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CSI: NY (September 2004February 2013) is an American police procedural television series set in New York City. It is a spinoff of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and CSI: Miami.

The 34th Floor [7.01][edit]

Jo Danville: (about finding the dead girl upon her arrival at the crime lab) My first thought was, "It's a practical joke. You know? Welcome to the New York Crime Lab."
Mac Taylor: We usually sabotage a pair of latex gloves or have a tech pose as a dead body in autopsy, then suddenly pop to life, but murder? Not our style.
Jo Danville: Good to know.

Danny Messer: (joining Lindsay on the roof) Thought I'd find you up here. Is this your new spot?
Lindsay Monroe: Did I have an old one?
Danny Messer: (hugging her) Yes, you did... right here.

Jo Danville: I'm not breaking any rules. I'm trying to create new ones.

Jo Danville: Hi. I'm Jo Danville. I'm your new crime scene investigator. And this young woman is dead.

Jo Danville: I thought the NY Crime Lab had a BYOB policy. [Danny and Sheldon look confused]. Bring your own body. [Boys laugh]

Jo Danville: (on the phone) Hey, what's up? No. No. Because I said so. No, no. Absolutely not. Because I (looking at Mac, a bit embarrassed) said so. I love you, too.
Mac: Was that your son?
Jo: No, my momma.

Adam: Hello Josephine
Jo: It's Jo
Adam: That's not what it says in your file

Unfriendly Chat [7.02][edit]

Adam Ross: Mac! You gotta come back to the lab.
Mac Taylor: What? Why?
Adam Ross: Because... because I think I just saw a woman get murdered.

Adam Ross: I feel like I've forgotten everything, like I-I can't remember any of the details.
Jo Danville: Well, that's not uncommon, when the brain experiences trauma. Sometimes it locks up. But not to worry, cause I always carry a spare set of keys.

Sass Dumonde (to Adam): Your eyes are kind. Are they telling the truth?
Adam Ross: I, uh... I hope so. Uh... I'm Adam. What's your name?
Sass Dumonde: (in a French accent) Nice to meet you, Adam.
Adam Ross: (imitating her accent) A... Adam?
Sass Dumonde: But if I told you my name, I'm afraid I'd have to kill you...(muffled screaming)
Adam Ross: What the hell? (witnesses Sass being killed)

Jo Danville: Are you absolutely sure, Adam, it was murder? While I was at the FBI, we saw hundreds of fake snuff films and Internet hoaxes every year. Staged suicides, bogus kidnappings... it can be very convincing.
Mac Taylor: You're certain what you saw was real?
Adam Ross: (sighs) I saw a man in black walk up behind a beautiful woman and choke the life right out of her. I've never seen anyone get murdered before. Until tonight.

Don Flack: We don't know who our killer is. We don't know who our victim is.
Jo Danville: And our crime scene could be anywhere in the world.

Jo Danville: Well, new memories are usually stored in the hippocampus, and then transferred to the brain's frontal lobes for long-term storage, but when a person's memory experiences traumatic collapse, sometimes you gotta dig from the other side, using memory triggers, potent emotions from the past, to unlock memories in the present.

Mac Taylor: Adam, you all right?
Adam Ross: I've been better.
Mac Taylor: You want to talk about it?
Adam Ross: What's there to say? He strangled her, she died... end of transmission. I'm gonna wait in the car.

Jo Danville [to Adam]: You're being ridiculous.
Adam Ross: What?
Jo Danville: You deal with death every day. This case is no different. Man up.
Adam Ross: Are you kidding me? Jo, I saw this girl alive. She's not just another dead body on the slab to me. Oh, no, did you just do that so I'd spill my guts? Oh, damn it!
Jo Danville: Sorry, Adam. You can't keep your feelings bottled up. Contents may explode under pressure.

Lindsay Monroe: He came in and out like he owned the place. There's no obvious signs of B & E.
Danny Messer: This is an old building. Lucy can pick that lock.

Lindsay Monroe: We did find Sass Dumonde's dead body.
Danny Messer: According to the university, she was in your class last semester.
Lindsay Monroe: We found her strangled to death with your fancy headphones.
Danny Messer: (whistles) That's pretty harsh. I mean, I failed Calculus, but my teacher didn't kill me.

Jo Danville [to Torrey Powell]: You swallow a lot. I mean a lot a lot. I don't mean to make you feel self-conscious. It's a common OCD anxiety disorder. And I would recommend exercise or some kind of organized sports to keep your mind focused on something else. But since those really aren't an option now, you're kinda screwed. Unless...
Torrey Powell: Unless what?
Jo Danville: Well, the sympathetic nervous system is responsible for your body's reaction to stress and right now, there's no question you're under a great deal of that. So you're gonna need to really figure out how to alleviate that somehow.
Don Flack: How about by telling us the truth, Torrey?
Jo Danville: It's a matter of your personal safety.
Torrey Powell: What the hell kinda mind games are you playing, lady?

Jo Danville [to Adam]: I got a courtesy call from an old friend of mine at the FBI. Turns out the Feds have been investigating Dragga Financial for all sorts of shenanigans. In fact, they were kind enough to share their files with me, pretty much all of it. But they weren't too keen on seeing an NYPD computer digging around in their sandbox.
Adam Ross: Okay, that's great. But I know why you're here. I've heard about your rep. So what, are you gonna blow the whistle on me now, too?
Jo Danville: You don't want to go there. Me leaving the Bureau to come here was about conviction and evidence and doing my job.
Adam Ross: Okay. I'm sorry. That w... that wasn't fair.

Lindsay Monroe: A few of these and a laptop, and she's able to write, record her own music, post it online for millions of people to hear, and then text and video-chat with God knows how many more.
Danny Messer: Well, that's great, but how long before more is too much?
Lindsay Monroe: (laughs) I don't know, but... you know, we already opened the 21st century, Danny. I think it's too late to send it back.
Danny Messer: Yeah, well, you're probably right about that, but just to be clear, though, Lucy is never going near a computer, okay? Just, ever.
Lindsay Monroe: Okay. But she does have, uh, a laptop lab at her preschool, and she can use my iPhone better than I can.
Danny Messer: Damn it.

Adam Ross: I shared the final moments of Sass Dumonde's life. I, I... I heard her music. I... I saw her joy. I-I... maybe even fell in love a little. And then, three minutes later, it was... it was just over.
Jo Danville: When you cross paths with people like that, it's hard not to stop in your tracks. But believe me when I tell you... none of what you're doing now will bring her back. It will only bring you down.
Adam Ross: What do I do now, though?
Jo Danville: Go home. Go to bed. Come back in the morning ready to do what's right.

Sheldon Hawkes: You got to be hurting a little bit today, huh, man?
Adam Ross: I got a, uh, you know, three-day suspension. It's pretty painful.
Danny Messer: Ah, come on. Hacking after Mac told you not to? You're lucky he didn't suspend you from the flagpole out front.
Sheldon Hawkes: Yeah, you go home, lick your wounds, uh, catch up on your soaps. You'll be fine.

Damned If You Do [7.03][edit]

Mac Taylor: Mrs. Travers, did someone in your family do this to you?
[Mrs. Travers moves her finger up and down, meaning "yes"]
Mac Taylor: [to an officer)] Give me that picture over there. Right there. Come on. Come on. Mrs. Travers, I need you to listen very carefully... [pointing to Billy Travers] Is this the person who did this to you?
[Mrs. Travers moves her finger up and down, meaning "yes"]
Mac Taylor: Is this your son? Did your son do this to you?
[Mrs. Travers moves her finger up and down, meaning "yes"]
Mac Taylor: We got to find this kid right away.

Danny Messer [to Lindsay]: Remember what I said about having a son?
Lindsay Monroe: Yeah.
Danny Messer: Never mind.

Lindsay Monroe: You want to take the front door or you want the bedroom?
Sheldon Hawkes: I'll leave the bedroom to you two.
[Danny giggles]
Lindsay Monroe: Thanks. Bed or floor?
Danny Messer: I'll take the floor.

Billy Travers [after his mother identifies him as the one who beat her and killed her husband]: I don't understand. Why would she do this to me?
Jo Danville: Do this to you? Maybe because you beat her within an inch of her life.
Billy Travers: I wasn't even at the house. I haven't been home in over a month.

Jules Roday: He didn't do it. He doesn't have it in him to do something like this.
Don Flack: Okay, Jules, I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Everyone has it in them to do something like this. Everyone.
Jules Roday: No. Not Billy.
Don Flack: How long have you been going out?
Jules Roday: Five months.
Don Flack: Five months? I usually like to wait at least six months before I can attest to somebody's lack of homicidal tendencies.
Jules Roday: You're kind of a bitch, you know that?
[Flack smiles]

Jo Danville: So from about 8:00 to 11:00, I'm just supposed to take your word for it that you were in your room? And the only person who can account for your whereabouts earlier that day is your girlfriend [starts writing down]
Billy Travers: What are you doing?
Jo Danville: Math. Because you're not man enough to admit what you did. Now I gotta do Math. I hate Math. Half hour by train to get to your parents' place. 25 minutes to stand outside and build the courage to kill them. Another 40 minutes inside to do the deed and change your clothes. 15 minutes to puke and then find a place to ditch the bloody clothes. Another half hour to travel to your room (she sums up) Five... ten... carry one... two hours and 20 minutes, give or take. Plenty of time for you to commit the murder and get back to your room.

Sid Hammerback: The human skull is composed of one of the most durable substances found in nature. It takes approximately one ton to reduce the diameter of the skull by one centimeter. Unfortunately for Walter Travers, when you get whacked in the head multiple times with a blunt-force object, that doesn't mean a whole lot.

Sid Hammerback [to Jo]: You came from D.C., right?
Jo Danville: Yeah.
Sid Hammerback: It's an interesting town. I've only been there once to testify before Congress.
Jo Danville: Oh, on behalf of the National Academy of Sciences?
Sid Hammerback: Oh, no, no. I was there to testify that they have no business restructuring the College Bowl system. I never got past the door. But the town is... is quite... lovely.
Jo Danville: Okay.

Jo Danville: Is the mother gonna make it?
Mac Taylor: She's not conscious yet but the doctors say she'll pull through. It's nothing short of a miracle. I've never seen anyone take a beating like that and survive.
Jo Danville: I wonder if I'd even want to. How do you go through life knowing your kid killed his father and tried his best to kill you?

Don Flack:[to Manny Ravarra] We're here about a homicide that was committed last night in Jamaica Estates. Couple was bludgeoned to :death.
Danny Messer: And we don't make you for it. In fact, we have an eyewitness who says it wasn't you.
Manny Ravarra: All right.
Danny Messer: But your cell mate, he says you did it. Said you were bragging about it.
Don Flack: But Owen Hicks is looking to get out from under a robbery charge that will most likely send him upstate for the next 15 years, so...
Danny Messer : Yeah, not the most reliable source. We figured we'd come here, lay our cards on the table, give you an opportunity to respond.
Manny Ravarra: Let me see if I got this right. My crackhead cell mate gives me up for a murder that an eyewitness says was committed by someone else, and you two drop by here to give me the opportunity to say that I didn't do nothing? I got that right?
Don Flack: What about it, Manny?
Manny Ravarra: What about it? Sometimes crackheads actually tell the truth.
Danny Messer: So what are you saying?
Manny Ravarra: I'm saying your eyewitness is wrong. I killed that couple.

Lindsay Monroe: (about Billy Travers) He was either extremely careful or we have to consider that he didn't do this.
Mac Taylor: At the scene, I thought that might be the only chance to talk to her. When they said there was no forced entry, that prompted me to show her a photo of her family.
Lindsay Monroe: And she was responsive, right?
Mac Taylor: She was. She looked me in the eye and understood me. But maybe I pushed too hard in the moment.

Don Flack: (sitting in the sidewalk) I can just picture Manny Ravarra, sitting the cafeteria with a stupid grin on his face, eating a bologna sandwich, gloating to the other inmates how two mope detectives are knee-deep in crap for absolutely no reason.
Danny Messer: (coming out of the sewer) Actually, I only see one mope detective down here. You want to join me?
Don Flack: I don't do sewers. It's like he said... he's doing life, he's got nothing to lose, so why not jerk us around?

Sheldon Hawkes: Looks like Manny Ravarra's playing you.
Danny Messer: Why would he want to go down for a murder he didn't commit?

Mac Taylor: Mrs. Travers, do you remember what happened last night?
Grace Travers: No. I just remember waking up in this room.
Mac Taylor: I realize this is hard, but can you tell me why your son would have done this?
Grace Travers: Billy?
Mac Taylor: Yes.
Grace Travers: You think Billy did this to me?
Mac Taylor: Last night, you identified your son. To me. I showed you a photograph and you indicated that he had done this.
Grace Travers: No... no, I did no such thing. No, Billy didn't do this. He would never do anything to hurt me or his father.
Mac Taylor: Mrs. Travers, I know you've been through a lot...
Grace Travers: Who are you?
Mac Taylor: My name is Mac Taylor.
Grace Travers: Why did you come here? To tell me that my son did this to me? To tell me these lies?
Mac Taylor: I don't want to upset you...
Grace Travers: No, you listen to me! You leave Billy alone, do you understand me? He would never do this! Now, go! Get out! Leave my family alone!

Sid Hammerback: Oftentimes, damage to the temporal lobe results in seizures and those seizures have a tendency to start in the hands.
Mac Taylor: So it's possible the movement of her finger up and down was involuntary. You think I made a mistake showing her the photograph?
Sid Hammerback: Well, like you said, she was responsive and obeying commands. I hate to play devil's advocate here, Mac, but a defense attorney would have a field day with that ID. Bottom line, we don't have a picture of what happened in her brain when she moved her finger. So there's just no way to know if her ID is reliable.
Mac Taylor: And now she's defending her son.

Danny Messer: Ravarra come through the 116 last night around 2:00 A.M. Same time and precinct as Billy Travers.
Jo Danville: So Flack's going at Billy in the interrogation room and Manny's sitting in the bullpen being processed? Rookie cops.

Adam Ross: (to Owen Hicks; impersonating a polygraph examiner)I understand there's a question to the veracity of certain statements that you may or may not have made and or heard during your confinement in the fine institution known as Rikers Island. Is that correct?
Owen Hicks: I have no idea what the hell you just said, man.
Adam Ross: Are you playing games with me, son?
Owen Hicks: No, I'm not playing games...!
Adam Ross: Because any heretofore games will not be tolerated. Okay?
[As Jo and Danny witness Adam trying to get a confession out of Owen Hicks]
Jo Danville: How long do you give him?
Danny Messer: Well, if Adam remembers to plug the damn thing in, I don't think he gets past the first question.
Jo Danville: First question? No way it gets that far.
[Back in the interrogation room]
Adam Ross: (to Owen Hicks as he gets him ready for the polygraph) This simply measures your blood pressure while the test is being administered. The information then relays to the pen thingy which will go haywire if you're full of... if you're being untruthful. And, based on the amount of sweat that's accumulated on your forehead... gross... is more than likely.

Mac Taylor: Judge let Billy Travers out on bail. As of now, the mother's I.D. is all we have and I'm not even sure we have that.
Jo Danville: Should we offer her some kind of protection?
Mac Taylor: She'll refuse. She's on her son's side now. So unless we come up with a forensic link, he'll be at her bedside by the end of the day.

Mac Taylor: If this is gonna work we got to trust each other. The DD-5 documenting Grace Travers recanting the I.D.... I saw you looking at it. Damaging to the case... you thought maybe I wouldn't file it?
Jo Danville: History has a tendency of repeating itself.
Mac Taylor: What happened in D.C. is not a part of my history.

Mac Taylor: Uncovering mistakes made by your lab and alerting defense counsel was part of your oath. Still is.
Jo Danville: Tell that to Senator Matthews. I still get letters from him blaming me for the outcome of his daughter's case. The mistake I uncovered was made by a guy named Frank Waters. Impeccable reputation. I worked with Frank Waters for 12 years, Mac. I went to his wedding, his kids' birthdays. So when I discovered he destroyed a document detailing a mistake he made interpreting DNA results, trust became just another word and Serena Matthews' rapist went free.
Mac Taylor: You had to make it public.
Jo Danville: It was a decision I don't regret making and I'd make it again.
Mac Taylor: Jo, my team does not sacrifice integrity for a desired result. Now that you're part of it, I promise you you'll never have to make that kind of decision again, okay?

Don Flack :[about Paul Benson] I don't get it. This guy was the senior class president, captain of the soccer team, Dean's list. This kid had everything going for him back in 2002. He was the guy you love to hate in every John Hughes film.
Danny Messer: He was even dating the prom queen, Sarah Dufresne.
Don Flack: Apparently dating her wasn't enough (reads from Benson's file) "I told him I wanted to wait, that if he loved me, he would respect that I wanted to wait. He grabbed my arms and pinned me down." One minute he's Harvard bound, next he's Rikers bound.

Steven Benson: (about testifying against his son, Paul in a rape case) Not a day goes by we don't second-guess our decision. Paul's our son.
Jo Danville: If you'd kept silent, you wouldn't have been able to live with yourselves.

Steven Benson: It took a few weeks and several fights, but we decided that telling the truth was the right thing to do.
Jo Danville: It was. No matter how much it may have hurt. So you had no contact with Paul after that?
Steven Benson: We tried, but Paul didn't want anything to do with us. He felt that we'd betrayed him so he just cut us off.
Nina Benson: We moved a couple years later. Tried to put it behind us.
Jo Danville: Paul was digging by the side of the house for the spare key. But the locks had been changed and he used a crowbar to get inside. He thought it was you in that bed. Paul went back to the house to kill you.

Mac Taylor: What were you thinking, Paul? You were getting even? That killing your parents was somehow gonna settle the score for them testifying against you?
Paul Benson: I was just a kid.
Mac Taylor: You were 18 years old. You were old enough to be held accountable for your actions.
Paul Benson: They betrayed me.
Mac Taylor: No, no. You betrayed them. You think it was easy for your parents to do what they did? Your girlfriend, Sarah... they were just supposed to let her go through life knowing you raped her and got away with it?

Paul Benson: The woman who went to the hospital... she survived? She's gonna be okay?
Mac Taylor: No. She lost her husband, her son lost his father and she's gonna have permanent brain damage. So, no, she's not gonna be okay. You had an opportunity to get out and make something of your life, Paul. Instead, you destroyed another family.

Mac Taylor: I'm sorry you had to go through that, Billy.
Billy Travers: Yeah. I get it. You were just doing your job, I guess.
Mac Taylor: You know, sometimes we lose sight of how hard it is to be called a suspect.

Grace Travers: Billy. Who's this?
Mac Taylor: My name is Mac Taylor.
Grace Travers: Have you met my son Billy?
Mac Taylor: I have. You have a good son, Mrs. Travers. You're a very lucky woman.

Jo Danville: (To Sid) Can you tell us anything about the nature of the blunt-force object?
Sid Hammerback: (Stares at her, doesn't say anything)
Sheldon Hawkes: Sid?
Sid Hammerback:: I'm sorry, I just wasn't prepared for you to be so...
Jo Danville: Female? (smiles)

Sangre por Sangre [7.04][edit]

Don Flack: (about Panthro Torres) Guy wakes up a big shot, ends up a shish kabob.
Mac Taylor: A lot can change in one day.

Don Flack: Torres was the leader of El Puño so this was likely a hit by a rival gang.
Mac Taylor: That means El Puño's gonna want blood.
Jo Danville: From what I've heard, these aren't two-bit, three-block dope dealers.
Mac Taylor: Far from it. They control East Harlem.
Don Flack: Drug trafficking, extortion, murder for hire, name it. El Puño's a one-stop shop for all bad things.
Jo Danville: Whoever killed Torres is gonna have a mark on their head.
Mac Taylor: Well, we got to find them before the streets do, or it's going to be war.

Sheldon Hawkes: Torres was a big time gangster, but I guess it's true what they say: you live by the gun...
Sid Hammerback: You get gunshot wounds.

Danny Messer: (about a lipstick mark in the mirror of the victim's hotel room) Somebody's got to kiss and tell.

Jo Danville: Torres' death leaves a void at the top of his crew, so I thought I'd look at his replacements might be able to avoid a street war if we can talk to them. So I'm gathering this as I go. Seems, Torres was the face of this crew, but Lisa Brigosa... she's the brains and Rick Devarro is the street muscle. Although, given his penchant for getting arrested, Rick's not too bright.
Mac Taylor: There's one other. Luther Devarro.
Jo Danville: Any relation to Rick?
Mac Taylor: His older brother. Founder of El Puño, but more of an advisor at this stage of his career. I helped put him away 15 years ago. He was released last week.
Jo Danville: Gasoline on the fire.
Mac Taylor: It's one thing to be a street guy, another to be smart. But it's dangerous when both those qualities are embodied in one person.

Adam Ross: I've seen everything in these bottles: worms, spiders, live scorpions... whose venom, by the way, okay, makes this drink an hallucinogenic. [Hawkes makes a face] Uh, well, I... I... I don't know anything about that.

Mac Taylor [to Lisa Brigosa]: Last I saw you, you were in Catholic school.
Lisa Brigosa: Back when I robbed nuns for fun.

Luther Devarro: (about Mac) Fernando. Take a look at this man. If you're ever stupid enough to get arrested, this is the guy you want to put the handcuffs on. He's a fair man.

Luther Devarro: Next generation. Teach them a little respect.
Mac Taylor: You've been away for a while. Things have changed.
Luther Devarro: Question is: for better or worse? In our time, it wasn't about guns. It was the knuckle game, remember? I had snap in my shoulder. I hit you, you were hurting.
Mac Taylor: What I remember is you beating a rival gang member to a pulp. That's what put you away.
Luther Devarro: Defending the neighborhood. This place has always welcomed me with open arms.
Mac Taylor: So did El Puño. What you started only got stronger when you went away.
Luther Devarro: Yeah, no thanks to you. Every couple of months, I'd find one of my men in the mess hall.
Mac Taylor: Didn't want you to get lonely.

Mac Taylor [to Luther Devarro]: I want to know if I'm gonna have a problem with your crew.
Luther Devarro: This your way of paying condolences? Last time I checked, it was one of my men who had holes burned into him.
Mac Taylor: And killing more people is going to make it right?
Luther Devarro: What's the alternative, turn it over to the NYPD? Cops like to see us as defendants or, better yet, deceased.
Mac Taylor: Doesn't have to be that way.
Luther Devarro: I didn't make the rules.

Mac Taylor [to Luther Devarro]: You want to teach the next generation? You tell them revenge lands them in prison or a grave. You're a man of intelligence. Reason with them.
Luther Devarro: Men can reason all they want. Machines got minds of their own.
Mac Taylor: I want your assurance that this is not the beginning of a war.
Luther Devarro: I hear your concern but I can't make that assurance.

Hazel Ortega [to Flack]: I didn't kill him.
Don Flack: You know, these talks would go a lot better if you weren't packing a 45, which is the same calibre used to kill Torres, by the way.

Don Flack: I'm good. I'm pissed. Hazel Ortega got shot in my custody.
Mac Taylor: And they would have killed her if you didn't get off some shots. There was nothing you could do. This was an organized hit and she was the target.

Adam Ross [to Hawkes]: Hey, what do you know about Fishzilla?
Sheldon Hawkes: Sounds like a bad name for a monster movie.
Adam Ross: Close... it's the nickname of that weird little thing I found at the bottom of the mezcal bottle. Yeah, its real name is snakehead fish, all right, and it's illegal in all 50 States.
Sheldon Hawkes: Then it couldn't have been that easy to get. How did it end up at our crime scene?
Adam Ross: Uh, I don't know, maybe it was left as a message. You know, these things are pretty vicious. They eat everything, even their own kind.
Sheldon Hawkes: The message could be in the name. Snakehead... reference to the Mambas?
Adam Ross: I'm trying to track down where you can buy these things and then maybe I can figure out who purchased it.
Sheldon Hawkes: How are you going to track it down if it's illegal and off the books?
Adam Ross: I... I know a guy that knows a guy that... knows a guy that knows another guy.

Hazel Ortega: Where I grew up, there's a saying: people who see but keep their mouths shut are the ones who live.

Fernando Flores: Why would I want to go anywhere else when I can learn from Mr. Devarro?
Luther Devarro: Learn from me? Learn from my mistakes. Fact is, you want to start out like me, you might end up like Panthro. Muerto.

Mac Taylor: (to Luther Devarro) A handshake used to mean something. An officer was shot today, and a civilian wounded. The ammo we found had your crew's signature on it. When a guy like you gets released from prison a week before people start getting shot, I don't believe it's coincidence.

Sheldon Hawkes: Two shootings. Same signature.
Don Flack: One gang, El Puño.
Jo Danville: So Torres' murder wasn't a rival hit by the Mambas; it was an inside job.
Sheldon Hawkes: So, just like a snakehead, someone in El Puño's eating their own.
Mac Taylor: I want to talk to each one of their power players. Lisa Brigosa, the Devarro brothers, Rick and Luther and Fernando Flores. Each one of them is either a potential suspect, or a potential victim.

Adam Ross: Our fish smuggler remembers a tough-looking Puerto Rican guy buying from him.
Sheldon Hawkes: He get a name?
Adam Ross: No, but he did specifically ask for three snakeheads.
Sheldon Hawkes: So our killer asked for three, and only two have been used. That's pretty simple math.
Adam Ross: Which leaves one more victim yet to be determined.

Rick Devarro [to Luther]: You killed Panthro? And Lisa?
Luther Devarro: There was a time when crimes against the people in the neighbourhood were not allowed.
Rick Devarro: You still preaching that neighbourhood garbage? You were gonna kill me for that? I'm your brother.

Mac Taylor: You're a man of reason, Luther. Come out, give yourself up.
Luther Devarro: It's too late for me, Detective. I never intended to create something violent. It was never about drugs and guns, money and power. When they put me away, all that changed. Torres, Lisa and my brother! Took what I created, just a group of guys trying to watch each other's back, taking care of their neighbourhood and they turned it into some criminal enterprise.

Luther Devarro: Sitting in my cell, hearing about how El Puño was the most feared and violent gang. Inmates coming up to me and paying respect. I wanted to tear it down!
Mac Taylor: Did you honestly think you could do that by killing the heads of the gang? They'll all be replaced by others.

Luther Devarro: I never intended to save the world but somebody had to be held accountable. Those that made the same promise I did. Promise to protect the neighbourhood, not to eat it alive. To defend it, not to become the worst threat it had ever known.
Mac Taylor: Now you've caused even more bloodshed. Killing people won't solve it. We're fighting the same fight. Why didn't you come to me? We could have taken them down together.
Luther Devarro: Because old habits die hard, and we're different kind of people. I gain closure here, Detective, in the spirit of what I created. I have no other choice. It all ends here. Tonight.

Luther Devarro: [prevents Mac from asking for medical help over the radio] Don't make... I started it. I end it. That includes me.

Luther Devarro: The rules of the street. This wasn't about taking over... [coughs so he won't choke on his blood] This was about making things right.

Out of the Sky [7.05][edit]

Don Flack: Recognize our robbery vic?
Mac Taylor: Roland Carson, defense attorney.
Don Flack: I prefer scumbag lawyer but, yeah, that's him. Body belongs to Melvin La Grange. He was a drug dealer whose hobbies include murder and extortion.
Mac Taylor: Let me guess, scumbag's client?

Mac Taylor: What were they after?
Don Flack: Cash, stock certificates and get this. $5 million in precious gems and jewellery. Carson was keeping them for a client in his private safe.
Mac Taylor: It's not so safe after all.

Lindsay Monroe: Our robbers are wearing the very latest in B & E chic. This season no heist is complete without these little beauties.
[Lindsay is wearing button size LEDs that make her head appear unidentifiable on the screen as it's covered by a bright light]
Lindsay Monroe: I'm walking... I'm walking... I'm walking. I'm busting the safe, I'm making my escape.
Jo Danville: A must-have for the fashion forward felon.

Danny Messer: If Jimmy would have just patted these guys down a little better, or if that gun just fell one inch in the other direction, his whole life is different right now.

Danny Messer: Six years on the job, Jimmy... how you end up working for this bastard Carson?
James Belson: Oh, come on, man, he doubled my salary. Wasn't like I had a lot of options. Hey, you know, if you're interested, now that you're a family man, maybe I could line something up for you.
Danny Messer: I don't plan on retiring any time soon.
James Belson: Well, neither was I, if you remember.

Sid Hammerback: This poor boy was beaten, cut and shot. Does it seem at all extreme for a simple street mugging?

Lindsay Monroe: $5 million worth of gems just fall in this guy's lap.
Jo Danville: And there he is, thinking it's the luckiest day of his life.
Mac Taylor: Turns out to be anything but.

Adam Ross: What would you do?
Danny Messer: What would I do what?
Adam Ross: You know, if you found millions of dollars of gems in the street?
Danny Messer: Give 'em back.
Adam Ross: Oh, come on, guy. You wouldn't keep some?
Danny Messer: Why, would you?
Adam Ross: No, no, no, I... I'd give 'em back. Mostly... I mean... maybe keep one or two.
Danny Messer: Know what happens to people that take things that don't belong to them, right?
Adam Ross: No.
Danny Messer: Other people are getting hurt. Doc! Come here, we got an ethical debate going on, and Adam is failing miserably. What do you do if you come across a fortune of precious gems that don't belong to you?
Sheldon Hawkes: I'd give them to the guy with the knife to my throat.

Don Flack: Got any bad habits, Arnold? For instance, I crack my knuckles. It used to drive my mom nuts (his knuckles crack) Some people pick their nose, chew with their mouths open, use a pen knife to clean their fingernails in public.
Arnold Vonley: So what? That's a crime now?
Don Flack: No, Arnold, that's not a crime. It's disgusting, but it's not a crime. Unless, of course, you use that same pen knife to mug someone.

Don Flack: What about the bag?
Arnold Vonley: Man, I'm a specialist. Strictly cash and jewelry only. I'm not risking my life for some sweaty gym socks.
Don Flack: How much did you get away with?
Arnold Vonley: 20 bucks. Plus the watch. Probably like 80 bucks, total.
Don Flack: I'm gonna be honest with you, Arnold. You're probably the dumbest mugger I've ever met.
Arnold Vonley: Why? What was in the bag?
Don Flack: Five million dollars. Those were some valuable gym socks.

Don Flack: No way Arnold did it. He's strictly small time. Muggings. Petty theft.
Sheldon Hawkes: So he robs our John Doe and leaves behind a bag worth five mil.
Don Flack: Yep, I guarantee you he will regret that decision for a very long time.

Jenny Harper: Wait, you don't blame him, right? 'Cause he wanted to keep it?
Don Flack: I think he was very lucky that he had a girlfriend who pointed him in the right direction.
Jenny Harper: Yeah, that direction got him killed.
Don Flack: The men who stole those gems placed a tracking device on them. So they were probably tracking Heath's movements. The fact that he was bringing them to us didn't save his life, but it might've saved yours.

Adam Ross: It's got all the auditory markers of an ass dial. You know, when your phone's in your back pocket and you make a call that you don't even know you're making. For instance, okay... my ass dialled my girlfriend once when I was out at a bar with some friends. Left, like, a 15-minute message, you know? I mean, it would've been really funny, except we were talking about her the whole time, and...
Mac Taylor: That's how she became your ex-girlfriend?
Adam Ross: Well... yeah.
Mac Taylor: Clear out the ambient sound, see if there's anything useful underneath, and call me when you got something. With your fingers, not your ass.

Lindsay Monroe: Ted and Paul Kendricks. They're brothers. They were arrested a few years ago for trying to rob an ATM cash warehouse and use a plane as a getaway car. They served two years.
Jo: Just two years? How's that happen?
Danny Messer: Well, their lawyer was Roland Carson.
Jo Danville: What a coincidence.

Mac Taylor [to Roland Carson]: You, uh... you recognize anyone?
Roland Carson: Should I?
Mac Taylor: They're the men who broke into your apartment last night. They're also former clients of yours. You care to explain that?
Roland Carson: I've defended a lot of criminals, Detective. It's my job.
Mac Taylor: That's not an answer.
Roland Carson: I don't know what else to tell you. Maybe you should ask one of them.
Mac Taylor: They're a little bit dead right now. Killed with a handgun registered to you.

Roland Carson [to Mac]: I have clients coming in and out of my apartment all hours of the day, as you know. Any one of them could have walked away with that gun.
Mac Taylor: Already preparing your defense theory? A little fanciful, even for you.
Roland Carson: You think I set up the robbery? Hired former clients to have my own apartment broken into, my bodyguard shot and millions stolen from another client, then murdered my former clients with a gun that's easily traced back to me? That's what I call fanciful.
Mac Taylor: I'm not hearing a denial.

Roland Carson [to Mac]: This must be the highlight of your career, Detective... going after me.
Mac Taylor: It's not even an honourable mention.

Roland Carson: So why would I risk my life for a few bucks? I charge more an hour than you make in a week.
Mac Taylor: As an errand boy for drug dealers and thieves.

Roland Carson [to Mac]: If you come after me, I will hit you and your department with a malicious prosecution suit that'll spin your head.
Mac Taylor: I'm still not hearing a denial.

Mac Taylor [about James Belson]: He must have checked himself out of the hospital right after Danny came to see him. Met up with the Kendricks brothers, killed them, then tracked Heath down.
Jo Danville: That's a lot of activity for someone who just had abdominal surgery. He's going to need medical attention soon.
Mac Taylor: Well, he's got five million reasons to play through the pain.

James Belson: Would you believe that this isn't what it looks like?
Danny Messer: Not in the mood for your jokes, buddy. Put it down.
James Belson: What are you gonna do, huh? Gonna shoot me in the back, Danny?
Danny Messer: And not think twice about it, buddy, if it comes to it.

James Belson: You ever think about that night, man, huh? You ever think about what it would've been like if you would've patted those guys down instead of me? If you would've been the guy with the flashlight in the backseat? And don't you even pretend that you would've seen that gun any better than me.
Danny Messer: Doesn't matter, Jimmy. Now, put the damn gun down or I will shoot you.

Roland Carson: Can I have the gems back now? My client would like to take possession.
Mac: They're evidence now. Sorry.
Roland Carson: What the hell am I supposed to tell my client?
Mac Taylor: Well, you're a persuasive guy. Persuade them not to kill you.

Roland Carson: Wait... where's the ring? Diamonds, emeralds. It's an heirloom. It's worth a million at least, Detective.
Mac Taylor: What you see is what we found in the trunk of Belson's car.
Roland Carson: Can't be. Maybe Belson kept it with him somehow.
Mac Taylor: Ah, they usually check prisoners for heirlooms at Rikers.
Roland Carson: It's the most important piece here.
Mac Taylor: Mr. Carson, these gems have been all over the city, in and out of many hands. The ring could've gotten lost anywhere.
Roland Carson: That's not good enough, Detective.
Mac Taylor: Sue me.

Do Not Pass Go [7.06][edit]

[When a body is found inside a car left on the roof of an abandoned building]
Jo Danville: It certainly is a unique spot for a body dump.
Mac Taylor: It's also a perfect place to commit murder.

Danny Messer: Rooftop is clean. If there was ever trace up here, Mother Nature did not want us to find it.
Lindsay Monroe: What about the stairwell?
Danny Messer: It's my next stop.
Lindsay Monroe: You want help?
Danny Messer: Uh, well, with 738 stairs, I think I'm good.

Lindsay Monroe: Can you imagine finding your kid like this?
Danny Messer: No, no, and I don't even want to think about it.

Jo Danville: What's with the car?
Don Flack: The original architect had a thing for big-boy toys and drag racing. Been up here 40 years.
Mac Taylor: I had daydreams of owning one well into my 20s.
Jo Danville: I'm assuming yours didn't come standard with a dead body.
Mac Taylor: That wasn't even an option.

[As Hawkes and Sid are about to remove a decomposing body from a car]
Sheldon Hawkes: This is gonna get ugly.
Sid Hammerback: Indeed. Do you prefer heads or tails?
Sheldon Hawkes: Does it really matter?
Sid Hammerback: In that case, you can have tails.

[When part of the skull of the body comes off as Sid and Hawkes trying to handle it slowly]
Sid Hammerback: Uh! Under the circumstances, I suggest we apply the tried-and-true Band-Aid method.
Sheldon Hawkes: Band-Aid method?
Sid Hammerback: One, two, three... pull!

Jo Danville: Honey, what are you doing here?
Ellie Danville: We have to leave New York. This whole move-to-the-Big-Apple thing is not gonna work.
Jo Danville: Oh, honey...
Mac Taylor: Take all the time you need.
Jo Danville: (mouths) Thank you.

Ellie Danville: I'll give this stupid school another shot.
Jo Danville: Thank you. I owe you one.
Ellie Danville: A new pair of soccer cleats and some shin guards?
Jo Danville: That's two (laughs) It's a deal.

Sid Hammerback: I enhanced the tattoo on the radial border of the Vic's upper arm and discovered this, what appears to be a wee little leprechaun holding a... basketball?
Jo Danville: Looks like a homemade rendition of, what? The Boston Celtics' mascot?
Sid Hammerback: Oh. Well, not a very good one.

Danny Messer: You're liking the voice mail caller for both Craig's murder and Jeremy's disappearance?
Mac Taylor: At this point, yes.
Sheldon Hawkes: That doesn't bode well for Jeremy.
Mac Taylor: Well, being kidnapped by a psychopath seldom does.

Mac Taylor: Poisoned and left to die. This was personal.

Mrs. Anderson: (to Flack about her son Craig) His first words were Bird and McHale.
Don Flack: Mine were cookie and cake.

Don Flack: Mrs. Anderson... we're going to find the guy who murdered your son.
Mrs. Anderson: That's not going to bring him back, is it? I'm sorry.
Don Flack: It's going to take time.
Mrs. Anderson: I don't know the right way to act around people, what to say to them.
Don Flack: No right way to act. Children aren't supposed to die.
Mrs. Anderson: I would like to see him, Detective.
Don Flack: All due respect, I don't think that's a good idea. That's not how you want to remember him.
Mrs. Anderson: Then, how do I say good-bye?
Don Flack: You don't. Not where it counts.

Jo Danville: What is this place?
Mac Taylor: Transportation Department warehouse.
Don Flack: This is where tired old street signs go to die.

Jo Danville: That's a service apron.
Mac Taylor: You know from experience?
Jo Danville: I worked in a burlesque club when I was an undergrad.
Mac Taylor: As a bartender?
Jo Danville: I never said that.

Mac Taylor: So how'd your negotiation go yesterday?
Jo Danville: Negotiation?
Mac Taylor: Your daughter seems rather determined to vacate New York City.
Jo Danville: She can be a stubborn mule like her mama. Seldom shy about what she likes and doesn't like.
Mac Taylor: Being thrown into the deep end is never easy. It helps to know there are people around that have your back.
Jo Danville: Well, Ellie's a tough kid. She's going to be fine.
Mac Taylor: I wasn't talking about Ellie.
Jo Danville: Thank you.

Adam Ross: The new voice mail was left using a second prepaid phone and just like numero uno, right, the SIM card was used once and then deactivated.
Lindsay Monroe: So Mrs. Harris' mystery caller is dumping phones as he goes.
Adam Ross: Sure looks that way. So, I compared the serial numbers on both the cards and guess what?
Mac Taylor: They were sequential?
Adam Ross: Yeah. Perp's not as smart as he thinks. He bought both the phones at the same store at the same time.
Mac Taylor: He alluded to a final message in the second voice mail.
Lindsay Monroe: So to leave it, he'd need a third phone which might still be active.

Mac Taylor: (right before sending them to a bar in search of a perp) I hope Jo and Flack are thirsty.

Don Flack: All right, I'll start beating the bushes.
Jo Danville: Hang on. I might have a less obtrusive way. We do have his telephone number (dials and hands her cell to Flack) It's for you. [The phone rings; Flack notices it belongs to the bartender]
Don Flack: Gotcha. [The bartender realizes what's going on and runs away] Less obtrusive?

Reuben Lewis [to Mac]: A friend asked me to make a call, read a set of instructions. I didn't ask why because I didn't really care.
Mac Taylor: Do you think you'll care about 25 to life?

Jo Danville: Smug little punk. He got off too easy.
Don Flack: I agree. You should have put him under the dumpster.

Reuben Lewis: I'm tired of this BS. If you guys had anything on me, I'd already be in jail.
Mac Taylor: Or just visiting (uses his flashlight to reveal a U.V. stamp from Rikers on Reuben's hand) You're a bartender, Reuben. You really should wash your hands more often.

Sheldon Hawkes: The reptile remains we found in the basement were consistent with Bungarus Fasciatus, also known as the Banded Krait.
Mac Taylor: Where did they come from?
Sheldon Hawkes: My guess: Chinatown, black market. 15 minutes on the Internet, anybody can learn how to extract the venom. It's neurotoxic and fast-acting, causing near-instant muscle paralysis in humans. The lucky ones die fast.
Danny Messer: And the unlucky ones?
Sheldon Hawkes: Slow and excruciating respiratory failure. As the diaphragm becomes paralyzed, the victim suffocates. Death can take days.
Danny Messer: So these guys were literally trapped inside their bodies. I mean, unable to move, unable to talk.
Mac Taylor: Allison Scott knew exactly what she was doing. She wanted them to suffer.

Allison Scott [to Jo]: Don't you dare talk to me about grief, because my fiancé died in my arms.
Jo Danville: You're absolutely right, Allison, that was a terrible tragedy. I can only imagine the anger you felt. God himself couldn't save someone who wanted to hurt my family. I would hunt them down. I would make them suffer like they had never suffered before. I would need them to feel the unrelenting pain that I felt. But what if I was wrong? What if I hurt the wrong person? I could never live with myself.

Don Flack: How the heck did he survive all that time?
Mac Taylor: If you're asking the scientist, I'd say his particular body chemistry metabolized the poison slow enough to keep him breathing. Drinking condensation kept him alive. But if you want my personal opinion, I'd say science didn't have anything to do with it.
Don Flack: It's too bad they all can't have a happy ending.

Mac Taylor [to Jo]: Looking for something?
Jo Danville: Oh, only the best hamburger in all five boroughs. Harvey's double-decker with the works.

Mac Taylor: I read in your file that, uh, you adopted Ellie.
Jo Danville: What?
Mac Taylor: I read files, too, you know.

Jo Danville: Ellie would've just ended up one of those innocent kids lost in a broken system.
Mac Taylor: Well, bringing her into your family was a noble thing to do.
Jo Danville: I didn't have any choice, Mac. She was love at first sight. She was so yummy. And if my son Tyler gave meaning to my life, Ellie just made it complete. It was the best decision I ever made in my life.

Jo Danville [to Mac]: Don't you want to join us? This burger is just heaven on a sesame seed bun.
Mac Taylor: Well, maybe next time. I've already had, uh, heaven on a bun for lunch.

Ellie Danville: Tyler is so lucky. He gets to do whatever he wants in college.
Jo Danville: You know, college is not that easy. Giant textbooks and really hard tests.
Ellie Danville: Tons of hot guys.
Jo Danville: What exactly do you know about hot guys? Don't you make me have to interrogate you.

Hide Sight [7.07][edit]

Mac Taylor: I received a memo from my superior officers just prior to calling this meeting. It reads as follows: 'There is no sniper.' Make no mistake about it. New York City has a sniper. And he's good.

Mac Taylor: Our hope is that this was an isolated incident and that the shooter will be in custody soon. I know that's what the brass wants the public to believe. What I don't know... what we can't know... is when or where the killer will strike again.

Sheldon Hawkes: I miss the no-vacancy sign out front?
Sid Hammerback: (laughs) Uh, standing room only. Three DUI vics in the corner, a robbery gone bad and a pair of unrelated suicides against the wall over there.
Sheldon Hawkes: Perfect timing for a sniper attack.

[After Sid has been injured while retrieving a bullet from a body]
Sheldon Hawkes: His vitals look good. He's a little dazed and confused but I think he's gonna be okay.
Jo Danville: If it weren't for these he would be blind right now.
Danny Messer: What the hell happened?
Sheldon Hawkes: Well, he was retrieving the slug from our second sniper vic and all of a sudden, her head just... exploded.
Danny Messer: Exploded?
Sheldon Hawkes: Yeah.

Jo Danville: Not bad enough this guy's killing people but he's shooting them with exploding bullets.

Chief Ted Carver [to Mac]: Heard about your antics this morning.
Mac Taylor: By antics, you mean telling the truth?
Chief Ted Carver: Look, your own people is one thing. I trust you're not going to be tearing up any directives from above in front of the press.
Mac Taylor: No, no. They were smart enough not to send me anything on paper this time.
Chief Ted Carver: All right, wait, wait, listen. Neither of us is to utter the word sniper, is that clear? That's a direct order from Chief Sinclair to me. Now it is a direct order from me to you. Is that going to be a problem?
Mac Taylor: They have a right to know.
Chief Ted Carver: The public has a right to know what we tell them.
Mac Taylor: I'm not going to lie for you or anyone else.
Chief Ted Carver: Who said anything about lying? Mac, look, I walked the beat just like you did, all right? I know where you're coming from but there is a difference between lying and withholding a truth.
Mac Taylor: I don't think there is.

Mac Taylor [to Chief Carver]: The sooner the people know, the faster they can take steps to protect themselves.
Chief Ted Carver: It's not your call, all right? And I'm not about to create a citywide panic.
Mac Taylor: Well, I don't think we can control that in this day and age, and why even have me up there at all?
Chief Ted Carver: You're the head of the crime lab. It's gonna look like I'm withholding something if you're conveniently absent.

Reporter: So what you're saying is both victims were shot from a distance, through a window, by an unseen gunman who was possibly perched on a rooftop? Sounds like a sniper to me, Detective.
Mac Taylor: Me, too.
[The reporters clamor]
Chief Ted Carver: Thank you. That's all for now (to Mac, as they walk away) What the hell was that?
Mac Taylor: Look, ask yourself one question. If you were a civilian, would you want to know?
Chief Ted Carver: You're a piece of work, Taylor, you know that? What the hell am I supposed to tell the commissioner and the mayor now?
Mac Taylor: You tell them I never uttered the word sniper.

Danny Messer: How's he doing?
Sheldon Hawkes: Well, doctor says he's fine. In fact, I hear he's already back at the office. They told him to take the rest of the week off, but you know Sid.
Danny Messer: Right, right. I mean, he's not happy unless he's looking at dead things.

Jo Danville: Blood on the beetle and mitochondrial DNA from the hair both got hits in CODIS Missing Persons.
Sheldon Hawkes: To the same person?
Jo Danville: A 9-year-old boy who went missing 15 years ago.
Mac Taylor: Michael Reynolds.
Lindsay Monroe: You know him?
Mac Taylor: I spent three years searching for him.

Mac Taylor: Michael had been missing for 72 hours when this case file came across my desk. He was on his way home from school when he was abducted.
Jo Danville: Did you catch the guy?
Mac Taylor: Took 3 years. Arthur Francis. Twice convicted sex offender. Whole time he was missing, we didn't know whether he was alive or dead. It was the first case I ever questioned which of those two options might be worse.
Jo Danville: I'm sure his own parents asked themselves the same thing.
Mac Taylor: At age 12, he finally managed to escape. Clawed his way through the floorboards to a crawl space.
Jo Danville: I can't imagine that moment for a 12-year-old kid. It's heartbreaking.
Mac Taylor: I went to see him a few times after he returned home. Made sure he was doing all right. He always wanted to wear my badge. He asked me if it was pure gold the first time he put it on. His brother Tom, too. I thought for sure one of those boys would become a cop. I tried to stay in touch with the family, but then another case came along, then another case and I lost touch. Now he's the primary suspect in a murder investigation.
Jo Danville: Mac... there's only so much this job allows us to do.

Sheldon Hawkes: There are no bank accounts under the name Michael Reynolds. No credit cards, either.
Jo Danville: In a lot of cases like Michael's, victims just want to fall off the face of the Earth, disappear, hide somewhere no one can find them.
Sheldon Hawkes: Consistent with the method of killing.

Mac Taylor [to Chief Carver]: You prepared to tell the public the truth now?
Chief Ted Carver: How sure are we it's the same guy?
Mac Taylor: Sure as I was before.
Chief Ted Carver: So, I hear you've got a primary suspect. Somebody you're familiar with?
Mac Taylor: Michael Reynolds, missing person 15 years ago. I handled the case.
Chief Ted Carver: Complete whack job?
Mac Taylor: Well, he was held against his will for three years, physically and emotionally abused the whole time. It affected him, if that's what you mean.
Chief Ted Carver: Your stunt at the press conference didn't stop him from killing this guy, did it?

Chief Ted Carver [to Mac]: Exactly what do you want from me?
Mac Taylor: I want you to go to the commissioner, tell him we're going public... with the whole thing; Everything we know. This whole city should be on high alert. Otherwise, I promise you, there will be a fourth victim.

Jo Danville: Michael Francis?
Lindsay Monroe: Another dead end.
Jo Danville: Francis... Francis, Francis. Stockholm Syndrome. In a lot of abduction cases, the victim will actually start to sympathize with his captors.
Lindsay Monroe: Right, especially when they're held a long time.
Jo Danville: And Arthur Francis was Michael's abductor. Michael Reynolds is Michael Francis. He took his kidnapper's last name.

Don Flack [about Michael]: Maybe he decided to do us all a favour and took himself out.
Danny Messer: It's hard to tell in this place but I am seeing indications of a struggle. And if he took himself out, where's the gun?
Don Flack: Could be under his body.
Danny Messer: (checks) No. No gun here.
Don Flack: Well, I'm no expert but I've seen enough guns in my time to know that they don't just grow legs and walk away.
Danny Messer: No, he didn't commit suicide. Michael Reynolds was murdered. What a life. He gets kidnapped, kept for three years, escapes... only to be murdered 12 years later.

Mac Taylor: Michael had a brother... Tom Reynolds.
Lindsay Monroe: Mitochondrial DNA from the hair was a match to Michael.
Mac Taylor: Mito's shared by all maternal relatives, including brothers, so it would also be a match to Tom.
Lindsay Monroe: So he's our shooter. Why?
Jo Danville: Off to one side, unnoticed. Everyone else around him is celebrating Michael's return. Tom is just standing there.
Mac Taylor: Emotionless, neglected.
Lindsay Monroe: So you're telling me he starts shooting people 'cause he didn't get enough hugs and kisses from mommy and daddy?

Jo Danville [about serial killers]: Neglect, it was the most common form of abuse in their childhood.
Lindsay Monroe: He murdered his brother, then he goes on a shooting rampage. Getting to that point cannot be that simple.
Jo Danville: No, it's not. It's usually a preexisting condition, a genetic anomaly of some sort that renders them susceptible.
Mac Taylor: Nature combined with nurture.

Tom Reynolds: Emptiness. Loneliness. Abandonment! How much can one person take? How much can one person do? 'Cause I've tried. God, how I've tried.

Tom Reynolds: You make my life a living hell! And for what? What did I do to deserve this? I'm tired of... of waiting for something to change, because nothing changes. Always just stays the same!

Jo Danville: I've seen this type of behavior before. They start off by killing a loved one.
Lindsay Monroe: The one that they think is responsible for their neglect?
Jo Danville: Yeah. And then things spiral out of control from there.

Tom Reynolds: I tried everything... to make you notice me. But you look past me. You cast me aside. Like I'm invisible. But I'm not invisible. I'm right here. Right here in front of you. You turned my life into a hole, empty of everything. One day... you'll pay.

Mac Taylor: It's over, Tom! Put down your weapon! I know what happened to your brother!
Tom Reynolds: You don't know anything!
Mac Taylor: I know what happened to him. I was there. I know what happened to you.

Mac Taylor [to Tom Reynolds]: Your family turned away from you. We all did. I know what that must have been like.
Tom Reynolds: You don't know anything. No one knows what that's like living in a hole! Abandoned. Ignored. No one knows what that's like!
Mac Taylor: Killing people won't change that!
Tom Reynolds: Look around you. What's going on. All of this is because of me! Because of what I'm doing!
Mac Taylor: There are other ways, Tom!
Tom Reynolds: I've tried all the other ways. Nothing changes. It's just the same! But now? Now it's different. People will know me. They'll know my name. They'll know my face.

Chief Ted Carver: Harry Smith does a segment on the Early Show about the psychology of a sniper and then introduces a new song by Katy Perry?

Scared Stiff [7.08][edit]

Jo Danville: No other prints to suggest she was being followed.
Don Flack: No... If this was a chase or a blitz attack there'd be signs of a struggle somewhere.
Jo Danville: I don't see it.
Don Flack: Nope. So what, or who was she running from?
Sheldon Hawkes: Ghosts.

[Flack and Jo look at him disbelievingly]

Jo Danville: [amused] Dr. Sheldon Hawkes, did I just hear you say ghosts?
Don Flack: You did. Wanna know why? 'Cause that's what he said: Ghosts.
Sheldon Hawkes: A lot of New Yorkers believe this part of the park is haunted. The lake just over there, for years rumor has it, two women have been seen skating figure eights, at night. Rosetta and Janice, sisters, died in the 1800s. Apparently they just glide above the ice, if you get too close they disappear.
Don Flack: [amusedly scared] Shut up.
Sheldon Hawkes: Yeah. Then there was that real estate guy that got gutted by the river just east of here. Oh, and Belvedere Castle, tons of people have heard disembodied voices, and dispatch gets calls all the time.
Don Flack: Teenagers. Doing the nasty.
Sheldon Hawkes: go ahead, poke fun, but this area where we are, right now, some of the volunteers from the emergency medical unit won't even ride in here, they send me. I gotta be honest, there have been times when I felt something.
Jo Danville: a prescence?
Sheldon Hawkes: I dont know.
Don Flack: Doc, come on. You can't tell me, that in your well educated mind, you don't have an explanation for paranormal activity.
Sheldon Hawkes: ok, one night, I heard a woman screaming. I get off my bike, I run towards the sound, the screaming is getting louder and louder, but when I get to where she should've been: nothing. Nobody.
Jo Danville: What do think it was?
Sheldon Hawkes:I don't know. I don't have a rational explanation for what happened that night. Now, it could have been my mind playing tricks on me, or maybe it was the sound bouncing of the trees; but I felt something weird here, and judging by the looks of these shoeprints, maybe our Jane Doe felt something too.

Don Flack: Ah... That better not be poison ivy.
Danny Messer: I'd laugh my ass off.

[They hear howling]

Danny Messer: Can you believe this? In the middle of the night, and now we have to deal with coyotes.
Don Flack: What is that all about? They've been attacking people in broad daylight too. Between them and the spiders...
Danny Messer: You afraid of spiders?
Don Flack: What? Northern Black Widow spiders, the female's poison, lay you out in two minutes.
Danny Messer: You scaredy cat.
Don Flack: That could be the cause of her death.
Danny Messer: you're a science guy now? Black widow bite would cause vomiting, chest pain, maybe some bad muscle cramps, but is not fatal. Besides, our girl died of suffocation. Not of a little itty bitty scary spider.
Don Flack: [slightly annoyed] Just bag the evidence.

[phone rings]

Don Flack: Flack.
Jo Danville: [in a cript creepers voice] We gotta go visit the dead.
Don Flack: Work related I hope.

Jo Danville: This place is so creepy. But I guess, funeral home, what else would it be.
Don Flack: How the hell does a funeral home go out of business?
Lindsay Monroe: The owners died four years ago, the left the family business to the only son, Gordon, he closed up shop apparently, but I understand he still lives here.
Sheldon Hawkes: no prints in the dust, no movement in the air.
Jo Danville: Definately doesn't look lived in.
Lindsay Monroe: or died in.

Don Flack: This doesn't make any sense. This kid closed down te funeral home, but stayed in the embalming business.
Jo Danville: He kept it open for personal use. [reviews crime scene] No signs of struggle. So Isabel was probably unconscious when he laid her out here. So what did he do from there.
Lindsay Monroe: [opens door to closet] He dressed her. [takes out a dress] Vintage. Looks like it's from the fifties.
Don Flack: Hey, if we come across a little old lady skeleton in a wig and rocking chair down here, it's every man for himself.

Lindsay Monroe: So this guy can only relate to dead bodies. That's really sad.
Don Flack: That's not the adjective I would use...

Justified [7.09][edit]

Mitch: ...clothes on her back, food in her mouth, and she runs away? Huh?! That's how she repays me?!
Don Flack: Settle down, Mother Theresa.

Shop Till You Drop [7.10][edit]

Danny Messer: Yo Mac.
Mac Taylor: Let me guess, she gave you a full confession, our job is done.
Don Flack: Wouldn't that be nice. No, she still won't say a word.
Danny Messer: But, something I found at the crime scene is speaking volumes. Piece of glass from one of those window lamps, actually had human flesh burnt into its surface. Had a hit in Codis to a Pascal Denton. Now, he is the StoneFields window display designer.
Don Flack: Turns out, before he was a designer, he was a regular at Rikers. Did six months for assaulting a police officer.
Mac Taylor: Any connection to the victim?
Danny Messer: Well we found his prints on a rode iron branch used as the murder weapon, and on top of that Groseman fired him a week ago.
Mac Taylor: gives him motive. Still doesn't explain how Elena fits in.
Don Flack: No, but this will. She and Pascal got engaged six months ago.
Mac Taylor: so all this time we thought she was there alone with Groseman, maybe her fiance was there too.

To What End? [7.11][edit]

[Mac gets to the crime scene as Flack finished interrogating a witness/suspect, which are a lot of people dressed as clowns. Mac is amused]
Don Flack: Don't say anything. It's just better of you don't say anything.
Mac Taylor: the victim's inside?
Don Flack: The owner. Gino Cressida, was his son's sixth birthday. Witness' just say a clown walked in a wasted him.
Mac Taylor: And when you showed up, the arresting officers had these guys contained? [nodding to suspects]
Don Flack: Yeah. Now, some of these costumes are way off, but they happen to match the description witnesses gave of the shooter they saw walk across the street and disappear down the alley.
Mac Taylor: So one of these clowns might actually be our killer.

Don Flack: [Interrogating Clown suspect] You squirt me with that thing, I will shoot you, right here in front of everybody, understand me?

Danny Messer: [After talking about evidence] ok... one more thing, do you wear sneakers inside clown shoes?
Mac Taylor: Are you seriously asking me that question?
Danny Messer: What, no good? What the hell do I know about clowns?
Mac Taylor: Look, I'm a bright man Danny, but I'm afraid I can help you with that one.

[Jo arrives]

Jo Danville: Hey.
Danny Messer: Jo, do you wear sneakers inside clown shoes?
Jo Danville: I don't know, I don't own any.
Danny Messer: Clown shoes?
Jo Danville: Sneakers.
Mac Taylor: Danny, get out of here.

[Danny laughs as he leaves]

Mac Taylor: Get me some answers.

Russ Josephson: Hey, Mac seems like a nice guy.
Jo Danville: He is.
Russ Josephson: Any reason I should be jealous?
Jo Danville: rolls eyes

Holding Cell [7.12][edit]

Danny Messer: Inhaling your alcohol... I think I saw this in an episode of The Jetsons.
Don Flack: I'm not a doctor, but that can't be good for you.
Danny Messer: The vapor or the girl?
Don Flack: Yeah...

Party Down [7.13][edit]

Mac Taylor: What happened here Don?
Don Flack: This was a truck party gone bad. It's the latest craze in afterhours entertainment. They convert tractor trailers into exclusive nightclubs. Times and locations are spread among the social networks.
Mac Taylor: I'm assming this one didn't start at the bottom of the Hudson?
Jo Danville: I thought the truck was not supposed to move once the party started.
Don Flack: It's not.
Mac Taylor: So who moved it?
Don Flack: Couple cabbies nearly got runover, but they didn't get a good look of the drivers face. They did say that he accelerated through the fence. The abscence of skid marks confirms that there was no breaking.
Mac Taylor: Driver could've drowned. Or still be among the survivors.
Jo Danville: we have divers in the water looking for more bodies and the others are being transported to the precint for questioning.
Don Flack: My guess; driver saw that river coming, jumped before splash down, then got the hell out of dodge.
Mac Taylor: Either way, looks like crashing this party wasn't an accident.

Don Flack: ( Sees half naked woman in the body painting studio.)Are you free for something tonight?
Jo Danville:( Pulls Flack out from the room.) Flack, go!

Smooth Criminal [7.14][edit]

Don Flack: Guess who walks out?

Jo Danville: Sounds like the punch line to a bad joke, professional killer, and ex-con walk into a bar.

Mac Taylor: Three dead bodies isn't the kind of buzz you want.

Lindsay Monroe: Wanna know the secret to bad medicine? Soap scum.

Don Flack: So, Camille Jordanson wasn't just stealing meds. She was also giving them fake meds in return. Pun intended: That's pretty sick.

Vigilante [7.15][edit]

Annie Cartland: I got what the system couldn't. Justice.
Mac Taylor: What you got was retribution.
Annie Cartland: Aren't they the same thing?
Mac Taylor: Not even close.

Lindsay Monroe: How do you follow the law and stay a human being?
Jo Danville: That's the hard part, because the piece of me- if that was my daughter- that wanted him dead I have to put in a box.

Kate Price: you know why I remember you, Lindsey? The day that we met at group, before you and me spoke. You kept checking your watch. You just couldn't wait to get out of there. I don't blame you. It wasn't like we wanted to be there either.

Danny Messer: I have to say, whoever these women are, I admire their determination.
Jo Danville: You think they did the right thing?
Danny Messer: Eh... I mean, no. But, I can't say I wouldn't do the same thing in their position.

Lindsay Monroe: Why, because I'm a woman I should cheer his death? I'm a cop first. As much as I despise what he did I don't advocate vigilante justice.

The Untouchable [7.16][edit]

Lindsay Monroe: This is possibly... a grease.
Danny Messer: Yeah, you better hope is that given where we found it.
Lindsay Monroe: You're gross.
Danny Messer: Huh, you wanted the coat.

Don Flack: How did she get here without getting caught?
Mac Taylor: Buildings on either side are abandoned. No one has been up here for years.
Don Flack: What the hell was she doing in here?
Mac Taylor: Looks like Tessa was living here.
Don Flack: Whoa...[They find a wall plastered with Newspaper clippings, polaroids of people, masks...] I don't think the elevator goes to the top floor, if you know what I mean.
Jo Danville: Its amazing.
Mac Taylor: Somewhere in here is the answer to what Tessa was trying to tell me.

[Flack and Mac investigate room at Gentleman's Club. They find traces of bodily fluid on a couch]
Don Flack: A lot of sex going on in this room. Apparently VIP room means something else.
Mac Taylor: Well, sex isnt a crime, murder is. We need to find blood.
[They spray the room for blood, find it on a wall]
Don Flack: Bingo.
Mac Taylor: The splatter suggests a gunshot wound. Tessa was right.

Jo Danville: Your little talk with detective Taylor was really a threat.
Keith DeJong: No! no, no. Look, I jus wanted him to know how-
Lindsay Monroe: How much of a pompous ass you and your club pals are? Do you think money can get you out of murder?
Keith DeJong: No! Look I don't know anything, I just do what I'm told.
Lindsay Monroe: oh, so you're a pompous lackey ass.

Do Or Die [7.17][edit]

Don Flack: Digital Grapevine is in full effect.

Mac Taylor: Significant blood loss. She couldn't have gone far. She was murdered right here in the school grounds.
Don Flack: Usually you tell your kids to be careful coming home from school, not through it.

Lindsay Monroe: Is that an ass print?
Danny Messer: Honey, what?
Lindsay Monroe: Look.
Danny Messer: Yeah, that does look like an ass print.

Lindsay Monroe: You were a cheerleader?
Jo: Oh, don't act like you weren't!

Danny Messer :[processing their crime scene] You have a hall pass, young lady?
[Jo casually flashes her badge]
Danny Messer: All right, that'll do.

Girl Student: [About being in the school library] [Nervous] Yeah, but I'm there every day.
Don Flack: Got a lot of work done then.
Girl Student: Yeah.
Don Flack: I didn't realize having sex was considered homework.

[Adam is walking trying to fidure out something, Jo walks up]

Jo Danville: Hey.
Adam Ross: Hey.
Jo Danville: Dog ate your homework, what's up?
Adam Ross: ok, check this out. I was processing Olivia Prescott's clothing, and I found this weird grey dirt on her blazer, so I ran it through GCMS, and I found a high concentration of sodium, potassium, magnesium, and chloride; which is... ah well... ah... eh- It has the same chemical consistency as ah... Martian soil.
Jo Danville: [amused] What?
Adam Ross: Soil found on Mars.
Jo Danville: Ok. So I should have Flack send out an APB on what? 5'2, big head, oval shaped piercing black eyes, last scene leaving Archford Academy on a flying saucer? [still amused]
Adam Ross: You know, I just got the results back and I-I don't wanna go to Mac yet cause I don't want him to think that I'm-I'm crazy!
Jo Danville: Adam, I can personally guarantee you, that Olivia has never been to Mars. Based on the tears of the fabrics of her blazer, the killer likely grabbed Olivia, so the "martian soil" had to be secondary transfer from the killers hand, but obviously the killer's never been to mars, so you have to figure out what martian soil has to do with Archford Academy.
Adam Ross: Ok. [Turns to leave, sees Mac] Oh God [Leaves in the opposite direction]

Mac Taylor: Since when were Stalin, Khrushchev, and Beria ingredients in water?
Lindsay Monroe: Never...
Sheldon Hawkes: I don't think there's 1947 calories in it either.
Jo Danville: Where did that water bottle come from?
Sheldon Hawkes: Vics' backpack.
Mac Taylor: [Looking at the water bottle closely] Heh, Multiple Choice. 1-T-D
Lindsay Monroe: 1947. TD. Truman Doctrine.
Mac Taylor: 2-M-P
Jo Danville: Marshall Plan.
Mac Taylor: 3-N-S-A
Lindsay Monroe: National Security Agency.
Mac Taylor: National Security Act, Agency wasn't formed until 1949. Everything on this bottle has been replaced with information pertaining to the Cold War.
Jo Danville: All the answers to the test. It's a cheat sheet.
Sheldon Hawkes: That's impressive.

[Mac looks at him wondering]

Sheldon Hawkes: I mean, it's not like I've cheated or anything...

[Jo smiles at him]

Lindsay Monroe: Olivia was the smartest girl at that school, she wasn't a cheater.

[Mac notices something that he had seen smudged on Olivia's finger before]

Mac Taylor: and this would explain the transfer of the F.Lindsay go to the Archford Academy website. I wanna know what exams are scheduled for today.
Lindsay Monroe: AP World History
Mac Taylor: Looks like Olivia Prescott might have caught a cheater.

Identity Crisis [7.18][edit]

Don Flack: Hey Mac. Bet you a cup of coffee this is the most interesting crime scene you'll go to all week.
Mac Taylor: You sound confident, obviously you know something I don't.
Don Flack: [To Sheldon] You wanna tell him?
Sheldon Hawkes: No, please.
Don Flack: Alright. [To Mac] You had to guess, how old do you say our victim is?
Mac Taylor: Late seventies, early eighties maybe.

[Sheldon and Flack smile and nod as if it was a good guess, Mac looks at them confused]

Don Flack: Doc.
Sheldon Hawkes: Mid thirties would be closer to the truth.
Mac Taylor: [Snorts] What?
Sheldon Hawkes: Yeah... and he's a woman. [Takes off mask from vic]
[Mac looks shocked]
Don Flack: [smirking] I like my coffee black, no sugar.

[Adam is doing something in the computer and starts laughing]
[Danny notices he is playing with the aging software using Lindsay's face]
Danny Messer: [Laughing] Hey, come on, that's not right, don't do that, stop.
Lindsay Monroe: What?
Danny Messer: He's just messing with the age progression software.

[Lindsay walks around the table to see]

Danny Messer: I wouldn't look.
Lindsay Monroe: Is that me?! That's not funny!
Danny Messer: I didn't do it.
Lindsay Monroe: Yeah, but you're laughing.
Danny Messer: No.
Lindsay Monroe: You're going to be married to her. [They all keep laughing] We are growing old together.
[Adam notices Mac walking over]
Adam Ross: [Seriously] Boss, One o'clock.
Mac Taylor: What is happening in here?
Adam Ross: We were... well, ah... while these guys were, eh... goofing around, I discovered a rust like substance from the vics sweater, more than likely transfered from the weapon. [Lindsay and Danny look at him incredulously]
Danny Messer: Rust, huh?
Adam Ross: Yeah, huh.
Danny Messer: I think you need a distinct chemical composition or you'll be staring at big fat dead end chief.
Lindsay Monroe: There was no hit in Codis from the blood on the platform. And Danny's print from the train, dead end. But I did manage to find a partial print from the adhesive tape on the cigar box, and I'm thinking since our vic was wearing a mask, she was probably up to something, and she might have a record.
Danny Messer: Right, which we won't find any time soon, cause our vic is still a Jane Doe, and I ran Sid's ten card and we didn't get an ID... So if that print you recovered is hers, it's not gonna get us a name.
Lindsay Monroe: I'm your wife, ok. You don't have to turn on me.
[The three of them start arguing lightly]
Mac Taylor: You three done?
Adam Ross: Sorry.
Mac Taylor: Alright, lets get an ID on our Jane Doe, lets hunt down a location where this mask was purchased might be a good place to start, the quality of the material suggests it was custom made, not something you find on a costume store shelf, and run this clothes, lets see if we can find a murder weapon. Danny that palm print run it for trace, maybe we can find something that'll tell us where the killer works, lives or hangs out.
[Victim's cell phone starts vibrating]

Jo Danville: [To Ellie] I adopted you because you needed me... and because I needed you

Jo Danville: Hey.
Mac Taylor: [Looks at his watch] What are you doing here?
Jo Danville: Forgot my homework. Left myself a post it so I wouldn't forget on my desk. Of course, I forgot.
Mac Taylor: On your desk?
Jo Danville: Ok, thank you, yes, it's a mess, you know.
Mac Taylor: Huh... How'd it go? [About Ellie]
Jo Danville: oh, it didn't. Ellie changed her mind.
Mac Taylor: Teenagers.
Jo Danville: Yep, that about sums it up. Mac you need to get married and have kids so I don't have to go through all these challenges alone.
Mac Taylor: Have you lost your mind?
Jo Danville: Yeah, don't get married, just adopt a child. [Mac laughs] Children are wonderful.
Mac Taylor: Misery really loves company, huh?
Jo Danville: You'd make a great father.
Mac Taylor: Jo, stop.
Jo Danville: didn't you ever think about being a grandfather?
Mac Taylor: Hey, if I buy you a burger and beer will you stop talking?
Jo Danville: Done. You know I have a weakness for food. Lets get a juicy, greasy hamburger, with a light beer.

[They chuckle a little]

Jo Danville: You would make a great father.
Mac Taylor: Jo...

Food For Thought [7.19][edit]

Adam Ross: Hey Mac, if a bird spits on you do you think it's the same good luck as whe-
Mac Taylor: Figure it out, Adam.

Danny Messer: What about that feast that we brought you in bed?
Lindsay Monroe That was Mother's Day...two years ago.
Danny Messer: Two? Really?...Whoa, I'll get you something tasty when we're done [Crime scene]
Lindsay Monroe: I want a bowl of grits, two eggs over medium, sausage and wheat toast with a lot of butter from that soul food place in Bleaker. And, I want a double cheese burger with large fries, and a cream super float from that place in Madison Square park.
Danny Messer: [Snorts, starts walking away] That's it... [Stops, looks back questioningly]
Lindsay Monroe: I'm not pregnant. I'm just hungry.

Camille Jordanson: I'm throwing a party and was wondering if you wanted to come by.
Sheldon Hawkes: Babe, didn't we almost just die?
Camille Jordanson: Why do you think I'm throwing a party?

Jo Danville: So all this time we've been looking at food trucks we should have been focusing on fine dining.
Mac Taylor: Let's go see if murder is on the menu.

Nothing for Something [7.20][edit]

[Talking about Flack taking Mac home]
Mac Taylor: Will you be giving me milk and cookies and singing a lullaby?
Don Flack: Lullaby thing's a bit weird...but milk and cookies can happen. [Grins]
[Mac grins back]
Don Flack: Let's go.

Life Sentence [7.21][edit]

Don Flack: What are you after?
Raymond Harris: Justice.

Mac Taylor: You want to kill me, Harris? Kill me. Here I am. Make a move.
Raymond Harris: Then there wouldn't be any surprises. Where's the fun in that?

Mac Taylor: You always walked the line, Bill, but I never thought you'd cross it.

Bill Hunt: Not a day went by that I didn't think of turning myself in.
Mac Taylor: But you didn't
Bill Hunt: It wouldn't have made a difference.
Mac Taylor: It would have to me.

Exit Strategy [7.22][edit]

Jo Danville: Danny, check your schedule. You'll receive a 'must appear' for Wednesday.
Sheldon Hawkes: I can cover your cases for you if you have any deadlines.
Danny Messer: Ah, thanks, Doc (To Lindsay) You weren't even gonna offer, were you?
Lindsay Monroe: Solve your own damn cases.
Adam Ross: I can't wait to get married.

Jo Danville: Okay, what's going on, Mac? I know you better than you think. Something's up. What suddenly compelled you to investigate a robbery at a bodega on Austin and 123rd?
Mac Taylor: I'm the head of the Crime Lab, Jo. I think that more or less entitles me to re-evaluate any case I want, whenever I want.
Jo Danville: Fine. I have no problem with that. But I'm your colleague and friend and I think that more or less entitles me to ask why.

Jo Danville: You know, you're going old school with that string. You'd be amazed at what computers can do nowadays.
Mac Taylor: It's an old case. Old habits.

Don Flack: What's up?
Mac Taylor: You just killed two people: owner and an employee behind the counter.
Don Flack: That sounds like me.

Mac Taylor: This case has been sitting on the edge of my desk for the last nine years.
Don Flack: You got a new lead?
Mac Taylor: No.
Don Flack: Is the chif asking about it?
Mac Taylor: Nope.
Don Flack: Then, whats up? Why you looking into it now?
Mac Taylor: No reason.

Danny Messer: Know what I'm thinking? I want you to go into the bathroom, take these two bricks of cocaine and I want you to strap them to your body. All right? Then I'm going to meet you downstairs, okay? I'm gonna get it home, I'm gonna cut it and I'm gonna package it. And I'm going to become... (Imitating Al Pacino) ...Danny Montana. I'm a political prisoner from Staten Island.
Lindsay Monroe: So you have no problem using me as a drug mule?
Danny Messer: No. If you want to be involved, you're going to have to take on some of the risk.
Lindsay Monroe: Well, it sounds like I'm taking on all of the risk. The only thing you risk is being mocked for doing a bad Pacino impression.

Danny Messer: So you're not a fan of being the wife of a very powerful and, and, and very handsome, of I do say so myself, drug lord. I anticipated that, because I know a little bit about you so I have a plan B for making some extra dough.
Lindsay Monroe: Well, does it involve you dressing in drag and turning tricks? Because that I'm totally okay with.

Danny Messer: How does Sergeant Danny Messer sound?
Lindsay Monroe: Are you serious? You're thinking about taking the sergeant's exam?
Danny Messer: Maybe.
Lindsay Monroe: I think that's a great idea.
Danny Messer: Good. 'Cause I took it a few months ago and I'm waiting for the results in a few days.
Lindsay Monroe: What? Why didn't you tell me?
Danny Messer: I mean, I haven't told anyone. I mean, I don't know if I want it. I mean, it's more money. It puts me on the path to possibly running this lab one day but it takes me away from here. It would take me away from the team. It would take me away from you.
Lindsay Monroe: Well, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. I love that you're thinking about our future like this.

Mac Taylor: We processed this thing when the crime occurred and we never got a second donor. Why would it be different now?
Sheldon Hawkes: Well, I used a different genetic analyzer. Every instrument varies in sensitivity. If I ran it through a third one might not pick it up but this one did. Machines. Sometimes there's no rational explanation for why they do what they do.

Wes Dillon: Relax, Kenny. She's just a kid.
Kenny Hexton: No, she's not a kid. She's a witness, man.

Natalie Dalton: I suppose you read the reports... the... the ones that the police made that night. I was a different person back then.
Mac Taylor: Ms. Dalton, I'm not here to judge you. Based on what I've read here, you're a mother who's never given up hope, and I admire that.

Mac Taylor: How did Olivia end up in that bodega alone?
Natalie Dalton: I was more interested in getting loaded than taking care of my baby girl.

Mac Taylor: The bodega was just around the corner. She [Olivia] went to get you some aspirin.
Natalie Dalton: And when I woke up a couple hours later, she was gone. I went through the entire building, knocked on every door, went through the streets screaming her name. I haven't had a drink since that night. That's what it took to open my eyes. But it was too late.
Mac Taylor: It's never too late.

Natalie Dalton: You've been looking for these men for nine years. What makes you think you're going to find them now?
Mac Taylor: Olivia.

Jo Danville: You're a very pretty woman. You seem like you have a good head on your shoulders. What happened?
Jackie Thompson: You can go now.
Jo Danville: If I had to guess, I bet you had a father who told you you would never amount to anything. And after you heard that about a hundred times you started to believe it.
Jackie Thompson: Get out.
Jo Danville: So you started dating guys who would smack you around.
Jackie Thompson: Get the hell out.

Mac Taylor: I want a last name for Wes.
Kenny Hexton: I couldn't tell you. We... we just met a couple weeks before the robbery. I barely knew that guy. After it all went south, we figured the less we knew about each other, the better.

Mac Taylor: (To Kenny Hexton) That can't be easy. Being on the run like that. All that picking up, moving. New town, new faces. None of that changes once you're on the inside. Not if I have anything to say about it, and I will.

Mac Taylor: I want the girl, Olivia. Tell me where she is.
Kenny Hexton: I don't know.
Mac Taylor: Well, then I don't know where you might end up. I'm thinking maybe, uh, New Mexico right now. How about that?

Kenny Hexton: (Giving Wes a gun) It's time to lighten the load.
Wes Dillon: (Knocks Kenny with the gun) You're sick, you know that? (He kicks Kenny repeatedly) Killing little kids is where we part ways.

Mac Taylor: This writing style is very unique. Look at the I's. Exaggerated slant. Alternating capital and lowercase letters between words. Someone may be able to recognize it.
Adam Ross: I'm not sure I follow.
Mac Taylor: We use it like a missing persons billboard. Instead of a face, we use this. 'If you recognize the handwriting, call the NYPD tips line.' That kind of thing. See? Out of the box thinking. Get it out to every media source you can think of. I want it on electronic billboards, too.
Adam Ross: All over the state?
Mac Taylor: The country.

Samantha Rogers: Why would Tony do that to me? Lie to me like that?
Don Flack: We believe his real name is Wes. He's a fugitive. Been on the run since 2002.
Samantha Rogers: For what?
Don Flack: Murder.
Samantha Rogers: He killed someone?
Don Flack: He's also wanted for kidnapping.
Samantha Rogers: Wait, you mean Madison?
Don Flack: Her real name is Olivia Dalton. She's not his daughter.
Samantha Rogers: That can't be. You should have seen them together, the way he treated her.

Wes Dillon: You're young. There's gonna be other boys.
Olivia Dalton: Not like him.
Wes Dillon: You're one of a kind, you know that? You're a real princess. Now, if this guy can't see that, you don't want to be with him anyway. I could have a chat with him. You know... little one-on-one. Little man-to-man? I can be pretty convincing.
Olivia Dalton: He's 12.
Wes Dillon: So, what are you saying? You saying I'm too old, I can't take him?
Olivia Dalton: Okay, yeah. Go beat him up for me. But leave me the last punch.
Wes Dillon: Deal. (He kisses her)

(After Wes has been shot by the cops)
Olivia Dalton: (Sobbing) You're gonna be okay. We'll get you to a doctor right now.
Wes Dillon: Don't be sad, okay, princess? You get to go home now.

Mac Taylor: Olivia Dalton. That's your name. You're from Queens, New York. Your mom's name is Natalie. Remember? I saw her just before I came here. She wanted you to know that she never forgot about you. She never stopped looking for you. She never stopped hoping that you were out here somewhere... alive. She loves you, Olivia.
Olivia Dalton: (About Wes) He loved me, too. My father loved me.

Natalie Dalton: Thank you. Both of you for all that you've done. (Jo motions for Natalie to go join Olivia) Is... is that her? (She peers inside the office) She's beautiful. Can I go...?
Mac Taylor: Of course you can. You're her mother.

Jo Danville: Why didn't you say something about what happened to you on that roof? You put it in the paperwork, but you didn't tell anyone. Why?
Mac Taylor: I'm still trying to wrap my head around a few things, Jo. I've eluded death on many occasions, but this time it was different. It was staring me right in the eyes.

Mac Taylor: What am I doing? How much longer can I do this?
Jo Danville: So that's why you went back to the bodega homicide, the last unsolved case. You wanted to see if you could find some closure.
Mac Taylor: I've done a lot of good.
Jo Danville: Yeah.
Mac Taylor: Maybe I've done my part.

Lindsay Monroe: Oh, did you get your results back?
Danny Messer: (Imitating Al Pacino) Say hello to Sergeant Messer. (They hug)
Lindsay Monroe: You passed?
Danny Messer: I passed! (They kiss)