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Scream 4 is the fourth film in the Scream franchise about a new generation being of teenagers from the ficitional town of Woodsboro being killed off one by one by the infamous Ghostface.

Directed by Wes Craven. Written by Kevin Williamson.
New decade. New rules. Taglines

Sidney Prescott[edit]

  • You forgot the first rule of remakes Jill: "Don't fuck with the original".


[Marnie and Jenny are watching "Stab 7".]
Jenny Randall: O my God, I love it. I've seen it five times and still gets me every time.
Marnie Cooper: You're kidding. I don't get it
[Jenny turns off the TV.]
Jenny Randall: Okay, It's like "The Twilight Zone"
Marnie Cooper: Twilight Zone.
Jenny Randall: A movie within a movie.
Marnie Cooper: I get that, but it's illogical. It begs the question: That if the beginning of "Stab 7", is "Stab 6". Then if the beginning of "Stab 6", is "Stab 5". And if so, What is "Stab 4" about?
Jenny Randall: Your over-thinking it.
Marnie Cooper: Am I, or did whoever make it just underthink it?. That's the reason I don't watch these movies.
Jenny Randall: I can't believe you haven't seen them. We live in Woodsboro
Marnie Cooper: That has nothing to do with Woodsboro. I-I thought you said "Stab" was based on true stories.
Jenny Randall: The first three, The original trilogy is based off of Sidney Prescott, but then she threatened to sue them if they used her stories. So they just started making stuff up. Stab 5 has time travel, which is by far the worst
Marnie Cooper: Don't we hear enough of this story every year?
Jenny Randall: At least Woodsboro's known for something.
[Jenny hears a noise from upstairs.]
Jenny Randall: Did you hear that?
Marnie Cooper: Uh... No, I didn't hear anything
Jenny Randall: I did.
[Jenny stands up ad goes to investigate outside.; Marnie realized this.]
Marnie Cooper: Jenny, don't try to scare me.
Jenny Randall: I'm not trying to scare you.
Marnie Cooper: You do it all the time.
[Marnie begins following her.]
Jenny Randall: No, I don't.
[Marnie stops.]
Marnie Cooper: Where are you going?
Jenny Randall: I told you, I heard something.
[Jenny goes upstairs.]
Marnie Cooper: I know you're trying to scare me.
Jenny Randall: I'm not.
[Jenny starts looking everywhere in the hallway.]
Marnie Cooper: What is it?
[Jenny turns on the lights in her room.]
Jenny Randall: I must have left a window in my room open.

[The phone rings.]
Jenny Randall: Could you get that?... Marnie?
Marnie Cooper: Yeah.
[Marnie goes to the kitchen and answers the phone.]
Marnie Cooper: Hello?
Ghostface App: Hello, Who's this?
Marnie Cooper: Marnie, who's this?
Ghostface App: This is the last person you're ever gonna see alive.
[Marnie feels disturbed.]
Marnie Cooper: What?
[Jenny laughs that she pranked her.]
Jenny Randall: [laughing] I'm sorry I had to.
Marnie Cooper: You bitch! So not funny!
[Jenny closes the window.]
Jenny Randall: Somebody falls for it every year.
Marnie Cooper: I don't see why you get off under the---
[Marnie gets killed.; The phone hangs up.]
Jenny Randall: Marnie?
[Jenny goes out of the hallway.]
Jenny Randall: Marnie?
[Jenny checks downstairs.]
Jenny Randall: Marnie?
[Jenny goes downstairs and sees the phone on the floor.]
Jenny Randall: Good one, Marnie! Lights out, phone on the floor. You know,... [picks up the phone and tries to look around the house.] You really should direct horror films. Wherever you are. Let me guess, you want me to walk by an open door frame so you can pop out, huh? [turns around but no one is there.]
[The phone rings.]
Jenny Randall: Okay, timing. Timing is perfect! But you don't have an app on your phone, so you can't talk like ghostface, [puts the phone in her ear] Can you?
The Voice: Yes, I can.
[Jenny's eyes widen.]
Jenny Randall: [disturbed.] Who is this?
The Voice: Not an app.
Jenny Randall: [disturbed.] Is this Trevor?
The Voice: Do I sound like a Trevor to you? Think of me as your director. You're in my movie, you got a fun part so don't blow it.
Jenny Randall: What movie?
The Voice: Same one Marnie's in, only her part got cut way back. But you? You're the dumb blonde with the big tits, we'll have some fun with you before you die.
Jenny Randall: I have a 4.0 GPA and 135 IQ, asshole! What did you do with Marnie?
The Voice: She's on the cutting room floor!
Jenny Randall: That's not funny!
The Voice: This isn't a comedy, it's a horror film. People live and people die, and you'd better start running!
[Marnie's lifeless body was thrown through the window. Jenny stumbles Marnie's dead body.]
Jenny Randall: Marnie?
[The killer appears and begins chasing Jenny around the house.]

Kirby Reed: Before you get in the car you have to promise not to kill me!
Jill Roberts: Why? What'd you do?
Kirby Reed: Trevor called me last night!
Jill Roberts: Why is he calling you?
Kirby Reed: Because you won't take his calls and he knows I have your ear!
Jill Roberts: [sees Olivia coming] Can we not talk about this right now?
[Olivia gets in the car]
Olivia Morris: So Trevor called me last night!
Jill Roberts: He called you to?
Olivia Morris: He thinks that your cousin coming to town is making you forget how sorry he really is!
Jill Roberts: Well that's inventive!

Robbie Mercer: [while recording the girls] I'm here with the beautiful Olivia "Don't-Look-At-My-Tits-I-Have-A-Mind" Morris! And my annual Woodsboro question "What's your favorite scary movie"
Olivia Morris: That's original!
Jill Roberts: [sarcastically] Where did you hear that anyway?
Charlie Walker: It's a line from Stab 1!
Robbie Mercer: Um...You're a genre nut Kirby! What's your favorite scary movie?
Kirby Reed: [sarcastically] Bambi. [pushes Robbie out of the way] Dork. [flirting with Charlie] What?
Charlie Walker: That's funny Kirby!
Robbie Mercer: Totally unaware you exist!
Charlie Walker: Yeah! [after Robbie has walked off] Asshole!

Jill Roberts: I think Charlie likes you!
Kirby Reed: And I like him! To tease, to torment. To make him squirm!
Jill Roberts: Trust me you could do a lot worse!
Kirby Reed: [fakes shock] Hi Trevor! [nervously] Bye Trevor!
[Jill stares at Kirby in surprise]

[Sidney gets out Jill's room and sees Judy standing in the dark.]
Deputy Judy Hicks: Sorry about that... Just, making around before taking off.
Sidney Prescott: Great, thanks.
[Judy begins to go downstairs but stops.]
Deputy Judy Hicks: You don't remember me do ya?
Sidney Prescott: Sorry?
[Begins walking to Sidney.]
Deputy Judy Hicks: We went high school together, Judy Hicks, We have sleep homeroom then... Drama clip too, We were in Peter Pan together...
[Judy reveals herself.]
Deputy Judy Hicks: ... I played the lost boy, You were... tiger lily.
Sidney Prescott: I'm sorry it was a long time ago.
Deputy Judy Hicks: It's okay. I mean you had... a lot of stuff... going on back then.
Sidney Prescott: Well it's nice to see you again Judy.
[Judy smiles.]
Deputy Judy Hicks: You too.
[Judy goes downstairs.]

[Jill's phone rings.; Kirby picks up the phone.]
Kirby Reed: It's Trevor. I'll handle this.
Jill Roberts: [on the phone to Olivia.] Trevor's calling.
[Kirby answers it.]
Kirby Reed: What do you want?
The Voice: I want to talk to Jill.
Kirby Reed: Uh... no It's Kirby. Sorry Trevor, Jill is screening her calls from all past relationships.
[While Olivia begins wearing her shirt.]
Olivia Morris: What's going on over there?
Jill Roberts: [to Olivia.] Olivia hang on a second. [turns to Kirby.] What is he saying?
The Voice: I'm not Trevor.
Kirby Reed: What? I can barely hear you Trevor.
The Voice: This isn't Trevor.
Kirby Reed: Oh-oh alright then why do you have his phone? Whoever this is [smiling turns to Jill.] He's trying to do ghostface. [Kirby laughs.]
Jill Roberts: He's being weird
The Voice: I want to talk to Jill.
Kirby Reed: Okay well she doesn't want to talk to you. Come on Mr. Ghostface whisper to me or you just suppose to ask me a question?
The Voice: Alright. How's the movie?
Kirby Reed: What movie?
The Voice: Shawn of the dead?
[Kirby looks at the TV Shawn of the dead is on]
Kirby Reed: How did you know that?
The Voice: Because I'm standing in the closet.
Kirby Reed: Stop you're not.
Jill Roberts: What is going on?
Kirby Reed: Trevor's being weird. I mean if it is him, I don't know.
Jill Roberts: What?
The Voice: This is not fucking Trevor!
Kirby Reed: Well then who the fuck are you?
The Voice: Open the closet door.
[Kirby looks at the closet.]:
Kirby Reed: You do know there are cops all over the house.
The Voice: I think I have just enough time to slice someone open!
Jill Roberts: I'll talk to him.
Kirby Reed: Shh.
[While Olivia was checking at Jill's house.]
Olivia Morris: What's going on over there, you guys?
[Jill puts her phone on her ear.]
Jill Roberts: S-Sorry I? I don't know? [turns to Kirby.] Kirby.
Kirby Reed: Shh.
Jill Roberts: Kirby.
The Voice: Come on do it.
Kirby Reed: There's no way you're in there
[Kirby stumbles to the closet.]
The Voice: See for yourself.
[Kirby stumbles further to the closet.]
Jill Roberts: Kirby? Kirby, come on talk to me this isn't funny. Kirby!
[Kirby opens the closet and investigate, but no one is in there.; She puts her phone on the killer.]
Kirby Reed: Liar, I'm over this!
The Voice: I never said I was in your closet.
Jill Roberts: What?
[Kirby's eyes widen.; The killer breaks through Olivia's closet and begins attacking her.]

[After Sidney finds Olivia dead, she answers her phone]
Sidney Prescott: What?
The Voice: Welcome home, Sidney. Preview of coming events.
Sidney Prescott: Why don't you come for me, you got the balls for that?
The Voice: Oh, poor Sidney. You think this is all about you? You think you're still the star?
Sidney Prescott: This isn't a fucking movie!
The Voice: It will be.
Sidney Prescott: These are innocent people.
The Voice: Spare me the lecture! You've done very well by all this bloodshed haven't you? Well, how about the town you left behind. I've got plans for you. I'm gonna slit your eyelids in half so you don't blink when I stab you in the face. You'll die when I want you to, Sidney, not a moment before. Until then, you're going to suffer!
[The killer hangs up.]
Jill Roberts: Sidney!
Sidney Prescott: Jill?
[Sidney rushes to Jill and stops her..]
Jill Roberts: Stay right there.
Sidney Prescott: Is she?---
Jill Roberts: Do not look, okay?
Jill Roberts: She said you were the angel of death.

[Sidney gets out of the room. Rebecca goes to Sidney.]
Rebecca Walters: So Sidney, [checks on Sidney] Ooh, ow. Anyway, long story short: Random wants to lock you into three more books now. [shows Sidney the contract.] See the blank line in your contract, you can name your price. And as soon as your clear in this investigation, We're on the next plane in New York: The book today, the view, Nancy Grace and MTV---
Sidney Prescott: Excuse me, can... Can I ask you a question?
Rebecca Walters: Hmm?
Sidney Prescott: Did you read my book?
Rebecca Walters: I thought I'd wait for the movie.
Sidney Prescott: Book tour's over.
[Sidney begins to leave]
Rebecca Walters: Sidney... [Rebecca grabs Sidney.] Accept your situation, you're a victim for life. So embrace it, use it. I know you care about your readers, all those little down-trouble fucks, that just need a light at the end of the tunnel so that they don't jump off a bridge. And a lucky break like this, I'm talkin' a hundred percent increase in sales in minimum. That's maybe a million more people get your message and you gat a ton more checks, and then...
Sidney Prescott: [sighs.] I won't be needing you anymore.
[Sidney begins to leave, Rebecca follows her.]
Rebecca Walters: Sidney.---
Sidney Prescott: You're fired.
[Rebecca stops.]
Rebecca Walters: Fired?
Sidney Prescott: [while leaving] Fired.
Rebecca Walters: Fine.
[Rebecca walks away.]

Rebecca Walters: This is Rebecca!
The Voice: Sidney Prescott, please.
Rebecca Walters: I'm handling Ms. Prescott's calls and appearances. May I take a message?
The Voice: You are the message [Rebecca looks back] Are you writing this down?
Rebecca Walters: Yes, I am. It's kinda hard to hear you. I'm in the hospital with Sidney. If you can hang on this one second.
The Voice: I've got time. It's you, that doesn't ... You know, Rebecca. It doesn't sound to me, you're like in the hospital. Sounds like your in a parking garage. A dark and desert parking garage. But if you wanna be in the hospital. I'd be happy to put you there - in the morgue.

Sidney Prescott: This... you film your entire high school experience and what, post it on the 'net?
Robbie Mercer: Everybody will be doing it some day.
Charlie Walker: It's kind of the one component the killer is missing.
Gale Weathers-Riley: Wait, what do you mean?
Charlie Walker: Well, if you wanna be the new, new version, the killer should be filming the murders.
Robbie Mercer: Yeah, it's like the natural next step in the psycho-slasher innovation. I mean you film them all real-time and before you get caught, you upload them into cyberspace.
Charlie Walker: Making your art as immortal as you.
Charlie Walker: [speaking the same time as Robbie] Not to implicate him.
Robbie Mercer: [speaking same time as Charlie] Not to implicate me.
Sidney Prescott: So who do you think is doing the murders.
Charlie Walker: Well, it's a Stab fanatic clearly. Working on less of a Shrequel and more of a Screamake.
Robbie Mercer: Copyright terms, by the way.
Charlie Walker: Cause all there are now are remakes. Only horror studios green-light. I mean, there are still rules, but the rules have changed. The unexpected is the new cliche.
Robbie Mercer: Yeah, you gotta have an opening sequence, that blows the doors off, gallop some music video direction and the kill's gotta be way more extreme.
Charlie Walker: Modern audiences get sappy to the rules of the original. So, the reverse has become the new standard. In fact, the only sure-fire way to survive a modern horror movie, you pretty much gotta be gay.
Gale Weathers-Riley: So, why are you so sure that the killer is working by the rules of a horror remake?
Robbie Mercer: Well, the original Stab structure is pretty apparent.
Charlie Walker: Yeah, two kids killed in a house when their parents are away?
Robbie Mercer: And, then the school's 'hot chick' savage beyond recognition.
Charlie Walker: We all know where it goes from there...?
Sidney Prescott: A party.
Charlie Walker: Exactly. A party. Guaranteed third-act-main-cast bloodbath.
Robbie Mercer: Fingers crossed on some nudity for a change.

[Sidney picks up the phone]
Sidney Prescott: Robert's residence!
The Voice: You're survivor, aren't you Sidney? Your one and only skill: You survive. I've one question for you. What good did to be a survivor in this little drama, if everyone close to you is death?
Sidney Prescott: Who are you?
The Voice: Turn on the TV to channel 6
Sidney Prescott: Who the fuck are you?
The Voice: Turn it on. Watch the teaser
[She turns on the TV]
Newcaster: But it nearly turned deathly tonight with the latest victim of this attack being the wife of the Woodsboro Sheriff: Gale Riley, AKA Gale Weathers, who is in serious condition tonight after being stabbed. Her assailant then disappeared in sea of identic--
[She turns off the TV]
The Voice: [giggling] Glad, you came home, Sidney. Has it been worth it yet?
Sidney Prescott: Why are you doing this?
The Voice: Ah, friends count, but it's the family ties that cut deep -- Am I right?
Sidney Prescott: What do you mean?
The Voice: The ones you care about most. And what's closer than family? The bond of blood
Sidney Prescott: Don't!
The Voice: You can't save them. All you can do is watch.

Charlie Walker: Alright, I hope no-one minds but I'm putting on Stab 7! No-one cancels my movie night!
Jill Roberts: [eating popcorn] Whoa, whoa, whoa. I don't want to watch that after what happened with Olivia!
Kirby Reed: Oh come on! It was her favourite!
Charlie Walker: Wow, Kirby. You've got some real classics here!
Kirby Reed: Yep. I could trivia your ass under the table cinema-boy!
Charlie Walker: Alright. Who played Leatherface first?
Kirby Reed: [swallows her alcohol] Gunnar Hansen!
Charlie Walker: Wow did you feel that charge between us just then?
Kirby Reed: Oh that was me! I have powers!

Trevor Sheldon: [interrupting Kirby and Charlie's kiss] Hey have you seen Jill?
Kirby Reed: [slumps back against the chair] Yes, Trevor! She's upstairs! Thank god you're here to protect her when you can't even find her!
Trevor Sheldon: Oh I love this part! Just when they think they're safe...Ghostface comes in and BAM!
[Charlie angrily leaves and Kirby glares at Trevor]
Trevor Sheldon: Did I interrupt something?
Kirby Reed: Who invited you Trevor?!
Trevor Sheldon: Okay. Sheesh. Obviously it wasn't you. I'm going to find Jill! [leaves the living room]
Kirby Reed: Get out of my house!

[After Robbie is being stabbed in the shoulder, ghostface is about to strike the final blow]
Robbie Mercer: Wait, no. No you can't... you can't... those rules... I-I'm gay! I'm gay!
[Ghostface pauses and tilts his head.]
Robbie Mercer: If... if that helps?
[Ghostface continues stabbing him]

[Kirby's phone rings.]
Kirby Reed: [checks on her phone.] It's Charlie's phone.
[Kirby unlocks her phone.]
The Voice: Tell Sidney hits the rule tonight! Tell Sidney it's all because of her! or maybe she was into his place. I promise to be quick!
Kirby Reed: [turns to Sidney] It's him.
Sidney Prescott: Okay Kirby. I'm gonna get Jill. Wish me in the same place. Just keep him on the phone. I-I'll be right back okay?
[Sidney leaves.; Kirby turns to Charlie.]
Kirby Reed: Let him go please.
The Voice: I hear you like horror movies, Kirby. But do you like them as much as him? Forget watching Stab, instead you get to live it.
Kirby Reed: No. No, no, no, no. He's the expert. It's not me.
The Voice: Warm up question: Jason's weapon?
Kirby Reed: Uh,it's a machete.
The Voice: There. You see? You do know the genre. Michael Myers?
Kirby Reed: Uh, butcher knife.
The Voice: Leatherface?
Kirby Reed: [crying] Chainsaw! Please!
The Voice: Just ask Sidney if you need some help. Freddy Krueger?
Kirby Reed: Razor-hands.
The Voice: Name the movie that started the slasher craze: Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Last House on the Left, or Psycho?
Kirby Reed: Psycho.
The Voice: None of the above! Peeping Tom, 1960, directed by Michael Powell. First movie to ever put the audience in the killer's POV.
Kirby Reed: Wait. No, no, no. Please, just ask me one more question. Just one more.
The Voice: Alright, Kirby, then it's time for your last chance. Name the remake of the groundbreaking horror movie in which the vill...---
Kirby Reed:  [panickedHalloween, uh, Texas Chainsaw, Dawn of the Dead, The Hills Have E-e-eyes, Amityville Horror, Uh-uh, Last House on the Left, Friday the 13th, A Nightmare On Elm Street, My Bloody Valentine, When A Stranger Calls, Prom Night, Black Christmas, House of Wax, The Fog, Piranha.  It's one of those, right?  Right?!
[The killer hangs up the call. Everything is silent.]
Kirby Reed: [relieved] I got it right. I was fucking right!

[Kirby goes outside and unties Charlie]
Kirby Reed: Don't worry, Charlie. I fucking won. I won. He tried to beat me but I fucking won.
Charlie Walker: [holding knife] Kirby? This is is making a move!
[Charlie stabs her in the stomach.]
Charlie Walker: Four years of class together and you notice me now? You stupid bitch! It's too late! [stabs Kirby again.] Shhh, I know. It doesn't happen as fast as it does in the movies, I know.
Kirby Reed: Ch-ch-charlie...!
[Charlie gets irritated and drops Kirby and he runs away]

Sidney Prescott: How could you do this?
Jill Roberts: Do you know what I was like growing up in this family? Related to you? I mean, all I ever heard was: Sidney this and Sidney that and Sidney, Sidney, Sidney. You were always so fucking special. Well, now I'm special.
Sidney Prescott: You'll slip, they always do.

[After Jill kills Charlie.]
Sidney Prescott: Even your friends?
Jill Roberts: My friends? What world are you living in? I don't need friends; I need fans. Don't you get it? This has never been about killing you. It's about... becoming you. I mean for fucks sake my own mother had to die, no great loss there, so I could stay true to the original. It's sick, right? Well, sick is the new sane. You had your fifteen minutes, now I want mine! I mean what am I supposed to do? Go to college? Grad school? Work? Look around. We all live in public now; we're all on the internet. How do you think people get famous anymore? You don't have to achieve anything! You just got to have fucked up shit happen to you. So, you do have to die Sid. Those are the rules. New movie, new franchise. There's only room for one lead and let's face it. Your ingenue days - they're over.
[Jill stabs Sidney in the stomach.]
Jill Roberts: Don't tell me you didn't know this day would come.
[Sidney collapses on the floor, as Jill creates the fake scene.]

[Dewey enters Gale's room.]
Gale Weathers-Riley: Is she gonna be okay?
Sheriff Dewey Riley: Yeah. She's a strong kid.
Gale Weathers-Riley: She's gonna have to be.
Sheriff Dewey Riley: She has the few okay? She thinks you guys should wrote the book together with your matching moves.
Gale Weathers-Riley: Why, she was stabbed in the shoulder?
[Dewey nods.]
Gale Weathers-Riley: How does she know? I was too?
[She and Dewey realized this and rushes out of the hallway..]

[While Sidney is sleeping, Jill enters her room.; Sidney wakes up.]
Jill Roberts: You just won't die will you? Who are you "Michael fucking Myers"?
[Sidney sees this and attempts to use the call button, but Jill grabs it.]
Jill Roberts: I don't think so.
[Jill throws it away and begins strangling her.]
Jill Roberts: Just fucking die already!

[After Jill knocks Dewey unconscious, She gets his gun and goes to Sidney.]
Jill Roberts: Is this how it's gonna be Sid? The ending of the movie was suppose to be at the house! I mean this is just... [say the final word through clenched teeth] silly!
Sidney Prescott: Consider this an alternative're never gonna get away with this Jill.
Jill Roberts: Of course I will!-
Gale Weathers-Riley: Dewey!
[Gale enters Sidney's room and sees this.; Jill aims her gun at Gale.; Sidney faints.]
Gale Weathers-Riley: Sid. [turns to Jill.] Easy... Okay, okay... What about the book?
Jill Roberts: Looks like I'll just have to write it myself.
[Judy appears and saves Gale through the hospital bed.; Jill shoots, but misses.]
Jill Roberts: God damn it!
[Gale and Judy hide under the bed.]
Jill Roberts: Don't even think about shooting [aims the gun at Dewey.] Or I'll blow Dewey's head off.
[Gale and Judy's eyes widen in shock and turn to each other.]
Jill Roberts: What, you think I wont do it?! Give me your gun!
Gale Weathers-Riley: [to Judy] Do it.
[Judy slowly rises.; Sidney gets up and sees this.; Judy slowly raises her hands.]
Jill Roberts: Just had to be the hero, huh? [aims the gun at Judy.] Give me your gun.
[Judy doesn't respond.]
Jill Roberts: What are you, deaf?! Give me. Your gun!
[Judy tosses the gun to Jill, as she kicks it away.; Sidney reaches the defibrilator.]
Jill Roberts: Now get up...
[Judy gets up.]
Jill Roberts: ...and keep your hands over your head.
Deputy Judy Hicks: Don't do anything stu---
[Jill shoots Judy in the chest.]
Jill Roberts: Don't fucking tell me what to do.
Gale Weathers-Riley: Oh God...
[Jill aims the gun at Gale.]
Jill Roberts: Now get up, bitch.
Gale Weathers-Riley: Okay.
Jill Roberts: Get up!
[Gale looks at Jill.]
Jill Roberts: Now!
Gale Weathers-Riley: Okay.
[Gale slowly gets up and checks at Sidney.]
Jill Roberts: Come on.
[Gale checks at Dewey, who regains consciousness.]
Jill Roberts: Let's go. Get your skinny ass out here.
Gale Weathers-Riley: Okay.
[Sidney turns on the defibrilator.]
Jill Roberts: I'm gonna enjoy blowing your head off.
Gale Weathers-Riley: Okay, but... Can I just have one final word?
Jill Roberts: What? "Please?"
[Sidney grabs two defibrilator pads.]
Gale Weathers-Riley: No...
[The defibrilator charges to 360 joules.]
Gale Weathers-Riley: Clear.
Jill Roberts: Clear?
[Sidney appears behind Jill, with two defibrillator pads.]
Sidney Prescott: Clear.
[Sidney electrocutes Jill, with two defibrillator pads, until she collapses on the floor.]
Sidney Prescott: You forgot the first rule of remakes, Jill: "Don't fuck with the originals".
[Gale goes to Dewey.]
Gale Weathers-Riley: Oh my god Dewey.
[Sidney puts back the defibrilator.]
Sheriff Dewey Riley: What did I get hit with?
[Sidney goes to Dewey.]
Sidney Prescott: Don’t ask.
Gale Weathers-Riley: [turns to Sidney] Are you okay?
[Sidney nods.]

[Jill gets up and grabs a glass shard.]
Sheriff Dewey Riley: She was standing right behind me.
Sidney Prescott: They always are.
[Jill stumbles further to Sidney and attempts to kill her, but Sidney grabs the gun and shoots Jill in the chest. Jill collapses on the floor, dead. Everyone sighs.]
Gale Weathers-Riley: Oh my god.
[Judy gets up.]
Deputy Judy Hicks: Nice one.
Gale Weathers-Riley: [turns to Judy.] Hicks your alive?
[Judy unbuttons her uniform, revealing she's wearing a bullet-proof vest.]
Deputy Judy Hicks: Wear the vest, save your chest.
[Judy collapses.; Dewey responds on his radio.]
Sheriff Dewey Riley: I got two officers down, several injuries, and a new suspect.
[Dewey faints.]
Gale Weathers-Riley: We need a doctor! god damn it!
[Gale rushes out to the hallway, as Sidney is staring at her dead cousin's body.]
Sidney Prescott: I don’t know about you, but I feel a whole better.

[A group of news reporters are reporting outside the hospital.]
News Reporter #2: Were live at Woodsboro Community Hospital awaiting for the public statement for Jill Roberts, survivor.
News Reporter #3: A survivor, what is now being called the Woodsboro Massacre Reboot".
News Reporter #4: Jill Roberts is her name. Who'll soon the whole world will now know.
News Reporter #5: ...who single-handedly put a stop in those 21st century Woodsboro killing spree.
News Reporter: Jill Roberts of Woodsboro, a girl who's lifted all our spirits tonight. An American hero, right out of the movies.


  • New decade. New rules.


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