Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

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Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter is a 1984 slasher film. It is the fourth in the Friday the 13th film series. Though it was billed as "The Final Chapter," there have been further sequels in the franchise. The popularity and financial success of the film, which grossed over $32 million, kept Paramount Pictures from retiring the franchise. Because of the finality of this film's plot and title, the next film, Friday the 13th: A New Beginning, attempted to continue the series with a different killer.

Jason Meets His Match (taglines)


  • He thinks that's funny. He thinks that's a funny thing he's doing.


[Rob Dier and Trish Jarvis talk about Jason Voorhees]
Rob Dier: My sister, Sandra, was just a really great kid. She and Jeffrey Dunsberry were very close.
Trish Jarvis: But the man that killed your sister and her boyfriend is dead.
Rob: No, he's alive. Look. Jason as a child, right? Artist's conception of Jason as described by a would-be victim, right? And then the murders.
Trish: But he's dead.
Rob: Jason's body disappeared from the morgue.
Trish: It was stolen.
Rob: It was not stolen! Two people at the hospital are missing! A coincidence? I'm telling you, he's alive.
Trish: Oh, my God! Tommy's at the house!

Jimmy: Ted, I think... I think when we get to town, I should call Betty.
Ted: Jimbo, calling Betty is definitely a dumb thing to do. Look, first rule of love: never get rejected by the same girl twice, I mean that's useless. If you want to make a fool out of yourself, always do it with someone new.
Jimmy: I don't know anyone new.
Ted: Well, love is a great way to meet them.

Ted: You broke up with "B.J. Betty"?
Jimmy: So to speak. And would you lay off her? She's alright!
Ted: I'll say she's alright. That girl wanted to be treated right! You should have treated her right!
Jimmy: I did! I treated her right! I treated her right, that's what's driving me so crazy. I mean first she would tell me to call because she had something else she needed to do. Then she wouldn't even take my calls! I mean, can you figure that? What the hell happened?
Ted: Let me put this into the old computer.
Jimmy: No, Ted, I'm serious about this.
Ted: Hey, the computer didn't lie. [Imitates using a computer, pauses, then smiles]
Jimmy: What?
Ted: It says... it says you're dead.
Jimmy: What? Dead?
Ted: Lousy, you know. [limps his wrist] A moron.
Jimmy: Oh! Don't hold back on me, Doc, give it to me straight!
Ted: I did not say it; the computer did!
Jimmy: Yeah, well there is no computer!
Ted: Aha! And there's no Betty, either.
Jimmy: And I'm dead?
Ted: Like I said, the computer don't lie.
Jimmy: Man, I'm beat...

Morgan: Axel, you are the Super Bowl of self-abuse!

TV Announcer: ...still awaiting identification of the body. The perpetrator's body.
Jamison: [on TV news] But to answer your question, yes, the man responsible for the murders in Wessex County this past week is at this moment in the Wessex County Medical Center morgue.
Morgan: Yayyy!!!!
TV Announer: ...Thank you Officer Davidson. Let's welcome...
Axel: [to Jason's body] Hey, that's you they're talking about on TV, pal.
Morgan: I don't believe you, Axel!

Morgan: You better get that thing in the icebox! I must be nuts! I must...! Good night, Axel.
Axel: [Nurse Morgan starts to leave] Hey, hey. Where do you think you're going?
Morgan: I'll tell you where I think I'm going! I think I'm going crazy!


  • Jason Meets His Match (Deluxe Edition DVD)
  • Three Times Before You Have Felt The Terror, Known The Madness, Lived The Horror. But This Is The One You've Been Screaming For.
  • Jason's Back, and this is the one you've been screaming for.
  • This is the one you'll be dying for...
  • Friday April 13 is Jason's Unlucky Day



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