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Winx Club is an animated television series created by Iginio Straffi and animated by Rainbow SpA, in co-production with Nickelodeon and Rai Fiction.

The Perfect Dress[edit]

Musa: I'm gettin' my hair spelled.

Beauty Is a Beast[edit]

Bloom: I ask you to show me my birth parents, Oritel and Miriam. Show me what happened them. Sparx! That's when the Coven destroyed my planet. Oritel and Miriam.
Stella: Don't cry, sweetie. Oritel and Miriam were standing there, which must mean they're still alive.
Bloom: Do you really think that's what it means?
Stella: You asked the room to show what happened to them. So it must mean that they're out there somewhere.

Chimera: As pretty as you are is how hideous you will become.
(casts the dark spell to turn Stella into a monster)
Cassandra: Radius, listen to me. That monster is not your daughter.

Stella: Tell the guards who I am!
Bloom: Hey, this is Princess Stella!
Chimera: That hideous monstrosity? That can't be Princess Stella.

Musa: I have the feeling were not gonna be invited to the next party!
Bloom: We'll be happy if we just get out of here in one piece.
Stella: Hey! [Flora screams] Oh no, I'm so ugly I even scare my own friends!
Flora: I'm sorry, Stella, I didn't mean to scream. Come here, sweetie!

Flora: Since there's no hip-hop in this palace, how about rap? Ivy rap, that is.

Guard 1: Get the monster!
Bloom: That's not a monster, it's Princess Stella!
Guard 2: She's lying. Our princess could never look that hideous.
Guard 1: He's right! Get her!

Pretty, Pretty Princess[edit]

Musa: Wow, this rain, it's like anti-magic.
Tecna: It weakened our spells and strength but luckily, we still have enough Winx left to save Stella.
Stella: The way I look, I probably be better off if you hadn't.
Bloom: We'll get you changed back, Stella, but in the meantime, I think you're kind of cuddly.
Flora: Yeah, kind of like a cross between a frog and a bear or on second thought, maybe a dragon.
Stella: I'm green, I'm hideous, and I'm giving a whole new meaning of the term, bloated!
Bloom: It's a spell. We'll figure out a way to break it.

Bloom: Hold on, are we forgetting something?
Musa: Narrow passageway, plus-size fairy? Not good.
Stella: Plus-size fairy?! That's not very nice!
Bloom: We got you, Stella!
Musa: And I didn't mean anything by calling you plus-size.
Stella: Musa, you're too concern with your figure.

Bloom: The leeches are gone! Thanks, Stella, you saved us!
Stella: Hey, I might not be pretty, but I'm still tough!

Brandon: Hey there, beautiful!
Stella: Way to go, inner self! You got it going on!
Brandon: Say what?
Stella: Come on!

The Mirror of Truth[edit]

Faragonda: Sophomores have be able to achieve their Charmix. This year, you must acquire your Enchantix. This is your final fairy form, which will give you access to far greater powers; such as fairy dust and miniaturization. The test will find you at a critical moment in time. You must rescue someone from your own world. This the only way you can earn your Enchantix. And the only way for you to protect your worlds from evil and destruction.

Bloom: Rescue someone from my own world? But everyone on Sparx disappeared a long time ago. Unless Oritel and Miriam are still alive, then no one from my world is left. And I'll never get my Enchantix.

Brandon: Stella...
Stella: You don't understand!
Brandon: I do!
Stella: You see me as my old self because of Flora's spell!
Brandon: Stella, maybe this isn't the best time to tell you this, but I can see what you look like.
Stella: Hmm? But how is that possible?
Brandon: Flora's illusion spell wore off back on the ship.
Stella: And you can still look at me even though I look like a hideous monster?
Brandon: You're still the same beautiful person inside. You still have the same heart, Stella. Girls, tell her what you see when you look at her.
Tecna: I see a totally honest person, who always says what's on her mind.
Flora: Is cheerful and upbeat and fun.
Musa: A kind of crazy fairy that makes me laugh.
Bloom: And I see a best friend forever.
Stella: Do you really think all that about me? I always thought people just thought I was pretty.

Mission to Tides[edit]

Bloom: Every time you mention Baltor's name, I have these visions. Weird visions of Sparx. And what's even weirder is that I see things I couldn't have seen 'cause I was just a baby. And then everything starts racing through my head until it all goes to black!!

Icy: This new power Baltor gave me is cool.
Darcy: Baltor gave you a new power?
Stormy: We know she's his favorite. But don't worry: she'll mess it up just like she always does.
Icy: Spoken like a real witch, but true, although perhaps Baltor will be different. Nah. Eventually he'll disappoint me, but in the meantime, it could be fun.

Baltor: Let's see if what they say is true. So it is you, the lost heiress to the throne of Sparx.

Stormy: I can't wait to crush those fairies.
Baltor: Yes, go. Just make sure to leave Bloom out for me.

Bloom: You think you'd understand the balance of power by now, Icy! Whenever you face us, you lose!

Baltor: Don't worry, Bloom. I don't want to harm you. I just wanted to see you face-to-face.
Bloom: You're destroying all of Tides, you've turned wondrous mermaids into horrible monsters! what is it you want, Baltor? What are you after?
Baltor: I just what belonged to me a long time ago. And I'm here as an old and forgotten courtesy to warn you to say out of my way.
Bloom: What do you mean by an old courtesy?
Baltor: You and I share a common past, Bloom. A shared history; something you're far too young to remember.

The Mermaid Queen[edit]

  • Layla achieves her Enchantix form and greater water-controlling powers by sacrificing herself for her aunt, Queen Leshia.

Bloom: I don't know if my fire spells will work underwater.

Bloom: It's Layla's Enchantix.
Musa: It's beautiful.
Flora: It's totally amazing.
Bloom: Congratulations, Layla. Your sacrifice for Queen Leshia earned you your Enchantix powers.
Layla: So what?
Bloom: what do you mean "so what?"
Layla: I still can't see, Bloom. Everything is still dark.

Royal Behavior[edit]

Faragonda: What happened to your friend is both terrible and wonderful. A dark spell has taken her sight. However, Layla was able to achieve her final fairy form. She now has Enchantix powers and that means she is strong enough to break Baltor's spell by herself. There is healing energy in the fairy dust on your new wings. If you concentrate hard, you be able to release it. Feel it all around you, dear. You don't need your eyes to see it.
Layla: I can see! I can see!
Faragonda: Fairy dust upon the wings of an Enchantix is one of strongest healing elements in the magical universe.

Faragonda: There are things you must know about Baltor. things that connect him to you.
Bloom: Baltor said something like that on Tides, but I didn't know what he was talking about.
Faragonda: This book will explain to you what happened. What you see here is the Company of Light, a group of noble warriors who fought the three Ancient Witches.
Bloom: Baltor was with the Ancient Witches?
Faragonda: Yes. They are the ones who created him. At the beginning of the magical universe, when the Great Dragon was born, a tiny spark of its Fire fell into the darkness. The witches' took that dark ember and used it to create him. Now, the Company of Light was founded by your birth parents, Oritel and Miriam.

Bloom: But if nobody really knows what happened to them, do you think it's possible they could be...?
Faragonda: What, dear?
Bloom: Well, that my parents could still be alive somewhere?
Faragonda: Bloom, I can't tell you. Nobody can.
Bloom: Nobody but Baltor! He's the last one saw my parents! He knows the answer!
Faragonda: Bloom, you must be very careful! Baltor is a vengeful creature, and if he finds out who you are he's going to try to destroy you!

Dark Sky[edit]

  • Stella earns her Enchantix form and powers by saving her father King Radius from a dragon.

Layla: Whoa! My Enchantix power has made this rubber glue spell a thousand times stronger. If I were you guys, I'd stop firing right now.

Baltor: Bloom's heart is hurting. This loss will make her weak, which is exactly how I want her.

Operation: Boyfriend Rescue[edit]

Stella: [trying to figure out if she should call Brandon] On the one hand, he has a lot to do on Erakylon, but I am not the type of girl you don't check in on. Never have been, never will be, don't wanna be.

Riven: How about operation let the dude choose, I mean your all assuming Sky wants to be rescued?
Bloom: How could you say that!?!

Stella: It's gonna be the end all right, but not for us! (Transforms into her Enchantix form) Shower of Light.

Bloom: I don't want to fight you, Sky, I just want to talk to you. Then if you really want, I'll get out of your life for good.
Sky: You'll get out of it right now!
Stella: Hey, have it!
(Blasts him with solar energy, revealing an all too familiar mark on his left forearm)
Stella: That's Baltor's mark.

Bloom: Somehow, Baltor must have met up with Diaspro. And that goblet she gave him must have been his potion.
Musa: That's gonna be a strong spell, but maybe fairy dust can break it.
Stella: Coming right up.

Attack of the Zombie Witches[edit]

  • Musa earns her Enchantix by refusing to leave Princess Galatea of Melody (the Harmonic Realm) behind.

Musa: No! Never! I am not leaving you!!

Princess Galatea: Oh, Musa. You've got your Enchantix.
Musa: Cool! Maybe I can stop this fire. And since it was dark magic that took your wings, some fairy dust should bring them back, too.

Missing in Action[edit]

Flora: The trees were too scared, so they turned away.
Bloom: The trees were scared of Baltor?

(Seeing Ms. Faragonda one with an oak tree)

Bloom: Oh no. Ms. Faragonda.
Stella: Trans-combined with a tree?
Bloom: We have to do something! Especially for everything Ms. F's done for us. I only made this far as a fairy because of you.
Musa: Ms. Faragonda, I don't know if you can hear me. But trust me. We're gonna save you.

Tears of the Black Willow[edit]

  • Flora achieves her Enchantix powers by saving her younger sister Rose (Miele).

Flora: Everybody, this is my sister Rose.

Stella: Welcome to the Enchantix squad, Musa.
Musa: I love my new wings.
Layla: Can you feel just how powerful is in them?

Rose: Your friends are really brave.

Bloom: Did you hear that, Tecna?
Tecna: Let's not try to disappoint her.
(Fires a ray of virtual energy)

Stormy: Say goodbye, goody-goody!
Rose: No!
(Takes the blast that was meant for her elder sister)
Flora: Rose! That was my sister!

Flora: Why didn't you go back home, Rose?
Rose: I just wanted to be brave.
Flora: I'm not going to make it, sweetie.
Rose: Wait! Flora.
Flora: Bubble, bring her to the surface.

Bloom: Rose! What happened? Where's Flora?
Rose: She saved me.

Layla: Congratulations, Flora. You got your Enchantix powers.
Rose: Thanks for saving me, Flora.
Flora: Hey, you saved me first.

Bloom: You three, stop misbehaving or we may have to spank you!

Point of No Return[edit]

  • Tecna achieves her Enchantix powers due her self-sacrifice in closing the Omega portal and saving the realm of Tides, even it means of her being trapped in there.
  • When Bloom is screaming for Tecna, a closeup of her horrified face shows the makeup of her Enchantix attire, even though she has not yet achieved it.

Flora: Ivy Rescue Vine.
(Stops Stella's fall)

Tecna: I can do this!
Flora: No, Tecna! Don't go in there!
Bloom: Tecna!!

Layla: Let go! she can't risk her life for my planet!
Tibok: If she has chosen to go forward, you must let her do it. Perhaps she will be the one to close the gate. Perhaps this act of sacrifice is her destiny.

(Tecna has just achieved her Enchantix form and far stronger technology/data-based powers)
Musa: What's she gonna do with the fairy dust?
Bloom: She's using it to force her way inside the portal!!

Baltor: I must say, those fairies are certainly not afraid of sacrifice.
Stormy: Yeah, and they're lucky, too. They survived the Omega gate.
Darcy: Well, all but Tecna.
Icy: Which means there are only five fairies left for us to finish off.


  • The Nickelodeon title for this episode is "Revenge!"
  • Bloom is now the only Winx Club member who remains in her standard Winx/Fairy form.

Flora: Tecna was a great fairy.
Layla: And she saved the entire realm of Tides with her sacrifice.
Timmy: Tecna's not gone! She's just trapped!
Riven: Tecna's disappeared inside the Omega portal!
Musa: And the gate closed forever, Timmy.

Bloom: The Winx Club was the six of us together. It's just not the same without Tecna.
Musa: Maybe we should end it, like disband the group.
Stella: I hate to say it, but I agree.
Layla: It's the right thing.

Bloom: It's over, Baltor!!
(Baltor strikes Musa and Flora with his evil magic)
Bloom: Dragon Fury
Baltor: Your powers are strong, Bloom, just like your mother's.
Bloom: What?!
Baltor: Miriam, the queen of planet Sparx.
Bloom: My mother? What do you know about her!?
Baltor: I defeated her.

Baltor: Your birth parents, Oritel and Miriam, were the leaders of the Company of Light. A bunch of do-good-er warriors who fought to save the magical dimension.
Musa: Base Boom.
Baltor: I recently visited a planet whose magic was all about silence. Let me show you one of the strong spells I took from them.
(Traps Musa in a soundproof bubble)
Flora: Ivy Vine Wrap.
Baltor: And for you, some magic of the cave dwellers of the Under Realm. They like total darkness. Flowers can't survive long without light, right?

Baltor: So do you want to fight or do you want to hear about your parents, Bloom?
Bloom: I'm listening.
Baltor: I met Oritel and Miriam when I was a young wizard. I was the one who faced them in their final battle. First I trapped Miriam with a spell I learned from the dwellers of the dark dimension. Of course, King Oritel came to rescue her as I knew he would. Your birth father was very powerful. I could never have defeated him unless he lowered his guard to save your mother. While he used his magic to save his beloved, I used mine to send them both to Oblivion. And that's how it ended for your birth parents, Oritel and Miriam, the great king and queen of planet Sparx. I'm so glad we could share that story.
(a furious Bloom is overflowing with Dragon Fire energy)
Bloom: Why you!!
Baltor: Come on! Show me what you've got! Do it for Sparx! Do it for your parents!
(A thoroughly enraged Bloom releases a tremendous amount of Dragon Fire energy)
Baltor: Oposotius. And so goes the last survivor of the planet Sparx. Destroyed by her own magic.

Stella: This calls for some fairy dust.
Griffin: I see you made progress. I remember when Faragonda first got her Enchantix. All my best spells became useless against her.

Faragonda: Stella, get us out of here!
Bloom: NO!! we have to beat him! For Tecna and for Miriam and Oritel!!
Faragonda: I'm sorry, Bloom, but not today.

Faragonda: There is just one place you can go to become stronger, Bloom. It is called Pyros, also known as the Island of Dragons. The power you can get there is great, but the dangers are severe.
Bloom: I don't care! Baltor destroyed my parents and took Tecna! If will help me beat him, then I'll do it.

Baltor: I cannot allow the heir to the throne of Sparx to survive!
Icy: How about we just go get Bloom for you?
Darcy: Yeah. We'll wait till she's away from her friends.
Baltor: Good. Go and bring her here, then we'll destroy her together.

The Island of Dragons[edit]

  • Bloom has a vision of her ghostly elder sister Daphne.

Daphne: Bloom. Bloom.
Bloom: Daphne?
Daphne: You must find your inner dragon.
Bloom: My inner dragon? What dragon?
Daphne: Your dragon.

Layla: Enchanted Morfix.
Guard: I don't like stepping stuff, and I don't like pink!

The Power Within[edit]

  • The Nickelodeon title is "Building Hope."
  • Bloom earns her immense Enchantix by "being fearless and open to her powers". However, it dangerously incomplete as she did not earn it via bravery and self-sacrifice but rather through sheer willpower. In the Nickelodeon version, she earns it by refusing to let Baltor win.

Baltor: I don't know how, but Tecna has managed to communicate from the Omega Dimension.
Icy: But that's impossible.
Baltor: And now they're going to get a rescue party together, fly there and bring her back to Alfea.
Icy: And do you want us to ruin their party?
Baltor: No. What I want you to do is go deal with Bloom.
Stormy: I am totally game for that.
Icy: I'm always game for messin' up Bloom.
Baltor: Bloom is strengthening her already impressive powers. She's training on an island called Pyros.
Icy: I'm guessing you want us to mess up Bloom's little island vacation?

Bloom: My name is Bloom and I came to Pyros to get stronger. And so far, I found my inner dragon, and that's good and all. But I'm still not strong enough and I don't what else to do to make that happen.
Maya: If you want to get stronger, you must open your heart and your mind. I can see that the universe has given you a mission. You are destined to battle an evil force. You possess plenty of power to destroy it.
Bloom: You can really see all that?
Maya: I see it clearly.

Maya: You want to ask me about your Enchantix?
Bloom: Yes. Even though there's no one left from my realm, is it still possible for me to earn it?
Maya: Many things are possible on Pyros that are not possible elsewhere. For you to achieve your goal, Bloom, you must let go of your fear.
Bloom: Is losing all your fear really possible?

Musa: Sound Wave Attack.
Stella: Can't have sound without light. Sunbeam Shower.

Maya: I have something for you. Here. Take this, so you can always remember the lessons you leaned on Pyros.
Bloom: That's so pretty. What's in it?
Maya: Every magical place and every magical being has a unique essence. And this contains the essence of Pyros. And now I'm going to help you let go of fear and believe in your ability to get what you want. Sit. When you do these things, you'll understand your true essence. And that's how you get stronger.
Bloom: I feel like I'm getting there, I just wish I had my Enchantix.
Maya: I believe that it's within you. I believe that you can find your Enchantix if you truly set your mind to it.

(Bloom breaks out of the ice cube)
Darcy: Whoa! She got stronger.
Icy: It seems like our little friend learned a new trick or two at Loser Bootcamp.

Icy: Just so you know, after we capture you, we're bringing you back to Baltor:
Bloom (thinking): Baltor! I've had enough of Baltor! I believe. I believe I have the power in me. I'm gonna use it to stop Baltor! And it's starting right here, right now with these witches!
(Starts overflowing with great mystical energy)
Bloom:I am fearless and open to my powers!
(transforms into her Enchantix form for the first time)
Bloom: Enchanted Sphere.
(Encases the Trix sisters inside an orb of Dragon Fire)
Bloom: This is my island, witches!

Maya: I knew you had it in you.
Bloom: Did you see that, Maya? I believed that I could do it, and I got my Enchantix.
Maya: Yes you did. You found your inner dragon, and now you've unlocked your deepest source of power. And for that, you should be very proud of yourself. You came to Pyros looking for more strength. But because of your courage, what you ended up finding was even bigger than any magical power you could ever have. Listen. You are finding yourself and there is nothing more powerful than that. Now go back to Alfea and put your gift to good use.

The Omega Mission[edit]

  • Bloom was unable to transform at first, due to her Enchantix being dangerously incomplete.

Bloom: I was able to grow so much, and I got way more in touch with my powers, but...
Griselda: There's always a "but."
Bloom: I don't understand how I got my Enchantix without saving anybody from my realm.
Faragonda: You've became a rare exception to the rules of fairies, a very rare exception. On Pyros, you used all of your willpower. And your belief in yourself was powerful that it simply transformed you. It's as if you willed yourself into an Enchantix.
Griselda: Very impressive.
Bloom: Thanks a lot.

[Bloom and Sky are on the bench]
Sky: I didn't go to the omega dimension prison has dead prisoners because I was put under active control at Red fountain, but when I heard you were back I asked Codatorta to escort me special permission.
Bloom: And cause you were so nice he said yes?
Sky: Exactly yeah.
[They hug]
Bloom: Who told you I was back from pyros.
Sky: That's confidential Imfornation bloom sorry.
[Amore comes out from behind the bench]
Amore: I told himbecause of true love.
[Bloom and Sky leave each other and blush]
Chatta: Amore!
Amore: What, what's wrong with what I said?
Tune: Look! You made them both blush!

Bloom: I wish I could go with you, Tecna, but I haven't been able to transform since I got back from Pyros.
Tecna: Then we'll walk.

Tecna: What are you doing, Bloom? You can't transform.
Bloom: I'm gonna have to.

Bloom: Musa's fairy dust must have fixed whatever was keeping me from transforming. So what do you say we take this snake out, get our guys, and head for home?

Stella: I think your new mega dragon attack finished him off.
Musa: Alright! Way to go, Bloom.

Bloom: Wait a second. It's not over yet.
Layla: What are you talking about, Bloom?
Musa: That snake is history
Bloom: No it's not, you guys. When my dragon form collided with it, we formed a kind of instant connection. And now it's speaking to me or as long as I'm hearing what it's thinking.
Flora:And what is it telling you, Bloom?
Bloom: It's telling that is the ice snake's purpose to keep all things imprisoned. And since its part of the Omega Dimension itself, Is impossible to destroy.

Day at the Museum[edit]

Bloom: Dragon Energy.
Tecna: A logical strategy. Increasing the air friction around the creature should slow it down.
Layla: She's losing control.
Flora: Griselda, you have to do something!
Faragonda: Not just yet. Give her a second.

Bloom: Did I do it?
Faragonda: You successfully repelled the negotiator, yes. But your magic was out of control. Bloom, I'm not going to lie to you. Your Enchantix power is dangerously incomplete. The others have a power that was born out of sacrifice. But your Enchantix was created by pure force of will. It's not the same thing at all.
Bloom: All that I really care about, Ms. F, is that my power works against Baltor. And it should do that, don't you think?
Faragonda: I'm not sure how your power will work. And speaking of Baltor, he's disappeared.
Bloom: What do you mean? I thought he was a Cloud Tower.
Faragonda: He escaped. But on the plus side, Cloud Tower is safe again.
Bloom: That's great. But...Baltor is the only one who knows what happened to my birth parents, Oritel and Miriam. So I have to find him and make him tell me.

Baltor: Well, look at you. Enchantix and Dragon Fire together. Finally, a decent challenge.
Bloom: Come and get me, Baltor! The protection glass is magic-proof. Your spells won't go through it!!
Baltor: Yes, but they will go around it.
(Throws a ball of fire, but Bloom's orange fairy dust purifies it)

Bloom: The Dragon Fire and the Enchantix aren't what's going to beat you Baltor. It's six Enchantix together!

Baltor: Bloom, someday I'll get that little fairy dust pendant right from your neck and add it to my collection of trinkets. But I'm afraid I'm going to fight all of you today. Just you!!

Biker Wedding Crashers[edit]

Stella: Stop right there! As long as I'm around, you'll never become the queen of Solaria!
Cassandra: Stella!
Stella: People of Solaria, this monster and her wannabee daughter have bewitched your king!
Cassandra: Don't listen to her! She's lying!

Stella: No! Daddy!
Chimera: Daddy can't hear you.
Stella: Can you not take a hint!!?

King Radius: Who are you?
Stella: I'm your daughter, Daddy. Your Stella. Don't you remember? You used to call me Stella-my-Bella and my little ray of sunshine.
King Radius: I don't recall.
Stella: Stupid, Baltor! No way is he taking my father away from me!! Fairy dust!!

The Golden Kingdom[edit]

Musa: See what you think of this. Sound Cage.
(Bloom is encased in a dome of sound, but easily overwhelms it with a mighty burst of Dragon Fire energy)
Musa: Man, I channeled all my Winx into that attack.
Flora: OK. Guess I'm up next. Don't take this personally.

Lockette: You leave Bloom alone.
Stella: Don't worry. We're not really fighting.
Bloom: Yeah. Since Baltor and I both get our power from the Dragon Fire, we figured that we found a way to beat my power, we can use to beat his. But so far, no luck.

Tecna: I've got it! I know how to defeat the Dragon Fire! According to the book, at the beginning of the magical universe when the Great Dragon was born, another opposite force was created as well. This opposite force was contained in Water Stars.
Amore: But, Tecna, Water Stars don't exist anymore.
Tecna: In this dimension they don't.
Bloom: What do you mean by that?
Tecna: Because they're naturally opposed to each other, the Dragon Fire and Water Stars couldn't exist in the same dimension. So the Ancient Wizards came together and opened a portal to seal them off from our dimension.
Bloom: Where are they now?
Tecna: In the Golden Kingdom.

Icy: I felt something really gross, like the way a sunset feels.
Baltor: It was a wave of positive energy. And there's only one place it could've come from- the Golden Kingdom. Show me the Red Tower! So they have gone to the Golden Kingdom. For Water Stars. Here! Take this and destroy Bloom now. That's my girl.
Darcy: Icy's your girl?
Baltor: You're all my girls! Now go!

The Crystal Labyrinth[edit]

Sky: Looks like some kind of ancient language. Can any of you guys read it?
Bloom: It says "only those who are pure of heart may enter."

Bloom: I have an idea. Since our fairy dust is anti-darkness, I bet if we spray it on ourselves it should remove all traces of darkness from us.
Stella: What darkness?
Timmy: Everybody's got some kind of darkness. Like vanity.
Stella: Oh.

Musa: We're miniaturizing.
Tecna: I guess the time was right.
Bloom: I couldn't do it. Since my Enchantix wasn't earned the same way as yours, Ms. Faragonda said it may have limitations. But I want you girls to on ahead. We need the Water Stars. They're our only hope to stop Baltor.

Icy: Looks like it's just you and me, Bloom.
Bloom: You don't have a chance, Icy!
Icy: 'Cause of your big bad Enchantix powers? well, Baltor wanted me to give you this! Anti-dark dust from the dark dimension. It renders you powerless. How do you like my chances now? What should we do with you, Bloom? I know! How about we reenact the night we first met? I seem to remember putting you into a block of ice!

The Wizard's Challenge[edit]

Bloom: I think we should try a more practical approach. If they activate when they come into contact with Dragon Fire energy, then maybe I'm the key to unleashing their full power.
Musa: But remember, Boom, if they can destroy Baltor because of his Dragon Fire then they can destroy you too.
Bloom: I know it's very risky for me, but I don't we have a choice.

Tecna: No one's allowed in here without a library card!!
Layla: Morfix Shield.
Flora: Ivy Vine Wrap.
Stella: Solarian Sunbeam.
Bloom: Dragon Fury.

Bloom: I know it's risky, you guys, but I try to activate the Water Stars.
Stella: Wait! Don't do it, Bloom! You don't know how they could affect you!
Baltor: What they do to me, they'll do to you.
Flora: We can do this without the Water Stars.
Bloom: Flora, you know we can't. They're our only hope. Dragon Essence.
Flora: Bloom are you OK?
Bloom: I'm fine, but what about Baltor?

Bloom: Baltor, it's over.
Baltor: If you destroy me, Bloom, you'll also destroy your parents.
Bloom: What!? What are you talking about!?
Baltor: They're inside of me. As I'm sure you are aware, when I fought the final battle between your birth parents, Oritel and Miriam, they defeated me.
Bloom: Yeah?
Baltor: But what you don't know is just before they sent me away, I cast an absorption spell and imprisoned them in my body. And so, Bloom, if you destroy me, they will be gone forever, too.
Bloom (tearful): Oh no, that's...
Layla: Baltor just escaped.

The Witches' Crypt[edit]

  • The Nickelodeon title is "Finding the Truth"
  • Bloom discovers that her biological parents are very much alive, in a dark realm separate from the magical universe itself.

Faragonda: No, I don't know if Baltor is telling the truth about your parents or if's just trying to trick you to gain an advantage in the battle. But if he is telling the truth and he did use an absorption spell, then his fate and your parents will be one and the same.
Bloom: I thought my strong connection with Baltor was because both of our powers come from the Dragon Fire, but maybe there's another reason.
Faragonda: And what do you think that is, Bloom?
Bloom: Maybe what I'm actually hearing is my parents trapped inside of him! That they're calling out to me, begging me to help them.

Bloom: Let's try to add the magical energy of the Water Stars to our Enchantix powers.
Musa: Good idea, Bloom. But what about their affect on you?
Bloom: They only affect me once they're activated. So I'll put up a shield to protect myself.
Stella: All right! Let's activate them!

Bloom: I wish I could go along with you, but my Enchantix power is still incomplete. And no matter what I try, it won't let me miniaturize.
Stella: Don't worry, Bloom. We got it covered.

Bloom: You did it! You broke Baltor's spell!
Stella: It was just as easy as changing my sweater back.

Baltor: You know all about the power of laughter, don't you? Well, soon you'll learn about the power of tears.
Icy: You and Bloom are inseparable. It's like there's some fate aura drawing you two together.
Baltor: And I think you three are linked to Bloom. But the sad fact of the matter is that neither of you has or ever has had what it takes to destroy her.
Icy: It's her Enchantix that's the problem.
Darcy: It gives her advantage.
Baltor: Sounds like an excuse to me. But then again, maybe you're right. Maybe all we need to do is level the playing field and give you ladies your own new power. Something we can call your Disenchantix. I'm going to cast a spell on you from the misery dimension. Power of the wind, power of ice, power darkness, it's time to grow. Draw from the void of misery and thieve and flourish. Now you have your own version of the Enchantix, only way cooler.

Bloom: This is the presence Ms. Faragonda sensed. I feel it. Show yourself dark witches!
Belladonna: Heiress to the throne of Sparx, you have come to inquire about the fate of your birth parents, Oritel and Miriam, have you not?
Bloom: Yes. I want to know what happened to them! I want to know where they are!
Lysslis: Do you want the truth or simply something that will comfort you?
Bloom: I want the truth about what happened, no matter how hard it is to hear!
Belladonna: Then the truth is exactly what we will tell you.
Bloom: Huh?
Belladonna: Your parents, the King and Queen of Sparx, are not prisoners in Baltor's body. That was a trap he set for you. Oritel and Miriam are alive.
Bloom (relieved): Alive!? Where are they?
Lysslis: In a place far away. Not in this realm or even this dimension.
Bloom: Nothing is too far away for me! Tell me where they are and I'll go there!
Belladonna: It is not a place you can go! And that is all we will say!
Bloom: No! Wait! I want to know where my parents are! You can't leave me like this! You can't!

Bloom: Baltor lied to me. He didn't capture my birth parents, and they aren't trapped inside of him. And now that know this, I can fight him with all of my might and all my power.

The Spell of the Elements[edit]

  • The Nickelodeon title is "Valtor's Fury"

Baltor: I am unbeatable!!
Icy: It sure didn't look that way, dude.
Darcy: Yeah. No offense, but those Water Stars knocked you on your unbeatable butt.
Stormy: Maybe you need to get some new spells and, you know, bulk up.
Icy: Yeah. Like get some new buff in the Magix department. (the Trix laugh)
Baltor: SILENCE!! I am Baltor! I am the greatest wizard in the magical universe!! Do not dare challenge me!!

Bloom: We're still going to beat you Baltor. As long as there's a single once of energy in our bodies, we'll fight you!
Baltor: Here! See how you like this!
(Blasts Bloom with the Water Stars immeasurable, mystical energy) The Water Stars are painful, aren't they, Bloom?
Stella: To me, they're no different than a regular blast.
Tecna: Same goes for me.
Musa: Come on, girls! We have to protect Bloom.

Baltor: Oblivion awaits you, Bloom! The same place I sent your parents! Fairy dust can't stop me. I'm not a dark spell and neither are the Water Stars.

Layla: I'm' going in.
Stella: Wait! Don't. We have to trust that Bloom knows what she's doing.
Musa: What if she doesn't?
(Bloom collapses, due to repeated energy blasts from the Water Stars)
Flora: Oh no.
Baltor: And so goes the last survivor to the throne of Sparx.

Baltor: You five are next.
Stella: Before you start firing, you might wanna check your box. It looks like it's leaking.
Baltor: What!? NO!!
Stella: Bloom's fairy dust may not have affected you, but it busted your stash of spells right open.

Baltor: You three get back here, right now!!
Icy: I wish we had time ti discuss this, but let's make one thing clear: You and us, we're over!!
Darcy: Yeah, see ya, loser.
Stormy: Buh-bye.

Fire and Flame[edit]

  • This Season Three finale is followed by The Secret of the Lost Kingdom 3D CGI movie.

Stella: That was an Enchantix Sunburst. You should be gone.

Bloom: There's no point in fighting this thing. The only way I can beat is to attack the one who controls it. Find Baltor! And hit him where he hides!!

(Fires an orb of Dragon Fire, which unexpectedly hits Baltor from behind) This thing stopped, which means I must have hit Baltor.

Ancient Witches: Baltor. Baltor.
Baltor: Who are you!?
Ancient Witches: Is it possible that you forgot about us, Baltor?
Baltor: Show yourself!
Ancient Witches: You don't give orders to us, Baltor! We give orders to you!
Baltor: The three Ancestresses.
Ancient Witches: You disappointed us, Baltor. So we're calling you back from this world!
Baltor: You think you can make me go back with you!? You three may have created me, but you do not control me! I've outgrown you and passed you by! What are you doing!?
Ancient Witches: From the limbo where we are exiled, we're not allowed to act on the outside world. But nothing can stop us from acting on you, because you are ours, Baltor!
Baltor: No! Stop it!!
Ancient Witches: You failed! Your magic powers were squandered. And for that you must pay! We will take the part that is the wizard and leave the part that is the beast! You will be stronger and more brutal! Now go destroy all that is in your path!

Layla: Not looking too good, Baltor.
Baltor: Soon you won't be either!
Layla: Morfix Bolt.
Flora: Enchantix Ivy Wrap.

(Combining Enchantix powers with Musa and Tecna)
Stella: Enchantix convergence power.
Baltor: Is that it?
Stella: I thought that was pretty strong.
Bloom: As a beast, Baltor is much stronger than he was as a wizard. But I have an idea. There's a spell I learned on Pyros that just might work.

Bloom: Power of the Flame, leave me. Go and find Baltor's fire.
(A tiny orb-shaped spark of the Dragon Fire leaves her, causing her to faint)

Musa: Whoa, look.
Tecna: It's her Dragon Fire.

Bloom: I did it, Baltor! I've traveled to the inner sanctum of your Dragon Fire. And now that I'm here, I'm gonna put out your Dragon Fire flame once and for all!

Sky: Bloom, talk to me!
Stella: She's not here, Sky. She's over there, fighting for all of us.

Baltor: Your fairy dust erased the dark magic of the Ancestresses.
Bloom: But that's...!
Baltor: And now I am myself again- A wizard created from a dark ember of the Great Dragon's fire!
Bloom: I'm still gonna finish you off!!
Baltor: I have a better idea, Bloom. Something that will help me achieve my destiny, and you finally locate your birth parents.
Bloom: I don't believe you know anything about my birth parents!!
Baltor: But the Ancient Witches do. In fact, they hold the key to both our destinies:
For you finding Oritel and Miriam, and for me achieving the greatness that I deserve. So this is what I propose to you, Bloom: Turn your rage on the Ancestresses and join me. Together we will be strong enough to defeat them and make them give us what we want. You and I are the same, Bloom. We are book ends, matching pieces of the greatest ancient magic ever to exist.
Bloom: The only thing we have in common is our Dragon Fire! And right now, my is gonna fight yours until one of them is out.
Baltor: So be it. I gave you one last chance! And now I'm going to destroy you!
Bloom: Not if I destroy you first! Dragon Fire Fury.

Faragonda: Well done, girls. Baltor's essence now rests with the Ancient Witches.

Nabu: You're the best thing that's ever happened to me, Layla.
(The two lovers share a loving hug)

Faragonda: Your Enchantix powers are still incomplete. But the courage you showed on Tides, tells me that you're ready, Bloom. I believe you now have what it takes to find the Ancient Witches, break their dark spell, and finally find your birth parents.
Bloom: I think I'm ready. Mom, Dad, I feel like we're going to meet really soon.