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ER (1994–2009) is a long running medical drama, airing on NBC, that follows the lives of doctors and nurses in a Chicago emergency room.

One for the Road [11.01]

[Luka leans up against his car at the motel, Sam is getting ice from the ice machine.]
Luka: [sighs] What are you doing, Sam?
Sam: This is what I do, you know that. I don’t stay in one place that long.
Luka: How long are you going to keep doing that?
Sam: As long as I have to.
Luka You can’t keep running away.
Sam: Sure I can.
Luka: This isn’t just about Steve.
Sam: Sorry, sometimes there’s a little collateral damage. I have to do this for Alex.
Luka: From what I can tell, it’s not working for him.
Sam: Yeah well, he’s 10, he doesn’t know what’s working for him.
Luka: Is this the life you want for him? For yourself?
Sam: [opens her mouth as if to say something, but is speechless] I don’t know what else to do.
Luka: Go to your car and follow me back to Chicago. You don’t have to do this alone, I’m here, you can trust me.
[A tear runs down Sam’s cheek. Luka pushes her hair back and caresses her face with his hand.]
Sam: That’s not something I’m good at.
Luka: Why not give it a try? It can’t be any worse than this, can it?
[They both smile and softly laugh]

Neela: [while examining Pratt] Keep your mouth open so I can check the pharynx.
Pratt: Thought you weren't supposed to be doing anything.
Neela: You're a resident; no one's going to care if I kill you. Open.

Kerry: Somebody go find Morris! He's probably in the bathroom again staring at Maxim.

Kerry: Back off Pratt, or I'll check your rectal tone with my crutch.

Tiffany James: Can I get something to eat?
Abby: I'll order you a tray.
Tiffany James: I've been here almost 18 hours.
Abby: I'm aware of that. You've held up a bed, woken up two judges in the middle of the night and now the head of the public health department is coming here to do your exam.
Tiffany James: Really?
Abby: Really. He's driving all the way in here from Lake Forest just for you. And he's real happy about it too. He says he hasn't actually done a pelvic in about 10 years, but he's willing to "give it a shot". So... you can either wait here for another hour for the old guy to get here and give you what I'm sure will be a remarkably painless and gentle exam or you can let me do it right now.

Damaged [11.02]

[Luka wakes up, turns to see that Sam is not there and gets out of bed. Sam is at the open window. Luka comes out of the room and hugs her.]
Luka: You’re not sleepy? You will get cold like that.
Sam: He’ll come back [Sam moves away from Luka.] We won’t have any idea when. Sleeping in one morning or on our way home from a movie, and he’ll just show up.
Luka: We’ll deal with that.
Sam: I don’t know why you would want to. [she looks into Alex’s room where he is sleeping]
Luka: I can think of a reason. [Luka closes the window.] This place is too small. You should both come and live with me.
Sam: What?
Luka: My apartment has two floors. Alex can sleep downstairs.
Sam: Luka! If we all move in together it is going to be because it is something we all want, not because you think we need to be protected!
Luka: Hey.
[Sam walks away and mumbles something about a shower.]
Luka: Hey! [Sam stops and turns and Luka picks up the frying pan.] Scrambled or fried?
Sam: Poached!
Luka: Poached?

Carter: I don't know what happened.
Luka: You had a rough time. It's not hard to understand.
Carter: I guess. I just thought it would help somehow.
Luka: Help what? What else is going on?
Carter: Nothing. I'm fine.
Luka: You looked bad all day. I wasn't the only one who noticed.
Carter: Well, I did get hit in the head by a psycho patient.
Luka: You can talk to me, John.
Carter: I've been having trouble sleeping. I keep having these dreams. I miss her. And I miss the baby. And I miss all the stuff I thought we were going to have. And I don't know how to get any of it back.

Luka: I wasn't trying to be a hero this morning. I asked you to move in because I... I love you. I'm in love with you, And I thought, I don't know, maybe you feel the same.
Sam: Did you just say that?
Luka: I spend too much time wasting time. So whenever you're ready, just let me know.

Aby: You left me alone in there.
Luka: We had two traumas.
Abby: Yeah. And last week, I had to get approval for everything I do and now all of a sudden, I'm supposed to run a code by myself!
Luka: Welcome to internship.

[Luka says goodbye to Carter. Sam give Carter a med record and follows Luka out the door and chases him down.]
Sam: Luka!
Luka: I thought you were still on?
Sam: For awhile, yeah. Ah, you know what you said, earlier, on the steps? [Luka nods] Me too. So… come on by later and I’ll make you some eggs.
Luka: [nods again] OK.
[They both turn to go. Sam turns and yells out]
Sam: Hey!
[Sam runs to Luka, he grabs her in his arms as he laughs and they kiss.]

Try Carter [11.03]

[Neela is sitting in a registry/intelligence office]
Woman: So you placed very high on your placement test, but you haven't got a lot of experience in any other service industry. No retail, no sales. Secretarial?
Neela: No.
Woman: Uh... Bookkeeping?
Neela: Not really.
Woman: Horticulture?
[Neela shakes her head]
Woman: Mechanics?
[Neela shakes her head]
Woman: Electrical?.....Perhaps we'd have better luck if you told us what sort of things you can do.
Neela: Well, let's see: I can crack open your chest, reinflate your lung and squeeze your heart back to life.

Carter: How's the night shift going?
Luka: Ugly- but it's been quiet for the last hour or so.
Carter: Well, that won't last. Sunburns, blown-off fingers, potluck food poisoning- nothing like the E.R. on the Fourth of July.
Luka: You sound like you're looking forward to it.
Carter: Anytime you mix alcohol, gunpowder and the great outdoors, you're in for a good time.

Luka: [while Luka and Alex are playing video games] You're going down, you little freak.
Alex Taggart: You suck.
Luka: You're worse at this than you are at soccer.
Alex Taggart: Bite me, you Slav bastard.
Sam: [as she walks in the door] Alex! What did you just say?
Alex Taggart: What?
Sam: What did you say?
Alex Taggart: Nothing.
Sam: I heard you. [to Luka] You heard him. What did he say?
Luka: I didn't hear anything. Might have been the game.
Alex Taggart: Yeah, I'm pretty sure you heard the game, Mom.
Sam: Yeah, well, I don't wanna hear that kind of talk out of you. [to Luka] Or you.

Abby: [after discovering that Neela got a job at the Jumbo Mart] When you said you were looking for a job, I thought you meant at another hospital or a clinic maybe.
Neela: I didn't have much luck.
Abby: You only looked for one day.
Neela: This is the only job I can get because I'm a loser.
Abby: You are not a loser.
Ray Barnett: At least you're close to the hospital.
[Abby kicks Ray]

Urbanus: That intern, Abby, do you know if she's seeing anybody?
Frank Martin: Just me. It's a casual, sexual relationship, but we're always looking for a third.

Fear [11.04]

Kerry: How would you feel about accepting a non-tenure-track position as clinical instructor?
Elizabeth: So after giving seven years of my service to this hospital, I lose my tenure over a single patient.
Kerry: Elizabeth, you broke the law. What did you think was gonna happen?
Elizabeth: I don't know. That I might be appreciated for saving a life. That... that friends might have fought for me.
Kerry: I did fight for you. I had to beg, borrow and steal just to keep them from giving your name to the state board.
Elizabeth: What the hell, let them pull my license. Let them make it ugly. I'll go public. I'll tell anyone who cares to listen this hospital was willing to let a man die because a bloody bill was signed on a Tuesday rather than a Monday. We did something extraordinary here, Kerry.
Kerry: You're right. We did, but that's not our purpose. We can barely service the community's basic medical needs as it is.
Elizabeth: And that's it? Just stay open, get through each day?
Kerry: Isn't that enough?

Susan: I'm here because I want the ER chief job.
Kerry: But you turned it down once already.
Susan: That was pre-baby. Turns out I like kids better when they're not sucking the life force out of me.

Ella: Mommy, in the picture?
Elizabeth: Listen, John, i'm going to have go, okay, bye. [to Ella] Sorry, sweetheart, what?
Ella: Is this Daddy? [hands Elizabeth a picture of Mark]
Elizabeth: Yeah! You know that! [hands the picture back to Ella, and she looks at another photo]
Ella: Who are they? [hands a black and white picture to Elizabeth]
Elizabeth: [smiling] That's your Nana and Grandpa.
Ella: Are they dead too?
[Elizabeth looks sadly into the distance, remembering Mark]

Susan: [at the Jumbo Mart] One large coffee and a first-year resident, please.
Neela: Sorry?
Abby: Howard quit.
Neela: He did?
Susan: Yeah, are you interested?
Abby: Well, Neela's going through this delayed adolescent rebellion slash premature midlife crisis thing right now.
Susan: Look, I've called the NRMP, I have scraped the bottom of the barrel, I have seen or spoken with more freaks that Dr. Phil. I am desperate, no offense, for anyone even remotely competent and/or sane.
Neela: I don't know, I mean, I'm-I'm working now so...
Susan: Yeah, you're right. You just keep ringing up those pork rinds and making Icees.

Elizabeth: This whole transplant situation, the new staff, my four-year-old daughter... it's all helped me see things more clearly. Mark's gone. So many of my friends are gone. There's... there's no reason to stay. Not for me. Not for Ella. I suppose I've known that for a long time now, but it's It's just hard to move on, isn't it? Would you apologize to everyone for me?
Carter: Aren't you gonna come by and see everybody before you go?
Elizabeth: I'm not much for goodbyes. They make me cry, truth be told.
Carter: If you want me to tell anyone anything?
Elizabeth: Tell them, uh... It's been lovely.

An Intern's Guide to the Galaxy [11.05]

Ray Barnett: Rule #1: feed the nurses. It makes the job 50% easier.

Lucien Dubenko: Jet-skis account for only 20% of boats but are involved in 44% of injuries. Know why that is, Dr. Lockhart?
Abby: No.
Lucien Dubenko: "No" is right -- no throttle, no steering, no way to stop.

Lucien Dubenko: Ischemic brain injuries need oxygen, but did you know oxygen forms free radicals after a traumatic injury? Mother nature is such a bitch.

Lucien Dubenko: The difference between a physician and a witch doctor is appreciation of the science beneath the disease.

Time of Death [11.06]

Pratt: You know what? It's Friday. I don't do lost causes on Friday. It's a religious thing.

Pratt: If you ask me, we need to have one line for legitimate patients, another line for all the rest.
Sam: Yeah, well, good thing nobody asked you.

Sam: And, I got a real winner for you. Belly pain with combustible breath.
Pratt: You talking about that creepy homeless guy? [Pointing at Charlie Metcalf]
Sam: "Creepy" I'll give you, but I don't think he's homeless.
Pratt: How 'bout we wait till he sobers up? I'll be in home and in bed by then.
Samantha: He needs to be examined, Pratt.

Charlie: I never believed in God. That might bite me in the ass how, huh?
Luka: God will get over it.

Luka: Do you have a problem with me?
Pratt: No.
Luka: It's him? [indicates the Trauma room where Charlie is being cared for]
Pratt: I was outta line.
Luka: Okay. Let's go. [starts to head back in]
Pratt: The guy's a waste. [Luka turns back around] Dying from something he's doing to himself.
Luka: Last time I checked, alcoholism was still a disease-
Pratt: So is suicide. He should catch some of that, and save us the trouble.
Luka: We get ones like this every day-
Pratt: Well maybe I need a day off! [pause]
Luka: This personal?
Pratt: ...I guess.
Luka: Good. Then we don't have to talk about it.
Pratt: [smiles coldly] You like raggin' me, don't you?
Luka: I don't think I do.
Pratt: Ever since I was an intern, you've been on my back.
Luka: Maybe a couple of times.
Pratt: Why?
Luka: You're good, Pratt. But I think you could be better.

White Guy, Dark Hair [11.07]

[Sam is sorting supplies in an empty trauma room. Luka enters]
Luka: The detective is still here.
Sam: You shouldn’t have been so dismissive of me in front of him.
Luka: You didn’t need to discuss the details of Louise’s condition. She deserves some privacy.
Sam: Yeah, and she deserves a chance to help. We have an option we haven’t even talked about.
Luka: And that is?
Sam: If we deflate the crike balloon Louise could whisper.
Luka: You want to take her off the vent?
Sam: Just for a few moments at a time.
Luka: She is requiring 100% oxygen
Sam: I take her off the vent every time I suction her and she’s fine. Come on, we both know it’s possible.
Luka: Technically, yes, but why risk it?
Sam: Because she wants to help.
Luka: She does or you do?
Sam: What is that supposed to mean?
Luka: [a beat, softer] You’re sensitive about these kinds of cases.
Sam: What?
Luka: You always want to stand up for women who’ve been assaulted.
Sam: And you don’t?
Luka: Of course I do. Maybe because of when you were with Steve?
Sam: Steve never raped me.
Luka: Physical abuse? Hitting you?
Sam: Oh, this has nothing to do with that.
Luka: Are you sure?
Sam: Yeah. There’s a violent rapist out there. How are you going to feel in two days, two weeks, a month from now when we get another woman like Louise in here.

Luka: [as Sam is preparing Louise's body for the morgue] Sam, you don’t need to do this.
Sam: I know.
Luka: There are other nurses.
Sam: I know.
Luka: Sam.
Sam: I shouldn't have done it.
Luka: The contusions were severe. She could have died anyway.
Sam: I shouldn't have done it, Luka.
Luka: You did what you did to help the patient, Sam.
[Sam doesn't respond to him]
Luka: Sam?
Sam: When I deflated that balloon, Louise was still so traumatized. He kept asking her these questions and the only thing that she could remember was: "White guy, dark hair." I did what I did for "white guy, dark hair."

Shot in the Dark [11.08]

Sam: [about a Playboy magazine] Where'd he get it? [long pause] You subscribe?
Luka: I like the articles!
Sam: Oh, please.

Abby: Have you ever done this before?
Lucien Dubenko: No one gets in trouble for acting in the best interests of their patient.
Abby: Yeah, tell that to Dr. Corday.

Neela: Why did you abandon that kid?!
Ray Barnett: My shift was over.
Neela: He was counting on you!
Ray Barnett: I had a gig!
Neela: Screw your gig! Medicine isn't a day job!
Ray Barnett: This coming from someone who was making hot dogs three months ago.
Neela: I was off at 7, Abby was off at 7, but we were still there taking care of our patients.
Ray Barnett: Know what? We would never leave the hospital if we stuck around tucking in every patient.
Neela: I'm not talking about every patient. I'm talking about one kid. He trusted you with the most important decision of his life, and you left.

Twas the Night [11.09]

Chen: You should go. I don't want you here.
Pratt: You've been through a hell of a lot this last year. You need a break. Put him in a home for a month so you can catch your breath.
Chen: I can't.
Pratt: We fight to save lives every day. You know, we literally bust our asses to give people a few more hours of living. You're a doctor, you can't just cross that line like it's nothing. Quality of life is the only measure that matters.
Chen: My proud father is lying in his own feces. He can't eat without vomiting, can't sleep. He knows what he's asking for and he knows he can get that from me.
Pratt: If you weren't a physician, you couldn't do this.
Chen: But I am and I can.
Pratt: Why haven't you done it up till now? If he's been asking so much? Because you know deep, down inside it would haunt you for the rest of your life. Why haven't you done it yet?
Chen: Maybe I don't have the courage.

Chen: My father's a doctor. He knows what he's asking. Without the G-tube and IV, he would've died weeks ago.
Pratt: Oh, so now lifesaving technology is bad?
Chen: If someone doesn't want it...
Pratt: How do you know he doesn't? He's not even in his right mind.
Chen: After he sleeps, he's lucid. Each time, every day, he begs me to help him. Removing the support's not enough. It would take him days to die of dehydration and he'd be in misery.
Pratt: Put him in a nursing home.
Chen: So he can be somebody else's problem? Who doesn't know or love him?
Pratt: He won't even know that he's there.
Chen: You're not Chinese.
Pratt: Oh, so it's Chinese to euthanize your elders?
Chen: It's Chinese to respect them.

Dr. McPherson: Where's Lockhart?
Abby: Dr. McPherson?
Dr. McPherson: I didn't authorize dialysis for Sanders and you started it without my approval! I wanna speak to your Attending. [looks to see Carter off to the side]
Abby: Your patient was drowning; he needed emergency dialysis. You're an Attending on-call, I covered your ass.
Dr. McPherson: You can't just deceive Attendings when you don't agree with them!
Abby: Well, if you report me for working the system, I'll report you for abandoning your patient.
Ray Barnett: Go, Abby.

Susan: Jing-Mei, I am sorry about your dad. I really am, but I keep cutting you breaks.
Chen: I know, and I appreciate it. This'll be the last time.
Susan: Oh, man. There is no way I can get anyone to cover tonight. It's impossible.
Chen: Susan, please.
Susan: I hate to be hardcore, but I can't.
Chen: Look, can you stay?
Susan: I have a baby and a guy who's been watching him 24/7. And I just worked a 14-hour shift. No, I can't.
Chen: Well, maybe Carter can handle it. He's got Abby and Morris.
Susan: We're inundated with homeless from the city roundup.
Chen: I know.
Susan: We're already understaffed. Jing-Mei, please. You have to understand.
Chen: I do. It's okay.
Susan: Good. Thank you.
Chen: I'm sorry, Susan. I quit.
[walks away]

Susan: Chen just quit. Where's Carter?
Pratt: Quit what?
Susan: The hospital. Where's Carter?
Pratt: Trauma 2, I think. Quit for good? Is she alright?
Susan: She's burnt out. We're screwed.

Skin [11.10]

CJ: [while pointing a gun at Abby] Scared of big black men, huh?
Abby: No. I'm scared of big black guns.

Susan: I need to talk to you later about your patient satisfaction scores.
Neela: Is there a problem?
Susan: Yeah, they suck.

Luka: Weaver?
Susan: Yep, otherwise known as the four letter word beginning with a "c".
Luka: Crab?

Susan: [to Ray] When people come to the hospital, they want to see a doctor, not a rock star.

Only Connect [11.11]

Sam: He's too young to go, and he shouldn't even be listening to that kind of music anyways.
Luka: I didn't know you already said no.
Sam: Luka, I'm trying to teach him the value of a dollar and you go and give him everything that he wants.
Luka: It was only fifty bucks.
Sam: For a concert ticket for a ten year old. NO. That's ridiculous.
Luka: I just don't think you should be worried about money so much.
Sam: Look, I appreciate your generosity, but I am not going to let you start paying for everything.
Luka: But you don't have to pay exactly half the rent and half the bills every month, that's ridiculous.
Sam: You know I've been taking care of me and Alex for 10 years on my own, I think I can handle it.
Luka: You know, this isn't about money at all. You're worried about losing your independence or something and about my role in Alex's life. What, are you worried you're losing control or something?
Sam: You know what, you always do this.
Luka: Do what?
Sam: This! Telling me what I'm really mad about.
Luka: Most of the time, you don't know what you're really mad about.
[Sam walks to the door]
Luka: Sam, this isn't our stop.

Kerry: If we don't get our patient-satisfaction scores up, we can't start pursuing HMO contracts.
Luka: Okay, who's low?
Susan: Ray, Neela, Morris-
Carter: Abby's the only one with a decent score.
Kerry: Even Pratt's been on the low end.
Luka: I think Pratt's okay with the patients. It's the other doctors he has a problem with.

Luka: It's a teaching hospital!
Sam: Yeah. It's also a real hospital with live patients who didn't get antibiotics and insulin 'cause I was in here doing compressions for 30 minutes!
Luka: OK, so you did some extra compressions. What you really mad about?
Sam: Are you in all seriousness telling me for the second time today that I am not mad about what I'm really mad about?
Luka: I have no idea what you just said!

Haleh: You owe me one.
Sam: What? No, I don't.
Haleh: Yeah, you do. I put down the NG on Mrs. Leighberger.
Sam: I didn't ask you to do that.
Haleh: Dr. Kovac did.
Sam: What?
Haleh: He said you were a little "over-extended" today, unlike the rest of us. [leaves]
Sam: Abby, will you excuse me? I need to go yell at someone.
Abby: [doesn't look up from her patient] Have fun.

Sam: You're really good at teaching other people how to communicate.
Luka: Thanks
Sam: We should try it ourselves sometime.
Luka :Yeah.
[Silence, Luka gets a smirk on his face and tilts his head down to her a bit.]
Luka: But my English, you know? I still need to work on it.
Sam: Aw, you're pulling the Croatian card? That's low!
[She hits him gently and he pulls her into an embrace, hard. He looks down at her adoringly and she returns the look.]
Luka: You were right about one thing.
Sam: Only one thing?
Luka: Fifty dollars is too much for a concert ticket.
[They kiss]

The Providers [11.12]

Abby: You slept with your instructor?
Nela: Dr. Gibson had a very tender way with cadavers.
Abby: And you called him "Dr. Gibson"?
Neela: Only in bed.

Luka: Do you have an intern on this?
Carter: I got Ray.
Luka: Uh... what do you think about taking Neela instead?
Carter: Why, is there a problem?
Luka: Just do me a favor, okay?
Carter: Alright, send the Punjabi powerhouse my way.

Amanda: So, it's the pelvis we have to worry about?
Abby: That's right.
Amanda: But other positions...?
Abby: Yeah, sure. Get yourselves a six-pack, a copy of the Kama Sutra and shoot out the lights.

Sam: Dr. Carter? Dr. Weaver's on the phone for you. She sounds kinda...
arter: Kinda what?
Sam: ...Weaver-like.

Sam: [about Neela's crush on Luka] It's not funny, Luka. You're doing everything to encourage it.
Luka: That's not true.
Sam: Yeah, well, it better not be. Otherwise I'm gonna have to get into some nasty chick fight with Neela.
Luka: In the mud? Just don't hurt her.
Sam: Only person who's gonna get hurt in here, is you. You got it?

Middleman [11.13]

Susan: Students want to be residents, residents want to be attendings...
Carter: Yeah, and attendings just wanna be left alone.

Luka: He doesn't get to you?
Sam: Doctor Hair? I think he's kinda cute.
Luka: What?!
Sam: Surgery and ER have these battles in every hospital I've ever worked in. It's not personal. It's, surgeons think they're much better and smarter than everyone else. It's a defense mechanism. To make up for their terrible lifestyle.
Luka: The guy needs an ex-lap.
Sam: It's a pissing match, Luka. Let it go. Come on, you're taller and sexier, and you already got the girl.
Luka: This isn't about ego.
Sam: Oh, it's not?

Pratt: I'm a third-year resident. I've been ordering my own scans since I've been here. What's that about?
Susan: It's about me making the rules.
Pratt: Come on. That's stupid. [to Carter] Come on, man. Back me up.
Carter: It's her ER.
Susan: Sorry, Pratt. It sucks to be you.

Luka: If you have a strong gut feeling about something, you have to listen to it.
Pratt: Come on. You were wrong.
Luka: We don't know that yet.
Pratt: Made us look like fools.
Luka: Is that what you're worried about?
Pratt: What?
Luka: [to Pratt] Nothing will get a doctor into bigger trouble, than the fear of looking stupid. Trust me.

Nela: Ray, the plumber came, and the shower's fixed.
Ray Barnett: Oh, Hallelujah, I love you!
Neela: You owe me eighty bucks. Ready to sign out?

Just as I Am [11.14]

Kerry: People are starving, people are being shot at, men are flying planes into buildings, yet the "faithful" are saying, "Watch out for those lesbians! They're gonna destroy our god-gifted lives."

Abby: In what possible universe would I say the words, "Let's polka?"
Jake Scanlon: I'm telling you. In your sleep, two nights ago. Look, I'm not making this up. You don't think I was surprised?
Abby: I don't talk in my sleep.
Jake Scanlon: How do you know?
Abby: Even if I did, I wouldn't say "polka." I wouldn't even say "dance." I don't dance. Well, maybe once when I was a kid, I did the limbo.
Jake Scanlon: Yeah, maybe that was it. Maybe it was the limbo.

Kerry: [During a fight involving a patient and her husband in the ER] Who's winning?
Sam: Neela was about to deck somebody with a bedpan.
Jerry: I've always wanted to see something like that.
Sam: It's hard to let go of a dream, isn't it, Jerry?

Kerry: [confronting her conservative birth-mother] Can you accept me for who I am?
Helen Kinglsey: [tearfully] I can love you, whoever you are-
Kerry: [shakes her head] I don't want love without acceptance. [pause] It was so good to finally meet you. [she comes forward and hugs Helen, who hesitates then hugs her back]

Alone in a Crowd [11.15]

Carter: [calling the pizza place] What do you think? Large pepperoni and mushroom?
Wendall Meade: I think I love you.
Carter: I... would like to place an order for delivery, please.

Carter: Look, I'm sorry.
Wendall Meade: Who was it?
Carter: It was stupid, it was rude and I'm sorry. Can we go back inside please?
Wendall Meade: Is this a little diversion for you until she comes back to the States?
Carter: It's freezing out here.
Wendall Meade: Go back inside, John.
Carter: Hey, hey, I had a baby with her. What am I supposed to do? Cut her out of my life completely because I'm with you now?
Wendall Meade: Are you with me?
Carter: Can we just please go back inside? Don't, come on, don't walk away! OK, so that's it. One phone call and you're gone, huh?
Wendall Meade: One phone call? You were in bed with me, John. You could have mentioned that, somewhere between "how are you" and "how's the weather."
Carter: Look, we spend every night together, we enjoy each other's company, we have fun. Alright. I know what you want me to say, and....and I can't say it, OK? I'm sorry.
Wendall Meade: Well, at least you're honest.
Carter: Look, it doesn't mean that we can't...
Wendall Meade: Yeah, it does. [walks away]
Carter: [sighs] Wendell!

Here and There [11.16]

Gallant: [in his letter to Neela] You guys probably don't even remember me by now. I'm the tall, good looking, black guy with the best bedside manner in the place. Tell Pratt I said that.

Pratt: [about the letter Neela is writing to Gallant] Tell him to hurry up and get his ass back here in one piece. I'm tired of waiting for my rematch. Now let's get back inside.
Nela: [in her letter] Pratt says he misses you.

Roberto: Is it always like this?
Neela: Multiply the usual bus-load of colds and coughs times ten because it's February, add four for seasonal complaints: frostbites, sled accidents, tongues frozen to metal poles, double the car crashes, add your baseline chest pains, strokes and GSWs. And this is what you get: hell frozen over.

Pratt: Neela, you could be the best doctor here- Hell, everybody knows you're five times smarter- but most of the time, you're in your head.
Neela: You're right, I am. I... blow things out of proportion, I obsess.
Pratt: So stop.
Neela: Well, it's just- I come here, I do my shift, I go home, I sleep. I can't believe this is my life!
Pratt: See, now that's the problem. This cannot be your life. You need to go out, you need to have some fun- when was the last time you were on a date?
Neela: Why does everybody seem to think I need to get laid?!
Pratt: [grins, pats her shoulder] Trust me on this- sometimes it helps.

Neela: When you have a cut, or some injury, but all you have in the house is one of those band-aids that don't even stay on, they don't really help the problem at all. This would be very nice, I'm sure. It already was... can you see what I mean?
Bret: Um... I'm a tiny band-aid?

Back in the World [11.17]

Gallant: [regarding Neela's dinner outfit] If that's your deep-dish outfit, I'm glad I didn't say French food.

Luka: [about Steve being back in town] What do you wanna do?
Sam: I'm not gonna run away again. Especially not now. I don't want you to have to worry, it's my problem.
Luka: I kinda think it's our problem.

[As Steve and Luka are fighting & Alex comes out with his bags packed]
Alex: Luka!
Steve: It's nothing, kiddo. Just a little disagreement.
Luka: [to Alex] What's all that for?
Alex: We're going to Florida. My dad's got a place by the beach where we can watch the whales migrate. Mom said it was OK.
Luka: Alex, go back up!
Alex: No!!!
Luka: Alex, now!
Steve: Easy, Hoss. Not your kid!
Luka: Listen. You can take what you want, I don't care, but he's not going anywhere with you.

Abby: [to Neela] Should I continue being oblivious or do you want to explain why you're bleeding from your cuticles?

Refusal of Care [11.18]

Abby: How come you have to panhandle?
Patient: Because they're not hiring at Hooters.

Ray Barnett: [Ray's patient has cancer] Well, that sucks. She's a nice lady.
Pratt: Yeah, I hear that's a risk factor for cancer.

Debra Graham: Who's gonna get me to the doctor all the time? Who's gonna stay with me when I'm spittin' up all night? Who's gonna help me up the stairs when I'm too weak to walk? Who's gonna do that? You?

Ruby Redux [11.19]

Carter: When I was a student on my surgical rotation, Rubadoux's wife was very sick. She was part of this research study. When her results, uh... when she was no longer useful, there was a lot of pressure to get her out. So I did. I dumped her into a nursing home.
Abby: Did she belong in one?
Carter: We all figured she'd end up back in the hospital which would be on Medicine's shoulders, not ours.
Abby: So...? Surgery dumps another patient on Medicine. Happens every day.
Carter: I told Rubadoux that she was going to get better, told him that her situation was going to improve, told him what he wanted to hear... you know, when you're a student, you're so desperate for approval. You want everybody to like you: you want your patients to like you, you want their families to like you. Gotta be efficient too, though. You gotta impress your superiors.
Abby: Yeah, you don't have to tell me. I'm still on the bottom rung of the ladder.
Carter: I mean, when the Chief of Surgery tells you to get rid of her, you get rid of her.
Abby: Yeah.
Carter: And then she came back three days later, and she died and Rubadoux was so surprised. Ultimately it was the Attending's fault. It wasn't my responsibility.

Carter: I need to know everything about your patients. I need to know the status of every single one of them. I need to know how they are, where they are, where they're going, why they're going. You're still an intern, Ray. I'm the attending. I'm responsible.
Ray: I'm sorry.

Luka: John! What happened on the Morris meeting?
Carter: I don't know. I left.
Luka: Kerry's leaning towards him.
Carter: Yeah, well, OK.
Luka: Well, OK?
Carter: We've had worse.
Luka: No, I don't think so.

Jules 'Ruby' Rubadoux: Something wrong with my kidneys?
Abby: No. I don't know. I don't know yet.
Jules 'Ruby' Rubadoux: Yeah, well. Uh, why don't you come back when you're less confused.

You Are Here [11.20]

Morris: Excuse me everyone, I have an announcement to make. Effective immediately, I am your new chief resident!
Pratt: This is a joke, right?

Susan: This is my home! This is where I started! This is where I want to stay! Sometimes, I get this feeling that you want to be anywhere but here, Carter.

Jerry: Two words, Pratt: voice mail.
Carter: What's all that?
Pratt: Friends of mine begging me to go to a party after a long 12-hour shift. That's the problem with the non-medical types, they don't get it.
Morris: Par-tay tonight at Ike's! The boss man is buying, but don't get used to it. Who's on board?
Carter: [aside] Sometimes the medical types don't get it.
Morris: Ray?
Ray: Uh, other plans.
Morris: Neela?
Neela: The Apprentice is on.

Carter est Amoureux [11.21]

Meredith Smart - Couples Therapist: What are you feeling, Luka?
Luka: I'm happy! I'm happy and Sam's not. I don't know why. We're healthy, we enjoy each other... our work. We have a good life.
Meredith Smart - Couples Therapist: How does that make you feel, Sam?
Sam: Like hitting him over the head with a hammer.
Meredith Smart - Couples Therapist: So what brings you to me today?
Sam I don't think Luka and I should be together.

Abby: Don't go away mad, Jake.
Jake Scanlon: But do go away, right?

Sam: [to Luka] After what happened to your wife and kids, you really wanna bring another baby into this world?
Meredith Smart - Couples Therapist: You had a family before?
Sam: He says he's happy and he can't even talk about it.
Luka: I had two children and a wife. They were killed years ago. I mean, how does it help us for me to talk about these things?
Sam: Because it's a huge part of who you are and you won't let me in!

Neela: I feel really inspired by that. I think I'll go throw myself under a train.

Susan: [to Luka] I know that Morris isn't the sharpest shovel in the shed, but he's a paperwork hound. Besides, it keeps him from seeing patients. Think of it as community service.

The Show Must Go On [11.22]

Neela: He's here for the actors. It's his play they ruined.
Community Theatre Director: My stage manager is filling in. Horrid. But if I can get them back in time, I might still have a second act.
Abby: I doubt these guys are up for it.
Community Theatre Director: No, they're professionals. You know, "the show must go on."
Abby: Yeah... why is that, exactly? I mean, why can't the show just stop once and awhile?

Carter: You set the tone, Morris.
Morris: Huh?
Carter: Never mind.

Alex Taggart: Where's Luka?
Sam: He's at work.
Alex Taggart: You still fighting?
Sam: No.
Alex Taggart: We're gonna have to move again, aren't we?

[Carter has just lost three games of pool to Luka]
Malik: I didn't even know they played pool in Croatia.
Luka: Sure. But, we just use broomsticks and goat testicles.
Malik: Get out of here!
Luka: No, it's hard. Those balls don't roll straight.

Luka: OK, listen up! OK, first of all, you should all eat and drink well, because the party's on Weaver.
Carter: That is a surprise.
Luka: You guys who are still on duty, don't let me see a beer in your hand.
Pratt: Eleven years, couldn't we spring for some caviar for the man?
Luka: Anyway, ah, there's something my father would say when a friend went on a journey. And, he said it to me when I came to the United States first. So I thought of it today when I realized I wouldn't be working with this guy anymore. Not for a long time at least. Ah... my father would clasp the person's hand and say: We only part to meet again.