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Winx Club is an animated television series created by Iginio Straffi and animated by Rainbow SpA, in co-production with Nickelodeon and Rai Fiction.

The Wizards of the Black Circle[edit]

Ogron: It may come as a surprise to you, Bloom, but the wizards of the Black Circle are immune to fairy magic.
(Bloom strengthens her spell)
Bloom: Dragon Energy.

Ogron: The last fairy of the Earth is finally ours!
Anagan: Ogron, what's happening?
Ogron: The circle has rejected her. She is not the fairy we are looking for.

Fear in Pixie Village[edit]

  • Bloom is now capable of using her fairy dust to miniaturize, which is due to her Enchantix finally being completed since rescuing her whole home world and people from eternal frost, in The Secret of the Lost Kingdom movie.

Flora: Gardenia. She's in Gardenia.
Bloom: The last Earth fairy was born in my hometown?

Winx on Earth[edit]

  • The original Italian title is "The Last Fairy of Earth."
  • Roxy, the last terrestrial fairy of Earth, debuts, though as a cameo.

Magic Pets[edit]

Ogron: Gardenia. Why did the last fairy of Earth have to be in this lame town? Must have been difficult for such a powerful creature to live among all this...Mediocrity. The sooner we find her, the sooner we can leave this depressing excuse for a city.

Faragonda: And what about the second part of your mission? Is there any sign of the last fairy?
Tecna: Not yet, but we are looking.
Faragonda: Remember how crucial this part of the mission is. If the last Earth fairy falls into the hands of the Wizards of the Black Circle, they will be the most powerful wizards in all the dimensions. And their darkness will make unbearable for mankind.

Ogron: Tell me right now!! Where is the last Earth fairy!!? Star talking!
Stella: Ocean of Light.
Bloom: Stella no!
Ogron: Attack me all you want. All it does is make me stronger and more powerful. Here's your Ocean of Light right back at you.

Ogron's Spell[edit]

Flora: I love Earth, but it has a lot of problems.
Musa: I wonder what it was like the fairies' ruled it.
Bloom: I don't know, but since they disappeared there's a total lack of harmony.

Bloom: Sky! What are you doing here?
Sky: Eh... ehm-ehm... we just... well you know, we missed you guys so eh... surprise!
Bloom: Sky!
Sky: What, aren't you happy to see us?
Bloom: Stop it, I know what's going on.
Sky: Okay Bloom, listen. I know you're not gonna like this, but you guys are gonna need all the help you can get if you're taking on the Wizards of the Black Circle!
Bloom: Sky, you just don't think that we can handle them, do you? Well for your information, this is our mission and we were doing just fine.
Riven:Yeah right! [gestures to the destroyed park]
Bloom: Sky we appreciate what your doing but if you don't trust us knows the time to tell us?
Riven: We trust you too much! Who were those guys at the club!?
Bloom:What are you talking about?
Sky:Come on Bloom! Don't tell me your denying it? That Andy guy!
Bloom: What!? You been spying on us!?
Sky:Well, we.. a uh...
Bloom: I can't believe you'd do this! I thought you knew me better then that! What's worse is I thought I knew you!
Sky: Bloom if you just let me explain.
Riven: Awe, let them go. Tomorrow they'll have forgotten all about it.
Sky: Riven, please just stop talking!

A Fairy Found[edit]

  • The last terrestrial fairy of Earth is revealed- Roxy, Fairy of Animals.
  • Enchantix is seen for the final time, evolved into Believix.

(Roxy comforts her pet dog Artu)
Bloom: She's giving off magic energy. Can you feel it?
Flora: It's the same one we felt since we first arrived in Gardenia.
Tecna: So it must have come from her, bot Ogron and his wizards.
Stella: So she must be...
Bloom: The last fairy of Earth.

Ogron: I heard those girls say you are the one- a fairy!
Roxy: Not this again.
Ogron: It's true! You are the destined one! Now, wizards, open the portal!
Roxy: NO!! Help!!
Ogron: Yes! We finally have her! The Black Circle shall consume your powers and our mission will be complete!!

[Upon seeing the Winx Club transform off-screen]
Ogron: It's the same old song and dance with them.
Gantlos: Speak for yourself, Ogron, I kinda like it.
Stella: It's nice to have such big fans. Ocean of Light.
Bloom: Roxy, take cover and don't move! Dragon Fury.

Ogron: You led us to Roxy, so we are in your debt. For that, we'll let you live. Humiliated, defenseless and on your knees, but alive.

Roxy: This is crazy, I must be seeing things. I'm not a fairy. Fairies don't exist! There's no such thing. Oh fairies don't exist. They don't exist! I can't be a fairy!
Ogron: Oh yes Roxy. Fairies indeed exist and you're one of them. There's no need to cry.
Roxy: Girls, please help me! You're the only ones who can save me!
Bloom: Roxy, open your heart!
Anagan: I don't think they heard you.
Roxy: Fairies, I need you.
Ogron: Ah, so now you believe in fairies.
Bloom: Well done Roxy, this is exactly what you have to do. Keep going. Have faith, Roxy.
Roxy: Yes. I believe. I believe in fairies and I hope they wipe those smirks off your ugly faces!

(All six Winx Club fairies have achieved their Believix forms)

Bloom: Thank you. Your belief in us transformed us into Believix Fairies. We are so much stronger now, right, Winx?
Layla: Let the battle begin.

I Believe In You[edit]

Stella: Double Eclipse. Uh, did you read the chapter about my powers?
Musa: No. But I know my by heart. Stereo Clash.

Roxy: These girls are risking their lives for me. I just wish I was as brave as them.
Morgana: Roxy. Roxy.
Roxy: Who are you?
Morgana: I will guide you. Remember you are a fairy, the Fairy of Animals. Do not be afraid. Fight!

Bloom: We must combine our attack spells in a magic convergence. Fire Arrow.
Stella: Sun Dance.
Musa: Harmonic Attack.
Tecna: Megawatt.
Layla: Morfix Wave.
Flora: Autumn Wind.

Roxy: I'm scared. Scared of being...a fairy.
Morgana's Voice: But you don't have to be afraid. You are the last fairy of Earth, Fairy of Animals. And the animals will help you if you let them.
Roxy: Who are you?
Morgana: You will find out soon enough. You believed in the Winx, now you must believe in yourself, just as I believe in you.

Morgana's Voice: You are a fairy, Roxy, and I believe in you.
Roxy: Yes! I am a fairy, the Fairy of Animals!

Bloom: We have found the last Earth fairy, Headmistress. Her name is Roxy.
Faragonda: Excellent work, Girls, but your mission is no yet complete.
Tecna: The Wizards' are still strong. Even the Believix power is useless against them.
Faragonda: That is because you have yet to reach your full potential. Did you know there are three types of wings, each with its own special power?
Winx Club: Oooh.
Faragonda: Yes. There is "Speedix" which allows you to fly faster, "Zoomix" which enables you to teleport over long distances, and "Tracix" which lets you see into the past.

Hidden in the Country[edit]

  • Believix Fairies are able to use their fairy dust to miniaturize, as with Enchantix.

Roxy: I know what to do! No more running away! Creatures of the sky and forest, come to me! Come to me now!
Ogron: When she has possession of the White Circle, that girl is too strong!

Nebula's White Circle[edit]

Nebula: Never! This white Circle belongs to Nebula! Now and forever!!
Stella: Nebula. I heard that name before from the Book of Fairies.
Tecna: Yes. A very powerful warrior-fairy who faced Orgon and his wizards.

Bloom: Let's use our shields. We have to separate Roxy from the negative energy controlling her. Flaming Armor.
Stella: Sirius Shield.
Musa: Sonic screen.
Tecna: Defender Plate
Flora: Summer Thunder
Layla: Plasma Wall.

The Audition[edit]


  • Roxy's inherent magical abilities as Fairy of Animals gradually begin to develop when she is able to give Artu the ability of human speech.

Roxy: Go, Winx! I want to be like them! I want to use my powers to help people.

Roxy: Bloom, I did it!
Artu: Hello, Bloom.
Bloom: Roxy, you managed to use your magic.
Roxy: Yeah. But it's it's only temporary.

The Pets' Pursuit[edit]

  • Roxy finally achieves her standard Winx/Fairy form by tapping into her inherent magical powers due to her rage and sorrow.

Ganthos: What are you sobbing about? It's just a dog.
Roxy (furious): What!!? Just a dog!? Just a dog!?
(Her fury enables her to tap into her exceptionally strong magical powers and transform into her standard Winx/Fairy form for the first time)
Klaus: Wait! This...this is impossible.
Roxy: You're gonna pay for that, you monster!! I did it! I managed to transform into a fairy. Dad! Artu! Don't worry. I can help you now.
Ganthos: Nice, little one. But now what are you planning on doing?
Roxy: My attack magic is weak compared to the wizard's. But maybe there is something...I'm the Fairy of Animals.

Bloom: I'll finish them off with...Wait! I'm sensing something.
Flora: Yes, I feel it too. Roxy's magic trail. It's much stronger than before.

Bloom: Roxy, you managed to transform into a fairy.
Roxy: Yes, I did. I...Oh, Artu. Artu, answer me! Oh, Artu!

Roxy's Energy[edit]

  • The adult fairy who appears in Roxy's visions is revealed to be Morgana, Queen of the terrestrial fairies.

Bloom: Roxy, listen.
Roxy: Leave me alone!! If I hadn't met all of you, this never would have happened!! I don't want be a fairy! Why me!? I didn't ask for this.
Bloom: I know how you feel, Roxy, believe me. But you must move forward. A fairy lives for others, never for herself.
Layla: Not now. She's too upset, Bloom.
Stella: Stay with her. We'll handle the Fairy Hunters.

Bloom: Roxy, are our last hope now. Here. Take it.
Roxy: No! I don't want the negative energy of the White Circle to control me again.
Bloom: If it falls into Ogron's hands, it will be the end for us all.
Roxy: I can't, Bloom.
Bloom: Please...I can't...I can't protect it any longer.
Roxy: Bloom!
Ogron: Ha! She fainted.

Morgana: We are what we are. You are a fairy, remember that- the Fairy of Animals. And the White Circle is a very powerful weapon, Roxy. Do not be frightened. Use it. Fight.

Ogron: You wouldn't dare! (Roxy emits a sea-green beam of mystical energy at him)
Ogron: Foolish, girl! You just condemned Gardenia to it's destruction!
(Blasts Roxy backward)
Morgana: Get up, Roxy. You have great power. The energy of Earth is in you. Use it properly.

Bloom: That's the power of Believix. The people of Earth believe in fairies again, and that is our strength. Dragon Heart.

Bringing Magic Back[edit]

Roxy (thinking): They're fairies but they manage to live their lives like regular girls. I wonder I'll be able to do that, too.
Bloom (conversing telepathically): I know how you feel, Roxy. Believe me, I understand.

Faragonda It is good to see you, Roxy, even though it is from a distance. I'm sure the Winx have told you all about the Magix dimension, where fairies like you study at Alfea College. It will take much training, three intense years.
Roxy: Wait! What!!? There's no way I'm going to a school in another dimension! My life is here in Gardenia!

Faragonda: You must be patient with her, girls. The wizards' are still out there. Roxy is inexperienced. She could end up in trouble.

(All seven Winx Club girls have transformed)

Bloom: Wow, Roxy. You learn fast.

Animal Smuggler: Nice costumes! For Halloween!
Roxy: We are real fairies and you'll pay for taking all these innocent animals!

The New Witch in Town[edit]

Bloom: The size of the object you're levitating is not as powerful as how strong your actions are.
Roxy: Okay. I think I get it.
(Manages to use her magic to telekinetically lift an ice cream stand)
Bloom: That was great, Roxy.

The Virtual Hideout[edit]

Roxy: How does it work?
Flora: Objects and places have memories, Roxy. With this spell, we can go back and relive them.
Bloom: We don't know what we're going to see. Are you sure you wanna do it?
Roxy: When Nebula used me to fight against the Wizards, I understood how the Earth fairies' suffered.
Bloom: You're more and more like me. You used to act instinctive, but now you know what you want.

(The seven Winx Club fairies see a vision hundreds of years ago, back when Earth was full of magic)
Morgana: Here it is- the last White Circle. There are many paths to our world, but this Circle will the last hope for us fairies to escape from the human world and go back to our realm, the isle of Tir Nan Og. The gates are disappearing, destroyed by Ogron and the Dark Wizards. A Black Circle appears to combat the White Circle. Many of us fought against the Fairy Hunters. The White Circle is our salvation. No shadow will obscure its light.

Roxy: That woman's voice is the same one who told me believe in myself because I'm the Fairy of Animals.
Tecna: You're also the last fairy of Earth, but somewhere beyond that gate there are other Earth fairies.
Layla: And we'll find them. We promise.

Bloom: Roxy, what's wrong? Are you sick?
Roxy: Someone broke into your place and is threatening the pests. They're in danger.

Island Tricks[edit]

  • The Terrestrial fairies of Earth are finally released, but desire nothing more than bitter vengeance against the humans' who had stopped believing in them, therefore greatly weakening their powerful fairy magic, as well as the Fairy Hunters who imprisoned them.

Flora: So the Wizards' defeated the Earth fairies and imprisoned them...
Musa: In their own realm. How horrible.
Roxy: All of this has to end!
Faragonda: Yes, Roxy. And your magic will be most fundamental for this mission. Use the White Circle. It will take you to Tir Nan Og, the main realm of the Earth fairies.

Roxy: I...know that I must save the Earth fairies. But I don't know how.

Diana's Attack[edit]

Diana: I am Diana, warrior Fairy of Nature. Our queen Morgana wants to know you better, Roxy.
Bloom: Your wasting your time! Roxy will never join you!
Diana: The last Earth fairy will join her sisters in the fight against Ogron and the humans!
Bloom: I understand your rage, but why must you destroy humans? They didn't imprison you, the fairy hunters did!
Diana: You dare defend Earth people!? They've been afflicting this world with wars and environmental catastrophes! They are guilty! Now they'll pay!

(About the enlarged spider)
Roxy: It's not my type of pet, but I may be able to establish contact.

Faragonda: To go into Diana's kingdom of the Amazon, you must go beyond Believix.

In the Amazon Forest[edit]

  • The Winx Club, minus Roxy, acquire a greater evolution, Sophix. Like Charmix, it can only be used for a brief period.

Ethereal Fairies: We the ethereal fairies. We shall give you the gifts of destiny. They are an evolution of Believix. The first is Sophix, the gift of wisdom. Bloom you will have the gift of Inner Flame. Stella, the Drop of Light, Musa, Pure Harmony, Tecna, Superior Order, Flora the Breathe of Nature, and Layla; the gift of Vital Beat.
Nabu: Now you stronger than ever, Layla.

Roxy: I want to go, too.
Bloom: Sorry, Roxy. But this mission is too dangerous for a fairy with no Believix powers.

(After evolving into her Sophix form)
Bloom: Inner Flame. This the flame of life; to never give and to be born again.
Stella: Drop of Light. This the light of hope, which must never go out.
Musa: Pure Harmony.
Warrior Fairy: These fairies! They are totally and completely in true with nature!
Warrior Fairy # 2: But, Diana says they're our enemies, so we better attack again!
Tecna: Superior Order. This the gift of order, the substance of all living things.

Amazon Warrior Fairy: These fairies- they are totally and completely in tune with nature.
2nd Amazon Fairy: But, Diana says they're our enemies, so we better attack again.

Diana's Redemption[edit]

Diana: My strength! The heart of the forest is in danger.

The Fairy of Justice[edit]

Aurora's Tower[edit]

  • The Winx Club, excluding Roxy, acquire the gift of heart, Lovix. As with Charmix, it is a temporary evolution of a previous, less powerful fairy level.

Morgana: Agreed. But...the youngest fairy, Roxy. No one is to touch a single hair on her head.

Roxy: Look out! Enchanted Cloak.
(Creates an orbicular shield to defend Flora and Tecna)

Roxy: Wolf Talon.
(Fires a wolf of pure mystical energy at the ice monster)
Flora: Fierce, Roxy.

Musa: You're the animal expert. What do you think, Roxy?
Roxy: Slip lock spell. Wild Heartbeat. (Fires a beam of sea-green magic that makes polar bears fight the ice creatures). That'll buy us some time.

Morgana: Join me, Roxy. No one will ever hurt you.
Roxy: Thanks, Morgana. Stop! Do you know how close you came to hitting me!?
Arctic Fairy: Step backward!
Bloom: It's working, Roxy. whatever you're doing.
Roxy: Trust me. We need to combine our powers and nothing will happen to us.

Aurora: In my hand is the Blizzard. In it, there is enough power to freeze the whole universe. But I sense that one of you holds a great power within. (to Bloom). Yes. You hold the formidable power of the Dragon Fire. I don't want an ice and fire fight.

Bloom's Challenge[edit]

Bloom: For some reason, Morgana seems to really care about Roxy. Roxy knows it too. During the fight, she noticed the fairies' were trying not to hit her. She used that to defend us. We need to find out the connection between Morgana and Roxy.
(Roxy regains consciousness)
Roxy: Hey, girls. What's going on? Maybe I don't want to know.
Flora: You were freezing to death, and Bloom managed to buy us time by challenging Nebula to a duel.
Roxy: What!? You really did that, Bloom?

Morgana: Why will you not join me, Roxy? I offered you so many chances to save yourself, but in order to do so you must leave the Winx.
Roxy: I will never leave my friends! I will share their destiny!
Morgana: I made sure nobody harmed you.
Roxy: Yes, and I took advantage of that to save the Winx!

Nebula: We've been talking for too long! We must have our revenge on the wizards', even if it means destroying Sybila's cave!!

Aurora: Nebula is out of control! Stop her before she destroys my ice tower!

Bloom: You're making a mistake! You can't solve anything with vengeance!
Nebula: What do you know about vengeance and hatred!? You have nothing to teach me, you naughty child!! Have you ever been locked for centuries in a prison, humiliated and beaten!?
Bloom: Ice Wall.
Nebula: My revenge against the humans is even greater! They stopped believing in us and condemned us to Oblivion!

Bloom: That's enough, Nebula!
Nebula: I'm here, Bloom. I'm waiting for you.
Bloom: Dragon Fire.

Musa: Bloom defeated Nebula. You have to respect the deal.
(Bloom collapses from exhaustion)
Flora: Oh no. Bloom!
Nebula: The fight drained all of her power.

Roxy: Morgana, Bloom did all this for me. If something happens to her, I would never forgive myself.
Morgana: And neither could I. Your friend won the challenge, and so we must respect the arrangement.

Flora: We need to trust, Roxy. She's good and she learns quickly.
Tecna: You're right, Flora.

Nebula: Come, young fairy! Show me how good you are.

Morgana: I command you to stop. Bloom fought fairly. We must keep our word.
Roxy: Morgana, now you must keep your word and stop your revenge against humans.
Morgana: I'll do as you say, Roxy. But only because you asked me to.

The Wizards' Trap[edit]

Roxy: Stop!
(Uses her abilities to calm the crows)
Nebula: I guess you can't argue with the Fairy of Animals.

Ogron: The last fairy of Earth! We still have a bone to pick with each other, don't we, Roxy!?

Flora: Surrender, wizards! This your last chance!
Anagan: The casnm will close until the last Earth fairy falls in its depths.

Sky: Nabu, what are you doing!!?
Nabu: The cashn! I have to close it!
Riven: But there's not a magical object strong enough to hold it!
Nabu: My staff is magic object.
Layla: Roxy's White Circle! What about the White Circle!?
Nabu: It's also the key to the fairies' realm! You need to protect it!

Bloom: The Black Gift! Now's the time to use its power!
Layla: Ethereal fairies! Please help me!
Ogron: Oh, dear me. I wasted the gift of destiny on reviving this small flower.

Home at Last[edit]

Roxy: Scorpion's Tail.
(Uses the tail of a scorpion to swipe away the warrior fairies' weapons)

Layla: So, I see it didn't take you long to replace me!
Roxy: You surprised us before when we weren't ready, but we are not going to let that happen again!
(emits a sea-green beam of mystic energy)

Roxy: Wolf Talon.
Bloom: Nice one, Roxy.

Morgana: Even though Nebula has taken my place, that does not make a queen. After me, the throne goes to the Princess of Tir Nan Og- my daughter. You, Roxy.

Roxy: Me?'re my mother?
Morgana: Roxy, I have waited so long.
Roxy: I- I thought you were...
Morgana: I'm here. I'm alive. And you're ready to accept all of this. You the last Earth fairy, the last hope for us all. Thanks to your friends, you found us and you found yourself.

Bloom: But, Gantlos has disappeared.
Roxy: Don't worry. I know how to find him.
(Creates a bird of prey out of ice)
Roxy: Ice Raptor, find Ganthos' tracks.

Duel in the Omega Dimension[edit]

Roxy: What a creepy place.
Tecna: This is were they exile the most dangerous criminals in the universe.
Stella: But, don't worry. These ice blocks are pretty secure.
Roxy: "Pretty secure"? You're always so comforting Stella.

Ogron: You want to avenge Nabu, but you're too weak to do it.

Bloom: Nebula.
Nebula: I'll stay here.
Bloom: No, Nebula!
Nebula: I left the light for the dark side, so I should stay.
Bloom: No, that's not true. You always have light inside you. It's a part of you. Come on and start over.

Morgana: Earth fairies, release your magic into the human world and make a better place.