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Total Drama Action is an animated series that's the second season of the Total Drama series. The series takes place on a movie lot with movie genre based challenges.

Monster Cash[edit]

Owen: Izzy. Run.

Izzy: (Whistling).

Owen: I mean Kaleidoscope.

Izzy: No one leaves E-Scope behind(Tarzan Yell).

(Izzy runs, does a few flips and jumps in the cart as it drove.)

Alien Resur-eggtion[edit]

(When Heather got hit by a paintball and her wig flies off her head)
Heather: My wig!
(She jumps to grab it but it was too late)
Heather: No! (to the viewers) Don't look at me! [Confessional] Ever since my head was shaved last season, my hair is growing in all patchy and uneven. I have tried everything. Lotions, lasers, traditional burmese medicine, (she sips from her cup but ends up spitting out the medicine in disgust and throws the cup to the side) Loser shamin'!

(After Bridgette and Geoff got eliminated in a double elimination, with LeShawna receiving the final Gilded Chris.)
Bridgette: But, But. I thought everyone liked us.

Duncan: Liked being the operative word.

Riot On Set[edit]

Chris: Izzy, time to go!
Izzy: I'm not going anywhere. That's not my name.

Beach Blanket Bogus[edit]

3:10 To Crazytown[edit]

Aftermath 1: Trent's Descent[edit]

The Chefshank Redemption[edit]

One Flu Over the Cuckoos[edit]

The Sand Witch Project[edit]

(Before The Gilded Chris was ready to go to either Justin or Lindsay.)

DJ: I'm gonna do what I've should've done long ago. Make mama proud. I'm voting myself off.

Masters Of Disasters[edit]

Full Metal Drama[edit]

Izzy: (To Justin) I don't think you're that cute.

Heather: Leshawna fake cried to get the reward with Leshaniqua?!

TDA Aftermath: Forgive and For-Gwen[edit]

Gordon: Ahoy, mates.
Geoff: Ello, ol' chap.
Gordon: I'm from London, Ontario, and I wanna be a chef! I'm making DJ sandwiches! But there's some stupid (censored) ingredient I can't (censored) figure out! (censored)!

Gwen: Duncan didn't vote me off.
Courtney: Only because you had your goth girl hooks into him!
Gwen: Courtney, we're just friends! Please tell her, Trent.

Gwen: We're just-
Geoff: (Pointing to the anvil) Watch what you say!
Gwen: Friends.

(The anvil stays where it is, proving that she's telling the truth)

Courtney: I am so calling my lawyer!

DJ: If you can't be honest, Bridgette-
Bridgette: No, no, that wasn't from me!

(The anvil comes loose, proving Bridgette was lying)

Ocean's Eight - Or Nine[edit]

Duncan: [Confession Booth] The H-bombs, Harold and Heather, were so busy finding out who's the biggest dweeb, that they totally forgot I'm an experienced criminal! Frankly, that's a little insulting.

Courtney: [Confessional] Those Total Drama dirt bags have some nerve making ME second place! [pulls out her phone] They will definitely be hearing from my lawyer...again!

Duncan: We're rich!
Heather: "Non-negotiable Chris cash, accepted only in the Total Drama Action craft services tent towards the purchase of water from the tap?!"
Harold: Sometimes, I really hate that smile of his.

Lindsay: No matter what? My finger would only press the Courtney button.
Chris: Well, that leaves us with one vote that counts.
Courtney: Owen, you've been eliminated.
Chris: Sorry bud. No chocolate Chris award for you.
Owen: Not even a nibble?

Owen: [Lame-o-sine bonus] If Lindsay and Beth hadn't looked so tasty, none of this would've happened. I guess you can't win 'em all.

One Million Bucks B.C.[edit]

Courtney: Hey, girls. (everyone glares at her) Isn't anyone glad to see me?
Heather: (creepily) Great to have your! It's great to have you here, Courtney!

Duncan: Our spoilt princess didn't waste any time hooking herself up.
Courtney: And you didn't waste any time hooking up with Gwen after I left.

Heather:: (Confessional) I got some! Courtney's hair! Soon it will be mine, all mine! (starts laughing like a maniac) What? I'm not crazy, I'm just bald!

Duncan: (Confessional) I did not hook up with Gwen. Having Courtney back reminds me how much she drives me crazy. And how much she drives me crazy.

Courtney:(in confessional make-up room) Sure, Duncan has this primal animal magnetism, but he also wants to make me hit him where it hurts. (yelling) (hits Duncan with bone in the crotch)

Duncan: (in confessional make-up room) EEEE! Why do they always go for the kiwis? WHY?!!!!

Heather: (Bonus confessional) Reward challenges are such a waste of time. I wish we had a gilded Chris ceremony every night. Let's get on with it already. So I can get my million bucks and get a decent makeover. I mean, a super sized serving of meat? Who cares? I've got something better... Courtney's hair! [An intern barges in and tries to take it, but not before Heather puts up a fight] No, you can't have it! It's mine! Well, okay, it was Courtney's, but I took it, which makes it mine! [The intern takes Courtney's hairpiece off of Heather's head and leaves; She puts her caveman wig back on her head, realizing it's stuck on] It won't come off! I have hair! I finally have hair!

Million Dollar Babies[edit]

Harold: Ooh! Ooh! I got it! Let's cheer for Norbert Swindlow!
Heather: Who?
Harold: The inventor of the pom-pom? Duh.
Heather: I say we cheer for me.
Leshawna: You?
Duncan: I'd rather cheer for my school principal, my mother, Leshawna.

(Duncan finds baby items underneath the ball pit.)

Duncan: What is this under, a daycare center? (he pulls out a little kid.)
Little Kid: Mama?

Duncan: (Confessional) I don't know, the kid called me Mama and it threw me off my A-game. (Offscreen laughing) What, am I funny to you? Let me come over there so you can laugh to my face.

Leshawna: [recorded video on Courtney's PDA with Leshaniqua] Ooh, Heather! Mm! Just mean for the sake of being mean. Lindsay has half the brain cells, max. And is usually gone out shopping. Ooh, Ooh! Probably with Justin's giant ego. [laughs] Duncan, likes to think he's a bad boy, but when Courtney was there, she basically dragged him around by his eyebrow ring. Beth, actually wears a side ponytail. A side pony! And Harold? Darn fool's sweet on me, but he's getting about as much play as an old school cassette tape in a world of MP3s!
[She and Leshaniqua laugh hysterically]
Leshaniqua: Ooh, girl.
[Courtney ends the video and everyone turns and glares angrily at Leshawna]
Leshawna: You don't understand! That was outside the game! I didn't know anybody'd see that coming!

Justin: We gotta push spiced up chef like he's a football dummy?
Heather: I'm not swapping sweat with an oversized jalapeno.
LeShawna: You're taking it for the team! NOW GET YOUR SKINNY BEHIND OUT THERE AND PUSH THAT DUMMY!

Leshawna: (As her team's cheer) Courtney, Courtney, she's my pal, she loves her PDA, she's an organized gal! Lindsay and Justin might be dumb, but I'd be so proud if they called me their chum! Heather, Heather, queen of mean, she's got a nice scalp for a groovin' teen! Duncan and Beth, they're quite a pair, he's tough, she's goofy, but they both got flair! And Harold's the best, he's quite a guy, he's goofy and scrawny but he's got my eye!

Heather: [Lame-o-sine bonus] You, know it's really just a total relief to be out of there. In a mill isn't worth wasting another second of my time with those freaks. At least I didn't have to lick anyone's armpit this time. And now, I have the time to get a weave and correct this travesty. I mean the million would have come in handy to get some totally rad extensions, and my dad's so cheap I'll probably end up with pony-hair. Maybe I can cut my mom's off while she's sleeping. She's always had nice volume. Now that the dumb game's done, the possibilities are endless.

Dial M for Merger[edit]

Lindsay: Door, it's me, Lindsay! Remember, from this morning?
Courtney: Door, meet doorknob.

Courtney: (in confessional) And that's the only million LeShawna would ever see. My lawyers are working on it right now.

Leshawna: Breaking it UP?! AFTER ALL WE'VE BEEN THROUGH?!

Justin: (Trying to calm Beth) Just focus on my calming beauty and soothing complexion. (Beth looks at him blankly, then bursts into tears) Oh, I'm hideous!

Duncan: (While Courtney jumps over the lasers)If I were a wolf, I'd howl. Aw, what the heck(Howls).

Justin: Okay, brain, it's all up to you. I know you haven't had much exercise in the last...sixteen years, give or take, but you can do this!

Justin: Mirror, mirror in my hand, who is the smartest one of all?

Leshawna: You're willing to bargain with our lives?
Courtney: Um, duh. And the offers better be good.

Super Hero-ld[edit]

Lindsay: I'm Wonder Woman!
Courtney: Wonder Woman already exists, and she doesn't even look like that!
Chris: Hang on. I'm liking the style. What's your superpower?
Lindsay: Duh! I wonder a lot. Oh, and I have an invisible jet right here! Or did I leave it over there?

(After Courtney insulted Lindsay as Wonder Woman)

Lindsay: Courtney just stepped on my invisible jet!
Chris: Courtney, minus two points for stepping on Lindsay's jet.
Courtney: What?
Harold: Can I have a ride?
Lindsay: Sure! Who wants a ride in my invisible jet?

Beth: (Confessional) I don't know if Chris gets that our superpowers are fake. I mean, I can't really talk to plants. (Talks to pot plant) Hi, what's your name? (A leaf falls off)

Harold: There is no way I am voting off LeShawna. We're supposed to have an alliance with her. Duncan, we should vote you off for treason.
Duncan: Pals before gals, Harold? We're outnumbered, and if you don't do anything I say, I'll tell LeShawna that you pick your nose in your sleep.
Harold: You do have circumstantial evidence at best.

Duncan: Harold is about to experience a painful life lesson. [Duncan punches Harold]
Harold: Ow!
Chris: Even I saw that one coming. Two points.

Beth: Pssst! Harold! We have to get rid of Duncan!
Harold: Tell me something I don't know.
Beth: My boyfriend Brady has two dogs named Steve.

Aftermath 3: Owen or Lose[edit]

Geoff: Bridgette thinks we need to bring more insanity to the show. (Bridgette glares at him) I mean profanity. (Bridgette punches him) Okay, okay, more humanity. She thinks I've gone way too over the top. But then, so have our ratings!

Geoff: Heather, do you think Courtney's a worthy competitor?
Heather: No. (gets electric shock)
Geoff: Do you think Lindsay's as dumb as she looks?
Heather: Yes. (gets electric shock)
Geoff: Do you think Beth could be a threat?
Heather: Beth? Absolutely not! (gets electric shock)

Leshawna: Truth is I like Harold! A lot. Sure, there's a part of me that can't resist those little man biceps of his - who could? But we're friends, which is how we're keeping it.

The Princess Pride[edit]

Harold: (Buying the Princess Courtney CD) I'm going to listen to this beautiful love song and think of Leshawna. (Cut to Harold in the confessional, singing) My prince will buy me lots of hot prince will love ponies too... (receives note) It's from Leshawna! "Yo Harold, if you play that skinny rich girl's song and think about me, I'll have to kill you."

Justin: Courtney? Beth? Lindsay?
Lindsay: Princess Beth is so cute.
Justin: Is no one even going to miss me?
Duncan: Chao.
Harold: See you in the funny papers. Farewell. Auf Wiedersein. Don't let the door hit you in the...
Justin: Okay, stop! I'm going, but you'll regret it. With me gone, things have started to become 80% less handsome. (bumps head) Ow! Alright, 79!

Courtney: (Blowing kisses to male competitors before they go on challenge) Sir Harold, mwah! Sir Justin, mwah! Duncan, mwah.

Duncan: (To Justin) You Princess-stealing slimeball!

Get a Clue[edit]

Lindsay: (Annoyed when Courtney undermines her contributions) I was the one who said Chris was giving us hints!
Beth: (Soothingly) You did, sweetie.

Courtney: What's my prize!?
Chris: [British Accent] I don't recall having mentioned any sort of prize... [Normal Voice] but thanks for releasing me it was getting stuffy in here.
Courtney: You're not smoking!?
Chris: What! Oh no! Of course not! (swallows his pipe)
Courtney: Ew.
Chris: What? It's chewing tobacco!
Harold, Lindsay, and Beth: Ew!
Chris: Nah! Just kidding, it's black licorice.
Courtney, Duncan, Harold, Lindsay, and Beth: Ew!!
Chris: Yeah you're right; this stuff's disgusting.
Courtney: I am going to get a prize I promise you that.

Chris: It's not prize time yet.
Courtney: Make it prize time!
Chris: I'm trying to do my job here.
Courtney: Maybe I should get my lawyers to do their job.
Chris: Moving on...
Courtney: I want a prize. I want a prize! I WANT A PRIZE!

Beth: Look, I'm obviously a little old for make believe. But Courtney would not have been someone I invited over to my pretty pretend palace, ever. She'd always want to be the daddy, the doctor and the prime minister of all my dolls, and they won't like that one bit! I mean, wouldn't. If I still played with them. Which I don't.

Rock 'N Rule[edit]

(After Duncan wins the first challenge)
Duncan: Watch and learn, baby doll. Maybe one day you'll be able to rock as hard as me.
Courtney: (Hits him in the groin with her guitar and he screams in pain) That hard enough, baby doll?

Owen: (he sees Lindsay jumping on the bed in the final challenge.) Oooh, that looks like fun! (Owen then cannonballs onto the bed, nearly crushing Lindsay in the process.)
Lindsay: (She is in the confessional, after Owen lands on her trying to jump on the bed. She is fine, but disheveled.) THAT WAS SO TERRIFYING! I saw my life flash before my eyes! It looked a lot like Owen's butt.

Lindsay: [Lame-o-sine bonus] Getting kicked off the show may be the best thing that's ever happened to me.

Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen[edit]

Owen: (after challenge, trying soup made of 7 deadliest fish being served.) Ooh, tastes like... poisonous... (his throat swells up.) BLOWFISH. (faints)

Duncan: [Bonus confessional with a cold tuna steak covering his black eye] Yeah, Harold banished me from the sushi feast, one of the perks of winning the reward. Can you believe how fast the student became the teacher? Little twerpwad did me proud.

2008: A Space Owen[edit]

Courtney: Duncan, can I have your pillow? Mine floated off somewhere.
Duncan: No can do, babe. I already gave it to Scruffy.

[Courtney and Beth get in a fight in the girls' cabin]
Courtney: I can't believe you went against me like that!
Beth: You deserved it for being so mean and bossy towards me!
Courtney: Oh, if that's how you feel, the girl alliance is over!
Beth: Fine!
Courtney: Fine!

Duncan: This'll teach you to mess with my Scruffy. [votes for Harold]
Harold: Bye bye, traitor! [votes for Owen]
Owen: Harold's on to me, I know it. [votes for Harold]
Beth: The girl alliance is over! [votes for Courtney]
Courtney: (To the viewers) Back off! There's a reason why this is called secret voting, people.

Harold: I, too, love a catfight, but only between actual cats wearing tiny boxing gloves.

Top Dog[edit]

Duncan: Chill, Owen, I spent the night in Courtney's trailer.
Owen: Really? What did you two do all night? Come on, come on!
Duncan: Down boy! We talked. About relationship stuff, mostly. (Takes out contract)
Owen: Dude, Courtney gave you...HOMEWORK.

Duncan: Hey, babe.
Courtney: Duncan, I thought we agreed that only I would engage in the use of pet names. It's right there on page three.
Beth: Section five.

Courtney: Quit playing around with that glorified lizard and get memorizing! What's more important, winning some stupid challenge...or making me happy?
Duncan: (Confessional) Hey, I like Courtney, really, I do. But I also like a million dollars. Best case scenario, I win the money and the girl, but when it comes down to it, I need the money more than I need some high-maintenance chick with a superiority complex.

Chris: Courtney, you seem to be short one animal buddy.
Courtney: couldn't make it! Sashimi, anyone?

Beth: (To raccoons) It's like you're our equals! (Raccoons get angry and clawed her) Ow. I mean, you're superior!

Courtney: (Trying to teach a shark to cheer) Okay, ready? F-I-S-H-Y, you ain't got no alibi, you fishy, uh-huh, you fishy! (Duncan watches, clearly enjoying it) Come on, get your fins up, fins up, come on get your fins up! Get your fins up!

Beth: Owen betrayed us, but, Courtney's the bigger threat.

Owen: I liked Duncan. But Beth and Courtney eat less. More for me.

Courtney: See you never, traitor.

Duncan: (Snores)Huh?

(As Courtney was forced in the Lame-O-Sine due to Duncan and Beth voting her out.)
Courtney: How could you do this to me. After everything. We are so done!
(Chef closes the Lame-O-Sine door. Duncan and Beth looked at each other as Chris walks Owen to the Lame-O-Sine.)
Owen: Uh, Chris? I think you forgot to give me my Gilded Chris Award.
Chris: Sorry Owen, you've been fired.
Owen: What? Whhhyyy?
Chris: What's the point of having a spy when you've already been spied?

Courtney: [Lame-o-sine bonus] Better be Duncan who wins. He signed and ironclad contract and I'm taking my 50% of the million bucks. I don't care if it gets locked up in the courts for years. [pulls out her PDA] My lawyers will take my calls when they realize how much money I'm going to make them. "On vacation for three weeks?!" I'm not paying to take personal time! [throws her PDA out the limo door window] Who needs lawyers anyway?

Mutiny on the Soundstage[edit]

Beth: I'm everyone's friend! I like everyone, they like me!

Beth: (When she finds out Chris is upset about Chef leaving) Have you thought about being nice? Works for me sometimes!

Chef Hatchet: What color is Courtney thinking of?
Duncan: Right now! Are you serious? Ohhhh. I don't know, blue?
Courtney: (in separate room outside set) Burnt sienna! Ugh, he doesn't know anything about me!

Aftermath 4: Who Wants To Pick A Millionaire?[edit]

Bridgette: We've had a really great time, and we're gonna miss you guys.
Leshawna: Awww, we'll miss you too, girl. Now pick a winner so we can all go home!

Trent: As part of Total Drama Action's movie theme, I want to know about your character. Like, let's say your boyfriend was being super nice to you and nothing more. And you for some reason found that weird. And talked to his teammates about voting them off, and then they did that, and...

(Gwen looks uncomfortable)

DJ: Awkward.

Heather: I should be sitting in that chair right now.
Beth: There's really not a lot of room left...

Heather: I was the one with all the strategic smarts, the will to win, the brains and the courage! If it wasn't for a lot of bad luck and completely incompetent teammates... (Seemingly forgetting that she has an audience) Why am I not the winner? What kind of crappy show is this?! I better not run into either of you in the real world!

Gwen: (Voting) You're not seeing it. I refuse to be predictable.

Chris: One vote for...Explosivo.
Izzy: (Laughs) BOOM-BOOM!

Voice cast[edit]

Christian Potenza - Chris McLean
Clé Bennett - Chef Hatchet and DJ
Sarah Gadon - Beth
Kristin Fairlie - Bridgette
Emillie-Claire Barlow - Courtney
Drew Nelson - Duncan
Dan Petronijevic - Geoff
Megan Fahlenbock - Gwen
Brian Froud - Harold
Stephanie Ann Mills - Lindsay
Rachel Wilson - Heather
Katie Crown - Izzy
Adam Reid - Justin
Novie Edwards - LeShawna
Scott McCord - Trent and Owen

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