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ER (1994–2009) is a long running medical drama, airing on NBC, that follows the lives of doctors and nurses in a Chicago emergency room.

Life After Death [15.01]

Morris: Raise your cheese as we embrace the memory of our colleague, our mentor, our chief, our dear friend... To Greg!

Another Thursday at County [15.02]

Sam: (to Morris) One minute she's a raging bitch, the next, she's Mother Teresa.
Frank: (handing a chart to Morris and Sam) Hey! See this guy, will you? He's been waiting five hours already. (he walks away)
Morris: (pauses, and then loudly, with sarcasm) Oh, so sorry, Frank! We were eating bonbons in the bubble bath! Totally lost track of time!
Morris (to Banfield): You know what, lady? Shut up! (long pause) We have been through hell here the last few weeks, but somehow we're getting through it and you know how? (voice rising) By showing up here every day and dedicating ourselves to this work. (shouting) You don't know us! You don't know this place! And the last thing we need is for some stranger to come in here and tell us how it's done!
Banfield: (very softly) I know that you lost a friend (pause) and I'm sorry about that, but we will never have a conversation like this again. Understand?

The Book of Abby [15.03]

Morris: I keep thinking about what he said... The last words of Greg Pratt were, "Don't screw it up, Morris."
Abby:...You won't. If I were in trouble, Archie, I would call for you. (Morris looks at her doubtfully) I would. I would trust you with anything. And, I didn't always feel that way, but I do now.

Abby: You know, you won't really have me to beat up on, after tonight.
Banfield:...So I understand. You know, despite some... obvious issues with authority, I'm wondering why you're leaving.
Abby: For my family. I have a husband and a little boy. You know, we just sort of need a... fresh start.
Banfield: (nods) How old is you son?
Abby: A little over two.
Banfield:...That's a great age. I love that age. (pause) Well, your shift's almost over... Nice knowing you.
Abby: Good luck here. (they shake hands)

[Haleh is showing Abby the wall where all the doctors have put up their locker tags over the years]

Haleh: Some we had to put up for them- Dr. Greene, Greg. You're the only one who's ever gotten to do two.
Abby: (looking at the tags)...I don't see Carter up there.
Haleh: No, he wouldn't do it. He said it was defacing government property. (she and Abby laugh, Abby puts up her and Luka's tags) We're gonna miss you so damn much. (she and Abby hug)

Frank: (after Abby shows him how to dance properly) I've been stumbling around here all day! What were you waiting for?!
Abby: Where is everybody?
Frank: There's a double run coming in.
Abby: (she takes a stapler off the desk and puts it in her bag of personal items) I'm takin' this.
Frank: (shrugs) I'm not here.
Abby: Me neither. (she heads for the doors)
Frank: Hey. (Abby turns around) Tell that big Croat to bring you back for a visit sometime.
Abby: (smiles, walks out) Keep your head up, Frank.

[As Abby leaves County for the last time, Brody, Chuny, Gates, Sam and Morris have gathered in the ambulance bay; everyone except Morris knows she is leaving for good)

Abby: Well, I guess I let the cat out of the bag, huh? (pause) This kinda group thing, I was kinda hoping to avoid. But, um, Luka's picking me up, and since you're all here- I just wanna say it's been a great decade.
Morris:...Excuse me? What the hell?
Sam: She's leaving, Archie.
Morris: When?!
Gates: Now, you idiot.
Morris: What? You are- you are? (Abby nods, the others giggle, Morris walks up to her and hugs her) You never said anything!
Abby: (bemused) I just, I- kinda thought you got the idea.
Morris: I didn't! (looks to the others, then hugs her again) I didn't!
Abby: Well, I- you know, Archie, it's amazing that you've managed to make my last moment here about you. I love that.
Morris: I love you too! (everyone laughs)
Abby: Okay... (Morris finally lets go of her) I'm gonna miss you guys. We'll be thinking about you... so long.
Chuny: Bye, Abby. (Abby smiles, nods and walks out to the bay entrance, where Luka is waiting for her)

Parental Guidance [15.04]

(Gates is leaning against the desk, yawning)
Banfield: Am I boring you, Dr. Gates?
Gates: Oh, sorry. It's the 6:00 a.m. shift; my brain is here, but my body isn't.
Brenner (to Neela): I'm not going to beg, but one day you are going to wake up next to me and you are going to wonder, how did this happen? And I'm going to smile and remind you that I predicted this over coffees and chocolate glazed donuts.
Neela: You are a cocky bastard.
Brenner: Yeah, but I'd be a correct cocky bastard and that's all that would matter.

Haunted [15.05]

Ray: So, that Brenner guy...
Neela: Uh-huh?
Ray: Kinda seems like a dick.
Ray: Uh, who's that?
Neela: Uh, new Chief of the ER.
Ray: Another one. How many does that make?
Neela: I've lost count.

Oh, Brother [15.06]


Heal Thyself [15.07]

Greene (to Banfield): Listen! I need you to be the mom now, okay? And I'll be the doctor. It works best that way.
Banfield: I used to think every day that, if God told me I could die and go to heaven and be with Daryl, I would do it. (pause) I wondered if that made me an awful person (another pause) that I'd give up my life with you, give up everything we could still have in the future. (long pause) I never really (hesitates) got away from the feeling like I need to be with him, dreaming of him. Never got away from the idea, that somehow I'd be able to hold him again. (she pictures him, outside on a beautiful, sunny day, running towards her, into her arms, and they are both smiling, laughing, joyful) I've, I've been so afraid for so long. I don't want to be... afraid... anymore. (she breaks down and cries softly, Russell gently comforting her)
Greene: I know, uhm, nothing I can say will probably mean much to you right now, but I've seen enough grief in my life to (pause) know how devastating it can be (long pause) how hard it can be to find the resilience...

Age of Innocence [15.08]

Dubenko (to Neela): The reason they call this a teaching hospital is because this is where doctors give back. If you're only interested in becoming a rock star, Dr. Rasgotra, I suggest you look elsewhere. We don't need you here.

Let it Snow [15.09]


The High Holiday [15.10]


Separation Anxiety [15.11]

Gates: Look, what happened was horrible, but Sarah and Alex are going to be okay!
Sam: A girl died, Tony and my kid came very close. That is not okay. You know what? You do you, (pause) and I'll do me, and we should just go our separate ways, okay?

Dream Runner [15.12]

Neela: (voice-over) The toughest thing about being a doctor isn't the terrible hours. It isn't the loneliness, the isolation, or the knowledge that, one day, we all lose out to the relentless decay of the human body. No. It's something else.
Brenner: (to Neela) You don't have to know exactly where you're going, you just have to keep moving forward. That is the key to happiness, really.
Neela: (voice-over) When their way doesn't work and your way doesn't work, you've got to accept defeat or find another way.

Love is a Battlefield [15.13]

Chuny (to Sam about Gates): Oh, you still love him? What are you going to do?
Sam: I plan on being irrationally hurt and angry for as long as I like.
Chuny: (smiles) Sounds good.
Neela (to Brenner): Why do you have to be so damn...
Brenner: What? Charming, sexy, kind of good at math?
Neela: Ok, yes, I did think about you the whole time you where away. You happy now?
Brenner: Yes. Why are you so mad?
Neela: Because I like you. I don't want to, but I do, and I... want to be with you. There, I said it. Just go ahead and gloat now.
Brenner: Gloat? Why would I gloat?
Neela: Because you predicted it. Go ahead. You know you want to.
Brenner: I'd rather do something else. (leans over and they kiss)

A Long, Strange Trip [15.14]


The Family Man [15.15]


The Beginning of the End [15.16]

Carter: Looks like you followed my advice, Archie.
Morris: How's that?
Carter: You set the tone.

T-Minus-6 [15.17]

Neela (to Brenner): What about your parents? Do you have brothers and sisters? I don't know anything about you.
Brenner: Aliens dropped me from a spaceship just outside of Perth as a fully formed adult in 2007. I'm two in Earth years, but I really love this planet.
Sam: (about her mom) I don't even know what to say to her.
Tony: Uh, I'm sure you'll figure it out.
Sam: Yeah, I just hope it's not something like, uh, "Why did you have to be such a crappy mom?" or "Why couldn't you just stay in Dallas and die?"
Tony: I'm guessing you'll come up with something better:

What We Do [15.18]

Neela: Look, a terrible thing was done to you. I understand that. I hate that it happened. But somewhere, in all of what's gone on between us, one thing is clear--we're not meant to be together. Doesn't mean we don't care about each other deeply but... You know, I truly believe there's something better out there for both of us, whenever we're ready for it.
Brenner: Better.
Neela: Something more right.
Carter: I reached a point about 5 years ago, where I started to feel that every day was the same thing, and I'd had enough. (pause) But I've been through a lot of stuff since then. And now, (pause) I try to embrace the idea that everything that happens has never happened before. Like, the saying that you can't stand in the same river twice, because by the time that you come back, it's not the same river, (long pause) and you're not the same man. (pause) Anyway... I look around at this place now and can't imagine ever finding it boring, because right at the moment that you think you've seen it all, something happens that you never could've expected. (the monitor starts to beep, and Carter turns the sound off, smiles at the camera, then sighs deeply with a serious look on his face)

Old Times [15.19]

Brenner: (to Lucy) You know, having someone that you really care about, who you really love, who's sick, that's a lot like running a marathon. Be sure to take one step at the time, one day at the time, but if you keep running and having faith that it'll happen, then one day, eventually, you finish the race.

Shifting Equilibrium [15.20]

Brenner: The truth is a time bomb, but once it's out, it can't hurt you anymore; you can move on, you can move forward.
Neela: So many times in my life I failed to take a chance, even when it was clear to everyone else, including me, that I should have.

I Feel Good [15.21]

Gates (to Morris): Big night? Are you popping the question?
Morris: Are you crazy? We're still in the honeymoon phase. A year from now, we'll hate each other's guts.
Gates: And I thought romance was dead.
Morris (to Claudia): This is totally random, but sometimes I imagine a night, in the future, a night where I would take you out, spend money, make a big deal about it, and it would end like this. (he places a friendship bracelet doubled up in the shape of a ring on Claudia's finger) When I ask you to marry me. What do you think?
Claudia: I think I'd say yes.

And in the End ... [15.22]

Rachel Greene: [as victims are arriving] Dr. Carter?
Dr. John Carter: What? I'm sorry. What?
Rachel Greene: Are you okay?
Dr. John Carter: Yeah. A little deja vu.
Dr. Archie Morris: [as Morris wheeling in a patient] Carter. You working?
Dr. John Carter: Absolutely!
Dr. Archie Morris: Come on!
Dr. John Carter: [to Rachel as he's taking a patient into the ER] Dr. Greene. You coming? [Rachel runs after him]
Seventh Disaster Paramedic: Tight wheezing throughout the ride, pulse ox 88.
Morris: Check for singed nosehairs from smoke inhalation. Set up for intubation.
Eighth Disaster Paramedic: 38-year-old man. 12-foot fall... (final lines in the series)