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ER (1994–2009) is a long running medical drama, airing on NBC, that follows the lives of doctors and nurses in a Chicago emergency room.

Leave it to Weaver [6.01]

Vanilla Latte Boy: Warm milk is nasty.
Carol: Really? And what are you having?
Vanilla Latte Boy: Double tall vanilla latte.
Carol: A latte. Don't you know that coffee stunts your growth?
Vanilla Latte Boy: That is so not true!
Carol: Do your parents let you drink it?
Vanilla Latte Boy: What are you, the coffee police?

Elizabeth: [on finding Mark at the batting cage] So this is what American males do to vent their anger and frustrations.
Mark: Figured a Romano-Weaver double homicide was overkill.

Lucy: Dr. Finch, do you always jog to work?
Cleo: It's only four miles.
Kerry: Kind of makes you want to dislike her, doesn't it?

Vanilla Latte Boy: I don't get this. You're a regular doctor...
Luka: Yes.
Vanilla Latte Boy: But you don't work here.
Luka: No, I do work here, but only when they need me. I'm what they call a "Moonlighter."
Vanilla Latte Boy: Because you're from another country?
Luka: No, because I only work here from time to time, when they need me.
Vanilla Latte Boy: And they needed you today because of the truck crash!
Luka: [sighs] No. I'm here because one of the regular doctors...
Vanilla Latte Boy: I thought you said you were one of the regular doctors.
Luka: I just fill in when someone else is absent.
Vanilla Latte Boy: Oh, I get it! You're like a sub!
Luka: A sub...? Yeah, yeah. I'm a sub.
Vanilla Latte Boy: What kind of accent is that?
Luka: [sighs again] Thick!

Carol: So, you took that little girl in to see her mother?
Luka: Yes.
Carol: Even though Dr. Weaver and Dr. Greene didn't think it was a good idea?
Luka: Oh, mostly they're not sure if I'm a good doctor.
Carol: Why do you say that? This is like the second or third time you've worked here, isn't it?
Luka: Yeah. Enough time for them to stop calling me Dr. Kovac. You know, when people are not sure, they tend to keep things more formal. I hope you will be happy enough with your sutures to call me Luka. I took the girl in because, uh, children need to know, need to see, even if what they see is not good. It's still better than being in the dark, you know? Having... that kind of fear.

Last Rites [6.02]

Lucy: Dr. Dave, how much should I lower his O2?
Dave: Oh, I don't know. Crank it down. If he turns blue, crank it up.
Lucy: You're kidding, right?
Dave: No. Purple ain't good.

Dave: Hey, Jackie Joyner. Nice spandex.
Cleo: Get a life...

Carter: Can we tell you what happened?
Kerry: I heard what happened. Do you have a brain between you?
Carter: Dr. Weaver, we called them...
Kerry: No, no! I talk, you listen. You work in this hospital not on the street. You are not trained for it. You are not covered for it and you have patients here who need your attention. One of them might've coded, or, or we might have been hit with two or three other traumas while you were off playing paramedic.
Dave: Were you?
Kerry: Don't even start with me Dr. Malucci. I'm only cutting you this much slack because you're new here and you, Carter, you should know better. You're emergency residents, not paramedics. Is that understood? Is that understood?
[Dave nods]
Carter: That was great, Dave. Thanks, I appreciate that.

Greene With Envy [6.03]

Mark: [about not being consulted regarding the hiring of Gabe Lawrence] Couldn't you have the courtesy to at least tell me first? It's called respect, Kerry. Hey, look, it's even on your stupid badge.

Carter: I want you to know that I'm here for you and that for me this wasn't just about...
Elaine: Sex?
Carter: Yeah, it wasn't about that.
Elaine: It was for me. And if we're talking "needs" John, I don't need you to feel sorry or worried or tender or anything. I just need you to go away.
Carter: I don't want to go away.

Romano: The Chicago Gazette is sending over a reporter - mostly to do a fluff piece on me - but they also want to take a look at the ER.
Elizabeth: Why are you telling me?
Romano: Well, because you're gonna show them around. Let them see what heroes we all are. How we save kiddies' lives et cetera. You know? Blowing my trumpet?
Elizabet: Don't you do that better yourself?
Romano: Look at you. Look at me. Who would you rather spend an hour with?
Elizabet: You have a point.

Benton: [about Reese] Hey, Jackie, do you think he looks like me?
Jackie Robbins: Hope not. He's got enough problems.

Sins of the Fathers [6.04]

Benton: Do you know what it means to be skating on thin ice?
Dave: Okay, this is me, backing off.

Dr. Lawrence: You a resident?
Dave: Yeah.
Dr. Lawrence: Well, one thing you still need to learn is that every patient in here is somebody's boyfriend, girlfriend, father, mother, son. They don't exist simply for you to learn new and interesting procedures.
Dave: Well, I didn't see her standing there.
Dr. Lawrence: Well, next time open your eyes before you open your mouth.
[Lawrence walks out]
Dave: What's with the new guy?
Mark: Oh, which new guy would that be? Dr. Lawrence or you?

Romano: Lizzie, when you assume, you make an ass out of 'you' and 'me.' Oh, never mind...

[Dr. Lawrence is holding a screaming child]
Cleo: I am so sorry, Dr. Lawrence.
Dr. Lawrence: That's quite alright. I have that effect on women.

Truth & Consequences [6.05]

Dave: Hey, how you doing, Jesse? I'm Dr. Dave.
Patient: I'm not feeling too well.
Dave: Well, what seems to be the problem?
[The patient throws up.]
Dave: That's...colorful.

Dave: Have you always been at County?
Mark: Going on 10 years.
Dave: Damn! Guys who kill their entire families don't get 10 years.
Mark: It's not a prison, Dave.
Dave: I don't know about that. Doctor Weaver sure acts like a warden.

Dr. Lawrence: [to Kerry] For the record, my way may be older, but it's still faster and better...kinda like me.

The Peace of Wild Things [6.06]

Carol: I got a pregnant junkie arrested for possession so she could get clean in jail and give the baby a chance.
Mark: Want to talk about it? Drown our sorrows in a couple of ginger ales?

Dr. Lawrence [about being diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease]: I was thinking of committing suicide, but I wasn't sure when I should do it. If I did it too early, I'd miss out on what little life I had left. If I waited too long, I wouldn't remember to do it.

Dr. Lawrence: When despair for the world grows in me, I go and lie down where the wood drake rests in his beauty on the water, and the great herring feeds. I come into the peace of wild things, who do not tax their lives with forethought of grief. I come into the presence of still water and feel above me the day-blind stars waiting with their light. And for a time I rest in the peace of the world and I'm free. [pause] How can I remember a William Blake poem I memorized over 30 years ago?

Humpty Dumpty [6.07]

Chad: [to Dr. Finch] If you call this drunk, lady, you don't get out much.
Mark: How are things going?
Dr. Lawrence: For a doc that can't practice medicine, I can't complain.

Luka: You look great.
Carol: Really?
Luka: Yep.
Carol: I feel like an overgrown pumpkin.
Luka: 'Pumpkin'?
Carol: Yeah, you know, that big round orange thing you carve on Hallowe'en.
Luka: Oh, 'bundeva', yeah. Actually, I'd say more like a lubenica.
Carol: What is that?
Luka: Uh, I forget how to say it in English. See ya.

Great Expectations [6.08]

Carter: You did a rotation in Grenada?
Dave: No, Sherlock, I went to med school in Grenada.

Luka: [Carol's water has broken on the train] Your contractions are too close together! You are in active labor!
Carol: [Gives Luka an incredulous look] Gee, you think?

Abby: How are you feeling?
Carol: I am in love with the epidural man.
Abby: Some people call him an anesthesiologist.
Carol: Oh, he will always be the epidural man to me.

[Carol has had the first of her twins]
Mark: One down, one to go.
Caro: Uh-uh. I quit.

Mark: You know, they both came out so good, you oughta think about doing it again.
Carol: [sarcastically] Yeah, I'm gonna get right on that.

How the Finch Stole Christmas [6.09]

Haleh: The Sixties were from 1961 to 1970.
Conni: What about 1960.
Lily: That was the last year of the Fifties.
Haleh: Which means the new millenium really starts in 2001.
Chuny: Then why am I spending half my paycheck on New Year's Eve plans?
Lily: You and the rest of the world.

Elizabeth: I'm curious about something.
Dean Rollins: Me too. Are you a natural redhead? I'd like to see for myself.

Romano: Well, it's nice to see that when the cat's away, the mouse still jumps.
Benton: What's going on?
Romano: Just teaching Ms. Knight the finer points of an L-VAD implantation. You know, from now on, I think I'm only gonna do favors for people who come begging at my doorstep. Which leads me to ask, Peter, why wasn't it you?
Benton: I never even considered it.
Romano: O ye of little faith.
Lucy: Dr. Romano, I again just wanna tell you how much I appreciate you doing this.
Romano: Eh, that's enough sucking up, Lucy. Cut please.

Valerie: I cannot thank you enough, Dr. Knight.
Lucy: I'm not a doctor yet.
Valerie: You are to me.

Family Matters [6.10]

Carter: Yeah, I'm actually pretty surprised to see you around here. I, uh, thought you dropped out of medicine after...
Chen: I almost killed that patient by leaving a guidewire in his chest?
Carter: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bring that up.
Chen: Oh yes you did, John. But that's okay. And let's face it, it was kind of a low point. But it did force me to face the truth. I was being way too aggressive. Way too much of an overachiever. Always trying to show people up.
Carter: Well...
Chen: And way too successful at it. I'd left the patient out of the picture.

[When Greene tells Carter he has to go to San Diego]
Carter: Hey, is everything okay?
Greene: Well, my father's barricaded himself in our old house. There's no heat, there's no electricity. He's running around in his underwear so actually everything isn't okay,

Dave: So, uh, Carter... did you know this new resident, Jing something-or-other?
Carter: That's good, screw up her name. That'll impress her.

Kerry: Luka, I heard about what happened. I'm sorry.
Luka: No, don't, don't apologize.
Kerry: It might not always make sense to us, but when there's a difficult family situation, we call DCFS because they have expertise in this area. We have to defer to their judgment.
Luka: You don't break up families.
Kerry: Sometimes we do. It's complicated.
Luka: No! My wife and kids were taken.
Kerry: In the war?
Luka: Yeah. And then killed. You don't break up families.

The Domino Heart [6.11]

Romano: [to Lucy] Miss Knight, you are like a crazed Energizer Bunny on this one. You just keep going and going and going.

Luka: It just started snowing, and you look like you're freezing.
Lucy: I am.
[Luka walks over and drapes his coat around her]
Lucy: No, that's okay.
Luka: I'm European, we like to be gallant. Are you off? I've got two tickets to the circus.
Lucy: Just coming on.
Luka: What are you doing here all day?
Lucy: Not enough as it turns out. It's never been very easy for me to be here. Sometimes I felt like I would never fit in.
Luka: That's something I know about. But I moved around a lot, and I'm used to it.
Lucy: But at the beginning of every day, I've been grateful that I'm walking in here on my own choosing, and not carried in on some gurney. And at the end of the day, if I've helped just one person, it's been worth it. And that didn't happen today, and that makes me sad.

Abby Road [6.12]

Lucy: Somebody stole my patient.
Mark: Peter, did you steal Lucy's patient?
Benton: Check the lost and found.

Romano: Why mess with natural selection? Nothing like a good influenza epidemic to thin the herds.

Carol: Residents...the only thing worse than med students.

Abby: Patients normally don't bite in OB.
Greene: That's an occupational hazard down here.

Lucy: [On the roof of the hospital] Rough first day?
Abby: [smoking a cigarette] Well, let's just say, it's been two years since I've had one of these.
Lucy: What happened?
Abby: More like what didn't happen. I used to work in O.B., and up there I would deliver a baby, and then I would deliver a baby, and then I would deliver a baby. And today, I was puked on, spit at, bit, and then I tricked a psychotic woman, and then I almost killed a guy.
Lucy: That sounds about right. Fortunately in the ER, almost doesn't count.
[starts throwing money off the roof from a tin box]
Abby: What are you doing?
Lucy: Patient's last request. Toss some, you might feel better.

Be Still My Heart [6.13]

Mark: It's not good medicine for...
David Greene: ...for one family member to look after another.

Mark: [to Chen and Malucci] Do you know why I had only one child? Because I didn't want to listen to the two of them arguing in the back seat of my car.

Elizabeth: Robert, this is a dog.
Romano: Correction, Lizzie, this is my dog.

Elizabeth: I'm sorry, Robert, I just don't think it's proper to be operating on your dog.
Romano: I'm chief of staff, is that proper enough for you? Besides, what would you have me do? Leave her to some poodle surgeon?

Abby: Today was the first day I saw an old person die and I guess I'm just not used to it.
Carter: Well, you want the good news or the bad news?
Abby: Give me the bad.
Carter: You never get used to it. The good news is you never get used to it. At least I haven't. So you may have come up here to be alone, but you're not.

All in the Family [6.14]

[while treating Carter who has been stabbed in the back]
Chen: Right pupil is five millimeters and reactive, left is- John! John!
[Carter regains consciousness]
Carter: Deb?
Chen: Look at me. D'you know where you are?
Carter: My back.
Chen: You were stabbed. We've got your pressure up.
Carter: Lucy?
Officer Tom Bennini: John, I'm officer Bennini, did you see the man that stabbed you?
[Carter shakes his head]
Chen: Wait, wait, do we need to do this right now?
Officer Tom Bennini: It's better if I can...
Chen: You'll have to wait, I'm sorry!
Carter: What?
Luka: Nothing, looks like he missed your spinal chord.
[Carter sees Lucy in the trauma room next to them]
Carter: Is that Lucy?
Abby: Yes. She's alive.

Benton: Carter, don't worry, I'm going to explore the abdomen. I'm going to check out everything.
Carter: I'm glad it's you.
Benton: Hey, I'm getting you through this, man. You hear me?

[after Lucy has woken up]
Elizabeth: Your liver was damaged, but we were able to repair it. However we did have to remove your spleen. I'm sorry.
[Lucy tries to speak]
Elizabet: Lucy, you can't speak. You can whisper, if I plug the trake. D'you want to try that?
[Lucy nods]
Elizabeth: Okay.
[Corday plugs the trake]
Elizabeth: Remember, only whisper.
Lucy: Thank you.

[Romano and Corday are trying to save Lucy's life]
Romano: OK, that's it, we've done everything we can.
[Elizabeth doesn't respond, monitor still beeping rapidly]
Romano: Holding compressions.
[monitor eventually slows down, beeping stops, leaving a flatline running]
Romano: [shakily] Oh, dammit... [tosses equipment across the room] Son of a bitch...
[flatlining continues]
Romano: No. NO. NO. Let's give a minute for the last epi to circulate, come on. Charge to 30, let's go. [Elizabeth does nothing] COME ON, LIZZY, LET'S GO!!!
Elizabeth: [voice braking] Robert...
[Romano halts compressions, and accepts that they can't save Lucy]
Romano: Call it.
[monitor shuts off]
Elizabeth: Time of death, 2:56.

Luka: Pretty scary, huh?
Dave: Yeah, pretty scary.
Abby: I was complaining about my day.

Be Patient [6.15]

Carter (to Benton): We all know what happens after the "jazz club."
Benton: Just when did you lose the filter between your brain and your mouth?
Carter: I think you might have taken it out in the OR last week.

Mrs. Knight: Um... Can I ask you something?
Carter: Yes.
Mrs. Knight: When you were... Well, when that man stabbed you, what did you think? No--I mean, what did it feel like?
Carter: Well, um... It happened really fast, and I didn't really know what was going on. But I didn't feel a thing.
Mrs. Knight: No pain?
Carter: [shakes his head] No pain.

Isabelle Corday: [Elizabeth comes home unexpectedly] Elizabeth?
Elizabeth Corday: Morning, I forgot some notes for a meeting. You look tired, were you watching Charlie Rose again...?
[Suddenly sees Mark's father in his underwear]
Isabelle Corday: Not exactly.
David Greene: Uh, morning Elizabeth.
Isabelle Corday: David came over for breakfast.
Elizabeth Corday: In boxers and slippers... my slippers?
David Greene: Uh, I hope you don't mind.
Elizabeth Corday: I thought you were ice fishing.
David Greene: Well... I... uh... didn't make it.
Elizabeth Corday: I can see that.

Carter: I lied to Lucy's mother today. I told her that it wasn't painful to have an 8-inch knife shoved into your gut.

Under Control [6.16]

Abby: One of my patients dies and I'm the last one to know.

Benton: Hey, how are you feeling?
Carter: Ready to go.
Benton: Yeah? You know, I saw your MRI. Looks like you're recovering just fine.
Carter: Yeah, I should be able to get rid of these things in about a week or two.
Benton: Carter, take your time. Don't push it, alright?

Viable Options [6.17]

Elizabeth: I can't seem to give this kidney away. We're going through potential recipients like...
Mark: Crap through a goose?
Elizabeth: Yeah, that works.

[a patient was stabbed in the cheek with Dr. Romano's pen]
Dave: Should I just, you know, maybe yank it out?
Romano: No, we gotta check for damage to the facial nerve. Not to mention the damage to my pen.
Randall James: I've been stabbed, and you're worried about your pen?
Romano: Oh, shut up.

Romano: I came in here looking for jevity and a dubhoff tube. By the way, we need to discuss your supply management. And I find this girl's foster parent conspiring with DCFS and apparently with you to circumvent the state authority and perform an invasive procedure on a girl who has been a gork most of her life and has no chance of recovery. Did I understand this correctly?
Kerry: You're overstating it.
Romano: Am I?
Kerry: Yes. She has potentially life-threatening infection. All she needs is a central line and her so-called guardian has never seen her.
Romano: Well, I've seen her.
Kerry: We have an obligation to provide appropriate care. All I'm doing is exercising a safeguard that's built into the system.
Romano: You're letting your sympathy for the foster mother override your clinical judgement.
Kerry: I disagree but thank you for your input.
Romano: This girl is not to get a central line.
Kerry: She's my patient.
Romano: Feel free to hydrate her through her g-tube and keep her comfortable.
Kerry: I already have my second opinion.
Romano: I'm the final opinion. I'm not getting in a pissing match with the State Welfare Department.
Kerry: It's one bureaucrat.
Romano: And he is right, it's hopeless and exorbitantly expensive. Stop flogging her. Frankly I've come to expect a higher level of professionalism from you.
Kerry: I'm supporting what I see is a parental decision. Angie is essentially the woman's daughter.
Romano: She's her pet! Look at this girl, what kind of quality of life you think she has?
Kerry: Robert.
Romano: Kerry, I'm serious. No central line.

Romano: Well, it looks like a P to me. Bisoprolol.
Benton: It's a C. Why would I order a beta-blocker for constipation?
Romano: What's that say, Carter?
Carter: Well, I-I can see how the pharmacy could have read it wrong, but, they really should have called.
Romano: Sure. Blame them, you coward.
Cleo: It could have been read both ways.
Romano: Hey, you, come here. I need an impartial observer.
Benton: Oh, come on, that's a fax copy. You can't even...
Romano: Quiet, Peter! Is that a C or a P?
Abby: It looks like a Q.
Romano: Someone else who can't read it.
Benton: I prescribed bisacodyl. That's what I ordered. That's what I wrote.
Romano: Then why is this patient currently undergoing an angioplasty for a life-threatening myocardial infarction?
Benton: You heard me say bisacodyl?
Cleo: Yeah.
Romano: Did you even bother to read the pharmacy label before you handed it out?
Cleo: There was a trauma coming in.
Romano: Oh! Oh, a trauma came in. Oh, well, that makes everything okay. When traumas come in we can just hand out whatever meds happen to be laying around.
Carter: Dr. Romano was...
Romano: Carter! What does this have to do with you? Nothing. So shut up.
Abby: Can I go?
Romano: The growing level of incompetence around here is frightening. It's a wonder we haven't been shut down.
Cleo: It was an honest mistake.
Romano: No, it was tag-team negligence. Okay, you are both prohibited from writing prescriptions until further notice.
Cleo: How are we supposed to treat the patients?
Romano: I'm sure Dr. Carter or one of the other colleagues will be happy to write them for you.
Benton: How long?
Romano: Until your penmanship approves and until you learn how to read.
Cleo: I know how to read.
Romano: Then do it!
[Carter pretends to shiver]
Benton: Thank you, Carter. Thank you, Carter.
[Carter walks out]
Benton: So you just gave him a bottle of pills without even looking at it?
Cleo: Peter, what you wrote wasn't legible.
Benton: I shouldn't be writing your scripts anyway.
Cleo: I didn't ask you to.
Benton: He was your patient. You always check the label before you give the drugs. They teach you that on the first day, Cleo.

Romano: Were my instructions in any way... . unclear?
Kerry: No, I-I think you made your position known.
Romano: And you decided to ignore it?
Kerry: I took it under advisement.
Romano: I see. Okay, well, then, you're suspended. Sign out your patients and go home.
Kerry: Robert, let's not...
Romano: Right now, Kerry. Right now.
Kerry: Suspended.
Romano: Effective immediately and until further notice.

Match Made in Heaven [6.18]

Carol: [to Luka] No offense, but you look like crap.

Romano: Luka? What is that, Croatian for "lucky"?
Luka: No, Luke.
Romano: You sure?
Luka: Yeah.

Randi: [holding out the phone] Dr. Greene, it's that nurse again.
Mark: Now what?!
Randi: Apparently your father's making racial slurs.
Mark: She's Swedish!
Randi: Well, maybe he called her a meatball.

[Yosh walks in on Cleo and Peter kissing]
Benton: We were uh... just discussing a patient.
Yosh: I could use a good discussion myself.

The Fastest Year [6.19]

Carol: Did you grow up in the city?
Luka: No, near the coast.
Carol: Is that where you were during the war?
Luka: No. Then we were in Vukovar. Small apartment, didn't have much money. We kept the children in all the time for safety. They would get crazy, what do you call it...?
Carol: Cabin fever.
Luka: Yeah... I was going to the market to...not for much, some cheese and bread... and they were climbing all over me. "Please let me come, let me come." And the answer was the same as always, "No, it's not safe." My wife stayed with them.
Carol: Luka...
Luka: No, it's OK. I was only maybe, uh, 50 meters away when I heard the whistle in the air. An artillery shell hit the building. (pauses) It's already done now. People rebuilt all during the war. One day you're sitting at a café, the next day it's bombed, and the day after that, they begin to build! That's what you do. Something happens, you rebuild, you go on. (pauses) We should probably go. Your mother will think you've gone joy-riding.

[Carol is trying to pick out a car to buy]
Connie: All I'm saying is, you can't go wrong with a Chevy.
Chuny: I've gone wrong many times in a Chevy.
Yosh: I've always admired the Subaru.
Randi: I say go with something classic, like an old Mustang convertible.
Carol: Two babies, Randi, remember?

Mark: I'm gonna steal some supplies. Don't tell anybody.
Elizabeth: Well, I love stealing, let me help.

Loose Ends [6.20]

David Greene: I love you, Mark.
Mark: I love you too, Dad.

Dave: Hey Chief, am I a yuppie?
Weaver: No, but you will be when you grow up.

Elizabeth: [to an anorexic patient] I'm sorry. I was only trying to save you.
Claire: I don't want your help.
Elizabeth: A friend of mine died today, fighting for his life. Go ahead, kill yourself. You don't give a damn? Neither do I. Fine! Discharge her.

Such Sweet Sorrow [6.21]

Carol: I have to go find out.
Luka: Find out what?
Carol: If he's still in love with me... because... I'm still in love with him. I am. I've been in love with him since I was 23 years old. He's everything to me. He's my life. I feel complete when I'm with him and I feel empty when we're apart. He's the father of my children... and he's my soulmate.

Kerry: Dr. Malucci, if I don't see you standing over a sick patient looking compassionate and engaged in the next 30 seconds, you're going to spend the next week doing nothing but disimpactions and yeast infections!

Chuny: I heard Mark's coming back today.
Haleh: Thank God. If Weaver gets any nastier, we're gonna have to call Animal Control.

Abby: How long was I out?
Haleh: About 20 minutes.
Abby: Oh, that must be why I feel so refreshed. So, is this a med student hazing thing, or do you just hate me?
Haleh: You're younger than us, prettier than us, and skinnier than us.
Lydia: We hate you.
Abby: Thanks for the candor.

Elizabeth: Why was a critical patient like this discharged from the ER?
Abby: She wasn't critical at the time. Her vitals were stable. I thought it was PID.
Elizabeth: You didn't appreciate the mass on exam?
Abby: No, I didn't.
Elizabeth: Who was supervising? You, Dr. Malucci? Didn't you appreciate anything?
Dave: Uh, no, I-I didn't.
Elizabeth: What were you wearing, oven mitts?
Abby: Actually, Dr. Malucci never had a chance to examine the patient.
Elizabeth: I think you two need a moment alone to get your stories straight.
Abby: He didn't examine her because I never called him in.
Elizabeth: Have you recently and unexpectedly graduated from medical school, Miss Lockhart?
Abby: I thought my experience in ob-gyn qualified me. Obviously, I was wrong.
Elizabeth: So you signed a discharge order for a patient you never saw who was examined and treated only by a medical student? This woman could have died and you're years away from having the necessary experience to make these decisions.
Abby: I know.
Elizabeth: Oh, good! I'd like a moment alone to speak with Dr. Malucci.
[Abby steps out of the room]
Dave: Can I- can I say something? I, uh...
Elizabeth: I think your cause would better be served by keeping your mouth shut. When residents arrive here... we size you up. We have great hopes for you, we want you to succeed but gradually over time and through interaction... [inhaling deeply] we form opinions. Do you want to know the staff's opinion of you? You're lazy, sloppy, and your careless attitude towards your responsibilities as a physician endangers patients lives, as witnessed today. In other words, none of us thinks you're much of a doctor.

May Day [6.22]

Benton [to the gunman]: Sir, I'm a doctor, I'm here to help you. Can you talk?
Gunman: Go to hell.
Benton: OK, I'll take that as a yes.

Dave: What are you guys watching?
Abby: Where have you been?
Carter: Shooting near a school. Weaver sent Benton and Kovac.
Dave: Wait a minute, why did they get to go?
Carter: Because they don't get sick in the chopper.
Dave: I already told you, I had the flu.

Abby: MVA coming in, single auto versus parking structure.
Carter: ETA?
Abby: 5 to 10.
Carter: Get Weaver, I'll meet you in Trauma 2.
Dave: Hey, hey, why do you get it?
Carter: I'll call you if he needs his oil changed.

Kerry: John, you've demonstrated compulsive drug-seeking behavior.
Carter: When? Just tell me when.
Kerry: You know, I think mainlining Fentanyl in the trauma room qualifies.

[Carter punches Benton]
Benton: Carter you wanna fight that's cool man, but either way you're getting your ass in that van.