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Mad is an American animated sketch comedy series created by Kevin Shinick and produced by Warner Bros Animation. Based upon the magazine of the same name, each episode is a collection of animated parodies of television shows, movies, games, celebrities and other media using various types of animation. The series premiered on the evening of September 6, 2010 on Cartoon Network.

Season 1[edit]

Avaturd / CSiCarly [1.1][edit]

Restaurant Worker: Alright, we're gonna need this place emptied out!

TransBOREmores / Star Wars: the Groan Wars [1.2][edit]

Sam Witwicky: Optimus! Stop inviting giant robots to stay at my house!
Optimus Prime: I didn't invite any robots.
Spot: Yeah, I'm actually Spot. That's Rex.
Obi-Wan Kenobi: Oh, sorry, Spot.
Checkers: Actually, I'm Checkers.
Obi-Wan Kenobi: Ugh. I hate working with clones.

Star Blecch / uGlee [1.4][edit]

Narrator: You love the characters from Toy Story 3 but here are some rejected ones. Speak "N" Swear...
Boy: How do you spell "house?
Speak "N" Swear: How the (bleep) should I know?!
Narrator: Mr. Couch Potato Head...
Mr. Couch Potato Head: (yawning) You guys rescue Buzz.
Narrator: Baby Never Stops Crying...
(Baby crying)
Woody: (to Slinky Dog) If we don't find Andy before tonight - ah, I'm sorry, (referring to the crying baby) this is just... does... does he really need to be here?
Narrator: Bizz the Friendly Fax...
Rex: What are we gonna do, Bizz?
Bizz the Friendly Fax: (buzzing)
Narrator: And Private Space!
Private Space: HAH! I need a personal perimeter of five feet by five feet!
Narrator: Toy Story 3, so many characters... but not these.

WALL·E·NATOR / Extreme Renovation: House Edition [1.5][edit]

[a boy and a girl walk up to Oscar the Grouch's trash can]
Girl: Hey Oscar! Can you help us find a triangle?
Oscar: Tell you what! Why don't you two try and go away so I can eat my lunch!
[The boy cries, WALL-E is scooping up Oscar's trash]
Oscar: Hey, R2-D2! Get your hands off my grub! I like it like that!
[WALL-E cubes Oscar into a square shape]
Girl: A square!
Oscar: Shut up kid!
[The boy cries again. WALL-E heads to the city and sees SpongeBob SquarePants looking round]
SpongeBob: I've eaten so many Krabby Patties, how will I ever regain my shape?
[WALL-E cubes SpongeBob back into a square]
SpongeBob: [sighs] That's better. [smiles]

Pirates of the Neverland: At Wit's End / Batman Family Feud [1.6][edit]

Pirate: Captain, considering the ship's currently, uh, floating in space, there's concern we may be lost.
Jack Sparrow: Lost? Of course not. Our bearings: Second star to the left, straight on 'til morning?
Pirate: Captain, we're approaching some sort of land beyond imagination!
(They arrive at Neverland.)
Captain Hook: Jack Sparrow? Is that really you? It's been forever!

Jack Sparrow: My old friend, "Captain 2-Hands".

Captain Hook: Wow. We do need to catch up!

Dino Tweety: [after Sabor-Toothed Sylvester tries to pounce on him] I tawt I saw a puddy tat!

Episode 7: Cliffordfield / Big Time Rushmore [1.7][edit]

Elmo: AAAHHH--
Freddie: Please! Nobody panic!
Elmo: Who's panicking? This is just how we run. [screams]
Big Bird: Don't let him get me! I'm a one of a kind children's character.
(Big Bird is smashed by Clifford the Big Red Dog)
Big Bird: (smashed into the shape of SpongeBob): OK. I see your point.
Oscar: Uh oh. I'm getting out of here. (gets out of the trash can, revealing that he has shapely legs)

Fantastic Megan Fox / MAD vs. Wild [1.8][edit]

Kristen Stewart: Uhh, looking too happy again. Better work on that frown some more. What? A fox!
Megan Fox: Ah, thanks. I think so too! [She put Kristen's hair]
Kristen Stewart: Ahh!
Megan Fox: [Whistles, clicks tongue]
Kristen Stewart: Now I really have a reason to frown. Nope still not enough.

Episode 11: S'UP/ Mouse M.D. [1.11][edit]

Cookie Monster: Me like cookies.
Mickey Mouse: He's lying! And I'll prove it by adducing him to vomit.
Dr. Allison Cameron: How will you do that?
(Mickey shows Allison Cameron a picture of Spencer Pratt.)
Dr. Allison Cameron: Mouse, are you crazy?! You'll lose your license!
Mickey: Not before he loses his lunch.
Cookie Monster: Ohh! Me so sick of Spencer Pratt. [vomits on Mickey]
Count von Count: One puke! (More of Cookie Monster's barf flies) Two pukes!
[Count laughs then swallows some of the vomit]
Count von Count: Three pukes!

Da Grinchy Code/ Duck [1.12][edit]

Nicolas Cage: I let to believe that the man called "The Grinch", Stole all your things and took off on a pinch. He cracked his whip on an antique sleigh, And knew the right codes to get out the same way.
Bart Simpson lookalike who: You found all that out from the desk in his room?
Nicolas Cage: Not really.
Narrator: Said Cage.
Nicolas Cage: I just watched the cartoon. (Pulls out a DVD of the cartoon)
Narrator: When all of a sudden, a blanket of snow Covered the men from their heads to their toes. It was the Grinch himself, who arrived with the stuff.
Grinch: You're lying!
Narrator: He said.
Grinch: And I'm calling you bluffs. From that story you told was sure to surmise, That the bandits you seek are really you guys. See, I found that old sled that I supposedly used To steal all the gifts from all of the Whos. But if memory serves, and the truth might just sting, It's you who has access to antique things. (points to Nicholas Cage) And that whipping you heard came from old Doctor Jones, While the code-meister here broke into your homes.

Announcer: And everybody loves SpongeBob, except for when he's not wearing his makeup.
[SpongeBob dressed as an elf is shown as a fruitcake]

Episode 13: Snott Pilgrim vs. the Wonderful World of Disney / Malcolm in the Middle Earth [1.13][edit]

Snott Pilgrim: I'm not gonna fight a bunch of old [bleep]!
[All gasp]
Grumpy: Did he said the M word?
Happy: Munchkins?
Doc: No, the other one!
Snott Pilgrim: I said old men. I don't even know why they bleeped it.
Doc: Dwarves, begin musical attack!
Dwarves: Hohaah!
Snott Pilgrim: Oh, no, you don't!

Episode 16: The Straight A-Team / Gaming's Next Top Princess[edit]

Alan: Actually, I'll stick with my lab partners.
The A: Phineas and Ferb?
Phineas: Hey Ferb, I know what we're gonna today. Make a better science project then the Straight A-Team.
Hannibal: Not if we can help it. Quick, boys! Grab what you can. We'll show Hideous and Nerd here who the better builders are.

Phineas: Hey, where's Perry?
[Agent P has the remote in his hand, The Straight A-Team gasps, Agent P pushes the button and the van blows up taking The Straight A-Team with it.]
Perry the Platypus (in pet mode): [Chatters]
Teacher: Nice work, boys! I know I promised you an A, but are you okay with an A+ instead?
Phineas: Yes, yes I am.

Carly: We got jobs!
Sam: Yay! As matadors? [screams]
Announcer:¡AY Carly! And Freddie takes over the show! Oh no!
Freddie: Hi, I'm Carly and I'm Sam...and I'm confused.
Announcer: ¡AY Carly! Plus, Spencer gets into some hot water!
Spencer: Uh, it's not water, it's soup.
Announcer: ¡AY Carly! All this and more on an all new ¡AY Carly! ¡AY Carly! Followed by SpongeRoberto SquarePants!
SpongeRoberto SquarePants (Mexican SpongeBob): I'm ready!

The Buzz Identity / Two and a Half Man [1.17][edit]

Lotso: I'm afraid you know too much, Buzz.
Buzz Lightyear: You'll never get away with this, Lotso! Pixar movies are sad in the middle, and sometimes at the beginning, but never at the end!
(Lotso snaps his fingers. Big Baby comes in with a screwdriver)
Buzz Lightyear: Wait! What are you doing?!
Lotso: Hmmm. "Resetting your Buzz Lightyear."
(Big Baby removes the screws and is about to switch Buzz from "Play Mode" to "Demo Mode".)
(Buzz ends up being relocated in a bath tub, unconscious. Along sails a Fisher Price ship.)
Blue Sailor: Whoever he is, his batteries are gonna rust if he's left in the tub too long.
(Buzz has been lifted up into the sailors' boat and placed on a bunk.)
Red Sailor: Not bad for two guys with no arms.
Buzz Lightyear:' '[jumps up] Who am I?! [punches one of the sailors] I have no memory! [kicks the other] Who are you?! [then slaps him] What's my name?!
Blue Sailor: We don't know. It wasn't... on your underwear...
Buzz Lightyear: Oh, no! [pause] You checked my underwear?

Ken: Good to see you again, Buzz.
Buzz Lightyear: How do you know my name? Did you look at my underwear?!

Wheezy: Everything Ken told you was a lie!
Buzz Lightyear: Even the cake?!
Wheezy: No, the cake is real. And extremely rich!

Peter Griffin: [watching Two And a Half Men] So that's what that looks like. Heh.

HOPS / Naru210 [1.19][edit]

Bugs Bunny: Eh, what's up cop?
Cop: I thought you lived underground.
Bugs Bunny: The rent was too high, so I moved into a cul-de-sac.

Ko-Bee Movie / Law & Ogre [1.20][edit]

Ko-Bee: Wow, this place is great. Look at all the restaurants that welcome bees! Wait 'till they get a load a'--
(Ko-Bee stops at the Kobe Bryant billboard)
Ko-Bee: What the--?! But he-- but I-- That guy stole my reasonable good looks, and my tattoo!
Bee: Why don't you sue him in court?
Ko-Bee: Sue him in court? 'Cause that would be really boring to watch. I'll do something better.
Bee: All right, I get it. Bee Movie was boring!

Pooh Grit / Not a Fan a Montana [1.21][edit]

Owl: I think Pooh, is in my outhouse.
[Christopher Robin walks up to an outhouse]
Christopher Robin: I sure hope were talking about the same "Pooh (Poo)".

TwiGH School Musical / Avenger Time [1.23][edit]

Henry Goodson: Oh hey dad, what do you think of my new haircut?
Road Runner: Meep Meep!
Announcer: "Meep! My Dad Says!" Because when you hear what comes out of his mouth.
Boy: Do you know what happened to dad's old sweater?
[Road Runner is eating a pile of birdseed]
Henry: The green one? Ya I gave it to the salvation army.
Road Runner: Meep Meep!
Announcer: Your about to hit the road running.
Henry: Looks like we got the place all to ourselves. What do you want to do?
Girl: I got two words for you.
Road Runner: Meep Meep!
[the girl screams & jumps up]
Henry: Dad! Can you make this any worse!?
[anvil falls on Henry's head]
Announcer: "Meep! My Dad Says!"
[Road Runner sticks his tongue out and runs off]

Season 2[edit]

Episode 27: RiOa / Thomas the Unstoppable Tank Engine[edit]

Blu: Great! My girlfriend's been kidnapped and I'm the only bird in Rio that can't fly!
Alfred E. Neuman: Wheee! [flies off]
Blu: Make that the only thing in Rio that can't fly.

Big Bird: [a ring lands in his wing] Hey! A ring! [flies off]
Kermit: Aw, but I'm the green one.
[ring lands in front of Mordecai and Rigby from Regular Show]
Mordecai: A Green Lantern ring? I know were were headed!
Both: Ooooooooooooooooooo-a! [Mordecai flies off]
Rigby: Huh? I guess it can only carry one at a time. I'll wait.
[ring lands in a pile of birdseed and the Road Runner runs up and eats it]
Road Runner: Meep Meep!
[Road Runner flies off and drops a glowing green anvil on Wile E. Coyote; scene cuts to Oa]
Blu: Everyone, I've summoned you here to create a new Green Lantern CAW! Sorry, it's Corps. Green Lantern Corps. The point being, the love of my life is being held against her will. So I need you all to take the oath.
All: In brightest day, in blackest night,
Despite our shape, our size, our height,
We're birds who walk, which isn't right,
But starting now, we will take flight.
[All birds fly to planet Earth; scene cuts to Rigby, still waiting]
Rigby: Yep, should be coming for me any time now.

Episode 28: Super 80's / Captain America's Got Talent[edit]

Joe Lamb: We have to stop the 80's from taking over the town!
Alice Dainard: Why? Weren't the 80's fun?
Joe Lamb: Yes, but they also gave us Urkel (shows a picture of Steve Urkel) and ALF. (shows a picture of ALF)
(Cast of Super 8 run around screaming. In the city people are being chased by Pac-Man)
Pac-Man: Wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka!
(He-Man slicing cars, Care Bears holding torches while riding My Little Ponies)
People: (Screaming)
(People's cars are starting to turn into GoBots)
Old Man: Oh, my gosh! It's a Transformer!
Red Gobot: Actually, I'm a Gobot.
Old Man: A What-Bot?
Red Gobot: A Gobot! Just like Transformers, only smaller, not as popular, and, uh... (cries) I wanna be a Transformer!

Episode 29: Kung Fu Blander / Destroy Bob the Builder Destroy[edit]

Lord Shen: Die, Po, and let kung fu die with you! Ah ha ha ha ha! (Scene goes to Po running away Angry Birds style from Lord Shen who is firing Angry Birds at him) Blue Speedy Bird: Ooh! Grenade Bird: Whee! (explodes) Pink 5-Splitter Bird: He he he he! Orange Square Angry Bird: Ha ha ha ha!

(Orange Square Angry Bird hits TNT that collapses the temple causing 2,000 points)

(Scene goes to Lord Shen and a Green Circle Angry Bird in the slingshot)

Grenade Bird: You know that was your own temple you destroyed, right?

Lord Shen: I know, but firing these things is so addictive.

(Lord Shen lets go of the slingshot sending Grenade Bird in the air)

Grenade Bird: Whee! (Scene goes to Po running away while Angry Birds try to explode on him) Po: Black and white, black and white, gotta find someone black and white! (Scene goes to Pepé Le Pew hugging a shaking Penelope Pussycat in the city) Pepé Le Pew: My little mon cherrie (Zooms in on them), kiss me. Mmm (Po grabs him and aims him in the direction of a Green Circle Angry Bird), mmm, mmm. (Pepe gets blown up by the Angry Birds) Pepé Le Pew: What a woman. (turns to dust) Po: Okay, not him.

Episode 30: Pirates of the Pair of Tweens / Konan the Kardashian[edit]

Sheldon J. Plankton: I am king of this! (Plankton plops down and scene goes to an exhausted Jack Sparrow) Jack Sparrow: Oh, hi, diddly dee, (Jack Sparrow lays down on the bench) a pillow and slippers for me. (Young Blackbeard and Young Angelica walk up to Jack Sparrow) Young Angelica: Can we go to the movies? (Scene goes to Jack Sparrow) Jack Sparrow: (Groans) I just want to- is rest a thing? Can I say "rest" (Scene backs out) and just have it mean what I think it means?

Episode 31: Fast Hive / Minute to Flynn It[edit]

Narrator: So Pooh decided to get some help from his very good friend Rabbit. (The screen goes to a page with Pooh going to Rabbit's house.)

Pooh: No! I won't be doing that! (Punches Rabbit back in his house)

Rabbit: (groans)

Narrator: But it's in the book!

Pooh: Well, I called for some help outside the book.


Eeyore: Pathetic.


Narrator: And just as I was afraid, they all lift off the page and landed into other books.

Narrator: Pooh into Where the Wild Things Are, Piglet and Tigger into The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Eeyore into--

Eeyore: Everybody Poops.

Carol: What are you doing here?

Pooh: Um, we were just trying to get some honey. Carol: Oh, why didn't you say so? We have some here. Pooh: Oh..... Caterpillar: I was gonna eat this, but there's plenty for everyone. Bee: In this book too, 'cause as you know, even bees-- (The bee poops on Eeyore.) Eeyore: Poop.... Narrator: And what you may ask happened to Dom? well he landed into a novelization of the movie, Cars. Lightning McQueen: I hear you've got a thing for chains and cars. Mater: Ha, now you're talkin' my language. Dom: No, this is why I hate books!

Episode 35: Kitchen Nightmares Before Christmas / How I Met Your Mummy[edit]

Larry the Cucumber: This Halloween, prepare to be frightened with... (evil laughter) VeggieTales from the Crypt! (evil laughter again) Join me, the Keeper of the Crisper, for some rotten and juicy tales of morality. Like this one.
(transition to an Eggplant and a Baby Carrot)
Eggplant: Ha-ha! You're so short, you're just a baby.
Baby Carrot: It's not nice to be a bully.
Eggplant: Oh yeah? Why not?
Baby Carrot: Because baby carrots grow up to be...
(Eggplant screams in terror, transition back to Larry)
Larry the Cucumber: (evil laughter) There's a healthy serving of justice! And there'll be plenty more ghoulish stories on this week's episode of--
Man's voice: Ugh, how long has this been in here?
(his hand picks up Larry out of the fridge interior)
Larry the Cucumber: No! Wait! I've got a show with everything!

Bobby Wallace: Trick or Treat!
Woman: Awww! Look at you! You're a scary skeleton!
Fred: I got him!
Shaggy: Like, great work Fred!
Daphne: You captured the Sidewalk Skeleton!
Fred: But he's not really a skeleton at all! He's really…
Mystery, Inc. gang: Little Bobby Wallace?!
Velma: Looks like little Bobby was scaring people into giving him candy by dressing up as a skeleton.
Woman: Of course he was! It's Halloween! Y-you can't just…
Fred: Look, gang!
Bobby Wallace: Ah!
Fred: It's the Lawn Witch! Get her!
Mary Williams: [screams]
Velma: Nice try, evil witch! Or should I say...Mary Williams from the Old Williams' House?!
Mary Williams: [tears role down her cheek] I just wanted to Trick or Treat!
Shaggy: Look, it's the Grim Reaper
Scooby-Doo: Let's get him!
Announcer: The Scooby-Doo Gang, Ruining Halloween since 1969!

Episode 36: Dances with Wolverine: A Footloose Parody / Tater Tots & Tiaras [2.36][edit]

Vance: Hey, I'm Vance, and if you got dirt, I've got news for you: (in slow motion) YOU'RE A SLOB!!! (normal) Heh, just kidding, but there's no better way to clean up messes and entertain your kids than with SpongeWOW!
SpongeWOW (SpongeBob): Hi, everybody!
Vance: You ready to clean the house, SpongeWOW?
SpongeWOW: Am I ev-- Wait, what? I was told there was a party!
Vance: [spills his juice] Uh-oh! How'd that happen?
SpongeWOW: Well, you just knocked over those bottle---- (Announcer grabs SpongeWOW and rubs him on the spilt juice) Hey, hey, hey!
Vance: Luckily, SpongeWOW can absorb anything.
SpongeWOW: (gargled) Watch it!
Vance: You mean watch it disappear? HEY-OH!
SpongeWOW: Don't Hey-OH that!
Vance: See, clean in seconds! But would you look at this? Looks like someone accidentally spilled a dozen bottles of non-FDA approved hot sauce all over this counter.
SpongeWOW: Someone?!? It was you! (Announcer grabs SpongeWOW and rubs him on the hot sauce) Hey, hey, hey! What are you--
Vance: Not a problem for SpongeWOW!
SpongeWOW: Speak for yourself! It's burning!
Vance: Did you know that the average person spends up to $900 a week on napkins?
SpongeWOW: That's a lie!
Vance: Well, for just $19.99, you get a SpongeWOW that you can use over and over again.
SpongeWOW: Kill me now...
Vance: And if you wanna clean those floors while also amusing those tweens, try our new Moppit.
Moppit: Hey kids, someone having a birthday?
SpongeWOW: RUN!!!
Moppit: (Screams and runs away)
Vance: Get back here! The SpongeWOW and Moppet, available where unsuspecting kids' characters hang out.

Season 3[edit]

Episode 64: Taking Nemo / Once Upon A Toon[edit]

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