The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature

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The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature is a 2017 3D computer-animated comedy film directed by Cal Brunker and written by Scott Bindley, Brunker and Bob Barlen. Based on characters created by Peter Lepeniotis. The film is a sequel to The Nut Job (2014). Produced by Gulfstream Pictures, Redrover International and ToonBox Entertainment, the film was released theatrically on August 11, 2017, by Open Road Films.

Get Ready. Get Set. Get Nuts!  (taglines)


  • You scared us, you cute little guy. Boop.
  • [After watching Mr. Feng eat some Cotton Candy] That is a lot of Sugar for a little guy.
  • We, uh... We fight!
  • Stop!
  • I call that one the flying squirrel.


  • [To the chipmunks] Does anybody else think that's a good idea?
  • Surly, they've got everyone. The Groundhogs, Mole, even Buddy.
  • Rise and shine, people. Today is gonna be a great day.


  • [To Surly] This is my feminine charm!
  • [After the Nut Shop explodes] Oh, no! The peanut butter machine was in there! Oh, I can still taste you on my lips.


  • [first lines after getting hit by Precious] Okay. Someone's gonna pay for that.
  • [to Precious] Hey there, Precious. [Precious: Wha? How do you know my name?] Wait you're name is actually Precious? Whoa. My name's Frankie. It's long for Frank.

Mr. Feng[edit]

  • [repeated line] DON'T CALL ME CUTE!
  • I'm a weapon of mouse destruction.
  • We are in this together!

Mayor Muldoon[edit]

  • Liberty Park. Nothin' but grass and trees sittin' on premium city real estate, generates zero profit. I can't very well charge children to climb trees now can I? [Deputy Mayor: I'll look into it, sir. Dollar a climb?] No need. [grabs a bottle of Champagne and pours it into his glass] I got bigger plans than trees. [Others: Ooh.] [Laughing]
  • Who wants a regular ol' park, when you can have an amusement park?
  • Ooh, some mangy little rodents think they can stop me?
  • Time to eat my vegetables. [Chuckles] And by vegetables, I mean ketchup.
  • So long, suckers. I hear Canada's nice this time of year.
  • [to Gunther] I want that Squirrel's head deep fried on a stick!


[Mayor Muldoon's limousine pulls up to a Press Conference at LibertyPark. The Mayor exits the Limo and walks pass the Press]
Woman: One question. One question.
Mayor Muldoon: Ladies & Gentlemen of the Press, Welcome to LibertyPark. I think we can all agree this borin' ol' Park needs a shot in the arm. Behold! [Removes the red sheet which shows the poster for LibertyLand] LibertyLand! The greatest place on Earth! [The Press takes photos] Who wants a regular park when you can have an amusement park? It's more fun, more rides, more games. [to his Deputy Mayor; quietly] And more profit.
Deputy Mayor: [laughs]
Mayor Muldoon: LibertyLand is my greatest creation!
Heather Muldoon: You told me I was your greatest creation!
[Heather Muldoon, the Mayor's daughter and her dog Frankie appear behind the Press who all glare at the Mayor]
Mayor Muldoon: No, no. Of course you are, sweetheart. Uh, Libertyland is my second greatest creation.
[Heather and Frankie walk up to the poster]
Heather Muldoon: No, no, no. This is all wrong. I want the tilt-a-wheel here, bumper cars here, and cotton candy here, here, here, here, here, and HERE!
Mayor Muldoon: That's a lot of cotton candy now, Snookums. We don't want your teeth to fall out.
Heather Muldoon: But I want it! [She screams so loud it makes the birds fly away]
Mayor Muldoon: Okay, she wants her teeth to fall out, let's do it. Can we get some more cotton candy, please?
Deputy Mayor: Yes, sir.
Mayor Muldoon: Now!
[Surly, Andie and Buddy, appearing from some rocks have witnessed everything]
Andie: This doesn't look good.
Surly: [sarcastically] Why don't you sing a song about it?
[Andie glares at him]
Female Reporter: Mr. Mayor, over here. Mr. Mayor. Mr Mayor. What's going to happen the animals in the park?
Mayor Muldoon: Ah. Nobody care about these animals. [chuckles]
[The press gasp, shocked at what he said]
Mayor Muldoon: Nobody care more than me. But don't you worry I will take care of 'em. I will make sure they're all take care of. And without further ado, [Presses a button on his cane which makes a Shovel appear] let the ground-breakin' begin.
[Muldoon and Heather pose for their photos to be taken by the Press]
Andie: Look at that sign. They're going to destroy the park!
Redline: [jumps out of a bush] WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!
Surly: Calm down. It’s a fat guy with a tiny shovel. How much damage can he do? [A massive Excavator appears out of nowhere and digs up the ground next to him] Oh, I get it. Tiny shovel was a symbolic gesture.
[The Excavator begins to dig the ground where Andie, Buddy and the others are standing]
Andie: Oh no! Run!
[Andie and the animals quickly evacuate as the Excavator digs the ground. The Mayor returns to his Limo]
Mayor Muldoon: Well. my work here is done. [to Heather as his Deputy Mayor closes the door] You see, sweetheart. I make the speech, they do the work. [chuckles]
Deputy Mayor: Whew [Heather appears out nowhere, pressing her tongue against the window, scaring the Deputy Mayor] Aah!
[The Mayor then drives away while a Blue Truck enters LibertyPark]

Heather Muldoon: [to Precious] Roll over. [Precious doesn't do anything] I said, roll over! [Precious drops down looking dead]
Frankie: What are you doing? Roll over.
Precious: I don't know how, I'm not classically trained.
Frankie: Oh boy, this ain't gonna be good.
Heather Muldoon: [frustrated groan] You better learn to do some tricks or you're gonna be hungry! [growls]

[Andie wakes up in her cage, after being knocked out]
Male: Andie.
Female: She's awake.
Andie: Mmm. Is everyone here?
Jamie: [sighs] Everyone but Surly.
Mole: What happened to Surly?
Precious: He's probably got those animal control creeps right where he wants 'em.
[An Animal Control Guy climbs into the van and slams the door]
Animal Control Guy: [to the animals while banging on the wall] You're not gonna like where you're goin'. [Starts the engine and laughs cruelly as he drives away, taking the Animals to be exterminated]
Andie: What's going on? Where are they taking us?
Redline: [depressed] We're all gonna die. deeeee...finetly gonna die.
[The Animal Control Guy continues driving until he comes across Surly in the road]
Surly: Stop!
Animal Control Guy: Hello, road kill. [Pushes the gas petal to make it go faster towards Surly while laughing]
Surly: Now!
[Mr. Feng and his Mouse Henchmen charge from an Alley]
Mr. Feng: CHARGE!!!
[Mr. Feng and the mice hit the van, causing it to tip over and freeing Andie and the animals from their cages]
Andie: Surly?
Surly: Before you get mad, just remember, you're the one who wanted a crazy plan. I'd like you to meet my new friend Mr. Feng.
Mole: Oh, he's so cute.
[Feng punches him away and Mole lands on the Bruisers]
Surly: That reminds me, don't call him cute.
Andie: How did you convince a gang of city mice to come help us?
Mr. Feng: We are not city mice. We are just mice.
Surly: A long time ago, Mr. Feng and his friends were chased out of their homes, too.
Mr. Feng: Nobody was there to stand up for us, and we lost everything. But Surly is right. We are all animals and we are in this together.
Surly: Individually, we might be tiny, be together we're giants.
Mouse Henchmen: [Snarling]
Surly: For the park!
Animals: FOR THE PARK!!!


  • Get Ready. Get Set. Get Nuts!
  • This Summer's Nuttiest Family Adventure.
  • Protect Your Nuts. (Surly tagline)
  • Drool Rules. (Precious tagline)
  • Fur-Ever Love. (Precious and Frankie tagline)
  • The Squirrel Power. (Andie tagline)
  • Large and in Charge. (Johnny tagline)
  • The Bruiser. (Jimmy tagline)
  • A Wacky Mole. (Mole tagline)
  • A Weapon of Mouse Destruction. (Mr. Feng tagline)


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