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Madhu Purnima Kishwar (born 1951 in Delhi) is an Indian academic and writer. She is the founder and editor of Manushi: A Journal about Women and Society.


  • Modi told me the last straw for him with regard to NDTV was when one of their correspondents Vijay Trivedi, accompanied him in a helicopter for an interview. When he started asking the same old insulting questions, Modi simply kept quiet and refused to respond any further. Piqued at being ignored, Trivedi spread the canard that Modi nearly threw him out of the helicopter mid-air because he had asked "tough questions". Modi says on that day he decided never to give legitimacy to NDTV by giving them an interview or responding to any questions from them. Vijay Trivedi treats this incident as a badge of honour and has boasted about it on numerous occasions—in writing.
  • Please note Wikipedia's devious description of the geography of Kashmir-- as though it is an independent kingdom outside the border of India. "Kashmir region is bordered by China to the east, India to the south, Pakistan to the west..."

Quotes about Madhu Kishwar[edit]

  • There exists a much wiser and more rooted Indian women’s advocacy movement, pioneered by Madhu Kishwar’s paper Manushi, one area where India can teach the world, not in the past but today. Unfortunately, meanwhile the American conflict-oriented (at heart Cultural-Marxist) variety is gaining ground. I don’t expect any Hindu revival to go very far if Hindus keep on swallowing the enemy’s narratives like this.
    • Elst, Koenraad. Hindu Dharma and the Culture Wars. (2019). New Delhi : Rupa.

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