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This page is a collection of quotations from the era of the fourteenth official incarnation of The Doctor from the BBC science fiction television programme Doctor Who, during which the role of the Fourteenth Doctor was played by David Tennant, who played the role during a trilogy of specials aired over the course of November and December 2023. He is the first actor to return to the role, having previously played the Tenth Doctor from 2005 to 2010.

I'm just not that Doctor. I look like him, but nah. On a cellular level, there are whole bodies between us.

Recurring Phrases[edit]


Series 13[edit]

The Power of the Doctor [13.X][edit]

(23 October 2022)
The Doctor: [First words] I know these teeth... What? What?! What?!

2023 Specials[edit]

Destination: Skaro -- Children in Need Special[edit]

(17 November 2023)
The Doctor: Hello! Just passing by, 'cause I got a bit lost. It's funny -- sixty minutes ago, I was this really brilliant woman, and now I've got this old face back again. I mean, why? "Why?" I ask of you, my brand new friend, why? It's all a bit of a puzzle...

The Doctor: Oh... That's a Dalek.
Mr. Kastavellan: Oh. Good word, "Dalek". Yes, that's it!
The Doctor: I'm lucky I wasn't exterminated.
Mr. Kastavellan: "Exterminated"? Yes. Yes! Good word, great!
The Doctor: Wait a minute, do you mean this is the... genesis of the Daleks?!

The Doctor: I was never, ever here! Never! The timelines and the canon are rupturing! I'm just gonna go, and you're not gonna say a word, okay?

The Star Beast [0.X][edit]

(25 November 2023)
The Doctor: I think the story hasn't ended yet.

The Doctor: Oh, I know some roads even taxi drivers don't, trust me. [flashes the psychic paper] Grandmaster of the Knowledge!
Sean Temple: That says " Grandmistress".
The Doctor: [to the Paper] Oh, catch up! [to Sean] And let's... Allons-y!
Sean Temple: Oui, monsieur!

Shirley Anne Bingham: Shirley Anne Bingham. UNIT Scientific Advisor number fifty-six.
The Doctor: Oh! I was Scientific Advisor number one.

The Doctor: I've got this friend called Donna Noble. And she was my best friend in the whole wide universe. I absolutely love her. Oh! Mm, do I say things like that now?
Shirley: Sounds like a good thing to say.
The Doctor: But Donna took the mind of a Time Lord into her head. I had to wipe her memory to save her life. If she ever remembers me, she will die. So what happens next? I get this face back and the TARDIS lands right next to her. I turn around and there's her husband, and then a spaceship crashes right in front of her, it's like she's drawing us in.
Shirley Anne Bingham: What, she's making it happen?
The Doctor: No, she's got no idea. She's so ordinary, she's brilliant! She's got this beautiful daughter, she's happy... Is she? But now the universe is turning around her again. I don't believe in destiny, but if destiny exists, then it is heading for Donna Noble right now.

The Doctor: There is one person missing -- I used to know your granddad, Wilf.
Donna: He's not with us anymore.
The Doctor: Right. 'Course. He wasn't young, he was... I loved that man. I'm so sorry for your loss.
Donna: He's not dead.
Sylvia: You idiot!

Donna: Who are you? What's your name?
The Doctor: I'm just passing by.

The Doctor: I think... All that coincidence was heading here, to save London from burning. 'Cause you and I can stop this ship, together. But it will kill you.
Donna: Okay.
The Doctor: You'll die!
Donna: My daughter is down there! And it's not just Rose -- it's nine million people! Who cares about me?
The Doctor: I do!
Donna: Why?! I'm just no one!
The Doctor: No you are not! Why does it have to be this?!

Possessed UNIT Soldier: We have orders to kill you!
The Doctor: Do what you want. This ship isn't going anywhere. You were beaten, by the DoctorDonna!

The Meep: A creature with two hearts is such a rare thing... just wait 'til I tell the boss!
The Doctor: Cryptic. I hate that.

Donna: But I-- I still don't get it. I mean, the TARDIS can change alright, but... what about your face? Why did it come back?
The Doctor: Does there have to be a reason?
Donna: Your life? Yes!
The Doctor: Well... I'm stuck with it now.

Donna: You've been given a second chance. You can do things different this time! So why don't you do something completely new... and have some friends?
The Doctor: Yeah. Maybe, yeah.

Wild Blue Yonder [0.X][edit]

(2 December 2023)
The Doctor: Wait-a-minute... Apple tree, apple... man holding an apple in 1666, are you... Sir Isaac Newton?
Newton: "Sir Isaac"?
The Doctor: Oh, not yet, spoilers.

Donna: Was it me, or was Isaac Newton hot?
The Doctor: He was, wasn't he? He was so hot. Oh! Is that who I am now?
Donna: Well, it was never that far from the surface, mate.

Donna: There's something on this ship that's so bad the TARDIS ran away?
The Doctor: Y-Yes...
Donna: Then. We go... and kick its arse!

The Doctor: Funny, 'cos I wonder where the TARDIS goes, at random. Maybe it lands on some outcrop by the sea. There's a tribe and they worship it for a hundred years. Then they grow up and try to burn it. Then they get wise. They preserve it. Then, they build a city all around it 'til the TARDIS is just a tiny little dot surrounded by skyscrapers and monorails. Time passes and the city falls... All gets swept away... and there's the TARDIS, still at that outcrop by the sea. She's the only thing I've got left.

The Not-Things: [repeated line] My arms are too long.

Not-Donna: We came from the nothing.
Not-Doctor: We are not things.
Not-Donna: But you... you're not nothing.
The Doctor: Oh, I think you'll find we're quite something!

Donna: Well then you're not the Doctor, because he knows everything.
The Doctor: Except for the million times when I don't, and I tell you so, don't I?

Donna: Back on Earth, when I was the DoctorDonna, I saw your mind. I've had fifteen years without you, and I saw everything that's happened to you since, and oh my God, it hurt!
The Doctor: ...You're saying this to break me down.
Donna: But we haven't stopped to talk, we haven't had a chance! It's always like that with you -- running from one thing to the next. I saw it! In your head... The Flux.
The Doctor: It destroyed half the universe, because of me. We stand here now, on the edge of creation, a creation which I devastated, so yes I keep running! Of course I do! How am I supposed to look back on that?!
Donna: It wasn't your fault!
The Doctor: I know!

Not-Donna: You are so amazing! We stare at that universe, so far away. But you have owned it! You are such a prize! What are ya?!

Not-Doctor: We drifted here, in the lack of light. Passing no time. But we would feel it, from so far away. Your noisy, boiling universe. We want to travel there. To play your vicious games, and win.
The Doctor: But if you existed here, no shape, no form, no purpose, then what's made you so bad?
Not-Doctor: The things we've felt have shaped us, carrying across the dark. We could hear your lives of war, and blood and fury and hate... They made us like this.
Donna: We are more than that!
Not-Donna: Love letters don't travel very far. And neither do your lies.

The Doctor: If we're slow, they can't read us.
Donna: Okay.
The Doctor: Good. [Shushes her.]
Donna: For how long?
The Doctor: It is a flaw in the plan.

The Doctor: Oh, I keep thinking "I wish I hadn't done that thing with the salt."
Donna: What, the bad luck thing? That was just a lie!
The Doctor: Normally, except... I invoked a superstition at the edge of the universe, where the walls are thin and all things are possible. Just got this feeling.
Donna: What?
The Doctor: The feeling of something... which is gone. Fine, good! Onwards!

Donna: Come on. Where have you been since I last saw you? What's happened?
The Doctor: Eh, you know, the usual. Robots, chases, waterfalls.
Donna: Oh, okay. But what really happened?
The Doctor: A lot.
Donna: You okay?
The Doctor: I will be.
Donna: When?
The Doctor: A million years.

The Giggle [0.X][edit]

(9 December 2023)
The Doctor: Excuse me! Can you tell me... What are you doing?!
Pedestrian: I can't drive!
The Doctor: ...Okay, so... Which means...
Pedestrian: I pay my taxes, which means I paid for this road, it is mine, and I will do with it what I like!

The Doctor: Don't go thinking you've got an excuse. The human race might be clever, and bright, and brilliant -- it's also savage, and venal, and relentless. All the anger out there on the streets! The lies, the righteousness, that's human, that's you! That's who you are! Using your intelligence to be stupid. Poisoning the world! And hating each other, you've never needed help any help with that! But today, something else is using your worst attributes. Playing with you. Like toys.

The Toymaker: The ball is the first game ever being invented. Stone Age man. He picked up ein rock. He said "Oh! Das ist ein ball!" He throwed it, und he killed a man. He said "Oh, what fun!" And now, everybody loves the balls! Until the year 5 billion, when the very last human kicks off the skull of his enemy und said "That is the final ball of all." Ja?

Donna: Yeah, but... you always say--
The Doctor: Oh, what do I say? What do I say? What do I say?! 'Cause I'm always so certain! Oh, "Sonic" and "TARDIS" and "Time Lord", take that away... Take away the toys, what am I? What am I now? I don't know if I can save your life this time.
Donna: It's not about me.
The Doctor: Oh, yes, it is.
Donna: Well... maybe I'll save you? You big idiot!

The Toymaker: Donna Noble, this is for you. Let me tell you what happened when the Doctor, he was leaving you. He met eine friend called Amy Pond. Und he loved Amy Pond. Yes, he be liking the redheads. Und they went to and fro in time und space, but... Amy Pond was touched by der Weeping Angel, und she died!
The Doctor: She died of old age.
The Toymaker: Well, that's all right, then! Und then he was meeting Clara. Mmmmmm! But she was killed by a bird!
The Doctor: She still survives in her last second of life.
The Toymaker: Well, that's all right, then! But then the Doctor met Bill. Not Stooky Bill, but lady Bill. But she was killed by the Cybermen!
The Doctor: But her consciousness survives.
The Toymaker: Oh, well, that's all right, then!

The Doctor: Donna...!
Donna: I'm already running!

The Toymaker: I have fallen in love with humanity. This world is the ultimate playground! All of the sport, the matches, the medals, the gambling and the anger... And the children, shackled to their bedrooms with their joysticks and their buttons. You make games out of bricks falling upon other bricks, you are exceptional! And then there are the mind-games, oh... the dating and ghosting, the deceit and the control, you make me dizzy! I am in no hurry to leave this place.

The Doctor: It's not dying...
Donna: I know. But...
Mel: You're gonna be someone else. It doesn't matter who. 'Cause every single one of you... is fantastic!
The Doctor: It's time. Here we go again. Allons-y!

The Fifteenth Doctor: Hey. We did it.
The Doctor: But how many died down there?
Donna: That's not your fault!
The Fifteenth Doctor: You can't save everyone.
The Doctor: Why not?
The Fifteenth Doctor: Come here. I've got you, yeah? It's okay. I'm here.

The Fifteenth Doctor: One thing you need in this place is a chair.
The Doctor: I'll be alright!
The Fifteenth Doctor: No. You're thin as a pin, love. You're running on fumes.

Donna: You know what I did, when you went flying off in your blue box, spaceman? I stayed in one place, and I lived day after day after day.
The Doctor: It would drive me mad.
Donna: Yeah, it does. But you keep on going, and that's the adventure. The one adventure you've never had. 'Cause I've... I've worked out what happened. You changed your face, and then you found me. D'you know why?
The Doctor: No.
Donna: To come home.

Mel Bush: Where's he going?
The Doctor: Everywhere. Good luck...

Donna: You don't have to stay forever.
The Doctor: We'll see.
Donna: D'you miss it? Out there?
The Doctor: Funny thing is, I fought all those battles for all those years. And now I know what for. This! I've never been so happy in my life...

Other Appearances[edit]

Liberation of the Daleks[edit]

Part One: Liberation[edit]

(10 November 2022)
Narration: Born again, again.

The Doctor: Huh. I used to know these systems like the back of my hand -- only it's someone else's hand now. My old hand.

[The Doctor has discovered he's responding to a distress signal.]
The Doctor: Fair enough, that's what I do -- Respond to all calls! Pull to open!

The Doctor: What have we got? Wembley Stadium. Smells like -- Saturday, the 30th of July, 1966. The World Cup Final! Who's in distress, the Germans?

The Doctor: You in distress...? You in distress...? You in distress...? Hang about, I can't ask ninety-eight thousand, six hundred people.

Time Tourist 3: Please, you're spoiling everything!
The Doctor: Spoiling?! Come off it, you're Time Tourists, right? You know what you came here to see... Hurst hits the crossbar, ball clips the line, referee says "Yes, England 3-2", Kenneth Wolstenholme, people on the pitch, Hurst again, 4-2. Right? Right?!

Part Two: Daleks' Invasion Earth 1966 A.D.![edit]

The Doctor: Same as ever -- nasty children in metal suits making a noise, squealing for attention. You can't be here to change history, 'cos a single football match can't change history -- maybe Christmas 1914, but that's about it. So you wanted attention. Well, you got my attention.

Dalek 1: Doc-tor!
Dalek 2: Doc-tor!
Dalek 3: Doc-tor!
Dalek 4: Doc-tor!
The Doctor: Yeah, must have been. And we all know what comes next, don't we?
Dalek Supreme: Exterminate him! Exterminate the Doctor!

Dalek Supreme: Do not enter into discourse with the Doctor! Proceed at once to maximum extermination!
The Doctor: What? We can't even chat?

Part Three: Dead Again[edit]

The Doctor: You up there, the supreme Diana Ross. What do you want to do now?
Dalek Supreme: Exterminate him! Again!!

The Doctor: They say the definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. So what I'm wondering is -- are you mad, Supreme?

The Doctor: Hearts: two. Kidneys: blue. Spleen: in tune.

Part Four: Earth Shock[edit]

Narration: The year is 1966, and the Daleks have blown up the Earth -- to prove a point.
The Doctor: If I'm wrong, and that was real -- if you're real... I promise you, you'll wish you weren't.

The Doctor: If you're real, I can stop you with my laser... wand... thing.

The Doctor: What is this? Where am I? What's through here?
Georgette: The biggest thrill you'll ever know, the greatest adventure you'll ever have -- welcome to the Dalek Dome!

Part Five: The Atrocity Exhibition[edit]

King Arthur: Sayeth what, magus mine? Our enemy approacheth... from the clouds?!

Georgette: Well, Doctor -- what do you think?
The Doctor: If you really know who I am, Georgette -- what do you think I'm gonna think? Daleks versus Dragons. Daleks' Invasion Earth 1966 A.D. Daleks of the Sierra Madre. Even a Dalek Wedding Zone. I think this is a tacky, tasteless tourist trap -- the suffering of countless billions repackaged as a fun day out for the family. "Nought out of five stars, would not recommend."

Georgette: I've got to go. I can't take you through here, they'll have me atomised. I mean, for real. But if you're the person the records say you are, you'll find a way, won't you?
The Doctor: Unbelievable. The nerve of it, the actual nerve! ...All right, I'll bite.

The Doctor: What my TARDIS landed in was real -- a dream made flesh, and here is the dreamer. Trouble is... they just woke up.

Part Six: When the Sleeper Wakes[edit]

[Georgette discusses the captured Dalek mutant in the Dalek Dome]
Georgette: Best guess, it was sustained by static from the regular lighting storms.
The Doctor: More likely spite. You should've left it to die... Instead you brought it here and made it your performing seal.

Dalek: The Doctor did not lie! We are all the same!
Dalek Supreme: Incorrect. All Daleks are created equal, but the Dalek Supreme outranks all others! The Doctor perceived something I could not. My vision is no longer impaired!

The Chief: Lieutenant Gold, a blue eyesore just apparated on the main concourse. Is it something to do with you, or shall I call bomb disposal?

Part Seven: The First Death[edit]

The Doctor's Hacked Hologram: Open the doors! Open them now!
Georgy: Alright, mister -- keep yer wig on! Please would be nice...
Dalek Supreme: Daleks do not plead!

The Doctor: You killed my sonic. My swiss army sonic, made from Sheffield steel... I went everywhere with that sonic, and you've only gone and killed it!

Part Eight: The Dome of the Brave[edit]

[Georgy has just discovered she will die if she remains in the real world for too long.]
Georgette: You're only a simulacrum, it won't hurt.
Georgy: But I remember!
Narration: She remembers 1966 -- The time the Daleks invaded before. Before that, another 1966. Another stadium. Another massacre. Before that, 1666 -- the Dalek Fire of London.
Georgy: And before that... and before that... and before that... How many times? How many times have I died?

The Doctor: Thing is, Supreme, earlier, while no one was watching, I switched a couple of cables around downstairs, set up a 50,000-volt pulse to trigger with my sonic...
Georgette: You didn't...!
The Doctor: Well, you know. Just in case.
Dalek Supreme: No! You must not! You do not have the right!!!

Part Nine: Deep In Hyperspace[edit]

The Doctor: The right? You're asking me... If I have the right... to destroy you? Okay, if it's a moral debate you want -- call the Archbishop of Canterbury, let's get a conversation going!
Dalek Supreme: No. I know you, Doctor. I remember you, before. You would not execute us in the manner you propose.
The Doctor: You remember? Who am I talking to, exactly? You? Or the other you, downstairs?

Georgette: Then it was a trick? The mutant electrocution thing?
The Doctor: Come off it, Georgette! When would I have had the time to set up all that? I'm good, but I'm not that good!

Georgette: The reason why I called you here? I'm doing a PhD in Dalek Studies. I need your help!
The Doctor: Dalek. Studies.
Georgette: You're name's always in the histories. I wanted to know if you were real. I found a reference to a thing called the Space-Time Telegraph, so I made one. Is... Is that not okay?
The Doctor: You're creating semi-intelligent beings to use as cannon fodder for captive Dalek mutants. Nothing's okay!

The Doctor: Don't come crying to me when it all goes wrong... Well, actually, do. You know how to call me, Georgette. And you will.

Part Ten: Golden Age[edit]

60's Dalek: Sensors indicate the prisoner is telling the truth!
60's Dalek Interrogator: Then the sensors are wrong!
60's Dalek: Clyffil*! Dalek technology is never wrong!
Narration: *Clyffil -- A Dalek word meaning "I understand you but I do not agree with you."

The Doctor: Okay, interesting variants. Old skool. I like it. Well, I say "like". You're still Daleks.

The Doctor: Why are you here, Georgy? Why help them?
Georgy: Because we're creatures of the same psychoplasm. You gave me life beyond the simulation. How can I give that up? I want to live as me, and not die over and over.
The Doctor: I never meant for this to happen. But yeah, I'm partly to blame. Stick with me, we'll fix it.

Golden Dalek Emperor: Do not try to provoke me!
The Doctor: That's kind of the idea. Do you know how many times I've beaten the Daleks? I mean proper Daleks? Not toy town ones like you.

Part Eleven: Slave to the Rhythm[edit]

Golden Emperor Dalek: Behold, Doctor -- Skaro has a new moon!
The Doctor: Inhabited by multiplying mathematicians. Literally multiplying. Guess that figures, literally again.

The Doctor: Yeah, now we come to the flaw in your plan.
Simulacrum Emperor Dalek: The plan is flawless!
The Doctor: Wrong. 'Cause it all hinges on one person. Someone who now knows your true intentions... Someone who could throw a spanner in the works, by breaking the link to the Dome?
Georgy: I disobey!

Part Twelve: The Garden of Death[edit]

Georgy: This one time... My life really meant something.
The Doctor: Yeah. Yeah, it did.

Claire: Chief, you mustn't...
Chief: Go. I know what I'm doing. If I die, I'll die like a lion. With pride!

[Everyone has teleported to the first Dalek Emperor's throne room.]
Georgette: Is this where you wanted? Is this your plan?
The Doctor: Sure it's my plan. Maybe a bad one, but it's my plan!

Part Thirteen: The Hell Gate[edit]

Golden Emperor Dalek: Success! Paramount success! Planet Earth is ours for the taking!

Dalek Emperor: There is... no Emperor... but me!
The Doctor: Blimey, my ears! Who's your voice coach -- Brian Blessed?

The Doctor: [talking to a group of Simulacrum Daleks] Got a favour to ask... I want you all to help me save the Earth, if it isn't too late.

Part Fourteen: The Nightmare Ends[edit]

Movie Dalek: A communication from Earth! World government seeks to negotiate total surrender!
Golden Emperor Dalek: No negotiation! Only subjugation!

Dalek Emperor: No negotiation! Only extermination!

60's Dalek: Alert, alert! False Emperor is leaving Skaro!
The Doctor: Well, that was predictable. Now can we let the grown-up have a go?

The Doctor: Reckon I just defeated nine Dalek Empires in one hit. Pretty good going, even for me.

Claire: It's raining Daleks...
Claudeen: Halelujah.

Georgette: Thousands dead across the globe, and all the mutants are still alive, dreaming of conquest.
The Doctor: What do you expect? Daleks conquer and destroy. That's all there is. That's all they do.
Georgette: But what do we do now? Destroy them?
The Doctor: You're the Dalek Studies expert, Georgette. You've seen what they're really like. Not the PG version sold to day-trippers looking for family-friendly thrills. You decide.

CBeebies Bedtime Stories[edit]

(23 November 2023)
The Doctor: You know another great story about someone who went to space and started to help people? So, there's this big blue box and it lands in a junkyard... Hm. No, actually, that's quite a long story. And for once, I don't think we have the time!

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