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Winx Club is an animated television series created by Iginio Straffi and animated by Rainbow SpA, in co-production with Nickelodeon and Rai Fiction.

The Spill[edit]

Roxy: I got into Alfea.
Bloom: Roxy, that's wonderful.
Roxy: I could never have done it without you Bloom. You there for me, just like a big sister.
(Bloom flashes back to when she last saw her own big sister)
Daphne: You've come a long way, Bloom.
Bloom: I couldn't have done it with you, Daphne.
Daphne: I think you could.
Bloom: I just wish I could do something for you.
(End of flashback)
Bloom: My big sister. Oh, Daphne.
Roxy: Bloom?
Bloom: I'm fine.

The Rise of Tritannus[edit]

Aisha: I can't believe that monster is my cousin.

Return to Alfea[edit]

Faragonda: Welcome to a new year. I see some new faces and some familiar ones. Here there is one fairy I want everyone to meet. I am happy to introduce Roxy.
Roxy: Hey.
Faragonda: Roxy is from Earth, where magic was absent for a very long time. But thanks to her courage, magic is back on Earth. And she is here at Alfea, thanks to some of your fellow students- the Winx.

Bloom: The things is that our Believix powers seem to work well underwater.
Faragonda: Your powers as Believix fairies are great. But far from land and the worlds of water. They are less...effective.
Flora: But Tritannus is strong.
Aisha: And getting stronger.
Bloom: How are we going to stop him?
Faragonda:There is one way. You must try to acquire Sirenix.
Stella: Great. Just when I thought we were done.
Faragonda: Sirenix is an ancient power, born of the magic of the oceans. It will make you strong to defeat Tritannus. But no one has become a Sirenix fairy for quite some time.
Bloom: Then how do we acquire the power? Become Sirenix fairies?
Faragonda: You must start by finding the ancient book of Sirenix. But that will a great challenge, for it is hidden and I do not know where. However, I do knows its hiding place. Bloom, you must ask your sister Daphne. She was the last fairy to acquire Sirenix. Only she can tell you.

Daphne: I am so happy to see you again. Do you need my help, little sister?
Bloom: Yes, Daphne. I want you to tell where the Sirenix book is hidden.
Daphne: No! Not Sirenix! Look at me! Look at Sirenix did to me! When the three Ancient Witches attacked the magic dimension, I was ready to confront them. But the Witches' cast a spell on Sirenix. And when I used its power to defend myself, it turned against me. And I became this- a spirit without a body. Do not seek Sirenix! If you fail, your fate will terrible.
Bloom: But I must try! There is a deadly threat the magic dimension, and to stop it, I need the power of Sirenix.
Daphne: I wish I could protect you.
Bloom: But you can't. Please, Daphne, tell me. Where is the Sirenix book?
Daphne: The Sirenix book is in the magic archive of Alfea. Find it at your peril.

The Sirenix Book[edit]

Queen Lesia: Sirenix is ancient power of the fairies. But no fairy has achieved Sirenix for a very long time. The last one to possess it was a fairy named Daphne.
Tritannus: That's it!!?
Queen Lesia: Yes.

Bloom: We have found the Sirenix Book. And if we open it our quest will begin. It will mean risking everything we have, everything we are. Are we sure we want to do this?

Tritannus: Icy, I know where to start our quest for Sirenix. We must find Daphne.
Icy: Daphne?
Stormy: Bloom's sister?
Darcy: Who else?
Icy: And I know right where she is.

The Lilo[edit]

  • This episode is also considered the very first of the fifth season, taking place before the events of "The Spill."

Faragonda: Because you Winx brought magic back to Earth, the Lilo will blossom there for the first time, in centuries. However, it only does so once at sunset. After which it loses its power.

Mike: We believe in you, Winx.

The Power of Harmonix[edit]

  • This is the last time the six Winx Club girls' use their Believix powers, which is succeeded by Harmonix.

Aisha: Open it, right? Right?
Flora: But...but it could be dangerous.
Tecna: There's the curse of Sirenix.
Musa: And we don't even know what that means.
Bloom: The Sirenix curse left my sister Daphne a disembodied spirit.
Aisha: But we need Sirenix powers to defeat Tritannus.
Stella: And save the whole magic dimension.
Faragonda: Whatever you decide, you must do it freely and with open heart. You will not be able to begin the quest until you all agree. If you fail in the quest for Sirenix, you will lose your fairy powers forever.

Bloom: I've been thinking. If we complete the quest, maybe can break the curse. Maybe we can...
Aisha: Help your sister Daphne.

Sirenix Book: Winx, you have now begun the quest for Sirenix. You must find the Gems of Self-Confidence, Empathy and Courage, which are hidden deep within the waters of the magic universe.
Aisha: That will be challenging.
Sirenix Book: Be warned. There is a curse upon the Sirenix. If you do not complete the quest within one lunar cycle, you will lose your powers forever. These are your Sirenix boxes. inside is your own Guardian of Sirenix. You call upon her for help during your quest.
Stella: Cool.
Sirenix Book: Your Guardians have granted you a new fairy power- Harmonix. It will allow to swim faster and use your powers freely in the ocean. Your quest has begun.

The Shimmering Shells[edit]

Diaspro: Sky doesn't love you, Bloom.

Negative Stella: You will never be a fashion designer. Never going to happen.

Aisha: How did you know that would work?
Stella: I didn't. But I thought this must be the Gem of Self-Confidence.

Secret of the Ruby Reef[edit]

Stella: Miss you, love you. Communing with your ghostly sister is cool and all, but it's not now. This party is right here, in the moment.

Icy: We would've knocked but there's no door.
Stormy: Who lives under a lake?
Daphne: What do you want?
Tritannus: Just one thing!! I want the secret of Sirenix!!

Sky: Bloom?
Bloom: I just a horrible feeling about Daphne.

The Gem of Empathy[edit]

Brandon: Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess named Stella.
Young Stella: That's me.

A Magix Christmas[edit]

Trix Tricks[edit]

Tritannus: Tell me how to get Sirenix now, Daphne, or I'll let them tear your mind part!!
Daphne: Never!
Tritannus: Stop! She fainted.
Darcy: Lightweight.
Tritannus: She'll never talk to save herself!
Icy: But she would talk to save her sister.
Tritannus: Bloom! Of course! Find Bloom and bring her here!

Tritannus: We'll never get Daphne to talk now!

Test of Courage[edit]

(In the castle of Domino)
Sky: Still worrying about Daphne? I'm sure she's proud of you today. You're receiving a great honor.
Bloom: You're receiving the bigger honor, Sky. You saved Domino.
Sky: I did?
Bloom: Yes, you did. With this. You managed to pull the sword from its stone, then you destroyed the Witches' and brought the whole world back to life.
Sky: I don't remember that guy. He's so...fearless.
Bloom: You're still that guy, Sky.
Sky: OK, Bloom.
(Oritel and Miriam, King and Queen of Domino, arrive)
Bloom: Come on. My parents are here.
Sky: I don't remember them either.

(In the depths of Lake Roccaluce)

Tritannus: Speak!!
Daphne: I will never let you have Sirenix, monster!!
Darcy: This is getting us nowhere.
Stormy: She's never gonna spill.
Icy: I know how to break her. Isn't today Domino's renewal celebration? I bet your parents will be all dressed up with nowhere to run.
Daphne: No!!
Icy: I thought that might hit a nerve.
Tritannus: And it did. Go to Domino! Capture Oritel and Miriam. Then she'll tell us what we want to know! Maybe I'll see you there. I have some hunting to do!

Serena: You will not enter the oceans of Domino!
Tritannus: It's such a special day for Domino.

King Oritel: We owe a great debt to this brave young man. Without his courage our world would still be frozen in ice.

Tritannus: Go on! Tell me how to acquire Sirenix or watch your parents be destroyed!!
Daphne: Please, no!
Tritannus: Speak!!
Icy: If I push her over do you think she'll break?
Daphne: Please don't hurt them!! Please no! I'll...I'll tell you want you want to know.
Tritannus: Good work, Icy. Hurry back.

Sky: Oh no.
Bloom: Sky, what is it?
Sky: Tritannus has taken Daphne prisoner and he's forced her to tell him the secret of Sirenix.
Bloom: Oh no.
Stella: We'll find her Bloom. We're with you.
Flora: We'll find her, wherever she is, and save her.
Aisha: Count on it.


  • The Winx Club finally achieve the ancient ocean/sea-related fairy power of Sirenix, even though it is still cursed with dark magic.

Faragonda: That was not like you, Bloom. You must maintain focus to control Sirenix.
Bloom: I know, but Daphne is still Tritannus' prisoner and I don't how much more she can take.

Tritannus: Give up, Daphne! Your parents are sculptures and you're all doomed!
Daphne: No!
Tritannus: Tell how to acquire Sirenix!
Daphne: My Sirenix powers are protected by the source of Sirenix at Lake Roccaluce. You will never obtain Sirenix, monster!
Tritannus: Unless I destroy the source and then I can rip Sirenix right out of you!
Daphne: Oh no.
Tritannus: I win, fairy! Icy!
Icy: Coming. So? She talked?
Tritannus: Yes. I know what to do. And once I get Sirenix, you will have it too, beautiful Icy.

Bloom: Fire Blade.
Tritannus: Why you!
Bloom: Tell me where Daphne is, monster!
Serena: Bloom, the lake is almost dry.
Bloom: But...
Tritannus: Go on, fairy. Save the pretty lake.
Bloom: This isn't over, Tritannus!
Tritannus: It is for now, my dear fairy.

Tritannus: I have a gift for- Daphne's Sirenix powers!
Daphne: No! No! My powers!
Tritannus: I give you Sirenix!

Alyriss: She is the supreme guardian of Sirenix:
Omnia: I am Omnia and you are Sirenix fairies now. Enter the Infinite Ocean.

Omnia: Winx. as Sirenix fairies, you are each given a wish. You may ask your guardians' to grant it. But only after you have pleased destiny.
Stella: There's always a catch.
Omnia: There is something else. Something evil has entered the Infinite Ocean.
Aisha: Tritannus!
Omnia: He is stronger than before. And he has powerful allies who possess dark Sirenix.
Stella: The Trix!
Omnia: To rid the Infinite Ocean of their evil, you must develop your powers fully.

The Emperor's Throne[edit]

Daphne: Be careful, Tritannus. Sirenix is cursed.
Icy: Oh, be quiet, you! You're just saying that 'cause we forced you into telling us how to get it. My mighty Tritannus will become the emperor of the Infinite Ocean.
Tritannus: And you, Icy, will be my empress.

Daphne: I told you, Tritannus. Sirenix will destroy you.
Tritannus: Who asked you, fairy!? Lock her up!

(Daphne is imprisoned in a cell, right below the Emperor's throne)

The Pillar of Light[edit]

Stella: All the worlds? Even Solaria?
Faragonda: Yes. Even Solaria.
Stella: I have to go home! My father! without the sun, he could die!

The Eclipse[edit]

Stella: I am the Fairy of the Shinning Sun and no one's gonna put the lights out on my watch! Light of Sirenix.

Faraway Reflections[edit]

Daphne: Darcy, Stormy! You must stop him!
Darcy: Are you speaking to moi?
Daphne: Please, listen to me! You must stop Tritannus before he activates the emperor's throne!
Darcy: and why would we do that, Daphne?
Daphne: The throne will unleash a power that not even Tritannus can control! He will destroy himself and all of us in the Infinite Ocean! He will destroy you!!
Darcy: Yeah right.
Stormy: Can you believe her?
Daphne: I must reach Bloom. I must try. I cannot. Tritannus is too strong.

Daphne: Little sister, Tritannus has taken my powers. I am his prisoner.
Bloom: I will find you! I will save you!
Daphne: No! The magic dimension is in great danger! You must stop Tritannus! He is seeking to find the seals from the Pillar of Balance and the Pillar of Control. Do not let him have them!
Bloom: But I don't even know where the pillars are.
Daphne: Look to the Eye of Inspiration.

The Devourer[edit]

Daphne: Bloom. Bloom.
Bloom: Daphne?
Daphne: Bloom, the selkies are in danger!
Bloom: Danger? What sort of danger?
Daphne: A monster- a monster to devour them.
Bloom: Where, Daphne?
Daphne: Near the Pillar of Light.

The Singing Whales[edit]

Riven: What's that sound in the tune of that song?
Musa: That's the sound of the singing whales of Melody. The whales' singing keeps the whole world in balance.

Daphne: Bloom. Bloom.
Bloom: Daphne!?
Daphne: Tritannus is on his way to take the seal!

The Problems of Love[edit]

A Perfect Date[edit]

(Another vision between the two sisters)
Daphne: Bloom!
Bloom: Daphne?
Daphne: Tritannus is going to the Pillar of Control.
Bloom: Yes. We will stop him.
Daphne: Bloom, you must destroy the seal!
Bloom: Destroy the seal?
Daphne: Destroy the seal of the Pillar of Control! Destroy it!
Bloom: But, Daphne...Daphne?

Flora: Huh? Everything OK, Bloom?
(Bloom sighs)
Winx: What?
Bloom: Daphne said we should destroy the seal of the Pillar of Control.
Stella: Destroy it?
Flora: Without the seal, the Pillar will crumble.
Musa: And throw the Magic Dimension into chaos again.
Aisha: Hmm... Wait. Think about it. We stabilized the other Pillars when they lost their seals.
Bloom: If we destroy the seal, there's no way Tritannus can take it!
Stella: And then, we can stick a fork in Tritannus!
Bloom: Because he'll be done.

Tecna: Aura of Sirenix!

Listen to Your Heart[edit]

Tritannus: NO!! The seal is gone!!
Serena: You will never have it! The Winx destroyed it!
Icy: Those obnoxious fairies beat us to it!!

Tecna: My Sirenix box.
Tecna's Guardian of Sirenix: Impressive, Tecna. You have earned the right to make a wish.
Tecna: I wish the people of Zenith would feel connected to all the worlds of the magic dimension and understand that we are all one.
Tecna's Guardian of Sirenix: Done.

Tritannus: You know, don't you!? You know how to activate the throne! How I can become emperor!
Daphne: You must not activate the throne, Tritannus. The curse of Sirenix will destroy you, as it destroyed Politea.
Tritannus: Politea!? Who's that!!
Daphne: She was a Sirenix fairy. Cursed by her lust for power, she lost herself in darkness and became...a monster.

Stormy: Monstrous dark power? Sounds good.
Darcy: If we grab Politea and take her power, we can ditch your wack boyfriend and still rule the Infinite Ocean.
Icy: Never going to happen, so wy don't you two just get lost?
Stormy: Sister, you do not have to ask me twice.

The Shark's Eye[edit]

  • How Daphne, as Nymph of Magix, was turned into her present form as bodiless spirit and ghost is revealed.

Daphne: The throne! It weakened him. It is the curse of Sirenix. It will destroy you, just as it destroyed Politea.
Icy: Oh zip it, Debbie downer.
Tritannus: Politea, of course! Her Sirenix power is tremendous. I can use it to activate the emperor's throne if we can find her.
Icy: My dark Sirenix powers will lead me to her.

Daphne: Bloom. Bloom, you must find Politea before the Trix do!
Bloom: But who is she? Where do I look for her?
Daphne: Alfea. In the room of faraway reflections. Be careful, Bloom! The curse of Sirenix! Politea is evil! Evil!

Bloom: Oh. So Politea was a nymph, just like Daphne. The Ancestral Witches. Daphne fought them to save the Infinite Ocean. She was so brave. Oh no! When the witches' attacked again, when Daphne needed her most, Politea refused to help. And so the witches' destroyed them both. And cursed Sirenix.

Icy: Well, look who it is? Bloom and Mini Bloom.
Bloom: I am so not in the mood, Icy! Dragon Kick.

Stella: I wish my parents would always listen to each other and to me. I want that more than anything.

Saving Paradise Bay[edit]

Flora: Breath of the Ocean, reveal yourself.

Flora: I wish for all people to treat nature with love and respect.
Sirenix Guardian: A lovely wish. Consider it done.

Diaspro: It's not fair! [points to Bloom, angrily] This is your fault, Bloom!

Battle for the Infinite Ocean[edit]

Bloom: Ingenious Protection.

Aisha: NO!! Tide of Sirenix.

Aisha: I wish for Nereus to live.

Aisha: Ahh!! No!! My powers!!

The End of Tritannus[edit]

Bloom: No!! Dragon Kick. Dragon Punch. Lava Jab.

Tritannus: No!!
Bloom: Fire of Sirenix.
(Creates a powerful geyser of flame that breaks his trident)
Tritannus: My trident!!!

Bloom's Sirenix Guardian: Bloom, I am so proud of you. You banished the deepest darkness. What is your wish?
Bloom: I wish to break the Sirenix curse and end its legacy forever.
Bloom's Sirenix Guardian: Your wish, dear Bloom, is granted.

Daphne: Best little sister in the known universe.