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Winx Club is an animated television series created by Iginio Straffi and animated by Rainbow SpA, in co-production with Nickelodeon and Rai Fiction.

Back to School[edit]

  • The sixth additional to the Winx Club is Aisha/Layla, Fairy of Waves.

Bloom (narrating): Summer was over and it was my first day back at Alfea.

Lord Darkar: Look, it's a bird! No, it's a man. No! It's Lord Darkar.

Tecna: I have my map. I'll have it match a scan. She's a princess from the realm of Tides.
Bloom: It's a baby pixie. She's so sleepy. This is just what the psychic said- a fairy with long flowing hair and a sleepy baby pixie.
Musa: What else did she say?
Bloom: That there's gonna danger and darkness like nothing we've ever seen before.

Princess of Tides[edit]

Musa: [after Layla faints] Okay, she's either a little whacked or she's still need to sleep.

Stella: Have some cafeteria food!
Flora: Keep it down, Stel.
Stella: Why? What's the big deal? [Piff cries] What's she doing? Doesn't she want a sandwich?
Bloom: Uh, Stella, Piff's not even teething yet.

Into the Under Realm[edit]

Bloom: My powers are draining. I feel weak. (faints)
Sky: Bloom.

Layla: I'm from the realm of Tides. I can mold water molecules into any shape.
Sky: Cool.

Queen of Perfection[edit]

Rescuing the Pixies[edit]

Sky: Uh, what are the doing?
Layla: They're bonding. Pixies and fairies are like best friends. They're like soulmates.

Lockette: I'm Lockette, the Pixie of Portals. Your aura is very pink.

My Boyfriend's Wedding[edit]

Stella: Meanwhile, my boo is being forced down the aisle!

The Dark Tower[edit]

Stella: I can't believe Bloom's still out there blasting that thing.
Musa: You know how she gets when she's determined.

Party Monster[edit]

The Angel of Doom[edit]

Reaching for the Sky[edit]

  • The Trix sisters manage to get the first piece of the Codex.
  • Bloom is revealed to possess great healing powers, courtesy of the ancient and almighty power of the Dragon Fire, the very source of the whole magical universe itself.

Bloom (with tears in her eyes): Please! Don't leave me, Sky. I really do need you.
(Draws more strength from her ever-growing, almighty Dragon Fire energies to wake Sky from his slumber)
Timmy: You saved him, Bloom.


Truth or Dare[edit]

  • The six Winx Club girls' learn how to use their unique fairy magic and spells in convergence.

Gangs of Gardenia[edit]

Stella: I can say "Do you have this in a size four?" in ten different languages, but I'm afraid that's about it.
Aisha: I wasn't even allowed to pick out my own clothes. My parents only wanted me to look one way.
Tune: Prim and proper, I'm sure.
Aisha: Yeah, that's it. It was such a drag.
Tune: Hmph!

Bloom: Mom, this pendant comes from Sparx. It's a symbol of my birth family. The writing says Daphne, Bloom, Oritel and Miriam. I'm gonna try and find out more what happened to them.

Vanessa: What's Kiko playing with? There's nothing there.
Bloom: Well, it's kinda hard to explain.

Aisha: Why don't you sneak a little magic and play DJ, Musa.
Musa: As long as we're not using magic on people.

Triplet 1: I'm tellin' you, those girls are witches or sorcerers.
Triplet 3: Dude, the correct gender-specific term is sorceress.
Triplet 1: That's what I just said; weren't you listenin'?! Now go get me another soda.

The Wrong Righters[edit]

Magic In My Heart[edit]

  • Musa's father debuts.

Musa: My magic comes from the music around me. So I just figured the more singing, the more power.

The Fourth Witch[edit]

Elle: Aren't these the girls who go to reform school?
Bloom: What did you say?!
Elle: Don't take offense. The truth is I would probably be in boarding school too if my father weren't rich, famous, and connected.

Stella: You can smell her perfume a mile away! She wears way too much fragrance, big faux pas.
Mitzi: Faux pas you, loser!
Stella: You know, you should thank me for telling you.

Mitzi: That's gonna leave a stain. Permanently.
(Bloom magically wipes the stain off her sparky Winx/Fairy top)
Bloom: Mitzi. Don't worry about it. The stain came right out.
Mitzi: Huh?

Exchange Students[edit]

[the Winx are running through the halls of Cloud Tower, trying to think of a plan to stop the Trix from getting the Codex]
Musa: Check this plan: We pretend we know where the Codex is then we go there and lay a trap and –-
Stella: [sarcastically] Oh great idea, Musa. [seriously] Icy isn't exactly an idiot, ya know!

Stella: How are gonna stop them when they have that superpowered Gloomix thing?

The Heart of Cloud Tower[edit]

  • The Winx Club fail in stopping the Trix sisters from getting the second fragment of the Codex.

Stella: Ray of Light.

Darcy: Perfect Darkness.
Bloom: Ah! My eyes!

Griffin: They must go back to Alfea to replenish their Winx. They must learn to work together and trust one another because Lord Darkar will be attacking Alfea next.

Shadows in Bloom[edit]

  • Bloom sees her birth parents, King Oritel and Queen Miriam of Sparx, for first time, though in a vision.
  • The third piece of the Codex is taken by none other than Bloom who had been spelled by "Professor Avalon."

Bloom: Oritel and Miriam. Hey, do you know who I am!? Whoa. The Dragon.

Lord Darkar: It's so nice when the light finally sees the darkness. Go, my little puppet.

Stella: Bloom, I'm sorry but you're asking for it! Solar Burst.
Dark Bloom: Don't forget, Stella! I can fight fire with fire!

Lockette: We're your friends, Bloom, and we love you.
Dark Bloom: Get away from Lockette!
Chatta: A bonded pixie's kiss can break almost any dark spell.

Dark Bloom: Ha! You got nothing! I'm gonna enjoy wiping the floor with you guys!

The First Charmix[edit]

  • A secondary, evolved transformation for fairies' is revealed: Charmix, a greater though temporary evolution of the standard Winx/Fairy form.

Chatta: You got a Charmix, Bloom. Fairies get them when they get in tough with their true selves.
Bloom: It's filling me with some new kind of power. (Everyone cheers)

Last Resorts[edit]

  • Stella earns her enhanced Charmix powers by apologizing to Layla.
  • Musa earns her greater Charmix powers by admitting to Riven that she really likes him.

Stella: I like you Layla. I want us to be friends. Whoa.
Layla: you got your Charmix, Stella.

Musa: Oh, and I do like you...a lot. See you around.
Riven: Huh?
Musa: Wow! I got a Charmix!

Trouble in Paradise[edit]

  • Layla receives her enhanced Charmix abilities and spells due to strong desire to find her friends.
  • Tecna earns her greater Charmix powers for being honest with her feelings with Timmy, and showing it by crying tears.

Layla: I miss my friends. No! I can't give up! I'll find them! Wow. I got my Charmix.

Timmy: You got your Charmix, Tecna.

Darkness and Light[edit]

  • Bloom, Stella, Musa, Tecna and Layla receive Charmix training, with all of their stronger Charmix spells nonverbal.
  • Flora earns her Charmix by finally confessing her true romantic feelings to Helia.

Griselda (about the witch-goblin): Your regular powers won't beat it. If you don't use your Charmix...
Bloom: Alright, girls! It's Charmix time!

Flora: Ms. Faragonda, I not sure I can do this. I mean, I haven't even gotten my Charmix yet.
Faragonda: You're the Fairy of Nature. You can do this. Now I want you to try and save that flower.

Flora: Helia! I really, really like you.
Helia: I love you, too.

Chatta: You did it, Flora.
Flora: My Charmix!

False Avalon: I found a new way to boost your powers. It's called the Empowerment Bubble.
Bloom: I'm feeling so much negative energy in here. What is this thing doing to my power?
False Avalon: It's taking all of your power and giving it me, Bloom. Isn't it marvelous?

Desperately Seeking Bloom[edit]

False Avalon: What you going to do now that you got her, Darkar? Steal her power from her?
Lord Darkar: Actually, her power alone is useless to me. I need her because the Dragon Fire and the Shadow Fire must be united. It will take both parts of the Fire to enter the realm of Realix. Then we'll use her light and my darkness to take the Ultimate Power! Bloom, you're going to help take over the universe! You have no choice!

Stella: Look, I'm in a tube-top dress, and it's ridiculously cold in here! So I'm going take care of this right! Go Charmix!

(Stella Charmix Transformation) Solar Blast.

Bloom: I am not like you! I'll never be evil!
Lord Darkar: That's what our friend over here said too. Avalon used to be a cloud spirit and now he's on my side. You will be on my side, too.
Bloom: I have a good heart! You can't turn it dark!
Lord Darkar: Cloud spirits are the purest beings. If I can convert a cloud spirit, I can change anyone. And that includes you, Bloom.

Flora: Roots and vines, bind this creature!
Musa: Sonic Boost.

Bloom: It doesn't matter what you do to me! My friends will stop you!!
Lord Darkar: You will destroy anyone who tries to stop us! So if they try, you will end up destroying them! There is nothing you can do, Bloom! Because as of right now, you belong to me!

Storming Shadowhaunt[edit]

Lord Darkar (to Dark Bloom): The time has come to activate the Codex, my dear. Hand in hand, we will seize the Ultimate Power.
Icy: My dear! I hate to interrupt your sweet little "together we will rule the universe" moment, but we got a little problem outside.
Stormy: The Winx girls and their boy toys have managed to fly a ship into the main cavern.
Darcy: While you're in here flirting with Bloom, they're out there turning your shadow monsters into a shooting gallery.
Lord Darkar: A minor annoyance. You three deal with it.
Icy: What about entering the realm of Realix together!?
Stormy: That's right!
Lord Darkar: Bloom and I need time to open the vortex. Go and lend all your Gloomix powers to my creatures, so they can crush the fairies.

Darcy: I can't believe this!
Icy: He may need Bloom's power to open the gate to Realix! But once she does, we'll witch her up and remind Darkar who we are!!

Darkar: We're almost ready, my dear Bloom.
Icy: Hey. L.D.
Darcy: You're not leaving are you?
Icy: You wouldn't leave without your main witches, would you?
Darkar: I only have one main witch now. And, no, I don't plan on leaving without her.
Stormy: What are you talking about!?
Darcy: You better not be suggesting what I think you're suggesting.
Icy: We have been running all over the realms for you, and now you're gonna ditch us for some nitwit little wannabee at the last minute?
Darkar: Bloom's my main witch now. As for you three, considers yourselves dumped. now it's just you and me, my sweet.

Lord Darkar: To open the vortex, we must present light and darkness allied in together. The Codex doesn't know you turned to darkness. It only sees the light of the Dragon Fire within you.

Lord Darkar: Yes! The gateway to Realix! When we step through there, we will be face-to-face with the Ultimate Power! And anyone who tries to follow us will have to deal with Curvok. Shall we? As they say, lightness before dark.

(In their evolved Charmix forms)

Flora: Blossom Blast.
Musa: Sonic Boom. Good one, Flo. Now let's catch up with Stella and Layla.

The Ultimate Power Couple[edit]

  • This is the final time Charmix is used by any of the Winx Club fairies.
  • The only appearance of the Mega-Trix (the amalgamation of all three witch sisters)

Lord Darkar: Here we are, you and me, the Ultimate Power couple.

(Stella and Layla enter Realix through the portal)
Stella: Solar Burst.
Layla: Ocean Blast. Whoa. Look at Bloom.
Stella: He must have put a dark spell on her.

Lord Darkar: You keep chanting, Bloom. I'll destroy them

Layla: Bloom, it's us.
Stella: Darkar put a spell on you, Bloom.
Lord Darkar: You got that right. And the spell is unbreakable.
Stella: In that case, we're gonna have to make you undo it!
Lord Darkar: I'm sorry, but I think darkness suits your friend rather well.

(Layla and Stella transform into their evolved Charmix forms)
Stella: Let's use our Charmix. Come on! Solar Eclipse Blast.
Layla: Aquarius Current.
Layla and Stella: Now! Together!
(Fire concentrated beams of magical sunlight and watery energy at Darkar)

Stella: I guess we got him.
Layla: So what are gonna do about Bloom?

Flora: What do we do if she actually beats him?
Tecna: If either of them gain complete control of the Ultimate Power, there will be no way to stop them.

Lord Darkar: Wait for me, my dear! The power is ours!
Stella and Layla: No!
Lord Darkar: And now Bloom with hand it over to me and I will rule all the realms!

Sky: If I can talk to her, maybe she'll listen and I can reach beyond the spell.
Brandon: Sky?
Lord Darkar: What are you going to do, ask her to the prom? Sorry, she's busy!
Sky: Bloom!
Lord Darkar: Give me the power now, Bloom!
Sky: Wait, Bloom, try to listen to my voice. It's me- your boyfriend.
Dark Bloom: Huh?
Sky: Darkar put you under a spell.
Dark Bloom: Huh?
Sky: This is not who you are. You're not evil. You may not be able to see it now Bloom, but you have a true heart.
Lord Darkar: He doesn't know anything!
Sky: I know what your heart is like! I've felt it. Your heart is full of light, Bloom. Your heart is so pure and good, that it saved me. You didn't let me go and I'm not gonna let you go. So you have to fight this Bloom! You have to break free! You have to come back, because you!

Layla: Whoa.
Stella: How did she do it?
Flora: She used the power in her heart to fight the darkness.
Timmy: I can feel it.

Lord Darkar: NO! What did you do to it!?
Bloom: I gave it back. The Ultimate Power is staying in Realix, where it belongs.

Stella: It's gonna take all six of us giving it everything we have.
Layla: We'll use our Charmix.
Bloom: The power of six Charmix converging at once.

(All six Charmix fairies focus their unusually strong magic into one single attack)
Winx Club: Winx Club, Charmix Convergence!!
Darkar: NO!! This can't happening!! NO!! NOOO!!!

(Vanishes into oblivion from the combined force of the Winx Club)

Icy (Inside the Mega-Trix form): That idiot fairy gave the Ultimate Power back!! I hate her more than ever!!

[Bloom is standing at the top of stairs and Sky goes towards her and Bloom is with Kiko]
Bloom: Hey, Sky, I am glad you found me! We need to talk about what happened in Realix.
Sky: So, you don't remember what I said to you.
Bloom: Of course, I remember. What you said to me was totally sweet.
Sky: So you liked what I said to you, using the L word and all?
Bloom: I love you too, Sky.
[They kiss]