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Total Drama Island (2023) is the first Reboot Season And The 6th season Overall of Total Drama. It Has 2 Parts. new cast of 16 contestants. hosted by Chris McLean (Terry McGurrin, replacing Christian Potenza), who is assisted by the camp's chef and his co-host, Chef Hatchet (Deven Mack, replacing Clé Bennett).



Part 1


Meet the Victims

Wayne: Our team has some real hotties!
Raj: For sure, eh!
Bowie: Okay, if you're gonna talk about me, I'll give you some privacy.

[Caleb got voted off when Bowie convinced his team to vote for him, as he was seen as a threat.]
Caleb: I don't get it, look at me! How- Why am I going home? I was the strongest player on my team! I'm smart, kind... This is garbage! I should go back there and give them a piece of my mi-. [Before he can finish, the Drine of Despair, grabs him and carries him away] Whoa!
[Unbeknowst of anyone, Bowie was hiding in a bush, smirking]

Pirates of the Cabbagean

Axel: I don't see how the loss was my fault! I kicked a teammate overboard and yelled orders at the rest of the team to show they were below me. I did NOTHING wrong!
[Axel looks up and sees the drone of despair.]
Axel: You’ll never take me alive! [dives in the lake]
Chris: Yeah! That won’t help!
[The Drone of Despair grabs Axel and carries her away.]
Axel: When the zombie apocalypse happens, I’m not gonna help any of you!

Drown Town Abbey

[Nichelle was voted off because she revealed to her teammates that she was not a real action hero and that she had a stunt double named Jerry, which cost the Frogs of Death the challenge.]
Nichelle: Okay. You fell down, hurt your pride. So, what?! So, what?! I won’t let this define me. My mom did not raise a quitter, no she did not. There is only one person to blame here. [confessional] Jerry, my stunt double! Where were you when I needed you most, huh, Jerry? Huh?!
[The Drone of Despair grabs Nichelle’s leg as she leaves the island]
Nichelle: I hate you, Jerry!

Numbskull Island

Ripper: [upon getting the last marshmallow] YEAH! YEAH!! I'm gonna roast this one!!! [he "roasts" it by putting it under his butt and farting on it until it turns a sickly greenish-brown...]
Damien: Don't tell me he's gonna... [...and he still eats it, immediately disgusting Damien enough that he pukes]

[Scary Girl got voted off because she ran off to give the skull a makeover, instead of giving it to Chris for the win, which cost the Ferocious Trout the challenge]
Scary Girl: I didn't win, but I met a lot of people and I know their names. Which is good if you ever need an organ.
[Gets taken away, not by The Drone Of Despair, but by opening her umbrella and flying away like Mary Poppins]
Chris: Bye! Don’t forget to not write!

Jurassic Fart

[Julia reveals her true Colors when a raptor roared at her.]
Julia: I am so glad I skipped the beans this morning. [steps on a branch]

[Damien got voted off because, even though he was more than willing to compete, his teammates repay them for saving their lives by voting for him, as he no longer wanted to be voted off]
Damien: When I wanted to be booted off, no one did it. Then, I changed my mind about wanting to leave and-- [sigh] Irony is a cruel, cruel- [Screams as he gets taken away from The Drone of Despair] This is not safe!

Launch Back of Notre Game

[MK was eliminated when Julia exposed her for recording their confessionals and stealing their stuff.]
MK: Aww man! That phone had all the dirt I needed to get myself into the finals. This rots! [The Drone of Despair grabs her and takes her away] Eh, on the bright side, at least I didn't make any friends.

Severe Eggs and Pain

Chris: Welcome to the next challenge! But, before we get started, Trout, Frogs, please bring Chef your flags. [Emma and Priya walk over and give their team banners to Chef, who throws them in a fire.]
Chef: No more Trout, no more Frogs! The teams are now merged!

Ripper: I am the winner! Touchdown! [throws his egg down, but, it hatched into a baby cassowary]
Chris: Ooh. Sorry! I wanted an egg. That is a baby.
Ripper: But, but, it was an egg. [the baby cassowary proceeds to bite his leg] Oww! [he throws it away, but, the baby cassowary ends up chasing him]
Chris: Win denied!
Ripper: Oh. My mother was right! Babies ruin everything!
[At the same time, Millie and Priya run by with cassowary eggs.]

[Wayne and Raj both left the competition, as they were attacked by a cassowary and fell down a cliff, leaving them being too injured to continue]
Chris: Boys, it was a pleasure having you here. Any parting words?
Raj: I'm a hotdog type!
Chris: Okay. Later skaters!
[Wayne and Raj get taken away by The Drone of Despair]
Wayne and Raj: Oh, Canada! :[Sings Canada's National Anthem]

The Wheel of Vomit

Ripper: When I got here, I was just an awesome, super good-looking guy that everybody loved, but I think I showed the world I'm more than that. I'm leaving here a world record fart-holder! [Confessional] So... [Laughs] You're not gonna see me cry, I'll wait 'till I get home. [Gets taken away by The Drone of Despair, getting wedgied]
Ripper: Ow! Ow! Chris! No, Chris!!!!

Paddle Field Earth

[Zee got voted off when he reveals that he joined both alliances and when Bowie asked for a re-vote, they ended up sending Zee home.]
Zee: Not gonna lie, I lasted longer than I thought I would! What a wild ride. Got to fly through an electrical storm, drank disgusting cow liquid, and even had a brief relationship with a large bird! [Confessional] [Sigh] Ugh, yeah. I didn't win the million bucks, but uh... I wouldn't change a thing! ...How did I get in here? Wasn't I just on the dock?! [Gets taken away by The Drone of Despair]
Julia: [To Bowie] Hey, watch it, blondie!

The Truth, The Pole Truth and Nothing But the Truth

[Chase got eliminated when he knocked Millie and Julia off their poles and threw the challenge for pizza.]
Chase: Yeah, I got eliminated, and I didn't win the million bucks. [Confessional] But I got free pizza!!! Ba-Ba-Bauh! Oh, and uh, I got Emma back! I don't know how but, girls right? Who knows why they do anything. [Gets taken away by The Drone of Despair by the pizza slice he was about to eat] No!!! Get off of my pizza!!

Tortoise Rigamortis

Emma: When I first got here, I was just like, a little mad at Chase. But, I think I hit it well. Then he totally helped me win immunity with the pole challenge, and we kissed.[Confessional] So, I may not be going back home with a million dollars, but I'm going home to a boyfriend! [Gets taken away by The Drone of Despair]

Caved by the Bell

Chris: So, Priya had immunity, let’s take a look at the votes. Julia, Julia. [Bowie and Julia look at Millie and Priya, as they were the ones that voted for Julia, they fist bumped each other] Next vote, Millie the nerd. And here’s a drawing of Millie’s stinky butt. Nice touch!
Julia: [sits up and takes a bow, before sitting back down] Thank you!
Chris: That’s two votes for Julia and one for Millie. Now, in the event of a tie, the camper who makes it to the finale and plays for one million dollars will be the camper with the most previous immunity wins.
Millie and Priya: What?!
Julia: Yes! Ha! Whoo-Hoo! Hahaha! [confessional] I was hoping for a fight to the death, but this works too.
Chris: Without further ado, the final vote is for... Julia!?
Julia: What?! No! You read it wrong. It’s a tie! Bowie and I agreed to vote for [gasps, when she realized that Bowie betrayed her] YOU!!!
Bowie: [confessional] Me! [To Julia] Like you said! We’re the villains!
Julia: I’m going to find you and I’m going to...
Chris: Julia! Dock of Shame! Let’s go!
Julia: [walks away in a huff] If a double crosser can’t trust a double crosser, who can they trust, huh?! The answer is no one, and I forgot that! [confessional] Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some orders to cancel.
[As Julia tries to cancel some orders, the Drone of Despair grabs her phone]
Julia: Huh. Hey! No! This is my last phone! Chris!

Magma Cum Laude


Part 2


The Pink Painter Strikes Again

Scary Girl: This is what you get while trying to conform with societal norms, carried into the sky by a drone. [confessional] I didn’t even try to hurt anyone on my team this time! I taught myself how to smile 40% less creepily! Oh. This isn’t the last of Scary Girl. I’m going to make them pay! [laughs maniacally as the Drone of Despair takes her away.]

Taking It to the Rim Reaper

[Chase got eliminated when he spent most of the challenge trying to film the perfect waterslide intro instead of helping his teammates.]
Chase: Uh, what are the producers thinking? Eliminating the best looking contestant this early? Not a smart move! [confessional] I'll show them. When the ratings tank and they come crawling up to me crying "Chase, please, we need you!" I'll be like (scoffs) Okay.

You Poor Saps

[Millie got voted off, because, her teammates were still mad at her for pushing Damien down the fourth slide, unaware that Damien forgave her for that incident.]

Choosin' for a Brusin

[Emma got voted off, because, after insisting that she’s a people person, she tried answering the questions for her team, only to get them wrong, which cost Team Rat Face the challenge. And if that wasn’t enough, Ripper and Axel officially became a couple.]
Emma: [confessional] Aww! I really thought I had a chance this season. Guess I’ll have to go back to earning millions of dollars recording ten second dance routines on my phone.
Chris: Take her away! [The Drone of Despair takes Emma away] Well. That ends another episode and surprisingly, no one died.

Ice to Beat You


Canoe Belive It?

Chris: It’s huge announcement time!
Julia: Get on with it!
Chris: Chef! Do your thing!
Chef: [walks over] Team Rat Face! Team Skunk Butt! These are your banners.
[Chef holds up the team banners, before putting them in a toxic substance, which caused an explosion.]
Chris: The teams are merged! Look to your left and then to your right. Those are now your sworn enemies, going forward, only one camper can win immunity, which means everybody else is up for elimination.
Julia: Oh. It is on!
Bowie: [confessional] With the teams merging, I can’t control the vote and Julia is like a hungry dog eyeing a char-broiled Bowie burger. I need to win immunity today!

[Bowie got eliminated when Julia told the other competitors that the cheating was Bowie’s idea, sparing MK from elimination.]
Julia: [confessional with MK] I told the Rat Faces that it was Bowie’s idea to cheat with the intern costume.
MK: I can’t feel my face!
Bowie I should’ve seen it coming! If you’re the fittest, coolest, best looking person, people will always try to tear you down. [confessional] But, I don’t hate them for it. Except for Julia! [The Drone of Despair takes him away.]

Fun Fight at the O'Cake Corral

[Axel got voted off, because, the campers were tired of her and Ripper constantly making out and the fact that she’s a bigger threat. However, Ripper ends up going with her, resulting in a last minute double elimination.]

Haulin' n' Ballin

Caleb: [confessional] I might be going home today. The worst part is, I’ll never get to explain myself to Priya.
Damien: [confessional] Messing with people’s hearts?! No way! That’s gone too far!
Raj: [confessional with Wayne] If I found Bowie was only pretending to like me to go further in the game, I’d be so sad.
Wayne: And probably confused, cuz, he’s a way better contestant than you.
Raj: Yeah! Sad and confused!
MK: [confessional] I’m a naturally cold person, but, at least I’m upfront about it. Honest and cold-hearted.

[Zee got eliminated for not only revealing Caleb’s crush on Priya, but, revealing everyone else’s secrets.]
Zee: Hahahaha, Well! I guess that’s a wrap on ol' Zee. I messed up by spilling everyone’s tea today. [confessional] But, at least Zee’s head is nice and empty. No more pressure. [The Drone of Despair takes him away] The pressure’s back! It’s all happening again!

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do


Circling the Drain


Working K9 to 5


Off the Hook!

[Julia was supposed to be eliminated. But, shockingly, she used the immunity idol, she stole from Damien to spare herself, causing Priya to get eliminated instead.]
Priya: To make it this far and fail really hurts. But, I still have the million dollars from last season and I have Caleb. [confessional] What else could I really ask for? I mean. Other than REVENGE!!!

Soar Losers

[Priya shoots Julia as retaliation for getting her eliminated, causing Julia to fall off the high wire and into the water again.]
Julia: [Screams as she falls off the tightrope and lands in the water, she comes up coughing and sees the raptor] Oh. Crud! Not you again! [Julia tries to swim away, but, the raptor roses and grabs her hair and unknowningly rips it off.] Ouch! Hey!
[The other contestants gasped when that happened.]
Chris: [gags and looks away] Oh boy!
Chef: Can we even show this on TV?
Julia: My hair! You gave me a mullet! [the word "mullet" echoes. Scene cuts to her and MK in the confessional, where Julia was crying about her horrible new hairdo.]
MK: Hey! I like it! Business up front, party in the back. It’s the best of both worlds, or the worst.
[Julia continues crying. End of confessional, Julia, in a fit of rage, grabs the raptor and gives it a powerful punch that sends it flying to a rock wall.]
Chris: Uh oh! That horrible new haircut seems to have given Julia a power up!
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