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The Rage: Carrie 2 is the 1999 film, the long awaited sequel to the 1976 film classic Carrie.

Directed by Katt Shea. Written by Rafaeu Moreu, based the characters created by Stephen King.
Every teen thinks terrible thoughts... Hers are deadly. Taglines

Sue Snell[edit]

  • I had a traumatic experience in high school. I tried to help someone, and it backfired horribly.
  • (to Rachel) You have the ability to move objects with your mind.
  • (going back to the old school) The night of the prom. Seventy-three people died. A few of us survived, but we never talked about that night.


  • Please. Don't leave me. I don't have anyone. Please, God... let me die.
  • I always wanted to be one of the shiny, happy people.
  • (angry) Is that all I was to you, Jesse? Thirty points?!?
  • (to Sue) With all do respect, lady, you are seriously bad shit. I am walking back into the real world now.


Jesse: Doesn't it bother you that some girl offed herself?
Tracy: No. It's not like she was anybody.
Jesse: What?
Tracy: I mean, I didn't know her.

Rachel: I don't think that I believe in it.
English Teacher: Believe in what?
Rachel: Love.
English Teacher: Then you have bigger problems than passing this class.

Sue: You've heard of Carrie White, haven't you?
Rachel: (blunt) Supposedly she set the fire as some sort of revenge-suicide thing, Elvis was her date and they escaped in a UFO.

Mark Bing: We're all friends here. We're all friends!
Jesse: No. We just grew up together.

Jesse: Don't fuck with me.
Monica: So are you going to the game? Just blink once for yes.

Tag Lines[edit]

  • Looks can kill.
  • Every teen thinks terrible thoughts... Hers are deadly.
  • What if you have the power to move objects with your mind? What if everyone gave you a reason to use that power?
  • Don't cross her... It could be deadly.
  • This March, terror runs in the family.

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