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This page is a collection of quotations from the era of the seventh official incarnation of The Doctor from the BBC science fiction television programme Doctor Who, during which the role of the Seventh Doctor was played by Sylvester McCoy.

Ahh, well every dogma has its day.

Season 24

You can always judge a man by the quality of his enemies.
(7 September - 28 September 1987)
The Doctor: You don't understand regeneration, Mel. It's a lottery, and I've drawn the short plank.

The Doctor: Absence makes the nose grow longer!

Rani: You going to be much longer in there, Doctor?
The Doctor: 'Fraid so; more hasta less vista.

The Doctor: The more I know me, the less I like me.

Ikona: Well then why the hologram? Why didn't she just release Mel?
The Doctor: A bird in the hand keeps the Doctor away?
Ikona: You're probably right.
The Doctor: Only in this occasion, it'll have the opposite effect.

The Doctor: Ahh, well every dogma has its day.

The Doctor: Two wrongs don't make a left turn.

Ikona: Where there's a will, there's a —
The Doctor: Beneficiary! Good thinking, Ikona!

The Doctor: A miss is as good as a smile.

The Doctor: Time and tide melts the snowman.
Mel: Waits for no man!
The Doctor: Who's waiting? I'm ready.

Mel: You're going to take some getting used to.
The Doctor: I'll grow on you, Mel. I'll grow on you.
(5 October - 26 October 1987)
Pex: Are these old ladies annoying you?
Mel: No!
Pex: Are you annoying these old ladies?
Tilda and Tabby: No, she isn't.
Pex: Oh. [lowers his gun]

Chief Caretaker: I am the chief caretaker.
The Doctor: And I am —
Chief Caretaker: No need to tell me, I know who you are. We have been waiting for this momentous visit for so many years. You were the man who brought Paradise Towers to life, the visionary who dreamed up its pools and lifts and squares, and now you have returned to your creation. You will make all those dilapidated lifts rise and fall as they have never done before! All signs of wall-scrawl will disappear from the corridors of Paradise Towers! The floors will gleam, the windows will shine and all will be made as new! Fellow caretakers, you know who this is? This is the great architect, returned to Paradise Towers! Bid him welcome! All hail the great architect, all hail!
Caretakers: All hail the great architect!
Caretaker: What should we do with him now chief?
Chief Caretaker: [beat] Kill him.

The Doctor: Well Kangs, I must say, there's no place like home... and this is no place like home.

The Doctor: [referring to an antique telephone] Are these antiques dotted about all over the building? It really is a splendid piece of audioarchitectonicalmetrasynchosity!

[Mel and Pex are in a lift which is going up past floor 157]
Mel: Well I suppose it is one way of seeing the Paradise Towers, just so long as nothing goes wrong with the lift.
[The lights begin to flicker]
Pex: What did you say?
Mel: Oh, it doesn't matter, really. It's just, it's just if the lift gets completely stuck between floors.
[Floor 174, 173, 174]
Mel: And the lights go out.
[Guess what]
Pex: Oh, I hate the dark.

Deputy Chief Caretaker: Why, Chiefy, I thought you were... [sees a cleaner behind the Chief, who is possessed by Kroagnon]
Chief Caretaker: The Towers have become appallingly dirty.
Deputy Chief Caretaker: Sorry?
Chief Caretaker: The whole place is polluted with flesh. Living flesh.
Deputy Chief Caretaker: Flesh? Did you say living flesh?
Chief Caretaker: Yes.
Deputy Chief Caretaker: But, Chief, you...
Chief Caretaker: Deputy, may I remind you that there is a rulebook and the rulebook says that the orders of the Chief Caretaker are never to be questioned.
Deputy Chief Caretaker: [nervous] Yes, yes, yes, of course. Of course, Chief. Unless...
Chief Caretaker: Unless?
Deputy Chief Caretaker: Well, I think you may recall that there are certain cases specified when the rulebook can be overridden, and that is when the Chief Caretaker...
Chief Caretaker: Yes?
Deputy Chief Caretaker: ...just isn't the Chief Caretaker. [runs past the cleaner]
Chief Caretaker: Leave him, leave him. We'll clean him up when we clean up all the others.

[As the TARDIS dematerializes, a wallscrawl appears on the wall saying "PEX LIVES".]
(2 November - 16 November 1987)
The Doctor: Love has never been noted for its rationality.

The Doctor: A stitch in time... takes up space.

The Doctor: All haste and no speed makes Jill a dull girl.
Ace: Do you feel like arguing with a can of deodorant that registers nine on the Richter scale?

[after Ace takes drinks to a woman and her daughter, she unpins her bun to release a pony tail]
Announcer: Would the emergency services please report to the docking bay to deal with an icing up. Thank you.
Mel: It's all your fault.
Ace: How'd you work that out?
Mel: You were encouraging them. "Oh, ace! Oh, brill!"
Woman: You girl. [Ace looks behind her] Yes, you, girl. Come here.
Ace: What do you want?
Woman: This milkshake isn't adequately shaken.
Ace: That's how they come, missus.
Woman: It's got lumps in it.
Mel: It's supposed to have lumps in it. That's the ice cream.
Woman: But we don't want lumps. Shake it some more.
Ace: Shake it yourself.
Woman: [offended] I beg your pardon?
Ace: You heard.
Woman: I've never been so insulted...
Ace: Bet you've never had a milkshake tipped over your head, neither.
[Ace is as good as her word. the woman squeals as the milkshake is tipped onto her and Anderson the bar manager rushes to her]
Anderson: I'm awfully sorry, Madam. [turns to Ace] That does it, you're fired!
Ace: I'm sorry. It won't happen again.
Anderson: Get out! I've had enough of you!
Ace: I promise, it will never happen again!
Anderson: Get out! You two, out!
Mel: Me?
Anderson: Both of you, out!
Mel: All right, I'm going!
Anderson: You're troublemakers! Hooligans! [turns back to the woman] I do apologise for my staff. I do assure you, those milk shakes don't stain.
[Ace's last act is to tip a milkshake over Anderson's head, too]

[after the Doctor has a complicated discussion of metaphysics]
The Doctor: Not interrupting anything, am I?
Belazs: [points her gun at him] What are you doing here?!
The Doctor: That's a very difficult question. Why is everyone around here so preoccupied with metaphysics?
Glitz: I think she's going to kill us, Doctor.
The Doctor: Ah! An existentialist.

Mel: But we can't give him the treasure!
The Doctor: We've no choice! The creature's already dead... Ace is still alive.

Kane: Who are you?
The Doctor: Just a traveler.

[after Kane reveals his plans for revenge against his people]
The Doctor: But where will you find another home planet?
Kane: You're talking in riddles, Doctor. Proamnon is my home planet
The Doctor: Was your home planet. Take a look at your navigational equipment. It's fully operative now.
Kane: There must be something wrong.
The Doctor: Certainly not. Your entire people, your race was destroyed 1000 years after you were exiled.
Kane: No, no! It's not possible.
The Doctor: Look at the sun of Proamnon. When you left it was a cold red giant surrounded by freezing planets.
Kane: There's nothing there but a neutron star!
The Doctor: Your sun turned supernova 2000 years ago. The planets were engulfed in the explosion. Your people were annihilated, your planet obliterated. You're too late, Kane, for your revenge. You have no home. Time has flowed by.

Mel: Oh all right, you win.
The Doctor: I do? I usually do.
Mel: I'm going now.
The Doctor: Yes, that's right, you're going. You've been gone for ages. You're already gone. You're still here. You've just arrived. I haven't even met you yet. It all depends on who you are and how you look at it. Strange business, time.

The Doctor: Think about me when you're living your life one day after another, all in a neat pattern. Think about the homeless traveller and his old police box, with his days like crazy paving.

Mel: [in a whisper] Ace doesn't have anywhere to go.
The Doctor: Nonsense, it's an idyllic place, Perivale! It's got lush green fields — a village blacksmith, um —
Mel: Doctor, she comes from the twentieth century!
The Doctor: [thinking of 20th century Perivale] Oh...

Mel: I'll send you a postcard!
The Doctor: But I don't have an address.
Mel: Oh, I'll put it in a bottle and throw it into space! It'll reach you... in time.

The Doctor: Ace! Where d'you think you're going?
Ace: [miserable] Perivale...
The Doctor: Ah yes, but by which route? The direct route with Glitz? Or the scenic route? [Ace begins to smile] Well, do you fancy a quick trip around the twelve galaxies and then back to Perivale in time for tea?
Ace: [jumps for joy] ACE!
The Doctor: [suddenly stern, he holds up three fingers] But there are three rules! One: I'm in charge.
Ace: Whatever you say, Professor!
The Doctor: [holding up two fingers] Two: I'm not 'the Professor', I'm the Doctor!
Ace: Whatever you want!
The Doctor: And the third... [he suddenly smiles] Well, I'll think up the third by the time we get back to Perivale. [they smile at each other]

Season 25

(5 October - 26 October 1988)
The Doctor: [looking at an unmarked van with a rotating antenna] Strange...
Ace: Oi, Professor, can we get something to eat now?
[The Doctor bumps into her backpack]
The Doctor: You're not carrying any Nitro-9 explosives in there?
Ace: No.
The Doctor: What do you make of that van?
Ace: Dunno. TV detector van?
The Doctor: No. Wrong type of aerial.

Group Captain Gilmore: Now perhaps, Doctor, you could tell me what is going on?
The Doctor: You must pull your men back now. It's their only chance.
Gilmore: It's preposterous. We can't disengage now. Whoever is in there, my men can handle it. Sergeant!
The Doctor: Listen to me, Brigadier...
Gilmore: Group Captain. Group Captain Gilmore!
The Doctor: Nothing you possess will be effective against what's in there!
Sergeant: Sir?
Gilmore: Three men, rifle-grenades, even spread left right and centre. Fire on my command.
Gilmore: Yes, sir.
The Doctor: Group Captain, you're not dealing with human beings here.
Gilmore: What am I dealing with? Little green men?
The Doctor: No, little green blobs in bonded polycarbide armour.
Sergeant: Grenades are ready, sir.
The Doctor: Group Captain Gilmore.
Gilmore: Fire.
The Doctor: [exasperated] Humans...

Gilmore: Smith!
Mike: Sir?
Gilmore: Get on the radio. Call up Blue Four and Six. Tell Four to pick up an ambulance on the way.
Mike: Yes, sir.
The Doctor: It doesn't matter how many men you get here. It isn't going to make any difference.
Gilmore: Doctor, my men have just put three high-explosive grenades into a confined area. Nothing even remotely human could have survived that.
The Doctor: That's the point group, Group Captain: it isn't even remotely human.

[A single Dalek emerges, opening fire on the assembled RAF troops]
The Doctor: Aim for the eyepiece! Ace, give me some of that Nitro-9 that you're not carrying! Quickly. [takes two cans of Nitro-9 from Ace's backpack] And another!
Ace: That's all that canned!
The Doctor: I should hope so, too! How long, the fuze?
Ace: Ten seconds!
The Doctor: That's long enough.

The Doctor: [Luring a Dalek into a trap] Oi, Dalek! It's me, the Doctor! What's the matter, don't you recognise your mortal enemy?

Ace: These dayleks...
The Doctor: Daleks.
Ace: Oh, Daleks, where are they from?
The Doctor: From Skaro, at least originally. They're the mutated remains of a species called the Kaleds. Left here.
Ace: Why were they left here?
The Doctor: No, turn left here!
Ace: Oh, right.
The Doctor: No left, you missed the turning!
Ace: What turn? Where?
The Doctor: Why don't you concentrate on where you're going?!
Ace: Look, I'm doing the best I can! If you don't like it, you drive!
[the two somehow change seats as the van goes under a bridge, much to Ace's confusion]
The Doctor: The Kaleds were at war with the Thals. They had a dirty nuclear war. The resulting mutations were then accelerated by their chief scientist, Davros. What he created he then placed in a metal war machine, and that's how the Daleks came about.
Ace: So that metal thing had a creature inside controlling it?
The Doctor: Exactly. And ever since the Daleks were created, they've tried to conquer and enslave as much as the universe as they can get their grubby little protuberances on.
Ace: And now they want to conquer the Earth.
The Doctor: Nothing so mundane. They conquer the Earth in the 22nd century. No. They want the Hand of Omega.
Ace: What's that?
The Doctor: One thing at a time, Ace.

Ace: You were expecting these Daleks, weren't you?
The Doctor: Yes, they're following me.
Ace: I wouldn't be so pleased if I had a bunch of Daleks on my case.
The Doctor: You can always judge a man by the quality of his enemies.

The Doctor: What do you make of that?
Ace: It's a playground.
The Doctor: The burn marks. See them? Well?
Ace: A landing pattern for some kind of spacecraft, isn't it?
The Doctor: Very good.
Ace: But this is Earth, 1963. Well someone would've noticed, I'd have heard about it!
The Doctor: Do you remember the Zygon gambit with the Loch Ness monster? Or the Yetis in the underground?
Ace: The what?
The Doctor: Your species has the most amazing capacity for self-deception, matched only by its ingenuity when trying to destroy itself.

Ace: What are we looking for?
The Doctor: Shush. Whoever it was landed the spaceship in the playground.
Ace: And that would be?
The Doctor: More Daleks.
Ace: Oh, great. I thought it might be something really nasty(!)
The Doctor: Ah, the cellar. It could be down in there.
Ace: Why the cellar?
The Doctor: Good place to put things, cellars.

Ace: What about the Dalek? Won't he try and stop us?
The Doctor: Quite possibly. Stay close behind.
Ace: Hey. It must have gone back down to the cellar.
Dalek: You will be exterminated!

John: Sugar?
The Doctor: Ah. A decision... Would it make any difference?
John: Would make your tea sweet.
The Doctor: Yes, but beyond the confines of my taste buds, would it make any difference?
John: Not really.
The Doctor: But...
John: Yeah?
The Doctor: What if I could control people's taste buds? What if I decided that no one would take sugar? That'd make a difference to those who sell the sugar and those who cut the cane.
John: My father, he was a cane cutter!
The Doctor: Exactly. Now if no one had used sugar, your father wouldn't have been a cane cutter.
John: If this sugar thing had never started, my great grandfather wouldn't have been kidnapped, chained up and sold in Kingston in the first place. I'd be a African.
The Doctor: Every great decision creates ripples, like a huge boulder dropped in a lake. The ripples merge and rebound off the banks in unforeseeable ways. The heavier the decision, the larger the waves, the more uncertain the consequences.
John: Life's like that. Best thing is just to get on with it.

Undertaker: [On the phone] Hello, governor? Somebody's come to collect that big casket. [pause] Yes, yes the Doctor. [pause] Just one thing, governor: I thought you said he was an old geezer with white hair!

Gilmore: You were hired as a chief scientific adviser, one tends to expect advice from one's adviser.
Professor Jensen: For one thing, Group Captain, I was not hired, I was drafted. And for another, do you think I'm enjoying having some space vagrant come along and tell me that the painstaking research I have devoted my life to, has been superseded by a bunch of tin-plated pepper pots?!
Gilmore: Steady on, Professor!
Professor Jensen: "Steady on"?! You drag me down from Cambridge, you quote the Peacetime Emergency Powers Act and me, and then you expect me to advise on something outside the scope of human experience! [sighs] Bluntly, Group Captain, we are dependent on the Doctor because only the Doctor knows what is going on!

[The Doctor explains the history of the Hand of Omega.]
The Doctor: It's called that because Time Lords have an infinite capacity for pretension.
Ace: Noticed that.

Professor Jensen: Doctor, we've had a report of a radar contact.
The Doctor: On a re-entry curve from low orbit?
Professor Jensen: Yes.
The Doctor: That'll be the Imperial Dalek shuttlecraft.
Gilmore: What? They're not landing a spaceship here.
The Doctor: Here? No. We're much too far from the main action.
[sound of landing jets outside]
Professor Jensen: You're sure...?
Ace: [staring out the window at the Dalek shuttle landing in the school playground] Cor!
The Doctor: Ace, get away from the window! Down!
[everybody ducks from flying debris as the windows shatter]
The Doctor: I think I might have miscalculated.

Mike: Ace.
Ace: Go away.
Mike: Ace, I didn't know it was the Daleks. I was just doing Mister Ratcliffe a favour.
Ace: Do me a favour and drown yourself.
Mike: I thought it was the right thing. Mister Ratcliffe had such great plans. [grabs Ace's arms]
Ace: [wrenches herself free] Shut up.
Mike: Ace, I never really wanted to hurt anybody. It's just you have to protect your own, keep the outsiders out just that your own people can have a fair chance.
Ace: [hits Mike] I said shut up! You betrayed the Doctor, you betrayed me! I trusted you! I even liked you, and all the time, you... [runs off]

Davros: The Daleks shall become Lords of Time! We shall become all-
[The Doctor finishes his sentence.]
The Doctor: Powerful! Crush the lesser races! Conquer the galaxy! UNIMAGINABLE POWER! UNLIMITED RICE PUDDING, ETCETERA, ETCETERA!

Davros: You have tricked me!
The Doctor: No, Davros. You tricked yourself.
Dalek: Omega Device returning! Impact minus-25!
The Doctor: Did you think I would let you have the Hand of Omega?
Davros: Do not do this, I beg of you!
The Doctor: Nothing can stop it now!
Davros: [pathetically] Have pity on me!
The Doctor: I have pity for you!
Dalek: 15!
The Doctor: Goodbye Davros. It hasn't been pleasant.

The Doctor: Dalek, you have been defeated. Surrender! You have failed.
Supreme Dalek: Insufficient data.
The Doctor: Your forces are destroyed, your home planet a burnt cinder circling a dead sun.
Supreme Dalek: There is no data.
The Doctor: Even Davros, your creator, is dead. You have no superiors, no inferiors, no reinforcements, no hope, no rescue!
Supreme Dalek: You are lying! There is insufficient data!
The Doctor: You're trapped, a trillion miles and a thousand years from a disintegrated home. I have defeated you. You no longer serve any purpose.

[During a funeral procession.]
Ace: Doctor?
Doctor: Yes?
Ace: We did good, didn't we?
The Doctor: Perhaps. Time will tell. It always does.
(2 November - 16 November 1988)
Kandyman: Welcome to the Kandy Kitchen, gentlemen!
The Doctor: I'm sure the pleasure's all ours...
Kandyman: I do hope so. I like my volunteers to die with smiles on their faces.

Gilbert M: Created as you are out of glucose-based substances, your joints need constant movement to avoid coagulation.
Kandyman: What do you mean?!
Gilbert M: You're turning into a slab of toffee. I saw this at the planning stage, and then I realised what the solution was.
Kandyman: And what's that?
Gilbert M: ... I've forgotten.

Trevor Sigma: Name?
The Doctor: I'm the Doctor. Haven't we met?
Trevor Sigma: I'm sorry, that's classified information.
The Doctor: You're Trevor Sigma, aren't you?
Trevor Sigma: Galactic Census Bureau, I ask the questions.
The Doctor: You ask the questions?
Trevor Sigma: I'm sorry, that's classified information. Address?
The Doctor: Which one?
Trevor Sigma: If you live here, I need a town and a street. If you're an alien, I need a home planet, except when you spend more than half the work year away, in which case I need a planet of origin.
The Doctor: That's classified information. Name?
Trevor Sigma: What?
The Doctor: I ask the questions. Name!
Trevor Sigma: Trevor Sigma.
The Doctor: Address?
Trevor Sigma: Galactic Census.
Earl Sigma: What's happening Doctor?
The Doctor: Questionnaire. Occupation?
Trevor Sigma: Galactic Census Bureau, authorised to enter all Alphan property and to interview all Alphans.
The Doctor: Good, take me to your leader.

Sniper 2: Get back. Or he'll use the gun.
The Doctor: Yes, I imagine he will. You like guns, don't you?
Sniper 1: This is a specialised weapon. It's designed for roof duty. Designed for long range. I've never used one up close before.
Sniper 2: Let him go.
Sniper 1: No.
The Doctor: No. In fact... let him come a little closer.
Sniper 1: Stay where you are.
The Doctor: Why? Scared? Why should you be scared? You're the one with the gun.
Sniper 1: That's right.
The Doctor: And you like guns, don't you?
Sniper 2: He'll kill you.
The Doctor: Of course he will. That's what guns are for. Pull a trigger. End a life. Simple, isn't it?
Sniper 1: Yes.
The Doctor: Makes sense, doesn't it?
Sniper 1: Yes.
The Doctor: A life, killing life.
Sniper 2: Who are you?
The Doctor: [To Sniper 2] Shut up. [To Sniper 1] Why don't you do it then? Look me in the eye. Pull the trigger. End my life.
Sniper 1: No.
The Doctor: Why not?
Sniper 1: I can't.
The Doctor: Why not?
Sniper 1: I don't know.
The Doctor: You don't, do you. [The Doctor takes Sniper 1's gun and drops it off the roof. He turns to Sniper 2] Throw away your gun.

Earl Sigma: You're a nice guy Doctor, but a little weird.
The Doctor: Enough with the little...

The Doctor: And where are the Census Bureau going to send you next?
Trevor Sigma: Earth. Have you been there?
The Doctor: Once or twice.
Trevor Sigma: I hear it's a miserable sort of place.
The Doctor: You’re making me feel nostalgic.

Earl Sigma: Blissful, isn’t it, Doctor? Silence.
The Doctor: Aha, not quite. I can hear the sound of empires toppling.

Ace: I want to nail those scumbags, I want to make them very, very unhappy!
(23 November 1988 - 7 December 1988)
Ace: They saved my life!
The Doctor: Don't thank them yet. We might live to regret it.
Ace: What are they?
The Doctor: Cybermen.

Ace: We can't go nicking stuff in here
The Doctor: It's only temporary
Ace: It's probably treason! I'm too young to go to the Tower!

The Doctor: I don't suppose you've completely ignored my instructions and secretly prepared any Nitro-9, have you?
Ace: What if I had?
The Doctor: And naturally, you wouldn't do anything so insanely dangerous as to carry it around with you, would you?
Ace: Of course not. I'm a good girl and do what I'm told.
The Doctor: Excellent. Blow up that vehicle.

The Doctor: Hello, I'm the Doctor! I believe you want to kill me?
(14 December 1988 - 4 January 1989)
[The Doctor is teaching himself how to juggle while Ace frantically flings clothes around]
Ace: Professor?
The Doctor: Yes?
Ace: Have you seen my Nitro-9?
The Doctor: Isn't it in your rucksack?
Ace: Yeah, but where's my rucksack?
The Doctor: Interesting question...
Ace: Things don't just vanish.
The Doctor: [inexplicably loses a juggling ball] No....

The Doctor: Anybody remotely interesting is mad in some way or another.

Ace: It was your show all along, wasn't it, Professor?

The Doctor: You ain't seen nothing yet!

Morgana: You have to hang up your travelling shoes and stop wandering sooner or later, don't you?
The Doctor: So I've been told. Personally, I just keep on wandering.

Bellboy: [As the robot clowns he built approach menacingly] You were a wonderful clown once: funny, inventive... I'm not helping you any more!

The Doctor: I've always found circuses a little... sinister.

Season 26

(6 September - 27 September 1989)
Doris: You don't regret it, do you?
Brigadier: Giving up teaching?
Doris: Leaving United Nations Intelligence Taskforce.
Brigadier: No. My blood and thunder days are long past.

Ace: A missile convoy!
Doctor: A nuclear missile convoy.
Ace: How can you tell?
Doctor: It has a graveyard stench.

The Doctor: Among all the varied wonders of the universe, there's nothing so firmly clamped shut as the military mind.

Bambera: Well done, Zbrigniev. Two civilians waltz up with a pair of antiquated pass cards and you let them in, why?
Zbrigniev: Sir...
Bambera: You know something, what is it?
Zbrigniev: Off the record, sir?
Bambera: Off the record.
Zbrigniev: When I served under Lethbridge-Stewart, we had a scientific advisor called the Doctor.
Bambera: The man outside?
Zbrigniev: No, sir, but-
Bambera: But?
Zbrigniev: He changed his appearance, several times.
Bambera: A disguise...
Zbrigniev: No, sir. The word was he changed his whole physical appearance.
Bambera: His whole appearance?
Zbrigniev: And his personality.
Bambera: How can he be the same man if his appearance and personality have changed?
Zbrigniev: I don't know, sir.
Bambera: What do you know, Zbrigniev?
Zbrigniev: Just that whenever this Doctor turns up....
Bambera: Yes?
Zbrigniev: All hell breaks loose.

[Doris takes a call from 'Geneva']
Brigadier: Tell them I've retired. Tell them I've decided to fade away.

Ancelyn: [Discussing The Doctor] He has many many names. But in my reckoning he is Merlin.
Doctor: You recognise my face then?
Ancelyn: No. Not your aspect, but your manner that betrays you. Do you not ride the ship of time? Does it not deceive the senses; being larger within than without?

Ace: What's down there?
Warmsly: Don't ask me. I've only been excavating this site for ten years.
Doctor: With any luck, a tunnel.
Ace: A dark mysterious one?
Doctor: Probably.
Ace: Leading to unknown dangers?
Doctor: Indubitably.
Ace: Oh, wicked.

Lieutenant Lavel: Sir, we do not the situation here.
Brigadier: The situation, Lavel, is normal. And it doesn't get any worse than that.

[Morgaine sees The Brigadier for the first time]
Morgaine: A warrior, no less! How goes the day?
Brigadier: I've had better.
Morgaine: I am Morgaine, the sun-killer. Dominator of the thirteen worlds and battle queen of the S'Rax. What say you?
Brigiadier: I am Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. Surrender now and we can avoid bloodshed.

Brigadier: Oh dear. Women. Not really my field.
The Doctor: Don't worry, Brigadier. People will be shooting at you soon.

The Doctor:You've got enough weapons here to fight a war.
Brigadier: That's the general idea.
The Doctor: It'll be useless, Brigadier.
Brigadier: Not this time, Doctor. [Opens an ammo box and holds up a round to show The Doctor] Armour-Piercing, solid core with a Teflon coating; go through a Dalek.
The Doctor: A non-stick bullet.
Brigadier: UNIT's been very busy, Doctor. We've also got high-explosive rounds for Yetis and very efficient armour-piercing rounds for robots. And we've even got gold-tipped bullets for you-know-what.
The Doctor: No silver?
Brigadier: Silver bullets?
The Doctor: Well, you never know...

Mordred: We know you of old Merlin; you will not kill.
The Doctor: I wouldn't count on it!
Mordred: Come then, look me in the eye, end my life. [The Doctor struggles for a moment then releases Mordred] Ha! It is a weakness, this lack of spirit!
[The Brigadier approaches and points his revolver at Mordred's head]
Brigadier: Try me.
Morgaine: [To Mordred via psychic link] Ware this man, Mordred, he is steeped in blood.

Mordred: My mother will destroy you!
Brigadier: Just between you and me, Mordred, I'm getting a little tired of hearing about your mother.

The Doctor: Exotic alien swords are easy to come by, Aces are rare.

The Doctor: That, Brigadier, was the beginning of the end of the world.
Brigadier: Same as ever, eh Doctor?

Brigadier: Right, you just, uh, shoot the bullets into it?
The Doctor: Simple, isn't it? Just like most killings...

Brigadier: Sorry, Doctor, but I think I'm rather more expendable than you are!

The Destroyer: Pitiful. Can this world do no better than you as their champion?
Brigadier: Probably. I just do the best I can.

The Doctor: You stupid, stubborn, thickheaded numbskull! You were supposed to die in bed! I could've handled it, done your job...
Brigadier: Nonsense, Doctor!
The Doctor: You're supposed to be dead!

Brigadier: Ace?
Ace: Yes Brigadier?
Bridagier: I'm getting too old for this sort of thing. He's all yours from now on. I'm going home to Doris.
The Doctor: Doris?
Brigadier: Yes, my wife.
The Doctor: Hahaha! So she caught you in the end?!

The Doctor: If this missile explodes, millions will die. You will die.
Morgan le Fay: Then I shall die with honor!
The Doctor: All over the world, fools are poised, ready to let death fly. Machines of death, Morgaine! screaming from above, of light brighter than the sun! Not a war between armies, nor a war between nations, but just death! Death gone mad! A child looks up at the sky, his eyes turn to cinders. No more tears, only ashes. Is this honor? Is this war? Are these the weapons you would use?

Morgan le Fay: Arthur, who burned like starfire...
The Doctor: Gone.
Morgan le Fay: And was as beautiful.
All civilisation starts with hunting and foraging, but don't worry, you'll soon work your way up.
(4 October - 18 October 1989)
The Doctor [to a beetle]: All civilisation starts with hunting and foraging, but don't worry, you'll soon work your way up.

Nimrod: At the season when ice floods swamped the pasturelands, we herded the mammoths sunwards to find new grazing.
Inspector Mackenzie: Tricky things, mammoths.

Ace: It's true isn't it. This is the house I told you about.
Doctor: You were thirteen. You climbed over the wall for a dare.
Ace: That's your surprise isn't it? Bringing me back here.
Doctor: Remind me what it was that you sensed when you entered this deserted house. An aura of intense evil?
Ace: Don't you have things you hate?
Doctor: I can't stand burnt toast. I loathe bus stations. Terrible places. Full of lost luggage and lost souls.
Ace: I told you I never wanted to come back here again.
Doctor: And then there's unrequited love. And tyranny. And cruelty.
Ace: Too right!
Doctor: We all have a universe of our own terrors to face.
Ace: I face mine on my own terms.

The Doctor: Only the madman can see the way clearly through the tangled forest.

The Doctor: But you evolve too, Light.
Light: Nonsense!
The Doctor: Of course you do. You change, you adapt, all the time. Your attitude, your place, your mind... I mean, look at you now: you're no longer your original shape. And I don't think much of your catalogue- it's full of gaps.
Light: (suddenly alarmed) All organic life is recorded!
The Doctor: What about the gryphons, the basilisks? You missed the dragons, the bandersnatches... then there are the slithy toves and the crowned Saxe-Coburg. (Strolling into the entrance hall, he casually clicks his fingers and Light immediately appears at the staircase)
Light: (frantically reviewing his data screen) Where are these items?
The Doctor: I can't think how you missed them. You have to complete the catalogue before you destroy all life here.
Light: Control?
The Doctor: She's no use to you, she's evolved as well.
Light: No! All slipping away...
The Doctor: All is change, all is movement. Tell me, Light, haven't you just changed your location?
Light: (Gritting his teeth) Not yet.
The Doctor: What's the matter, Light? Changed your mind?
Light: You are endlessly agitating, unceasingly mischievous, will you never STOP?!
The Doctor: I suppose I could. It would make a change.
Light: (desperate) Nimrod- I can rely on you! Assist me now...
Nimrod: I'm sorry, sir, but my allegiance is to this planet- my birthright.
Light: (Hysterical) Everything is changing! All in flux! Nothing remains the same!
The Doctor: Even remains change. It's this planet- it can't help itself.
Light: I... will not change... I'll wake up soon. No... change... dead... (trails off as he begins to evaporate)
The Doctor: (To the data screen) Subject for catalogue: file under "'Imagination', comma, 'lack of'".
(25 October - 15 November 1989)
The Doctor: [Reading a Norse inscription] We hoped to return to the North Way, but the dark curse follows our dragon ship... The Wolves of Fenric shall return for their treasure, and then shall the dark evil rule eternally.

Ace: You know what's going on, don't you?
The Doctor: [dismissive] Yes.
Ace: [gradually getting angrier] You've always known, you just can't be bothered to tell anyone! It's like it's some kind of a game and only you know the rules! You knew all about that inscription being a computer program - but you didn't tell me! You know all about that old bottle and you're not telling me! Am I so stupid-?
The Doctor: [uncomfortable] No, that's not it!
Ace: WHY then?! I want to know!
The Doctor: Evil, evil since the dawn of time!
Ace: What do you mean?
The Doctor: Will you stop asking me these questions?!
Ace: [almost screaming] TELL ME!!
The Doctor: The dawn of time, the beginning of all beginnings. Two forces, only good and evil. Then chaos. Time is born, matter, space. The universe cries out like a newborn. The forces shatter as the universe explodes outwards. Only echoes remain, yet somehow, somehow the evil force survives... an intelligence of pure evil.
Ace: And that's Fenric.
The Doctor: No, that's just Millington's name for it. The evil has no name, trapped inside a flask like a genie in a bottle.

Ace: And the half-time score: Perivale: 600 million; rest of the universe: nil.

Ace: Can we stop it?
The Doctor: We need to get that flask.
Ace: We can release Captain Sorin to help us! I can distract the guard!
The Doctor: [missing her point] How?
Ace: Professor... I'm not a little girl.

Ace: There's a wind ripping up. I can feel it through my clothes. Is there a storm coming?
Soldier: I wasn't expecting one.
Ace: The question is, is he making all the right moves, or only going through the motions?
Soldier: What are you doing here?
Ace: You have to move faster than that if you want to keep up with me. Faster than light.
Soldier: Faster than the second hand on a watch?
Ace: We're hardly moving yet. Hardly cruising speed. Sometimes I travel so fast I don't exist any more.
Soldier: What can you see?
Ace: Undercurrents, bringing things to the surface. [Beat] I can't stay!
Soldier: You promised!
Ace: I can't!

From the extended version
Fenric: Where is the Time Lord?
Millington: "Time Lord?"
Fenric: The one you call "The Doctor."
Millington: I had him shot.
Fenric: I can see you've never been handicapped by great intelligence.

Fenric: Kneel if you want the girl to live!
The Doctor: Kill her.
Fenric: The Time Lord finally understands.
The Doctor: Do you think I didn't know? The chess set in Lady Peinforte's study? I knew.
Fenric: Earlier than that. Before Cybermen, ever since Ice World, where you first met the girl.
The Doctor: I knew. I knew she carried the evil inside her. Do you think I'd have chosen a social misfit if I hadn't known? She couldn't even pass her chemistry exams at School, and yet she manages to create a time storm in her bedroom. I saw your hand in it from the very beginning.
Ace: [Horrified] Doctor, no.
The Doctor: She's an emotional cripple. I wouldn't waste my time on her, unless I had to use her somehow.
Ace: [Falls to her knees in despair] NO!

The Doctor: Love and hate, frightening feelings, especially when they're trapped struggling beneath the surface.

Survival [26.4]

(22 November - 6 December 1989)
The Doctor: He doesn't have to outrun the lion, only his friend. Then the lion catches up with his friend and eats him. The strong survive, the weak are killed: the law of the jungle! ... Yes, very clever, if you don't mind losing your friend. But what happens when the next lion turns up? I think you'd better get your running shoes on, gentlemen.

The Doctor: We'll be safe over there. Safe from the Cheetahs, and the Master.
Ace: "Master?" Who's he?
The Doctor: An evil genius. One of my oldest and deadliest of enemies.
Ace: Do you know any nice people? Y'know, normal everyday people, not power-crazed nutters trying to take over the galaxy?

The Doctor: If we fight like animals, we die like animals!

Ace: Where have they gone?
The Doctor: They've been taken back to the wilderness. The place is different, but the hunt goes on know all about the hunt, don't you Ace?
Ace: I felt like I could run forever, like I could smell the wind and feel the grass under my feet, and just run forever.
The Doctor: The planet's gone, but it lives on inside you, and it always will.
Ace: [Smiles] Good.

The Doctor: Where to now, Ace?
Ace: [Beat]...Home.
The Doctor: Home?
Ace: The TARDIS!
The Doctor: Yes, the TARDIS.

The Doctor [the final lines of the original series]: There are worlds out there where the sky is burning, and the sea's asleep, and the rivers dream; people made of smoke and cities made of song. Somewhere there's danger, somewhere there's injustice, and somewhere else the tea's getting cold. Come on, Ace. We've got work to do.

Other Appearances

(26 November - 27 November 1993)
Seventh Doctor: Home to be China, now that November's here!
Ace: When was the last time you had that junk heap in for an MOT, Professor?
Seventh Doctor: Oh don't be silly Ace, it's just the instruments, a little erratic. That's all.
Ace: "Great Wall of China"? Looks more like the Cutty Sark to me!
Seventh Doctor: Hmmm. And not a soul in sight!
(The Doctor picks up a newspaper.)
Seventh Doctor: 1973? I didn't set the coordinates for 1973!
Ace: Oi! Is anybody theeere?
Seventh Doctor: If I didn't know better, I could be convinced that someone has deliberately taken us off course!
(Ace points to a sign. She's right - it is the Cutty Sark Gardens.)
Seventh Doctor: Ace, what are you doing?

Seventh Doctor: The Rani's TARDIS...
(Leela escapes from her TARDIS. She sees the Doctor and smiles.)
Leela: Doctor!
Seventh Doctor: I see she let you go.
Leela: Not before she cloned me, though! She's got a managorie of clones in there.
Seventh Doctor: She's attempting to transfer a massive time tunnel into the Greenwich maridian!
Leela: She's got a computer in there. The genetic codes and brain prints of every living being in the entire cosmos!
Seventh Doctor: With it, evolution is hers to control! Except... What form were you in, when she cloned you? It's very important.
Leela: Romana!
Seventh Doctor: A time eddy! That means... Two time brains in the Rani's computer!
(Ushers her aboard the TARDIS. A voice in the background says, "Big overload.")

Seventh Doctor: Hold this.
K-9: 25 seconds, Master.
Seventh Doctor: I'm operating this, so it will pull her TARDIS in, and not me.
Ace: (sarcastically) I see this lot is as easy as it seems?
Seventh Doctor: (misses or ignores the sarcasm) Of course not! I must try... And free... My other... incarnations!
(Flashes of the Third, Fifth, and Fourth Doctors)
K-9: Five seconds, Master!
Seventh Doctor: K-9, activate the Convertor!
K-9: Three... Two...
Seventh Doctor: One! Here goes!
(The Rani's TARDIS is forced to dematerialize. It is pulled inside the time tunnel, and the First and Second Doctor's heads fly out.)
Ace: What'd you just do?
Seventh Doctor: Well, there were two time brains in the Rani's computer. And I used this to pull her into the trap she set for me!
Ace: So now your other selves are free?
Seventh Doctor: Certainly. I - I mean, we - are rather difficult to get rid of!

Doctor Who (1996 film)

(12 May 1996)
[The Doctor locks away the Master's ashes in a chest]
The Doctor: There, that should do it.

[The Doctor is shot in a gang war]
The Doctor: Timing...malfunction...
Lee: I'm getting you an ambulance.
[The Doctor sees the Master's remains slither out of the TARDIS door keyhole]
The Doctor: Stop it!! [points at the TARDIS...but the Master remains are gone]
Lee: [confused] What? [The Doctor passes out as an ambulance siren sounds] Here it comes... Hold in there, old guy. Chang Lee'll help you. [walks towards the ambulance, unknowingly stepping in the Master's remains] Hey, over here!

The Doctor: Puccini, Madame Butterfly. [The Doctor's eyes open. He grabs Dr. Grace Holloway's right wrist] Whatever you're about to do, stop!
Grace: Mr Smith, you're going to be all right.
The Doctor: No. I am not human, I am not like you!
Grace: Nobody is, Mr Smith.
The Doctor: Please, I need a beryllium atomic clock. This is 1999, isn't it?
Salinger: We can't wait any longer, Grace.
The Doctor: [The anaesthetist puts a mask over the Doctor's face] No, I'm not human. I'm not human. I'm not— [He flails around, pulling down Grace's mask] I'm not human!
Curtis: It's okay, I've got it. [Curtis puts the mask back in place]
Grace: Try not to speak, Mr Smith. We've already taken out all the bullets, and now we're going to listen to your heart, try to find out why it's so wild, and then I'm going to fix it. You'll be fine. [The Doctor stops moving] Okay, he's under. [The Doctor sits up]
The Doctor: (last words) Timing malfunction! The Master! He's out there. [They push him back down and try to get him unconscious again] He's out... he's out there. I know... [The anesthetist puts the mask back over the Doctor's face]
Grace: Scalpel.
The Doctor: I've got to stop... him... [The Doctor finally passes out]
Grace: Somehow I don't think this man's name is Mr Smith, do you?

The Doctor: (agonized screaming, dies)
(23 November 2013)
The General: "It's delusional. I mean... the calculations alone would take hundreds of years."
The Eleventh Doctor: "Oh, hundreds and hundreds..."
The Tenth Doctor: "...But don't worry, I started a very long time ago."
[Zoom in on a TARDIS racing to Gallifrey]
The First Doctor: "Calling the War Council of Gallifrey! This is the Doctor!"
[Joined by eight other TARDISes]
The Eleventh Doctor: "You might say I've been doing this all my lives."
The Second Doctor: "Good luck."
The Third Doctor: "Standing by."
The Second Doctor: "Ready."
The Fourth Doctor: "Commencing calculations."
The Fifth Doctor: "Soon be there."
The Seventh Doctor: "Cross the boundaries that divide one universe from another."
The Sixth Doctor: "Just got to lock on to his coordinates."
The Ninth Doctor: "And for my next trick."
The General: "I didn't know when I was well off. All twelve of them!"
Andragor: "No, sir. All thirteen!"
[A new pair of grey eyebrows is seen]
(23 October 2022)
The First Doctor: Well! You're obviously one of the more... determined of us.
The Thirteenth Doctor: Sorry?
The First Doctor: You refuse to pass through. Quite the strength of character, this incarnation, hm?
The Sixth Doctor: The question is... what are we going to do about it?
The Thirteenth Doctor: Do about what?
The Sixth Doctor: Our predicament! This is supposed to be handed over, you can't just go and ruin it for the next one!
The Fifth Doctor: And you were doing so well.
The Thirteenth Doctor: Where am I, exactly? Because the last thing I remember is being forced to regenerate.
The Eighth Doctor: That's why we're here -- to stop you moving any further through. You are not finished.
The First Doctor: We are not finished.
The Thirteenth Doctor: "We" being...?
The Fifth Doctor: Vestiges of your consciousness.
The Sixth Doctor: Fragments of yourself--
The Seventh Doctor: --from the past.
The Eighth Doctor: Guardians of the Edge.
The Thirteenth Doctor: Sorry, why are you not wearing...?
The Eighth Doctor: I don't do robes.
The Seventh Doctor: There's always one. Has to be "different"--
The Eighth Doctor: I am a manifestation of our consciousness, I can wear what I like.
The Thirteenth Doctor: Could we just focus on this, whatever this is? You said "Guardians of the Edge". The edge of what?
The Eighth Doctor: Existence.
The Fifth Doctor: It's symbolic, obviously. Consciousness will do that. But this is the place you pass through during the process of regeneration. Go past here, there's no way back.
The Sixth Doctor: But time's running out! We can't let the Master permanently hijack our existence!
The Thirteenth Doctor: Yes. Very aware of that. But I was thinking, in the immediate aftermath of regeneration, the body's weak, unstable while it re-forms.
The Seventh Doctor: Very good. Even more so with a forced regeneration.
The Eighth Doctor: So until it's settled, he may be vulnerable. We'd need help from the outside, which is easier said than done.
The Thirteenth Doctor: Unless one of us, or all of us, were really clever. I mean, this is why you manifested here! To remind me there's always a way. Things always work out! Right? Hello?

Ace: Think I might've slightly overestimated myself here, Professor. Although... I have souped up the Nitro-9.
The Thirteenth Doctor: Nitro 999! Just what we need -- good work, Ace!
Ace: How are you doing that?
The Thirteenth Doctor: Just in case you need a bit of help -- it looks like you're doing fine!
Ace: So it's fine for me to blow stuff up when you decide? Nothing's changed...
The Seventh Doctor: It's never fine to blow stuff up. Sometimes, sadly, it's the only solution. But only after fair warning.
Ace: Now it's getting freaky...
The Seventh Doctor: I was only ever trying to teach you good habits, Ace. Obviously, I failed...
Ace: You never failed me, Professor. You made me the person I am today. I'm sorry we fell out. I'm sorry I judged you. I didn't understand the burden you carried.
The Seventh Doctor: All children leave home, sooner or later. The joy is to watch them fly...
Ace: So, we're good?
The Seventh Doctor: Oh! We're more than good... We're Ace.
The Thirteenth Doctor: Now, let's get that Nitro 999 going.

Tales of the TARDIS: The Curse of Fenric

The Doctor: Our pain comes to define us, Ace, alongside the joy.
Ace: Good people died that day! So many lives were ruined!
The Doctor: Others were set in motion.
Ace: Dangerous undercurrents...
The Doctor: I taught you to dive beneath the surface, to be unafraid! So... let's dive together this time. Into the water...

The Doctor: We never talked about it -- what happened that day. It was all my fault. I was always on the run, always eager for the next adventure.
Ace: Hm, wasn't just you. That was my life -- keeping my head down, bottling things up inside... Maybe if we talked, we wouldn't have fallen out.
The Doctor: Yes, well I did things I'm not proud of. Yeah, I used you, manipulated you, kept secrets. No wonder you abandoned ship!

Ace: I'm sorry I left you like that.
The Doctor: No, but you had to go, to become the person you are today! To save the world, that is your destiny, that you set in motion.
(April 2009)
The Doctor: The funny thing is... Switzerland? Now, I know I am suffering from memory loss. But, that seems wrong to me.
Queenie Glasscock: What do you mean?
The Doctor: Well, whoever I am. I am not the person who would say "let's go to Switzerland. It just sounds wrong coming out of my mouth.
Queenie: It does?
The Doctor: "I say. How about a trip to Vevey? Oh the Cantons are so lovely at this time of the year. I do love the cheese with the holes." It's just not very me, is it? I mean, do you believe I like that sort of thing? Vevey? Cantons? I mean, do you? I don't even know the name of this place.
(October 2010)
[In which the Doctor reflects on his previous life.]
Evelyn: What happened to you, Doctor?
The Doctor: I used to march around saying things like “Don’t worry, Evelyn; it’ll all work out for the best in some way I haven’t quite thought up yet!” How did that work out for us? How did that work out for Cassandra Schofield? I need to be in control.
Evelyn: You can’t control everything.
The Doctor: I can certainly try.

The Doctor: So this is the new you! I take it the scarf is your idea of a joke.
Nobody No-One: D'you like it? I was thinking more "homage".
The Doctor: You'll forgive me if I'm not flattered.
Nobody No-One: Killjoy.

Nobody No-One: The Doctor is the only person in all history the Doctor won't sacrifice.

Nobody No-One: Time's up, Time Lord! Any last words?
The Doctor: Oh, yes! I've got last words -- several billion last words, in fact! It's high time, Nobody No-One, that you heard exactly what kind of a man I am...

The Doctor: Pick a good life for yourself, Thomas Hector Schofield. I meant it when I said how very proud of you...
(30 June 2011)
Ace: I'll tell you what's typical! Setting off to go somewhere, and arriving in another century.
The Doctor: Perhaps there is a reason for us arriving here at this time.
Ace: YES! You can't steer.
The Doctor: ...Anyway... It seems the TARDIS has malfunctioned...
Raine Creevey: [Raine, who is new to the TARDIS] ...So it malfunctions?
The Doctor: ...Now and then...
[TARDIS randomly dematerializes, Raine is stunned]
The Doctor: Oh look... There is goes now. Haha, well, I'm sure it will be back soon.
(July 2012)
The Doctor: The time loop will continue until I return and deactivate it. Until then, you must remain here and learn what it is to be human. Find out how it feels to suffer as a human suffers, find out how it feels to fear as a human fears. Find out what it feels like to die.
(October 2012)
Ace: Leave me alone!
The Doctor: I can't! I won't.

The Doctor: I saved the lives of millions of people! Isn't one person--?
Ace: What?! You think that's a good deal? If you let go my wrist, I'll kill you now, you know that?! I'll kill you!

Ace: Were we ever mates?
The Doctor: Yes!
Ace: We can't have been! You're not human, right, Professor? I'm never gonna play your games again! Never get manipulated again! This... Is. The end!

The Doctor: What do you think of me, Professor?
Benny Summerfield: You're like most men, aren't you? You think the ends justify the means, which isn't a very pretty attitude. D'you know, I half expected my old dad to appear as a zombie. He'd turn out to be part of one of your plans and you'd expect me, of course, to go along with it rather than have a sort of breakdown or just stop in my tracks. Which I suppose I would. Anybody would. Except you.
The Doctor: I just do the best I can. I fight monsters. I win.

Benny Summerfield: Well, I'll be off, then. It was so nice to meet you.
The Doctor: This isn't supposed to happen.
Benny Summerfield: Has it occurred to you that you might actually be wrong?
(December 2013)
Koloon: Doctor! Pity me!
Seventh Doctor: Fear me.
Koloon: Wha-- What?!
Seventh Doctor: Tell this to your gods -- when they punish you, when they stretch you on the Neutron Rack... I'm still here.
Koloon: But you...?! You're one... little... man!
Seventh Doctor: No, not a man! Not a human being. I am a complex space-time event. I am Lord President of Gallifrey. The Traveller from Beyond Time. I am the Sandman! The Oncoming Storm! I am the Ka Faraq Gatri; Destroyer of Worlds! And sometimes... only sometimes, I. Am. Your. Worst. Nightmare. ...I am the Doctor, and I take care of my friends.
(17 August 2015)
Future Sixth Doctor: Change? I feel it. Yes, I will regenerate.
Seventh Doctor: Yes, I will regenerate.
Together: Our future is in safe hands.
(12 October 2015)
The Eleven: Why? Why do you do their bidding?
The Doctor: It's called "responsibility"! You wouldn't understand.
The Eleven: Oh, I understand, alright... You're ashamed of what you are.
The Doctor: As Time Lords, we have power. Immense, unfettered power. We make a difference to the rest of the universe...
The Eleven: Precisely! We can change it -- shape it in our own image!
The Doctor: Or we can grant people to live as they wish.

The Doctor: As I say: We have great power. You choose to abuse it! I choose to clear up the mess you and others like you leave behind...
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