Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

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Total Drama: Revenge Of The Island is the 4th season of Total Drama.

Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er![edit]

Jo:(to Scott) Stay out of my way if you value your kiwis.
Scott:(to Jo) Right back at ya.

Dawn:(to B) Your aura is an exceptionally purplish-green. Oh, it suits you, though.
(B stays silent)

Zoey: (removes her hand away from Dawn's grasp)

Truth Or Laser Shark[edit]

Jo: Just did my morning 5K run. You?
Brick: 8K.
Jo: I mean, I did an 8K warm-up, then 5K at a full sprint.
Brick: My entire run was uphill.
Jo: Yeah, uphill with my eyes shut!
Brick: I ran backwards with earplugs!
Jo: Why earplugs?
Brick: (foolishly) I don't know!

Scott:[strocking rat] that's a nice rat, that's a good rat [B points to his hand] Oh you want this rat? Then why didn't you say so Beverly!

Dawn: (mouse is squeaking to her.) What's that? Duck now? Ok. (She ducks as the cannonball avoids her and hits Brick in the face.)
Brick: (after the cannonball falls off his face) DUH-AYEE! (faints.)

Ice Ice Baby[edit]

Chris: And will the lady be participating?
Anne Maria: Have you seen my nails? These are why I drive with my feet!

Jo: Get ready to lose to a girl again!
Lightning: What girl? Who's he talking about?

Dawn: (To Scott) You weren't held enough as a child.
Scott: (Confessional) Okay, she's gotta go too.

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