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It Chapter Two is a 2019 film and a sequel to It. When Pennywise rises again 27 years after being defeated by the Losers, they must once again band together as adults to defeat the creature once and for all.

Directed by Andy Muschietti. Written by Chase Palmer, Cary Fukunaga, and Gary Dauberman, based on the novel by Stephen King.
It's Back.  (taglines)


  • For 27 years, I dreamt of you. [laughs] I craved you. Oh, I missed you! Waiting for this very moment! Time to FLOAT!!!
  • [to Beverly as she attempts to escape her old home, in the form of Robert “Bob” Gray] Run, run, run. You haven't changed anything yet. You haven't changed their futures. You... You haven't saved any of them. [putting white clown makeup on his face] Close your eyes, Bev. If you don't believe... [scratches the red marks onto his face] ...close them...and see. [laughs manically]
  • Did ya miss me, Richie? 'Cos I've missed you! No one wants to play with the clown anymore. Play a game with me, would ya? How about Street Fighter? Oh, yes, you like that one, don't you? [chuckles] Or maybe Truth or Dare? Oh, you wouldn't want anyone to pick Truth though, would you, Richie? You wouldn't want anyone to know what you're hiding. [laughs, then in a creepy sing-song voice to Richie] I know your secret! Your dirty little secret! Oh, I know your secret! Your DIRTY little secret! [speaking voice] Should I tell them, Richie?
  • Come back and play! COME BACK AND PLAY WITH THE CLOWN!!
  • [as the Witch/Mrs. Kersh] I was always Daddy’s little girl. What about you? Are you still his little girl, Beverly? ARE YOU?!
  • [to Ben] All that success! All those sit-ups! But deep down, still just a little fat, fat, fatty loser! [laughs] Who always knew he would die alone!
  • [to Young Bill] Why? Because you weren’t there, Billy. [laughs]
  • I can smell the stink of your fear!!
  • I am the eater of worlds!
  • [last words] Look at you... You're all grown up. [chuckles weakly, then gasps and gags, dying as the Losers crush It’s/Pennywise’s heart in their hands]

Bill Denbrough[edit]

  • I know you're down there. I know you can... I know you can hear me. There's something I have to know. Of all...all of the kids in this town you could have taken, why G-Ge-Georgie? S-S-S-Say some-Say something! Why him? WHY HIM, WHY HIM, WHY HIM?!

Richie Tozier[edit]

  • This meeting of the Losers Club has officially begun.
  • [To Ben and Beverly] Wow, you two look amazing. What the fuck happened to me?
  • Hey! Hey! That fortune cookie's looking at me!
  • [Pretending to be IT/Pennywise in the clubhouse] Hey, Losers! Time to float!
  • [To IT/Pennywise as he's about to kill Mike] Hey, fuckface! You wanna play Truth or Dare? Here's the truth: you're a sloppy bitch! Yeah, that's right! Let's dance! Yippee-ki-yay, motherfu- [IT/Pennywise uses the Deadlights on him]
  • Stanley, we're not afraid of fucking spiders. [Sees other Losers putting on shower caps] I stand corrected.

Mike Hanlon[edit]

  • Something happens to you when you leave this town. The farther away, the hazier it all gets. But me? I never left. I remember all of it.
  • We made an oath. That’s why you’re here. That’s why I brought you all back. To finish It, for good.

Eddie Kaspbrak[edit]

  • You should cut that fucking mullet! It’s been like thirty years, man!
  • [when about to throw a spear at IT/Pennywise] This kills monsters if you believe it does. If you believe it does. If you believe it does!
  • [throws spear at IT/Pennywise] BEEP BEEP, MOTHERFUCKER!
  • [before his death] I fucked your mom!
  • [while arm wrestling Richie] Let's take our shirts off and kiss!

Stanley Uris[edit]

  • [THE NOTE] Dear Losers, I know what this must seem like, but this isn't a suicide note. You're probably wondering why I did what I did. It's because I knew I was too scared to go back. And if we weren't together, if all of us alive weren't united, I knew we'd all die. So, I made the only logical move: I took myself off the board. Did it work? Well, if you're reading this, you know the answer. I lived my whole life afraid. Afraid of what would come next. Afraid of what I might leave behind. Don't. Be who you wanna be. Be proud. And if you find someone worth holding on to, never ever let them go. Follow your own path, wherever that takes you. Think of this letter as a promise. A promise I'm asking you to make. To me. To each other. An oath. See, the thing about being a loser is you don't have anything to lose. So, be true. Be brave. Stand. Believe, and don't ever forget we're Losers and we always will be.
  • [Stanley's speech] Reflecting on the meaning of what i just read, the word 'Leshanot' comes up a lot which means, um, to change, to transform, which makes sense I guess, because today I'm supposed to become a man. It's funny, though, everyone, I think has some memories they're prouder of than others right? And maybe that's why change is so scary, 'cause the things we wish we could leave behind... The whispers we wish we could silence... The nightmares we most want to wake up from... The memories we wish we could change... The secrets we feel like we have to keep, are the hardest to walk away from. The good stuff? the pictures in our mind that fade away the fastest? Those pieces of you it feels the easiest to lose. Maybe I don't want to forget. Maybe i-i-if that's what today is all about, forget it, right? I- uh- I-, today I'm supposed to become a man, but I don't, I don't f-feel any different. I- I- I know I'm a loser, and no matter what, I always fucking will be.


Pennywise: Hello, Vicky! Isn't that what your friends call you? Vicky? How did I know that? I guess I must be your friend too! [chuckles]
Vicky: If you're my friend, why are you hiding in the dark? You're not my friend. You're scary.
[IT/Pennywise starts pretending to cry]
Vicky: Why are you crying?
Pennywise: People always make fun ‘cause of the way I look. I thought if you couldn’t see my face... maybe you’d want to be my friend. Oh, never mind. Silly old Pennywise, you’ll never have any friends!
Vicky: People make fun of me too.
Pennywise: They do?
Vicky: cos' of this. [Vicky taps the birthmark on her right cheek]
Pennywise: Isn't that silly? That little thing? I can blow that thing right away.
Vicky: You could?
Pennywise: Oh, yes! One poof and it'd be gone! [laughs] But you would have to get close enough to see my face... I don't know, Vicky...
Vicky: It's okay! I won't make fun, I promise!
Pennywise: Promise promise?
[Vicky nods]
Pennywise: Well, okey dokey! Just come on in a little closer, and we'll blow it away on the count of 3! 1... 2...
Vicky: [following long pause from IT/Pennywise] You're supposed to say thre–
[It/Pennywise lunges at her and bites her face, killing her]

"Mrs Kersh": I do apologize. It gets so very hot here this time of year.
Beverly: It's fine.
"Mrs Kersh": You feel like you could just about die.
Beverly: Yeah...
"Mrs Kersh": But you know what they say about Derry. No one who dies here ever really dies! [“Mrs. Kersh” freezes while smiling for a moment] But tell me: how is it, being back in Derry?
Beverly: Strange.
"Mrs Kersh": Strange? Oh, my. 'Strange' how? [the oven pings from the kitchen] I had some cookies in the oven before you came. Stay right there.
Beverly: I shouldn't impose, I'm just gonna...
"Mrs Kersh": No, no, no, no, no! I insist!
Beverly: Your photos are lovely, Mrs. Kersh. Are these your family?
"Mrs Kersh": Yes, dear. My fadder came to this country with fourteen dollars in his pocket, and he didn't ask for a handout the way people come in here these days. You know what he did?
Beverly: What did he do, Mrs. Kersh?
"Mrs Kersh”: My fadder joined the circus!

"Beverly": You okay, new kid?
Ben: Yeah! No, I'm fine. I guess I'm just... worried that... we're not all going to be the same. After the fight.
"Beverly": As long as we can still hang out, who cares?
Ben: You really mean that?
"Beverly": Well, yeah, of course, dummy. ["Beverly" takes Ben's hand] You and me. [Ben leans in to kiss "Beverly" and she backs away] Oh, my God! I meant as a friend! You... You actually thought I could like someone as fat and gross and disgusting like you? No matter how many stupid poems you write! [Ben turns to "Beverly" to see her head is on fire, Ben runs from the classroom as "Beverly" chases him] Your hair is winter fire! January embers! My heart burns there too!

[Ben is hiding in a locker. he turns around and screams as he sees Pennywise behind him, face melting. ]

Pennywise: Kiss me, fat boy!

Pennywise: Ohh... Nobody wants to kiss the fat boy!
Ben: Just leave me alone!
Pennywise: Alone? Oh, you've always been alone. [chuckles evilly and sinisterly]
Ben: That's not true! I have real friends! Bill, Eddie, Mike, Stanley, Richie, Beverly. They're my real friends!
Pennywise: Kiss if it were the last time! [lunges at Ben with sharp fangs and open jaws]

[in the basement, Adult Bill has just surfaced and is witnessing a conversation between "his younger self" and ‘’Georgie’’]
"Georgie": I lost it, Billy. It just floated off.
"Young Bill": I'm not... I'm not mad at you.
"Georgie": It's your fault what happened, isn't it? You weren't really that sick that morning, were you?
"Young Bill": No. [sobs] I just... pre-pretended because I didn't want to play with you. I just didn't want to...
"Georgie": You lied, and I died. You lied, and I died! You lied, and I died! You lied, and I died! YOU LIED, AND I DIED!
"Young Bill": It happened because of me, Georgie! Me!
Adult Bill: No, no, no, no, it wa...
[Adult Bill is confronted with the zombified “Georgie”]
"Georgie": LIED AND DIED! LIED AND DIED! LIED AND DIED! YOOOOOUUUUU L... [Adult Bill tries to drown the zombified version of “Georgie”]

[The Losers arrive at Neibolt to accompany Bill into the house]
Eddie: So, does somebody want to say something?
Bill: Richie said it b-b-b-best when we were here last.
Richie: I did? I don't wanna die?
Bill: Not that.
Richie: You're lucky we're not measuring dicks?
Richie: Let's kill this fucking clown? [Bill nods] Let's kill this fucking clown.

Richie: Listen to me. You had a moment? Fine. But who killed a psychotic clown before he was fourteen?
Eddie: Me.
Richie: Who stabbed Bowers with a knife he pulled out of his own face?
Eddie: Also me.
Richie: Who married a woman ten times his own body mass?
Eddie: Me.
Richie: Yeah. You're braver than you think.
Eddie: Thanks, Richie.

[after the Ritual of Chüd]
Pennywise: Boo! [chuckles] Oh, did it work, Mikey? Did it work? [laughs] Tell them why your silly little ritual didn't work! Tell them it's all just a... What's the word, Eds? Gazebo?
Eddie: Mike, what's he talking about?
Bill: M-M-Mikey?
Pennywise: Oh, Mikey, you never showed them the fourth side, did you? [chuckles] Didn't want them to know what actually happened to the poor Shokopiwah? Yum, nyum, nyum, nyum!
[IT/Pennywise shows them the first Ritual of Chüd, but with IT/Pennywise killing the Shokopiwah]
Bill: Fuck, Mikey, you lied to us again?!
Mike: They... they didn't - they didn't believe they could kill him! That's why it didn't work back then!
Mike: We hurt him!
Richie: FUCK!
Bill: Fuck you, Mikey!
Mike: I needed something! Anything for us to remember! Anything for us to believe!
Richie: FUCK!
Bill: Damn it!

Beverly: January embers.
Ben: My heart burns there, too.
Beverly: It was you.

Pennywise: Miss me?
Mike: I know what you are. That's why I'm not afraid.
Pennywise: [chuckles] I know what you are: a madman.

Pennywise: Gotcha! You filthy little children! [chuckles]
Ben: [to Mike] You got a plan B, man? What the hell do we do now?
Pennywise: Die, that's what you do!
Bill: Mike?
Mike: There's... There's more than one way to make someone small.
Pennywise: [amused] Oh?
Beverly: Make him believe that he is.
Bill: W-Wha-What?!
Mike: Make him believe that he is!
Pennywise: Oh? Me, small?! [laughs] I am the eater of worlds!
Mike: Not to us, you're not. You're just a clown.



  • It's Back.
  • It Ends
  • Witness the end of It.

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