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I hope this is helpful.

You can use this page to contact me. I will try to get back to you as soon as I can, but please allow me some time to respond in case I am busy. Also, if the topic is complex, please allow me some time to formulate my thoughts.

I hope this is helpful.



Hello, BurningLibrary, and welcome to the English Wikiquote, a free compendium of quotations written collaboratively by people just like you!

To ask for advice or assistance feel free to drop by the Village Pump or ask on my talk page. Happy editing! And again, welcome! Rubbish computer (Ping me or leave a message on my talk page) 19:54, 27 November 2022 (UTC)Reply

Thanks. I hope my contributions will be appreciated. BurningLibrary (talk) 20:24, 27 November 2022 (UTC)Reply

Hell on Wikiquote!


Thankyou for your good faith creation of Hell/In Christianity. You linked it to w:en:Hell which via Wikidata d:Q564 which goes back to Hell here. There may be reasons for (undiscussed) splits on fundamental pages like this but it can be difficult to automatically mode well in Wikidata, confirm the set of split pages are consistent, and also to extrapolate where (in hell) this is going. I'd be grateful if you could explain this so I can try to ensure this split is consistent and the pages on hell are not duplicating over the same area and I can work out how to model this on Wikidata. It get harder (but no eye-of-the-needle impossible) if there is not a 1-to-1 mapping between English Wikipedia pages and Wikiquote pages and things alos have a tendency to end up in a heap if this clear mapping is not present. Thankyou. -- DeirgeDel tac 17:22, 9 May 2023 (UTC)Reply

Hi! The Wikiquote page Hell/In Christianity links to the Wikipedia page w:Hell in Christianity, not w:Hell. Both the link in the description and in the External links section go to w:Hell in Christianity. So there should already be a 1-to-1 mapping between Wikiquote and Wikipedia here, unless I am mistaken? BurningLibrary (talk) 18:36, 9 May 2023 (UTC)Reply

On hell! I think its me who messed up. Thanks. That makes things simple and I've sorted the sitelinks. I'll have to go to heaven for this instead! -- DeirgeDel tac 19:29, 9 May 2023 (UTC)Reply
Your good humor is appreciated. It is, perhaps, the most sensible attitude to take towards a topic as dark as this one. BurningLibrary (talk) 20:33, 9 May 2023 (UTC)Reply

(Barn)star for your work on Jewish symbolism

BurningLibrary deserves a star here!

Thanks for doing the work on building a good solid article about a very interesting topic. I especially value the way you found at least one good quotable quote about many different important topics, clearing a space for future editors. HouseOfChange (talk) 12:48, 11 January 2024 (UTC)Reply

Thanks for the kind words. BurningLibrary (talk) 13:45, 11 January 2024 (UTC)Reply

Jewish flag


Hi BurningLibrary:

You may be interested in User_talk:Arlo_Barnes#Jewish flag, cheers, Ottawahitech (talk) 20:43, 21 February 2024 (UTC)Reply

I have replied on Arlo Barnes' talk page. BurningLibrary (talk) 17:04, 23 February 2024 (UTC)Reply