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CSI: NY (September 2004February 2013) is an American police procedural television series set in New York City. It is a spinoff of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and CSI: Miami.

Epilogue [6.01][edit]

Lindsay: Now don't get too comfortable in that chair.
Danny: Well, it's been a month, and I haven't felt a thing. Nothing, no movement, no tingling. Nothing.
Lindsay: Danny, you gotta be patient.
Danny: We gotta start thinking that this might be the way it is, is what we gotta do.
Lindsay: Doctor said there's no permanent damage to your spine. Inflammation from the gunshot wound is causing temporary paralysis.
Danny: Yeah, but how do you forget the words like 'more than likely, best case scenario, 60% chance of recovery'? How do you do that?
Lindsay: Well, for one, I'm an optimist. For another if you don't recover, I'm going to kick your butt.

Mac: These guys aren't looking to kill, they're looking to scare.
Danny: Yeah, well, then why don't they use something other than guns?
Mac: No, think about it. All that gunfire, there's been one fatality. And at both the scene last night and the restaurant, most of the damage was to the awning and the top of the building. Their weapon of choice? Style SPP auto-machine pistol, small weapon, high-recoil, certainly not known for accuracy.
Stella: So these thugs are in the business of fear. They want the entire city to be at their mercy.

Lindsay: 10 percent chance of walking? You told me it was 60.
Danny: I just didn't want to scare you.
Lindsay: You know what scares me, Danny? It's that you think you have to lie to me.

Jake Calaveras: It was all just talk, at first. Then Wilson came up with this idea. What if we made the city work for us? You know? He used the word ransom. I thought he was joking. But they kept talking about it. Doing something, again and again and again, and having the city pay us to stop.
Mac: Why, Jake? To what end?
Jake Calaveras: Dave said because we could. Just... because we could.
Mac: Because you could? Is that what I should tell the family of the bartender who died or all the people who were injured!? Is that what I should tell my detective who's sitting in a wheelchair!?

Blacklist (Grave Digger) [6.02][edit]

Lindsay: (rushing into the lab) Sorry I'm late. The sitter was stuck in traffic.
Hawkes: (looking at her t-shirt) Whitesnake, huh?
Lindsay:[sighs] Baby threw up on everything else.

McCanna Boyd Taylor: New York City Police Department's the best in the country. You've had your war, son. Take the job.
Mac: Dad...
McCanna Boyd Taylor: Claire's from New York, huh? She has family there. You're gonna need their help when... babies start coming.
Mac: [almost laughing] Whoa, dad. We just got married, dad. I was thinking that maybe I'd... if I do retire, maybe I'd move back to Chicago for a while.
McCanna Boyd Taylor: No, son. There's no need for you to be here. I've had a good life. You need to live yours.
Mac: Dad...
McCanna Boyd Taylor: You've served... your country, Mac. Pick up the phone. Make the call. Take the job. Promise me... you'll make the call.
Mac: I promise.

Lat 40° 47' N/Long 73° 58' W [6.03][edit]

Lindsay: [as she sees Danny doing pull ups] Danny! What are you doing?
Danny: Processing the vic's phone.
Lindsay: Oh, of course. What was I thinking?
Danny: Flack had the vic's phone pinged. We found it in a dumpster. Waiting on DNA results from the trace I found. I figured I'd get a little pump in.
Lindsay: Don't you have physical therapy today?
Danny: Yeah, yeah, so I'm getting ready for it. [as she just looks at him] What? You see Lucy lately, huh? She's standing up in her crib, cruising along the walls of the apartment. She's gonna walk soon, Lindsay.
Lindsay: Danny, please tell me you're not competing with our ten-month-old daughter.
Danny: No, I'm not competing with our daughter. All right? I'm just sick and tired of being in this chair. I want to run through Central Park with my daughter on my shoulders, okay? I want to chase down boys who try to hit on her. I want to dance with you and her at her wedding. So, if you don't mind... [preparing for another round]
Lindsay: [placing her hands at the sides of his neck, caressing it, and leaning in] I don't mind at all.

Compass Killer: Can you see me? Do you even know which way to look?

Mac: [to his team] We're going to work night and day to figure out exactly why this killer chose his victims, and were going to use that connection to catch him before the press gets wind of it and panics the whole damn city over some kind of compass killer. Or worse... before he adds another victim to the map.

Mac: Is he still here?
Sid: Who?
Mac: The husband, the man who I.D.'d her body.
Sid: He left. He was so upset. I hope he went home...
Mac: Where exactly was he standing?
Sid: That table right over there. Here [flips the lights on as Mac picks up the compass]. Oh, no. The killer was here.
Mac: And I don't know where the hell he's going next.

Dead Reckoning [6.04][edit]

Flack: If you could go back to that moment, just you and him in that apartment, would you do it again? Would you stick the knife in his chest?
Deborah Carter: [reliving the stabbing & not caring] All 17 times. Regret's a waste of time, Detective.
Flack: Right.
Deborah: You can't change the past.
Flack: Stand up, turn around. No matter how okay you think you are, when you close your eyes at night, it's gonna haunt you. [as he cuffs her]

Hawkes: [after seeing Danny conclude his therapy early] So what was that?
Danny: What?
Hawkes: Danny, you gotta try way harder if you're gonna get up out of this chair.
Danny: Doc, you know what? I got a policy, buddy. I don't take advice unless I ask for it.
Hawkes: I got a policy, too. I'm always up-front with my friends. And with an injury like yours, you should have been up out of that chair weeks ago. You're not pushing yourself.
Danny: Are you kidding me?! I'd like to give you five minutes of the pain I feel every time I take a step.
Hawkes: Danny, I treated hundreds of trauma patients that would trade places with you in a minute.

Danny: (trying to apologize to his rehab therapist) Look, I'm done whining. I came here so you can help me get out of this wheelchair and I'm going to do whatever it takes to make that happen. I've got a few precious things I need to pay for.

Mac: Don. Everything okay with you?
Flack: Yeah, I'm fine.
Mac: I'm not convinced.
Flack: Why do you need to be? Did I do something wrong?
Mac: It's what you didn't do. It could have got you killed.
Flack: Am I being second-guessed for not killing someone? I thought that was a good thing.
Mac: It is, if it was a choice. People are concerned about you, Don.
Flack: Tell people I said thanks, but I can take care of myself.
Mac: I wish that was true. If it wasn't for Lindsay saving your ass today, we might be having this conversation in an emergency room, or maybe not at all.
Flack: Unless you want to make that official, I got nothing else to say.

Battle Scars [6.05][edit]

Adam: [sees Danny slowly walking down the hallway with the a cane] Race you to the end of the hallway. [Danny hits him with the cane] Oh, hey! Just a little humor there.
Danny: Yeah, well, uh, where are we at on this hotel-room murder?
Adam: Well, behind door number one, we have a silver vase, champagne bottle and all the matching stemware. Behind door number two, we have a wool ski-mask, presumably worn by the killer. So, what's it going to be, Messer?
Danny: It's going to be door number one.
Adam: Ah. Feeling lucky about getting some prints, huh?
Danny: No, it's just a little closer.

Dot-com: Why are you asking me about Jesse? Did he do something wrong?
Don: Yeah, he stepped in front of a gun while someone else was pulling the trigger.

Don: This was not the first time our vic was robbed.
Danny: Yeah, I don't think you can claim New York residency unless you've been robbed twice, no?

Mac: Something's off, though. Based on the complaint of the first robbery, Jesse stared right at the guy. Why'd the I.D. go south?
Stella: Well, you know how unreliable eyewitnesses can be, especially when they're staring down the barrel of a gun.

It Happened to Me [6.06][edit]

Adam: This guy was kinky with his food.
Stella: Care to elaborate on that?
Adam: I think he was sploshing. A sploshing party is an event where a group of people get together and they experience food in a, uh, sensual way. They, um, caress their bodies with foods of different textures and temperatures, and it, uh... it arouses and stimulates and... they say that it excites them and-and... well, I just, again, it's what I've... I've heard, I...
Flack: There are specific locations for these...?
Stella: Sploshing parties.
Adam: Oh, you can go to a website and get an invitation.

Mac: Have you talked to Sheldon?
Stella: I'm... I'm not sure what to say. Guess my expectations are too high.
Mac: What do you mean?
Stella: Hawkes is a brilliant former surgeon. And that being said, I know that he couldn't have saved Martin Stafford's life if he had tried. But what's bugging me is I don't understand why he didn't know more was wrong with him. Why he didn't see the symptoms, why he didn't tell us everything at the crime scene.
Mac: I've been asking myself those questions. When Hawkes told me what happened, I was angry, but I resisted giving him a lecture or threatening modified duty, because... it was Sheldon. All I kept thinking was, this isn't like him. It wasn't like him at all. I suppose we do expect a lot out of each other.
Stella: [sighing] Is that bad?
Mac: No.

John Simmons: That son of a bitch took my money! He invested the employees' pension, and he lost it all. We trusted him! I don't have anything. I don't have a damn thing left after all those years.
Mac: Look at me. This isn't the way to fix it.
Simmons: What? You gonna tell me that you understand? You can't understand. You can't possibly understand.
Hawkes: I do! 'Cause a month ago, I lost everything, too. I trusted someone with my money just like you did. A money manager who turned out to be a scam artist. Now I'm living with friends. Spending my nights out, begging for overtime, but mostly, I just sit there wondering what the hell happened. And the worst about all this is that it changed me, and I don't like what I've become. The secrets I've kept, and the pride that forced me to lie to my friends and treat people unkind.

Stella: I'm sorry.
Hawkes: I didn't tell anyone because I was embarrassed. I'm smart, educated, and I was duped. And it wasn't like John Simmons or even his boss, Martin Stafford. They just trusted in the economy, and it let them down. Me, I got greedy, tried to play with the big boys, and I got stung.
Stella: It wasn't greed, Sheldon. It's called optimism. You didn't have to sell your condo, you could've gone to the department, asked for an emergency loan.
Hawkes: I was living with more than I needed. I took the best offer while I had the chance. Unfortunately, it was before I had another place to live, so... I ended up staying with a friend, and... You know my biggest disappointment is that I may have to give up volunteering with the medical unit. With Angell dying, and then this money situation, volunteering was the one thing keeping me sane there for a while.
Stella: Don't you dare quit, you enjoy it too much, there are other options.
[Mac walks over as Stella and Sheldon arrive at the elevators. Mac tosses Sheldon a set of keys.]
Mac: Hey, I've got an extra room. [smiling] It's not up for discussion.

Hammer Down [6.07][edit]

(as they process the overturned truck)
Lindsay: What are you thinking?
Danny: [eyes a stained Hawaiian hula-doll on the dashboard] Besides the fact that you and I have never had a honeymoon, I'm thinking that might be blood.

Mac: Our informant is a cellmate of a suspect we convicted six months ago in connection with a human-trafficking ring here in New York City.
Ray Langston: A little cellmate chitchat, and a convict looking to make a deal that's hard to trust.
Mac: True, but right now, we're standing here with nothing. And I kind of got the impression you weren't here to sightsee.

Ray: It never gets easier, does it?
Mac: No. I've told parents about their dead or missing kids more times than I can count. Hell, the first time was one time too many. One day, a woman whispers "thank you" to me through her tears. And I realized that she just needed to know that there was somebody doing everything they could for her child. And that's what you're doing, Ray. And that's worth a phone call.

Ray: [as they gear up at the junk yard] Did you know that the oldest projectile fired from a weapon was recorded in the fourth century in Japan? It was fired from a very crude handheld cannon that you lit with a wick. Its sole purpose was for taking life. Seems that after 1,700 years of evolution we haven't come very far, have we?

Cuckoo's Nest [6.08][edit]

Stella: [seeing Danny walk without help] Hey! On your own two feet and looking good, Messer.
Danny: Not bad, huh? First the wheelchair, now no more cane. Done.
Stella: Yeah. You know, that was one of the scariest moments and I'll never forget it when you said you couldn't move your legs.
Danny: When I saw the blood on my hands, I mean, I thought that was it.
Stella: Yeah, well, it wasn't your time.
Danny: Yeah, let's go with that.

Sid: [about their vic] There are 206 bones in the human body. Richard Caldrone broke 204 of them.
Stella: Well, jumping off a bridge has a tendency to do that.

Flack: Hey-o, Terrence! This has been fun and all, but you should probably get some new friends. Your boys are like walking parole violations. What's the matter, did I hurt your feelings? Did you get sensitive all of a sudd...? (Seeing Mac in the apartment)
Terrence: I ain't trying to have no cop convention up in here. But you two need some quality time, so I'm gonna give you all five minutes.

Mac: Hey, let's be clear. Part of me wants to take this badge off and settle this another way.
Flack: Get out of my face.
Mac: [runs him against the wall] Hey! We're in the middle of a murder investigation and you go AWOL?!?
Flack: I can handle myself.
Mac: Oh, yeah? Is that what you're doing here in this apartment? [pulls out Flack's gun] Is that why I had to get this from Terrence? Is that why I had to have Stella triangulate your phone and Danny check the ERs to see if you turned up dead? You can keep telling people that you're fine, but that won't work.

Manhattanhenge [6.09][edit]

Stella: [entering with a mug in her hands] I just finished my third cup of coffee. Figured you could probably use one.
Lindsay: Oh, thanks, Stella. Thought we weren't supposed to drink in the lab?
Stella: We aren't, but at some point, the human body either requires sleep or massive quantities of caffeine.
Lindsay: God bless you.

Mac: [about the picture of Eckhart and his wife] So what are we looking at?
Hawkes: Manhattanhenge.
Stella: Manhattan-what?
Hawkes: It's a biannual phenomenon in which the rising or setting sun aligns perfectly with the east-west grid of Manhattan's streets. Sort of a Stonehenge-meets-concrete-and-hot-dog-carts kind of thing.

Mac: Eckhart was supposed to meet his wife at Lincoln Center after work.
Stella: But when he was running late, he told her to go to the surveyor's office instead.
Mac: Figured if they were going to miss the show, they might as well be together.
Danny: So, he blamed himself as much as everyone else.
Lindsay: Maybe more.
Hawkes: Each man is the architect of his own fate.
Stella: And sometimes the fate of others.

Mac: [toasting during dinner] Here's to a great team and to getting Hollis Eckhart off the streets.
Stella: Yes. And to reminding us that life is fleeting and we should hold on to the people we love while we can.

Death House [6.10][edit]

Sid: Did you know that between 400 and 1400 A.D. there was a common belief that mummia was a potent medicine with curative powers? People used to grind up mummy parts and put them on their bodies to get well when they were sick.
Stella: Mmm, take two milligrams of mummy and call me in the morning.
Sid: [chuckles] Something like that.
Mac: Sid, I thought you had hobbies outside of work.
Sid: I take it my interest in the history of my profession and the fascinating world of the post-mortem does not strike you as an enjoyable pastime?
Mac: [to Stella] Let's take him to a Jets game this weekend

Danny: Apparently Jones put up seed money for Harding's invention business. But it sounds like their deal eventually went sour 'cause Harding filed a suit in 1923 for patent infringement but it was dismissed. Jones comes up missing shortly after.
Mac: Sam Harding had motive to make that happen. Harding thought Jones stabbed him in the back and when he didn't win in court, he got revenge.
Danny: We just solved an 86-year-old murder. Not bad for a half a day's work.
Mac: Well, it gives us the rest of the day to tackle the remaining unanswered questions: who broke into the penthouse? And who made the 911 call?

Stella: [to Mac, after bending a vase that reveals a hidden room] I'll shoot you if you say ladies first.

Sam Harding: [flashback, on the phonograph to Walter Jones] A sad, painful song. A song of lies and betrayal, heartbreaking. But a song can only make you feel so much. It's no substitute for real suffering. That's why I invited you to my home. Everything I worked for, you stole it and sold it to the highest bidder and kept the money. My money. Then you bought off the judge and made me look like a liar. So while you made millions, I invested my unrewarded ingenuity and hard work into making this place a lesson in pain, lies, and betrayal. You may be smart enough to steal my inventions, but let us see if you are smart enough to survive them.

Second Chances [6.11][edit]

Stella: [helping Mac carry a Christmas tree] So you had to pick the biggest one, huh?
Mac: It's a Taylor family tradition. Every Christmas we visit all the tree lots looking for that one. And then the day after New Year's, when everybody puts their trees out by the curb, my dad would drive us around the neighbourhood to see if we could find a bigger one than ours.
Stella: And?
Mac: 17 Taylor Christmases, never once did we find a tree that beat us.

Mac: That's the victim, but who's the other guy?
Stella: They're both James Manning. The moment I saw him, I knew there was something familiar about him. And then when I saw that scar on his hand... I ran him through CARS for past collars and came up with this booking photo.
Mac: It's hard to believe they're the same person.
Stella: Put some meat on his bones and a shave and he looks like a completely different guy.
Mac: It's never a good thing when you look better in the autopsy photo than you do when you're alive.

Stella: Hey, Danny, I'm waiting for your 'boom'.
Danny: Ah, no more 'booms'. Lindsay made me promise. She's afraid it's gonna be Lucy's first word. [keeps checking the car] Boom! This is our car.

Stella: [to Sam Baker] So somebody broke into your apartment, took the key, borrowed your car, committed a homicide, dumped the car, and then put the key back. I mean, does that sound like anything a sane person would believe?

Mac: You chose people who were vulnerable and broken. People you knew had nobody to question your motives. What's it like to live without a conscience?
Grace Chandler: It's like being rich. Something you probably know nothing about.
Mac: Putting people like you away for the rest of your life, doing good... that makes me rich. Something you probably know nothing about.

Criminal Justice [6.12][edit]

Lindsay: [enters the locker room to see Danny with a back support under his shirts] What is that?
Danny: Nothing. Just precautionary. My back's been acting up. Probably just pulled something.
Lindsay: When?
Danny: A few weeks ago, when Flack and I were chasing Hollis Eckhart.
Lindsay: You know, Danny? Maybe you came back to work too soon.
Danny: And what are our other options, Linds? I take any more sick days, they'll force a medical leave on me.
Lindsay: Well, look on the bright side. You'd get to spend more time with Lucy. You are her favorite.
Danny: [swallows a pill] It'll be fine [leans forward and kisses the corner of her mouth] Don't worry about it.

Flag on the Play [6.13][edit]

Mac: Sid, Natalie was pronounced dead in Michigan. Why are you blaming yourself?
Sid: Because I dismissed her mother's suspicion as that of a grieving parent. Perhaps if I'd looked more closely, I might have been able to prevent the death of her teammate.

Flack: [looking around the store] This is certainly a step up from the place my Uncle Teddie used to pawn his cufflinks when he needed a drink.
Danny: [laughs a bit] Yeah. Bars and pawnshops recession-proof.
Flack: Guess so.

Danny: Last week, my dog tags were stolen, obviously. My wallet and my badge.
Flack: What? Where did this happen?
Danny: My back's been bothering me, so I go to this acupuncture joint. I come out of the treatment, go back to my locker. Everything's gone, except my clothes.
Flack: Did you report your shield stolen?
Danny: No. I mean, I don't want to make a big deal about it... yet.
Flack: It's a big deal.
Danny: I know.
Flack: Now some nut job's running around the city with your shield. Damn it!

Sanguine Love [6.14][edit]

Stella: How's it going?
Danny: Feeling old.
Stella: I'd say it was the cold weather, but you're too young for aches and pains like that.
Danny: Well, Mac asked Adam to develop our vic's roll of film. Kid had no idea what he was talking about. Digital generation.
Stella: I hope you hit him.
Danny: Oh, I did.

Flack: Billy James?
Billy James: I take it you guys don't want NYPD tattooed on your forearms.

Sid: I'll just say it straight: I think our vic may have been killed by... a vampire.

[After finding out about the Vampire Theory]
Flack: That's a relief.
Danny: What?
Flack: She's got a bed.
Danny: What'd you think? She'd have a coffin? [Looking at photographs] She had a nice eye. Obviously put a lot of time into these photographs.
[Checking a bookcase]
Flack: Oh! She obviously put a lot of time into some interesting reading habits as well. [Found several books related to vampires] The Awakening, Confessions of a Vampire.
Danny: Are you serious? How does one get involved in this? I mean, when do you have that moment of deciding: I wanna suck someone else's blood?
Flack: I don't know. Whatever happened to kids playing stickball and manhunt?
Danny: Yeah, Yeah. Suddenly, its... uh... being pale, and skinny, and having sharp teeth and great hair. That's the way to go.

Joseph Vance: I am deeply disturbed... by Estelle's death.
Mac: You are deeply disturbed. I'll give you that much.

The Formula [6.15][edit]

[Adam Lindsay and Danny in the garage, putting together a burnt race car]
Lindsay: Somebody did a bad thing to a good fencooler.
Adam: You a racing fan?
Lindsay: Anything that rips it up 200 miles an hour, you gotta respect.
Danny: Haha...that's my girl. You grow up in Montana and you love race cars.
Lindsay: Maybe stock cars, but open wheel...that's a whole different thing.
Adam: I know what you mean. Paddle-shift versus stick, front rear wings and you have the whole LCD steering wheel that you basically need an engineering degree to operate.
Lindsay: You race?
Adam: Playstation.
[Lindsay laughs]
Adam: Those games are very realistic.
Danny: All right, Speed Racer, calm down.

Flack: Maybe it's me, but I don't get it. You get 80 laps jammed into that tiny car; 10 second pit stops... Where do you go to the bathroom?
Mac: You don't wanna know.

[Danny, Lindsay, and Adam showing Mac their findings]
Lindsay: So is this thing a beauty or what?
Adam: Every single piece is accounted for following the specs and the burn pattern.
Mac: Great work.
Danny: We checked the area behind the cockpit right here, Mac and this is where we discovered that this is where our mystery generator was located.
Lindsay: We checked with the racing coalition, it's called a V.I.C engine.
Mac: Velocity Injection Chamber. I've read about it. It's a nasty piece of work, but it's still experimental, not every team is using it.
Lindsay: That's why it wasn't in the specs. It's not part of the formula yet.
Danny: Might be the future if hybrid engines though. It recycles wasted energy. [He explains how it works] Instant turbo-boost right at your fingertips. Press the button and...
Adam: Boom!
[Everyone looks at him]
Adam: [mumbles] Sorry, that was... that was your moment... I thought you were gonna... boom... nothing.

Uncertainty Rules [6.16][edit]

[In interrogation the first time]
Flack: Clowns?! That's what you're going with... clowns? That's your official story?
James Roberts: They were trying to kill me.
Flack: Oh, so they're the "homicidal on the inside" kind of clowns. Well, hang on a second while I put out an APB for two guys with frizzy pink hair and big red noses!

Flack: The hotel manager said that the girls did not check in with them.
Hawkes: So the guys either met them at some point that night and they all went back to the hotel to continue the party.
Danny: Right, or they were the party. Hired to, erm, blow out the birthday boy's candle.

Flack: Why'd you do it?
Calvin Moore: Why do you think?
Danny: For the money.
Calvin Moore: You bet your ass money.
Danny: How much money you get?
Calvin Moore: A grand.
Flack: A grand? You did this for a grand?
Calvin Moore: Yeah. It was the easiest money I ever made.
[Flack and Danny look between each other questionably]
Flack: What are you talking about?
Calvin Moore: What are you talking about?
Danny: We're talking about a quadruple homicide that apparently you committed last night.
Calvin Moore: That I committed?
Danny: Yeah. That's what it sounds like.

Gerald Gordon: Strangest thing. Came out of nowhere.
Stella: The lamppost? The lamppost came out of nowhere?
Gerald Gordon: Right.
Danny: They have a tendency to do that when you're driving up on the sidewalk.

Mac: How you feeling?
James Roberts: Guilty. Like... this is all my fault. My best friends are all dead because of me.
Mac: That's not true, James. This is life. It throws things at you. Some good, some bad. No one could have predicted what happened, not even if you're Albert Einstein.

Pot of Gold [6.17][edit]

Stella: We've got an impact mark. [Checks with the scanner] Hey Mac. Take a look at this.
Mac: That's pure gold.
Danny: I can top that. Just found this, in his shoe print.
Stella: Four leaf clover?
Mac: Natural genetic mutation. There's only one for every ten thousand three leaf clover.
Flack: Hang on a second. Gold, four leaf clover, right before St. Patrick's Day? Where the hell are we, at the end of the rainbow? [Stella chuckles]
Mac: I'll tell you this much, neither one of these guys had the luck of the Irish.

Flack: [to suspect in the interrogation room] You know the old stereotype about "Irish temper"? It's not really a problem for me. But those bagpiping cops out in the bullpen? Having to file reports instead of knocking a few back at the Knights of Columbus? [mockingly] They're ready to boil you like cabbage.

Rest In Peace, Marina Garito [6.18][edit]

Adam: I'd be more than happy to help you, you look a little lost.
Aubrey Hunter: Oh no, I was told to wait right by the elevator. The lost look is me just taking this all in. I've never seen a crime lab before.
Adam: You know, I could give you a tour, show you some epithelials under a microscope.
Aubrey: I've seen plenty of epithelials, but thank you.
Adam: Ah, biologist?
Aubrey: Doctor.
Adam: Dermatologist.
Aubrey: Emergency room.
Adam: Single?
Aubrey: Cute.
Adam: Well...
Aubrey: [Looks beyond Adam] Mac.
Adam: [flustered] Boss.
Mac: Hey Aubrey.
Aubrey: Hi
Adam: Got some work to. [Leaves, fast]

Stella: You think I'm trying too hard?
Flack: We all have a Marina Garito, Stella. [Stella nods for him to tell him] John Brennan calls the station house once a month. And anyone who answers the phone gets a story about how his wife was murdered, and the man who's responsible is still out there. And it breaks your heart. Because you don't have any answers for him. But what can you do? Tell me, on those Mondays, when you got those calls, after you hung up the phone, what did you do? [Stella shakes her head a little] You can't do much. Because you're chasing bad guys, who are out there right now, and the evidence on those old cases gets cold, and the witnesses don't remember half of what they used to, and-
Stella: You're right. But I just can't stop thinking that I should've done more to help her find her brother.
Flack: You took her calls every Monday. That's a lot.

Hawkes: Sid, we're not always right, but it's not always because we're wrong.

Redemptio [6.19][edit]

Hawkes: Reggie, what is it? What did you want me to know?
Reggie Tifford: ...I'm the man who killed your sister.

Mac: We're gonna need blueprints of that prison. Everything you can get your hands on. Electrical systems, service corridors, every single access point.
Stella: You really think we can do this?
Lindsay: What? What are you thinking?
Mac: We're gonna have to break Hawkes out of prison

Hawkes: [bitingly] You may save my life in here, but you killed my sister. And there's no redemption for that. Not in my book, no matter how hard you try.
Reggie: Don't you want to know what happened?
Hawkes: My sister never had it easy. She got mixed up with drugs, met people like you. I can fill in the blanks, all right? Trust me, I see it all the time.
Reggie: You're wrong, man. Maya was a good woman.
Hawkes: [cynically] Yeah. A good drug addict.
Reggie: No, man, she-she beat that. Maya was already clean when I met her. I wasn't, and she made the mistake of trying to help me.
Hawkes': [surprised] She got clean?
Reggie: Yeah. Listen, man, I was high at the time, right? And we got into a fight. You know I had no idea what was happening until it was over, man. I swear, I had no idea, and then I lied to the cops. I told them she got killed by some dealer she was trying to buy drugs from. After that, I was out of control. Took two more lives and ended up here. Not a day goes by I don't think about what I did, man.

Tales from the Undercard [6.20][edit]

Stella: Man takes a big risk crossing a picket line.
Mac: And this concrete tomb might just be a message.

Flack: Who the hell are you?
Colby: [stoned] Me?
Flack: Oh, no, I'm sorry. The guy behind you there. [Colby looks behind him] Yeah, you.

Unusual Suspects [6.21][edit]

Danny: [to Hawkes] You find our smoking gun, Doc?
Hawkes: It's definitely been discharged. Won't know exactly when until I get it back to the lab.
Lindsay: Where'd you find it?
Hawkes: Trash can. Over there, right on top.
Lindsay: Meaning whoever dumped it was in a hurry.
Danny: Or they were just plain stupid.

Aubrey: You know, all my time in Afghanistan, and I will never get used to a child being in one of those beds.
Stella: It's the worst part of our job.
Mac: The day we get used to it is the day we should walk out the door.

Point of View [6.22][edit]

Stella: This lovely stack of papers needs your signature.
Mac: [gesturing to his broken hand] Yeah, I'll do my best.

Lindsay: Bartender have any idea who did this?
Flack: Nope. He didn't even know there was an altercation, another customer found the vic when he came in to take a leak.
Lindsay: Did you just use 'take a leak' and 'altercation' in the same sentence?

Peyton: I could make this all much easier. I could just ask Kevin over dinner if he happened to kill his bird and his friend.
Mac: And ruin all the fun?

Vacation Getaway [6.23][edit]

Nicky: What do you want from me, Flack? It's like I told you, I'm standing on the corner when I see the guy. He's staring right at me. I'm thinking 'you got to be kidding me? That's the guy.' He gives me one of these stupid grins, he books, I chase after him, I call it in. Five minutes later, you're right behind me.
Mac: Casey's just walking down the street?
Nicky: Yeah.
Flack: And what? He's wearing a shirt that says 'I just escaped from Pennsylvania State Prison, and I all got was this lousy T-shirt?'

Danny: [Reading from the newspaper] Apparently, the killing spree started when his brother, Ian Casey, hung himself in his jail cell, after being convicted of murder in 2006. Ian Casey allegedly robbed a bar, killing the bartender... [drops the newspaper] Allegedly? No, no, he killed a guy.
Lindsay: You want to know what tomorrow's headline is going to be? Woman allegedly kills her husband for not helping with the laundry. Come on we were supposed to leave an hour ago!
Danny: [To Lucy] You see how your mommy talks to me? I'm pretty sure the beach isn't going anywhere, is it? [To Lindsay] You think you can get away with that?
Lindsay: Killing you?
Danny: Yeah.
Lindsay: Absolutely.
Danny: You're that confident with your crime scene clean up skills?
Lindsay: Oh, who said I would clean up anything?
Danny: (sarcastically) Oh, of course, you wouldn't leave anything behind right?
Lindsay: No, I would leave everything behind. Including me. I wouldn't flee.
Danny: Self defence?! [to Lucy] So she's going with self defense.
Lindsay: You were in here folding laundry. I came in with Lucy to tell you I was leaving you.
Danny: [Sarcastically to Lucy] Leaving me.
Lindsay: The love was gone. We'd stopped having sex when your impotence problem and your temper became too much for me to handle. So, I said good bye, and I turned, and you grabbed me from behind. It was awful. [mock welling up] I mean he had gotten angry before, but never like that officer. The rage in his eyes... he started choking me, and I was gasping for air. And I grabbed the vase and I hit him over the head with it. [normally] I'd be out of the precinct by noon.
Danny: I'm genuinely frightened. I don't want to go on this vacation
Lindsay: [starts to laugh and throws a pile of clothes at him] Pack!

Lindsay: [grabbing her camera] OK! Hold on a second, let me take a picture!
Danny: [shocked] In the car? We're 100 yards from the ocean!
Lindsay: I told my mom I'd take a lot of pictures. Besides, relax. We're not on a shift. We're on vacation.
Danny: What?
Lindsay: I can just see you when you're 60. "Come on, we're only a hundred yards from the ocean."