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Minoriteam is an American adult animated television series that aired on Adult Swim from 2005 to 2006. The plot of the show revolves around five superheroes, each of whom is based on a racial or ethnic stereotype, who join forces to fight against a bunch of villains who are mostly discriminatory concepts.


Operation Blackout[edit]

The Standardized Test: 1 Mexican takes 2 hours to wash 500 dishes, and a chinaman takes 3 hours to wash 450 dishes. How long will they take, working together, to wash 1000 dishes?
Dr. Wang: Zero hour. Mexican work for chinese, not with.

White Shadow: Jefferson is a star in the black community. A star that burns too bright! A star that we must extinguish!


Tribe & Prejudice[edit]

Jewcano: Hmm, something is just not right about this.
Fasto: I know what you mean. My cracker-sense is tingling.

Nonstop: Uh, isn't that just a microwave?
Boneologist: No. It's a Pilgrim Bone testing-apparatus.

El Dia Gigante[edit]

El Jefe: I can't fight . . . my father!

Heaven Can Wait[edit]

[After El Jefe tells the story of his viking ancestor getting married]
Dr. Wang: Okay thank you! I take a rain check on the story of how your grandma was a slut!

Tremendous Class[edit]

Master Shake Alarm Clock: [singing] It's 4:20 somewhere in the world! Time to get up you lazy bastard!

The Assimulator[edit]

Landon: As a professor of women studies, I don't tolerate the use of the word bitch... (Kicks Assimilator in the face)BITCH!

El Jefe: [in Spanish] Thanks for finally haring your tea with us DR. Wang.
Nonstop: Yes, thank you Dr. Wang. It is delicious.
Dr. Wang: Drink it up, very good. I bet you can feel yourselves getting smarter. Well guess what smart guy! YOUR DRINKING MY PISS! [everyone starts spitting the tea out] And it's not the first time, endscene!


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