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CSI: NY (September 2004February 2013) is an American police procedural television series set in New York City. It is a spinoff of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and CSI: Miami.

Veritas [5.01][edit]

Lindsay: (about him getting shot and being okay) Divine intervention, maybe?
Mac: God's a scientist, Lindsay.

Adam: (regading his decision to go to Flack first) What I'm saying is, I made a choice that I would make again, but I did not mean to disrespect you in any way.

Mac: (to Joe) You're under arrest for the murder of Derek James, Lauren Salinas, kidnapping and attempted murder of a crime scene investigator, armed robbery, grand theft auto, assault and battery. But most of all, for pissing me off.

Page Turner [5.02][edit]

Kenneth Bamford: I paint a lot of girls. Maybe you're interested.
Stella: I'm only interested in finding out what happened to this one.(holding the picture) We didn't pick up significant radioactive trace on you or your studio. Did you make contact with her in any other way?
Kenneth Bamford: (smiling) I like the way you think, but no. She wasn't my type.

Flack: When did you start hiding behind Buddha?
Lhamo Vadhana: Oh, my transition occurred when I stopped hiding.
Flack: Great. Then you won't mind telling us what you know about these two people.
Lhamo Vadhana: I'm not familiar with these individuals.
Flack: No? 'Cause we're familiar with your tendency to go nuclear. And since these poor folks died of radiation poisoning, and one of them had your address in his pocket.

Flack: Listen up, Larry! I'm a little pissed off over having to wear this outfit! If you don't open this door I'm gonna huff and puff and nuke your little house down!

Turbulence [5.03][edit]

Mac: What about the waste tank? The weapon could have been flushed.
Adam: Uh... oh, you want me to process the toilets?
Mac: You asked for more field work, Adam. [Pats Adam on the shoulder] Get to it.
Adam: Uh... oh... I hate poop.

Sid: I also found traces of condom lubricant and spermicide on his hand. Your vic may have joined the mile-high club before ending up in my not so exclusive one. Of course, he could have had sex just prior to boarding, but that's not very exciting.

Flack: Homeland Security's talking to all the women passengers again. Let me ask you this, if one of them had sex with our vic, why kill a man afterwards?
Mac: Some black widow spiders are known for eating the male after they mate.
Flack: Well at least they go out with a smile on their face.

Flack: (sneezes as he and Danny enters a club) Either I'm allergic to half naked women, or there's a cat in here.
Danny:: [pointing out a different scantily clad lady walking through the club with a leopard on a leash] There's a cat in here.

Sex, Lies, and Silicone [5.04][edit]

Sinclair: For every NYPD salary we no longer pay, we can hire three new civilians. You do the math, detective. The phrase is: bottom line. Three people for one.
Mac: If lab security is vulnerable, every piece of evidence we process can be called into question. What's the bottom line on that?
Sinclair: I understand your frustration. I get orders from the top, just like you. I don't have to like them, I just have to make them happen.

(as Flack is pushing a life sized silicone doll on a package cart down the sidewalk)
Lindsay: Wow.
Flack: Thanks.
Lindsey: Okay. How weird was that? There's no way that one of these can replace a real woman!
Flack: Oh I don't know, Linds. They're not bad looking. Think of all the money your guy could save on dinner.
Lindsay: (suddenly upset) A doll?! I mean, I could understand if you dumped me for a real woman but a piece of plastic?! What does she have that I don't have, huh?
Flack: (to sidewalk-cafe customers) Forgive my wife. She's not well. (to Lindsay as the walk)Imma get you for that, Monroe. Big-time.

Danny: (childishly) Where's your girlfriend, Trev?
Trevor: What girlfriend?
Danny: The rubber one.
Flack: (feigning offense) Danny! Silicone.
Danny: Oh sorry, right. Silicone.

The Cost of Living [5.05][edit]

Stella: Looks like James Sutton fashioned himself a real Indiana Jones.
Mac: Until someone made this his last crusade.

Danny: You sure the package that that watch came in was untied and on the ground when you found that body?
Walford: I swear on my sister's eyes.
Stella: Your sister's blind, Walford.
Walford: My other sister, Chantelle.

Mac: So why is half the lab out in the hall watching you fly paper airplanes?
Adam: Um... uh... you know, that's a good point. And, um, I'm going to walk away and work and hopefully save my job.

Sutton: That was my life.
Mac: That wasn't your life, this is. And for the next twenty five years, that life is the property of the New York State Department of Corrections.

Enough [5.06][edit]

Danny: Pill-popping whack-job split with the murder weapon.
Angell: How do you know the person who has it pops pills?
Danny: How do you know he doesn't?
Angell: (holds up the bagged gun) Because he is a she and I am clean as a whistle. Who's got it on me? (hands the bag over)
Danny: Nobody.

Danny: So the night's not a total bust. But I still have to deal with this (looks over at numerous broken bottles and glasses on the floor). Perp's DNA and fingerprints could be right in front of us.
Angell: It's moments like this that I love that I'm not a lab rat.

Lindsay: I've had some bad sex, but nothing that would warrant killing the guy.

Jake Donovan: You'll have to excuse the mess, we just had the place fumigated. (sees a roach and puts his briefcase down right on top of it) Clearly, they did a bang-up job. But uh, I guess it's just as well, we come from the same species, right? What, you don't like lawyer jokes?
Mac: I don't like lawyers.

Danny: [Enters Mac's office] Yo, Boss.
Mac: Danny, what's up?
Danny: I put in for that vacation next month.
Mac: That's right, the, uh, trip to Costa Rica.
Danny: Yeah, Costa Rica. Well it fell through, so you can put me back on the schedule, alright?
Mac: Alright, I'll do that. Just let me know when you wanna take the time.
Danny: All right, thanks.

[Leaves the office]

Lindsay: [Enters Mac's office] Mac. Hey. Remember that wedding in Italy I told you about in March?
Mac: Girlfriend from college?
Lindsay: Very good. Well, they decided to postpone. So.
Mac: You want back on the schedule?
Lindsay: Yeah.
Mac: [Suspicious look] No problem.
Lindsay: Thanks.

[Leaves the office]

Hawkes: [Enters Mac's office] Hey, Mac.
Mac: Hold on. Don't tell me. Trip to San Francisco in January?
Hawkes: Yeah. Turns out San Francisco is closed in January. Strangest thing.
Mac: [Smiling] Get out of here. Go home.

[Hawkes leaves and Stella enters]

Mac: I should've known you'd orchestrate something like this.
Stella: It's only temporary. Everybody giving up a week of paid vacation for Adam buys him a little time.
Mac: Department doesn't just transfer vacation days. How'd you do it?
Stella: I've a friend at the Union who has a friend in the City Council who has a friend who has a friend.
Mac: Well you're a good friend, Stella Bonasera.
Stella: And don't you forget that.
Mac: So what about Buenos Aires?
Stella: Would have been a good trip.

Dead Inside [5.07][edit]

Ella: My dad worked with power tools his whole life. He nearly cuts his finger off slicing a bagel.

Ella: You always so confident and sure of everything?
Mac: 99.2% of the time.

Mac: So let me get this straight. People take the time to put down their darkest secrets and then they send them to someone they don't even know. Two questions: why and why?
Lindsay: They say confession is good for the soul.

My Name is Mac Taylor [5.08][edit]

Mac: (to Gillian Whitmore) Inspector, we're both very busy, so simply put, if you tracked me down to ask that I remove myself from the Mac Taylor murder investigation, I'm afraid you're going to endure this mediocre cup of coffee for nothing.

Mac: Look, I completely understand the frustration you're feeling.
Machiavelli Taylor: You're kidding me right? I mean, I get a call about an hour ago from somebody telling me that I need to report to this precinct because someone's trying to kill me. And you understand my frustration. [Mac looks away uncomfortably] Sorry, I didn't get your name. I'm sure we'd all like to know the name of the officer who understands our frustration.
Mac: It's Detective. Detective Mac Taylor.

Flack: Listen to me, somebody in your little entourage knows this guy, okay? We made a deal, you're a confidential informant and this little pow-wow that we're having is pay up time.
Terrence: I'm aware of the deal we made man, but y'all can't keep coming up with all the small change though, I'm beginning to smell like pork.

Stella: Hey.
Adam: Hey.
Stella: What are you still doing here?
Adam: Oh, uh, some friends of mine stood me up for pizza so just down on top of things, ya know.
Stella: Mind if I join you?
Adam: Oh, no, no, please.
Stella: Okay, so what do we got? That doesn't look like work.
Adam: It really isn't. I was just curious. You know there are three Sheldon Hawkes in New York state and there are ten Danny Messers.
Stella: Ten?
Adam: Yeah.
Stella: Don't tell Danny that.
Adam: There's also another six Adam Rosses and there's eighteen in New York state. I was just sitting here wondering about, you know, what do they look like or what kind of lives do they live, you know?
Stella: Alright, what about me?
Adam: Uh, Stella Bonasera. There's only one.
Stella: Trust me, that's enough. Let's try Sid. [Searches] It's a ninety-year-old woman.
Adam: [laughs] I think he was named after his mother.
Stella: Alright, Don Flack.
Adam: Don Flack.
Stella: Oh, six.
Adam: Wow, six Don Flacks.
Stella: Six.
Adam: I like that name.
Stella: Don Flack.
Adam: [Deep voice] Detective Don Flack.

The Box [5.09][edit]

Danny: Growing up all I wanted to do was play ball. That's all I could think about when I was a kid. One day starting in the majors. Crazy thing, I was actually making it happen. I was playing really well in the minors. Then one game everything changed. Whole day this pitcher is trying to shut me down throwing me inside, throwing me inside. And bottom of the eighth, he finally catches me, right in the head. So I figure I'm gonna put one in his head now. Before I could even get to the mound, the benches clear, I'm caught in a pile-up. Shattered my wrist. Baseball was over and I was having one of those, ya know, 'what now?' moments. But uhh, I guess back then, things were a little easier. All I had to do was change my career.

Hawkes: (on discovering a picture locket) Found a piece of jewellery in pretty good shape.
Sid: Based on age, I'd say they're probably the victim's parents.
Hawkes: The job never gets easier does it?
Sid: I can tell you I've been working here twenty-nine years. That's 4846 cases and names I will never forget. What gets me through are people like them. Folks who are going to be looking to me for answers.

Danny: (voice over after Lindsay told him she was pregnant) See, the truth is I can't really blame her for not saying anything. See, a while ago I messed up, alright? I was with another woman, but I didn't say anything. But she knew. I think she knew, you know. A couple of months later, we got back together, things haven't really been the same and now this.
Danny: (as she comes out of the bathroom) You okay?... You alright?
Lindsay: ... I'm pregnant.
Danny: (Sighs) You sure?
Lindsay: (she hands him a picture of the sonogram)
Danny: How long have you known?
Lindsay: A few weeks.

The Triangle [5.10][edit]

Danny: Thought I saw you runnin' for the exit.
Lindsay: (tearing into the doughnut) Starving. My OB says I should pay attention to my cravings, no matter how inconvenient they are.
Danny: Yeah. Let me ask you something. You have any hereditary disease in your family?
Lindsay: (almost laughing) No. Do you?
Danny: No, no. No. Mental illness?
Lindsay: No.
Danny: No. How about addictive tendencies? Extra fingers, extra toes?
Lindsay: No.
Danny: No. Natural delivery or, uh, drugs?
Lindsay: Uh, either.
Danny: Want a boy or a girl?
Lindsay: Healthy.
Danny: ... Will you marry me?
Lindsay: (looks thoughtfully at him) ... No.

Mac: We may be guilty of creating an urban legend, but there's no way this building is guilty of murder.
Danny: Alright. Well if the Empire State Building didn't do it, what did?

Flack:: Bernie Benton. Still hustlin' darts.
Bernie: Don Flack. Still hasselin' law abiding ex-cons. Was that the same suit you was wearing the day you locked me up?
Flack: Beats the orange one you wore in the joint, no?

Lindsay: [catching her] Stella! Aren't you the uh... the official safety officer at the lab?
Stella: Yes, that is my proud unpaid position. Why?
Lindsay: Well I've got this umm... friend, she works over in the forensics lab in New Jersey, and, uh... she's pregnant.
Stella: Oh, good for her.
Lindsay: Yeah, except she's nervous because you know all the chemicals and the processes that we do, you know that could really harm the development of a baby, right?
Stella: That's true. But there is also so many different safety protocals in place. Goggles, face shields, fume hoods. I mean, not to mention all the training and retraining we have to go through. I'm sure she'll be fine.
Lindsay: [nodding] Seem's like she's in a little over her head.
Stella: Well, she's not alone, right? I mean, the baby has a father?
Lindsay: Yeah, yeah and he's great. It's just... you know I don't really know how ready he was for any of this so... well it's complicated.
Stella: And beautiful. Listen Lindsay, umm... I'm sure if your friends' coworkers are anything like yours, they'll understand the situation and work with her, even be happy for her. It's gonna be okay.
Lindsay: Thanks.
Stella: You're welcome. Hey, umm... tell your friend congratulations.

Danny: So, you wanna - you wanna tell me why you won't marry me?
Lindsay: I didn't mean I won't. I just think it's the wrong time.
Danny: Wrong time. Wrong time or the wrong guy?
Lindsay: (sighs) Danny. I know I've thrown a lot at you, and we're both feeling really overwhelmed, but whatever we do next, I want it to be for the right reason. Wouldn't you rather walk down the aisle than be pushed?
Danny: Of course.
Lindsay: Okay, 'cause listen, I'm not going anywhere, and I know you're not going anywhere either, okay, but this isn't just about you and I anymore. So let's just take baby steps, okay?
Danny: Okay. So, look, before we go inside, I wanna just tell you one more thing, okay. (Holds Lindsay) I just want you to know, that I love you.
Lindsay: I love you too, Danny.

Forbidden Fruit [5.11][edit]

Mac: (seeing the table set with a variety of foods) Tell me this isn't one of your weird cravings.
Lindsay: Only for science.
Mac: You were looking for me?
Lindsay: I was hoping to offer you a little a snack.
Mac: Well let me guess. This is another one of your famous reconstructions.
Lindsay: Just put one of these berries in your mouth and swirl it around for a couple of seconds.
Mac: Lindsay I'm your boss, not a guinea pig.
Lindsay: Mac, I'm pregnant. Just humor me.

Stella: (about George Kolavos) The guy's taunting me, Mac. He sent me a dead rat as a message! Put yourself in my shoes.
Mac: Try stepping into mine. I'm in charge of this lab, responsible for everyone and everything that happens here. I admire your passion Stella, but what you did is reckless. And more importantly, it could compromise any future criminal prosecution.
Stella: What I'm doing is perfectly legal!
Mac: And contrary to the policies of this lab and this department!

Marina: Isabel Vaughn was a ungrateful little bitch. After all I did for her she thought she could just walk away? We had a contract and it was legally binding.
Mac: So is a murder conviction.

Help [5.12][edit]

Lindsay: So, how does a worm from Brazil end up in a bathtub in Brooklyn?
Mac: Worms are like humans. You wanna know exactly where they came from, you can sequence their DNA.
Lindsay: We're talking wormtopsy.

Hawkes: So what do you want me to do? Just ignore the fact that Colin's sweat is on a murder victim's clothes?
Mac: The reason we follow FBI DNA protocol is to ensure an unquestionable conviction.
Hawkes: So we sit in here waiting for that perfect scientific connection while Colin could be out there raping and killing another innocent victim? I don't know about you, Mac but I can't live with that.

Stella: Hawke should have followed proper protocol but he stepped over the line because somebody he loved got hurt by this guy.
Mac: Oh c'mon, you know I know that.
Stella: I know. Just, just... I want you to hold on for a second. You gotta realize that people can't just turn off their emotions when something horrible happens.

Rush to Judgement [5.13][edit]

[After finding an arm in wrapping paper]
Danny: That looks to be male Caucasian.
Hawkes: Same as the foot that Mac found. Wrapping paper's a match too.
Danny: I'm thinking Christmas with the in-laws.

Danny: [during an autopsy of a decapitated man] Mr. Potato Head! The live version.
Lindsay: More like the bloody, dead version!
Sid: I used to play Mr. Potato Head as a boy. I would time myself, see how long it took to assemble him. Some would say I was... obsessed!
Danny: You? Obsessed? Nooo!

Mac: Det. Angell's working this case until IA is finished with their enquiry.
Danny: Enquiry? Is that what they're calling it?
Stella: They can't possibly think that Flack's responsible for Todd Fleming's death. I mean, he is so by the book. He doesn't even swear.

Mrs. Nelson: Vince was a normal guy, ok? A normal, boring, regular guy. He watched football in his underwear. He never took out the garbage unless I told him to. He forgot our anniversary year after year and tried to make up for it two days later with a... with a bouquet of white roses. But I didn't care because he loved me.

Mr. Sheridan: (admitting to killing Vince Nelson, because of the email) So, what was I gonna do? Get 25 to life for killing that son of a bitch? I see these perverts everyday. They waltz into my court, they get a slap on the wrist and then they go off and reoffend. The only treatment for them is death.

She's Not There [5.14][edit]

Stella: (about Carolyn) She is not telling the truth.
Mac: She's terrified.
Detective Gillian Whitford: She should be. You know about an hour ago this place was probably filled with at least 30 young girls just like her from all over. Eastern Europe, Latin America, even the U.S. They all left home with big dreams and now they're living a very real nightmare: they're sex slaves. Being beaten, drugged... who knows what else.

Flack: Somebody brought a group of underage girls into your club, drugged them, forced them to have sex with I dunno how many men, I dunno how many times!
Willy Burton: It didn't happen in my establishment. I don't provide women for sexual services! And I definitely don't treat them that way! You're disrespecting me, and you're disrespecting my mother cause she taught me better than that.
Flack: My apologies to your mother.

The Party's Over [5.15][edit]

Hawkes: Honestly, I think what Danny's doing is selfish.
Lindsay: Really? Well, I see it as committed.
Hawkes: Seems to me he has a lot of other things to commit to right now, not to mention it's irresponsible to risk suspension when you are expecting a baby.
Lindsay: Hawkes! You transferred over from the ME's office, which means you are not a sworn NYPD. There was no decision for you to make. You can't say for sure what would you do.
Hawkes: Yes, I can. If I earned a distinction of being a detective, I'd be here whether or not the city could afford to pay me.

Mac: You know what they say: keep your friends close, enemies closer, and if that doesn't work, kill 'em.

Mac: Every single police officer in this city devotes their life to the protection of the people who live here.
Dunbrook: Really? Does that include the ones that are sitting on their asses right now?
Mac: I respect anyone who stands behind their convictions, what I can't stand is men who are motivated purely by greed and the destruction of others.

No Good Deed [5.16][edit]

Stella Bonasera: in Greek:Το βλαμμένο χάλασε τον καφέ μου!
Transliteration: To vlammeno halase ton kafe mou!
Translation: The stupid (bird) ruined my coffee!

Flack: Did you get a description of the bird?
Stella: [sarcastic] Yes Flack. It was black, had a beak, oh! And it flew with a limp.
Flack: I'm just trying to do my job.
Stella: I mean what are the odds. I was just standing there, and out of nowhere: plop!
Flack: I am gonna get a cup of coffee. You want one?
Stella: No, thank you.

Danny: (sifting through the vulture's nest) You having as much fun as I am, now, buddy?
Adam: Welcome to my world, Messer. The low man on the totem pole gets all the exciting stuff.
Danny: Yeah! And what does that make me?
Adam: Low-man-on-totem's-pole friend.

Green Piece [5.17][edit]

Sid: So, how does it feel? It's your last case, right? Then off to Montana.
Lindsay: Feels pretty good.
Sid: Oh, I bet it does. No bodies at 3 am. No double shifts with no sleep. A slice of pizza on the run.
Lindsay: Constipation, swelling in the feet. Help getting up from a chair. Constant urination. Wanna switch?
Sid: I already have all that. I just want the time off.

Sid: (about Allison Redman's death) I realize this is usually the part where I tell you that I found some strange, unusual, bizarre, aberrant, peculiar, idiosyncratic... that's it, I don't have any more synonyms for strange. Wait... weird, weird piece of evidence. But, alas, there's no Gila monster in her stomach. She simply succumbed to the bomb.

Stella: You know, I'm curious. What was going through your mind when that bomb went off?
Adam: Uh, you know how they say your entire life is supposed to flash before your eyes when you think you're gonna die?
Stella: Yeah, I'm familiar with that one. Yeah.
Adam: The only thing I could muster up is when Joey Allen beat me in the head during a dodge ball game in third grade.

[Danny is talking to Mac and gets distracted when Lindsay walks by.]

Mac: Lindsay will be back before you know it, Danny.
Danny: (about Lindsay) I asked her to marry me, Mac. Did you know that? She told me no. Said I was just asking her because she was pregnant.
Mac: Was she right?
Danny: No, I mean I... I dunno, Mac... I love her, I do. I know that, but I just know myself and and I don't wanna disappoint her... or the kid.
Mac: Those fears are normal, Danny. I know that because I felt the same way with Claire. All those doubts about who you are and what you're capable of. I wasn't in a hurry to have children with Claire. I always felt that in the end I might disappoint her or myself. Now she's gone and it's something I'll always regret for the rest of my life. Danny, God brought you and Lindsay together. I believe that. And you have been blessed with a gift. The greatest gift that life has to offer. You can choose to live in a place of fear or you can believe in the best version of yourself.

Lindsay: (as she and Danny arrive outside the City Clerk's office) ... Danny.
Danny: Look: I'm tired of being afraid, alright? You and me, we make sense, 'kay? You're everything I've always wanted. I want to be with you, and I can be the guy that you want me to be. I know I can, I am that guy.
Lindsay: (close to tears) I know you are.
Danny: Then let's walk through this door together. 'Cmon, let's do it. Let's take that leap. (looks at her hopefully)
Lindsay: (kisses Danny) ... You got a money order?
Danny: (kisses Lindsay and hugs her, smiling, before they enter the clerk's office)

Point of No Return [5.18][edit]

Sid: (standing over a decomposed body) The last 15 overdose cases Pino worked. I had them exhumed.
Mac: (taking a good look at the corpse) Well, you're the doctor, but isn't this one a few organs short?
Sid: Two kidneys, one bladder, and a liver to be exact.
Mac: All the organs where narcotics naturally accumulate.
Sid: And each of these bodies is missing the same ones.
Mac: It appears as if Marty Pino was able to produce heroin by cutting out and processing key organs from his assigned overdose cases. He used his training and this place as his own personal heroin pipeline. Only after he lost his job and access to dead junkies, he resorted to murder.
Sid: Mac, I'm sorry.
Mac: You have nothing to be sorry about, Sid. How could you have possibly known this was going on?
Sid: I.... when I hired Marty, he was one of the best and brightest I've ever seen and you couldn't help but like him. He and Annabel were over every Sunday for dinner. This man was my friend. Look what he did. (camera pans back to reveal the room is filled with bodies)

Communication Breakdown [5.19][edit]

Sid: Our victim was dying for several days before he finally expired from acute bacterial infection on that train.
Hawkes: Hang on, you're telling me that a bullet managed to hit the one man on a speeding train who was already dead?
Sid: I know. Worse odds than Atlantic City.

Hawkes: Listen, you got plenty of time on this name search. I mean, the kid's not even here yet. My mom and dad waited six weeks after I was born to name me.
Danny: Oh, they waited six weeks to name you Sheldon?
Hawkes: Yeah. What's wrong with that?
Danny: No, that's cool. That's a great name. I'll see you later, Sheldon.

Stella: Hey, I just got off the phone with the rep of the Museum of the American Indian in Battery Park. They are gonna take in all of Chief Delaware's collection.
Mac: So the Montiquan Nation lives on.
Stella: Yeah, it's funny, you know? We ride trains, share sidewalks, rub elbows with so many different kinds of people in this town from some many different places and sometimes we don't notice a culture until it's almost gone.
Mac: I guess to be a true New Yorker you gotta keep your eyes, heart, and mind open at all times.

Prey [5.20][edit]

Mac: What kind of killer photographs his crime and then e-mails it to the cops?
Flack: A showoff. Someone who thinks he's smarter than us.
Mac: We're about to prove him wrong.

Stella: (about her lecture) I keep trying to remember the faces, and I just can't. It's all such a blur.
Professor Papakota: Well, if it's any consolation, I have been doing this... for over 30 years. You never remember the faces. Well... maybe a few.
Stella: It's just so disturbing to think that someone would attend one of my lectures just to learn how to get away with murder.
Professor Papakota: What students take away from a class is up to them, Stella. You cannot blame yourself.

Mac: Dana Melton changed her name to Odessa and moved from Boston to Manhattan to start a new life. Baxter followed her here, started stalking her again, but this time, instead of turning to law enforcement for help, she took matters into her own hands. She killed him.
Stella: And I taught her how.

The Past, Present, and Murder [5.21][edit]

Dunbrook: I would like Taylor removed from the case.
Sinclair: Mr. Dunbrook, I guarantee you there's no vendetta here.
Dunbrook: Well, he's digging into my bank accounts, my personal investments. I mean, hell. I mean he's treating me like I'm a suspect.
Sinclair: If that were the case, we'd all be having this conversation downstairs in interrogation.

Mac: Walsh went out the window.
Sinclair: So he was just collateral damage. Just like the property clerk.
Mac: Dunbrook thought he could play us from the very beginning. He thought he could buy this town. Buy the support of the police department when he ended the Blue Flu. And his own brand of justice along with it. Now he's got us cornered. It's time to fight back.

Dunbrook: People believe what they read, Taylor. And after I'm done with you, you know what they're gonna know about you? They're gonna know what you really are. A lab rat with a little chip on his shoulder. Trust me, you are not equipped to win this war.
Mac: The Mayor can't save your son. Neither can your money. At least you got what you wanted. Tomorrow's headline.

Yahrzeit [5.22][edit]

Klein: Maybe it was the camp that changed things. When I came to this country I had no desire to be a religious man but my son makes up for both of us. He says, "Pop, we must remember." I say, "Sometimes it's better to forget."

Mr. Lesnick: (about the cache of Holocaust possessions) So, you say you found these items hidden in your murder victim's apartment?
Mac: Along with a lampshade that DNA confirms was made of human skin.
Mr. Lesnick: Comprised of various tattoos that were sewn together?
Mac: The commandant of Buchenwald, his wife... would order Jews to line up naked, and when she saw a tattoo she liked, she had the skin removed and tanned to be made into lamp shades for her home.
Mr. Lesnick: Two years ago, I heard about one that was traded on the black market for over $10,000.

(from video-mail Mac receives from Mr. Lesnick)

Holocaust Survivor: I was sleeping on the floor, I don't know for how many days. And when he woke me, I got scared. I thought he was one of the camp soldiers. The SS all knew the war was ending and they tried to eliminate as many Jews as they could. But there was something different about this man standing over me. I could see it in his eyes and his uniform. He was an American. So young. I could tell the sight of me was too much. I was bald, maybe 80 pounds. But this man, he was careful not to look as horrified as I'm sure he was. He wanted me to come with him, but my legs wouldn't move. I was too weak, so he carried me out of the barracks and he gave me his jacket, something to eat, a Hershey bar. I took one bite, and that was all my empty stomach could handle. But nothing has ever tasted better. His goodness put back a little of the faith I had lost. My grandchildren put back the rest.
Interviewer: And what was his name?
Holocaust Survivor: Taylor. Private Mackenna Boyd Taylor.

Greater Good [5.23][edit]

Lindsay: (after a contraction has passed) Do they really think that I'm just gonna walk this baby right out of me? Why can't I be one of those women who just sneezes and before you can say "God Bless You" she's had the baby?
Stella: Think of what you'd miss out on. Reminding your child of all those long, painful hours in labor that you endured to bring them into this world.
Lindsay: I guess I could get some mileage out of that. I'm kinda scared, Stella.
Stella: It's normal, Lindsay. Just remember you're healthy and strong. You and Danny went through all the courses...
Lindsay: No, I don't mean about having the baby. It's about being a mom. I mean what if I stink at it! And the worst part is I won't know till it's too late! She'll come home, she'll scream that she hates me and then in rebellion she has some part of her body pierced that's inappropriate. Then she'll get an infection, and she'll then wind up on antibiotics which we find out 12 years later they cause an eating disorder and pretty soon I'm in therapy trying to save my whole family! I mean... what if some people just aren't cut out to be parents?
Stella: Well, the fact that you already thought about all this tells me you're gonna do just fine, Linds!

Danny: What if she has twins, Adam? You hear stories about people being completely surprised. And you've seen Lindsay, right? I mean she's huge.
Adam: Whoa.
Danny: She knows it!
Adam: Relax, you got the ultrasound. It's not twins, all right? You gonna be okay?
Danny: No, no, I'm not. I might go into cardiac arrest once she's giving birth.

Grounds For Deception [5.24][edit]

Stella: Mac, I know I was wrong to keep investigating the case after you told me to step down. I'm sorry that I made it difficult for you and for the department.
Mac: This isn't about my job or the department. It was difficult because I care about you.

Pay Up [5.25][edit]

Mac: When one of our own is taken from us, we always get our man.

Terrence Davis: (after Flack tracks him down) You can't keep coming around here like this, Flack. You trying to get me killed?
Flack: You kidding me? Why would I want to make more work for myself?

Flack: I wish I knew what to say.
Cliff Angell: You can tell me she didn't die protecting that scumbag murderer.
Flack: No, I can't. But I can tell you that she did the job the best, she could no matter what the assignment and, uh... that's who she was.
Cliff Angell: She was too damn brave for her own good.
Flack: From what I hear, she took after her old man.