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Har Bilas Sarda (1867-1955) was an Indian academic, judge and politician. He is best known for having introduced the Child Marriage Restraint Act (1929).

Quotes about Sarda[edit]

  • Among the earliest Indic scholars was Har Bilas Sarda, whose book Hindu Superiority, which was published in 1906, apart from being relevant to his times, was way ahead of its time when seen through a decolonial lens. Throughout the book, Sarda uses the term ‘Hindu civilisation’ while referring to ‘ancient India’. In his discussion on the defining feature of the Hindu/Indic civilisation, Sarda underscores the integral and indispensable role of nature in the schema of ‘ancient Indians’, which formed the basis of Hindu laws and institutions. This brings out two significant aspects: (a) that the native identity of Bharat being the Indic/Hindu identity never appeared to be a matter of contestation in Sarda’s discussion, and (b) that a harmonious relationship with nature defines the Hindu/Indic consciousness, from which emanate its worldview and institutions.
    • J Sai Deepak - India that is Bharat_ Coloniality, Civilisation, Constitution-_ Bloomsbury India (2021)

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