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Sealab 2021 is a comedic re-imaging of the 1972 cartoon Sealab 2020.

Season 1[edit]

Chickmate [1.4][edit]

Sparks: Okay, Debbie. Forget about Hesh.
Debbie: Okay...
Sparks: I've got something for you.
Debbie: What is it?
Sparks: A book.
Debbie: What's the book?
Sparks: A Modest Proposal.
Debbie: By whom?
Sparks: Jonathan Swift.
Debbie: And what is the book about?
Sparks: [Long pause] Eating babies...

Black Debbie: Hey, Stormy.
Stormy: Hey, bla-. Debbie. [Pause] Hey, do you like rap?

Debbie: Now what in the Hell is that supposed to mean?
Sparks: It's like veal... only babies.

Stormy: It all comes down to the fact that you all have far more fast twitch muscle fiber.


Stormy: Don't go out there, that black chick's crazy!

Marco: I call this the Latinator.
Debbie: Ugh. Yeah, nice backne.

Quinn: Why do you think they call me Doctor Quinn?
Stormy: I just thought that was a nickname. You know, like Dr. Dre. Eastside!

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