Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

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Seasons: 1: Island 2: Action 3: World Tour 4: Revenge of the Island 5: All-Stars and Pahkitew Island

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island is the fourth season of Total Drama.


Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er! [4.01][edit]

Chris: [opening narration, as an astronaut works on a satellite] We've been to the movies. We've been around the world. [scene changes from outer space to Camp Wawanakwa] And this season, we're going right back to where it all Camp Wawanakwa! I'm Chris McLean and as you can see, things have changed since we've been away. And by change, I mean, gotten really really dangerous. [a tentacle takes an intern] (Giggles) Good stuff!

Chris: And speaking of our cast members, here they come now!
[a yacht with the original cast on-board appears all of the contestants from the past three seasons, are seen partying on a yacht floating past the island]
Owen: [as their yacht goes past the Dock of Shame] Nooooo!!
Chris: [laughs] No, not them! This season, we've got all new players, fighting for the million! And here they come now, for real!
[another yacht appears, carrying the new contestants]
Chris: Meet Jo.
Jo: [to Scott] Stay out of my way if you value your kiwis!
Chris: Scott!
Scott: [to Jo] Right back at ya. [sniffs armpit]
Chris: Zoey and Mike!
Zoey: [to Mike] Can you believe we're here?!
Mike: Yeah, it's... [looking at Zoey] beautiful.
Chris: Lightning!
Lightning: [knocks Mike and Zoey out of the way] Hello, Gorgeous! [kisses his bicep]
Chris: Brick.
Brick: [saluting, accidentally dropping Zoey in the process] Brick MacArthur, reporting for duty!
Chris: B and Dawn.
Dawn: [to B] Your aura is an exceptionally purplish-green. Oh, it suits you, though.
Chris: Dakota!
Dakota: Hey there. [giggles] Dakota here! And I'm here to win this! [is cut off by Chris mid-sentence]
Chris: Anne Maria!
Anne Maria: [applying spray tan] Ah yeah, three more coats ought a do it.
Dakota: [pushes Anne Maria out of the camera] Whoa, who said you could pan away?
Anne Maria: [Dakota screams when Anne Maria attacks her with spray tan] Don't push me, Blondie!
Chris: [as Staci walks up behind Anne Maria] Staci!
Staci: My Great Aunt Milly invented suntan. Yeah, before her, people used to smear themselves in clay. [Anne Maria sprays Staci with spray tan as well]
Chris: Cameron!
Cameron: Fresh air, a real lake, birds! [pigeons knock him off a railing]
Chris: And Sam.
Sam: [playing video games] Oh yeah! Grenade launcher upgrade! Heh heh, now we're cooking!
Chris: Yup, it's our most roughest, toughest, most explosive season ever! [detonates a bomb on the yacht] Right here on Total Drama: Revenge of the Island!

Owen: [rejoins Chris awaiting at the cabins] Hey Chris, get this, the boat wouldn't stop.
Chris: Oh look, it's former player Owen, who's not competing this year!
Owen: Yeah, so I swam back to tell, what? Not competing?
Chris: I'm afraid you and the other "classic" campers have outlived your usefulness, Chef.
[Chef puts bomb on Owen's face causing Owen to scream and run away as Chris and Chef laugh after he blast off the island from the explosion]

Truth or Laser Shark [4.02][edit]

Jo: Just did my morning 5K run. You?
Brick: 8K.
Jo: I mean, I did an 8K warm-up, then 5K at a full sprint.
Brick: My entire run was uphill.
Jo: Yeah, uphill with my eyes shut!
Brick: I ran backwards with earplugs!
Jo: Why earplugs?
Brick: [foolishly] I don't know!

Scott: [strocking rat] That's a nice rat, that's a good rat [B points to his hand] Oh you want this rat? Then why didn't you say so Beverly!

Dawn: [mouse is squeaking to her] What's that? Duck now? Ok. [she ducks as the cannonball avoids her and hits Brick in the face]
Brick: [after the cannonball falls off his face] DUH-AYEE! [faints]

Ice Ice Baby [4.03][edit]

Chris: And will the lady be participating?
Anne Maria: Have you seen my nails? These are why I drive with my feet!

Jo: Get ready to lose to a girl again!
Lightning: What girl? Who's he talking about?

Dawn: [To Scott] You weren't held enough as a child.
Scott: [Confessional] Okay, she's gotta go too.

Finders Creepers [4.04][edit]

Zoey: [in confessional] Mike is so sweet. The way he's always encouraging Cameron is totally cool! The way he's always going into character is totally weird. But, hey, nobody's perfect, right?
Mike: [in confessional] Zoey. [gushes] She is all I think about! At least when I'm the one in control. [nervous chuckling]

Anne Maria: [noticing Brick's disappearance] Where did he go?
Jo: Ah, well. Two words; deadweight.
Anne Maria: Hey! Brick may not be attractive in any way, but he is still a person.
Mike: Yeah! Your cutthroat attitude stinks.
Jo: [smugly] It's called a winning attitude. Get used to it. Or get out of the way.

Backstabbers Ahoy! [4.05][edit]

Scott: [dreaming] Land shark, get away... [Brick's alarm clock goes off and Scott falls from his bed]
Sam: My ears!!!
Lightning: [wakes up] I'm up coach! Lightning is up!
Scott: What's happening?!
Lightning: Outta my way!!! [Lightning crashes into Scott and Sam]
Brick: [wakes up, undisturbed by the alarm and dressed up] Rise and shine, soldiers.

Sam: Dude, sounds like a shaman warlock cast a screaming spell on you.
Lightning: Lightning was robbed!
Sam: What'd they take, your weapons or your armor?
Lightning: My protein powder!
Sam: Oh. Yeah, that is... totally worth freaking out over, probably.

Runaway Model [4.06][edit]

Lindsay: Yay! Don't you just love my new special fashion judgey shoes?!

A Mine is a Terrible Thing to Waste [4.07][edit]

Manitoba: G'day Sheila! Names Manitoba Smith! Here leave the torches to the menfolk beauty.
Zoey: They talk like that in Manitoba?

Anne Maria: Do I look like a lifeboat! [throws Scott off of her head]
Zoey: [Holding back Anne Maria] I'm sure that it's an accident that Scott landed on you!
Scott: Yeah! An accident! I hope you both realize whose fault this is! The minecarts were Mike's idea!
Anne Maria: But he just didn't try to drown me!

The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean [4.08][edit]

Mike: What? Where are we?
Zoey: No! Chris must've set us adrift when we went to sleep!
Scott: Yeah...wait, I don't remember anything after dinner.
Cameron: Dinner. That's it!

Chris: [as he and Chef Hatchet pull up to the campers on personal watercraft] Morning, suckers! How did you enjoy your turkey butterlini?
Dakota: Hey, Chris. How many times have you called your mommy today? [Chris and Chef Hatchet notice that she is growing taller] I had no idea that Tabasco was used as a thumb-sucking deterrent until I started interning for "Sippy-cup" McLean!
Chris: Uhh... [the other campers start to notice Dakota's "growth spurt"]
Dakota: What? What are you all staring at?!
Mike: Uh, your hair is already growing back. [Dakota now has short, spiky, bright green hair]
Dakota: [gasps] Really?! [touching the top of her head] Yay!! [notices that she is towering over her teammates] Um, when did you all get shorter?

Chris: [after explaining the episode's challenge] Hey, Dakota! Catch! [throws her a compact]
Dakota: [opens the compact] What's this? Oooh, a picture of a scary monster? Big deal!
Scott: Dude, that's a mirror.
Dakota: [looking into the compact] Ahhhh!! I'm a monster!! [growling while breaking the compact; angrily, to Chris] When I get my hands on you, I'LL TEAR YOU APART!!
Chris: [panicked] Ahh!! Game on!! [backing up his watercraft away from Dakota]

Gwen: [hits her head against the treasure chest] Uh! What the?! [realizing she is buried alive] Oh no! I'm buried alive?! AGAIN?!! CHRIS-SSSSS!!! [bangs her fist against the treasure chest]
Mike: [to Chris] Burying someone alive is seriously dangerous. Even by your standards!

Chris: [After Dakota has grown bigger as a monster] We're gonna need some elephant tranquilizers.

Gwen: Where's my? [pulls out her cell phone and calls Chris] Ugh! Lousy Chris with his stupid game on his crummy show! [Chris' cell phone rings]
Chris: [answering the phone] Hello-oooh?
Gwen: You've gone too far this time, McLean! You can't... [Sam passes gas]
Chris: Ewww-ugh!
Gwen: That wasn't me! This guy won't stop farting...ugh! I can't breathe... [passes out due to Sam's flatulence]
Chris: Eh, I'm sure she's fine.

Grand Chef Auto [4.09][edit]

Chris: [on roof, waking the campers up with an alarm] Good morning, campers! Today we have a very special treat
Lightning: [gasp] Fantasy football?
Zoey: [gasp] Expressoes?
Scott: Helicopter bear hunt?
Chris: Nope, it's merge day. No more Team Rat and no more Team Maggot. [jumps off roof and walks to Jo and Lightning] For now on, it's every man, woman, and Cameron for himself.

Chris: I give you Total Drama's Favourite Juvenile Delinquient, Duncan! [Chef brought Duncan, tied to a dolly] Duncan owes me some camera time for skipping out on Total Drama World Tour. So, I save an extra painful challenge demo, just for him.
Duncan: Eat dirt, McLean!
Chris: No, that's your job.

Chris: And the winner of Grand Chef Auto is...Where's everyone?
Lightning: Gone for that last landmark, the extra one that you added.
Chris: What last landmark? Ah.. [checks GPS] Mount Chrismore!!! DUNCAN!!!
Chef: That Duncan is one baaaaaaad dude.

Chris: [to Lightning who thinks he has won] No. No vote for you!
Lightning: What?
Chris: You fell for an obvious prank by Duncan.
Duncan: [show up behind a rock] Sorry, bro. That wasn't me. [detonate Mt. Chrismore] Now that, that was me! [laugh maniacally with Chef]

Up, Up & Away in My Pitiful Balloon [4.10][edit]

Zoey: Wow! You're the Heather?
Heather: [to Zoey] Sorry, I have this policy of not talking to losers.
Zoey: Oh, I'm not a loser, you know unless everyone else think I am.

Heather: [fakes crying] Oh, I'm sorry. All I wanted was the money. But this is just gone too far. Here, just take it. [smashes Lightning with the case].

Heather: [screaming to Lightning] I was robbed!!! I deserve that money!!

Eat, Puke & Be Wary [4.11][edit]

DJ: [after his blindfold is taken off] No, not here! I vowed never to come back as long as there was breath in my lungs!

Chef Hatchet: [at the Hurl of Shame] I've been waiting to be the Hurl Master of this game!
Chris: [showing up on his jetpack] And you're gonna keep waiting.
Cameron, Lightning, and Zoey: Chris!
Chris: Yep! I'm the Hurl Master around here. You see, Scott, the Hurl of Shame is both shameful and painful, so I arranged for a friend to join you on your journey. [Fang jumps out of the water, startling Scott and takes his tooth back] This is my way of saying thanks, for flinging me into a pit of poo! [catapults Scott and Fang]

The Enchanted Franken-Forest [4.12][edit]

Lightning: [in confessional with a Cameron dummy, mocking him] Hello, my name is Cameron, and I'm a sneaky challenge stealer! [in his normal voice] I made this Cameron-looking punching bag to give me extra motivation! What's that, you want me to punch you again? SHA-BAM! [Punches the dummy]

Cameron: Lightning is furious at me for winning the last immunity. He's focused all his energy on pumping iron and psyching me out, me! The guy who gets phsyched out by feathers and big drinking cups. [Chef puts two large drinking cups in front of Cameron as he falls] Are you even listening to me?

Zoey: You got to grab your fear at the throat and throttle it into courage! The thing that can turn a passive, small town teen who sews her own clothes into a hardened, extermination machine! [Uses a slingshot to shoot at Chef, dropping all his dishes] Besides, whatever Lightning's thinking can't be that bad.

Cameron: [in confessional, placing an ice pack on his hand] What happened to Zoey? Eh, no big deal, as long she protects me from Lightning. [screams as Lightning punches through the outhouse]
Lightning: End game is near. Bottom of the ninth, bases are loaded! Entering the storm corridor now, and it is time for the LIGHTNING TO STRIKE!! [lifts the outhouse] SHA-BAM!! [his pants drop down, and he drops the outhouse upon realization]

Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown [4.13][edit]

All: 1...2...3! [cheers]
Chris: He's done it! Cameron has done it! Cameron wins Total Drama: Revenge of the Island and the million dollar prize!
Cameron: Yes! I did it!

Chris: Congratulations Cameron. To the winner go the spoils. [opens the million dollar case] One million dollars in cold, hard cash!
Cameron: Thanks! [to the losing contestants] And thanks for all your support! It made all the difference!
Anne Maria: So, what are you gonna spend it on first? Hair or shoes? Because both need a lot of work.
Sam: Didn't you hear his mom? He needs the cash to pump up his bubble.
Cameron: Well, I was going to use the bubble to heal my shattered body... But after surviving without any crippling injuries, I don't need to go back to my bubble ever again! [everyone cheers] And I couldn't have done it without all of you, so, I'm gonna spend it all on you guys instead! [everyone cheers again]
Sam: Hello, world's biggest television and every game system in existence!
Jo: I can finally open my dream gym!
Brick: Fashion school, here I come! [everyone on the boat looks at him awkwardly] Yeah, you heard me.

EPA: You're busted, McLean!
Chris: Huh?! For WHAT?!
EPA: Creating an environmental disaster, THAT'S WHAT! [several Haz-mat teams and helicopters converge on the island] Residents of Wawanakwa! Your island is now under government protection. You are hereby quarantined! Prepare for heavy scrub decontamination!
[Chris can be heard screaming in pain as the campers speed away cheering]

[Lightning's alternate ending]
Mike: Oh my gosh! Cam, get up!
Cameron: [tries to get up] I can't! The suit's out of power! It won't budge!
Jo: Come on Megajock! Pin him!
Lightning: [In a daze] Lightning's going to the Super Bowl! Sha-Baaam! [falls to the ground].
[everyone gasps]
Chris: 1...2...3! He's done it! Lightning has done it! Lightning wins Total Drama: Revenge of the Island and the million dollar prize!
Jo: [every contestant besides Jo groans] Yes! Brawn over brains. Thank you. I taught him that, by the way.

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