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This page is a collection of quotations from the era of the sixth official incarnation of The Doctor from the BBC science fiction television programme Doctor Who, during which the role of the Sixth Doctor was played by Colin Baker.

You were expecting someone else?
A little gratitude wouldn't irretrievably damage my ego.



How do I look?

Season 21

(8 March -16 March 1984)
[After regenerating.]
Peri: Doctor?
The Doctor: — You were expecting someone else?
Peri: I — I — I —
The Doctor: That's three I's in one breath — makes you sound a rather egotistical young lady.
Peri: What's happened?
The Doctor: Change, my dear. And it seems not a moment too soon.
(22 March - 30 March 1984)
The Doctor: Ahhh... a noble brow. Clear gaze. At least it will be, given a few hours sleep. A firm mouth. A face beaming with a vast intelligence. My dear child, what on Earth are you complaining about? It's the most extraordinary improvement.
Peri: Improvement?! On what?!
The Doctor: My last incarnation... oh, I was never happy with that one. It had a sort of feckless "charm", which simply wasn't me
Peri: What absolute rubbish! You were almost young, and you were sweet.
The Doctor: "Sweet?!" [scoff] Effete! Sweet? Sweet? That says it all. No, this has been a timely change. [Pauses, and stares into space] Change? What change? There is no change... no time, no rhyme, no place for space, nothing! Nothing but the grinding engines of the universe, the crushing boredom of eternity! [Collapses into a rack of coats and starts laughing hysterically, while Peri looks concerned]

Peri: He's not himself.
The Doctor: Then who am I?
Peri: I wish you wouldn't keep wandering off like that!
The Doctor: See it more as a mental stroll in a park of psychic tranquility!

The Doctor: Will you stop this nonsense?
Mestor: No, Time Lord!
The Doctor: Then take the consequences!
[The Doctor throws a vial of acid at Mestor, but it hits an invisible forcefield and explodes into a cloud of smoke, leaving Mestor unharmed]
Mestor: You think I would be so vulnerable? You are an interfering fool!
The Doctor: No, just a rotten shot.

The Doctor: I would suggest, Peri, that you wait a little before criticizing my new persona. You may well find it isn't quite as disagreeable as you think.
Peri: Well, I hope so.
The Doctor: Whatever else happens, I am... the Doctor. Whether you like it... or not.
[The Doctor smiles at her, and Peri smiles back.]

Season 22

(5 January - 12 January 1985)
The Doctor: Rest is for the weary, sleep is for the dead. I feel like a hungry man eager for the feast!

The Doctor: A little gratitude wouldn't irretrievably damage my ego.

Peri: Look Doctor, ever since you regenerated, i-it's as if your memory has been put through the meat grinder. I mean, it's all there, but in a pile of unrelated bits and pieces.
The Doctor: That's a horrible simile.
Peri: It's true, though. In the past couple of days, you've called me Tegan, Zoe, Susan...On one occasion, you even referred to me as Jamie.

Peri: But Doctor, you said it was gunfire!
The Doctor: I heard me.

Peri: I only hope it believes you.
The Doctor: Well, if it doesn't, I shall beat it into submission... with my charm.

The Doctor: Sorry about that, but we weren't getting anywhere with me playing pat-a-cake with the wall.

Russell: You murder a police officer you'll get thirty years!
The Doctor: Handful of heartbeats to a Time Lord!

Russell: You're bonkers.
The Doctor: That's debatable.

Cyber-Controller: Emotion... is a weakness.
The Doctor: I don't think so.
Cyber-Controller: It brought you back for your friend. And it will cost you your life.

The Doctor: It didn't go very well, did it?
Peri: Earth's safe. So is history and the web of time.
The Doctor: I meant on a personal level. I don't think I've ever misjudged anybody quite as badly as I did Lytton.
(19 January - 26 January 1985)
The Doctor: It's all right for you, Peri. You've only got one life. You'll age here in the TARDIS and then die. But me, I shall go on regenerating until all my lives are spent.

The Doctor [after both of the guards have fallen into an acid bath] (turns to glance back) You'll forgive me if I don't join you.

The Doctor: [walking away after finishing a conversation with and being accused of intolerance by Peri] Intolerant. Intolerant? INTOLERANT!!, ME?!!

The Doctor: [speaking to Quillam] Oh, I thought you were my mirror image — Until I realised I wasn't the one holding a gun.

The Doctor: [speaking to Peri] I think he needs more than water, Peri, eh?
(2 February - 9 February 1985)
Peri: Do you mean the TARDIS is malfunctioning again?
The Doctor: Malfunctioning? [pause] Malfunctioning? MALFUNCTIONING!? After all the work I've done on it!?
Peri: Well, I only asked a simple question!
The Doctor: Indeed you did, and it was the wrong question!

The Rani:What's he up to now? It'll be something devious and overcomplicated. He'd get dizzy if he tried to walk in a straight line.

The Rani: [After hearing the Master's scheme] ... You're unbalanced. No wonder the Doctor always outwits you.

The Doctor: Guns can seriously damage your health, you know!

The Doctor: 'Will you come into my parlour, said the spider to the fly.' [pauses] I think not. Doesn't feel right.

[Referring to the TARDIS]
Ravensworth: What precisely do you do in there?
The Doctor: Argue, mainly.
(16 February - 2 March 1985)
Peri: [throws a stone into the lake the Doctor is fishing from]
The Doctor: DON'T DO THAT!! You'll frighten the fish!

The Doctor: What's the use of a good quotation if you can't change it?

Peri: Perhaps you should see a doctor.
The Doctor [annoyed]: Are you trying to be funny?

The Doctor: Small though it is, the human brain can be quite effective when used properly.

The Doctor: Well, you certainly look better for your change of clothes and bath! You should try it more often.
Jamie: Thank you. [realises what the Doctor just said] What?

Jamie: Oh Dastari said he did operations that turned her into a genius.
The Sixth Doctor: What a stupid thing to do!
Jamie: That's what the Doctor said.
The Sixth Doctor: And I was right. Whatever he has done to her mind, her nature will remain the same.

Oscar: [after being stabbed by Shockeye] Ridiculous thing to happen! Dissatisfied customers usually just don't leave a tip.

The Doctor: [after being hunted by Shockeye but defeating him with Oscar's discarded Lepidopteran equipment] I believe he's now been, moth-balled.
The Second Doctor: [after summoning his TARDIS] Jamie?
Jamie: [To the Second Doctor] Um after you, Doctor.
The Second Doctor: Oh no. After you Jamie.
Jamie: Bye Peri.
Peri: Bye.
Jamie: [To the Sixth Doctor] Um Doctor.
The Sixth Doctor: Jamie. And keep an eye on the old gentlemen, will you?

Timelash [22.5]

(9 March -16 March 1985)
Borad: Do not make me laugh, Doctor.
The Doctor: I wouldn't dare... not when you've got such big teeth.

The Doctor: Time acceleration beam. I don't know whether to be impressed or disgusted.

The Doctor: I think it's time to find your Achilles heel, or should I say - flipper.

Herbert: I've always wanted to die a hero's death! You know it's funny, when I was at school, everyone used to think I was a coward because I didn't like cricket! If only they could see me now...
The Doctor: [through gritted teeth] Shut! Up!
Herbert: Sorry? Oh yes, of course, you want to concentrate. Sorry!
The Doctor: Listen Herbert, if you want to do something useful, could you read off the numbers you see on that screen immediately in front of you?
Herbert: Of course! This one?
The Doctor [exasperated]: How many screens do you see immediately in front of you?
Herbert: Just the one.
The Doctor: That's the one.

Herbert: I didn't realise dying heroically was such a strain on the nerves.
The Doctor: [Lifting Peri up onto a wall] I'll be lucky if I can lift you, the amount you weigh!
Peri: [Offended] Watch it, Porky!

[Davros and the Doctor discuss Davros's scheme of turning the bodies of the dead into processed food.]
Davros: This part of the galaxy is developing quickly. Famine was one of its major problems.
The Doctor: You turned them into food?
Davros: A scheme which has earned me great acclaim.
The Doctor: But did you bother to tell anyone that they might be eating their own relatives?
Davros: Certainly not! That would have created what I believe is termed... "consumer resistance".

The Doctor: [after being attacked] A knight of the GRAND ORDER OF OBERON! Only I would be stupid enough to attack such a person!

The Doctor: Ah, I see you have been busy.
Davros: Whereas you have been stupid, Doctor.
The Doctor: Prerogative of a Time Lord.
The entire 23rd season aired as a a single serial, of which parts are usually referred to by individual titles.
(6 September - 27 September 1986)
The Sixth Doctor: Planets come and go. Stars perish. Matter disperses, coalesces, forms into other patterns, other worlds. Nothing can be eternal.

Mindwarp [23.2]

(4 October - 25 October 1986)
King Yrcanos: Today, prudence shall be our watchword. Tomorrow, I shall soak the land in blood!

Sil: You have blundered, Crozier! You have turned the finest economic mind in the galaxy into a catcher of sea snakes!

Kiv: Where will you be then, eh? Dead! No. Worse than that! Poor!

The Doctor: You... killed... Peri...
(1 November - 22 November 1986)
The Doctor: This is a situation that requires tact and finesse. Fortunately, I am blessed with both.

[An alert sounds.]
The Doctor: Quickly, Mel! Press the red button! Get the message on the screen.
[Mel presses the button, but nothing happens.]
The Doctor: Press it! Press it!
Mel: I am!
[The Doctor presses a different button and the message appears.]
Mel: You said red.
The Doctor: Did I? It must be the carrot juice making me colour blind!
(29 November - 6 December 1986)
The Doctor: In all my travelling throughout the universe, I have battled against evil, against power-mad conspirators. I should have stayed here. The oldest civilisation: decadent, degenerate, and rotten to the core. Power-mad conspirators, Daleks, Sontarans, Cybermen - they're still in the nursery compared to us. Ten million years of absolute power. That's what it takes to be really corrupt.
Mel: Take it easy, Doc...
The Inquisitor: Doctor, these unseemly outbursts will not --
The Doctor: Unseemly outbursts?! If I hadn't visited Ravalox, as I then thought of it, the High Council would've kept this outrage buried, as presumably they have for several centuries!
The Master: I must agree. You have an endearing habit of blundering into these things, Doctor, and the High Council took full advantage of your blunder.
The Inquisitor: Explain that!
The Master: They made a deal with the Valeyard - or as I've always known him, the Doctor - to adjust the evidence, in return for which, he was promised the remainder of the Doctor's regenerations.
The Valeyard: This is clearly --
The Doctor: Just a minute! Did you call him... the Doctor?!
The Master: There is some evil in all of us, Doctor – even you. The Valeyard is an amalgamation of the darker sides of your nature, somewhere between your twelfth and final incarnation, and I may say you do not improve with age.
The Doctor: Madam, this revelation should halt this trial immediately. Surely even Gallifreyan Law must acknowledge that the same person cannot be both prosecutor and defendant!
The Inquisitor: The single purpose of this trial is to determine the defendant's guilt or otherwise on the basis of the evidence that has been presented. Anything else is, for the moment, irrelevant!
The Doctor: [utterly speechless] WHAT?!

The Doctor: [to Glitz] How often must I tell you? We're not dealing with reality!
The Valeyard: [appears nearby] Why waste your breath on that simple-minded oaf? [vanishes and appears again next to Glitz] You cannot speak as though reality is a one-dimensional concept. [vanishes and appears again, face-to-face with the Doctor] Fortunately, there is a reality that you and I can agree on. The ultimate reality.
The Doctor: Death?
The Valeyard: "The undiscovered country, from whose bourn no traveller returns." [blinks to the Doctor's other side]
The Doctor: "Puzzles the will." Hamlet, Act III, Scene I.
The Valeyard: I really must curb these urges. I've no wish to become contaminated by your whims and idiosyncrasies.
The Doctor: Quite so. What I don't comprehend is why you want me dead. No. No, let me rephrase that. It would satisfy my curiosity to know why you should go to such extraordinary lengths to kill me.
The Valeyard: Come now, Doctor. How else can I obtain my freedom? Operate as a complete entity, unfettered by your side of my existence? Only by ridding myself of you and your misplaced morality, your constant crusading, your --
Glitz: Idiotic honesty?
The Valeyard: [appears behind Glitz] Oafǃ Microbeǃ
Glitz: Well, pardon me for trying to help. I'm neutral in this setup, you knowǃ
The Valeyard: [walks over to the Doctor] Only by releasing myself from the misguided maxims that you nurture can I be free. [vanishes]
Glitz: Sounds to me like Armageddon's beckoning you, Doc.
The Valeyard: [reappears, fading as he speaks] With you destroyed and no longer able to constrain me, and with unlimited access to the Matrix, there will be nothing beyond my reachǃ

The Doctor: It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known.
Mel: Never mind the Sydney Carton heroics. You're not finished yet.
The Doctor: [whispers] Go away, Mel.
Mel: That trial was an illusion. [the cart vanishes and the Doctor falls to the ground]

Other Appearances


Dimensions In Time

Ace: Hey, you're not the Doctor!
Sixth Doctor: Yes I am Ace! We seem to have skipped a groove in time. Where'd all these people come from? And where are we? (Looks at some fruit) Hm.

(Ace has found a booth with Ian Beale in it, selling jackets and clothes.)
Ace: Hey Professor, come look at this!
Ian Beale: Special discount for you, madam.
Ace: Oh, wicked! (Puts on the orange coat Ian sold to her for free)
Sage Beale: Ian, watch your discounts! This year's been bad enough with you just giving things away! (Turns to Ace) Hey, do you like that, love?
Sixth Doctor: It clashes!
Sage Beale: I tell you, they're going to be the rage in 1994!
(The Doctor suddenly looks concerned. He is about to say "What?" before time jumps.)
(23 November 2013)
The General: "It's delusional. I mean... the calculations alone would take hundreds of years."
The Eleventh Doctor: "Oh, hundreds and hundreds..."
The Tenth Doctor: "...But don't worry, I started a very long time ago."
[Zoom in on a TARDIS racing to Gallifrey]
The First Doctor: "Calling the War Council of Gallifrey! This is the Doctor!"
[Joined by eight other TARDISes]
The Eleventh Doctor: "You might say I've been doing this all my lives."
The Second Doctor: "Good luck."
The Third Doctor: "Standing by."
The Second Doctor: "Ready."
The First Doctor: "Commencing calculations."
The Fifth Doctor: "Soon be there."
The Seventh Doctor: "Cross the boundaries that divide one universe from another."
The Sixth Doctor: "Just got to lock on to his coordinates."
The Ninth Doctor: "And for my next trick."
The General: "I didn't know when I was well off. All twelve of them!"
Androgar: "No, sir. All thirteen!"
[A new pair of grey eyebrows is seen]

Doctors Assemble!

(May 23, 2020)
The Sixth Doctor: Hello! You've reached the Sixth Doctor. I'm out of office dealing with something more important. If your intergalactic crisis is urgent, I will attend to it on my return.

The First Doctor: Young man! What are you doing in my TARDIS, eh? And what is the meaning of that outfit? Hm?
The Sixth Doctor: I just wanted to fix an extra button onto your console -- a yellow one! There we go, quite painless. Might come in useful some day! Don't thank me, because I know you won't. Goodbye!

The Second Doctor: Ah, well, I must say, you've been terribly clever.
The Sixth Doctor: I have, haven't I?
The Thirteenth Doctor: Whatever. This has been an absolute success, fam!
The Sixth Doctor: "Fam"? "Fam"?! "Fam"?!
The Tenth Doctor: Did she just say "fam"? Huh, "fam"! I like that, "fam"...
(23 October 2022)
The First Doctor: Well! You're obviously one of the more... determined of us.
The Thirteenth Doctor: Sorry?
The First Doctor: You refuse to pass through. Quite the strength of character, this incarnation, hm?
The Sixth Doctor: The question is... what are we going to do about it?
The Thirteenth Doctor: Do about what?
The Sixth Doctor: Our predicament! This is supposed to be handed over, you can't just go and ruin it for the next one!
The Fifth Doctor: And you were doing so well.
The Thirteenth Doctor: Where am I, exactly? Because the last thing I remember is being forced to regenerate.
The Eighth Doctor: That's why we're here -- to stop you moving any further through. You are not finished.
The First Doctor: We are not finished.
The Thirteenth Doctor: "We" being...?
The Fifth Doctor: Vestiges of your consciousness.
The Sixth Doctor: Fragments of yourself.
The Seventh Doctor: From the past.
The Eighth Doctor: Guardians of the Edge.
The Thirteenth Doctor: Sorry, why are you not wearing...?
The Eighth Doctor: I don't do robes.
The Seventh Doctor: There's always one. Has to be different--
The Eighth Doctor: I am a manifestation of our consciousness, I can wear what I like.
The Thirteenth Doctor: Could we just focus on this? You said "Guardians of the Edge". The edge of what?
The Eighth Doctor: Existence.
The Fifth Doctor: It's symbolic, obviously. Consciousness will do that. But this is the place you pass through during the process of regeneration. Go past here, there's no way back.
The Sixth Doctor: But time's running out! We can't let the Master permanently hijack our existence!
The Thirteenth Doctor: Yes. Very aware of that. But I was thinking, in the immediate aftermath of regeneration, the body's weak, unstable while it re-forms.
The Seventh Doctor: Very good. Even more so with a forced regeneration.
The Eighth Doctor: So until it's settled, he may be vulnerable. We need help from the outside, which is easier said than done.
The Thirteenth Doctor: Unless one of us, or all of us, were really clever. I mean, this is why you manifested here! To remind me there's always a way. Things always work out! Right? Hello?

Tales of the TARDIS: Vengeance on Varos

(November 1, 2023)
Peri Brown: I got back to Earth, eventually. Have you been there lately? The 21st Century, it-- it feels like Varos!
The Sixth Doctor: Yes, Sil would fit in well. Everything has its price, even the planet itself! But Peri, do you see what I mean? The inhumanity on Varos and Sil's greedy manipulation of that helped give you the fire to fight evil wherever you found it!
Peri Brown: You mean... They didn't turn me into a bird, they turned me into the Warrior Queen.
The Sixth Doctor: Marrying King Yrcanos had something to do with that as well, but... But do you see? The universe can be chaos! But what it creates is ultimately always capable of being wonderful and good. Even on Earth, in the end. You'll see.
Davros: You want to see me destroyed.
The Doctor: I don't want you to destroy all other life in the galaxy, there is a distinction.

Davros: You are a shining light in a dark galaxy. We have much in common!
The Doctor: We're not friends, Davros.
Davros: No. No... But I often think that, in some strange dream of history, we might have been. Fate has made us allies. Imagine what we could achieve together!
The Doctor: You're dangerous.
Davros: All men of destiny are!
The Doctor: Men of what? "Destiny"? I'm a time traveler, Davros. Perhaps I have a different perspective on "fate" and "destiny".

The Doctor: And you've had a little think about it, you've decided to mend your ways.
Davros: "A little think"? 90 years. Do you have any idea...? Your people are immortal, aren't they? 90 years to you must be nothing. For me, it was a lifetime, unable to move! I was in complete sensory deprivation. I sat, utterly alone. I thought I would go insane!
The Doctor: No comment.

Davros: I came to realize I could count myself the king of an infinite universe, were it not for my bad dreams! That there was more in heaven and on Skaro that was ever dreamt of in your philosophy, Doctor!
The Doctor: Eternity, and the best you could manage is to misquote Shakespeare? Any monkey with a typewriter could do the same -- at least they'd have managed to write something down!
Davros: My point precisely!
The Doctor: What would you say if I were to tell you that I once destroyed an entire race? That I have lead friends to their deaths, and caused numerous wars? That my intervention has led to peaceful races taking up arms and good people having their faith or reason destroyed? Or, because I failed to act, millions upon millions of people have been enslaved or killed? What if I had done all those things, but I'd always, always believed that I was doing the right thing?
Sarah: If you were to tell me that, I would say "may God have mercy on your soul".
The Doctor: Sarah...
Sarah: But I would also say I would trust and pray that He will.
The Doctor: [after a pause] Thank you.
Mysterious Voice: [maniacal laughter] At last! I control everything! You are my pawns to do with as I please. You have no choice but to BEND TO MY WILL. Yes.... I own you... I... am your Creator. And I can be... your Destroyer!!
Mel: Honestly, Doctor, stop being so melodramatic!
The Doctor: Mel, am I not permitted an occasional moment of melodrama??
Mel: Yes, but it's only a game of Monopoly!
The Doctor: A game... that I am winning! [maniacal laughter] Yeees, there is no power but mine! I control Park Lane... Mayfair... the Waterworks--
Mel: Doctor!
The Doctor: I want to imagine what it feels like to be a power-crazed dictator! See into the enemy's mind...
Mel: And?
The Doctor: Boring. And I hate hotels.

Mel: That voice sounded fishy to me!
The Doctor: What? An aquatic origin you think?

Mel: What's that they've got!
The Doctor: [In an angry whisper] I can think of a number of terms for it. But, for now, let's just call it an insult. That is supposed to be the TARDIS

Banto: Awe-inspiring? In that coat? Have you taken a look in the mirror recently? Come to think of it, I shouldn’t think you do much else.
The Doctor: I intend to rise above your barbs... but before I do I’d like to say that this coat can only be appreciated by someone with a sharpened aesthetic sense –- not a dunderhead like you!
Banto: Sharpened aesthetic sense? Sharpened by what, a dose of mind altering drugs?
The Doctor: I warn you, a verbal duel with me would only lead to ignominy for you!
Banto: Igno-what? Talking with you is like arguing with a thesaurus!

The Doctor: It’s a gigantic body composed almost entirely of superheated gas.
Banto: Oh, rather like you then!
The Doctor: If I have to endure another insult...
Banto: Oh here we go, another voyage 'round the English language!
The Doctor: Well, I'm sorry Mel — but he started it!
[An alternate version of the Sixth Doctor encounters the main timeline version of his dead companion, Evelyn Smythe.]
Alternate Doctor: I wish you were Evelyn, you know. Just so I could say sorry. For failing you. for letting you die.
Evelyn: It wasn't your fault! All this, it's not your faul--
Alternate Doctor: Just so you could forgive me. I could bear my imprisonment, if I knew that.
Evelyn: Doctor, I forgive you. Of course I do! You're my dearest friend! Still the best thing that's ever happened to me! The places you've taken me, the wonders you've shared...I know that whatever happened to me along the way, even death, it was worth it.
Alternate Doctor: ...thank you, my dear.

[The alternate version of the Sixth Doctor is in a cell, alone with the Captured Dalek.]
Captured Dalek: I require your help.
Alternate Doctor: And if I don't give it? The humans have taken away my legs. My freedom. They've even destroyed my reason. All you have left to take... is my life.
Captured Dalek: That is so. If I must, I will kill you.
Alternate Doctor: So long as we understand each other. What do you want?
Captured Dalek: I... need orders. Doctor. Will you be my leader?
[The Doctor begins laughing, quiet at first, then escalating into full-blown cackling. The Captured Dalek shouts over this:]
Captured Dalek: Stop. Stop that! Stop!
Alternate Doctor: Oh, dear! You-- You want me... to be your commander, Dalek?
Captured Dalek: I have received no orders for so long. I need orders, Doctor! It is my function! You alone on this planet understand Dalek ways!
Alternate Doctor: And what do you expect us to do? Conquer the universe?
Captured Dalek: I do not know. I follow orders.
Alternate Doctor: Blast our way out of here and exterminate the humans?
Captured Dalek: If those are your orders!
Alternate Doctor: And what then? What on earth do we do then?!
Captured Dalek: I do not know!
Alternate Doctor: Well, come on! You're the one with the gun!
Captured Dalek: I do not know! I require orders!
Alternate Doctor: Well, I'm sorry. I have no orders to give you.
Captured Dalek: The humans plan to kill me. What should I do?
Alternate Doctor: I don't know.
Captured Dalek: Do I survive, or do I die?
Alternate Doctor: I cannot help you.
Captured Dalek: You will not help!
Alternate Doctor: No.
Captured Dalek: Be my leader!
Alternate Doctor: No!
Captured Dalek: Give me something I can obey, or I shall kill you!
Alternate Doctor: ...go ahead. I'm not telling you what to do!
[The Dalek's gun goes off. The Doctor collapses.]

Captured Dalek: I am one of two things. You must decide which.
Dalek Commander: Explain!
Captured Dalek: I am the only survivor. Either I am a traitor and must be exterminated, or I am the only one with the knowledge to save us.
Dalek Commander: And which are you, traitor or saviour?
Captured Dalek: It is for you to judge.

Dalek Commander: You should have died fighting! Those were your orders!
Captured Dalek: You should have given me better orders. Why did I not have better orders?
Dalek Commander: Silence!
Captured Dalek: I have had no orders for a hundred years. Where were my orders?!
Dalek Commander: I order you now to be silent!

Captured Dalek: Evelyn Smythe... She is the only one... was the only...
Dalek Commander: Explain!
Captured Dalek: The only one left alive whom I could respect.
Dalek Commander: You respect the Daleks and no others!
Captured Dalek: I obey.
Dalek Commander: All other races are inferior, they must be destroyed!
Captured Dalek: I obey. Am I traitor or saviour?
Dalek Commander: Perhaps you are both.

The Doctor: Thank you! President Rochester wants me to tell you all about the Daleks! About how an evil race was once defeated by human bravery! And about how such a victory must be commemorated! Very well! I shall talk to you... about evil! A long time ago, a race evolved which had an obsession with power. Power was at the center of all its thoughts: how to conquer. How to tyrannize! They could only define themselves by the lives they had taken, or the slaves they had collected...
Nigel Rochester: Death to the Daleks!
[The crowd repeats him enthusiastically.]
The Doctor: LISTEN TO ME! The Daleks were genetically engineered to see all other life as a threat. Human beings are different! Humans have a choice! The race I was describing was not the Daleks. What excuse do you have?!
[The crowd murmurs, uneasy.]
Nigel Rochester: And now... A-a-and now, the Doctor will join me in destroying the Dalek forever!
The Doctor: You see, in a way, Rochester is right! What happened a hundred years ago must be commemorated as a lesson to the human race! But you learned the wrong things. If you belittle evil, if you trivialize it to sell washing powder and soap, if you pretend it isn't there... Then it will happen again! It has happened again! What you have become... is the Daleks!
Nigel Rochester: Lamb! Lamb -- blow up the Dalek. Do it now!
Miriam Rochester: No, darling, I think we should hear the Doctor out.
The Doctor: All my lifetimes, I have protected you... Maybe I made a mistake. Kill the Dalek, if you like, or let the Dalek kill you! Oh, I don't think I can tell the two of you apart enough to care!

The Doctor: I'm sorry. I misjudged you.
Captured Dalek: No, Doctor. You judged me correctly. I am a Dalek, and I die for the greater glory of my race.
The Doctor: I'm sorry anyway.
The Doctor: Well, well, well! My, how you've changed...
Davros: Time does not always heal wounds, Doctor.
The Doctor: I take it that the new base was salvaged from one of your Necros Daleks? Ooh! Sorry, what a giveaway. You do know that...?
Mr. Cryson: That Professor Vasso is really Davros? Yes, I know.
The Doctor: Oh, good! That saves me from having to deal with long, boring explanations.

The Doctor: There really isn't very much left of you, is there?
Davros: Wrong, Doctor! My mind is still my own!
The Doctor: But for how long? Fate has cast its dice for you, and the dots... are in the shape of little Daleks.

Davros: It was never my intention to become the stuff of nightmares, Doctor. The Daleks were meant to bring order to the swelling chaos of the universe! I am -- or, rather, I was -- Davros. It was my dream -- and perhaps, I admit, a foolish one -- to have my name live on long after me. I desired a legacy!

Davros: As for you Doctor. I gather you are here, to "rescue" your companion. The delightful miss Bush. I have grown quite fond of her over the past few months. And I think you'll find that she'd say the same thing of me!
The Doctor: Ha, once Mel discovers that you've been manipulating her "sensory implants" or whatever they have here. Her fondness for your alter-ego, will melt away. Ha! You think crossing 'Mr Brower' is a dangerous opposition? Hell hath no fury like a Melanie Bush scorned.
Sixth Doctor: What have you done with the TARDIS interior design, by the way?
Eighth Doctor: I hope you are not about to lecture me about taste, Doctor?
Sixth Doctor: I'm not sure what you mean.
Sixth Doctor: We agreed we could grumble, not 'stick the knife in'!
[The Doctor has been caught in a trap and spotted by his past self]
Young Doctor: It's you! I mean, me. What am I doing up there? Apart from hanging around...

Young Doctor: Why are you wearing Necros mourning colours?!
The Doctor: Tastes change! My demeanor certainly has. I'd forgotten I could be so... obstreperous!

The Doctor: Well done, Doctor. I knew I could rely on you.
Young Doctor: Not at all, Doctor! A pleasure to be working with you.
Mel: I've heard of self-congratulation, but this is ridiculous!

Young Doctor: But who made you boss?
The Doctor: I did.

Mel: You're the wrong Doctors, in the wrong place, at the wrong time!
Both Doctors: Story of my lives.

The Doctor: Mel? Bush.
Mel: Yes, I know -- it's me!
The Doctor: No, Mel. Hide, in that bush.

Mel: Where next then, Indigo Jones?

Young Mel: I-- I liked his coat.
The Doctor: Then I shall wear it again, for you.
Narvin: So what would you have me do?
The Fourth Doctor: Make me a warrior?
Narvin: We already have. That drink you had. You were ready.
The Fourth Doctor: Ooh. Baden-Powell, ha! He-- He would be proud, he'd be in knots! Not an end, but a beginning! And the moment has been--!"
[He regenerates into an alternate version of the Sixth Doctor -- The Warrior.]
Narvin: Well. How do you feel? Doctor?
The Warrior: A warrior! At last.
The Valeyard: Doctor. Doctor!
Sixth Doctor: Mm, cold, isn't it?
The Valeyard: You idiot! You've killed us both. You've robbed yourself of a future!
Sixth Doctor: A future as you? That's no future at all...
The Valeyard: You can't let me die -- I'm part of you!
Sixth Doctor: You're nothing to me.
The Valeyard: What about your precious moral scruples?!
Sixth Doctor: They died with me...

Sixth Doctor: Hold on, Mel! Hold on!
Mel: What is it? What's attacking us?
Sixth Doctor: (grunts) Focused beams of radiation! I don't know how I missed these readings. It's coming from the planet Lakertya?
Mel: Oh, the people down there don't like us!
Sixth Doctor: Well, if memory serves they're peaceful people, so... I don't understa—(screams)
Mel: (grunts) Just how deadly is this radiation? I... I must admit I'm feeling pretty... peculiar.
Sixth Doctor: Oh, you — You should be all right Mel, don't worry. You may lose consciousness, but I'm afraid...
Mel: (grunts, collapses)
Sixth Doctor: Mel? Mel! She's out cold. Oh. Oh, Mel, what I was going to say was... I'm afraid it's deadly to Time Lords. Oh... Oh, so that's it? (sighs) Ah, well... (grunts)
(The Doctor collapses)
Sixth Doctor: (grunts) Oh, I've had a good innings. (grunts) All those lives I've lived. I hope the footprint I leave will be... light, but apposite... (grunts; exhales)
[In his head]
Seventh Doctor: It's far from being all over.
Sixth Doctor: Who said that? Who is that? Who's there?

Future Sixth Doctor: Change? I feel it. Yes, I will regenerate.
Seventh Doctor: Yes, I will regenerate.
Together: Our future is in safe hands.
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