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ER (1994–2009) is a long running medical drama, airing on NBC, that follows the lives of doctors and nurses in a Chicago emergency room.

Homecoming [7.01]

[Elizabeth's hands itch]
Benton: Are you allergic to any plants?
Elizabeth: I don't think so.
Benton: You have a garden?
Elizabeth: I went camping.
Romano: Tell me you know what poison ivy looks like.
Elizabeth: Poison ivy... is that in Wisconsin?
Romano: Oh boy.

Dave: [after noticing Mark scratching his groin while meeting med students, due to the effects of poison ivy] Dr. Greene, I have a question: Something wrong with the Australian boys?
Mark: Who?
Dave: [grins] You're scratching "down under." Doesn't make a good first impression.

Carter: So, what are you supposed to talk about in an exit interview anyway?
Carter's Doctor: That you don't have all the answers.
Carter: No argument there.
Carter's Doctor: You scared?
Carter: I don't remember the last time I wasn't scared.
Carter's Doctor: Good.
Carter: What? That's it? Be afraid. Be very afraid?

Sand And Water [7.2]

Mark: Did you catch her?
Elizabeth: Oh yes I caught her, but once she starts writing she can't stop. Heaven forbid, I should have jabbed that pen into her carotid artery.
Mark: Hmm, I think they double the fine once you draw blood.
Elizabeth: You need a building with guest parking.
Mark: Take my spot.
Elizabeth: I don't want your spot! Damn.
Mark: What?
Elizabeth: No milk.
Mark: [Offers his cereal bowl] Want some of mine? [Elizabeth gives him a look]
Elizabeth: A grown man, you put an empty milk carton back into the refrigerator.
Mark: It's not empty. [She dumps the remaining drop into the sink] Now it's empty.
Elizabeth: Not that it chills anything cooler than room temperature anyways.

Elizabeth: That's it, then! I'm not staying here anymore!
Mark: Here we go.
Elizabeth: Every faucet leaks, your toilet actually rocks!
Mark: I kinda like that.
Elizabeth: And there are creatures scurrying about in the walls. Do you know what scurries about in walls, Mark?
Mark: ...Bunnies?

Elizabeth: [looking at a house Mark found] Oh... oh Mark. Oh, it's beautiful!
Mark: See, I have some taste.
Elizabeth: Can you afford it?
Mark: I've been living cheap. Besides, I'm going to have a roommate.
Elizabeth: That's awfully presumptuous of you.
Mark: Well, I can take out an ad.
Elizabeth: You will not! I love it!
Mark: You should check out the refrigerator, it's nice and cold.
Elizabeth: Look at this deck.
Mark: I knew you would love that.
Elizabeth: When can we move in?
Mark: When can you pack? It has an ice maker.
Elizabeth: These floors are gorgeous.
Mark: You should check it out.
Elizabeth: What?
Mark: The ice maker.
Elizabeth: It's lovely.
Mark: You have to open it. It has a special ice feature.
Elizabeth: What, does the ice come in different shaped cubes or something? [She opens the freezer and closes it] Oh my god, Mark. [she opens it again and there sits a ring]
Mark: I'm a little nervous, so let me say it. Elizabeth, I love you. I was hoping you would give me the joy and honor of being your husband.
Elizabeth: Oh...
Mark: Is that a yes?
Elizabeth: Yes.

Benton: [about a patient] Last time, the man yelled into my stethoscope.
Cleo: And he grabbed my ass. Suck it up.

Mars Attacks [7.03]

Carter: [to Mark] I'm gone for a couple of weeks, you [and Elizabeth] are engaged, Chen's pregnant, Malucci's blonde and I can't seem to remember my locker combination.

Benton: So, what is my position here?
Romano: You have no position here.
Benton: So, you're firing me?
Romano: No, no, no, Peter. You fired yourself.

Luka: [about the E.R.] It's really not so bad down here, Abby.
Abby: Oh, yeah? Compared to what?

Kerry: Did you even take the Hippocratic Oath?
Romano: I had my fingers crossed.

Carter: This place grows on you.
Abby: So does foot fungus.

Benton Backwards [7.04]

Elizabeth: [to Benton about Romano] He's a horrid little turd, isn't he?

Benton: You couldn't pay me enough to work for you, you arrogant little prick.
Romano: Fair enough. Keep working on those people skills, Peter.

Abby: Um...I was just thinking, ahh...I was just wondering, if you wanted, maybe we could, um...
Luka: We could, what?
Abby: Go out sometime.
Luka: Oh, you mean, um, like a date?
Abby: Uh, yeah, that's sorta what I was thinking.

Luka: I just don't understand, first you were at four, then you were at six.
Abby: That's because I scored very quickly. You're a bad sport.
Luka: I can't handle losing to a girl.
Abby: Oh, God.
Luka: I'm kidding. I actually enjoy losing to you, Abby.
Abby: Good, that's much better.

Luka: Stop spinning, stop spinning!
Abby: It's all in the wrist.
Luka: I think I pulled a muscle.
Abby: I think we should take a break.
Luka: Draft please, Abby?
Abby: Club soda.
Luka: Okay. So next time, I choose the sport maybe something more civilized? There's a pool table in my hotel.
Abby: Your hotel?
Luka: Yeah. I don't own it. I just live there.
Abby: You live in a hotel?
Luka: Yeah, as a doctor. I take care of the tourists. They give me a break on the rent.
[Abby laughs]
Luka: No! It's a good deal! Maid service, laundry, amenities.
[Abby gives him a pensive look]
Luka: No, no! It's great. You'll have to come see it.
Abby: Your hotel room.
Luka: Yeah. I mean, I mean no. I mean yes. I mean... I'd never ask such a thing from a lady. Especially after just one kiss.
Abby: [grinning] No, I should hope not.
Luka: [Luka kisses Abby] Of course, that makes it two.

Flight Of Fancy [7.05]

Kerry: Peter, you're an excellent surgeon, but ER management is not the best of your skills. Leave that to us.

Abby: Luka, wait!
Luka: What?
Abby: Wait a minute! Don't walk away! Where've you been?
Luka: Abby, please.
Abby: I'd.. I...I wanna help. Just talk to me.
Luka: There's nothing to say. O.K? [leaves]

[Tom needs a heart transplant]
Tom Coggins: How long can I last on this pump?
Mark: A couple weeks.
Tom Coggins: Pretty lousy odds.
Mark: They were worse when you were having a heart attack and the chopper was going down.

The Visit [7.06]

[When Luka sees Abby smoking]
Luka: I thought you quit.
Abby: I did. And then my mother showed up.

Elizabeth : He needs a chest tube.
Dave: Mother? May I? Chest tube? [he smiles a big smile]
Elizabeth: Step in.

Dave: [about Benton's nephew] I love this guy. He's a medical education in one convenient package, you know?

Rescue Me [7.07]

Maggie Wyczenski: Why are you so damn stubborn?
Abby: It's called self-protection.

Romano: [to Elizabeth about the Patterson malpractice suit] When his lawyers get through with you, you'll be lucky if you're slinging fish and chips back in England!

Elizabeth: Mark, I have something to tell you. It's not going to be easy.
Mark: Go ahead.
Corday: Well, I know it's not exactly the best time, but, what the hell. I'm pregnant! Chen did an ultrasound. [long pause] What you thinking?
Mark: I think it's wonderful.
[They hug]
Elizabeth: I love you
Mark: I love you, too.

The Dance We Do [7.08]

Maggie Wyczenski: Don't you sass me! I'm your mother!
Abby: Not by choice.

Elizabeth: I lied. I lied! The fact is I rushed. I rushed through, and didn't inspect the entire surgical field. That man will never walk again because I wanted to get out early for the weekend. And I couldn't even claim responsibility. I sat there, and I swore to God, and I lied to save myself.
Mark: God owes us one...I think you're allowed to be selfish for a while. [he moves his chair closer to hers] I didn't run into a street sign...I had a biopsy...Those headaches weren't from hockey.

[Mark has just told Carter that he has an inoperable brain tumor]
Carter: Oh, Mark, I'm sorry. What are you gonna do?
Mark: Die, I guess.

Carter: Legaspi was trying to find a bed for your mom, and she just took off.
Abby: I figured. Thanks.
Carter: Thought maybe you'd want to check your apartment...
Abby: She's not there.
Carter: You checked?
Abby: No. This is the end of the cycle. Our cycle. She disappears and for months, I don't know where she is or what she's doing or if she's alive. And then eventually, she'll turn up somewhere, and I'll have to deal with it.
Carter: I'm sorry.
Abby: Don't be. I knew how it would end when she showed up. It's the dance we do. You get lost in it for a little while, but it always ends the same.

The Greatest of Gifts [7.09]

Chen: I'm being selfish. I have the money to raise him. There's no reason why I can't.
Carter: There's a couple out there who desperately want to raise a child and you're giving them a great gift.
Chen: What happens eighteen years from now when he shows up looking for an explanation?
Carter: Tell him the truth. You know, tell him that you wanted to provide the best home possible for him.
Chen: Do I tell him I was a coward? That my bigoted parents were more important to me than he was?
Carter: Well, I think that you've got to take your family out of this. Now, if you want to keep the baby, keep the baby. But if you don't, or you can't, then you want to make sure that he goes to somebody that's going to love him, who's going to want him and know that you're not abandoning your baby, you're creating a family.

Mark: I can't believe they call it a tumor board.
Elizabeth: Why? They discuss tumors.
Mark: No, but you'd think they could come up with something a little more aesthetic.
Elizabeth: Like what?
Mark: I don't know. Er, "You're Completely Boned" board.
Elizabeth: I heard they used to call it the "Poor Bastard" board, but too many people were showing up.
Mark: Someone told me that they tried the "Take Me Out Back and Shoot Me Now" board for a while.
Elizabeth: What, didn't stick?
Mark: No, surprisingly.
Elizabeth: Why not?
Mark: Too many letters, I guess.
Elizabeth: Mmm, pity.
Mark: Elizabeth? [pauses] Will we have this baby either way?
Elizabeth: What?
Mark: If that man comes out, and tells me we won't beat it, will we still have the baby?
Elizabeth: Of course.

Kim: I don't need any more friends.
Kerry: Oh. Okay, okay, I understand.
Kim: Do you?
Kerry: No. I like you and I respect you, and I thought we were really hitting it off.
Kim: Well, that's the problem. You're straight and I'm not. And I've done this before, and it didn't work out and I am not going to do it again.
Kerry: Yeah, but I am not asking for that from you. I mean, we're comfortable together, we have a lot in common, we have fun together.
[Kim suddenly kisses Kerry, who pulls away]
Kim: That's why I can't be your friend, Kerry.

Piece Of Mind [7.10]

Mark: It's weird, you I've sent a couple of thousand people to the OR and...
Elizabeth: And?
Mark: And never been there myself.

[Mark is talking to another surgical patient, a young boy]
Leo: I've got something growing on my heart. I'm not sure how to say it right.
Mark: Myxoma?
Leo: No, but it sounds like that.
Mark: Teratoma?
Leo: How'd you know?
Mark: I'm a doctor
Leo: Yeah, right.
Mark: Doctors get sick too, you know.

Benton: I got a page. What surgical consult?
Weaver: A guy in curtain two has a beeper up his rectum.
Benton: What?
Weaver: He has it on vibrate. I can't figure out how he slipped it in there.
Benton: Never underestimate the elasticity of the anal sphincter.

Carter: Blood bank's low. Weaver wants everyone to donate before their shift's over.
Dave: I always do.
Carter: Well, that's very generous of you.
Dave: That, and I get drunk for half as much when I'm down a pint.

[Mark is getting ready to have brain surgery]
Dr. Burke: Anything on your mind?
Mark: That's why I'm here.

Rock, Paper, Scissors [7.11]

Abby: I don't want to be your sponsor anymore.
Carter: Whoa, where's that coming from?
Abby: I care about you and I care about your recovery, but I can't keep saying the same things over and over because it's hard enough for me to do it for myself.

Benton: [to Cleo] Look, I know you might not want to hear this right now; I know it's been rough, with everything…between us…I'm not easy, I haven't been here for you, not the way you've been here for me. I've never worked at being with someone, I've never even wanted to, but I want to, with you. I love you.

Luka: So any fool can get into Heaven if he's scared enough to say he's sorry right before he dies?
Bishop Stewart: Dr. Kovac, everyone deserves to be comforted in their darkest hour.
Luka: Too bad you weren't there to comfort the little girl he killed.
Bishop Stewart: I didn't need to be. God was there.
Luka: Was he?

Surrender [7.12]

Walter Nikolaides: You're a real firecracker, aren't you?
Abby: Yup, that's me, Nurse Firecracker.

Benton: I don't like being used.
Romano: Everybody is being used, Peter. It's what makes the world go 'round.

Thy Will Be Done [7.13]

Elizabeth: You lost your cap.
Mark: I decided to wear my scar with pride.
Elizabeth: It adds character.
Mark: Scared a little kid. He called me "Humpty Dumpty".

Abby: [to Malucci] What's the matter, Dave? Afraid of clowns?
Carter: Maybe he had a bad circus experience.

Romano: Hey, Greene. Tell me you are not giving free needles to junkies.
Mark: On a case-by-case basis.
Romano: No, no, no, no, on no basis, it's illegal.
Mark: Not if there's a public health emergency which there is.
Romano: How much of your brain did they cut out?
Mark: This does not put extra needles on the street.
Romano: I don't care. We're not gonna have a bunch of low-life junkies parading in and out of here.
Mark: So you're not interested in cutting back on HIV and... [struggling to get the word out]
Romano: And? What? Sounds like..?
Mark: Hep...
Romano: Hep?
Mark: Hep.
Romano: Hep? Heparin? Heptathlon?
Mark: Hepatitis.
Romano: Tough one. Tell you what, you wanna start a needle exchange do it from your house.

Carter: So, I talked to Luka.
Abby: Me too.
Carter: He didn't seem to mind about tonight.
Abby: No... he doesn't get jealous.... Ever.

Romano: Kerry, we have a little personnel problem; well, you do. Mark Greene.
Kerry: Mark.
Romano: Yeah. He's walking around with attitude, he's handing out needles, he's blanking out on words...
Kerry: Yeah, it's swelling from the chemotherapy wafers.
Romano: [Sarcastically] Well... really.
Kerry: He has mild expressive aphasia. It's temporary.
Romano: Well, I don't like it.
Kerry: Well, I don't think he likes it, either.
Romano: Now come on, you haven't noticed any personality changes?
Kerry: Like what?
Romano: Like he got very confrontational with me.
Kerry: Well, you're used to confrontation, Robert.
Romano: We are not talking about me.
Kerry: Isn't that your favorite subject?
Romano: Just straighten him out.

A Walk in the Woods [7.14]

Bishop Stewart: [to Luka] When did you lose your faith? I've found with most people it comes and goes like intimacy in a relationship. Sometimes, it's so strong: a passion, rapture, and then, at other times, it's impossible, distant, lost. But that's not God, that's us. We put up our own barriers with our egos and our pain. He's always there no matter what.

Luka: How long have you been having trouble breathing?
Bishop Stewart: I'm just... gathering my strength.
Luka: We have to go to the hospital.
Bishop Stewart: Pretty, isn't it? The snow. So much beauty.
Luka: Where's the phone? I need to call an ambulance...
Bishop Stewart: -No, please, I only need a minute.
Luka: You're dying!
Bishop Stewart: Evidently. As I was sitting here, I was reminded of the night I chose to become a priest. I'd been struggling with it for a long time, several years. Anyway, that night, I couldn't sleep so I got up and went out for a walk in the woods behind my father's house. It was snowing like it is now. I don't have any idea how long I walked but, at a certain point, I suddenly realized I didn't know which way to go. I'd gotten lost, I was frightened. As I looked up into that dark night, He came to me. I saw all those millions of snowflakes drifting down toward me, so still... So peaceful... Perfect. And I was filled with the love of our Lord, Jesus Christ like pouring wine into an empty glass. I'm afraid I may have wasted my life. For some reason I never accomplished the things that I should have, what God wanted of me and now I'm frightened... I'm afraid of dying. There, I said it. I am afraid to die.
Luka: We have to go to the hospital.
Bishop Stewart: [quoting Psalm 23] "The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures. He leaders beside the still waters..."

Abby: Penny for your thoughts.
Luka: [chuckles] Pardon?
Abby: It means, what are you thinking about?
Luka: Nothing, really...I was thinking about the Bishop.
Abby: ...Making love with me makes you think of a priest with lupus? [they laugh] You watch me when we make love.
Luka: You're beautiful.
Abby: What was her name?
Luka: Who?
Abby: Your wife.
Luka: ...Danijela.
Abby: Did you love her very much?
Luka: ...Yeah.
Abby: I'm glad.

The Crossing [7.15]

Randi: How'd your personality test go?
Mark: I scored somewhere between serial killer and talk show host.
Luka: I thought they were memory tests.
Mark: That was Monday.
Carter: What's next? Rorschach? Spelling bee?
Mark: Swimwear competition, sudden-death Twister. Who knows? Maybe a chili cook-off.

Bishop Stewart: How long do I have?
Luka: Maybe hours.
Bishop Stewart: Then I'd better hear it now.
Luka: Hear what?
Bishop Stewart: Your confession.
Luka: Bishop, I don't think...
Bishop Stewart: That's what you came here for, isn't it?
Luka: I wanted to check on you.
Bishop Stewart: You're searching for your faith. You think you lost it, but you only buried it. It's never left you. In the name of the Father, and the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, amen. May God, who enlightens every heart, help you to know your sins and trust in his mercy.
Luka: Father, I, I...
Bishop Stewart: Luka, your heart is burdened. Talk to me. Let me take that burden with me.
Luka: I don't know, I, uh, lost my family. Danijela, my wife, she wanted to move out of Vukovar but I had to finish my internship and soon it was too late, it wasn't safe to move. I was going to get some supplies and ai made them stay behind. I was just crossing the street when the mortar shell hit the apartment building.
[As Luka speaks, he has a flashback of running into his burning apartment building as air-raid sirens wail]
Luka: So, I went out to get some supplies... I made them stay behind. I was just crossing the street when a mortar shell hit the apartment building. [throws up his hands in a gesture of finality]
Bishop Stewart: Go on.
Luka: I ran inside, there were my neighbors, hurt, bleeding, dying. I passed them by. I had to get to my family. A piece of shrapnel had torn into Danijela's spleen, and she was bleeding to death. When I turned back to my daughter, she wasn't breathing. I lost the pulse but, as long as I kept doing CPR and breathing for my daughter, I thought she had a chance. I could only pray that someone would get there to help. If I"d picked up Danijela at that moment and gotten her to the hospital she could have had surgery, you know? She could have lived but I couldn't leave my little girl. I waited and prayed. I prayed someone would come.
Bishop Stewart: [quietly] And no one came.
Luka: No one came. I called out for hours as I sat there, breathing for her, doing CPR. [pause] I finally had to stop, from exhaustion. I lost them all.
Bishop Stewart: You couldn't sacrifice the one, to save the other. Even if you had, you'd still blame yourself.
[Luka leans forward and begins crying into his hands; Stewart gently lays his hand on Luka's head]
Bishop Stewart: These things can't be explained. Why it happens, the Providence of God, and the mysteries of life and death... are the very fiber of our faith. [pause] They were gifts, of love and life. You are a gift of love and life. Don't turn your back on them. God, Father of all mercies, through the death and resurrection of your only begotten son, has reconciled himself to the world and sent the Holy Spirit among us for the forgiveness of sins through the ministry of Holy Church. May God give you pardon and peace and I absolve you of all your sins in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Chuny: Peter, Carter's on the radio and needs to talk to you!
Benton: Not now!
Chuny: He's performing a double amputation by himself.
Benton: What?

[Kerry and Legaspi discussing what time she will get off work]
Kerry: I'll try to be quiet.
Legaspi: No, wake me.

Romano: Dr. Carter, are you deaf? I keep shouting, you keep getting on the elevator?
Carter: Sorry.
Romano: Is this the pre-op amputation?
Carter: No, this is the post-op amputation.
Romano: What? In the field?
Carter: Yes, he was trapped, his pressure was dropping. Dr. Benton talked me through it.
Romano: Oh, what did they use, a chainsaw? You did this?
Carter: There was nobody else to do it.
Romano: Oh, well, no one else could do it. Well, by all means, then, let's get whoever's available. [to paramedic] Maybe you ought to try it it next time.
Kerry: Yeah, maybe if you'd respond to your page...
Romano: I can't wear my pager in the dojo. Brenda knew where I was; you should have called her. Let's go. What the hell happened, anyway? You blew it on the first leg, you decided to do the other one?

Witch Hunt [7.16]

[Luka blows on his coffee to wake Abby up.]
Abby: Luka I think one of the kids from the coffee shop broke into the apartment.
Luka: I got breakfast.
Abby: I don't believe in breakfast.
Luka: It's the most important meal of the day.
Abby: That's never been medically proven.

Dr. Anspaugh: Patients with psychological problems falsely accuse their doctors of all sorts of things. I had a guy today blame me for hypnotizing him in order to drink his blood.
Romano: Well, we'll have to look into that another day, Donald. But the fact is, to the best of my knowledge, you are not actually a vampire.

Carter: [about his much younger girlfriend]' She's very mature for her age. She's cool, she's fun, she's...
Abby: She's Britney Spears' little sister.

Elizabeth: I took a little time off to recoup some energy, but now I'm fine!
Romano: Well, then that would explain the baby monitor I see strapped to your belly. Or are you just glad to see me?

Survival of the Fittest [7.17]

Romano: [To a very pregnant Elizabeth] Are you sure you can still reach the table?
Elizabeth: At least I can see the table...

Carter: I knew a boy who was a little husky, and he didn't have very many friends and all the kids used to make fun of him. So he spent most of his time studying. And he went on to college, and he became a surgeon. And at his high school reunion, he took out a scalpel, and he cut the tongue off of every kid who ever made fun of him.
Stuart: That's supposed to cheer me up, doc?

Michele: Are you really a doctor?
Dave: When I'm not out fighting crime.

Chuny: Did somebody order a school bus?

Kerry: The board is full, gurneys are lining in the halls. We've got another 30 in the rack. We desperately need to clear out the rooms and you're wasting your time on April fools' pranks. No more shenanigans for the rest of the day. Have I made myself clear?
Malik: Uh, yes. Yes, ma'am.
Yosh: Uh huh.
Kerry: Dave!
[Abby slaps Malucci]
Dave: [after being awoken by Abby, dazed] Yeah.
Kerry: How much did you give him?
Luka: Ten milligrams.
Kerry: Okay, I want you to take a nap.
Dave: I'm fine.
Kerry: What did I just say?
Dave: Go take a nap.
Kerry: Before that.
Dave: Uh, no more fooling around.
Kerry: That's right. Now get back to work.
[as Dr. Weaver walks, she notices cans clinking]
Kerry: Malucci!
Dave: It wasn't me, I swear.

April Showers [7.18]

Elizabeth: [on the phone] I don't care if it's raining fire and brimstone, you are going to get me to that church if I have to ride on your back like a bloody donkey. [hangs up angrily]
Isabelle Corday: Perhaps you should eat something.
Elizabeth: I do not need to eat. Nor do I need a spot of tea, or a moment of quiet reflection on this, my special day. This is America, and sometimes in this country you have to kick some ass!
Isabelle Corday: We'll take your car and get there early.
Elizabeth: Fine. Fine, okay. But unless you can drive stickshift on the right side of the road, I'm driving.
Isabelle Corday: Elizabeth, you can't possibly drive in your condition.
Elizabeth: Get your purse, grab the flowers, and let's go.
[phone rings]
Elizabeth: Now listen here, you ignorant bastard!
Mark: What's wrong?
Elizabeth: Oh... Mark... nothing.

Isabelle Corday: What could be more perfect than marrying the man that you love while carrying his hild?
Elizabeth: Yes, well this love child also comes with an extra forty pounds and hemorrhoids!

Isabelle Corday: Why don't you sit down and have some tea?
Elizabeth: What, so that I can pee every two minutes instead of every ten?

Mark: [Trying to get on an overloaded bus] Can you let me on?
Passenger: Wait for the next one pal!
Mark: I gotta get to my wedding.
Passenger: That's original.
Mark: It's true, why else would I be carrying this tux? They towed my car, and the EL is down.
Passenger: Make room! Make room! Dead man walking.

Isabelle Corday: He'll be here, Elizabeth. Don't fret.
Elizabeth: But I do fret! Every time he's late, I fret! Every time he slurs a word, or gets tired, or bumps his head, I fret! I'm about to get married, and I'm afraid. Not of being with him, but of being without him! I'm afraid he won't be around to raise this child!

Sailing Away [7.19]

Chen: Don't be a hero, get the epidural!

Benton: [after picking up a cloth] Here. [throws it at the fraternity brother] Clean him up.
Upsilon Psi Lambda Frat Brother: What?
Benton: You and your friends. You wrote this on him, right?
Upsilon Psi Lambda Frat Brother: Yeah, but-but it was just a joke.
Benton: I hope you got a good laugh out of it.
Upsilon Psi Lambda Frat Brother: I didn't know this was going to happen.
Benton: You're his big brother. You're supposed to look out for him.
Upsilon Psi Lambda Frat Brother: Well, he drank volun...
Benton: [Cutting him off] Shh, shh, shh. Just shut up, alright? Now get over there and you clean him up.

Fear Of Commitment [7.20]

Benton: There are two things in the world that I'm sure of: my love for my son and my abilities as a surgeon. I'm a father, and a doctor. By the end of the day, that's enough for me.

Dave: [to Cleo] You're not the first to be deceived by my rugged good looks and boyish charm.

Maggie Wyczenski: [to Abby] I promised myself I wouldn't make any promises.

Kerry: Give me that pepper spray. Hey! Give it to me. Do you want me to have you arrested?
Princess Taffeta: I told him not to touch me or my personal possessions.
Kerry: Dr. Malucci was only trying to help you. You seriously injured him.
Princess Taffeta: Yeah, well, I hope I taught him some manners.
Kerry: Have you been in this ER before?
Princess Taffeta: I've been in a lot of ERs. And to be honest, this one's substandard.
Kerry: Oh, well, you'd feel more comfortable in jail.
Princess Taffeta: You know they used to drown redheaded babies in the old days cause they thought they were evil.
Kerry: And they used to burn crazy people who they thought were witches.

Where The Heart Is [7.21]

Maggie Wyczenski: Something happened to me, in that ICU. And I realized- I don't wanna die. And more than that, I don't want my little girl to watch me die. I can't do that to you, not ever. That's what I wanted to tell you today. I'm gonna handle my life- and I want you to get on with yours.
Abby: Okay. '['turns away, Maggie follows her]
Maggie: You can't put your life on hold anymore!
Abby: It's not on hold-
Maggie: What do you mean? You won't even go play softball with your boyfriend!
Abby: So? I don't wanna play.
Maggie: [exasperated] Stop sitting things out, Abby!
Abby: I don't!
Maggie: Yes, you do! You can't use me as the reason for not doing the things you want to do in life- go to medical school!
Abby: Well, that's not so easy-
Maggie: Get married!
Abby: I was married!
Maggie: Get pregnant!
Abby: [angrily] I was pregnant! [silence, as Maggie stares at her in shock]
Maggie: What happened?
Abby: What happened? [sits down] I had an abortion. [pause] Some people aren't meant to be mothers. [Maggie sits next to her and leans close]
Maggie: Abby. I was a lot younger than you are now, when I had my first manic episode. I've watched you since you were a little girl- you're not bipolar.
Abby: [holding back tears] No- but my kids could be.
Maggie: But they might not be! They could be anything, and you would just love them, that's all! [pause] You never even told Richard, did you?
Abby: No. I- I think that was the beginning of the end for us. We just stopped talking about everything. [pause] I just- was too scared- I couldn't- I couldn't risk it. I just- I didn't want to-
Maggie: Turn into me?
Abby: Yeah.
Maggie: Or have to end up taking care of another me? [Abby nods, starts crying quietly] Oh, honey- oh, sweetie- sweetie, sweetie, sweetie. [Maggie hugs her tightly, Abby sobs into her shoulder] That's all there is, is risk. You just have to take a chance, and leap into life! Otherwise, sweetheart, you're gonna miss out on all the great things. Abby- you deserve all the great things. Do you hear me?

Abby: [at the ER team softball game] I like you in that hat.
Luka: Makes me look American, eh?

Rampage [7.22]

Kerry: It's not right, Kim. You know why they're firing you. You have to fight it; you have to fight this.
Dr. Legaspi: I'm supposed to fight. You're hiding, but I'm supposed to fight? Well, I'm sorry, but I don't want to fight. I just want to move on. So should you.

Romano: You had better choose your battles very carefully. You are the Chief of Emergency Medicine, not the County's lesbian advocate.
Kerry: That's where you are wrong, Robert, because I am both. I am the Chief of Emergency Medicine and I am a lesbian. And if you pursue this matter any further I will take it to the County Board of Supervisors, the ACLU, the press, and anyone else who will listen. So, I suggest you choose your battles very carefully.

Carter: Don't talk to me about Luka. I'm not your girlfriend. And I shouldn't even be here with you.
Abby: Why not?
Carter: Because I don't want to wish bad things for you and Luka and I don't want to sit on the sidelines waiting for you two to break up. And I don't want to be your friend. It might be convenient for you, but it's not doing much for me.