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Saskatchewan is a prairie province in Canada, which has an area of 588,276.09 square kilometres (227,134.67 sq mi) and a population of 1,003,299 (according to 2007 estimates), mostly living in the southern half of the province. Of these, 202,340 live in the province's largest city, Saskatoon, while 179,246 live in the provincial capital, Regina. Other major cities, in order of size, are Prince Albert, Moose Jaw, Yorkton, Swift Current, and North Battleford. The province's name comes from the Saskatchewan River, whose name comes from its Cree designation: kisiskāciwani-sīpiy, meaning "swift flowing river."

By Canadians[edit]

City and Colour[edit]

I've been through the Rockies, I've seen Saskatoon
Source- City and Colour's song "Comin' Home"

Corner Gas[edit]

Brent: Want me to fill it up?
Man: Sure. You know I've never driven across Saskatchewan before.
Brent: Well, you still haven't really. About halfway to go yet.
Man: Sure is flat.
Brent: How do you mean?
Man: You know, flat. Nothing to see.
Brent: What do you mean, like topographically? Hey Hank, this guy says Saskatchewan is flat.
Hank: How do you mean?
Brent: Topographically, I guess. He says there's nothin' to see.
Hank: There's lots to see. There's nothin' to block your view.
Brent: There's lots to see. Nothin' to block your view. Like the mountains back there. They're uh... Well, what the hell? I could've sworn there was a big mountain range back there. Juttin' up into the sky all purple and majestic. I must be thinkin' of a postcard I saw or somethin'. Hey, it is kinda flat, thanks for pointin' that out.
Man: You guys always this sarcastic?
Brent: Nothin' else to do.
Source- Corner Gas
Source- Season 1 "Ruby Reborn" Corner Gas

Les Trois Accords[edit]

Tu m'a pris ma femme
À ma crisser là
Pour un gars d'Regina[1]
Source-Les Trois Accords' song "Saskatchewan"

Pierre Burton[edit]

Toronto does the least with the most, but Regina does the most with the least.
Source- Pierre Burton

The Arrogant Worms[edit]

And it's a heave (ho!) hi (ho!), coming down the plains
Stealing wheat and barley and all the other grains
And it's a ho (hey!) hi (hey!), farmers bar yer doors
When you see the Jolly Roger on Regina's mighty shores[2]
Source- Arrogant Worms' song "The Last Saskatchewan Pirate"

The Guess Who[edit]

Moose Jaw saw a few, Moosomin too
Runnin' back to Saskatoon
Red Deer, Terrace, Hanna, Medicine Hat
Sing another prairie tune[3]
Source- The Guess Who's song "Running Back to Saskatoon"
Notes- Moosomin and Moose Jaw are placenames of Saskatchewan.

The Tragically Hip[edit]

Sundown in the Paris of the Prairies
Source- the Tragically Hip's song "Wheat Kings"
Notes- Saskatoon is referred to here as the Paris of the Prairies.

Whose Line Is It Anyway?[edit]

Ryan: Have you ever heard of a place called Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan?
Colin: Isn't that right beside Left... Noob?
Source- Questions Only Whose Line Is It Anyway?

By non-Canadians[edit]

Adlai Stevenson[edit]

Saskatchewan is much like Texas — except it's more friendly to the United States
Source- Attributed to Adlai Stevenson

Badlands (film)[edit]

We took off at sunset, on a line toward the mountains of Saskatchewan, for Kit a magical land beyond the reach of the law.
Source- Holly Sargis Badlands

Charlotte Gainsbourg[edit]

My heart is breaking somewhere over Saskatchewan.[4]
Source- Charlotte Gainsbourg's song "AF607105"

Cole Porter[edit]

If a lass in Michigan can, If an ass in Astrakhan can, If a bass in the Saskatchewan can, Baby, you can can-can too.[5]
Source- Cole Porter's song "Can Can"

David Letterman[edit]

All flights are either coming from or going to Saskatoon, Canada
Source- David Letterman's David Letterman's Book of Top Ten Lists and Zesty Lo-Cal Chicken Recipes
Notes- From the list "Top Ten signs you are at a bad airport"

Edward VIII of the United Kingdom[edit]

Qu'Appelle Valley, Saskatchewan, Canadian Indians: "I've told you what a foul decadent lazy crowd they are & what I think of them !! But this camp is pitched right inside an Indian reserve . . . & we have hundreds of the mouldy local tribe camped around us" (6 October 1919)
Source- Edward VIII of Great Britain from Godfrey, Letters (6 October 1919)

Jackson C. Frank[edit]

I rolled over the Northlands 'til I came to Saskatchewan.
Source-Jackson C. Frank's song "Tumble in the Wind"

Johnny Cash[edit]

Johnny Cash sang "Girl in Saskatoon."
I left a little town
A little south of Hudson Bay
I couldn't find a thing, to make a rounder want to stay
I fought the wind across the baren waste in the crystal doom
Going for to marry the girl in Saskatoon[6]
Source-Johnny Cash's song "Girl in Saskatoon"


The Land of Rape and Honey[7]
Notes- "The Land Of Rape And Honey" lyrics in the The Land Of Rape And Honey album are both named after Tisdale, Saskatchewan's slogan, "The Land of Rape and Honey."

The Muppets[edit]

Movin' right along, hey, L.A., where've you gone?
Send someone to fetch us, we're in Saskatchewan.[8]
Source- "Movin' Right Along" in The Muppet Movie
Notes- In this song, Kermit and Fozzie are driving across the USA to Hollywood, but go off course and pass through Saskatchewan.

Mystery Science Theater 3000[edit]

[Rowsdower and Troy have lost the pursuing cultists.]
Zap Rowsdower: Do you have any idea of what kind of people you're dealing with?
Crow [as Rowsdower]: They're from Saskatchewan!
Troy: No.
Zap Rowsdower: It's a cult.
Servo [as Rowsdower]: They worship blue oysters.
Zap Rowsdower: They want to rule the world.
Troy: How do you know?
Zap Rowsdower: I've been around, kid.
Crow [as Rowsdower]: I've been a square kid.
Source- "The Final Sacrifice" Mystery Science Theater 3000

Sammy Kershaw[edit]

Well I hear it's cold up in Saskatoon but it couldn't be colder than our bedroom.
Source- Sammy Kershaw's song "Anywhere But Here"

Sonny James[edit]

In the winter time when we can't farm
Me and Junny-Mae sit arm in arm
By a big ole fire and honeymoon
A little bit south of Saskatoon
Source- Sonny James' song "A Little Bit South of Saskatoon."
Notes- This song was also sung in the movie Slap Shot.

Soul Coughing[edit]

Saskatoon is in the room
Source- Soul Coughing's song "Is Chicago, Is Not Chicago"

Stephen Leacock[edit]

The Lord said "Let there be wheat" and Saskatchewan was born.
Source- Stephen Leacokck's My Discovery of America, 1937

The Proclaimers[edit]

I can tell the difference between margarine and butter, I can say Saskatchewan without starting to stutter.
Source- The Proclaimers' song "Cap in Hand"

Warren Zevon[edit]

He was born in Big Beaver by the borderline.
Source- Warren Zevon
Notes- Big Beaver, Saskatchewan is a small town in southern Saskatchewan, near the border with Montana.

"Weird Al" Yankovic[edit]

They dream of driving a Zamboni all over Saskatchewan.
Source- "Weird Al" Yankovic's song "Canadian Idiot"

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