna beat you.
Jamie Lovato: I think I can hold my own.
Flack: Oh, all right, then. So, what do you say we go tonight after work? First round's on me.
Jamie Lovato: All right. Yeah. I'm game.

Hawkes: Justin VanderHeyden printed a gun.
Jo: He what?
Hawkes: Yeah. It's called 3-D metal printing, and it works just like any ordinary printer, but instead of using ink to produce an image...
Mac: It uses powdered metals.
Hawkes: Yes. Mixed with steel epoxy resin to create multiple layers of a three-dimensional object.
Jo: Okay, I'm not sure I even want to try to wrap my brain around that.

(After Hawkes prints a working metal gun)

Jo: You've got to be kidding me.
Hawkes: I wish I was. It's your basic .38, printed whole, with all moving parts.

Mac: Guns are dangerous enough in the wrong hands. Now we have to worry about people being able to print them at home.
Hawkes: Without a permit.
Mac: This is one I almost wish you hadn't figured out.
Jo: Well, you know what they say? Every act of creation is an act of destruction.

(About Richard Kemp)

Danny: Oh, so that's the Guardian Angel.
Jo: So he says.
Danny: Yeah, ten million bucks is chump change for that guy.
Adam: Yeah, right? He probably spends that on hair gel.

Danny: B and E, burglary. Just finished a three-year stint for assault with a deadly weapon.
Lindsay: Well, looks like a deadly weapon just assaulted him back. I checked with the E.R. doctor. He has first degree burns on his fingers, multiple lacerations on his face.
Danny: Well, shouldn't be hard to spot once we find him.

Andy Lewis: I don't get out much.
Mac: I'm sure that's true, considering all the time you've spent in lockup.

Jo: Manny Hinde slept with your wife Molly while you were in prison.
Andy Lewis: How the hell do you know that?
Mac: Once we found out who you were, your parole officer was happy to tell us who your wife is. Turns out that Molly had heard one of Hinde's radio commercials, and so, she went to him for one of those quickie divorces right after you got locked up.
Jo: But it turned out to be much more than just a quickie, didn't it?

Jo: Your plan kind of... backfired on you, didn't it?
Andy Lewis: That stupid kid. Half-assed gun. That... cheating son of a bitch messing around with my wife. If you ask me... they both had it coming.
Mac: No, Mr. Lewis. But you certainly do.

Jo: What do we do with Justin's printer?
Mac: We'll have it sent over to the Brooklyn University of Science after Lewis is convicted.
Jo: And his software?
Mac: Good or bad, you can't stop ideas. Sooner or later, I'm sure that somebody else will figure out how to print a gun. But until they do, I think we should just keep that info to ourselves.

Jo: If you had a million dollars to spend, would you ever give your money to a total stranger?
Mac: Don't tell me you're caught up in this whole Guardian Angel story. Richard Kemp is about as see-through as the hot air coming out of his mouth.

Mac: You got a bead on the real Guardian Angel?
Jo: Maybe.
Mac: Well, you gonna tell me?
Jo: Nope.

(Playing ping-pong)

Jamie Lovato: What do you say we take it up a notch?
Flack: All right, what do you got in mind?
Jamie Lovato: Best two out of three.
Flack: I'm in. Hold on, hold on, hold on. What does the winner get?
Jamie Lovato: Whatever the winner wants.
Flack: Ooh, I can tell this is gonna get ugly.

Flack: Didn't I tell you that was a good time?
Jamie Lovato: You did. And I didn't believe you. But it was a really nice time.

(They kiss)

Flack: Just collecting my winnings.
Jamie Lovato: So... we done playing ping-pong?
Flack: Yeah, we're done playing ping-pong.

Jo: Should I call you the Guardian Angel?
Sid: I should've worn gloves, but I didn't exactly think I was committing a crime.
Jo: Well, you weren't. Still, I couldn't help trying to figure out why you would be giving $10 million of your hard earned patent money to complete and total strangers. Until I realized that all these people had lost someone they loved. Somebody whose autopsies were on your table.
Sid: What are you, a detective or something?

Sid: (About the people he's given the money to) These ten cases, they really stuck with me, Jo, I mean, because their losses only got worse. They... they got pink-slipped or hit with back taxes or had to drop out of school. I just wanted to try and repair some of the damage, you know? 'Cause, I mean, let's face it. That's something people in our business rarely get to do. So I decided to hand-deliver those checks because I wanted to personally hand someone hope. Some kind of joy. Of course, we all deserve that, but trust me, Jo, these folks deserved it so much more.

Sid: More than anything else, I wanted to reassure those people that somebody out there still understands there's always more than one victim in a crime.
Jo: Sid, I can't imagine how you've changed these people's lives.
Sid: Well...
Jo: But do you really want to give away all your money?
Sid: Well, it's like they always say, you can't take it with you.

Sid: I've been diagnosed with cancer. Yeah, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, to be exact.

Jo: What's the prognosis?
Sid: Oh, you know doctors. They've all got their opinion. But, you know, we've all got an expiration date, right? Whether it's tomorrow or ten years from now. It's what we do before then that matters. That's why I gave the money to those people, Jo. I mean, most of us aren't around to see what happens to the inheritance that we leave behind. I want to know what kind of difference I've made.

Jo: Are you in any pain?
Sid: Not really. But if there comes a time when I can't do my job, I won't hesitate to step aside. Just please, please let it be on my own terms.
Jo: I promise. Promise me you're not telling me goodbye.
Sid: No. Are you kidding me? I've got way too much work to do. No, this is only... good night.

Civilized Lies [9.12][edit]

Anthony Lombardo: There's no law that says I have to help you guys. So, you know what'd be nice? Just a little, maybe: hey, thank you for cooperating, Mr. Lombardo.
Flack: You wouldn't even be talking to us if the hospital hadn't called to report you coming in with a gunshot wound!

Adam: No one puts Lombardo at the scene.
Hawkes: But the science does.

Hawkes: Unless Lombardo had some sort of magical cloaking device, how did he end up in the crime scene, get shot, without anybody seeing him?

Jason Riley: Do you have any idea who did this?
Jo: Not yet, but we have a whole team of detectives working on it.
Lindsay: No one's going home till we do.
Jason Riley: So, what? You're... (Clears throat) ...here to process his body if...
Jo: No. No, we're here to collect evidence in his clothing once he pulls through surgery.

Jason Riley: He said: 'I love you and I'm proud of you'. That's pretty good, right? If it's the last thing your father ever says to you?
Jo: Don't think like that.
Lindsay: From what I know about your dad, he's a fighter.

Flack: (After playing a fake recording to trick a perp) Well played (She breaks a DVD disc in two pieces) What are you doing?
Jamie Lovato: That press conference is golden. It's two years old. We need an upgrade.
Flack: You have a point.

Mac: (To Anthony Lombardo) Come on, get up. Give me an excuse (Anthony calms down and stays put) I didn't think so. I'm done with this piece of garbage. Do whatever you want with him.

Jamie Lovato: (To Mac) Damn. I would not want to get on your bad side.

Anthony Lombardo: What, now you gonna play good cop?
Flack: (About Mac) Be honest with you, I don't know what to do. He's usually the good cop. He's also the boss. And the last guy in this building you want to piss off.

Jamie Lovato: (About Flack who is interrogating a perp) He's being too soft.
Mac: He's being patient. I can't think of anybody I'd rather have in that room.

Flack: You got hit with a bullet from Officer Riley's five-shot .38. That thing's a pea-shooter. It wouldn't barely break the skin from across the street. It definitely would not go clean through you shoulder from that distance. Impossible. I've been doing this for a long time. I've heard a lot of stories. This one's bad.

Flack: Being six feet away from a cop getting robbed does not make you guilty of anything. It just means that maybe you got a little too close to a bad situation. All of our witnesses say that three bald black guys did this. You got a full head of hair, and you look pretty white to me. What are you hiding?

Flack: Maybe you think no one will believe you because of your record? If that's it, you got to tell me, because the people out there are looking to put this on someone, and right now, that someone is you.

Flack: I want you to write down your statement.
Anthony Lombardo: Yeah, hey, but I'm no good with spelling.
Flack: Neither am I.

Jamie Lovato: Fish on, the hook is in, and we reeled him into the crime scene.

Flack: (After Mac has shown some aggressiveness while interrogating a perp) I nearly messed myself when you spun his chair around.

Danny: Lunch at Lawson's says my results come up first.
Jo: Dinner, Grimaldi's.
Danny: You're on.

Anthony Lombardo: Spelling's pretty bad, right?
Flack: It's terrible. There no such word as 'runned'. It's 'ran'.

Flack: (To Anthony Lombardo) Four. They say it's a great age. Gonna be honest with you. I don't remember it. She'll be going to kindergarten next year, won't she? That first day of school is always a big one. Let's figure this out. Attempted murder of a police officer, that's, like, ten years minimum. Robbery one, possession of a loaded firearm, criminal possession of stolen property, all the other little charges, add another seven or eight. My guess, you're looking at 15 minimum. Damn, you'll probably just miss the prom and high school graduation. But no big deal she probably won't even know you by then. And your girl will promise, and she might even mean it, but I'm telling you this right now: there is no way she's gonna schlep up to some maxi max prison on the US-Canadian border to come and see you.

Anthony Lombardo: You getting your rocks off? Messing with my heart. Disrespecting my family.
Flack: No more than you've been getting your rocks off disrespecting me, sitting in that chair, lying to my face for the last couple hours!

Anthony Lombardo: (Pointing to the window in the interrogation room) Is there people watching us?
Flack: (Lying) Well, there was. There was a whole crowd of people. It was standing room only. But there's nothing to watch anymore. It's a ghost town in there now. Everyone's out in front of the precinct right now at a press conference announcing your arrest. The case is cleared. They got their man. Yeah, they'll say something brave about going after the other two guys, but at the end of the day, the cop didn't die. They are happy putting all of this on you.

Flack: Those guys drove off and left you in the street, knowing you were shot. That's messed up.

(In the autopsy room)

Lindsay: Jason... is there any way I can talk you out of this?
Jason Riley: No. My father was invincible in my eyes. I need to know how it went down and how he died.

Jason Riley: So he was... he was executed. Lying helpless on the ground? What kind of human being does that?

Mac: I know some of you have worked through the night. If you start feeling tired, think of Mark Riley's family. Now get out there. Be safe.

Mac: You're here. We're here. You want to make a deal, now's the time to do it. When they come through that door, all bets are off.
Flack: Don't do it for us. Do it for her. What's it gonna be, Anthony?
Anthony Lombardo: I got nothing to tell you.
Mac: You're making a very bad decision. And I'm gonna do my best to make sure that you regret it for the rest of your life.

Anthony Lombardo: I snitch, I'm dead. My girl is dead, my daughter is dead. Do you understand that?
Flack: We can protect your family.
Anthony Lombardo: No, you can't.

Anthony Lombardo: Mookie's no snitch.
Flack: You don't think so? 'Cause they didn't bring the D.A. and the camera in to make a YouTube video.

Flack: (To Anthony Lombardo) Mookie's definitely a better speller.

Anthony Lombardo: What, you think I'm stupid? I know what you're doing. Yeah, you're trying to fool me.
Flack: You give me too much credit, Anthony.

Anthony Lombardo: We've been homeboys since we were 12, man. I can't believe that bitch turned on me like that.
Flack: Anthony, when you're in here, it's every man for himself.

Lindsay: (To Eric Blaylock as he is being arrested) See these cuffs? They belong to the man you murdered.

Danny: Smug son of a bitch. He's lucky he didn't catch a bullet.

Mac: We need a confession.
Jo: That's not likely. He just lawyered up.
Mac: Well, that just means we can't talk to him. But maybe somebody else can.

Flack: (After making a perp change his mind and confess) In the boat. Filleted, pan-fried, on the plate.

Mac: (After tricking a perp into confessing his crime) Thank God for civilized lies.

Jamie Lovato: (To Flack) I'm only gonna say this once. You did an amazing job in that room.

Lindsay: (Handing him his father's badge) I wanted to give you something. I made a few phone calls. It's yours. Course, you don't get to wear it till you graduate from the academy, but... every time you pin it on your uniform, you can think of your dad and what he represented. I'd say make him proud, but... he already was.
Jason Riley: Thank you for everything.

Nine Thirteen [9.13][edit]

Flack: Hey, Sid, how come they only ever call you out to the really strange ones?
Sid: They... didn't call me. Uh, this is one I was not going to miss.

Flack: Witnesses on the ground report that our vic fell from above. The heard a roar, looked up, saw him mid-plunge. This cabdriver parked here to get a cup of coffee. Luckily, he missed all the excitement.

Mac: Our vic was a pickpocket.
Adam: Loser.

Jo: I suppose any other woman my age would be flattered, assuming that she's got the attention of a very attractive younger man. But I'm a little bit smarter than that.

Grant Holliston: I'll tell you if we can go someplace quiet. But public. And you promise not to shoot me.
Jo: Deal.

Calvin George: What law is there that says a guy can't be a little peeved?
Danny: Did he just say 'peeved'?

Danny: You know what, Calvin? You've got to tune into a couple cop shows. These days, there's surveillance cameras all over the city.

Calvin George: I came to New York to have a good time. Okay? I leave tomorrow. I have no phone, my hotel stinks, and I didn't have any fun, if you know what I mean.

Grant Holliston: I didn't exactly know how to approach you. Just... trying to get up the nerve, I guess. And now I'm hoping I haven't made a big, giant selfish mistake.
Jo: You have my sister's heart. Whoa.

Adam: We gotta check every floor?
Danny: No, no. We're not gonna check every floor. If you'd do your homework and read the reports, Adam, Sid's autopsy suggests that our vic fell somewhere between the sixth and tenth floors.
Adam: You didn't read Sid's autopsy.
Danny: Nah, I didn't read it. But Mac filled me in.

Jo: You must have known before now.
Grant Holliston: I did. How do you walk up to someone and say to them that you have the heart of someone they lost, someone they loved?

Jo: When you woke up from the transplant surgery, what was the first thing that you remember?
Grant Holliston: A bright warm light. And then a woman's smiling face.
Jo: Your mama.
Grant Holliston: No. It was a face I didn't know, and now that I see you, I think it was your sister.
Jo: Wow.

Mac: (Over the phone, about Lindsay's pregnancy) Hey, you owe me ten bucks. I just saw Lindsay. No, she didn't say anything. I just know I'm right. I know I am. No, Christine, I'm not going to come right out and ask her. What kind of proof? All right. I'll get you proof.

Mac: You cooking something or should I say burning something in here, Sheldon?

Mac: We're gonna be here all day if I try guessing exactly where you're headed here.
Hawkes: It's our murder weapon.
Mac: Plastic, fatty acids, and gum? That doesn't sound too dangerous.

Mac: You attach the foil side to the battery's positive and negative charge at the same time, you get a spark that starts a fire.

Lindsay: Mac, I give up. I surrender. I have nowhere else to turn.
Mac: What did Danny do now?
Lindsay: No, this time it's work.

(Computer beeps)

Lindsay: I hate that sound. No match.

Lindsay: Wentworth was allergic to sun, so he rarely went out, right, and he always kept the drapes in his penthouse closed so he made this request that all his female visitors wear sequins to bring in the light.

Mac: Was it all worth going back to prison, Macy?
Macy Sullivan: I got him back for what he did to me. So, yeah, it was worth it.

Grant Holliston: Hey, I'm sorry I interrupted your plans for your day off.
Jo: Oh, it was an unexpected pleasure, Grant, really. Something my sister would have done. She was so spontaneous and unpredictable. And irresponsible, but very loving. I haven't know you very long, but if feels right that you have her heart.

Jo: Why was this so important to you?
Grant Holliston: Transplant patients aren't always as lucky as I was. Every breath that I take, I cherish. It's still hard knowing that someone had to die so I could live. And I wanted to say thank you... to somebody.
Jo: You're welcome.

Jo: I have the craziest request. Can I listen to your heart? Hear it beat?
Grant Holliston: Absolutely.
Jo: (Putting her ear to his chest) It's strong. Oh, it's beautiful. Thank you.

Lindsay: Danny, I'm pregnant.
Danny: What? Are you being serious with me right now?
Lindsay: Yes. I've thrown up twice today. I've taken four pregnancy tests, and they were all positive.
Danny: Really? Really?
Lindsay': Yeah.

Lindsay: Lucy's gonna be a big sister.
Danny: We're having a baby!

Jo: (About Lindsay) I'm gone one day and she's pregnant.

Lindsay: (About her pregnancy) Don't you think it's a little early to be telling everybody?
Mac: I think they already know.
Adam: Congratulations
Lindsay: Was there a bet?
Adam: Yeah.

White Gold [9.14][edit]

Jamie Lovato: (To a couple of animal rights activists who were vandalizing a wall) I don't care about murdered cows. I care about a murdered human.

Jamie Lovato: (To Noah about his girlfriend) She's cute. Just use your head.

Jamie Lovato: It's so amazing what a guy would do to impress a girl.
Flack: Well, some of you are harder to impress than others.
Jamie Lovato: You don't have to impress us. You just have to be honest with us.
Flack: Oh, be honest? That's it?
Jamie Lovato: Simple as that.

Jo: It's mornings like these that make me wish I was back in Alabama.
Mac: (Jokingly) It's whining about a little chill in the air that makes me wish you were in Alabama, too.

Jo: Any witnesses?
Jamie Lovato: Couple of animal rights activists... who have a beef with beef.

Sid: I found a trace of white powder in his nostrils. Just got the results back from the lab.
Mac: Cocaine?
Sid: Flour. Bleached and all-purpose.

Sid: He's missing his gallbladder.
Mac: Laparoscopic surgery. That's pretty rare for a guy this young.
Sid: Very rare. Probably no more than a couple of dozen patients in the last year in local hospitals.
Mac: Well, who needs fingerprints?

Adam: How's, uh, Lucy feel about her possible baby brother or sister?
Lindsay: She's excited.
Adam: That's... that's great. That's great, you know. You know, my brother hated me. Oh. Just, he was so... he was so pissed all the time that I was there. He was just, like: here's the little thing... oh, we totally worked it out. Uh, I mean, uh, eventually, it was totally, totally cool.

Adam: (To Lindsay) You gave me the "who" I gave you the "how" (They give each other the five)

Mac: Raphael Tortucci?
Ray Tortucci: That's what my mama calls me. Only when she's angry. It's Ray.

Danny: They shot him and took his BMW.
Ray Tortucci: Paulie never drove a car like that in his entire life. He drove a piece of crap van. Now, who would kill someone over that?

Mac: The kid has a clean record and his business was picking up. Carjacking at gunpoint feels like a stretch.

Flack: That a new jacket?
Jamie Lovato: Actually, it is. Well?
Flack: It's fine.
Jamie Lovato: Just fine?
Flack: Hey, I'm just being honest.

Jo: What do you have?
Adam: Now, what don't I?

Adam: Impressed yet?
Jo: I'm getting there. Go on.
Adam: Behold.

Adam: 500 pounds is a lot of speed.
Jo: A lot of reasons to kill somebody.

Jo: It looks like my son's apartment. He loves sports, gross-out comedies. Mom and Dad.

Flack: Jackpot.
Danny: Jack cheese, maybe.
Flack: What?
Danny: Think we just made the largest cheese bust in NYPD history, buddy.

Hawkes: Low-moisture, part-skim mozzarella. Same stuff they use on pizza.
Danny: If you had told me this morning we'd be investigating a cheese murder, you know what I would have said?
Hawkes: Please don't.
Danny: No whey.
Hawkes: Thought I said don't.

Danny: People don't kill each other over dairy product.

Hawkes: Does that part of the floor look cleaner than the rest?
Danny: Yeah, since when does someone clean a dump like this?
Hawkes: (Sprays it with luminol) When they've spilled a lot of blood.

Jo: Smuggling cheese?
Ray Tortucci: Low risk, high reward. White gold, they'd call it.

Ray Tortucci: For the last five months, the daily receipts aren't even synching with the final balances.
Jo: You think he was skimming from the till?
Ray Tortucci: He was adding to it.

Mac: Mind if we look around?
George: Without a warrant? Yeah, I do.
Mac: Well, if we come back with a warrant, we're gonna go through every single part in this place, and for every missing or unmatched VIN we find, you'll be doing another three months.
Jo: Looks like that could add up pretty fast.
George: Knock yourselves out.

Flack: (To Jamie Lovato as they are about to leave a bad rep bar) Don't say I never take you anywhere nice.

Flack: Cheese? You murdered two guys over some cheese? I'm thinking you better come up with a better story, because when you're doing consecutive life, you don't want anyone to know it was over a bunch of mozzarella.

Reno Martell: The only thing I'm guilty of is listening to a moron.
Flack: Well, you ran like you were guilty of a lot more than that.

Jamie Lovato: It sounds to me like maybe you were just having a bad day where everything goes wrong.
Reno Martell: Exactly.

Reno Martell: He was new to the States, he didn't know a lot of people.
Flack: Ah. You're, like, a... one-man Ellis Island?

Flack: Felipe was driving? You sure?
Reno Martell: There was a steering wheel in front of him. So yeah, I'm sure.

Flack: You know, I think I believe him. Oh, like you've never had one of those days? So his ended in murder... you gonna hold it against him?
Mac: We'll try and keep an open mind.

Reno Martell: (To Mac and Jo, after lying to Flack and Lovato) Who are you guys?
Jo: We're the guys you're gonna tell the truth to.

Mac: (To Reno Martell) You know... the good thing is you won't be having any more of those days for a long time.

Seth and Apep [9.15][edit]

Mac: Christine was so excited about going to Vegas. They took her before she made it out of New York.
D.B.Russell: Mac, we're gonna get her back.

Mac: Where is she? Where's Christine?
D.B.Russell: Hey! My friend asked you a question.
Zane Kalim: Your friend won't like the answer.
Mac: What'd you do to her?
Zane Kalim: You will never see her again.

Mac: Where is she being held?
Zane Kalim: She must be important to you. You only ask about her

Zane Kalim: Leave it to the Boyd brothers to kidnap a cop's girlfriend.
Mac: You took Christine and Shawn as collateral for the $100,000 he and his brother owed you.
Zane Kalim: Everyone needs insurance.

Mac: Did you do something to her? Is she alive?
Zane Kalim: I'm done talking.

(Mac makes pressure with his hand over Zane's bullet wound, making it bleed. Zane groans in pain)

Mac: You can end this. Just tell me what you did with her.
Zane Kalim: Go to hell.

Christine Whitney: If you kill us, then you'll lose the only leverage that you've got.
Omar: What kind of leverage could you possibly be?
Christine Whitney: My... my boyfriend's a cop.

Lindsay: I feel so helpless, knowing that Christine is out there alone.
Hawkes: I know. We just got to stay positive for Mac.

Flack: Mac. This was left for you at the front desk.
Mac: What is it?
Flack: I don't know. It just came in.

(Mac opens it to find a severed tongue inside)

D.B.Russell: This is a lot for anyone to handle. Even Mac.
Jo: He puts the burden of the case on his shoulders even when it's a stranger. Now that it's Christine, it makes me worry for the people he's after because he's not gonna stop till he finds them.

D.B.Russell: Mac's lucky to have you. All of you.

Danny: DNA came back on the tongue. Belongs to a male.
Jo: Oh, thank God.

Danny: What the hell's going on, Jo? Why make contact with us just to take us for a ride?

Mac: They had Christine call my cell phone. She gave me an address of a warehouse. Said to come alone. Told me if I didn't, they'd kill her.
D.B.Russell: Well, Mac, they just separated you from your team.
Mac: Look, I know what I'm doing, D.B. You of all people should understand that.
D.B.Russell: I do understand. That's why I'm here. I'm not trying to stop you, but I'm not gonna leave you alone either.

Jo: Mac feels he needs to go with this alone, we need to trust him. Our job is to follow the science, just like any other case.

Mac: I can't take any chances, Don. Not on this one.
Flack: So what? We just... spring the dude and walkhim out the front door as the federal marshals are walking in?
Mac: Yes.

D.B.Russell: It's my fault. Uh, when I was booking Kalim, I filled out the wrong... the wrong form. Those damn things look so different in Vegas, and I'm a little tired to tell you the truth.

Mac: We're gonna go get Christine together, or I'm gonna shoot you dead right now. Where is she? I'm tired of playing games. Let's play one of mine (Empties his gun but for one bullet)
Omar: Hey!
Mac: We'll see how far you're willing to go.

Christine Whitney: (Sobbing) Thank God, Mac.
Mac: Shh. It's okay, it's okay. Okay. It's okay, it's okay. You're safe now. You're safe.
Christine Whitney: I knew you'd come for me.
Mac: Always.
Christine Whitney: I love you, Mac.
Mac: I love you too.

Mac: What'd the marshals say?
Flack: They were pissed. But they'll get over it. Not much you can do. Clerical errors tend to happen from time to time.

Jo: Thank God we got Christine back. How is she?
Mac: Thankful it's over.

Mac: I'm sorry I kept you in the dark. If there was any other way...
Jo: I know.

Jo: The guy you arrested... Omar. He told this wild story about playing a game of Russian roulette. You wouldn't happen to know anything about that, would you?
Mac: Not much of a game when the gun's empty.

D.B.Russell: Just when you think you got a moment to yourself, somebody knocks on your door.
Mac: Well, I guess that's the job we signed up for.
D.B.Russell: There's got to be some perk to being the boss, right?
Mac: Yeah, the seminar in Hawaii comes to mind.

D.B.Russell: How's Christine doing?
Mac: She's coming along. I was just about to head back to the hospital.
D.B.Russell: I guess it's your turn to take care of her, huh?
Mac: Yeah, it is.

Mac: D.B., I can't thank you enough for coming back here with me.
D.B.Russell: Hey...
Mac: No, no. You stuck your neck way out on the line. Much more than I could have asked for. I want you to know how grateful I am. Thank you. Next time we come to Vegas, dinner's on me.
D.B.Russell: Damn right. I'm gonna bring my whole family, too.

Blood Actually [9.16][edit]

Danny: Whoa, Whoa, Whoa.
Lindsay: Hey.
Danny: Where's the fire at?
Lindsay: Ah.. I gotta go find Jo. Our case just got turn on it's head.
Danny: Are you serious? Does that mean we're not able to go to dinner tonight?
Lindsay: Will you shut up. I know that you hate Valentine's Day.
Danny: I don't hate Valentine's Day. I think its stupid to spend a fortune on some fancy meals just because everybody else does.
Lindsay: Well now, you don't have to. Okay, consider that my gift to you.
Danny: But I promise we'll celebrate tonight. Okay?
Lindsay: Okay. See you at home (pause) eventually.

Lindsay: Do you remember the last time we have five minutes to ourselves?
Danny: (rubbing Lindsay's feet) Um...Thursday in the A.V. Lab. Had a fantastic time then Adam came!
Lindsay: Seriously! I mean with Lucy and work I just feel like I don't see you anymore. And it's gonna get a lot harder!
Danny: It's also gonna get a lot better! (puts his hand on Lindsay's stomach) There's my little boy!
Lindsay: Well, Lucy's now asleep, work's finished so...(toys with her hair) You know...(raises her eyebrows suggestively)
Danny: I told you there'd be time to celebrate! (as he leans in to kiss her)
Lucy: (from her bedroom) Mommy! Mommy! Come quick! There's a vampire under my bed!
Lindsay: (bursts out laughing)
Danny: (sighs) I got her! (he gets up from the couch with Lindsay still laughing)

Today is Life [9.17][edit]

Kevin Hopkins: There's 200 people outside that would like to take a baseball bat to my head! A kid robs a jewelry store and it's my word that's in question?

Kevin Hopkins: Look, guys... detectives, I don't have to talk to you. I have 48 hours before I can be compelled to give a statement to IAB, but I know what that looks like. You both think that gives me 48 hours to perfect my lie. I am not lying. That kid took a shot at me.

Victoria Jimenez: What began as a peaceful demonstration escalated into a bloody confrontation this morning inside this Manhattan precinct. Dozens of police officers and civilians were injured. At least ten arrests were made, and it doesn't look like the tension has come even close to subsiding.

Jamie Lovato: You saw him take a shot at Hopkins?
Trey Jensen: No.
Jamie Lovato: You hear the shot?
Trey Jensen: No.
Jamie Lovato: So how do you know that Brown took a shot at Hopkins?
Trey Jensen: Because Kevin said so, and that's good enough for me.
Flack: Well, that's not good enough for me.

Jamie Lovato: What do you think?
Flack': It would've been so easy for him to cover for Hopkins and lie. All he would have to do is say that he heard two shots, and there would be nothing we could do to dispute it.
Jamie Lovato: So you think the vic really did take a shot at Hopkins?
Flack: I think he thinks the vic took a shot at Hopkins. But the truth is, no one knows what happened in that alley except for Hopkins and Timothy Brown. We need evidence.

Mac: It's all over the news, and now half the community is outside. There's maybe 1,500 people out there.

Mac: Respectfully, Sir, I think locking him up and letting the grand jury sort it out is a cop-out. I realize the political implications of this, but we deserve more time, and Hopkins deserves better than punting to the grand jury.

Victoria Jimenez: Officers and detectives are more or less barricaded inside, as demonstrators have virtually surrounded the precinct. Officials within the NYPD are not releasing the names of the officers involved in the shooting, but we have learned that they are officers Kevin Hopkins and Trey Jensen.
Mac: Might as well hang wanted posters outside.

Mac: The thing is, you didn't have to lie. You didn't need it. Here's what I think happened. You chased a guy who just robbed a jewelry store. You came around the corner, you identified yourself as a police officer, he disobeyed your command, he spun around with his hand up by his chest, and you fired. You did everything right. The truth would've been enough, the truth is enough. But you thought it wouldn't look good, so you had to say he fired at you. You're a good police officer, Kevin, but you got to stop lying to me.
Kevin Hopkins: Detective Taylor, I respect you, I got respect for you, but screw you. That kid, he pointed a gun and he shot at me and I will go to my grave swearing by that.

Kevin Hopkins: Take me out there. I will... I will walk you through it.
Mac: It's too dangerous to bring you out there. But we can bring the scene to you.

Adam: There's no way I'm chasing a guy who may or may not have a gun down this alley.
Hawkes: When's the last time you chased anyone at all?

Flack: This is gonna get ugly again. And I don't care how many reinforcements we call in, if they want to get in, they're getting in.

Jo: Finding them hanging out in the streets seems like a long shot.
Mac: You might be right, but right now, it's the only good lead we've got.

Victoria Jimenez: Tonight's top story continues to be the community unrest outside the 12th Street Precinct in Manhattan over the alleged shooting of an unarmed man by police. The mayor and police commissioner continue to call for calm, but protesters remain defiant. Some in the community are labeling the death of Timothy Brown a cold-blooded murder.
Trey Jensen: Any of those jackass reporters that talk to Kevin Hopkins for five minutes... they'd realize how ridiculous that statement is.

Adam: (To Mac) Boss, I don't want to tell you how to conduct your business, but you got to answer your phone. Okay? Your voicemail's all jacked up, Jo doesn't pick up her phone... I was literally left unsupervised for a really long time.

Mac: How the hell did you get past that mob outside?
Adam: Well, I parked my car, like, 20 blocks away and I walked. And I'm not gonna lie, I almost got jacked a couple times, but as long as I, you know, pumped my fist up in the air and yelled some crazy things and kicked over a garbage can, I was... I was good, I was totally good.

Lindsay: (After Jo shoots a perp) Everybody okay?
Danny: Yeah, everybody but him (He checks the victim for weapons) There's no gun. Did you see a gun?
Jo: No, but I saw him reaching for something in that mailbox.

(Lindsay finds a gun inside the mailbox)

Ray Griffin: (About a gun) It belonged to everybody. That gun always in that mailbox. It's like... going to the library or something. Taking out a book. You go in there, you take it, you need it, you use it, you put it back, that's it... it's the honor system.

Lindsay: So earlier today, you and Keith checked out a gun and then used it to hold up a jewelry store?
Ray Griffin: Look, I told you before, okay? We wasn't meaning to use it. We was gonna front on those people in case they got bold or something.
Danny: And then maybe shoot a few cops if they were bold enough to chase you?

Mac: (To Tori Bell) I want you to hear the truth. Before you read some version of it in the papers or hear it on the news.

Kevin Hopkins: If I could step in front of that bullet to save that man, I swear to God I would do it. That would feel better than this. I was scared, Detective. I was shaking all over. Like a coward. And maybe if I just... kept my cool, I would've hesitated. I would've seen he had no gun. That he was the wrong guy.
Flack: And what if it was the right guy? And he had a gun. Then maybe it's you lying in that alley. That's the nature of this job, Hopkins. There's no do-overs.

Flack: (To Kevin Hopkins) A coward doesn't run after an armed man who's trying to kill him. A coward runs away.

Kevin Hopkins: That kid is dead now. And he didn't do a damn thing wrong. And his family... and his girl... what do I say to them?
Flack: You can feel bad about that. If you didn't, I'd think you didn't have conscience. That kid's dead because two sons of bitches decided to rob a jewelry store. Simple as that.

Mac: (To Tori Bell) I'm not asking you to excuse what happened, I just want you to understand why.

Mac: I'm sorry there was no easy way to do this, but... I thought you should know. Tim had this in his pocket (He shows her a ring) He was planning to give it to you.
Tori Bell: Today is life. The only life you're sure of. Make the most of today. That's how Tim signed off all his letters to me when he was away at college. Seems kind of prophetic now.

(Mac wants her to take the ring that Timothy Brown wanted to give her)

Tori Bell: No. Please. Only would remind me of what could have been.

Tori Bell: Today is the worst day of my life. It's the worst day in the lives of Timothy's family and the people who loved him. But it's also the worst day in the life of Officer Hopkins.

(Crowd murmurs angrily)

Tori Bell: Hold on. Please. All of this has to stop. That officer didn't wake up this morning, go to work and set out to kill Tim. That happened because two men woke up this morning and decided that they were gonna come to this neighbourhood and steal what doesn't belong to them. They tried to take that policeman's life while he was protecting ours. And I hope... someday that maybe I can find a way to forgive Officer Hopkins. But I will never forgive those two men that came here with a gun. Because their actions took something from me a hundred times more valuable than all of the jewelry in that store. They stole the love of my life.

Mac: As police officers in this big, complicated city we see so much bad. So many souls filled with hatred and violence. And it's our job to look for them, chase after them and confront them. Over time, they can become all we see. As with all evil, some good will always come from it. It can bring us together with some of the most dedicated, honorable, kind-hearted people we could ever hope to meet. It can fill hearts with a love so strong that it will endure forever... and create unbreakable friendships that will last even in the face of life's most difficult challenges.
Mac: Sometimes, the good comes when we most need it and least expect it. If we are lucky enough to notice it, set our eyes upon it and appreciate it, it can almost make us forget all of the bad. Today is life. The only life you're sure of. Make the most of today. Words of wisdom. A slice of goodness passed on by an innocent soul whose life was cut short by an errant bullet. These are words that will always stay with me, words that are about to change the course of my life forever.

Mac: This is not how I imagined it would happen. I... I don't know if it's how you imagined it would happen, or... if you even imagined it happening at all, but...
Christine Whitney: I'm not sure what you're saying. Let's go in and have a glass of wine. I'll make a fire...
Mac: No. No, no, no, stay here. I don't want to wait another minute. I don't have a ring. Or a speech. I... I wasn't even able to stop and pick up a cheap bottle of champagne. I never thought I'd feel like this again. You're everything that's good in my life. We've been through so much together. I need you, Christine, I want you and I... I can't imagine my life without you. I don't want to... I just want to spend the rest of my life with you by my side (He gets down on one knee)
Christine Whitney: Oh.
Mac: Christine... will you marry me?
Christine Whitney: Yes. Of course I will.

(Both laugh, kiss and embrace)

Christine Whitney: Oh (Laughs) This is exactly how I imagined it.